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News as of February 28, 1999
  • Mia Tyler Article in USA Weekend
      There was a one page article about Mia in USA Weekend...


      Before you ever again step on the bathroom scale, Mia Tyler suggests you put your foot down. "People need to stop weighing themselves," says the plus size model and actress. "Throw out those scales! Go to the doctors once a year for a checkup and get your weight then. Don't do it every day."

      A daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and half sister of actress Liv Tyler, Mia advocates healthy eating and exercise, but she is fed up with the nations obsession with weighty matters. At 5 feet 7 inches and 145 pounds (a size 10/12), she says she is happy with her body. The average American women wears a size 12 or larger, so there is a growing demand for plus size beauties such as Tyler, 20, who models for clothier Lane Bryant. "I'm the real deal," she says. "People respect that."

      Q: Do you feel like a role model for larger girls?

      A: When I was a kid, there weren't plump models. I didn't think, "Why aren't there women in magazines who look like me?" But some people need role models and I understand that.

      Q: At age 13 you went to camp for overweight kids. Did you lose weight?

      A: Yeah, 30 pounds in six weeks. They worked the kids so hard there. It was like a school day. Each hour was another sport. They fed you the smallest portions and you couldn't get seconds. When I got out, I craved candy bars, peanut butter. I gained back all the weight I lost, plus 10 pounds. I wouldn't recommend that.

      Q: Your mother Cyrinda Foxe, was a model. Has she given you any modeling tips?

      A: She told me, "Keep your chin up, wear nude underwear and work your eyes." Everyone tells me I have great eyes, so I should work them. What's that mean? Work them how? I don't get it. So I just open my eyes a little more.

      Q: What's one plus side to being plus-size?

      A: All my guy friends, they love plumper women. They all say, "You've got to hook me up with your (plus-size) model friends." A lot of guys like healthy girls with a little meat on there bones. (Tyler is currently unattached.)

      Q: So is your dad, who's now 50 years old, still wild as all the stories we've heard?

      A: He's a different man now. He's got two little kids. He's a family man. Then he puts on his tights and makeup and goes on stage. He's totally cute, like a little boy in an old man's skin. I can see him rocking out when he's 80, with scarves tied around his walker. I hope that's what I'll be like when I'm older.

  • Joe Perry Quote
      When asked how it felt to win amidst all the women at the Grammy's, Joe Perry joked, "I don't know about you, but for us this is nothing new. We discovered women a long time ago."

News as of February 27, 1999
  • People Magazine
      There is a picture of Steven, Mia and Chelsea in the new issue of People Mag. Page 16 (with Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston)

  • Some Quotes....
      When Steven Tyler, was asked if they planned to record another Dianne Warren-penned song, he said "I think we've sold out enough on that one". (Talking about "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing")

      On the Today Show there was a short clip of them asking some of the stars what they thought about women dominating the Grammys and Steven said "it was great, after all, women have raised America" or something like that.

  • More on the Grammys
      Tina Hayes Reports: (Sorry i forgot to put this up last time)
      on the Rosie O'Donnell Show they showed two clips of Steven Tyler, and a picture of him posing with her friend Jeannie Weenie. She said that the entire Aerosmith soundboard went down and that none of the musicians could hear through the earpeices.

  • U.S. Billboard Top 250 Album Charts
      Here's an Update on where Aerosmith related Albums stands
      on Next week's U.S. Billboard top 250 album charts:

      the "Armageddon" soundtrack fell 8 points from last week
      to end up at #61 [Now, in it's 35th week on the charts!]

      "A Little South Of Sanity" climbed 10 points this week
      to end up at #171! [Now, in it's 17th week on the charts!]

      Also... "Big Ones" has re-entered the charts at #241!

News as of February 25, 1999
  • The Grammy Awards
      Scott Swinsburg and Reports:
      Congrats to the boyz for winning the grammy for
      "Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal" for "Pink"!!!

      Another Aero-Related award was also won. It was for
      "Best Musical Album For Children" for "Elmopalooza!"
      which of course features Steven Tyler on "I Love Trash."

      Aerosmith also performed "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" Live!
      Unfortunately Steven's ear monitor didn't work. He did not know when to start 'cause he could not hear the orchestra and fucked up the beginning of the song. He Started the song from the line.."While you are sleeping". Also... After the song was over Joe ripped into the riff for "Walk This Way." Cool!!

