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News as of July 31, 1999
  • The Upcoming Bob Marley Tribute Album W/ Tyler & Perry
      I finally have some more information on the Bob Marley tribute album that includes Steven Tyler and Joe Perry performing on a song. The newspaper "The Los Angeles Times" just reported that the album will now be called "Bob Marley: A Rebel's Dream"...NOT "Roots, Rock & Reggae" or "Black Survivors" as was previously reported. Now, this album will be released on Tuesday, October 26th, 1999 on Island/Def Jam Records. is all I know so far about this album:

      Title: "Bob Marley: A Rebel's Dream"
      Release Date: Tuesday, October 26th, 1999
      Record Label: Island/Def Jam Records
      Executive Producer: Stephen Marley

      Tentative Track Listing:

      1) Steven Tyler & Joe Perry/Bob Marley- "?????"
      2) Guru [From "Gang Starr"]/Bob Marley- "Johnny Was"
      3) Stephen Marley/Bob Marley- "Kinky Reggae"
      4) Lauren Hill/Bob Marley- "?????"
      5) Krayzie Bone/Bob Marley- "?????"
      6) Erykah Badu/Bob Marley- "?????"
      7) MC Lyte/Bob Marley- "?????"
      8) The Lost Boyz/Bob Marley- "?????"
      9) Outkast/Bob Marley- "?????"
      10) Busta Rhymes/Bob Marley- "?????"

      Now, as you can see, this album will feature contemporary artists duet-ing with the original recordings of Marley's vocals to make new versions of the songs. Stephen Marley is producing this tribute to his father . . . Re-mixing the new vocals with his father's original ones. Stephen [who is also a member of the Marley-offspring band the Melody Makers] is not the only Marley child working on the album. Damian Marley was the one that set up in Joe Perry's studio [the Boneyard] in mid-January of 1999 to see Steven Tyler lay down some vocals to be mixed with Bob Marley's vocals [later on] for the CD. Still no word yet on which song the toxic twins have done.

News as of July 30, 1999
  • Joe Perry Has Cut His Hair Short
      Looks like Joe has gotten his "summer" haircut

      Joe with his new haircut Joe with his new haircut
      (Pictures taken from Lynn's site)

  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Opening... From AOL News

      Aerosmith Rocks, Rolls Into Disney-MGM Studios To Open New High-Speed Thrill Ride

      LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla., July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- For nearly 30 years, Aerosmith has been on top of the charts. Now, the legendary group is on top of the world -- Walt Disney World -- as the five members of the rock band rolled into the Disney-MGM Studios today to officially open Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Thousands of fans welcomed the band to the theme park for a Hollywood-style motorcade and handprint ceremony. The group then boarded the indoor roller coaster which bears their famous name and took the ceremonial first ride -- a twisting, turning trip through the Hollywood Hills.

      Later Thursday, Aerosmith was scheduled to appear at a private gala at the theme park to celebrate the attraction's opening.

      The five members of Aerosmith teamed with Walt Disney Imagineering to create the thrill ride that features a high-speed launch of 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, three inversions, rock-concert lighting and a specially recorded Aerosmith soundtrack thundering from 120 onboard speakers in each coaster train -- all firsts for a Walt Disney World attraction.

      "This thrilling new attraction is a perfect fit for Disney-MGM Studios and its celebration of show business -- film, television, theater, animation and now music," said Walt Disney World president, Al Weiss. "And Aerosmith, with its multi-generational, international appeal and ever-youthful approach to rock 'n' roll music, is a fantastic match for this new thrill ride."

      Formed in the early 1970s in Boston, Aerosmith (Steven Tyler, vocals; Joe Perry, guitars; Brad Whitford, guitars; Tom Hamilton, bass; and Joey Kramer, drums) is more popular today than ever before. In fact, the global appeal of this internationally renowned band continues to grow, thanks to the recent release of its chart-topping, multi-platinum studio and live albums ("Nine Lives" and "A Little South of Sanity"), a #1 smash hit single from the motion picture "Armageddon" ("I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"), a Grammy Award and a stunning live performance at the 1999 Academy Awards. The band has sold 80 million records in its 26-year career.

