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News as of December 29, 1998
  • Aerosmith #1
      Aerosmith was at #1 with the IDWTMAT video in the "MTV TOP 1OO" of 1998 in latinamerica (MTV Latino, from Mexico to Argentina).

  • Fun Tyler Interview

News as of December 27, 1998
  • SWEDISH FANS!!! - More Aerosmith on TV!
      More Good news for us Swedish fans!
      After two Aerosmith related programs today, Swedish "TV4"
      will show 2 old Award shows with them within the next 2 weeks:

      "1997 Billboard Music Awards"
      On Tuesday, December 29th, 1998. at 01:40-03:20
      {Aerosmith performes Live at this Award Show}

      "VH1 Modegala 1998"
      On Saturday, January 2nd, 1999. at 10:15
      {Steven Tyler and Joe Perry presents the Award for the
      "female model of the year" at the "1998 VH1 Fashion Awards"}

News as of December 25, 1998
  • SWEDISH FANS!!! - Aerosmith on TV
      Good news for People in Sweden! (Such as myself)
      On Sunday, December 27th, 1998 Swedish "TV 4"
      will be Showing 2 programs with Aerosmith in them!

      "1998 MTV Europe Music Awards" at 11.20 - 12.45
      {Includes Aerosmith accepting the Award for Best Rock}

      "Aerosmith Bakom Scenen" at 12.45-13.15
      {An American Music Documentary - Probably "Behind the Scenes"}

      Now set those VCR's!!

News as of December 22, 1998
News as of December 20, 1998
  • People Magazine
      the End of the Year issue of People magazine has sections on Best of and Worst of, and in the later they listed "A Little South of Sanity".

      A Little South of Sanity AEROSMITH
      Just when they had begun to win respect, the band once dissed as a poor imitation of the Rolling Stones put out a live album at the same time their British counterparts delivered their best concert recording in years. When the smoke bombs claer, Boston's finest sound, as expected, like a poor imitation.

  • Marilyn Manson Comment! : )
      Here's something Marilyn Manson has said about Aerosmith:

      "Well they've disavowed drugs which I find a lie. Because at that age, if you're not doing drugs there is no reason to even be involved in rock n'roll. So if they don't start admitting to doing drugs, I'm gonna insult them. And I will plant drugs on them and call the police. Everyone's better when they're on drugs undoubtedly. Rock n' Roll is about drugs"

      Let me give you all my ideas on this whole Marilyn Manson thing, you may find this stupid so don't read it, then!... Please people take this for what it is, a comment to make the press write about him and i can bet that after the journalists has left Manson Laughs his ass off, and understand that saying this is a part of Marilyn's image. look at other's who people (parents mainly) found dangerous back when they were new in the biz: Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne (and 'Sabbath) Kiss, and Even like Motley Crue. they started out with all these weird Horror/ Blood/ Satanistic things that made the press write about them, the parents hated them - so kids loved them and then they were famous and popular and after some time they didn't have to do it anymore (Not as much anyway) and now they are, by most people, accepted as the great musicians they are. Ofcourse Manson is 10 times worse than them but this is the '90's so you gotta be worse if you want to get publicity. So... if you hate him you're give him exactly what he want. i can bet Manson has stopped with these things in 5-10 years. but this is an Aerosmith page so back to them now!!!!

News as of December 19, 1998
  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on this week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "Armageddon" soundtrack fell one point from last week
      to end up at #24 [Now, in it's 25th week of release!]

      Also, the "A Little South Of Sanity" fell another 15 points from
      last week to end up at #128. [Now, in it's 8th week on the charts!]

  • Aerosmith Live Concert - Rebroadcast

  • Aerosmith mentioned on Conan O'Brien
      Avesh Jain Reports:
      Jeff Goldblum was on the Late Night with Conan O'Brien on Friday,
      Dec 19. He told a little story about playing with Aerosmith.

      Jeff was on SNL when Aerosmith was there, and he was kind of nervous so during rehearsal he went over to see if he could fool around on the keyboard while Aerosmith was practicing... so he started playing but somehow the keyboard fell down and he felt real bad about it.

      A while later he was at an Aerosmith concert, backstage, and all of a sudden Steven asks him to come out and play with them. So someone taught him the chords real quick and he ended up having a blast playing on stage with Aerosmith! Awesome!

  • Joe Perry Radio Interview
      Pat Schenck Reports:
      Right before the Cleveland show on Dec. 15, Spaceman from WMMS (the Buzzard) did an interview with Joe Perry in the tuning room backstage. It went something like this, to the best of my memory....

      "Hi I'm Space, and I'm sitting here with Joe Perry.
      Joe's sitting here with quite a cute muffin...."
      JOE: "Well, actually it's a bagel."

      Space went on talking about how when they played Blossom in the summer of '97 Steven and Joe brought in their own music and played it on MMS. Steven wanted to fool around, and Joe just wanted to play music.

