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News as of August 30, 2000
  • Cyrinda Foxe has done it again!
      Cyrinda Foxe's site now has link to a page for the Steven Tyler nude's an online order form to pay $9.95 to order a tape! She also has cosmetics, underwear and her book for sale.

      I'm still wondering how the hell that woman's brain is functioning. Well, there's not much we can do about I guess. Just DON'T BUY IT!!!

News as of August 29, 2000
  • Boston Herald
      This was in the Inside Track this morning:

      He's seen Paree, but sometimes he likes being down on the farm. Yes, that was Aerosmith wild man Steven Tyler checking out the 4H Club exhibits the other day at the Marshfield Fair. Steven even stopped by to sample Anna's Fried Dough. How sweet!

News as of August 28, 2000
  • Tyler and Perry on a Hip Hop album???!!!
      This article was in Saturdays NY Daily News on the gossip/people page:

      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is moonlighting. Using his real name, Steven Tallarico, the rock band's lead singer is working in a midtown studio on a CD titled "Mob Story: A Hip-Hopra." Producer Jack Douglas is overseeing the project, which he describes to me as a mob story done in rap. Joining Tyler/Tallarico on the record are Vincent Pastore and Tony Sirico from "The Sorpranos," Kamal from the Jerky Boys and a compatriot from Aerosmith, Joe Perry. Douglas is hoping for big things. But in the meantime, "We're putting it out ourselves," he says, "until we can find a distributor."

  • Slash's Snakepit and Steven Tyler tid-bit
      On saturday night, Aug. 26, on a New York Radio station, WNEW 102.7, Slash's Snakepit was being interviewed over the radio about their last two gigs with AC/DC in NJ and NY. The lead singer, Rod, said before their set in Madison Square Garden the night before, Steven Tyler walked into their dressing room. He said jokingly that he was so over joyed he "came" in his pants but was dissapointed that Steven only went to Slash to give him a hug and talk very quickly. Slash then said that Steven told him that they are deffinetly comming out with a new album. They then just went on to talking about how they would all love to tour with Aerosmith and how their up-comming album was done in a very "Rocks" sort of manner.

News as of August 27, 2000
  • Derek St. Holmes Interview
      Below is an excerpt from a Derek St. Holmes interview where he talks about Brad and the Whitford/St Holmes CD. Good read. [ Click here for the full Interview ]

      Jeb: I have heard rumors that Whitford/St. Holmes is going to be released.

      DSH: Itís already out. At least I think it is. At least I have a bunch of CDís of it laying around. I think you can get it at Tower Records. You can order it from Sony. Brad took care of that, which is very cool!

      Jeb: That is a very underrated heavy rock album.

      DSH: Itís a slammer. We had talked of doing another one. Brad has worked so much with Aerosmith this last year. He is burned out! I think they are getting ready to start another one. At some point, Brad and I will get together. I love Brad. Heís like a brother. He is a great guy. Working together is really easy. I think weíll do another one someday.

      Jeb: How did that come about in the first place?

      DSH: Aerosmith and Ted Nugent had the same management, Leber/Krebs. When Brad got fed up with Tyler and everyone being so high and nothing ever getting done, he quit. I had already quit. It was the second time. I walked out in Ď78 and again in Ď82. Thatís when we decided to put something together. We auditioned a couple of guys. We found them right here in Atlanta. The drummer Steve Pace, has been with Krokus. The bass player was an English dude named David Hewitt. He was with a band in the Ď70ís called Babe Ruth. They are all still around, so who knows, we could get Whitford/St. Holmes together and it would be the original line up! I think original line up is the way to go. Iím sorry Ted canít figure that out. You see what itís done for Kiss. You see what itís done for Aerosmith. Ted just seems to think itís all just him.

News as of August 26, 2000
  • Awesome album News! READ! (from
      Edited by Jonathan Cohen / August 25, 2000, 4:00 p.m. EDT

      Aerosmith Regroups In The Studio
      Aerosmith Aerosmith is in the studio shooting for a March release of its next Columbia album. The band, which often generates headlines during the recording process, originally went in the studio with hotter-than-hot producer Matt Serletic, who produced the group's No. 1 smash "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from the soundtrack to the 1998 film "Armageddon."

