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News as of January 31, 2001
  • MP3s from Aerosmithsonian
      Two MP3s from the tribute album 'Aerosmithsonian' are now available at, together with the album cover (below).

      Last Child (Jason McMaster of Dangerous Toys Vocalist)
      Sweet Emotion (Derek St. Holmes, Ted Nugent Vocalist)

      Although, not very different from the original versions I think these sound really good... Give 'em a listen!

      Aerosmithsonian- A Tribute To Aerosmith AEROSMITHSONIAN "AEROSMITH TRIBUTE" ($14.95)
      (2 Cd's-In Stock Perris Records has collaborated Rocks greatest Idols paying homage to AEROSMITH, legends of Rock ‘N Roll. All these vocalist have sold over 20 million records in their collective bands worldwide. Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Ozzy, Vanilla Fudge) exclusivly played drums on all the tracks. Jason McMaster laying all the bass tracks with Steve Fister (Lita Ford) on all rhythm guitars. Special guest Gilby Clarke (Guns ‘N Roses), Keri Kelli (Slash’s Snakepit, Ratt), Marc Ferrari (Keel), Jaimie Scott (Vain) played on the guitar solos. Jimmy Crespo co-wrote “Rock in a Hard Place” when he was in Aerosmith which he re-invents on this recording. The Free Cd will include full songs from Ron Keel, Babylon A.D., Steve Fister, Derek St. Holmes,Davy Vain, Gilby Clarke, Rough Cutt, The Bridge, Carmine Appice, Broken Teeth & Cherry Street. This Free Cd will promote and help sell the back catalog from these artist and will be the same price as a single Cd.


  • Aerosmith on MTV's Making The Video
      According to the new TV guide (February 3-9, 2001), MTV will be running Aerosmith's Making the Video on the 6th at 10:30PM EST.

      There's an article on page 55-- MUSIC GUIDE by Fred Mitchell:

      "MAKING THE VIDEO: (Tues., MTV) Aerosmith fans will slam the gas pedal when their songs blare through the car radio, and they'll drop everything to watch one of the enduring rockers' imaginative videos. Here Steven Tyler and Co. welcome the faithful to check out their new 'Jaded' clip. The video, says series executive producer Billy Rainey, merges the band's power pop with a macabre fairy tale set within a play. The episode includes interviews with Aerosmith and director Francis Lawrence, who helmed their 'I Don't Want to Miss a Thing' video. As for the tune, expect the expected: Rainey says it's 'the Aerosmith we've come to know and love over the past 25 or 30 years'."

  • MTV Latin America
      When you enter a pop-up window with Steven Tyler, with the title "interview", appears. You can send in questions to the members of the band (in spanish), so there will obviously be an interview with the boys on MTVla soon...

News as of January 30, 2001
  • The Super Bowl performance in Realmedia
      In case you missed the halftime hoopla, AF1 is streaming Aerosmith's mind-blowing performance for a limited time! (Real Player Required)

      I Don't Want To Miss A Thing   56k 128k 256k
      Jaded 56k 128k 256k
      Walk This Way 56k 128k 256k

  • Berkshire Hills Music Academy

  • Los Angeles Times
      There was a small mention of Aerosmith in the LA Times. In the article "Passion for Music Drives Columbia Chief to Make Plenty of Industry Noise", Columbia Records Chairman Don Ienner offers insights into his success. In his first extensive interview in his three decades in the music business, Ienner discussed the challenge of running a giant record company that pumps out 100 albums a year.

      I only post the part that has to do with Aerosmith...

      Q: What part does radio play in the equation?
      A: It's difficult. Many radio stations are afraid to take chances on songs by unknown artists and yet they refuse to play new songs by established acts. That's why we sink so much energy into event marketing.

      Q: What's that?
      A: Well, it used to be considered somewhat of a cultural event when a great artist like Bob Dylan put out a new record. Not anymore. No matter how fantastic the music is, what you have to do now is create an aura around the record so it seems like an event. Take Billy Joel, for example. Even if he had a full-blown smash, you'd have to tie it to a movie in some way. You have no choice. Aerosmith has a new record coming out, but before we even put a video out, we asked them to appear on the American Music Awards. And on Sunday, we set it up for them to perform during the Super Bowl with 'N Sync. That's the way it is now. Sting couldn't get radio to touch his new album until he provided a track to Jaguar for a commercial and everybody started asking about it. The fact is you've got to event-market the first single by most established artists now or it's just not going to work.

