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News as of January 31, 2002
  • News at
      In the media section there are some videos from Japan, and in the news section, news from Japan:


      Joey Kramer - "The Kramedog" - After a weekend in LA at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchandisers trade show), promoting the release of his new "Drum Loops and Samples" collection, the Kramedog kicked back in the first city on the band's Japanese leg of the Just Push Play tour. Once on the ground in Osaka, Joey rested up and fought back a head pounding flu bug to give it all he's got at last Friday's opening gig at the Osaka Dome.

      Chillin' in his hotel room in the daytime to do the 'getting healthy' thing, Joey took the stage with his bros at night to kick out the gems. Among them, "Chip Away At The Stone," "One Way Street" and "Come Together."

      The band treated the Osaka fan club to some tasty Aerosmith treats pre-show. 20 minutes of never before seen video footage highlighting the making of "Just Push Play," followed by an ass-kickin' sound check featuring Jesse Kramer (son of Joey) on the skins. The band pounded out "Pandora's Box", "Lord of the Thighs" and "Pink" - becauseÖ AF1Japan, "you are so veryÖ"

      Steven Tyler and Joe Perry - Last seen stateside on the Left Coast at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday evening, Steven and Joe sat down in Osaka with MTV Japan and Sports Hochi (Japan's biggest newspaper). Later, Joe headed out to the aquarium to check out a few of the world's biggest fish...while Steven made another cigar stop, pickin' up a Cuban 'fatty' - legal as can be here in the Far East.

      Later still, at a store called Back Trip Records where the shelves have a big stock of vinyl rarities -- and bootlegs galore, Steven signed an autograph, adding (with an eye on all them bootlegs), "There goes my pension!"

      Climbing to the top of the Shin Umeda Sky Building, Steven and Joe were photographed by world famous rock photographer, Ross Halfin, at the Sky Garden Observatory. Shot at separate times, Ross captured some killer pics of Joe with sons Tony and Roman. Later on Steven braved a fierce wind (and that don't mean Joey two hours after downing a chili dog) taking photos you're likely to see sometime very soon. . Tom Hamilton and Brad Whitford - It was slow-going leaving the hotel in Osaka when avid fans mobbed the lobby...the boys only to be barraged by even more local Aero-lovers in the street.

      After meetin' and greetin', Tom visited the Dotonbori Canal District - covered streets, stores stores stores and neon everywhere. Taking in a variety of Osaka sights from miniature cameras to the exotically high-tech Kirin building, only to be swarmed by more of the die-hard throng. With VH1 cameras rolling Tom made his way to the Osaka Hard Rock only to bump into Brad, wife Karen and their boys - great minds (and stomachs) think alike.

      Speaking of VH1Öcamera crews joined the band to capture intimate interviews on the bullet trains traveling from Osaka to Fukoaka and onto Nagoya.

      Check out video and pics of Aerosmith in Japan, with more to come from Nagoya and two shows at the Tokyo Dome.

      Sayonara - for now.

  • Joe Perry at Rock Hall
      Members of the Rock Hall of Fame got the winter 2002 issue of Liner Notes. Under the section called Celebrity Sightings, there was a pic of Joe Perry.

  • People Magazine Quote of the Week from Steven
      In the February 4, 2002 issue of People Magazine, page 146


      "We gotta talk. My wife loves Brad, so if we can do a swap thing, we're good. Tell Brad to call me."

      STEVEN TYLER, Aerosmith front man, replying to Jennifer Aniston, who told Elle Magazine that he is the one person husband Brad Pitt "said I can have if the opportunity presents itself."

News as of January 27, 2002
  • AF1 Japan Event
      In Osaka, Japan 2002-01-27 there was a special event for the Japanese AF1 members. Japanese fan, Atsushi Matsutani, reported about this...

      Making of Just Push Play(video)
      1:Recording Scene of Jaded at the Boneyard
      2:Recording Scene of Just Push Play at the Boneyard
      3:Recording Scene of Sunshine at the Boneyard
      4:Recording Scene of Avant Garden at the Boneyard


      Sound Check!

      Lord Of The Thighs
      Angel's Eye(Intro)
      Pandora's Box
      I Ain't Done Wrong (the Yardbirds)

      Playing the drums: Jesse Kramer(Joey's Son)

      The AF1 Japan Members didn't know they were going to get to watch the Sound check, AF1 Japan just told them ,"Now the boys will be here, and sound check for us!!!!"

      Joey was apparently absent from the S.C. because he was sick & stayed at the hotel. (?) Apparently his son played the drums, and was good at it! However, he a mistake at the beginning of Pink, and Steven said ,"Once more!!!!!" :)

  • DVD Rumors
      Rumor has it that the new DVD is going to be called "Big Ten Inch Record." Marti Frederickson said something about it being a package. It's being speculated among fans that the band will go on a mini-tour to support Big Ten Inch Record. So far, the only dates are close to home for the band: Boston and East Rutherford.

  • VH1 Behind The Music
      Aerosmith Behind The Music is supposed to air at the end of February.

News as of January 25, 2002
  • More US Dates??
      Looks like there are rurmors of the band playing gigs in the following cities...

      3/26- Boston
      3/30- Providence
      ?- East Rutherford.

      None of this is confirmed however.

      Clive Newton checked out the venues and they do have windows open for these dates amongst all the sporting stuff. Given the issues with the JPP tour and dropping a lot of the local dates, it does open a possibility of them doing a short backyard tour. Its fairly easy to manage as band wise you just check in late afternoon from home via car/plane (and basically business at normal at home/office for the rest of the days).

      Another possibility is they feel the footage from recent West Leg isn't sufficient or that a such project can't be devoid of something from their home dates.

  • Aerosmith Worlds updated
      I'm not sure how long ago it was updated, but now they have included Tom's place, the Bryer Patch and Joey's studio aswell as Brad's F1 Boston place...
      Go into the room that will take you to The Boneyard and look around, they are there - but this section is now VIP only...

News as of January 24, 2002
  • Spiderman Soundtrack
      From what I hear, I'm a little late posting this. It has supposedly been a rumor since November. Anyway, someone apparently said they heard Kalodner at MSG discussing that the guys MAY have a song on the soundtrack.

      Now, latest rumors have Alien Ant Farm and Linkin Park associated with the soundtrack. No word yet on a definite Aerosmith appearence...

      Danny Elfman begins final work on the score in Feb, and the tracks' artists will be finalized shortly thereafter.

