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News as of July 25, 2000
  • Boston Herald (Toxic Twins & their kids at 'N Sync concert)
      Boston Herald
      Inside Track
      by Laura Raposa & Gayle Fee
      July 25, 2000

      We know two dads who probably didn't need earplugs at the 'N Sync concert the other night: Aerosmith main men Steven Tyler and Joe Perry! The Bad Boys and their kids were right up front. Natch. Also, New England Revolution kicker cutie Brian Dunseth was there with his little sister, Whitney.

News as of July 22, 2000
  • My 17th Birthday
      Not Aero-related but it's my birthday today. I turn 17. =)

      Also there have been over 180000 people to visit Rock This Way so far. There have been over 100000 people here since this day last year. Cool! :)

  • Steven and Joe Rock at Peppers and Foo Show (from AF1)
      Steven and Joe took time out of the studio to check out the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foo Fighters show on July 16 at the Tweeter Center in Boston! After a mind-blowing set by the Foo Fighters, Steven and Joe trekked backstage to congratulate the Foo on an incredible performance! After chatting with Dave Grohl (lead singer) and Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer), Steven and Joe wanted to catch up with Anthony Kiedis (RHCP frontman) and Flea (RHCP bass player) before they stormed the stage. The RHCP security informed Steven and Joe that Anthony and Flea were in "pre-show mode," meaning that they were spending time alone to completely focus their energies towards their upcoming performance. Steven then said "Show me where Anthony is…I'd like to share my insight with him in getting ready for a show." Moments later, Steven offered Anthony pre-show insight. Must have worked. Post-show, people couldn't stop praising the RHCP's gig as "one of the best the Chili Peppers has ever done!"

News as of July 18, 2000
  • Right In The Nuts out Now!
      The Right In The Nuts (Aerosmith tribute double cd), featuring your favorite acid-boogie-stoner-blues rock from down the street and around the globe, is now avilable for order from the label directly, it's in stock!

      The cover of the CD has a takeoff on the Aero logo with a nutcracker for the A in the middle of the wings

      Right In The Nuts cover

      The Aerosmith tribute will be followed by a series of release parties in the following cities and venues.
      New York - August 24th @ The Continental.
      Boston - August 25th @ The Middle East.
      Detroit - tbd (September)
      Los Angeles - tbd (September)

      "Right In The Nuts"
      a tribute to Aerosmith (double cd)

      Hey, just when your thought your were safe from those damn tribute records, we decided to throw one at you. So you want the lowdown...well...take a look at the line-up below and imagine these underground power-houses aggressively kickin' the jams of America's finest rock n roll band. From acid to sludge to funk to punk to blues and is all in there. The cover is rendered by the world famous Mark Dancey (Big Chief, Motorbooty Magazine).

      Anyway, look for the cd out sometime this summer. You will not be disappointed...this comp rocks for the better part of two hours...and we even made sure that you would not have to sit through "Dream On".

      Side 1

      Fireball Ministry
      - Movin Out
      Altamont - Make It
      Scissorfight - Lick And Promise
      Atomic Bitchwax - Combination
      Puny Human - Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)
      The Quill - S.O.S. (Too Bad)
      Five Horse Johnson - Bright Light Fright
      Honky - Adam's Apple
      Voltage - Draw The Line
      Speedball - Rats in The Cellar
      Electric Frankenstein - Sick As A Dog
      Drunk Horse - Kings And Queens
      The Want - Let The Music Do The Talking
      Soul Clique - Last Child
      Iron Boss - Train Kept A Rollin'

      Side 2

      Alabama Thunderpussy - Sweet Emotion
      Half Man - Round & Round
      Roadsaw - Toys In The Attic
      Solace - Nobody's Fault
      Natas - Remember (Walking In The Sand)
      The Men Of Porn - Lightning Strikes
      Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - Chip Away At The Stone
      Raging Slab - Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
      Volume - Walkin' The Dog
      Nova Driver - Seasons Of Wither
      Red Giant - Lord Of The Thighs
      Core - Soul Shaker

      Vinyl available on Tee Pee Records

  • Pickin' On Aerosmith out Now!
      The bluegrass/country 'tribute' is also out now. The track listing is as follows:

