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News as of April 24, 1999
  • Boston Music Awards
      At the Kahlua Boston Music Awards the boys won "Best Video" for "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and Steven Tyler won the award "Best Male Vocalist".

  • Yet another version of Nine Lives
      Mike reports that There's a new Austria copy of "Nine Lives"! It's a 2 CD set. The first CD is the standard "Nine Lives" with the bonus track "Falling Off". The second CD is a "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single with 3 versions and the "Animal Crackers" cut! The CD and artwork is from the original, banned, edition of the Album!

  • The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper
      Alice Cooper just released his new boxed set "The Life And Crimes Of Alice Cooper" on Tuesday, April 20th on Rhino Records. This is a 4-CD boxed set that gathers 81 tracks from 30 albums released on various labels between 1966-1994, with tons of rarities including early, pre-Alice Cooper (band) singles, imports, non-LP B-sides, live versions, unreleased album outtakes, demos, and various movie soundtrack contributions.

      Well, it includes the songs "Only My Heart Talkin'" [which Steven Tyler sang on] and "Trash" [which Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer played on] from the 1989 album "Trash".

      Alice says the following about the songs in the liner notes of the boxed set:


      "Steven Tyler was great on this. I think he has the best rock 'n' roll voice in the business. It wasn't easy trying to keep up with his vocal range!"

      --Alice Cooper


      "We recorded some of this at Jon's house, and he sang his part in two takes. We were very loose during the session and totally ad-libbed the stuff at the end of the song. This was dedicated to the infamous Cathouse nightclub in Los Angeles."

      --Alice Cooper

      There is also a tribute section in the liner notes where artists say what they think and love about Alice.....Joe Perry wrote the following:

      "Alice spoke to our teen rebellion like no one before. His fusion of theater and great music took rock entertainment to a new high. He single-handedly raised the stakes for those of us that were to follow--and I'm not talking about the ones that our parents wanted to drive through his heart!"

      --Joe Perry

  • Joey Kramer's Hair....
      Ann reports (after seeing them live in Lafayette last night):
      Joey's hair is bleached blonde!!! At first I thought it was the lighting or something but then Steven pointed it out.

News as of April 22, 1999
  • Houston Chronicle
      For those of you who have access to getting your hands on the Houston Chronicle newspaper...Steven graces the front of its Entertainment Preview insert and it's a article inside:
      (The pic is from their Website but is not the same as the two in the insert)

      Steven Tyler Steven Tyler's 'attitude of gratitude'

      Copyright 1999 Houston Chronicle

      Steven Tyler has sampled his share of addictions. Some nearly killed him, but he's conquered them all.

      Well, all but one, and it might be the most powerful: rock 'n' roll.

      "There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think to myself how lucky this band is to still be here, and to be able to rock 'n' roll as we're still doing." said the Aerosmith frontman.

      The group, which formed nearly 30 years ago in Boston, also includes guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer.

      "Dream On, or Sweet Emotion, or I Don't Want to Miss a Thing ... Whatever song we're playing, we really love to be live," Tyler said. "We love to be on the road, and we love to rock 'n' roll. And there are a lot of people who love to hear it."

      About 13,000 of those people will be on hand Tuesday for Aerosmith's sold-out concert in The Woodlands. The band has been on tour almost nonstop since its last Houston-area appearance in October 1997.

      "Believe me, when you've been around as long as we have, there are a lot of fans that were around 20 years ago that just don't get out anymore," Tyler said. "But it's OK, because there's 20 million other kids from the ages of 8 to 19 that have now fallen in love with Aerosmith simply because they love the music.

      "Forget that I look like Mick Jagger, or that we've been around 20 years, or any of the rest of that. It's about a good song, and I thank God for a couple of good songs."

      One of those songs is I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, which Aerosmith recorded for the soundtrack to the movie Armageddon. The power ballad written by Diane Warren became a huge pop hit, spurring sales of the album past 3 million. As recorded by Mark Chesnutt, it also became a No. 1 country hit.