      And...if you didn't know here's to who the other awards Aerosmith was nominated for went to: Madonna's "Ray Of Light" beat out Aerosmith's "Pink" for "Best Short Form Music Video." The Brian Stezer Orchestra's "Jump Jive An' Wail" beat out Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" for "Best Pop Performance, Duo Or Group With Vocal." James Horner & Will Jennings's "My Heart Will Go On" beat out Diane Warren's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" for "Song Of The Year." And...James Horner & Will Jennings's "My Heart Will Go On" beat out Diane Warren's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" for "Best Song Written For A Motion Picture Or For Television."

  • The Oscar Awards
      Aerosmith will Perform on the Oscar Awards

  • An Aerosmith Ride at Disney World
      on the E! pre Grammy show Joe Perry said the next project is
      an Aerosmith ride at DisneyWorld!

      According to a man who work there, there is a rumor that a new ride, scheduled to open up this summer, or early fall at Disney MGM-Studios, called "Rocking Roller Coaster" might feature a real band and Aerosmith is the band they are trying to work something out with. The cars in the ride are going to be shaped like stretch limos and rock music will play through out the ride. the whole theme is that you are going with a band to a recording session. its a fast ride, and there are several loops involved. its also going to involve tunnels and whatnot.

  • American Edition on CNN
      On American Edition on CNN they showed a 5 second clip of the IDWTMAT Grammy performance, and then had a 5 second interview with the band - Joe said 'It's pretty heavy out there you know. I mean you look at the front row and you see Sting and Eric Clapton.'

  • Howard Stern - Grammys Reports:
      Howard Stern was brutally bashing the Grammys this morning. Except for Aerosmith. He said he loves them and that they looked and sounded great. He was saying some funny stuff (in Howard's sick sense of humor) like when he mentioned Steven pulling out his ear piece and how "Joe just stands there like a wall". "There could be a nuclear bomb and Joe wouldn't move to help Steven"
      Then he played parts of their performance and said "Robin, your eyes are glazing over, you love that romantic stuff don't you?" "You'd bend WAY over for Steven Tyler" Then he was imitating Robin saying "Steven, am I bent over enough?"

News as of February 24, 1999
  • Steven Tyler's High School Picture on TV!
      Paul Conlon Reports:
      The TV show "Extra" showed a picture of Steven from his high school years. They said he was voted "Most talented sophomore". They also showed recent pics of him with his daughters, and talked about the grammy nominations.

  • Paul Anka puts himself in the same class with Aerosmith.
      This was found at

      Anka never a passing fad

      GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) -- Paul Anka puts himself in the same class with Aerosmith.

      The teen idol of the '50s and early '60s said the hard rockers have staying power -- just like him.

      Other rockers stress "form over content," the 57-year-old Ottawa native said Sunday. "They are actually manufactured entertainment groups. They are a product of technology. What you are listening to is technology."

      But not Aerosmith, he said, and certainly not himself. He and the '70s band have sustained their appeal by sticking to their roots and hard work.

      "I stay true to what I do," Anka said. "I have never gotten into current fads. If you keep your integrity and try to keep your performance level up, you have a chance to keep your audience -- if they think you are human and not some passing fad."

News as of February 23, 1999
  • Happy Birthday Brad!
      It's Our Favorite Guitarist Brad Whitford's 47th Birthday today!
      Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  • The New Version of Nine Lives!
      Bianca van Willigenburg Reports:
      The new version of Nine Lives that includes I Don't Want To Miss A Thing is avalible now! It's got the new cover, the sticker says that it includes the new single Full Circle and the other singles, Pink, Hole In My Soul and Falling in Love. On the back, in the middle circle, the picture of the band where Steven is "hanging" between 2 walls and the other members are standing behind him, can now be seen.

News as of February 22, 1999
  • Grammy Related Shows on TV! - With Aerosmith ?
      Here's a listing of Grammy related programming this week.
      Plus be sure to keep an eye on all the Entertainment shows this week
      (Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, E! News, CNN Showbiz)
      for Grammy coverage that if you're lucky will include some Aerosmith.

