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News as of February 27, 2002
  • Now! Volume 9
      Aerosmith's "Just Push Play" will be featured on the new NOW! Volume 9 compilation that is to be released shortly. These are apparently Huge selling albums, and as you may know Now! Volume 8 had Jaded on it...

      Anyways, the full NOW! Volume 9 tracklisting...

      1. Pink- Get This Party Started.
      2. Britney Spears- Im A Slave 4 U.
      3. Mary J Blige- Family Affair.
      4. Shakira- Whenever, Wherever.
      5. Jennifer Lopez- Ain't It Funny.
      6. Ja Rule- Livin' It Up
      7. Ludacris- Roll Out
      8. Mr Cheeks- Lights, Camera, Action.
      9. Petey Pablo- Raise Up.
      10. City High- Caramel.
      11. Nelly Furtado- Turn Off The Light.
      12. NSYNC- Gone.
      13. Destiny's Child- Emotion.
      14. Ginuwine- Differences.
      15. Backstreet Boys- Drowning.
      16. U2- Stuck In A Moment.
      17. Aerosmith- Just Push Play.
      18. Lenny Kravitz- Dig In.
      19. Incubus- Wish You Were Here.
      20. Adema- Giving In.

News as of February 26, 2002
  • Aerosmith and RADD team up..

      Steven Tyler and Aerosmith Launch Crucial Holiday Campaign With RADD (Recording Artists, Actors & Athletes Against Drunk Driving) to Save Lives At Home.

      Tyler directed anti-drunk driving spots, which are being distributed for RADD by Farmers Insurance.

      STORY: RADD (Recording Artists, Actors & Athletes Against Drunk Driving) rallies the big guns, monster music and insurance partners, Aerosmith and Farmers Insurance, to combat an alarming trend -- the first rise in drunk driving deaths America has seen in five years.

      Aerosmith, longtime RADD members, answered the call by taking time out from their global Just Push Play Tour to tape new public service announcements for RADD. Just in time for the holiday season, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler envisioned a compelling new look for the venerable drunk-driving prevention organization's spots and directed two different versions of the PSAs. Dubbed, "Aerosmith Live" the set features a pounding Concert version (:60 & :30) and a more subdued Unplugged version (:60). In both, Tyler and lead guitar player Joe Perry bring the "friends don't let friends drive drunk" message to life through live performance.

      Farmers Insurance, a founding sponsor of RADD and major US provider of automobile insurance coverage, answered RADD's call by underwriting the production and distribution of this lifesaving message aimed at a population that's going into the most uncertain holiday period in recent history. Farmers immediate response was heartening to RADD, which was faced with depleted end-of the-year resources just as the need was greatest, coming into the height of the holiday party season.

      Aerosmith's genius, Farmers' backing and continued support from generous media supporters who play RADD's PSAs year-round, form the "coalition forces" fighting the war at home. This is a vulnerable time. By all reports, drinking is up, as is use of prescription- and over-the-counter drugs. We have to take care of each other-- in our own homes and on our own roads, this holiday season. Drunk Driving Deaths are 100% preventable by simply choosing a Designated Driver or taking a cab.

      VISUALS: Aerosmith-RADD PSAs (2 - :60; 1- :30) featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry performing, Traffic Safety Expert Spokesman Jeff Beyer: Board member of the National Commission Against Drunk Driving and Sr. VP Communications, Farmers Insurance.

      VISUALS: (text) Satellite Coordinates for (cords)10:15-10:30AM ET Telstar 4C/Transponder 6Contact: Cheryl Shuman, 310/285-1709Technical Contact: J-NEX Media 323/934-4356

  • Richie Supa interview
      Aerosmith co-songwriter, Richie Supa talks about his carrer and Aerosmith with!

      Supa Session
      an exclusive interview with hit songwriter Richie Supa

      by Brian Vance

      Sitting in a closed room with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry would intimidate most, but songwriter Richie Supa is right at home hangin' out with the former "toxic twins" and has managed to crank out a hit or two in the process.

      Having been behind the scenes penning mega-hits for Aerosmith (Lightning Strikes, Amazing and Pink), Ozzy Osborne, Richie Sambora, Tom Jones, Air Supply, BJ Thomas, Johnny Winter, Curtis Stigers, etc., songwriter Richie Supa has enjoyed a truly amazing career. As a major label singer/songwriter in the '70s and a staff writer for some of the biggest publishing companies in the business, Richie has experienced his share of twists and turns down the road to success, but continues to be inspired by and draw from the daily life experiences that may result in that next hit. We caught Richie just before one of his many co-writing sessions and asked him about his early, crazier days with Aerosmith, his humble beginnings in New Jersey as a rock and roll infused teenager and what it takes to make it today as a professional songwriter. Nothing can be more valuable than advice and know-how from someone who has "been there, done that," so join us for some reflection and insight into the art-meets-business world of big-time songwriting.

      mm: How did you first hook up with Tyler and Perry?
      RS: When the first came down to the New York area where I'm from, they were being managed by a young management firm called Lieber and Krebs and I was being managed by David Krebs. And basically, I met Steven and the band one day when they were coming out of a business meeting, sometime around '75.

      mm: When did you first start writing with them? Was that an immediate thing or did it blossom?
      RS: Steven and I became hangout friends before we even started to write. Steven would come up to my place…I lived up on 80th street in New York and I had a studio in the house, so it was a total musician's apartment. And I was a singer/songwriter on Epic at the time. And when he heard Lightning Strikes and Chip Away the Stone, he loved those songs.

      "Steven (Tyler) is such a driven person when it comes to his songs and he's a perfectionist, he's the groove-meister,
      he's the consummate rock guy"

      mm: You mentioned Chip Away the Stone, which was a live staple for the band in the 70's. Were you ever disappointed that it never made it on to a studio record?
      RS: Yes I was very disappointed. As a matter of fact, they talked about a single for a long time with that, and I guess it was just a question of timing. It sort of got lost in the shuffle. They recorded it and I remember it sat for a long time. The intention was to release it on the next record, but the next thing was Cal Jam, which was a live album.

      mm: Did you work with them on Just Push Play?
      RS: No, I did not work on this album. It's the first album I think I haven't worked on with them in twelve years.

      mm: What do you see are the key differences besides the obvious coherent state that they're in now… between working with them now as opposed to the '70s or '80s?
      RS: Well if you take the drugs out of the equation, there's a huge difference. We were more interested back in those days in who was holding what…and then we worried about the songs. The process itself is just as chaotic today because Steven is such a driven person when it comes to his songs and he's a perfectionist, he's the groove-meister, he's the consummate rock guy. I mean, there's nobody like him. And Steven Tyler and Aerosmith aren't here today because they're lucky or because he's a Jagger lookalike. It's because of their songs.