      Space asks: How many CDs do you travel with?
      JOE: well between all of us we have a travelling library of about 300 CDs.
      Space: what type of music do you listen to?
      JOE: blues, rock, opera, new age.....
      Space: what CD are you playing right now?
      JOE: The new Black Crowes. I play it every day.

      Then they went into a discussion on how the Black Crowes opened for them back in 1990, and how they had opened for them when they played in Cleveland then. They talked about how I Don't Want to Miss a Thing was their first #1 single, and Joe said how surprised they were by that. Space then asked about the rest of the shows this year, and Joe said they only had a few more shows this year until they "melt down the Fleet Center" and then had a few dates in Jan. Space asked him what he was going to do in his time off, and Joe said "ski." Joe said skiing was his favorite sport, whether it be on snow or on the water. Then Space asked (since they were in the tuning room) which guitars were Joe's. Joe said: the purple Strat is Brad''s his warm-up guitar, and the bass was Tom's. His (Joe's) guitars were in his dressing room, so "I don't have to walk this far." That was the end of the interview......

  • Joe has Shaved
      Not really important "News" but since there's been so much
      discussions about it decided to post this anyway: Reports:
      "I was at the Philadelphia show last night..... Joe was moving around and dancing more than I had ever seen him before. He shaved that stupid thing off his face and looked really young on stage....."

News as of December 16, 1998
  • Aerosmith Internet Video
      As i posted on the 12th there was an Internet exclusive Streaming video at Second Coming Productions's website yesterday promoting "A Little South of Sanity".

      It wasn't very much though, just an 18 minute clip with:

      • some Interviews with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry
      • some Concert Clips (pulled from the cybercast concert?)
      • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing live
      • followed by the IDWTMAT video, and that was it.

      It will be up on that page for the next 3 weeks for those of you missed it

  • Steven Interview On WAAF radio (107.3, Boston) 12/16/98 Reports:
      On WAAF radio (107.3, Boston) this morning, Steven was on for quite a long time, having fun with the DJ's and helping them promote a food-collection thing they're going to do at the NYE show.
      For those going to the concert: although Steven said they're still firming up the plans, it looks like each person who brings 107 cans of food will get to see/meet the band backstage after the show. Stay tuned to 'AAF for details as the date gets closer. They're at, too.
      Anyway, Steven talked about being at the shuttle launch. He said he talked to everyone about actually going up in one, a dream he's had for a long time (which those of us on this list knew already, but I digress). He said "I want to sing 'I Want to Kiss Your Thing' hanging upside down at 16,000 feet!" While at the launch and various parties, he met Buzz Aldrin, second guy to walk on the moon.
      There was some other stuff about Clinton (he has some mixed thoughts about that situation), the Stones, etc.
      He said they'll be on the Grammys AND/OR the Oscars!!!
      Also, he'd love to tour constantly, especially to make up the dates they've had to cancel this year, "except then I wouldn't be able to see my kids, my wife...or even have a life".
      Toward the end, he said "I'm incredibly lucky...everything I wish for, I get...I feel like I'm living a movie".

News as of December 15, 1998
  • Aerosmith related Quote!
      Here's a quote by Kate Schellenbach of Luscious Jackson

      "Stylists will basically bully you into wearing hideous outfits because they're trying to please their advertisers. White jeans and vinyl cowboy outfits are the look this year and you must have them," says Kate Schellenbach, drummer for Luscious Jackson and a participant on the Indigo Girls' recent Suffragette Sessions tour. "But I want to see (Aerosmith guitarist) Joe Perry on all fours in, like, white vinyl boots."

  • Aero-related Radio promo:
      From a station who had an away tickets and such

      "-Every year around this time the old guy comes into town"
      "-You mean Santa?"
      "-No, Steven Tyler!"

News as of December 12, 1998
  • Aerosmith on the Internet!
      Second Coming Productions is planing an Internet exclusive
      release of Aerosmith's "A Little South of Sanity". This video
      includes highlights from the band performance, interviews and more.

      The event will be broadcast live on December 15th
      9 PM [Eastern Time] at

  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on this week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "Armageddon" soundtrack climbed one point from last week
      to end up at #23 [Now, in it's 24th week of release!]

      Also, "A Little South Of Sanity" fell one point from last week
      to end up at #113. [Now, in it's 7th week on the charts!]

      And...After 15 weeks, The "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
      single fell out of the "top 50" on the "Hot 100 Singles"

News as of December 8, 1998
  • Hitparader
      The recent Hit Parader (the big end of the year issue)
      has a big poster of Joey Kramer and 2 articles on Aerosmith,
      one with an interview with Joey and a two page article about their
      succes with IDWTMAT, and in the rumour section they mention that an
      ex-wife of a famous rock-star wants to publish pornografic pictures in
      the new prints of her book about the life of her ex-husband. (S. Tyler)
      And in the top 5 of 1998 poll Armageddon is 2nd in best soundtracks.

