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News as of April 30, 2001
  • Fly Away From Here to be released June 15th!?
      Was just sent this:

      ''Hi, we are now taking pre-orders for the new Aerosmith CD single from Australia. The title is Fly Away From Here, the release date is June 15th...''

  • Picture from German magazine Metal Hammer 5/01
      The latest issue of Metal Hammer has this picture from the Munich gig last month. Not very good quality, but perhaps it can be of some interest anyway!

      Picture from Metal Hammer

  • Magazines and Book
      There is a small picture of Steven in 'In Style' magazine (Renee Wellzager(sp?) on the cover).

      There's also a small pic of Steven, Britney Spears and someone else in the new magazine ''.

      a pic of Steven's face is also in a book called 'Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll'. It has a black & pink cover.

  • from Boston Herald 4-29-01
      Congrats to Vindaloo Entertainment guy John Bionelli and wife, Lisa, on the recent arrival of Sophie Elizabeth. The rock 'n' roll babe checked in at 8 pounds, 2 ounces.

  • MTV Latin America
      this friday Aerosmith's Jaded was at #1 on the top 20 of MTV Latin America. This is in Mexico, and they have been at #1 for two weeks. In Argentina they are at #7.

News as of April 29, 2001
  • More backstage revelations from Nitebob
      Taken from Revolver Worldwide May/June 2001

      DURING ONE OF THE EIGHTIES AEROSMTTH tours, Steven Tyler decided that there was nothing he hated more than his hair being wet. One day he came in and said, 'I figured it out, man. If it takes me 15 minutes to dry my hair with a 1,500 watt blow dryer, I can do it in five if I use three dryers at once!' So he made this thing that became known as 'The Blowtorch': He attached three Conair blow dryers together; two of the handles faced down and one faced up, and the three power cables were wrapped together. During long songs, like 'Red House; Tyler would run into this little onstage dressing room and yell, 'Dry my hair!' Jay, the guy responsible for doing it, would say, 'Gee, Steven, I think I'm burning your scalp; Steven always answered the same thing: 'Just dry my hair!' One day, they plugged the Blowtorch into the same line that all the amps on stage-right were plugged into. As soon as they fired that fucking thing up, all the power blew out'.

  • Pictures from German mag AMICA
      Pictures from AMICA #2 Pictures from AMICA #1
      Thanks to Petra for sending these!

  • I was asked to post this...

News as of April 28, 2001
  • Just Push Play totals
      This is the latest info from Sound Scan. Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" has been shipped platinum and after 7 weeks of release, it has sold... 727,273 copies.

  • Some German Magazine Alerts...
      1) AMICA 5/01 (women's mag): 3 pages, 3 pix of Steven, 1 of Joe
      2) Breakout 4/01 (May/June): 2 pages interview from Munich, 1 page review of Munich Club Gig
      3) Rockhard 5/01: 1 page Munich review
      4) Metal Hammer 5/01: 1 page Munich review
      5) Access 5/01: 2 pages, JPP/history

  • Revolver Worldwide
      Revolver Worldwide May/June 2001 has a 4 page article (pages 66-69) along with old b/w pictures recounting backstage gossip from Super-Roadie, and ex-Aerosmith sound engineer, Nitebob from the 70 & 80's.

      Pictures from this magazine can be found in the magazine section at

      Backstage revelations through the eyes of Super-roadie Nitebob, taken from Revolver Worldwide May/June 2001 issue:

      "TOURING IS COOL AT FIRST, BUT - LIKE anything else - after 20 weeks, it becomes a job. Life on the road is exactly like the Bill Murray movie Groundhog Day. You repeat the same day over and over again with slight variations. It's just another arena, another gig, and the band's freaking out about something. After a while you want to do something just to alleviate the monotony.
      "Bands try to maintain a certain level of comfort during the drudgery. As a result, they can become really particular about little things. Aerosmith in particular had a thing about food that undoubtedly stemmed from being holed up in dressing room after dressing room after dressing room: If they didn't get fresh turkey on the bone, they would flip out, because it was a sure sign that the promoter had overlooked more important things as well. And of course, if the food was shit for the band, it was even worse for the road crew. We'd always sneak into the dressing room and eat some of their food and then try to rearrange the platter so it looked like nobody had touched it. Sometimes a mandate would come down from the tour manager: 'We know you're messing with the band's food, and don't do it anymore: Or, the guys in the band would bust us. Theyd say, 'Have you been in here touching our food?' and we'd say, 'Yeah we put our dicks all over it: They'd go, 'Oh, we don't want to eat it now!' Eventually, we'd tell them, 'No, we're only kidding, it isn't true:
      "But of course, sometimes it was true. We had put our dicks all over it!"

  • Classic Rock magazine
      Classic Rock, May 2001 Edition (AC/DC on front cover), has a 2 page (64/65) review and pictures from Aerosmith's Club gig at Babylon Club, Munich 24 March 2001.

      The pictures that came with it are exclusive and can be found in the magazine section at

      Below is the review as told by Chris Ingham for Classic Rock, May Issue. I have left inaccuracies, spellings and opinions (Sorry Germans) as they were so don't blame me.

      Babylon Club, Munich 24 March, 2001
      Set List: `Mama Kin'/'Same Old Song And Dance'/ `One Way Street: / Big Ten Inch Record'/ `Chip Away The Stone'/ 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing'/ `Sweet Emotion'/ `Jaded'/'Train Kept A Rollin"/ `Come Together'/ `Walk This Way'/ `Toys In The Attic'

      HOW LUCKY DO YOU WANT to consider yourself? Is full health enough? A passable bank account, surely? Security and friendship guaranteed? Or would you swap any or all of the above to see a club gig by the best rock'n'roll band in the world? Scarely believable though it seems, Aerosmith decided to launch their European press tour for "Just Push Play' in the industrial looking confines of a Munich sweat house. You'd have to go back some 11 years to the then Charing Cross Marquee club for the last time that Aerosmith played a gig this intimate.
      But happen it did. Kicking off with a swaggering same 'Mama Kin' it was clear that this Aerosmith was not interested in recreating the MTV sugar of 'Pink' or `Livin' On The Edge' for a club gig. The Peter Pan like figure of Steven Tyler locked on course for another age revising moment as he pouted and preened like a prize winning peacock through the chorus. By his side, and every inch Tyler's performing equal, stands "Joe motherfucking Perry" who, like his vocal companion, looks like he's been preserved in formaldehyde since he turned 40 over a decade ago. Those Perry hands curl out riff after classic riff and you can see from the smile on his face just how much he still loves the effect those timeless sounds have on the crowd in front of him.
      Truth be told, this secret show was wasted on the Germans, who've only been acquainted with Aerosmith via the MTV comeback years. `Rocks' era Aerosmith had been a largely unknown quantity in Europe, the band having only managed one visit during their worst drugged out years in the late 70s. While Aero Force One onstage may enjoy ripping out classic jams like `Chip Away The Stone' and `Big Ten Inch Record', the crowd are bewildered by the Boston faves set choice. They're here to see a big music productions like `Crazy' or 'Cryin". While 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing' proves the biggest hit of the night, but the sugar sweet side of Aerosmith is not what these boys are here to do. This gig is about remembering how to walk a certain way.
      Guitarist Brad Whitford is his usual calm and assured self, content to play supporting role to the cool as you like Perry out front. Like Malcolm and Angus Young, without the solid rock of Whitford behind the groove, that sparkling Joe Perry cool which is the cornerstone to the Aero hit machine would dissolve the moment it hit the live stage.
      Original Woodstock burn out victim Todd Hamilion too has kept his 70s swing and the lead bass intro into 'Sweet Emotion' remains a definitive classic rock moment before Perry's mouthbox guitar effect kicks in.
      Organised at the band's insistence at some 48 hours notice, this gig is about shaking off the rust. As Tyler and co see it they can hardly go around the world talking about rock'n'roll 24-7 when its been two long years since they last did any of it for real. And if they're going to go out there and do a low key club gig like this then Aerosmith will be damned if they're gonna pull out all those MTV ballads for this crowd. If it means that drummer Joey Kramer is facing an agonising set pounding away on the drums to supply that famous Aero swing then so be it. Thumping through hard edged versions of 'Come Together', 'Train Kept A Rollin" and about as raucous a version of `Walk This Way' as you are ever likely to hear.
      By the encore, Kramer's left wrist is taped up and Tyler even turns around to ask the drummer if he can manage to blast through a ragged, screaming version of `Toys in the Attic: He does and the game's up. Aero Force One is back in action for another two years at the very least.
      Chris Ingham

      The next Classic Rock will have the same photo as in Hard (Topless Twins) on the Front Cover.

  • Fans Rule #1: Aerosmith Tickets Still Remaining
      Hello Fans,

      We still have tickets available for the following shows:
      New Orleans LA Arena 3-Sep-01 $75.00
      Toronto CANADA Molson Amp. 2-Jul-01 $133.75**
      Columbus OH Polaris 11-Jul-01 $75.00

      * - prices do not include, S&H, or applicable taxes.
      ** - Canadian tickets are in Canadian dollars

  • Fans Rule #2: AF1 Question Hotline
      Hey Aerosmith Fans!

      Aero Force One has set up a temporary toll free number to keep you connected and take your questions while we expand service on our current information line to better serve AF1 members.

      The number is 1-866-885-3897

      You can reach this number starting Saturday April 28th between the hours of 10am and 6pm EDT.

  • Fans Rule #3: Aerosmith Grab Bag Offer
      Hey AF1'ers -

      Fan Asylum would like to extend our gratitude and let you know what a killer ride it has been servicing you through Aero Force One for the past 16 years. As you know, Aerosmith's new album, Just Push Play, kicks a ton of ass and now the boys are gearin' up to hit the road. Before you go packing your bags to catch them on tour, we have a few things you might want to make extra room for.

      As a special thanks to all the fans for making our years with Aero Force One so memorable, Fan Asylum is offering a limited amount of specially priced Grab Bags filled with tons of sweet Aerosmith merchandise and a few surprises that will rock your world.

      There are two Grab Bags you can choose from - the First Class Grab Bag and the Mile High Grab Bag. Wanna know what's in 'em? Well, here's a little taste of the tiers and what you may find in your Aerosmith Grab Bag:
      (Every package is unique and contains a minimum of five various items listed below.)


      FIRST CLASS: T-shirts, license plate frames, beanies, caps, jerseys, backstage passes from past concerts, crew passes from past concerts, decals, used drum sticks, camisoles, muscle tees, kids tees, calendars, magnetic poetry, car emblems, mini Aerosmith Collector's Car and more!

      Price: $50.00 (price includes Federal Express 2nd day shipping)
      Item #AEN097

      Approximate merchandise retail value is over $80.00


      MILE HIGH: Items included in the FIRST CLASS package and one or more of these items: Autographed CD booklet, autographed drumhead, autographed drum sticks, posters, guitar picks, autographed drum gloves, sweatshirts, workshirts, commuter mugs, blankets and more!

      Price: $125.00 (price includes Federal Express 2nd day shipping)
      Item #AEN098

      Approximate merchandise retail value is over $220.00


      Remember, supplies are EXTREMLEY limited, so get yours today! Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. All Grab Bags will be distributed randomly.

      Order by phone with a credit card: 415.575.6644

      Order by mail:

      Please make check or money order payable to Fan Asylum and mail to:

      Aerosmith Grab Bags
      P.O. Box 883848
      San Francisco, CA 94188

      Please include your first name, last name, physical shipping address (no P.O. Boxes as the order will ship Federal Express) and daytime telephone number.

      No refunds or exchanges. All sales are final. Checks may take 5-7 business days to clear before we ship out your order. In the event that we sell out of the Aerosmith Grab Bags, we will return your check or money order by mail.

      New Customer Service hours: Monday - Friday from 12:00 PM - 5:30 PM PT. During non-business hours, you may place your order on our voice mail system.

  • Aerosmith mention on VH1's Storytellers: Def Leppard
      Def Leppard was on Storytellers on VH1 the other night. I've been told their lead singer (Joe Elliot?) said this:

      "I don't understand why bands whine and complain about getting to number one with ballads... Look at Aerosmith... their only number one song is a love ballad and people complained about that... but hey, they got to number one! Sometimes you have to release those power ballads to compete with the other musicians (if you want to call them that) and get your album sold and then people can see who you really are."

News as of April 27, 2001
  • URL and e-mail address doesn't work
      Another news update about me rather than Aerosmith... For some reason the address has stopped working. I don't know why but I fear that it may no longer exist. I didn't register it myself and I don't know what is going on with it. I've contacted the guy who got it for me (Yannick, please help me!) but I've got yet to find out what the problem is.

      Anyway, it doesn't work and thus my primary e-mail address does NOT work. This means that from now on all mails you send to me must be sent to the following address or I will not get them. Please also re-send all mails sent it the last few days that I have not replied to 'cause I most likely haven't been able to receive them.



      // Cristoffer.

  • New Ticketing Information and On-Sale Dates
      Preferred tickets for Aerosmith shows that are going on sale to the general public on Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Raleigh, New Orleans, Cleveland, Darien Lakes, Denver, Toronto, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Boston, Indianapolis and Charlotte shows that went on sale on April 21st will be available to Fan Club Members on Friday April 27th from 8am to 8pm Eastern Daylight Time.

      All ticketing for these shows will be handled through toll free telephone numbers. Tickets to these shows will only be available through the toll-free telephone box office. Since we cannot process ticket orders via fax or email, we remind you that orders received via fax or email cannot be processed.

      The 800 numbers for the box office will be made available. Every fan member for whom we have a telephone number will be called with a pre-recorded telephone message detailing the information. We will also deliver that same information via email to each fan for whom we have an email address, and that same information will be posted on the website. These numbers will be active, and tickets will be available between 8am and 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time this Friday April 27th. These numbers are for TICKET SALES ONLY. The following shows are going on sale.

City State Venue Show Date Ticket Price
Raleigh NC Alltell Pavilion 21-Sep-01 $78.00
New Orleans LA Arena 3-Sep-01 $75.00
Cleveland OH Blossom 17-Jul-01 $70.00
Darien Lakes NY Darien Ctr. 15-Jul-01 $70.00
Denver CO Fiddlers Green 23-Jul-01 $70.00
Toronto CANADA Molson Amp. 2-Jul-01 $133.75**
Washington DC DC Nissan Pavilion 24-Jun-01 $78.50
Pittsburgh PA Post Gazette 30-Jun-01 $85.00
Boston MA Tweeter Ctr. 26-Jun-01 $75.00
Boston MA Tweeter Ctr. 28-Jun-01 $75.00
Indianapolis IL Verizon Amp. 9-Jul-01 $75.00
Charlotte NC Verizon 9-Sep-01 $78.00
Nashville TN Amsouth Amp. 19-Sep-01 $78.00
Concord CA Chronicle Pavilion 8-Aug-01 $78.00
San Diego CA Coors Amp. 16-Aug-01 $70.00
Phoenix AZ Desert Sky 26-Aug-01 $75.00
San Bernardino CA Glen Helen 24-Aug-01 $88.25
Atlanta GA Hi Fi Buys Amp. 17-Sep-01 $70.00
Las Vegas NV MGM Grand 18-Aug-01 $100.00
Alpine Valley WI Music Center 7-Jul-01 $78.00
Chicago IL New World 5-Jul-01 $78.00
Columbus OH Polaris 11-Jul-01 $75.00
Memphis TN Pyramid 5-Sep-01 $75.00
Mountain View CA Shoreline 14-Aug-01 $78.25
Dallas TX Smirnoff 1-Sep-01 $70.00
Sacramento CA Valley Amp. 12-Aug-01 $78.00
Virginia Beach VA Verizon 11-Sep-01 $77.75
Irvine CA Verizon 20-Aug-01 $88.25
Irvine CA Verizon 22-Aug-01 $88.25

      * - prices do not include, S&H, or applicable taxes.

      ** - Canadian tickets are in Canadian dollars

      For those of you that tried to purchase tickets to Detroit, Hershey, Wantagh, Hartford, Holmdel, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Saratoga and Camden last weekend, we continue to work to connect you with your tickets by contacting you separately. Tickets for those shows will not be available through these 800 numbers. We are handling those tickets separately as we sort through the process of reaching out to you to expedite getting you your tickets. Telephone operators will not have information about those 13 shows. It is critical that we deal separately with those 13 shows in order best manage the heavy volume of calls that will come in for the new on-sale dates. Again, do not call these 800 numbers for tickets or ticket information for those tickets that the fan club already put on sale.

  • Ticket Sale Information Times and Telephone Numbers
      Hello Fans,

      The AeroforceOne Box Office will be open on Friday April 27th from 8am through 8pm Eastern Time (which is 7 Central, and 5 Pacific)

      The two toll-free phone numbers for ticket orders are:
      (866) 385-6243
      (877) 221-5331

      Again we apologize for the confusion surrounding ticketing last week. We believe the current ticketing program we have put in place will best serve and benefit all fans going forward.

  • Aerosmith to play Kiss Concert 22
      KISS 108 in Boston is having it's annual summer concert on June 2nd. They have been announceing the acts all day, one per hour. They just announced that Aerosmith will be playing the show, Kiss Concert 22.

