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News as of March 31, 2001
  • Aerosmith on the cover of Rolling Stone
      The latest issue of Rolling Stone has Steven and Joe are on the cover!!!! There is a long article about them and lots of pics from the 70's. Also, there is a 2 page centerfold of the whole band!

      Rolling Stone cover

      I've been told this issue is the April 26 issue. The issue number of Rolling Stone is supposed to be 867

  • Aerosmith on the cover of Dutch magazine Aloha
      Joe and Steven are on the cover of the Dutch-magazine "Aloha", the april-issue. Inside is a 9 page interview with a couple of 70's, 80's and 90's pics. There is a 80's pic of Steven with John Kalodner and one 70's pic of Tom, Steven and Joe in a restaurant...

  • News from Japan
      As expected, Aerosmith came to Japan on the 28th and performed on a TV program called 'Music Station Special' They played 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' and 'Jaded'.

  • More Updates From Fans Rule
      We don't want to change a great fan club. We just want to enhance the service. Priority seating, Frequent Flyer Miles and all other Perks still apply. As a peace offering, we're giving everyone 1,000 Frequent Flyer Miles with their renewal.

      I've answered your questions in green. And, anybody with any questions can drop me an email -

      Jodi Summers
      Content Director

      hey still want to know how often your aero newsletters will be issued.

      >>>>>>Quarterly. Anyone with a good Aerosmith story, send it to me -

      I have recieved a few ?'s about how the club will work of our international fans(ie:Europe,South America,Japan, Canada).

      >>>>>>>still working out the details. Have already started figuring out with one European country. I assume the rest will soon follow. Anyone in those countries interested in helping to power that country's AeroForce1 fan club - please contact me -

      ANother would like to know if you are going ot offer travel packages SEPERATELY from Meet and Greets? Some would love to meet the band but cant afford a Travel Package.

      >>>>>>>We're going to offer contests with passes as prizes, and if you get involved with the AeroForce1 / FansRULE Street Team

      Another big concern alot have is about the old af1 text chat we had. A few days ago the AF1 chat was pulled without any warning. The chat server people at intercommunicate, were nice enough to set us up with a temporary Chat room till things calm down a bit. Alot of people would like for you to still use this chat program for us. Alot of people cannot support aero and we all have become a family,all be it disfunctional LOL, in AF1 chat. The few days it was down everyone was scrambling to try and find a place to text chat. I do know that sooner or later intercommunicate will have to pull the temp chat room, buy maybe Fans Rule will pic it up for us again. he is there web site. and and this id the enterance to our temp chat there

      >>>>>>>We're working on a solution at the moment.

      The AeroForceOne website will be up and running next week. In the meantime, you can renew your membership by faxing your order to 1-203-483-2845 or emailing you request to (though, we will not be handling these orders until sometime next week.)

  • Aerosmith on MTV Brazil
      Yesteray "Jaded" was #1 on Disk MTV(daily top 10) in Brazil and also #1 on the Top20 of MTV Latino.

News as of March 29, 2001
  • Aerosmith in Japan
      Fairly quiet on the Aerosmith front. They arrived in Tokyo on March 28th and apparently there until April 5th. According to Bon Jovi fan sources, Tyler and Perry were seen at the Bon Jovi's 2nd night concert at the Yokohama Arena (hard to believe those amazing Yokohama sets were 3 years ago this month).

  • Billboard Charts
      Just Push Play is #5 on the Billboard Charts this week selling 102,000 copies. So, Aerosmith's grand total after 3 weeks is... 467,000 copies sold.

      Jaded continues to climb on the Billboard charts, reaching #7 in it's 11th week on the charts.

      More good Billboard News.....
      On the Hot 100 Singles Chart Jaded moves up two spots to number 7.
      On the Adult Top 40 Chart Jaded moves up one spot to 8.
      On the Billboard Album Chart Just Push Play drops two spots to 5.
      On the Pop Catalog Chart Greatest Hits moves up eight spots to 8 and Big Ones holds steady at 9.

  • Fanclub Info
      Per a posting in the AF1 board, the new address, phone numbers are:

      P.O. Box 679
      Bradford, CT 06405

      Phone (203) 483-2843
      Fax (203) 483-2845

      According to a person who called the number the new fan club management will be run by a Co called Fans Rule/Fan Emporium. They have a web site at
      From what i see on the web site, about the Levels of memebership, they have 3 levels. The prices for one year of membership are, 14.95 for silver, 25.00 for Gold, & 35.00 for platinum. The Platinum is the only level that you can get the preferred seating at shows.

      The following was posted on one of the mailinglists I'm on...

      Ok i talked to one of the Managers at Fans Rule. She called me back. They are getting flooded with phone calls from aero fans leaving messages. So I am going to be posting INFO for everyone here and on the mailing lists Per their request. Ok so here is some of the info i have so far. They will have the new Aerosmith fan club web site up and running in the next 2 weeks or so. They tailor their services and member benefits per the request of the bands. For now all the member benefits that we had with AF1 will stay in place. The prefered seating will stay the same, the band requests the fan club seating from each venue in their contracts. So unless the band changes what rows they request for the fan club, we will still get the best seats. The membership list from AF1 WILL be tranfered over to Fans Rule. All of us will retain our senority. They are working on the layout and the graphics for the new newsletters. If you have af1 frequent flyer miles, they will transfer over to Fans Rule as well. They will also still have travel packages. They are trying to work the details for them out now. They would like to be able to include a discounted air fare in their travel packages. All the merchandise for aero , that Af1 still has left will be transfered to them. They will be having new merchandise as well. Well that is the info i have for you now.

  • Aero mention / Alexandra Holden
      From the April 2001 edition of FHM (For Him Magazine):

      Alexandra's first run-in with fame was something of a letdown. "I'd just finished filming the video for 'Hole In My Soul', she explains, referring to the 1998 Aerosmith video in which she played a sexy scientist, " but they shot their stuff in New York and I did my little acting part in L.A.. So I didn't get to meet them until they invited me to a show. I'm all excited, like, 'Yeah, rock concert, backstage - sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll! Let's go!'. I get back there and Steven Tyler and his wife are playing Candyland with their little daughter. I was 20 years too late."

  • Holographic cover version of Just Push Play
      I've been told that you can now order a special version of JPP with a holographic cover in Holland. It's an import and it costs ƒ52,- (52 guilders), which is about $20. Since it's an import it should be available in other countries aswell...

  • Spanish mag
      Steven and Liv are on the cover of the spanish Rolling Stone

  • More Aerosmith news from Canada
      Here's some more Aerosmith news from Canada:

      "Just Push Play" is at #5 on the Canadian album charts (SoundScan)

      "Jaded" is the #1 single in Canada for radio airplay (SoundScan)

      The "Jaded" Video is at #15 on MuchMusic's weekly countdown

      and the video's also at #9 on MuchMoreMusic's weekly countdown


      Also, from Access Hollywood, an American syndicated entertainment news program, there's a poll asking "Which touring bands/shows are you most excited about seeing?"

      As of this afternoon, Aerosmith was in the lead with 32.3%. The next closest band was U2 with 28.4%...

News as of March 28, 2001
  • Adam Bomb (Aero-related)
      Fatal Attraction is being re-released by Metal Mayhem Music something in Spring with 4 additional bonus tracks. This album was released on Geffen Records in 1985. Jimmy Crespo (the guitarist on RIAHP) was a member of the band Adam Bomb and plays guitar on the album.

  • Magazines
      In this months Revolver there's a four page article about Aerosmith. Mostly pictures.
      In this months Rolling Stone there's a one page article about Aerosmith. It has a picture of Joe and Steven in the Boneyard studio. Very cool. Joe's gun collection is also on the picture. The walls are full of wood.

News as of March 27, 2001
  • Aerosmith #1 (MTV Latin and radio in Toronto)
      Aerosmith is at #1 with the "Jaded" video in the "MTV TOP 20" of this week in latin america (MTV Latino Sur).

      ...and some Aerosmith news from Toronto, Canada...

      On Toronto's two most listened to radio stations, Mix 99.9 fm and 104.5 Chum fm, Aerosmith's "Jaded" has secured the #1 position for the respective weekly countdowns.
      Check out the following links to the radio stations... --> look under Top 20 Countdown --> Listener Top 30 - Full Chart

  • Dutch Charts
      This is a summary of the chart position of Jaded in The Netherlands. It's in the charts for fourth week now. In the week of 10-16 March Jaded was at number 33, the next week at number 21, then at number 17 and this week it's at number 19.

  • More news on Aero in Munich
      22 march
      They arrived in Munich, went to see Run dmc in concert but just stayed a couple of minutes "just the time to park the car and they asked to leave the venue"(!)

      23 march
      1pm competition winners leave the hotel for TV studios

      1.30 to 5pm: Made us wait at the bar then rehearsals without the band,it was terribly hot under the lights

      5pm all five members arrive in the studio for recording that last about 1 hour in about 4 sessions of 15 min. Questions asked by fans to the band but we didn't choose them(the mtv saff did)They were stoopid questions like:
      What is an Aerosmith?
      Who is the best cooker in the band? (or something as stoopid)
      Do you compose lyrics or music first?
      If you were the president of the USA what would you change?
      ....and so on

      A press conference took place in a nearby studio for the press

      Then Sony germany try to orgasize a photo session with us with groups of 20 people for a collective picture. Just the first group make it, it seems that the band didn't want to go any further so the security was told to kick us back to the bar which they did pretty well. At this point things started to getting pretty ugly between fans and security as those bastards from security were pushing us outside and record executive trying to calm things down and telling them not to touch us.
      We left the studio to go back to the hotel

      24 march
      Band did interviews all afternoon and left their hotel for the sound check at the "Babylon"(the capacity is closer to 1500 people,certainly not 800 as i've seen it written)

      6pm competition winners left the hotel for the venue around 7.30pm LIVING END performed their set

      around 9pm AEROSMITH on stage for 80 min,13 songs,only Jaded from the new cd because they have never rehearse the other songs.FANTASTIC SHOW.Set list as mention on your web site)

      Some members or all of them (i don't know) went to see a boxing fight in Munich(don't ask me who were the boxers i don't know) and went to a restaurant

      Around midnight each member of the band came back at their hotel(steven first) with sony germany staff.

      25 march
      Competition winners left for the airport to go back to their respective countries. There were french(ouifm), Italiens, english, germans,Israeliens, danish, swiss,...
      MTV competition winners were given a t shirt and a Bottle with the Aerosmith logo.

      25-26 march
      Band still in Munich ( for more interviews?)

      27 march
      Band is leaving Munich today for japan(?)

      That was a great week-end even if the TV show was really crap but seeing them face to face for a hour was really amazing.
      There is no way that they're coming to europe this summer ( but you know that already)
      They want to concentrate the promotion mainly in the states that's why they've cancelled last month european promotionnal tour( they were supposed to do a few TV shows in Paris including a 3-4 songs set on the tv show NPA on CANAL PLUS (

  • Article from

      Aerosmith - still rock solid
      by Pete Clark

      As I step over the threshold of the Munich hotel room containing Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, the overwhelming feeling is that I've died and gone to rock 'n' roll heaven, if such a place could ever be located in Germany. The windows are covered with materials of Eastern origin, the air is richly perfumed by an array of fat candles, whose mild flickerings contribute to the crepuscular atmosphere. If this gives the impression that Steve and Joe are somehow dead, then that could not be further from the truth, although it could fairly be said that they have done their time in hell. The band of which they are lungs and muscle, Aerosmith, are flying on the dizzy bit of the roller coaster once again. They have a hit record, Just Push Play, to talk about and a bottomless stash of rock 'n' roll tales to tell. In that mystifying way that brooks no easy explanation, the years have treated them kindly: whip thin and unblemished of visage, Tyler and Perry are possibly the first people to have reversed time on passing 50.

      Tyler is a study in animation, his face an artful combination of grin and bones that brings to mind a picture of Mick Jagger overlaid with one of Tina Turner, while his skimpy shirt is artfully slit under the armpits, presumably to allow all that nervous energy to escape without hindrance. "It's all about rock 'n' roll," he announces, as if it could possibly be about anything else, "And what rock 'n' roll does for the individual. It makes you feel young, it makes you feel alive, makes you feel like going out and spending money in a club, taking a risk, smoking pot for the first time ... oh yeah, and girls, getting laid." While this is Tyler's take on Aerosmith's Faustian pact, Perry, the eternal musician, has his own explanations of why age does not weary them. "For us, it's like it was on the early records. There wasn't the money then or the interest from anybody. We were just desperate to get near a recording studio. We came up with the energy and drive and vision, and that was very much the thing with the new record."

      Whatever the merit and demerits of Aerosmith's long career - now into its fourth decade - the establishment has finally taken them to its bosom, warts 'n' all. The band was recently inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, where they may rub starry shoulders with their almost exclusively British heroes like the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin. "It's exciting," insists Tyler, "it's exciting to be on that ride, to come to England and play places we've never played before, to take a chance. If you rest on your laurels, you become like every other band out there that's got a million bucks and is now on VH-1's Where Are They Now?. That's not Aerosmith, what's that all about? You know, 'And Joe's happy with his family raising hogs in Sussex'. Oh, please, is that what he got into it for? So he can try to bullshit the world that he's happy? What the motherf*** was he in a band for? All these guys, it just makes you think, if you're happy now, what the f*** were you doing back then? Oh, what do I know? For them that may be OK, but there's so much we haven't done."

      There is also much they have done, for Aerosmith are one of the biggest bands on the planet. They have experienced life on the pedestal as well as seeing more dirty washing whirling around than the average laundrette. They have achieved a burnished glamour that attracts young fans as well as diehards - witness a clearly delighted Britney Spears duetting with Tyler at the recent Superbowl in Tampa this January. I wondered what their feelings were about being condemned to be famous. "I was talking to the rest of the band last week before we got inducted, and it was interesting to hear everybody's point of view about what this meant. I don't think any of us think about the big stars that we are - certainly, for myself, it hasn't hit," claims the rock star with the film-star daughter (Liv Tyler), "although my wife tells me every now and then that I'm an egomaniac ..." "You'd be that way no matter what," interrupts Perry. "Every band, if they are fortunate, goes through a period when they are the bright young things and everybody's pounding the doors down. After that, being famous is something you just get used to. Turning on the TV and seeing ourselves, I guess we're pretty jaded about that."

      At least these days the TV is turned on rather than trashed. Tyler and Perry are the most famously cleaned-up duo in the history of modern narcotics. They look out on a whole bright new world, I suggest, where the big picture is steady once again, and the details are in focus. "After having it all and losing it all, we do wake up appreciating what we've got," admits Perry. "We did take it for granted very quickly in the Seventies, we figured that nothing was going to take it away from us. Then our shows stopped being great and our records as well, and so the fans stopped paying attention. We don't take it for granted any more." Tyler chips in, restless with enthusiasm. "When I was a kid, you watched bands grow, the Kinks and the Animals, and you grew with them, you couldn't wait to hear what they had to say next. And now you've got Liam Gallagher falling off the stage and spitting on his audience and walking off. It's easy to get pissed off and angry and leave. It's harder to stick around, to stay. Next time, the audience won't be there. I'm a big fan and I'm pissed off."

      Perry takes a more positive view, pointing out that Oasis are set to support the Black Crowes on a tour. "Maybe they got tired of sitting around," he muses. "It's really easy to read your press and think you've hung the moon and piss it away. It's easy to get insulated if you've made a bit of money. We made every mistake. The band fell apart, we had the arguments, we had the wives, we had all the excesses, and we were lucky enough to learn from it."

      That night in a small club called Babylon they showed a little of what they'd learned. Aerosmith played a fierce set that proved, even after three years away from a stage, that they are, with due respect to the resting Stones, currently the greatest old-fashioned rock 'n' roll band in the world. The lighters came out, the girls took their tops off, and I pinched a can of tuna from the band's buffet table. It really doesn't get any better.

News as of March 26, 2001
  • Happy Birthday Steven!!!
      It's the Demon Of Screamin's 53rd birthday today! Happy Birthday Steven!

