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News as of March 30, 1999
  • Rock 'N' Roller Coaster
      Got this from

      1999 - Confirmed - ROCK 'N ROLLER COASTER - (3/28/99)
      All of the trains have been on-site for the past couple of weeks and full scale testing has already begun on both the ride and the sound system. Souces close to the project say that two of the trains have been outfitted with a rough version of the audio track, which is indeed by Aerosmith. Insiders report that CM hiring for the ride could begin within the next 2 or 3 weeks and that a Mid-May soft open is very possible at this point.

      (2/28/99) Sources tell me that Disney is preparing to shoot the commerical footage with Aerosmith soon, helping to confirm the long standing rumor that the band would provide the soundtrack for the ride. Helping to confirm this, another spy says he saw a pre-Grammy interview with the band where a member mentioned that they were working on a "Disney Ride" as a recent project. Launching down a flat tunnel into darkness, you'll fly up into a double spin corkscrew and the fun is just starting. Lots of high speed turning and twisting track, that will feature 3 inversions before you enter the brake run back to the show building. This is Vekoma's first LIM Launch coaster (0 to 60 in 3 seconds) and the long trains will feature a rock & roll soundtrack as well as looking like a long stretch limo.

      There is also a picture of the coaster.

  • Boston Herald
      Article from Today's Boston Herald - Side Track

      More March Madness:
      Aerosmith, who fired their manager, Wendy Laister, last week, are rumored to be signing with L.A.-based HK Management, which also handles Jimmy Buffett, Steely Dan and Chicago. Ah, hello? Sounds like an old-age home to us! That's a switch from last week when we heard that Steven Tyler & Co. were chatting up The Firm, a hot young group of management types who rep Korn, the Backstreet Boys and Ice Cube. Do stay tuned.

  • Entertainment Weekly / Oscar Wrap-up
      This week's Entertainment Weekly (4/2/99)
      includes a few Aerosmith-related items from the Oscars...

      P. 29 Drew and Liv getting ready to lip lock.
      P. 32 "Most Spinal Tap-ish Moment": Aerosmith buried in smoke.
      P. 49 Picture of Liv
      P. 52 Picture of Joe talking to Rod Stewart. At the Vanity Fair Party.

News as of March 29, 1999
  • "Aerosmith fires Management" Article from the Boston Globe

      It's a funny way to top off a great stretch, but local rockers Aerosmith cleaned house--firing their agent, lawyer, and public relations firm. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the rest of the Aerosmith crew fired manager Wendy Laister, who took over at the helm following an equally abrupt firing of longtime manager Tim Collins about three years ago. Word is the boys have hired John Branca as their lawyer. Branca has previously worked as Michael Jackson's counsel. No word on who else the band has tapped to fill in as their management team. Fresh off of winning a Grammy and appearing on the Academy Awards for their "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from the movie "Armageddon", the band is slated to hit the road on April 11 to finish the tour they started more than two years ago.

  • "Aerosmith fires Management" Article from the Boston Herald

      Hub rockers Aerosmith shopping all around for a new manager
      by Laura Raposa
      Saturday, March 27, 1999

      Aerosmith, back in the saddle after their ``Armageddon'' success, axed manager Wendy Laister this week, nearly three years after Laister copped the spoils in a coup that overthrew longtime band director Tim Collins.

      Laister, a former rock 'n' roll PR gal, was credited with scoring the Boston Bad Boys the single ``I Don't Want to Miss a Thing'' which earned the band a No. 1 spot on the charts. The ballad, written by Diane Warren, won multiple Grammy nominations and a coveted Oscar nomination.

      Band sources say there doesn't appear to be one reason why Steven Tyler & Co. cut Laister loose.

      ``There were a bunch of subtle things, but one thing was certain - they were dissatisfied with the lack of powerful management,'' said one rocker.

      Now the boys, who head out on tour April 11, are shopping around for a new manager. The Firm - a hot, young, L.A. company that manages Korn, the Backstreet Boys and Ice Cube - is rumored to have the inside track. Then there's KISS manager Doc McGhee, who's also puckering up.

      ``This is a score of a lifetime for some manager,'' said another source.

      ``The question is who wouldn't want to talk to them.''

      The band was not available for comment.

News as of March 27, 1999
  • Aerosmith fires Management....
      Keiji from Japan Reports:
      According to a local FM station (DJ.Masa Ito), Aerosmith has fired their manager. Their next step will be releasing 2 albums. The first one is long-awaited blues album entitled "Roots & Blues" and after that a regular studio album will be released. Writes:
      "It has been confirmed by reliable sources.....Aerosmith has fired their management. They have not chosen anyone else at the present moment."