      "When you've toured the world as much as we have, it's a real thrill to find a new audience," said lead singer Steven Tyler. "Coming up with a soundtrack for this Disney ride really brought the kid out in all of us and has given us the opportunity to play audio gymnastics with our music."

      Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, located near The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror(TM) on Sunset Boulevard, represents yet another breakthrough in Disney theme park rides.

      "Once again, Imagineers are at the forefront with this technologically progressive attraction that fuels awesome thrills with the power and allure of rock 'n' roll music," said Ken Wong, president of Walt Disney Imagineering, the creative design and development division of The Walt Disney Company.

      Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith surprises guests with unexpected twists, turns and high-speed revolutions along its darkened tracks. The attraction begins with a tour of the fictional G-Force Records, where guests encounter the band finishing up a studio recording session. After being invited by the band members to see them in concert, guests climb aboard a 24-passenger "super-stretch limo" and swiftly accelerate into the Hollywood night.

      Guests aboard each "Limotrain" will encounter nearly 5 Gs as they transition from launch to loop at the ride's first inversion. (By comparison, astronauts aboard the Space Shuttle experience 3 Gs at liftoff.)

      The enclosed experience will remain dark while featuring individually lit Southern California landmarks -- 365 days a year, rain or shine.

      SOURCE Walt Disney World
      CO: Walt Disney World
      ST: Florida

  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - Review by Mike Logan
      This is such a great review that it really should get a page of it's own, Not just be put here on the News page. But I just don't know where to put it... So here it is!... Enjoy! (Thanks for sharing, Mike!)

      I recently just had the chance to go down to Disney World, and had the chance to ride the Rock N Roller coaster so I thought I would write a review for all of you who haven't yet had the chance to ride it!

      Let me just start out by saying that this ride is just totally awesome! It's an indoor coaster, and as you walk up to it, all you see is this massive red guitar on the outside of the building. Its really cool. Anyways, you suddenly become a special guest of "G-Force Records" as you enter the building, and they have some old record machines and posters on the walls to distract you while you wait in line. Disney has the ride divided into two parts: the actual ride, and a little pre-show area to set up the attraction. Well, just prior to entering the pre-show area (which is made to look like a recording studio), we get the great news that we may be able to catch aerosmith as they finish up their "next big hit." Well, their next big hit turns out to be Walk This Way, and they bring you into the studio where they mess around with the song and take out guitars and cool stuff like that.

      The pre show is set up really cool. Half of the recording studio is actually real, and the other half is just projected onto a screen. So this is where we "catch" our boys as they finish up recording. Steven's already in the studio working with some guy on the song, then Joe walks in and notices all the visitors (which is us!). Then comes in there "manager" and tells them they're late for a show and they gotta get the hell out of there or they're going to be late. As they're about to leave, Steven stops and says that they cant just leave us here like this, that we gotta go with them. So the boys convince their manager to give us all backstage passes. She says the show is all the way across town, but not to worry cause she got us a really fast car, and its in the alley waiting for us. So the doors open up and into the alley we go!

      That wraps up the pre-show, and then its just a matter of waiting in a short line and getting on the limo! As you wait in line, you feel like you're really in an alley! There's a parking garage, run down buildings, and some posters on boarded up windows. When you're finally in the car, an announcer on the radio comes on talking about them broadcasting live from the Aerosmith show, and comments on the type of hat steven's wearing. While the guy is talking, you're taken around the corner and pointed right into this dark tunnel. By this point I was dying with anticipation to get going! The music starts (the song depends on which car you're in, I think...I havent figured it out just yet) and you're blasted straight ahead into the tunnel. They weren't kidding when they said 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds! I thought I was going to lose my contacts as the catapulted us away into the night! Immediately after you seem to have lost you're head from the initial start, you're thrown into an inversion and a loop, right on top of each other! After that the ride is a blur for me, even after riding it 6 times! I know there is at least one more inversion, and there's a lot of cool scenery, such as flying right through the letter 0 in the giant Hollywood sign! The cool thing about this ride, besides the music of course, is the fact that this thing is in the dark, and you have no fucking clue which way you're about to go next! So, when the ride is over (sadly!), you pull up to the forum or wherever they're supposed to be playing. A guy standing there says to follow the red carpet into the concert, and as you near the end of the carpet they have all the boys on a giant screen thanking the crowd as if their concert was over. Its really a one-of-a kind ride, thats for sure!