  • Is Tom really happy with Aerosmith?
      WHAT'S always forgotten about cliche behaviour is that once, long ago, it was original. Somebody was the first cliche. And if you want to talk about the cliche of the big, dumb, great American rock 'n' roll band, the originator is undoubtedly Aerosmith. Every ridiculous decision rock bands make out of obligation has certainly been made by Aerosmith 100 times over, including bringing a chain saw on tour to more efficiently annihilate hotel rooms.

      But those days are over. The only thing about Aerosmith that has anything to do with rock 'n' roll is the technical notes the band's members produce with their musical instruments, and even that's sort of a stretch.

      "Every time we start working on a new ballad, I cringe," said bassist Tom Hamilton. "But then I see what the result is. Those ballads allow us to keep on touring. Those ballads are like paying the rent, really. Those songs are successful for a reason, you know?"

      So much for the image that Aerosmith worked so hard to cultivate in the 1970s, when the musicians rocked like US versions of Led Zeppelin and partied like long-haired versions of Hunter S Thompson. Today, they barely do either. Their new album is filled with lush love songs, and former heroin addict Steven Tyler recently scolded Paul McCartney for smoking pot.

      Hamilton's detached realism, however, might also be proof of what die-hard Aero-heads have always claimed: with Aerosmith, it really is 'about the music'.

      Aerosmith is on MTV constantly and Spin magazine just cited Jaded as one of the best singles of the year. Aerosmith has a more competitive pop profile today than it had when it released Toys in the Attic and Rocks, two of the greatest albums of the '70s.

      Hamilton, 49, is a level-headed conversationalist who seems happy, even though he makes life in a rock band sound completely dull. It's hard to get an accurate feel for how much he likes the new album Just Push Play, and it's hard to figure out if he thought performing with Britney Spears and N'Sync at the Super Bowl was a cool idea or just a smart business move.

      Generally, it seems Hamilton loves his job, but he completely sees being Aerosmith's bass player as 'a job'. Today, Aerosmith makes albums with modern precision. Members develop song elements separately and bring them together with technology - in fact, they start with raw demos that are more advanced than what they would have released on an actual album in 1974.

      This works better than the way they used to do it. But it's not the same, either.

      "We don't really rehearse much together these days, and I kind of miss that," Hamilton said. "I kind of miss being trapped in a room with those guys and getting (upset) at each other. That was fun."

News as of January 21, 2002
  • DVD Package!!
      Tammy [] who met Marti Frederiksen:

      "I also saw you in Vegas the other night, behind the drum kit, and in L.A., too..." I mentioned.

      "Yes," he said, nodding, "I've been at these last five dates because they are being recorded for a big concert DVD package we're putting together."

      Package usually means more then 1 so...

  • Aerosmith mention in Kurt Cobain biography
      "Heavier Than Heaven", a biography about the life of Kurt Cobain, mentions that Nirvana went to see Aerosmith when they played Seattle and that Steven took Kurt to the side and talked to him, trying to convince him to get help for his heroin habit.

  • Golden Globes
      Steven Tyler was at the Golden Globes last night. They showed him on the red carpet with Teresea before the show started. He was wearing a suit similar to the one he wore during the Saturday Night Live performance of Jaded, a black suit with white pin stripes and a white shirt. It didn't have sound, just a clip of him walking and smiling for pics then he waved at the camera. I'm guessing he was the to support Liv for Lord of The Rings.

      Once, towards the end of the show, he was also seen talking to a woman with patriotic attire (not sure who). All in all, the Tylers were seen like three or four times. Once, Steven did a little uh...rolling fists fight dance? All the shots were apparently very quick though...

  • Revolution X's ending videos

  • AeroFest 2002!
      AeroFest 2002
      "Let the Kid Out"

      AeroFest is an annual fanfare event for charity to celebrate the music of Aerosmith and raise money for children. It's your chance to see old Aero-friends and make new Aero-friends, share your stories, memories, and memorabilia with devoted and loyal fans of Aerosmith.

      Draw the Line
      The Official Aerosmith Tribute Band

      Date: Saturday March 23, 2002
      Time: 6PM till 1AM (Registration at 5:30PM)
      Cost: $32.00
      Location: Glen Ellyn Holiday Inn
      "Lock the door with a chain"
      1250 Roosevelt Road
      Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
      (630) 629-6000

      If you need hotel accomadations, call the Holiday Inn and mention "AeroFest 2002" for special $89 room rates.

      For a $32 donation you'll get hor d'oeuvres, soft drinks, Aero- sweets, coffee, music, dancing, and an entry into our raffle to win lots of cool Aerosmith stuff and much more. (A cash bar will be available)

      Also, enter the Lip-Sync and Tattoo contests to win more really cool prizes. You may also show, trade, or sell your Aerosmith paraphenalia and if you need a display table, please let us know so arrangements can be made

      Proceeds from AeroFest 2002 will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Northern Illinois. Make-A-Wish fulfills the wishes of children with life threatening illness to enrick the himan experience with hope, strength, and joy. You can contact Make-A-Wish or by phone at (312) 943-8956

      Full payment must be received by March 16, 2002 to reserve a spot, as space is limited. Make your check or money order payable
      to:"AeroFest"and send to:

      Debbie Dove-AeroFest
      856 Kimberly Lane
      Chanhassen, MN 55317

      Visit our website at for the latest updates. Email questions to:

News as of January 17, 2002
  • An Aerosmith Exclusive: The Light Inside Steven Tyler

  • Toys In The Attic covered by Warrant
      I just found out that '80's rockers Warrant [] released an album in 2001, "Under The Infuence", featuring a selection of old rock tunes from some of Warrant's favorite bands. One of the songs covered is Aerosmith's "Toys In The Attic". The record, released on Down Boys Records, also includes two new Warrant originals to hold fans over until their next original studio album.

      01. Hair Of The Dog (Nazareth)
      02. Surrender (Cheap Trick)
      03. Hollywood (Thin Lizzy)
      04. Down Payment Blues (AC/DC)
      05. Dead, Jail or Rock 'n Roll (Michael Monroe)
      06. Come and Get It (BadFinger)
      07. Toys in the Attic (Aerosmith)
      08. Tie your Mother Down (Queen)
      09. Suffergent City (David Bowie)
      10. Face (Original)
      11. Sub Human (Original)

  • Just Push Play on Gavin G2 Pop Charts
      Just Push Play debuts this week on the Gavin G2 Pop Charts at #37 with 882 spins. The #1 most played song on this chart, however, had over 4500 spins this week. Still, it's a good sign that it cracked these charts that are solely based on airplay.

