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News as of August 31, 1999
  • FANatic Finale.....
      MTV's FANatic show with Mr. SteveTy5's Interview with Steven Tyler will be on for it's 15th and final time Wednesday, September 1st at 12:30 PM EST. Tune in!

News as of August 29, 1999
  • Swedish TV, SVT, To Show MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch"
      According to Expressen's/Kvällsposten's Entertainment Supplement (nöjesbilaga) SVT will start sending MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch" on November 2nd. And as you may know one of the shows include Steven Tyler/Mick Jagger

  • Short Concert Review in the German Breakout-Magazine
      There's a very short concert review on the show in Frankfurt, June 30th, 1999 in the German Breakout-Magazine no. 6/99 (August/Sept.-issue) - a few lines and 3 b/w photos.

  • Liv Tyler (Not Aerosmith related)
      From E! Online:

      "Liv Tyler is crowned queen in New Line's upcoming Lord of the Rings trilogy. Tyler will costar as the Queen of the Fairies along with Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood and Christopher Lee in the film based on the J.R.R. Tolkien epic. Helmer Peter Jackson begins shooting the first installment this fall in New Zealand."

News as of August 28, 1999
  • Information On The Aerosmith Tribute Album!!!
      Various Artists- "Not The Same Old Song And Dance"
      Producer- Bob Kulick
      Label- Cleopatra
      Release Date- Tuesday, September 7th, 1999

      1} "Chip Away The Stone"

      Vocals--Vince Neil (Motley Crue)
      Bass--Ricky Phillips (Ted Nugent, Bad English)

      Also Includes:

      Paul Taylor (Alice Cooper, Winger)
      2} "Sweet Emotion"

      Vocals--Jack Blades (Night Ranger, Damn Yankees)
      Guitar--Tommy Shaw (Styx, Damn Yankees)
      Bass--Mike Inez (Ozzy Osbourne, Alice In Chains)
      Drums--Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne, Lita Ford, Motley Crue)
      3} "Same Old Song And Dance"

      Vocals--Jack Russel (Great White)
      Drums--Bobby Blotzer (Ratt)
      Bass--Jeff Pilson (Dokken)
      Guitar--Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (The Doobie Brothers, Nazareth)
      Saxaphone--Edgar Winters (Rick Derringer, Meat Loaf)

      Also Includes:
      Bob Kulick (KISS)
      David Glen Eisley (Michael Bolton)
      4} "Walk This Way"

      Vocals--Fee Waybill (The Tubes, Richard Marx)
      Bass--Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge)
      Guitar--Steve Lekather (Boz Scaggs)
      Drums--Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake)
      5} "Rag Doll"

      Vocals, Guitars--Ted Nugent (The Amboy Dukes, Damn Yankees)
      Guitars--Bob Kulick (KISS)
      Bass--Tony Franklin (Jimmy Page)
      Drums--Vincent Colaiuta (Billy Joel, Sting, Frank Zappa)
      6} "Toys In The Attic"

      Vocals--Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)
      Guitar--Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Guns N' Roses)
      Drums--Aynsley Dunbar (Journey, Whitesnake, Sammy Hagar)
      Bass--Phil Soussan
      7} "Dream On"

      Vocals--Ronnie James Dio (Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio)
      Guitars--Yngwie Malmsteen (Solo Guitarist)
      Drums--Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Steve Vai)

      Also Includes:

      Bruce Bouillet (Racer X)
      Bob Kulick (KISS)
      Paul Taylor (Alice Cooper, Winger)
      Stu Hamm (J.J. Jackson)
      8} "Back In The Saddle"

      Vocals--Mark Slaughter (Slaughter)
      Guitar--Albert Lee (Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Jerry Lee Lewis)
      Bass--Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake)
      Drums--Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot, WASP)

      Also Includes:

      Bruce Bouillet (Racer X)
      Bob Kulick (KISS)
      9} "No Surprise"

      Vocals--Jani Lane (Warrant)
      Bass--Adrian Perry (Dexter)
      Guitar--Chris Holmes (WASP)

      Also Includes:

      Bob Kulick (KISS)
      Stephen Riley (Marcus Roberts)
      10} "Draw The Line"

      Vocals--Jeff Keith (Tesla)
      Guitars--Tommy Skeoch (Tesla)
      Chapman Stick--Tony Levin (Alice Cooper, John Lennon, Pink Floyd)
      Drums--Eric Singer (Black Sabbath, Kiss, ESP)
      11} "Last Child"

