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News as of December 31, 2001
  • Happy Birthday Tom!!
      It's our favorite bass player Tom Hamilton's birthday today! Happy 50th, Tom!!

News as of December 30, 2001
News as of December 28, 2001
  • "News From The Other Side Of The Road"
      Guy Gillor, an Aerosmith fan from Israel, is going to have an own section here at Rock This Way in the coming month, a section called "News From The Other Side Of The Road."

      Guy is going over to the states to attend the shows in Denver (5.1), Salt Lake City (7.1), then to join Aero Force One's west coast travel package to the shows at San Jose (9.1) and Los Angeles (13.1). After that he'll go to the shows at Fresno (15.1) and San Diego (17.1). He wanted to do an on-line log from internet cafe's, but as he wouldn't be able to publish them on his site, he asked me to publish them on my site. He has now sent the first entry and he'll do his best to send at least one after each show. The most special show of them all should be the one in San Jose. There will be a Meet And Greet with the band and before the show there is supposed to be a special soundcheck, open for a little number of people, including them!

      As it's supposed to be like News From The Road, but from a fan's point of view, it will be found next to Tom Hamilton's archive (in the "Miscellaneous" section of RTW)

  • Top 40 Grossing Tours
      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Following are the top 40 grossing North American concert tours of 2001, according to data issued Thursday by Pollstar magazine.

      1. U2 -- $109.7 million (80 shows)
      2. 'N Sync -- $86.8 million (43 shows)
      3. Backstreet Boys -- $82.1 million (98 shows)
      4. Dave Matthews Band -- $60.5 million (51 shows)
      5. Elton John/Billy Joel -- $57.2 million (31 shows)
      6. Madonna -- $54.7 million (28 shows)
      7. Aerosmith -- $49.3 million (64 shows)
      8. Janet Jackson -- $42.1 million (57 shows)
      9. Eric Clapton -- $38.8 million (46 shows)
      10. Neil Diamond -- $35.4 million (46 shows)
      11. Matchbox Twenty -- $28.4 million (89 shows)
      12. Rod Stewart -- $27.2 million (66 shows)
      13. Jimmy Buffett -- $26.9 million (32 shows)
      14. Andrea Bocelli -- $26.8 million (15 shows)
      15. "Ozzfest 2001" -- $26.4 million (31 shows)
      16. Sade -- $26.2 million (41 shows)
      17. Tim McGraw -- $24.9 million (45 shows)
      18. Britney Spears -- $23.7 million (31 shows)
      19. James Taylor -- $23.0 million (61 shows)
      20. Tool -- $20.4 million (63 shows)
      21. AC/DC -- $18.9 million (34 shows)
      22. Barenaked Ladies -- $17.1 million (74 shows)
      23. Destiny's Child -- $17.0 million (59 shows)
      24. Brooks & Dunn -- $16.6 million (63 shows)
      25. Depeche Mode -- $16.2 million (40 shows)
      26. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers -- $14.4 million (31 shows)
      27. Stevie Nicks -- $14.1 million (38 shows)
      28. Elton John -- $13.3 million (19 shows)
      29. John Mellencamp -- $13.2 million (33 shows)
      30. Michael Flatley's "Feet of Flames" -- $13.1 million (21 shows)
      31. Blink-182 -- $13.0 million (63 shows)
      32. Journey -- $12.7 million (61 shows)
      33. Bon Jovi -- $12.5 million (32 shows)
      34. "Warped Tour" -- $12.4 million (46 shows)
      35. Bob Dylan -- $12.3 million (58 shows)
      36. Widespread Panic -- $12.3 million (77 show
      s) 37. Sting -- $11.8 million (27 shows)
      38. Phil Lesh and Friends -- $11.6 million (74 shows)
      39. Jerry Seinfeld -- $11.5 million (62 shows)
      40. Luciano Pavarotti -- $11.4 million (11 shows)

  • Was asked to put up a link to this...

News as of December 27, 2001
  • Mach Bell - New CD!
      Last Man Standing - s/t Just thought I'd mention that Mach Bell's (the vocalist on the Joe Perry Project's last album, "Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker") new band, Last Man Standing, has released a self-titled debut album.
      Hard rock quartet LAST MAN STANDING features vocalist MACH BELL (Joe Perry Project, Thundertrain), guitarist DAVE ZOLLA, drummer JON GUTLON and bass man AART KNYFF.