  • Sound Check Photos

News as of January 16, 2002
  • Perry joined Cheap Trick
      At last night's concert, Joe played with openers Cheap Trick for two songs. One of the guys said they had an audition for some local talent to come up and play a couple of songs with them and then he said "and here's the winner, Joe Perry"!

  • NY Daily News
      There is a mention of Steven in the Daily Dish section of the NY Daily News today.. There is also a small pic.

      Meanwhile, Steven Tyler says Aniston can walk his way anytime she wants. The Aerosmith rocker caught wind of Aniston's confession to Elle that he's "the one person that Brad said I can have if the opportunity presents itself," and he likes the sound of that.

      "We gotta talk," jokes Tyler on "Extra" tonight. "My wife loves Brad, so if we can do a swap thing, we're good. Tell Brad to call me."

  • Slash to appear at the Aerosmith show tomorrow!?
      SLASH Update: Does This Man Ever Rest?! - Jan. 15, 2002
      Former GUNS N' ROSES axeman Slash will be attending the AEROSMITH/CHEAP TRICK concert at the Sports Arena in San Diego, California this Thursday, January 17th, and a possibility exists that he will be joining the openers TRICK onstage for a quick jam.

  • Alot of high quality Aerosmith pictures
      Its only "thumbnail" pics unless you pay for the service, but from the thumbnails they seem to look great. You have to got to see these pictures...

  • Robbie Williams spotted at an Aerosmith concert (The Mirror)
      ROCK 'N' COLA

      HE'S the king of swing, but for one night only Robbie Williams went rock.

      The 27-year-old whose Rat Pack covers album, Swing When You're Winning, is currently at No 3 in the album chart, was pictured backstage at an Aerosmith concert at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles.

      And the rock band, fronted by Liv Tyler's dad Steve, obviously had a profound effect on Stoke-on-Trent's finest, who greeted our photographer with a heavy-metal-style rude gesture. But just one thing, Rob...that glass of Coca-Cola is so not rock 'n' roll.

  • Another tribute band - Toxic Twins
      This is apparently another Aerosmith Tribute Band. They've got 3 covers for download on their site.

News as of January 15, 2002
  • Aerosmith on DVD
      No, this post isn't about the possible release mentioned here earlier. I've been informed that there is a DVD out called "Saturday Night Live - The Best Of Mike Myers". It's 1h 24 min long and features the best from SNL. Among those featured on it are Aerosmith, along with other famous actors and artists.

  • Aerosmith/KISS rumour
      There has been a rumour going around for quite a while, that Aerosmith will tour together with Kiss this summer. I haven't bothered to post about it though, taking for granted that it just couldn't be true. I still don't think it is, but as many people have e-mailed me and asked if I knew anything about this I figured I'd save myself some time writing e-mails by posting it here... among other sites says a summer tour with Kiss and Aerosmith may happen. Regarding if it's in the USA or in Europe, different sources state different things... One rumor states that Seven Tyler would have talked about this in a radio interview, and Paul Stanley of Kiss supposedly said, at the AMA, that it wasn't impossible when they still haven't done the farewell tour in Europe... Another rumour says that they will both tour seperately, but get together at certain bigger shows (London,Paris,Berlin..)

      A Kiss-Aerosmith Tour? Paul Stanley Won't Deny It

      Rumors are circulating that Kiss will play at least some dates on its farewell tour this year with Aerosmith. A Kiss spokesperson told us that the band has no tour announcement expected in the near future, and singer-guitarist Paul Stanley is being coy about the group's plans.

      Speaking backstage at Wednesday's (January 9) American Music Awards, Stanley was asked about the Kiss/Aerosmith story, and he didn't deny it: "You know, we're in this enviable position that we...we're still finishing up our farewell tour, and we've already had about two million people say, 'Don't stop.' And at that point, we're kind of scratching our heads and wondering what we're going to do next, so we're really kind of keeping our options open. If the right situation came along, anything's possible."
      from LAUNCH media

      With all the rumours about an Aerosmith/Kiss tour this summer, I found it coincidental that Lane Bryant is holding a "secret" concert in NYC on February 5th starring KISS. Of course, we all know that Mia is a model for Lane Bryant.

      Again, take all this for what it is, only RUMORS!

      If you read what Stanley says, he doesn't say anything about it full stop. Kiss are the band that that could sell you anything and publicity like this is in their best interest even if it isn't true - like a politician milking a story. Anything in the world is possible but rare the right situation ever comes along.
      Someone asked one of the band about this Kiss story on the last few dates and they just laughed so...

News as of January 13, 2002
  • VH1 "Behind The Music" / DVD (
      Chris of reports:

      The guys are being followed night and day by the VH1 "Behind The Music" crews, with the show tentatively set to air this spring.

      Also, there is a good chance for a DVD to accompany the live album which is set to be released this summer, that includes All Kinds Of Goodies.

  • Japan, and then..?
      A fan who shared a cab to the airport, after the show in Las Vegas, with a girl from Sony, asked her about what's planned for after Japan. She was told that they will be working on new stuff. Does this mean that this is it for touring for awhile?

  • Clive Newton comments on a possible Live CD/DVD
      Of course the other impact with a forthcoming live album release is 3 fold

      1) Expect it will count towards their Sony contract. It was reported in 1991, the Sony deal was for 4 albums and hence would only be one album (studio) left of this contract..

      2) Any such release is bound to followed up with a tour to promote it much as they did with Live Bootleg (to lesser degree with ALSOS as already on the road when it came out). Will need to do something as generally live albums aren't big sellers as tend to appeal to a less general public (more to rock fans as non-fans tend to prefer the studio versions).

      3) Most bands are very involved with live album releases in choosing the versions and track running and expect some of the band's time over the future months will be utilised in this project. Given that and likelyhood of a tour to follow, then the next studio album is likely to be a while into the future.

      DVD/VHS are good earners but not a replacement for CD audio releases which are taken up more by the general public and can be played on various players in house, work and car. Only bands like Floyd etc seem to sell live videos in their millions whereas Aerosmith they clock up Gold status.

      So 2002 should be another interesting year for Aerosmith goodies. It will be interesting to see if Sony/Aerosmith go with releasing any of the live tracks on such an album as a single.

  • Clive Newton on recent releases
      There's a few things that have appeared over the last few months and this month (excluding the Young Lust Anthology)

      Japan and some other countries, Geffen/Universal released "The Best of Aerosmith" (end of Nov). It is the same as 18 track Millenium Edition/Classic Aerosmith CD that initially was release by Universal Music Europe in 2002 (like a Big Ones version II with DWM tracks).

      In November, Sony Germany released a gold original Greatest Hits (like Toys) to commemorate its RIAA Diamond sales status this year.

