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News as of December 31, 1999
      A local ABC station has stated that the "performances" will be on sometime after 8:00p.m. tonight!!! (US time) The guy also mentioned that they will be showing short excerpts during the day, but it sounds like the main show will be on this evening.....

      I write this since they didn't air anything of Aerosmith when they showed from Japan.

      Now I will have to stay up all night to see their performance. :(

  • Happy Birthday Tom!!
      It's our Favorite Bass player Tom Hamilton's 48th Birthday today! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  • Roar Of The Dragon
      Just to detail; a few bits about the tour.

      Apparently they don't use curtain at the start of the show as per NL tour. This apparent appears at the end of the show before the encores.

      With regard the stage set - there is a large monitor screen stage centre like on the Stones' Bridges to Babylon tour. Either side of the screen are two dragons.

  • Excess Magazine

News as of December 30, 1999
  • Down To ABC For NYE Coverage
      The broadcast that was going to air on PAX in the U.S., and on other stations around the world has been cancelled.

      Cash Pinch Halts Millennium TV Show-Till Next Year

      SYDNEY, Australia (Reuters) - A planned 24-hour multi-million dollar broadcast of millennium celebrations around the world has been called off after the U.S.-based organizer failed to raise sufficient capital, an Australian network said on Wednesday.

      But Los Angeles-based Millennium Television Network plans to go ahead next year in time for the ``true millennium,'' a spokesman for media mogul Kerry Packer's Nine Network told Reuters.

      Nine Network, which had been lined up to contribute coverage of this week's new year celebrations on Sydney Harbor, said the project involved about 50 stations around the world as contributors.

      Another 130 stations and networks had been expected to broadcast the extravaganza, designed to rival millennium coverage aired by the British Broadcasting Corp and 49 other broadcasters.

      Among the acts scheduled to appear in the broadcast were The Spice Girls, Julio Iglesias, Aerosmith and Phil Collins.

      Steve Wood, executive producer of Nine's Millennium Live, told Reuters the project was budgeted at US$44 million.

      ``I think they were expecting last week to have an injection of about US$15 million into their funds which didn't eventuate. So that's what pushed them over the edge,'' he said.

      Wood quoted an email from MTN president Joseph Medawar which said the program, which also included radio and Internet broadcasts, would be postponed due to a funding shortfall.

      ``Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, MTN's anticipated funding and other resources will not be available in time to complete the production and broadcast from our original schedule. We are forced to postpone the program,'' he quoted Medawar as saying.

      However, Woods quoted Medawar as saying MTN would be up and running by the first quarter 2000.

      `` ...MTN's business plan also includes a global broadcast on December 31, 2000, at the start of the true millennium,'' Wood quoted Medawar as saying.

      While Nine intended to recover losses, it was too early to say whether the network would take legal action, Wood said. "

  • Aerosmith on French TV
      On french television 'France 2' they will show something from the Aerosmith concert in Japan. In one magazine it is scheduled for 12 am, length of broadcast is only 10 minutes. On their website it is scheduled for 4 pm (also 10 minutes)

  • Israel top 100
      In Israel, they did this big projects (2 radio stations, 2 newspapers & a TV station), in which the people chose the top 100 songs of the 90's (there was a list of 700 songs, which encluded Livin' on the edge, Crazy, Cryin & Amazing). They also chose the band, male & female singers of the 90', and the worst song. the first 80 songs was broadcasted on the radio, and the top 20, band, singers & "top" 10 worst songs was aired on T.V (Channel 3).

      50 Cryin'
      21 Crazy
      14 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

      the top 10 was:
      Everybody Hurts (REM)
      November Rain (GNR)
      Under The Bridge (RHCP)
      Don't Cry (GNR)
      Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
      Nothing Else Matters (Metallica)
      ---- (Shanied O'conner)
      Creep (radiohead)
      Loosin' My Religion (R.E.M)
      One (U2)

      Aeromith came to the top 5 on the band's chart (the winner was u2). the male singer is George Michael, and the female singer was Madonna. the worst song was Macarena
      During the top 20 videos they did this "pop up video", and in Always (Bon Jovi, #19), it said that he is an Aerosmith fan!

      In other news, in the VH1 "ten of the best" (a celebrity chooses his favorite songs) they had Ricki Martin, and his 1st pick was....... Janie's Got A Gun. (creepy......)

News as of December 29, 1999
  • Steven's 52nd Birthday...
      Renee from Renee's Mostly Steven Tyler Page is trying to get a few people together to name a star after Steven Tyler for his 52nd Birthday. The cost is 57 dollars, which includes shipping and handling. For more information, visit her webpage or e-mail her at

News as of December 28, 1999
  • Swedish Fans! Aerosmith på Nyårsafton!
      SVT2 kommer att sända "2000 idag: Millenniet jorden runt" från 10.20 på nyårsafton till 12.30 på nyårsdagen.

      Under den här tiden kommer dom att visa lite av Aerosmith's konsert i Japan! Jag vet inte ännu vilken tid Aerosmith kommer att vara med men jag hoppas att jag får veta det snart och då kommer jag givetvis att skriva det här.

      SVT har på sin website satt ut att dom kommer att visa "Midnatt i Japan och Sydkorea" mellan 15.55 och 16.28 så jag kan tänka mig att det är under denna tid som dom kommer att visa Aerosmith men som sagt, jag vet inte ännu.

      Gör video apparaterna redo och så får vi sen bara hoppas att dom visar ett par låtar och inte bara typ "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (För det är ju just det vi inte vill)... =)

  • New Possible Album Title
      "A new album is forecast - the title might be something like Just Push Play, according to Tyler."

      This clip was taken from an article in The Concord Monitor on Sunday, December 26, 1999

      (Steven has earlier this month stated that he is considering the title "Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?")

  • The Concord Monitor
      The local newspaper "The Concord Monitor" had a front page article on Steven Tyler as one of the top 100 people to shape New Hampshire this Sunday (December 26, 1999)!

      You can read this long, great article here at Rock This Way.
      Just go to the Interviews/Articles section

  • Joe Perry on the cover of Total Guitar
      In the new, February 2000, issue of Total Guitar in the UK, Joe Perry is on the cover- Smiling!!
      Inside there's a 4 page article of Aerosmith and following that is the guitar tabs/ chords for Dude, Love In An Elevator, Eat The Rich and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. And those songs are amongst the tracks on the free CD aswell!!! There's tons of awesome Toxic Twin shots inside too!!!

  • Another 'Music Of The Millennium' Poll
      In the British 'Music Of The Millennium' polls the only Aerosmith mention was in the Best Group category where Aerosmith was #35! (#1 being the Beatles)
      No mention in the songwriting or male singers.....and the polls went up to #75!

  • Steven on CNN Showbiz
      CNN's Showbiz today yesterday has a little Aerosmith in it! The question was "What was your greatest achievement?" This went out to many stars but The band was there and Steven answered "To be able to have had the time to make it right, make our families work, (after this he said something more, something about roadies) and our kids still remember who their father is, is always important to us." It looked as though this was at the billboard awards from the sign behind them!

  • Roar Of The Dragon

News as of December 27, 1999
  • This has been posted before but here's some more info...
      I think this is the picture in Guiness' World Record 2000 (Click on the pic for a bigger version) The "Guiness' World Record 2000" Millenium Edition book has a picture of Tyler is in it. On page 125, there's a cool picture of Tyler... and the band got in as "Highest US Chart Entry by a Rock Band" the mention goes :

      Aerosmith (whose singer Steven Tyler is pictured) is the only rock band to have entered the US charts at No. 1. They achieved this with "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" in September 1998.

News as of December 26, 1999
  • Love In An Elevator Parody

  • Rolling Stone
      There is some Steven Tyler stuff in the Millennium Special Issue of Rollingstone (December 30, 1999 - January 6, 2000). On page 102 it has Steven talking about marriage and orgasms... "The doctrine of marriage is just a piece of paper. An orgasm is what life is about."

      Page 70. It shows a picture of the whole band in front of the Coster. It's an advertisment for It Says Aerosmith's Favorite Websites: All Things Pink Pandora's Box Lunches Backstage Boogies, BOHICA, Rattlesnake Shake, Burnin' Rubber, Good picture.

      Okay there is no direct page. But look on page 75. A couple pages after it. It's got a picture of a rock and the Berlin wall. Open up the middle. Look in the upper right hand corner. It is a drawing of Steven saying I'm looking forward to the full-body condom, No suity, no booty!

