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News as of September 30, 2000
  • Charlie's Angels
      Starting to look as we'll have to wait a little longer (like a lot of things involving Aerosmith)for the "Charlies Angels: Music From The Motion Picture" album. Various sources are now showing this for a 24th October release and its notable that neither Sony nor Columbia are detailing it in their Oct 17 list (Oct 24 is yet to be listed).

      The Aerosmith track must have got on late as wasn't on an early listing preview and maybe is a bonus track or whatever. "Angel's Eyes" will be rocking in fine comapny with Heart's riff rocker, "Barracuda". The soundtrack also includes tracks by Dee-Lite, Leo Sayer, Fatboy Slim, Destiny's Child, Spandau Ballet, Vapours, Marvin Gaye and one of Joey's Kramer early bands (in he was in an early version of Tavares, as features "Heaven Must be Missing An Angel").

News as of September 29, 2000
  • Steven Joins In Celebrating John Lennon's 60th Birthday!
      MJI Broadcasting presents John Lennon: A 60th Birthday Celebration, a three-hour syndicated radio special airing October 6th - 9th. It features an exclusive interview with Yoko Ono, new interviews with Paul McCartney, George Martin, Steven Tyler, David Crosby, Brian Wilson, Don Henley and Alice Cooper as well as such close Lennon friends as May Pang and Elliot Mintz. The special also includes the world radio premiere of a previously unreleased Lennon song entitiled "Help Me To Help Myself."

      John Lennon: A 60th Birthday Celebration also features rare interviews with Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger, and many others.

      Please contact your local radio station to find out if they will be airing John Lennon: A 60th Birthday Celebration. If you live in or around Boston, MA, the show will air on WZLX.

      The broadcast will be followed on October 10th with the reissue of John Lennon's first and last solo albums, Plastic Ono Band and Double Fantasy. In addition, John Lennon tributes are planned by VH1, A&E and Rolling Stone magazine.

      Hosted by Dennis Elsas, this exclusive radio special features 27 timeless Beatles and Lennon songs, including "In My Life," "Woman," "Revolution," "Imagine," "Strawberry Fields Forever," select live and rare tracks, and the previously unreleased "Help Me to Help Myself," which will appear on the reissue of Double Fantasy.

  • Stoned Immaculate to be released November 14th
      The Doors' tribute album, "Stoned Immaculate," featuring Aerosmith's Love Me Two Times will be out Nov 14

News as of September 28, 2000
  • From Cheap Trick's website (includes full JPBD setlist)
      This was taken off the Cheap Trick site...

      by Carla "sometimes it's REALLY cool to be road manager" Dragotti

      It all started out innocently enough a few weeks ago....the phone rang...."Carla, Joe wants to know if the guys would be able to play at his 50th birthday party." Straight from the stage in New Orleans and off in a private jet we went to a town outside of Boston to make Joe's birthday request come true. Anyone who has been a CT or Aerosmith fan for a while knows that not only have the two bands been friends for years, but they are also big fans of each other's music.

      OK, I'll skip to the thing that everyone wants to was an overcast sky but it didn't rain, the food was tasty, great atmosphere, it was private (invitation only and really tight security everywhere) - oh yeah, the infamous set list - that's what you guys want to know, right?

      Since it WAS Joe's birthday, the band asked him to make up the set lists. The first set was strictly Cheap Trick only - Joe Perry played with the band for the whole second set, with Steven Tyler and Joey Kramer joining in where noted:

      Set 1: On Top of the World, Come On Come On, Voices, That 70's Song, Clock Strikes Ten, The Flame, Southern Girls, Dream Police (Rick's solo: "They persecute me right here at Joe Perry's 50th birthday party!")
      Set 2:(with Joe Perry): Hello There, Big Eyes, I Want You to Want Me, You're All Talk (all I'm going to say is "THIS WAS THE BEST-MOST AMAZING-VERSION I'VE HEARD IN A LONG TIME! VERY COOL GUITAR SOLO DUELS BETWEEN RICK AND JOE! KICK-ASS BASS RIFFS BY TOM! AMAZING DRUM WORK BY BUN E.! ENERGETIC MARACA-SHAKING AND SEARING VOCALS BY ROBIN!"), If You Want My Love, I'm Down (w/Steven), Ain't That a Shame, Day Tripper (w/Steven), It's All Over Now (w/Steven, Joey Kramer on drums), Train Kept a Rollin' (w/Steven, Joey Kramer on drums), Surrender (w/Steven, Bun E back on drums).

      Everyone had a great time (for those of you who were at that First Avenue show in Minneapolis when Aerosmith showed up - picture the electricity of that night - and multiply it infinitesimally) and you can just tell that everyone was enjoying the hell out of themselves up there on stage. The CTers presented Joe with a signed guitar and Rick also gave Joe a specially-inscribed copy of his "Guitars of the Stars" book.

      There are good days on the road, and there are really bad days on the road. This day ranked up there as one of the best this year. Special thanks to John B. and Mike V. (your last names have been removed for your protection!) from the Aerosmith organization for making us feel right at home. And of course, thanks to Joe Perry - for inviting us to be part of his special birthday bash!

  • More about the party from Mach Bell...
      Here's the final post from Mach Bell about Joe's party (look at the past two days posts below for the rest).