      For information, go to

News as of December 26, 2001
  • Aerosmith cyber radio
      Marcela has created an Aerosmith cyber-radio with RARITIES ONLY! It's great. Had some stuff even I had never heard... :)

      If you want to listen to it, go to
      (It won't work with WinAmp and Real Player)

  • MTV Unplugged on MTV2
      MTV2 is going to air the most popular Unplugged episodes, and is letting the visitors to their site vote for which. Aerosmith is one of the choices. Vote for Aerosmith as your favorite MTV Unplugged, and the winners will be played on January 5th and 6th.

      You can keep voting even after you vote!

News as of December 23, 2001
  • Guitar One magazine
      The newest issue of Guitar One magazine has the formula set up for Joe and Brad! Finally, a breakdown of Joe's setup! He has about 4 Gibson Goldtone Combos, and some other great stuff! Anyone who is a guitar player will definitely appreciate this! Pg.58!

  • Steven in Sports Illustrated...
      In Sports Illustrated, on page 96, they have a big cartoon picture of Steven Tyler. He's skiny as all hell, his mouth wide open and screaming. Caption reads:

      Then Marilyn Manson Sang a Quietly Dignified Back Home Again n Indiana. Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler ad-libbed the national anthem at the Indy 500, closing with "0'er the land of the free, and the home of the Indianapolis 500." Tyler, who was booed loudly for his improvisation, said, "I was just trying to add a little levity."

  • Billboard year end results
      Here is how Aerosmith did on the top 100 albums and singles...

      Just Push Play- #89
      Jaded- #47

  • Flaming Moe's in the UK
      Aerosmith fans in the UK should know that on Monday, January 28 at 7pm, Sky 1 will be broadcasting the "Flaming Moe's" episode of The Simpsons. Aerosmith appears in Moe's bar performing Walk This Way, and they have some funny scenes in other parts of the episode.

  • ..and finally...
      Happy holidays, from all of.. ehh.. me.. to all of you out there, wherever you are!

News as of December 22, 2001
  • Top 10 Tours of 2001
      According to, Aerosmith have ended the year as the 9th biggest touring act in the world, grossing nearly $40 million and averaging about $788,000 per show. Could have been higher if not for the illness!

      Top 10 Tours of 2001:

      1. U2 - $143 million
      2. 'N Sync - $90.2 million
      3. Backstreet Boys - $89.8 million
      4. Madonna- $74 million
      5. Dave Matthews Band - $65 million
      6. Billy Joel & Elton John - $58.9 million
      7. Eric Clapton - $43.5 million
      8. Janet Jackson - $40.6 million
      9. Aerosmith - $40 million
      10. AC/DC - $28.3 million

News as of December 21, 2001
  • Aerosmith at the Dodge Truckville site
      In case you are interested, Dodge just launched an Aerosmith area on the Dodge Truckville site. In "The Rock Club," you can watch a live video of Aerosmith performing "Dream On", and an interview with the band. It also has a free poster giveaway and a jukebox where your can vote for your favorite Aerosmith song, among other things...

News as of December 20, 2001
  • A little contest thingey (Not Aerosmith news)

News as of December 19, 2001
  • Yet another Aerosmith compilation album!?
      Appears on, a 'Best Of' CD will be out January 1st, 2002

      According to Clive Newton, it's the same thing as the Classic Aerosmith and Millenium Edition titles. It went under a Best of title when released in France this year and was recently released in Japan under this title (different disappoint cover though) at the end of Nov.

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      In the latest Rolling Stone Magazine, Aerosmith are mentioned for being part of the Super Bowl half-time show (with a picture of Steven, Joe, and Britney Spears), about a sentence in The Year in Rock about "Jaded", and an ad for Young Lust.

  • Liv Tyler interview #1

  • Liv Tyler interview #2
      In the "Clin d'oeil Québec" magazine, Liv is on the cover for Lord of the rings, nice 3 page interview with a few pictures.

News as of December 18, 2001
  • Petition for Aerosmith in Europe 2002!!
      Since the beginning of October, there is a rumour that Aerosmith won't tour in Europe this year nor the next year, and perhaps not tour in Europe ever again. That seems to be confirmed by their promotional tour for Just Push Play, which was only composed of two days in Germany and their long tour in the USA.

      Some French fans decided that they couldn't just let this happen, felt they had to do something about it, and set up a petition for Aerosmith to come to Europe.

      Their goal is to gather the maximum number of Aerosmith fans (European or not) to make things happen.