  • Some news from Simon...
      Simon Jones entered a competition on wednesday in which he won a trip to see them in Germany. On Friday they left to go and participated in a 'MTV Presents' show, meet and greet afterwards, and tickets to the gig the next night! It was all expenses paid! He met the band, shook Joe Perry's hand! Got their autographs. But unfortuneately, no cameras were allowed so there weren't any pictures taken, except the official ones, which will be sent to them.

      Aerosmith's marketing manager accompanied them to and from Germany. He was with Sony UK. They were talking, on the plane on the way home and he gave him some amazing info on the near future for aerosmith in the world.

      * have not performed a gig or REHEARSED properly for 15 months now, and they did not rehearse for the gig on Saturday. They hadn't planned to do any encores, they played them on the spot.( by the way there were 2 takes for come together, they got it wrong!)

      * after Germany they will go to Japan to promote the album and rehearse for the world tour

      * The reason they only played one song from the new album at the gig, was because they have never rehearsed them.

      * The SUMMER world tour will start around June. Almost all of it will be in America and not in any other continents. Support Acts have yet to be confirmed. They are defineatly NOT touring with AC/DC! :-(

      * Touring for the UK and Europe will happen, but almost definately in January or February. If things go to plan Tickets will go on sale in the summer.

      * they were originally going to play in London on the weekend, but due to the simple fact that it would be easier to hold it in Munich.

      * The next singles that they will be releasing from the new album, is Track 4 'Fly Away From Here' around early middle summer time. And The next one is that the guys would love to release 'Just Push Play' around Christmas time.

  • German Magazine Alerts
      Metal Heart 4/01 - 2 pages
      Musikexpress 4/01 - 4 pages
      Metal Hammer 4/01 - 3 pages
      Rockhard 4/01 - 3 pages

  • Article from



      AFTER surviving three decades with rock giants Aerosmith, singer Steve Tyler should be used to emotional turmoil.

      During his years of stardom, he has survived drug and drink addiction, gruelling tours and bitter band splits.

      Even that hellish journey could not prepare him for the day he discovered his film star daughter Liv was getting married to Spacehog singer Royston Langdon.

      Stunning Liv, 23 - one of Hollywood's hottest properties thanks to movies such as Armageddon and Stealing Beauty - got engaged to the Leeds-born rocker in February.

      Steve recalls: "I was at home and got this really nervous Royston on the phone saying, 'Steven, I, I, I, I ... ' He was flipping out and stuttering.

      "It was so beautiful because what he was trying to say was, 'I would like to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage'.

      "I asked him if she loved him and if he loved her and he said, 'Yeah I do, very much.'

      "I've known him for a year and they do love each other and that's really what it's all about. It was a great moment for me."

      At one point Steve thought he would never live to see Liv's wedding day.

      Aerosmith became notorious for excess during the Seventies and Eighties, even snorting cocaine off their amplifiers on stage.

      Steve and guitarist Joe Perry frequently came close to death from drug overdoses and ended up being dubbed the Toxic Twins.

      The singer was incapable of being a proper father to Liv and her half-sister Mia - now a 22-year-old model whose mum was Steve's first wife.

      And it was his love for the girls that finally led him to kick the habit.

      Steve, 53 today, and his band have been "clean" for 15 years and never been more popular.

      It was after kicking drugs and signing a £5million record deal in 1985 that Steve felt the time was right to tell eight-year-old Liv that he was her father.

      Liv's mother, rock groupie Bebe Buell, had ditched Steve when she fell pregnant with Liv because of his hellraising. She raised her daughter with another boyfriend, rock star Todd Rundgren, and Todd is even named as Liv's father on the birth certificate.

      But Steve's decision to reveal all to Liv proved to be a turning point in his life. He recalls: "Liv is possibly the biggest reason for me changing the way I lived. She is a dream daughter.

      "When she was very young I wasn't sure whether I was the father but, by the time she was eight, I knew for sure. I saw my features in hers and I cried. I started seeing her a lot and I think her mother had alluded to the fact I was her dad.

      "I just said to her, 'Liv, there's something I want to tell you. I'm your Daddy.' It was one of the most emotional moments of my life and I just stood there crying like a baby while she shouted, 'I knew it, I knew it.'

      "I love her more than anything and have a great relationship with her. We can talk about anything.

      "In a way I am glad I didn't tell her before then, because I wasn't dad material while I was doing all the drugs.

      "I had no money to offer her and I was going through the same thing with my other daughter Mia. I was a drug addict and she would have hated me. It was better that she was not in my life and her mum was taking care of her."

      Steve, who has two children with second wife Teresa who he met in rehab, says: "I'm so happy now Liv and I have a great relationship but I kick myself in the ass every day for not being there for her when she was a baby.

      "I never want to see anyone behave like that as a father - and I know if Royston makes me a grandad he'll be just fine." Now things couldn't be going any better for Liv, her dad and Aerosmith.

      She has a starring role in the upcoming movie of classic fantasy novel Lord Of The Rings and Aerosmith have just released their 21st album, Just Push Play.

      The members of Aerosmith may all be over 50, but their music sounds as fresh as when they started in 1970.

      Steve goes on: "This album is great. We produced it ourselves, which meant we had control and freedom at the same time. "We could do what we wanted with it and not turn around to have somebody playing about with our voices and instruments.

      "The thing is we still love making music and that's a buzz. I think we're better than we've ever been."

      With a fortune that Steve himself estimates at £300million, making albums with Aerosmith is a pleasure rather than an occupation for the vocalist.

      He says: "If Just Push Play flops, it's not going to break the bank for me.

      "But I would like it to do well and I think it will do well. It's a great album."

      Steve scoffs at suggestions that now he is 53 he should be hanging up his microphone.

      He goes on: "We've got more energy now than we've ever had and I personally get a bigger buzz going on stage.

      "You know, I lost about 25 years of my life to drugs and drinking so by rights I should be in my mid-20s now which is how I feel.

      "Aerosmith will keep on rolling until people don't want to buy our records any more. It's as simple as that."

      The rocker, so stoned in the past that roadies had to carry him on stage, adds: "I never used to remember playing live but now when I perform I'm higher than on any drugs. It's the same for the rest of the guys.

      "We've been together for 30 years and some moments have been hell. But we're more than family now, we're stronger."

      Once, Steve would have sneered at pop stars - but Aerosmith performed alongside Britney Spears and 'NSync's Justin Timberlake at America's Super Bowl XXXV in January.

      Steve says: "I think Britney is great - maybe not completely my bag, but what she does is brilliant."

      But the rock legends can still shock. They performed their biggest hit, Walk This Way, at the Super Bowl without telling their clean-living co-stars that the song is about group sex.

      Steve says: "The whole concert seemed like a bad idea at first. It was, like, how can we play with Britney? Our music isn't the same - we're completely different to her.

      "But then, I thought, you can't really pin our music down. We vary a lot.

      "In the old days you had all these different types of music but people now like to pigeonhole things.

      "They think, 'Well, I like this, so I can't like that'. That's wrong. Pop is music, right?

      "It's not really my cup of tea and I don't go out and buy it but my kids love it. When the Spice Girls came out, Liv was way into it.

      "I took her to a concert and thought, 'What am I listening to here?' It was good, I'm a sucker for melody. At the Super Bowl there was something for everybody and I think the very fact that we got to finish it with Walk This Way, where rock meets rap, was a really good experience."

      But despite his new, laid-back lifestyle, Steve showed he is still the rock 'n' roll ladies' man at heart.

      He joked: "It was great for me - Britney and I swopped shirts at the end."

News as of March 25, 2001
  • Setlist from showcase in Munich March 24
      It seems Aerosmith did a showcase in Munich, Germany yesterday! The band played a surprising set (including only one song from the new album) for about 75 minutes in front of the audience of approx. 800 people attending the club 'Babylon'.

      1. Mama Kin
      2. Same Old Song And Dance
      3. Big Ten Inch Record
      4. Chip Away The Stone
      5. One Way Street
      6. I Don`t Want To Miss A Thing
      7. Rattlesnake Shake
      8. Walk This Way
      9. Sweet Emotion
      10. Jaded
      11. Train Kept A Rolling
      12. Come Together
      13. Toys In The Attic

      Tickets went on sale on the same day or were given away on the radio (

  • Great Pictures from Guitar World (thanks Robert)
      Aerosmith Photo #1 Aerosmith Photo #2 Aerosmith Photo #3

  • Billboard Charts
      Jaded is at 9 but it isn't the highest mover as I said (which is Destinys Child which went up from 17 to 7)

      Big Ones is at #9 on the Billboard Pop Catalogue moving up from 23 while Greatest Hits is down to 16 from 9! Aerosmith is the only band with 2 albums in the top 20 for that chart.

  • Slash / Aerosmith video clips

  • Australian article
      From the Hit section of the Herald Sun


      The worst cover art in recent memory might just have kept veteran rock pigs Aerosmith from U.S. no. 1 (see CD review page for evidence). Just Push Play, featuring the single Jaded, debuted at No. 2 behind only-in-America phenomenon the Dave Matthews Band. Just Push Play landed at No. 7 in the U.K. and will hit the local charts next week. The bands Oz record company Sony is hoping to bring Steven Tyler and Joe perry here for promo duties - it would be their first visit since 1989.


      Aerosmith / Just Push Play (Sony)

      Did you see this coming? Aerosmith have their groove back.
      Is it because vocalist Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry have co-produced for the first time? Or is it simply that they've written their strongest collection of sexual innuendo filled songs since Pump?
      Whatever, Just Push Play rocks, stomps, and even does a little Jaimacan toasting (weird) as it turns out to be one hell of a rock album.
      Even better, it is not dependant on power ballads. When it slips into sop (Fly Away From Here), it quickly makes amends with more soulful efforts (Luv Lies, Sunshine).
      These old timers even incorporate some electronica without once getting egg on their faces. Respect.

      The verdict: ****
      In a word: pumped

News as of March 22, 2001
      In this months 'Aardschok' (dutch magazine) there's a four page article about Just Push Play. It features an interview done in February when there was an interview session in Boston for the European Press. The most interesting things were....

      1. Steven: "There were 20 songs recorded for Just Push Play. 8 songs fell off. So the rest of the songs is for B-sides and the next album"
      2. Steven: "First we wanted to name the album 'Avant Gardan', but later it changed to Just Push Play. Don't ask me why, but I think it sounded too much sixties. Too fuckin' green!"
      3. Steven: "The man who drawed the cover, Hajime Sorayama also drawes other cyberpaintings in Playboy and Penthouse."
      4. In July and August they are going to tour through Europe together with AC/DC

      There was also a full page picture of Just Push at page 27. The interview was at page 10 - 14.
      There was a very cool picture at the cover. Here's a scan

      Aardschok no4 April 2001
      Dimmu Borgir (norwegian black metal), Sepultura (brazilian thrash metal), Opeth (swedish proggressive death metal) and Aerosmith - now, that's what I call a cool mix! =)

  • A3?? (from

      A3 Aerosmith All Access
      The Next Level

      A3 Sign up for's exclusive insiders-only service - A3 Aerosmith All Access, and you'll get one year free VIP access to AerosmithWorld, our killer virtual community.

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      * one year full VIP membership to AerosmithWorld

      * more, more, more...

      * e-mail (YOURNAME@AEROSMITH.COM), chat, message boards, instant messaging and more.

  • Billboard hot 100
      According to Billboard, "Jaded" is the BIGGEST chart gainer this week.....jumping from #16 to #9. This chart position mimicks the bands LAST co written top 10 hit (What It Takes #9 in 1990). Hard to tell if it will continue to climb in the next few weeks. We shall see....

  • Billboard's top 200
      In it's second week on the charts Just Push Play came in at #3 (on Billboard's top 200) selling 125,000 copies, coming in behind Shaggy (209,000) and Dave Matthews (199,400).

  • AF1 Update
      Note AF1 have issues an update on the fan club on their newsboard. Reading it, its moving control to someone else who will uphold memberships and benefit.

      Dear Fans,

      Aero Force One is making a move. To all of you and especially those of you who have recently renewed your membership, everything will be honored and processed soon.

      The availability of preferred seating along with all the other services AF1 has provided in the past will continue.

      We would like to assure you that everything will soon be in place and that new contact information for AF1 will be available at, and in the very near future.

      Thank you for your patience.

      We're just making it great!


  • Cyrinda
      This is from today's NY Daily News.

      Tough Times For Tyler's Ex

      This has been quite a week for Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. His band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, he has been all over TV and the group's latest single, "Jaded," looks like a smash.

      For Tyler's former wife, Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler, the week hasn't been so good. The 48-year-old Foxe-Tyler watched her ex cavorting all across the TV dial this week from her Beth Israel hospital bed, where she's recovering from a stroke suffered last week.

      According to Danny Fields, who co-wrote Foxe-Tyler's memoir, "Dream On," the mother of Tyler's plus-size model daughter, Mia, was house-sitting on Staten Island when the stroke came on.

      "She is homeless, she has no visible means of support and now she's in a hospital and partially paralyzed," says Fields. "And aside from Mia, who doesn't visit her, the only things Cyrinda got out of her marriage to Steven Tyler were drug addiction, hepatitis and a house in New Hampshire that was falling into a lake." A spokesman for Tyler had no comment at press time.

News as of March 21, 2001
  • Aerosmith in Germany (as reported by Clive Newton)
      Sony Music Germany are a litttle hazy with the detail but there was a competition for Italian fans.

      Sony say they are not sure if it was going to be a press conference or gig although news started to detail about this last week and mentioned a secret gig in Munich.

      The competition detailed about spending 2 days with Aerosmith from Friday 23rd. It just detailed it was an event closed to the regular audience.

  • More Aerosmith in Germany
      It seems Aerosmith will be in Germany for 5 days. Today Oui FM, a rock radio station in Paris, is also organising a competition to spend the weekend in Munich. Departure on Friday, return on Sunday. There will be a showcase on saturday(?) and a meet and greet with the band. There will only be ten competition winners. They're asking you a question about Aerosmith and you have to call the radio with the right answer...

      I've been told one can also win tickets for the thing on!

  • Liv Tyler likes Rocks!
      As I mentioned earlier, Liv Tyler is on the front cover of the April Issue of JANE Magazine. There is also a good sized article in it and Liv is quoted as saying that "Rocks" is her favorite Aerosmith record...

  • Gear magazine
      The April issue of Gear magazine has a 3 page interview with Steven & Joe (but mostly steven)... Nice interview. The picture is an old seventies pic from a show.

  • People magazine
      Also in this weeks People Magazine on page 37 is a write up on Album of the Week, Just Push Play.

News as of March 20, 2001
  • Aerosmith på TV i kväll!!! (for Swedish fans)
      Ledsen att jag är så sen med detta men jag fick nyss reda på det (Tack Charlie!). Aerosmith är med i 'Pop i Fokus' som sänds i SVT1 klockan 21.30 i kväll (20/3)

      21.30 Pop i fokus
      Aerosmith berättar i Pop i fokus om bandets trettioåriga liv. På 70-talet blev bandet ett av USAs största hårdrocksband, men pressen ignorerade dem, och skrev hellre om hippa trender som punk och disco. Vi möter även hiphop-gruppen Run DMC, som på 80-talet hjälpte Aerosmith att komma tillbaks från drogträsket och ge bandet en jättehit med låten "Walk this Way". Presentatör: Per Sinding-Larsen.
      • även i SVT1 23/3 och 24/3

  • Guitar World
      Steven, Joe and Brad (with a US flag behind them) are on the cover of the May issue of Guitar World magazine! Nice long 6 page article with a few good pics and a great pull out poster of the cover!

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
      Aerosmith were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last night!!

