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News as of November 28, 1998
  • Feature of the month
      At the Official Aerosmith website in the "Feature of the month" section
      there it's a message from the band thanking the fans online.

      "This is the time of the year people like to give thanks.
      Aerosmith would like to thank all of their CyberFans
      for creating some amazing sites out there."

      There, they ask the visitors to suggest them sites about Aerosmith.
      So if you like this site (and i know some of you do)
      feel free to E-mail and tell them about "Rock This Way"

News as of November 26, 1998
  • New Aerosmith Soundtrack Appearence?...Nope!
      I posted on November 8th that Aerosmith will be appearing on
      the soundtrack album to the upcoming album "The Faculty"
      performing Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall."
      Well...they are not.

      The song WILL appear on the soundtrack...but will be performed by a "Supergroup"
      that is made up of Alice In Chain's lead singer Layne Staley, Rage Against the Machine
      guitarist Tom Morello, Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins, Porno For Pyros
      bassist Martyn Lenoble, and Matchbox 20's Keyboardist/Producer Matt Serletic.

News as of November 24, 1998
  • Some Dutch Charts
      Rabo top 40: IDWTMAT dropped from 27 to 30 in it's 15th week
      CD top 50: ALSOS dropped from 32 to 48 in it's 4th week.

  • Candlebox - Opening Act
      Amanda Gallant Reports:
      I was listening to the radio station last night on 100.3WHEB
      and they said that the band "Candlebox" will be
      Aerosmith's opening act on New Years Eve.

      Information from allstar Daily News :
      "Candlebox" will play a total of 10 dates with Aerosmith.
      starting on Dec. 29 in Albany, N.Y.

  • American Music Awards
      David Boothe Reports:
      The boys are nominated for 1 (2?) AMA Awards.

      Favorite Band, Duo Or Group: Aerosmith
      Favorite Soundtrack: Armageddon

      The 26th Annual American Music Awards airs live
      on ABC Monday January 11th 8pm - 11pm (EST/ PST).

News as of November 21, 1998
  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on next week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single fell one point from last week
      to end up at #12. [Now in it's 13th week of release!]

      The "Armageddon" soundtrack climbed one point from last week
      to end up at #36...[Now in it's 21st week of release!]

      Also, "A Little South Of Sanity" fell another 20 points from last week
      to end up at #91. [Now in it's 4th week on the charts!]

News as of November 20, 1998
  • More Aerosmith Remakes
      Scott J. Friedman reports:
      Mark Chestnutt (a country singer), has done his own
      re-make version of "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

  • Joe Perry Interview
      Joe Perry was interviewed on NY station Q104.3.
      Among the tidbits that Joe mentioned (per an AOL post by Lenny):

      1. With the tour being cut short, Joe expects that the band will return
      to the studio at the end of February or the beginning of March to begin
      work on the new album. Joe said that they will start touring again in
      Europe in May or June. (Yes!! include Sweden this time please!!!)

      2. Joe has been asked to reprise his role on "Homicide,"
      and he is looking forward to doing so.

  • New song added to the boyz Setlist
      In addition to "Stop Messin' Around" Joe is now also doing the song
      "The Wanderer" during Aerosmith's Live shows.
      It's an old Rock'n'Roll song that was originally done by Dion DiMucci
      of "Dion & the Belmonts" some time in the early 60's.
      "The Wanderer" was a regular in late Joe Perry Project gigs

  • People Magazine
      This week's issue of "People" has a special supplement
      which features some recipes from Mount Blue.
      (Steven Tyler and Joe Perry co-owns this restaurant)

  • Cosmopolitan
      The December 1998 issue of Cosmopolitan
      has the 1998 Cosmo Readers' Choice Awards.
      Steven won best male singer and Aerosmith won best band.
      Also, Liv Tyler won best supporting actress.

      And in the November issue of Cosmo,
      in the spirit of Thanksgiving, they thank stars-- "Thanks to Steven
      Tyler for his incredibly good-looking gene pool (who knew?)."
      And there's a picture of Steven, Liv, and Mia...

  • November issue of Jane
      Also, in the November issue of Jane there is a tiny picture of Steven
      in the SEXSEXSEX column with a caption saying he lost his virginity at
      "15 to a prostitute who was somewhere between the 55 and 60."