      Later this month, Japan reissue Nine Lives prior to the Japanese tour, with a bonus live and rare CD.

      For more info on all goto:

  • Article in Patriot Ledger
      The Patriot Ledger, a south of Boston newspaper, had an article about sponsorship mentioning Aerosmith:

      HAWK THIS WAY: Boston's bad boys are prized corporate pitchmen

      The Patriot Ledger

      Aerosmith is no longer just a band. It's a brand. The Bad Boys from Boston are successfully doing something no one would have expected 20 years ago. Aerosmith is selling its songs to get played in commercials.

      Aerosmith, several of whose members live on the South Shore, is one of the leaders among rock 'n' roll bands in licensing its music out for commercial use, observers say. That doesn't just include television commercials, most notably for the new Dodge Ram.

      Aerosmith has deals that place its name and music within the reach of fans of every demographic. They include a "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster" that plays its music for joy riders at Disney World in Florida, video games that play their music behind the action, and even a NASCAR driver who races under the band's name.

      Aerosmith was actually among the first hard-rock bands to sell its music for commercials when it backed up a Sun Country Cooler campaign with "Walk This Way" in 1987.

      The band's publicist, Dan Forman, declined to speak to The Patriot Ledger or allow interviews with band members for this story.

      It is clear, though, that Aerosmith is making a bevy of deals that sell the band.

      "They're branching out a lot," said Ann Joynt, vice president and director of broadcast business affairs for Boston advertising agency Arnold Worldwide.

      Joynt has licensed music from a variety of artists for Arnold's advertising campaigns for Volkswagen. She thinks the new Dodge campaign, in which Aerosmith's new song "Just Push Play" blares in the background while a new 1500-Series Ram speeds into an animated cityscape, is a winner.

      "Hard-driving rock 'n' roll goes very well with (trucks)," she said. "I think it's a smart deal to use their music."

      Years ago, many rock bands shied from deals that linking them to products, fearing the dreaded label of sell-out.

      Those inhibitions have almost entirely disappeared, to the chagrin of some music lovers.

      "The horror of all this is the exceptions to the rule are so few; everybody does stuff like this," said David Lenson, a comparative literature professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who teaches a class on rock 'n' roll in American culture.

      "There's been a cultural shift in the last 20 or 30 years," he said. "At one time, the idea of non-commercial authenticity was very important. But now, it doesn't seem to matter as much."

      On the contrary, a commercial tie-ins seem to boost rather than dampen record sales. Several industry experts said lagging sales of Sting's September 1999 release "Brand New Day" surged after he performed a single from the album in a Jaguar commercial.

      Licensing music also has the potential to wring millions more in profits out of a song or album for bands, their publishers and their record labels.

      Todd Brabec is executive vice president of the membership group for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers. ASCAP and Broadcast Music Inc., a competing organization that also represents songwriters and publishers, collect about 98 percent of the $1 billion in licensing and royalty fees due from music users each year.

      Brabec and his brother, Jeffrey, are co-authors of "Music, Money and Success: The Insider's Guide to Making Money in the Music Industry." He said average combined licensing fees for music used in the first year of a commercial is $400,000 to $600,000; for a major act like Aerosmith, the income can be much higher.

      Two licenses are typically required to use a song: a master license from the record company to release the rights to the song, and a "synchronization license" issued by the song publisher, which covers the specific use.

      Brabec said the two licenses for "Just Push Play" could easily have cost Dodge $500,000 apiece.

      "So that's a million right there," he said.

      And the Dodge deal goes beyond commercials. The truck company is the band's first corporate sponsor in 30 years of touring. The web sites of the band and truck are linked. For the truck's launch, Aerosmith autographed one of the vehicles.

      Julie Roehm, director of Dodge marketing communications, said the relationship between the auto manufacturer and the band was love at first sight.

      "We just hit it off immediately," she said.

      She said the band had pulled "Just Push Play" after a short release, but requests at radio stations for "the Dodge song" were so high that they rereleased it.

      "Hopefully we've been able to help them in their record sales," she said.

      Roehm wouldn't disclose any terms of the contract except to say it is "long-term," but she said new tie-ins between the band and the brand will be unveiled in the next few months.

      "They're really big ideas that we're going to be talking about, probably within the next three months," she said. "It's multimedia, and it combines both of us together very, very well."

      Dodge is likely paying a premium for the extensive reach of the deal, Brabec said. And it would have also cost the company more if it wanted exclusive commercial rights to the song, which would prevent Aerosmith from selling it to advertise other products.

      The highest price ever paid for use of a song is believed to have been when Microsoft licensed the Rolling Stones' "Start Me Up." Brabec said that deal was estimated to be worth $7 million to the Rolling Stones.

      If a song is successfully linked to a product, it can generate millions more for a band over years of commercials. The cost to Chevrolet for using Bob Seger's "Like A Rock" to sell its trucks "could conceivably be in the seven-figure area now," Brabec said

News as of January 12, 2002
  • Live Video/DVD/CD about to be released!? #1
      According to the AF1 Q&A:

      Question by Jennifer Bell: "Are you going to produce videos of the tours, Get a Grip, Nine Lives, and Just Push Play?"

      Steven: We have accumulated so much great footage that it's only a matter of time. But soon, "Verrrry soon"
      Joe: Some day we may put together a compilation DVD.
      Tom: I would like to release a DVD with live footage and also the videos from the last 3 albums.
      Joey: Maybe- we're thinking about it
      Brad didn't get asked that question


      "We'd love to see a live collection released. Any chance you'll consider releasing a CD set of your live shows?"
      -O Yeah! We got so much great stuff in the can.

  • Live Video/DVD/CD about to be released!? #2
      Right before "Sick As A Dog", at last night's (2002-01-11) show at Hard Rock's "The Joint" in Las Vegas, NV, Joe stated that the show was being recorded for a live album to be released sometime in the near future. Cameramen were being directed by directors, so we may also get a DVD/Video of this gig somewhere...

  • Aerosmith on Napster and Record Labels
      Steven and Joe had some interesting things to say about Napster and the record label in the AF1 newsletter. In a Y-Life interview...

      Y-Life: Long before Napster, bootlegging Aerosmith has been a rock tradition. Did it bother you then and does it bother you now?

      Tyler: Isn't that the primal thirst with all humans, that if you can steal it or smoke it and it's illegal, you're going to do it? It's a lot more fun than grabbing that apple in the hotel lobby. It could be fresh, but who the f--- wants it? I'd rather smoke pot with the girl next door.

      Y-Life: Where does that leave you on Napster?