      mm: Do you write with Steven or Joe, or them together or separately? How does that work?
      RS: I write with Steven, then we bring Joe in. And sometimes I'll sit in a room, if it's like a really up-tempo guitar driven thing, I'll write with Joe in the room because we want to get a lick going…some sort of signature thing. You know, they have a whole facility up in Joe's house called "The Bone Yard" and everybody lives on the grounds while they're recording.

      mm: In terms of the process, do you start with an idea or theme, or does somebody come in with a lick, or do you just brainstorm together on the spot?
      RS: Well, there are usually ideas. Amazing was written because I heard somebody say a phrase, which I thought was very clever and I wrote it down. You know…"I keep the right ones out, and let the wrong ones in?" I just wrote that down and told Steven about it. And I had a title out there called Amazing. And Pink started out with an idea called Kink and we were batting our brains out. They had a track that was put together with Glenn Ballard, so a lot of the music was done and we were trying to match up lyrics…a lyric idea. After batting it around, we had some good stuff going, then Steven said, "You know, it's not Kink, it's Pink". And I said, "What do you mean, Pink?". And he said, "What do you see in your mind…what image does it conjure up when you see a girl walking down the street in pink high heels or a pink leather mini skirt?" And I went, "Ok. I got it." And the light went on, and we had the song written in like an hour.

      mm: They come down to Florida for recording, as well?
      RS: Yes. The whole last record (ed.- Nine Lives) was done in and around these parts. Steven lived at the Marlin Hotel with Glenn Ballard and Joe Perry. People were flying in and out for three months. Pink was definitely generated from that Art Deco District, because everything is coral and pink…powder blues and flamingo colors… so many of those lines…"pink like a deco umbrella". It was just so much South Beach.

      mm: Is there a particular record or song that stands out, that your most proud of or maybe is kind of your trademark piece?
      RS: Well, you know, it's got to be the Aerosmith stuff, because that's where I really made my mark. I was really a rock guy. So, I love what they did. Certainly they're the most famous, but you know….I wrote some great stuff, and I continue to write some great stuff with Richie Sambora, too.

      'I always said, "Well I have this idea I started last night."
      I was always that guy.'

      mm: You were signed to Epic. Is being a recording artist something that still interests you?
      RS: I've been there and done that. I'm a songwriter. I had my shot. I did like…probably five albums in the singer/songwriter days. I certainly had enough exposure, but there was just something missing I guess. It just wasn't in the cards for me, you know? I'm at peace with all that now. And you know what? I get a chance to go out and kick ass with Aerosmith, because they haul me out on stage when they're in town. I go out and play with Richie Sambora, who's hell-on-wheels on the guitar and I have a great time.

      mm: How did you get started, and how old were you when you?
      RS: My father got me a guitar when I was twelve years old. I was addicted to music from day one and that was really my life. I practiced and would sing and play. I had a garage band and grew up with the likes of Liberty DeVito, who plays with Billy Joel, and was my drummer for six years.

      mm: Did you just develop as a writer or did it just come naturally?
      RS: It just started happening, you know? I started practicing guitar licks less and writing songs more. I always leaned towards writing songs. I was that guy in the band who always, when everybody would sit with a blank look on their face and say, "what should we do today?" I always said, "Well I have this idea I started last night" I was always that guy.

      mm: How did you get your first publishing deal? Did you get a publishing deal first or get signed as an artist?
      RS: I was signed…my very first record deal was with Paramount Records. What happened was, I was in a Broadway show called Hair. And I had the lead in the show, so I became pretty well known in the New York area because it was the biggest show on Broadway. Through that I met this guy named Sid Bernstein who managed the Rascals and brought the Beatles to America and blah, blah, blah. He managed me and we got a deal with Paramount records. Then I went to do my first solo album in Atlanta, Georgia, with the Atlanta Rhythm section producer, Buddy Buie. It was called Supa's Jamboree. When I was down there, BJ Thomas was recording, and if my memory serves me right, they were short one song. In the common room in the studio, where the pool table was and all the soda machines, this guy came out and said, "You know, all you guys are such great musicians, but there ain't one damn songwriter in the bunch." So I said, "Well, I'm a songwriter!" And he goes, "Oh yeah? You got anything for BJ Thomas?" And I said, "I think so." So we went up in this little room, and I played him this song called "City Sunday Morning". He loved it! He said, "Play me some more stuff". He loved it. Then he came in and he heard some of the tracks we were cutting. And he told me to meet him in New York. He had an office right above Jimi Hendrix's studio, Electric Ladyland. I went and met him and he brought me up to Screen Gems. They signed me that week.

      "Every waking minute of everyday, you have an antenna up out of your head, looking for the vibe, looking for a title,…"

      mm: So do you primarily write on guitar, or do you like to write on piano more?
      RS: I like writing on piano and guitar. I mean, I'm more at home on guitar, but I love writing on piano. Piano gives you a different sonic picture… I tend to write ballads more on piano.

      mm: Talk about the creative process that you go through, from when an idea pops up, and then applying that idea through to the finishing touches.
      RS: When you're a writer, you're a writer. Everything you do is based in and around writing. Every waking minute of everyday, you have an antenna up out of your head, looking for the vibe, looking for a title, listening to everything that everybody says to you, around you, in restaurants.You're looking for a situation, then you describe it in your head and you make an attachment. All of these things go into this book I have of what they call a title book or a blurb book. Sometimes I'll write a phrase, sometimes I'll write a sentence. Sometimes I'll write a word or a title.

      mm: That's actually a really good idea, to have that kind of diary of your thoughts and ideas handy at all times.
      RS: Yeah. You gather all your thoughts and keep all your ducks in one book. I usually have to write with different clients and we'll go through the idea book, and we'll say, "Well, how about this idea. Did you ever think about writing a song about blah, blah, blah…" or "How do you like this for a title?" Once you get a direction, you start writing.

      mm: So in terms of collaborating with somebody, or even on your own, do you find it easier to build on something where you already have a title or a theme?
      RS: Yes. You need to have a great title. Great titles usually let you write great songs. Mediocre titles let you wind up either with mediocre songs or the title gets thrown out and it's a working title and within the writing of that shitty title, you come up with a better title.

      mm: That's interesting because I think a lot of writers write music or lyrics first, then try to give it a title.
      RS: Yeah. You know, there's no two songs that get written the same way. But when you're in the room with another really good songwriter and both you writers know how to channel, it starts to flow. It's so much nicer with another writer, because it makes it less work and more fun when you have a sounding board… somebody in the room that you can bounce ideas off of. My days of writing self-contained things, pretty much are over. I don't have to because I'm not an artist anymore. And even artists shouldn't do that. I mean, you'll always write a better song, when you collaborate…unless you're just a totally introspective and prolific writer and some guys manage to get it done. But I'm not that kind of guy. Plus the fact, if you write a song solely yourself, you're locked into it completely….you stylize the song, and it doesn't fit anybody but you. And then if you got to go back and change it, you feel weird.