      Vocals--Mickey Thomas (Jefferson Starship, Heart, Sammy Hagar)
      Guitar--Earl Slick (David Bowie, John Lennon, Joe Cocker)
      Bass--Nathan East (Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker)
      Drums--Stephen Ferrone (Eric Clapton, Aerosmith)

  • Information On The Joe Perry Project CD
      The Joe Perry Project- "The Best Of The Joe Perry Project (The Music Still Does The Talking)"
      Label- Raven Records
      Release Date- Tuesday, September 14th, 1999

      1} "Let The Music Do The Talking" (Joe Perry)
      2} "Conflict Of Interest" (Joe Perry)
      3} "Discount Dogs" (Joe Perry/Ralph Morman)
      4} "Shooting Star" (Joe Perry)
      5} "Break Song" (Joe Perry/Dave Hull/Ronnie Stewart)
      6} "Rockin' Train" (Joe Perry/Ralph Morman)
      7} "Life At A Glance" (Joe Perry)
      8} "Bone To Bone" (Joe Perry/Steven Tyler)
      9} "East Coast, West Coast" (Charlie Farren)
      10} "I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again" (Charlie Farren/Joe Perry)
      11} "No Substitute For Arrogance" (Charlie Farren/Joe Perry)
      12} "Buzz Buzz" (David Hull/Karp/Resnick)
      13} "Soldier Of Fortune" (Joe Perry)
      14} "South Station Blues" (Joe Perry)
      15} "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker (Joe Perry/Mach Bell)
      16} "Black Velvet Pants" (Joe Perry)
      17} "King Of The Kings" (Joe Perry/Mach Bell)
      18} "Bang A Gong" (Marc Bolan)
      19} "Walk With Me Sally" (Joe Perry/Mach Bell)
      20} "Never Wanna Stop" (Joe Perry/Mach Bell)

      This is a official album... the following message is from Ian McFarlane of Raven Records:

      "Yes, this is an official release. Raven Records is a wholly legitimate concern. We've licensed the Joe Perry Project material from Sony Music and Universal Music (MCA). The CD comes with an 8-page colour booklet with liner notes and pics."

      Also...anyone in the UK wanting it: "Raven does have distribution in the UK (through Topic Records/Direct Distribution)."

      And..the cover art? Well..the guy tried to send a scan of the cover, but it didn't work out. He describes it as: "The CD front cover features a grainy, B&W head-and-shoulders shot of a tough looking Joe Perry laid over an orange/yellow flame background. The words THE BEST OF THE JOE PERRY PROJECT appear at the top left hand corner, while the sub-title The Music STILL Does the Talking runs across the bottom in white lettering. Looks classy!"

      The "Bone To Bone" track [I'm told] is an instrumental from the Ralph Mormon era of the JPP.

  • Cowboy Mach Bell's Thoughts On The JPP CD
    (Mach Bell sent the following mail to Scott Swinsburg)

      "I returned from California yesterday and found my inbox bulging w/ email. Got email from Charlie Farren! This is great, it's about time I communicated with him! This "Best of the JPP" is very interesting. I actually called Joe yesterday to see if he knows about it. His machine picked up and I left a message -- he's probably up at Sunapee with his family, and I really don't want to bother him. I just hope the quality of the sound and packaging are good. I know some fans want more live cuts, unreleased and alternate versions -- but this is at least a start - if the release does well maybe more will follow. I was dissapointed that Raven left my writing credit off a bunch of songs in their press release. On the other hand, at least they gave me credit on one song -- MCA gave NO writing credits on their CD re-release of Once a Rocker! Anyway it looks like the Joe Perry Project revival is gaining momentum, and that is really fantastic! Mach."

News as of August 27, 1999
  • From Country Standard
      What does Steve Tyler of Aerosmith fame and Dave Foley, the head of the Boston-area based Dave Foley Band have in common? For starters, the band played at Tyler's party Saturday at Tyler's Norwell, Mass. restaurant.
      And it also seems they share musical interests. "He was clapping every song, whistling and hee hawing," said Foley Monday. "At the end, we were taking pictures and talking about Gram Parsons. He said he'd like to come down one night and sing 'Hickory Wind' with us. It's funny seeing someone like that getting into it."
      Foley released a CD earlier this year, "Holey Moley, It's Dave Foley."