      I spoke to Joe as he came off the stage. He was still pretty psyched at having his old Les Paul back. Joe told me: " I bought it from Billy Loosigian (Jackals, Robin Lane, Willie Alexander) , then I sold it away to a guy for some drugs. Then it turned up with Eric Johnson and then Slash got it…I figured that I’d never get it back again after Slash got his hands on it…..(mumbles)... a black hole"….Danny Hargrove and his date came over to hug us goodnight. As I thanked Billie Perry for the incredible evening she said "It was so great getting all you guys(the JPP) together again. Joe should do this more often. It would be great if you guys would all play here at Mt. Blue sometime." I winked at Billie and said "In that case you better remember to bring your pink saxophone."… The big night was over. True, the Joe Perry Project didn’t make it to the stage this night – but neither did Tom Hamilton or Brad Whitford. Hell, Joe didn’t even get to sing … Truth be told, once I heard how tight Cheap Trick were sounding, and after I witnessed that intense Tyler performance of I’m Down- I really was hoping we(the JPP) didn’t get called to the stage. After all these years , when it happens , I’d prefer to do it right – with , maybe a soundcheck or at least some clue of what song we’re going to perform. As Julia and I walked out to the parking lot I dismissed what- might –have- happened- but -didn’t – and instead relished what HAD happened - and how very lucky I was to be a part of it all.

      These things were posted at:'s Joe Perry board

News as of September 27, 2000
  • More about the party from Mach Bell...
      Here's what Mach Bell has written since last time (look at yesterdays post below).

      To see these posts before I put them here go to:

      A few minutes later the lights came up, Joe Perry hit the stage and he and Cheap Trick launched into HELLO THERE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Joe played a nice harmony to Rick’s signature lead line, garnering approving shouts from the gathering. Bun E. whomped out a big intro into BIG EYES. Meanwhile in the shadows, Steven Tyler lowered himself over the dining room rail and onto a big road case by Joe’s amp. He was hungry to sing.Joe ignored his colleague and launched into a riff to a song I don’t know – but Cheap Trick did! It was kind of a Milk Cow Blues thing, but different. Finally Steven was called to the stage. Tyler took the microphone and saluted Joe Perry, saying: "Here's to a man that has gone the distance …and then some …Here's to a man that has proven that there ain’t NO substitute for Arrogance!" (This last remark brought howls from the audience, and once again shows what a classy guy Tyler really is.) The ensemble lurched into I’M DOWN. I was sitting on the floor at the foot of the stage at this point , next to Steven’s wife Teresa. We gaped as Steven tore into this great Beatles song like you would not believe. Zander and Nielsen , obviously all charged up, doubled- up on Rick’s side stage mic( a la Harrison and McCartney.) Singing thick rockin’ harmonies. Joe was all arched back, foot pumping energy. Tyler was hitting those Little Richard-style notes with ease. On this small stage he didn’t have room to monkey around. He had no scarves on his stand. Just pure dynamite vocal delivery. As the incredible number finally ended Teresa and I just stared at each other in disbelief. Tyler is always worth watching – but hearing a fresh voiced, well rested Tyler rip into a great song was such a rare treat. We felt we were really feasting on a great part of rock history tonight. Joe Perry stepped to the microphone and called his son Adrian up onto the stage. Somebody thrust a Tele into Adrian’s hands as Joe lit into DAYTRIPPER…To be cont’d

      I was thrilled by what happened next. One of Cheap Trick’s people stood center stage and said "Mr. Joe Perry, sometimes we get separated from a loved one. But, sometimes they return......." Rick Nielsen reached behind his guitar line and pulled out a guitar – handing it to Joe. "Remember this one Joe?" Rick asked. Perry almost fell over backwards as he stared at the sunburst Les Paul. Joe slowly pulled himself together, muttering something about how "some drug dealer" had ended up with the old Paul. Nielsen shot back "We must buy our drugs from the same guy." Joe turned to the guests and said "If any of you remember me from back in the seventies, this is the guitar you remember... I cut all those albums with this guitar." Tyler’s eyes were on stalks "Hey Joe, remember all the songs we wrote on that guitar?" Joe replied by letting the music do the talking, simply playing his classic Walk This Way riff. … While Joe wired up his old friend, Steven Tyler brought a guy named Marty Davis ( introducing him as a singer from the ' Almost Famous' movie) and Joey Kramer up onstage. The band (now 9 members strong) launched into the Rolling Stones ALL OVER NOW. Joey got comfortable on the drums and Joe launched into TRAIN KEPT AROLLIN’. Adrian Perry played good rhythm guitar on this one. He is maturing and looking more and more like his pop. I spoke with Adrian briefly before the show. He told me he plays regularly at the clubs on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. TRAIN turned into quite the guitar rave-up, with Joe Perry and Rick Nielsen dredging up every Jeff Beck lick they could remember (that's a lot of licks).... By now everybody in the place was nearing exhaustion. Joe Perry’s party had been revving in very , very high gear for about 6 hours non-stop at this point….. To be cont’d

      Our ears were buzzing. I looked across the room and saw Laurie Cabot and her coven of witches in a dark corner . They were still busy doing their last few Tarot readings and incantations. Over in another alcove Joe’s birthday present pile had grown into a tower. Gorgeous women were crashed out all over the joint. Taj Tyler, Robin Zander (jr.), Roman Perry and the rest of the peanut gallery were sprawled out on the carpet…. The remaining guests were feeling like a bunch of wrung out dishrags… But Joe wasn’t done celebrating quite yet! Adrian, Kramer and Tyler were excused from the stage … Cheap Trick and Joe plunged AIN’T THAT A SHAME. It was a pretty faithful version of the Budakon hit. I had to laugh during the extended ending. Remember that great long finale? Where everybody in the band gets to solo? For some reason Perry just couldn’t quite find his solo spot – and Cheap Trick just kept grinding it out – at least doubling the length of the outro – round and round-waiting for Joe to get with the program and insert a lick or two in the right spot. Joe finally caught on, much to the glee of Rick and the boys(and the rest of us!). As the cheers rang out- Cheap Trick rocketed into a high-flying version of their smash hit SURRENDER. Everyone sang along as the incredible show finally drew to a close….To be continued…