      Ok, now for the music. I said earlier that I have no clue what determines the music that you get for the ride. I assume that it just depends what car you're lucky enough to get. Of the 6 times I rode it, I got Sweet Emotion 3 times, Nine Lives 2 times, and this awesome mix of Younglust, FINE, and Love In An Elevator once. I'm not sure how many other songs are featured on this ride, but I've read that one is supposed to have Back In The Saddle and another one Walk This Way supposedly. Since I only heard those three I cant verify that the other ones actually exist. But anyways, they people at disney did a real good job editing these songs to fit with the ride. The songs hit their peaks exactly when the roller coaster does, and since the ride is only 1 minute and 40 seconds long, they obviously had to cut out a good portion of each of the songs to make it work. I think that Nine Lives and the lust/FINE/Love mix sounded the best. I think Sweet Emotion sounded great with it too, but I have to admit that it was my least favorite of the three I heard, but not by much! I dont know exactly what kind of speakers they have in each seat, but the sound is unbelievable! It easily beats out my system at home! I assume there's a subwoofer and a lot of other high quality, powerful shit, cause it sounded great!

      And finally, after the ride is done and you've walked down the red carpet, there's a gift store. It sells all sorts of Aero merchandise right down to there albums! Very cool place, I was half-tempted to buy out half the store right then and there!

      So that is my review of the rock and roller coaster! I hope you all have enjoyed it and have a good idea how fucking awesome the coaster is! If you're ever anywhere remotely close to Disney World then I strongly recommend you head on over to the Rock n Roller Coaster. Lets just say I would go to Florida for that ride alone!!

      Oh, and one more thing. As you're speeding down the tunnel at 60 mph, they take you're picture, so be sure and smile!!!!

      Mike Logan

  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - More On It...
      ...That Wasn't Mentioned Above (From a Review by A Good one maybe I should add)

      ...Outside, the music playing is all non-Aero. When you get inside (the rollercoaster being indoors) the careful eye notices a little joke in the "G-Force Records" logo. It looks exactly like the Geffen logo, with one part of it tilted to look like an F...

      ...At one point Joe says to "get me my black Les Paul," and someone comes into the studio area and gets a black Les Paul...

      ...I think, the way they had it set up, that they're planning on featuring different bands at different times, because the only places Aerosmith appears are places that could very quickly and easily be changed to another band...

      ...the MGM park map/brochure featured a cool Wings logo with the Rollercoaster logo superimposed on it...

News as of July 29, 1999
  • Rolling Stone Magazine Issue 819, Aug. 19, 1999
      The newest issue of Rolling Stone has a mention of Steven and Joe in the Random Notes section, along with a small pic of Joe, Billie, and Adrian with Jimmy Page.

News as of July 26, 1999
  • Liv Tyler On The Cover Of Mademoiselle
      The August issue of Mademoiselle has Liv on the cover. The Article is titled "Liv on the Edge."

  • Release Date For The New Run DMC album
      The new Run DMC album "Crown Royal" which features the remake of the song "It's Tricky" with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry now has a release date. It will be released on Tuesday, September 28th, 1999! This was reported on on July 20th.

  • Swedish Fans! Let's Get Aerosmith On The Radio!...
      Hej! (Writes in Swedish...)
      Jag och Markus Svensson har snackat om att vi borde starta en 'kampanj' mot Grönska i P3. Vi vill höra mer Aerosmith på svensk radio och försöker därför få så många som möjligt att skriva och maila in till dem och önska gamla klassiker från '70- och '80-talet. Vi försökte enas om en låt som vi kan försöka få med och kom fram till Lord Of The Thighs. Men egentligen spelar det ingen större roll vilken låt vi väljer tycker jag.... Om alla mailar in önskningar så kanske vi tillsammans kan få med nån låt med Aerosmith i alla fall. Visst låter det som en bra ide?
      Här är adresserna:

      Vanlig adress: Grönska SR P3 105 10 Stockholm

News as of July 23, 1999
  • Aerosmith, Metallica and the Back Street Boys (Band)
      The following was found at the URL (The webpage for the Backstreet Band.. the band who play the music at the Back Street Boys' concerts) It's taken from the NEWS section...