      Tyler: If Napster's a bat smacking the balls of music, who invented the mitt? Sony? The labels? Sony was selling MP3 players anyway. But the labels didn't think of it, 'cause it wasn't a big moneymaking thing. How would America be if on the corner of every street, instead of a bar, there was a free library? Wouldn't kids have a better education if they could walk in and have every book they wanted to have? That what Napster was, and it's a great thing. Besides, who thought bands got what they should get anyway? We've been getting ripped off for years. We get $2.50 on a $19 CD? Give me a break. Where's the justice there?

      Perry: And the industry didn't catch up fast enough. It's just going to have to back to the way things were in the old days, when singles were the record industry. It used to be you'd put singles out, and then when you had enough singles, you'd put an album out. But the record companies figured out they could make more money off the albums. So the whole machinery has been geared to that.

      Y-Life: So does that make the case for what the Net can do--cut the record companies out of the loop, as Prince is doing?

      Tyler: We're next. It's just a matter of time.

  • From The Los Angeles Times
      This appeared on Wednesday, January 9:

      A Rock Star's Bliss

      By Gina Piccalo and Louise Roug

      "Hey, baby, it's your long lost-lover calling." Yeah, if only.

      Steven Tyler was quite excited when he called the other day, but then the rock star had good reason. Aerosmith just got four Grammy nominations (including best rock song, best rock album, best duo or group rock performance) for its album "Just Push Play" as well as one music video nomination. The band is finishing a successful tour--they play at the Forum Sunday--and his daughter, Liv Tyler, stars in the hit "Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring."

      "Am I surprised that things turned out like this? I have to pinch myself every day," said Tyler. "Life is really beautiful." (Well, it certainly beats the time he spent in jail as a teenager, sitting next to a toothless guy named Zeek.) Another reason for Tyler's high spirits: Aerosmith had total control over an album's production for the first time in its three-decade history. "We've always wanted to see if it was true that we were hard to work with," he said. But things went without a hitch.

      "It was like going to Disney World for vacation, and then, after 10 years of doing that, going to Maui," said Tyler. "I'm never going to have it any other way. Those days are gone." He said by producing its own album, the band was "defending our precious little souls."

      Tyler also keeps a journal which he plans to turn into a book. Some people in the music industry should be afraid. Very afraid.

      "I'm going to tell the truth," Tyler warned. Among other things, "I'm going to name the people who passed on Alanis Morissette."

      Speaking of the music business. His predictions for the Grammys?

      "Where is the talent? Alicia Keys--bingo! It's about authenticity." And in the category of best rock album. "It's going to be a hard one. I think ... [drumroll] ... Linkin Park."

      Even if Aerosmith doesn't win, Tyler is still grateful. He got the life he dreamed of as a teenager. "I told my dad, 'When I grow up I want to be a [rock star],' and he said, 'I don't think you can do both.'"

      Smart guy.

  • Joe Perry interview
      From Bay

      Like Tyler, Aerosmith's Perry has lots to say

      Brad Kava
      Mercury News
      Published: Wednesday, January 2, 2002

      The man Steven Tyler calls the ``fornicating fool of the frets,'' Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, isn't afraid to read a bad review, but he still cringes.

      ``Rolling Stone called it a `sad day for our culture,' '' he recalls of his hard-core rock band's performance at last year's Super Bowl with candy-cane pop stars Britney Spears and 'N Sync.

      ``You kind of just have to grin and bear it. We've never been the critics' darling, you know what I mean? We've always been perceived as coming up behind. But the people vote with their buying tickets and records, and that's what they want.''

      Perry can afford to be cavalier after three age-and-drug defying decades of rock 'n' roll. But this quiet New England native is clearly sensitive about what people think.

      If you've ever seen an interview with Perry and singer Tyler, you might think that Perry doesn't have a lot to say. Forget that impression.

      Get him alone, and you realize that he is like the Edge to U2's Bono, Keith Richards to the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger or Jerry Rice to quarterback Joe Montana. He's got brains, soul and depth.


      While the media flocks to the guy with the lips, the nicknames and the shoot-from-the-hip wit, Perry is the one putting the snap and crackle hooks into the pop. At 51, he moves and grooves like a 19-year-old.

      Like one of its album titles, his band has shown almost nine lives.

      Its debut album, ``Aerosmith,'' now considered a classic, was ignored by Rolling Stone magazine when it was released back in 1973. It may be encouraging to realize that Led Zeppelin's debut was -- even worse -- brutally panned by the magazine. But at the time, being ignored by what was considered the bible of rock ``just about killed us,'' Perry says.

      But the guitarist did what he still advises upcoming musicians to do -- he took the band on the road, playing every college campus and bar it could from the discomfort of a station wagon.

      Gradually the word got out, and radio stations began playing the album. The single ``Dream On'' became a Northeast college drinking game prop: Some future hangover victim had to take a shot of tequila every time Tyler sang the name of the song.

      As a chapter in their autobiography, ``Walk This Way,'' labels them, they were ``the Monkees on drugs,'' appealing to Rod Stewart feather-cut coiffed, chain-wearing, tattooed white punks on dope, living the 1970s credo of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

      They had the energy of their elders, but not the respect.

      They were snubbed, in part, because they were in the second wave of rock. They were white suburban kids, influenced by white suburban kids, who were influenced by black bluesmen.

      ``Aerosmith didn't really come from Boston,'' wrote Hit Parader magazine. ``They came from the transatlantic daydreams of American dudes hell-bent on becoming English dandies.''

      Says Perry: ``We were white kids from the suburbs. We didn't have access to the real thing. We heard the Stones and Beatles, and later we did our homework and heard the Willie Dixon versions. Bands like Van Halen and Guns N' Roses saw what we were doing and followed us.''

      (Ironically, Aerosmith has recently been saluted on an album of its songs covered by African-American blues artists. ``Sweet Emotion: Songs of Aerosmith'' features such artists as Otis Clay, Sugar Blue and Joe Louis Walker.)

      As the train started rollin', the band lived the lifestyle it sang about, making party a verb and doing it even harder than the mythical expectations of their fans.

      ``We believed anything worth doing was worth overdoing,'' Tyler recalls in the book ``Walk This Way.''

      More than a few times, band members ended up strung out on drugs and broke, despite taking in fortunes of mall-rat dollars.


      ``It was a political statement to take drugs in the '60s,'' Perry says. ``It was part of rebelliousness. The media was telling us things like cocaine wasn't addictive, or that pot would lead to heroin. Some people did drugs and moved on to the next thing. Others just did more drugs and stopped functioning and stopped listening to their instincts.''

