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News as of November 30, 1999
  • Aerosmith to be honored at the Billboard Awards!
      According to the AF1 site, the guys will be receiving an award and according to AOL... Aerosmith will be present to receive the Artist Achievement Award for its lifetime body of work.

      I would assume that means just an appearance and not a performance.

  • Another Aero Nomination
      The Midem Conference, a music industry conference that convenes annually in France has nominated Aerosmith, among other bands like the Beastie Boys for best artist website for the official website that of course can be seen at

  • 'Clips' Home Video
      Seems like the video release "Clips" that I first mentioned here last month, and that has had for sale for quite a while, has finally started getting to the people who's ordered it... Here is some info followed by some more info from people who's recieved it now....

      The video, which isn't an official Aerosmith or Sony release, features all the latest videos, with the exception of Full Circle, in other words the ones for the following songs:

      I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
      Hole in my Soul
      Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)

      There is also a section with all the band members talking about the recording of Nine Lives and some of the actual recording studio work, shots go back and forth between Florida and NYC.


      By Janet (
      I finally received the Clips video I ordered from It came in a VHS cover titled Rap and R&B Music Videos and I thought WTF!!! There is a white sticker on it with a label that says 'Aerosmith #1 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Pink, Hole In My Soul, E.P.K., Falling In Love.

      So I took it out of the box and you can see right off that it isn't very long. It starts with the IDWTMAT video (which I am I have that on the end of Armageddon) then Pink which I have seen but don't have on tape, then HIMS which I have never seen (don't watch too much TV), then there is a section with all the band members talking about recording Nine Lives and some of the actually recording studio work, shots go back and forth between Florida and NYC, next is the FIL video which I had never seen either, then IDWTMAT again with some advertisement for

      All in all, I am very happy with it. They all look great! But I am concerned that purchasing this merchandise does not give any revenue to the artists which I totally disagree with....does anyone know about this? On the back on the VHS cover it states 'Artists, videos, releases, licenses, clearances and promotional consideration courtesy of the record companies and managers submitting videos for the intent to promote their records, CD and cassette sales.'

      By Andrea Cooper (
      Forgive me if someone has already posted about this. I just received my video called Clips from CD Now (it was on backorder). It costs about $10 and to me was worth the money. It has plastered all over it "this is from the record company and artist to promote their record" or some such. It isn't like an official Aerosmith or Sony release. Anyway, it has the videos of IDWTMAT, Pink, Hole in my Soul and Fallin' In Love is So Hard on the Knees. There is also a short montage of clips of the guys talking about the making of the Nine Lives album - most of it was footage I had never seen before. Since MTV/VH1 never play any Aerosmith, I was happy to have a copy of these videos. The quality is very good.

  • Joe Perry Interview from the The History of Pinball Video
      If you click on the link below you can see the interview with Joe Perry from the video "The History of Pinball".

      That clip is from the videos website where you can order the actual video which has Joe's entire interview on it aswell as see other interviews in Real Audio format with people such as Slash of Guns N' Roses.

  • Aerosmith Mention
      On Total Request Live on MTV the Goo Goo Dolls were on the show, they were watching a new video from Method man and Limp Bizkit. The VJ asked them what they thought of the merging of 2 bands like that doing such a video, the lead singer of Goo Goo Dolls replied "well ... that all began with Aerosmith and Run DMC..."

News as of November 26, 1999
  • Aerosmith And Steps (Pleeeeaaase Noooo!)
      This was found at the MTV Europe web site

      Aerosmith + Steps 1999-11-16
      Steps are reportedly set for unlikely collaboration with rockers, Aerosmith. The two bands are said to be recording a single early next year after Steven Tyler of Aerosmith revealed that he's a huge fan of the band. The Rock and Pop link-up follows Five's recent cover of Queen's 'We will Rock You' which featured Queen guitarist, Brain May and which appears on the new Five album.

      I suppose I don't have to say that this really worries me.

  • Billboard Awards
      This was on AOL News:, produced by News Digital Media, together with Billboard Magazine are partnering for the first time to jointly produce the Billboard Music Awards Show Web site. The two entertainment companies are teaming up to provide music fans with the ultimate online destination for the international music event, including a live behind-the-scenes Webcast from the awards show on December 8.