      Tue, Jul 20, 1999 Well hello there!!! Glad to see you again. There is lots of new stuff to talk about so lets get right to it.
      We just left Spain and are on our way back to Germany, about 3 weeks left to go. We had a great time in Spain and have the pictures to prove it. We spent 3 wonderful and relaxing days in Barcelona. The guys from Aerosmith and Metallica came to see the show. We had a great time hanging out with them. On our day off the hotel pool was filled with musicians from all 3 bands. Backstreet Boys hanging with heavy metal guys. Strange. Steven Tyler from Aerosmith talked about songwriting with us. (he said it took him 9 months to figure out why Jamie had a gun). We all got sunburned, but felt refreshed. That night we all went out to see the Aerosmith show. It was nice to get a really good dose of Rock n Roll from one of the best bands in the world. Trust me, we needed it and it felt great. They were really nice to us. Steven Tyler sang right to us and Me and Dennis got laminated backstage passes that will allow us to go to any Aerosmith concert in the future.
      Way cool, I love my job.

      [Not Aerosmith related stuff on that page.....]

      Speaking of pictures, I have posted the pictures from the Spain segement of the tour. I also included some from the Aerosmith concert. If you're not an Aerosmith fan I'm sorry. But remember, this is not a Backstreet Boys page. It's for the BAND and we ARE fans, so there.

      As stated above... there are also (good) pics from Aerosmith's Spain concert on that page. Check them out!! Don't worry. It isn't a Back Street Boys page so you can go there... *lol* : )

  • Rick Dufay! Blue By Nature Downloads!
      For those of you interested in hearing some of Rick's more recent work...check out Blue By Nature on the MP3 site (URL below). One of the songs on the double live CD (I Had It All Wrong) is currently ranked in the top ten Blues/Rock category AND if you select the option shown for Live At The Lake Abridged you can hear a few more samples including one where he is's called "You Got Me Working". The LIVE CD really shows off a lot more of his talent IMHO of course it's still not the same as being there in person. on the featured song...some solo work starts about 2 minutes into the song.

      You can also check out his work on the Blue To The Bone studio album using the following link: Blue To The Bone on CD Now

  • My 16th Birthday.... Thanks!
      Just wanna say thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Felt good to see that so many took time to do that just for me : ) I didn't receive anything Aerosmith related for my birthday but I got some money so I'll probably buy some myself : ) Also, I got a new computer from my parents... Pentium III 450mhz!!! There probably wont be as many updates to this page for a while now since I will have to transfer all the homepage-files from the old to the new computer but after that everything should just get better than ever. I hope so anyway. : ) Anyway, I'll try to keep updating atleast the news page.... I've really been getting off the subject lately haven't I? Sorry 'bout that! : )

News as of July 22, 1999
  • My 16th Birthday
      Not Aerosmith news but it's my birthday today. I turn 16 today. I Hope I'll get something Aerosmith related.... : )

  • Visitors At Rock This Way
      Today the counter is on 86342. Sorry to bore you with this. I just do this for myself so that I can look back and see how many visitors I've had during different years some time in the future....

  • Black Crowes on Swedish P3 Live! Reminder...
      Today on Thursday July 22nd, starting at 21.00, Swedish Radio P3 will air The Black Crowes show recorded at Globen, Stockholm on June 10th 1999. This is as you know when they opened for Aerosmith.

News as of July 20, 1999
  • Swedish Visitors!... Black Crowes on P3 Live!
      On Thursday July 22nd, starting at 21.00, Swedish Radio P3 will air The Black Crowes show recorded at Globen, Stockholm on June 10th 1999. This is as you know when they opened for Aerosmith. Too bad it wasn't the Aerosmith concert but I'm sure some of you, atleast those of us who were there, are interested in this aswell....

      Also if they were there and recorded the Black Crowes maybe there's a small chance that they have recorded and will air the Aerosmith concert some time aswell? I sure hope so anyway. : )

  • Monza Rock Festival
      Aerosmith ran up against the weather on July 10th and they cancelled the first day of the Monza Rock festival (two day event). On July 11th, the day was headlined by Lenny Kravitz with the Black Crowes. They managed to squeeze Aerosmith in at 3pm for a reduced set of 63 mins.

