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News as of February 28, 2001
  • Aerosmith in Q magazine!
      Q Steven is on the cover of the british magazine Q this month! They have a huge feature on Aerosmith and their new album. The following article was found on their website:

      Aerosmith: Still Sober!

      Tyler: "I'll roll a joint for you"

      Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler claims that he can now handle watching others indulge in drink and drugs without fearing a slide back into his old ways. As one half of the legendary Toxic Twins with guitarist Joe Perry, Tyler’s bid to stay on the wagon in the late 80s was so difficult he banned hard-living support act Guns’n’Roses from coming anywhere near him lest he be tempted by their casual approach to – shall we say – "partying". "I don’t want to preach," claims Tyler in the new issue of Q. "It’s like I told Liv [his actress daughter] the other day – if you want to smoke a joint, I’ll roll it for you. But I don’t think you should. You get so stigmatised about being this sober fucking guy. I got beer and whiskey in my house – I just don’t drink it, because I don’t want to go back there."

      Aerosmith’s new album Just Push Play is the first since ditching manager Tim Collins, the man who famously pushed the rapidly self-destructing band into rehab in 1986. "The thinking was, Aerosmith are impossible to deal with and now they’re fired the only person that can handle them," says Perry. "For us, this whole process has been a vindication."

      It seems as though the Non-Toxic Twins have come to terms with their highly Toxic past. "Who knows?" says Tyler of his hell-raising days. "I can honestly tell you that, had I not stopped getting high when I did 14 years ago, clearly I could have been into major debauchery at this time."

  • The latest from Escape TV
      The following is from an e-mail I got from the people at, a site I've posted about a couple of times before.

        "We are very busy structuring our business. I will have Danny Hargrove's new band the Skrewballz interview on next week. The Joe Pet interview that we taped in his recording studio will be also on next week.

      We are working very closely with the group Ruff Cutt. We met up with Paul Shortino and Sean McNabb at a benefit in Boston. They Performed three great acoustic songs that we were lucky enough to capture on video tape. The three video's are on channel three of the Escape TV site. Plus Escape TV will present the global premiere of their next music video. I'll keep you informed.

      I received quite a few e-mails from people that had missed seeing the photo's of Joe's 50th. They are back on and can be found on Channel 3."

  • SNL date!
      Aerosmith will be on SNL March 17th. Also, I've been told that during the same week they will be on Letterman and performing on the Today Show as well...

  • Terry's (Aeroluvr) Interview With Jack Douglas on The Grammy Show, etc.
      Jack Douglas Talks About the 2001 Grammy Award Show Live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles

      Jack Douglas, legendary rock music producer and Grammy Award winner, was in Los Angeles this past week on business and attended the live Grammy Awards show Wednesday night at the Staples Center. I thought it might be interesting to hear his "take" on the show from a live prospective versus what we see at home on TV. He had quite a full schedule while in town but nonetheless found time to answer a few questions for me (Terry aka

      TR: Jack, first of all I'd like to thank you for taking a few minutes to chat with us about the Grammy show this past Wednesday. We at home, see the show based upon the planned presentation of it to us. I thought it might be fun to hear your take on the event from an "insider's" view live at the Staples Center.

      TR: What was your overall impression of the show tonight?
      JD: No danger, no surprise really except Steely Dan. The show was well produced and it sounded really great there. Some stand outs for sure but I did think John Stewart was flat.

      TR: Which performances did you enjoy the most and why?
      JD: U2 had great energy; Macy Gray looked and sounded great there. The drummer "pulled a Keith Moon" at the end of the performance, which probably wasn't shown on TV. I also understand that the vocal mix didn't sound as good on TV. Live audio broadcasts are tricky sometimes.

      TR: A few words about each of the following performances:

      TR: Madonna
      JD: Not my favorite, glad it was first.

      TR: Paul Simon
      JD: Why?

      TR: NSync
      JD: Sounded great but wished they had danced.

      TR: Destiny's Child
      JD: Disappointing - lip sync'd.

      TR: Faith Hill
      JD: Liked her, sounded great.

      TR: U2
      JD: Best of the lot for sure.

      TR: Sheryl Crow & Shelby Lynne
      JD: Love that trailer park trash, sounded great.

      TR: Moby, Jill Scott & Blue Man Group
      JD: Cool but over the top, would have preferred a performance by Beck instead.

      TR: Macy Gray
      JD: Loved it, she's "dangerous".

      TR: Christina Aguilera
      JD: Good, great arrangements, band sounded good, but she did have a bit of trouble trying to "escape" her prop.

      TR: Marc-André Hamelin
      JD: I like classical, too many subtleties to really be appreciated though.

      TR: Brad Paisley & Dolly Parton
      JD: I loved Dolly Parton, made everybody feel good as she usually does

      TR: Eminem & Elton John
      JD: I was with the whole thing until he gave me and everybody else the finger. F*ck him, I'm glad he lost for best album.

      TR: Any surprises among the top winners?
      JD: Steely Dan - didn't think anybody really cared.

      TR: Any nominees you would have liked to see win that didn't?
      JD: Radiohead.

      TR: Have you attended other Grammy shows in the past? (TR: DUH, he won one in '81 for Best Album). If so, how did tonight's show compare to those?
      JD: Seems as time goes on more emphasis is placed on the media hype and fashion trends instead of the music which is what it's really all about.

      TR: Care to comment about the whole Eminem/Elton John controversy?
      JD: Yeah, they are both opportunists.

      TR: Were there any "tense" moments during the show?
      JD: When Raya Beam stood up with her "Madonna Sucks - Stolen Material Girl" t-shirt on - I was sitting right next to her.

      TR: Who all did you see and talk to while you were there?
      JD: Elvis, Keith Moon, John Lennon, Roy Orbison (TR: Jack does have a great sense of humor)

      TR: Any truly memorable moments on screen or off?
      JD: No, not really

      TR: What brings you to town this week? (Elaborate all you want)
      JD: Mob Story - several meetings with record labels and industry people. I'm also busy scoring a movie soundtrack for an upcoming release "THIS THING OF OURS". And I'm working on an album with the band Local H.

      Now a couple of questions specifically for my fellow online Aerosmith fans…

      TR: Steven and Joe from Aerosmith were originally scheduled as presenters but did not appear on the show. Any "official" word on why - was it due to illness?
      JD: Yep, the official word was that Steven was ill.

      TR: Have you heard Just Push Play, the new Aerosmith album? If so, your thoughts?
      JD: I think it's great. It's got some cool stuff in it that reminds me a lot of the Beatles.

      TR: And I've just got to ask…any chance we will see you producing/working with Aerosmith again sometime in the future (cause you know we'd love to think so!)?
      JD: Maybe...maybe not.....

      TR: Did you attend any post show parties? If so, which ones and how were they?
      JD: Yeah, I went to a couple - had some great food.

      TR: Anything else you'd care to add?
      JD: Yeah, tell everyone to check out Rick Dufay's MP3 site at He's put together a really cool album of songs recorded in London soon after his Aerosmith days and it's going to be available through MP3 very soon. He's a great friend of mine and an incredible musician. The album is rock - reminiscent of the "old school" Aerosmith sound along with some great European influences as well. I'll be giving a more detailed review of it sometime after I return to New York.
      Note from TR: More to come...

      Note: Jack won an Album Of The Year Grammy back in 1981 for John Lennon's Double Fantasy album. Quite a bittersweet moment, indeed.

      Terry aka

News as of February 27, 2001
  • Japanese Jaded single
      1.Jaded(Album version)
      2.Jaded(Acoustic Mix)
      3.Angel's Eye
      4.Jaded(Guitar Mix)
      5.Under My Skin(Reprise)

      It goes on sale tomorrow feb 28th but it seems some stores sell it today aswell...

  • The Aerosmith signing in NYC...
      Aerosmith to Land in Times Square for Virgin Instore

      In celebration of the much anticipated release of Just Push Play next Tue (3/6), Aerosmith will greet a limited number of fans at the Virgin Megastore in Times Square at an exclusive instore event.

      Like always, Steven Tyler and the band will arrive rock star style (how else could they make their grand entrance?). Preparing the way, an army of robotic women will march down Broadway to a red carpet rolled out in front of the Virgin Megastore Times Square, where the rock ‘n' rollers will drive up in a limo. In the midst of all the glitz and glam the band won't forget their loyal followers, whom they will greet inside the store while autographing copies of their latest album.

      In order to meet the rock icons at the event, you better act fast. Beginning at 9am this Fri (3/2), wristbands will be available at the Virgin Megastore Times Square to customers who pre-purchase Aerosmith's latest record.

      With the success of the group's 1997 (appropriately titled) album, Nine Lives , fans have proven they're ready and hungry for more. The next 12-track album is the first to be produced by the band, with Tyler and Joe Perry working with Mark Hudson and Marti Frederiksen. As seen and heard on MTV, the latest hit song, “Jaded,” from the boy's upcoming album has whet many appetites for their uninhibited rock return.

      Be one of the first to witness it.

      - Sarah Emerson
      February 27, 2001

  • Album Network Special Schedule
      The following was posted on the AF1 website. It's a listing of all the radio stations across the U.S. and in Canada that will be broadcasting the "Just Push Play" premiere, which will consist of interviews with the band that took place in Boston on February 15, and 10 songs from the album including the Best Buy track "Face". Be sure to check the schedule for the Day/Time of the station nearest you as they are mostly airing from March 1 - 4 or so.

      As AF1 reported earlier this month, Aerosmith sat down with Carter Alan (WZXL/Boston) and Nik Carter (WBCN/Boston) for an interview where the band talked about Just Push Play, the Super Bowl, American Music Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and more! Well, AF1 has got the radio schedule here for you! Find out when the interview will be aired in your city by checking the radio list, provided by SFX Radio (United States and Canada listings).

      SFX Radio Network will be airing a 2-hour world premiere broadcast special on the new Aerosmith album, Just Push Play! The world premiere will include interviews with the band at their office outside of Boston that took place on February 15. Ten songs from Just Push Play will be featured, along with "Face," that appears on the Best Buy version.

      Check out the SFX Network Radio Schedule periodically as it will be updated.