      The Billboard Music Awards Show Web site on brings fans backstage to see performers including Jennifer Lopez, 'N Sync, Juvenile, 98 Degrees, Ricky Martin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Britney Spears, Blink 182, Aerosmith and legend Emmylou Harris, exclusively as they prepare for the big event. "We are excited to work with Billboard to bring music fans a one-stop destination for information and interactivity around the 1999 Billboard Music Awards show," said Jordan Kurzweil, Vice President Development for News Digital Media. "The Billboard Music Awards Show site and live Webcast reflects News Digital's commitment to offer our audience a unique Web experience.

      The creation of this world-class Web site as an adjunct to the Billboard Music Awards is a logical extension of the long-standing and successful partnership between Billboard and FOX," said Ken Schlager, VP/Business Development and Editorial Director of New Media for the Billboard Music Group. "This site will give fans around the world a real sense of excitement about the show and allow them to share in the VIP experience by providing pre-show and backstage access to the biggest names in popular music today."

News as of November 24, 1999
  • What Are Aerosmith Up To?...
      That's what we all wanna know, right? Well, Someone spotted Joe Perry in Kinkos in Boston, copying an "official" BoneYard letterhead sheet. Can this maybe mean they are recording at the Boneyard? That they are really getting serious about laying down some new tracks?

  • Mia Tyler
      Check out Mia's latest modeling project for Lane Bryant. Venezia Jeans' holiday catalogs are now being mailed out, so you may catch a glimpse of her in your mailbox soon. She's modeling the latest jeans, sweaters, and holiday party-wear that Lane Bryant has to offer!

  • Joe Pet (Joe Perry Project...)
      Tonight [Wednesday, November 24th] it will be the "Annual Blues Society Jam & Benefit." at Steven and Joe's restaurant Mount Blue. This show will include former Joe Perry Project drummer Joe Pet! I wouldn't be shocked to see Mr. Perry show up to see his former band-mate.

  • The Aerosmith Game...
      Just passing along a request from the Aerofest committee. They are trying to convince a game manufacturer to design and sell an Aerosmith Monopoly game:

      we are still trying to convince the game production company, Late for the Sky Productions of Cincinnati, Ohio that we Aerofans think that this game would be a fitting tribute to our Boyz.
      They didn't think that there would be enough fans that would be interested. Let's prove them wrong. If you have a minute, send them an e-mail at or call their sales office at 1-800-422-3434 and tell them that you would like to see Aeropoly happen! Pass this along to anyone else you might be interested. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated, as this is something for fans by fans!

News as of November 21, 1999
  • No News Really. Just A Picture...
      Here is a Japanese magazine
      ad for Aerosmith's Japanese
      New Years Eve show.
      NYE show advertisement (Click on the pic for a bigger version)

News as of November 20, 1999
  • NYE Show Broadcast on Japanese TV
      The NYE concert will be on TV.
      Japanese satellite Channel "WOWOW".
      12/31 8:00PM - 1/1 1:00AM

  • Alot Of Aerosmith in Hit Parader's January 2000 issue
      The new Hit Parader Jan 2000 issue is a must for an Aerosmith fan. It has a great big article with pictures on Aerosmith as stars of the 70's. This is the Metal Millennium issue. They rank Steven as the #2 of 100 top Rock Stars of all Time. There are also two Aerosmith Albums listed in the top 100 Greatest Rock CD's of all time. Pump at #40 and Rocks at #7. Included is also a calendar of Rock with the guys Birthdays listed.

News as of November 18, 1999
  • Aerosmith Has A New Management.. Again
      This was in the Inside Track of todays Boston Herald:

      Aerosmith, who last year tossed manager Wendy Laister overboard, have quietly parted ways with longtime business manager Burt Goldstein and have signed up with accounting powerhouse Gelfand Rennert & Feldman. Oooh, we bet that was ugly. Goldstein is guitarist Brad Whitford's brother-in-law!

News as of November 17, 1999
  • Rolling Stone Magazine
      The latest issue of Rolling Stone (issue #827 dated 12/9/99), with Christina Ricci on the cover, has two Aerosmith things. One good and one bad...

      First the good...there is a one page ad for with a nice pic of the band.