  • Veronica Top 100 Countdown
      "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" dropped from #18 to #28
      in the "Veronica Top 100 Countdown" in it's 16th week.

News as of November 17, 1998
  • Guitar Shop magazine
      The January '99 Guitar Shop magazine has an article
      'Tales from the South side of sanity' that is an interview
      with Joe and Brad. Has some okay pictures too.

News as of November 15, 1998
  • New Aerosmith Covers!
      3 artists will be releasing covers of Aerosmith songs really soon!!

      The first band is "Jackyl" who will have a cover of "Nobody's Fault"
      on their upcoming new album "Stayin' Alive."
      This album will be released on Tuesday, November 17th, 1998.
      The new album also contains covers of Lynyrd Skynyrd and AC/DC

      The second is by Garth Brooks who is releasing a
      new double live album called called "Garth Double Live."
      That album will include a live version of his cover of "Fever."
      This CD will also be released on Tuesday, November 17th, 1998.

      And...the final cover is by the band "E.S.P." {Eric Singer Project}
      The Album was released last month on "Rock Hard Records",
      With the title "Lost & Spaced". the CD includes a cover of
      the Aerosmith tune "S.O.S. [Too Bad]." sung by John Corabi

      Now, the band is Eric Singer {Who used to be in the bands Black Sabbath, Kiss, And Alice Cooper} on Drums & Vocals. Bruce Kulick {Who used to be in KISS & Union, and worked with Billy Squirre and Michael Bolton.} on Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, and Bass. John Corabi {Who used to be in Motley Crue and Union} on Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Bass. And...Karl Cochran {Who used to be in the bands Thor and Prophet} on Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar and Bass. the album also includes a special uncredited appearence by KISS's Ace Frehley!. [Album Cover]

News as of November 14, 1998
  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on next week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single didn't move from last week
      and stayed at #11. [Now in it's 12th week of release!]

      The "Armageddon" soundtrack fell 7 points from last week
      to end up at #37. [Now in it's 20th week of release!]

      Also, the new Aerosmith live album "A Little South Of Sanity"
      fell another 35 points from last week to end up at #71.
      [Now, in it's third week on the charts!]

  • Rugrats Movie Reports:
      I'm watching Nickelodeon, and this dude O guy comes on,
      they have this new thing the NickelOzone and the O talks and stuff,
      and all the sudden he said

      "Ok, here's my duette with Steven Tyler, and Joe Perry!"
      and then they show Steven and Joe saying "17 more days"
      Which is the days 'till the Rugrats movie comes out in theater

  • Walk This Way in Softcover
      As some of you know Aerosmith's Autobiography "Walk This Way"
      will be released in softcover form in February of 1999.
      Avon Books has set up a little page promoting the upcoming release.
      It says that the re-release contains 544 pages and they will sell for
      $7.99 in the U.S. & $9.99 in Canada.

      Check out the page at:

  • Minnesota Governor invites Aerosmith to Rock at 'Inaugural Thing'

      Aerosmith Invited to Rock at Jesse 'The Body' Ventura's 'Inaugural Thing' on the Rockline Radio Show; New Minnesota Governor Calls in to Top Rock Show; Band Urges Him to Run for President

      HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- The weekly listener call-in show featuring top rock artists, Rockline, was the link to Jesse "The Body" Ventura's public invitation to ask the band Aerosmith to perform at his January 1999 inauguration for Governor of Minnesota. The members of Aerosmith were this week's guest artists on Rockline when Ventura called in and discussed topics that ranged from Jesse's "...singing along with choruses at an Aerosmith concert..." to urging him to run for President -- Jesse declined, noting he didn't want to age prematurely; he wanted to avoid showing any gray hair (Ventura currently sports a shaved head). Ultimately he announced that, "I want to be a rocking Governor," and invited Aerosmith to his inauguration. Rockline, a 90 minute syndicated radio show hosted by Bob Coburn, features today's most popular bands, speaking live with listeners, as well as performing live versions of the biggest hits and debuting new releases. Rockline is heard on over 100 of the biggest rock stations in America and is syndicated by AMFM Radio Networks, a division of Chancellor Media (Nasdaq: AMFM).