  • Liv & Mia item in NY Post
      This was from Liz Smith's column in the NY Post Dec. 17:

      YOU MAY think that only males - great Ians, as in McKellen and Holm, and small elves, hobbits and dwarves - inhabit the booming successful film "Lord of the Rings." But at last week's N.Y. premiere, Liv Tyler, who plays the sultry Arwen, stole the night by showing up with three generations of Tyler women - her mom, the rocker and author Bebe Buell; her grandmother, Dorothea Johnson, who owns the famed Protocol School in D.C., and sister Mia, who's decided to follow in dad Steven Tyler's rock star footsteps. And by the by, "Lord of the Rings" is just fabulous fun.

  • Another Liv Tyler Magazine
      Liv graces the cover of the January 2002 edition of ALLURE... There's some good pictures and a very lengthy interview. The subject thing says "her looks, her lips, her love life"

  • Rufus Thomas RIP
      In other news, I heard that the old blues man who wrote "Walkin' The Dog" (later covered by Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Ratt, on each band's debut album), Rufus Thomas, recently passed away.

  • Just Push Play guitar tab book
      Apparently there is now a Just Push Play guitar tab book out on the market. It was put out by Hal Leonard.

News as of December 13, 2001
  • Kansas City Cancelled, and more...
      The Kansas City show has officially been cancelled.

      Per the AF1 site, the 15th and 17th are now also officially cancelled.

  • Delaware radio interview
      Here follows some info on an interview the band did while they were in New York Monday....

      The DJ had poked his eye with a pencil while listening to Train Kept A Rollin' right before the interview started, so they were joking about how often that happened to Joey over the years. Also, Joey was saying funny stuff to them when he was using the little boy voice. Steven told a drummer joke (what's the difference between a drummer and a vacuum cleaner? You have to plug the vacuum cleaner in before it sucks.)

      Steven did mention being sick, but he was talking about having "fog lungs", as he called it, which was caused by the fog machines at the indoor venues. They were all there, and were being really comical and silly. Joey was doing child voices and they were all teasing each other. Jill, the female DJ, asked who was the psychological adult of the band and they said Brad. As for the psychological adolescent, Steven said it was a tie between him and Joey. (that's when Joey started using the kid voice).

      They talked a little about what it felt like to see kids singing the old stuff, and that when they started doing this in the 70's, there weren't any 50-60 year old performers out there, so they never thought about the possibility of rocking at that age.

      They all tried to get Tom to talk about an idea he's getting off the ground, and this would be the "perfect forum" for announcing it. He said he found someone to make x-rated beanie babies that are a little on the nasty side. They have 5 designed so far. Not sure if this is for real or not, but they (the band) spent a lot of time trying to get him to share the info. I guess we'll see if it comes to pass. He mentioned a website, but someone was speaking over him, so the person who shared this info couldn't tell the name... They were laughing when they were trying to get Tom to talk about his beanie baby idea.

      Tom also mentioned the NFTR stories, as he was asked if they ever intended to publish them. He said they'd have to think about it and print them all out some time to see how much paper it used. He said there's an element of truth in the stories.

      Actually, it was a great interview, because they were having a good time and being silly during it....

  • Mentions by Ted Nugent at Metal Sludge
      Over at Metal-Sludge they had 26 questions with Ted Nugent. Two of them involved Joe Perry..

      5. Rate the following guitar players on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a Gomer and 10 being somebody almost as good as you.

      Eddie Van Halen = 10
      Chuck Berry = 10
      Zakk Wylde = 10
      Slash = 9
      C.C. DeVille = who?
      Mick Mars = 7
      Joe Perry = 9
      Eric Clapton = 8
      Ace Frehley = 3
      Steve Vai = 9

      14. You've had a lot of rock stars over at your ranch to go hunting. Tell us who is the most natural at it and who was the biggest pussy about it.

      Joe Perry is a natural predator, Ace Frehley was funnier than Richard Pryor on fire.

  • VH1 Top 50
      The Top 50 Countdown: 2001 is a five hour countdown looking back at VH1's biggest videos of the year. Aerosmith made on to the list at #44 with "Fly Away From Here" and at 8 with "Jaded"

  • 100 sexiest music videos
      Men's magazine FHM ( has announced the "top 100 sexiest music videos of all time", and included on the list are 2 Aerosmith videos: Crazy and Love in an Elevator...