      mm: If you had to pick your favorite or your most influential songwriters, who would it be?
      RS: Wow! Well of course there's Paul McCartney. There's Paul Simon for his lyrical imageries. Randy Newman, who gave me the sense of humor where you could really say anything. And then there was Jimmy Web, who allowed me to be daring as far as taking risks, arrangement wise….and there's just so many great guys out there.

      mm: Were you influenced by Broadway or show tunes?
      RS: I mean, I was hip to the Cole Porters, and I was hip to the guys who wrote the big standards, but I absolutely loved guys like Hoagie Carmichael. Guys who could write things like Georgia. And Hoagie Carmichael…I mean, I have a huge thing on the wall of my studio, which is a Hoagie Carmichael quote, and he said, "You don't write great melodies, you find them. They've been there for centuries. Are you are a composer or a writer if you know when you've found one." And it's so true.

      mm: What about your technical skills. Where you trained musically or did you just learn to play by ear?
      RS: I learned to play by ear on my own, self-taught. I learned guitar from the Mel Bay Easy Guitar easy chord book, but I don't read music. I know basic notation as far as writing session charts. You know, how to count out bars…how to write structure…all the codas, all the repeat signs. I know all that stuff, but I'm not musically literate in terms of scoring. I played guitar for fifteen or sixteen years, and then I moved the piano into my bedroom. Then I started on piano, and today, I can play fairly decently. Every time I walked into a house with a piano, I found myself going over to the piano. I knew, as a songwriter on guitar, that I needed to learn piano.

      mm: Did piano help you to expand melodically?
      RS: The piano is linear, while the guitar is tuned in fifths, and so your chord formations on guitar, you have to know them…you can't see them on the guitar like you can see them on piano. And you can hold a chord with your right hand on piano and move the bass and it's another chord. So the piano is just a completely different, it's a real composing instrument.

      "without a song, you don't have a session"

      mm: What kind of tools to you use at home, as far as your home studio or recording medium?
      RS: Well, I was an analogue guy for years and years, as far as my home, I don't have Pro Tools set up in my house. I still have a functioning sixteen track ADAT
      system in the house that if I need to get ideas on tape…basically, what I have here is a writer's studio where I can turn the key and go.

      mm: Talk about the publisher/songwriter relationship a little bit and the importance of that.
      RS: Well, in the old days, the publisher was a family operation. You could go up there and hang out and be part of the whole vibe and today the publisher is completely corporate. The days have changed. Staff writers are nonexistent except in Nashville. I mean, I'm a dying breed, which is why I align myself with sequencers and arrangers that I can go and work out of their studios. I bring what they don't have, which is the material, so I can have a shot at producing some tracks and producing some artists.

      mm: Is that something you want to get into more?
      RS: That's where the industry is, so in order to preserve my ability to have great songs, you need to have great tracks. I mean, look what's happening today. The tracks are amazing. I hear demos and it's like, "what?!". I mean, the scary good. So I, too, have been working and trying to make some scary demos…demo's that sound like records.

      mm: Do you think today that the publisher role is still vital and necessary for writers to develop?
      RS: The publisher role is necessary for writers to survive, because without publishers giving you an advance, when you start out, there's really no way to make a living. You know, you sign a publishing deal as an exclusive singer/songwriter and they give you an advance, and it's something that you can live on.

      mm: In the non-Nashville world, do you have people plugging your stuff?
      RS: In the non-Nashville world, I have people plugging stuff…yes. But the only way to really get the records…to land a record, is to get in with a producer because the record industry today is very fragmented in that producers have their favorite writers, have their favorite studio guys, have their favorite musicians. They very rarely stray outside of that family circle, especially if they start getting hits.

      mm: Yeah, they want to keep that magical formula going.
      RS: They want to keep the magic formula and they want to make their immediate family rich and keep money in their pockets. They also want to write with the artist, because if he can produce and write and he's got all his fingers in the pie.

      mm: Has the industry changed that much? Do you think that's different then it used to be, a decade or two ago?
      RS: Oh yes. Oh yes. You know, years ago, people were in it for the craft… for the arts and crafts… and now it's such big business now it's ridiculous. And there's so much more to be made now because albums are coming in for so much less money. I mean, for $100,000, you can put together a pretty slammin' studio. And I know guys, who spent two million dollars, and they're still paying for the equipment, which is obsolete!

      mm: Where are things headed and where will it be five years from now?
      RS: Well, in-house is really what it's all about. I mean, you'd be shocked to know how many albums came out of somebody's bedroom. I mean, the Joan Osborne albums and you know, like… these were cut in little tiny rooms. Closed environment recording is really here because, you know, the sampling technology is so accurate now.

      mm: Still, it has to come down to having a good song, though.
      RS: Yes. You know, somebody told me years ago, "without a song, you don't have a session". So, I mean, it's still true.

      mm: The hot topic these days is uncontrolled music distribution on the internet. What are your concerns about protecting the writer's rights and your income and that type of stuff in the current, un-policed environment?
      RS: Well, it's a brand new frontier out there. I saw the same thing happen when MTV came into being. No one ever heard of video as a format for music and I was one of those writers who got caught with one of his songs on MTV without any laws on the books. And when Lightning Strikes came out, for Aerosmith… well, I never got paid for any of that airplay. To this day, I never got paid. So that song played for like fifteen months and I never saw a dime because there were no laws.

      mm: That's amazing. And that was less than 20 years ago.
      RS: Exactly. So what happens is…you know, this Napster thing, I mean, the technology has jumped into another world and what's happened is, there are no laws that govern it. The internet is an eventuality and I think what we used to call record stores and retail is really going to be dissolved into online purchasing.

      mm: Do you see any opportunity there for songwriter collaboration over the internet?
      RS: Well, I don't see any as of yet, because you need to be physically in the room. I mean, unless it opens up and goes to another level. Where I see it, you have a camera and you can go into your own little virtual room where no one can key in. You can sit and write a song across… in another state with another writer. I mean, it's going to come eventually. I think in five years it will be in real time.