      Transcription of the invitation:

      Jesse Ventura: "Aerosmith is always great, they're probably the premiere American rock n' roll band in history. I'd like to invite Aerosmith to my inauguration. We'd like to rock it. I'd like to be a rocking Governor."

      Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry: "We appreciate the invitation, and we'd also like to congratulate you officially from Aerosmith for winning. We think it's great what you did."

      Ventura: "If you're free in January, we'd love to have you rock n' roll at an inaugural thing."

      Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler: "It would be our pleasure Jesse, thank you."

      Jesse "The Body" Ventura, known for his exploits in the professional wrestling ring, was voted Governor of Minnesota as an independent candidate on November 3, 1998.

      The rock band Aerosmith is one of America's leading rock n' roll bands featuring lead singer Steven Tyler. Their hits have included "Dude Looks Like A Lady," "Dream On," "Toys In The Attic," and most recently "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" from the 1998 movie Armageddon.

      AMFM Radio Networks is a division of Chancellor Media Corporation. AMFM programming includes American Top 40 with Casey Kasem, The Dave Koz Radio Show (smooth Jazz), Rockline, Modern Rock Live and more. Tom Hicks is Chairman, Jeffrey A. Marcus is President and Chief Executive Officer and James E. de Castro is Chief Operating Officer of Chancellor Media Corporation. David Kantor is Senior Vice President, Chancellor Media, Radio Networks.

News as of November 13, 1998
  • 1998 MTV Europe Music Awards
      Aerosmith won the Best Rock category yesterday.
      Since the band is currently on tour they didn't appear to accept
      the award but they did leave a video-message
      thanking the European fans with these words;
      "It's great to finally get an award for what we're all about- rock'n'roll!!"

  • Stripper and Pink
      Lisa McDaniel Reports:
      There was a documentary about strippers on cable tonite
      and one of them used PINK as her song...wouldn't Steven be proud!!!

  • Joe, Steven and Ted Nugent Hunting
      Aerovamp Reports:
      I heard Ted Nugent on the radio today (Nov. 10th) and he said
      He, Steven and Joe went hunting recently and Joe got an 8 point buck.
      He talked for a while about hanging with them
      and showing them all his hunting gear.

News as of November 10, 1998
  • Aerosmith Join Cheap Trick Onstage In Minneapolis;
      From the website

      Cheap Trick played host to a surprise visit and resulting jam session with the members of Aerosmith on Friday night (11/6) in Minneapolis. According to a report posted by Cheap Trick's road manager, Carla Dragotti, on the band's official web site, the Boston rockers visited with the members of Cheap Trick before the show and watched the band's In Color set from the wings of the stage.

      During the show's encores, guitarist Rick Nielsen announced to the crowd that some old friends were in the house that he'd like to bring on stage. With that, the gathered ensemble jumped into a lengthy jam on the old Yardbirds classic and signature Aerosmith show-stopper Train Kept A-Rollin'. Dragotti called the performance ''one of the highlights of Cheap Trick history.''

      Aerosmith had performed the previous night at Minneapolis' Target Center, and was set to play the following night at the Mankato Civic Center. The band recently postponed a number of scheduled January and February performances until March and April to take a rest following two solid years of on-and-off touring, and to allow frontman Steven Tyler's injured knee to further heal.

      Cheap Trick was expected to take a rest in late November, but has recently posted a number of new shows that will keep them active through the end of the month. It's been rumored that live material culled from the band's current extensive club tour may see the light of day once they find a new label to call home. In the meantime, their former label, Epic Records, recently re-issued expanded versions of the first three Cheap Trick albums with added tracks.

News as of November 8, 1998
  • The Boys to cover Pink Floyd tune?
      David Bettschen reports:
      Heard some info on the radio that Aerosmith will do a cover
      version of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall".
      It will be on the soundtrack of the forthcoming movie "The Faculty".

  • Armageddon DVD
      When the DVD release of "Armageddon" comes out
      it will contain the video for "I Don't Want To a Miss A Thing".
      I'm not sure though if the DVD is coming out on Friday
      (as the VHS version is).

  • Aerosmith live with Cheap Trick
      On Cheap Trick's Nov. 6th show in Minneapolis the last song was
      "Train kept rollin" and Aerosmith, who were in Mineapolis
      for their own Concert, joined them on stage for the song!