      United States (alphabetical order)
      City Radio Station Date / Time
      Aberdeen, WA KDUX 104.7
      Abilene, TX KEYJ 107.9 3/3 @ 10pm
      Albany, GA WJAD 103.5 3/2 @ 9pm
      Albany, NY WPYX 106.5 3/3 @ 12mid
      Alexandria, LA KZMZ 96.9 3/4 @
      Altoona, PA WBXQ 94.3 3/4 @ 10pm
      Anchorage, AK KBFX 100.5 3/2 @6pm, 3/3 @ 6pm
      Appleton, WI WAPL 105.7 3/2 @ 8pm
      Asheville, NC WQNS 104.9 3/1 @ 10pm
      Asheville, NC WQNQ 104.3 3/1 @ 10pm
      Athens, GA WPUP 103.7 3/3 @ 9pm
      Atlanta, GA WKLS 96.1 3/4 @ 7pm
      Atlantic City, NJ WZXL 100.7 3/4 @ 10am
      Augusta, GA WCHZ 95.1 3/4 @ 6pm
      Austin, TX KLBJ 93.7 3/1 @ 10pm
      Baltimore, MD WIYY 97.9 3/1 @ 7pm
      Bangor, ME WKIT 100.3 3/4 @ 12noon
      Batesville, AR KZLE 93.1 3/1 @ 8pm
      Beaumont, TX KIOC 106.1 3/4 @ 9pm
      Bend, OR KTWS 98.3 3/1 @ 9pm
      Billings, MT KRKX 103.7 3/4 @
      Binghamton, NY WKGB 92.5 3/1 @ 10pm
      Bismarck, ND KBYZ 96.5 3/3 @ 8pm
      Boston, MA WBCN 104.1 3/4 @ 10am
      Boston, MA WZLX 100.7 3/2 @ 10pm
      Bowling Green, KY WBLG 107.1 3/3 @
      Brainard, MN KLIZ 107.5 3/1 @ 10pm
      Bryan, TX KTSR 92.1 3/1 @ 10pm
      Buffalo, NY WGRF 96.9 3/4 @ 9pm
      Burlington, VT WIZN 106.7
      Butte, MT KMBR 95.5 3/3 @ 9:30pm
      Canton, OH WRQK 106.9 3/4 @ 10pm
      Cape Cod, MA WPXC 102.9
      Carbondale, IL WTAO 105.1 3/4 @ 7pm
      Cedar Rapids, IA KRNA 94.1 3/4 @ 6pm
      Champaign, IL WGKC 105.9 3/4 @ 8pm
      Charleston, SC WYBB 98.1 3/4 @ 8pm
      Charleston, WV WKLC 105.1 3/3 @ 10pm
      Charlottesville, VA WWWV 97.5 3/3 @ 8pm
      Chattanooga, TN WRXR 105.5 3/3 @ 8pm
      Chicago, IL WLUP 97.9 3/2 @ 9pm
      Clarksburg, WV WCLG 100.1
      Cleveland, OH WMMS 100.7 3/4 @ 8pm
      Clinton, MO KLRQ 96.1 3/1 @
      Colchstr/Brlngtn, VT WCPV 101.3 3/4 @ 5pm
      College Station, TX KTSR 92.1 3/1 @ 10pm
      Columbia, MO KCMQ 96.7 3/4 @ 6pm
      Columbia, SC WMFX 102.3
      Columbus, GA WVRK 102.9
      Columbus, MS WSMS 99.9 3/2 @ 9pm
      Corning, NY WPHD 94.7
      Corpus Christi, TX KNCN 101.3 3/1 @ 10pm
      Davenport, IA KCQQ 106.5 3/4 @ 5pm
      Dayton, OH WTUE 104.7
      Denver, CO KRFX 103.5 3/3 @ 10pm
      Des Moines, IA KAZR 103.3 3/4 @ 7pm
      Detroit, MI WRIF 101.1 3/1 @ 10pm, 3/4 @ 8pm
      Dubuque, IA KXGE 102.3 3/3 @
      Duluth, MN KQDS 94.9
      Elmira, NY WPHD 94.7 3/4 @ 9pm
      Erie, PA WRKT 100.9 3/1 @ 8pm
      Eugene, OR KZEL 96.9 3/3 @ 8pm
      Evansville, IN WGBF 103.1 3/1 @ 9pm
      Fargo, ND KPFX 107.9 3/4 @ 10pm
      Farmington, NM KRWN 92.9 3/3 @ 6pm
      Fayetteville, NC WRCQ 103.5 3/4 @ 8pm
      Fergus Falls, MN KZCR 103.3 3/3 @
      Flagstaff, AZ KZGL 101.7 3/2 @ 7pm
      Flint, MI WRXF 103.1 3/1 @ 10pm
      Florence, SC WMXT 102.1 3/3 @ 8pm
      Fresno, CA KJFX 95.7 3/3 @ 8pm
      Ft. Lauderdale, FL WBGG 105.9 3/4 @ 8pm
      Ft. Smith, AR KLSZ 102.7 3/4 @ 8pm
      Ft. Walton Bch, FL WKSM 99.5 3/4 @ 6pm
      Ft. Wayne, IN WBYR 98.9 3/4 @ 8pm
      Grand Junction, CO KKNN 95.1 3/4 @ 8pm
      Grand Rapids, MI WKLQ 94.5 3/4 @ 7pm
      Grand Rapids, MI WLAV 96.9 3/4 @ 12 noon
      Green Bay, WI WAPL 105.7 3/2 @ 8pm
      Greensboro, NC WKRR 92.3 3/4 @ 10pm
      Greenville, SC WSFL 106.5
      Greenville, SC WROQ 101.1 3/3 @
      Hagerstown, MD WQCM 96.7 3/4 @ 5pm
      Hannibal, MO KZZK 105.9 3/2 @ 10pm
      Harrisburg, PA WQXA 105.7 3/4 @ 8pm
      Hattiesburg, MS WMFM 106.3 3/3 @ 8pm
      Hays, KS KFIX 96.9
      Helena, MT KZMT 101.1 3/2 @ 8pm
      Honolulu, HI KPMW 105.5
      Huntington, WV WKLC 105.1 3/3 @ 10pm
      Huntsville, AL WTAK 106.1 3/3 @ 11pm
      Indianapolis, IN WFBQ 94.7 3/4 @ 10pm
      Iowa City, IA KRNA 94.1 3/4 @ 6pm
      Ithaca, NY WVBR 93.5 3/1 @ 8:30pm
      Jackson, MS WSTZ 106.7 3/1 @ 10pm
      Jamestown, ND KSJZ 93.3 3/2 @ 4pm
      Johnstown, PA WQKK 92.1
      Joliet, IL WLLI 96.7 3/2 @
      Jonesboro, AR KDEZ 100.5 3/2 @
      Jonesboro, AR KZLE 93.1 3/1 @ 8pm
      Joplin, MO KXDG 97.9
      Juneau, AK KSUP 106.3 3/3 @ 6pm
      Kalamazoo, MI WRKR 107.7 3/1 @ 9pm
      Kennewick, WA KXRX 97.1 3/2 @
      Ketchum, ID KECH 95.3 3/1 @ 7pm
      Keyser, WV WQZK 94.1 3/2 @ 10pm
      Knoxville, TN WIMZ 103.5 3/2 @ 10pm
      LaCrosse, WI WRQT 95.7 3/3 @ 8pm
      Lafayette, IN WKHY 93.5 3/3 @ 10pm
      Lake Charles, LA KKGB 101.3
      Lancaster, PA WQXA 105.7 3/4 @ 8pm
      Lansing, MI WJXQ 106.1 3/4 @ 8pm
      Las Vegas, NV KOMP 92.3 3/4 @ 8pm
      Laurel, MS WMFM 106.3 3/3 @ 8pm
      Lewiston, ID KOZE 96.5
      Lincoln, NE KIBZ 106.3 3/4 @ 4pm
      Los Angeles, CA KLOS 95.5 3/4 @ 9pm
      Macon, GA WQBZ 106.3 3/3 @ 8pm
      Madison, WI WIBA 101.5 3/2 @ 10pm
      Madisonville, KY WKTG 93.9
      Manchester, NH WNHI 93.3 3/1 @ 10pm
      Manhattan, KS KMKF 101.5 3/2 @ 1pm
      Mankato, MN KXLP 93.1 3/1 @
      Marion, IL WTAO 105.1 3/4 @ 7pm
      Memphis, TN WEGR 102.7 3/1 @ 7pm
      Miami, FL WBGG 105.9 3/4 @ 8pm
      Milwaukee, WI WLZR 102.9 3/4 @ 7pm
      Minneapolis, MN KXXR 93.7 3/4 @ 9pm
      Minot, ND KZPR 105.3 3/4 @ 8pm
      Mobile, AL WTKX 101.5 3/4 @ 6pm
      Montgomery, AL WXFX 95.1 3/1 @ 9pm
      Morgantown, WV WCLG 100.1
      Myrtle Beach, SC WSEA 100.3 3/3 @ 6pm
      Nashville, TN WNPL 106.7
      Neillsville, WI WCCN 107.5 3/1 @ 6pm
      New Bern, NC WSFL 106.5
      New Haven, CT WPLR 99.1 3/4 @ 4pm
      New Lexington, OH WWJM 105.9 3/4 @ 10pm
      New Ulm, MN KXLP 93.1
      New York City, NY WAXQ 104.3 3/4 @ 8pm
      Oakland, CA KOFX 90.9 3/3 @ 6pm
      Oklahoma City, OK KATT 100.5 3/4 @ 7pm
      Omaha, NE KEZO 92.3 3/4 @ 6pm
      Ottawa, KS KOFO 1220am
      Owensboro, KY WXCM 97.1 3/4 @ 10pm
      Paris, TX KBUS 101.9 3/3 @ 4pm
      Park Hills, MO KDBB 104.3 3/4 @ 7pm
      Parkersburg, WV WRZZ 106.1 3/2 @ 7pm
      Pensacola, FL WTKX 101.5 3/4 @ 6pm
      Peoria, IL WWCT 105.7 3/4 @ 6pm
      Philadelphia, PA WYSP 94.1
      Port Arthur, TX KIOC 106.1 3/4 @ 9pm
      Portland, ME WBLM 102.9 3/1 @ 8pm
      Portland, OR KGON 92.3 3/4 @ 10pm
      Prescott, AZ KZGL 101.7 3/2 @ 7pm
      Quincy, IL KZZK 105.9 3/2 @ 10pm
      Rapid City, SD KSQY 95.1 3/4 @ 8pm
      Redding, CA KRRX 106.1 3/3 @ 8pm
      Reno, NV KOZZ 105.7 3/3 @ 10pm
      Richland, WA KXRX 97.1 3/2 @
      Rochester, MN KRCH 101.7
      Rochester, NY WCMF 96.5 3/4 @ 8pm
      Rock Isl/Moline, IL KCQQ 106.5 3/4 @ 5pm
      Salida, CO KSBV 93.7
      San Diego, CA KGB 101.5 3/1 @ 7pm
      San Francisco, CA KSAN 107.7
      San Luis Obispo, CA KZOZ 93.3 3/4 @ 10am
      Sault St. Marie, MI WSUE 101.3 3/4 @ 9pm
      Savannah, GA WIXV 95.5 3/3 @ 10pm
      Seattle/Tacoma, WA KISW 99.9 3/4 @ 9pm
      Sioux Falls, SD KRRO 103.7 3/1 @ 7pm
      South Bend, IN WIRX 107.1 3/4 @ 6pm
      Spartanburg, SC WROQ 101.1 3/3 @
      Springfield, IL WQLZ 92.7 3/1 @ 7pm
      Springfield, MA WAQY 102.1 3/2 @
      Starkville, MS WSMS 99.9 3/2 @ 9pm
      St. Louis, MO KSHE 94.7 3/1 @
      Sun Valley, ID KECH 95.3 3/1 @ 7pm
      Tallahassee, FL WGLF 104.1 3/2 @ 6pm
      Toledo, OH WRWK 106.5 3/1 @ 10pm
      Topeka, KS KMKF 101.5 3/2 @ 1pm
      Traverse City, MI WKLT 97.5 3/1 @ 9pm
      Traverse City, MI WKLZ 98.9 3/1 @ 9pm
      Tri Cities, WA KXRX 97.1 3/2 @
      Trinidad, CO KCRT 92.5 3/2 @ 7pm
      Tucson, AZ KLPX 96.1 3/3 @ 8pm
      Tulsa, OK KMOD 97.5 3/4 @ 5pm
      Tuscaloosa, AL WRTR 105.5 3/4 @ 8pm
      Waco, TX KBRQ 102.5 3/4 @ 10pm
      Washington, DC WWDC 101.1
      Wasau, WI WMZK 104.1 3/1 @
      Wst Palm Bch, FL WKGR 98.7
      Wichita, KS KRZZ 96.3 3/4 @ 7pm
      Williamsport, PA WZXR 99.3
      Wilmington, DE WRDX 94.7 3/3 @ 10pm
      Wilmington, NC WRQR 104.5 3/3 @ 8pm
      Winchester, VA WFQX 99.3
      Winston Salem, NC WKRR 92.3 3/4 @ 10pm
      Woodward, OK KWDQ 102.3 3/3 @ 8pm
      Yakima, WA KATS 94.5 3/3 @ 8pm
      York, PA WQXA 105.7 3/4 @ 8pm
      Youngstown, OH WNCD 93.3 3/3 @ 10pm
      Zanesville, OH WWJM 105.9 3/4 @ 10pm
      Canada (alphabetical order)
      Calgary, ALB CJAY 92.1 3/4 @ 5pm
      Edmonton, ALB CFBR 100.3 3/4 @ 7pm
      Hamilton, ONT CJXY 95.3 3/4 @ 10pm
      Montreal, QUE CJFM 95.9 3/1 @ 10pm
      Ottawa, ONT CKQB 106.9 3/1 @ 8pm
      Regina, SASK CFWF 104.9 3/1 @ 10pm
      St. Catharines, ONT CHTZ 97.7 3/1 @ 6pm
      Toronto, ONT CKFM 99.9 3/3 @ 8pm
      Vancouver, BC CFMI 101.1 3/2 @ 10pm
      Victoria, BC CKKQ 100.3 3/4 @ 8pm