      "if you want to become a successful songwriter and you live in Plantation, Florida, you need to pack a bag and leave"

      mm: In terms of just basic tools or things that a writer would need to know or have if he/she wanted to pursue a career seriously as a songwriter, what would you recommend?
      RS: Well, the most important thing is to be comfortable with and have a recording setup of some sort. You have to have either a system to archive your ideas. Beyond that, it's between you, what you hear in your head, your instrument and your tape recorder.

      mm: What should aspiring songwriters do to assess their potential?
      RS: It's hard to make a self-assessment but there are ways of finding out how good your stuff is. You could go to the "Songwriters in the Round" down here and play live. You can do the open mic things and get response from the audience or attend writer's workshops and get opinions from other songwriters.

      mm: Do you buy into these "learn to write songs in 30 days" type of things?
      RS: No! You are born into the role of songwriting, Ok? You don't learn songwriting from a book. I mean, you can learn what lyrics are, what meter means, what chorus's mean, different kind of couplets, iambic pentameter….you can learn all the poetry things you want, but when you need to sit down and write melody and words, and both of them have to flow and live together like they've been there for ages, that's an innate gift. You don't learn that. You either know it, or you don't know it.

      mm: What business knowledge is fundamental?
      RS: You need to know where to bring your stuff. For instance: if you want to become a successful songwriter and you live in Plantation, Florida, you need to pack a bag and leave. You need to either go to New York or L.A. or Nashville. The mountain never comes to Mohammed, Mohammed goes to the mountain. So, I left Long Island and moved to New York and I was on the streets of Manhattan. I was going down to the village. I was playing the Bitter End. I was playing the Village Gate. I was playing all the café's where all the singer/songwriters went, where The Lovin' Spoonful came from, where Dylan came from, and James Taylor came from….all those guys. You've got to be out there. It takes an aggressive heart. It takes a lot of willingness and you need to be hungry and you need to be passionate in what you do.

      mm: You have to have the talent.
      RS: You gotta come in with the goods. In my day, it was a lot easier, but today, everybody and his sister wants to be a songwriter and not all of them can write a song. I mean, mediocrity doesn't get it anymore.

News as of February 25, 2002
  • Aerosmith mention in Los Angeles Times article
      Yesterday's Los Angeles Times Calendar section featured, as part of their Grammy special, an article titled "Hope I Play As I Get Old." Aerosmith are mentioned in it and Joe Perry is quoted a few times.

      Below are a few Aerosmith-related excerpts from the article, which can be found in it's entirety at

      Sunday, February 24, 2002


      Hope I Play as I Get Old

      Rebels of the '60s and '70s see no hypocrisy in their new roles as rock's elder statesmen: They're artists first.



      The most noticeable and telling exceptions to that marketplace trend are "Supernatural" by Santana and "1" by the Beatles, two of the best-selling albums in the past five years (there is also the forever-young audience of Aerosmith, but more on that later). "


      The pursuit of relevance and/or sales takes the veteran artists in very different directions. One of the most interesting trajectories has been that of Aerosmith, the 1970s band that survived the life of rock excess and, by the 1990s, had salvaged its career by allying itself with young producers and songwriters and embracing the 1980s music video boom.
      Aerosmith may draw more of today's young fans than any other 1970s act and is a still-familiar part of the MTV culture that defines today's pop.
      Guitarist Joe Perry credits that to the band's willingness to change with the times, even if it meant tamping down their egos to allow young collaborators to shape their songs. It hasn't always been easy, though, for Perry, now 51, to wear a young man's clothes for a living. "I was about 35 when it hit me," Perry says. "Is this any way for an adult to behave? What kind of role model am I to my kids? Does this mean anything? I felt stranded."
      The band's comeback success sustained him, but sometimes the countless performances of the old familiar hits are a challenge.
      "If I have to play 'Walk This Way' on another national broadcast, I'll probably throw up," Perry says. "I mean, if all we got to do was sing those old songs, I don't know if I could do it. The fans love it, and when we play them, it's almost a tribal thing that goes beyond the notes played. That I don't get sick of. And where would I be without those songs?


      The journey continues. This summer, McCartney joins Dylan and Simon in the 60s (the age group, not the decade), and Jagger and Keith Richards will reach the milestone age next year. In 2013, perhaps, the world may see Jagger shimmying to "Start Me Up" to celebrate his 70th birthday. If so, some fans will smile and marvel at the years gone by, and others will cringe and wonder where rock went wrong. And there will also be more than a few musicians cheering the old boy on for purely personal reasons. "Hey, I'd love it," Aerosmith's Perry says. "As long as the Stones keep going, that means we aren't the oldest ones out there."

      Geoff Boucher is a Times staff writer.
      Copyright 2002 Los Angeles Times

News as of February 23, 2002
  • Happy Birthday Brad!!
      That's right! Today our very own guitar god, mr Brad Whitford, turned 50! Happy Birthday, Brad!!

      This also means that all the members of the band are now over fifty years old...

      Steven 3/26/48 - 53
      Joey 6/21/50 -51
      Joe 9/10/50 - 51
      Tom 12/31/51 - 50
      Brad 2/23/52 - 50

  • Chris @ reports about 3 Albums' Sales
      In case anyone was wondering about sales...

      As of Feb 23rd,2002...

      Aerosmith "Nine Lives"- 2,070,555 copies
      Aerosmith "Just Push Play"- 1,188,300 copies.
      Aerosmith "Young Lust Anthology" -104,064 copies.

  • Young Lust enters the Italian charts!
      Thanks to a frequently shown advertisment on Italian TV, "Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology" has entered the Italian Top 10 charts and is now at number 7!

News as of February 18, 2002
  • Jack Douglas involved in French Aerosmith roller coaster
      Jack Douglas has just returned home from Paris. He flew there to "approve" the opening of the Aero roller coaster soundtrack, hence the mixing of tracks he was rumored to be doing.

      Below is a link to a recent article on Jack from a Florida publication which also mentions this, followed by some excerpts from the same article that were related to Aerosmith!

      Floridian: Tasty sound [at]

      Douglas has to fly to Paris for a weekend to approve the Aerosmith roller coaster ride at the Disney MGM park in France. He produced and synchronized the music for the attraction at Disney-MGM Studios in Orlando by riding the coaster more than 100 times with his hands taped to a laptop computer.

      Douglas had used cocaine and heroin while working with Aerosmith, notorious for their drug and alcohol binges, but had managed to stop on his own. Now, he dove full force into heroin, closeting himself at home, living off past earnings. For nearly a year, Douglas wasted away. "I figured I'd either kill myself, or pull out of this," he says.

      He pulled out, thanks to a helping hand from Aerosmith lead singer Steve Tyler. The group had got through rehab and kicked its habit by now. "Steve came to me and said, "Jack, you know how messed up I was, and if I could do it, you could easily do it -- you're just the producer,"' he says.

      With Aerosmith's urging, Douglas entered their rehab program and got clean. He also received counseling and put his life back together.