News as of September 26, 2000
  • About Joe Perry's Birthday Party (from Boston Herald)
      This was in today's Inside Track:

      Joe Perry, second from right, celebrates his 50th birthday at Mount Blue in Norwell with Cheap Trick band members, from left, Tom Petersson, Bun E. Carlos, Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander. (Staff photo by Matthew West) Perry enjoys Cheap Trick on b-day
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Tuesday, September 26, 2000

      It was like a birthday bash for ``Richie Rich'' at Mount Blue in Norwell the other day. Because what other kid would have a rock-climbing wall, amusement park rides, a brass band sent by the Boston Pops and Cheap Trick playing at their party????

      Aerosmith axeman Joe Perry. Of course.

      Joe, who turned the big 5-0 on Sept. 10, celebrated his move onto the back nine with a closely-guarded list of 220 - from mom, Mary, and soul brother Steven Tyler to a few guys he hasn't seen since his early days of rockin' at Hopedale High!

      ``I hadn't seen those guys in 35 years,'' said Joe. ``One of them had pictures of me practicing guitar in his mom's living room.''

      Oh, we'd pay good money to see those!

      And speaking of guitars, Joe's prized 1957 Les Paul, which he hocked for $6,000 during the lean and not-so-lucid 1970s, was returned to its ever-so-grateful former owner by Slash of Guns 'N' Roses. ``A ton of people have owned it, but Slash has had it for 10 years,'' Joe said. ``I've been trying to get it back, but he wouldn't give it up because of the history.''

      Apparently, Joe wailed on the Les Paul while working on ``Walk This Way,'' which the Guns guy thought was rather special.

      ``I guess he thought since I turned 50 and all, he thought he'd send it back,'' said the birthday boy, who did more fancy schmancy pick work on his Les during the night.

      Whatta guy, that Slash!

      As for Cheap Trick, Joe's all-time fave band hopped the band's plane, Aeroforce One, from New Orleans and performed an ear-blowing set of oldies like ``I Want You To Want Me'' and ``Ain't That A Shame.''

      Which just goes to prove that when Joe Perry rings up the Dream Police, they rush to respond!

      ``If you don't like the playlist, blame Joe Perry,'' Tricker Rick Nielsen told the crowd. ``He made it up.''

      During the second set, the band was joined by Joe and at various times by Steven Tyler, who did ``Train Kept A Rollin' '' and ``I'm Down''; Joe's kid, the Stanford pre-law student Adrian, on bass; Aerosmith sticksman Joey Kramer; and Marty Frederickson, who performed as Jason Lee's pipes in ``Almost Famous.'' They ended the jumpin' jam with ``Surrender.''

      ``It was really the coolest,'' said Joe, who earlier in the day cut into a gargantuan guitar-shaped cake and conducted the brass band with his Keith Lockhart-signed baton.

      Also spotted gnawing on barbecue and cake were a posse of Perrys - wife Billie and the boys, Tony and Roman, and Joe's sister, Annie; fellow Aerosmithers Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford and their lovely wives, Terri and Karen; local rockers James Montgomery and Johnny A and his rockin' wife, Beth; Joe's buddies, construction guy Lee Kennedy, management type Keith Garde and his first guitar teacher, Steve Rose; astrologer to the stars Karen Thorne; official state witch Laurie Cabot and many, many more.

      So, Joe, how's is it being 50????

      ``Not bad,'' he said.

      Which in Joespeak means truly Amazing.

  • About Joe Perry's Birthday Party (from AF1)
      Fourteen days after his real birthday, Joe Perry found himself surrounded by his fellow band mates, family and friends at Mount Blue for an amazing celebration, amassed by his wife, Billie! What started out as an intimate party of 50 or so band members, family and close friends in the Perry's back yard, quickly escalated to 150-200 partygoers at Mount Blue on September 24!

      The soirée was filled with magicians, Marilyn Monroe look-alikes and Austin Power and Elvis Presley impersonators! There was even rides for the kids, stuffed pigs - everything you can imagine! Aerosmith's friend and cigar maker, Lars Teten, presented Joe with a specialized Joe Perry cigar to mark his 50th Birthday! With all the excitement surrounding the guitarist's 50th, one of his only birthday wishes was for one of his favorite bands, Cheap Trick, to jam onstage! Since the band was on the guest list, Joe's birthday wish became a reality!

      Cheap Trick saluted Joe and his guests with two sets; Joe took the stage during the second set, rockin' to tunes including "Hello There," "Big Eyes," "You're All Talk," and "Ain't That A Shame!" After blowing away the guests with that jam session, Joe and Cheap Trick corralled Steven onstage where they rocked out to "I'm Down" and "It's All Over Now" with Joey on drums! And just when you thought it couldn't get any better - the band segued into "Train Kept A Rollin'" and closed the night with a rousing rendition of "Surrender!"

      Without a doubt, Joe's 50th Birthday was amazing and all had an unforgettable night.