      The following is as reported by Jim

      Wow, what a show! First to clear up any confusion, I watched the show via live simulcast in Cleveland at the actual Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame, not in NY.
      Now to the show, started out at about 8:30 and lasted until about 1:00 with a couple formality speeches to the board and brief statements about the inductees. Cool mention about the band Chain Reaction and its lead singer Steve Tallarico. Then a quick shot of Steven, Liv and Mia. (Actually, they showed more clips of Liv Tyler and Keith Richards than they did anyone else!)
      Next came Queen, who did a three man version of We Will Rock You. This came off a little off the mark, but then were joined by two guys from the Foo Fighters and they played a great 'Tie Your Mother Down', Brain May had a blistering solo and pulled out the slide to add to the great song. The next thing to note was Keith Richards, this dude was classic Keith. He had what looked like fishing lures in his hair, lit a cigarette up during the video clip and pretty much did the Keith Richards ramble.
      Anyway, I know, on to Aerosmith right?
      Those of you who like Kid Rock will love it, and those of you that hate Kid Rock will love it too! He did an excellent job of inducting the boys, made a few jokes and was pretty flattering. I won't spoil the surprises, but before he got started he said "First I got a do a couple of things, 1. Solomon Burke, where do you get your suits and 2.) Keith Richards, man, we gotta party! He did a nice intro, swore a couple times, cracked on NSync and handed it off to Aerosmith. Everyone spoke, Joey first, Brad, Tom, Joe (not much of a talker huh?, and Steven, who recited lyrics from No Surprize. Nice touch was a thank you from Joe to his mom who was sitting in the audience. Next came the performances, kicked it off with a nice intro to Sweet Emotion, Steven and Kid Rock traded lyrics back and forth and put a whole new twist on the last verse! (Talk about something you can sure understand/ Now the Hall of Fame has a brand new band!) Then came the party, Kid Rock on the turntables, Brad on guitar, Steven on harmonica and then to Joe on guitar for a nice call and response type solo break and then back into the ending of Sweet E. Then Steven said, we're not done yet! and broke into Jaded (minus Kid Rock)and switched into a killer rendition of Train. The jam sessions at the end were good, not great. Some blues piano with Keith Richards and Brad Whitford, then a harp solo by Richie Valens' brother, then more guitar by Brain May and then in typical Joe Perry fashion, he was last, loudest and best! Tom was onstage with a tamborine?!? No Steven though, I thought he might break out the harp as well, but not so.

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame article from Yahoo News

      Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Entries

      By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY, AP Music Writer

      NEW YORK (AP) - Aerosmith may have sold millions of records and played in front of thousands of people, but the band was far from jaded after being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for their three decade-long career.

      ``It's totally overwhelming, because when you see all these people up there that you cut your teeth on, and listened to and heard, to think that you've got a room next to Elvis Presley now, is like, wow!'' Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler said as he held his induction trophy backstage.

      Aerosmith joined Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Queen and Steely Dan in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday. Also inducted were the doo-wop group The Flamingos, ``La Bamba'' singer Ritchie Valens, soul singer Solomon Burke, sidemen Johnnie Johnson and James Burton, and Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records.

      For Jackson and Simon, it was their second trip to the hall - both were previously inducted for their legendary beginnings with The Jackson Five and Simon and Garfunkel.

      Simon said the past honor did not lessen the night's achievement.

      ``One recognizes a certain part of my work, and this recognizes the period that followed it. They're both equally gratifying,'' he said.

      Onstage, Simon was effusive in his thanks: He delivered a rambling acceptance speech that ran 10 minutes long. Among those who got thanks were Quincy Jones and his bandleader father.

      But he got his biggest reaction when he mentioned his former partner, Art Garfunkel. Simon said, ``I regret the ending of our friendship, and I hope that one day before I die we will make peace with each other.''

      After the audience applauded warmly, Simon deadpanned, ``No rush.''

      Jackson, who broke his foot recently at his ranch, hobbled on stage after a tribute by boy band 'N Sync

      ``As you can see, there's not going to be any moonwalking tonight,'' said Jackson.

      In a typically short speech, Jackson thanked Motown founder Berry Gordy and Diana Ross, whom he called his ``second mother.'' He also paid tribute to his parents for blessing him with his talent.

      ``To me, the gift of music has been a great blessing, from the time I was a child,'' Jackson said.

      Aerosmith, called ``the greatest rock band in American history,'' by Detroit rap rocker Kid Rock, thanked their families for supporting a career that included stardom, a steep fall and surprising resurrection. The band's new album debuted this week at No. 2 on the Billboard charts and they have a top 20 hit with ``Jaded,'' but they were honored for work that included the prototype rock ballad, ``Dream On.''

      Tyler made a wry reference to the unflattering early comparison of Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones and his own resemblance to the band's singer.

      ``I wonder if this will put an end to, `Hey, aren't you Mick Jagger?''' he said.

      Queen, whose lead singer Freddie Mercury died of AIDS in 1991, performed ``We Will Rock You'' as a trio and invited Foo Fighter Dave Grohl to sing an incendiary version of ``Tie Your Mother Down.'' Mercury's mother, Jer Bulsara, accepted her late son's trophy.

      Steely Dan was inducted by the techno-artist Moby, who said, ``They always seemed different somehow. On the one hand, their music is warm and beautiful, but on the other hand it is so unsettling.''

      The group, which consists of the reclusive duo of Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, won three Grammys last month, including album of the year for ``Two Against Nature.''

      Ricky Martin inducted Valens, the most prominent Latin rocker of rock's early days, who died in a 1959 plane crash.

      The Flamingos were best-known for their lush, romantic ballad ``I Only Have Eyes for You.'' The adult children of several members who have since died joined other Flamingo members onstage to accept their trophy.

      Blackwell, given a tribute by U2 lead singer Bono, was inducted in the non-performing category.

      The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards, wearing what appeared to be keychains in his hair, inducted Johnnie Johnson, piano player for Chuck Berry, into the hall in the ``sidemen'' category. Elvis Presley guitarist James Burton also was given that honor.

      Richards said he identified with sidemen, who have to ``watch this bum with a hairdo'' to make sure he doesn't make a fool of himself.

      The irascible Berry was absent from the ceremony honoring his 28-year musical partner, which was no surprise, considering Johnson recently filed suit against him seeking millions of dollars in past royalties for songs he says he co-wrote.

      The night ended with its traditional jam session. The highlight featured Kid Rock and Burke delivering a rousing rendition of Burke's hit, ``Everybody Needs Someone To Love.'' Toward the end, Burke gave members of the audience a chance to live out their ultimate rock fantasy, pulling several onstage to sing with Aerosmith, Richards, Johnson and Queen's Brian May, even allowing one woman to belt out a few lyrics before the evening came to an end.

      The ceremony, at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, was being taped for telecast Wednesday on VH1. The names of honorees are on exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland.


      On the Net:

  • Aerosmith to visit Japan at the end of March
      There's a music TV program called Music Station in Japan, and the program announced that Aerosmith are gonna play some songs from the new record on March 30. So I guess they are going to come to Japan at the end of March on a promotional tour.

  • Australian Just Push Play
      Strangely the Nine Lives released in Australia wasn't CDEXTRA (although virtually was everywhere else). Its the same with Just Push Play as has the same tracks as the European version but doesn't have the Jaded Video CDEXTRA on.

  • Crown Royal
      As I posted quite a while back Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are NOT on Run DMC's new album "Crown Royal" as they were first reported to be. However, on the Japanese version there is a bonus hidden track which is Walk This Way (RUN DMC VS. Jason Nevins Remix) so it seems an element of Aerosmith did end on RUN DMC's new album.

  • Article from USA Today

      Push 'play' for vintage Aerosmith
      Eileen Blass, USA TODAY

      NEW YORK - Memo to President Bush: Listen up, dude. The guys in Aerosmith would like to be granted a certain honor that would, in their view, allow them to better serve their fans and, uh, fellow citizens. "I'm gonna ask Bush if he can make us ambassadors of rock 'n' roll," frontman Steven Tyler announces. Lead guitarist Joe Perry stares at him for a moment, as if reluctant to second the motion. But he can't help himself. "Hey, Dubya - how about dubbin' us?" Perry quips. "If we were ambassadors, we could get around a lot easier," Tyler says, continuing his appeal. "And you wouldn't have to worry about us carrying drugs in our bags." The 52-year-old singer, who has been clean and sober for years, is joking, of course. But in fact, he and his bandmates would be ideal candidates for such an appointment. Lounging in their Manhattan hotel room, Tyler, Perry, guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer - the same lineup that recorded Aerosmith's first album back in 1973 - still look like rock stars straight out of central casting, complete with leather, earrings, tinted shades and, of course, abundant hair (though not quite as abundant as it was in the late '80s).
      Just Push Play, the CD that Aerosmith released two weeks ago, confirms that the musicians remain unapologetic preachers of the gospel of gritty, glitzy hard rock. It's a mission that enabled them to become one of the most prominent acts of the '70s - and one of the most successful comeback stories of the following two decades.
      Now, that fortitude has earned the group a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - which is about as close to an ambassadorship as guys who dress like this are apt to get in the near future. Aerosmith was being inducted Monday night in the 16th annual ceremony by Kid Rock, one of many younger artists who have been influenced by Aerosmith's blend of raw energy and showbiz flash.
      "This affords you the chance to stop and go 'Wow, we've been doing this for a long time,' " Tyler says of the induction. "It starts filtering in that we've been around forever."
      Veteran record-company executive Seymour Stein, who is president of the Hall of Fame and chairman of the nominating committee, has known Tyler since signing Chain Reaction, a band the singer performed in prior to Aerosmith. "Their musical achievements and ability to reinvent themselves certainly make Aerosmith worthy of induction," Stein says. "But what I admire most is their success in overcoming personal and drug-related problems. I mean, (Tyler)'s a guy who 15 or 20 years ago would pass out on stage. Now he and Joe Perry have become role models for today's youth."
      Aerosmith's enduring hipness was apparent to the record 86.5 million viewers who turned in to the MTV-produced halftime show during January's Super Bowl. Performing a medley consisting of new Top 10 single Jaded, old hit Walk This Way, and 1998's I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - the latest in the band's long line of smash power ballads - the rockers were joined by teen pop idols Britney Spears and 'N Sync and young urban stars Mary J. Blige and Nelly.
      When the idea for this eclectic jam session first came up, Hamilton remembers, "Our manager said, 'If you do it great, it'll be great. But if you do it any less than great, it'll be horrible.' "
      Kramer is glad they took the risk, and prevailed. "I really can't think of any other (act) that could get involved with such a melting pot of artists and really pull it off," he says. "I'm proud of that."
      "If the Super Bowl appearance proved anything, it's that Aerosmith is a rock monolith," says Alan Light, editor in chief of Spin. "There are not many bands of their vintage that are still making new records and representing old-school rock like they do. The big power ballad is their big go-to move to stay on the charts, but it obviously keeps working. I don't think there's any reason for them to mess around with that formula too much."
      "Top 40 (radio) is still more than amenable to them," says Airplay Monitor editor Sean Ross, noting the success of Jaded. "You probably hear a lot more of their 7- to 10-year-old records than you do any comparable act, except maybe Prince or Madonna."
      Granted, Just Push Play failed to nab the No. 1 spot on Billboard's album chart in its first week, as many had expected it would. The album came in at No. 2, behind Dave Matthews Band's Everyday, which held steady at the peak position for the second consecutive week.
      Hamilton took the silver medal in stride. "If we had come in at No. 2 behind Twisted Sister, it might have worried me," he says. "But Dave Matthews - he's the real thing."
      Perry is similarly gracious. "They're a great band," he says of Matthews and crew. After a pause, though, he adds, shrugging, "We just got (killed) by the snowstorm" - a cheeky reference to the near-blizzard that hit parts of the Northeast, including Boston, where Aerosmith is based - just as Just Push Play arrived in stores.
      "We look at our record as the soundtrack for our live tour, anyway," Perry adds, alluding to Aerosmith's plans to hit the road again this summer.
      "There are a lot of brilliant bands - I'm not gonna mention any names - that haven't written anything I've liked in the past 15 years. But they're still touring, and I still love to see them play. We're just not ready to tour on the strength of something we wrote back in 1975. We still want to feel like we're in it, you know?"
      Creatively speaking, Aerosmith's members claim to be much happier with their new album, which Tyler and Perry co-produced, than the pair of multiplatinum efforts that preceded it, 1997's Nine Lives and 1993's Get a Grip.
      "Our last couple of albums were kind of adventures in terror," Hamilton says. "We ended up re-recording both of them."
      "We were overthinking things," Tyler says. "This time, it came really quick. I would light up a cigar and very nonchalantly go for a walk, and all of a sudden, an idea would come for the record. It would be like, 'Yes! Yes! Oohhh, I can't believe this!' "
      Aerosmith's new ideas haven't been limited to the recording studio.
      In conjunction with Just Push Play, the group has launched AerosmithWorld, a three-dimensional Internet presence - available through official Web site www - that allows fans to chat, listen to music, watch videos and even check out a painting by Whitford.
      "When you log on, you can choose to become one of 20 different avatars," Tyler says. "You can be a mechanical dog or a beautiful girl or a fireman or whatever, and you can walk around different rooms and bars, go dancing, even whisper to each other."
      Apparently, at this stage in their lives and careers, the men in Aerosmith have mellowed in some respects - but not where their music is concerned.
      "We've been together longer than most of our marriages have," Perry says. "But when the band is rockin' and the horns are blasting, and the electric guitars are wailing, and Steven is singing - there's still nothing like that. That's why we put up with all the other (stuff)."

News as of March 19, 2001
  • Billboard
      Aerosmith Greatest Hits is back up to 9 on the Billboard Pop Catalogue Charts, it moved up from 22. Jaded has also moved up to 13 on the globalpop charts from 31.

  • Jaded live on SNL in Real Media

  • No Holographic version in Australia
      Apparently this Holographic version of JPP didn't appear in Australia when they released the album there today. In fact learnt this is in fact a limited edition French version due out at the end of March.

  • Promotion Tour (as reported by Clive Newton)
      There was info starting to appear recently about being in Germany this week which originally I thought was just rumours given their commitments in NYC. But its been detailed that Letterman is cancelled to be in Europe.

      They are due apparently to play some sort of small audience concert(not confirmed) in Munich, Germany on 24/25. Assume they will fly out on the Tues/Wed.

      I think there are going to be quite busy over the next few weeks on promotional tours as according to sources in Japan, they are supposed to be in there in April (info was supposed to be announced end of last week).

      They are also talk of getting Perry and Tyler on a promotional tour of Australia which Sony Music Australia are still trying to make happen as Aerosmith haven't been there for almost 11 years. They might tie this in with the Japanese thing.

  • UK and Japan Charts
      Jaded in UK dropped 12 from its last week entry at 13 to #25. So the appearance on TOTP (pre-recorded) won't happen. The album came in at 7 which is good but not as good as last 3 studio albums which all went top 5 (next week it will be struggling to stay on top 20). In Japan it entered at 6.