      Schedule subject to change without notice.

News as of February 26, 2001
  • Aerosmith signing in NYC
      At the Virgin Megastore in Times Square there's a sign saying that Aerosmith will be appearing to sign autographs next Tuesday (3.6). If you go to Virgin on Friday (3.2) and pre-order “Just Push Play” you can get a pass for the autograph signing on Tuesday.

      There will only be a few hundred passes given out on Friday and they are expected to "go fast." The signing is expected to begin at 6pm on Tuesday but they are advising people to get there earlier.

  • Jaded single released in Australia!
      In Australia HMV had the single on the shelves today even though the advertised date was tomorrow. Okay, here is a complete summary of all the important stuff.

      The single cover art is the pic of that naked woman on their website. On the inside there is a small pic of the JPP cover art and it is indeed the "sexy robot" pic we've all seen. Also in the small print it lists JPP as being in stores March 20. Not sure if this is for Australia only or what...

      The tracks are:
      1. Jaded
      2. Jaded (Acoustic Mix)
      3. Angel's Eye
      4. Under My Skin (Reprise)

      Tracks 1-3 are credited to Tyler/Frederiksen
      Track 4 is credited to Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen

      The acoustic mix is identical with acoustic guitars and more emphasis on the synths in the background. Those who don't like Jaded will probably hate the acoustic mix even more because it makes the song about a million times more lame.

      Okay, now the one you've all been waiting for, Under My Skin (Reprise). The track is only 1 min long but I find it very interesting, with a sound that made me think of the Beatles... Basically it sort of fades in with ST singing something about being "under my skin" with his vocal layered a lot with some interesting harmonies going on in the background. Then there is some middle eastern sounding synths mixed with an orchestral bit happening for the remainder of the time with no vocals or guitars or anything. It's definitely different for Aerosmith, and while you can't really say for sure how the whole song will sound (it's definitely a gives very little away) I feel this 1 min of music is WAY MORE interesting than all of Jaded and Angel's Eye....

  • Australian B-sides on Napster!
      The release of Jaded in Australia has obviously also meant that these b-sides are now spreading fast on Napster...

      look for:
      Aerosmith - Under My Skin (Reprise) - Oz.mp3
      Aerosmith - Jaded (Acoustic Mix) - Oz.mp3

      The next bits out to check Napster out for are:

      Jaded (Guitars Mix) - Japan release on 28th
      Won't Let You Down - UK CD Single release March 5th

      and then the album is out in North America

  • Aerosmith on promotional tour to Japan in early April?
      Other news I've heard is that they will be on a promotional tour to Japan in early April. I gather Cheap Trick are also in japan at the same time so who knows the amount of times these bands have played together....

  • Boston Herald-Today!

      Firehouse visit fires up Tyler clan
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Monday, February 26, 2001

      Aerosmith Bad Boy Steven Tyler and his brood got the 411 on 911 calls to the Cambridge Fire Department's HQ in Harvard Square the other day during an Amazing impromptu visit fueled by Dad's firefighting fans.

      ``We were driving through Harvard Square and stopped at a red light,'' one Engine Company One cheese told the Track. ``And this guy in the next car rolls down his window and says, `Hey, whassup?' ''

      ``Someone said, `Aren't you . . .?' and he says, `Yeah, I'm the dude in the rock 'n' roll band' and before you know it, we invited them to the station,'' he said. ``And sure enough, a couple of hours later, they showed up after they got haircuts.''

      Of course, because the Tallaricos like Livin' on the Edge, Steven and kids Chelsea and Taj slid down the pole - many times. Mom Teresa took a turn, too. And we're told Dad got to suit up and swing an official department-issued ax.

      Well, not only did Dude Look Like A Firefighter, Steven has had to make like one in years past.

      Back in 1991, you may remember, the rocker was heralded as a hero for saving the then-pregnant Teresa, toddler Chelsea and the family cat from their burning home in magnif Marshfield Hills.

      Tyler, who was pumping iron in an adjacent barn when the fire broke out in the kitchen, made his way through the thick smoke to a second-floor bedroom, where he stuck an emergency ladder out the window helping his family flee to safety.

      And ever since then, Tyler has thrown support behind his local fire department by donating autographed Aerosmithobilia to the department's benefit auctions.

      Not exactly a Jaded guy, would you say?

  • Aerosmith not on SNL?
      On SNL the other night they advertised the March 10th show as being hosted by Conan O'Brian with musical guest Don Henley. So, if Aerosmith IS going to be on Saturday Night Live, it looks like it will be later than March 10th.

  • US Release Dates
      This is off of Columbia's website, it still says March 6 but the release date for the Super Audio CD is the 20th and then the single on the 13th...

      Date Artist Title Label Sel# Config

      06-Mar-01 Aerosmith JUST PUSH PLAY COLUMBIA 62088
      CD Cassette Vinyl
      20-Mar-01 Aerosmith JUST PUSH PLAY COLUMBIA 62088
      Super Audio CD
      13-Mar-01 Aerosmith JADED COLUMBIA 79555
      CD Single

  • Aerosmith on MuchMusic in Canada
      "Jaded" was the highest debuting video on the MuchMusic countdown this week at #28. The video has also been put into medium rotation on MuchMusic - Check out

  • From an Argentine newspaper...
      Only some parts were translated... (some parts of the article were from other articles we've already read before)

      LA NACION, February 24th, 2001

      Aerosmith, American Rock:

      * All the 12 songs are composed by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry.

      Just Push Play and don't pay attention to everything is said about the group could be the complement for the sentence chosen by Steven Tyler and company, 30 years after their first steps and almost going into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame.
      * Because it's true that Aerosmith have lost a bit of prestige and also their works from the last decade could be condensed in hardly a couple of good riffs. Not much more than that. So, JPP attempts to justify that rock&roll in American style that the band have been proclaiming album by album. Just push play. Now, the thing is to check if you can resist the 12 songs written and produced by Tyler and Perry, without pushing Stop.
      The first key of the album is direct rock, live rock, the rock that seems to be composed for being listened loudly driving fast a luxury car along a Californian highway in a sunny day. 30 later it's still the best Aerosmith's arm for the public reconquest.
      Of course in JPP there're also the screaming from the owner of the second most famous mouth in rock (after Mick Jagger) and those epic ballads that gave them so much success in the '90s.
      From the beginning, these old rockers with shirts and scarves of silk, explode with Beyond Beautiful and Just Push Play, 2 rocks with their trade mark: guitars, chorus, Perry's solos, and Tyler's voice over all.
      Yes, it's true that they sound more powerful than before (when they did IDWTMAT), but to be honest, as it was expected, things didn't change too much. Mainly when you see that the following 2 songs are Jaded and Fly Away From Here. Two pop ballads that can be compared with Crazy or Crying.
      And right here, at the end of the fourth song, is when the album could finish and, as they were "cutting and pasting", songs seem to be repeating in groups of 4 (in series of 2 rocks and 2 ballads).
      The band has sold about 100 millions of units in the world, and it's the proof that to maintain themselves along so many years is worthy. There you can see the testifying prizes and the achievements form the industry. Obviously, it doesn't matter how good the new Aerosmith stuff is.

News as of February 25, 2001
  • Danish release date?
      According to Stereo Studio in Herning, the "Jaded" single is released on Feb. 27th in Denmark.

  • Just Push Play + Interview in Toronto
      Q107 in Toronto and surrounding areas will be playing the whole new CD + an interview with the guyz on Monday, March 5th at 9 p.m. -10:30 p.m.

  • VH1
      Jaded was no. 10 on the VH1 Top Ten Countdown...

News as of February 23, 2001
  • Happy Birthday Brad!
      It's Mr. Brad Whitford's 49th Birthday today! Happy Birthday!!!