  • People Magazine
      The new People magazine (with the Oscar stuff on the front) has a great picture of Liv and Steven. Also, in an article about Jay-Z, it says that Jay-Z loves Aerosmith.

News as of March 26, 1999
  • Happy 51st Birthday Steven!
      Happy Birthday to the Demon of Screamin'!!
      It's Our Favorite Singer Steven Tyler's 51st Birthday today!
      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  • New Live Video for I Don't Want To Miss A Thing!
      Andrea Aranzana reports that she has seen the Band in a new video Doing "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Live on Much Music.
      Steven was wearing the brace on his knee and his clothes were pants and an open shirt with the same designs that made him look something like gray or silvered. This might be their performance at the Armageddon premiere party at Cape Canaveral, Fl on June 29th, 1998.

  • Magazines with Liv Tyler!
      There's a nice picture of Steven & Liv in Now Magazine's Oscar Special.

      Vogue magazine has some great pics of Liv and she is also interviewed in it. She says about Steven something like: I have two Dads really, although I don't really consider him (Steven) as a Dad, more of a friend than I can talk to about anything.

News as of March 24, 1999
  • Boston Herald
      Article from the Boston Herald, March 24th, Inside Track section:

      Aerosnub for Monica

      Aerosmith axeman Joe Perry, who rocked the Oscars the other night, didn't Want to Miss A Thing at any of the apres-Academy Awards bashes.

      But Joe did take a pass on chatting up Vanity Fair maiden Monica Lewinsky at the oh-so-chic maggie's party at Morton's.

      ``I saw her there, but I didn't have much to say to her, so why go talk to her?'' Perry told the Track. ``It was funny, too. Since we had just been at the White House the week before where we actually saw Bill (Clinton).''

      And Joe, Steven Tyler & Co. would hate for word to get back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that they were cavorting with the enemy!

      In other Aeronews, the boys are still out in La-La holed up in the studio laying down tracks for possibly another box office blockbuster a la ``Armageddon.''

      ``If the soundtrack doesn't work out, the tracks will end up on the next album,'' he said.

      Meanwhile, the Boston Bad Boys are also in talks about doing a ``combination blues/roots'' album which Joe described as half blues songs and half songs that the rockers would have recorded ``if we could play then like we can play now.''

      So it wouldn't be the Same Old Song And Dance!

News as of March 22, 1999
  • The Academy Awards
      For anyone who missed The 71st Annual Academy Awards
      "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" did not win in the Original Song category but Aerosmith did perform it Live. Liv Tyler introduced them.
      Not much more to say really.

  • Steven on the E! preshow
      As taken from the E! website:
      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to Joan Rivers on the preshow red carpet:
      Tyler: "What's the difference between pink and purple?"
      Joan: "What?"
      Tyler: "Your grip."

  • L.A Times
      Todays L.A. Times has a color picture of Steven and Liv from yesterday on the third page of the calendar section

News as of March 21, 1999
  • The Oscars! - VCR Alert
      The Oscars air in the U.S. on ABC Today. ABC is running an "official" preshow at 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific, followed by the show at 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific.

      In addition E! and CNN are running preshows. The E! preshow starts at 6 pm Eastern, 3 pm Pacific and the CNN preshow starts at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific. If you live in the Los Angeles area, NBC, ABC and KTLA are all running preshows from the red carpet as well. ABC and KTLA start at 3:30 Pacific and NBC at 4 pm Pacific.

      Postshows: Check your listings cause they are scattered all over the time grid. I do know that E!'s is at 9 pm Pacific...which would be midnight Eastern.

      In Sweden you will catch the Oscars on TV4 the night between Sunday and Monday. The "Official" Preshow starts at 2.00 A.M. and after that at 2.30 A.M. - 5.30 A.M. they will Air "The 71st Annual Academy Awards" where Aerosmith ofcourse will be performing the Diane Warren nominated song "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" live!

News as of March 19, 1999
  • Steven Tyler will wear Jewels at the Oscars!
      Cindy Adams has reported in NY Post that Steven will be wearing a loaner ruby and diamond necklace for his Oscar performance. Cindy reports on the E! Gossip Show so she may talk about him this weekend.

News as of March 17, 1999
  • Full Circle Single Released in Sweden!
      The Cover of the Full Circle Single 1. Full Circle (Radio Edit)
      2. Full Circle (Full Size)
      3. IDWTMAT (Live)
      4. What kind of Love Are you on.