News as of December 12, 2001
  • News from Japan
      MTV Japan will air "MTV Live - Aerosmith" on 2002/01/19 and 20. The performance was recorded on 2001/04/04 at Zepp Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan ("MTV It's Your Party").

      Aerosmith played 5 songs during that secret gig,
      Jaded / I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / Big 10" / Mama Kin / Walk This Way.
      IDWTMAT and Mama Kin was never aired though.

      MTV Japan says "MTV Live - Aerosmith" is a 30 minute program and will feature songs never aired before.

      It will first be on air 2002/01/19 Sat 12:00-12:30, and it will repeat 3 times.

  • About last night's cancelled show
      Someone who was going to the show was told that the cancellation was due to an illness in the band, but they wouldn't tell who it was. Per AF1 (what they told the TP people.), Steven is having voice problems. Some other radio station reported that Joe was sick, but I also saw in a post that someone on the package ran into Joe either yesterday or today and had a conversation with him, and with the way I trust radio station information....

  • Ad in Metal Edge
      Aerosmith are on the back of the new issue of Metal Edge (Ozzy Osbourne on the cover). It features a picture of the band, and they're promoting Young Lust. The pic is apparently from the Pump sessions...

News as of December 11, 2001
  • Japanese release: Just Push Play + Live and Rare
      SONY Japan will release JPN tour special 2 CD limited edition!
      This info was taken from

      AEROSMITH /Just Push Play + Live & Rare
      date : 2002/01/23 or 30
      price : 3150 JPY incl. tax

      Disc 1 = same as Just Push Play JPN edition
      1.Beyond Beautiful
      2.Just Push Play
      4.Fly Away From Here
      5.Trip Hoppin'
      7.Under My Skin
      8.Luv Lies
      9.Outta Your Head
      10.Drop Dead Gorgeous
      11.Light Inside
      12.Avant Garden
      13.Won’t Let You Down
      14.I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

      Disc 2 = bonus disc / Live and Rare
      1. Just Push Play (Radio Remix)*
      2. Draw The Line (Live from California Jam II '78)
      3. Chip Away The Stone (Live from California Jam II '78)
      4. Same Old Song And Dance (Live from California Jam II '78)*
      5. Big Ten Inch Record (Live from Texxas Jam '78)
      6. Lord of the Thighs (Live from Texxas Jam '78)
      7. One Way Street (Line from Mama Kin Music Hall '94)
      8. Walk This Way (Live from MTV Spring Break 3/97)
      9. Dream On (Live from MTV 10 Anniversary)
      10.I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Live from Cape Canaveral, FL 29/6/98)
      * songs never released on CD.

  • Tonight's show cancelled
      According to

      "The St. Louis show scheduled for this evening has been cancelled"

  • Two More CA Dates Listed On Pollstar
      The following are now listed:

      1/15 Fresno, CA - Selland Arena
      1/17 San Diego - San Diego Sports Arena

  • New interview at Aerocanal
      There is another new interview at Aero Canal available for download. It's in three parts. The first part has Steven playing guitar in it!

News as of December 10, 2001
  • Aerosmith Christmas Card at Rock Hall of Fame
      The Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland

      "Jingle Bell Rock" Holiday exhibit - Sat., December 1, 2001 - Sun., January 6, 2002 The Museum is celebrating the holidays by displaying a collection of classic holiday albums (including a Jackson 5 Christmas Album LP and a Plastic Ono Band "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" single) and holiday cards from artists such as Elvis, ZZ Top, Aerosmith and the Ventures, in the Main Exhibit Hall.

  • Various info on Young Lust and Geffen remasters
      Clive Newton reports on "Young Lust",

      "It had a North American release on Nov 20 and came out in Europe on Nov 26. It's a sort of low profile release by Geffen and expect all stores haven't been rushing to get it in. The same applies to the remasters as I know people in the USA ordering their copies via CDNow etc.

      It seems DWM hasn't been remastered probably as it's worldwide sales were" low.

News as of December 9, 2001
  • Article on Tyler from The Oklahoman
      By Gene Triplett
      The Oklahoman

      Picture Steven Tyler trading his scarves, mike stand and cheering legions of fans for a rifle, a tree stand and the peace of the Oklahoma countryside. No way? Way. Aerosmith's lead singer 'fessed it up himself -- his in-laws live in Gore, OK.