  • Superbowl Ratings
      In a rarity, the Super Bowl's 30-minute halftime show -- produced this year by CBS sister cable channel MTV -- attracted a larger overall audience (preliminary 86.5 million) than the game, as well as better demos (36.9 in adults 18-49, 34.2 in adults 18-34, 38.3 in adults 25-54 and a 29.9 in teens).

      The game peaked in the hour that ended with the halftime concert featuring Aerosmith and 'N Sync, among others, and then tailed off in the second half as the score widened.

  • From USA Today....

      'NSync and Aerosmith both said they wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else on Super Bowl Sunday than on the 50-yard line at Raymond James Stadium, guitars blaring, hips gyrating and pyrotechnics blazing.

      First and foremost, sharing the halftime bill was a valuable learning experience. For both bands.

      "It's incredible, truly incredible," said Justin Timberlake, one of 'NSync's 20-something band members. "I can't tell you how much we've learned. That comes from mileage."

      Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's legendary lead singer, shot up out of his chair.

      "What are you saying?" the 50-something Tyler asked. "Hey, Lance (Bass). What about those naked surfers you showed us on the Internet? Hey, these guys aren't what they look like on the outside. And that's a good thing."

      So, what did Tyler's 20-something actress daughter, Liv, think of about her dear old dad playing at the Super Bowl?

      "Well, if I didn't take this gig, she threatened to run the family cat through a blender," Tyler said.

News as of January 29, 2001
  • Halftime Show Offers Own Highlights

      Sunday January 28 9:39 PM ET
      Halftime Show Offers Own Highlights

      By MARK LONG, AP Sports Writer

      TAMPA, Fla. (AP) - MTV gave the Super Bowl plenty of lights, cameras, and action Sunday night.

      The 10-minute halftime show - which was produced by MTV for the first time and featured a mix of rock, pop, and hip hop stars - was a drastic change for America's premier sporting event.

      Aerosmith and various crappy pop acts on stage at the super bowl

      N'Sync and Aerosmith headlined the show, which provided viewers with fireworks and constant strobe lights. Each band took turns singing songs before coming together - along with special guests Britney Spears, Nelly, and Mary J. Blige - for a rendition of Aerosmith's 1975 classic ``Walk This Way.''

      With thousands of ``fans'' flooding the stadium infield, the presentation resembled a concert. Many of the fans held neon signs, also giving it the look of a WWF match.

      But the highlight of the event came just before the jam session. Under each seat at Raymond James Stadium, there was a one-time-use flash camera. The fans were asked to simultaneously snap a shot when prompted by the big screens above each end zone.

      Their cue came during Aerosmith's second song, and the fans responded to give the 70,000-seat stadium the look and feel of a giant disco.

      The halftime show also came with a warmup act, a 90-second film featuring comedians Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, and Ben Stiller. But something obviously was wrong with the film, because it flickered in and out for most of its duration, and it was difficult to follow.

  • Super Bowl performance on Napster
      From what I hear you can get "Walk This Way" from the Superbowl on Napster already! The one that is 9:08 is real.

  • I hope this isn't true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it is...
      This was posted on the AF1 boards by someone that is supposed to have been in contact with members of the band...

      "True there are members of the band that are sick about doing this and are being told that this is the way it's being done, like it or lump it.

      In fact it is humiliating when the record company orders the band to see an image consultant to make over the band to make their appearance more mainstream. Haircuts and sunglasses were suggested to clean up their appearance and to cover lines around their eyes."

      While friends were having dinner with Joey Kramer and April 2 weeks ago, Joey's nephew walked in the house and questioned Joey on why they would appear with NSync.
      Joey said he did not want to and was forced to. He was and is not crazy about doing it. He said to others at the dinner table that the record company told the band that this is the direction they want the band to go in.

      The record company let Tyler and Perry write most of the material as long as they write songs that Sony feels will sell and not turn off the mainstream fans.

      The band is aware they will alienate their older fans but their record company feels they need a new fan base whose parents are willing to spend money on tickets and merchandise.