      01. Same Old Song And Dance - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      02. Train Kept A Rollin' - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      03. Cryin' - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      04. Mama Kin - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      05. One Way Street - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      06. Back In The Saddle - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      07. Sweet Emotion - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      08. Rag Doll - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      09. Last Child - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      10. Rats In The Cellar - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch
      11. Dream On - Brent Truitt/Randy Howard/Pat Bergeson/David picher/David Grier/Charlie Cushman/Bob Warren/Robby...
      12. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Brent Truitt/Brad Davis/Bryan Sutton/Rob Ickes/Scott Vestal/Tim Crouch/Byron House/Dennis Crouch

News as of July 13, 2000
  • News from the AF1 website

      July 11, 2000
      Steven and Joe Sail Boston
      Steven and Joe have been spending brief moments out of the studio to greet the Tall Ships 2000 Race Series that hailed from Bermuda and is making it's way up to Boston! Noted as the largest gathering of Tall Ships ever in the United States, the Tall Ships will descend into Boston Harbor led by the USS Constitution. Although Steven and Joe were on separate boats while indulging in this historic event, they did have cellular phones on hand to communicate with each other - what ever in the world could they be talking about while Tall Ships go sailing by? Getting back into the studio to work on a new track!

      July 10, 2000
      F1 Boston
      Brad's new playground has blasted off to a good start! AF1 members have stopped in to visit F1 Boston in Braintree, MA and have nothing but rockin' things to say about Brad's indoor kart auto racing track! AF1'ers were especially impressed by the real-world parallelism of zooming 'round and 'round the track! Not only do you get to gear up with helmet, neck brace and race wear - your name also appears on a board with the different competitors on the track! Formula One also has a plethora of fun-filled activities for all ages including billiards, game room, store, restaurant and more! Stop by and visit F1 Boston and experience our Boston Bad Boy's other love!

      F1 Boston
      290 Wood Tree Rd
      Braintree, MA 02184
      (781) 848-2300

      For more information, including hours of operation and local accommodations, visit F1 Boston.

  • Tyler in Time
      In the July, 3 issue of Time magazine there's a tiny pic of Steven. The article is about the Pope album.

  • Pickin' On Aerosmith Review
      Just outta curiosity, here's Yahoo!'s review of the bluegrass tribute to Aerosmith:

      "Various Artists Pickin' On Aerosmith: A Bluegrass Tribute (CMH)
      At first, the premise of this album sounds like a joke. A bluegrass tribute to Aerosmith? What's next, an album of Nine Inch Nails songs by Shania Twain? But the only funny thing here is how good some of these bluesgrassed Aerosmith tunes sound. Smartly favoring the group's bluesier tunes, these bluegrass vets take such 'smith classics as "Mama Kin," "Same Old Song And Dance," "Last Child" and "Back In The Saddle" and strip them down to their roots for a sound that's more Charlie Daniels Band than Dukes Of Hazard. Obviously, not all of it works: the power ballad strains of "Cryin'" don't translate well, while the tongue-in-cheek "Rag Doll" ends up sounding like something from a cartoon jamboree. (SEMEL)"

News as of July 12, 2000
  • Liz Smith Column...Cyrinda's At It Again.
      In today's L.A. Times in the Calendar section on the second page there is a small article on Steven Tyler with a it is....

      By: Liz Smith
      The Rock Scene, De-Glammed

      New York- When I attended the Academy Awards several years ago, I sat in front of a very attractive longhaired man who tapped me on the shoulder and said, "I just love you and your column." I was pleased, naturally, but didn't have a clue who he was. Moments later, I saw him agian-onstage- performing in a ring of fire. It was Steven Tyler of Aerosmith! (I remember then that we had run a long column on Tyler's beautiful actress daughter, Liv Tyler-setting some erroneous gossip straight-not long before.)
      Now comes a book, "Dream On-Living On The Edge With Steven Tyler and Aerosmith," from Berkley Boulevard Press. Author Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler tells all the inside dish here and includes everybody from Andy Warhol to Al Pacino. There will be 16 pages of never-before-seen photos as well.
      Foxe-Tyler begins her book by saying that when she first met Steven Tyler, "He was wearing a long, lacy outfit, and he was coughing up blood." This is an EX-WIFE's -eye view of sex, drugs, rock n' roll and how, "drugs destroyed us all."