  • The Source For The "New Aerosmith Video" Info
      Steve (who sent me the info on the new video) told me he received the info from someone that is supplying some items that the band will be using in the video. A very reliable source. He told me that he doesn't know the name of the song, just that it is a soundtrack.

News as of August 26, 1999
  • More on The "New Aerosmith Video"
      It seems the information that I put up here on August 22nd was a little inaccurate... Here's the latest...
      The video is being filmed in Cambridge not Fall River. The video is for a soundtrack and it is going to be filmed on Tuesday September 14th.

News as of August 25, 1999
  • Garth Brooks' "The Life Of Chris Gaines"
      Here's a snippet from an article in Billboard Magazine about the song that was reported be have been recorded by Aerosmith, Garth Brooks, and Prince:

      "The Way Of The Girl" (Gordon Kennedy): Brooks has described this as a cross between Aerosmith and The Artist Formerly Known as Prince. Heavy, guitar-driven verses collide with ethereal, airy choruses. you can see it's just the sound of Aerosmith/Prince. Neither of the artists are actually involved in the recording.

News as of August 24, 1999
  • Babylon A.D. Covers Rats In The Cellar
      Among the album reviews in the latest Metal Hammer Hungarica there was an article about an album of Babylon A.D. called "Live In Your Face", and the review says it has a cover of Rats In The Cellar. The article sas this is an American band has worked between 1989 and 1993, and this live album was recorded around 1992. This album has 10 of their own songs, and two covers, one of them is Rats in the cellar, and the other is an AC/DC song.

  • The Joe Perry Project CD Wont Be Released in Sweden : (
    (Ian McFarlane sent the following E-Mail to me after I had asked him if the CD would be released in Sweden...)

      With the upcoming release of Raven's Joe Perry Project CD, I've just been doing some promotion by e-mailing as many Joe Perry/Aerosmith web sites as I can find. I checked out your web site and knew that you would be interested.

      The CD is due out in the US on Sept 14. Raven does have distribution in the UK (through Topic Records/Direct Distribution) so I expect that you will be able to order the CD from outlets in the UK. If you have a CD supplier in Sweden maybe you can get them to contact Direct Distribution about ordering copies.

      We have been working on getting our web site happening for ages, so it's not posted yet. Hopefully by the end of the year, so then people around the world will be able to order Raven product direct from us over the net.

News as of August 23, 1999
  • New Joe Perry Project CD! Complete Track Listing!
    (Big Thanks To Ian McFarlane Who E-Mailed Me The Following...)

      Greetings from Australia and Raven Records

      Australia's premier reissues label Raven is proud to present on CD The Best of The Joe Perry Project.

      Out now! (through DNA - Distribution North America)

      Raven Records RVCD-98
      The Best of The Joe Perry Project
      (The Music Still Does The Talking)
      (Bar Code 6 12657 00982 6)

      Hard rock aficionados the world over know Joe Perry as the nimble-fingered guitar master with the multi-platinum, multifarious Aerosmith, one of the all-time great outlaw rock’n’roll bands of the age. A lesser-known aspect of Perry’s 30-year journey from hopeful young guitar hero to world-renowned musician is his brief solo career as leader of his own band, the Joe Perry Project. Throughout the 1970s, Aerosmith had established a position as the USA’s pre-eminent hard rock attraction. Then, in October 1979, with Aerosmith’s career at something of a creative impasse and relationships within the band strained to breaking point, Perry struck out on his own.

      With no band, no recording contract and no management to back him, Perry set about getting his solo career off the ground. He assembled a crack backing band, which he dubbed, inevitably, the Joe Perry Project, and launched himself on the college and club touring circuit. Over the course of four years, and through four different line-ups, the Joe Perry Project issued three albums of exuberant, swaggering, funky rock’n’roll. The debut, Let the Music do the Talking (1980), fared well, selling a more-than-respectable 250,000 copies in the US. The subsequent albums, I’ve Got the Rock’n’Rolls Again (1981) and Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker (1983) maintained the quality, but sold significantly less copies. By early 1984, Perry and his old sparring partner, Steven Tyler, had patched up their differences and reformed Aerosmith.

      As for the Joe Perry Project, all that remains are three underrated albums, a bunch of tightly coiled, energetic rock songs and, no doubt, a mess of faded memories. In customary fashion, Raven has now culled the best material from those albums for release on one action-packed, 20-track, 75-minute collection. From the arrogant swagger of Let the Music do the Talking and Discount Dogs (off the debut album), through the blazing East Coast, West Coast and South Station Blues (from album #2) on to the raw and playful Black Velvet Pants and Never Wanna Stop (album #3), this is gritty, street-level 1980s rock at its finest.