      The Mag has a lot of different celebrities with their thoughts on the Millennium and some cool drawings by Al Hirschfeld

News as of December 25, 1999
  • Article Picture
      This article is from Folha de SP, a newspaper, about the Rock Style met
      Article from Folha de SP

  • Dream On on ESPN!
      In a montage of the greatest images of the century (as part of the "Best of SportsCenter"), Dream On was played (ESPN stopped when they aired the 1984 Doug Flutie pass, but resumed playing it after they aired the Miracle of Ice in 1980).

News as of December 23, 1999
  • The List on VH1
      Tonite, Best Rock Anthem:
      #2 Dream On, #1 Stairway to Heaven

News as of December 22, 1999
  • Picture of Steven and Chelsea Tyler from InStyle Magazine
      Here's the picture of Steven and Chelsea from the January issue of In Style

  • Happy Birthday, Mia!
      Mia Tyler turned 21 today. Happy Birthday!

  • Mia Tyler in Jump Magazine
      Mia Tyler is going to be the main celeb in new UK teen mag "Jump" next issue. (issue released on January 13) "Jump" is available in the states but it may be a different version.
      It said: Next Month's Jump/ January 13/ Mia Tyler- half sister of Liv and daughter of rocker Steve.....
      (there was also a pic of her in wintery clothes)

  • Top 10 of Everything 2000
      A DK Publishing Book, Author Russell Ash

      Top 10 Groups of the 1990's in the U.S.
      1. Boyz II Men
      2. Guns N' Roses
      3. Pearl Jam
      4. The Beatles
      5. Spice Girls
      6. U2
      7. Aerosmith
      8. Hootie and the Blowfish
      9. Wilson Phillips
      10. Backstreet Boys
      This "biggest so far" listing for the current decade is based on comparative US single and album chart performances of the 90's

      Top 10 Greatest Hits Albums in the U.S.
      1. The Eagles 25,000,000
      2. Elton John 15,000,000
      3. Kenny Rogers 12,000,000
      4. James Taylor 11,000,000
      5. The Doobie Brothers 10,000,000
      = Garth Brooks 10,000,000
      = Journey 10,000,000
      8. Aerosmith 9,000,000
      = Billy Joel 9,000,000
      = The Eagles 9,000,000
      = Bob Marley 9,000,000

      Top 10 Heavy Metal Albums in the U.S.
      1. Back in Black AC/DC
      = Boston Boston
      3. Bat out of Hell Meat Loaf
      4. Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi
      = Hysteria Def Leppard
      6. Metallica Metallica
      7. Van Halen Van Halen
      = Eliminator ZZ Top
      9. Pyromania Def Leppard
      = Aerosmith's Greatest Hits Aerosmith
      = 1984 Van Halen

      Groups with the Most Platinum Albums in the U.S.
      1. The Beatles
      2. Led Zeppelin
      3. Pink Floyd
      4. The Eagles
      5. Aerosmith
      6. Van Halen
      7. Fleetwood Mac
      8. Alabama
      9. AC/DC
      = U2

      Groups with the Most Gold Albums in the U.S.
      1. The Beatles
      2. The Rolling Stones
      3. Kiss
      4. Rush
      5. Aerosmith
      6. Alabama
      = Chicago
      = Jefferson Airplane/Starship
      9. The Beach Boys
      10. AC/DC

News as of December 21, 1999
  • Steven and Joe against Drunk Driving
      Steven Tyler and Joe Perry has recorded a Public service announcement to be played on the radio. It has "The Other Side" playing in the background and Steven and Joe says the following:

      JP- "Hi this is Joe Perry"

      ST- "And Steven Tyler of Aerosmith for RADD"

      (= Recording Artist/Actors/Actress Against Drunk Driving)

      ST- "You know its ok to rock and roll and party down, just don't get in that 2000 pound bullet when you're done and cocked and please don't drink and drive."

  • Aerosmith starts work on new album
      (Launch) - Boston's favorite sons Aerosmith have begun work on a new album, says The Hollywood Reporter. Though not officially named, the entertainment-industry trade paper claims lead singer Steven Tyler is considering the title "Does the Noise In My Head Bother You?" "We have a lot of songs from the last tour and songs that I wrote when I hurt my leg last year, including 'Innocent Man,' which we wrote with songwriter Mark Hudson," Tyler told the paper. Aerosmith will kick off a dome tour of Japan Dec. 29 in Osaka. The five-date tour hits the Osaka Dome again on New Year's Eve and winds up with two shows Jan. 6-7 in Tokyo's Tokyo Dome. "They made us an offer we couldn't refuse," Tyler said of the opportunity. "Let's put it this way: College for my kids is taken care of."

  • Article from the VH1 website
      The following was taken from the VH1 site today in a section called "The Wire." It basically talks about Aerosmith and how they are spending the New Year in Japan...


      Talk about reincarnation. Aerosmith has been tearing through its nine lives for almost 30 years. And evidently fans around the world still can't get enough of Joe Perry's hard rock and Steve Tyler's PG-13-rated innuendo. The Boston band's popularity has led to an offer it couldn't refuse: playing Japan for the New Year.

      The gig must be a superb payday. Steve Tyler plans to see in 2000 with a bulging bank account. "Let's put it this way: College for my kids is taken care of," he said recently. Tuition will be raised when the 50-year-old lead singer wraps his famed array of neckerchiefs around the Osaka Dome mic stand on New Year's Eve.

      Japanese New Year celebrations traditionally last three days, from January 1 to January 3. The three-day period is a national holiday during which many people take time off from their jobs.

      Because the Japanese years are traditionally seen as existing completely separate from one another, December is a time for finishing off one's duties. Revelers hold bonenkai parties, or "year forgetting parties" in order to put the past year's troubles and worries behind them.

      Having done that, the professional bad boys and Gap spokespeople will bring the permanent vacation to the studio. Tyler has got the lead out and put some songs down himself.

      "We have a lot of songs from the last tour and songs that I wrote when I hurt my leg last year, including 'Innocent Man,' which we wrote with songwriter Mark Hudson," Tyler told the Hollywood Reporter. He's thinking of calling the new album Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?

      A wiseguy might reply, "only when it comes out of your mouth." But there are unlikely to be many cynics in the audience when Aerosmith makes like Godzilla in the land of the rising sun. If you're looking for bonenkai, see them at:

      December 29
      Osaka, JPN - Osaka Dome

      December 31
      Osaka, JPN - Osaka Dome

      January 2
      Nagoya, JPN - Nagoya Dome

      January 4
      Fukuoka, JPN - Fukuoka Dome

      January 6
      Tokyo, JPN - Tokyo Dome

      January 7
      Tokyo, JPN - Tokyo Dome

News as of December 19, 1999
  • Tiny Aerosmith Mention in The Musicians Notebook
      This isn't much, but there is a "book" out called The Musicians Notebook (it's black with silver lettering on the front), and it's basically a book of blank music lines for you to write in but at the bottom of each page it has quotes about music. One of them is from Steven Tyler. It talks about how he switched from C to F to write Dream On.

  • Idiots at VH1 Europe
      On VH1 Europe yesterday they had a list of 100 artists of all time and Aerosmith came in the dissapointing place of 38... During the Aerosmith clip (IDWTMAT) they had a few words about the band in the bottom of the screen, and they called Aerosmith- "the American Rolling Stones"
      Whoever made that list did a terrible job- behind Aerosmith- at 39, they put Led Zeppelin!

News as of December 18, 1999
  • The Nice Boys From Boston #1... Boston Herald
      On the Celebrity page of todays Boston Herald (page 16) there's a picture of Steven. It says:

      Aerosmith rocks the kids
      Aerosmith's main men Steven Tyler, above, and Joe Perry spread some holiday cheer to Shaniqua Johnson and the other kids at the Franciscan Childrens Hospital yesterday. The Bad Boys from Boston were as good as gold as they shared holiday gifts and greetings with the hospitals pediatric patients.

  • The Nice Boys From Boston #2... Boston Globe
      In today's (Saturday) Boston Globe, p. F2 in the Living/Arts section, there is a picture of Steven with a little kid at a Boston area hospital. Steven's hair is s-h-o-r-t --not quite to his shoulders, with streaks. Here's the caption:

      CHRISTMAS CHEER - Aerosmith's Steven Tyler sings Christmas songs with Timothy Scott, 3, who has Angelman syndrome, and Florence Dulyx, an aide, at Franciscan Children's Hospital. Tyler and fellow band member Joe Perry sang carols with about 15 children at the hospital and toured the facility handing out dozens of gifts.