      Track #3 was recorded live at Cape Canaveral, Fl on June 29, 1998.

      The Single also Includes Video CD Extra "Pink" Which contains the Full uncensored video in Full screen!

News as of March 16, 1999
  • Jane Magazine
      Jeffrey F.X. O'Brien Reports:
      The April issue of Jane has a full page black and white picture of Steven on page 63. It is part of a "Men In Rock" section in a music filled issue. Also there is a tiny picture of Steven on page 29 in "Jane's Diary".

News as of March 13, 1999
  • German Press release
      New Single in April
      Apart from the album Nine Lives releasd as a new special edition, there will also be a new Maxi single. A further track will be taken from the successful Nine Lives LP, the acoustic mid-speed ballad Full Circle, plus a live version of Hole in Soul, the unreleased What Kind of Love Are You On and also a multimedia track, the ingenius video Pink.

  • Kerrang Magazine
      The Latest Kerrang has a picture of Steven holding the grammy

  • Rolling Stone Magazine
      There's an article on Joe Perry in the April 1 issue of Rolling Stone.

  • Clubland scheduled for a limited release April 16
      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler will be playing the part of a record producer named David Foster in the movie "Clubland," scheduled for a limited release April 16.

      Music industry cognoscenti will recognize the name David Foster as that of the veteran middle-of-the-road studio producer David Foster, a frequent tuxedoed guest at the Grammys and the Oscars best known for work with artists ranging from Celine Dion to Paul McCartney to En Vogue. The shared moniker is far from coincidence -- Foster is one of the film's executive producers.

      "Clubland" is the brainchild of producer Glen Ballard, best know to music industry cognoscenti (and everybody else) as the writing partner and producer of Alanis Morissette. The flick is directed by Mary Lambert ("Pet Sematary").

      A spokesperson for the film confirms that the story is at least semi-autobiographical for Ballard and Foster. The plot centers on an up-and-coming band on the Los Angeles rock scene trying to get a break. In keeping with the storyline, Ballard has made a concerted effort to cast the film and its soundtrack (on Ballard's own Java Records) with up and coming actors (ie: Jimmy Tuckett, Brad Hunt, Buddy Quaid, Terence Trent D'Arby, Alexis Arquette and Lori Petty) and musicians (Tuckett, John Oszajca, Zebrahead, Flood, more).

      Steven Tyler, who shot his part almost two years ago, appears in a cameo role in several scenes. The part may have given the singer the acting bug. Not long after shooting "Clubland," Tyler signed up for his first featured role. He'll be starring as a barfly named "Sammy" in the independent movie "Goodnight, Joseph Parker" along side Paul Sorvino and Debi Mazur. He shot that part early in 1998. The film as yet has no release date, but it is expected out later this year.

News as of March 11, 1999
  • Steven Tyler Sues Cyrinda Foxe.... On Extra
      Tina Hayes Reports:
      On "Extra" they had a segment about the lawsuit and showed a bunch of clips of Steven. They briefly interviewed Kathleen (Cyrinda Foxe) Tallarico and she even explained what he was wearing in the photo, calling it "More cheesecake than beefcake". He's supposed to be wearing flowered flip-flops and Mickey Mouse sunglasses! No wonder he's pissed off!

News as of March 10, 1999
  • MTV's Total Request Live
      They interviewed Run DMC and they talked about preforming with Steven and Joe at House Of Blues in Los Angeles last Thursday!
      They also played a clip of "Walk This Way" done at their concert, with Steven and Joe...
      Steven at the Run DMC Concert - From MTV's Total Request Live
      [Picture from "MTV's Total Request Live" taken from Lynn's Aerosmith Page]

  • Rolling Stones
      Joe Perry was spotted at the Rolling Stones show in Washington DC.

News as of March 9, 1999
  • Steven Tyler Sues His Ex-Wife Cyrinda Foxe Over Nude Pics
      What the article below doesn't say is that "Kathleen" is Cyrinda.
      Today's Boston Globe has almost the identical story, but points out that Kathleen Victoria Tallarico used the name Cyrinda Foxe when she was in several Andy Warhol movies.

      Aerosmith singer suing wife over nude pics

      NEW YORK (AP) -- Steven Tyler, lead singer of the rock band Aerosmith, has sued his ex-wife in an attempt to make her return photographs taken of him in the nude.