      Here is the line-up so far:

      Ricky Martin
      The Corrs
      Joey McIntrye
      Evan and Jaron
      Blessid Union of Souls
      Lee Ann Womack
      Lionel Richie
      Barenaked Ladies

  • Liv Tyler interview from

      InfoBeat - Liv Tyler in Films Through 2003
      ^AP Movie Writer=

      LOS ANGELES (AP) _ With everything she already has in the can, Liv Tyler could sit back and coast yet still have a high profile in movie theaters over the next three years.
      First up, Tyler essentially plays three different roles as a femme fatale in the black comedy ``One Night at McCool's.'' Then, for the next three Christmas holidays, she's playing the same role in three different movies _ the trilogy of J.R.R. Tolkien's ``Lord of the Rings,'' shot simultaneously from late 1999 through last December in New Zealand. Tyler, who plays the elf Arwen, co-stars with Elijah Wood, Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett and Ian Holm.
      Except for re-recording dialogue, Tyler and the rest of the cast have their work done on three major film releases through 2003.
      ``That is an incredible idea, for sure,'' Tyler said. ``I keep thinking, well, I don't have to worry. I've got three years of movies done already.
      ``That is nice, but there's a part of me that's kind of anxious to get into another role, because `Lord of the Rings' was so spread out for me. I didn't get that sense of working every day consistently for a period of time. And at the same time, I'm not the main character in those movies.''
      Tyler, 23, has been a supporting or ensemble player in most of her best-known films, including ``Armageddon,'' Tom Hanks' ``That Thing You Do!'' and Robert Altman's ``Cookie's Fortune'' and ``Dr. T and the Women.''
      With ``One Night at McCool's,'' Tyler is front and center, playing an opportunistic vixen who becomes the object of desire for every man she encounters. The story is told through the eyes of three different love interests (Matt Dillon, Paul Reiser and John Goodman), with each man imprinting Tyler's character Jewel with his own conception of the perfect woman.
      For Dillon, she's a homebody girlfriend, for Reiser, she's a wanton tramp, for Goodman, she's an innocent angel.
      Throughout, Tyler has to play the alluring bombshell, the most openly sexual role she's taken on since breaking into films such as ``Heavy'' and ``Stealing Beauty'' in her teens.
      ``I was a kid before in a lot of my films,'' said Tyler, stretched out on a sofa for an interview at the Four Seasons hotel. ``I don't think people realized that I was only 16, 17, 18.
      ``This was definitely the first part where I had to be so physically aware and have people so aware of me physically. Maybe it's not hard for anybody else, but it is a bit for me. I mean I love my body and I feel very comfortable in my skin, but this was tough.''
      Tyler was particularly shy about shooting a lusty scene where she washes a car. To help inspire Tyler, director Harald Zwart showed her the seductive car-wash scene from ``Cool Hand Luke.''
      ``The woman is washing the car, and I thought it was an unbelievably sexy, beautiful scene, but I just thought, `Oh, my God, how can I do that? How can I be that sexy?''' Tyler said. ``And also I was just self-conscious about it. I was basically going to be like a Playboy video for the crew guys for a couple of minutes.''
      To shoot the scene, Zwart cleared non-essential crew members off the set then ``played loud music and let her do her thing,'' he said.
      ``It's a really sexually charged scene. But Liv is the reason why it is sexy and appealing without being trampy. She has so much class,'' Zwart said.
      ``She was stunning in a lot of films before, but I remember thinking this would be great if I could be the one who made that movie showing she could be really incredibly sultry and sexy. Because you knew it was all there, but she had some more introverted, innocent parts before this. And it was fun to be the one to draw that out of her.''
      Michael Douglas, the film's producer who co-stars as a bingo-playing hit man who also falls under Jewel's spell, said he told Tyler at the outset that she would have to go to extremes.
      ``I said, `If this thing is going to work, you've got to go there. All these guys are perceiving you in different ways, so you've got to be the mother, the madonna, the whore. You've got to go all the way with it,''' Douglas said.
      ``I was so proud of her. If you've got it, flaunt it. In this kind of politically correct age, it was great to see her have fun with the part and exude that kind of sexuality and sense of comedy.''
      Tyler grew up in Portland, Maine, with her mother, 1970s music groupie Bebe Buell. As a child, Tyler believed rocker Todd Rundgren was her father, but at age 9 or 10, she learned she was the daughter of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler.
      ``I don't think my dad was in any position to be a father. Steven, that is,'' said Tyler, now engaged to a rocker herself, lead singer Royston Langdon of the band Spacehog. ``He was really not together, he was using a lot of drugs, he was traveling all the time with the band, and they weren't really in a relationship. So I think that was a big part of it.''
      To this day, Tyler said, she feels a bit confused about calling Rundgren by his first name instead of ``dad.''
      ``What an amazing thing Todd did for me. That's pretty admirable for someone to want to be the father of a child that's not theirs,'' Tyler said. ``It's hard to talk about it in an interview really honestly, how I felt. Because obviously, it meant a lot to me, and it was also really confusing for me. But luckily, it just made me feel more loved. It meant that I had two dads instead of one.''

News as of April 26, 2001
  • Billboard Charts
      Just Push Play suffered a HUGE drop this week... dropping from #19 to #34 with 35,000 copies sold in it's 7th week of release.

      Jaded also dropped a bit this week, to #16 from #14 last week. It's been on the charts for 15 weeks, with a peak position of #7...

  • More Ticket Info
      SFX has teamed up with Ticketmaster and MSN to design a custom online ticket promotion they say will allow Aerosmith and Fuel fans easy and convenient advanced ticket access for the upcoming "Just Push Play" 2001 U.S. tour.

      For tour dates going on sale this weekend, half of the tickets -- in all price ranges -- will be available for sale online beginning Wednesday. The rest will be sold through select venue box offices, Ticketmaster charge-by-phone lines, retail ticket centers, and via both and starting this weekend.

      Fans may register for the promotion at or

News as of April 25, 2001
  • Today's AF1 update from Fans Rule
      Thanks to all of the Aero Force One fans out there who have been so supportive and helpful in this process. It has been a challenge, to say the least. As many of you know, we continue to contact you through email, phone, fax, and in person in an effort to help resolve the issues surrounding the past ticketing challenges. Thanks again to so many of you for your patience.

      The FansRULE team has been blown away by the sincerity, understanding and support of those Aero Force One fans we have contacted. We appreciate and have heard your input: communicate, we want our tickets, communicate. This is our mission.

      We are continuing to reach out to connect you to your tickets. We will reopen the ticket process for available dates later this week. Day, time and phone number for ticketing will be announced this afternoon, Wednesday April 25, 2001. We will email and post the details for you as soon as that is available. Aero Force One has determined that it is not in the best interest of the fan club to continue to offer ONLINE ticketing at this time.

      Based on feedback from the fan base, Aero Force One WILL attempt to make 2 tickets available to you to MORE than one show. Details of this will be made available to you in our next communication. Be aware that doing this may limit the opportunity for everyone to get tickets to the show of their choice.

      We will do everything possible to provide each fan club member with tickets. However the fan club has grown to a point where we are concerned that we will not be able to get each one of you tickets to the venue of your choice. The fact that we could not provide you with advance ticketing was beyond our control, but we are doing everything possible to make a pair of tickets available to each registered fan club member.

      To keep you informed of all ticketing information for the Just Push Play Tour you should be aware that SFX, Ticketmaster and MSN are currently running a custom online advance ticketing promotion for tour dates, which are listed with ticket purchase information at both the and sites. For those of you that would like to maximize the opportunity to get tickets to the show of your choice- this could be an excellent shot at acquiring additional tickets.

      We recognize that this could add an element of confusion as to which source represents the best opportunity for you to get Aerosmith tickets. But please recognize that as the band's popularity continues to soar the demand for ticketing exceeds existing capacity, which puts all providers of ticketing, inclusive of Aero Force One, in the position of managing a very challenging process.

      As we reach out to each of you to remedy the recent problems, I ask that you recognize our commitment to make things right and that your patience will make it easier for us to do just that.

      Virtually yours,

      Joe Armetta

  • Message To AF1 Members From
      To our friends in Aero Force One:

      Management of Aero Force One has been transferred from Fan Asylum to its new home at FansRule. We have been receiving many emails and phone calls regarding the status of the fan club. Because we are no longer running AF1, we have been forwarding your emails to FansRule to answer.

      We transferred the fan club database to FansRule shortly after the release of Just Push Play. We would like to assure everyone that the information provided was current and correct with your seniority status and frequent flyer miles intact cooperating with FansRule to the fullest extent. FansRule has not contacted us indicating there were any problems with the transfer or that they have had problems working with the database.

      The staff at Fan Asylum enjoyed our relationship with Aerosmith, their management and especially the members of AF1 over the past 16 years. We, along with the AF1 members, had no advance knowledge of the change in fan club management until Just Push Play was released. We wish FansRule all the best and hope everything works out for all the members of AF1.


  • Boston Globe article
      Here is some news from todays Boston Globe..

      Just play, you old coots

      We're hardly ones to joke that the addition of Aerosmith to WBCN-FM's River Rave bill raises the median age of the performers by, oh, a few months. Hey, our attendance and that of WBCN program director Oedipus raises the audience median age a bit, too. But, in what we'd guess to be a highly accurate rumor, sources close to the station say you can expect Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the bad boys of suburban Boston to play the multiband event at Foxboro Stadium May 26. An announcement from the station may come as soon as this afternoon. If it happens, we bet the old coots will show young, moody whippersnappers like Coldplay and Lifehouse how to rock at Foxboro Stadium!

News as of April 24, 2001
  • Aerosmith playing LA Festival
      From MTV News :

      Aerosmith, Ricky Martin, the Backstreet Boys, Moby and the Bee Gees will play Los Angeles' Wango Tango festival on June 16 and 17.

      The concert, which is spreading over two days for the first time in its three-year history, is sponsored by radio station KIIS-FM.

      The June 16 lineup includes the Backstreet Boys, Moby, Martin, Jessica Simpson, Nelly Furtado, Joe, Krystal and Shaggy. The June 17 bill features Aerosmith, Dream, Vertical Horizon and American Hi-Fi and the Bee Gees.

      The event will be held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and organizers said more artists will be announced this week.

  • Z100 Zootopia
      Z100 Announces All Star Line-up for Huge Zootopia 2001 Concert Including Aerosmith, Shaggy, O-Town, Jessica Simpson and Pink, Among Others

      NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--April 24, 2001--

      - Z Village Presents Day-Long Interactive Event for Fans -

      - Net Proceeds From Zootopia Go to Charity -

      Z100, America's most listened to radio station, announces the first group of superstar artists for its annual Zootopia 2001 concert, set for Friday, June 1st at 7pm at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Some of the artists scheduled to perform this year are AEROSMITH, SHAGGY, PINK, THE CORRS, 3LW, LIFEHOUSE, O-TOWN, JESSICA SIMPSON, NELLY FURTADO AND EDEN'S CRUSH. A limited number of tickets will be made available to Z-VIP and Z-VIP Rewards members. Those interested in getting the jump on Zootopia 2001 tickets can become a Z-VIP by logging on to the Z100 website at ( and clicking on the "Z-VIP Rewards" icon.

      "This year's lineup - spanning from Aerosmith and Lifehouse to Shaggy and Pink - is once again an excellent snapshot of the hit music scene," commented Tom Poleman, Sr. VP of Programming, Z100. "Just as today's pop charts span a variety of genres, Zootopia will showcase the best in today's hit music, from rock to rhythm."

      Z100 will also give fans a free interactive experience in "Z Village," an all-day extravaganza" from12 noon to 7pm. The special Z100 "village area" will be set up just outside Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum and will feature a live broadcast from Z100 personality Lisa Taylor, games and giveaways, interactive booths, artist meet and greets, special live performances and a last chance to win tickets to Z100's Zootopia 2001.

      A portion of net proceeds will go to charity. The first participating charity will be the National Child Identification Program. Formed in 1997 by the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA), the National Child Identification Program has the goal of fingerprinting 60 million children. Since it's inception, the program has distributed more than 8 million child I.D. kits. The effort is the largest child identification program ever conducted. The program was created in response to some startling statistics. Every year, 450,000 children run away, an additional 350,000 are abducted by a family member and over 4,500 are abused by a stranger -- 800,000 children are missing somewhere in America each year. That's one child every 40 seconds. Yet, less than two percent of parents have a copy of their child's fingerprints to use in case of emergency. With the support of then-governor George W. Bush, Texas became the first (and only) state to have distributed a kit to every child, grades K-12.

      Last year's Zootopia rocked the house with stars Christina Aguilera, Sugar Ray, Destiny's Child, Macy Gray, Vitamin C, the Goo Goo Dolls, Savage Garden, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson and Hanson participating.

      Tickets for Zootopia 2001 went on sale Friday, April 20th at 5pm at Ticketmaster Charge-By-Phone outlets only. Ticket prices are $75, $65 and $45. Ticketmaster Charge By Phone is reachable at 212-307-7171, 201-507-8900, 631-888-9000, 914-454-3388 or 212-307-7200 (automated).

      Stay tuned for more artist and concert info.

  • Today's Updates from Fans Rule
      Dear Fans,

      On behalf of everyone at FansRULE, I want you to know how sorry I am for the difficulty and confusion you have experienced as Aeroforceone fan club members and especially around getting your preferred seating concert tickets.

      We are doing everything possible to clear up the mess; to make you feel well taken care of; to earn your trust, first and foremost, to get you connected to your Aerosmith tickets. As many of you are experiencing – we are in the process of doing just that. We have called many of you personally, and are continuing to reach out by phone and email to many more of you to address your concerns about Aeroforceone and FansRULE and again, most importantly, about getting you your tickets.

      Listen, we know you don’t want to hear us moan about our problems. We know that you really just want to get your tickets. Many of you are pissed off, and have made it clear that you have trust issues with the new fan club. You’ve also told us that you feel a lot better about things when you get some answers about what’s gone wrong. This is basically it – in the past, the fan club has always had advance notice of tour dates and could make tickets available to fan club members before tickets went on sale to the general public. What happened this time is that the fan club, VH1, USAToday, SFX and Ticketmaster all got official tour information at almost the same time. (Yeah, of course there were some leaks, there always are.) Truth be told, FansRULE was unprepared to handle the huge volume of ticket orders that came in all at once. We believe that in future legs of Aerosmith’s tour, we will be able to again provide fan club members with advanced info and ticketing opportunities before they go on sale to the general public, we certainly hope so. Better for you – better for us to be able to serve you.

      Because so many dates went on sale at the same time, without the benefit of advanced notice, so many of the fan club members – and there are thousands and thousands of you – called and emailed all at once, which caused our systems to crash. We were unprepared for the rush. So many of you, completely understandably, called, faxed and emailed our offices wanting to know what happened – it took all of our resources to field your requests and concerns. It became almost impossible for us reach-out through the deluge of incoming messages. As a result, we failed to give you information and get you your tickets in a way that would have made you feel as though you were being taken care of the way you deserve to be. And again, we are terribly sorry.

      Now, we have added staff and have taken additional measures to help us to carry the load. We are continuing to respond to you to via email or phone so that we can sort the ticket thing out. We are reorganizing our ability to accommodate your ticket requests, and as soon as we have our systems up and running, we will let you know so that you can get your tickets. We are working toward having this completed in a matter of days, and will keep you posted daily.

      Rest assured that although some shows are being reported as “Sold Out”, it does not mean that the fan club tickets are sold out.

      As you may know, tickets will be going on sale for the following shows on Wednesday April 25th (Columbus – July 11; Phoenix – Aug. 26; Atlanta – Sep. 17; Dallas – Sep. 1; Sacramento – Aug. 12; Nashville – Sep. 19) Saturday April 28th (Chicago – July 5; Alpine Valley – July 7; San Diego – Aug 16; Las Vegas – Aug. 18; Memphis – Sep. 5; Virginia Beach – Sep. 11) and Sunday April 29th (Concord - Aug. 8; Mountain View – Aug. 14; Irvine Aug. 20 & 22nd; San Bernadino – Aug. 24). The fan club has held at least enough tickets to provide each fan club member in each of those markets with one-pair of tickets. Please bear in mind that we expect an onslaught of ticket requests and are in the process of setting up a system handle the volume.

      We will be posting updates on and will be emailing you the updates as well. We are working round-the-clock to do everything we can to provide you with fan club service you can rely on.

      To those of you who are angry and frustrated, I, we got your message – loudly and clearly. To the many of you who have been patient, understanding and supportive, I extend my gratitude. And to all of you Aeroforceone Fan Club members – I can only promise to do my very best to make things right.

      Very truly yours,

      Joe Armetta

  • Another AF1 Update

      There is nothing like an Aerosmith fan! 39,000 calls to order tickets in a day - y’all crashed the call center. The people who take phone orders have never seen such passion for a rock and roll event.

      The dedication of Aerosmith fans is amazing. We calculated 2 tickets per fan for the closest venue and a moderate amount of additional tickets for traveling fans and new fan club members. Not even NASA scientists could have anticipated that membership in Aero Force One would grow 30% in a two-week period. Only a very special band like Aerosmith can rally that kind of excitement in people.

      Our goal is to please the members of Aero Force One. Honestly. We know it doesn't’ seem that way at the moment, but it’s the truth. In order to better accommodate you, we’ve put a venue request button on

      Tell us what shows you’re going to want to see and we’ll do our best to fulfill your request.


  • Aerosmith Ticket Sales Make Headlines
      This was taken from Metal Edge Online (04/23):

      Aerosmith Fan Club Members were unable to purchase preferred seating tickets to the band's Just Push Play tour as promised over the weekend due to order phone line busy signals, error-filled and unusable online order forms, and closed customer service lines. Fans are up in arms and blaming fan club management for the snafu.

      And this is from today's Boston Herald's Inside Track:

      Getting concert tickets was an Aero-ing experience
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Tuesday, April 24, 2001

      The high-flying members of Aeroforce One - aka the Aerosmith fan club - say they've become Jaded with the way the new club operator, Fanrule, handled ticket sales for the Bad Boys' summer concerts.

      Busy phones, computer errors and other electronic snafus left longtime fans ticketless - and Cryin'!

      ``Phone lines were busy for hours,'' sobbed one cyberfan. ``There was a total lack of communication and an abundance of misinformation, computer error messages, lock-ups and inability to log on. People are sad, angry, and frustrated.''

      Following the brouhaha, Fanrule closed down its call center and as of yesterday, will only sell tickets via the Aeroforce One Web site.

      The band's Boston man, John Bionelli, told the Track he's only heard from a few frustrated fans.

      ``I got three voice mails and two faxes from people who couldn't get through,'' Bionelli said.

      ``No one is going to get shut out of the shows, but their fan base in Boston is so huge, the allotment of tickets the fan club has for the local shows sells out fast. And like anything, if you snooze, you lose.''

      Bionelli suggested Aeroforce Oneites keep an eye on the Web site for further info.

      'Cuz, of course, you Don't Want To Miss A Thing. . . .

  • Aerosmith advertisement in Village Voice-NYC!
      The last issue of Village Voice, from last wednesday, the one with the "Going Pro" cover, has a advertisement of The Jones Beach Show... It's a Whole Page with one of that news pics (the one Steven is wearing a orange glasses and he is holding Joe, and the other guys seems they are walking in circles..).

News as of April 23, 2001
  • This was just posted on the AF1 website-
      'Due to your overwhelming response, all remaining tickets will be available through our website only. We have temporarily suspended operations at our call center. As more tickets become available, they will be posted online at Please check the box office. We are making every effort to secure additional seats and will keep updating the site as possible.