  • About Joe Perry's Birthday Party (Mach Bell)
      The last singer of the Joe Perry Project, Mach Bell, who of course was at Joe Perry's party at Mount Blue, has posted about it at a messageboard at (look below for details) and this is what he has written about it so far, It's alot to read but very interesting:

      My ears are still ringing after yesterday's Joe Perry Birthday extravaganza. It will take several posts to detail the events. Coming up the hill to Mt.Blue, Steven and Joe's restaurant- where the gala was held, our eyes were met with a small amusement park set- up outside . The Rock Climb, a mini-scrambler and a big funhouse were all lit up , crowded with rockstar's little kids. Julia and I made our way to the guest table, where we were given commemorative JP50 guitar picks , shirts and laminated passes. A large tent was set up just outside the Mt. Blue front door. Many of the dining booths had been moved out to this open area. A long buffet table was set up in front of huge portable bbq pits and smokers. A bar served alcohol as well as non- alcoholic drinks. A sketch artist was busy in the corner drawing characitures of the guests. Joe Perry 50 was spelled out in a big floral arrangement. Moving inside, we found a crate full of special Joe Perry cigars, packaged with a cool insert showing the many faces of Mr. Perry. I stuffed my pockets. We moved past another area heaped with birthday gifts, and walked on into the main dining room. Since all the booths were out in the parking lot, this area had been turned into a very rockin' small stage and dance floor. Sound and lighting was piled high. It looked to be a combination of Aerosmith and Cheap Trick gear.An army of sexy waitresses, dressed in low cut black dresses seemed to almost outnumber the guests as we were barraged with trays of Hors d'oeuvres. Suddenly I was lifted up into a bear-hug. "Hargrove! - put me down!".... next up - the guest list.

      Danny Hargrove, Julia and I made our way back out to the front in time to see the birthday boy arrive. Joe was dressed in black denim jeans and jacket. He has grown his hair long again. Other Perrys in attendance were Joe's wife Billie, his sons Adrian, Tony and Roman, Joe's mom Mary, his sister Anne and his Uncle B. Steven Tyler arrived, dressed in a wildly striped corduroy suit.On his arm was his wife Teresa and his son Taj. Teresa's twin sister Lisa was also there with her husband. - Tom Hamilton, in leather pants,arrived with his son.Brad(in a bright orange shirt) and Karen Whitford brought their youngest boy, Harrison followed by Joey( steel studded leather vest) and Apri Kramer.From the Joe Perry Project we had bassmen David Hull and Danny Hargrove- Drummer Joe Pet and his blonde bombshell date Lori and your's truly.Rick Niellsen (sp?) was darting around , his beard in a long braid with price tags tied to the end. Tom Peterson and Bun E. Carlos, both looked healthy. Robin Zander was with his 7 year old son Robin. Boston guitarman Johnny A., Bluesman James Montgomery, WBCN'n Oedipus and Carter Alan, Salem witch Laurie Cabot and her coven, tycoon Lee Kennedy, a bunch of nameless fashion model types and celebrity impersonators Austin Powers, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe added to the scene. I believe Richie Supa (Chip Away the Stone) was there. Ted Nugent, Mark Parenteau, Tommy Mottola and John Kalodner were among the very few no be cont'd

      By now the Joe Perry Project players had staked out a couple booths in the corner of thew tent. David Hull, who has been gigging with James Montgomery all summer, was in fine shape- all smiles. Joe Pet has just opened up a small recording studio on Boylston st. near Berklee. Hargrove gave up the bottle(!) last May. He has shed about 25 pounds and was looking fantastic. Both he and Pet are gigging around town sporadically. Talk turned to Ronnie Stewart. Nobody has seen him in years. Longtime JPP lightman Woody Bavota rolled in and joined us. He runs a web tv production facility now. Soon Joe Perry drifted into the Project corner, followed by Tyler. I spoke to Joe, caught up on his waterskiing activities and his Aston -Martin. Steven interupted- Tyler wanted to get his picture taken with the Joe Perry Project. We obliged. Steven was raving about the new Aero-album. "We did it all in Joe's basement" he claimed. I asked Perry what he thought about the Raven "Best of the JPP" CD. Perry said he thought it was "pretty good" and was glad to see that someone still cared. Joe was also enthused about the latest Aerosmith record. "Mach, you gotta come by the house and hear it". Joe told me they are shooting for an April release. I asked Joe if he sings on the new album - Joe hung his head and said "one song". I also asked Mr. Perry if he had received the "Joe Perry Quilt"(made from dozens of Aerosmith and JPP shirts) from his #1 Texas fan- Renata. "Oh yeah - it's incredible!" Joe enthused. Suddenly a bunch of tuxedoed horn players marched into the tent. They started playing the Olympic fanfare as a huge Les Paul shaped birthday cake was wheeled through the be continued.

      As the guests started singing "Happy Birthday to you" Julia and I slipped out of the tent to get some air. I had been snapping a bunch of photos with my digital camera, and we reviewed the results. I was looking forward to photographing the evening jam session. Teresa Tyler joined us. I asked Teresa why she and the Tyler family hadn't visited our house last Halloween. "Oh, Steven got all dressed up as a woman last year, and by the time we got to your hill he had to turn back because his feet were killing him!" As I laughed- Teresa looked down at my camera. "Oh - that's neat. I would love to get one of those , but I have this strange problem with cameras , whenever I use a camera the batteries go completely dead... My twin sister has the same weird problem - we just kill batteries by being around." That's spooky, I thought...hmmm. We all made our way back into the tent where the Chefs were pulling a big pig out of the smoker. I reached for my camera , went to grab a shot and... I swear to you - the camera battery had gone totally dead! I decided to chill out by the beer wagon for a while - Teresa's powers had me a little nervous. A few Coronas mellowed me out. I looked up and saw Hargrove waving me into Mt. Blue. The rock and roll was about to begin.