  • Magazines
      Here's a couple of new magazines that have Aerosmith in them:

      1) Guitar World (December issue) - has a nice 2 page poster
      of Steven and Joe and a transcript of "Back in the Saddle".

      2) Guitar One (Dec. issue) - has a very detailed transcript of
      "Walk This Way", plus a whole page explaining how to play
      some of the more difficult parts

  • Aerosmith on Rockline
      Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are going to be on Rockline
      This Tuesday (November 10). They'll be taking questions
      and talking about the live album.

      see for stations and times.

News as of November 7, 1998
  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on next week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single fell 4 points from last week
      to end up @ #11. [Now in it's 11th week of release!]

      The "Armageddon" soundtrack fell 5 points from
      last week to end up @ #30. [Now, in it's 19th week of release!]

      Also, the new Aerosmith live album "A Little South Of Sanity"
      fell 24 points from last week to end up @ #36.
      [Now, in it's second week on the charts!]

      And...after 18 weeks back on the charts...
      "Big Ones" fell out of the top 250.

News as of November 5, 1998
  • Brad and Joe In Store Appearance
      For those of you lucky enough to live in the Roseville Mn. area,
      Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are doing an in-store appearance
      at the "Guitar Center", on Friday Nov. 6th, at 6p.m.

  • Aerosmith - a Horse?
      On the largest horse race in Oz, Melbourne Cup, which was on
      November 3rd, There was a horse called "Aerosmith" at 12-1.

      Anyone know if the band has any connection to this racehorse?

News as of November 4, 1998
  • THE WRECKING BALL 1999 - (Aerosmith tribute Band)
      Mama Kin, Aero-Force One and Draw The Line present...
      featuring the new DRAW THE LINE (featuring Neill Byrnes)!

      January 1st 1999
      Mama Kin Music Hall, 36 Lansdowne Street Boston!
      Doors open at 9:00PM (this is a change!)

      Tickets- $8 in advance, $10 the night of the show,
      Tickets included for AF1 travel package participants
      Tickets are available at: Ticketmaster Only!
      (over the phone, the box office or ticketmaster online)
      This is an 18+ show, and will be featuring lots of surprises!

      You Want To Be At This Show!!!
      visit our website at

News as of November 3, 1998
  • Entertainment Weekly
      The new edition of Entertainment Weekly - 11/6/98
      {Alanis Morissette on the cover} has a pic of Steven and Joe
      from the VH1 Fashion Awards and a one page interview with Steven.

  • Joe Perry inteview
      Here's the Aerosmith part of an Article at SonicNet
      about the Billboard debut of Aerosmith and Black Sabbath:

      Live Black Sabbath, Aerosmith Highest Of Debuts
      Joe Perry, guitarist for hard-rockers Aerosmith -- whose live set A Little South of Sanity debuted at #12 on this week's chart, moving 56,000 copies -- finds live albums, such as his band's and Sabbath's, perfect documents of where artists are in their careers.

      "I think for a fan to hear the songs in [a] live situation ... gives you an idea of [the] way that band feels," he said.

      "I don't know if it's the kind of thing where you go out and win over a bunch of new fans; that's what movie soundtracks are for," Perry joked, referring to his group's string of soundtrack-song successes.

  • UK Charts
      This week the IDWTMAT Single drops one place to #8,
      But, it's reported to be last weeks biggest selling single in the world!!
      Unfortunately the A Little South Of Sanity, peaked last week at #36
      and dropped out the top 40 this week.

  • A Little South of Sanity Article
      Here's an Aerosmith Article from SonicNet on ALSOS:

      Aerosmith Showcase 'Real Deal' On Live Double-Disc

      Culled from 70-plus shows on '93, '97 tours, A Little South of Sanity features 25 years of hits from Boston-based rockers.

      Contributing Editor Colin Devenish reports:

      Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said that putting together the classic-rock band's new live album was all about keeping it real.

      "You always have that feeling from a studio record that you can fix things, so you kind-of get an idea of what a band is all about when you hear a live record," the 48-year-old Perry said. "We didn't fix anything. We didn't go back in the studio. We didn't do anything like that. It really is the real deal as far as a live thing."