      Local fans know one of America's favorite and most durable rock 'n' roll bands will "Walk This Way" in the Myriad Arena on Sunday night, but few know that Tyler slipped into the Sooner State just a few weeks ago to walk softly in the wilds of Sequoyah County.

      "I go down to my wife's father's farm, and we go shootin'," the New Hampshire native said in a telephone interview last week. "We were hunting deer that day, and I was up in the stand with my son. I don't know whether I would have shot one. ... It was an experience. I haven't hunted since I was really young ... I've turned into 'Farm Boy.'"

      But Tyler isn't ready for rural retirement just yet. He's still strutting his stuff upon the rock 'n' roll stages of the world with all the rubber agility and rebel attitude of a man 30 years his junior. In fact, at 53, he still looks at least 15 years his junior.

      Quite a feat considering this Boston-based band has climbed to the top and fallen to the bottom of the corporate rock heap -- where they sank deep into that well-known music-biz mire of drugs and depravity -- only to sober up and ascend again. And considering how low Aerosmith had flown by 1981, with bitter infighting, bad management and plummeting record sales resulting in the departures of guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, theirs has got to be one of the most remarkable comeback stories on the books. Tyler likes to quote what Hunter Thompson wrote: "'The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench.' Right? 'A long, plastic highway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.' "I love that. That kind of sums it up, doesn't it?"

      Far from dying, Aerosmith's original, newly detoxed lineup regrouped in 1984 and -- boosted by the success of Run DMC's rap remake of "Walk This Way" -- proceeded to exceed the success of their initial go-round. Raunchy funk-rocker and power-ballad hits such as "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," "Rag Doll" "Love in an Elevator" and "Crazy" just kept on coming, joining a live play list that still includes such classics as "Sweet Emotion," "Dream On," "Big Ten Inch Record" and their mandatory Yardbirds cover, "Train Kept A-Rollin.'"

      Now more than three decades into their flight, Aerosmith went into a power-climb in 2001, blowing wet-noses such as 'N Sync and Britney Spears out of the stadium in a spectacular Super Bowl halftime show, releasing a self-produced smash album, "Just Push Play," and getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame the same month they scored a No. 1 hit with "Jaded." No other inductee can claim such a distinction, and most are well past their chart-topping days when the Hall of Fame comes knocking.

      Their longevity is second only to the band they're so often likened to -- the Rolling Stones -- but even the Stones can't brag on keeping their original lineup alive and well and together. Tyler, Perry, Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer are probably one of the happiest dysfunctional families in the business.

      Tyler says the glue is "the joy of getting up there and making music and playing it, and the audience loving it. I got a tattoo 30 years ago that says 'Mama Kin'. It was the first song I ever wrote myself, and I thought it was gonna be a single. So I got a tattoo made up, and I was all full of myself. I think it's that unbridled enthusiasm ...

      "It's that feeling you had Friday afternoon at school, when you knew school was gonna be out in 20 minutes. You look over to the guy you were angry at sitting next to you, and you go, 'Hey, how ya doin.' Now, suddenly, there's this veneer of love and yeee-haww! And you get in your car, and you run home."

      Tyler has successfully adhered to his "Mama Kin" concept right into middle-age, keeping in touch with the youthful spirit that got him rocking in the first place. That's how Aerosmith still manages to come up with music that's relevant to kids younger than his own kids.

      His film actress daughters, Liv Tyler, 24, and Mia Tyler, 22, are two of his biggest fans. When they attend one of daddy's concerts, they like to make a little nest of pillows in front of the stage, behind the barricades where no one can see them.

      "They just sit down there and mime me, and they make fun of songs and they give me the finger," he laughs. "Ever so great. Then I catch 'em crying and singing along, and it's beautiful."

      So feeling, acting and sounding young is all well and good, but how does he maintain the look?

      "The secret is moving and sweating and purging in your skin," he says. "The largest organ in your body is your skin. You've gotta sweat, you gotta let it know you're alive."

      Loving his job and the energy he draws from thousands of cheering fans each night also keeps the lines on his face from getting clearer.

      "We throw parties for 20,000 people, whack, and they all show up. That's a great feeling. It keeps your mind sharp and young." And maybe some occasional down time in a tree stand with a deer rifle in his hand helps, too.

      "A side of me nobody knows," he says. "I joined the NRA when I was 16. I collect guns and knives. It's my hobby. Joe (Perry) and I both do that. What else am I gonna do? I can't drink anymore. "And I'm a country boy, so we go down there (to Gore) with my daughter Chelsea and my son Taj and the nieces and nephews, and we run around the property, you know, with slingshots." Sure beats getting old.