      All together there may have been 150 or 200 guests at Joe’s party. We had all arrived at 3 in the afternoon. Now it was 7pm and the crowd had thinned a bit. It felt very intimate in the Mt. Blue dining room. It was easy to move right to the front of the stage as Cheap Trick blasted off with ON TOP OF THE WORLD TONIGHT.... I had spoken with Robin Zander a bit earlier in the day. His band had just finished up a tour and he was heading back to his home in Florida after this special " Joe Show ". Robin’s blonde 7 year old son (also named Robin) told me he liked Cheap Trick – but he is a bigger fan of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The CT band sounded incredibly tight. The sound crew was showing no mercy tonight, the sound pressure in the small room was massive. Rick told us that Joe Perry himself had penned tonight’s Cheap Trick songlist. SOUTHERN GIRLS was the next big hit. Joe Perry and Billie stood smiling just to my right. Finishing up that great tune, Nielsen called Joe up on stage. First Rick presented Joe with a copy of his (Rick's) Guitar Collection Book. All the CT guys had signed it, and Nielsen had written " Joe: Thanks for the guitar lessons!" inside the cover. Rick proceeded to tell the crowd how Perry is well known for his "love of crappy, cheap guitars." Robin Zander then handed Perry a very small vinyl gig bag, out of which plopped a little bronze- colored, single- bout solidbody. Perhaps an old Silvertone – also signed by all the Tricksters. Joe looked gleeful as he left the stage with his new treasures. DREAM POLICE was next up and we loved it. Robin Zander, looking handsome and wearing a red sparkle top and black trousers announced the next song, as THAT 70’s SHOW THEME. I’m not too familiar with that show, but the song smoked. Zander strapped on an electro-acoustic guitar. THE FLAME was next. Zander’s voice was just so powerful on this one , amazing. (At this point I started looking for the nacho chips and some Mt. Dew) Neilsen barreled right into "I WANT YOU TO WANT ME" as we roared our approval. Cheap Trick took a short break while a half stack and a Joe Perry model Les Paul were set up on the far right side of the stage…. To be cont’d.

      Great so far...If you want to keep up with these stories...go to:

      and then type in "Joe Perry" and click "Find"
      then click on "Joe Perry" and there you are...

  • Article from MTV News
      The following is from MTV Online, News Headlines:

      Destiny's Child, Fatboy Slim, Aerosmith See "Angels"

      Destiny's Child, Fatboy Slim, and Aerosmith are among the acts contributing new music to the soundtrack to the forthcoming movie "Charlie's Angels."

      Aerosmith just finished a new song titled "Angel's Eye" for the album, which is due out on October 17. The disc will also include Destiny's Child's "Independent Woman," which was recorded specifically for the film, and a new Fatboy Slim track, among others.

      Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu star in "Charlie's Angels," which was helmed by music video director McG and is currently due in theaters in November.

      In other Aerosmith news, singer Steven Tyler is reportedly recording an album on the side called "Mob Story: A Hip-Hoprah" under his real name, Steven Tallarico. The project is being produced by Jack Douglas, who (not coincidentally) is also producing the soundtrack to the mob-oriented TV series "The Sopranos." Tyler's project also features appearances from Sopranos stars Vincent Pastore and Tony Sirico and Kamal from the Jerky Boys.
      Release information, including a label, is yet to be determined.

      Meanwhile, Aerosmith is said to be shooting for a March release for its next album. The band went into the studio a few months ago to do pre-production with producer Matt Serletic, who did the chart-topping "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (see "The Aerosmith Song You May Never Hear"), but the word is that the group is now producing the bulk of it on its own.

  • Rolling Stone Magazine
      There is a small Steven Tyler mention in the most recent issue of RS. It is talking about the VMA's and how many words the censors had to bleep. They quoted Steven's joke about Christina A, Carson and Fred Durst.

News as of September 25, 2000
  • The Doors Tribute Album
      After some record company trouble (Marilyn Manson and Bush for example are no longer on the album) the tribute "Stoned Immaculate: The Music of the Doors" will now soon be released. As you may remember this album will include Aerosmith's version of "Love Me Two Times".

      Here's the tracklist:

      1. Break on Through - Stone Temple Pilots
      2. Riders on the Storm - Creed
      3. Light My Fire - Train
      4. Peace Frog - Smash Mouth
      5. L.A. Woman - Days of the New
      6. Love Me Two Times - Aerosmith
      7. Wild Child - The Cult
      8. Roadhouse Rap - Jim Morrison
      9. Roadhouse Blues - John Lee Hooker and Jim Morrison
      10. Is Everybody In? - William Burroughs
      11. Hello I Love You - Oleander
      12. Touch Me - Scott Stapp (Creed)
      13. Children of Night - Exene Cervenka
      14. Love Her Madly - Bo Diddley
      15. People Are Strange - Marvelous 3
      16. The Cosmic Movie - Jim Morrison
      17. The End - Days of the New

  • Mia Tyler in People Magazine
      Here is something taken from People Magazine:

      Mia Tyler featured in the September 18th issue of People.
      Along with designers Elie Tahari and Dana Buchman, multi-platinum singer Sisqo, and Comedy Central's sharp dressed man, Ben Stein, Mia was given the task of picking through the best and worst dressed in the entertainment world. But Mia admitted that even she could make an occasional fashion faux pas. "My dad and I share a problem with matching."
      We think she looks fabulous.