      And the bad...there is a review of the Bob Marley Tribute album and they definitely don't like Steven and Joe's presence on the album. The reviewer's comment on Steven and Joe is "They shouldn't have been allowed through the studio door." The album got a ***

  • News from BBC online (This can't possibly be true, can it?)
      Radio 1 reported last week of one of the weirdest collaborations of our times - between 5ive and Queen. Well, that could be put in the shade with reports on Monday that Steps and Aerosmith could be about to join together. It's claimed Steve Tyler met the band at a party while they were in LA supporting Britney Spears, and told them he was a big fan.

News as of November 16, 1999
  • Marley Tribute Reminder!
      the Bob Marley tribute album "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon" is schedueled to be released today [Tuesday, November 16th].

      This album, of course, includes the track "Roots, Rock, Reggae" by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Bob Marley. From the reviews I've read so far...Steven and Joe's track is the best one. Here is all I know about this album:

      Title: "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon"
      Release Date: Tuesday, November 16th, 1999
      Executive Producer: Stephen Marley

      Record Labels:
      1) Universal Records
      2) Island Records
      3) Def Jam Records
      4) Tuff Gong Records

      Tentative Track Listing:

      1) Steven Tyler & Joe Perry/Bob Marley- "Roots, Rock, Reggae"
      2) Guru/Bob Marley- "Johnny Was"
      3) The Marley Brothers & The Ghetto Youths Crew/Bob Marley- "Kinky Reggae"
      4) Lauren Hill/Bob Marley- "Turn Your Lights Down Low"
      5) Krayzie Bone/Bob Marley- "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)"
      6) Erykah Badu/Bob Marley- "No More Trouble"
      7) MC Lyte/Bob Marley- "Jamming"
      8) Busta Rhymes/Bob Marley- "Rastaman Chant"
      9) The Roots/Bob Marley- "Burnin' and Lootin' "
      10) The Lost Boyz Featuring Mr. Cheeks/Bob Marley- "Guiltiness"
      11) Chuck D/Bob Marley- "Black Survivors" [remake of "Survival"]
      12) Rakim/Bob Marley- "Concrete Jungle"

      The song that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are doing "Roots, Rock, Reggae" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1976 album "Rastaman Vibration."

      You can see a cool web site about this album right here:

News as of November 12, 1999
  • Aerosmith added to Billboard Awards

      Aerosmith added to Billboard Awards
      (Launch) - Aerosmith has been added to the lineup of this year's Billboard Music Awards, set to take place Dec. 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Other acts scheduled for the show include the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ricky Martin, Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears and Blink 182. At the show, Emmylou Harris will be presented with the Century Award, the magazine's highest honor for artistic achievement. The Billboard Music Awards honor the top acts and recordings of the year. The two-hour show will air live at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. For Aerosmith it's just the latest TV performance in their almost 33-year history. Lead guitarist Joe Perry said that doing TV shows has certainly changed from what it was like in the band's early days. "Just the fact that they let you play live. In the past few years, it's become really commonplace to play live. But back then, it was very rare. Most of the time, you just mimed it to the track."

  • Aerosmith Live on TV on New Years Eve!

      Millennium' adds talent Santana, Blondie, Pretenders among performers

      By MICHAEL SCHNEIDER, November 11, 1999

      “Millennium Live,” the 24-hour live global broadcast set to air New Year’s Eve, has announced additional performers including Santana, Aerosmith, Blondie, Chrissie Hynde and the Pretenders, 10,000 Maniacs and Destiny’s Child.

      The telecast will also feature live coverage of Latin superstar Ricky Martin’s New Year’s Eve concert in Paris, via broadcast partner France 2 & 3.

      Also, former “Baywatch” star Carmen Electra has signed on as one of six hosts. Previously announced co-hosts include Chilean model Angelica Castro, South African talkshow host Zam Nkosi and French TV host Ramzi Malouki.

      “Millennium Live” has now been signed in 130 countries, most recently China’s CCTV. The bulk of the marathon program’s content will come from those partners.

      Other broadcasters include Australia’s Channel 9, Brazil’s Bandeirantes, South Africa’s SABC and Turkey’s NTV. Pax TV is the U.S. affiliate, while City TV/Much Music is airing the special in Canada.

      Creator/executive producer Hal Uplinger, whose credits include Live Aid, expects to eventually surpass the 155 countries that aired those 1985 concerts. Exec producer Michael McLees said the “Millennium Live” team has already reserved 77 satellite transponders, the most ever for a single program.