      Naturally enough, as the band’s resident guitar godhead, Perry pulled out all stops throughout with his fiery licks, most notably on the whiplash instrumental Break Song. His various backing musicians responded with appropriate vigour, and if some of the material here echoes Aerosmith’s brash take on arena rock, then the songs are all the more exciting for their fluent dynamics and barely contained rock energy. As an added bonus, there’s the rare non-album B-side Bone to Bone (from 1980, and transferred directly from a long-lost master tape discovered in the vaults at Sony Records Australia) that has never before appeared on CD.

      For a myriad of reasons, the Joe Perry Project missed out on long-term success. Yet, no lesser a person than Joe Perry himself would be proud of his achievements throughout that challenging time circa 1980-1984. The Best of The Joe Perry Project will serve to fill a gap in any self-respecting hard rock fan’s music collection.

      2. CONFLICT OF INTEREST (Joe Perry)
      3. DISCOUNT DOGS (Joe Perry/Ralph Morman)
      4. SHOOTING STAR (Joe Perry)
      5. BREAK SONG (Joe Perry/D. Hull/R. Stewart)
      6. ROCKIN’ TRAIN (Joe Perry/Ralph Morman)
      7. LIFE AT A GLANCE (Joe Perry)
      8. BONE TO BONE (Joe Perry/Steve Tyler) †
      9. EAST COAST, WEST COAST (Charlie Farren)
      10. I’VE GOT THE ROCK’N’ROLLS AGAIN (Charlie Farren/Joe Perry)
      11. NO SUBSTITUTE FOR ARROGANCE (Charlie Farren/Joe Perry)
      12. BUZZ BUZZ (Hull/Karp/Resnick)
      13. SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (Joe Perry)
      14. SOUTH STATION BLUES (Joe Perry)
      15. ONCE A ROCKER, ALWAYS A ROCKER (Joe Perry/Mach Bell)
      16. BLACK VELVET PANTS (Joe Perry)
      17. KING OF THE KINGS (Joe Perry)
      18. BANG A GONG (Marc Bolan)
      19. WALK WITH ME SALLY (Joe Perry)
      20. NEVER WANNA STOP (Joe Perry)
      † Non-album B-side – Never before on CD

  • Aerosmith's Rocks Is Slash's 3rd Favorite Album
      Slash's top 10 favorite CD's:

      1. Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street
      2. Beatles - Abbey Road
      3. Aerosmith - Rocks
      4. Donna Summer - Greatest Hits
      5. Led Zeppelin - II
      6. AC/DC - Powerage
      7. Jimi Hendrix - Live At The Filmore East
      8. Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow
      9. Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage
      10. Shakespear's Sister - Hormonally Yours

  • Aerosmith Nominated For Pioneer Artist On The Internet
      ARTISTdirect Wednesday announced the First Annual ARTISTdirect Online Music Awards. Set to take place Oct. 7 at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, the ARTISTdirect Online Music Awards will offer recognition to artists, bands and Web sites based entirely on fan input. Aerosmith was nominated for Pioneer Artist on the Internet.

News as of August 22, 1999
  • Pre-order The Upcoming Tribute Album
      The tribute album which is going to be called "Not The Same Old Song And Dance: A Tribute To Aerosmith " will be released [in the US] on Tuesday, September 7th, 1999 on Cleopatra Records. can pre-order this album at the following web sites for the following prices:$12.99$12.99$15.99$16.99

      The web site Wall Of Sound posted the following preview:

      Various Artists: Not the Same Old Song and Dance: A Tribute to Aerosmith (Cleopatra)

      This tribute to Aerosmith is a veritable who's who of '80s hair rockers. Assorted members of Ratt, Slaughter, L.A. Guns, Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot, and Tesla are among those who pay homage to the boys from Boston. The closest brush with Aerosmith comes in the form of Adrian Perry — Joe's son — who teams up with Warrant's Jani Lane on "No Surprise."

  • New Joe Perry Project CD!!
      There will be a NEW album released by The Joe Perry Project. Well, actually a "Best Of" album. That's,, and are all saying that the "Best Of Joe Perry Project" will be released on Saturday, September 14th, 1999 on "Raven Records." Here are the Pre-Order prices:$12.99$14.99$14.99

      I will put up more info as soon as I find out more about it.