      Aerosmith's raunchy, guitar-rock sound has kept the radio airwaves buzzing for more than 25 years, so it's not surprising that the veteran rockers opted to stick to the same old song-and-dance for their recently released, live double-disc, A Little South of Sanity.

      Despite garnering their first-ever #1 hit, this year's summer-single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," from the soundtrack to the film "Armageddon," Aerosmith have had some recent setbacks. Earlier this year, lead singer Steven Tyler seriously twisted his knee during a concert performance, and drummer Joey Kramer suffered burns in a freak car-fire at a gas station.

      But now, the band has A Little South of Sanity in the marketplace, with the album landing at #12 on the Billboard 200 albums chart this week.

      Joining forces with producer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Patti Smith), who worked on earlier Aerosmith recordings, such as Toys in the Attic and Rocks, the New England-spawned quintet picked out 23 tracks from more than 70 shows during 1993's "Get A Grip" and 1997's "Nine Lives" tours.

      Concerned with keeping the essence of Aerosmith's hard-rocking live sound intact, Douglas waded through hundreds of hours of tape and consulted with the band. He used Tyler's notes from the shows as a guide. Adding his own ideas from listening to the tapes, Douglas constructed the double-disc into a cohesive whole, making only cosmetic fixes.

      "This is a totally live album," Douglas said. "I had to start with Steven's vocals. That was my first listen. ... Then, I would go to drums and bass. If there was a bass problem, say I was doing a track from Tokyo and there was a technical problem in bass, I might have to lift something from Detroit for one note and stick it in there. It keeps it live."

      Drawing liberally from Aerosmith's catalog of hits, A Little South of Sanity serves as a live greatest-hits album, with such tracks as "Love In An Elevator", "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" and older hits, including "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion."

      Although Aerosmith have long maintained a loyal fanbase stateside, Perry said the band has been impressed by enthusiastic throngs on foreign shores.

      "Mexico City, I think that's on the [new] record," Perry said. "Costa Rica is on the record. Some of those gigs, we've been to those countries once and to have that kind of response from audiences was just mind-blowing. You know, all our crowds are pretty amazing".

      Comprised of Tyler, Perry, Kramer, guitarist Brad Whitford and bassist Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith rocketed out of the Sunapee, N.H., music scene with the release of their self-titled debut in 1973.

      They've produced a steady stream of hits in the years since, and this summer's #1-hit success couldn't have come at a better time, Perry said.

      "It's pretty amazing," he said. "[It] was really cool especially since we were off the road because of Steven's injury and Joey's accident. To have that [hit single] simmering along all summer was just great".

News as of November 1, 1998
  • Boston Herald - Inside Track column
      Here's a story about the band at the launch, with comments from Joe, in yesterdays (October 31) Boston Herald Inside Track column.

      An Aerospace Thrill

      Aerosmith ax man Joe Perry was like a giddy little kid yesterday after he and his bandmates got all shook up at Cape Canaveral watching John Glenn and the Discovery crew blast off.

      "It was pretty awesome," the Glenn groupie told the Track. "It was so bright it hurt our eyes, the ground shook and birds were taking off." Perry, Steven Tyler and the rest of the band were invited down to the launch by Discovery crew member Steve Lindsey when they were at the "Armageddon" blast-off bash last summer. Joe said the biggest thrill of the trip was speaking to Glenn.

      "We went to the pre-launch viewing and when we got out of the bus, John Glenn was standing right in front of us about 10 feet away," said the rocker. "I wished him good luck and told him what a great thing I thought he was doing."

      The Boston Bad Boys even tossed a few Aerosmith hats to the crew. During the launch, Perry and his family hung with the crew's families and other VIPS like Sen. Ted Kennedy and actress Lauren Hutton in a holding area 2 1/2 miles away.

      "We all counted down from 10 seconds to the blast-off and when the thing takes off, everyone's cheering and some people have their fingers crossed," he said. "It was incredible to see this part of history."

      Sounds positively Aero-dynamic!

      And speaking of Aerosmith, the band made a $10,000 donation yesterday to the Massachusetts General Hospital's Burn Program on behalf of their drummer, Joey Kramer, who was treated there last month after he was hurt in a gasoline fire in Scituate. The Bad Boys are such nice boys!

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