  • New VH1 Show, Rock & Roll Fantasy
      Calling all Steven Tyler fans!
      The new VH1 series "Rock & Roll Fantasy" wants to hear your Steven Tyler rock & roll fantasy. If you had a day, a week, a month to spend with Aerosmith, what would your ideal activity be? Would you want to rock out with the band, sing backup, bartend with Steven in his bar? But enough of our ideas, we want to hear YOUR Rock & Roll Fantasy! Be creative... Email ideas to:, and turn your fantasy into reality!

      (fyi: This solicitation is for a new VH1 show called Rock & Roll Fantasy. We are looking for fans with creative ideas for future episodes, some of whom may be chosen to fulfill their 'rock & roll fantasy.' The pilot episode featuring Gloria Reuben from "ER" as Tina Turner's backup singer can be seen this Thursday night at 7:30 pm EST.)

  • Aero-mention in Powerman 5000 interview...
      In an interview with Spider from Powerman 5000 the reporter started by asking: "First things first, you're originally from Boston. There are some high-profile rock bands to come out of Boston: Aerosmith, for example. Were any of them influential to you in any way?"
      Spider said: "Well, I was a punk rocker, so Aerosmith was not really an influence per say -in music- I was a fan, but they didn't make me want to "be in a band;" but I guess I did learn how to tie scarves around the mic."

News as of July 11, 2000
  • The Tylers spotted at the Independence Mall in Kingston
      Today in the Boston Herald:

      I spy summer fun

      Our spies spied ``The Perfect Storm'' hunk George Clooney - who can't seem to tear himself away from Massachusetts - taking in the play, ``How I Fell In Love,'' in one of the five rows at the very intimate Nikos Stage at the Williamstown Theater Festival.

      George watched the action alone from Row C.

      Coincidentally - not! - the play stars Traylor Howard of ``Me, Myself & Irene'' and ``Two Guys and a Girl'' fame, who George reportedly is dating.

      Rhea Perlman, aka Mrs. Danny DeVito, dashed out to grab some popcorn and Cokes at the 7 p.m. showing of ``Chicken Run'' at the new General Cinema in the Fenway the other night.

      Speaking of movies, Aerosmith's main man, Steven Tyler; his wife, Teresa; and a dude who looked like songwriter Desmond Child of ``Livin' La Vida Loca'' and ``Dude Looks Like A Lady'' fame took in ``The Perfect Storm'' at the Independence Mall in Kingston.

      Perhaps it was a little break from a songwriting session at Steven's South Shore manse. . . .

News as of July 10, 2000
  • Brad's racetrack F1 Boston
      The new racetrack place that Brad is doing called 'F1 Boston' [] is in Braintree MA.

      It is really cool. It has 2 go cart tracks, one being easier than the other. You have to suit up just like a real race car driver, jump suit, helmet, neck brace, the whole nine yards. You have to buy a license to drive. They have different kinds of license's to buy. Annual ones cost $25.00 and then each time you come in you pay either 20 or 25 dollars depending on which track you go on. You get a 5 lap practice run, then you go onto a 10 lap race. They have a score board with everyones name on it, just like a real race track...

      The place is really beautiful. It has a resturaunt, game room, pool hall and a full bar. But, they do give you a bracelet when you come in and if you order a drink at the bar they cut it off and you CAN NOT race. Which is a good thing. They even have function halls to rent. In the front lobby they have a full size drag race car, not sure if it was a model or the real thing. Pictures and televisions going with race car stuff. Didn't see any of our favorite guys, but the guy that was telling us the rules for the racing did tell us that Brad and Joe are in there all the time. Any one that comes to visit should go check it out, its not really far from Mount Blue....

News as of July 9, 2000
  • New material from Rick Dufay!
      There is a new Rick Dufay 10 song EP going on sale,
      Next week on Mp3... might be as early as Tuesday..

  • Liv in FHM
      According to FHM, Liv Tyler is #37 of the top one hundred sexy women of this year.

News as of July 8, 2000
  • Aerosmith Fan Club in Argentina
      Some people in Argentina has created an Aerosmith Fan Club in Argentina. It's called "One Way Street" and their phone number 4759-9976, anyone interested can call them.