  • Behind The Music 1999
      Aerosmith is mentioned on the VH1 "Behind The Music 1999" near the end... It is about the Rock N Roller Coaster and has footage of Joe and Steven riding aswell as Joe strumming the giant guitar strings at the opening.

  • VH1 top 90 of the 90's
      VH1 has been counting down the Top 90 Videos of the 90's and Aerosmith made the list three times. Here are the numbers:
      49. Cryin'
      28. Crazy
      13. Janie's Got A Gun

News as of December 17, 1999
  • Steven in InStyle Magazine
      There is a small picture of Steven Tyler and his daughter Chelsea on pg. 86 of the January issue of InStyle magazine. Also, on page 88 it asks, "your most shocking outfit?" Steven's answer: "A leather thong."

  • From the Inside Track this morning

      Healthy compliment
      Yes, that was Aerosmith's main man, Steven Tyler, back at his old stomping grounds in New Hampshire yesterday.
      We hear Steven was buying out the store at 14 Carrots, a natural food market in New London, N.H.
      Steven seemed to know many of the locals but one older woman came up, introduced herself and told him, ``You look much better in person than you do on TV.'' Steven thanked her. We guess it was a compliment!

  • From

      Back in the Saddle
      Aerosmith have started working on their next album, which Steven Tyler says may be called Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? The band will take a break from recording to play a lucrative New Year's Eve gig in Tokyo. "They made us an offer we couldn't refuse," Tyler says.

News as of December 16, 1999
  • Aerosmith in Total Guitar Magazine
      February 2000 issue of the UK magazine Total Guitar has Joe Perry on the front cover, plus four Aero transcripts, including backing tracks on CD. It comes out on sale next week in UK.

  • Dharma and Greg
      The last epidode of Dharma and Greg (ABC) started out with Dharma and Greg trying to find two other people to go with them to a (you guessed it) Aerosmith concert. But before you get your hopes up, it was a disappointment. They showed Dharma & Greg (with Greg's parents) at an 'Aerosmith' concert (standing at their seats on the floor) and you could hear music playing.....but IT WASN'T AEROSMITH!... but an Aero-mention none-the-less!

  • VH1 top 90 of the 90's
      "Crazy" was at #49 and they showed short clips of Steven talking. This will more than likely get repeated.

  • Steven Tyler about Elvis Presley on Entertainment Tonight
      Entertainment Tonight last night had a special segment about music in the current millennium..or something like that. They were talking about Elvis and the Beatles when a voice sounded familiar, and there was Steven talking about Elvis. It was shot at the Billboard Awards. Anyway, since it seems to be a series, it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on Entertainment Tonight to see if they mention a certain band when they get around to the 70's. ;)

  • VH1 Behind The Music??
      Don't get too excited yet but there has been a preview of the Behind the Music's for 2000 and a person who saw it swore there was a clip of Aerosmith...

News as of December 14, 1999
  • They're Working On The New Album!!! From AOL News
      Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler says the band is already hard at work on its next Columbia Records album. ``I was going to call it `Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?,' `` he said. ``We have a lot of songs from the last tour and songs that I wrote when I hurt my leg last year, including `Innocent Man,' which we wrote with [songwriter] Mark Hudson.'' The band will take a break to play New Year's Eve in Tokyo. ``They made us an offer we couldn't refuse,'' said Tyler, noting that the band is the only act to have sold out all the domed stadia across Japan. ``Let's put it this way: College for my kids is taken care of.''

  • Kid Rock / Steven Tyler
      Reported on radio is that Steven Tyler is going to appear on an album that the band that backs up Kid Rock is putting out. They didn't make it clear if Kid Rock is going to be on the album but it sounded as if there would be guest vocalists and Steven was one of them.....

  • Jimmy Crespo joins The Rhythm Junkies!
      From Hardradio's website (

      Paul Shortino has enlisted the services of world renowned guitarist Jimmy Crespo (AEROSMITH, BILLY SQUIER, ROD STEWART) who has recently joined Shortino's band THE RHYTHM JUNKIES . The two had recently met and jammed at a local LA club. Crespo who co-wrote Rock In A Hard Place with Steven Tyler while a member of Aerosmith also played on Aerosmith's Classics Live and Night In The Ruts. Crespo joins The Rhythm Junkies after completing a two year tour with Rod Stewart. Crespo says about the collaboration: "I always loved what Paul was all about, rock at it's best. For me he sings rock the way it should be sung. He's got a bag of tricks and I can't wait to check it out! I'm looking forward to being part of The Rhythm Junkies and together and as a band we'll make some great music!". The Rhythm Junkies, completed by keyboardist JT Garret, bassist Earl Miles-bass and drummer Alex Davis, release their Musicworks debut, Stand Or Fall, early next year.

  • Star Magazine
      The 12/21 issue of Star has a pic of Steven (p. 25). It's an exerpt from Tommy Hilfiger's new book Rock Style. It includes the following quote:

      "From the start, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler understood how important it was not only to create incredible rock & roll, but to dress the part. Whether borrowing from the wild west, his mother's closet, the glam-rock thriftstore or the bordello, he has never been afraid of going too far."

News as of December 10, 1999
  • Steven and Liv Tyler in Redbook magazine
      Check out the very last page of the January, 2000 edition of Redbook magazine. There is a (small) picture of Steven and Liv

News as of December 9, 1999
  • The 1999 Billboard Music Awards
      Picture from the Billboard Awards (Click on the pic for a bigger version)
      Picture from the Billboard Awards (Click on the pic for a bigger version)
      Aerosmith received the "Life Time Achievement Award" last night at the Billboard Awards. Steven, Joe, Tom & Joey were there with their wives but Brad couldn't make it.

      Joey said he could not be there due to circumstances beyond Brad's control. He also said "Brad, we're with you buddy"...

      Aerosmith was inducted by Ben Affleck saying "No one has ever done it better, is doing it better, or will ever do it better." Well said!

  • What's Up With Brad?
      That's what you all wanna know, right? For a long time (well a only couple of hours actually but that's too long not knowing) no one knew why Brad wasn't there, except Brad and the band of course.
      During this short time rumors about Brad even being dead started which scared alot of people (including myslef).

      However, today the AF1 site posted that Brad wasn't there due to a death in the family, and that he was grateful for all the calls and e-mails to AF1 expressing concern for him.

      Although I feel very sorry for Brad that someone in his family has died this was a big relief for me.

  • Aerosmith in Metal Edge's February 2000 Issue
      The February Issue Of Metal Edge The new, February 2000, issue of Metal Edge hasn't got much about Aerosmith except 2 mentions in the Metal Wire.
      I found the following pretty interesting though... "a musical based on the life of Axl Rose has been playing to sold out crowds in Los Angeles: White Trash Wins Lotto...features 17 actors portraying the likes of rose, Steven Tyler, and Jim Morrison. MCA records will soon release an album containing an original cast recording."

  • Clive Davis...
      Arista records is basically forcing Clive Davis out because of his age. Many of the artists he has cultivated are standing up for him though and apparantly Steven Tyler is the latest. Santana is another.

      NEW YORK (AP) - As someone instrumental in the careers of Whitney Houston, Puff Daddy, Aretha Franklin and Bruce Springsteen, Clive Davis is one of the few remaining music inpresarios in a business that used to be filled with them.

      Now he's involved in a high-stakes power struggle with his corporate bosses over his future at Arista Records, the company he founded 25 years ago and still runs.

      BMG Entertainment, a division of the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann, owns Arista and wants to appoint an executive who will eventually succeed the 66-year-old Davis. Bertelsmann traditionally enforces a retirement age of 60 on its top executives.

News as of December 8, 1999
  • Boston Herald
      In today's Boston Herald page 73 there is a large article and picture regarding how they got snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Good article!

  • All Saints covering Walk This Way
      Last week on "Concert Plus", a tv program at musique plus (French equivalent of Much music), All Saint's sang Walk This Way...

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala
      Steven Tyler and Joe Perry and both of their wives showed up at Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala. It was a big fashion event and the theme this year was ROCK STYLE (as in R n R Music).
      There were TONS other celebs there. Steven and Joe were super nice and posed together with their wives when asked for all the press covering the event. be sure to check out either MTV, Extra, Access Hollywood and Ent. Tonight on Tuesday night, cause there might be something about that.