      “This is going to be the biggest live TV event ever,” Uplinger said.

      The show’s hub will be based at Manhattan Beach’s Raleigh Studios, where a 90-foot domed set will be constructed. Emmy award winning composer Glen Roven has been tapped to create the telecast’s theme song.

  • The Backstreet Boys Likes Steven Tyler
      Earyler today there was a press conference with the Backstreet Boys on Much Music. One of the questions asked to them was "who inspires them the most?" And one of the guys (From what I've heard it was A.J.), said Steven Tyler. He went on to say what a wonderful person he is, how he's so down to earth and how wonderful he is with his children... He went on and on about him saying that he sits there and listen to what you have to say and at the end he also said that "his daughter really inspires him too!", meaning Liv. He said he hopes he stays his friend...

News as of November 10, 1999
  • Classic Rock Magazine
      A special winter edition of the very good UK mag Classic Rock is out at the moment. This issue has a short review of the Joe Perry Project's 'Best Of...' CD (3/5 stars).

  • Boston Herald Article
      Here's another article about the anti-Jaywalking campaign in Boston from todays Boston Herald:

      Boston Herald - Wednesday, November 10, 1999
      Hub pleads with errant walkers to toe the lines: 'Walk This Way' campaign begins
      by Mark Murphy

      Terence Blackwell has a simple philosophy for crossing that five-legged center of confusion at the intersection of Dorchester Avenue and Adams Street, otherwise known as Fields Corner.

      ``Every man for himself, that's about it. I just make sure there ain't no cars, and then I get out of the way,'' he said, after wading through traffic in an intersection listed among the 12 most hazardous in the city for pedestrians.

      But city planners are asking people like Blackwell to change their evil walking ways.

      In perhaps the most aggressive attack yet on jaywalking and crossing against the light, Mayor Thomas Menino yesterday unveiled a plan called ``Walk This Way,'' named after the Aerosmith song.

      Brightly-colored signs will be deployed across the city, starting at the most notorious intersections, featuring such messages as ``I Was Jaywalking When It Hit Me,'' and ``Cross This Street At The Wrong Time And Get A Free Tattoo.''

      Sidewalk signs, directing readers to the nearest pedestrian control button, are also part of the push, in addition to countdown lights that enable walkers to count the seconds until it is safe to step into the street.

      But Blackwell said the city is wasting its time.

      ``I don't know why they're going to put new (pedestrian) signs up, because people don't pay attention to the ones that are here already,'' said the 28-year-old Dorchester resident. ``Maybe a longer light for people to cross would do it - something like that.''

      Attitudes like Blackwell's are leading to accidents across the Hub, according a four-year city study released yesterday.

      Overall, 1,195 pedestrians were transported to Boston hospitals as a result of accidents in the 1998 fiscal year, from July 1 through last June 30.

      As of yesterday, the 1999 fiscal year figure stood at 1,172, with almost seven months remaining.

      Over the last four years, approximately 4,600 people required ambulance transport, including 46 pedestrian fatalities.

      Barbara Ferrer, deputy director of the Boston Public Health Commission, said 85 percent of the pedestrians viewed at these 12 hot spots crossed against the light.

      ``We're not going to take a punitive approach,'' she said. ``Data shows that you should influence a change in behavior. It's a little different when 85 percent are disobeying the law.''

      For instance, investigators reported that 72 percent of the pedestrians at Fields Corner jaywalk - a city high.

      Indeed, not even the intersection of Tremont and Park - another hot spot where Menino held his press conference yesterday - was immune.

      While city workers smoothed out the first official piece of sidewalk art as the mayor, his large staff, and approximately 10 motorcycle policemen looked on, a steady stream of pedestrians crossed against the light in the nearest crosswalk.

      ``Ah, it's a waste of people's taxes,'' Helen Knoff, a 78-year-old Boston native who said she always crosses the street legally, said with a dismissive wave at the sidewalk sign. ``Do you think people are going to pay attention to that? I don't.''

      Some of the most dangerous intersections included four on Massachusetts Avenue; two on Blue Hill Avenue; two on Tremont Street and such busy squares as Copley and Kenmore.

  • Not Really Aerosmith News But Anyway...
      Coyote Shivers' 1996 self-titled CD, on Mutiny Records, credits list Bebe Buell, Liv Tyler, Steven Tyler, and some other familiar names. You may remember that Coyote Shivers was Bebe Buell's boyfriend from the time Liv was a teenager until the last year or so.