  • Liv Tyler has ADD and dyslexia?
      In the new Teen magazine there is this section called "Strange But True" on page 78. It is just little known random facts about various stars. This was in it:

      "Pretty girl Liv Tyler has ADD (attention deficit disorder) and dyslexia, but says, 'But I was always happy to be in school'."

      Is this true? I've never heard this before..

  • From Kerrang magazine
      Kerrang Article This was in Kerrang this week. The article was about the A to Z of rock and roll decadence.

      When you're a successful rock star, all notions of decency tend to be tossed away like a tv through a hotel window. Rock stars inevitably attarct younger fans, and many don't let something as trivial as morals get in the way of there libido.
      One man guilty of just that was Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler. According to Stephen Davis's official biography Walk this way, Tyler gave little more than an autograph to a girl who had barely stepped into the spot light of puberty. The year was 1975. 18 mounths of constant road work had elevated (the smiths) into the big league. Back stage at a successful Seattle show the 27 year front mans eye was caught by a 14 year old girl named Diana Hall " a skinny young mall- chick who was beautiful and had more legs than a bucket of chicken". " she was there with a bunch of her girlfriends and they were being bi sexual to get my attention, and I was aroused to no end Tyler told Davis". "Nothing turns me on like being in a room with 2 women. All men think about it but few have done it. It is the most beautiful thing, like being between mothers breasts". The pair fell in love and Tyler moved her into her Boston appartment so that they could be together- but only after Halls parents signed her over to Tyler as her guardian, A costly legal process. unfortunately, there relationship crashed to its end after three years, when Tyler drug addiction took hold and his young consort fell pregnant. they split up shortly after the abortion. "Diana lost her childhood," recounted the singer sadly," and I lost my mind."

      quote from Steve Tyler
      Do you jerk off? Yes, i jerk off like you do man.

News as of July 6, 2000
  • Hit Parader
      In the new August 2000 issue of Hit Parader there is a small section titled Aero Force. It's about their new album. It also has a small pic of Joe and Brad.

  • Brad starting a Formula One racetrack (from Aeroforce One)
      (June 15) Brad is in the driver's seat working on the grand opening of Formula One racetrack in Boston! Sparked by his love for auto racing, Brad decided to partner up with a few buddies of his and open up a racetrack with mini-race cars so that kids and adults of all ages would be able to zoom around the track! The Formula One racetrack is slated to open in the coming week!

      (June 27) Vroom, vroom! Rev up your engines AeroFans! Brad's playground, Formula One racetrack, has officially opened! Be sure to stop by if you are in or around Boston!

  • Joe at the KISS concert (from Aeroforce One)
      Joe Perry took time out of the studio to check out KISS and Ted Nugent at the Tweeter Center in Boston on June 13! When longtime friends Joe and Ted Nugent reunited backstage, the two chatted it up about Ted's upcoming book entitled Ted Nugent: Gods, Guns & Rock and Roll. Be sure to snag a copy of Ted's book when it hits the shelves! Backstage, Joe also made it to the hallowed halls of KISS' inner sanctum and hung out with Gene, Paul, Ace and Peter clad in full make-up and all! Before KISS hit the stage, Joe and the band reminisced about the days gone by in '74 when KISS opened up for Aerosmith in Detroit! The show was spectacular and of course, all had a good time!

  • Steven and Joey at the Vigil Kain gig (from Aeroforce One)
      Steven and Joey went to check out Mike Verge and company, Virgil Cain, at a gig in Boston where VC opened up for Hootie and the Blowfish! Accompanying Steven and Joey was Mark Hudson and they were all equally impressed by Virgil Cain' s performance!

News as of July 2, 2000
  • Pickin' On Aerosmith
      Pickin' On Aerosmith: A Bluegrass Tribute has now also put up 5 sound samples from the July 11th release called "Pickin' on Aerosmith". Before anyone gets too excited maybe I should remind you that this is a Bluegrass tribute to Aerosmith by "various country artists" though...

      [`Pickin' On Aerosmith: A Bluegrass Tribute´ on Amazon]

News as of July 1, 2000
  • Happy Birthday Liv!
      It's Liv Tyler's 23rd Birthday today! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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