  • Pink with Aerosmith Knife
      On MTV's "Making of the Video" for Pink's song 'Don't Let Me Get Me', in one of the scenes they were discussing 'rocking out'..and the director of the video said, "Pink IS Rock!"...and she showed this pretty impressive knife to the camera and said..."See what THIS says?".. and it was the Aerosmith logo on the knife blade...she said.."It says Aerosmith. Steven gave it to me!"

  • Release Date for Spiderman Soundtrack
      April 16th, 2002. This is the date that the Spiderman Soundtrack is due to hit stores. Will Aerosmith take part in this blockbuster? No one really knows yet....

News as of February 17, 2002
  • AeroFANatic Interview: Tommy Lee
      On Feb 15th, Tommy Lee took time out of his hectic schedule to sit down at talk to AeroFANatic about his music, his life, and his thoughts on...Aerosmith, of course!

      If you'd like to see what Tommy is up to, just log on to and click on MESSAGE BOARDS. The Tommy Lee interview is there for ALL to see!

      AeroFANatic: Aerosmith- Your Thoughts?


News as of February 16, 2002
  • Joe Perry nominated for Gibson Guitar Award
      According to, Joe Perry has been nominated for the Best Rock Guitarist award. The Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards is to be presented at an awards luncheon on Tuesday, February 26th from 1-3 p.m. at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood.

      The annual Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards are traditionally presented on the day before the Grammy Awards to recognize guitar players (and players of related fretted instruments) for their artistic accomplishments and to honor musicians who reflect the spirit of Orville H. Gibson (1856-1918) and his belief in quality,innovation and tradition. Nominees and winners are voted upon by members of the music media.

      Gibson Guitar Award nominees named; Scotty Moore, Earl Scruggs share Lifetime Achievement honors

      Gibson Guitar Award nominees named; Scotty Moore, Earl Scruggs share Lifetime Achievement honors Gibson Guitar Corp. announces the nominees for the Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards to be presented at an awards luncheon on Tuesday, February 26th from 1-3 p.m. at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood. The nominations include over 50 artists in 10 categories that encompass guitar-driven music genres of rock, blues, folk, country and jazz.

      In addition, rock guitar pioneer Scotty Moore and legendary banjo great Earl Scruggs are expected to be on hand to receive the Orville H. Gibson Lifetime Achievement Award, the program’s top honor. Several other special honors to be awarded at the ceremony will be announced at a later date.

      The annual Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards are traditionally presented on the day before the Grammy Awards to recognize guitar players (and players of related fretted instruments) for their artistic accomplishments and to honor musicians who reflect the spirit of Orville H. Gibson (1856-1918) and his belief in quality,innovation and tradition. Nominees and winners are voted upon by members of the music media.

      The Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards are presented by Gibson Guitar Corp. and also serve to benefit, through financial assistance, the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Foundation, which helps disabled children through music therapy clinics, research and programs throughout the world.

      Here are the 2002 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Award nominees:

      Nominees for the 2002 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards are:

      Best Rock Guitarist
      Ryan Adams
      Peter Buck (R.E.M.)
      The Edge (U2)
      Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead)
      Mark Knopfler
      Lenny Kravitz
      Dave Navarro
      Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
      Richie Sambora
      Steve Vai

  • Rick Dufay Happy 50th Birthday Greetings...
      Rick's birthday is on February 19th and it's a BIG ONE. Terry aka TED has set up a thread (and a new EZBoard discussion message board) for fans to post their birthday wishes to him which she will print out for him before she go there this coming Saturday, February 16th. She will also be giving him a direct link to the the thread so post away (link below)! You don't even have to register with EZBoard to post your greeting.

      After you post your birthday greeting, feel free to start another Rick related topic by going to this page and selecting NEW TOPIC at the top!

News as of February 13, 2002
  • Chris at reports...
      Looks like AF1 was being sarcastic when they said they boys are in a "dark, dank" recording studio writing demos with Marti Fredrickson. In fact, their location is QUITE the contrary!

  • The Perry family at Country Music Hall of Fame

      Aerosmith's Joe Perry Visits Hall of Fame

      Pictured in front of the museum's Chet Atkins exhibit are Aerosmith assistant tour manger John Bionelli, tutor Phillip Cafferty, Perry's sons Tony and Roman and his wife Billie, Perry, and Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Director Kyle Young
      Photo Credit: Christina Fernandez

      Joe Perry, songwriter/lead guitarist and co-founder of the blues-based, blue collar rock giants Aerosmith, brought his family along for an afternoon at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum following the group's recent sold-out concert at Nashville's Amsouth Amphitheater.

      Perry, a Rock and Roll Hall of Famer who had visited the museum when it was located on Music Row, said he thinks "the new building is amazing! I think that even if you are not a fan of country per se, it gives you a great education and background into whatever kind of music you do like. It shows what an influence this music has had on it. You can learn a lot here," he said.

      "I liked the sound booths that you could walk into and hear the music. I mean, that is what we're talking about - the sound. You can really hear some of those early recordings ... that's a great aspect."

      Pictured in front of the museum's Chet Atkins exhibit are Aerosmith assistant tour manger John Bionelli, tutor Phillip Cafferty, Perry's sons Tony and Roman and his wife Billie, Perry, and Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Director Kyle Young.

  • pagesix
      BRUCE Willis is steamed at a sexy masseuse to the stars who's writing a tell-all book about her sessions with Willis and other celebs. Dot Stein, a.k.a. "Dr. Dot," is hoping to publish "Butt Naked and Backstage," detailing her randy rubdowns of Willis, Mick Jagger, Sting, Steven Tyler, Eminem, Dave Navarro, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia and others.

News as of February 11, 2002
  • Spiderman Soundtrack
      Yesterday I made a post suggesting that the AF1 news about writing new songs would possibly be related to the next album. Now, it seems more likely that it has to do with the Spiderman soundtrack.

      According to a post at they are penning a new song for the soundtrack.

      Aerosmith on the Spider-Man Soundtrack?
      Tuesday, February 5, 2002 1:22 CST

      According to a scooper going by the name of 'Uncle S', Aerosmith will have a song on the "Spider-Man" movie soundtrack as well...

      I work with people associated with Sony Music and Aerosmith, and the plan ongoing is that the band is currently penning a tune for the Spiderman Soundtrack.

      It will be a new tune, and currently are up in Boston writing for it.

      You'll hear about it very soon.

      Of course, this does seem more likely, taking into consideration what John Kalodner said about there being no plans for a new studio album yet. Also, as you may remember, Kalodner didn't say a blues album is impossible; so that could be the album Brad was talking about. From what I hear, Kalodner also once told someone else that there will be a blues album this year. I'm trying not to keep my hopes up too much though. It does sound too good to be true.