      It seemed that drug martyrdom was part of the rock star's legacy. Perry watched as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison swaggered till they died, and he and his band mates seemed destined for the same ending.

      Tyler recalls having to be carried to the stage in 1978, and realizing he had made all the wrong moves he promised himself he wouldn't make.

      Miraculously, they survived, not only drugs but unsuccessful attempts at solo careers.

      In 1986, the rap band Run-D.M.C. revived Aerosmith's 1977 hit ``Walk This Way'' and had a hit video and single, rapping over it -- leading to more than a decade of rap/rock collaboration.

      In the last decade, the band has done what the Rolling Stones can no longer do. It put out a series of albums that included catchy pop hits and blistering rock.

      Its 2001 album ``Just Push Play'' is a fine example of carefully honed rock that sounds far edgier than its hit single, ``Jaded.'' Its summer swing through Shoreline, when the band played on a second stage that gave the folks on the lawn front-row seats for a while, was one of the best shows of the year.

      At the indoor arena, Perry says, the stage is designed to bring all the band members out into the crowd on walkways along the sides of the theater.

      The band is getting some pop radio play, selling out concerts and turning up in unlikely forums, such as car commercials and the Super Bowl.

      Perry defends the commercialization of the former rebels, saying that since the band is virtually ignored by mainstream rock radio, it needs to get the new songs out in Dodge commercials. ``It's cool to be watching Animal Planet and hear `Just Push Play' three times,'' he says.

      Perry says he is clean and sober -- but not bored.

      ``This just leaves more time for the other two,'' he says of the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

      ``I don't miss it. This way I don't have to wake up and find my dealer. Life itself has enough going on. I can do it without drugs. I can't do it without coffee.''

      Perry, who has a 20-year-old son at Stanford, and two other children, 15 and 10, who travel with him, says he never thought it would last this long but doesn't see it coming to an end.

      ``I think we still have a chip on our shoulders. We have yet to make our best record,'' he says. The band has collaborated with outside songwriters to keep the mix fresh, as has Mick Jagger, who enlisted Perry to play on two songs on his recent solo album.

      ``We were slow bloomers. We were always the guys in high school who looked on as the football captains had their big bursts early on. We were the other way, and we're having ours now.''


      Perry stresses that it's still a lot of work to find the groove, to bring out his best playing, to keep people interested.

      ``They don't come out to see you because you are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They come out because you have a good song on the radio.

      ``I wish I was half the guitar player back then that I am now. I feel I've found more of a voice in my guitar. I've learned more about the business. I can physically do it better now.

      ``Someday, something is going to stop this band. But for now, I'm excited to see how far this experiment will go.

News as of January 11, 2002
  • AeroForceOne
      Year-end, Double-issue Newsletters are Mailed
      You don't want to miss a thing! An interview with the band, pullout 2002 calendar, two pages of exclusive merchandise and a special bonus renewal offer are all coming your way in this year-end, double-issue newsletter mailed last week.

      For a "Double" Issue, this isn't very thick! 12 pages including the front and back cover. There's a poster with a calender on the flip side. The Front cover has Seasons Greetings and a Xmas ditty. Little Aerosmith Angels are flying around a tree. There's also a Q&A section. One of these questions (by PerryMint Batty) was mentioned on an Aerosmith mailinglist I'm on, and while I don't care myself, maybe some women out there will so...

      The question? "Breifs, Boxers, Thongs..." The answers:

      Steven- Silk Boxers, Thong on Stage
      Joe- Briefs
      Tom- Briefs
      Brad- Boxers
      Joey- None of the above

News as of January 10, 2002
  • Hole In My Soul import CD?
      At, there is an import CD listed, "Aerosmith : Hole In My Soul" ($20.49). Release date noted is Jan 8, 2002.

      Does anyone know what this is, and what is on it? Please e-mail me if you do!

News as of January 8, 2002
  • Article in today's OC Register (from SL Tribune)
      On the cover of the Show section - DON'T PUSH STOP - Aerosmith's album sales may be flagging, but the band remains in demand for arena concerts, Super Bowl halftime shows - and truck commercials. Then inside...this article:

      They're still in the saddle Aerosmith's comeback has now outlasted its original fame in the '70s.
      January 7, 2002 By DAN NAILEN Salt Lake Tribune

      By virtue of sheer longevity, Aerosmith provided the soundtrack for more generations of back-seat liaisons than any other rock band in history.

      The Boston quintet, which comes to the Forum in Inglewood on Sunday, was a touchstone of 1970s rock, particularly with "Dream On" and especially for the partying teen-agers too young or too cool to get into disco.

      After a drug-fueled breakup, the band reformed just in time to catch the wave of '80s hair-metal as it dominated the charts and the radio.

      In the '90s, Aerosmith went pop, and the band's deluge of power ballads and soundtrack cuts like "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from the movie "Armageddon" turned the one-time "Toxic Twins" of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry into a blessing for prom deejays.

      When 2000 hit, it looked like Aerosmith was ready for a smooth transition into its fourth decade.

      In short order, the band played the halftime show at the Super Bowl with a slew of acts half its age, was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and released its 13th studio album, "Just Push Play," led by the hit single "Jaded."

      A strange thing happened on the way up the charts, though. "Just Push Play" stalled, even as Aerosmith started crisscrossing the country on tour.

      "It hasn't really gotten traction yet," bass player Tom Hamilton noted of the 9- month-old album. "We're used to it, though. Our 'Get a Grip' album, which was by far our biggest-selling album, didn't get going, and the tour we were doing didn't get going, until we were out on the road for a while. Then we had a couple hit singles and it went crazy, in a worldwide way.

      "Radio is the ultimate decider. It's the funnel you have to get through. The thing is, (radio programmers) are always trying to follow trends, so they've got their agenda. We put out this record, which to us sounds like sort of the ultimate Aerosmith record, but it all depends on what's going on when it comes out.

      "Actually, the Super Bowl thing with 'N Sync and Britney worked out so well we're going to do a month of mall openings."

      When you are part of one of the most-popular bands ever, you can make jokes about doing a Tiffany-style tour.

      Still, Hamilton admits his frustration that "Just Push Play" has yet to equal the explosive success of recent work like "Get a Grip" or "Pump," or older stuff like the "Toys in the Attic" or "Rocks" albums of the 1970s.

      The frustration comes from playing packed live concerts and realizing most of the crowd is there to hear old songs, not the new songs, which Hamilton feels are some of Aerosmith's best ever.