      Some rock fans and critics have accused Aerosmith of selling out and going soft. Although he sounds a bit ambivalent about the song itself, Tyler has no regrets about recording it. The fact that his daughter, Liv Tyler, co-starred in Armageddon was a factor in the decision.

      "We decided to do I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. We weren't talked into it. Coupled with Liv and all the rest of the things going on around the movie, it was a great career move for the band. It was a great song, and we were there at the right moment. I like a good action movie anyway."

      Liv Tyler grew up believing that her father was stepdad guitarist/producer Todd Rundgren. She and her biological father didn't meet until her 13th birthday.

      "From that moment to now, we've been really close," Tyler said.

      "Her mom had so many boyfriends at the time that I didn't know what to believe. I was on the road in Europe, still getting high a lot, and just didn't pay a lot of attention to it. When I saw her, it was one of those obvious moments. You know, `My God, she is my daughter!' "

      Tyler says he tries to see his Liv as often as possible, but it's difficult because she is so busy with her acting career.

      "She's getting me back for all the years I wasn't there," Tyler said. "I get time off, and I call her up, and she goes, `Daddy, I'm in Budapest.' Yeah, I love her dearly."

      Aerosmith's last studio album, 1997's Nine Lives, was widely viewed as a commercial disappointment following the multiplatinum success of Get a Grip. Tyler disputes this view by pointing to international sales of 4 million.

      Although Get a Grip did better in the United States, Nine Lives has sold more in the rest of the world.

      "I've run out of space on my walls," Tyler said. "We've received 20 platinum albums from this. Every country -- Canada, Japan, the U.K. -- has its own standard for measuring what is platinum.

      "We're about 1.3 million short of Get a Grip in the States. If you think about it, in a time of rap and alternative music, I think we did really good. We've just been trudging along."

      Tyler says he has nothing against rap -- indeed, Aerosmith helped introduce hip-hop to the suburbs back in the mid-'80s by teaming with Run-DMC on Walk This Way. But the fact that rock has been losing ground to other pop-music styles gives him something to fight for.

      "I can't wake up in the morning and not have a fight," he said with a laugh.

      In its early years, Aerosmith was often derided as America's low-rent answer to the Rolling Stones. But over time, the band's stature has grown. It is now regarded as one of the greatest live rock acts of all time, on the same level as the Stones.

      "We've managed to stay around forever, and that, in and of itself, is kind of like the litmus test," said Tyler. "Some people don't like Aerosmith because we weren't a Janet Jackson, a Michael Jackson, a Madonna, Stones, Beatles ... We never had that `wowism.' But I guess from being around a long time, people are giving us credit, and it feels good.

      "To get a chance to do I Don't Want to Miss a Thing and follow it with Train Kept a' Rollin' or something by the Bluesbreakers, we love to get that one-two shot. And if it means putting out another soppy ballad, which I happen to love, to be able to turn those kids on to some great rock 'n' roll -- that's what we live for."

      Last week, Tyler donated the rights to Aerosmith's Where Do Fallen Angels Go -- written after the Oklahoma City bombing a few years ago -- to Oprah Winfrey's Angel Network.

      "There is so much hate and anger in the world, because it's such an easy emotion to cop. You don't have be very smart to get angry," Tyler said. "Oprah is going the other way. She's bringing to the forefront people who are giving up a lot of their lives to help others. So Joe Perry and Richie Supa and I, who wrote that song, decided to give her that song if she wants it.

      "I also bought a house for this family in Boston that Oprah's people found: a grandma, her daughter and the daughter's 3-year-old child, who were living in a closet."

      Tyler said he's learned through his own experience in overcoming addiction that the joy of giving can be as infectious as hate and anger.

      "I'm just a rock 'n' roller at heart. God gave me a lot of money, and I'm so grateful for that. I got an attitude of gratitude. To be able to give a little bit back is a beautiful thing."