  • Tribute Album
      I do not know if this is the same tribute album as we've heard about before but I got the following info by E-mail:

      New Release 16 Aug 1999 Aerosmith (Tribute): Tribute To (Audio CD) Japanese Import

      The official US release date for the tribute album "Not The Same Old Song And Dance" or "Back In The Saddle" is still as far as I know Tuesday, September 7th, 1999

  • Various News From Europe Taken From The AF1 Website
      A recent rumor (July 11th) we heard had Joe Perry stranded at the side of the road en route from Brussels to Frankfurt betwixt the shows in those locales! One story we heard was that a bus full of fans stopped for Joe and he rode with them to Aerosmith's next engagement.

      Well, the story isn't entirely true.

      We have what really happened straight from our favorite assistant Tour Manager, John B.,'s what he has to say! "I was on the bus with Joe when it broke down, we were picked up by our crew bus and then went on to Amsterdam. The Hamburg story was true. [Aerosmith offered to play the night after the Hamburg show was cancelled, but the venue was booked.]

      Also in Milan we got rained out. Since the next day was off the band offered to play that day. It was the last day of a three day festival. The last night was headlined by Lenny Kravitz. The Black Crowes were also on the bill. The Crowes graciouly cut their set short so Aerosmith could play. It was one hour of Balls to the wall Aerosmith."

      Here's more from John B. on Aerosmith Old World Capers:

      "The night after the guys' humongous show at Wembley Stadium they joined the Black Crowes and the Stereophonics at a small club in downtown London. It was for a charity put on by rock god legend Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin (Der). Jimmy puts on this charity every year and asked the guys to be a part of it. After the Stereophonics rocked the crowd the Crowes along with Jimmy gave them the Blues. Shortly after, Joe and Steven joined up with moving renditions of "Train Kept a Rollin'" and "Heartbreaker" before Steven teamed up with Chris Robinson for "You Shook Me". The 600 Cafe De Paris patrons went nuts and when the smoke cleared the boys were in their cars back to the Hotel. Now that's Rock and Roll."

      Taken from

  • ARTISTdirect Announces Exclusive Long-Term Partnerships... From: AOL News
      Subj: ARTISTdirect Announces Exclusive Long-Term Partnerships...
      Date: 7/19/99 5:04:03 AM Pacific Daylight Time
      From: AOL News

      ARTISTdirect Announces Exclusive Long-Term Partnerships with Forty-Four Of The World's Leading Music Stars to Distribute Physical and Digital Products Online

      Metallica, Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, Tom Petty, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, Dwight Yoakam Among Recording Artists to Own Company Stock Options

      ENCINO, Calif., July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- ARTISTdirect, LLC, operators of the Internet's premier music vertical, today announced exclusive long-term partnerships with 44 of the world's leading music stars. The deal allows the artists to generate significantly increased revenues from product sales online and participate in the success of the company as equity shareholders via stock options.

      The artists, many of whom are international superstars, span the full spectrum of music and are drawn from every major record company. Participating artists include: Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Aerosmith, Tori Amos, Beastie Boys, Beck, Counting Crows, Cypress Hill, Marilyn Manson, Stevie Nicks, Ozzy Osbourne, Tom Petty, Rage Against The Machine, Korn, Rolling Stones, and Dwight Yoakam, among others (see attached list).

      "The implications of this are far-reaching. Most importantly, this marks the first time that artists have absolute control over media - they control their own web sites, online stores, images, and downloadable music - and have a direct ownership interest in the net result," said Marc Geiger, CEO/Co-founder of ARTISTdirect and a 15-year music industry veteran.

      "This is also about artist branding, and that's a new concept. To a certain degree, artists are isolated from their fans - now they can connect directly to their fans and vice versa in a self-determined way," Geiger added. "This takes the ARTISTdirect relationship with major artists to a significantly higher level."

      Presence on ARTISTdirect Network

      The partnerships link these artists to the ARTISTdirect Network (, which is one of the most highly trafficked music networks on the Web. The ARTISTdirect Network includes the properties of (The Ultimate Band List), the Web's foremost independent music site and music-specific search engine; iMusic, the Web's leading music community site; and official ARTISTdirect Superstores.