News as of November 9, 1999
  • Tom And Brad At The Race This Sunday
      Here are some pics of Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford signing autographs with Kenny Wallace in the Square D Corporate Tent at The Dura Lube 500 race at Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday Nov. 7th, 1999.

      Tom and Brad signing autographs (Click on the pic for a bigger version) The Cap with Tom and Brad's autographs (Click on the pic for a bigger version) Tom and Brad are in the background of this pic (Click on the pic for a bigger version)

News as of November 8, 1999
  • Total Guitar Magazine
      There is a UK magazine called Total Guitar and the November issue (63) has an Aerosmith article and pics and (guitar) licks.

  • From Today's Boston Globe

      Stop in the name of Aerosmith
      By Carol Beggy and Beth Carney, Globe Staff, 11/08/99
      Steve Tyler and company are being signed by Boston traffic officials for a program that tries to convince pedestrians to ''Walk This Way.'' A safety program, to be unveiled tomorrow, will use signs with catchy phrases and the slogan ''Walk This Way'' from the hit single by Tyler's Boston-based band Aerosmith. The program will caution against jaywalking and encourage pedestrians to press the walk button and to stay in cross walks. The messages will be posted on light poles and painted on sidewalks at 12 intersections throughout the city where injury rates are the highest. No word on whether Boston officials will also team up with the Aero-guys' reprised ''Walk This Way'' partners, Run-D.M.C.

  • NASCAR Article With Aerosmith Mentions From AOL News
      AVONDALE, Ariz. (AP) - Kenny Wallace is rocking, and not just because the band ``Aerosmith'' is a sponsor on his car this week.

      Wallace will start 12th on Sunday in the 43-car field for the Checker Auto Parts-Dura Lube 500k at Phoenix International Raceway.

      It's the latest in a series of strong late-season showings that have Rusty Wallace's younger brother excited about his racing future.

      ``I'm excited because finally I feel like I'm back to the days when I first started racing,'' the fun-loving Wallace said. ``This year is like a rebirth.

      ``I was the man when I first starting. I was always running in the top five. The last time I ran in the Busch Series (in 1994), it was 17 top-10s and 15 top-fives.''

      Wallace, 36, is finishing his first season as part of a two-car team with owner Andy Petree. With Ken Schrader leaving, Joe Nemechek will become his teammate in 2000.

      So far this season, Wallace is a career-best 22nd in the series standings and has three top-fives and five top-10s in 31 starts. That would be less impressive if two of those top-fives hadn't come in the last four races - fifth in Martinsville, Va., and fifth in Talladega, Ala.

      ``I think our chances are good to be competitive here Sunday,'' he said. ``I'm out there practicing to win the race with all the confidence in the world and no doubt in my mind.''

      As for the addition of Arrowsmith to the hood of the car, joining full-time sponsor Square D on the team's Chevrolet, Wallace said, ``What kid in his right mind wouldn't want to be a race car driver with America's greatest rock `n roll on his race car out in the Valley of the Sun. It just rocks.''

      Two members of the band, guitarist Brad Whitford and bassist Tom Hamilton, were at the track on Saturday, and plan to watch from the pits on Sunday.

  • The NASCAR Race
      The Aerosmith car with Kenny Wallace came in 18th.

  • Almost Aerosmith... 'Your Big Break'
      A show on UPN called Your Big Break had people who were imitating famous singers and one guy was Steven. They dressed him up and he sang I Dont Want To Miss A Thing. He sounded pretty good and if you just glanced at him you might think he was the real thing. :-)

  • Article On Celebrity Look-Alikes. With Aerosmith Mentions

      Aero look-alikes create a stir, turn looks into jobs
      By: Paul E. Kandarian/ Globe Correspondent

      Just for the record, Neill Byrnes of Hingham is not Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock group Aerosmith, Michael Holman of Hull is not Bruce Willis (those who went to Boston 99 meet him), Hollywood star, and Bill Packard of Rockland is not Bill Murray, off-the-wall comedian.

      Still, Byrnes, Holman, and Packard look so much like these celebrites that they can set off a flurry of star-sighting rumors wherever they show up. They also have turned being look-alikes into jobs.