      The band feels that this is their last record and wants to go for as many bucks as they can.

      Sony promised the band that they will get their singles played on all available media outlets as long as the band plays ball with them.

      Also it was suggested that certain members of the band seek image consultants provided by Sony to fix their appearance.

      It is safe to say that Kramer is unhappy with being dictated to and the band knows and hears all the negative stuff about Jaded and the Super Bowl but at this stage they feel they have no choice but to see this through.

News as of January 28, 2001
  • Diana Minor website
      A few days ago I posted that Diana Minor is sponsored by Billie and Joe Perry. Now, if you visit her website and click on "Joe's Cue" you'll find 5 pics of Joe Perry. She also mentions him and Billie on the sponsors section and mentions Walk This Way as her favorite book!

      Joe Perry and Diana Minor

News as of January 27, 2001
  • Jaded Single Tracklisting
      The official Aerosmith website has put up this tracklisting:

      "Jaded" CD Single
      In Stores 2/20

      1. Jaded (Album Version)
      2. Jaded (Acoustic Mix)
      3. Angel's Eye +
      4. Jaded (Stripped Down Mix)
      5. Under My Skin (Reprise)

      Produced by Tyler, Perry, Hudson & Frederiksen
      Mixed by Mike Shipley & The Boneyard Boys*
      * The Boneyard Boys are Tyler, Perry, Hudson & Frederiksen
      + Produced by Tyler, Perry Frederiksen

      Seems we'll be able to get Angel's Eye without buying that crappy soundtrack. Now, I could have done without the mixes but I hope that the 'Stripped Down Mix' is more raw so that may be a good thing. And it seems we'll get a new track aswell... =)

  • Jaded on charts
      Billboard 100 Hot Singles: #37 (last week #58)
      Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks: #4 (debut)
      Radio & Record Online Chart:
        Active Rock: #13 (last week #26)
        CHR/Pop: #28 (last week #50)
        Rock: #3 (last week #8)

  • Aerosmith mention in Guitar World
      Aerosmith were mentioned in a Guitar World Magazine article about Everclear. They were talking about how their main influences were the old hard rhythms of rock and roll in the 70's with bands like Zeppelin and Aerosmith and how Rocks is the lead singer's favorite album and he has to listen to it where ever he goes.

  • Toronto Sun-Fri. Jan. 27
      The last page of the Toronto Sun has a pic of Steven during an interview playing with a football with the caption "Dude Looks Like a Player?"

  • The good morning show on CBS
      The good morning show on CBS (the one with Bryant Gumble) this morning showed some interview footage with N'Sync and Aerosmith. Basically it just showed Aerosmith practicing "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" and had Aerosmith telling their super bowl picks. I think everyone but Brad are rooting for Baltimore (I know for sure Steven and Joey are).

  • Superbowl in France and Belgium
      Canal plus, channel for french and belgians viewers (who must paid for it) will also show the Superbowl on sunday night from 0.15 until 4.30.

  • Fees For Superbowl Performance - USA TODAY
      Borrowed from the AOL board post by Mark...

      The USA Today Friday edition has a cover story in their Money section titled "Super Bowl accepts no half-hearted effort -- Halftime extravaganza grows more extravagant with each production". On the second page, there is a big banner headline that reads "MTV execs to produce a show featuring Aerosmith". It basically details the whole halftime concept from a business perspective. It's a pretty long article. Anyway, here is a clip about Aerosmith's fee:

      "While Super Bowl halftime has come a long way, some celebrities still associate it with the old world of Disneyesque characters and dancing snowflakes. That's one reason Bruce Springsteen's representatives let MTV executives know months in advance of the game: Don't even bother asking him to perform.

      But the tide is turning. Musical stars about to begin a national tour or release an album like the promotional boost that halftime offers. Both 'N Sync and Aerosmith have new albums on tap.