      DETAILS: The Afghan Whigs open for Aerosmith at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands.

News as of April 21, 1999
  • MTV Movie Awards 1999
      Armageddon has been nominated for a total of 6 awards at the MTV Movie Awards 1999 including that Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is nominated for best song and that Liv Tyler is up for best female actor.

      The 1999 MTV Movie Awards will air on June 10th, at 9 PM ET/PT.

News as of April 16, 1999
  • Steven Tyler on Oprah
      Steven Tyler on Oprah On April 15, 1999, Steven Tyler and his wife Teresa made a very special appearance on "Oprah". Hostess Oprah Winfrey explained how the couple, after a suggestion by Teresa, had donated money to build an Oprah "Angel House" for a needy family in Boston.

      "We spend a lot of money on stupid stuff," she told him, "we need to give some away to something worthwhile."

      During the show, Oprah ran a tape of Steven and Teresa visiting the house and meeting the family who'll soon move into it, and then she welcomed them into the studio. During the visit, she also played a very special "Thank You" to Steven from a cancer victim who he had touched and given hope to simply by picking up the phone and giving her a call. It was a very moving show.

News as of April 14, 1999
  • Celebrity Style Magazine

      Picture of Aerosmith at the Grammy Awards from Celebrity Style Magazine
      This picture of Aerosmith can be found in Celebrity Style magazine, May issue, page 18, under a section entitled, "The Big Event Grammy Awards".

News as of April 12, 1999
  • Steven Tyler in the Boston Globe
      Today's Boston Globe, p. C2, Names and Faces column
      (the Palm is a pretty exclusive restaurant in Boston):

      Dude liked the seafood? Steven Tyler and three others ate at the Palm in Copley Square Friday night. If your interest in Aerosmith extends to their dining habits, then you might like to know that Tyler had the salmon.

News as of April 11, 1999
  • Steven Tyler in People Magazine
      Steven Tyler picture from People Magazine, issue, 4/19/99, page 11 Steven is in People Magazine,
      issue, 4/19/99, page 11.

      It is a small picture at the top right, in a section entitled, "So Why Stop At One?", an article about accessories:

      "Aerosmith frontman STEVEN TYLER (at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards), for example, has long worn tchotchkes (tiny family heirlooms or found objects slung on cords, a millennium version of the charm bracelet) on chains as reminders of his travels. 'I got these from a couple of strippers in Japan,' he says, fingering a few of the trinkets dangling from his neck. 'Thy're my fetishes. I never take them off.'"

  • Clubland opens next Friday!!
      Be sure to check your local listings next week as "Clubland" is scheduled to open in limited release on April 16. Unfortunately this means not all areas will screen the film that features Steven Tyler in a cameo as record producer David Foster, but fans in larger areas such as Los Angeles and New York should be able to find a theater.

News as of April 10, 1999
  • Aerosmith signs with HK Management

      HK pumped for Aerosmith
      After courting offers from numerous high-profile management firms, superstar hard rockers Aerosmith will sign with established outfit HK Management. Late last month, Aerosmith left its manager of almost three years, Wendy Laister of Magus Entertainment -- which worked with the band for more than five years. The move was somewhat suspect, as Aerosmith enjoyed enormous success and received Academy and Grammy award nominations while with Laister. No reason was given for the split. Laister took control of Aerosmith after the group fired Tim Collins, who is credited with returning the veteran act to one of rock's premier attractions after its much-publicized fall from grace during the late '70s. HK principal Howard Kaufman won the lucrative bidding war for the multiplatinum recording artist, beating out super-hot startup management company the Firm, which handles Korn, Limp Bizkit and Backstreet Boys, among others. Artist manager Trudy Green will work the band at HK.

  • Blurb in "Globe"


      He looks macho, but Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler, who had a hit with the song Dude Looks Like A Lady, confesses he's really more of a woman, than some women!