      Tuesday, February 23
      MTV, Grammy Preview, 9 pm

      Wednesday, February 24
      MTV - Grammy Preview - 11 am
      VH1 - Aerosmith Video Timeline - 11 am
      E! - The Sound Of The Grammys - 5 pm
      E! - Grammy Pre-show - 6 pm (2 hrs)
      MTV - Backstage At The Grammys - 7 pm
      VH1 - Grammy Pre-show - 7 pm
      CBS - Grammy Preview - 7:30 pm
      CBS - Grammy Broadcast - 8 pm
      VH1 - Grammy Post-show - 11 pm

      Thursday, February 25
      E! - Grammy Awards Pre-show (repeat) - 6 am
      VH1 - Grammy Awards Post-show (repeat) 9:30 am, 5 pm

      Saturday, February 27
      VH1 - Grammy Award Post-show 11 am, 7 pm

      * All times are Eastern/Pacific

News as of February 20, 1999
  • Video for Full Circle

  • Steven's Knee is getting better
      Steven Tyler has been resting his knee so he can avoid more surgery and Steven's doctors are pleased with his progress.

  • The Bob Marley Tribute Album
      As i reported earlier Steven and Joe were invited to be part of a Bob Marley tribute album And In mid-January Steven and Damian Marley set up in Joe's studio so Steven could lay down some vocals for the CD "Roots Rock And Reggae" due out this summer!

  • Boston Music Awards
      Here are the awards Aerosmith are nominated for
      at the 12th Annual Kahlua Boston Music Awards,
      held April 22 at the Orpheum Theater in Boston:

      Act of the Year
      Paula Cole
      Jo Dee Messina
      The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
      Rob Zombie

      Rock Band
      Buffalo Tom
      Letters to Cleo
      The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

  • Just something i thought might be fun to know
      Steven and Joe had the opportunity to play secret agent in Washington D.C. recently. They toured the Secret Service Agency, rode in limos and took part in a paintball battle.

News as of February 19, 1999
  • Steven and Monster Trucks
      Information found on
      Providence, RI- Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler recently made a surprise appearance at PACE's Providence Monster Jam. Tyler treated his son to the Saturday Afternoon performance as a birthday gift. Afterwards PACE Motorsports staff gave Tyler and his son a guided tour through the pits.

News as of February 16, 1999
  • Mia Tyler on TV Reports:
      Mia was on Howie Mandel this morning (ABC network).
      Howie told her that he was a "big fan of your dad's"!
      She talked about being a plus-sized model for Lane Bryant, her upbringing w/Steven, how she was embarrassed when she was younger by Steven "wearing makeup and women's clothing," hanging out at Studio 54 with Cyrinda when she was just three, and how her and Liv met. They did show a shot of Steven, and a live shot of the band on stage.

  • Aerosmith at Disney World Story
      An insider reports:
      When the boys went to florida to watch the John Glenn thingie, they were staying at Disney World. Now I was down in Florida working there, and what do I hear? That the band members of Aerosmith were staying at Disney's Yacht and Beach Club. They were staying in a suite that goes for around 400 a night. My roommate is a lifeguard there, and he saw Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. It turns out the they bought food for all of the lifeguards at the end of their stay. So of course I risk my job, and I go to the resort. I hung out there forever, and no luck, 4 of my friends saw ST, JP, and my next door neighbor said she saw Joey Kramer. Steven went to see a show called Fantasmic! and bought an ITZAKADOOZIE ice pop. I know this because my friend Erin sells them there, and she is the one who sold it to him. So, of course I snoop around more, and I find out this info: Steven Tyler was there from October 30-November 1, 1998. He had 6 people in his party, he had a private tour guide, and was given a PEP. (Priority Entrance Pass- him and his party didnt have to wait on any lines). Brad Whitford was there from October 27-November 3rd. He also had 6 people in his party, and he had a private tour guide (a different one than tyler) and was given a PEP. The other band members had left prior to Sunday November 1st.
      I just thought this was kind of neat to know.

News as of February 14, 1999
  • Full Circle - the Next Single?
      Clive D. Newton Reports:
      Whilst UK will be in the Pink as to say, most of the rest of Europe will be getting the single Full Circle. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to say too much, but it will be getting the normal single promotion. That's all I will say. I haven't heard of the full tracks listing for the single but info as follows:

      Released in Austria on March 22 (COL 665525-2)

  • Aerosmith to Scandinavia
      Aerosmith will play on "Midtfyns festival" in Midtfyn, Denmark
      this Summer on July 7-11. For more information visit:
      I Still hope they will visit Sweden but if not i hope i'll be able to go to this Festival.