      And marketing of course...(I added that one)

  • Aerosmith fan to join on stage at the Superbowl
      Here is more news from Little South of America... This text was in Spanish, so it's been translated:

      Superbowl: MTV Halftime

      Sunday 28th will be the day most expected in the sport's wolrd in US: Superbowl XXXV, the final game. A whole big event known by its great shows during the halftime. This year, the organizers of the event asked to MTV to be in charge of the organization of the show. and what a show the world will get!
      Last Superbowl we got Enrique Iglesias and Christina Aguilera; this year will be more elaborated because MTV will take the chance for starting the celebrations that will happen during all the year for their 20 years of existence on August. The show will be performed by Aerosmith, N'Sync, Britney Spears, sting, Bon Jovi, Stix, BSB, and Isabel Villegas & her mother.
      Isabel Villegas & her mother? Let's see:
      The first part of this famous Halftime show will be a lighting, sound, cinetic and choreographic special made by MTV and it'll include the winner of the "Superbowl Contest" in The prize will be to be taken to the show. no, not to a seat beside a fat American speaking with his mouth full of hotdog and a glass of watered beer in his hand. she'll be on the grass. just in front of the stage.
      But it isn't all, the winner and her mother will be a part of the show. Isabel Villegas (fan of Aerosmith, 19 years old) and her mother (both from Puebla, Mexico) will be ON stage, dancing and singing and being seen by millions of TV viewers!. They are already in Tampa rehearsing.
      This is the schedule: Bon Jovi will perform in a party that will be broadcasted moments before the game. Then it'll be the turn for Sting who'll sing his last hit "desert Rose" and the classic Police's "Roxanne" during the show before the game at the stadium. BSB will perfom too with "Star Spangled Banner" and after that Stix will follow them playing "Come Sail Away" while a pirat ship will come into the stadium.
      After that preliminar show, Ravens of Baltimore and Giants of New York will come into the stadium and there will be a big bang when 80,000 fans begin to shout sounding higher than a Boeing 747.
      During the halftime Isabel Villegas, her mother and the rest of the crew will come in for the beginning show that will include a special about Charlie's Angels movie and a super show of lights and sound. After that will come N'Sync singing "Bye Bye Bye" and It's Gonna Be Me. Then Aerosmith will arrive for playing I Don't Want To Miss a Thing and jaded (their next single). Soon after that, N'Sync will be back for paying and rap with Aerosmith, Britney Spears, mary J. Blige and Nelly, the song Walk This way that will be the great end of the show.

News as of January 26, 2001
  • Aerosmith's schedule for the next three months!!!!
      Here is Aerosmith's schedule for January, February and March (as posted at the Sony Argentina website)

      Very interesting!! I doubt we're supposed to be seeing this. I don't know what it all mean and I assume a lot of this is subject to change but still... wow!!

      25 Tampa, FL: Superbowl Rehearsal 4pm- 10pm
      26 Tampa, FL: Superbowl Rehearsal
      Tampa, FL: Superbowl Rehearsal
      28 Tampa, FL: Superbowl

      5 Boston: International media junket / Video Jaded (version 1)
      6 Boston: International media junket
      7 Boston: International media junket
      8 Boston: International media junket
      9 Boston: International media junket
      12 Video Jaded (version 2)
      20 The whole band goes to Europe
      21 arrival in Europe
      22 Europe
      23 Europe
      24 Europe
      25 Europe
      26 Europe / Jaded single commercially released in Europe (TBC)
      27 Europe
      28 Europe
      MTV Promotion start date TBD; VH-1 Behind the Music TBD

      1 Europe
      2 Europe
      3 Europe
      4 Europe
      5 Europe / Jaded single commerically released in Europe (TBC)
      6 Europe
      7 Europe
      8 Return to U.S.
      10 MTV Spring Break promotion in Cancun, TBD?
      Secret shows in LA, NY, Chicago, Boston?
      11 MTV Spring Break promotion in Cancun, TBD?
      NARM, Orlando, TBD
      12 MTV Spring Break promotion in Cancun, TBD?
      13 NARM
      14 NARM/Album released in Japan
      17 NYC: Saturday Night Live TBD
      19 Worldwide (ex-North America and Japan) album release
      20 U.S. Album Instore
      NYC: Today Show outdoor "Jaded" performance TBD
      NYC: in-store appearance; Virgin Times Square; TBD
      Other album launch event = award of 80 million sold plaque?
      21 NYC: Letterman/Leno and other TV TBD
      23 Boston: in-store appearance or other Boston event TBD
      28 Travel to Toronto (Steven, Joe, and Tom)
      29 Toronto: promo
      30 Toronto: promo
      31 Return to U.S.