  • Metal Curch Covers Toys In The Attic
      The new Metal Church album, called "Masterpeace", has a cover of Toys In The Attic

  • VH1 to One, Aerosmith
      The programme "VH1 to One" shown on UK's VH1 on Friday the 20th was a repeat of that shown on the Rock Show about two months ago. So much for exclusives.

  • New Aerosmith Video?
      A pretty reliable poster on the AOL message board posted yesterday that the guys are going to be filming a new video in Fall River, MA in the near future...

      "Aerosmith is putting out a casting call for a Monica Lewinsky look-alike for its next video. Also featured in the rock vid will be look-alikes for Bill Clinton, George Bush, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan."

      Maybe the casting call was for this Fall River, MA shoot?

  • List Of All Upcoming Aerosmith-Related Albums
      1} Various Artists: Not the Same Old Song and Dance: A Tribute to Aerosmith -- Tuesday, September 7th, 1999

      2} The Joe Perry Project- "Best Of Joe Perry Project" -- Saturday, September 14th, 1999

      3} Chris Gaines- "The Life Of Chris Gaines" -- Tuesday, September 28th, 1999 [if this is true]

      4} Run DMC- "Crown Royal" -- Tuesday, October 12th, 1999

      5} Ringo Starr- "I Wanna Be Santa Claus" -- Tuesday, October 19th, 1999

      6} Various Artists- "Bob Marley: A Rebel's Dream" Tuesday, October 26th, 1999

      7} Aerosmith- "New Studio Album" -- October, 2000

      Also...If the book "Be Cool" is made into a movie...the boys should do a song for the soundtrack. Joe Perry and Jack Douglas are working on a Score for the movie "New York Minute." There could be a soundtrack album for the "Rock 'N' Roller Coaster" ride. There also should be a soundtrack album for the 2002 Olympic Games which should include the "Sweet Emotion '99" track. Also, maybe the video releases of "Goodnight Joseph Parker" and/or "Clubland."

News as of August 20, 1999
  • Joe Perry to appear on Ringo Starr Christmas album
      ( - Aerosmith's Joe Perry is expected to make an appearance or two on Ringo Starr's forthcoming Christmas album "Ringo Starr...I Wanna Be Santa Claus," due out Oct. 19. No song titles were given for the tracks on which Perry will be featured. The album will include a new version of the Beatles' "Christmas Time Is Here Again."

News as of August 18, 1999
  • News Update! (Soundtrack, Run DMC...)
      There's a new cool interview with Steven Tyler at E! online. To read it you can go to the Interviews/Articles section here at Rock This Way or click on this link: Q & A with Steven Tyler

      By reading that Interview we found out that Aerosmith DID record a song for the "Runaway Bride" soundtrack. So, when Joe Perry said around the Oscars awards that they recorded a song for a soundtrack and he said "If the soundtrack doesn't work out, the track will end up on the next album." Sounds Cool! And since Steven said "Eric Clapton did the song instead." That means that the song that Aerosmith did was "Blue Eyes Blue." Which is a ballad. But since Steven also said that "We recorded it, but it wasn't suitable for framing Aerosmith in." So, maybe they did a rock version that didn't suit this mostly country music flavored album?

      Another interesting thing that Steven said was about the upcomimg Run DMC collaboration. He says "We'll see. We haven't been in the studio, but the ball is in motion." Now, that clashes with what was reported before that Steven and Joe HAD recorded their stuff for a cover of Run DMC "It's Tricky"...and that Run DMC would work on the song while the boys were in europe on tour? I dunno...but reported today that the album's ["Crown Royal"] release date has been pushed back to "mid-October on Arista Records."

      Well...that's an update...but still NO official word on Aerosmith's possible involvement on the upcoming Garth Brooks album? And...still no further updates on the release of the upcoming Aerosmith Tribute album...I thought some new word would have come by now?

  • Where Are They Now? - Thom Gimbel
      Thom Gimbel is now part of the current Foreigner line-up. As I recall he's had some association with Foreigner in the past. Its strange that Aerosmith have had a Foreigner links as Bob Mayo was a Foreigner regular in the 80s and was the 6th Aerosmith member on the Rock In A Hard Place tour. For those saying Gimbel? - He was the keyboard and sax player for the Pump and Get A Grip tours.