News as of September 22, 2000
  • New song on the Charlie's Angels soundtrack!! (from AF1)
      Aerosmith has a new track entitled "Angel's Eye," that will be featured on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Charlie's Angels! As AF1 previously reported, Steven and Joe were remixing a new track in New York this past week - turns out, it will be for the flick starring Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu! Look out for "Angel's Eye" on the soundtrack of Charlie's Angels set to be released on October 17!

  • Us Magazine
      The current "Us Magazine" has a small section on one of the pages with famous parents and kids, and there is a small photo of Steven and Liv.

  • Rock This Way - 3 Years Online Today!!!
      Can you believe it?! This website has actually been up for exactly three years today!

      Another awesome thing is that we're closing up to visitor #200000! (194000 visitors today). During the first year online I had a total of 25000 visitors, last year I had 75000 and now 100000!!! So that's really fun to see... So thanks to all of you people who has been visiting the site during these years and I hope you will keep coming back. : )

News as of September 21, 2000
  • Steven Tyler at Betsey Johnson's Playboy Bunny show
      Steven and Teresa were at the Betsy Johnson show a few nights ago... This is from

      Bring on the Bunnies
      Tuesday September 19
      The crowd at Betsey Johnson's Playboy Bunny show was super enthusiastic and it wasn't just the silicon on display. From tunes like George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" spun by a live DJ to the high turnout of celebrities and the playfulness of the models as they all but skipped down the runway, the show was electric. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith drew a lot of camera attention, but so did Donald Trump with his gal pal, who sat next to Paulina Porizkova and her husband Ric Ocasek of the Cars. Actress Lauren Holly, looking demure, was also a front-row player. But the real star of the evening was Johnson herself, who received tremendous applause as she raced onto the stage to do cartwheels before running to embrace her Bunnies for a job well done.

  • Some news from the AF1 site...
      Steven and Joe In New York
      Steven and Joe were recently at Sony Studios in New York remixing a new track! We'll keep you updated right here at AF1, so stay tuned as details pan out. While they were in the Big Apple, the frontman and lead guitarist met with "Big Pussy," Vincent Pastore, from the Sopranos where they listened to their collaboration for Mob Story: A Hip-Hopra. They even squeezed in a snapshot with a Rolling Stone photographer, so be on the look out for it!

      Tom Sighting
      Did anyone else catch Tom Hamilton cutting in line for Seussical The Musical in Boston? Apparently, Tom was spotted making his way into the theatre to catch the musical based on the works of Dr. Seuss.

  • Cowboy Mach Bell on the Cyrinda/Stern conversation...
      This is what Mach Bell (ex-JPP) said about the incident on a Messageboard.

      Cyrinda called into the Howard Stern Show this morning to promote her book and her new(?) website. I guess Howard had already done his homework and was all ready to confront her. Seems her site features a nude photo of Steven, that she snapped back when they were married.. You have to pay 10 bucks to see the thing. Stern said he had spoken to Tyler recently , asking if it was o.k. with him(Steven) to have Cyrinda call in live to the show. Steven Tyler said 'go for it'. Howard blasted Cyrinda, telling her that she should get on with her life and get a real job. Howard maintained that Tyler was not happy about the nude photo and had tried to get an injunction against it's being publicly used by her. Now that it was up on her website Howard thought it was totally wrong. Cyrinda countered that Steven had pushed for the injunction thinking it was a pornographic photo. According to her, when he actually saw the photo, he decided to allow her to use it. She went on to give her take on the 9 years she spent with Tyler. She claims that Steven stiffed her with a crappy divorce settlement and lame child support - and that she has every right to exploit him for all he's worth. The argument raged on for over half an hour. Robin and BabaBooey joined Howard, deriding Cyrinda. Cyrinda , it turns out, is a tough cookie. She held her ground pretty well against this viscious onslaught. Her lawyer also called in , half- way through the debate, to pour gasoline on the fire. In the end, neither side gave an inch. It was good radio!

  • Even more on the Howard Stern show... (by Lynn Bryan)
      Hehe...I was wondering if anyone else had heard that.;) I was driving my daughter to school, so I couldn't tape it, but didn't Cyrinda know that Howard was an Aerosmith/Steven Tyler fan?

      Before he got her on the line, Howard said that he had called Steven to tell him that she wanted to phone in to his show to promote her website (and the infamous picture), and he asked Steven if he should talk to her, or if he should ignore her. Howard said Steven said "I wish you would talk to her." He didn't elaborate any further on that conversation though...that was just the way he introduced her.

      As Susan said, neither Howard, Robin, or Gary were sympathetic to Cyrinda. Howard's view was basically (paraphrasing) you were married, you took an intimate picture, you shouldn't use that picture to make money. He said even if Steven wasn't a good husband, Cyrinda needed to put the past behind her and told her a few times that she should get a job and stop trying to make money off of her ex-husband. He said if her ex-husband had been a garbage man, she would have gotten a divorce, and gotten a job and made a career for herself.

