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 THE SIMPSONS (animated cartoon/tv show)
What?: Aerosmith performs "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)", "Walk This Way" and "Young Lust" on the "Flaming Moe" episode.
Click here to see pics and get more information about that episode

In the episode "Little Big Mom" (code of episode: BABF04), aired originally 9/Jan/2000, the family buy a cereal of Aerosmith. Bart show the box of the cereal, and it has a picture of Steven Tyler.

In the episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet" (code of episode: 9F21), aired originally 30/Sep/1993, the family goes to a antique shop, and in one wall we can see the Aerosmith logo. The logo was like the logo of Get Your Wings, but without the "*aerosmith*" word.

 THAT 70'S SHOW (tv show)
What?: In one episode of That 70's Show, Donna and Eric are trapped at the radio station, where Donna works, because of a tornado. As anyone who has seen the show knows, there are often scenes where four of the characters are sitting around a table, getting high. Now, since there were just the two of them, the "other two" at the table were real size cardboard stand ups of Steven and Joe, so that it looked like they were sitting there with them. Eric was making voices for these Steven Tyler and Joe Perry cardboard cutouts. Donna then told him "that's your impresion of Aerosmith" "you don't sound like them and Joe Perry is so dreamy." Then they showed Steven again but this time they put in real lips (you know when they try to make a picture talk and it looks funny) and then they did the same with Joe and he said to Donna "so, you think I'm dreamy?" and winked at her. So Donna said that they had really cool stuff in the radio station. Eric referred to the band as legendary (even in the 70s). However, though it's supposed to take place in the '70's, the pictures were apparently from like the Pump era.

In the begining of another episode, Kelso is alone in the basement and the rest of them walks in. He gives Eric Aerosmith's "Live Bootleg" album and says "for my friend that rocks"

In yet another episode of That 70's Show there was a dream sequence where Eric jumps into Donna's room dressed as Steven Tyler. He kicks down her bedroom door, with smoke all around him. He wears a wig and has the mic stand, with scarves around the mic too. Then he attempt to dance like Steven while lip synching to Walk This Way. Eric had read in Donna's diary that she had had a dream with Eric in it, but that Eric was Steven Tyler, and she said "and he was bad and dangerous." Eric thus went and got a tattoo to try to be more dangerous. He fell asleep after he got the tattoo and that's when he had a dream where he went into Donna's room as Tyler...

Also, Donna and Eric both have Aerosmith posters in their rooms in this series. Donna worked at a radio station once, and it showed her putting Rocks on vinyl back on the shelf. The character Hyde has worn a couple cool 70's vintage Aerosmith shirts in some episodes.

 GILMORE GIRLS (tv show)
What?: In one episode of the TV series "Gilmore Girls," Rory walks up to her mother, saying "Can I ask you a question." Lorelai replies "yes, I would date Steven Tyler." "No something that wouldn't horrify me at the outcome," Rory says.

 DHARMA & GREG (tv show)
What?: In one episode of the TV series "Dharma and Greg" they couldn't find anyone to go to an Aerosmith concert with them. They had two extra tickets so they took Greg's mom and dad and they showed them in the crowd and his mom said, "What's wrong with the singer, he has big lips." then his dad said, "that's Dick Jagger".

What?: The famous author of many best-seller terror novels, Stephen King, has mentioned Aerosmith in some of his books... In:

-THE DEAD ZONE (1979). There's a party of teenagers and they are listening to Aerosmith.
-DESPERATION (1996). There's a man who had worked for Steven Tyler.
-BAG OF BONES (1998). There was a black singer called Sara with a song called "Walk With Me". It says it's very similar to "Walk This Way" of Aerosmith.

I haven't read all his books, so maybe there are more mentions... Stephen King also mentions more rock'n'roll bands in his books. It´s his favorite music. It's known that he plays electric guitar in a band as a hobby, and according to Angus Young from AC/DC, "he does it well". If he says it...

What?: Aerosmith is mentioned in one book by Germán Cáceres, an author from Argentina. The book, "Soñar El Paraiso" (Dream The Paradise), came out in 1995.

In the 1st chapter, the writer says: "Si le llegaba a preguntar algo sobre Aerosmith, Los Redondos o Sumo, iba a pensar que le estaba hablando en chino."

This translates into something like: "If I'd asked him about Aerosmith, Los Redondos*, or Sumo*, he would think that I was speaking to him in Chinese"

*Note: "Los Redondos" and "Sumo" are Argentinian rock bands.

 SPIDER MAN (animated cartoon/tv show)
What?: In one episode Spiderman has got some alien black thing on him which makes him able to change how he looks. He then says "What about that guy from Aerosmith?" and he morphs into Steven Tyler...

Joe Perry also wrote and played the theme song to this animated cartoon series!

 SHADOW MAN (comic book)
What?: One issue features Aerosmith!
Click here to see some pictures from that issue

 SOUTH PARK (animated cartoon/tv show)
What?: In one episode of South Park, Chef says, "Well, I'll be a teenage girl backstage at an Aerosmith concert".
If you want to hear a .wav of this CLICK HERE [31KB]

 SEINFELD (tv show)
What?: In one episode the album "Get Your Wings" can be seen. In the one where Jerry, Elaine, and George volunteer to help old people. Jerry goes to visit his assigned elderly companion, named Mr. Fields, who has an old classic record collection. Jerry walks over to the pile of records to check it out. It's on the top of the stack.