News as of February 13, 1999
  • Even More versions of I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
      Tanya Reports:
      I came across a version of IDWTMAT that I haven't heard of before.
      It is called "Pop and Club Mixes" by Angels In Action.
      On side A is "Exacto Mix" and on side B is "Euro House".
      It is produced by Guns 4 Hire.

News as of February 10, 1999
    Celebrity Deathmatch Round 2 Cover
  • Celebrity Deathmatch Round 2
      Yesterday [Tuesday, February 9th] MTV Home Videos released "Celebrity Deathmatch Round 2." This Video includes the Steven Tyler vs. Mick Jagger match in which Steven lost.
      The Price, at Sony Music's Online store, is $12.98

      Includes claymation representations of the following:
      David Letterman vs. Jay Leno
      Leonardo DiCaprio vs. Jack Nicholson
      Steven Tyler vs. Mick Jagger
      Bill Gates vs. Michael Flatley
      Christopher Walken vs. Gary Oldman
      Loch Ness Monster vs. Big Foot
      Plus clay cameos by: Johnny Carson, Liv Tyler, Sean Connery, Don King, Ed McMahon, Fran Drescher, Carrot Top, Pauly Shore, and Mike Tyson with clay commentator WWF's Stone Cold Steve Austin!

  • Grammy Awards TV ad
      BOB Reports:
      I saw a TV ad for the Grammys that featured only Aerosmith.
      That part was cool but the main part of rhe ad was a blonde driving
      down the road TRYING to sing to IDWTMAT. She totally fucked it up.

News as of February 9, 1999
  • Oscar Awards And Claud Seldin Reports:
      Here are the nominees for Best Original Song from a movie for the Academy Awards, meaning these 5 songs will be performed at the telecast live on March 21st, 1999.....

      Original Song
      "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from ARMAGEDDON
      "The Prayer" from QUEST FOR CAMELOT
      "A Soft Place to Fall" from THE HORSE WHISPERER
      "That'll Do" from BABE: PIG IN THE CITY
      "When You Believe" from THE PRINCE OF EGYPT

      Armageddon has also been nominated for the following categories:
      -Sound Effects Editing
      -Visual Effects

  • UK Release #1 - The Making of Pump
      Clive D. Newton Reports:
      The Making of Pump will be released on DVD on March 1st
      according to Sony UK. It's been out in the USA for a while.

  • UK Release #2 - Nine Lives
      Clive D. Newton Reports:
      The re-release of Nine Lives in the UK happens March 1st. It will include the hit single I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. It will feature a new CD cover - that of the cat on the spinning wheel. This CD artwork has been used in the USA since Autumn 97 when Sony changed the USA releases due to offending Hindu community with the original cover.

  • UK Release #3 - Armageddon Video
      Clive D. Newton Reports:
      The Armageddeon video became available on Rental this week (Feb 8th) in the UK. In the USA, the film has been available to buy as a video since Nov 98 (on NTSC including the IDWTMAT video at the end).

  • UK Release #4 - Pink Single
      Clive D. Newton Reports:
      To ensure they keep Aerosmith it the spotlight during 1999, Sony have decided to re-release Pink on March 8th. No details at date whether the format will be different to that of the release in 1998.

  • Inside Track - Boston Herald
      From today's Boston Herald, Inside Track section:

      So what has Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler been doing since the boys went off the road last month? Let's see: He's been spotted in the Souper Salad at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, chowing down and handing out autographs. Then on Super Bowl Sunday, we had a Steven sighting - with Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton - at the Alley Kat Lanes in Kingston, where the Bad Boys were bowling before the big game. And then we hear Tyler and wife Teresa took in Neiman Marcus' Last Call sale over the weekend. Well, don't we all just love a bargain???