      Cyrinda said that Steven had told her to use the photo...had signed a contract saying that she could use it any way she wanted. (Her lawyer then jumped on the phone to back that up when Howard kept saying that Steven was probably coerced and he couldn't believe Steven wanted the picture on the Internet. Howard finally said that Steven probably agreed to it just to try to make the situation go away.) She said she was married for 9 years, he put her through hell, he didn't give her a good divorce settlement (She was raising his child, blah, blah, blah.), he didn't take care of her, and because she now needed money she was going to use the picture as a means. (Howard said Steven should put the picture up on a free site.) When Howard again told her to get a job, make a career for herself, she said "Are you going to give me a job in radio?" Howard's response was "See, it's 'give me, give me, give me'." And then Cyrinda's lawyer came up with one of the best quotes, and I was at a stop light at this moment so I grabbed a pen and receipt and wrote it down - "Maybe she could have a career if she hadn't given up 9 years of her life." (Meaning the 9 years of marriage.) And they just kept going back and forth about using an intimate picture to make money off of a former spouse who happened to be a celebrity because he didn't "take care" of Cyrinda properly.

      Howard took three callers. Two of them told her to get a job, and one said that since Cyrinda had married a jerk and needed money she was justified to use the picture to do so.

      Mia was mentioned briefly - Howard said that he couldn't believe she would want a picture like that of her father on the Internet, and Howard then asked Cyrinda if she was estranged from her daughter. Cyrinda said that Mia is 21 and every other day she's in some sort of "mood".

      Cyrinda kept saying what a tough "New Yorker" she was. (Yeah, right.)

      Anyway, Howard finally plugged her site and she got off the phone and he said that that conversation was a good argument against marriage, and if you do get married leave the cameras out of the bedroom.;) I had a headache.;)


News as of September 20, 2000
  • Cyrinda on Howard Stern
      Cyrinda Foxe was on Howard Stern this morning promoting her web site and selling the pix of Steven for $9.95. Stern wasn't buying it and pretty much called her a Gold digger.

      She and her lawyer were on the phone tying to justify her release of her nude picture of Steven on her website. Howard totally nailed her, told her it was obviously revenge, and that it was a total invasion of privacy. She kept saying that Steven told her do "Do whatever you want with the picture." Actually right at this moment, Howard and Robin are verbally beating her up! Cyrinda is such a LOSER!!!

      She came up with this lame answer that Mia approves (though she doesn't speak to her much lately) and Steven approves since he's not suing her anymore.

      Says that Steven owes her a chance to jump start her business. what is her business? Writing books about Steven and selling nude pix of him!

      Said it's his fault she had to give up her career and become an addict

      Actually sounds like a pretty funny interview if it wasn't so pathetic.

      Howard talked to Steven beforehand and had reservations about the whole thing.

News as of September 19, 2000
  • Joe's Party
      This was found in today's Boston Globe online:

      Merry Perry
      Aerosmith's Joe Perry is having a birthday next week and word has it that Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson, and Bun E. Carlos - a.k.a. Cheap Trick - will be playing at his party at Mount Blue, the restaurant/club Aerosmith co-owns in Norwell. You can envision all the rocker dads and mums singing along to ''Surrender'': ''Mommy's all right!/Daddy's all right/They just seem a little weird.'' ...

  • Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominees
      The 16 nominees have been announced for the class of 2001. They are:

      Ritchie Valens
      Michael Jackson
      Paul Simon
      Brenda Lee
      Bob Seger
      Steely Dan
      Lynyrd Skynyrd
      NY Dolls
      Patti Smith
      Black Sabbath
      Lou Reed
      Solomon Burke

      Members of the music industry will now vote from this list, voting continues until mid-October. The top 5 to 7 names with the most votes will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Inductees will be announced in November and the induction ceremony will be held early next year. Let's hope Aerosmith makes it this time!

  • From The Sound Kings September 2000 Newsletter...
      We are still rocking out at Prism Sound Studio's working diligently on our forth-coming debut CD. The 12 song set of old favorites and as of yet unheard newer songs is sure to make you get "jiggy" with it and fall in love all over again.
      The CD is laid out like so:

      Growing Up With An Invisible Friend (with Joe Perry of Aerosmith)
      Rocketship Built For Two
      I Hate Your Little Friend
      That's Me
      Rest In Pieces
      1000 Skies
      invisible (unplugged)

      We would now like to take a few moments to thank those of you who checked out our feature on earlier this week. The response was astounding. Though there was a typographical error on their part about us recording with Steve Perry as opposed to Joe Perry (sorry Joe), everything was super-swell. Obviously Steve Perry would be cool too......15 years ago when he had "Oh Sherry" as well as countless hits with Journey......but Joe Perry is a Rock n Roll legend, c'mon.

      As always, thanks and keep being you,
      Eryk, Mike, Dennis, Jim

News as of September 16, 2000
  • Jimmy Crespo news (from Rhythm Junkies to Rough Cutt)

      With the new millennium already eight months upon us, some things in life need to be altered. Maybe a new hairstyle for some people, change of scenery for another, perhaps even a career change.

      Or a name change??? Enter Rough Cutt "Mark II": Comprised of original vocalist Paul Shortino, guitarist, Jimmy Crespo, keyboardist, JT Garrett (all three having previously worked together in the Rhythm Junkies), bassist Sean McNabb and drummer, John Homan, the 21st century version of the band is as lethal and as mind expanding as ever.

      The band is currently working on Sneak Preview, a seven track Ep that is designed to reintroduce the band to the general public. Recorded at MT Studios and produced by the band themselves and Matt Thorr (ironically enough, Rough Cutt's original bassist), the music is true to form, blues based melodic metal that Rough Cutt fans love and expect.