      But Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry ultimately decided to produce the album themselves with songwriters/producers Mark Hudson and Marti Frederiksen, both of whom have worked with the band over the years. The set will be Aerosmith's first since "Nine Lives," which debuted at No. 1 in April of 1997.

      "They already have nine or 10 songs done. They'll be recording more in September or October and then mix in November and December," says the band's A&R executive, John Kalodner. "They didn't ever get out of pre-production with Matt. It just didn't evolve into them working together. However, if something right came up, they'd work with him again. He's great. The guys just already had a vision for a whole work of art that they wanted to do with Marti and Mark."

      Serletic's representative declined to comment by deadline.

      -- Melinda Newman, L.A.

  • Brad talking about the new album on WZLX in Boston
      Brad was on the radio yesterday in the Boston area (WZLX) promoting F1 the new racing place in Boston. The station kept interviewing him after he took a few laps.
      "He was talking about Aerosmith's new album coming out soon. Way cool to listen to. Brad says his favorite single off the new album is called "Avant Garden"."

      That was copied directly from a person who heard this. (thus the quotes around what she wrote)

      ...and here's another take on that radio thing:

      Brad Whitford was on the radio today talking about the new album. He said they have 9 songs done and might add a tenth one. They've been recording it at Joe Perry's house and his favorite song so far is Avante Garden. The bad news-it probably won't be released until March or April.

News as of August 25, 2000
  • Steven, Joe and the Sopranos (from AF1)
      Steven and Joe attended a male cast bash for the upcoming season of HBO's, The Sopranos. Former Aerosmith producer, Jack Douglas, who is working on the soundtrack of the hit series, invited huge fans of the showóSteven and Joeóto Foxwood Casino in Connecticut for the pre-season bash. Steven and Joe had a few laughs with James Gandolfini, a.k.a. Tony Soprano, and the rest of the cast - Italian style! After the dinner party and watching the premiere of the upcoming season, everyone went to see Prince Hamed, the undefeated featherweight champion, square off with Augie Sanchez, in a brutal 4th round K.O. in Mashantucket, CT. No word yet if the Boston Boys will appear on the soundtrack, but stay tuned to AF1, as we will bring you the latest updates.

  • "Hello Mr. President, I'd Like You To Meet My Husband..." (from AF1)
      Brad Whitford had a recent run-in with the President of the United States at a fundraiser in Nantucket, MA. Brad and his wife, Karen, were invited to the fundraiser and Karen, who was first to meet the President, introduced the Boston Bad Boy - "Hello Mr. President, I'd like you to meet my husband BradÖ" to which the President replied, "I know who he is!" Looks like the President knows how to rock 'n' roll after all!

  • Steven Tyler in New York
      My name is Michael Scully. I'm a 23 year old amatuer filmmaker/photographer from New York and I just had to write to tell you and other fellow AeroFreaks about my Steven Tyler siting yesterday. I was on my way out to lunch (Midtown Manhattan) when I saw a stretch limo parked in the street in front of my building. I asked a passerby who's limo it was and they said Steven Tyler's. In a state of disbelief (yet still hopeful) I smoked a cigarette and waited to see if anyone emerged from the limo. Two minutes later, sure enough, the Demon of Screamin' got out of the limo (decked out in a bright neon green outfit) and casually strolled past me into the Victoria's Secret nextdoor to my office. After a small heart attack or two, I picked my jaw off the ground and went inside the store to see if I could meet him. I walked up behind a woman (who to my surprise was his wife) who was paying for some clothing and over walked Steven. He whispered something to her about taking pictures with the kids out in the limo and he asked if she had everything she wanted. When he turned around, he saw me standing there in shock. I said, "I've gotta shake your hand." Without even thinking about it, he walked over to me and shook my hand saying hello. I handed him my business card (that I had previously signed myself outside) and said, "I just thought you might want the autograph of you number one fan." He took the card from me and smiled. He reciprocated by giving me his autograph on another card. A few more words were exchanged and I shook his hand again and left. All that I've heard about his demenor is true. He's such a friendly guy! Well, that's about it. Thought my fellow Aerofans would appreciate that.
      And Steven, if you're reading this, I wasn't pitching my business' services to you, I meant that I, personally, would love to do the art work for the next album!