  • Big Ones box
      I've now gotten some more info on the Dutch Big Ones box mentioned here two days ago. It contains Big Ones and a live cd in a special slipcase, mirroring the original Big Ones artwork. The live cd is best described as a promo for A little South of Sanity, with 8 or 9 tracks from that cd.

  • Aerosmith Rocks The UK (AF1)
      Aerosmith just filmed a segment for Top of the Pops UK, the BBC's long running chart television show and CD UK, another music television show. The band performed their current single, "Jaded" to be televised in the UK, however both segments were taped in Boston.
      Check your local listings for schedule.

  • Switch Magazine (AF1)
      Attention Japanese fans! Look out for the newest issue of Switch magazine as Steven Tyler and Joe Perry grace the cover!

  • Climbing Billboard (AF1)
      "Jaded" has moved up two more spots to #18 on the Hot 100 singles chart for Billboard issue date March 3, 2001! Aerosmith are also holding steady at the #1 slot on the Mainstream/Rock singles chart!

      And its still moving up in national airplay! According to Rock and Roll online it jumped from 17-13 in national CHR/Pop Airplay and it gained airplay (even though it is #1) in Rock

  • Jaded/Just Push Play release in Australia
      HMV are advertising Jaded as being released on Feb 26th. Chaosmusic online have this as the date as well. Also, HMV have JPP down for 19th March.

  • Liv Tyler in Jane Magazine
      Liv Tyler is going to be on the cover of Jane Magazine the month of April issue.

  • Aerosmith In Rolling Stone
      Aerosmith are featured in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (Issue 864 - March 15, 2001 - Dave Matthews Band cover) where Toxic Twins, Tyler and Perry, shell out the dish on what it was like to record their forthcoming album, Just Push Play at the Boneyard.

      Readers can catch a glimpse of the legendary Boneyard as Tyler and Perry pose amongst guitars and guns in Perry's studio on page 25, on page 21 with Britney Spears and a caricature of Tyler on page 15.

      Aerosmith Uncut

      Tyler, Perry & Co. get raw on "Just Push Play"
      Steven Tyler points to what he calls the "delivery room" in his partner Joe Perry's Boneyard Studio. It's not much bigger than an office cubicle, crammed with an equal number of guns and guitars. "We basically sat in this room and didn't leave until we'd write something," says Tyler, 52, of the sessions that led to Aerosmith's thirteenth studio album, Just Push Play. "That was the rule. You could go down the hall to pee, and that's it. We locked ourselves down here with the idea we were gonna write the best album that's ever been written."
      Tyler doesn't hide his enthusiasm for the way Aerosmith's new record, slated for release March 6th, came together. After twenty-eight years of working -- and fighting -- with the highest-priced producers in the business, this time he and Perry decided to handle the production by themselves.

      "When we started to talk about outside producers, my stomach started to curdle," recalls Perry, 50. "To have someone come in, and us turn over control again, it didn't feel right."

      As a result, Just Push Play has a rawer, edgier sound than anything Aerosmith have released since 1989's Pump. Gone is the glossy pop of 1997's Nine Lives, co-produced by Glen Ballard, and slick power ballads such as the Diane Warren-penned "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing." In their place is a full-frontal guitar assault, bucketfuls of salacious attitude and the enduring Aerosmith mixture of wry turns of phrase paired with insinuating, combustible melodies.

      Perry says the band encountered all kinds of skepticism about what became the first Aerosmith project produced mostly on their own: Producers they'd worked with in the past snickered, and Perry notes that some executives at the band's label, Columbia Records, were nervous about the decision. That only fueled the band's determination. "What better fodder for creativity than to prove somebody wrong, when you think you're right?" Tyler says, laughing as he walks from the recording studio on Perry's suburban-Boston estate to the mixing room, which has just been built in an adjacent farmhouse. Tyler had arrived a few minutes earlier in a siren-red VW Beetle, chomping an unlit cigar and looking every bit the professional gym-visiting rock star -- he can still wear the form-fitting T-shirt, still seems at home in the complement of gauze scarves he has favored since the Seventies. "Talk about the mother of invention," he continues. "How about the 'Oh, yeah? I'll show you, motherfucker.'"

      And they have: Aerosmith returned to the public eye with a stunning Super Bowl halftime performance of "Walk This Way" with guests 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and Nelly. Since then, the first single, "Jaded," has infiltrated rock radio, and the band will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in March.

      "Everybody told us we needed experts to do the technical things for us," Perry says. "I think a lot of sound guys are like lawyers: They don't want you to know what they're doing or how easy it is...As artists, we know there's nothing better than the first vocal Steven sings and the first guitar solo I take. I've been pulling guitar solos off demos for years. This way, those inspirations were built into the tracks from the start. So sometimes Joey [drummer Kramer] is just ripping, because he's hearing Steven's voice on there." Though new songs include the inevitable strutting shuffles and piano-based ballads, Tyler, Perry, guitarist Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and Kramer have also taken some detours: "Avant Garden" exudes the serene tone of a late-Lennon psychedelic meditation, while "Just Push Play" is one of several tracks that borrow the sonic-collage techniques of modern electronica. "Light Inside" applies the exotic Eastern textures that the band used on "Taste of India," from 1997's Nine Lives, to a beseeching spiritual theme sung in knotted eight-part harmony by Tyler. Says Perry, "You just listen to the voice on that track -- without the band, it's really scary."

      Columbia Records president Don Ienner says he and others at the label were not just scared but "blown away" by what they heard coming from the Boneyard: "It sounds like their third record. They're so invigorated. There's a newfound incredible passion that I think came from taking complete creative control themselves." He adds that the fact that they did it at home, at their own pace, was crucial: "They were under no time pressures, no constraints. They were home, and that helped everybody relax. They just had a look in their eyes. I think they should make a shrine out of Joe's studio. . . . This is their statement."

      Once the basic tracks were moving along, Aerosmith faced another hurdle: the mix. They didn't want to interrupt the recording process every time one track was ready to mix. So Perry bought the farmhouse next door and within six months converted it into a mixing room. "That let us work on building the tracks over here," he says of the studio, "and have a mix going at the same time."

      That's exactly what's happening on this cold winter day: While Tom Hamilton is laying down overdubs, Tyler and one of the band's songwriting collaborators, Mark Hudson, are listening to "Jaded," trying to figure out just how prominent a backing-vocal part should be. It's a tiny thing, the kind of part most people won't even hear. Tyler wants it mysterious but audible. Others think it should be further back in the mix. Eventually they give it the car test: A CD is burned, and the band plays it back at full volume in a rented sport utility vehicle with an ordinary off-the-rack stereo system. They come back to the mixing room, tweak again. Burn another disc. Try it all over again. Eventually, they find the balance they like.

      These split hairs and sonic experiments have energized the band. "What we realized, ultimately -- it's all about the little things," Tyler says. "If you're gonna be honest as an artist, you're gonna realize that some of your worst mistakes were your best hits. There you are with Pro Tools, playing around, you've got three times as much fucking up. That equals, if you got the balls, three times as much great stuff. If you have the balls to make a mistake, then you can go somewhere.

      "I think I realized this in a tub in a hotel in Hiroshima, the Four Seasons, with one candle going," Tyler adds. "I got a package from the U.S., the Latin Playboys on cassette. I'm listening to it, knowing those guys just turned on the machines and played, and there's a track on there that's got a vibe from hell. If that ain't what it's about for me anymore, then I've sold out. I love all the Number One hits and all that stuff, but there comes a place where if I can't look at Joe and say, 'Fuckin' A, I can't wait to get onstage and play this,' then it's over." He stops for a minute, drops one of his sly grins and adds, "This stuff, I can't wait to get out and play it."

      TOM MOON

      From RS 864, March 15, 2001

News as of February 22, 2001
  • The Grammy Awards
      As you probably noticed Steven and Joe were not there to present an award as planned. From what I've heard they cancelled as Steven was sick... I know someone on the AF1 board mentioned that he called into a radio station last week with laryngitis...

  • Aerosmith in Samsonic
      In Samsonic (a Dutch music magazine) there is an interview with Isabelle Brinkman who once interviewed Aerosmith.:

      Q - Who's your favorite guest?
      Isabelle - (all glowing) Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
      Q - Love in an Elevator?
      Isabelle - Allright, if that man would have said: "Do you wanna sleep with me?" I would do it. Even in front of the camera's. He's got a sexappeal and - also not unimportant - a fine way of talking. He really gave me that interview.

      Next week there will be an interview with Steven (April 19th)

News as of February 21, 2001
  • Corrections to Songwriting credits
      Clive Newton had a look through the data and found a couple of errors or misassociations.

      He was wondering why all the Ballard stuff. Hudson is in fact Beef Puppet Music which is part of Universal-MCA Music Publishing.

      So the track listing of the std USA album is:

      01. Beyond Beautiful (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen) 4:45
      02. Just Push Play (Tyler/Hudson) 3:51
      03. Jaded 3:34 (Tyler/Frederiksen)
      04. Fly Away From Here (Frederiksen/Chapman) 5:01
      05. Trip Hoppin' (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson) 4:27
      06. Sunshine (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen) 3:37
      07. Under My Skin (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson) 3:45
      08. Luv Lies (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson) 4:26
      09. Outta Your Head (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen) 3:22
      10. Drop Dead Georgeous (Tyler/Perry/Hudson) 3:42
      11. Light Inside (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen) 3:34
      12. Avant Garden (Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson) 4:52

      Note the additional track Face is also a Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson song.

  • Done With Mirrors credits (okay over 15 years late but...)
      Done With Mirrors had the block credit of being writing by Aerosmith although doubted this was the case although probably to show a new reformed reunited view.

      the real song writing credits are:

      Let the Music Do the Talking (Perry) although seen credits recently of Perry/Tyler probably due to Tyler's new lyrics.
      My Fist Your Face (Perry/Tyler)
      Shame On You (Tyler)
      The Reason A Dog (Hamilton/Tyler)
      Shela (Whitford/Tyler)
      Gypsy Boots (Perry/Tyler)
      She's On Fire (Perry/Tyler)
      The Hop (Aerosmith)
      Darkness (Tyler)

  • Mia: Wild Child?
      This from the NY Post Page Six columns:

      PLUS-size model Mia Tyler must have inherited her father's wild nature. The daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and sister of sexy screen star Liv Tyler recently posed nude for a 12-page feature in the upcoming issue of Nerve magazine. Spies say Tyler stunned photographer George Holz by bringing along a switchblade, flashing a bike messenger, and asking Holz to borrow his camera for the weekend "to take pictures of herself and her boyfriend having sex."

  • News from Holland...
      Sunday February 25th, there's an Aerosmith special on TMF (holland) from 22:00 to 24:00. This was in the TVguide:

      22.00 Weekend Special. Today: Aerosmith 'Live 'n Direct'

      And they also said on TV that Big Ones will be available in a special Box set. I don't know further details.