      Each artist will have a retail presence in the ARTISTdirect Network in the form of a superstore, which will offer CDs and merchandise, rarities, news, information, MP3 downloads or similar digital music files which are unavailable elsewhere. Twenty-three artist stores have already launched; others are currently in production and will roll-out on the ARTISTdirect Network through the end of the year.

      In addition to selling physical and digital music and related products directly to their fans online, ARTISTdirect enables artists to aggressively build substantial international databases of fans to whom they can continue to market and promote products for the length of their careers. As a result, artists will be less dependent on third party channels and other media and can communicate directly with their fans. This allows for both wide-scale and grass roots brand building and brand extension and enables artists to hold onto their fan base for much longer periods of time.

      "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line," said Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. "ARTISTdirect gives us a straight line of communication to our fans, and vice versa."

      "Historically, artists have been a big part of building up the major record labels and distribution companies, radio networks, video networks, in which they had never had any ownership or participation themselves," said Gary Gersh, Chairman/ G.A.S Entertainment. "Now, with the inherent ability of the Internet to create a connection between artist and fan, bands can generate more revenues from their products and even have ownership in a company like ARTISTdirect, which can create and maximize such an opportunity."

      Bill Curbishley, manager of The Who, added, "I'm very pleased that The Who have agreed to join forces with ARTISTdirect. I feel that commerce over the Internet is becoming more and more of an important part of our business, and ARTISTdirect is leading the way."

      Terms of the Deals

      Each ARTISTdirect partnership represents a long-term exclusive agreement tailored to the individual artist. Artists have agreed to promote their official online channels at ARTISTdirect in all album covers, tour advertising, and other print. In addition, each artist will utilize their Web presence as a channel to provide exclusive content, community building features, and online-only products for their fans.

      ARTISTdirect will produce and manage artist web sites and online stores, providing a comprehensive turn-key Internet presence for the artists. Artists will participate as equity owners in ARTISTdirect through grants of stock options. Option grants were primarily based on historical sales of records, tickets and merchandise plus the degree to which the artists agreed to actively participate in the ARTISTdirect marketing activities and the development of their web sites and fan communities.

      Marketing Campaigns

      ARTISTdirect will leverage its artist relationships for extensive advertising and marketing campaigns with artist participation both online and off-line. Spots are currently planned for national and major market radio and print outlets. A television campaign is expected to launch in the fourth quarter of this year.

      About ARTISTdirect Network

      The ARTISTdirect Network is the premier music destination on the Web. The network is comprised of (the Ultimate Band List), the only music specific search engine; iMusic, the premier music community site on the Web; and ARTISTdirect Superstores, retail centers for leading bands and artists. About ARTISTdirect, LLC

      ARTISTdirect is a total music entertainment company designed to provide a direct connection between music artists and global consumers. ARTISTdirect is comprised of three synergistic music businesses that provide the company with an on-line music network, access to high-profile artists, and intellectual property: ARTISTdirect Network (, ARTISTdirect Talent Agency and the Kneeling Elephant record label (

      Participating Artists:

      Aerosmith , Tori Amos , The B-52's , Backstreet Boys , Beastie Boys , Beck , Black Crowes , Blink 182 , Chris Cornell , Counting Crows , Cypress Hill , Def Leppard , Everclear , Foo Fighters , Chris Isaak , Kenny G , Korn , Limp Bizkit , Megadeth , Marilyn Manson , Matchbox 20 , Metallica , Stevie Nicks , Offspring , Ozzy Osbourne , Tom Petty , Pantera , Pink Floyd , Rage Against the Machine , Red Hot Chili Peppers , Rolling Stones , Brian Setzer , Slayer , Social Distortion , Sonic Youth , Soul Coughing , Stabbing Westward , Stone Temple Pilots , Sublime , System of a Down , Dwight Yoakam , Robbie Williams , The Who , Rob Zombie

      SOURCE ARTISTdirect
      CO: ARTISTdirect LLC; ARTISTdirect Network
      ST: California
      IN: ENT MLM
      SU: CON

      07/19/99 08:01 EDT

News as of July 15, 1999
  • Full Circle #1 in Brazil!!
      The Full Circle video finally made it!!! After 9 or 10 weeks on the MTV charts, Full Circle peaked #1 last Saturday on the weekly Top 20 MTV.... the video blew away the Backstreet boys video from the top spot