      Anyways, most likely is probably that the new songs being written is for 1) Spiderman and 2) Greatest Hits album.

      AF1 has said it is going to be a busy Spring...

  • Liv Tyler in Brazil
      There's a rumor that Liv Tyler might appear in the VIP area of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) Carnival this year.

News as of February 10, 2002
  • Whitford hints a new album to be recorded!
      Our Israeli friend, Guy, reports that when he met Brad at the Meet and Greet in San Jose, he asked him what plans they had for after Japan. Brad replied that they would probably go into the studio to work on the new album. No other shows were planned (especially not with Kiss...), there are no plans regarding Europe either.

      This would explain the Tyler-Perry-Frederiksen news that came from AF1!

  • Biography Magazine
      In the March issue of Biography Magazine, there is an article entitled "Famous Faces, Famous Places: America's Celebrity Owned Restaurants". They mention Mount Blue

  • VH1's Forever Wild
      On Forever Wild on VH1 they interviewed Ted Nugent. He's big on hunting and is showing off his gun collection. He pulls out the grenade-launcher, wich he calls his Boston Special, a gift from Joe and Steven!

  • Guitar Magazine
      There is mention of Just Push Play as one of the five best rock albums of the year in Guitar World magazine.

      The "Best Guitar Albums" category was divided into Rock, Blues, and Metal, and in the Rock category, Just Push Play came in at number 5, behind Creed, Incubus, P.O.D., and Kid Rock.

      Joe Perry also ranked as #3 for Best Rock Guitarist, above Jimmy Page and Mike Einziger from Incubus, but behind Marcos Curiel from P.O.D. and Mark Tremonti from Creed. Now come on, is there anyone out there who would really say that those two guys are better guitarists than Joe Perry and Jimmy Page? :)

  • Rick Dufay's band to be!?
      Terry aka TED has put up some pics she took at the Canyon Band's gig at The Mint on 12/14/01. What does this have to do with Rick? Everything! The drummer, bass player/vocalist and rhythm guitar player/vocalist he is currently in rehearsals with were all a part of this gig. So this is my way of introducing Rick's current lineup to you. Cary Beare just got with Rick a couple of weeks ago and Steve Wilkins may still be on keyboards as well..nothing is shall we say WRITTEN IN STONE yet. As it stands now:

      Rick on lead guitar and lead vocals
      Dan Rothchild on bass and background vocals
      Cary Beare on rhythm guitar and backup vocals
      Dan Potruch on drums
      Steve Wilkins on keyboard

      The pictures can be found at Rick's Club and Rick's Group:

News as of February 9, 2002
  • New Songs In The Works! (AF1 News)
      As we speak, Steven and Joe along with producer Marti Frederiksen are holed up in a dark dank recording studio writing demos for a brand new upcoming Aerosmith project.

  • Daytona Show Just a Rumor
      According to AF1, the rumors that Aerosmith were to play at "Bike Week 2002" in early March are unfounded.

  • More news from AeroForceOne
      The guys have just finished their 7th Japanese tour this past week. A tour that took them to Domes in, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka and Tokyo, for a total of 6 shows. The band did a bunch of press interviews on Japanese TV that they hope to have right here on Aero Force and on in the next few weeks.

      As there has been a lot of talk regarding some new shows in the New England area, nothing has been finalized. We will keep you posted on this news too as soon as we hear.

      There is a lot of stuff brewing folks, nothing etched in stone, but it looks like it's going to be an exciting spring.

      Before the show in Osaka on the 27th, AF1 Japan held a special video viewing for their fan club members featuring never before seen footage of the guys during their recording sessions of Just Push Play at the Boneyard. The 20 minute clip included recording scenes of the songs Jaded, Just Push Play, Sunshine and Avant Garden. If that wasn’t enough excitement before the big show, fans were then surprised and invited to stay and check out the pre show sound check. Filling in for Joey was his son Jesse on the drums. Like father like son, damn he’s good! The guys dished out Lord of the Thighs, the intro to Angels Eye, Pandora’s Box, Pink and finished up with a Yardbirds tune. The VH1 camera crews continue to film and follow the band as much as they can for the much anticipated Behind the Music special that will be aired sometime in the spring.

  • Aerosmith mentioned in song by Kid Rock
      Kid Rock's Cocky album cover The 8th track, "You never met a motherf++er quite like me", off of Kid Rock's latest album "Cocky", has a line that mentions Aerosmith. About two minutes into it the track one can apparantely hear "Aerosmith No More No More... " faintly said in the background.

  • Japanese Player Magazine
      Player Magazine Cover The March issue of the Japanese Rock Magazine "Player" will be published on March 7th, 2002. The cover of the mag is a photo from the Japan Tour. There's an interview and introduction to Joe & Brad's guitars, or something along those lines.

  • Blender Magazine
      There are a few mentions of Aerosmith in Blender Magazine. First, a Kid Rock article includes a pic of Kid Rock and Steven and quote. The quote says "Yeah I got Steven Tyler's phone number right here, want me to call him".

      The mag also has a list of the 100 greatest american albums, with "Rocks" coming in at #28. There's a pic of Steven in a flag and a short caption on Rocks and a Q/A with Tyler! The magazine has Kid Rock on the cover.

  • Aerosmith on VH1's TV Moments show
      Description from VH1 of TV Moments show

      Premieres February 12, 10/9c
      From their early days as '70's rock bad boys to their unprecedented 80's comeback and beyond, Aerosmith's legendary career has played out on the small screen in front of an adoring television audience. VH1's TV Moments brings you the raw early performances, the cameos, the unforgettable videos and the latest TV triumphs from the band's thirty years of all-out rock and roll.

  • Queen guitarist, Brian May impressed by Aerosmith concert!!
      Taken from

      **Fri 08 Feb 02**
      Brian's Aerosmith Moment

      "To: Jen

      Your piece on Aerosmith reminded me....

      At the Aerosmith concert in Los Angeles. I talked to Steve and Joe at length before the show - and briefly to Tom and Brad and Joey - I love those guys - we go back 20 years or more....

      But - because I had to get my family home - I was unable to go back after the gig and tell them all how much I enjoyed the concert. So I felt really bad that they might think I didn't like the show, or didn't bother to say so. Seems like if I put my thoughts on the Internet they might somehow trickle through to the guys eventually ..... I have to say, even at this distance it was,


      It was great for me because I had my daughter Louisa with me, and for once I DIDN'T have to say, "Yes, it was a good show, but you should have seen ...... 1978......." This time I could say - you just saw the REAL THING - a total, real Rock Show - with the greatest playing, production, passion, and sheer magnificence you could possibly want to see, ever. Steve Tyler was positively superhuman - his range and passion at full whack from the first note to the last, Joe Perry spitting fire and brimstone from his guitar, with the strength and balls of a 20-year-old, but the dexterity and experience only someone of his dedicated years on the road could possess. The band ROCKED, had the courage to improvise, to rave, and the skill to slip back into the magical highpoints of their catalogue - for me hearing the material from "Rocks" and the blues-based stuff with Steve' s fabulous Harmonica playing were highlights, as was Joe's big solo, but there wasn't a moment of padding. God, they were good - I was standing with Carmine Appice that night - we turned to each other at the end and said "Yep, we witnessed Rock Gods tonight."