  • Rumor about the Hall Of Fame cermony
      This was posted on a mailing list:

      I don't know any specifics, but apprently there is going to be some type of thing during the Hall of Fame ceremony where there will be 5 little boys (around the ages of 5 or so) playing the Aero guys as kids. They may also bring the kids on tour with them, but I don't know how likely that is...

News as of February 20, 2001
  • Liv Tyler Engaged to Rock Singer!
      Monday, February 19, 2001
      Liv Tyler Engaged to Rock Singer
      by Roger Friedman

      Some good news for a change: Sultry actress Liv Tyler is getting hitched. Tyler, who's just finished filming the three-part Lord of the Rings, became engaged on Valentine's Day to Royston Langdon, lead singer and bass player for the group Spacehog.

      Tyler, 23, is the daughter of Steve Tyler of Aerosmith and former Ford model, Playboy playmate, and rock singer Bebe Buell. In a strange twist, Tyler was born Liv Rundgren and believed until she was about 10 years old that her father was rocker Todd Rundgren, whom Buell lived with from 1972-78.

      Langdon and his brother Antony are two of the founding members of Spacehog, and come from Leeds, England. Tyler and Langdon have been an item since the fall of 1998, after Tyler broke up with actor Joaquin Phoenix.

      With this announcement, Tyler may be part of a trend of second-generation celebrities settling down faster than their parents. Recently Goldie Hawn's 21-year-old daughter, Kate Hudson, married Black Crowes leader Chris Robinson — even though Hawn herself has remained in an unmarried state with actor Kurt Russell for nearly 17 years. Tyler's parents were never married either.

      Bebe Buell told me over the weekend that she was thrilled for Liv and that all of the families have spent time together over recent holidays, "and get along very well." On a personal note, I've known Liv Tyler since she was a teen model and fledgling movie star; she's one of the great kids, a real person, unaffected and a lot of fun. Congratulations to her and to Royston! This one sounds like a keeper.

  • Possible songwriting credits for Just Push Play
      This was posted on the newsgroups by Denis Jacob.

      Since I have a lot of time on my hands, I went to the Sony Licensing website, got all the publishing information for all the songs on Just Push Play, combined with stuff I could find on the ASCAP & BMI websites, and I tried to determine who wrote which songs. Here's the publishing info and which writer I associated it with:

      EMI April Music Inc. - Demon Of Screamin' Music Publishing (Steven Tyler)
      JuJu Rhythms (Joe Perry)
      EMI Blackwood Music Inc. - Pearl White Music (Marty Frederiksen)
      Universal-MCA Music Publishing - Universal Studios, Inc. (Mark Hudson)
      Beef Puppet Music (Glenn Ballard)
      S'More Music (unknown)
      Todski Music - Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. (Todd Chapman)

      Some of those may be wrong. The only ones I'm 100% sure are Steven Tyler and Marty Frederiksen because Jaded was written by those two only. I assumed JuJu Rhythms was Joe Perry. I might have Glenn Ballard and Mark Hudson. Since they always show up together, it's possible that Universal-MCA Music Publishing - Universal Studios, Inc. - Beef Puppet Music is only for one of them, so it could be that whenever you see both of their names, it's only Mark or only Glenn. I though Glenn had co-written "Beyond Forever" (which I assume later became "Beyond Beautiful").

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen/Mark Hudson/Glenn Ballard)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Mark Hudson/Glen Ballard)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen/Mark Hudson/Glen Ballard

      (Marty Frederiksen/Todd Chapman)

      (Steven Tyler/Marty Frederiksen)

      (Steven Tyler/Mark Hudson/Glen Ballard/unknown)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen)

      LUV LIES
      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen/Mark Hudson/Glen Ballard)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen/Mark Hudson/Glen Ballard)

      (Steven Tyler/Joe Perry/Marty Frederiksen/Mark Hudson/Glen Ballard)

  • Interview on german TV
      There was an Aerosmith special on german VIVA TV last Saturday. The interview took place in Boston, in the studio where JPP was recorded, not in Germany. They said that no tour dates are fixed yet. Steven also said Jaded is already doing so well in the USA (even without being released), it's no. 1 on rock radio charts. He said, according to that it's most likely that they will do USA first...

  • Chris Caffery on Joe Perry
      The following is taken from Metal Sludge, from an interview with Chris Caffery, guitarist in Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra...

      5. Rate the following guitarists on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a scrub and 10 being a virtuoso.
      Zakk Wylde = 10
      Richie Sambora = 10
      CC DeVille = 10
      Steve Vai = 10
      Kirk Hammett = 10
      Yngwie Malmsteen = 11
      Al Pitrelli = 11
      Kenny Wayne Shepard = 10
      John Petrucci = 10
      Joe Perry = 11
      I like all guitarists that are out there. Just because I love the instrument. I never took the time to learn how to read music...there weren't enough pictures and it interfered with my drinking! So...virtuoso...scrub...WHO CARES...On the list...Bottom line...Noone will ever be as good as Yngwie. Noone is as cool as Joe Perry. Al Pitrelli...Noone is as diverse as him. He can play anything and read it and write it too. None of this matters because Criss Oliva would wreck us all if he was still alive!!! Long Live Criss!!!!

News as of February 19, 2001
  • Aerosmith on Dutch Radio
      Corne Klijn has Aerosmith in his studio on February 20th. Lissen between 18:00 and 20:00 to 'Kort en Klijn' for an exclusive interview. You can find the radiostation at 96.8 FM in Holland in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. 103.9 FM in Maastricht. 95.0 FM in Zeeland and 91.8 FM in Groningen.

  • Old photo of Steven Tyler

News as of February 17, 2001
  • Boston Music Awards
      The Band Aerosmith is nominated for Single of the Year for "Angel's Eye" for the 14th Boston Music Awards (April 19 at the Orpheum Theater).

      For more info, visit

  • JPP's Danny Hargrove now on Escape TV!
      Danny Hargrove is now on channel two of the Escape TV site. Danny Hargrove stopped by the Escape TV studio to reminisce about his days as the bass player with The Joe Perry Project. Plus, Danny brought his new band The Screwballz with him to introduce them to the planet.

      Escape are editing the interview footage of Danny's new group The Skrewballz. Joe Pet's footage will be on next. Good news is that they have tracked down Ronnie Stewart, he is living in New Hampshire...

      Also, while there, take a look on channel seven and see what's there... :)

  • Instruments the members play on Just Push Play
      This comes from
      Translated to english by pinchalj.

      Steven Tyler - Lead vocals, Chorus, harmonica, Squeezebox, Piano, Percussion
      Joe Perry - Guitar, chorus (vocals), Pedal Steel y Slide Guitar
      Brad Whitford - Guitar
      Tom Hamilton - Bass
      Joey Kramer - Drums

  • UK Just Push Play / European release dates
      Finally details on the UK Just Push Play album. As expected they have made a special for the UK market to try and stop UK retailers from importing the cheaper European version. With other artist releases it includes video multimedia.

      On top of the standard USA 12 track version is Face (track 13, as per European version and Best Buy value version) whilst track 14 is a CDROM Video of Jaded.

      Despite Holland and Germany pulling up their release to March 12th, the UK is still detailing March 19.

      Confused by all the versions of album and single out there in the world and their release dates, or just a fanatical collector - goto and Click on Just Push Play.

  • Aerosmith featured on a race car again
      The following is from The info is not totally correct since Supa obviously isn't a member of the band, but for whatever it's worth...

      Dude looks like a lady?

      Superstar rocker Richie Supa of Aerosmith will be chillin' in the No. 27 Brewco Motorsports pit stall Saturday during the NAPA 300.

      Aerosmith has reached an agreement with Brewco Motorsports to be an associate sponsor on the No. 27 car in the NAPA 300 Busch Series race Saturday. The band's soon-to-be-released "Just Push Play" album will be featured on the car at select NBS races throughout the year.

      Brewco has also reached an agreement with Bon Jovi to promote their tunes.

      Supa is currently working a soundtrack for Turner Network to use in their telecasts later this year.

  • Aerosmith on MuchMoreMusic in Canada
      Yesterday on MuchMoreMusic, a Canadian TV station, on their entertainment news update called "The Loop" they talked about the new album! They showed the Jaded video and they showed about a minute from an exclusive interview they did with the band in Boston yesterday... the full interview, and "The Story of Aerosmith" will be on MuchMoreMusic on Mar.6th (the album release day) at 9 pm EST.

      To go to the MuchMoreMusic link which has a little bit of info about the interview and a 1:30 clip of it, go to

  • Tribute album reviews

News as of February 16, 2001
  • Dates when Jaded was taped... says that the video for "Jaded" was taped on Jan 29th, 30th and 31st in Los Angeles.

  • More Billboard News...
      On the Hot 100 Singles Chart Jaded moves up another two spots to number 20.

      On The Adult Top 40 Radio Chart Jaded moves up three spots to number 18.

      On the Mainstream Rock Radio Chart Jaded holds on at number 1.

      On the Pop Catalog Album Chart Greatest Hits drops from 13 to 20.

  • Formats Just Push Play will be released in
      Columbia now lists both versions of Just Push Play on their release schedule, listing the various formats that they are available in:

      Aerosmith JUST PUSH PLAY
      COLUMBIA 62088
      Super Audio CD

      Aerosmith Just Push Play (Value Added For Best Buy)
      COLUMBIA 85495

  • Aerosmith will not be at Sanremo Festival
      Translated news from

      Enrolling super-guests at Sanremo's Festival 2001 creates eternal problems. After the defections of Bill Clinton, Shivaree, Claudio Baglioni and Eros Ramazzotti, now it's up to Aerosmith. The group of Steven Tyler, between the most famous of international hard rock scene, have had to postpone the European promotional tour and as a consequence also the participation at Italian Song's Festival.
      (15 Feb 2001)

      So, sorry all Italian fans. It seems there will be no Aerosmith at Sanremo, or TV, on the 27th.

News as of February 15, 2001
  • Jaded In Top 20 (AF1)
      After 5 weeks in the charts, "Jaded" has stormed its way into Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart for issue date February 24, 2001! Aerosmith also continues to enjoy their view at #1 on the Mainstream/Rock singles chart where they hold the #1 spot!

  • Jaded Premiere On TRL (AF1)
      "Jaded" will premiere on TRL today at 4:00 PM on MTV! Also, don't forget to bring rock back to the countdown by voting for Aerosmith's new video here or by calling the TRL hotline @ 1.800.DIAL.MTV (1.800.3425.688) between 3:00 - 3:30 PM ET.
      Please check local listings to confirm schedule.