      The following shows will be going on sale this week. We are waiting on pricing information.'

      a. The Gorge
      b. Fiddlers Green
      c. Coors/SD
      d. Smirnoff
      e. Hi-Fi Buys
      f. Darien
      g. Amphitheater
      h. Blossom

  • HK Managment contact info
      HK Managment
      9200 Sunset Blvd.
      Suite # 530
      Los Angeles CA 900069
      310-550-5244- phone
      310-550-5241 - fax

News as of April 22, 2001
  • Classic Rock magazine
      The April 2001 issue of Classic Rock has a two page review of Just Push Play along with a large picture of the band on page 64. Also, p.8 has a small bit of info saying that 3 versions of JPP will be released in North America, and p.13 has an add for JPP. Then, ofcourse, the index page had a small pic of Steven and Joe.

  • Links to AF1's tour/tickets pages...

  • Aerosmith Interview in real media

  • Aerosmith at
      At MTV.Com there's a nice interview with Joe Perry and some video clips from when they were in Japan...

  • The latest update from Fans Rule
      To All AeroforceOne Fans:

      Wow! We submit! Talk about the greatest and most avid fans in the world...AeroforceOne fans truly RULE. Just for the record, FanRule implemented a full-scale phone servicing program with 48 lines and LIVE operators specializing in handling massive call volume ONLY to satisfy the demands of the AeroforceOne fans...and you pretty much blew it up! So, to get everyone up to speed and way less stressed out on what is going on right now, check out the following information:

      FansRule's Top 10 Reasons to Be Psyched About Tour Ticketing

      1. AeroforceOne was provided with a set number of tickets for each venue by the tour promoter.
      2. There are plenty of seats to go around for current AeroforceOne fans.
      3. Again, each and every AeroforceOne fan will have the opportunity to purchase a pair of premiere seats.
      4. If extra tickets are available for a show, AeroforceOne fans will have the opportunity to purchase additional tickets.
      5. This is not a RACE that you can lose if you are an active AeroforceOne fan club member, because:
      a. You are guaranteed the right to purchase a pair of premiere seats to a given show/venue.
      b. Your seat assignment will be based on seniority, as always. You're going to get great seats whether you're the first order or the last order.
      6. The reason tickets went on sale at 3AM EST on Saturday was for those high energy fans who wanted to buy seats before anyone else in the world.
      7. A professional phone answering company was hired to take your orders was because they have 48 individual phone lines with LIVE operators. We thought this would be easier and more fair, especially for those individuals who do not have internet access from their homes or during this time of the day. This is fair, right?
      8. The reason the ticket box office closed is because fans crushed the phone lines and burned out the call center. At that time the only way to get tickets was through the internet. Management decided this was UNFAIR to those AeroforceOne fans WITHOUT internet access, so the box office was closed until this could be sorted out appropriately.
      9. Tickets will again go on sale tonight at 11PM EST for those fans who need the peace of mind of having ordered their seats before turning in for the weekend.
      10. Again, this is not a RACE and you don't need to stay up all night long. Please see #2-5 above.

      Finally, so that we can provide the ultimate service to AeroforceOne fans, please contact us via email, toll-free phone number, fax or mail by Monday, May 14th, in order to secure your seats. Once all of the AeroforceOne fans have had the opportunity to purchase tickets, FansRule will be making the extra seats available to fans looking to catch a few extra shows (see #4 above).

      The management at FansRule wants to emphasize that we do not support sleepless, stressful nights. If this has occurred, we apologize profusely. Again, we were trying to give AeroforceOne fans a jump on the ticketing program by opening up early. Plus, to be fair to everyone, we had to adjust the program once the phone system went down so that each AeroforceOne fan had the ability to access tickets equally. Thank you for your patience, support and consideration during this time of transition and hysteria. We are psyched to be working with the most avid, enthusiastic fans in the world!

  • USA Today / Liv Tyler on NBC's Today Show
      On the back of the Life section of Friday's USA Today, in the coming attractions, they list Liv Tyler as being on Monday morning's edition of NBC's Today Show. Thought you might be interested.

  • I was asked to spread the word...
      Laurie J. from Toronto, Canada, has a website at where she posts all her concert pics. It's not all Aerosmith, but it's MOSTLY Aerosmith. She's posting new stuff almost every day until she get her entire collection up there. All the pics are her own and there are some really good ones up there...

  • Liv Tyler article from
      Ok, so the following review for Liv's latest movie hasn't got anything to do with Aerosmith but with pics like these I'd be too cruel not to share with the rest of you, right guys? ;)


      Simply bra-vellous ... Liv Tyler
      Simply bra-vellous ... Liv Tyler

      ONE NIGHT AT McCOOL'S (15)
      Liv Tyler. 1hr 33min (ENTERTAINMENT)
      * * * (out of four)

      THINK twice before you decide to rush in and rescue a damsel in distress.

      You could be letting yourself in for a whole heap of messy trouble - that's the message behind this witty, sexy, comedy thriller.

      Downbeat barman Randy, played by Matt Dillon, witnesses gorgeous babe Jewel, (the voluptuous Liv Tyler) being harassed by a grease-ball biker.

      And he does what any gentleman would do - he steps into the fray.

      Then, before he can blink, his peaceful, if dull, world is turned upside down. Because Jewel is a con woman, who uses her obvious assets to wind weak-willed men around her delicious little finger.

      Like a cross between There's Something About Mary and Pulp Fiction, One Night At McCool's unravels into a hilariously dark plot of deception and seduction.

      And ends with a stylish blood-bath shoot-out.

      Lick'le angel ... Tyler is captivating in this must-see thriller
      Lick'le angel ... Tyler is captivating in this must-see thriller

      No man is immune to Jewel's sexual allure. Every bloke, from Randy to his married lawyer cousin, to a sad widowed police detective (John Goodman), finds himself unwittingly enslaved by her sexy spell.

      Jewel makes Randy take the wrap for the men she murders while simultaneously making him commit burglaries to fulfil her desire for a home full of luxury goods.

      Each of the men in her life perceives her in different ways, to fit their fondest female fantasies.

      It's produced by Michael Douglas' independent production company and he gamely picks himself in the most unappealing role - as a sleazy, wig-wearing hitman hired by Randy who hangs about in bingo halls playing housey-housey when he's not killing people for money.

      This is a genuinely original, twisty black comedy.

      Matt Dillon is marvellous, Liv Tyler is luscious and beguiling.

      For something fresh and funny, which includes the sexiest car wash scene ever on the big screen, book yourself in for One Night At McCool's.

  • Liv Tyler article from
      Okay, just one more...

      THURSDAY APRIL 19 2001

      Liv is a many splendour'd thing

      Big-name directors are queuing up to employ the beautiful Liv Tyler — Hollywood’s hot property

      It’s unlikely that Liv Tyler will ever be confused with Meryl Streep. The daughter of Aerosmith’s rubber-lipped frontman Steve Tyler and the 1970s “super groupie” Bebe Buell, she first burst on the scene in 1994 courtesy of Aerosmith’s Crazy video, memorably struggling in a war of containment with an insurgent silver brassiere.
      It has been seven years since that defining moment in pop culture, and Tyler has moved on. She is now the veteran of some 15 movies. She has worked with the likes of Bernardo Bertolucci and Robert Altman. She has just completed filming the blockbuster-in-waiting Lord of the Rings in New Zealand. She has, in a word, arrived.

      “I’m just doing what I love to do and riding the wave of it,” she says, kicking off her flip-flops in a Covent Garden hotel suite, the latest stop on a worldwide promotional tour for her new comedy One Night at McCool’s (reviewed left), which goes on release tomorrow.

      Dressed in a bumble-bee halter top and jeans, Tyler certainly looks the part — an impossibly beautiful woman doing her best to pass as a mere 23-year-old mortal. But there is no mistaking her allure, on screen or off — the uncanny ability to induce a mutiny of brain cells in any man fortunate enough to cross her path.

      For the better part of her career, Tyler has done just that. Happy victim number one was Richard Dreyfuss in her 1994 debut, Silent Fall. She has since gone on to mesmerize Pruitt Taylor Vince’s dumpy pizza chef in the indie-fave, Heavy (1995), Jeremy Irons the following year in Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty (or as Tyler dubs it, “Stealing Booty"), Ben Affleck in Armageddon (1998) and, in quick succession, Jonny Lee Miller in Plunkett & Macleane and Ralph Fiennes in Onegin (both in 1999).

      With leading men like these tripping over themselves for her affections, it should come as no surprise that Tyler takes her femme fatale persona to its logical conclusion in One Night at McCool’s. Here, Matt Dillon’s bumbling bartender attempts to hire Michael Douglas’s bingo-loving hit man, Mr Burmeister, to eliminate the woman who has allegedly destroyed his life. Of course, Burmeister wants to hear the whole story first. And so it unfolds, Rashomon style, as Tyler’s sultry Jewel stumbles into a local St Louis bar one evening, forever changing the fate of three gob-smacked men.

      For Dillon, she appears as a wounded sparrow in need of shelter and perpetual bonking. For John Goodman’s pious detective, she’s the reincarnation of a deceased wife. For Paul Reiser’s egotistical lawyer, the dominatrix who will whip him into shape.

      Jewel, of course, has plans of her own, namely manipulating these men and their fantasies to her own comedic ends. “It’s a comedy about projection, how people see this woman from their own perspective without ever really knowing who she is,” says Tyler, who as a result spends most of the film dressed in leather, lingerie or soap suds. “I was constantly in high heels and a padded bra,” she laughs.

      “On some days it felt great and on others I just wanted to put on baggy pants and a T-shirt and climb into bed.”

      Born in Portland, Maine, and raised by her mother and the rock legend Todd Rundgren, she remained unaware that her father was Steve Tyler until she was 11. “I had a very happy childhood and for me it was normal,” she says — normal that is for anyone who grew up with a backstage pass around her neck playing Scrabble with Mick Jagger. “People tend to project that crazy rock’n’roll lifestyle on to me,” she says. “But I really grew up in a small town and went to school like any other kid.”

      Moving to New York in 1989, Tyler initially followed in her mother’s footsteps, launching a brief modelling career at 14 in the pages of Interview magazine. But it was her Crazy video for Aerosmith which would open the doors of the film industry three years later. “I feel like it kind of found me,” she says of her success. “It was just an incredibly amazing time to have something that you’re interested in and pursue it and to get a response that quickly.”

      Indeed, Bertolucci wasn’t the only director captivated by Tyler’s charms. In 1996 she also appeared in Tom Hanks’s directorial debut, That Thing You Do, and nabbed brief cameos in Oliver Stone’s U Turn and Woody Allen’s Everyone Says I Love You (though she was cut from the finished film).

      More prominent is her work with Robert Altman, who cast her as a Southern tomboy in Cookie’s Fortune (1999) and as part of the female ensemble which surrounds Richard Gere in Dr T and the Women (due for British release later this year).

      “Mostly it’s given me experience,” she says. “But I’ve also learnt about myself and I’ve learnt to be more confident. It’s also how I really measure my own success — to be able to learn from an amazing director.”

      Her career is set to go into overdrive this year when the first instalment of Lord of the Rings arrives on screens at Christmas. As Arwen, Queen of the Fairies, she joins Elijah Wood, Ian Holm and Ian McKellen in one of the year’s most eagerly awaited films. “Scared? No, for once I’m just completely over the moon,” she says.

      “I walk down the street every day and no one bothers me. I don’t know if that will change, but I’m not going to start driving around in an armoured car.”

News as of April 21, 2001
  • I'm Back In The Saddle Again
      Okay, after being away for a week I came back home again yesterday night. What do I find? A complete mess! To begin with I had 900+ e-mails in my mail box that I had to look through (I used the delete key quite heavy, as you may understand, so if you mailed me and I haven't replied in a few days please re-send it 'cause then I have probably deleted it by mistake)

      Now, that wasn't the big problem (and I was expecting alot of e-mail anyway) but obviously some tour dates has been announced during the week and there's loads of different info reported from different sources... and as if that wasn't enough we have the situation at AF1 where Fans Rule seems to have trouble handling everything going on at the moment. *sigh*

      I've been sitting here since I got home and I still haven't figured out what is correct and not. I'm doing a news update for an entire week now and this is not an easy task this week... :(

      Unfortunately I doubt todays update (which is pretty HUGE) will be as informative as I'd like. Atleast not when it comes to what's going on with AF1 and the tour... I'm trying to compile all the info from the past week but I'm afraid the same info will have to be posted several times and in some cases I'll have info on the same subject twice, which says different things (on the subject of the tour dates and AF1/Fans Rule)...

      Ok, you can see for yourself. Hopefully I'll be able to get the complete and correct list of dates for the upcoming tour soon...

      Now, I'll stop babbling. You came here for news (and you'll get loads of it today) so I'll let you continue further down the page....

  • Just Push Play certified Platinum (from
      Just Push Play has been certified GOLD and PLATINUM by the RIAA as of April 3rd, 2001. Congratulations to Aerosmith!

  • Billboard Charts
      Just Push Play has moved up 3 spots on this weeks Billboard Charts. It is now #19, up from #22 a week ago. This week's sales are roughly at 74,000 copies sold....

      Jaded dropped once place on both charts this week. On the Hot 100 charts, Jaded drops to #14 after 14 weeks. And on the Adult Top 40 charts, Jaded drops to #7.

  • Italian Hard! magazine
      Steven and Joe on the cover of Hard! Italian rock magazine Hard! has Steven and Joe on the cover; inside there's a 12 page article about the boys.

  • Mexican Switch magazine
      Aerosmith on the cover of Switch Mexican magazine Switch is proud to present the greatest American rock band in the world, Aerosmith, on its April cover.

      Featuring an exclusive interview from their native Boston, in which Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford spoke about Britney, drugs, groupies and their new album, Just Push Play. You can also find Aerosmith audio clips and wallpapers on our website.

      You can find Switch 53 on Mexican newstands and stores, April 2001. will feature the complete article online during may

      For international orders, subscriptions and/or back issues, write to:

      For more information about Switch, write to:

  • Brazilian ShowBizz magazine

  • European Total Guitar magazine
      In the European guitar magazine "Total Guitar" there is an Aerosmith article where they speak to Joe & Steven. Also a review on "Just Push Play" (5 stars!) and a segment on how to sound like Joe Perry.
      It's the current issue with James Dean Bradfield on the front (the singer/guitarist from the Manic Street Preachers) and comes with a free huge poster that has Jimi Hendrix on one side and a scales wall chart on the other.

  • Washington Post
      This was in the Washington Post along with a photo of Steven:

      "Our spies in the British West Indies report that Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) took a break from his nascent presidential campaign Saturday night to have dinner in Anguilla with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. The senator and the rock star, along with Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz, in the party of eight, shared a prime waterside table at Blanchard's on Mead's Bay and enjoyed snapper, tuna, goat cheese and portabello salads, and spring rolls. The 15 percent tip was billed automatically. What did Kerry and Tyler discuss? Our questions to their spokespeople went unanswered."

  • Guitar World magazine
      There's a guitar world special called guitar legends with the 100 greatest guitarists.... Hendrix is on the cover of course, but Joe and Brad are in it, there is no pic with it, but here is what it says:

      Joe Perry & Brad Whitford
      "That's what Aerosmith is-a rock and roll band." -Joe Perry
      Aerosmith guitarists Joe Perry and brad whitford do not have an original bone in their boston born-and-bred bodies, but therein lies the genious. Since their 1973 debut, Aerosmith, they've had the goddamn good sense to steal only the good stuff: the Yardbird's classic two-axe crunch, the Rolling Stones' bluesy vibe, the Beatles' knack for writing instantly memorable guitar hooks and their hair and makeup ideas courtesy of new England's finest hookers.
      Like master chefs, Perry and Whitford have artfully blended these ingredients and whipped up some of America's very best radio-ready boogie. Even a short list is enough to cause hyperventalation: "Walk This Way," "Dream On," "Toys In The Attic," "Sweet Emotion," "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)," and "Janie's Got A Gun." and while there are many other important songs in Aerosmith's extensive cannon, these gems alone are enough to establish the two players as the premeir guitar team of the seventies, eighties, nineties, and beyond. no, Perry and Whitford are not innovators in the manner of Hendrix, Page or Van Halen, but if you ever need someone with a good set of power tools, they are definitely the men to call.
      Equipment: anything and everything
      Signiture song: "Walk This Way" From Aerosmith-Toys In The Attic (Columbia 1975)
      Classic album: Aerosmith-Toys In The Attic

      Its on page 18, under the Lords Of Hard Rock section.

  • USA Today - April 20, 2001
      There's a full-page advertisement in yesterday's issue in the Life Weekend section. It's announcing the Just Push Play 2001 Tour with the dates that will be going on sale tomorrow, as well as the other dates to go on sale soon. It includes a color picture of the band.

  • Revolver Magazine
      In a little survey in Revolver there's a quote from Steven Tyler and like out of all the people mentioned he was the only one who chose Christina Aguilera over Britney Spears and he said something to the effect of if he were 18 and single he would slink over to her like a cat. ;-)

  • Interview from OE3 Magazin
      The following is an awesome interview with the band out of the "OE3 Magazin", an Austrian music magazine. It's translated from German into English (by Markus Mueller), so this may not be exactly what they said...

      Real Rock'n'Roll is wild and ugly, and it lives forever - just like Aerosmith. The new CD "Just Push Play" appeared lately, and Kurt Zechner met the band in their hometown Boston(except Joey Kramer).

      OE3: After 30 years of Aerosmith: what are you proud of?

      Steven: The basic idea of Aerosmith was simple: don't care, what the others say, just try it! And now we're sitting here - about 100years later, and what is the title of our new record? "Just Push Play"! That's it: Just press the "Play"-button. Just do it! We haven't lost humour up to now, and I'm very proud of it. And we still love it to be together as a band. And we can't wait until we can do our new songs live on stage. And ... what was the question again?

      Tom: It doesn't matter, it was a good answer anyway(laughs).

      OE3: What part of your history do you like best, when you look back?

      Joe: Oh, yesterday morning was O.K(laughs).

      Steven: In the beginning we took, what we had. And what we could get. Then we thought, we had an idea, what it was all about. But it appeard, that it wasn't so at all ...(laughs). Of course, we could have stopped, but it was way too much fun all of the time.

      OE3: The 30 years of Aerosmith were alos full of dark chapters. Is there something among all these drug stories, which are told about you, you can laugh about today?

      Steven: I think, it's very funny that there were many girls, we just couldn't sleep with, because we were roo stoned. But the funniest story is, what a journalist told me some day: He talked to Grateful Dead, and they said, that we were the most drug addicted band, they've ever met. I mean, we're talking about Grateful Dead! A band, who was on LSD every night! They thought, we got down deeper, than they themselves. But however, most important is, that we survived, and that the end was a new beginning for us.