  • Aerosmith On Upcoming Soundtrack?
      There have been rumors that Aerosmith might contribute a new song to the soundtracks of the upcoming two movies..."The Runaway Bride" and "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2." Well, here is the track listing for:

      "The Runaway Bride"

      1} The Dixie Chicks- "Ready To Run"
      2} The Dixie Chicks- "You Can't Hurry Love"
      3} Martina McBride- "I Love You"
      4} Billy Joel- "Where Were You On Our Wedding Day?"
      5} Marc Anthony- "You Sang To Me"
      6} Allure- "You're The Only One For Me"
      7} Evan & Jaron- "From My Head To My Heart"
      8} Hall & Oates- "Maneater"
      9} Shawn Colvin- "Never Saw Blue"
      10} Kenny Loggins/Human Nature- "Once In A Lifetime"
      11} Coco Lee- "Before I Fall In Love" is the tenative track listing for "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2":

      1} Monster Magnet- "Silver Future"
      2} Billy Idol- "Buried Alive"
      3} Powerman 5000- "World's Collide"
      4} MDRMK [formerly KMFDM]- "Missing Time"
      5} Apartment 26- "Dystopia"
      6} Hate Department- "Hit Back"
      7} Sinistar- "Psycho Sexy"
      8} Tommy Lee/Snoop Dogg- "Lucky"
      9} Days Of The New- ????
      10} Static X- ????
      11} Rob Zombie- ????
      12} Guns 'N' Roses- ????

      Also rumored to appear are U2, The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Metallica, KISS, Sammy Hagar, and Alice in Chains. Now, there is supposed to be 21 songs on the finished project which will be released in September or October on Restless Records. So, there still is a slight possibilty that Aerosmith might have a song on that one...but NOT on "The Runaway Bride" soundtrack.

News as of July 14, 1999
  • Aerosmith In This Weeks Kerrang Magazine
      This weeks Kerrang (Issue 759) has a 2 page poster of Steven taken live onstage - Wembley Stadium June 26, 1999. Also a short review of the new novel "Be Cool" by Elmore Leonard which features Aerosmith.

News as of July 12, 1999
  • Aerosmith Recording A Song With Prince!!
      Pop/Rock: Prince, Aerosmith and Garth Brooks

      (Los Angeles-AP)-- It's a weird meeting of talents: Prince and Aerosmith. It's even weirder who got them together: Garth Brooks. Brooks has created a rock-icon character called Chris Gaines, who will put out a greatest-hits album and be the subject of a movie. Brooks says he always wanted to see Prince and Aerosmith together, so he brought them together for the Gaines project for a song called "The Way of the Girl". The film, called "The Lamb", will be released next year.

  • 3D Picture Of Joe Perry In Guitar World
      The August issue of Guitar World magazine has a 3-D pic of Joe Perry with a motorcycle in it.

News as of July 11, 1999
  • Perry Family Stranded On The Autobahn
      Road Warriors, July 10 Boston Globe, p. C2

      The band Aerosmith has had a few glitches while in Europe on its "A Little South of Sanity" tour. First, a Hamburg stadium show was cancelled at the last minute when the promoter decided the building's roof was in danger of callapsing. Later, after a show in Brussels, Joe Perry, his wife Billie, and their three kids were left stranded on the autobahn in the middle of the night when their bus broke down. Oddly, a bus full of winners from an MTV Europe Aerosmith contest drove by and picked them up.

News as of July 8, 1999
  • Kerrang Magazine
      Kerrang has a page photo of Tyler and Perry with Kelly Jones of the Stereophincs and also a small pic of Page playing with the Crowes the day after (but nothing with Tyler/Perry).

      Then there is a 2 page review of the Toxic Twin Tower Ball - just one pic of Tyler holding the mic.

  • Smash Mouth
      Taken from the Spanish newspaper "El País" of July 2.
      From an interview with the Californian band 'Smash Mouth':
      "Our influences are: Kiss, Van Halen, Foghat, Cicle Jerks, Dead Kennedys, AEROSMITH, Pretenders and Elvis Presley."