  • Oops! Britney Cuts Up A Classic Aero Tee (AF1)
      Many inquires have poured into the AF1 offices asking about Britney's retro top she sported at the Super Bowl E*Trade Halftime Show. The story behind the Aerosmith t-shirt goes a little something like this:

      When Britney was asked to join the Boston Bad Boys on stage for sports biggest event, she wanted to pay tribute to Aerosmith by wearing one of their concert t-shirts. Britney's management contacted some folks at the Aero offices and they sent her four or five t-shirts to choose from. Now these weren't just any Aerosmith t-shirts, but one-of-a-kind 70's concert tees. Realizing the uniqueness of these AeroCollectibles, the people at the Aerosmith offices asked that they be returned. Out of the four or five tees sent, Britney picked one she liked and her stylist tailored it to fit the pop princess. A few days after the Super Bowl, Britney kept her promise and sent back the one-of-kind-tee back to the Aerosmith offices, but instead of a whole t-shirt, they got back the made-to-fit-Britney-tee. Finding the t-shirt transformation a bit humorous, Steven claimed the t-shirt and framed it…

  • Jaded Video in Real Media
      Check out the full length Jaded video from the AF1 site!

      56k   128k   256k

  • Aerosmith on SNL
      I've been informed that Aerosmith will be on SNL the second week of March... March 10th.

News as of February 14, 2001
  • Rock This Way featured in Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine!!
      It seems my website has been listed in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine!! On Page 42 of the March 2001 issue, there's a little Aerosmith section:

      Hot on the heels of "Jaded," Aerosmith's latest single, the monster band's new album is due this month. Relive the boys' glory days at the Aerosmithsonian Lounge (, a museum within the group's official web site. If that fails to sate the 70's glam-rocker wanna-be in you, the unofficial offers band-member interviews, rumors, and parodies. And if you decide it's time to put down the air guitar and learn how to play "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)" for real, browse The Unofficial Aerosmith Guitar Archive (

      Way cool!! =)

  • European Just Push Play!
      Noted some retailers are detailing the European version as the JPP will have the track Face appended at the end.

  • Jaded single release date
      Amazon now has the Jaded single posted as March 13th like all the others. Now I'm just wondering why hasn't changed it, a bit slow are they?

  • Album Network Special (AF1)
      Aerosmith will be interviewed on Wednesday, February 14 at noon for a special radio show entitled, Album Network! The boys will be interviewed by a host of radio hosts including Nick Carter from Boston's WBCN and Carter Alan from WZLX Boston. The nationwide broadcast is to be scheduled, but check back here soon as AF1 will let you know all the details.

  • Q2 Joe (AF1)
      Joe has completed a photo shoot for GQ Europe as he will be featured in an upcoming issue featuring guitar players. Joe will be in a photo shoot spread with the likes of Rolling Stone's Keith Richards, among others. Look out for GQ Europe on newsstands!

  • Steven In W (AF1)
      Steven will be in an upcoming issue of W, a magazine featuring the latest in styles and trends in the fashion world. Look out for W on newsstands soon!

  • I Spy Steven At A Country Concert (AF1)
      Steven Tyler was recently spotted at an Alan Jackson concert in Boston's Worcester Centrum! Steven, a big country fan? Word around the Tyler household is that Steven's lovely wife, Teresa, is a huge country fan, hailing from Oklahoma!

  • Universal Masters Collection = Millenium Edition ?
      A while ago I posted about the release Geffen Europe put out recently called Classic Aerosmith on their Universal Masters Collection. If you hear of one called Aerosmith Millenium Edition, it is also the same thing but with different cover etc.

  • Jaded video
      The video for Jaded was premiered on MTV yesterday and it seems most fans sorta liked it...

      According to the official Aerosmith website, "Jaded" will premiere on MTV's TRL on Thurs, Feb 15th between 4pm - 5pm, so if you haven't seen it yet, make sure to tune in!

News as of February 13, 2001
  • Jaded sneak peak!

  • Japanese Just Push Play
      It seems the extra track is "Won't Let You Down", this is also the track included on the Jaded UK CD single.

  • Just Push Play on Super Audio CD format
      It seems that the Just Push Play CD will also be released on Super Audio CD format in the USA.

  • Release dates?
      Clive Newton reports:

      There is a thread running on the AF1 boards of whether the Jaded USA release has moved back 3 weeks to March 13. This has been generated through looking at USA Online retailers. Two of the main ones - cdnow and TowerRecords are now showing 13 March for this release (and I'm sure they've amended the date they had). Amazon is still showing the proper date though.

      It maybe also coincidence but on the recently updated SonyMusic USA Release Dates, Jaded is no longer showing under February 20th (could be an oversight) or anywhere in the dates up to March 6.

      The date moved though may only apply to online retailers. It's just that last week noting HMV UK were asked not to sell the USA maxi and I wonder if maybe lifewise Sony don't want the USA single flooding abroad. Who knows?

  • Tyler spotted at country concert
      Steven Tyler was sighted at an Alan Jackson concert in Ma. It was reported that he was 'bopping' his head along with all the other cowboy hats ;)

  • Revolver Magazine
      In Revolver Magazine #4 March/April 2001 there is a recent pic of Steven Tyler eating an apple on page 56 and Joe Perry is on page 57-58

  • Herald Sun
      In the Herald Sun the other day it had an article on funny names famous people give their kids. It had 'Taj, son of musician Steven Tyler'.

News as of February 11, 2001
  • Steven Tyler Records with Carole King!!
      The official Paul Brady website reports that Steven Tyler did vocals with Carole King on the song "Monday Without You." The song was written by King, Mark Hudson, and Paul Brady. The recording took place in August in NYC and will be on King's forthcoming new CD scheduled for Spring release.

      It’s been a busy summer. After touring since May to promote the new album ‘Oh What A World’, mid-August saw Paul in New York working with Carole King, who is presently recording new material for her new album. Carole was recording ‘Monday Without You’, written by herself, Paul and Mark Hudson. Paul played keyboards and acoustic guitar and sang back-up vocals. Also playing were celebrated Nashville songwriter, Gary Burr (acoustic guitar and vocals) and producer and songwriter Mark Hudson (electric guitar and vocals). The next morning Steven Tyler of Aerosmith came into studio and gave a cameo performance singing a counter melody to Carole. The song sounds great and is sure to be a standout track on her new record.

  • Steven Tyler in US Magazine
      In the newest issue of US magazine (Temptation Island Cover) on page 12 is a picture of Steven on stage at the SuperBowl.

  • VH1 The 20 Greatest polls has put up polls for a show called The 20 Greatest and Aerosmith are in these four categories:

      Kick-Ass Action Videos (Crazy)
      Hot Ticket / Who's the greatest live band in the world?
      Gods of Thunder / Which band puts the heavy in metal
      Tearjerkers (IDWTMAT)

News as of February 10, 2001
  • Aerosmith at Milton Keynes Bowl?
      In this weeks edition of NME (a british music magazine), it mentions that Aerosmith may be playing at Milton Keynes Bowl later on this year.

      "There's five different gigs booked for Milton Keynes Bowl and Bon Jovi are definately playing. AC/DC and AEROSMITH are also believed to be playing at Milton Keynes...

      I don't know whether this is true or not but...

  • UK import ban!
      Recently spotted HMV UK listing the Jaded single with the words Import Ban - do not sell. Apparently they've been told not to sell the more expenive USA import single. Given the single is out in the USA on Feb 20 and not so in the Uk until March 5th, it looks like they don't want home sales impacted. I expect the same will apply to the album (of course its easy enough to buy online on an American store) but looks like the High Street giants won't be selling imports in their stores until the product has peaked on the charts. Label power

  • Aerosmith Video Collection on VH1
      Not only are they airing Making the Video but this has also been posted on RockonTV

      Just Push Play: An Aerosmith Video Collection
      Hosted by Aerosmith, this show will feature classic and contemporary videos from the legendary band's collection including "Dream On", "Walk This Way" (with Run-D.M.C.), "Dude" (Looks Like A Lady), "Angel", "Rag Doll," "Love In An Elevator," "Janie's Got A Gun" and more.

      07:00 pm ET VH1
      01:00 am ET VH1
      12:00 pm ET VH1
      11:00 pm ET VH1

News as of February 9, 2001
  • Rick Dufay. New songs at! / New Album!?
      Rick Dufay has put up 10 tracks on his page at!! Also, he credits all these songs as coming from a CD called "Written In Stone".

      These are the tracks:

      1. Written In Stone (Rick Dufay)
      2. Temptation (Rick Dufay & Jim "Pedals" Bell)
      3. Wildlife (Rick Dufay & Martin Smith)
      4. How I Know (Rick Dufay & Paul Ill)
      5. Door Is Open (Rick Dufay)
      6. Hold Me Back (Rick Dufay & Martin Smith)
      7. Rock N Roll Don't Die (Rick Dufay, Pete Sinfield & Martin Smith)
      8. Didn't I (Rick Dufay & Martin Smith)
      9. One World (Rick Dufay & Maritn Smith)
      10. Are You Now (Rick Dufay & Ed Leonetti)

  • Another Small German Mag Alert
      Just 1/4 page (pic of Steven w/Britney, Justin + Nelly) in german Bravo magazine, issue 7, febr. 7th.

  • Aerosmith's Making the Video
      From, a list of airings for Aerosmith's Making the Video on MTV:

      10:30 pm ET (9:30 pm Central)

      07:30 am ET (6:30 am Central)
      06:30 pm ET (5:30 pm Central)

      11:30 pm ET (10:30 pm Central)

      03:00 pm ET (2:00 pm Central)
      09:00 pm ET (8:00 pm Central)

      05:30 pm ET (4:30 pm Central)

      12:00 am ET (11:00 pm Central - actually still 02/18/01)

  • Making of Super Bowl Halftime (Longer Version)
      For those who haven't seen it yet, there is a longer version of the Making of Super Bowl Halftime on MTV. This one is an hour long. According to, it will air again on the following dates and times:

      February 9th - 11:00 a.m. Eastern (10:00 a.m. Central)
      February 10th - 4:30 p.m. Eastern (3:30 p.m. Central)
      February 11th - 12:00 p.m. Eastern (11:00 a.m. Central)

News as of February 8, 2001
  • International Jaded release
      This is the details on the 4-track Australian release which generally is the same as the International release in European and other parts of the world (bar Americas).

      Its a cut down version of the Maxi omitting the Jaded (Stripped Down version), ie Jaded, Jaded (Acoustic), Under My Skin (Reprise).

  • Jaded on Billboard
      On next weeks Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart (February 17) "Jaded" will move up another six spots from 28 to 22, and it still holds #1 on Mainstream Rock Tracks. It has now peaked higher than every single from Nine Lives. That's a good sign of Just Push Play's future success.

      Also "Greatest Hits" has re-entered the Billboard Pop Catalog Chart at #13.