  • Monday Night. Rock Style at the Met. NY Times
      On the front page of The Metro Section (Part Two) of today's New York Times there is a color picture of Steven (with Joe and Billie in the background) and another picture of Liv with Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney from that party. Liv and Stella had shirts on that said "Rock Royalty"

      Here's a picture from the NY Times site from Monday night.
      Picture from the NY Times website

      The URL for the article is:

  • Rock Style at the Met. In Brazil. by Claud Seldin
      I was watching CBS Telenoticias (here in Brazil) and they showed the boys (Steven & Joe) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute theme party on Monday, Dec. 6, 1999, in New York. They all looked great. Joe was wearing this white long sleeved shirt and dark pants, Steven had this long coat and a red shirt (or something like that), Teresa was wearing an Aerosmith logo T-shirt and I couldn't really see Billie's clothes, but she looked gorgeous... Liv Tyler was also there... she went with Paul McCartney's daughter Stella (who happens to be a fashion designer herself) and they were wearing the same thing...

  • VH1's The List
      On 'The List' on VH1 the topic was Best Comeback Artist or Band. And the guy from the group Stynx picked Aerosmith as his second choice. He said he opened for them back in the 70's at the Spectrum in Philadelphia and he said people were throwing cherry bombs on the stage and a couple years later he asked the guys if they remembered that night and they said!

      At the end they annouced the Top 3 and Aerosmith came in at #2, Carlos Santana was number 1 and KISS was # 3.

      Aerosmith was number one in the poll that people on the web voted for.

  • ABC Commercial
      Steven and Joe are opening up a commercial for ABC for the New Years Eve show. Steven pulls a harmonica out of his shirt pocket and says/sings "Walk This Way ... To see us play ... December 31st on ABC!". Joe is cool standing there with his shades on. So, set your VCR's to tape a few hours of primetime ABC, and I'm sure you'll catch it!

  • Japanese Flyer
      Here's a picture of a Japanese flyerJapanese Flyer (Click on the pic for a bigger version)

  • Two Aerosmith Mentions in Classic Rock magazine
      These are the top Cover songs of all time as printed by Classic Rock magazine (British). The British fans voted for them in this order:

      30. "Gimme some lovin" Thunder
      29. "Turn the page" Metallica
      28. "New Orleans" Gillian
      27. "Love Hurts" Nazareth
      26. "Motorhead'" Motorhead
      25. "Still I'm sad" Rainbow
      24. "Train kept a rollin" Aerosmith
      23. "Blinded by the light" Manfred Mann's Earth Band
      22. "Wishing Well'" Gary Moore
      21. "Knockin on heaven's door" Guns n Roses
      20. "Sympathy" Marillion
      19. "Sweet child of mine" Sheryl Crow
      18. "Wishing well" Blackfoot
      17. "She's not there" Santana
      16. "Oh pretty woman" Van Halen
      15. "Live and let die" Guns n Roses
      14. "Breadfan" Metallica
      13. "Word up" Gun
      12. "Because the night" Patti Smith group
      11. "The Hunter" Free
      10. "Whiskey in a jar" Metallica
      9. "Louie Luie" Motorhead
      8. "You really got me" Van Halen
      7. "Hush" Deep Purple
      6. "Come together" Aerosmith
      5. "Ain't no love in the heart of the city" Whitesnake
      4. "Hard to handle' Black Crowes
      3. "With a little help from my friends" Joe Cocker
      2. "All along the watchtower" Jimi Hendrix
      1. "Rosalie" Thin Lizzy

  • AL-TV Tidbit...
      The following little tidbit was found on Weird Al's web site:

      Gina Asprocolas of Edison, NJ asks:

      Hi Al! I just saw your Al-TV special on MTV & I thought it was great! I know that you have to get permission when you want to write parodies of songs but, did you have to get permission from the artists (Cher, Steven Tyler...) for those crazy interviews??

      "Weird Al" Yankovic answers:

      MTV had to get permission from the artists. However, they only asked the artists if it was okay to use their interviews for "another MTV special" they were doing - I'm pretty sure they didn't say their interviews were going to be ripped apart on AL-TV! (Gee, all of a sudden, I've got new respect for those MTV guys...)

      So...Steven had to say yes. Hmmm...I wonder what he thought it was for. A MTV Rockumentary Part 75? ; )

News as of December 7, 1999
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2000 Inductees
      Aerosmith didn't get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. (Nor did my other two favs for induction Queen and Black Sabbath).

      There was one inductee with an Aerosmith connection though. Clive Davis will be inducted as a "Non-Performer".

      Here is what their website says:

      The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation announced today that the following artists will be inducted :

      Eric Clapton, Earth Wind & Fire, Lovin' Spoonful, the Moonglows, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor.

      Nat King Cole and Billie Holiday will be inducted in the "Early Influences" category and the .

      This year, the Hall of Fame Foundation introduces a new category, "Side-men." The first honorees inducted in this category are King Curtis, James Jamerson, Earl Palmer, Hal Blaine and Scotty Moore.

      The Fifteenth Annual Induction Ceremony will be held on Monday March 6, 2000 a the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. VH1 will exclusively air an edited version of the ceremony in March on a date to be announced shortly.

  • Today's Boston Herald - Inside Track:
      Aerosmith bass man Tom Hamilton found himself in a bidding war with real-estate czar Norman Levenson for some rare Pokemon cards at the Children's Hospital ``Decades of Caring'' benefit the other night. Who won? Well, let's just say Tom was Cryin'!

News as of December 5, 1999
  • Aerosmith gets a brand new year 2000 Corvette
      Patriot Ledger article (Click on the pic for a bigger version that you can read) Two days ago (December 3rd) I posted about an article in the newspaper "Patriot Ledger".

      Now, if you want to read it click on the pic to the right to see a scan of the article... (88kb)

  • Steven Tyler on AL-TV!
      On MTV they are now showing a show called AL-TV with Weird Al, and he's been doing "interviews" with celebs. During yesterdays show there was a mock interview with Steven Tyler (Steven from about late 80's or early 90's time frame). It was like parts of an old interview with Steven mixed in with new questions from Al. And it was hilarious!!!!!

      They will re-play this special with Steven:

      Show: AL-TV 2K
      Network: (MTV)
      Date: Sunday - December 05, 1999
      Time: 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm ET

      Show: AL-TV 2K
      Network: (MTV)
      Date: Thursday - December 16, 1999
      Time: 01:30 pm - 03:30 pm ET

      I think the interview they used of Steven was the 1988 Penelope Spheeris interview from "The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years" movie. But, I could be wrong.

  • Rolling Stone special photo issue
      In the Rolling Stone special photo issue, there is a small photo on page 124 of Todd Rundgren, Bebe Buell and Liv Tyler in 1977, when Liv was three days old, there is also a small article.

News as of December 4, 1999
  • Steven Tyler on the cover of Japanese mag Burrn!
      Steven is on the cover of current Japanese magazine called 'Burrn!'Burrn! Cover (Click on the pic for a bigger version)

  • Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame next Monday
      Article taken from

      Monday Will Be Hall Of Fame Day
      (12/3/99, 1 p.m. ET) - Monday morning (Dec. 6), the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame will announce its newest inductees. Earth, Wind & Fire and the O'Jays lead a list of nominees that includes Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Solomon Burke, Eric Clapton, the Flamingos, the Lovin' Spoonful, the Moonglows, Queen, Bonnie Raitt, Lou Reed, Steely Dan, James Taylor, and Ritchie Valens. Established in 1983 by music industry leaders, one of the goals of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Foundation is to recognize the contributions of those "who have had a significant impact over the evolution, development, and perpetuation of rock 'n' roll." Artists become eligible for induction 25 years after the release of their first record. Individuals can also be recognized by the Hall Of Fame in the non-performer (songwriters, producers, disc jockeys, record executives, journalists) and early influences (artists whose music predated but inspired rock 'n' roll) categories.

      The nominating committee is composed of approximately 1,000 music experts, who select from a list of nominees in the performer category. Those who receive the highest number of votes, and more than 50% of the vote, are inducted. It is the job of the nominating committee to elect the inductees in the non-performer and early influences categories.

      -- Bruce Simon, New York

  • An Article On Liv Tyler's Grandmother
      Here's an article that mentions Liv Tyler's grandmother, Dorothea Johnson. It does have a little Steven Tyler mention aswell. Not much but anyway...

      Article taken from

      Etiquette on the Rocks

      By Robert Plunket

      The author went to manners camp in Palm Beach to clean up his act. He left shaken by a series of extraordinary events.