      JOY - TOTAL JOY!!!

      Brian May"

      Ed: Much appreciation to Brian for sharing this lovely experience.


      **Fri 08 Feb 02**
      VH1 (US) TV Moments: Aerosmith (Premiere)

      Brian recently enjoyed a great Aerosmith Concert when he was last in LA. This prog premieres tonight in the US.

      "After almost 20 albums and two decades as music video pioneers, Aerosmith is the classic rock band to be reckoned with. From their early days as '70's rock bad boys to their unprecedented 80's comeback and beyond, Aerosmith's legendary career has played out on the small screen in front of an adoring television audience. VH1's Aerosmith's Greatest TV Moments shows you the raw early performances, the cameos, the unforgettable videos and the latest TV triumphs from thirty years of all-out rock and roll, including clips from their duet video with Run-D.M.C. "Walk this Way;" the band accepting their first Grammy; their cameo appearance on "Wayne's World;" their blow-out Superbowl performance with N'Sync, Britney and Mary J. Blige and more.

      Premieres from 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM"


News as of February 8, 2002
  • DVD News
      Guy from Israel (who went over to the states to join the tour last month) was told by one of the cameramen at a show that the three shows that were recorded for the upcoming DVD are LA, Las Vegas and San Diego.

  • Boston Music Awards
      Aerosmith are nominated for seven Boston Music Awards this year. The awards ceremony takes place April 11 at Boston's Orpheum Theatre.

      Aerosmith are nominated for the following awards: Act Of The Year, Album Of The Year, Rock Band, Single Of The Year, Male Vocalist, Song Of The Year and Video Of The Year!

      Saturday February 02 04:57 PM EST

      Aerosmith, Staind & American Hi-Fi Lead Noms For Boston Music Awards

      (2/2/02, 7 a.m. ET) -- Aerosmith, Staind, and American Hi-Fi each earned seven nominations to lead this year's field for the Boston Music Awards. The trio will go head to head in the act of the year, album of the year, rock band, single of the year, song of the year, and video of the year categories, while frontmen Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Stacy Jones (American Hi-Fi), and Aaron Lewis (Staind) are all listed in the male vocalist group. This year's awards ceremony takes place April 11 at Boston's Orpheum Theatre.

      Other multiple nominees include Godsmack with six (act of the year, rock band, single of the year, song of the year, and video of the year categories, with lead singer Sully Erna also up for male vocalist honors); LFO with three (act of the year, album of the year, and single of the year); Vertical Horizon with two (single of the year and male vocalist); Weezer with two (song of the year and male vocalist); Carly Simon with two (song of the year and female vocalist); and country star Jo Dee Messina with two (single of the year and female vocalist).

      Single nominations went to acts including Rob Zombie (album of the year), the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (rock band), Tantric singer Hugo Ferreira (male vocalist), and Tracy Bonham and former Letters To Cleo lead Kay Hanley (both for female vocalist).

      At last year's ceremony, Godsmack took home four awards--Erna grabbed top male vocalist honors, Awake won for best album, and the entire group took home trophies for outstanding rock band and act of the year.

      When Godsmack was starting out, Erna told LAUNCH his experience in the Boston music scene led to the band's national exposure. "I always stayed in contact with the people I worked with in the past, and club owners--any little bits that would help the band become established in the New England area. I had a little bit of an idea, but of course once you really get into the bulk of it, we've already exceeded levels that I've never been to before."

      Selected categories and nominees for the Boston Music Awards include:

      Act Of The Year:

      American Hi-Fi

      Album Of The Year:

      Just Push Play (Aerosmith)
      American Hi-Fi (American Hi-Fi)
      Life Is Good (LFO)
      Bleed The Sky (Reveille)
      Break The Cycle (Staind)
      Sinister Urge (Rob Zombie)

      Rock Band:

      American Hi-Fi
      Mighty Mighty Bosstones

      Single Of The Year:

      "Jaded" (Aerosmith)
      "Flavor Of The Weak" (American Hi-Fi)
      "Greed" (Godsmack)
      "Every Other Time" (LFO)
      "Downtime" (Jo Dee Messina)
      "It's Been Awhile" (Staind)
      "Best I Ever Had" (Vertical Horizon)

      Male Vocalist:

      Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
      Stacy Jones (American Hi-Fi)
      Sully Erna (Godsmack)
      Aaron Lewis (Staind)
      Hugo Ferreira (Tantric)
      Matt Scannell (Vertical Horizon)
      Rivers Cuomo (Weezer)

      Female Vocalist:

      Tracy Bonham
      Kay Hanley
      Jo Dee Messina
      Sarah Reitkopp (Halfcocked)
      Carly Simon

      Song Of The Year:

      "Island In The Sun" (Rivers Cuomo/Weezer)
      "Greed" (Sully Erna/Godsmack)
      "Flavor Of The Weak" (Stacy Jones/American Hi-Fi)
      "Our Affair" (Carly Simon)
      "It's Been Awhile" (Staind)
      "Jaded" (Steven Tyler/Aerosmith and Marti Frederiksen)

      Video Of The Year:

      "Jaded" (Aerosmith)
      "Flavor Of The Weak" (American Hi-Fi)
      "The Spicy McHaggis Jig" (Dropkick Murphys)
      "Greed" (Godsmack)
      "It's Been Awhile" (Staind)

      -- Darren Davis and Bruce Simon, New York

  • Hard Rock Cafe gig?
      Guy from Israel also got a little "Aero-scoop" while staying in San Francisco:

      "I went to the Hard Rock Cafe, and asked the manager if they got any Aerosmith stuff around. They didn't, but it turned out that he's also an Aerosmith fan! So we talked a bit and I told him about my trip, and he told me that they are going to move the restaurant later this year to the famous Pier 39, and they are planning a grand opening which would also be a charity event- he said that he is currently negotiating with the management of both Aerosmith and Mellisa Etherige, trying to get them to play there. Lets see if it would actually happen…"

  • Bike Week 2002
      Chris @ reports: Aerosmith WILL be playing in Daytona Beach for "Bike Week" 2002 on Sat, March 9th at 6:30 pm at Riverfront Park. This show WILL feature a full set list, and most of the staging. VIP seating is closer to the stage, General Admission seats are behind this.