      Mike Scully

News as of August 24, 2000
  • Survivor
      On WRIF Detroit (Radio) there was a clip with someone asking Steven if he would be watching Survivor tonight and he said something to the effect that "Aerosmith was the Survivor show 20 years ago." The news clip also said that Aerosmith was very busy recording the new album (but no date was mentioned.)

      ... and on CablePulse24, a TV news network in Toronto, Canada Steven said he would NOT watch the final episode of "Survivor"...

  • Aerosmith on VH1's Rockshow
      Aerosmith's Big Ones beat out Kiss' Smashes, Thrashes, & Hits in the voting for the "most killer greatest-hits album" on VH1's Rockshow. Friday's episode also revealed that Big Ones topped best-of efforts from Def Leppard and Quiet Riot.

News as of August 22, 2000
  • New URL: !
      As you may have noticed you can now also enter Rock This Way trough the following short and easy to remember URL: or even only

      Because of this I've also changed the thing at the top of the pages to say Rock This as a reminder...
      I hope this will make it easy for everyone to remember how to come here :)

      A huge thanks to my german online friend Yannick Block who gave this URL to me! Visit his website at

      (The old URL will still work though of course)

News as of August 17, 2000
  • Yankee Grey's connection to Joe Perry...
      About two months ago I posted that Joe Perry was playing on Yankee Grey's "Untamed" album and that the bands keyboardist Jerry Hughes thanked him in the CD's booklet. But it seemed that no one knew his connection to Joe...

      Last night Eli Zoske (the person who sent me the info that Joe played on the album) went to a Yankee Grey concert and after the show he asked one of the bandmembers how they got Joe to record with them...

      Their guitarist Matt Basford, who was the bandmember he talked with, said that Billie is Jerry Hughes' cousin. So when they were recording, Joe was in town and agreed to do it! Basford also said he's always been a huge Aero-fan and it was incredible to meet the guys.

      Also, he said they're going to try to get Joe to play on the next album as well, so keep an eye out for that!

  • Right In The Nuts Release Parties!
      Small Stone Records (Detroit, Mi) who put the "Right In The Nuts" tribute CD together are having some release parties for the CD out on the East Coast (NYC & Boston) in about a week... and a good chunk of the bands will be running through the own material as well as the Aerosmith song they performed on the CD.


      The Aerosmith tribute "Right In The Nuts" will be followed by a series of release parties in the following cities:

      New York Thursday, August 24th @ the Continental.
      line up: Core,The Want, Puny Human, Five Horse Johnson, Roadsaw, Solace, Iron Boss, Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned.

      Boston Friday, August 25th @ the Middle East.
      line up: Scissorfight, Roadsaw, Five Horse Johnson, & Puny Human.

News as of August 14, 2000
  • Cyrinda Foxe website
      Steven's ex-wife Cyrinda Foxe has got herself a website. Lots of cool family pics and others in the photo gallery.

      What upsets me though is that she says she will show those pics that Steven didn't want her to have in her book. Is this woman completely insane or what? Fortunately those pics are not up, atleast not now...

News as of August 13, 2000
News as of August 8, 2000
  • Aerosmith to record with Matt Serletic in Atlanta
      Matt Serletic was on 96 Rock in Atlanta, Ga the other day saying that Aerosmith would be there soon working in his studio...

News as of August 6, 2000
  • Toronto Sun article on Right In The Nuts
      Yesterday's Toronto Sun had an article called "Aerosmith Tribute Faithful to Originals" talking about "Right in the Nuts" (p. 27) and fans who like bands like Aerosmith going underground "remaking" these CDs. With a picture of one of the fan, it almost looked like it took up about Ĺ-a page,-the header itself is like 80 pts... but the article itself it short. Here's the article:

      August 5, 2000
      Aerosmith tribute faithful to originals
      By KIERAN GRANT -- Toronto Sun

      This week, a few toys for the attic.

      Right In The Nuts: A Tribute To Aerosmith (Small Stone)

      *** (out of five)

      Remember that old clich about how everyone who bought The Velvet Underground's records in the '60s went on to form bands in the '70s?