News as of February 6, 1999
  • Steven Tyler Interview
      Michael Van Vleet, Contributing Editor of Yack!, Told me:
      Steven Tyler has an online Interview coming up next Monday, Feb. 8th.
      All the information on it can be found at

      Here's the information you will find there:
      Channel: Rolling Stone Network
      Date: Feb 8 1999
      Start Time: 5:00 PM(PST)
      Duration: 1:00 Hr.
      Moderated: No
      Admission: Free
      Frequency: Special Event
      Chat Type: Cybercast
      Software needed: Real Player

  • Rolling Stone
      In The new issue of Rolling Stone (2/18/99)
      Nine Lives is at #18 on it's Readers Top 20 list!!!

  • Woodstock '99
      Woodstock '99, which is to celebrate the 30th anniversary
      of the famed 1969 music festival, will take place on
      July 23, 24, and 25 in Rome, New York and
      the European version, in Wiener Neustadt, Austria on July 16-18.

      This far, virtually every A-list music act has been asked to
      perform at one or both Woodstocks, including Aerosmith

      Other's who has been asked include: Page/Plant, Marilyn Manson, Guns n' Roses, Nine Inch Nails, and Pearl Jam. Metallica, Iggy Pop, Skunk Anansie, Anouk and Faithless are all confirmed to play at least the Vienna version.

  • U.S. Billboard top 250 Album charts
      Here's an Update on where Aerosmith related Albums stands
      on Next week's U.S. Billboard top 250 album charts:

      the "Armageddon" soundtrack fell 4 points from last week
      to end up at #49 [Now, in it's 32nd week on the charts!]

      And "A Little South Of Sanity" has fallen another 18 points from
      last week to end up at #183. [Now, in it's 15th week on the charts!]

News as of February 4, 1999
  • The Grammy Awards, or Chris, and Rhonda Patterson Reports:
      Aerosmith Will Perform I Don't Want To Miss A Thing at
      The 41st Annual Grammy Awards (on February 24th, 1999)

  • VH1 - Behind the Music, or Chris, Also told me this:
      VH1 will air a 2 part "Behind The Music" special
      on Aerosmith in the upcoming months!!!

  • Superbowl of Rock - Again
      After my last post i got 2 e-mails, from Joshua Morrell and Lisa, where they told me this:
      On the Radio station WBLM in Portland, ME, There was also a "Superbowl of Rock". Aerosmith beat George Thorogood in first round, then the Eagles, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, and in the Finals they won over The Doors. The listeners were then treated to a whole hour of Aerosmith tunes!.

News as of February 2, 1999
  • Aerosmith Video Timeline
      Yesterday i posted about the VH1 show titled Video Timeline.
      After that i got a lot of e-mails telling me when they will air.
      (Thanks, everybody who wrote and told me)
      Anyway, here are the dates and times (EST)

      Feb. 10 - 10:30 pm and 12 midnight
      Feb. 11 - 1:00 pm
      Feb. 13 - 11:00 am and 7:30 pm

  • Armageddon DVD
      Betsy Reports:
      The Special edition, 2 DVD Set, Armageddon release called "Armageddon The Criterion Collection" will include some Aerosmith!!
      The first disk will have the special wide screen director's cut of the movie. And The second disk will have outtakes of the movie, scenes from the wrap party, the video for "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and an interview with Aerosmith!!

      The release date of "Armegeddon The Criterion Collection" is March 16.
      (This is not the original DVD that I think already is out.)

  • Superbowl of Rock
      Wing'd Azrielen Reports:
      The radio station WIYY, or 98 Rock, in Baltimore, Maryland, does this "Superbowl of Rock" thing every year around Superbowl time. They pit bands against each other, letting listeners vote, until only 5 are left. Then the five go head to head to determine the champion. In the first rounds, Aerosmith beat down ZZ Top, then they moved on to beat Alice In Chains. At the end they came in third, beat by Metallica at #1 and Led Zeppelin at #2, but winning over Van Halen and Ozzy Osbourne!

News as of February 1, 1999
  • Jamal Anderson from the Atlanta Falcons
      Lilly Shibata-Salley Reports:
      Jamal Anderson from the Atlanta Falcons made this comment on TV: "made me feel like I was Aerosmith" when they went to a shopping mall and everyone was screaming and wanting their autographs.

  • Aerosmith on VH1's "Video Timeline"
      plumcrzy ( Reports:
      VH1 has a show called "Video Timeline", a half hour show that plays Wednesday nights. And it's going to feature Aerosmith in one of them.
      On the VH1 webpage it shows they play two episodes but only goes as far as next week and the boyz aren't listed....YET!

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