  • Aerosmith On TV
      Pat Schenck Reports:
      Last night was a multiple Aero-related TV night.
      First while we were watching the old show Full House,
      there was a conversation asking whether Jesse's band was
      going to be opening for Aerosmith.

      Then later last night, I was watching the figure skating on ESPN.
      One of the Russian pairs skated to I Don't Want to Miss a Thing,
      The commentators made comments about how this was really nice,
      and that Aerosmith typically wasn't the easiest to skate to.

News as of December 6, 1998
  • Article on the ND Show
      Monday, Nov 30th issue of South Bend Tribune featured a huge
      picture of Steven in living color on the front page,
      and the article reads as follows:

      (Picture title and caption)
      Cat In The Hat
      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith helps rock the house at a sold-out Joyce Center on Sunday night.

      Aerosmith Pleases Mixed Crowd

      "Oh, my God," a young woman screamed as Steve Tyler shook his rail-thin moneymaker in silhouette behind an elaborately painted streamer

      "Come on, Baby," he teased the crowd, milking the thunderous applause before -- amid explosions, smoke, and piercing guitars -- rock supergroup Aerosmith launched a full-scale assault on the University of Notre Dame's Joyce Center on Sunday night in what has to be on of the best live musical performances here in recent memory.

      The 28-year-old band put most contemporary rock groups to shame, putting on a vigorous two-hour glam rock spectacle that didn't slack on the music. From the outset, the band set a pace that didn't slow through the first five songs, careening from "Love in an Elevator," "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" "Eat the Rich" and "Rag Doll" before stopping to draw breath while Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry worked both sides of the stage-in-the-round. One of the triumphs of the evening for this group was in the multi-generational crowd it drew to the sold-out show -- youngsters in their teens, families and graying baby boomers were on their feet through most of the show. Many knew the songs and others did not, but the enthusiasm in the arena was as infectious as Tyler's childlike effervescence.

      Tyler, in fact, seemed to gain strength as the night wore on, strutting and pouncing from one end of the high-tech stage to the other, in a show of seemingly endless energy. On ballads like "Dream On" and "What it Takes" Tyler demonstrated remarkable versatility and emotional range, with his powerful, piercing falsetto intact, while on up-tempo numbers he screamed and shouted well above the band.

      An hour into the set, the band launched into a scorching Joe Perry blues vocal, with Tyler contributing more than credible harmonica backup. The band threw the audience a curve with a spirited version of the James Brown tune "Mother Popcorn," and with hardly a road marker, segued into "Walk This Way" while pyrotechnics shot into the air.

      Critics of the band's recent $30 million deal with Columbia/Sony Records five years ago may have underestimated the band's ongoing musical appeal and live popularity. Collectively, Aerosmith is younger than the Rolling Stones, a band they are often compared to, have a stage persona that is arguably fresher, and a front man who manages easily to be more engaging and entertaining than Mick Jagger.

      If this concert was any indication, Aerosmith will be making better music when the Stones have long since folded their tents and left the game.

      by Miles White, Tribune Staff Writer. Appears in the Monday, November 30, 1998 issue of the South Bend Tribune (issue #267 in the 126th year)

News as of December 5, 1998
  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on this week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "Armageddon" soundtrack didn't move from last week
      Holding strong at #24 [Now, in it's 23rd week of release!]

      The "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single fell 9 points from last week
      to end up at #46. [Now in it's 15th week of release!]

      And, "A Little South Of Sanity" fell another 8 points from last week
      to end up at #112. [Now, in it's 6th week on the charts!]

  • Metal Edge
      the March 1999 issue of Metal Edge Magzine is out
      It has Aerosmith on the Cover. and includes an Awesome
      interview with Joe Perry. Lots of interesting things covered.

News as of December 1, 1998
  • US Billboard Charts
      Here's an update on where Aerosmith stands on this week's
      U.S. Billboard "top 250 album" & "Hot 100 Singles" charts.

      the "Armageddon" soundtrack climbed 12 points from last
      week to end up at #24 [Now, in it's 22nd week of release!]

      The "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single fell 25 points from last
      week to end up at #37. [Now, in it's 14th week of release!]

      Also, "A Little South Of Sanity" fell another 13 points from
      last week to end up at #104. [Now, in it's 5th week on the charts!]

  • Steven as a Doll
      Rory:-) Reports:
      My friend was recently in Baltimore and she went into a store that
      was having a sort of Barbie doll gallery and she said that they had
      a Steven Tyler barbie doll on sale for about $300.00!

  • MTV's "Top 25 Videos of the Decade" Reports:
      Aerosmith made MTV's "Top 25 Videos of the Decade" twice:
      IDWTMAT was at 18 and at number 13 was Cryin'.

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