  • The Upcoming Aerosmith Tribute! Al Plummer Reports:
      I scored an early copy of the Aero Tribute due out next month. I have to tell you it rocks. No its not Aero, but hearing so many different famous artists covering the boys is great. All the songs are great, but so far my favs are Draw The Line: Vocal Jeff Keith of Tesla sounds a lot like Steven on it, guitars Tommy Skeoch, Chapman stick Tony Levin, and Drums Eric Singer. Another fav is Same Old Song and Dance: Edgar Winters sax just adds this warmth to the song, sung by Jack Russell (Great White), guitar Jeff Baxter, drums Bobby Blotzer, and bass Jeff Pilson. Other notables are Dream On vocals Ronnie James Dio, Lead guitar Yngwie Malmsteen. No Surprize vocal Jani Lane and Bass Mr. Adrian Perry. And a rather interesting Rag Doll with Ted Nugent vocals and guitar. I can't seem to find any I don't like, Walk This Way is a little flat on the vocals (Fee Waybill of the Tubes) but the rest is great. I urge everyone to buy it when it comes out you won't be dissappointed.

News as of August 15, 1999
  • Joey Kramer On VH1's Before They Were Rock Stars
      VH1's "Before They Were Rock Stars" had a really nice segment on Joey on Friday night. VH1 tends to repeat these shows... The show had segments on Hanson and KISS... which is what they mentioned on their website in their be on the lookout for that type of write up.

News as of August 13, 1999
  • Steven Tyler Just Got His Motorcycle Permit! (Found at AOL)

      Tyler revs up
      Midlife crisis? You be the judge! Aerosmith main man Steven Tyler just got his motorcycle permit. Tyler zoomed into the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Plymouth the other day, took his written test on the rules of the road and got his permit. He's allowed to drive only during daylight hours but cannot carry passengers until he gets his license. And Steven must wear a helmet and shades.

  • The 1999 Teen Choice Awards
      They won!!!! Steven and Joe accepted the award for Best Love Song (For "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"). Steven even sang a new rendition of "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"... "I could lie awake just to hear you shaggin'" hehe. They also showed like 3 or 4 little snippets of Steven in the audience.

  • Correction! It Was Only For 4 Albums. Sorry!
      On August 8th I wrote that the Sony deal was for 6 albums. Unfortunately it seems this wasn't true. Today I received a mail from Clive D. Newton where he corrected himself (He wrote the original mail with the info I put up on August 8th):

      "While still with Geffen Records, Aerosmith inked a four-album deal with Columbia Records on Aug. 16, 1991. The contract went into effect in 1995 and reportedly paid the band $10 million in advance, per album, and 22% royalties. When the deal kicked in, the average age of Aerosmith was over 45 years".

      So it seems like its only 4 albums rather than 6 and thus 3 to go. I've read a load of different reports but all seem to agree that the figure was around the $35 mil mark with a $10 mil advance and the possibility of earning up to an extra $4 mil per album.

News as of August 12, 1999
  • Steven And Liv Will Get Their Nipples Pierced Together??!
      Here's an article found in Star:

      "Leave it to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler to come up with the ultimate rock n' roll father/daughter bonding ceremony. Steven and lanky daughter Liv Tyler are getting pierced together! They ordered platinum and emerald nipple rings from an LA piercing shop and plan to get the custom jewerly installed as soon as it's ready."

  • Aerosmith Is Doug Flutie's Favorite Band
      Each issue of 'Sports Illustrated for Kids' has an athlete that they do a profile on and this month it was Doug Flutie, A quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, and he said that his favorite band was Aerosmith.

  • Rock This Way - Over 90000 Visitors
      Today the counter is on 90637. It passed 90000 a few days ago but I forgot to put that up. Sorry to bore you with this. I just do this for myself so that I can look back and see how many visitors I've had during different years some time in the future....