      The ubiquitous Dodge commercials featuring the title track helped boost sales of "Just Push Play," but songs such as "Light Inside" and "Avant Garden" meet only so-so responses.

      "I can see it in our audience when we're up there," Hamilton said. "You can tell, 'OK, this audience all have the 'Pump' and 'Get a Grip' albums, and probably the 'Toys' album and the 'Rocks' album, and by God we can scream at them at the top of our lungs, but they're always going to gravitate back to that.

      "I know, because I see the behavior in myself sometimes. I have a core of music that I've been inspired by, but I force myself to listen to new stuff and I usually love it when I do.

      "Steven, every night, says 'Do you want to hear the new (stuff) or the old (stuff), and it's overwhelmingly people saying, 'The old (stuff)!' So we think they're talking about stuff from 'Toys in the Attic' or 'Rocks' when it finally dawned on me they're probably talking about 'Ragdoll' and 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady'). Steven should ask, 'Do you want to hear the old (stuff) or the Paleolithic (stuff)?'"

      On the "Just Push Play" tour, Hamilton, singer Tyler, guitarists Perry and Brad Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer are delivering songs from their Paleolithic period and onward, from the anthem-for-the-ages "Dream On" to recent hits, a catalog of blues-based rock that once led to phrases like "the American Rolling Stones." Now, 28 years after Aerosmith's first album was released, they are legends in their own right. And in their own time.

      "People remind me about the (Rock and Roll) Hall of Fame and it's like getting a little treat because I forget about it," Hamilton said. "I certainly don't take it for granted, but I try to not get my ego pumped up about it.

      "I look at it from a standpoint of if it's still there in 100 years. There's been a lot of music and cultural change and advancement in the last 30 years or 35, 40 years. And a lot of the social change that's happened was led by rock folk, rebellious 'I can do whatever I want' music. In the future, maybe they'll be able to tie a lot of good in it. For instance, you have rappers and rockers doing music together, you have this thing called MTV where everything gets mixed together. Which means cultures get mixed together. Which means people get mixed together who might have avoided each other originally.

      "Maybe they'll look back someday and say that some of these people who were in this Hall of Fame took part in hurrying up a blending of races or something.

      "The salvation of this world is going to be whenever everybody is just completely mixed into one race. If we can live until that happens, or if future generations can live until that happens, maybe we'll make it into the distant future."

News as of January 7, 2002
  • Yet another compilation? (will it ever end?)
      It seems Aerosmith are now working on getting a new compilation together, prodcued by Jack Douglas it shall be an Album of The Columbia Catalog in surround sound and re-mixes.

      Apparently, the guys in the band had told Jack Douglas that they were royally pissed about the Geffen thing, and how they all vowed to "get even" LOL which probably explains why he's helping with another Columbia compilation.

      ST. PETERSBURG, FL - (INTERNET WIRE) - 02-01-2002 - When people in the music business hear the name Jack Douglas, what do they think of first? For starters, how about a Grammy Award for Producer of "Best Album of the Year" for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, "Double Fantasy" ...Follow that with an ongoing relationship that dates back 15 years with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, which was rekindled two years ago with the C.D. "A Little South of Sanity" and currently working together again releasing an Album of The Columbia Catalog in surround sound and re-mixes which include "Toys in the Attic", "Get Your Wings" and "Greatest Hits" just to mention a few, and you get the idea. [...]

News as of January 6, 2002
  • Metal Edge magazine
      In the March issue, there's a picture of Joe on page 121. It's a concert shot from the tour, doesn't mention which show.

News as of January 5, 2002
  • Classic Rock Magazine
      Aerosmith are mentioned several times in the January [2002] edition of Classic Rock. Axl Rose on the cover. Steven is mentioned in the 'Rock in a Hard Place 2001' article. It talks about Pink's song, and there is a terrible pic of him there. Just Push Play is ranked no 4 in the 'classic rock writers top 20 albums of the year'. And, there is a review of the new Young Lust CD, with a large pic of Steven.

  • Rock N Roller Coaster in Paris!
      Taken from Michael Isner to the shareholders letter:

      "On the immediate horizon is an all-new theme park adjacent to Disneyland Paris, called Walt Disney Studios Paris. This park is modeled after the Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World and will give guests a behind-the-scenes look at film, television, music and animation production. In the process, we will offer them the thrills of Catastrophe Canyon, a stunt show spectacular and the inverted loops of the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Disneyland Resort Paris is already the most visited tourist destination in Europe. With the creation of this park, our Paris property will become a true multi-day resort, offering a tremendous range of entertainment experiences just outside one of the greatest cities in the world. "

      It appears the new Disney Studios park featuring the ride is due for public opening on March 16th.

  • Aerosmith on MTV2's Unplugged Marathon
      Unplugged Marathon 12:00 Noon EST on MTV 2.

      Show: MTV Unplugged
      Episode: Aerosmith
      Network: MTV2
      Date: Sunday - January 06, 2002
      Time: 07:30 pm - 08:00 pm ET

News as of January 4, 2002
  • Grammy Nominees
      Well, the nominees for the 44th Annual Grammy Awards are out. These are to be given out Feb 27th on CBS. Aerosmith got 4 nominations. Here is the list and nominees....

      Best Short Form Music Video
      For an individual track or single promotional clip. Award to the Artist and to the Video Director/Producer.

      -"Fly Away From Here," Aerosmith (Joseph Kahn, video director; Greg Tharp, video producer)
      -"One Minute Man," Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott featuring Ludacris (David Meyers, video director; Ron Mohrhoff, video producer)
      -"Weapon of Choice," Fatboy Slim featuring Bootsy Collins (Spike Jonze, video director; Vincent Landay and Deannie O'Neil, video producers)
      -"Don't Tell Me," Madonna (Jean-Baptiste Mondino, video director; Maria Gallagher, video producer)
      -"Ms. Jackson," Outkast (F. Gary Gray, video director; Meredyth Frattolillo, video producer)

      Best Rock Song
      A Songwriter(s) Award. Includes Rock, Hard Rock & Metal songs. For Song Eligibility Guidelines see Category #3. Singles or Tracks only.

      -"Drops of Jupiter," Train; Charlie Colin, Rob Hotchkiss, Pat Monahan, Jimmy Stafford and Scott Underwood, songwriters
      -"Elevation," U2; U2, songwriter)
      -"Jaded," Aerosmith; Marti Frederiksen and Steven Tyler, songwriters
      -"Walk On," U2; U2, songwriters
      -"Yellow," Coldplay; Guy Berryman, Jon Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin, songwriters.

      Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal
      For Duos or Groups with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.