News as of July 5, 1999
  • Adrian Perry Has Joined Aerosmith On Stage In Germany
      At one point of the the Aerosmith concert last night, July 4th, in Erfurt/ Germany, Steven stoped and said to the audience "We have a special guest tonight. It's Adrian Perry!!". Then Adrian went on stage and shook hands with Steven and the other guys in the band. He talked with his father and you could see that he was very nervous and shy. Then Aerosmith played a song with him (he plays guitar like his father). After the song Joe embraced his son and Adrian went off of the stage.
      Adrian almost looked like his father. He has brown hair (curls; same length like Joe) and he wore glasses. He wore a grey t-shirt and brown jeans.

      Adrian also joined the band for "Stop Messin' Around" in Frankfurt, Germany on June 30th. According to René Dürre, who saw that show, You could see how proud Joe was.

  • Cover Version Of Rag Doll Heard At Rock Never Stops Tour
      Andi reports that when she went to see Ted Nugent and the Rock Never Stops Tour on Friday night a whole side of Jimi Hendrix's Greatest Hits was the music chosen to keep the crowd entertained after Slaughter, Quiet Riot, and Night Ranger had played and they were setting up the stage for Ted Nugent, but the last song before the Nuge took the stage wasn't Hendrix... the opening drum beats were unmistakable! It was Rag Doll!---but it wasn't Aerosmith!!! She said the song rocked and that it sounded like Axl Rose but as far as I know it's Ted Nugent himself that has recorded Rag Doll for the tribute album.

News as of July 3, 1999
  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster - The Miami Herald
      entry form for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Sweepstakes In the Miami Herald weekend section July 2, 1999 there is a entry form for the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Sweepstakes. The prize is a trip to Disney World for the dedication of the roller coaster on July 29. If anyone wants to enter, they will have to get a copy of the paper as reproductions of the entry form are not allowed. The contest ends July 16.

  • Liv Tyler Horoscope From Boston Herald 6/27/99
      Boston Herald 6/27/99
      Horoscope By Joyce Jillson

      CELEBRITY PROFILES: Beautiful Liv Tyler continues her quest for the perfect role, but her chart says that it's her modeling career that will keep her the busiest this year. The stars indicate this Cancer child of super-star lineage will find the height of her acting career when she is a mom herself. Cancer children are emotionally available and more innocent than other children. They often don't develop the protective shell that Cancer is known for as soon as their peers will.
      Published on June 27, 1999

News as of July 1, 1999
  • Happy Birthday Liv!
      It's Liv Tyler's 22nd Birthday today! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  • More On The Jimmy Page London Charity Gig, June 28

      Unconfirmed but usually reliable reports follow - alas TBL couldn't raise the mortgage to allow us access...!!

      The charity event was in aid of ABC Task Brazil Trust, for the street children of Brazil and was organized by Jimmy, Jimena, Emily Cash (Pat Cash's wife) and Nathalie Smith (Adrian Smith's wife). The event was sponsored by Calvin Klein who invited almost all of the guests.

      Other acts included Roger Taylor playing Queen songs and the Stereophonics who had Billy Duffy guesting on Wild Flower.

      Jimmy Page setlist as follows

      Page w/Black Crowes (minus keyboardist Ed Harsch), Shake Your Money Maker, Sloppy Drunk (Jimmy Rogers song), Woke Up This Morning (BB King song), In My Time Of Dying, Oh Well (Fleetwood Mac song), Whole Lotta Love (very short version)

      Approx 42 mins

      Short Break

      Page w/Guy Pratt and Michael Lee
      Dazed And Confused (instrumental version, no bow solo)

      Page w/Guy Pratt, Michael Lee, Steven Tyler and Joe "Fuckin'" Perry
      Train Kept A Rollin', Heartbreaker

      Page w/Guy Pratt, Michael Lee, Steven Tyler and Joe "Fuckin'" Perry, Rich Robinson and Chris Robinson

      You Shook Me

      Combined Sets Approx 30 mins

      Onstage at 11.25pm Finshed at 1.00pm

      Page wearing black trousers and black T-shirt with white logo (probably Scream logo)

      Calvin Klein had cameras filming the event. It was good to see all of these musicians together on stage at the same time, but with only a couple of rehearsals the performance was not that tight. The best song was the instrumental version of Dazed and Confused. Jimmy seemed to be enjoying himself as did the crowd of approximately 700.

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