      Tom: But now, with a band who is clean 100 percent, we can use our expirience with all this thing. Get out of yourself, melt with the world around you. The light inside you shines bright.

      Steven: (points at the wall, where a poster of the "Just Push Play cover is, a female roboter, looking like Marilyn Monroe). Honestly: Doesn't the new record look cool? Isn't this a stupid picture? (laughs) I would do it with her. You would get rusty, but your wife couldn't have anything against it - she's just a robot!

      Joe: But be careful, I heard, the part between her legs is some kind of a kitchen tool.

      Steven: Oh, Jesus! Just push play, I say.

      OE3: Isn't it a like a wonder for you that you're still together after 30 years?

      Steven: What do you think, Kurt? (Kurt Zechner is the journalist)

      Brad: If it seems like a wonder to us sometimes? What about: everytime?

      Steven: Wonder, hmm...I don't have any idea, how someone lives "normally". Sometimes, when I'm at home, with my family, and I watch a movie for kids, I feel rather empty ... I just need this extreme thing. That's the gas that keeps Aerosmith running. And the fear that the new record sells wells - I think, I just bought a new pool I can't really afford. Ok, it's almost paid. (laughs)

      Tom: (laughs) It's a good way to motivate yourself: buy as much things you can't pay, then you have to work a lot!

      Steven: ...anyway: Did you check aot the secret messages on aur new record? For example: "I buried Dufay?" dufay was in the band once, so I considered it amusing. But where it is, you'll have to find out on your own.

      OE3: Ahh, no, I didn't hear this up to now. But I heard many new, not typical sounds - like beatboxes or scratches.

      Joe: Technical tricks never were strangers to us. Everything that makes noise is considered exciting.

      OE3:But is there some point, where you say: We can try out so far, but not more?

      Tom: Sure, somewhere. Because our hearts bet for loud guitars and drums, the Rock'nRoll basics.

      OE3You did a spectaculare gig at the Superbowl half-time show lately - with *Nsync and Brintey Spears. A real strange combination...

      Steven: That's true. That was weird.

      Tom: A part of this performance was stupid. But the boys from *Nsync are playing in their own league, and they act very professional there. You have to admit this.

      Joe: And we're playing with band younger than us for 20 years. Hell, I remember, when Van Halen were a "baby band", nobody asked, why we were on stage with them.

      OE3: But there is a difference: I'm rather sure, that you don't listen to 'Nsync or Britney Spears.

      Tom: To be honest: I listen to a lot, because my daughter plays this stuff all the time. And do you know: these songs...

      Steven: These songs are shit!

      Tom: There is a good reason, whis these songs are hits.

      Steven: Yes, they are damn good shit!

      Tom: The stuff stucks in your brain like the afterrtaste of a lollipop. Ok, you dont' want this taste every day, but...

      Joe: According to me, it's more like a lollipop stucking on your butt, after you sat on it.

      OE3: Normally. The new generation kicks the old ones ass, when they get too "soft"....

      Tom: Yes, I'm waiting for it for years.

      OE3: Nowadays it seems to be the opposite: the boys are nice and slick, live their teenage lifes. You come from a different direction...

      Joe: The biggest difference between them and us is that we're a band, because we wanted to have a band. We're just five guys who share a dream. We're not chosen by anyone, because we look so cute. Ther was some vibration, bringing us together.

      Brad: Oh, I came because of an inserate in an newspaper. (laughs)

      OE3: What was this inserate like?

      Tom: The text was like this: "Handy needed" We needed someone to make our beds. And when we found out that he even couldn't do this, we gave him a guitar.

      OE3: Do all of you still live in your hometown Boston?

      Brad: Yes, but I don't know, why we staid here. It's cold, and they don't play our songs on the radio stations. You can go to any part of the country and you here Aerosmith the whole day, but in our hometown Boston, they don't do so.

      OE3: But the people here love you. Everyone I told that I was going to meet you today, invited me for a drink!

      Steven: Hey, then you owe us something!

      Tom: Boston is the "intellectual fortress" of the USA.Everybody has to pretend to hate something dirty like Aerosmith. But those, who want to listen to us in Boston, can use one of the Internet stations...

      OE3: Do you think that the copies of your music in the internet does harm to you?

      Joe: Fortunatly, we are a real band, you have to see on stage. You can't replace a gig by a download.

      OE3: Is it true that you want to play shows in small clubs in the summer in Europe?

      Steven: I don't konw where all these rumours come from. We don't know about it up to know.

      Brad: But it would be possible, with this band. It's something we enjoy to doy.

      OE3: It's also said, that you'll share the stage with AC/DC in Europe...

      Steven: Uuh. Wow, where have you heard this? It's the best rumour for a long time! Have you really heard this? That would be great!

      Tom: Let's make this rumour true.

      Steven: It would be fucking great!

      Joe: No, honestly, everything we know is, that a tour is discussed these days. And it was said, that we will be in Europe in August. We don't know more.

      Tom: But you know that we were on tour with them, wen they were to the USA for the first time.

      OE3: Sure, you helped them a lot with their career.

      Tom: Yes, our tour manager invited them for dinner every evening after the show. Now he's their manager. (laughs) (a mobil phone rings)

      Steven: Oh, I'm sure, that's AC/DC. Angus Young wants a desicion. Tell him, we'll do it. (laughs).

  • Megadeth's Dave Mustain on Aerosmith
      At Metal Sludge there is a little blurb where Dave Mustain is talking about Aerosmith

      Metal Edge: Do you see yourself having a crossover hit? You only need to listen to "Promises" once to think of Aerosmith's success with "I Don't Want To Mee A Thing" in Armageddon. Do you think Megadeth has that potential?

      Mustaine: No, not yet. I have to grow about another....(pause) never mind. I think Aerosmith, they were such a tremendous band and I loved them so much back when they were writing their own stuff. As they have become more successful, they have pretty much turned their backs on their songwriting talents. Joe Perry used to be one of my favorite guitar players--I still look at him, and he's Joe, but then I listen to the crap that they play and I go, "Man these couldn't be the fucking guys that wrote 'Last Child,' 'Back In The Saddle,' 'Nobody's Fault' and 'Sick As A Dog.' Come on..."



      America’s premier rock & roll band Aerosmith is hitting the road in June in what looks to be one of the hottest concert tours of the year. Celebrating the success of their new album, Just Push Play, the recent Hall of Fame inductees kick off their SFX-produced tour on Wednesday, June 6 in Hartford at the Meadows Music Center (as previously reported on and will travel to 47 additional cities throughout North America.

      Tickets for 20 of STEVEN TYLER, JOE PERRY, BRAD WHITFORD, TOM HAMILTON and JOEY KRAMER’s stops will go on-sale Saturday, April 21. Venue details for these dates and a list of additional tour cities are below.

      “After Aerosmith’s unforgettable performance at the Super Bowl, this legendary group of rockers demonstrated why they have earned a massive reputation as a show-stopping live band,” said Bruce Kapp, Senior Vice President of Touring, SFX Music Group. “Aerosmith fans will witness one of the most spectacular concerts this summer with the “Just Push Play” tour.”

      Having sold nearly 100 million albums worldwide over the course of a career spanning a quarter century, Aerosmith have not merely survived and thrived, they’ve transcended the trends, fads and follies of their times to become one of the most durable, and perpetually exciting, forces in popular music. Unique even among the select handful of rocks bands of similar longevity, Aerosmith’s sound is a constant on the charts. Aerosmith started the year off on a high note debuting its hit single, “Jaded,” at this year’s American Music Awards in January and then becoming only one of five artists to receive the prestigious International Artist Award. Most recently, Aerosmith was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and released its album, Just Push Play.


      June 06 - Meadows Music Theatre, Hartford, CT
      June 08 - Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY
      June 10 - PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
      June 16 - Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY
      June 22 - Hershey Park, Hershey, PA
      June 24 – Nissan Pavilion, Washington, DC
      June 26 - Tweeter Center, Boston, MA
      June 28 - Tweeter Center, Boston, MA
      June 30 - Post Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA
      July 02 - Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto, Canada
      July 09 - Verizon Wireless Music Center,Indianapolis, IN
      July 13 - Pine Knob Amphitheatre, Detroit, MI
      July 15 - Darien Center, Darien, NY
      July 17 - Blossom Music Center, Cleveland, OH
      July 19 - Riverport Amphitheatre, St. Louis, MO
      July 21 - Sandstone Amphitheater, Kansas City, KS
      July 23 - Fiddler’s Green, Denver, CO
      September 03 - New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
      September 07 - Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH
      September 09 - Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC
      September 13 - Tweeter Center At the Waterfront, Camden, NJ
      September 21 - Alltel Pavilion, Raleigh, NC

      Other Cities Aerosmith Will Be Visiting This Summer:

      Alpine Valley, WI
      Atlanta, GA
      Baltimore, MD
      Chicago, IL
      Columbus, Ohio
      Concord, CA
      Dallas, TX
      Houston, TX
      Irvine, CA
      Las Vegas, NV
      Memphis, TN
      Mountain View
      Nashville, TN
      Phoenix, AZ
      Sacramento, CA
      San Antonio, TX
      San Bernadino, CA
      Virginia Beach, VA
      West Palm Beach, FL

  • All Tour Dates according to VH1
      The first leg of the tour in listed at VH1 fanclubs. So far only the dates listed above (posted at SFX's website and has been verified as going on sale today.

      Since some of THOSE shows are in September though, I expect it will only be a matter of a week or so before the other shows go on sale. Of course, I could be wrong, as usual. What follows is the Full Listing Per VH1:


      HARTFORD Meadows Amp. 6/6
      HOLMDEL PNC Bank Center 6/10
      HOLMDEL PNC Bank Center 6/12
      WANTAUGH Jones Beach Amp. 6/16
      WANTAUGH Jones Beach Amp. 6/18
      WANTAUGH Jones Beach Amp. 6/20
      HERSHEY Hershey Park Pav. 6/22
      BRISTOW Nissan Pav. 6/24
      MANSFIELD Tweeter Center 6/26
      MANSFIELD Tweeter Center 6/28
      PITTSBURGH Starlake Amp. 6/30
      CHICAGO New World Amp. 7/5
      ALPINE VALLEY Alpine Valley Amp. 7/7
      NOBLESVILLE Verizon Amp. 7/9
      COLUMBUS Polaris Amp. 7/11
      DETROIT Pine Knob Amp. 7/13
      DARIEN Darien Lake Amp. 7/15
      CLEVELAND Blossom Music 7/17
      ST. LOUIS Riverport Amp. 7/19
      KANSAS CITY Sandstone Amp. 7/21
      DENVER Fiddler's Green 7/23
      PORTLAND PGE Park 8/8
      SEATTLE The Gorge 8/10
      SACRAMENTO Sac. Valley Amp. 8/12
      SAN FRANCISCO Shoreline Amp. 8/14
      CHULA VISTA Coors Amp. 8/16
      LAS VEGAS MGM Grand Arena 8/18
      IRVINE Irvine Meadows 8/20
      IRVINE Irvine Meadows 8/22
      SAN BERNADINO Blockbuster Pav. 8/24
      PHOENIX Desert Sky 8/26
      SAN ANTONIO Verizon Amp. 8/28
      HOUSTON Cynthia Woods Pav. 8/30
      DALLAS American Air Arena 9/1
      NEW ORLEANS New Orleans Arena 9/3
      MEMPHIS The Pyramid 9/5
      CINCINATTI Riverbend Amp. 9/7
      CHARLOTTE Charlotte Amp. 9/9
      VIRGINIA BEACH Verizon Amp. 9/11
      CAMDEN E-Center 9/13
      COLUMBIA Merriweather Post 9/15
      ATLANTA HiFi Buys Amp. 9/17
      NASHVILLE Amsouth Amp. 9/19
      RALEIGH Alltel Pavillion 9/21
      WEST PALM Mars Music Amp. 9/23


  • All dates posted by SFX

      date venue city state status
      6/6/01 Meadows Music Centre Hartford CT On Sale 4/21/01
      6/8/01 Saratoga Perf Arts Ctr Saratoga Springs NY On Sale 4/21/01
      6/10/01 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel NJ On Sale 4/21/01
      6/16/01 Jones Beach Amphitheatre Wantagh NY On Sale 4/21/01
      6/17/01 Dodger Stadium Los Angeles CA On Sale 4/21/01
      6/22/01 Hersheypark Stadium Hershey PA On Sale 4/21/01
      6/24/01 Nissan Pavilion Bristow VA On Sale 4/21/01
      6/26/01 Tweeter Center - Boston Mansfield MA On Sale 4/21/01
      6/28/01 Tweeter Center - Boston Mansfield MA On Sale 4/21/01
      6/30/01 Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake Burgettstown PA On Sale 4/21/01
      7/2/01 Molson Amphitheatre Toronto ON On Sale 4/21/01
      7/5/01 Tweeter Center - Chicago Tinley Park IL On Sale 4/25/01
      7/7/01 Alpine Valley Music Theatre East Troy WI On Sale 4/25/01
      7/9/01 Verizon Wireless Music Center Noblesville IN On Sale 4/21/01
      7/11/01 Polaris Amphitheater Columbus OH On Sale 4/25/01
      7/13/01 DTE Energy Music Theatre Clarkston MI On Sale 4/21/01
      7/15/01 Darien Lake Theme Park Darien Center NY On Sale 4/21/01
      7/17/01 Blossom Music Center Cuyahoga Falls OH On Sale 4/21/01
      7/19/01 Riverport Amphitheatre Maryland Heights MO On Sale 4/21/01
      7/21/01 Sandstone Amphitheatre Bonner Springs KS On Sale 4/21/01
      8/8/01 Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View CA On Sale 4/25/01
      8/8/01 Chronicle Pavilion Concord CA On Sale 4/25/01
      8/12/01 Sacramento Valley Amphitheatre Marysville CA On Sale 4/25/01
      8/26/01 Desert Sky Pavilion Phoenix AZ On Sale 4/25/01
      9/3/01 New Orleans Arena New Orleans LA On Sale 4/21/01
      9/7/01 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati OH On Sale 4/21/01
      9/9/01 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Charlotte Charlotte NC On Sale 4/21/01
      9/11/01 Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater Virginia Beach VA On Sale 4/25/01
      9/13/01 Tweeter Center on the Waterfront Camden (Philadelphia) NJ On Sale 4/21/01
      9/21/01 ALLTEL Pavilion at Walnut Creek Raleigh NC On Sale 4/21/01

  • Other reported tour dates...
      There have been loads of different sources stating different dates that hasn't been confirmed. I don't know what to think of these but I post what I have anyway. There have also been various different venues reported for the shows but I won't bother with posting those. You should atleast know what city it is in after reading the previous three posts (4 posts on the same subject - this is bad)... Anyway, these are some dates reported but that hasn't been confirmed by anyone...

      7/05/01 Tweeter Center Chicago, Tinley Park
      7/13/01 DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
      8/10/01 The Gorge, George, WA
      8/14/01 Mountain View CA

  • Article on the tour from

      Aerosmith's North American tour in support of its new Columbia album "Just Push Play" will kick off June 6 at the Meadows in Hartford, Conn., has learned. The first two legs of the trek, to be produced by SFX and sponsored by VH1, will consist primarily of dates in outdoor amphitheaters, with a third leg of arena shows to run Oct. 7 through the end of the year. Modern rock act Fuel will support. During a recent AOL chat, guitarist Joe Perry and frontman Steven Tyler were asked how the upcoming tour will be different than recent jaunts. "Well, we'll probably end up playing more songs off the record than we ever did before," Perry replied. "We can have bombs and blow-up dolls, but it's better to keep my sex life out of this," Tyler added.

      "Just Push Play" has been an instant smash, debuting at No. 2 on The Billboard 200 last month and earning certification for 1 million copies shipped, according to the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA). Lead single "Jaded" spent several weeks atop Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart and is No. 13 on The Billboard Hot 100 this week.

      -- Ray Waddell, Nashville; Jonathan Cohen, N.Y

  • Article on the tour from

      Aerosmith Tour Dates Revealed
      (4/17/01, 7 a.m. ET) -- Aerosmith is gearing up for a long tour in support of its latest album, Just Push Play. The new Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees kick things off with a run through North America beginning in June, after which the band is expected to tour the world--and with Just Push Play already certified platinum in the U.S., it's expected that Aerosmith will be on the road for an long time. Modern rockers Fuel have signed on as the opening act.
      Published reports have the North American leg of the tour wrapping up on October 7, but spokespeople for the band were unable to confirm that information at press time.

      The majority of the dates for this leg of the tour take place at outdoor venues. LAUNCH asked lead singer Steven Tyler why he enjoys playing those kinds of shows, and he said, "I like a lot of the sheds because I know that there's people f---ing on the blankets out there, and smoking pot, and drinking beer, and having a great time. And it reminds me of my earlier days of going to rock concerts myself."

  • Ordering tickets...
      AF1 now has information up on their site on how/when you can purchase your tickets.

      Here is the 800 number for ticket purchasing you have been waiting for. 800-508-8723. This number is for ticket orders only, and will be active at 12 AM Pacific Standard Time - 3 AM Eastern Standard Time this Friday night/Saturday morning. This number will only provide access to ticket sales.

      Though, I've been told, from a person who got through to the ticket 800 hotline, that there is a recording that says: "Due to the overwhelming response, Aerosmith tickets sales have been postponed till Monday April 23rd"

  • Touring Europe? (according to Clive Newton)
      Current talk is early 2002 (Jan/Feb) as they are going to do about 100 dates in North America first taking out all of 2001.

  • Fan Club Q&A #1
      Hello all you Aero Force One Fans,

      We here at the FansRULE, the folks who have taken over the operation of AeroForce One from Fan Asylum, have been working hard to find a way to get back up and running. has been down as a result of the ISP outages in the San Francisco Bay area. We now have the site back up and are in the process of providing you with even more at the site. Please don't worry, and check back often, as we will continue to enhance the online Aero Force One experience.

      In the meantime - there have been so many questions, and we have some answers:

      1. What happens to my User Name and Password for the site?
      a. Nothing will change with the new system at this time.

      2. Are orders that were placed in February & March be processed by your company, or will I need to join again?
      a. All orders are being processed by FansRULE, and you can expect your Aero Force One newsletters and / or fan club kits within the next several weeks. We're also bummed about the delay but some things can't be avoided during change.