      The track listing is as follows: "I Believe", "Feel The Rain", "Speak Your Mind", "Change Your Heart", "Must Be Love", "Sacred Place" and "Fallen Angel"

News as of September 14, 2000
  • The Joe Perry Project Back Together?!?!
      Cowboy Mach Bell, the lead singer for Joe Perry's band "The Joe Perry Project" (the band he made after he and Aerosmith split in the late 70's) might be playing together again this Sunday! Bell wrote the following on the web site IMusic [] on Tuesday, September 12th:

      "Hey guys!, Wow that was a hell of a summer! Great news, The Joe Perry Project will finally get back together a week from this Sunday Perry has invited Danny Hargrove, Joe Pet and me to his (after) birthday party. Billie Perry hired Cheap Trick to entertain- so I'm hoping for some hot jamming after Trick finish their set. Of course Aerosmith and who-knows- who-else will be there too, but this will be the first time the JPP will have a chance to pick up where we left off in 1984!"

News as of September 12, 2000
  • Rick Dufay news
      Word has it that Rick is in NYC doing a photo shoot and putting the finishing touches on his album art work.

  • Joe Perry Project and Whitford/St. Holmes reissues
      On August 4th I posted that Spitfire Records are going to reissue "Whitford/St.Holmes" & Joe Perry Project's "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker" on October 3rd...
      Back then I wasn't able to find anything to confirm this info though but now I have so...
      Joe Perry- Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker 6-70211-5162
      2(CD) Master Series
      Whitford- St. Holmes 6-70211-5113-2 Master Series
      10/03 Joe Perry - Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker (Reissue)
      10/03 Whitford/St. Holmes - Whitford/St. Holmes (Reissue)

News as of September 10, 2000
  • Happy Birthday Joe!!!
      It's mr Joe 'Fuckin' Perry's 50th birthday today! Happy Birthday Joe!!!

News as of September 8, 2000
  • Steven Tyler on the MTV Video Music Awards
      Yes, Steven did appear at the MTV Video Music Awards last night! About 18 minutes into the show Steven came out with rapper Dr. Dre and presented an award to the band Blink 182 for "Best Group Video."

      I didn't see it myself but the women who saw it said he looked great, he wore a purple velvet like long coat and big purple top hat and even showed some chest...

      Steven also tried to make a joke about the Eminem song "The Real Slim Shady." You know, that line:

      Shit, Christina Aguilera better switch me chairs
      so I can sit next to Carson Daly and Fred Durst
      and hear 'em argue over who she gave head to first

      Well...Steven kinda flubbed up what he was saying and they bleeped "Head" so you really didn't get the joke. And, Dr. Dre said "Uh....Okay.."

News as of September 7, 2000
  • Tyler to appear on MTV Video Music Awards!!
      There's a commercial for the MTV Video Music Awards where they say that Steven will be appearing on the awards show!!

      It's 8 PM tonight, Eastern/Pacific...and I'm sure they'll rerun it at least 10 times this weekend...

  • Aerosmith on Top Of The Pops 2
      Aerosmith were on Top Of The Pops 2 in England, 6.30 yesterday evening, with Love In An Elevator live 1997. It should be repeated this Saturday/Sunday afternoon...

  • Sort of off-topic but what the hell...
      VH1 SPECIAL!

      Ok All be ready for this one! VH1 is having a special Hard Rock show ready to show us what Rock is all about!

      VH1 will be showing the 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock!
      The show is broken down into five one hour shows that will air from Monday, November 13 through Friday November 17.
      I am sure YOU will enjoy this program and see where YOUR favorite artists are on the list.

      The artists were voted on by other hard rock musicians, critics and others in the know about hard rock music. The artists on the show range fromheavy metal, punk, alternative and more so its sure to hit on everyone's favorites.

      Don't Miss This One,and don't forget to tell a friend!

News as of September 2, 2000
  • VH1 Sound Affects
      On the VH1 show "Sound Affects" Slash was on and talked about the time he first heard "Rocks", and how that inspired him to learn to play guitar. They also played some clips of Aerosmith during his 5 minute segment.

  • Album news... nothing we didn't already know though...
      Here's one from Jam:

      Producer ousted from Aerosmith recording
      Matchbox Twenty producer Matt Serletic has been ousted from the producer's chair on Aerosmith's next album, Rolling Stone reports.

      Instead, singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry are working with longtime song collaborators Mark Hudson and Marti Frederiksen at Perry's home studio. Guitarist Brad Whitford told a Boston radio station recently that nine songs have been completed for the unnamed album, and they hope to have the record in stores by March.

      The disc will be the first since 1997's "Nine Lives."

      Meanwhile, Tyler has reunited with former Aerosmith producer Jack Douglas on a bizarre-sounding project called "Mob Story: A Hip-Hopera," according to Rolling Stone. Tyler is adding vocals to the project under his original name, Steven Tallarico, alongside "Soprano's" Vincent Pastore and Tony Sirico, as well as Kamal, a member of the phone prank crew The Jery Boys.

      ... and from Ralphy's Music And Stuff Forum...:

      Four years after the album "Nine Lives" Aerosmith is back in the studio again to work on a new release. Matchbox 20-producer Matt Serletic has been retained for production and the mixing and recording will be done by Aerosmith-frontman Steven Tyler himself. The band plans to record the new songs until october and than mixing them in november and december. The album could be ready by March of next year. Aerosmith plans to sell it through the internet first, even before it hits the shops.

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