      Well, this double CD, put out by the rock-addled heads at Detroit's Small Stone label, is like that in reverse -- a through-the-looking-glass glimpse of what happens when fans of a massive band like Aerosmith grow up and go underground.

      In the spirit of a punk-rock tribute, virtually all of the bands on Right In The Nuts are relatively unknown, which means there's no room for pointless star-turns or revolving-door musical treatments. Instead, the cream of the U.S. underground hard-rock scene is assembled for burbling blasts of guitar-skronk that are as curiously faithful to the originals as they are sleazy -- which, when you think about it, is what made the originals great in the first place.

      The double-album format means there's lots of room for error, and a few bands sound so caught up in their memories of teen lust that their tunes turn to mush.

      There are plenty of kicks to make the ride worthwhile. Five Horse Johnson's Bright Light Fright sounds like southern-fried Lemmy; Electric Frankenstein's big, chugging Sick As A Dog; Drunk Horse turn swagger into stagger with Kings And Queens; Men Of Porn's wonky, lurching Lightning Strikes.

      But the real ace in the hole belongs to Man's Ruin signees Alabama Thunderpussy, who best capture the spirit of the comp with Sweet Emotion, a calamitous collision of riff-rock, boogie and buzzing noise.

      This CD is equally suited for afternoons working on the van and evenings working on the beer.

      Recommended for fans of: Black Sabbath, Ted Nugent, AC/DC circa Jailbreak, Motorhead. Fans of latter-day Aerosmith are strongly cautioned.

      For info, visit

      Drunk Horse play the El Mocambo Monday with locals Tchort and The Fangs. Alabama Thunderpussy are at the El Mo Sept. 3.

News as of August 4, 2000
  • Whitford/St.Holmes & Once A Rocker.. to be Reissued
      For anybody that doesn't already have them... Spitfire Records are going to reissue 'Whitford/St.Holmes' & Joe Perry Project's 'Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker'. Current release date is October 3rd.

News as of August 3, 2000
  • An update on Rick Dufay
      FINALLY! An update...
      Rick Dufay has been on vacation in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada these passed few weeks. He will be back in the studio very very soon. He is aware now that the autographed merchandise has not been sent and is very upset that he was not informed. He says please be patient your materials will be coming soon. Who knows what he will decide but we will update you with that info shortly. He was not happy about the way the last mp3's sold, therefore he is now back in the studio finetuning the music until he is absolutely sure it is ready for release. Fear not loyal fans, this is not a brush off. One week from today you will have absolute updates on all of these items. For now, we beg that you remain patient and we thank you for your continued support.- 3Deep

  • Aerosmith on TV in Latin America
      Aerosmith Spotlight for Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile)

       Hour       Day           Channel   
      13:00  August  4th  MUCHMUSIC
      23:30  August  6th  MUCHMUSIC
      07:30  August  7th  MUCHMUSIC
      23:30  August 14th  MUCHMUSIC
      07:30  August 15th  MUCHMUSIC
      23:30  August 19th  MUCHMUSIC
      07:30  August 20th  MUCHMUSIC
      13:00  August 24th  MUCHMUSIC
      13:00  August 30th  MUCHMUSIC

      from Argentina sebastian vidal, TaLLariCo.

  • Polls for MTV and VH1
      1) At the end of this month, MTV Europe is doing a week of the "Top 100 songs of all time", selected by the viewers. There are 4 Aerosmith songs- Cryin', Crazy, Amazing and IDWTMAT. Go to and vote for Aerosmith!

      2) Steven is in the VH1 poll for the sexiest artist over 50.
      Last time i checked Steven went from #1 to #4.

News as of August 2, 2000
  • Steven and Joe on MTV's UltraSound
      Catch Steven and Joe on MTV's UltraSound on August 8! The two Boston Bad Boys talk about how family feuds can never break-up a band such as Aerosmith! Please check your local listings to confirm air time.

News as of August 1, 2000
  • Steven Tyler at Pip's Comedy Club in Brooklyn
      This is from today's NY Daily News:

      There was a surprise 54th-birthday party for Tony Sirico of "The Sopranos" on Saturday at Pip's Comedy Club in Brooklyn. Among the revelers: Vincent Pastore, who played Salvatore (Big Pussy) Bompensiero on the series, and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

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