      3. Do we call people back who have left messages?
      a. Yes we do! We try to get back to everyone; it just takes a little time due to the amount of calls we've received during this transition.

      4. Will my concert priority seating be honored?
      a. YES. Your priority seating status will be honored. We hope to be announcing ticket sales and concert dates shortly.

      5. When will be up and running?
      a. The Aero Force One website is up. You can also renew your membership by faxing your MC or Visa orders to (203) 483-2845 or emailing your request to, or write to us at AeroForce1, P.O. Box, 679, Branford, CT 06405 USA.

      6. I've heard a lot of news lately about the new fan club. I renewed my membership in November. Am I still in the fan club?
      a. Yes. Your subscription will be valid through your old expiration date.

      7. I wanted to know if we'd be hearing any Aerosmith tour dates soon?
      a. As soon as dates are officially confirmed, we will be sending an email to visit the site, login and find a show near you.

      8. Will we get messages regarding news updates mailed to us?
      a. News updates will be posted on the password protected member's fan page and through our hotline number which is listed in our upcoming fan club welcome & renewal packets. Passwords will be sent to you via email for those who have addresses, and snail mail, if not.

      9. My question is about the 1,000 extra frequent flyer miles... I renewed my membership in February right before the news about the switch. Will I also get the extra miles?
      a. Yes, everyone who has renewed their membership in 2001 will get the signing bonus of 1,000 Frequent Flyer Miles. This will be reflected on all future newsletters. We will be revamping the Frequent Flyer program to make it easier to earn points, and you won't have to scan your phone bill. All fans (new and existing) will be receiving this information in the next newsletter.

      10. Will you still have travel packages?
      a. Yes, details coming soon.

      11. Will we keep our seniority for priority seating?
      a. Absolutely.

      12. What about chat?
      a. You won't miss a thing. It is operational.

      13. I am curious to know the status of my membership. Can you please help me figure that out?
      a. If you have any questions at all, please email us at and we'll check on your status.

      14. About a month ago I sent in $24.95 to the address I got from the Aeroforce website to join the fan club. The check hasn't been cashed yet. What should I do?
      a. Nothing. All orders are being processed. If there are any problems we will contact fans individually.

      15. Are you still going to have a London & Japan office?
      a. Yes, and this information will be included in the next newsletter.

      16. Where can I send mail to the band?
      a. Please send snail-mail to us AeroForce1, P.O. Box 679, Branford, CT, USA or email to

  • Fan Club Q&A #2
      4/20/01 Q&A about tickets

      Will all the shows listed on AF1 site with the maps link, be on sale tonight?
      Yes. Late tonight12(PST) 3am (EST)

      When can I call the fan club for tickets? Call 18005088723 beginning at 12mid(PST) 3am (EST) Late tonight

      Why do i have to call so late for tickets? Because Fans Rule have been working hard to get enough phone lines ready for all of the calls.

      Can people that are not AF1 Fan club members order tickets through AF1? NO

      How many tickets can I buy? You have the right as an AF1 member to purchase 2 tix PER show. You may purchase only one ticket if u wish.

      What are the prices of the tickets? Each venue sets the prices of the tickets, so prices will vary. The fan club seats are usually located within the first 20 rows of the venue(floor seats)

      Where will my seats be? The seats for fan club members are usually located on the floor, usually within the first 20 rows. You exact seat will depend on how long you have been a member of AF1.(the longer you have been a member the closer your seats)

      Can I order tix for more than one show tonight? Yes, you can order tix for any and all shows on sale tonight.

      Will the first 2 fan club rows be lottery? Unknown at this time

      If they just joined the club and dont have their membership number yet, can they still order tonight? Yes. They just need to tell them that they're a member but may not be in our system yet. We are going to double check everyone's status on Monday - to make certain that only members get these tickets.

      Will we still be picking up out tickets at the will call window? No, we will mail them direct from here to your homes! Fans will have a choice of overnight delivery - which we highly recommend for safety and security reasons, and we'll send overnight once the tickets are here. Which will most likely be next month.

      What forms of payment will you accept for the ticket sales? MasterCard & Visa

      How long will you, the fan club have the tix up for sale? Until we sell out.

  • Fan Club info #3
      this was posted on the AF1 boards


      When Aerosmith is on tour, the band doesn’t want you to have to stand in line or pay outrageous prices to scalpers for great seats.

      For most Aerosmith shows, Aero Force One will be there providing priority tickets to its fan club members. All it takes to order your preferred tickets is to visit our website, WWW.AEROFORCEONE.COM and click on the box office, or a phone call. Read on to learn how it all works.

      To be able to order priority seating tickets through Aero Force One, you must be a valid fan club member at the time of the performance. If you know someone who would like to become a fan club member to purchase tickets, they can conveniently do both at the same time. Go to WWW.AEROFORCEONE.COM and click on join.

      You can keep up to date on all Aerosmith performances by registering for the latest news on our site. A set number of fan club priority seating tickets will be held for each show. Tickets are sold on a first-call, first-served basis. Aero Force One tickets for each show will be held until the priority seating selection sells out or until four weeks before the date of the concert – whichever comes first. This ticket program applies to shows in the U.S. and Canada only. Our International ticket program will be announced shortly. The AF1 ticket program applies only to shows where Aerosmith is the headline attraction.

      Aero Force One members are entitled to purchase two tickets per membership.

      In reserved seating performances, Aero Force One usually secures seats in the front 1/3 of the venue. Seats are not assigned at the time of sale, so we will not be able to give you the exact row and seat number at the time of purchase. There is no special AF1 section at general admission shows.

      All other seating is assigned by seniority – those who have been AF1 members for the longest time will have the closest seats, with a fan’s accumulated frequent flyer miles used for breaking ties. Tickets will be fulfilled prior to the concert.

      To purchase tickets call customer service at (800) 508-8723, Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern time. Reserve your seats using a credit card – Visa and MasterCard are accepted. If the credit card you are using is not in your name, you must get permission from the cardholder. A service charge and processing fee will be applied to your order.

      If you do not have a credit card, you can purchase your tickets through the mail, using a money order. Before you send in your money order, you MUST call customer service at (800) 508-8723 so you have the correct ticket price. Your tickets are not guaranteed until we receive and process your money order. You will receive a postcard confirming your ticket purchase. Remember, personal checks are not accepted.

      Once your ticket order is processed, you will receive a confirmation postcard in the mail – this process can take up to two weeks. Do not assume that your ticket order is confirmed until you receive your postcard. If you do not receive your postcard within 10 working days, call customer service. If you are purchasing tickets close to the two-week Aero Force One priority ticket deadline, there may not be sufficient time for you to receive the verification postcard. If – and only if - you order your tickets at the last moment, you should call customer service to verify your order two days after you place it.
      All sales are final. Tickets are non-transferable and non-refundable. Once you order tickets, your fan club membership may not be refunded.

      To order tickets with a credit card or for info on how o order tickets through the mail call customer service:

      (800) 508-8723 Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern time.

  • Jack Douglas article
      Found this article on Jack Douglas at

      On a Rock 'n' Roll Ride with Producer Jack Douglas
      By Mary Lyn Maiscott

      Let's say you're playing a rock 'n' roll version of Trivial Pursuit and you get these questions:

      1) Whose face has graced the head of a camel on a Yoko Ono album cover?

      2) Who sat next to Steven Tyler on the inaugural ride of Disney World's Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster?

      3) What music giant was once held under "house" arrest on a boat docked in Liverpool?

      Handily, the answer to all of these is the same: Jack Douglas, the legendary producer and engineer who has worked with, among others, Aerosmith, The Who, Lou Reed, John Lennon and Yoko Ono (including "Double Fantasy"), Cheap Trick, Blue Oyster Cult, Patti Smith, and Slash.

      And that's not even getting into his job as a teenager writing songs for Robert Kennedy's Senate campaign. But the thing that surprises me the most about Jack is that the man responsible for such raucous tunes as Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" and Slash's Snakepit's "Shine" began his musical career as a folk singer.

      "I started out in the hootenanny days," Jack tells me during a dinner break at the New York studio where he's currently producing the band Local H. "So I learned to play guitar as a folk singer and then I started writing folk music. But I was a jazz fan primarily."

      It was the Beatles who brought Jack around to rock 'n' roll. "I'd rejected rock," he says, "because when I was a kid, there was all this good rock 'n' roll, mostly black-based--the Flamingos, the Cadillacs. And then all of a sudden there was Frankie Avalon and Fabian. You know, manufactured music. It just completely turned me off; what happened to the soul and the fun? So I stayed with jazz and folk until I heard the Beatles, and that just completely spun my head around. I heard this thing happening that was so fresh--the blues-based stuff that I liked coming back to me with a different twist--and I said, this I've got to be a part of."

      Yanks in Liverpool

      For most people that would mean immersing themselves in Beatles records, or, going a step beyond, playing in an innovative rock band. And Jack did these things ("I traded in the acoustic for a Les Paul"). But it wasn't enough. The lanky New Yorker decided he not only had to play rock 'n' roll but he had to play it in the place where this explosive rebirth had occurred: "I said to another guy who was in the band, 'Let's go to Liverpool and try to get a grasp of what's happening there. We'll put our own spin on it. Let's go over there and get in bands.'"

      What followed was a hilarious misadventure in the absurdist vein of the Beatles' movie "Help." With little money between them, Jack and his friend took a freight steamer across the north Atlantic, spending two months on a boat with "bananas and bourbon and tarantulas--and a lot of drunk crew members from the bourbon." When they finally reached Liverpool, immigration agents placed them under "boat arrest," but Jack sneaked off the ship (his friend declined to join him): "I escaped in a disguise--it was so corny it worked. I walked past our guards in a drawn-on moustache, and I stopped at the docks and took this breath of Liverpool, which really stinks, but I thought, Wow, I can feel it, I feel where this music is coming from. We were listening to the pirate stations as we were getting close, ska music and skiffle--all the influences. I went into town and of all things to happen, it was the day "Rubber Soul" was released. English record stores at that time had listening booths, and they were all full. You knew that the people of Liverpool and the Beatles were one thing."

      Media-savvy from his experience with the Kennedy campaign, Jack sought out the editor of the "Liverpool Weekly News," which sensationalized his story with the headline "Yanks Held Captive on Ship." The coverage created so much public support that the two young men were allowed to stay as long as they didn't work. (They were deported several weeks later--they couldn't resist joining a band and thus working as musicians.) Years later, when he was an engineer on the album "Imagine," Jack told John Lennon that he was one of the notorious "Yanks" who for one day shared the Liverpool paper's front page with the Beatles. Lennon cracked up, remembering how he and his bandmates had "laughed and laughed and laughed" at that headline--the idea of these Americans wanting so badly to come to the dirty, industrial city of Liverpool.

      The Lennon Connection

      That started Jack's friendship with Lennon. "He had that magic of being able to put someone at ease immediately," Jack recalls. "I was a little nervous about meeting him. He had been pretty much a hero and a major part of my musical development, and he'd become my favorite Beatle because he was the rebel." Jack hung out with Lennon that night and many other nights in the years to come. "During those bad days in L.A. [during John and Yoko's separation], I was doing an Alice Cooper record and living on and off at the Sunset Marquis and on and off with John in Bel Air, at the house, the crazy house. And some nights I would be the get-away driver for his adventures." Jack contends he often preferred to stay outside with the car when John was on a tear with his buddy Harry Nilsson.

      Through his relationship with John, Jack began to work extensively with Yoko Ono. "John trusted me working with her because I was into John Cage and I love Stravinsky and Lukas Foss--all these people who were really out there, like Ornette Coleman. So what Yoko was doing, all the avant-garde stuff, was totally acceptable to me." He describes one record on which Ono used little German steam engines that "would drive a tiny violin or blow a horn or something." For "Feeling the Space," Ono decided Jack should be on the cover with her, which meant an eight-hour shoot with a fashion photographer. Months later Ono brought over the cover. Jack couldn't find himself in the Egyptian setting--until he looked closely at the camel's face, which was, indeed, his own. (Yoko's face adorns a sphinx.)

      Jack believes it was the trust Yoko had for him that caused her and John to tap him for the album the couple did in the final months of John's life, "Double Fantasy." I ask him how he approached doing a record with Lennon--what kind of sound did he have in mind? "'Come Together,'" he quickly replies. "That's a great sound; that's him. And if it's not that, 'Strawberry Fields.' But that's not what I'm going to get because it depends on what kind of mood John's in. I know this from being around him for a good number of years. He wants what's right for the song or the album, or he goes by how he feels at the time."

      He is speaking in the present tense, as though John were still alive. The producer was one of the last people to see Lennon before he was killed. The murder devastated Jack, who took solace in working. "I remember burying myself in the studio. I didn't even want to look at the sun." He teamed up with such artists as the Knack and Graham Parker. "I was productive, but maybe I wasn't. The records did okay, but I don't think I could focus like I did before and like I do now. It was really an escape--because there were so many plans cut short. There was another record to do with Ringo that John had written all this music for, that Paul was going to play on. At that point George had not yet said he would participate. We were that close--we were very close to having it all back again."

      Four years after John's death, Jack contacted Yoko Ono for the money he was owed for "Double Fantasy." According to Jack, Ono refused to pay him the full amount, leading to a jury trial to settle the matter. Jack recounts strange maneuvers by Yoko: "She had psychics and witches in the courtroom directly behind me, like trying to put a spell on me." Apparently it didn't work, because he won the case.

      I'm Just a Lucky Guy

      Taking his time with a salad (he occasionally pulls something out of a bag to add to it, tuna or cheese), Jack says in a soft voice, "I'm so lucky." He then tells me about a record he once engineered for Bob Dylan, who was producing the poet Allen Ginsburg--"Bob playing guitar, it was just the wildest thing." His brown eyes, behind his glasses, often get a dreamy look. "I produced Patti Smith," he says almost wistfully, "another amazing artist." Asked about other women artists, he says he'd love to work with Alanis Morissette and has cut a few tracks with the singer Texas Terri--"part Patti, part Iggy"--who's "getting her thing together by touring." He believes that heavy touring is difficult for most independent artists, "because you really have to give up everything," but holds out "great hope" for the Internet as a promotional tool. He's selling a CD himself online: "Mob Story" (, a "hip hopera" that he conceived and produced, with "a star-studded array" of participants, including Chuck D and "the guys from 'The Sopranos.'"

      Beat poetry, hip-hop, and even a movie score (for Cameron Crowe) in the near future--Jack obviously puts his formidable talents to many uses. He's even "scored" a Disney ride, one dedicated to the band perhaps most associated with him--Aerosmith. (Jack produced "Toys in the Attic," "Rocks," "A Little South of Sanity," and other recordings for the group.) To do the audio for the Aerosmith Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, he rode it "like a hundred times" with a computer strapped to his knees. After the official inaugural ride with Aerosmith's singer and producer sitting together in the front car, Steven Tyler said to Jack, "I keep thinking that this is a dream and that I'm gonna wake up and you're kicking me on the foot." Jack explains that during sessions Tyler would often fall asleep under the piano, and to wake him for his vocal, Jack would tap his foot gently.

      "We reminisce a lot," Jack says of him and Tyler. "Because the way we carried on, we should both be dead, and we really are very thankful to be alive. It gives you pause." He pauses himself and then continues the roller coaster story: "Steven said, 'I keep thinking you're gonna be tapping my foot, and I'm gonna say to you, Jack, I had a dream--they were naming rides for us at Disney World.'"

      But even with its 900 speakers and 32,000 watts of amplifier power, that roller coaster is nothing next to the rock 'n' roll ride that is Jack Douglas's life.

      Jack Douglas will be on the artists' panel at the New York Music and Internet Expo, which takes place April 21-22

  • Liv Tyler interview from



      HOLLYWOOD beauty Liv Tyler has found a new spiritual home – in LEEDS.

      The actress, daughter of Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler, fell in love with the city where fiancé Royston Langdon was born.

      Now she is even beginning to talk like a Yorkshire lass and has hired a voice coach to keep her native accent up to scratch.

      Armageddon star Liv, 23, is house-hunting in New York but she dreams of returning to the north of England.

      She says: "I love Leeds and the area around it — the Roman ruins and rolling hills. It is so beautiful.

      "The last time we were there we stayed in the most amazing place, an old estate home that had been turned into a hotel. It was like a palace, it was so gorgeous.

      "I have to try really hard to speak like an American now. I even work with a voice coach to practise sounding American.

      "We’ll keep going back, even though we’re buying a house in New York."

      Stunning Liv could have had her pick of hunks after her role as a virgin looking for love in the 1996 film Stealing Beauty.

      But since she split with heartthrob Joaquin Phoenix in 1998, she only has eyes for Royston, the shaggy-haired Spacehog singer and bass player.

      He's my rock ... Liv with fiancé Royston

      They met while she was still with Joaquin and moved in together soon after the break-up.

      Royston, 28, doesn’t share her famous background. His family lives in a humble semi in Headingley, Leeds.

      He joined Brit band Spacehog — better known in America where their debut album Resident Alien sold more than half a million copies — in 1993 while visiting his big brother Antony in New York.

      The band’s biggest musical success here has been the 1996 hit In The Meantime.

      Spacehog have just released their latest album Hogyssey and are set to tour with Oasis and The Black Crowes in America during the next two months.

      But the band’s Langdon brothers are both big hits with the ladies.

      Royston’s guitarist brother dated Liv’s pal Kate Moss in 1999. And Liv, who longs to start a family despite her booming career, cannot stop raving about Royston.

      She says: "Roy is so beautiful and kind and he’s a gentleman and he loves me and he supports me and everything I do.

      "He just means the whole world to me and that is what’s important. Roy is amazing. He can play every instrument so beautifully.

      "He is so creative. I love to listen to him play the piano. It’s so inspiring and so beautiful.

      "I’ve always wanted to have loads of kids. I think, probably because I was an only child, I’ve always loved children more than anything in the world.

      "I can remember being five years old and knowing I wanted to have lots of kids. That’s definitely been a dream of mine."

      Liv was almost bound to end up with a rock ’n’ roll hubby.

      Her mother, Bebe Buell, was the groupie on whom Cameron Crowe based his Penny Lane character in Almost Famous.

      Liv grew up thinking her step-dad, guitarist and producer Todd Rundgren, was her real father.

      She met Steve Tyler backstage at an Aerosmith concert when she was eight and three years later her mum told her Steve was her dad.

      Todd and Bebe lived together for four years but briefly split in 1976. Bebe had a fling with Steve, got pregnant and — unable to handle his drug-fuelled craziness — ended up back with Todd.