News as of August 10, 1999
  • Joe Perry On Woodstock
      There was a small article on Joe Perry in yesterdays KC Star:

      Aerosmith Guitarist Decries Woodstock Vandalism

      An exhausted Aerosmith arrived back home in Boston last week, ready to begin a monthlong vacation after 2 1/2 years of touring. But fatique didn't stop guitarist Joe Perry from mustering anger at the small group of youths that ran amok at the end of Woostock 99 and torched 12 tractor trailers, leaving a sad legacy after most other attendees had a great time.
      "Some of those kids have everything and they still want more," Perry says. "They came to party and hang out, but they still had to burn things. We've just been abroad, and you see how much tougher some of the kids have it out there, even in the civilized countries. And then you see kids over here, tourching the place where they're partying. It made me disgusted. These kids have it too easy."
      Aerosmith was booked at Woodstock 99 but dropped out a few weeks before the event. Some observers suggest Aerosmith was smart to do so, but Perry says "No, we don't feel that way, we don't have any crystal ball about how things are going to turn out, we just wanted more control over the production, which we wouldn't have had."
      Perry said the group wasn't told until the last minute that it would not get a soundcheck or be able to use stage lights. The group chose not to play at all.
      Still Perry remains a fan of the Woodstock concept of mass social gatherings. "I hope they can keep it together and have future festivals. Europe has festivals like this all the time, we just played 10 of them. Some went for one night, some for three or four nights. Every country has one or two of them, it seems. It's no big deal over there, they have them every year, it's not like 'gee, i wonder if this will be as big as the one in 94, or 69?' who cares? lets just have a festival and get some music together."

  • Steven And Liv In The New Entertainment Teen Magazine
      In the New Entertainment Teen magazine there is a pic of Steven and Liv from the Academy Awards on the very last page. Very nice picture of the two!

  • Small Aerosmith Mention In Cosmopoliton
      In the "Lust survey" in the Aug.99 issue of Cosmopoliton it says "Other fanasty favorites include: in the immortal words of Aerosmith "love in a elevator".

News as of August 9, 1999
  • The 1999 Teen Choice Awards Aug. 12 On Fox
      I have now found out that I Don't Want To Miss A Thing was nominated as Love Song of the Year.

News as of August 8, 1999
  • The 1999 Teen Choice Awards Aug. 12 On Fox
      Musical artists include Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from the legendary rock band Aerosmith, TLC, Monica, Steps, and 702. Additional information regarding THE 1999 TEEN CHOICE AWARDS can be found in the July and August issues of Seventeen magazine and at and

      Thursday, August 12th, 1999
      8-10pm EST. (Check your local listings)
      "Teen Choice Awards"
      {Musical artists include Steven Tyler and Joe Perry from Aerosmith}

  • Classic Rock Magazine
      There's a small review of the Wembley gig with a couple of new pics in the latest edition of Classic Rock, they also published Tom's letter about Steven pinching his copy of Classic Rock! The mag focuses this time on Led Zeppellin.

  • Sony
      Noted yesterday it was 8 years ago that they signed the Sony deal worth apparently 35 green ones (x million) in exchagne for 6 albums. Still 5 to go.

  • MTV Europe's Essential: Aerosmith
      Here's the content of the MTV Europe special to be aired tomorrow

      Monday, August 9th, 1999
      8.00 GMT (?) | 21.30 (Swedish Time)
      MTV Europe
      "Essential: Aerosmith"
      {lasts 30 minutes}

      *Falling in Love (just a little cut of it)
      * Aerosmith is still the greatest band in the 90's as they were in the 70's....and so on...
      *How did Aerosmith begin...
      *Part of an interview in 1993
      *Let the Music Do the Talking(a cut)
      *Dream On Live (a cut)
      *"The Albums"
      *Tom Hamilton from Making of Pump
      *Walk this Way with Run DMC (a cut)
      *"The Hits"
      *Dude.. (a cut)
      *Rag Doll ( a cut)
      *Angel (a cut)
      *Going Down...? (from Making of Pump)
      * LOve in an Elevator(a cut)
      *The Other Side (a cut)
      *What it Takes (a cut)
      *Janie's.. (a cut)
      *From making of Pump, Steven talks about Janie's
      *Living on the Edge (a cut)
      *Steven talks about LOTE in 1993
      *Eat the Rich (a cut)
      *Crying (a cut)
      *Blind Man (a cut)
      *"Star Spotters"
      *Amazing (a cut)
      *Alicia Silverstone, Steven Dorff, Liv Tyler, Edward Furlong...
      *Wayne's World 2 (we are not worthy!)
      *"The Live Vibe"
      *Shut up and Dance (from Rock am Ring 1994)
      *Shtuping (Steven talks about making babies in their shows)
      *Monster of Rock (1994, Donington) interview and Eat the Rich
      *Steven relaxing ( playing drums)
      *"The Fans"
      *Steven talk in an actual interview
      *Cafe de Paris, London, 1/29/97, premiere of Nine Lives
      *Fans talk about Aerosmith at this premiere
      *Tom Hamilton taks in an actual interview
      *"Nine Lives" (a cut from its recording)
      *Steven talks about Nine Lives and his inspiration after hearing Highway to Hell (AC/DC)
      *Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Steven talk in this interview too
      *Recording of Kiss your Past Goodbye
      *In the streets of New York
      *Recording of Falling Angels