      I don't care what people say-I have wonderful manners. And why not? I was raised around the swimming pools of some of the finest and most discriminating country clubs in Westchester County. Wykagyl. Winged Foot. Apawamis. (But certainly not the Westchester Country Club. No one belonged there. In those days, it was much "too Irish" and had "advertising people.") As a result of growing up in this privileged atmosphere, I have that annoying self-assurance so prevalent in the WASP that everything we do etiquette-wise is automatically right and that everything everybody else does is not only wrong but hilariously so.

      No, the problem is not my manners-it is the execution thereof. Let's face it: I've gotten sloppy. I can't recall the last time I wrote a thank-you note. Or entertained people I "owe." I wear shorts to work (I know I shouldn't, but I live in Florida and you're a fool if you don't dress for the heat). And even though most people in the office love him, perhaps I shouldn't bring my dog to work quite so often. Or take him to meetings with clients. The mayor of South Port* seemed quite taken aback when Peanut showed up with me to tour the latest public works. (I later heard that Her Honor didn't want to be seen riding around in a city van with a dog, for political reasons.) And I do agree completely that I should no longer drink beer at my desk, particularly since our biggest client happened to walk in looking for the receptionist, whom he couldn't find because she was sitting next to me, drinking her own beer.

      Then one night I had a dream. It was one of those nightmarish ones that keep getting worse and worse. It seems I was up for a new job, a job I was perfect for. It was a foregone conclusion that I'd get it. Then, at the last moment, they gave it to someone else. Brent Brubaker. He is famous for a being colorless workaholic, a "business nerd," and worst of all, he has no discernible breeding whatsoever. I went over to his house once for a dinner party. He and his wife-you should have seen her!- served things like peas and potato salad.

      And they hired him instead of me!

      The next morning I was in a foul mood. But by that afternoon, I started thinking. Maybe it was time to clean up my act. Maybe it was time to play the game by the rules. Of course, I'd need a little help, a refresher course, so to speak.

      In fact, I'd need something exactly like etiquette camp.

      The business protocol seminar for adults held each summer at the Breakers hotel in Palm Beach has become quite an institution. It's an outgrowth of the Breakers youth camps, of which there are currently two, one for money and one for manners. I must say that if I were a child and I found out I was being sent to a camp for manners, I would not be a "happy camper." But there are children for whom it is perfect; indeed, I was about to meet one.

      But what about the adults? Who on earth would come to this sort of thing? Would they have noticeably bad manners that they were trying, AA- like, to overcome? Would they be nouveau riche lotto winners who were planning to storm society? Would they be foreigners? Germans? Arabs? One thing was certain-they would not be poor. Etiquette camp cost $1,400 for the six-day course, and that did not include food and lodging.

      I sent in my money, thinking, Well, at the least it's a week at the Breakers (which turned out to be not actually true, as the Breakers was full that week with a convention and I had to stay a mile or so away, at the Colony). At any rate, on the appointed day I got in the car and drove over to Palm Beach.

      The first event on the suspiciously skimpy agenda I had been faxed was a Sunday-evening welcome reception in one of the Breakers' vast Italianate lounges. All the participants were there, but I got only a hazy perception of them. The children campers had also been invited, and I kept wondering exactly when the little darlings were going to be segregated and how high the fence would be.

      The adult participants I warmed up to the most were Frank and Sue, a 60- ish couple from Chicago. Frank, I pleasantly discovered, is the president of a big, important company. He does business all over the world with government leaders and was here because he wanted to polish up his Midwestern style. His wife, Sue, a former nurse who is very active in the Lutheran Church, is also very Midwestern, with that innate kindness many Midwestern women have. If you scraped your knee, she would be the one you'd run to. We chatted over a drink or two, and I thought, So far so good.

      The next morning I dressed with the utmost care. They seemed like a conservative group, and I always believe that having the right outfit is 90 percent of it anyway. I finally decided on my good khakis-the Brooks Brothers ones, not the Dockers-plus a polo shirt, also from Brooks Brothers. I think the color is called oatmeal.

      Unfortunately, I spent so much time choosing my clothes that I was soon running behind schedule. By the time I dashed into the Breakers' lobby and collared a bellboy, it was five minutes after nine. He directed me to etiquette camp, all right, but the wrong one-everywhere there were little tots running about. This I found so unnerving that it provoked some uncharacteristically aggressive behavior on my part, and I demanded that the employees drop what they were doing and take me to adult etiquette camp, and I mean now. Amazingly, in a matter of seconds, the director of security for the entire hotel showed up and took control of the situation. He said he would escort me personally.

      He couldn't find it either. For the next 15 minutes we ran from one set of public rooms to another-the Breakers has three sets, located in far- flung parts of the hotel. When we finally did reach our goal, the security director gave me his card, with the air of someone who clearly felt I might need him again.

      So it was a bit of a jolt to learn that our etiquette instructor was also a part of rock-and-roll history.

      By now a little sweaty and disheveled, I took a deep breath and opened the door. In doing so I bumped into the back of a distinguished-looking woman who was addressing the room from a podium. I thought she was going to be mad, but instead she turned around, smiled brightly, grabbed my hand, and introduced herself. She was Dorothea Johnson, our instructor. Out of the corner of my eye, I took in the room. Everybody was seated around a big conference table, and every man was wearing a jacket and tie.

      As I slunk to my seat, my WASP self-assurance was still very much intact. Jackets and ties in Florida in July at a camp? What turnip truck did these people fall off of?

      After I took a moment to wipe the sweat off my forehead and compose myself, we all went around the table and introduced ourselves. The first to go was Frank, whom I've already described. Next came Jim from California, who said he'd read about the class in Worth magazine (!). He worked either for AT&T or for some company that did business with AT&T. He seemed terribly busy. Apparently, his company required its executives to call in for their messages every two hours. At each break, he would dash for the pay phones. (Why he didn't have a cell phone puzzles me to this day.) He explained that he was taking the course because he had to go to Belgium all the time and wanted to be able to function better in an atmosphere that seemed to revolve around wa±e eating.

      Ashley from Boca Raton came next. She was an attractive youngish woman who had a background in international marketing-she'd worked in Japan- and several enormous diamond rings. I was sitting directly across from her, so I got a good look. They were, I figured, gifts from her husband, Phillip, who sat further down the table.

      Next to her was Sue, then Zubin. Zubin was still in his teens but already a famous etiquette prodigy. This was his third year. He'd begun in the kids program and liked it so much that he had come back every year. Now he was in the adult program, serving as an intern to Ms. Johnson. Clearly he had found his life's calling. He was half Israeli and half Indian and spoke with what sounded to me like a slight Middle Eastern accent.

      Nicole from Montreal was next. She was a good-looking brunette not yet 30 years old who worked for her father in the import-export business. Next to her was Anne Marie, a doctor's wife from Seattle, who was planning to teach the course herself, either as one of Dorothea's staff or under some franchise arrangement-I never could figure out which. And rounding out the group was Phillip.

      Although I came to like him greatly by the end of the week, I do admit that I found something a little standoffish about Phillip at first. He was a portly young man in his 40s who dressed in the height of Young Republican chic. If Rush Limbaugh would wear it, Phillip would wear it- an impeccably tailored blazer, an olive-green double-breasted suit-in an even more expensive version.

      Ms. Johnson explained to us the benefits that would accrue if we paid more attention to etiquette, and then we cracked open our workbooks. First subject: introductions. It seems there is a certain way to introduce people. "Mr. So and So, I would like to introduce you to Miss Such and Such." That's it. Period. No variations allowed.

      We got up, moved to the lobby in front of the elevator (where there was more room), broke into groups, and began to practice introductions. What with keeping the proper wording in mind, plus keeping the names straight, plus deciding who was the most important person and thus was mentioned first, I found the whole thing an extremely difficult task.

      "Why can't I just say, 'Mary, this is Sue'?" I asked Ms. Johnson in frustration. "That's what I always do."

      She shook her head with a sad little smile. "No, no, no," she said. "It's an indicator of class."


      She drew closer.

      "It's lower-class."

      Fortunately, I don't think anyone overheard this exchange, as she said it in almost a whisper. But as we headed back to the room to discuss name badges and eye contact, I admit it. I was the tiniest bit shaken.

      A few words about our instructor, Dorothea Johnson. She was an elegant, soft-spoken woman, a patrician of the old school, with ash-blond hair becomingly coiffed and the best posture I've ever seen. I wouldn't dare guess her age, but she did have a grown granddaughter.