  • Jimmy Crespo Interview

  • Liv Tyler in I-D Magazine
      This month issue of I-D Magazine has Liv on the cover and 6 pages of interview and pics, all new, and the theme of the interview is her caracter in the movie Lord of the Rings. Nice interview, great pictures, but apparently expensive price...

News as of December 8, 2001
  • Aerosmith's touring plans, according to Clive Newton
      The band currently end their current North American tour on Jan 15 2002 and then off to Japan. Once that is over, they have detailed they are taking a few months off from touring.

  • Rick Dufay update
      Terry Rains a.k.a. TED. reports:

      Talked to Rick a few times this past week. He is writing mostly new material for his upcoming shows since he's got Dan and Dan to work with now, etc. Some of the more dated "huge rock" stuff just does not work in a small club/venue as we all know. And I think he wants to explore the future, not live in the past as many artists do. From what I have heard, these shows are gonna KICK ASS. I think Mike and John will agree - they've both heard a bit as well.

      Jack is in Florida recording an album with a new band but Rick can't remember the name of the group, just that's it's a strange name and him and Jack nicknamed them something else.

      Rick's friends Aaron and Mars are working on a new official web site for Rick. I will be doing an official fan site when things pick up a bit but in the mean time I will continue posting to the Yahoo club (while it lasts) and the mailing list.

      Check out:


      For those not 100% up to date with Rick Dufay, be sure to check out the long and informative interview located at

      It's not new, but that interview with Rick Dufay (from April 21, 2001), with questions by Andy Craven, demands to be read if you haven't already!

  • Concert Grosses
      Aerosmith w/The Cult
      Ice Palace
      Tampa, FL
      15,086 tix sold
      16,229 capacity
      92% full
      $855,576 gross

      Aerosmith w/The Cult
      National Car Rental Center
      Sunrise, FL
      12,759 tix sold
      15,562 capacity
      81% full
      $736,828 gross

  • Aerosmith on Dick Clark's show on NYE
      ( Wednesday December 05 04:57 PM EST

      Blink 182, Blu Cantrell & Bush To Ring In New Year With Dick Clark

      (12/5/01, 12 p.m. ET) -- Blink 182, Blu Cantrell, Bush, the O'Jays, LFO, Pink, and Jessica Simpson are just some of the artists who will help eternal teenager Dick Clark ring in the new year for his 30th consecutive year. Clark will be a very busy man this New Year's Eve (December 31), as he will be hosting three ABC television specials.

      The fun begins with the hour-long Dick Clark's Primetime New Year Rockin' Eve, which will air at 10 p.m. ET. Clark will report "live" on the festivities in New York City's Times Square, and joining him once again will be correspondents Steve Doocy and Madison Michele, who will report on other happenings around the city.

      During this first special, Clark will introduce highlight performances from some of this year's most successful tours, including Aerosmith, Destiny's Child, Elton John, and the Dave Matthews Band. In addition, Barry Manilow, who holds the record for most appearances on New Year's Rockin' Eve, will perform "It's Just Another New Year's Eve." Also, Kool & the Gang will be seen performing their party anthem "Celebration" in a "classic moments" segment.

      Next, Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2002, Part 1 will air from 11:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET. Clark will report on the final minutes of 2001, and do his traditional Times Square countdown to midnight. Then, he will be joined by Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway?), who will preside over segments of the show from Hollywood and introduce musical acts including Blink 182 (performing "The Rock Show" and "First Date"), Blu Cantrell (performing "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops)" and "Waste My Time), and Bush (performing "Headful Of Ghosts," "Inflatable," and "The Chemicals Between Us").

      In addition, Brady will introduce LFO (performing "Every Other Time" and "Life Is Good"), the O'Jays (performing "Love Train" and "Let's Ride"), Pink (performing "Get The Party Started," "There You Go," and her upcoming single "Don't Let Me Get Me."), Busta Rhymes (performing a hits medley and "Break Ya Neck"), and Jessica Simpson (performing "Irresistible," and "A Little Bit"), as well as another retrospective performance from Manilow.

      Wrapping up the evening will be Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2002, Part 2. Blink 182, Blu Cantrell, Bush, the O'Jays, Pink, and Busta Rhymes will return for encore performances. While they perform, Clark will bring his Times Square coverage to a close.