      -"Jaded," Aerosmith
      -"Yellow," Coldplay
      -"The Space Between," Dave Matthews Band
      -"Drops of Jupiter," Train
      -"Elevation," U2

      Best Rock Album
      For solo artists, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental. Includes Hard Rock and Metal.

      Gold, Ryan Adams
      Just Push Play, Aerosmith
      Stories From the City, Stories From the Sea, PJ Harvey
      Hybrid Theory, Linkin Park
      All That You Can't Leave Behind, U2

News as of January 3, 2002
  • 2001 Touring Stats/Grosses
      Yes, yet another slightly different version of what has previously been posted. This time, however, there's a little more info included. Chris of put this together!

      Here's an interesting stats sheet from Amusement Buisness today. It's basically the top concert draws for the 2001 year. Their info is a tad off, but generally gives a good look at the bread winners this year. Enjoy!

      From Dec 11th 2000 - Dec 3rd, 2001

      1. U2. Total Gross: $133,950,614.
           Total Attendance: 2,061,248. 106 shows. 106 sellouts.
      2. 'N Sync. Total Gross: $90,172,178.
           Total Attendance:1,774,979. 48 shows. 9 sellouts.
      3. Backstreet Boys. Total Gross: $89,815,417.
           Total Attendance:1,599,473. 102 shows. 16 sellouts.
      4. Madonna. Total Gross: $74,051,171.
           Total Attendance:730,859. 47 shows. 47 sellouts.
      5. Dave Matthews Band. Total Gross: $65,110,310.
           Total Attendance:1,491,340. 60 shows. 27 sellouts.
      6. Billy Joel & Elton John. Total Gross: $58,931,451.
           Total Attendance: 569,284. 31 shows. 25 sellouts.
      7. Eric Clapton. Total Gross: $44,346,504.
           Total Attendance:860,827. 60 shows. 38 sellouts.
      8. Aerosmith. Total Gross: $43,578,874.
           Total Attendance:937,609. 56 shows. 15 sellouts.
      9. Janet Jackson. Total Gross: $41,063,969.
           Total Attendance:647,024. 55 shows. 3 sellouts.
      10. AC/DC. Total Gross: $28,255,716.
           Total Attendance:629,223. 52 shows. 35 sellouts.


      1. The gross figure represents only the dollars made at a PLAYED show.
      2. They have actualy performed 64 shows, but with this source the cutoff was at Dec 3rd, and up until that time Aero had done 60 shows. The 56 # im not sure how they got, but its pretty close.
      3. So far, 14 shows have been cancelled due to either 9-11, sickness or the like.
      4. They have been averaging roughly 800 K per show, so if they had played those other 14 gigs, they'd make roughly 11 million dollars GROSS more, bringing their grand total to about 55 million for the tour.

      Taking the stats for the 2001 touring grosses, Chris compiled a list of the acts that raped the fans the most. In other words....

      He took the total gross of the tour, and devided it by the # of people who attended to achieve something known as the PPP (price per person). Since there are various levels of ticket prices at any given show, PLUS the attendance of a show sometimes skews #'s, he made a list of the exact average PRICE PER PERSON the band got for every show.

      #1 - U2 *PPP*= $64.99.
      #2- NSYNC *PPP*= $50.80.
      #3- Backstreet Boys *PPP*= $56.15.
      #4- Madonna *PPP*= $101.32.
      #5- Dave Matthews *PPP*= $43.48.
      #6- Elton John/Billy Joel *PPP*= $103.52.
      #7- Eric Clapton *PPP*= $51.52.
      #8- Aerosmith *PPP*= $46.48.
      #9- Janet Jackson *PPP*= $63.47.
      #10- AC/DC *PPP*= $44.91.

      What does this info mean? Well, basically Elton/Billy and Madonna had the highest per person average and Dave Matthews had the lowest. But what I find interesting is noting Aerosmith's price per head. $46.48 cents. Thats 7th out of 10 major acts.

  • Guitar One - Brad's and Joe's Setup
      Just to add a few details to what I posted last month, the new Guitar One magazine has a two page section that shows the guitar/amp setups for both Brad and Joe. It also shows pictures of a bunch of their guitars too. It's the Feburary 2002 issue of Guitar One on pages 58 and 59.

News as of January 1, 2002
  • Dick Clark Rockin New Years Eve
      As expected, Aerosmith were on "Dick Clark Rockin New Years Eve" on ABC last night! They played Just Push Play, recorded at Ft. Lauderdale, FL (2001-11-29).

  • Gavin Top 30
      Gavin has compiled their list of the TOP 30 most played songs on Radio this year. Gavin monitors hundreds of stations all across North America, and keep a running tally of "spins" (plays).

      1 Lifehouse Hanging By A Moment DreamWorks 220,794
      2 Lenny Kravitz Again Virgin 181,569
      3 Shaggy Angel MCA 175,719
      4 Uncle Kracker Follow Me Lava/Atlantic 169,889
      5 Nelly Ride Wit Me Universal 168,344
      6 Janet All For You Virgin 154,364
      7 Christina/Lilí Kim/Mya/Pink Lady Marmalade Interscope 153,714
      8 Crazy Town Butterfly Columbia 147,794
      9 Train Drops Of Jupiter Columbia 147,002
      10 Eve/Gwen Let Me Blow Ya Mind Interscope 137,474
      11 Dido Thank You Arista 136,272
      12 Jennifer Lopez Love Donít Cost A Thing Epic 135,203
      13 Blu Cantrell Hit ĎEm Up Style (Oops!) Arista 134,579
      14 Dream He Loves U Not Bad Boy/Arista 131,833
      15 K-Ci & JoJo Crazy MCA 128,136
      16 Jennifer Lopez Iím Real Epic 127,638
      17 Destinyís Child Independent Women Columbia 126,096
      18 O-Town All Or Nothing J Records 124,740
      19 Nelly Furtado Iím Like A Bird DreamWorks 122,070
      20 Staind Itís Been Awhile Flip/Elektra 121,323
      21 matchbox twenty If Youíre Gone Lava/Atlantic 120,102
      22 Shaggy It Wasnít Me MCA 119,682
      23 Janet Someone To Call My Lover Virgin 114,772
      24 Alicia Keys Falliní J Records 111,510
      25 Mya Case Of the Ex Interscope 111,405
      26 City High What Would You Do? Interscope 111,148
      27 Madonna Donít Tell Me Maverick 110,711
      28 Creed With Arms Wide Open Wind-up 106,072
      29 Aerosmith Jaded Columbia 105,229
      30 Jessica Simpson Irresistible Columbia 104,446

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