  • Boston Herald
      The People V.
      Aerosmith: Boston's rock heroes enter the Hall of Fame Monday.
      The question before the court: Do they deserve it?
      by Larry Katz
      Friday, March 16, 2001

      The Court of Rock 'n' Roll is now in session.
      The not-so-honorable and extremely cranky Judge Larry Katz presiding, deriding and deciding.
      Today's case: the Naysayers vs. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer, also known as Aerosmith, who stand accused of gaining but not deserving admittance to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame into which they will officially be inducted on Monday at a ludicrously overpriced rubber chicken and cheap champagne bash at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.
      Mr. Prosecutor, tell us why you believe Aerosmith slipping and sliding into the Hall of Fame is a crying shame.
      Well, Judge, let's start at the beginning. Aerosmith was never an original, trailblazing band. They're a copycat band: Boston's - and America's - wannabe Rolling Stones. It was laughably obvious that these guys spent too many hours in front of the mirror pretending to be Mick and Keith. But mimicking the Stones' look and attitude only made Aerosmith seem hopelessly ersatz. Shouldn't the Hall of Fame honor innovators, not imitators?
      Now in recent years these so-called Boston bad boys have achieved a quite unexpected and commercially successful comeback. But has their music been Hall of Fame quality?
      Consider their long working relationship with songwriter Desmond Child. Can you imagine a real Hall of Fame rock band - the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Byrds or the Stones - writing songs with a hack-for-hire known for churning out swill for Michael Bolton and Ricky Martin? Hall of Famers should be capable of writing their own material. Aerosmith needs paid helpers.
      And what other respectable rock 'n' roll band would be caught dead or alive crooning ``I Don't Want to Miss A Thing,'' a coma-inducing ballad by that one-woman musical tearjerker factory known as Diane Warren? You can call it the love theme from ``Armageddon'' or a No. 1 pop hit, but rock 'n' roll fans call it what it is: crap. The only thing this embarassment proved was that Aerosmith will do anything if the price is right.
      Speaking of which, look at Aerosmith's recent atrocities. First they show up on the American Music Awards in a production number degrading to women, snakes and anyone over the age of 13. Then came their Super Bowl halftime performance featuring Tyler and company stooping to the level of Britney Spears and 'N Sync. Talk about embarassing. Better they should have sung the national anthem with Ray Charles. Judge Aerosmith by the teenybopper company they keep.
      In conclusion, while Aerosmith is a long-lived and money-making band, it is not one with artistic credentials warranting admission to the Hall of Fame. Enough. Time for the Aero-defense. How do you answer the naysayers who would deny Aerosmith admission to the Hall of Fame without a ticket?
      Man, if you keep Aerosmith out of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you might as well close the joint down, in which case there'll be no reason to ever go to Cleveland. We're talking about a Hall O' Lame that desperately needs some wild and crazy rockers to go along with the folkies. Jeez, after ushering in Simon and Garfunkel, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, the Mamas and the Papas, and the Lovin' Spoonful, you better change the name to the Marshmallow Hall of Fame if you're going to bar Aerosmith.
      But let's examine the points raised against Aerosmith. Rolling Stones imitators? Maybe 30 years ago. But even before their '80s comeback, Aerosmith's music hasn't been Stonesish. Listen to their new ``Just Push Play'' CD and you'll hear influences, but they're diverse - the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. - and definitely not the Stones.
      Which is not to say that Aerosmith is a band of imitators. On the contrary, Aerosmith has a sound all its own. Listen to an Aero track - whether it's ``Dream On'' or ``Janie's Got A Gun'' - and you know exactly who it is immediately. This is a band with a distinctive identity that stands above shifting trends.
      Aerosmith is also a band that - maybe more than any other '70s survivor - has helped shape the music of today. I'm talking about hard rock, metal and the marriage of rock and rap. Back when Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit were in Pampers, Steve Tyler and Joe Perry were tearing it up on Run-D.M.C.'s adaptation of Aerosmith's classic ``Walk This Way.'' And, yes, this is a band with a catalog of classics.
      So they've worked with Desmond Child? So they've crooned a Diane Warren love song from a Bruce Willis movie? So what? If working with mercenary tunesmiths, singing sappy ballads and being associated with dopey movies is a reason to keep someone out of the Hall of Fame, then let's expel Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll.
      Say you found Aerosmith's performance on the American Music Awards excessive, crass, raunchy and not in good taste? Sounds like the true spirit of rock 'n' roll to me. Say you found their Super Bowl stint demeaning? Then you didn't see the thrilled looks on the faces of Britney Spears and 'N Sync, looks that said, ``Wow, I can't believe I'm on the same stage as the legendary Aerosmith.'' Aerosmith are genuine rock gods to at least two generations of music lovers who don't need the validation of a Hall of Fame controlled by a bunch of aging and overpaid music industry executives, thank you very much.
      Contemplate the other names slated for entry to the Hall of Fame on Monday: Solomon Burke, the Flamingos, Michael Jackson, Queen, Paul Simon, Ritchie Valens and this year's Grammy champ Steely Dan. Now, really, how can you put Steely Dan - an icy cool group of jazz-pop studio hounds - in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and even think of excluding Aerosmith? You can't. And if you still have any doubt about Aerosmith's worthiness, check 'em out live. You'll experience kick-ass rock magic of a kind that happens when the same five guys have been pounding the boards together for some 30 years. These guys not only can rock, they can play.
      Enough already. How does the Judge rule?
      It's no contest. Aerosmith belongs in the Hall of Fame for the best reason. They earned it.
      Congratulations, dudes.

  • Some other things... that I mentioned before has a wallpaper size of Steven Tyler. However, it looks crap but well...

      Also, The Aerosmith Tribute Band: "Pandora's Box" has a web site at

News as of March 18, 2001
  • Aerosmith on Saturday Night Live
      Aerosmith were on SNL last night and performed 'Jaded' and a kick ass version of 'Big Ten Inch Record'!!

      Joe Fuckin' Perry

  • Aerosmith to visit Germany this month?? (news from Italy)
      I've been told that has a competition in which one can win a trip to see Aerosmith in Germany on the 23rd and 24th of March.

      I've been told that the text on the page says something like the following:

      Meet the band Aerosmith with Rockol
      Sign up for the chance to win two flights and two passes to join the band for two days. It also says that there will be a big surprize on saturday night at this "fan event".
      Also you may win:
      10 official T-shirt
      20 official Aerosmith Keyrings

      To join the competition you have to send an email with your personal datas (name, address, etc).

      An italian fan has told me that Aerosmith will be on MTV today 5:00PM and 7:00PM in a special about the new album. She didn't say which version of MTV the special will be broadcasted on...

  • Aerosmith article from

      Sunday,March 18,2001


      Whether its first hit, "Dream On," was a self-fulfilling prophecy or Aerosmith's war cry, one thing is clear: 28 years, 100 million albums sold and four Grammys later, the quintet is still living the fantasy. What a year these rockers have had. Aerosmith was the highlight at this year's Super Bowl halftime show; tomorrow, the band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and the group snagged a 2001 American Music Award in January.

      And in what may be the strangest milepost of their dream quest, the boys from Boston got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in January.

      "We're not dead," wide-mouthed Steven Tyler declared. "All these awards - it's a little hard to take. The Walk of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame . . . when I think about it sometimes, I feel like we're being put out to pasture. But we're still going strong."

      In fact, they are. The band last week released "Just Push Play," its first album of new material in four years, and is about to begin rehearsals for a marathon world tour that will continue into next year. Among the stops will be Jones Beach this summer and Madison Square Garden in the fall.

      Joe Perry, 50, Aerosmith's master ax-man, concurred with Tyler, especially about Monday's honors.

      "When I see Johnnie Johnson [the pioneer rock pianist] and those kind of people being inducted, it really fits," says Perry in his thick Boston accent." In my mind, Johnnie's a guy who really belongs in the Hall of Fame."

      Not that Perry, who called his band "the bastard sons of the British invasion," thinks Aerosmith doesn't deserve the same honor.

      "We earned it," Perry said, though he added that an equally meaningful tribute occurred when "the guys in STP [Stone Temple Pilots] came up to us and go, 'Wow, I saw you guys play when I was 12,' or when Kid Rock said, 'I saw you guys in 1984, and it was my first rock concert.'

      "Those are the times when I feel like we made a real contribution to rock 'n' roll."

      To a lesser band, that kind of talk would make the years weigh heavy, but not to Aerosmith.

      As Tyler said, "There's absolutely not a thing in my life that tells me that I've been around for 52 years. Not a f - - - - - - thing."

      Tyler, razor-sharp throughout this interview, only needed a little help sorting out the years: "Joe, how long have we been together?" he asked.

      "Thirty years," was the reply. "You and I started playing together in 1970."

      "Thirty years," Tyler repeated. "If you could get inside my head, you would see that I don't know what 30 years feels like. It's not because of all the drugs, and that we were so blacked out for so long. I remember most of it, and it doesn't feel like 30 years.

      "These years are so adrenaline-filled that there is no distance between events in time. In a way, I feel like I'm stuck between 19 and 26 years old."

      Besides being one of the premier rock bands in America, the Aerosmith boys are avid sportsmen. Perry flies his own plane, Tyler ski dives and they both are enthusiastic scuba divers.

      Tyler said, "I'm looking forward to bungee jumping 300 feet this year when we go to Australia, and also diving the Great Barrier Reef."

      To those who would tell Tyler to act his age, his answer is simple: "It's not that we're old, trying to live young. We are just living." Perry added, "We are just getting through the day, just like everybody. "

      But Aerosmith isn't like everybody. "We never lose sight that we are entertainers," said Perry. "We love playing the kind of rock 'n' roll that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up."

      Still, they've never lost their love of sweet music.

      "We've always been suckers for the melody," said Tyler. "I don't fall for the crap that, 'It's just a stupid ballad.' More guys get off their Harley-Davidsons and put their arms around their girls because of a good ballad than any other type of song."

  • MTV Latin...
      Aerosmith "Jaded" 55% vs Bon Jovi "It´s My Life"45%
      Aerosmith "IDWTMAT" 70% vs. Metallica "Until It Sleeps" 30%
      Aerosmith "Falling In Love" 62% vs. Korn "Freak On A Leash" 38%

News as of March 17, 2001
  • Aerosmith To Play With Kid Rock At Hall Of Fame Ceremony

      Aerosmith To Play With Kid Rock At Hall Of Fame Ceremony 03.16.2001

      Steven Tyler NEW YORK — When Kid Rock inducts never-say-die rockers Aerosmith into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, "Sweet Emotion" will be doubly apt in describing the scenario.

      Not only are Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer elated to be receiving such an honor, the group will perform its 1975 single with the rap-rocker at the induction ceremony, Perry, a self-confessed Rock-head, said Friday (March 16).

      "I am a big fan," the guitarist said. "I have his record on my stereo in the car. We love Kid Rock. So it's gonna be fun. ... He's gonna sit in, bring some turntables. It's gonna be good."

      As for Tyler's take on being inducted, the singer modestly said, "Not bad for a bunch of guys that got kicked out of clubs for playing their own songs, right?"

      The announcement of Monday's plans coincided with an in-store appearance at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square to promote Aerosmith's latest album, Just Push Play.

      Hundreds of fans lined up for the promotion, which was originally scheduled for last week but was delayed by forecasts of a severe winter storm. After arriving more than 70 minutes past the scheduled 6 p.m. start time, the bandmembers were escorted to their autograph table by five statuesque models emulating the metallic Marilyn Monroe-like figure that graces the cover of their new album. Once seated, Aerosmith proceeded to slap their John Hancocks on every album sleeve, poster, magazine and photo presented before them by their eager fans, some of whom were visibly shaken in the presence of their musical idols.

      Just Push Play debuted on the Billboard 200 albums chart at #2 last week, selling more than 240,000 copies.

      —Joe D'Angelo

  • International (Sony) Aerosmith sites

  • Aerosmith on TV (from Columbia)
      Aerosmith fans will want to make sure their VCRs & TiVos are working. Those rock & roll bad boys from Boston will be musical guests on "Saturday Night Live" tomorrow, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day). Check your local listings.

      Aerosmith will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, March 19, and on Monday morning, Aerosmith will give two very rare interviews to "The Today Show" and the "CBS Early Show."

      On "The Today Show" the band will talk with Matt Lauer about their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as well as the band's recent success with "Just Push Play" and "Jaded." "The Today Show" can be seen in New York on Channel 4 (WNBC-TV) between 7:00am and 10:00am. Check your local listings.

      "The CBS Early Show" will screen a highlight package from Aerosmith's appearance at the Times Square Virgin Megastore as well as interview the guys. The "CBS Early Show" can be seen on Channel 2 (WCBS-TV) from 7:00am until 9:00am. Check your local listings.

      Visit the following address for the complete
      Aerosmith Television Calendar:

News as of March 16, 2001
  • Billboard Hot 100
      Jaded moves up another place this week to #16. It's yet to fall on the charts after 9 weeks.

  • Godsmack's Sully Erna on Aerosmith
      There was a chat on USAToday with Godsmack's lead man Sully Erna and he answered a question about Aerosmith...

      Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada: Any thoughts of teaming up with fellow beantowner's Aerosmith seeing you guys are both hitting the road this summer?

      Sully Erna: Nothing as of yet, but we've wanted to do that for a long time. We admire them hugely and would love to do a tour with them.

  • Magazines
      Two magazines with reviews of "Just Push Play" in them:

      US Weekly (March 19, 2001 issue)
      People Weekly (March 26, 2001 issue)

      US includes the same pic of the band that was printed in USA Today on March 13, 2001 (only this one is in color). People includes a pic of Joe and Steven performing onstage during the American Music Awards.

      If you like to collect stuff on Liv Tyler, you might want to pick up the April 2001 issue of "Jane" - it features Liv on the cover along with an interview.

News as of March 15, 2001
  • Liv Breedy (article from The Sun)
      LIV TYLER says she wants to have a baby with fiancé Royston Langdon, of Brit rockers Spacehog.
      The couple got together two years ago and now Liv says: "I'm getting broody. My mum had me when she was young and I guess that also plays on my feelings."

      Liv Tyler was also present at Stella McCartney's latest collection shows. Other stars present included, Kate Moss, rock star Chrissie Hynde and Madonna's best friend, actress Debbie Mazer - dressed from head to toe in Chloe classics.

      All rushed to congratulate the talented designer on her collection as she took to the runway at the show's close.

      After the show, Liv, daughter of Aerosmith's Steve Tyler, said: "I really appreciate what Stella does. She's got great instinct, it's very feminine and girly - and I'm a girly girl."

  • Liv Tyler says she is getting broody
      Liv Tyler says she is ready to have a baby with her British rock-star boyfriend Royston Langdon.

      The couple got together over two years ago and now live in New York unless he is touring with the band Spacehog.

      Tyler is the daughter of Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler.

      She told Ananova: "I guess falling in love with rock stars has something to do with my genes.

      "I have to say they are largely attractive, energetic people. I think it's one of the things which comes across so well in Almost Famous. They're fun. Complex. But fun.

      "My mother had me when she was very young and I guess that also plays on my feelings. I'm definitely getting broody."

      Tyler, 23, who appeared in Dangerous Beauty and Armageddon, says her love for Langdon, 28, is the " best thing I have in my life".

      Her new black comedy One Night at McCool's, in which she plays a femme fatale, is being released in the UK next month.

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
      There's still some hope that it might not be Kid Rock who will be inducting Aerosmith. As of today the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has confirmed that:

      Foo Fighters will inducting Queen
      Moby will induct Steely Dan
      N*Sync will induct Michael Jackson
      Bono of U2 will induct Chris Blackwell (Founder of Island Records, in the Non-Performer Category)
      Keith Richards will induct James Burton and Johnnie Johnson (in the Sidemen Category)

      And finally, the hall has confirmed that:
      No presenters have been announced to induct Aerosmith, Paul Simon, Solomon Burke, the Flamingos, or Ritchie Valens.

      Launch had this up though...

      Moby, Kid Rock set to usher artists into Rock Hall

      (Launch) - A list of presenters for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, set for Monday at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, is now taking shape. Word has it that Moby is set to induct Steely Dan, the Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins will do the honors for Queen, and Kid Rock will usher Aerosmith into the Hall. U2's Bono is said to be included in the ceremony as well, inducting Island Records executive Chris Blackwell. A spokesperson for the Rock Hall wasn't available for comment to confirm the information at press time, but 'N Sync has been confirmed as the act inducting Michael Jackson into the Hall.

  • 106,7 Rockklassiker (In Swedish)
      Nu till helgen är det Aerosmith-helg på 106,7 Rockklassiker, i Stockholm.

News as of March 14, 2001
  • Just Push Play at #2!!
      Just Push Play debuted on the Billboard Top 200 album chart at number 2 with sales of 240,000. The Dave Matthews Band's Everyday is still number 1 with sales of about 285,000. However, even though Nine Lives debuted at number 1 in March 1997, it's first week sales were only about 140,000. And with their appearances on Saturday Night Live and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame broadcast during the next week, who knows what might happen?

  • Mick Jagger praises Aerosmith
      In a recent article Mick said the following:

      'I heard Aerosmith's new album yesterday. I think it was great, the style the effects. I love it. They keep getting better with every album they do.'