      Byrnes is heavily invested in the resemblance. His rock group, Draw The Line, is what is known as a tribute band, performing Aerosmith songs at its concerts and imitating the style and dress of Aerosmith band members, most of them South Shore residents.

      Holman and Packard work part time for Imposter Bostonians, a Rockland company that supplies celebrity look-alikes for business conventions, store openings, company seminars, and movie premieres.

      Byrnes, 30, who works part time as a landscaper and preschool teacher, said the worlds of the look-alikes have overlapped, setting off rumors among the star struck.

      "A couple of years ago when we were playing at Waterworks," a Quincy nightclub at Marina Bay, Bynres said, "Mike Holman showed up, and my wife, Tricia, who looks like Liv Tyler (Tyler's daughter), was there, so the rumors were flying that Willis was there with Liv, and that he was leaving his wife, Demi Moore."

      Adding to the illusion was Holman getting up to play harmonica with the band. Willis also plays harmonica.

      "It was pretty weird," said Holman, 44, a mechanic in Hingham. "A woman came up to me and said, with expletives, 'How could you do that to Demi?'"

      Holman, a dead ringer for Willis, said that looking so much like a celebrity has its good and bad sides. The good side, the unmarried man conceded with a mischevious Willis-style smoke, is that it does get the attention of women.

      The bad side is that with the look of a celebrity comes the recognition problems from the gawkers, the autograph seekers, the people who won't take "I'm not Bruce Willis" for an answer.

      "People ask, I say 'No, no, I'm not him, honest,' and they say, 'Yeah, sure, that's exactly what Bruce Willias would say.'" Holman said, "People stare, but there's nothing I can do. It's a double-edged sword, I can't help the way I look."

      He started working part time for Imposter Bostonians last summer, doing business conventions and movie openings as far away as Japan, and hopes to parlay his star look into a movie career of his own. He said he's supposed to be reading for movie in Los Angeles soon and hopes to be a stand-in for the real Bruce Willis.

      He said he enjoys looking like Willis, whom he's never met, but does not misrepresent the star.

      "I always conduct myself like a gentleman, I can honestly say I've never done anything to shame him," Holman said. "But I tell you, I wouldn't want to be him. The poor guy can't sneeze without the world knowing it."

      Byrnes, with his long hair and angular face, looks like a younger, slightly beefier Steven Tyler, who is 51. It was about 10 years ago that he won a Steven Tyler look-alike contest sponsored by a rock radio station, and it was around that time that he formed his band. He's met Tyler many times, he said, and has warmed up with the real Aerosmith at Great Woods, adding that Tyler, who lives in Marshfield, gave his blessing to Draw The Line as the official Aerosmith tribute band.

      " I never take it for granted, looking like him. People will get mistaken and get all excited, so I tell them to calm down, I'm not him," Byrnes said with a laugh as his band got ready one night to play at Jarrod's, an Attleborough nightclub where Byrnes would do a dead-on impersonation of Tyler, from the skintight pants to dancing with the microphone stand to Tyler's wide-mouth screaming singing style.

      Tricia, Byrnes's wife, said she has to dissuade people who think she is Liv Tyler.

      "I even put blonde streaks in my hair so they'd stop saying it, but they said it anyway," the dark-haired woman said. "And I hated the streaks." (I like'd them. haha)

      The rest of the article goes on to talk about the Imposter Bostonians and other look-alikes. So I thought I would stop there. :o)

News as of November 7, 1999
  • Mia Tyler In Now Magazine
      In 'Now' magazine in the UK, there is an article on Mia Tyler on p.49. She models size 18 clothes and there's 3 pics and an interview. She talks of how she's proud of her size and how she wouldn't be happy being like Liv or Steven. It's a cheap mag....go buy!

  • The Aerosmith Car
      There is a photo of the car in the NASCAR Winston Cup Scene newspaper

News as of November 6, 1999
  • Nascar Reminder!
      Kenny Vallace's Aerosmith Car (Click on the pic for a bigger version) Kenny Wallace is going to drive the Aerosmith car at the Nascar race tomorrow, Sunday November 7th.

      This picture was found at the NASCAR site -->
      (Click on pic for a bigger version)

  • 1999 Billboard Awards
      This was found on the website:

      The Red Hot Chili Peppers will perform at the 10th annual Billboard Music Awards, airing live from Las Vegas Dec. 8 on Fox. Aerosmith and Blink-182 will appear at the event, which gives nods to the top artists and music, as determined by Billboard's year-end charts.