      He wears an angel necklace and owns 80 pairs of shoes. "I've actually got one of those things in my closet where you can see your shoes in one fell swoop." says actress Liv Tyler's 51-year-old dad. On top of that, he weeps openly at chick flicks like Patch Adams and Bambi. "I'm such an easy cry," admits Tyler. "I'm 70 percent woman." End story.

News as of April 9, 1999
  • Woodstock '99
      It has been confirmed that Aerosmith are scheduled to play at the 30th Anniversary Woodstock '99 Festival this summer at Griffiss Park in Rome, New York, July 23rd - 25th.

      Official Woodstock '99 festival information is available online at:

  • Liv Tyler in the L.A. Times
      There was an interview with Liv in yesterday's L.A. Times.

News as of April 8, 1999
  • Steven Tyler in US Magazine
      Donna Fantasia Reports:
      There is a good size picture of Steven and his family in the current issue of US magazine. It was taken at the Betsey Johnson show durning fashion week in New York. It's the issue with Cindy Crawford on the cover.

  • Tom Hamilton as Shakespeare.... From AOL News

      Boston's Biggest Newsmakers Perform in a Madcap Musical Comedy to Benefit Urban Improv, An Inner-City Youth Arts Program

      "BANNED IN BOSTON" The Hub's Funniest Fundraiser is Back this Friday Night Only

      BOSTON, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- What do Mayor Thomas Menino, Aerosmith bass player Tom Hamilton and Bruins legend Cam Neely have in common? They'll all be strutting their stuff on Friday, April 9, 1999 as members of the cast of Banned in Boston '99, an irreverent satirical revue that has gained a reputation as Boston's funniest fundraiser. The curtain goes up at 7:30 p.m. at the Lansdowne Street Playhouse, 41 Lansdowne Street, Boston. This madcap musical comedy will feature scenes such as:

      -- Shakespeare in Boston -- Mayor Menino struggles to keep the recently- cloned Bard from abandoning the Hub for Hollywood.

      -- Chilton Chat -- live from Boston's toniest women's club -- Banned's stand-ins for Monica Lewinsky, Madeline Albright, and Martha Stewart solve momentous foreign policy issues.

      -- The Jeopardy Test -- Cringe as Derek Bok, Thomas Payzant, and Vanna White match wits (we use the word loosely).

      Banned in Boston '99 is a benefit for Urban Improv, an innovative theater and educational program for inner-city youth run in collaboration with the Boston Public Schools and the Reggie Lewis Center. Urban Improv engages children directly in dramatic play and focuses on themes that include violence, substance abuse, discrimination, teen pregnancy, and peer pressure. More than 500 inner-city students participate in the Urban Improv program each year.

      "Banned in Boston is an example of what community really means. From corporate CEO's to politicians to sports stars, these leaders are pitching in to help the youth of our city," commented Lisa Schmid, President of Urban Improv. "Urban Improv will use every nickel raised to continue its vital work in Boston."

      For more information on Banned in Boston '99 or the Urban Improv program, please call Kelly O'Connor at The Rasky/Baerlein Group (617) 443-9933 x. 352.

News as of April 6, 1999
  • New Aerosmith song recorded for upcoming movie!!!
      "Mr Pink" Reports:
      Aerosmith has recorded a song for the upcoming movie "Runaway Bride" staring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It remains to be seen however if the song is included in the movie and/or will see the light of day.