  • Aerosmith Reschedule NYC In-Store Appearance
      From Columbia Records:


      When "Just Push Play," the eagerly-awaited new Aerosmith album, was set to hit the stores last Tuesday, March 6, the Boston Bad Boys were ready to take New York by storm & hand-deliver the album to the Virgin Megastore in Times Square. Well, it turned out the whole eastern seaboard got taken by storm & Aerosmith wound up snowbound in Beantown on album release day, although they did deliver Boston's first copies of the album via dog-sled!

      Come Friday, March 16, Aerosmith bring it all back to Manhattan with an exclusive in-store appearance at the Times Square Virgin Megastore.

      Here are the details:

      Aerosmith In-Store
      Friday March 16th at 6:00pm
      Virgin Megastore
      1540 Broadway
      Times Square New York City

      For those who have pre-purchased "Just Push Play," your laminates will be good on Friday.

  • New version of the video for Jaded
      From what I hear MTV now shows a video for Jaded that is different. On the last chorus different angles were used and Steven was shown at the end when he makes that "Shaa" sound. Also in that spot where the girl cries, when the song comes back you used to be able to hear a little bit of the "you" from the previous chorus. But now it seems it is re-cut and cleaner.

  • Vote for Aerosmith on MTV Latin...
      There's a Especial Weekend on MTV Latin where there are battles between music groups. One of them is Aerosmith vs Bon Jovi. You can vote at

  • USA Today Review of Just Push Play
      On page 5D of the LIFE section of yesterday's USA Today is the following:

      Big headline over the whole page reads: "Aerosmith's 'Play' pushes rock's juvenile pleasures". There is also one of the pictures from the album in black-and-white (the one where they are posing sedately) with the caption: "Testosterone high: Joe Perry, left, Tom Hamilton, Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer rock out on Aerosmith's 'Just Push Play'."

      Following is the review by Edna Gundersen:

      Pop/rock: Aerosmith, "Just Push Play" (three stars out of four). Boston's indestructible rock quintet resurfaces with all the lusty bellow, guitar ruckus and adolescent energy of a garage band hatched five minutes ago. You expected pensive, middle-aged meditations on mortality and Metamucil from these Precambrian survivors? Get a grip. Since forming in 1973, Aerosmith has resisted musical arthritis by sustaining a defiantly aggressive sound with an undeniable hormonal thrust. This first studio album since 1997's "Nine Lives" recaptures the band's trademark lechery and belligerence in muscular tunes that revel in self-indulgence. The production overkill and motley flourishes (loops, samples, Middle Eastern strains, hip-hop) would prove suffocating in other hands, but here the excess usually works to enhance juvenile pleasures in songs ranging from the melodic "Sunshine" to the rap 'n' reggae title track. Only bombastic ballad "Fly Away From Here" pushes the cringe meter. Steven Tyler's potent bray and wickedly puerile lyrics remain commanding weapons in the band's sex-and-swagger war against obsolescence.

  • NY Daily News Article
      This is from today's New York Daily News..... there's a big full-page pic of Steven and the same band pic that was in USA Today yesterday.....

      Aerosmith's got a hit LP on eve of it's induction into Hall of Fame

      Given Aerosmith's unwavering image as hyperactive, flash-and-glitter rock stars, it's a bit of a disappointment to visit the band's headquarters.
      The office, in a faceless industrial park in a sleepy suburban hamlet about 15 miles outside Boston, looks like any light-manufacturing outfit: Dull carpets, lots of putty-colored office machines, phones ringing.
      But in a back room, the band maintains a little hideaway where batik prints cover the windows, lava lamps glow and incense burns. There is a crude medieval mural that features gargoyles on pillars.
      Into this ersatz oasis stride Aerosmith's main men, singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry.
      Dressed in black and sunglasses, Perry looks like just about any veteran rocker. Tyler, however, is his usual high-energy self, oddly resplendent in mukluks, a fleece-lined vest, tie-dyed jeans and clear-blue plastic glasses that aren't correcting his vision and could never hope to block a ray of sun.
      These are the guys who - with bandmates Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford and Tom Hamilton - are to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, along with Michael Jackson, Queen, Paul Simon and Steely Dan.
      Perry and Tyler are clearly proud that they've got too much going on to care a lot about the Hall of Fame. Nearly 30 years after the release of the band's first album, Aerosmith has managed a rare feat in rock 'n' roll: survival.
      Aerosmith's 13th studio album, "Just Push Play," is about to grab one of the top three spots on the Billboard pop charts. The band is planning a slew of promotional appearances, including performances on this week's "Saturday Night Live" and Tuesday's "Late Night With David Letterman."
      At the moment, the Hall of Fame seems like just another stop on the itinerary, another plaque to put on the wall.
      "I have a feeling that it means a little more to the rest of the world than it does to us right now," Perry says. "As we get closer to it, we'll get into it and start feeling the vibe. But the sense is that we're kind of so in the moment right now that when you look at the Hall of Fame and who's in it, it just doesn't seem to fit. It's more of a museum."
      Not only has the band stayed together through lineup changes and well-publicized drug addictions, but Aerosmith continues to be a commercially viable act.
      "Jaded," the first single from "Just Push Play," is already a Top 20 hit. The band's video is in frequent rotation on MTV and the group started the year with a performance at the Super Bowl halftime that was seen by more than 80 million people.
      If there's a secret to remaining vital so far into a career, Perry, 50, and Tyler, 52, don't know what it is. All they know is that they're still excited by what they do. They still want to be one of the biggest bands in the world.
      "What, are we the only five guys on the planet that think that way at our age?" Perry wonders. "I just don't get it. I used to think that we're here as a power of example. You know, that you can go through hard times and succeed. But that's old news. I mean, I wish we were curing cancer here, because then we'd be right up there with Albert Schwietzer. But unfortunately, we're just entertainers."
      During the making of "Just Push Play," Tyler and Perry got back to more of the gritty, blues-oriented riffs that marked the band's classic '70s work. To recapture that sound, Perry and Tyler avoided the usual big-album production that surrounds most major bands.
      Perry built a studio in his house in Boston's south shore suburbs and he and Tyler worked with a pair of songwriters to hash out new ideas. Using computer technology, they quickly turned ideas into complete songs and then invited the rest of the band over to finish the tracks.
      The informal approach helped the group avoid much of the slick, bombastic production that marked much of its output in the '90s. "This record is our demos," Tyler says. "We just polished them up."
      As the band approaches its fourth decade, Tyler hopes to keep that in-themoment energy going. As far as he's concerned, there's no expiration date on Aerosmith's success.
      "People ask us, 'How long are you going to keep doing it?'" Tyler says. "What kind of real answer is there for that? Until my face is ripping off of my skull. Then I won't do it. Believe me, when I look up and go, 'Uh, Joe, we're really looking old,' then I'll say let's get the [heck] out of here while we can."

      For rockers, the magical riffs just kept a-rollin'

      While "Just Push Play" doesn't quite stack up against the band's classic '70s work, it's the group's best effort in a decade. Here's the Aerosmith must list:

      "Get Your Wings" (1974). The band's second album sees Stones-y blues riffs mixing with hard rock influences on the memorable "Same Old Song and Dance" and "Lord of the Thighs." The blues cover "Train Kept A-Rollin'" became a frenetic, show-stopping workout.

      "Toys in the Attic" (1975). Scoring classic hits with "Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion" and the title track, Aerosmith had everything going for it with this release. A shot of typically sleazy humor, "Big Ten Inch Record" also became a favorite.

      "Rocks" (1976). The band's mid-'70s roll continues with "Last Child" and "Back in the Saddle." The last truly great album before the band went into a drug-induced decline.

      "Permanent Vacation" (1987). The band relies on outside songwriters. Still, "Rag Doll" and "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" have the usual flair, even if "Angel" sets a scary precedent for overproduced power ballads.

      "Pump" (1989). "Janie's Got a Gun" and "Love in an Elevator" cement the reputation as a die-hard hard-rock band.

News as of March 13, 2001
  • Just Push Play Lyrics
      The lyrics for the songs on Just Push Play can now be found here at Rock This Way. The rest will follow within a not too distant future...

  • Billboard
      Jaded Is Number 17 On The Billboard Hot 100 This Week...

  • Just Push Play Vinyl Europe (as reported by Clive Newton)
      Had the vinyl version of the UK JPP today and somewhat disappointed with the format etc. Its amazing how much they can get on a single 12" piece of vinyl these days with 53+ minutes (so not a double gateway or anything).

      In the past, it was always the CD buying public that were short changed when to releases with not the same associated detail as the vinyl release - but its seems the boot is on the other foot.

      The release follows the lines of the CD in that whilst Face ends side 2, they didn't change any of the vinyl sleeve to detail about it. One obvious omission is a lyrics sheet. The vinyl sleeve has also dispensed with colour so in b&w. One side is the photo on the first inside page of the CD booklet and the reverse is the center-fold robot pic with the basic track details and credits etc around it.

  • New AF1 Location?
      This is posted on the first page you come to if you go to

      Aero Force One is alive and well. As some of you have noticed, mailing and contact info for AF1 has changed. The change is temporary. The band in their continuing quest to provide the best service possible for their fans is moving Aero Force One to a new location.

      Stay tuned for new information for contact, phone and mail which will be made available as soon as possible.

      Thanks, keep rockin'!
      Staff of Aero Force One

  • Changes(?) at AF1 Europe aswell?
      I've been informed that if you try to call AF1 Europe you get the answer machine with a message saying the office is closed for re-furbishment!

  • Aerosmith in Holland...
      There is a 3 page interview in the Dutch TV-guide Veronica for next week on page 120. Interview and pics.

      On Friday evening March 16 from 21.00 hour till 22.00 hour there is an Aerosmith-program on a Dutch radiostation called Arrow Classic Rock Radio.
      There are gonna be new songs, old songs, the new album, you can win JPP and much more.

      More info on

  • 2001 R & R Hall of Fame (from VH1)

      What do THESE artists have in common, you might ask?

      WELCOME the 2001
      It's all happening MARCH 21st @ 9 P.M. on VH1!

      In the meantime, check out the tribute we've made to these artists as well as some exciting features for the FANS!
      * Artist Timelines
      * Photo Gallery
      * Video Clips
      * Trivia Quiz
      * Hall of Fame News
      * Full List of Inductees
      * Message Board

      BE THERE!

  • Virgin Signing
      Tom in Virgin's customer service has said that the band and store rescheduled the signing for Friday at 6:00 p.m., but that the record label has not confirmed the date and time yet. As far as they know, it'll be Friday, but they can't say it's definite yet. He also doesn't know when they'll know for sure.

News as of March 12, 2001
  • Just Push Play in Holland...
      I just got a mail from a man who works for Sony Music Holland and regarding my question two days ago about the JPP release in Holland he told me the following:

      The album comes with a leaflet. You can send it in and win Aerosmith prizes. This is a local campaign. We just released JPP and in a couple of weeks it will be released again in a hologramic slipcase.

  • Mini Greatest Hits CD = Made In America
      The special CD was Made In America, which was released in 1997. The man in the HMV did not realise that it had already been released. Sorry.

  • Just Push Play Europe (as reported by Clive Newton)
      This version probably looks akin to the Best Buy version with the incorporation of the Face. The booklet is just as the standard USA version detailing about only 12 tracks and even the fan club address is Hanover, MA. It sort of makes Face look like a last minute tag on without any real info on it such as publishing/writers etc (although we extracted this data from Sony Licensing although gone now).

      The only difference is when you put the CD in the PC and it has about 100Mb+ of video files for Jaded (.mpg and .mov). The mpg file plays real smooth in Real Player (3:49.9 long).

      Europe version is the Best Buy version format as messed up as the European version. This maybe a side effect of the data track setup on the CD.

      As detailed before, various data has been incorporated into the CD to detail the album, artists and tracks which can be picked up by PC software and recent CD players. On the European version, Face hasn't this data assigned to it.

      Also on Windows on the PC, you can only play the first 12 tracks using the CD Player software as Track 13 is absent (fine on a conventional CD). Using MP3 grabbing software, it shows track 13 (Face) is 7:10 long when in fact its 4:38.

      The additional data track is 157 Mb (ie CDROM video).

  • New York Daily News
      There was a pic of Steven in today's Daily News in NY. Also, here's what it said next to the pic:

      Dress This Way!

      Liv Tyler and her half sister Mia love the conservative, pinstriped attire that their flamboyant father, Steven Tyler, sports in this month's issue of W. The Aerosmith rocker says he has saved their answering machine message: "They said, 'We've never seen you look so good, Daddy. You don't look like a girl!' "

      Unlike Liv, who has blossomed into quite the sex symbol. She and dad recently sneaked into a theater to catch the trailer of her latest movie, "One Night at McCool's." The teaser features the 23-year-old wearing a skimpy sundress while sensuously washing a car.

      "It was like the Playboy Channel," she says in Jane magazine. "I just crouched down in the [theater] seat, because it was nothing like me. But we were laughing."

  • News from Australia...
      Quiny reports:

      March 19th looks to be the defenite date for release out here. It couldn't come out today (the 12th) because it's a public holiday and the shops will be closed.

      In thursdays hit section they usually review three new singles. They had 'Jaded' in the last issue. This is what it had-

      JADED, Aerosmith
      Commercial rock so good it almost makes up for I Dont Want To Miss A Thing. It's so familiar it sounds like a cover, and Steve Tyler's in top form. This should see them steal the spotlight from the dull U.S. rock bands currently charting. **** (4 stars)

      In the quiz the first question was -
      Which Aerosmith song was written about Vince Neil of Motley Crue?

      Dude Looks like a Lady.

News as of March 11, 2001
  • New Mini Greatest Hits CD!?
      When a fan from England went to HMV yesterday to pickup a copy of the Jaded 7" the man in the store asked him if he knew about a mini greatest hits cd being realeased with JPP. He said it has 8 songs but that no one is supposed to know about it till monday, it was supposed to be a special suprise for Aerosmith fans. He also said it was limited edition and should cost about £8:00...

  • Number 1!
      I don't know if it is true but Fox News has reported that Just Push Play is the #1 album this week! They also said Aerosmith has a "monster smash hit with Just Push Play."

News as of March 10, 2001
  • Steven about using drugs...

      "AEROSMITH rocker Steve Tyler has revealed the depths to which he sank to while hooked on drugs.
      The reformed singer said: "If you're a drug addict, you'll try anything. I remember we got into doing chloroform. You'd put it on a bit of cotton wool, toke on it just a little and the room would melt. Had I not stopped getting high when I did 14 years ago I could have been into major debauchery at this time."

  • Just Push Play in Holland / Aerosmith box?
      I've been told that JPP in Holland includes something along with the CD with which you can win an Aerosmith box. Anybody know what that is and does this come with JPP in all countries?

  • Correction regarding UK 7" Single
      On the 5th, after being informed that it was the case, I posted that the handwritten Jaded lyrics would be available in the UK on the 7" vinyl version of the single. Well, I've now been told this isn't the true. Just so you know...

  • US vs Japan
      I just got a mail from a Japanese fan who's got both the Japanese and the US version of Just Push Play and who has found a bunch of differences between the two...

      1. Different record companies, so the credits are different.
          US-manufactured by Columbia Records
          Japan-manufactured by Sony Music Entertainment(Japan) Inc.
      2. Different design on a few pages in the booklet.
      Credits pages(2 pages), Under My Skin and Luv Lies lyrics pages, Outta Your Head to Avant Garden lyrics pages
      3. Just Push Play lyrics
      The Japanese version has the 'real' version, Steven sings Fuckin'ey, but this was changed in the US...

  • A negative Just Push Play review from Newsweek...