News as of August 5, 1999
  • The Upcoming Bob Marley Tribute Album W/ Tyler & Perry
      I just found some more info on the upcoming Bob Marley tribute album which includes Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. I just found out the semi-complete track here is what I know so far:

      Title: "Bob Marley: A Rebel's Dream"
      Release Date: Tuesday, October 26th, 1999
      Record Label: Island/Def Jam Records
      Executive Producer: Stephen Marley

      Tentative Track Listing:

      1) Steven Tyler & Joe Perry/Bob Marley- "Roots, Rock, Reggae"
      2) Guru [From "Gang Starr"]/Bob Marley- "Johnny Was"
      3) The Marley Brothers/Bob Marley- "Kinky Reggae"
      4) Lauren Hill/Bob Marley- "Turn Your Lights Down Low"
      5) Krayzie Bone/Bob Marley- "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)"
      6) Erykah Badu/Bob Marley- "No More Trouble"
      7) MC Lyte/Bob Marley- "Jamming"
      8) Busta Rhymes/Bob Marley- "Rastaman Chant"
      9) The Roots/Bob Marley- "Burnin' and Lootin' "
      10) The Lost Boyz/Bob Marley- "?????"
      11) Outkast/Bob Marley- "?????"

      So...I now know that when Aero Force One said on their mailing list thing that this album was going to be called "Roots, Rock & Reggae"...they really meant that was the song that Steven and Joe did. Now, the song that Steven and Joe has done ["Roots, Rock, Reggae"] was originally done by Bob Marley & The Wailers on their 1976 album "Rastaman Vibration." Now, if you wanna hear what the song sounds like...go to the following link to hear it in Real Audio:


      Just sounds like your ussual Reggae song to me. I would have thought the boyz would have done a more well known Marley song...but I guess they really like this one. Now, there is still no word on which songs The Lost Boyz and Outkast are doing. As you might know Bob Marley died in 1980 of Cancer. Now, Stephen Marley said "To be able to do this with our father's vocals from the '70''s spiritual...Like it's supposed to be."

      Now..the following is Non-Aero...just in case you might want to know:

      The song that Erykah Badu is doing "No More Trouble" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1973 album "Catch A Fire."

      The song that The Marley Brothers is doing "Kinky Reggae" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1973 album "Catch A Fire."

      The song that Busta Rhymes is doing "Rastaman Chant" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1973 album "Burnin'."

      The song that The Roots are doing "Burnin' and Lootin' " was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1973 album "Burnin'."

      The song that Krayzie Bone is doing "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1974 album "Natty Dread."

      The song that Guru [From "Gang Starr"] is doing "Johnny Was" was originally on the 1976 Bob Marley & The Wailers album "Rastaman Vibration."

      The song that Lauren Hill is doing "Turn Your Lights Down Low" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1977 album "Exodus."

      The song that MC Lyte is doing "Jamming" was originally on the Bob Marley & The Wailers 1977 album "Exodus."

News as of August 3, 1999
  • Rolling Stone Magazine Issue 819, Aug. 19, 1999
      The August 19 issue of Rolling Stone , available now, features the following picture of (l-r) Jimmy Page, Joe Perry, Joe's wife Billie and Joe's Son Adrian on page 25 in the Random Notes section with a nice little blurb. Page invited a bunch of musicians, that would make a long list of the "Who's Who" in the music world, to play in his band. In a London benefit concert for the TASK Brazil Trust, a charity run by Jimmy Page's wife Jimena. Steven Tyler was on hand as well to lend his expertise on "You Shook Me"

Picture of Jimmy Page, Joe, Billie and Adrian from Rolling Stone

News as of August 2, 1999
  • L.A Times Aerosmith Mention
      This was in yesterday's L.A. Times Calendar section:

      "Barring an asteroid destroying the earth, Aerosmith is planning to start writing songs for its first new studio album in the wake of its huge hit with 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' from 'Armageddon.' The album is tentatively due mid-2000."

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