      Liv, born on July 1, 1977, accepted the news of her real father with surprising ease and, diplomatically, she says she is now equally close to both dads.

      She says: "I still have my diary where I wrote: ‘I think Steve’s my father’. It was exciting. I didn’t see the bad side of it."

      And it was Steve who gave his daughter her first taste of fame. Aged 16, she had her big break swinging from a strip club’s pole Aerosmith’s Crazy video.

      Then she landed roles in films That Thing You Do!, Inventing The Abbotts, Plunkett & Macleane, Onegin and Dr T And The Women.

      She has spent much of the past 18 months in New Zealand playing Fairy Queen Arwen in the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy.

      And she is currently vamping it up as murderess Jewel Valentine in the black comedy One Night At McCool’s.

      She says: "It was a fun part because it’s just the opposite of the way I am. Watching it later, I’d think, ‘Oh my God. I can’t believe I did that.’

      "It was great to be a little bit slutty and wear lipstick and big hair and high heels. It just felt fantastic to come in in the morning and get transformed into Jewel."

      But Liv’s hectic schedule means she and Roy have to make the most of what time they get together.

      They frolicked in the Caribbean on holiday in January, when cheeky Liv gave her boyfriend an eyeful of her pert bum as they swam in the sea off St Barts.

      Royston asked her to marry him over dinner on Valentine’s Day.

      Liv’s dad Steve, who has given up drugs and booze, says: "I was at home and got this really nervous Royston on the phone saying, ‘Steven, I, I, I, I ...’ He was flipping out and stuttering.

      "It was so beautiful because what he was trying to say was, ‘I would like to ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage.’"

      Liv has old-fashioned views on love and marriage, despite her family background. She says: "I’m a hopeless romantic.

      "Lots of people get married and it doesn’t work out, which seems strange to me.

      "People don’t seem to stick together and try and make it work.

      "To me, when you marry someone that’s everything! You’d better be sure. It’s not a light thing.

      "It means you really want to make the commitment to spend the rest of your life supporting someone and helping them through everything — weakness and strength and neediness and all sorts of things.

      "I’ve got lots of dreams. More than anything I’ve always dreamed of being in love and having a family and I’m on the road to that and that makes me feel really happy."

  • Stars Put A Price On Their Heads
      Taken for The New York Post



      April 15, 2001 -- The going rate for Jay Leno or Bill Cosby is around $300,000 - but be warned, they'll want $10,000 extra to fuel their private jets.

      Ricky Martin's manager won't even take your call unless you're talking in the millions.

      J.Lo refuses to shake her robust rump for under $750,000 an hour.

      Even Sinbad wants $100,000 a gig.

      Private and corporate appearances are more popular than ever with Hollywood headliners.

      Some artists earn more than 50 percent of their yearly income performing at these hush-hush private shows, which are often staged on beaches in Bermuda, the Bahamas, Hawaii or some of the most exotic places in the world.

      "For the right price you could pretty much hire anyone you want," says Paul Creighton, executive vice president of T. Scoreman Productions, a corporate booking agency based in Orlando, Fla.

      Aerosmith just booked its first corporate show ever - for $1 million.

      "It was quite a big coup that they went corporate after all these years," says one industry insider.

      "For the longest time no one even wanted them because of the drugs and alcohol. But now, since they're sober and even have a no-alcohol clause on their rider, including for backstage, they're very corporate- friendly."

      Want Billy Joel or Elton John to perform at your wedding? They're asking $500,000 a concert - or $30,000 a song. Neil Diamond will sing at your bat mitzvah for around $250,000.

      "The stigma years ago was that once you hit corporate it was like hitting Las Vegas - your career was over," notes one high-level industry insider. "Now, these artists can't get enough of them."

      Divas such as Mariah Carey, Shania Twain and Celine Dion won't put one manicured foot onto a private stage for anything less than a cool million.

      Natalie Cole performs regularly - for around $250,000 - but refuses to mingle with anyone, no matter how much a corporation is willing to pay.

      "She feels that she doesn't have to talk to anyone; it's beneath her," one source says.

      Even the most lukewarm of rockers, comedians and celebs can make well into the tens of thousands for just a few hours' work.

      K.C. and the Sunshine Band get $60,000. Barbara Mandrell, sans her sisters, is a bargain at $50,000.

      Even the quirky Maytag repairman - otherwise known as Gordon Jump of "WKRP in Cincinnati" fame - pocketed $10,000 for a private party last year.

      Virtually every corporation in the United States and Britain has paid some major act for a private performance, Creighton says. "They typically want the hottest of recording artists or actors because it really is a status symbol for the company."

      The artists fall into three categories, industry insiders say:

      * The "outrageous" - or the requests for over a million.

      * The corporate-giggers who ask for $100,000 to $300,000 - like Ray Charles, Neil Sedaka, the Temptations, Sheryl Crow, the Pointer Sisters, and the Righteous Brothers.

      * The private-party standbys, most of them comedians, who go for under $100,000.

      "Outrageous" are singers like Ricky Martin, Whitney Houston, the Rolling Stones and Metallica, all of whom come with price tags of more than $1.5 million. But the money is not often there for these acts, so they're seldom if ever booked.

      "I had a client in Puerto Rico who wanted to book Martin, and this was at the time Ricky was selling out 20,000-seat arenas. He wanted $3 million," Creighton says.

      Carlos Santana goes corporate for $750,000. Bob Dylan did a concert for 15,000 employees of Applied Materials for $1 million with his son, Jakob, in 1998.

      The Rolling Stones rocked Pepsi for around $3.5 million at Waikoloa Village, Kona, Hawaii, in January 1998.

      The Eagles, who are getting requests left and right, want a staggering $2.5 million to perform.

      Creighton adds, "I get at least two calls a month to book Jimmy Buffett. He wants $1 million a show."

      Even Eminem, Lil' Kim, Coolio and Public Enemy are willing to go corporate, although no company has booked them yet, according to the William Morris Agency in Los Angeles.

      Requests to have them headline at weddings, bar mitzvahs and sweet 16s, however, are pouring in.

      Younger artists like Macy Gray, Christina Aguilera, and the Goo Goo Dolls are the "it" thing.

      "Companies are hiring people like Sugar Ray and The Wallflowers to say, 'Hey, look, we're hip, we're young and we understand the Y generation," says Chris Janese, an executive vice president at TBA Entertainment Corporation, one of the most popular private booking companies in the nation.

      Though the youngsters are getting good play, the most popular acts these days are still Sedaka, the Temptations and Crosby, Stills and Nash, sources say.

      For some, $$ isn't everything

      Some stars refuse to sell out to "the Establishment." ....... Neil Young shudders at the thought. He's even voiced his disdain in his song, "This Note's for You."

      "Ain't singin' for Pepsi. Ain't singin' for Coke. I don't sing for nobody. Makes me look like a joke."

      Singers like Pearl Jam, Phish and Bruce Springsteen also sniff at lucrative event bids thrown at them - even those for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      "None of them can be bought at any price," says one corporate booker. "You can call their people but that's as far as you'll get. If you're lucky, they'll at least return your call to tell you why they won't do it."

      Springsteen has turned down all private shows as well as the commercial use of his music.

      Why should he perform for corporations when he can earn close to $50 million touring for a few months with the E Street Band?

      Pearl Jam also is steadfastly "anti-Establishment." The band has even threatened not to play at venues that display corporate advertisements.

      During a public appearance at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles last year, Eddie Vedder demanded that all ads near the stage be removed or he'd leave.

      "Not in a million years would you get these guys to fly to Hawaii to play for Pepsi," a booking agent said.

      "Sting rarely, if ever, goes corporate," added an insider.

      "He's not necessarily against them. He just prefers to do more charity events."

News as of April 13, 2001
  • No Updates Here At Rock This Way For A Week
      Yes, that's the sad truth. I'm going away for a week and won't have access to the internet (including my e-mail, how the hell will I be able to live without it?) so I won't be able to make any updates here until I get back. I'm leaving tomorrow and won't be back 'till next saturday. I guess you'll just have to find a way to live without me. ;-)

      This of course also means that I won't be able to reply to any e-mails you might send me in this coming week until I get back... Just so you know why I don't get back to you as soon as I'd like...

  • News On The Tour! Aerosmith and VH1
      VH1 is going to be sponsoring the upcoming Just Push Play tour. This was just said on the VH1 music news which had lots of nice interview footage with Joe Perry! Anyway, Rebecca Rankin mentioned at the end of the segment that VH1 is planning a "special Aerosmith week to launch the tour" and on June 6th, they will be bringing us "opening night live from Hartford, CT."

      They said dates in most major cities are confirmed and they had a good few minutes with the band talking about it. Joe also said that they are planning on playing a lot of songs off the new record but aren't going to be taking out any old favorites.

  • Camden NJ date postponed?
      According to 'Giv MeAK1ss' the Aerosmith show in Camden NJ has been postponed till September 2001.

  • Liv Tyler Interview from

      Liv Tyler may have rock 'n' roll in her veins but she has no time for the wild life that goes with it.

      She may be the offspring of a rock legend and rock 'n' roll may be in her blood, but actress Liv Tyler insists it was not inevitable that she should end up getting engaged to a Brit rocker in a band called Spacehog. "It's hard to say what attracts me to someone," she insists with a pout that only her mouth, which is as wide as the Atlantic, would be capable of. "It could be a simple thing, like the way a guy moves or smiles. I don't fall for a type. I never really dated and the two significant relationships I've had just happened. They were meant to be."

      Given her genes, it's hardly a coincidence that Liv - whose new film One Night At McCool's opens today - should fall for a bass player called Royston Langdon. Can there be a more Spinal Tap name than that?

      Royston, 28, and hailing from Leeds, got engaged to Liv on Valentine's Day more than a year after the actress, who's still only 23, split from long-time boyfriend, actor Joaquin Phoenix.

      Liv's parentage is well known. She is the daughter of Aerosmith's motormouth lead vocalist and Mick Jagger lookalike Steve Tyler, although until she was in her teens she assumed her dad was another rock hero, Todd Rundgren. Her mother is Bebe Buell a one-time groupie and a musician in her own right.

      "It's funny, because of my dad everybody thinks I grew up in this crazy rock 'n' roll world," says Liv. "But I didn't even meet him for the first time until I was eight and I didn't know then that he was my real dad. I met him at one of Todd's concerts. Actually, the biggest rock influence was my mother who was in a really great band, but I grew up in Portland, Maine, and I didn't come to New York until I was ten or 11.

      "I had a pretty normal childhood, but people don't want to believe that. They portray me as this innocent girl who grew up in a rock 'n' roll environment. I don't see my parents as rebels so much as just different. Basically it was just my mom and me, which is a different dynamic from mother and father and child. She was tough. I always told her where I was and I had to be home at a certain time. She wouldn't let me watch violence in films or on TV, but nudity was OK. Somehow I understood what sex was without a birds-and-bees talk."

      Liv's story is extraordinary. She is the product of a short-lived romance in the '70s that went largely unnoticed by her dad at least, who was in a chemical haze at the time. Because of her mum's long-term romance with Todd Rundgren, Liv grew up thinking of him as dad. Although Tyler and his daughter now get on well, he would hardly have made much of a father-figure while she was growing up. We are, after all, talking about a man who admits to not being able to remember entire chunks of his life, let alone the occasional stadium performance in front of 150,000 people.

      Whatever her reasons, Bebe Buell probably got things about right by holding back that little surprise for a few years.

      "I wasn't around drugs myself," says Liv, "but knowing what my father went through made it impossible for me to ever be interested in drugs. I love wine, but if I get too drunk one night I don't want to drink for another month. Except for cigarettes, I don't have an addictive personality. Well, I'm a little addicted to shopping."

      That said, Steve Tyler was certainly around to help his daughter when the time was right. Everyone remembers Aerosmith's Crazy video which featured a teenage Liv and the equally young Alicia Silverstone writhing seductively around on the bonnet of a sports car. It was the break that propelled this attractive youngster into the fast lane and, regardless of her relative naivety, she made the transition from model to actress quickly and easily.

      "When I was cast for my first film, Silent Fall, in 1994 I had no experience," she recalls. "The first scene I did I was supposed to come down the hall and steal a gun. The assistant director said, 'There's your mark'. And I said, 'What's a mark?'"

      Today, such faux pas are little more than a distant memory for her. Although still only in her early twenties, Liv is already a veteran of the likes of Armageddon, Robert Altman's Cookie's Fortune and Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty. And this year looks like being her best yet.

      This week every hot-blooded male in Britain will have the opportunity to whimper at the sight of her curves in One Night At McCools. This quirky comedy comes from Michael Douglas's new indie company Further Films and he co-stars as a bewigged gunman. Liv plays the curvaceous siren Jewell, and as the story is told from multiple perspectives she provides three separate performances. "I really do think that movie is so funny," she says.

      Another Altman movie, the romantic comedy Dr T And The Women, follows later this year, but by Christmas Liv will be better known as an elf. Not a small, green elf with a funny hat, you understand, but a tall, willowy, sword-wielding elf princess in Peter Jackson's much-anticipated pounds 100m epic trilogy Lord Of The Rings. Fortunately for her male fans, Liv is not undergoing any major image change for the part - apart from a pair of pointy ears that have already drawn comparison with Star Trek's Mr Spock.

      "I'm not sure how much of it I'm allowed to talk about," she says of the production that has been filmed in secrecy in the countryside near Wellington, New Zealand. "It was a challenge for me as an American speaking in an English accent anyway.

      "As an elf you have to be so erect and centred," Liv adds. "We have to move effortlessly and gracefully."

      OK Liv. We'll just have to take your word for it.

  • Sunday Sun article
      In this past weekends newspaper, the Sunday Sun, from April 8th 2001, there is a small picture in the corner of Steven and Liv Tyler and then a short article on them

      Rocker Steven Tyler says he was moved to tears when Spacehog star Royston Langdon asked permission to marry his gorgeous actress daughter Liv.

      "It almost got my tear duct moving," Tyler says of his reaction to Langdon's sweet and formal requested.

      "Royston was really nervous, flipping out and stuttering," Tyler recalls. "It was old-fashioned. I said, 'Do you love her?' and he said, 'Very much so.' "

      Tyler is so moved he plans to set aside his outrageous rock star garb when the big day comes and put on a traditional penguin suit.

      "Sure, I'll wear a tuxedo, " he says. "But I'll still be rock'n'roll dad. Maybe a grandfather. Hell, why not? I've done everything else."

  • Aerosmith featured at

News as of April 12, 2001
  • Billboard Charts
      Just Push Play had a heavy fall on Billboard down 13 to 22 with about 60,000 sold. They have been certified by Billboard as a platinum seller however....

      Jaded dropped again to #13 on this weeks Hot 100 charts, but maintained their #6 on the adult Top 40 charts....

  • More tour dates
      Radio stations in the Boston area has reported that Aerosmith is playing at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield Mass on Tuesday June 26th! Tickets on sale April 21st at 10:00 am through Ticketmaster.

      Aerosmith are coming to Pittsburgh June 30 according to the venue's site.

      The boys are playing SPAC in Saratoga NY on Friday June 8th according to a guy who has a membership there and got the word.

      Also, SFX has posted the CT sale date for tickets at the Meadows Music Center is April 21 for the Wed, June 6 show

  • Info on Fanclub tickets from FansRule
      As of today, we have not received official confirmation on any tour dates. As soon as we receive official word from Aerosmith's mangement we will be accepting ticket orders.

      We were informed that we will have a block of tickets for fan club members. They will be distributed according to seniority.

      Please continue to check with the website for further details on tour info and a new website for fan club members.

      We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

      Kathy B

  • Japanese version of Just Push Play
      I may have posted about this earlier but I'm not sure... Anyway, the title song, JPP, has the full blown version as in NO bleeping or scratching!

News as of April 11, 2001
  • The director for the Fly Away From Here video
      Joseph Kahn, the director has also directed videos by

      Backstreet Boys
      Monster Magnet/Marlyn Manson live
      Janet Jackson

  • AF1 Website up again
      I just noticed that the AF1 site is back up and now has the Fansrule name on it. They haven't changed the basic look of the old site yet (Hopefully they're working on that - they could use something fresh.), but the AF1 chat is up and there's a message board back up...

  • Follow-up to 'Pink likes Aerosmith!?'
      In an old issue of TV Guide, August 5-11, 2000, with Clint Eastwood on the cover, in Rebecca Rankin's column "Music News", there is a picture of Pink and this is what it has to say about her:

      "It may be the name of her latest single, but Pink isn't like 'Most Girls'. She's toured with 'N Sync and Sisqo, but her dream is to record with perennial bad boy Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. "I love his voice, his music, his attitude, his looks. I'm just infatuated. And pink's his favorite color." But her ultimate goal? "To take over the whole world and paint it pink", she says. "I'm about to make people forget Madonna".'

      So, does Pink like Aerosmith??--Yeah, I guess one could say that.

  • more Aeronews from Canada...
      Yesterday, on 97.7 HTZ fm in Ontario, Canada, they played "Just Push Play" unedited (That's right, with the "F*ckin' A!"). Makes you wonder if they might speed up the release of the song as a single...

      Also, "Jaded" video climbed to #7 on MuchMusic's weekly countdown and to #6 on MuchMoreMusic's weekly countdown

      "Jaded" stayed at #1 on the Chum fm listener top 30 (weekly)

News as of April 10, 2001
  • Tour Dates info from Fans Rule
      From a mail from Fans Rule:

      No dates have been officially announced as of yet. When dates become available you may contact us at 203-483-2843 for more info. Please continue to check the website for more details.

      ... and this was posted on a mailing list:

      Ok this is the latest information, from Fans Rule, about the tour dates. At this time, not ALL dates have been confirmed, by the band. So until the dates are "written in stone", they will not be released. The Fan Club tix are a high priority for Fans Rule and they are working as quickly as possible to provide all of the fans with information and access to Fan Club seating.I will post as soon as I hear anything official on the tour dates.

  • Next single: Fly Away From Here (from MTV News)

      Recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees Aerosmith have chosen "Fly Away From Here" as the second single from their latest album, Just Push Play.

      At a star-studded celebration Wednesday in Tokyo commemorating the relaunch of MTV Japan, the Boston rockers said a video for the song is in the works, guided by director Joseph Kahn's futuristic treatment. "Fly Away From Here" is expected to surface at radio in early June, a Columbia spokesperson said.