  • Tom Hamilton as Shakespeare in the Boston Globe!!!
      Tom Hamilton and Mayor Tom Menino News clip from p. D2 of the
      Boston Globe today, 4/6/1999

      Mayor Tom Menino helps Shakespeare, a.k.a. Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton, with the feather in his cap at Faneuil Hall yesterday. The two were among those on hand to promote "Banned in Boston" Friday at the Lansdowne Street Playhouse, a benefit for Urban Improv, a comedy/theater troupe that works with inner city kids.
      (Globe Staff Photo / Justine Ellement)

  • Tom Hamilton as Shakespeare in the Boston Herald!!!
      News clip from page 22 of the Boston Herald today, 4/6/1999

      What fools these mortals be!!! Aerosmith bass man Tom Hamilton, right, traded in his leather pants for Shakespearean tights yesterday for a little impromptu dress rehearsal for Friday nights Banned in Boston spoof of 'Shakespeare in Love'. Also in the cast of comedians is the city's own head jester, Mayor Tom Menino, left, who will, of course, play himself. The laugh riot - which also stars a mob of media hams, pols, and captains of industry - gets under way at the Lansdowne Street Playhouse at 7:30 pm. The event benefits Urban Improv's theatre program in the Boston Public Schools. So geteth thou thereth. But, alas, no Gwyneth.

  • Liv Tyler on The View
      This Friday Liv Tyler will be on The View on ABC. She's also the subject of an interview in Interview magazine She was interviewed by gal-pal Drew Barrymore.

News as of April 5, 1999
  • Tom Hamilton as Shakespeare!!!

      Shakespeare In Lo...Boston???

      Watch Mayor Menino and Linda Whitlock try to convince Shakespeare (Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton) to live in Boston as part of a rehearsal for their performance in Banned in Boston '99

      WHAT: Mayor Menino, Linda Whitlock, president of the Girls and Boys Club of Boston and Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton will rehearse their comedy spoof on the Oscar winning film ``Shakespeare in Love,'' in preparation for Friday night's Banned in Boston '99, a madcap comedy revue to benefit the Urban Improv arts program for inner-city kids.

      WHEN: Monday, April 5th. 4:00 p.m.
      WHERE: Faneuil Hall, Boston (In the front of the Samuel Adams statue)

      Banned in Boston is the major fundraiser for Urban Improv, a non-profit program of The Freelance Players, Inc. founded in 1993. An improvisational theater and education program for at-risk youth run in collaboration with Boston Public Schools and the Reggie Lewis Center, Urban Improv engages children directly in dramatic play and focuses on the themes that include violence, substance abuse, discrimination, teen pregnancy and peer pressure. The nine week long workshop sessions provide the children with invaluable skills to deflect the destructive impact of prejudice, fear, violence and poverty. More than 500 inner-city students participate in the Urban Improv program each year.

      CONTACT: Kelly O'Connor of The Rasky/Baerlein Group, 617-443-9933, ext. 352.
      SOURCE: Urban Improv

News as of April 2, 1999
  • Guitar One Magazine
      The March issue of Guitar One has a nice picture of Joe in it, and any beginner guitarists who don't know the intro to "Walk This Way" can find the tab in there too.

  • Boston Globe
      The following was in today's Boston Globe, p. F16,
      in Rock Notes by Steve Morse, who's written about
      the guys many times before, and likes them.

      It was only three years ago that Aerosmith had a falling out with Boston-based manager Tim Collins--and now comes the firing of Collins's successor, New York -based Wendy Laister. She has not commented, but a woman at her office says Laister was "taken completely by surprise". The band's PR person, Luke Burland of the KSA Agency, then resigned, partly because she's a friend of Laister and found it "unbelieveable" that Laister could be fired.

      An aide with the band says the group wanted a manager who "could take them to the next level", but after a year in which Aerosmith performed at the Grammys and the Oscars, had its first No. 1 single, and sold every ticket in sight, what is the next level?

      "The next level is down", says one industry observer.

      A source confirms that Aerosmith is signing with HK Management in Los Angeles, a goliath that also manages Jimmy Buffett, Mick Jagger, Steely Dan, Lenny Kravitz, Boston, Stevie Nicks, Fiona Apple, Dan Fogelberg, and Chicago. HK, named for Howard Kaufman, is big and well-respected, but Aerosmith is used to a manager who only works for it (neither Collins nor Laister had other clients). On the bright side for fans: Look for Aerosmith to play an area date this summer.

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