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Soundtracks, Movies and other Appearances

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Label: A&M Records || Released: 1978

What?: It includes Aerosmith's cover of The Beatles' "Come Together"
Other: The track was recorded at George Martin Air Studios, London, UK, whilst in the UK for their Reading Festival appearance (August 1977) and was produced by George Martin and Jack Douglas.

The track was later included on Aerosmith's Greatest Hits.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Label: Def Jam Records || Released: November, 1987

What?: It includes Aerosmith's cover of the P.J. Proby song "Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu" (by Huey 'Piano' Smith).
Other: During the "Permanent Vacation" sessions in 1987, Aerosmith recorded a couple of cover versions which included this track. This became surplus to requirements and ended up as the opening track on this soundtrack.

The track was later included on the Bonus CD of "Box Of Fire"

Less than Zero

Label: MCA Records || Released: August 7, 1990

What?: It includes Aerosmith's cover of The Doors' song "Love Me Two Times"
Other: There is no evidence that the track was an outtake from the "Pump" sessions. Aerosmith association with this Doors track was first noted on rehearsal tapes (which included a few covers) in preparation of a MTV Unplugged appearance in August 1990 (where the track was also played but not broadcast).
It is assumed the track was specially recorded for the soundtrack and produced by Bruce Fairburn. The track was even introduced into the live show during Summer 1990.

Another version of the track was included on "Stoned Immaculate - The Music Of The Doors", released on Elektra Records in the year 2000. That new version includes Robbie Krieger on slide guitar and Ray Manzarek on keyboards.

Air America

Label: Columbia Records || Released: June, 1993

What?: It includes the orchestral version of "Dream On" arranged by Michael Kamen for the MTV 10th Anniversary in 1991 (Wang Center, Boston, October 13, 1991).
Other: The track was later included on the Bonus CD of "Box Of Fire"

The Last Action Hero

Label: Reprise Records || Released: December 14, 1993

What?: It includes the Aerosmith songs "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" and "Shut Up And Dance" recorded live in San Diego, August 1st, 1993.
Other: This version of "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" was later included on "Big Ones" (the international album version)

Waynes World 2

Label: Columbia Records || Released: June 23rd, 1998

What?: It includes 4 Aerosmith songs: I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, What Kind Of Love Are You On?, Sweet Emotion and Come Together aswell as "Animal Crackers" (with vocals by Steven Tyler)
Other: The opening track, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", written by Diane Warren, went on to be Aerosmith's first USA number one single (for 4 weeks). "What Kind of Love Are You On" was a "Nine Lives" outtake (originally recorded during Miami sessions, 1996). Both tracks were recorded at the Hit Factory, N.Y.C. in April 1998

Trivia: Tyler/Perry wrote with Warren on "Devil's Got A New Diguise", a composition from the GAG sessions (A&M Studios 1992).

Armageddon cover

Label: Columbia Records || Released: October 24th, 2000

What?: It includes the new Aerosmith song "Angel's Eye."
Other: The song (track 7) was mixed in New York during mid-September.

Charlie's Angels cover

Label: SONY || Released: April 30, 2002

What?: It includes Aerosmith's newly recorded version of the "Spiderman Theme."

Spiderman cover

Label: Hollywood Records || Released: June 13, 2003

What?: It includes the Aerosmith song "Lizard Love."

Spiderman cover

March 5, 1999: Aerosmith record Diane Warren song, "Blue Eyes Blue" for the film "Runaway Bride". They later opt out of the project leaving Eric Clapton to record the song for the film soundtrack (released July 1999). Tyler agrees the song didn't fit the image of Aerosmith.

April 2000: MTV News reported Aerosmith had recorded "Painted On My Heart", a ballad by Diane Warren, for the upcoming Nicolas Cage movie ''Gone in 60 Seconds". When the soundtrack was released in June, 2000, the track, which opened the album, was now performed by The Cult.

May 2000: New Jackie Chan movie, "Shanghai Noon", (a kung-fu comedy western), featured a re-make of "Back In The Saddle" recorded in Joe' BoneYard Studio in 2000 (produced by "The Boneyard Boys", a.k.a. Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen). Remaking the track ensures no royalites have to be paid to Leber/Krebs to use the track. There seems no plans to release the complete track on a soundtrack album.

Some of the info on this page was taken from Clive D Newton's Aerosmith page
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