      A Great New Aerosmith CD? Yeah, right, dream on
      By Jeff Giles

      Aerosmith's latest offering "Just Push Play," comes on so strong-with such flashy, swaggering, Zeppelin-esque bravado-that you've got to listen to the CD several times before you realize how deeply terrible it is.. Hectic. Overproduced. Desperate to sound edgy and newfangled. And the lyrics? Part of Steven Tyler's appeal has always been his childlike obsession with jive talk and wordplay-it's hard to think of anyone in the history of rock who's sung more gibberish-but the empty-headedness of the songs here will disappoint even longtime fans. On the title track, Tylerrecycles his famous directive, "walk this way." Apparently, he couldn't think of anything else that rhymed with "f--kin' a!" The problem is not that the boys in the band, who are now edging intotheir 50s, are too old to rock. Joe Perry is as sinewy and inventive a guitar player as he's ever been, and there are flashes of greatness here, although the simpering pop choruses are almost uniformly lame. The problem is that the songs, which were co-written with folks outside the band, sound so inorganic, so randomly spliced and diced. "Just Push Play" throws everything at the wall: rap, psychedelia, violins, Indian motifs,scrabbling hard rock and wussy piano ballads ("We'll just fly away from here/Our hopes and dreams are out there somewhere"). Only the first single, an instantly likable sunburst of pop rock called Jaded," reallysticks. Will the CD sell a couple of million copies? Sure, it will. But it's certainly not great, hurtling rock and roll, like the stuff on "Toys in the Attic" or "Pump." Don't push play. Just push eject."

News as of March 9, 2001
  • Just Push Play in Australia
      HMV have an in-store advertising with the release date of JPP as 12th March, not the 19th. So it might be out this Monday, like in Europe...

  • VH1/Perris Records Press Release...
      Perris Records release Aerosmithsonain - A Tribute to Aerosmith was promoted on VH-1 Rock Show hosted by Scott Ian (Antrax) Video clips of Dangerous Toys & Keel were shown as Scott Ian named featured artist appearing on the tribute. In the month of March Tower Records is featuring the Aerosmithsonian in listening booths in stores Nationwide along with a full page ad in Rolling Stone Magazine and a two page ad in Pulse magazine. Perris is giving away 10 Autographed Fender Squier Strat Guitars, featuring autographs by Slash, Keri Kelli (Ratt,Slash's Snakepit) Jimmy Crespo (Rough Cutt, X-Aerosmith),Steve Fister (Lita Ford), Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt,Quiet Riot), Carmine Appice (Ozzy, Rod Stewart),Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent Vocalist), and members of Babylon AD, Dangerous Toys, Lillian Axe, Warrant, & Every Mothers Nightmare. For more Perris details check out and sign up on the giveaway email list.

  • Picture of UK Jaded 7" Single
      Numbered Limited Edition Shaped 7" Picture Disc
      Tracks: Side 1 Jaded, Side 2 - Angel's Eye
      Cat No 67093177

      Numbered Limited Edition Shaped 7'' Picture Disc

  • Today Show News
      This was posted in AOL and is per RockOnTV:

      Show: Today
      Episode: 03/19/2001
      Network: (NBC) National Broadcasting Company
      Date: Monday - March 19, 2001
      Time: 07:00 am - 10:00 am ET

      Featured Artists
      About: 03/19/2001
      A look at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Aerosmith.

  • New Rock This Way Banner!!
      I've been thinking about it for a long time and last night I finally took a couple of hours to work on a new Rock This Way banner. I'm not totally satisfied with the result but it looks way better than the old one anyway...

      Please use this if you have a website and want to link to Rock This Way. For those who use the old banner, I'd appreciate if you replaced it with this one. Thanks!

Rock This Way Banner

News as of March 8, 2001
  • Inside Just Push Play case
      In case you haven't seen it yet, the US "Just Push Play" case says "No Cadillac Wack Back" in the same spot where "Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?" appeared in "Nine Lives."

  • Boston Herald
      Yesterday's Boston Herald had this article and pic of Steven on a dogsled...

      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith mounts a dogsled to deliver his band's new CD to Strawberries in Cambridge yesterday. (Staff photo by Tara Bricking)
      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith mounts a dogsled to deliver his band's new CD to Strawberries in Cambridge yesterday. (Staff photo by Tara Bricking)
      Amazing Aerosmith Pushes on
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

      Wednesday, March 7, 2001

      Memo to Aerosmith main man Steven Tyler: We don't care what the suits at Columbia Records told you - just because you produced your own CD doesn't mean you have to deliver them to the stores!

      But Steven - ever-the salesman - wouldn't let the wacky weather keep him from his appointed rounds, so he hopped a dogsled yesterday to Just Push the Bad Boys' brand spankin' new CD ``Just Push Play'' to Strawberries in Cambridge.

      Because any enterprising entrepreneur worth his designer ski suit knows customers are waaaaaay too Jaded these days by the lack of personal service!

      After the delivery, filmed for MTV's ``Total Request Live,'' Steven & Company headed over to VideoLink to appear via satellite on Carson Daly's show.

      Now, we hear the Bad Boys were supposed to do the interview and perform from New York's Times Square. But the weather grounded Aeroforce One and forced the band to do the satellite thing from Watertown. So as a goof on the Blizzard of the Millennium, the VideoLinkers beamed up beach scenes on the screen behind them!

      During the broadcast, Steven told Carson they were in Maui. But then he, the band and the cameras headed out into the snow where they passed out CDs to fans who heard Aerosmith was being 'Linked from Hunt Street.

      Sounds like one for the Hall of Fame!

  • About the postponed signing in New York...
      Steven and Joe were on the Opie & Anthony radio show (102.7 NYC)... They said they were going to reschedule the Virgin appearance for next Friday 3/16. They will be in town for their SNL appearance (3/17) then.


      Army of Robot Women Stopped by Mother Nature
      Although nothing can stop the furious assault of rock and roll, the threat of snow seems to have slowed it to the ferocity of a high-altitude cook-off. What was I saying? Oh yeah. There will be no Manhattan Mega, Virgin Megastore in-store event. The Robot Women will be under lock and key until further notice.
      Keep on rocking, but please, stay warm.

      From the Virgin Mega website:

      To Be Announced
      Aerosmith In-store
      UPDATE: Due to storms in the Northeastern part of the US, many of Aerosmith's New York appearances, including their one at the Virgin Megastore Times Square, has been postponed. Please note: All passes issued to date for the in-store will be honored on a later date to be announced shortly. Please continue visiting VIRGINMEGA.COM for updated news regarding this event.

  • Wondering about the new fan club address in JPP?
      When asked if there was a reason for the different address for the Aerosmith Fan Club a person at AF1 answered:

      "That is the address we usually forward the band's mail to. We changed things around this time and are having all mail sent to them and then they will forward AF1 items to us."

      Question: Will there be some changes as far as 'who' runs the fan club?

      "We don't know of any changes that are being made at this time."

  • 'Top 365 songs of 20th Century'
      The 365 top songs of the 20th century, as selected by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Recording Industry Association of America, were released today, and Aerosmith made the list... Walk this Way ranked 267.

      WASHINGTON (AP) _ Judy Garland singing "Over the Rainbow" and Bing Crosby dreaming of a "White Christmas" top the 365 "Songs of the Century" announced Wednesday by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Recording Industry Association of America.
      The list is designed as a way for schools to teach the appreciation of how music is developed, they said in a joint statement. An NEA official said the songs could also open a window on social and economic conditions of the times when they appeared.

  • Mark Hudson on Rock n Roll Jeopardy
      Much More Music aired a repeat of Rock n Roll Jeopardy which included Aerosmith co-writer Mark Hudson playing...

  • Just Push Play review from VH1
      Just Push Play

      They like to say there aren't any second acts in American life, but if there's ever been an exception to that rule - at least in rock and roll terms - it's got to be Aerosmith. Remember (and it's probably safe to say that most of their current legion of fans physically can't; ain't that a testament to whatever) that Steve Tyler, Joe Perry and crew were just about dead and buried a good two full decades ago, after their initial mid-'70s run as a secondhand U.S. version of the Rolling Stones. Indeed, it was right around '78, when said Stones were making their street-cred "comeback" with Some Girls, that Aerosmith's career cookie was starting to crumble under the weight of all their drug 'n' debauchery icing.

      Well, 20-plus years later and it's Jagger and Richards who seem old and in the way, while Aerosmith grow more deliriously old and in your face with each passing fad. Suffice it to say that in 2001, the only pertinent drug talk re Aerosmith is Viagra - which is precisely what these recalcitrant geezers are to the world of "old school" rock. Sure, maybe none of this would've happened had it not been for Run-D.M.C. and "Walk This Way" in '86. But think of what Aerosmith have accomplished since then. Now think about Run-D.M.C. in that same time span. We rest our case - and without calling Liv to the stand, either.

      Of course, if you still need proof, drop the laser just about anywhere on their brand-spankin' new CD, Just Push Play, and hear it for yourself. Sure, "Jaded" sounds like Led Zeppelin's "Dancing Days" turned sideways, but as Zep were just the Yardbirds turned sideways, and Perry's always been more Beck than Page, we look at it as tradition, not theft. Same goes for "Trip Hoppin'", which is a tad reminiscent of Deep Purple's synapse-destroying early '70s classic "Space Truckin'," and features the wonderful line, "Ain't no smokin' fantasy/ 'Cuz lovin' u is trippin' to me." As they say, love is the drug. Then there's the day-glo-flavored "Sunshine," which references "Alice in Wonderland" ("The caterpillar's tryin' to cop a plea/ But the smoke ain't got nothin' on me" ... hmm, do we detect a pattern here?), and is a bona fide power-popper sporting some nifty backwards guitar from Perry and a terrific vocal from Tyler. Equally full of lust, but minus the allusions, is "Light Inside", a tutorial on how to make a great rock track with only the barest use of either chords or melody - and kudos to Tom Hamilton for some remarkable underground-testing bass lines on this what's-it-to-ya noisefest.

      Granted, not everything here is top drawer scarf-worthy. "Under My Skin" is rife with riff but not much substance, the string-y "Fly Away From Home" tries much too hard to recreate the "Dream On" vibe, and the album's big-ballad closer, "Avant Garden," seeks more from its thin-imaged title than it ultimately gets. Still, it's worth noting that the album works to a middle-of-the-set peak - which means that Aerosmith understands the dynamics of CD construction better than bands half its age. Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks?

      Billy Altman

News as of March 7, 2001
  • New design to!
      The official website has gotten a new, Just Push Play inspired, look. Looks pretty nice...

  • Boston Globe
      This story ran on page B8 of the Boston Globe on 3/6/2001.

      Aerosmith is right at home with 'Play'

      By Steve Morse, Globe Staff, 3/6/2001

      Normally, Aerosmith jets off to such cities as Miami, Los Angeles, or Vancouver to record new songs. This time, however, they let the music do the talking in their home studios on Boston's South Shore.

      ''It's definitely a South Shore record,'' Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says of ''Just Push Play,'' which hits the stores today.

      The home cooking worked wonders, because this is a more rock-inspired, meat-and-potatoes album than anything the Bad Boys of Boston have made in recent years. The first single, ''Jaded,'' is already shooting up the charts (No.18 on Billboard's Top 100), but it's a mere appetizer for the high-voltage rock that accompanies it on ''Just Push Play'': ''Under My Skin,'' ''Trip Hoppin','' ''Beyond Beautiful'' (with an electric sitar intro from Perry), and ''Light Inside.''

      Classic Aerosmith boogie riffs are combined with two horn-stoked numbers (with Tower of Power guesting), some obligatory power ballads (to keep MTV happy), a lot of Beatles-esque hooks and harmonies, some turntable scratching (a first for Aerosmith and courtesy of Perry's son, Tony), and a trenchant, Steven Tyler hip-hop vocal in ''Outta Your Head,'' about the mystery of dealing with the female species.

      The album was recorded digitally on a Pro Tools computer (''I was afraid of it sounding too slick,'' says Perry), but the energy of the performances, many of them first takes on the part of Tyler and Perry, still burns through. ''I'd blow some amps up, get a sound, and let it rip,'' says Perry,who did the guitar solos at the Boneyard (his home studio), where bassist Tom Hamilton and rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford also played many of their parts. Tyler did a lot of the vocals at his home studio, the Bryer Patch, while the drums were recorded at Long View Farm in North Brookfield.

      The Boneyard was also where he and Tyler wrote many of the songs, with assistance from Mark Hudson (who helped write a previous Aerosmith hit, ''Livin' on the Edge'') and Marti Fredericksen, who had worked on band songs ''Nine Lives'' and ''Something's Gotta Give.''

      The making of Aerosmith's last album, ''Nine Lives,'' involved many distractions, including a change in producers, a change in managers, and a prolonged absence by drummer Joey Kramer. But this time, the biggest problem appeared to be which instrument to pull out of Perry's basement.

      ''My house is like a musical museum,'' he says. ''I've got everything from a hurdy-gurdy and sitars, to electronic tablas. And if it's got strings, it's probably downstairs.''

      The recording went quickly - and, in a rarity for superstar bands, the album was delivered ahead of schedule.

      ''I'm a bottom-line person and there were some things that we did differently this time,'' says Perry. ''One, we didn't leave the room until there were some lyrics. We would write a riff, then put the lyrics on it. In the morning, we'd put a guitar riff down over a drum machine and by the afternoon, there would be a basic song, and by that night we'd be doing a rough mix of it. I never went back and redid my guitar solos, and Steven never went back and redid his vocals.

      ''Of course, we added some stuff - like we might add a harmony or change a lyric and tweak stuff like that - but the basic performances were all keepers. That's why it feels fresh,'' he adds. ''It was the old way of doing music. You're not rehearsing the band to death, then going into a real studio to try to re-create it. As the stuff is being thought of and written, you're getting it.''

      Experimentation was clearly encouraged; it varied from Tyler adding his 12-year-old daughter, Chelsea, on a backup vocal for ''Under My Skin,'' to Perry running a microphone cord into his bathroom to get a livelier sound on guitar solos. ''Instead of some guy saying, `Well, I don't know if the studio will let you cut a hole in the floor,' I just did it,'' says Perry. ''There's now a hole in the bathroom floor that goes up to my shower stall so I can put an amp in there. That's where I sang the vocals to `Drop Dead Gorgeous' [Perry's only lead vocal on the record, but a memorable one] and where I did the solo for `Sunshine.'''

      Releasing the record ahead of its original March 20 date was partly to take advantage of Aerosmith's momentum from its recent Super Bowl performance. The group will now prepare for a summer tour due to stop for multiple nights at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, before heading off to some places the band hasn't played before, such as Southeast Asia.

      ''We're never bored by what we're doing,'' says Perry. ''And I love picking up Billboard to see if we've still got it. I know Steven and the other guys feel the same way. We're all still in it for today.''

  • Just Push Play in Argentina
      First of all, it seems the release of JPP has been delayed to March 8. Secondly, if you preorder JPP from sites like and you'll get the Jaded single for free...

  • Aerosmith mention in The Virgin Suicides
      Mike Robbins reports:

      Hey listen, I just finished watching a good movie called "The Virgin Suicides", with James Woods and Kathleen Turner as the VERY over-protective parents of five daughters (babe Kirsten Dunst being the 2nd oldest daughter, "Lux"). in a quiet suburban neighborhood in the mid-1970's.

      Anyway, to get to the point...about maybe 3/4's into the movie, Lux's mom orders her to burn her collection of rock records (no more than 1/2 a milk-crate full, from what I'd noticed).
      Lux, crying, takes the records down stairs and over to the fireplace, where her mom stands there, looking on.
      Lux picks up a Kiss "Hotter Than Hell" record, looks up at her mom, and says "pleeease, don't make me do this", to which her mother replies, "burn it".
      The Kiss record gets the fire.
      Lux picks another record out of her crate, looks at it, and whines "awe, mom, Aerosmith!, come on, PLEASE don't make me burn this, PLEASE! (lo and behold, Lux is holding a copy of the Rocks Lp), and this one is SAVED!!!!

News as of March 6, 2001
  • Just Push Play TODAY!
      Today is the official release date for Aerosmith's new album in the US!! So all you lucky americans better go out and buy yourself a copy!