      -- Jason Gelman, New York

News as of December 6, 2001
  • Tyler and Shannon Brown
      From Country Weekly (Dec. 11)

      Shopper Shannon Rocks

      While shopping in Los Angeles, Shannon Brown heard someone repeating "Jen, hey Jen." She turned to face Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler - who'd mistaken her for actress Jennifer Anniston. While they chatted, Shannon noticed Steven looking at a sweater. She mentioned she'd looked at the same sweater, but passed on it because it was pricey. So Steven helped negotiate Shannon a 50 percent discount!

      When Shannon told the Aerosmith frontman her country new single, "Baby I Lied," had been released, he asked her to send him her album and they exchanged cards. An hour later, Shannon was on her cellphone with her mom recalling her 'star experience' with the rocker when a call came in on the other line. It was Steven Tyler! He was calling to get the official title of her single so he could call radio station KZLA to request it. Sounds like this hard rocker has a soft spot for Shannon.

  • Aerosmith , the nice boys from Boston...
      Article in Springfield Union News 12/6/01:

      Aerosmith joins search for Molly

      Thursday, December 6, 2001

      — Seeing missing daughter Molly Anne Bish's photo on the big screen at an Aerosmith concert last month taught the Bishes that even the biggest rock stars can open their hearts to a small-town couple's cause. "It was one father reaching out to another father. I'll forever be indebted to him," said John J. Bish Sr., Molly's dad. The Bishes said Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's front man and a Massachusetts resident, has agreed to display Molly's photo during the remaining concerts of their national "Just Push Play" tour. "God keeps sending me angels to help us," said Magdalen M. Bish, Molly's mother. Molly Anne Bish, then 16, vanished from the shores of Comins Pond in Warren last year, just after Magdalen dropped her off there. Despite an exhaustive search and the national media attention that followed, Molly has never been found. The Bishes were introduced to Tyler via two friends: Warren teacher Marilyn Coltey and Warren police officer and retired teacher Joseph Murray. Coltey and Murray met the Tyler family in October at an education camp in Maine. When they met, Coltey was wearing a "Pray for Molly" pin, and she asked if Tyler could do something on Molly's behalf, said Magdalen Bish. The Bishes were later invited to the Nov. 17 concert at Manchester, N.H.'s Verizon Wireless Arena, where they met Tyler and his family. An hour before the concert began, Coltey and the Bishes were headed to the rest rooms when they saw Molly's image looming overhead on a giant screen on the stage. It was accompanied by the date she disappeared and a phone number for those with information to call. "We were in awe. It was really remarkable," said Magdalen Bish. John Bish said he was pleasantly surprised by Tyler's interest in Molly's case. "(Tyler) reflected a tremendous commitment to working with children. I was amazed. He's just a regular person, a regular family man," he said. The band's efforts have produced results, said John Bish, as state police detectives continue to receive calls with information about Molly's disappearance. Anyone with information about the case may call Warren police at 413-436- 9595.

  • Aerosmith's message to US troops
      Here is the latest from AF1 regarding the special message the band recorded for the US troops...

      During Aerosmith’s performance at the Ice Palace Arena in Tampa, FL (& Ft. Lauderdale) they taped a special Public Service Announcement for the Armed Forces Network that will be shown to all the US troops throughout the entire world. This will not be shown on regular TV. However fans from Aero Force One can look forward to seeing it here at as the band is going to make it available for all their dedicated die hard fans to see in the coming weeks ahead.

  • Billboard
      Billboard has released their year-end charts and Aerosmith barely makes an appearance on two charts. On The Billboard 200 Top 100 Best Selling Albums of the Year "Just Push Play" is # 89. On The Hot 100 Singles Top 50 Singles od The Year "Jaded" is number 47.

  • Lexington show cancelled
      According to AF1 webpage, Lexington is officially canceled.

News as of December 5, 2001
  • Dick Clark's New Year's Eve specials for ABC
      Blink-182, Bush, Blu Cantrell, LFO, Pink, the O' Jays, Busta Rhymes, and Jessica Simpson are among the artists slated to perform their current hits as part of Dick Clark's New Year's Eve specials for ABC on Dec. 31.