  • Billboard Hot 100 Singles
      On next week's Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart "Jaded" will move up from number 58 to 37! This song is gonna be huge. Hole In My Soul peaked at 51 and Falling In Love peaked at 34 so my guess is that Just Push Play will do better than Nine Lives did!!

  • Aerosmith at / 'The Skit' in Realmedia
      When you go to the newly redesignes MTV Online site the first thing you see is a nice sized pic of Steven and a headline that reads "Tune into Aerosmith's "Jaded" for a Super Bowl Halftime Show Preview"
      Now, if you go to their Super Bowl page you'll find this:

      To kick off the Super Bowl halftime show, Ben Stiller stars in a 90-second film, featuring Aerosmith, *NSYNC, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock.

      Realmedia Clips of:
      1. Don't Wanna Kiss Your Thing
      2. No "I" in Aerosmith
      3. Aerosmith and *NSYNC synergy

  • New website coming? Now, there isn't anything on this site yet, just says that it is a registered site and it will be launched soon.
      Does anyone know if this is going to be an official site or if it is only registered by a fan? Just thought it might be worth keeping an eye on it to see what happens with it in the future...

  • Aaron Hirsch's website
      Aaron Hirsch has yanked the movie featuring his brothers (that I posted about yesterday) from his website and left this note:

      A message to all my cyber friends:

      For all of my friends and family who enjoy this site, thanks for your support and comments. Keep 'em coming.

      For all the people who got upset by what had happened in the last few weeks I apologize for letting this get out of hand and snowball like this.

      Hope we can all meet in the middle somewhere...


      a.k.a SnowCrash

  • Aerosmith on TRL
      On TRL Carson Daly was down in Florida and he did a small interview with Aerosmith! Carson talked to them about people giving them a hard time about "collaborating" with Nsync, and Carson was just like it's no big deal. Tyler said that its a global event and then Tom said something about it, he was like "it's not like a mall opening we're doing I mean this is the superbowl!". Joe Perry said that March 20th is about the release date for Just Push Play.

  • Access Hollywood
      Access Hollywood showed a clip of the guys rehearsing last night. You might check your local listings because some affiliates might repeat this show... They also mentioned they'd have more tomorrow, although I don't know if they are going to show the guys or not.

      Also, since they did do a press conference, things might show up on the other entertainment shows too.

News as of January 25, 2001
  • Stars "Walk This Way" To Tampa (AF1)
      Pop princess Britney Spears, rap mogul Nelly and R&B soul diva Mary J. Blige will share the stage with Aerosmith and NSYNC at E*Trade's Super Bowl Halftime show! The star-studded line-up is scheduled to perform Aerosmith's classic hit "Walk This Way" as the finale of the halftime explosion. The Boston Bad Boys are also scheduled to perform their blockbuster hit "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and their current single, "Jaded." Rehearsals are under way in Tampa, reports coordinating producer Greg Choa, so the set list is subject to change.

  • Complete Superbowl Agenda
      Here it is folks. Everything you need to get you thru the weekend.

      Sunday- Noon EST on CBS. TRL at the Superbowl. Aerosmith and NSync join Carson Daly for TRL.
      Sunday- 6:18 pm EST on CBS. Kickoff of Superbowl XXXV between The New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens.
      Sunday- Halftime on MTV- MTV will be showing a special 10 minute skit just as the 1st half ends. Tune over to MTV just as the gun sounds ending the 1st half. This skit will feature Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller with Chris Rock, Aerosmith and N'Sync.
      ETRADE SUPERBOWL HALFTIME SHOW (tentative schedule and order):
      NSync: "Its Gonna Be Me (w Britney?)"
      Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
      NSync: "Bye Bye Bye"
      Aerosmith: "Jaded".
      Aerosmith, NSync, Britney Spears, Mary J Blige, and Nelly: "Walk This Way"

      Should be interesting....

  • Cool Joe Perry Family Project!
      Joe Perry's wife Bille has a son (Aaron Hirsch) and he has a web site called "Liquid Dreams". Well, it has some little animations on it and one of them is a very funny one. It's a take-off of "Beavis & Butt-Head", and it includes Joe and Billie's sons Tony & Roman as Beavis and Butt-Head. Funny!