  • More new Aerosmith photos!!
      Here's two more awesome band shots! From Just Push Play. Just thought I'd post these for those of us who still have a week or so until we can buy the album (lucky bastards on the other side of the pond! ;)
      Click on the pics below to see the full-size versions...

      Aerosmith Photo #1 Aerosmith Photo #2

  • Signings in Boston today
      Kiss 108 in Boston announced about noon time that the Boys will be at Strawberry's in Cambridge at 1:30 to sign copies of the cd.. and then they will be at some video store (the person who heard this didnt catch the name) in Watertown at 3:30.

  • Just Push Play - a real family project
      I found the following credits at I suppose they're from the album but I can't tell since I haven't got it yet... Take a look at the people who contributed to the album!

      Joe Perry (vocals, guitar, pedal steel & slide guitar, hurdy gurdy)
      Steven Tyler (vocals, guitar, harmonica, piano, drums, percussion, squeezebox)
      Brad Whitford (guitar)
      Tom Hamilton (bass, fretless bass)
      Joey Kramer (drums).

      Additional personnel includes:
      Liv Tyler (spoken vocals)
      Dan Higgins (clarinet, saxophone)
      Tower Of Power (horns)
      Jim Cox (piano)
      Paul Santo (Hammond organ)
      Paul Caruso (programming)
      Tony Perry (scratches)
      Chelsea "C.A.T." Tyler (background vocals).

      Producers: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Mark Hudson, Marti Frederiksen.

      Engineers: Richard Chycki, Marti Frederiksen.

      Recorded at The Boneyard and The Bryer Patch, South Shore, Massachussetts; Long View Farms Studio, North Brookfield, Massachussetts.

  • Joe on NYC's Q104 this morning
      Before Steven and Joe called into Howard Stern, Joe was on Q104 at around 7:40am. He spoke about recording the album in his basement, etc. He referred back to his teenage years when he had a wall of amps in his garage and blew away his mom and his neighbors and said things aren't much different today, he still has a wall of amps in one of his garage bays and is sure his neighbors are turning their heads. Buchman asked him about the Rolling Stone article and Joe said it was pretty much on the money (surprisingly). He asked Joe about the Super Bowl show and told Joe how it was great to be able to watch the show with his 14-year old daughter and show her that her band (NSYNC) was influenced by Aerosmith and how great it is to see the roots of rock and roll still strong today. He asked Joe if he was eyeing Britney Spears during that show and Joe was like yeah but I have a kid who's older than her so you kinda don't think about her like that when you realize she's only 19. Joe said the reason they picked Kid Rock to induct them into the Hall of Fame is because traditionally, you're supposed to pick someone who's been influenced by you. He said that Kid Rock was on his short list right away. When asked if they were going to make up the instore cd signing Joe was like yeah, don't worry, we'll be out there for 2 years doing this stuff.

  • Kid Rock to Jam with Aerosmith!?? :-(
      This morning when Joe Perry called into Q104 in New York City to talk about the album coming out today he also said that Kid Rock will be inducting them into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and that they were planning to jam with him....

      Personal opinion: I wish they won't jam too much with this guy. I sure hope that they will do one hell of a show with guys in Queen instead!! I also feel it's pretty stupid to have someone like Kid Rock to induct the band. Why not Slash or some other real rocker influenced by the band?

  • Steven and Joe on Howard Stern This Morning
      Howard kept trying to get Steven and Joe to admit that they don't get along off stage and they kept insisting that they do. He said "you guys don't socialize" and they said sure they do. He brought up how they had to go to therapy together and asked Steven if he was still difficult to get along with. He also tried to get them to say that they cheat on their wives. Howard said "I bet Joe gets laid more than 20 guys and Steven too". Steven told him that he was going to get him in trouble. He told S&J that they must have tons of money and what they're favorite toys are. Steven said he has an extremely quiet electric 4-wheeler and night-vision goggles and goes out at night when no one can see him but he can see everything. For some reason, Howard didn't believe him and kinda brushed it off. Then he kept trying to get them to admit that they're so rich that they have houses on islands and private jets. The guys said that they are well off but don't have a private jet and all that and are not as rich as Howard was saying. Joe said that they have to pay ex-managers and ex-wives, etc. Then Steven said they would visit Howard soon and Robin said, "do we need to pay for your car fare?" and Joe said "just have some lunch meat there for us".

  • The AOL chat last night
      You can of course find a transcript of the whole chat in Transcripts section here at Rock This Way, but here are some things worth mentioning from the chat with Steven and Joe...

      1. The tour will start in June and Joe says that they will probably be out on the road for two years.

      2. The band is in Boston, which is why all the NY things are getting cancelled. Steven said they were going to do The Today Show NEXT week, but didn't say what day.

  • Boston Herald article

      Work & `Play': Disciplined Aerosmith pushes all the right buttons on new self-produced LP

      by Larry Katz
      Tuesday, March 6, 2001

      ``One of the best things about being in this band,'' Aerosmith's Steven Tyler says, ``is sticking it to the naysayers.''

      The singer glances at his bandmates of 30 years, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer. They're seated around a coffee table crowded with candles. The room in the Boston Four Seasons Hotel has been transformed into a cozy den by means of a few pieces of fabric draped with casual artfulness over lamps and furniture.

      ``Not that I go out of my way to do it,'' Tyler continues, peering through Ben Franklin spectacles that give him an unexpectedly scholarly look, his blond-streaked locks notwithstanding. ``But when you have people saying, `Aerosmith is over, they're too old, they're back on drugs,' it's great to prove them wrong. So we figured why don't we take the risk and produce our record ourselves?''

      In stores today, ``Just Push Play'' is the first Aerosmith album produced by Tyler and Perry, formerly known as the Toxic Twins for their substance-abusing excesses in the '70s. To some observers - perhaps the executives at Columbia Records who signed Aerosmith to a lucrative, long-term contract - the notion of Tyler and Perry bearing responsibility for delivering a coherent CD must have seemed the rock equivalent of handing the lunatics the keys to the asylum.

      ``I think,'' Perry says, ``the label figured, `Let them have their fun. And after they spend a half-million dollars and don't get anything, they'll be begging to work with a name producer.' ''

      But Aerosmith didn't need bailing out - a surprise considering their past. The making of the group's last album, 1997's ``Nine Lives,'' was accompanied by enough intrigue for a dozen episodes of ``Behind the Music'': an acrimonious split with longtime manager Tim Collins, Kramer's near defection, persistent rumors that Tyler and Perry had fallen off the wagon and battles over a changing cast of producers.

      Remarkably, no problems occurred with Tyler and Perry in charge of making ``Just Push Play,'' most of which was recorded in Perry's Duxbury home studio, the Boneyard.

      ``It dawned at me at 50 years old,'' Perry says, ``that producing is not just about artistic control and getting a guitar sound. It's being the guy who's responsible, who makes sure the band shows up and those (expletive) rock stars make a record. For years we needed that. Not now. Our work ethic is beyond belief.''

      ``You've got to be there from 11 in the morning till 11 at night,'' Tyler says. ``If you do that, you're going to get something. This time we had the freedom of going to Joe's every day and smoking cigars and laughing.'' He wipes away mock tears. ``It's the way it should have been all these years.''

      ``It's funny,'' Hamilton says. ``We had all this freedom, which you think means you should be able to do whatever the hell you want. But it just made it obvious how hard we needed to work.''

      As if made to prove Aerosmith's studio discipline, ``Just Push Play'' is technically assured, sonically ambitious and anything but self-indulgent. Most songs clock in at under four minutes. Beyond the catchy first single, ``Jaded,'' and the obligatory ballad, ``Fly Away From Here,'' this is an energetic collection of spine-shaking Aerosmith rhythms and riffs cemented to diverting styles ranging from the Zeppelin-in-``Kashmir'' exoticism of the opening ``Beyond Beautiful'' to the Beatles-in-``Strawberry Fields'' wonder of the closing ``Avant Garden.''

      ``It's called ear candy,'' Tyler says. ``We just threw in the damnedest things.''

      The unclassifiable title cut mixes world rhythms, techno tricks, crunching guitar and Tyler's dance-hall reggae vocal.

      ``We started with this world music CD,'' Tyler explains. ``At the end it had this black man and woman singing this flipped-out stuff. We thought it was Swahili. Then we had the linguistics lab at Harvard research it and they tell me it's English and Jamaican. Whatever. It was a great groove.''

      ``I should have written it,'' Perry says, `` 'cause it's really `Walk This Way 2001.' When I heard what Steven had done, it knocked me on the floor. It's a party from beginning to end.''

      ``My first clue about this record was when Joe gave me a CD with `Outta Your Head,' '' Kramer says of the CD's semi-rap track. ``I brought it to my studio and it was a song I wanted to sit down and play, not one I had to sit down and learn. It was inspirational.''

      ``It's like the title says, `Just Push Play,' '' Hamilton says. ``Get out of your head. Go with your gut. Don't let your thinking get in the way of what you feel.''

      Following their instincts has resulted in more than this self-produced CD for Aerosmith. All of a sudden, it seems, this critically dismissed band has gained both respect and a raft of honors: the American Music Awards' International Artist Award, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and entrance into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 19.

      ``Well, if they let us in, how good a place can the Hall of Fame be?'' Hamilton jokes.

      But the group seems genuinely puzzled by their enshrinement.

      ``I understand Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin being there,'' Tyler says. ``I don't mean to sound stupidly humble, but I just don't see us like that. We're just a band from Boston.''

      ``It's like one night we were playing in L.A.,'' Kramer says, ``and Jimmy Page came up and played with us. Led Zeppelin is an icon to me. Never in a million years would I think of myself as being on that level. I just don't see myself like that.''

      ``You walk around doing your day-to-day thing,'' says Whitford, breaking his silence. ``You go to the grocery store, get the mail, take out the garbage. Whatever you've been built up to be, you ain't.

      ``But the music is special,'' he says. ``Now we're hearing it not just from our fans, but from our contemporaries. That's the part that's satisfying. Because we've been underdogs. We're the first band left out of a history of rock 'n' roll. Now we're being recognized by the people who always brushed us off. Our music has been a big part of people's lives. If nothing else, this Hall of Fame thing is a good reminder of how much our music means to some people.''

      ``We have the ability to bring joy and fun into people's lives,'' Kramer says. ``I truly believe that's one of the reasons God chose to let us live again and come back and do what we do. Individually we can't do it. But as a unit, we do what we do and, gee, it's fairly meaningful.''

  • Japanese Just Push Play
      While the release date for JPP in Japan is March 7th it can be found in some stores today...

      1. Beyond Beautiful
      2. Just Push Play
      3. Jaded
      4. Fly Away From Here
      5. Trip Hoppin'
      6. Sunshine
      7. Under My Skin
      8. Luv Lies
      9. Outta Your Head
      10. Drop Dead Gorgeous
      11. Light Inside
      12. Avant Garden
      13. Won't Let You Down
      14. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

      As posted before, and as you can see above, the Japanese version has two bonus tracks added at the end of the album, Won't Let Your Down and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. I've been told that the CD's color is purple and that they use the > mark a lot...

  • Liv Tyler on the cover of new mag

      Liv and Mia Tyler Cipriani's, New York
      Monday 5 March 2001
      Gotham, the new magazine about all things New York, celebrated its launch last night. And where better than the palatial New York landmark, Cipriani's, home of the Bellini. Guests also came dressed in appropriately New York fashion, with the first issue's cover-girl Liv Tyler and Mira Sorvino covering up in black trouser suits, Heidi Klum and Jill Hennessy in shimmery fabrics and boots, and Anabella Sciorra certainly not standing on ceremony in her faded jeans and woolly jumper. It was all terribly Sex and the City, with not a trad party dress in sight. Monica Lewinsky carried one of her own handbags; Betsey Johnson carried her dog.

  • Just Push Play in Holland
      While, according to the Dutch Sony Music Aerosmith page, JPP is going to be released next monday, March 12th (with the Jaded video) I've been told the stores will probably have it on friday and put it on sale the same day...

  • And now you can also download...
      Now, from Napster, you can download Face (2:38) and Won't Let You Down (3:36).

News as of March 5, 2001
  • Aerosmith chat on AOL tonight!
      Chat with Steven Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith
      LIVE TONIGHT on AOL keyword: live
      from 8-8:30pm ET (?)

  • International Jaded single
      The following version of Jaded was seen in stores in Holland and Israel today, so this is obviously the tracklisting for the international Jaded single (ie not US, UK and Japan):

      1. Jaded
      2. Won't Let You Down
      3. Angel's Eye
      4. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

  • UK Jaded single
      The Jaded single appeared in the UK today on CD (3 track), MC and 7" variants. The latter needs to be pre-ordered as main stores aren't holding stocks.

      The CD comes in normal CD single case rather than an album case so it doesn't inlcude the handwritten Jaded lyrics (only available in UK on 7" vinyl version).

      The bonus track on the CD single (from the Japanese version of JPP), Won't Let You Down, is 3:36 long and written by Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson

  • Aerosmith on TRL tomorrow!
      Carson Daly announced today that Aerosmith will be on TRL tomorrow, March 6th!! So everyone get your vcrs ready!

  • Joe on the radio / Kid Rock to introduce them into the HoF
      This was posted on the AOL message board by a fan who frequents that board:

      I was in my car and I caught the very end of a call in interview with Joe Perry on WDHA (NJ radio station). He was saying that the album was being released tomorrow and they are going to try and to make up for something (I am guessing and hoping the Virgin Store appearance) while they are in New York next week doing SNL and Letterman.

      I don't know if this was posted yet, but he also said that Kid Rock will be inducting them into the RnR Hall Of fame. When he was saying goodbye, the DJ said "I'll see ya this summer on tour." I am thinking that maybe earlier in the interview Joe said something about the tour hitting NJ in the summer.

      That's about all I got from it, I wish I had heard the whole thing.

  • Teen People
      In the latest issue of Teen People (April) on page 70, there is a 1/4 page picture of Steven and Joe from one of the after-show parties at the AMA's.

  • Tour to start in two months?
      I've been told that Steven has said that there will be a full-blown tour starting 2 months after the album launch.

  • More on the Q magazine article
      The Q magazine article is interesting and worth it for the purchase plus some good pics (especially of the past). The current interview part was done during LA recording of Jaded video. It has a few other gems not read before, ie

      Joey when he trashed her Ferrari during the Draw The Line period and Brad came across him and thought he was dead.

      Steven mentioning he bought Cyrinda's book on cassette and said he could be violent. He said he could hear in her voice how angry and disgruntled she was.

      Tom played with Vitus G against Billy Squier and McEnroe during an exhibition match during US open in early 80s.

      Beastie Boys turning up for Run DMC thing for WTW and one of them playing bass on the track.

      Tyler detailing the out of all the thing's he's lost , losing his mind is the most, ie in regard his memory and concentration.

      I liked the bit wher they said they no longer light cigarettes with $100 bills to mess with the minds of the Columbia exec (as in the 70s).

News as of March 4, 2001
  • AOL Band Of The Month
      Aerosmith is America Online's Artist of the Month! If you have AOL you can look at the section dedicated to the band. Keyword-Aerosmith

  • Aerosmith signing postponed
      According to the Virgin Megastore phone line 212-921-1020, the signing has been postponed due to the storm. It says more details will be announced on Monday and that people should listen to KROCK for further info, however, the brainiacs at KROCK are still promoting it as if it's still happening on

  • Report from Argentina
      One radio station is playing Fly Away From Here, saying that it will be the second single from the album. Any truth in this or just speculation? Who knows?