      The 28-year recording veterans also revealed that they'll embark on a summer tour, set to kick off in June.

      Just Push Play, Aerosmith's 13th studio album, debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 albums chart when it was released in early March, and like its predecessor, 1997's Nine Lives, it is expected to reach platinum status.

      While some bands are barely able to sustain a meager existence years past their prime, Aerosmith have proven themselves to be living legends by releasing hit albums in every decade since the '70s.

      "You gotta keep it fresh by writing new songs, writing new albums, going on tours, coming up with new stage designs and places to go," singer Steven Tyler said. "[That] just keeps it fresh [because] you always want to outdo what you did last time."

      "There's always such great music coming out ... so we like to listen to it and hear what's going on," bassist Tom Hamilton said. "But it's also a challenge: Can we keep up? And we always want to be able to think that we're keeping up with everybody else putting out new music."

      Ever the Buddhist-like wise man, Joe Perry had a much simpler explanation for his band's seemingly endless endurance.

      "Basically, we're still fans of music," the guitarist said. "We still love it. And the same feeling that we had when [we heard] music when we were 17 years old and felt that we could maybe get up onstage and do it [ourselves], we still have that feeling."

  • Hartford tour date
      From a mailinglist...

      A local rockstation in CT (WAQY) stated that "Aerosmith would be gracing us with their presence by kicking off their tour the first week of June at the Meadows Music Theater"! They didnt announce an official date. A call to a local ticket dealer in the area confirmed the date as June 6th.

  • Cincinnati tour date
      From a mailinglist...

      They just announced that tickets are going on sale Saturday, April 21, 2001 for a show at Riverbend in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 2...

  • Pink likes Aerosmith!?
      MTV did this show based on a teen magazine that is the top 25 stars under the age of 25. They had Pink there, and Carson was asking her questions. He asked her who she was hoping to collaborate with on her upcoming album. She said she didn't want to give anything away, but she was trying to get Steven Tyler.

  • Revolver Magazine
      The revolver Worldwide April issue has some new pics. It shows Steven eating an apple and a picture of Joe "Smokin' Perry". Pics can be found at

  • Revolver (May/June issue)
      there are a few aero mentions / pics in the latest revolver:

      - editor's note (old pic of steven backstage)
      - article: "the shocking backstage history of rock" (a few small pics... Don't know if the whole band is in them, but at least steven, joe, brad)

      the article's not about aerosmith in particular, but there are a few aerosmith quotations / stories.

  • German Magzine / TV Alert
      Another German magazine with a pic of Steven Tyler in it...

      Brigitte (women's mag) 4/01. They have a column named "a woman" and "a man" - this month's man is Steven Tyler!

      Steven Tyler, from the german magazine Brigitte

      Also a friend of mine just e-mailed me that there will be an Aerosmith report in Bravo TV, sunday april 15th, 3.45 pm on german TV channel RTL 2.

  • Pics from Crespo Gig Friday Night (as written by Terry)
      I put the pics I took Friday night up on a web page within AOL. Even though I used AOL to make the page, the pics may appear blurry/blotchy IF YOU ARE USING AOL due to AOL's STUPID built in image graphics compressor unless you disable it first. To see the page/pics at full original quality, do the following before opening either page.

      To turn off AOL IMAGE COMPRESSION (to display pictures at full quality) do the following:

      Select My AOL from the top menu.
      Select Preferences
      Select WWW
      Select Web Graphics
      UNCHECK the Use Compressed Graphics box
      Select Apply then OK

      The page will take a while to load that way, but otherwise AOL's graphic display compression will make the page/pics appear blotchy and unclear. And I wanted you to see the best quality possible. You can then repeat the process to turn back on the compressed graphics option which allows web pages to load quickly. AOL is the only browser that causes that and trust me, as soon as I get my DSL back, no more surfing with AOHELL. Here is the URL.


News as of April 9, 2001
  • Rolling Stone Daily
      Here is today's opening quote in the Rolling Stone Daily.

      "I wanted Britney to sing the second line, 'You ain't seen nothin' till you're down on the muffin.' But she wasn't having ANY of it." -- AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER on the Super Bowl halftime show

  • Another show date?
      At SFX's webpage they list a date for the boys at the Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake on June 30.

      6/30/01 Post Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake Burgettstown PA
      7/5/01 Tweeter Center - Chicago Tinley Park IL

  • Globe Magazine
      There's a pic of Steven with the Just Push Play "mannequin" in the April 10th issue on page 12.

News as of April 7, 2001
  • More German magazine alerts
      german Rolling Stone issue 4/01 - 2 pages, one pic Steven + Joe (Steven wearing a shirt with eyes printed on), one of Joe + Steven with B. Spears

      access 3/01 - 1 page (but just the usual promo shot)

      Hotvision 4/01 (free mag of MediaMarkt store) - 2 pages

      WOM journal 4/01 (free mag of WOM store) - 3 pages (old pic of Joe+Steven with guns)

  • Guitar World- Collector's Issue
      In 'Guitar World- Collector's Issue' they list the 100 greatest guitarists ever. It has Hendrix on the cover, and Joe and Brad are in the "Lords of Hard Rock" section. It's a small thing, no pictures, but they say some nice things..

  • Liv Tyler in Elle Magazine
      The latest issue of Elle (May 2001) has Liv on the cover holding a button (??) of Steven up to her eye. There's a small interview, and some modeling pictures of Liv.

  • Article caught in AOL news, April 5th:

      MTV sprints for growth in Japan with top act bash
      By Reed Stevenson

      TOKYO, April 5 (Reuters) - MTV celebrated its refreshed music channel for Japan featuring new locally produced programming, with a top company official promising more shows and channels to come through the pipeline soon.

      Kicking off on Wednesday with a flashy bash lining up perennial rock band Aerosmith and top-selling local acts like Dragon Ash and Love Psychedelico, MTV Japan said it will target 16 to 34-year-olds 24 hours a day with music videos and shows.

      "We think the timing is perfect. Japan is going to be a critical market for us," William Roedy, president of MTV Networks International, told Reuters.

      MTV's other cable music channels like VH1 and events like its Music Awards will hit Japan "sooner than you think," he added.

      Aerosmith, recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and considered one of rock's most durable bands, touted the power of video.

      "As far as being ingrained in people's psyches, when you put an image to a song, it can be a good thing," said lead singer Steven Tyler in an interview made available to Reuters.

      MTV's international arm set up MTV Japan as a joint venture and relaunched its popular music channel at the beginning of this year, refocusing its efforts from a previous licensing agreement that offered less control.

      "That means it is going to be a much better-resourced operation and more integrated with the MTV strategy," Roedy said, referring to MTV Japan's aim to incorporate online interactivity.

      MTV Japan currently reaches three million cable and satellite households in Japan, but with the Japanese viewership rate for those mediums at a relatively low 12 percent, analysts said there was more room for MTV to expand its reach.


      "We've researched this market quite thoroughly and there are some changes going on," Roedy said. "Young people are reaching out for more independence. It's not as conservative as it was before."

      Since new ways of delivering entertainment such as music over mobile phones are embraced easily by the young, he said they fit well with MTV's strategy to tap into new multimedia markets.

      MTVi Group Japan, its online music entertainment arm, will use the red-hot market for wireless Net access, which has more than 30 million people browsing the Web on their cell phones.

      "Japan is really on the cutting edge of this," Roedy said.

      Aerosmith agreed. "We'd love to take the cell phones back with us because the cell phones are better here than they are in the States. They sound better, they're small," said guitarist Joe Perry.

      "Plus you can download any song you want. They're great," Tyler chimed in.

      MTV Networks International is a part of MTV Networks, a unit of U.S. media giant Viacom Inc.

      Viacom president Mel Karmazin said the entertainment company is on track to meet its expectations of 20 percent growth in 2001 earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation, a target that Roedy also confirmed.

      Eventually, Japan and the region will become a major growth engine, Roedy said.

      "Asia will quickly catch up (in terms of profits). It will not only be largest in distribution, which it is now, but also the largest in revenue and profit," he said.

      Of the 336 million households that have access to MTV's channels, 120 million are in Asia, MTV said.

      06:37 04-05-01

  • Okay, one more about concert in Chicago...
      On the official site, to the Tweeter Center in Chicago, on the concert schedule page, Aerosmith is listed for July 5.


      July 5, 2001 - 7:30PM

      Coming soon
      $ 80.50 Reserved
      $ 70.50 Reserved
      $ 33.00 Lawn

      Ticket price oncludes parking and facility maintenance fees. The price of each ticket is increased by $2 the day of show.

      Parking Gates Open: Central Time
      Concert Gates Open: Central Time

News as of April 6, 2001
  • Jaded live in Japan

  • Future Singles (according to Clive Newton)
      With the recent Munich gig, various info was let out the bag by Sony and people. Fly Away From Here is currently planned for release in June/July and then they hope to get Just Push Play out before the year ends. Whilst the latter may change, the near term won't.

  • July 5th Chicago?
      There was an add in the The Chicago Sun Times newspaper, for Aerosmith July 5th, at the Tweeter Center, which is formerly the New World Music Theatre.

      However, I've gotten two mails regarding this and they had different info to share with me...

      #1... I just got off the phone with a couple of Ticket Broakers, and they confirmed that July 5, is accurate, and Aerosmith will be performing.

      #2... I called The World Theater, and they said it is a tentative date that is not confirmed yet. Tickets are not officially on sale, according to the guy at The World. When I told him I was in the fan club, he said fan club members would probably hear about it before they would, but you know how that goes. I think they will be there for sure, why else would it be in the paper? I also called WCKG radio station in Chicago and they said they hadn't heard anything either.

News as of April 5, 2001
  • French Magazines
      Aerosmith are featured in 2 french magazines...

      GUITAR PART april 2001 n° 85 - 4 pages interview.

      GUITARIST Magazine april 2001 n° 134 - 6 page interview.

      GUITARIST Magazine april 2001 n° 134 GUITAR PART april 2001 n° 85

  • Billboard Charts
      After 4 weeks while selling 77,000, on this weeks Billboard Album Chart "Just Push Play" drops 4 spots to number 9 and has been certified platinum in the US (1 million units shipped)

      On the Hot 100 singles chart "Jaded" drops 1 spot to number 8.

      Other charts....
      Pop Catalog - "Big Ones" drops 1 spot to number 9. "Greatest Hits" drops 5 spots to number 13.

      Adult Top 40 - "Jaded" moves up 2 spots to number 6.

  • Zorro??
      There's a poll at for "Favourite new Aerosmith song". You get to pick 1 out of 12 songs- the basic album, but in the results there are 15 songs: all the basic JPP plus Face, Won't Let You Down and a song called Zorro (it's in the 9th place last time I've checked)... Does anyone have any idea what it is all about? what is this song?

  • News from Japan...
      Aerosmith went home today. I don't know what time, but they are on plane to the US now. They said they will do a tour in Japan in December or January.

      According to the Japanese official Aerosmith site, they played 5 songs on MTV Japan's special gig held on April 4th. as the final event of the promotional tour in Japan. The set list was:

      1. Jaded
      2. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
      3. Big Ten Inch Record
      4. Mama Kin
      5. Walk This Way

      I heard that there were about 1000 couples (2000 people): it was all-standing, and tremendously exciting! Aerosmith also gave away an autographed guitar to a lucky winner.

  • Tour Dates?
      According to 93.3 WMMR in Philadelphia, Aerosmith will be playing at The Tweeter Center (formerly the E-Centre) in Camden, NJ on June 20th. Tickets go on sale April 21st. They have been reporting it all day yesterday April 4 and today April 5. Wmmr's Web address is

      I've also been told about a July 5 concert at The World Theater in Tinley Park, Illinois...

      I don't know if these are true or not but...

  • Rolling Stone 4/26/01 Cover Story

      Aerosmith Play to Win
      Inside rock's longest-running dysfunctional family sitcom
      By Rob Sheffield

      It's Friday morning on the set of Today, and this morning's guests are Aerosmith. They're here to discuss their role as the elder statesmen of American rock. In just a couple of days, Aerosmith are getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame while they're still at the top of their game; indeed, they're going in while they have a new album in the Top Ten, Just Push Play, as well as a hit single, "Jaded," a song that sums up the Aerosmith sound as perfectly as "Start Me Up" summed up the Stones. The boys in the band are running late, so they will never learn that the NBC greenroom is stocked with plenty of their beloved chunky peanut butter. They take their seats in front of Matt Lauer, who, like most Aerosmith interviewers, pumps them for drug stories.

      In our age of microscripted interviews and on-message sound bites, the five band members are shockingly and refreshingly unrehearsed. Everybody talks at once, contradicting and interrupting one another. In fact, the band's famously loquacious singer, Steven Tyler, is the last one to get a word in. Most of their verbiage will never make it to the aired version, but there's one striking moment, when drummer Joey Kramer tells Lauer that even in the doped-up years of the early Eighties, when the band's classic lineup had fallen apart due to drugs and depravity, he always knew in his heart of hearts that the band would get back together again, as soon as they were finished getting high. When Lauer moves on to another topic, lead guitarist Joe Perry turns around, leaning his head out of camera range, and asks Kramer, softly but intently, "So how come you never called me up and said that?"

      Kramer shrugs. "I was busy getting high."

      Aerosmith are American rock & roll's longest-running dysfunctional-family sitcom, a musical Scenes From a Marriage starring five guys stuck together in a strange relationship none of them claims to understand. Their tale has been told and retold many times: fortune, fame, drugs, dissolution and resurrection. Guitarist Brad Whitford even cracks that the band should be getting a percentage for every episode of Behind the Music, since they wrote the story. But they've emerged from Seventies-style drug abuse and Eighties-style corporate bloat with their music intact, not to mention their bodies, and perhaps most surprising, their bond, as five guys who didn't exactly choose to spend their whole lives together but have ended up doing just that; decidedly volatile personalities who fell together without planning to tie the knot for life but created something they all love too much for them to leave one another - or us - alone. "The corporation - I so love and hate it," Tyler says. "The guys in the band, I so love and hate them. Is this what life's about?"

      Aerosmith emerged from Boston in the early Seventies, a swirl of lips, ribs, scarves and hair, a greaser gypsy horde that looked like they'd fuck a manhole cover if they thought there was any beer in the sewer. The premise was Zeppelin, Hendrix, the British psychedelic blues bands like Cream and the Yardbirds, but Aerosmith attacked the music with a lean, mangy aggression. Where Zeppelin had Viking lords and Saxon battlefields, Aerosmith came up with their own homegrown mythology: They envisioned American music as one big parking lot from coast to coast, a teen utopia buzzing with the smell of cheap weed and motor oil. They brought the British blues back home, but instead of stripping it down to basics, they revved up the flash and the menace and the danger. In their suburban Seventies milieu, Aerosmith made room for funk and country and old-time swing; except for maybe polka, there's barely a corner of American music they haven't pillaged for a big ten-inch riff or two. The guitars were the toys in the attic; the rhythm section was the rats in the cellar. And in the center ring, Mr. Steven Tyler, the last child, a punk in the streets, the Lord of the Thighs, an androgynous rock changeling whose lips seemed like an overly generous gift from a Greek goddess with a sick sense of humor.

      In the late Seventies, the band's fondness for their pharmaceutical groovies really did a number on their music. Aerosmith are one of the best arguments for sobriety ever, especially when you listen to some of the bad records they made when the drugs took over - Side Two of Night in the Ruts could scare anyone straight. By all the laws of natural selection, Steven Tyler should have been just another rag tied around Keith Richards' head by now. But fifteen years after getting sober, the just-push-playas have something to prove. This time out, for Aerosmith's first album since their 1996 split with longtime manager Tim Collins, they produced themselves for the first time since the very beginning. Their last two albums, Get a Grip and Nine Lives, were messy affairs that had to be redone from scratch after the corporate higher-ups didn't like the first finished versions. This time, they recorded most of the album in the basement of Perry's South Shore house in Cohasset, Massachusetts, about a half hour outside of Boston. "Joe and I kept asking each other, 'Would you play this for Keith right now?'" Tyler says, laughing. "You gotta use something as a template. Well, there are outtakes from this album I'd play for Keith."

      "It was a cathartic thing that happened to us, when we went through that whole period in the Eighties of losing everything," Perry says. "We lost it all, crashed and burned, and without dwelling on the whys and wherefores, it really made us think, 'What's it about?' It's really about five guys getting together to make a band. There are better songwriters out there, and better guitar players and better drummers and better bass players, but when these five guys get together we can play everything from a Diane Warren song to 'Train Kept A-Rollin'. We made every mistake six times. We fuckin' paid for it all. I left the band, Brad left the band, we fucked up a lot, signed bad contracts, had bad managers, had good managers. But through it all, something kept us together."

      Like many recovering addicts, not to mention many Italian gentlemen of a certain age, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry love to tell stories. There's something therapeutic about going over past wounds, but when these two get together, they constantly try to top each other, weaving in and out of each other's sentences. On this Sunday afternoon, in their posh New York hotel room, they have a lot on their minds. Last night, they played a ferocious version of "Big Ten Inch Record" on Saturday Night Live and hit the after-party so Perry's kids - 14 and 20 - could meet Dan Aykroyd. Tonight, they're rehearsing with Kid Rock for their big Rock & Roll Hall of Fame gig on Monday.

      One of the amazing things about Tyler is that he really talks that way. He rattles off prose-poem paragraphs that flash past your ears like one-liners, giving more A per Q than any rock star alive, and dancing with coherence until he knocks off one of his trademark Zen-master street proverbs ("We embrace every stone that we've stumbled on"). But Perry, the strong, silent guitar god to Tyler's lippy bitch-prophet, doesn't let himself get outtalked this afternoon. A manic raconteur in his own right, he orders a double espresso and some incense from room service, and he's ready to go a few rounds with Tyler in his unreconstructed South Shore accent. It's a cliche‚ to call them an old married couple, but it's true: They read each other's rhythms expertly, as though each can tell when the other needs to finish and when the other wants to be interrupted.

      So how, after all these years, do they keep the home fires burning? "It's very easy," Tyler says. "The worst part of Joe is that he's a fucking asshole. It ends there. And, by the way, no more of one than I've ever doubled him on. So, what's the big deal? How do you hold onto your anger over something he did, when you can play like we did last night?"