       Tyler, whose last name is Tallarico, said Kathleen Tallarico was supposed to give him the photos as part of their divorce agreement in 1987. Last summer, he said he saw a news item indicating she planned to publish "pornographic" pictures in a memoir.

       State Supreme Court Justice Walter Tolub on Monday granted a temporary restraining order that blocks publication of the photographs until the issue is settled at trial.

       Mrs. Tallarico, an actress, intended to use the photos in the paperback edition of a book about her life titled "Dream On," said her lawyer, Jay Butterman.

       Tyler's lawyer, Stanford Lotwin, said the next step is a trial where "we'll try to get Steven's property back."

       Tyler, 50, said in court papers that publication of the photos would embarrass and harm him, and she has no right to use pictures of him for commerce without his permission.

       Mrs. Tallarico said she gave Tyler all of his personal photographs at the time of the divorce agreement and that the dispute centers on "one of two campy photographs that he and I took of each other ... in the buff."

News as of March 6, 1999
  • Full Circle Single
      Clive D. Newton Reports:
      Here's what the European release of Full Circle probably will consist of:
      Full Circle, Hole In My Soul (Live), What Kind of Love Are You On?
      and Pink. It will probably be released in April.

News as of March 5, 1999
  • Steven and Joe Live with Run DMC in Los Angeles
      Chris ( Reports:
      Steven and Joe hopped up ontage to do a blazing rendition of
      "Walk This Way" with Run DMC at the House Of Blues in LA last night.
      Of course, the crowd went into a frenzy.

News as of March 4, 1999
    Picture of Steven Tyler from Issue 740 of Kerrang Magazine
  • Kerrang Magazine
      This weeks Kerrang! March 6, 1999, Issue 740, Page 5 has some Aerosmith stuff in it about the Wembley gig.

      The pic to the Right was taken from "The Aerozone"

  • SPIN Magazine
      Brandita Reports:
      In the new April edition of SPIN, in the noise section it has a list of the ten funkiest white guys as named by the rapper-rocker Kid-Rock.
      One of the them was Steven Tyler. He said "He's got the whole soul in his voice. The Rolling Stones wished they were poor white boys from the South." the editor then put in the comment--so the lippy one isn't merely a Mick Jagger knockoff? and it says (actually Tyler is from Boston!)

News as of March 3, 1999
  • Steven and Joe looking at Unsigned bands in L.A
      Information taken from allstar Daily News for Tuesday, 2 March, 1999
      On Saturday (Feb. 27) night, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry showed up to watch a night of unsignedbands at L.A.'s Whisky A-Go-Go. The catch here, of course, is that Perry's son Adrian was playing in the band Dexter. Proud poppa Perry was beaming as his son Adrian, on vocals, and his band played six funky jams, including a cover of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive." But the Aerosmith pair's enthusiasm must have been overflowing, because even before Dexter took the stage, they were so taken with the opening band, rockabilly rockers Honeywell, that they came backstage and shocked the hell out of them by asking for a CD. Wonder if this ever happens in Aero's hometown of Boston? (David Lott)...

  • Some Newsclips from AF1 about the Grammys
      The Boys were blown away by Luciano Pavarotti's performance of "Nasun Dorma" at the Grammys. After the show they all went over to Sony's post Grammy bash where Brad was seen deep into a discussion with Eric Clapton that never went near guitar styles but was in fact about muscle cars! Apparently Brad already has a couple of the Chevelles that Eric would like to get hold of so they were almost inseparable once they got on that subject. They also got the chance to meet B.B. King - one of the band's greatest idols - who made a special trip to the band's trailer to meet them before the show.

News as of March 2, 1999
  • Aerosmith to Sweden!!!
      Information found at (In Swedish)
      Aerosmith's European Tour this summer will kick off in Stockholm, Sweden on June 10th. The tickets for this concert at "Globen" in Stockholm costs 290 Swedish kronor and goes on sale on Thursday, March 4th. The Opening act will be the Black Crowes.

      More info - In Swedish:
      Aerosmith-Turnépremiär i Stockholm
      Aerosmith ska spela på Globen i Stockholm den 10 Juni 1999.
      Biljetterna släpps på torsdag den 4 mars och kostar 290 kronor plus serviceavgift och finns att köpa i Globens biljettkassa på 08-600 34 00, via BiljettDirekt på 077-170 70 70 samt hos sedvanliga lokala försäljningsställen.
      Som förband på alla arenaspelningar under den 6 veckor långa europaturnén står amerikanska The Black Crowes.

      I'm So Fuc*in' Happy! Will I finally get to see them live for the first time?

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