      Next week the Rock&Pop radio station is going to air an interview during all noons from Monday to Friday (in parts of just 2 or 3 minutes...) You can listen to it at (click on the logo and chose 'R&P Vivo')

  • Just Push Play lyrics / Soon at Rock This Way...
      You can find most of the lyrics of Just Push Play at the following page

      You're wondering why I don't just post the lyrics here at RTW? Well, I guess I can tell you now... I'm waiting for the correct lyrics from Fred Kruse, a man who I am currently working with on a total make-over of the lyrics page.
      The full and correct lyrics will most likely be up here at Rock This Way some time after the release of Just Push Play.
      So... There is going to be a totally new lyrics page with the most complete lyrics you've ever seen!! I know 'cause he's done most of the lyrics already and sent 'em to me. He's been working a long time on this project and he's found some lyrics you don't even notice are in there. Now, it will include every Aerosmith song released on albums and singles (both studio and live versions, if such has been released), aswell as a bunch of unreleased material and demo versions... Eventually it will also include lyrics to all Joe Perry Project and Whitford/St Holmes songs. All done in a way to make it very easy to find what you are looking for... Now, There you have something to look forward to! Coming soon to a computer near you!

News as of March 3, 2001
  • New Aerosmith photos!!
      Wow! These photos that I was just mailed are Awesome! Although I don't have any news to go with these pics I just have to post 'em! Click on the pics below to see the full-size versions...

      Aerosmith Photo #1 Aerosmith Photo #2 Aerosmith Photo #3

  • Article and video clip from
      In this article from there's also a clip of the boys peforming Jaded, with Joe playing a Bo Diddley guitar model, and a little interview...



      Rock mammoths Aerosmith are set to return to the world of music this month with a brand new album 'Just Push Play' on March 12th and the single 'Jaded' next week.

      dotmusic's roving reporter caught up with the American five-piece and found out just why it's been four years between records. We were also curious to hear more about the first ever politically motivated song in their staggering 30 year career.

      Our video report includes some candid chat with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and co, footage from the video for the new single and promises that they won't be "dropping off anytime soon".

      CLICK HERE to watch the clip in Windows Media and
      CLICK HERE to watch it in Real Media.

      Frontman Tyler explained the significance of their new track 'Jaded'. He said: "The more information we get, with the Internet, the more you realise everyone is jaded. It's never what it seems to be.

      "From the submarine hitting the boat, to the Kennedy Assassination, to our last President's last ten days in office …what kind of people were these that he was pardoning, what's up?

      "It just never is what is seems to be and this song is about a girl who is overly jaded with too much information, she's got too much …Everything she does is the same but it's way out there."

      Tyler also reveals exactly what they've all been up to since their last long-player, 1997's 'Nine Lives', insisting that they haven't been sitting on their laurels since then.

      "It's been four years since the last record but we have been on tour for two of those four and it took a year and a half to write this records," explains the singer.

      "I went to Japan in between and I took my knee out and he (drummer Joey Kramer) roasted marshmallows in his Ferrari. So there has been a lot going on."

  • Aerosmith on CD:UK Live??
      The presenter of the music tv show CD:UK today said - "On next weeks show we have Aerosmith! I'm looking forward to that." She didn't say whether they'd be in the studio live or not but...

  • Star Magazine
      There is a small pic of Steven on page 40 in Star magazine, they are talking about rock and roll fashion. Under his pic the caption reads "Aerosmith's Steven Tyler epitomizes rock's blend of male and female"

  • Aerosmith in Italian Musica magazine
      the cover of Musica Aerosmith are in the latest issue of the Italian magazine Musica. Steven is on the cover of the mag which has a 4 page Aerosmith article, including a short interview with Steven and Joe.

  • Aerosmith article in Revolver Mag. #4

      Eat 'em & smile

      Story By TOM BEAUJOUR Photos By EXUM

      Aerosmith prepare for yet another feast on the American charts. Unliklely as it seems, 2001 is shaping up to be the Year of Aerosmith. A fiery performance on the otherwise sleepy American Music Awards and a raucous mini-set during the Super Bowl's half-time show have proved beyond the shadow of a doubt that, more than a quarter century after the release of their debut album, these well-worn veterans can easily hold their own in today's teeny-bopping musical climate. And it all comes just as the group's upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame cements Aerosmith's status as one of pop music's most important outfits.
      "Doing the Super Bowl and playing in front of 800 million viewers was something that I get to put on a list of shit that I've done, like piloting a World War II fighter plane," says lead guitarist Joe Perry with a grin. "But I have mixed feelings about being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."
      "It's too soon," interjects vocalist Steven Tyler. "It's like the end of something. It's a great club to belong to, but it just doesn't feel right."
      "May be if we had less going on right now we'd be a little more into it," Perry concludes.
      Perry and Tyler's reservations are understandable. Few bands in the hall are still on active duty, and even fewer are releasing records that their labels expect will be smash hits. Aerosmith, however, are no strangers to beating the odds - their massive late-Eighties come back was a glorious rock and roll miracle in itself - so it really comes as no surprise that this first year in the new millennium should find them on the verge of releasing "Just Push Play", their strongest outing since 1989's "Pump". The new album, which grafts Beatles inspired pop hooks onto slabs of Stones-meet-Zeppelin riffs, is exactly what we've come to expect from Aerosmith. But "Just Push Play", which benefits from a refreshingly rough-and-ready swagger notably absent from the group's last two albums, also marks their first stab at self-production. "Quite frankly, the whole process of making records had become a very by-the-numbers thing for us," says Perry. "We would spend months demoing the songs and then have to go in with a producer who would make us do everything over again, just to put his stamp on it."
      "Producers have to justify their existence," says Tyler. "They like to think that they're brought in to do a job. God forbid they should use the demo! Then they won't get credit! If I played you the 'Janie's Got A Gun' demo, you'd shit! It sounds just as good as the track that got released." If Aerosmith were determined that "Just Push Play" should remain in the family, the band's label was anything but thrilled by the group's decision. "I could give you the political answer and say that I knew they could do it all along," says John Klodner, Aerosmith's A&R man and some-time-guru. "But I would be lying. I was very woried about the project and wasn't sure that they could pull it off. You can imagine my relief when I heard the tapes and found that they had managed to prove my doubts unfounded. I think they did as good a job or better than any producer could have with the material."
      Truth be told, Tyler and Perry, whose highly publicized recoveries from substance abuse had left them unaccustomed to overseeing the more mundane aspects of their lives, grappled with their fair share of doubt as well. "When you get sober, you letgo of a lot of stuffand let other people do it because you can't do it all yourself," says Perry. "When we decided to do this record ourselves, we weren't, like, just taking control because of our egos."
      "One of the reasons we've made as far as we have is that we've remained open to outside suggestions and listened to what people we trusted had to say," Tyler concludes. "It's so easy to become a belligerent son of a bitch for the wrong reasons - so easy to say, Fuck you, man, I know what I'm doing. I wrote 'Walk This Way'!"

  • VH1 Top Ten Countdown
      On this program Jaded has moved up to #8 (from #10). They don't show the entire video; however, they do have a couple of interview bits (one with Tom, two with Steven) spliced throughout the video.

      If you want to catch this on tape, here are dates/times when it repeats:

      Sunday, March 4th
      1:00 a.m. EST / 12:00 a.m. CST
      8:00 a.m. EST / 7:00 a.m. CST

      Monday, March 5th
      11:00 a.m. EST / 10:00 a.m. CST

      Tuesday, March 6th
      2:00 a.m. EST / 1:00 a.m. CST
      10:00 a.m. EST / 9:00 a.m. CST

  • Just Push Play review from the Edmonton Sun

      New Aerosmith CD sheer dumb fun
      By MIKE ROSS
      Edmonton Sun


      The toys are no longer in the attic. They are in the living room, the kitchen, the den, strewn all over the stairs. With no one to clean them up - no big-name producer-mother to rein in the rampant self-indulgence - they've taken over the place.

      It's party time. These 50-year-old boys are having a riot.

      Sheer dumb fun is the main strength of Just Push Play, in stores Tuesday. Chock full of excess, sex, swagger, inspired silliness and barely controlled chaos, it's not a cerebral rock record. It's aimed at the gut - or perhaps just a little bit lower.

      Yes, I know: big surprise.

      Aerosmith's funkiest album to date is produced by the "Boneyard Boys," which includes singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry. They obviously did whatever they wanted. The lush clutter of sounds - Arabian percussion, loops, rapping, guitars, more samples than a Snoop Dogg record - might swamp a lesser band into submission, but Tyler is such a commanding presence that he soars above the madding fray. He goes for the gusto from the first track, Beyond Beautiful, and in trademark bombastic soul ballads like Fly Away From Here. He still thinks he's the hard rock Wilson Pickett and we're not going to argue with him.

      If the Boneyard Boys weren't stoned out of their minds, they made a good case for it. Tyler raps in the title track, "Smokin' up the ganja, damned if you do, yeah, but don't get any on ya, kickin' off the cashmere, puttin' on the kasbah ..." and so on into delightful Aerosmith absurdity.

      Surreal shades of Lewis Carroll are obvious in Sunshine, while the musical mayhem and sexual bravado reaches its peak in the wild and crazy Outta Your Head, featuring Tyler at his white rappin' best. Whine if you like, but rap in rock is here to stay.

      Walk this way, or run, if you must - Just Push Play is another winner.

      Track Listing
      1. Beyond Beautiful
      2. Just Push Play
      3. Jaded
      4. Fly Away From Here
      5. Trip Hoppin'
      6. Sunshine
      7. Under My Skin
      8. Luv Lies
      9. Outta Your Head
      10. Drop Dead Gorgeous
      11. Light Inside
      12. Avant Garden

News as of March 2, 2001
  • AerosmithWorld now online

  • Aerosmith's 'Greatest Hits' reaches RIAA's 10-million mark
      The band ranks as the No. 10 certified act in U.S. history.
      by Rob Evans
      LiveDaily News Editor

      Aerosmith picked up the first diamond award of their 30-plus year career from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in February. Meanwhile, the Beatles, Santana, Backstreet Boys, Phil Collins and Destiny's Child were among the acts to add additional multi-platinum awards to their collections. "Aerosmith's Greatest Hits" (Columbia), released in 1980, was RIAA-certified at the 10 million sales mark, making it eligible for the diamond award. Three of the bands' other Columbia Records titles also received upgrades from the RIAA: "Rocks" hit quadruple-platinum status, representing 4 million albums sold since its 1976 release; 1974's "Get Your Wings" reached the 3 million mark; and "Classics Live" was certified platinum.

      Aerosmith is now credited with selling 59.5 million albums in the U.S., making them the tenth highest certified artist in history, according to the RIAA.

  • Just Push Play on the radio
      Yesterday the whole album was aired on radio stations all over the US. I haven't had the chance to hear the songs myself though so I won't post how they sound. I've recieved loads of mails of reviews of the songs but since they are all very different it's hard to post something that could be seen as 'info'. Most fans seem to like it though...

      You should be able to get all the songs on Napster now. As you've probably realised by now most songs there are fakes so be aware of that. If you search for "Aerosmith" and "ksi" you should find all the tracks from yesterdays radio show though...

  • Boston Magazine interview w/Joe Perry

      Guitar Slinger
      by Dan Pearson and Welling Savo

      Aerosmith's Joe Perry on superstition, celebrities, and the best guitar solo of all time.

      Purists accuse Aerosmith of selling out by appearing in the Super Bowl halftime show with N'Sync and Britney Spears, but who can deny the Boston megaband's cross-generational appea? This month guitarist Joe Perry and the boys will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even though the band's new album is called 'Jaded,' Perry insists he's still 'Livin' on the edge.'

      What is the best concert you've ever seen?
      JP: The Rolling Stones in '72 at Boston Garden, where Keith Richards got arrested and they went on late. I remember Mayor White throwing the football into the auidence. It was one of those nights where everything was raised to a fever pitch even before they went on.

      Besides Aerosmith, who is the best Boston band of all time?
      JP: Without a doubt, the J. Geils Band

      What would you do if you weren't a musician?
      JP: I'd like to own a dive shop in the Caribbean. I love to scuba dive.

      Are you still intimidated by any musicians?
      JP: I'm still in awe when I see one of the Beatles. I played a solo on Ringo's Christmas album last year and he loved it. I was overwhelmed.

      Where can you get the best breakfast in Boston?
      JP: On the South Shore, a place called Percy's is just the best.

      The Boston Globe or the Boston Herald?
      JP: I get both. That's the only way to get a real picture of what's going on.

      The Clash's 'London Calling' or Peter Tosh's 'Bush Doctor?'
      JP: I like 'London Calling.' pretty rocking for its time.

      What is your favorite guitar solo ever?
      JP: When Eric Clapton was playing with John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, a song called 'stepping out' was just about two and a half minutes of pure intensity.

      What did you thin of VH1 Behind the Music about Aerosmith?
      JP: I haven't seen it. But I think they're good. But since Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith came out, I don't think there are any secrets that arent' already out there.

      If you could be reincarnated as any jazz musician, who would it be?
      JP: Wes Montgomery. His style is incredible.

      What is your most memorable moment from re-recording 'Walk This Way' with Run-D.M.C.?
      JP: They showed up about 20 minutes late with bags of McDonalds. Someone had stolen their renal car. The whole focus was on the car and not about the session, which was this groundbreaking musical thing with rock and rap.

      What pieces of memorabilia will you donate to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?
      JP: Probably stage clothing from the 80's. Usually it's pieces of clothing, but I'm really superstitious. If we have a good gig and I happen to be wearing a certain item, it happens to be a part of my mojo, and I'll wear it again - especially shoes. I'll wear the same shoes for six months.

      What aspect of the rock scene are you most jaded about?
      JP: It's become such a big business. Maybe I'm naive to be enraptured withthe dream. I've really been through thiscareer and to see that it's so driven by the dollar, well, I think I'm lucky that I'm still able to retain some of that rapture.

      What advice would you give to N'Sync that you're sure they wouldn't take?
      JP: Make sure you have a good lawyer. Don't sign anything that you're going to regret later.

      Was there a moent on your last tour when you said, "We're too old for this?"
      JP: I went through a period about 10 years ago - when I was up on stage jumping around, playing guitars, thinking, "Is this any way for a 40 year old man to make a living?" I guess it was kind of a mid-life crisis.

      Is it better to "burn out" or "fade away"?
      JP: I'm just waiting to see what we do first. I have too much energy and excitement left to stop now.

      What's left for Aerosmith?
      JP: Keep it together for one more round. Rock and roll is not about longevity; it's about immediacy and pushing the edge at that moment.

  • UK Fans, win the UK limited edition vinyl Jaded single
      There's a competition on the website 'aeroforce2' to win a copy of the UK limited edition vinyl Jaded single. The questions ridiculously easy. The competition is only available to the UK though.

News as of March 1, 2001
  • Sunshine - On radio/Lyrics/MP3!
      Ok, supposedly a Boston radio station played "Sunshine" (from JPP) and someone on the AeroForceOne Boards posted the lyrics.

      The song is on Napster but I haven't been able to download it yet so I can't say how it sounds... From what I hear it's pop/rock, a bit bluesy, more '70's style, and with some Beatles influences... and unlike the songs we've gotten to hear lately this one is supposed to have a guitar solo (Thank god!). I guess I'll get to hear it myself soon... but for now I can just share the lyrics that were posted...


      i sold my soul for a one night stand
      I followed alice into wonder land
      i ate the mushroom and i dance with the queen
      yeah we dancing inbetween all the lines
      i followed daylight right into the dark
      took to the hatter like a walk in the park
      but then i met her yeah she felt so right
      no shadow (?) the night yeah it was she
      they call her sunshine
      the kind that everbody knows
      yeah yeah
      they call her sunshine
      she's finer than a painted rose
      yeah yeah
      her kind of love is what i adore
      what kind of trouble am i in for
      my kind of heaven lies in hells back door
      and i got more than i need
      cause i need sunshine
      the kind everbody knows
      yeah yeah
      my sunshine she's finer than a painted rose
      yeah yeah sunshine yeah
      i got the karma but it dont come free
      i chased that rabbit up an old oak tree
      that kind of pill is tryin to cop a plea
      the smoke aintt got nothing on me
      I got to have my sunshine
      the kind that everybody knows
      yeah yeah
      finer than a painted rose
      sunshine the kind that everybody knows
      my sunshine she's finer than a painted rose
      sunshine yeah yeah

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