  • Aerosmith in german magazine
      There's a small article (1/2 page) in the German teen magazine YAM, issue 7, febr. 7th (Britney Spears on cover) - contents are nothing new at all but the article has 1 pic of Joe and Steven w/ Britney, one of Joe and Britney and one of Steven and Britney...

  • Today's report from Argentina
      Olmedo finally interviewed the Boys! But the 2 interviews won't be broadcasted until he's back from Boston..

      However he said the interviews took place at a hotel called Four Seasons. He was there with the rest of the Latin American press when the Band (4 of them cause Joey wasn't there) attended them. And later he got to interview Joe and Brad together with some Japanese people...

      *About the Band:
      He said it's unbelievable that Steven and Joe are about 50! Although he CAN believe Tom and Brad are (as reported yesterday, this person thinks that Steven and Joe are the only ones important). He said that Joe looks like he's in his 30s. About Steven, that he's very kind, nice, always joking and so on. When the conference was over Steven offered them to go on answering more questions if they had something left to ask... Perry wasn't in a good mood because he was tired of answering the same questions so many times. Olmedo thought Steven is the one who's always ready to do whatever you want... Joe is the one who say "STOP IT! I'm tired and wanna go back home now".

      *About the event:
      It was at the Four Seasons yesterday. They listened the album completely, exposed the new album's cover, and showed the video from SuperBowl.

      *About the subjects:
      They talked about their old addictions, their performance at the SuperBowl and of course they talked about the album, but he didn't say anything about what they said...

      *About the new album:
      Love songs with "sappy" lyrics. It sounds good and pretty rocker. Many arrangements (strings, voice's effects, parts in rap style. As he had listened the first yesterday... he said when he listened it again he liked it even more!. About the other half... there are a couple of ballads and a couple of rocks (it seems he didn't listen to "Face" since he's saying there were 12 songs) but nothing special about a special one. From his comments, it seems the first half was better than the other one. But as he said before, it seems that the more you listen the album, the more you'll like it.

      In case there's somebody interested in listening to this radio station, it's called "Rock&Pop" and you can listen to it at

      The show that airs this subject about Aerosmith is called "Cual es?" every morning (Monday to Friday) from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (local time)

      Andrea Aranzana
      Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA

News as of February 7, 2001
  • The man behind the Just Push Play cover
      The cover of "Just Push Play" is from artist Hajime Sorayama. The actual cover is one of his drawings, called "Sorayama Sexy Robot #22".

      Sexy Robot #22
      Click on the pic for an even bigger version...

      Some more of his sexy robot artwork can be found at...
      ImageNETion presents: Hajime Sorayama - Sexy Robots I

      Think you've seen an album with that robot before? Well, the band Autograph had an album with a cover that has a portion of Sexy Robot #1, and The Heavy's "Metal Marathon" has the full artwork of #1...

      Metal Marathon Autograph

      For those interested here is a short bio:

      Hajime Sorayama was born in Ehime Prefecture of Japan in 1947. He spent his early years there and then left for Tokyo in 1967 to enter the Chuo Art School. After graduating from art school he joined an advertising agency as a comprehensive illustrator. In 1971 Sorayama became a free-lance illustrator and began painting his robot pictures in 1978. Since that time, he has published several volumes of hyper illustrations of idealized anatomy and personalized fantasy.

  • Aerosmith at Sanremo's Festival in Italy!
      Aerosmith will be in Sanremo, Italy, on February 27 to perform at a festival there. The Festival of Sanremo is a competition between the most important italian pop/rock singers and bands. The show will air on RAI International or RAI SAT (it is a public italian television).

      Take a look below to see the list of guests, as posted at the official festival site

      Lunedì 26 febbraio - Shivaree
      Martedì 27 febbraio - Eminem - AEROSMITH
      Giovedì 1 marzo - Anastacia - Westlife
      Venerdì 2 marzo - Placebo
      Sabato 3 marzo - Ricky Martin

  • Revolver Magazine
      In Revolver magazine there's a mention of Aerosmith. The guy from Korn is on the cover...

      The new album, which grafts Beatles - inspired hooks onto slabs of Stones - meet - Zepplin riffs, is exactly what we've come to expect from Aerosmith. But Just Push Play, which benefits from a refreshingly rough - and - ready swagger notably absent from the groups' last two albums, also marks their first stab at self-production.

  • More from that radio station in Buenos Aires...
      The plans were changed Aerosmith didn't attend the interviewer as planned. However, he got to stay and listen to some of the songs on the album, the first 7 to be exact...

      Here's what he said about them

      Beyond Beautiful (It has an intro which is the most heavy ... he compared it to Eat The Rich but with a shorter intro)
      Just Push Play (he said it's midtempo rock)
      Jaded (you already know it... no comments)
      Fly away From Here (The Ballad of the album)
      Trip Hopping (he said nothing about it)
      Sunshine (no comments)
      Under My Skin (a heavy midtempo)

      All the songs are composed by Tyler and Perry.
      The place were he was listening the album was Sound Technics
      He'd be interviewing Steven and Joe this afternoon and tell what happened tomorrow.

      Some other comments:
      * I don't want to interview anybody else than Tyler and Perry because I'm sure that, for example, Tom Hamilton won't say anything interesting (SIC)
      * The album is a rocker
      * Some lyrics talk about things like: I was fire... you were water and together we did smoke but I still miss you and so on... you know... love songs... but by luck few people understand English!
      * There's nothing bad to tell about the album...

  • From Rolling Stone (things already posted here at RTW)
      Aerosmith Album Extras

      Four different versions of "Just Push Play" to hit stores internationally

      Since it's been three years between albums, Aerosmith want to give fans a lot of bang for their buck when their new album, Just Push Play, hits stores March 6th. Not only did they make the first single, "Jaded," available for download on, but they will release three versions of the song on a CD single to be released February 20th. The extended single will include an album version, an acoustic version and a stripped down mix of the song. Also appearing on the single will be "Under My Skin" and "Angel's Eye," a track that does not appear on Just Push Play.
      Different versions of the album will also feature some extras. Aerosmith have struck a deal with Best Buy whereby copies of Just Push Play purchased at the retail chain will contain a special bonus track, "Face." The version of the album for release in Japan (on March 7th) will feature two bonus tracks, "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and "Live Me Down," as well as a limited edition Aerosmith sticker. Meanwhile, the Australian version of Just Push Play will come in a special holographic slipcase.

      The band has also commissioned an entire overhaul of its Web site. Working with Boston-based, Aerosmith are developing a 3-D site that will allow users to adopt a virtual avatar to rub shoulders and chat with fantastical versions of the rockers. The cyber rock venue will be launched to coincide with the release of Just Push Play.

      (February 6, 2001)

  • I was asked to put this up and since I'm such a nice guy... It's a good web site in spanish where you can download mp3, videos and the "aero-unplugged", vote for your favorite aerosmith song and more.

News as of February 6, 2001
  • Official Track Listing of Just Push Play!
      The American (non-Best Buy version) of Just Push Play has the following tracklist in this order:

      1. Beyond Beautiful
      2. Just Push Play
      3. Jaded
      4. Fly Away From Here
      5. Trip Hoppin'
      6. Sunshine
      7. Under My Skin
      8. Luv Lies
      9. Outta Your Head
      10. Drop Dead Gorgeous
      11. Light Inside
      12. Avant Garden

      This came off a European Sony site (and has also been posted at Amazon.Com). I assume they have omitted the Under My Skin Reprise. Either this is at the end of the album or it's only for the Jaded single as a mouth waterer.

  • Jaded single UK Details - another bonus track included!
      Found at

      Aerosmith continue to gig tirelessly though there are yet to be any plans made for the band to revisit the UK.

      "Jaded" - Released March 5th.

      Aerosmith's new single will be released on CD , MC and a very limited numbered 7" shaped picture disc. The CD will feature the exclusive bonus track "Won't Let You Down" and the smash hit single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing ". The vinyl format is a unique UK release and each copy will be individually numbered . The 7" disc will be cut in the shape of model Nicole West , ( featured in the "Jaded" artwork ) and packaged in 12" clear vinyl bag with an artwork backing card. Expect this to become a hugely sought after and collectable format. UK Tracklisting is as follows...

      1. Jaded
      2. Won't Let You Down ( exclusive track )
      3. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

      1. Jaded
      2. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

      7" SHAPED PICTURE DISC (Limited format)
      A. Jaded
      B. Angel's Eye

      New Album

      Aerosmith have announced the release of a new album which will be hitting stores this spring. The album will feature the first single "Jaded" - coming to your local radio station very soon....

  • News from a radio station (Rock&Pop) in Buenos Aires...
      Aerosmith will be attending press people from all over the world during this week (Monday to Friday) from 11:00 AM to 7:00PM! They are also letting the press listen to the new album and they will hold a press conference soon.

      The guy said the street where he'd be listening the new album was something that sounded like "Bolstom" (or something like that). He said it's one of the main streets in Boston... In case you want to figure out where they are....

  • Possible Just Push Play release date for Australia
      At a Sanity music store in Australia a list said that the album is comig out March 19th. The list looked a little old 'cause it had the title as 'to be announced' and there was release dates for albums from Jan...

  • Aerosmith to perform on TRL and Saturday Nite Live?!
      Tony Baranowski just told me that a DJ he knows from Detroit (who used to work at a NY radio station and knows some people there) has told him that Aerosmith will be on TRL to perform "Jaded" some time next week. Also he said this is confirmed, that they will be playing Saturday Nite Live on March 10th. Take it for what it's worth, but I'll try to get some confirmation.

  • Steven and Joe to Present at the Grammys
      According to, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry are slated to present an award at the 43rd annual Grammy® Awards! The awards presentation will take place on February 21, 2001 with telecast beginning at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.
      Schedule and appearances subject to change.

      From Grammy.Com:

      Presenters include Andy Garcia, Kevin James, Toni Braxton and Aerosmith members

      Adding to the already exciting lineup of performers, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Nnenna Freelon and Take 6 have joined the cast of performers for the 43rd Annual GRAMMY Awards. Actors Andy Garcia and Kevin James, plus Toni Braxton and Aerosmith members Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will present the industry's coveted awards.

      The four performers join Destiny's Child, Madonna, 'N Sync, Brad Paisley, Dolly Parton and U2 on February 21 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The latest group of presenters join the previously announced Erykah Badu, Carlos Santana and Ray Romano.

      Christina Aguilera, who won last year's Best New Artist trophy, is nominated this year for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for "What A Girl Wants" and for Best Latin Pop Album for her Spanish-language Mi Reflejo. Faith Hill is up for awards in the Best Country Album, Best Female Country Performance and Best Country Collaboration With Vocals categories for her album Breathe, her song of the same name and her duet with husband Tim McGraw on "Let's Make Love," respectively. Jazz sensation Nnenna Freelon, who will perform with seven-time GRAMMY winners Take 6, earned nominations for Best Jazz Vocal Album for Soulcall and Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying A Vocalist for "Button Up Your Overcoat."