      This year, Clark will actually host one primetime special and two late-night shows. Dick Clark's Primetime New Year's Rockin' Eve will air from 10-11 p.m. ET/PT on ABC from Time's Square in N.Y.;

      Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve 2002, Part 1 airs from 11:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET/PT; and Part 2 -- on which the aforementioned artists will appear -- airs from 1-2 a.m. ET/PT. Other artists to be featured on the specials include Barry Manilow, Aerosmith, Destiny's Child, Elton John, and the Dave Matthews Band

  • Brazilian Magazine, "Rock'n Tatoo"
      In the brazilian magazine "Rock'n Tatoo" (a special edition from a tatoo mag) there's one page with the pic of Steven and Liv from the Rolling Stone cover, and another page with a pic of the whole band, featuring Steven with his arms crossed. Both shows Steven's tattoo.

News as of December 4, 2001
  • New version of Just Push Play out soon in Japan
      With the forthcoming Japanese Tour happening, Sony Music Japan are launching a special edition of Just Push Play as they did for Nine Lives in 1998.

      It will be released on Jan 23 (2 days before their first Japanese date and priced at 3000 yen). Apart from the Japanese version of JPP, it will contain an additional CD called "Live and Rare". At the moment there is no tracklisting for this CD.

  • MTV / USO Special
      Chris @ reports:

      On January 1st, 2002, MTV will be airing a special called "MTV/USO- For The Troops". It is a star studded event including the likes of Jenifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Ja Rule, and Kid Rock performing overseas for our United States troops. The special also is said to have many other bands participating in one form or another.

      Reason why I bring this up is simple. At the Ft. Lauderdale concert, after Beyond Beautiful, the band shot a little message to our troops wishing them the best and God speed in their efforts. Seems as if this was for the MTV/USO special, and I would not be surprised to see Beyond Beautiful and the message be shown.

News as of December 3, 2001
  • Details on the cancelled Birmingham concert
      The Civic Center where the concert was to be held was about 2000 short of selling out. It holds around 12,000 people. In the civic center there is a huge score board in the middle of the auditorium. It was aprox. 70 feet in the air when it fell. According to a newspaper article someone was trying to raise the already raised scoreboard when a cable snapped sending the scoreboard falling 70 feet onto the auditorium floor. No one was reported injured. All of this info came from talking to The Cult's assistant (the opening act) and from the Birmingham News Paper.

      BJCC scoreboard falls, sinks hot-selling Aerosmith concert


      News staff writer

      The huge scoreboard above the center of the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex arena crashed to the ground Saturday morning, collapsing plans for an almost sold-out Aerosmith concert.

      Susette Hunter, director of sales and marketing at the BJCC, said the scoreboard fell around 7:30 a.m. as crews were setting up for the show that would feature Boston rock group Aerosmith and The Cult.

      Promoters will meet this week to try to reschedule the concert, Ms. Hunter said. People who planned to attend should hold on to their tickets.

      Ms. Hunter said an early investigation into the incident suggests that a cable snapped when someone attempted to raise the already elevated scoreboard.

      BJCC officials said the aluminum scoreboard fell about 70 feet and was destroyed. No one was injured.

      Concert promoters posted fliers at the complex, and television and radio stations announced that the concert had been canceled because of technical difficulties. Still, some fans unaware of the cancellation showed up at the arena Saturday night, ready to rock.

      A spikey-haired Chad Collins of Chattanooga was upset when a BJCC employee told him the concert would not be held Saturday night. Collins and two friends had driven two hours to Birmingham for the show.

      "This is the second time I've tried to see Aerosmith," said Linda Hall, a Boston native. "But they canceled a couple of years ago, too."

      Mrs. Hall and her husband, Timothy, drove from Atlanta. They said they did not learn of the cancellation until they arrived at the BJCC. Hall said he heard stories of people coming from as far as Singapore and New Jersey to see Aerosmith perform in Birmingham.

      Mrs. Hall said they would try to make it back if the concert is rescheduled.

      Eric Alger of Eastaboga said he might not be able to attend the rescheduled show if it is held on a weekday.

      "I'm not sure," said the 27-year-old, who donned a black T-shirt emblazoned with "The Cult." "I work nights and really can't do things then."

      Ms. Hunter said about 10,000 tickets to the show were sold, 2,000 shy of capacity.

News as of December 2, 2001
  • Another concert cancelled
      According to AF1, last night's show in Birmingham, AL was been cancelled due to "techinical difficulties".

      What happened was that the scoreboard fell from the ceiling while they were setting up. A call to ABC Birmingham news station confirmed that the show was definitely cancelled and, when asked why, they said that the scoreboard fell..

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