  • MTV Europe Music Awards
      In an article in a tv-guide, about the upcoming MTV Europe Music Awards in Dublin there was a small pic of Aerosmith and at the bottom of the article, it said that they will perform at the MTV EMA's!
      I don't know if this is true 'cause I haven't heard anything about it elsewhere but I thought I'd let you know.

  • Aerosmith In Boston's Pedestrian Safety Program
      the following was found on the site Eonline!:

      CROSSWALK THIS WAY: Boston officials unveiling new pedestrian safety program using Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" to encourage proper street crossing.

News as of November 3, 1999
  • Bob Marley Tribute Update!
      Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon Cover I have a pretty small update on the upcoming Bob Marley tribute album which features Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

      First, here's a picture of the cover art for the album. -->

      Also, an official web site for the album has been put up:

      The first single from the album will be "Kinky Reggae" by The Marley Brothers & The Ghetto Youths Crew with Bob Marley. You can see the cover art for that single on the official page listed above. Also, it looks like Outkast who were supposed to appear on the album...are offially NOT going to be on now. Again, I could be wrong. ;-} is all the info I have on the album:

      Title: "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon"
      Release Date: Tuesday, November 16th, 1999
      Executive Producer: Stephen Marley

      Record Labels:
      1) Universal Records
      2) Island Records
      3) Def Jam Records
      4) Tuff Gong Records

      Tentative Track Listing:

      1) Steven Tyler & Joe Perry/Bob Marley- "Roots, Rock, Reggae"
      2) Guru/Bob Marley- "Johnny Was"
      3) The Marley Brothers & The Ghetto Youths Crew/Bob Marley- "Kinky Reggae"
      4) Lauren Hill/Bob Marley- "Turn Your Lights Down Low"
      5) Krayzie Bone/Bob Marley- "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)"
      6) Erykah Badu/Bob Marley- "No More Trouble"
      7) MC Lyte/Bob Marley- "Jamming"
      8) Busta Rhymes/Bob Marley- "Rastaman Chant"
      9) The Roots/Bob Marley- "Burnin' and Lootin' "
      10) The Lost Boyz Featuring Mr. Cheeks/Bob Marley- "Guiltiness"
      11) Chuck D/Bob Marley- "Black Survivors" [remake of "Survival"]
      12) Rakim/Bob Marley- "Concrete Jungle"

  • Review Of Not The Same Old Song And Dance in Expressen
      (I write everything in Swedish for this one...)
      Följande recension var i Expressens/Kvällspostens nöjesbilaga från fredag/lördag

      "Neeej! Den femtioelfte hyllningsplattan har anlänt och nu är det dags för ett gäng hårdrocksrävar, främst från Los Angeles, att bilda olika konstellationer och tackla Aerosmith. Tamt och extremt förutsägbart med undantag för "Dream On" i mäktige Ronnie James Dios och Yngwies regi."

      Den fick 1 geting av Martin Carlsson.

  • Liv Tyler On the Cover Of 'Vecko Revyn'
      Michael Stormbom reports that he's seen Liv Tyler on the cover of the Swedish magazine Vecko Revyn. Don't know if it's the latest issue but I suppose so...

News as of November 1, 1999
  • From The Boston Globe's Inside Track
      It's that time of year again and the Pie in the Sky fund-raiser is under way at Community Servings. Gourmet apple, pecan, pumpkin and sweet potato pies, baked by the city's top pastry chefs, are on sale and the proceeds provide hot meals for homebound AIDS patients. Chefs from Rialto, Hamersley's Bistro, Up Stairs at the Pudding and many more fab foodie haunts are baking, along with celebrity pie-makers like Whoopi Goldberg, Aerosmith and Keith Lockhart. Pies are $20 - $15 each when you purchase two or more - and orders must be received by Nov. 12. Happy eating!

  • Liv Tyler In Looks Magazine
      Liv Tyler is on the cover of 'Looks' magazine in the UK. On Page 8 there's an article and tons of pics of her (including one of her and 'daddy' and one of her and Drew Barrymore + others). In the interview she talks of, among other things, how she met Steven by accident and how Bebe hid violence from Liv but never nudity

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