      Her life story, as I was able to piece together from anecdotes she told, might well interest Danielle Steel as subject matter for a novel. Dorothea was a Southern belle by birth and upbringing, and she still had a lovely drawl, particularly the way she pronounced "handshakin'." She had married into the military and apparently took to it immediately. She loved learning all the rules about who sits where at a formal dinner and soon became quite an expert. After years of honing her skills, she opened her own business, called the Protocol School of Washington.

      So it was a bit of a jolt to learn, as I did during a break on the second day, that she was also a part of rock-and-roll history. It seems that her daughter is Bebe Buell, one of the great groupies of all time. Bebe had an affair with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith (just in case you don't know-I certainly didn't-Steve is definitely in the megastar category) but then lived with Todd Rundgren. She and Todd raised a child, named Liv, after Bebe's friend Liv Ullmann. But then it turned out that Liv was actually Steve's child, a fact the child didn't learn until she was about ten. But then it turned out that the child went on to become Liv Tyler, supermodel and movie star. Though Dorothea beams when she talks about her granddaughter, one can't help but wonder what it must have been like for a woman like her to undergo such an experience. Today, everyone seems to be the best of friends, and she often attends Steve's concerts, particularly if he sends a Learjet for her.

      I was fascinated with Dorothea's clothes. Every day she wore a different outfit-a suit, actually-each one very elegant and perfectly cut. Then it dawned on me: It was the same outfit. She must have had dozens of them, each with a slight variation. She had literally designed herself a uniform. And on her chest, where a general wears his medals, was her trademark-a black lace handkerchief peaking out of the breast pocket. You can't imagine how disappointed I was when she showed up at the farewell dinner in a floral dress, quite nice but totally unlike the uniform. I had been hoping for the full-dress version, perhaps with sequins or bugle beads.

      Dorothea taught us in the mornings from 9 to 12. Then, after a lunch break, we had something called Presentation Skills, which was actually good old-fashioned public speaking. Amazingly, everybody in the group was a natural public speaker. I'm good, but these people had no trouble whatsoever keeping up with me. And some left me in the dust. When Zubin had to deliver a two-minute impromptu speech on a subject he drew out of a hat-he got "the Lutheran Church"-I saw what had made him such a legend around etiquette camp. "Everywhere you look there is sin!" he thundered and then proceeded to deliver a sermon worthy of the young Jimmy Swaggart.

      Our instructor for Presentation Skills was Steve Earnest, a handsome young actor/college instructor with a new baby. He was always having car trouble, or about to have car trouble, or worried about having car trouble. He was the nicest guy in the world and visibly relieved that none of us was going to be a problem. (Sometimes people cried.) We were already bonding as a group, he told us. Usually it took Miss Betty and her ballroom dancing to do it.

      "Ballroom dancing?" we all said.

      "Yes," he said, surprised. "Aren't you all getting ballroom dancing?"

      Nobody had mentioned anything about ballroom dancing. It didn't appear on any of the agendas. We all sat there for a moment, a thought starting to form in the backs of our minds.

      Were we somehow being cheated?

      The next morning began with no indication of the drama to come. Oh, there were a few minor hints, perhaps. Jim seemed to be spending more and more time at the pay phones. And Anne Marie was said to be up in her room, fighting the flu. But the rest of us were there, even more impeccably dressed than the day before. We were so impeccably dressed that after Ashley spilled coffee on her suit she ran off to change. Sue confided that she didn't feel she had brought the right clothes. I still wasn't wearing a jacket, but I had gotten up early to iron my pants with spray starch.

      Actually, I had awakened at dawn to iron my pants and to work on introductions. We were being tested today. I had been practicing all last night, feeling like Valentina Cortese's character in Day for Night: 72 takes and I still hadn't gotten it right.

      Anyway, things were going along fine for about an hour and half into Dorothea's lecture. (She spoke from a podium, and we followed along in the workbook.) We had progressed to strange and unusual introductions you might have to perform someday. We discussed a situation in which someone walks into a room while a business meeting is in progress. Dorothea informed us that the person who walks in should go around and shake hands with everyone in the room, introducing himself.

      Phillip's hand shot up. "I disagree," he said. "The person who's running the meeting should introduce him."

      "No," said Dorothea. "That's incorrect."

      Phillip pursued his point. "If I'm running a meeting, I'm certainly not going to relinquish control of it."

      Dorothea shook her head. "No. The person should introduce himself."

      They continued with this for quite a while. I agreed 100 percent with Phillip. Who's going to let some clown who shows up late hog the spotlight and stop your wonderful meeting in its tracks? It's just not going to happen. But they kept arguing the point, each one unable to let it go.

      I must say I didn't see it coming. When Phillip announced "Well, if that's the way you feel, I'll see you at the end of the week" and grabbed for his briefcase, I thought he was joking. I even laughed politely. But it was no joke. He snapped his briefcase shut, turned, and stomped from the room. As an exit it was somewhat marred by the fact that he had to return ten seconds later to retrieve his portable phone, but still, it was one of the most awkward moments I have ever witnessed.

      We all sat there a little stunned, uncertain what to do next. But if Dorothea was upset, she did not show it. She didn't miss a beat. The lecture continued apace, as if nothing had happened. Her mind must have been reeling, but her surface composure was total.

      In fact, she was so resolute, so authoritative, that we all adopted her attitude. No one went after him (not even his wife), no one suggested we talk about it, no one so much as looked at his neighbor. Lunch came, then Presentation Skills. In the halls that afternoon, we talked about golf, travel, food, the shocking performance of the Breakers staff- everything but the extraordinary event we had witnessed that morning.

      Tuesday turned to Wednesday, and things began to sag. An air of uncertainty hung over the camp. Jim didn't show up at all; Sue charitably surmised that something urgent had come up at the office. But whatever happened, one thing was clear. The group had lost two of its alpha males.

      And there were so many problems with the hotel that Frank formally complained to the management. Everybody had a horror story: rude room service, reservation screwups. One manager was a particular villain. She seemed to be hiding from us. Frank, the fairest man in the world, said she would be "out in the street by noon" if she were working for him.

      To complicate matters further, the convention had shown up, a large Italian-American association from New York. Their "Hey, Lou"-style of greeting and their casual way of dress seemed uncomfortably at odds with our highly polished decorum.

      Late in the afternoon, I spotted Phillip in the lobby. He was dressed in a blazer and carrying a little shopping bag, the kind that might hold a trinket from Cartier. I asked Ashley about him, and she told me he had spent the day getting a massage and working on a plan with NASA to put a man on Mars by 2010.

      Still, I was surprised to get back to my room after dinner and find a box of cookies from the manager of the Breakers, along with a letter saying how sorry and embarrassed he was about all the problems with this year's etiquette camp. "We have tarnished an event that we have hosted with great pride over the years." It was the sort of letter that usually includes a rebate or gift certificate, but as much as I searched the cookie tin, I could not find one.

      I went to bed wondering: Could the situation be saved? Or had too much gone wrong? Would Dorothea somehow manage to pull this off? Or would Phillip get his sweet revenge?

      And what about ballroom dancing?

      Dine like a diplomat was the course everyone was looking forward to the most. After three days of following along with Dorothea as she went through the workbook, it promised to be an exciting change of pace. Best of all, there was real food involved. It climaxed with a formal lunch, or "Tutorial Luncheon," in one of the hotel's private dining rooms. We would actually eat continental-style and use finger bowls.

      I sat there remembering another famous toast--Nixon and Mao in China

      To many-most, I would say-this was the reason to be here. They were all capable businessmen and -women. And their everyday manners were no problem. In fact, they were all pleasant, amiable, and courteous. But their work included much foreign travel, and this brought them into contact with foreigners. ("Don't call them foreigners," warned Dorothea. "They're internationals.") And these internationals had some strange habits indeed.

      They shook hands funny, they crossed their legs funny, and they practiced bizarre and disconcerting eye contact. Most perplexing of all were their table manners. They ate asparagus with their fingers and cut their meat continental-style. Well, we were going to learn how to do this, too. (The meat, not the asparagus; there are some foreign habits that are so clearly beyond the pale that they best not be emulated.)

      It turns out that eating continental-style is a major issue in etiquette. Do you cut your meat, then put your knife down, then transfer your fork from hand to hand, then spear your meat, as most Americans do? Or do you put the bite you just cut off directly into your mouth, as do Europeans and the rest of the world? Continental-style is considered vastly more sophisticated and also has the virtue of being more efficient. Luckily, I already do it, having learned to eat from a Spanish nanny.