What?: Mike Damone is a ticket scalper and he is having trouble getting rid of some of them and says, "These kids aren't even listening to Aerosmith anymore."

 FULL HOUSE (tv show)
What?: In the second or third season of the sitcom Full House, around 88 or 89, the whole family was hosting telethon (or how you call this things), the original host fell aslep. So when they had the performances, Joey (one of the regulars on the show, who is actually a comedian) performed "Janie's Got A Gun." It was only a couple of second of singing 'cause when he started singing the lead guitarist stopped him with a comment "please do something before he starts doing Tina Turner. It was kinda funny 'cause the guy sounded like shit but he tried to mimic Steven's mouth while screaming like crazy.

Somewhere in the middle 4th or 5th season, Jesse says his band will go on tour and open up for Aerosmith. When he told his wife, she said: You're gonna open up for Aerosmith!?!?! Well, actually we're gonna open a couple of days before Aerosmith arrives... ;-)

What?: Eek says "and all those Aerosmith video's featuring Alicia Silverstone"

What?: Shore says: "Steven Tyler's pj's".

 BOY MEETS WORLD (tv show)
What?: Aerosmith recieved quite the mention on the program Boy Meets World..The epside was an older one, I'd say some about 1993. The sub-plot to the episode featured Eric taking his girlfriend (Niki Cox) to the Aerosmith concert. He learns his parents are also going to the concert and they have 3rd row seats. Eric feels his parents are trying to steal his "generation". His parents inform him they have been listening to Aerosmith since before he was born. So he asks "How old are these Aerosmith guys anyways, a million?" The show features a scene in which Eric tries to name a band from his own generation naming Led Zeppelin and Tina Turner. In the end Eric and his date and parents all go, but Eric doesn't enjoy the show due to his parents being there. After the concert, Eric was home before his parents were and they said they had backstage passes.

No concert footage was shown and the band did not make an appearance but I thought an episode pretty much centered around them was pretty cool.

 DREW CAREY (tv show)
What?: In an episode of Drew Carey where they have a contest for Mr. Wick to figure out which one of his female cosmetics employees was really a man in drag--Drew Carey called the contest "Dude Looks Like A Lady."

 STUDIO 54 (movie)
What?: A picture of Steven is shown during the credits after the movie.

What?: Jane (Selma Blaire) gets a guy's cock ring stuck in her tonsils, giving the guy a blow job. Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate finds out, as does the about 50 people that come into the apartment. They think singing will help loosen the throat muscles so she will get unstuck. The last song they try is Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing." It works and by the end everyone in the room (the girls, emergency services people, the nude guy, bystanders) are all joining in. Pretty stupid, but funny.

 BRAINSCAN (movie)
What?: Throughout this movie, there are posters, concert ads, and Aerosmith things everywhere
Brainscan Cover

What?: "Sweet Emotion" can be heard and there are references to Aerosmith including trying to get tickets to see them live. Matthew McConhey (sp?) tells Jason London he's going to get Aerosmith tickets the next day.
Dazed and Confused Cover

 JUNIOR (movie)
What?: Danny Divito's ex-girlfriend and him had been trying to have a baby for 7 years, and they then show Danny throwing darts at a 1984 poster of Aerosmith. He said one of them got her pregnant. Then later in the movie he said the baby is probably gonna be all deformed, I know about all the drugs they took! Eventually it turns out it wasn't a band member. It was their personal trainer.
Junior Cover

 AIRHEADS (movie)
What?: Aerosmith's video for "Janie's Got a Gun" can be seen and heard, as Fraser sees it on TV in the beginning of the movie.
Airheads Cover

What?: In this movie there's a scene where Wilford Brimley goes into his grandson's room, and there you can an Aerosmith poster in the background

What?: In this movie about 5 teen sisters in a year around 1975-76, the mother wants to punish one of the girls and makes her burn all her records. The first record she has to throw in the fireplace is a Kiss record, and crying she does. The next records is Aerosmith's "Rocks," which she grabs like crazy and and cries "No mom, please just not that one..." The the door bell rings, and so "Rocks" is saved by the bell.

 FIRE IN THE SKY (movie)
What?: This movie is about an alien abduction in Arizona. Anyway, one of the guys being interviewed by the police is wearing an old Aerosmith t-shirt, the one that is white with black sleeves.

 SCREAM 2 (movie)
What?: Neve Campbell says "I'm fine" and her friend says "yeah, you're fucked up, insecure, neurotic and emotional!" (which, of course, is what the Aerosmith song title F.I.N.E means)

Song featured: Janie's Got A Gun

It is in the scene when Janie is at art class on the football field. A jock stands up in the football stadium and starts singing "Janie's Got a Gun" over the loudspeaker, to try to impress her. This actually causes a big mishap because the school security thinks she has a gun!

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