      Given that there will be a biker crowd, I can't see the set being too full of slow songs... expect a rockin' set for the biker crowd!

      Now, the Daytona Gig is a part of Bike Week and is therefore a "separate from the tour" show. Tickets will not be available through AF1. Ticketmaster will be selling them. Per their site:

      BIKE WEEK 2002
      200 N. BEACH STREET
      SAT MAR 9 2002 6:30PM

      $40.00 - $100.00
      Charge by Phone: NA
      Seating Chart is not available

      Ticket Sale Date(s):
      Internet Public Sale: Sat Feb 9, 10:00AM

      VIP Section Closer to Stage, GA Sections Behind it.
      Support: 6:30pm Event Takes Place Rain or Shine!!! All Ages Welcome!!!

  • Pictures of Aerosmith and Aero-related people
      There's a good bunch of Aerosmith photos at John Kalodner's site. Especially interesting, I felt, was to get a face on the people which to me has previously pretty much only been a name in Aerosmith's album credits. I'm thinking of people such as Marti Frederiksen, Russ Irwin and Kevin Shirley.

News as of February 7, 2002
  • Daytona Beach date
      At it says that Aerosmith will be there for the Daytona Harley Davidson Bike Week 2002. It says that the event will take place rain or shine.

      03/09/02 Daytona Beach, FL Riverfront Park

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      The latest issue of Rolling Stone has a small blurb about the Vegas show. There's a small pic of Steven with Tara Reid. The article also confirms the CD/DVD about the show. It's in the issue with Creed on the cover, and on page 16.

  • Modern Drummer poll
      Modern Drummer is having a poll on their website for best drummer. Don't you feel that Joey's one of the best? If you do, put in a vote for him and get him in with his idols such as Buddy Rich and John Bonham!

News as of February 6, 2002
  • News from John Kalodner!
      This is a follow-up to the thing from Karts that I posted yesterday.

      Now, Karts e-mailed Kalodner [] around 4 days ago, asking "What has Aerosmith got planned for 2002?." Karts mentioned the same rumors posted here yesterday, and here is the reply he received:

      Hi and thank you for your e-mail!

      Aerosmith may be doing a song for Spiderman. There are no plans for a new studio album however, there is going to be a new Greatest Hits with one or two new songs.. There may be a live DVD package and/or a Blues Album. As far as a special tour of smaller venues, no.


      So there it is! New songs on a Greatest Hits CD, and we've previously hear that Jack Douglas is involved in this project!

      A song on the Spiderman Soundtrack is a possibility!

      The best news though would have to be about the Blues Album. He didn't turn the rumor down, which I take as it might happen!

      Surprising, however, him saying only "may" regarding the DVD package, as the band themselves have implied that they are working on a such and even the title of it (Big Ten Inch Record) is floating about.

      But there we have it, the latest news up to today.

  • Heads up on 20/20 tonight
      Bebe Buell is going to be interviewed on 20/20 Downtown tonight (10pm Eastern; ABC), and discuss her relationships with many rock stars (including Mr. Tyler).

  • That 70's Show
      There was mention of Aerosmith on That 70s show. Donna and Eric were talking and Eric was making voices for a talking Steven Tyler and Joe Perry cardboard cutout. They he referred to the band as legendary (even in the 70s).

  • New Tour Date
      According to Pollstar:

      03/09/02 Daytona Beach, FL Riverfront Park

News as of February 5, 2002
  • Tour/DVD News
      Dr.j.jones reports:

      Aerosmith "Behind the music" is scheduled to debut in 3 weeks!!!!

      Dr.j.jones reports:

      Aerosmith WILL tour the US and Japan again this spring/summer in support of a new live CD and DVD is tentatively titled "Big 10 inch record" It will be a retrospective of the bands illustrious career.
      The tour will be relativly short.
      Approx. 12 to 24 US shows and a half a dozen Japan shows in June.
      Talk of Europe is still being bounced around by the crew.

      I can't seem to get a confirmation on the release date of the CD/DVD but...... I'm still prodding

      Don't know when the "official "announcement will be made.
      My buddy that's workin on the tour just told me what I've told you all. He did say that he thought they'd be playing the cities that got canceled last year.
      Which makes complete sense to me.

  • Japanese setlists compared

  • Aerosmith Casino Chips
      A Hard Rock Casino "Aerosmith $5 Chip" is the "Chip of the Month" at Apparently you can order this Aerosmith Casino Chip for $10. There's supposedly also a $25 Aerosmith Casino Chip.

      Aerosmith Casino Chip

  • Various more of Less likely rumors for Aerosmith in 2002
      Here is something Karts compiled:

      After the final show of the Japanese tour, at the Tokyo Dome, Joe said "See you again this June!"

      Of course they just tend to say these things, but obviously there is something planned for him to have said that, even if it never materializes.

      So the various rumors are:

      1. Spiderman soundtrack
      2. New studio album
      3. LIVE DVD package
      4. Blues album
      5. Remix album (of their classics with Jack Douglas remixing)
      6. A special tour of smaller venues with a different (older) set list

      I'm sure over half of these won't materialize or just aren't true, but it does paint an interesting picture for Aerosmith in 2002.

News as of February 3, 2002
  • Aerosmith to visit Japan again in June!?
      After the final show of the Japanese tour, at the Tokyo Dome today, Joe said "See you again this June!" Does this mean one event in Japan in June, or another entire tour? I guess we can only wait and see...

  • Videos up at
      Aerosmith fan, Gonzaloc brought to my attention that there are more videos up at the server, videos that they haven't linked to from anywhere on the site. It includes the Making Of Sunshine, Fly Away From Here and some videos from Japan, among other things.

      Gonzaloc has linked to these videos so that you can download them from his website,

      Otherwise you can go directly to the folders where they are stored, and download them from there:

News as of February 2, 2002
  • Steven in People once again...
      Page 106 in this weeks people.. Skinny people who use to be fat on the cover.

      Rocker Steven Tyler put on his fashion consulting hat last week while shopping at NeimanMarcus in Beverly Hills. That's where 1980s TV vamp Mogran Fairchild marched up to the Aerosmith frontman and introduced herself as an unabashed fan. Tyler later made his own friendly overture, telling Fairchild she should buy the $490 granny-style lace-up Miu Miu boots she was trying on. The bargain-loving actress declined, but asked a sales clerk to call her when the footwear goes on sale.

  • Liv on Allure magazine
      Liv Tyler is one the cover of Allure magazine. There are lots of beautiful pictures of her and an article. There is one picture of her with Steven (from the Oscars).

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