      But before we even began Dine Like a Diplomat, an enormous surprise awaited us. Phillip was back. This was the one turn of events I never expected. I had imagined him leaving the hotel, starting his own etiquette camp, divorcing Ashley...but not this. He was back among us, perfectly charming and gracious, as if nothing had ever happened.

      Dorothea was radiant. Clearly, Phillip had come to his senses. He had capitulated. She was particularly animated in her teaching that morning, and Phillip kept pitching in, offering all sorts of little anecdotes that bolstered what she was saying. By the time of our Tutorial Luncheon, a lovefest was in full swing.

      It climaxed during the toasts. Dorothea was showing us how to make a toast, and she chose Phillip as her toastee. They tried to outdo each other in their praise for each other, but they were both such pros it was a draw. I sat there remembering another famous toast-Nixon and Mao in China. As the glasses clinked, it dawned on me: It wasn't over yet. A struggle was under way, a struggle for the very soul of etiquette camp.

      The graduation dinner and dance was held in a semi-circular dining room, one of the Breakers' grandest, and the setting-for once, at least-reeked of old Palm Beach grandeur. The children had rejoined us-I could hear their shrieks before I even entered-but I must say their manners had noticeably improved. Or maybe it was just their attitude. They seemed to be savoring the experience and eager for the festivities to begin.

      The demeanor of the adults was a little different. They stood off to the side, and everybody had a funny look on his face. It looked like guilt.

      Almost at once, Phillip came bearing down on me. He pulled something out of his vest pocket. "I want you to read this," he said, maneuvering me over to the bar.

      It was a letter addressed to the general manager of the hotel, and in it Phillip detailed the week's problems. His critique was notable for its width and breadth, ranging from the hotel service to the camp activities to Dorothea. He also complained about the lack of ballroom dancing.

      I must say that as angry letters go it was a masterpiece. I could see now what he'd been up to for the past three days. Putting a man on Mars was merely a cover story; he'd been honing his prose. It shone like a legal brief or a speech by Winston Churchill: lucid, well researched, beautifully argued.

      The first section dealt with the snafus-the way we were shuffled from meeting room to meeting room (at one point we convened in a room used to train staff, right off a kitchen), the noise from construction, the gardener with the loud radio, the air-conditioning that malfunctioned, the feeling that a much more imaginative program could have been put together.

      Next came a section headlined seminar, in which he stated that "the teaching method was pedagogical in style and taught us like children and not as adults." Then he alluded to the problem that had started the whole thing: "There was not enough validation for our personal opinions and experiences." Phillip's major comment about Dorothea was carefully phrased. "We feel that the instructor, Ms. Dorothea Johnson, has far more to offer and we could have learned a lot more from her expertise and we hope that Ms. Johnson will not take these comments as an attack on her character but rather as constructive criticism to be used for improving the program."

      Perhaps Phillip's most brilliant stroke, strategy-wise, was to phrase his argument in the collective person. It was all "we," "our," "us." It was signed "The Participants in the 1997 Business Protocol and Etiquette Camp."

      I looked at the list of signatures. Everybody had signed but me. Frankly, I didn't want to sign. I was getting out without any major emotional disasters-unlike some others in the group-and had, in fact, felt rather empowered by the whole experience. After a shaky start, I realized WASP manners are still the standard by which the world operates. I didn't need new manners. I just needed a new wardrobe.

      But I signed. It was peer pressure, pure and simple. I double-checked to make sure Sue had signed; she had somehow become the moral center of etiquette camp. There was her signature, right beneath her husband's.

      Dinner went quite pleasantly, strangely enough. The pressure was off. Plus there was a lot of wine. Anne Marie wore her diamond ring. It was bigger than either of Ashley's. But then Ashley had two, so it sort of evened out. I was sitting next to Dorothea; at one point, the famed ballroom-dancing teacher Miss Betty walked by, a tiny blond figure in a full skirt. Dorothea informed me that Marjorie Merriwether Post used to give Miss Betty her old shoes. I'm ashamed to say that a spasm of hatred passed through me. Where was Miss Betty when we needed her? It was on her delicate shoulders that I placed a large share of the blame for this debacle.

      Yet I was going to miss these people. That afternoon, as our final project in Presentation Skills, we had to give a three-minute speech on the topic "What Is the Most Important Thing in the World to Me?" The results had been quite touching. Frank described the day he had accepted Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham crusade. Ashley spoke about her personal growth as a woman in business. Phillip delivered a speech about the crucial elements in a business plan. Sue discussed the practice of sending newborns home from the hospital too soon. Anne Marie and Nicole skipped the class and went to lunch at the Four Seasons. And I spoke about my dog, a speech so moving that Ashley actually began to cry. (I found out later her Lab had just died.)

      Yes, I would miss them. Still, I couldn't wait to get out of there. I kept looking at my watch, calculating how soon I could make my exit. As we finished dessert, the graduation exercises began. Starting with the children, each camper went up, received his certificate, then had his picture taken with Dorothea. As I waited for my turn, I kept thinking about Phillip's letter-one sentence in particular: "Although we appreciate your gesture of water and cookies, we do not feel that it is enough to compensate for these difficulties." On this subject I had two thoughts. Number one: What water? I didn't get any water. I just got cookies. You mean everybody else got some sort of fancy water? And number two: Now it sounded as if we really were going to get a rebate. I managed to have several whispered conversations on this subject with the other campers. The leading contender was a full refund, followed closely by gift certificates for free stays at the Breakers.

      Finally, my turn came, and I went up to receive my diploma and get my picture taken. Poor Dorothea. She still had no idea about the letter. What a debriefing she and the Breakers were going to have, and thank God I wasn't going to be around.

      I left immediately afterward, the first one to go. To tell the truth, I was a little fed up with etiquette, and I couldn't wait to get home and be rude to people. I checked the mail every day for my refund, but it never came. I did receive the picture of Dorothea and me, though. It came out very nicely, but for some reason I can hardly bear to look at it.

      Robert Plunket is a contributing editor at Worth. His most recent story, "Going Mobile," appeared in the February issue.

News as of December 3, 1999
  • Best Rock Bands Ever
      Rolling Stone just announced its Best Rock Bands Ever. Aerosmith came in fourth, and was the first American band on the list.

      Best Rock Band Ever
      1. The Beatles
      2. The Rolling Stones
      3. Led Zeppelin
      4. Aerosmith
      5. Grateful Dead
      6. Pink Floyd
      7. Pearl Jam
      8. Dave Matthews Band
      9. Metallica
      10. U2

  • Aerosmith gets a brand new year 2000 Corvette
      Today there is an Aerosmith article in the local (Weymouth, MA. which is about 20 miles south of Boston) newspaper "Patriot Ledger". The article is about how the guys are letting General Motors use the song Sweet Emotion for a commercial. Part of the contract for the song is that each guy !! There is a cool pic along with the article.

  • Clips Video
      From what I've been told, CD Now is no longer carrying this video. So if you are interested in buying it, go to:, Then click on "catalog", and there is an alphabetical listing, and it's the only Aerosmith item listed, toward the top of the page.

      It looks to me like you have to e-mail someone to order the video. If anyone has actually ordered it from them, feel free to mail me more specific instructions.

News as of December 2, 1999
  • Clips video from
      There is some independent music video company who makes these and ships them to online music stores for people to buy. In a letter from cdnow they have stated they will be taking this item off because there have been plenty of complaints...

  • Aerosmith mentions in Hit Parader's lists
      Hit Parader has a great article about our Steven being the "most dynamic frontman ever". Also they had the 100 top rock stars of all time and ST was 2nd. There were also the top 100 rock CDs and Aerosmith was as follows:
      #40 - Pump, #26 - Permanent Vacation, #7 - Rocks

      Top 100 Hard Rock Artists of all time. - the Top 10
      # 10. Axl Rose
      # 9. Paul Stanley
      # 8. Robert Plant
      # 7. Eddie Van Halen
      # 6. Jimi Hendrix
      # 5 Jimmy Page
      # 4. James Hetfield
      # 3. Kurt Cobain
      # 2. Steven Tyler
      # 1. Ozzy Osbourne

      Top Hard Rock CD's of all time - the Top 10
      # 10. Van Halen- Van Halen
      # 9. Ozzy Osbourne- Blizzard of OZZ
      # 8. Nirvana- Nevermind
      # 7. Aerosmith- Rocks
      # 6. Black Sabbath- Paranoid
      # 5. AC/DC- Back in Black
      # 4. Kiss- Alive
      # 3. Metallica- Metallica
      # 2. Led Zeppelin IV
      # 1. Guns N' Roses- Appetite For Destruction

  • Japanese tv homepage

News as of December 1, 1999
  • Aerosmith to be honored at the Billboard Awards!