      "You know," Perry kicks in, "I see some of the other bands who've made great music together, and then they broke up because this one hated that one. When we lost everything and were brought to our knees, we looked around and said, 'Wait a second, this is bullshit. Petty bullshit.' The gift of the band playing together is something you can't deny - it's like laughing in the face of love. Steven and I still have our fights, but we don't take it home anymore. Because I love Steven and I love Tom and I love Brad and I love Joey. We're brothers of choice, you know? And all the rest of it is just bullshit. I don't know why, we're just lucky, and we let that in. We're in the thick of this thing."

      Of course, the guys are lucky just to be alive. "I got a chance to ride in the front seat of a roller coaster with Hendrix once," Tyler recalls. "We were both doing poppers. Didn't know him well, but we played the night before together at the Scene. Just to have experienced all that and think that he's dead, and Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. Because coming up with it - you're getting high to be able to drive from here to Tempe, Arizona, for a few shows, and so you smoke a little pot, and then you hear your record on the radio and you get caught up in the wow-ness of it all, you do a little blow. And some beautiful girl and her girlfriend decide to enjoy each other as they whip out a needle, and so you try shooting coke as you're getting blown."

      "We were lucky enough not to kill ourselves when we were in the business of risking our lives with chemicals," Perry says. "I can't tell you how many times it'd get to be six in the morning and I'd think, 'I think I'll go for a drive in my Turbo.' I remember taking Tom Petersson from Cheap Trick, after we'd been up all night, and I was like, 'You gotta take a ride in this car with me, man.' I had one of the first Turbos, 1976; the fuckin' thing was evil. I knew this stretch on the Mass Pike where if you got in the entrance and you didn't see headlights, you knew you had three miles where you wouldn't see a cop, and I'd take it out there - it'd just be ripping. How many people died doing that? It could have been any of us, but thank God it didn't have to happen."

      Perry and Tyler produced Just Push Play with longtime associates and songwriters Mark Hudson and Marti Frederiksen, with the four dubbing themselves the Boneyard Boys, taking over the studio in Perry's basement. "My wife loved that thunder coming out of the basement," Perry says. "She's an artist, she's a model, she's a poet, so she loved to hear the creative energy down there. The kids would go to sleep many a night listening to the guitars. My bedroom's on the first floor, right over the studio, so the music just invaded the house. I got a large collection of stringed things downstairs, and we used everything." "There were no demos," Tyler adds, licking his lips. "Just us staying in the basement and laughing. With a couple of hypotheses, like, 'Let's not get a bag of coke and do it all night so we have the unfinished tapes in the morning. Let's stay in this room and lock ourselves in and not leave until we got a song.'"

      Perry breaks in, a little alarmed at the coke reference. "Yeah, but it's been so many years since we've thought of coke, or drinking, as a way to open the door. It's not even, like, an issue."

      "It was for the longest time."

      "Yeah, it was. I still remember going down to the basement, looking for that one Dilaudid we lost, remember?"

      Tyler nods, a bit sheepishly. "Yeah."

      Perry turns to me to explain. "Steven said, 'We didn't do it, so we know it's down there.' And I can't tell you how many times I turned that fuckin' basement over, looking for that Dilaudid."

      "We did lose it," Tyler mutters, mostly to himself. "We must have crushed it into the floor or the rug or something."

      "A Dilaudid is about the size of a Tic Tac," Perry continues. "And it was, like, lost. Gone."

      "But we were looking for a feeling," Tyler says, sadly and slowly. "What we realized, I guess, is that feeling was the same all the time. We did it so much, we usually ended up asleep or on our knees or nodded out. And we used to find that feeling in a small pill, and it worked. But after a while, it stops."

      In June, Aerosmith will hit the road for at least eighteen months of touring. They're looking forward to cracking new territories, especially in the Pacific Rim: Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand. Between now and then, however, they have to learn the songs from Just Push Play. Such is the Aerosmith way of doing things nowadays that they've worked their asses off making the album piece by piece, but they've yet to play any of the songs all the way through together, except "Jaded." On the studio version, Brad Whitford played three different guitar parts; just a few hours before Saturday Night Live showtime, he's still debating which one to bust out live.

      "I'm a couch potato," Whitford admits over lunch. "I'm a homebody." For him, gearing up for another tour gets tougher every time out. Musically, he's always been the heavy one, the guy who wrote metallic apocalypses like "Nobody's Fault" and "Round and Round." He still remembers hanging out with Humble Pie as one of the formative experiences of his life. But as everyone else in the band will tell you, he's the Quiet One. "I'm just the least loudest," he says defensively. "When you're competing with the likes of Steven Tyler . . . he can make a lot of people seem quiet, you know? I mean, he is The Mouth. So I don't feel bad when people call me the quiet one. I just think, 'Hey, you try it.'"

      Like the other members of the group, Whitford complains freely about the sleaze of the music business. "Guys who ran record companies used to be guys who were really into music," he says. "It's not like that anymore. When our first album came out, it only sold 40,000 copies, but they didn't drop us. Today, you'd be history." Does he ever dream about doing something else? "Yeah, I'd love to do something else," he says. "But I don't, which I guess means I'm not ready to leave this. It's such an incredible sound, and it's so incredible being part of it." He gets really excited describing his extracurricular passion, which is, improbably enough, building, opening and operating European-style indoor go-cart racetracks (he has one in Braintree, Massachusetts, and he's looking to build six to eight more along the Eastern Seaboard). "When I look back on my life, I want to be able to see myself as having had these two great careers - one with a group, and one as an individual." It's definitely strange to hear a rock & roll guitar hero fantasizing about running go-cart tracks instead. But as Whitford himself confesses, he still can't imagine bringing himself to step away from his band, despite the aggravation of touring. "I don't know why the fire's still there," he says, mournfully. "Probably a little bit of insanity."

      "I'm happiest when I'm sitting at my drums, seeing those four asses out front," Joey Kramer says. "That's my space." Along with Tom Hamilton and Tyler, Kramer is one of the core members who never left Aerosmith, and everyone credits him with being the most intense about the community within the band. "I have a very strong affection and love for each one of my partners," he says. "I'm not the kind of guy who hems and haws about how he feels. I have a real good, solid relationship with Brad. Tom and I have always gotten along - he's the logic in my life, very forthright and upstanding. My relationship with Joe is one that has grown immensely over the years, especially the past five. Whenever I need a bone-straight answer about something, I go to Joe. Steven's a lot like I am, and we have a very earthbound connection, except we're at opposite ends of the spectrum, because he's in the front and I'm in the back. He knows he's up out front, but he knows he can't be up there without me behind him, and as long as I know that he knows that, that's all that matters to me. I have no secrets from these guys."

      Musically, Kramer's role has always been crucial: As he notes proudly, "I bring the funk." Before Aerosmith, he was the "token white-guy drummer" in a Boston R&B band that went on to become soul superstars Tavares, and Aerosmith classics like "Walk This Way" depend on his funky touch. The band tried recording without him only once, and it didn't work. After the 1994 death of his father, Kramer went into a severe depression that lasted more than a year, forcing him to drop out of the sessions for the troubled 1997 album Nine Lives. The band ended up scrapping all the tracks recorded without him. He got through his breakdown with a spiritual experience he's never discussed publicly before. Like his wife, he became a devotee of Sai Baba, "a reincarnated god-man in India," he says. "It's hard to talk about it. I don't even know why I feel comfortable talking about it now. But it made my higher power so tangible, and that really helped me take my power back."

      Of course, the religious experience ended up making him even more fanatical about the band. "I'm really into the love thing," Kramer says. "When I relate to my guys in the band, I tell them where it's at, and if I feel like telling somebody that I love them, I do. Steven's one of the few people I can sit and talk with and cry. I really enjoy that brotherhood; it's like being in a gang. But if you're asking me how we stay together, the bottom-line truth is, I don't fucking know. Would I have picked these four guys to go through my whole life with? I don't know. But I'm glad it's them."

      "It's kind of a proven formula for a band," Hamilton says with a shrug. "You know, the peacock lead singer Steven and his foil Joe, the smoldering, ultrafocused torpedo, and then the troops who all want a say in everything that's going on." The tall, mellow bassist has a rep as the band's sanest, stablest element, the one with the longest-running marriage and the easiest smile. He's the psychedelic spirit in the band's sound, the man responsible for the ethereal grooves of "Sweet Emotion" and "Sick as a Dog." He's also the diplomat amid all the band's internal chaos. "In my family, I was the same way - I don't want anybody arguing," he says, sighing. "So why am I in this band?" Hamilton shudders when he recalls the drug-hell days of 1979. "The band fell apart, and I was glad, relieved, because the conflict was not gonna be there any more - not meaning Joe, I'm not blaming Joe, but there was a lot of conflict between Joe and Steven, and a very quiet, unspoken conflict between me and Joe. The problem is, when bands start to make money, they think, 'I don't have to take that asshole's shit anymore,' and there's a good chance their brand-new model girlfriend is telling them the same thing." These days, Hamilton sees the band's dysfunctions holding them together. "I think everybody has those moments where they total up the net-worth statements in their heads," Hamilton says, laughing. "You know, 'If I sold this, if I sold that, I could probably still have a nice car.' But I think it's really important to us, and to the world, that we have this band. Back in 1979, we learned a lot about what we could and couldn't do without each other."

      So how do Aerosmith function now on a day-to-day level? "Well, Brad brings a lot of musical ability - he has much more schooling than anybody else in the band," Hamilton notes. "He plays a very observant role. Brad doesn't get in there in the fray, try to push his agenda. He stays on the sidelines, but then he'll make some observations that make the rest of us go, 'Wow.' Joey brings a lot of emotional energy; he has a drive for attachment and bonding with people. Like I said, Joe's a torpedo - when his propellers are on, get out of his way. Steven's like that, too, but he's more of a child, really spontaneous. He says whatever's on his mind, and sometimes it really hurts." Even when it hurts, though, Hamilton cheerfully admits he's stuck on the experience: "It's the camaraderie, the male-bonding aspect of it," he says. "Going to sea with my pirates."

      Excerpted from RS 867, April 26, 2001

  • Daily Telegraph
      In today's Daily Telegraph (UK paper) they have an article (plus a picture on the front cover)

      ISSUE 2141         Thursday 5 April 2001

      Triumph of the Toxic Twins

      Who would have believed it? Stadium rockers Aerosmith are cooler than ever. Andrew Perry meets them

      'DUDE," asks Steven Tyler, in all seriousness, "have you got any Sudafed?" As luck would have it, I have some herbal aromatherapy oil for sinus pains. Tyler shakes a few drops on to a napkin, runs it back and forth under his nose and, his huge mouth stretched into a grin, snorts lavishly.

      His partner, guitarist Joe Perry, slumps into an armchair and dramatically thumps a half-litre bottle of beer on the table. He picks at the edges of the label, which reminds him that this is the kind of beer that has no alcohol in it.

      If you had run into these two 25 years ago, of course, the drink and the drugs would have been premium-strength, and the ensuing conversation pretty much incomprehensible. Back then, Tyler and Perry were known as the Toxic Twins, and their band transgressed new frontiers in superstar decadence.

      In the mid-Seventies, when stadium giants such as the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin were taking two or more years to make an album, Aerosmith became America's favourite rock 'n' roll band, touring voraciously on a diet of booze, pills, cocaine, heroin and little in the way of food.

      Between 1977 and 1985, their consumption took its toll, their records stopped selling and their lives fell apart. But pragmatists if nothing else, the band's members, now in their early fifties, have since shrewdly transformed themselves into one of the biggest fixtures in the modern rock world again.

      Of course, Aerosmith in 2001 are more than faintly ridiculous. They are wilfully, gloriously, mercifully ridiculous. And for rock fans who have had it up to here with the Limp Bizkits and the Radioheads telling them that stardom is a bad trip, man, they are saviours.

      Our interview takes place in Munich, where the band are spending a couple of days promoting their energetic new album, Just Push Play (WEA). It's the kind of chore that other artists might resent, but Tyler and Perry, who are jet lagged, having just flown in from their home of Boston, seem positively happy to be here.

      "All the talk shows, all that s-, it sucks, man," says Perry, "but you know . . . I get to drive an Aston Martin."

      The new album's cover features a cartoon of a very female robot, whose skimpy yellow dress billows up a la Marilyn Monroe. Five real-life versions of these robo-babes are draped around the set of a meet-the-fans show that is being filmed for MTV Europe shortly before we meet.

      One of the models has an arrow through her helmet, like a cyber Tommy Cooper, and clanks past me in a huff. "Bloody hell," she moans in thick Bavarian German, on her way back under the lights, "I'm sweating like a pig in here." It's a very Aerosmith moment.

      Perry is in black, right down to the skiing shades that save him from the glare of our interview room's harsh lighting: two candles. His partner is wearing rose-tinted spectacles, which seems appropriate, and has hippy-dippy scarves draped all over him.

      Though Tyler clearly finds it hard to concentrate on the question at hand and answer it, he is lucid enough to see that salacious stories from the band's past are grist to the mill when it comes to promotional work. There's a famous one about the time, towards the end of the Seventies, when they were so bored with playing the same set every night at enormogigs that they decided to play their set backwards, starting with the encore. Unfortunately, they were so "confused" at the time that, after they had finished the first song, they all walked off.

      "That's such a crock," says Tyler, shaking his head in disbelief at my gullibility. "So, we recognised the first song as being the last, and thought the set was over? Yeah, right!"

      "It's not exactly true," Perry corrects, "but it sounds good. What actually happened was that we played the same song twice because we'd forgotten that we'd already played it. I remember that happening. We're not exactly proud of it. The bottom line is, our fans stopped coming to our shows."

      "We felt so good," Tyler concludes, "that our fans walked out. We didn't realise what was going on."

      In 1979, Perry and rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford quit the band. In 1984, Perry's manager, Tim Collins, persuaded them both to rejoin, and the whole band to go through rehab. "We saw that it was killing us," Tyler says.

      While the band were in recovery, they were approached by the fledgling stars of rap, Run DMC, to try recording a hip-hop version of Walk this Way, the libidinous anthem that Aerosmith first recorded in 1975 and whose title came from a catchphrase of Marty Feldman's Igor in Young Frankenstein. "We just thought, 'What's this gonna be?' " Tyler recalls, but the track swiftly became their biggest worldwide hit, and the accompanying video a staple on the increasingly influential MTV. Since then, it's been onwards and upwards.

      'Hey, man," says Perry, "it's still a party for us. Some people have trouble with the balance of having a home life. I don't see it as being two separate things. It's part of what fulfils me, having a family, but they know me for what I am. I was doing this long before I met my wife and had the kids. It's like, this is what we do.

      "I'm a rock 'n' roll gipsy. It's what I was, and always will be. And it's a gas to get out there and play. Tomorrow night when we play, it's going to be a wild ride. It's going to be electric and it's going to be lubricated."

      Indeed, the following night at Munich's 1,500-capacity Babylon club, the shades are off, the shirts are unbuttoned and everything is very much as Perry predicted. It's as if punk, Spinal Tap, political correctness, Aids, Radiohead and all the little nuisances that have ever threatened Aerosmith's methodology never happened.

      It's the band's first full gig together in 18 months and, in these abnormally non-stadium surroundings, they choose to treat the audience - mostly made up of kids who probably weren't even born when Walk this Way first came out - to a set mostly made up of their classic Seventies powerhouse R&B material.

      "The creative power," muses Tyler afterwards, "or whatever it is that this band is when five of us are on stage, I think we've all been in awe of that. It's the original tyres on the Ferrari. It's still there, and it works, and we all feel like doing it, and no one's going bald and fat and doesn't give a s-. Everybody looks good and wants to rock.

      "The same questions come up: how long are you planning on doing this? Well, no one thought we'd be doing it this old - or this young." Perry leans back and sighs into his alcohol-free beverage. "I'm just glad the Stones are still doing it, so we don't have to be the oldest ones."

  • AF1 Sell Off (as reported by J.J.)
      Just in case you guys are interested, the UK Fan Asylum office is extending their "fire sale" packages to US members (and possibly to other places in the world too?). The contact info is below:, +44 2072872466

News as of April 4, 2001
  • Australian News
      In 'Sain' magazine (a free magazine put out by Australian music retailers Sanity) there is am Aerosmith interview and pull out poster. The boys are on the cover aswell. There is nothing new in the interview.

      Also, Just Push Play has dropped to number 44 on the charts after debuting at no. 27.

  • AF1 Sell Off (as reported by Aeroheaduk)
      Got a flier from Fan Asylum Europe - their last one. It explains what's been going on and particularly that FansRule does NOT have any world wide offices but best of all they are getting rid of all their stock - They have bundled everything into goodie bags and priced them at £20, £30, £40, £50 and £60 - the more the cost the bigger the bundle and they reckon everything in the boxes is at half price or better. Example the £20 bag would contain 2 T Shirts, complete set of back stage stickers for the Nine Lives Tour, plus other bits and pieces like pins, back stage passes etc. The £60 ones (only 10 boxes) contain all of the lower cost goddie bundles plus one more expensive bit of memorabilia like for example JK's drum sticks and 1 box has a special Jap Tour Jacket! The others lower cost boxes will have other lesser items like e.g. shot glasses in ranging order of value.
      We have opted for the BIG bundle so will let you guys know how lucky we were. I wonder whether AF1 USA will be doing similar but suspect Fansrule may be negotiating buying the merchandise from them as quantities would be at a much larger scale than in Europe.


News as of April 3, 2001
  • The band's fav songs
      In an 3 min long interview aired in Brazil the boys talked a bit about the songs and they got to pick their fav songs, here they are:

      Tom: Avant Garden
      Joey: Beyond Beautiful
      Steven: Just Push Play
      Joe: Under My Skin
      Brad: Luv Lies

  • Quote from Guitar World
      As posted before Joe, Steven and Brad are on the cover of Guitar World, May 2001 issue. This also has a two page centerfold, of just those three, plus multiple pictures of them along with an article and some interview type quotes from them. Walk This Way and Jaded are tabbed out at the end.

      There's a quote by Joe on page 113: "We don't turn off the radio just because Britney Spears comes on. Will we like it and buy the CD? I don't think so. But we listen to what's going on."

  • Some more than likely fake tour dates
      In a Belgium newspaper called 'Het Belang Van limburg' there was an article about the show in Munch. At the end of the article the newspaper also anounced these concert dates:

      17 mei Rock Am Ring, Nurnberg, Germany
      27 mei Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland
      29 mei Flanders Expo, Gent, Belgium

  • Metal Edge
      There is a good pic of all the guys in the web-site address section of Metal Edge mag.

  • Derek St. Holmes
      For those interested in Brad's old bandmate, I just found out about Derek's site which can be seen at

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