      The final round of GRAMMY ballots were mailed to the 12,000 voting members of the 17,000-strong Academy membership and are due back at accounting firm Deloitte & Touche on February 5. The final results are kept secret until they are revealed on the telecast.

      -- Lily Fu

  • For those with fast connections...
      The link below goes to a site that has the whole Superbowl Halftime Show in video for download!! I obviously haven't downloaded it myself, since it's 89MB big and I have a slow connection, but from what I hear it is crystal clear
      right click on the 89 MB one and save target as...

News as of February 4, 2001
  • Liv Tyler in News of the World


    Liv Tyler
      STEAMY: Liv and wet Liv in saucy new flick

    HOSE that girl? It’s shower-crazed Liv Tyler cooling off at the car wash in her latest movie One Night At McCool’s.

    Liv, 24, plays Jewel Valentine, a sex-bomb who seduces the entire clientele of a small-town American bar, including Matt Dillon and Michael Douglas.

    Liv, 24, told me: “It was great playing a vamp. Jewel will stop at nothing to get her targets into bed.

    “And there are some real sexy scenes. If she’s not getting soaked with soapy water she’s cavorting around in a leather corset.”

    But Michael Douglas fans should prepare for a shock — he wears a very obvious WIG in the movie.

    Says Liv: “Michael is a brave guy. That wig is priceless. If people are shocked at me, wait until they see that rug.”

    Hirsute’s you, Sir.

News as of February 3, 2001
  • Just Push Play album cover!!!

  • Jaded video theme (AF1)
      As AF1 reported earlier, MTV will be broadcasting the world premiere of "Jaded" on February 13! A source close to AF1 has confirmed that the band wanted to take an angle reminiscent of the American Music Awards performance - complete with acrobats, stilt walkers, snakes and more! The video will feature Aerosmith (of course), actors for the yet-to-be announced storyline and some of the acrobatic AMA performers.

  • Info on Japanese and Australian releases
      According to EQS Music, the Japanese version of "Just Push Play" is scheduled to include two bonus tracks: "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and "Love Me Down". Also included for the first pressing will be a limited edition 'Aerosmith' sticker.

      They also list that the Australian edition is scheduled to come in a limited edition 'Holographic' slipcase...

      ...and that the Japanese version of the Jaded single is scheduled to feature five tracks including one Japanese exclusive track which has yet to be announced.

  • People Magazine
      The new People Magazine (American/English version, Celine Dion cover) has a picture from the Halftime show of Steven kissing Britney Spears on the cheek.

  • Article from CDNOW (Basically what I posted yesterday)

      Aerosmith Lines Up Three Versions Of Just Press Play
      Feb 2, 2001, 2:35 pm PT

      If you're an Aerosmith fan, Best Buy might be the place to pick up the band's new album, Just Press Play, as the retail electronic giant will be stocking a version of the album which contains an extra track not available elsewhere.

      A track titled "Face" will appear on the versions of Just Press Play -- due March 6 on Columbia Records -- stocked at Best Buy. In addition to that version, the album will also be released in a standard version and a limited-edition version, according to the band's official Web site. It was unclear at press time what enhancements the limited-edition version will offer.

      Here is the track listing to Just Press Play:

      1. "Avant Garden"
      2. "Beyond Beautiful"
      3. "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
      4. "Face" (Best Buy version only)
      5. "Fly Away from Here"
      6. "Jaded"
      7. "Just Press Play"
      8. "Light Inside"
      9. "Luv Lies"
      10. "Outta Your Head"
      11. "Sunshine"
      12. "Trip Hoppin'"
      13. "Under My Skin"
      14. "Under My Skin" (Reprise)

      -- Kevin Raub

  • Jaded on Charts
        Billboard Hot 100 Singles: #28 was #37
        Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks: #1 was #4

      Radio&Record Online:
        Active Rock: #8 was #13
        CHR/Pop: #21 was #28
        Hot Adult Contemporary: #21(debut)
        Rock: #1 was #3

News as of February 2, 2001
  • Confirmation of Just Push Play release date (March 6th)
      Sony's main web page,, states that Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" will be in Stores 3.06.01

      I don't know if the rest of the world release will also be pulled up to this early March date, but Japan has moved from March 14 to March 7 (maybe to stop cheaper US imports flooding their market).

  • Just Push Play Track List!!!!!!
      If you do an album search for Just Push Play at Sony's music licensing website you get a list of 13 songs back!

      It seems like there are 3 types of versions of the US "Just Push Play". A standard version, a "special" version (like the cowhide for GAG, etc), and a "value" version sold only at Best Buy. Here are the songs, their length, and where they appear... (in alphabetical order:)

      1. Avant Garden- 4:52 (standard, special, and best buy)
      2. Beyond Beautiful- 4:45 (standard, special, and best buy)
      3. Drop Dead Georgeous- 3:42 (standard, special, and best buy)
      4. Face- 3:05 (best buy only)
      5. Fly Away From Here- 5:01 (standard, special, and best buy)
      6. Jaded- 3:34 (standard, special, and best buy)
      7. Just Push Play- 3:51 (standard, special, and best buy)
      8. Light Inside- 3:34 (standard, special, and best buy)
      9. Luv Lies- 4:26 (standard, special, and best buy)
      10. Outta Your Head 3:22 (standard, special, and best buy)
      11. Sunshine- 3:37 (standard, special, and best buy)
      12. Trip Hoppin'- 4:27 (standard, special, and best buy)
      13. Under My Skin- 3:45 (standard, special, and best buy)
      14. Under My Skin (reprise)- 1:00 (standard, special, and best buy)

  • Aerosmith w/ Kid Rock on the Sun Records album?!!
      Here's something more on the Sun Records things that maybe Aerosmith are doing. Aerosmith seems to be linked with Kid Rock in doing the song "Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee".

      1. Bon Jovi, Sheryl Crow, Paul McCartney - (Elvis Presley "That's All Right")
      2. Bob Dylan - (Warren Smith "Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache")
      3. Mark Knopfler - (Warren Smith "Rock & Roll Ruby")
      4. Bryan Ferry - (Elvis Presley "Don't Be Cruel")
      5. Page & Plant, Chris Isaak, Jeff Beck, Chrissie Hynde - (Little Junior's Blues Flames "Mystery Train")
      6. Ben Folds Five - (Carl Perkins "Honey Don't")
      7. Van Morrison - (Jerry Lee Lewis "Jambalaya")
      8. Aerosmith, Kid Rock - (Yelvington, Malcolm & the Star Rhythm "Drinkin' Wine, Spo-Dee-O-Dee")
      9. The Who - (Lewis "It'll Be Me")
      10. Tom Petty, Elton John, and Third Eye Blind - (Johnny Cash "Cry Cry Cry")

News as of February 1, 2001
  • Jaded Video Update (AF1)
      After a very successful performance at the Super Bowl, Aerosmith boarded a plane and headed West! The band is in California putting the finishing touches on the video for "Jaded." MTV is on hand documenting the entire process for Making The Video and will premiere during MTV's new season of the show.

  • Making The Super Bowl (AF1)
      Tune in to MTV on Saturday, February 3 @ 5:30 PM to check out the Making of The Super Bowl Halftime Show! From set up, rehearsal, to breakdown - there was a lot of time, work and effort that Aerosmith, *NSync, the crew and production poured into the ten minute extravaganza! Schedule subject to change without notice.

  • Possible new release date
      I just heard about a possible move in the release date of Just Push Play to March 6, which is a Tuesday.

  • Janie's Got A Gun tribute

  • Jaded video
      Is finally set. It WILL be Feb 13th, 1030 pm on MTV. The video stars the redhead from that 70's show, and will feature body contortonists, sword swallowers, and whips and chains...

  • Billboard Charts

      It didn't take long for Aerosmith to reclaim the summit of Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. In just its third week, the veteran rockers hit No. 1 with "Jaded," the first single from their forthcoming Columbia album "Just Push Play." The cut has shot from No. 58 to No. 28 on The Billboard Hot 100 in that time span.

  • Boston Globe article
      This story ran on page C5 of the Boston Globe on 2/1/2001.

      Tyler: Half-time show not a sellout
      By Steve Morse, Globe Staff, 2/1/2001

      Super Bowl XXXV is now history, but Aerosmith is still coming down from Sunday's high-speed, wham-bam halftime performance that included guest shots from 'N Sync, Britney Spears, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige.

      ''It was a roll of the dice at best, but it worked out fine,'' Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said of the Tampa gig. ''There were 400 people pulling the stage and plugging in the wires - and to watch the stage go up and down in six minutes was amazing.''

      The halftime extravaganza cost $3 million to produce, according to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who highlighted the short program by belting out ''Walk This Way'' with aid from the guests. Some Aerosmith fans, including late-night sports-talk host J.T. the Brick, have accused the group of selling out because they allowed Spears and 'N Sync to sing on the song, but Tyler has a message for them.

      ''Lighten up,'' he said. ''Sure, we know that 50 percent of our fans might think it [expletive], but maybe 50 percent of 'N Sync's fans liked seeing them rock out. It doesn't matter. It's all about a good song.''

      ''It was just entertainment - and a big adventure for us,'' said Perry. ''I remember the '60s, when you'd see Jethro Tull and Sly & the Family Stone on the same show. No one complained about that.''

      ''Aerosmith has always been about extremes anyway,'' said Tyler, adding that even in its early days, the band was doing very different song styles like ''Dream On'' versus ''Train Kept A-Rollin.'' ''And, hey, rock 'n' roll is supposed to [expletive] people off. If some people were unhappy, that's OK.''

      ''We wanted to have a mix,'' said Perry. ''We wanted rock and pop and a taste of everything. The hardest part was that we only had six hours to rehearse. The rehearsal went poorly, and the sound was so bad that some of 'N Sync's [microphones] weren't on. But it all came together at the end.''

      ''We said we wanted 5,000 people in front of the stage and to bring the stage down to just 6 feet tall, which they did,'' said Tyler. ''We thought that would create more excitement.''

      Aerosmith also sang its new single, ''Jaded,'' from the forthcoming album, ''Just Push Play,'' which comes out March 20. The album will be followed by a tour that Tyler expects will hit the FleetCenter, the Tweeter Center, and the Worcester Centrum Centre. ''We'll probably play all of those places,'' he said. (No dates are yet available.)

      The album release date will come a day after Aerosmith's formal induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Other inductees include Michael Jackson, Paul Simon, Queen, Solomon Burke, Ritchie Valens, and the Flamingos.

      ''The jams should be good,'' Perry said of the event. ''We go way back with Queen, so I'm sure we'll play with them. We're really honored to be getting in.''

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