      Aerosmith: Artist Achievement Winners
      by Melinda Newman

      If asked their greatest feat, the members of Aerosmith, this year's winners of Billboard's Artist Achievement Award, would undoubtedly reply, "Surviving."

      Indeed, the band members have seen each other through marriages, divorces, chemical addictions, tremendous infighting, and more calamities than are imaginable. As guitarist Brad Whitford told Billboard last year when asked if he ever envisioned the band lasting this long, he replied, "We couldn't even imagine living this long."

      Happily, the band members have lived long enough to become the first act to have the award bestowed upon them. "We didn't want to leave this century without honoring a group," says Paul Flattery, the show's co-producer. Past honorees include Rod Stewart, Garth Brooks, Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Eric Clapton. "This award is truly about achievement; it's to acknowledge someone who has been truly appreciated by the fans who have bought their records and attended their concerts," says Flattery. "For an act like Aerosmith to still be at the height of their popularity and talent after more than 25 years is truly an achievement in and of itself." While lead singer Steven Tyler says, "Everybody has had to be talked into staying here," the undeniable attraction that has kept five such disparate characters locked together in the dance is the music.

      Over its three-decade career, Aerosmith has gone from merely imitating its heroes, such as the Yardbirds, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin, to creating its own indelible brand of rock'n'roll. Joe Perry's opening guitar riff to "Walk This Way" has become as much a part of rock'n'roll history as any signature lick by the Stones' Keith Richards or the Who's Pete Townshend.

      According to the Recording Industry Assn. of America, Aerosmith has sold more than 55 million albums in the U.S. Despite those impressive numbers, the band got off to a slow start when it released its self-titled Columbia Records debut in 1973. "A lot of people took a look at us and said, 'They're like a Kmart version of the Stones,' " bassist Tom Hamilton told Billboard.

      Of course, that all changed with 1975's "Toys In The Attic," which burst the band wide open. Aerosmith's popularity continued to climb even higher in the late '80s when the band switched to Geffen and began working with pop-oriented outside writers. It returned to Columbia in the mid-'90s.

      Yet it took until last year for the band to land a song at the top of The Billboard Hot 100 chart. The winner was the Diane Warren-penned "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," featured in the movie "Armageddon."

      Aerosmith has lately been in the studio working on the follow-up to 1997's "Nine Lives." It's hoped the band's tough times are behind it, but even if the waters get rough again, Hamilton told Billboard, "I don't think this band could break up if it wanted to. Well, we could say, 'OK, we're breaking up, I hate you. I don't ever want to see you again.' But a year later, six months, two years later, some guy would call: 'Look, I got this great idea for a string of dates in the Midwest. What do you think?' "And I guarantee, no matter what we were doing, it would be so enticing that we wouldn't be able to resist it," Hamilton said.

      Melinda Newman is West Coast Bureau Chief of Billboard.

  • The Aerosmith Game
      On November 24th I posted here about an Aerosmith Monopoly game... Well, some of the info I posted was incorrect. If you want more info on this visit this site:

  • 2 Aerosmith Videos In The 100 Greatest Music Video's Ever!
      The new TV Guide (American Magazine) with Michael Jackson on the cover has a picture of Steven Tyler on page 18 and together with MTV the mag has picked 2 Aerosmith Videos as some of the Aerosmith made the Top 5 with "Walk This Way" along with Run DMC.

      This is what they said about it, "Visually, this is an unremarkable performance clip, but it boasts a prescient plot: A rap group and a rock band rehearse in adjoining rooms, each at high volumes. "Turn that noise down, man! " Run DMC's DJ yells. Moments later, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith literally breaks down the wall between the two groups, and the warring factions discover a mutual love of loud music, via their revamp of an old Aerosmith song. All this racial harmony, plus a product-placement shot of Run DMC's favorite sneakers, Adidas. The video helped revive Aerosmith's career and paved the way for such future rock rappers as Kid Rock and Rage Against the Machine."

      And "Janie's Got A Gun," was number 48.

  • Aerosmith related article...
      Not sure if this is new or not, it sounded interesting to me.

      Jewel, Michael Crawford and Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Headline Fox FamilyChannel's Holiday Musical Extravaganza

      TSO: The Ghosts of Christmas Eve,' Narrated by Ossie Davis,
      To Air Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 10pm ET/PT

      LOS ANGELES, Nov. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Atlantic recording artists Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), Grammy Award winner and pop music sensation Jewel and Tony Award winner Michael Crawford headline an hour-long television spectacular when Fox Family Channel airs TSO: THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE, on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 10:00-11:00PM (ET/PT) as announced by Eytan Keller, Executive Vice President, Reality Programs and Specials.

      Hosted and narrated by veteran stage actor Ossie Davis, the fairytale epic underscores the power of love during the holidays and brings together some of the most extraordinary musical talent ever to share the stage. The award- winning Trans-Siberian Orchestra performs symphonic rock works blending the theatricality of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the poetic storytelling of Harry Chapin, the thematic drive of Yes and the raw edge of Aerosmith.

      Filmed entirely on location at the highly ornate, historic Loews Jersey Theatre in Jersey City, New Jersey, the special tells the story of a 14-year- old runaway who yearns to return home and be with her family for the holidays. Seeking a refuge from the cold weather, she breaks into an abandoned theater and instead of merely providing temporary shelter, the experience changes her life forever. Through loose pages that fall out of the young girl's diary, viewers learn of her desire to return home to her family. But, without a bus ticket or a dime to her name, the youngster takes solace in the quiet theater and falls asleep. The caretaker, portrayed by Davis, takes stage right of the ornate theater and with the flip of a switch sets the performances in motion. The runaway awakens to find a bus ticket and $500 slipped inside her diary and leaves the theater with happy memories and her chance to return home for the holidays.

      Holiday selections performed include: TSO's "O Come All Ye Faithful," "Good King Joy" and "Christmas Canon;" Jewel performing "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" (from her new album, "Joy: A Holiday Collection") and Tony Award winner Michael Crawford's unforgettable rendition of "O Holy Night" (from "Michael Crawford: A Christmas Album").

      "This is the perfect Fox Family Channel special, incorporating a heart- felt story along with music that evokes all the majesty of the season," said Rich Cronin, President and CEO of Fox Family Channel. "It is truly a program that the entire family can enjoy."

      Commenting on the distribution of the special, Eric Frankel, Executive Vice President, Warner Bros. Domestic Pay-TV, Cable & Network Features said, "Fox Family Channel was the perfect fit for this very special broadcast. We are delighted that viewers across the country will have a chance to experience this unique combination of talented artists."

      Established in 1996, Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO) was created by producer-writer-guitarist Paul O'Neill, who has worked with rock bands such as Aerosmith and Savatage. TSO's upcoming Lava/Atlantic release, "Beethoven's Last Night," will hit stores in January 2000. This 22-song rock opera has all the O'Neill hallmarks that made TSO's previous two albums chart-topping successes. The band is scheduled to perform "Beethoven's Last Night" on March 26, 2000 in New York, the anniversary of the composer's death.

      Grammy winning artist Jewel recently released "Joy: A Holiday Collection," a compilation of Yule-tide melodies sung by the multi-talented songwriter herself. In addition to many classics, this album also features several reworked versions of her own and other's work, such as her hit single, "Hands (Christmas Version)." Recently, Jewel released "Life Uncommon," a single whose proceeds will be donated to the Clearwater Project, a program dedicated to providing potable drinking water to the impoverished.

      Michael Crawford came to fame in 1986 from his lead role in "The Phantom of the Opera." Since that time, his reputation as a live performer has grown exponentially. While in the States, Crawford has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Tony, the Drama Desk Award, the Drama League Award, L.A.'s Dramalog Award and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Award. His newest release, "Michael Crawford: A Christmas Album" (his first Christmas album) instills a remarkable vitality into a diverse palate of seasonal favorites and traditionals with his gifted interpretations of everything from "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" to "Silent Night."

      TSO: THE GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS EVE was directed by Hart Perry and written by Paul O'Neill. David Krebs and Taro Meyer served as the Executive Producers and Michael Owen as Producer.

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