      Check it out:

      Now, maybe you (like me) think that there is no proof that this guy really is her son? Well, here is some proof:'s profile of the owner of Liquid Dreams:

      Aaron Hirsch (LIQUIDDREAMS2-DOM)
      3605 NE 207th Street Apt. 4300
      Aventura, FL 33180

      Domain Name:

      Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Billing Contact:
      Hirsch, Aaron (AHN62) aaron_hirsch@HOTMAIL.COM
      Liquid Dreams
      3605 NE 207th Street
      Apt. 4300
      Aventura, FL 33180

  • Jaded #5!!
      Friday January 19 10:00 AM ET
      Most Popular Recordings

      Weekly charts for the nation's recorded music as they appear in the Jan. 27, 2001, issue of Billboard magazine. (Compiled from a national sample of sales reports collected, compiled and provided by SoundScan; radio playlists; and monitored radio by Broadcast Data Systems) (Compiled from a national sample of airplay supplied by Broadcast Data Systems)

      1. ``Loser,'' 3 Doors Down. Republic.
      2. ``Awake,'' Godsmack. Republic.
      3. ``Hemorrhage (In My Hands),'' Fuel. 550 Music.
      4. ``One Step Closer,'' Linkin Park. Warner Bros.
      5. ``Jaded,'' Aerosmith. Columbia.
      6. ``N.I.B.'' Primus (w/Ozzy). Divine.
      7. ``Outside,'' Aaron Lewis Of Staind With Fred Durst. Flawless/Geffen.
      8. ``Drive,'' Incubus. Immortal.
      9. ``Are You Ready?'' Creed. Wind-up.
      10. ``Hanging By A Moment,'' Lifehouse. DreamWorks

  • Super Bowl on British TV
      Sky Sports 1, a British-based satellite station, will be showing the Superbowl live from 10.30pm local time until 3am.

  • Diana Minor
      People who keep up with Diana Minor (a women's billiards player, and very good) may know that she is partly sponsored by Billie and Joe Perry. This was found at a website of hers:
      Diana is sponsored on Tour by Mottier Amusements of Columbus, Indiana; and Billie & Joe Perry of Aerosmith.

  • Wall Street Journal article on the 3D Website
      This is the article from the Wall Street Journal 1/24/01, front page of the "Marketplace" the bottom. The title of the article is: Avatars Widen Realm of Virtual Reality on Internet

      Web Sites Bet on Attracting Viewers With Humanlike Presences of Avatars
      Staff Reporters of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

      SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- Steven Tyler is getting ready to rock the room.

      On a recent Tuesday night in a spacious studio here, the frontman for rock group Aerosmith shakes the kinks out of his sinewy arms and legs as he waits for the first beat of "Chip Away the Stone" to kick in. When he hears the guitar riff, he crisscrosses his feet in a little dance, flips around, grabs the microphone and opens his famously wide mouth to sing. Lit by eight lights against matte black walls, he gives an energized performance as nine video cameras and a photographer record the scene. At the end of the song, he raises his arms and bows at the waist.

      Don't expect to see that footage on MTV. Mr. Tyler's song and dance will be viewed only on the Web and performed by a computer doppelganger known as an avatar -- a 3-D form that users can control on the Web through their computer keyboards. Working with Old Greenwich, Conn.-based Inc., Aerosmith is developing a 3-D Web site that will allow the band and its fans to use avatars to hang out and chat with and see one another online. This cyber-rock venue, to be launched with the release of Aerosmith's next album in March, will replace an Aerosmith Web site that is, in Mr. Tyler's words, "terribly antiquated."

      After years of fits and starts, avatars are gaining popularity on the Internet. With improved technology that makes them more realistic and easier to control, avatars are being used by rock bands, soft-drink makers and even communications giants. Coca-Cola Co. recently launched an avatar-populated site, in which the avatars mill around and chat in a Coke-sponsored world, aimed at the Hong Kong market. And British Telecommunications PLC, in conjunction with closely held Avatar-Me Ltd. of London, is test-marketing possible products using some 271,000 photo-quality avatars of visitors to London's Millennium Dome. People who had their pictures taken at the Dome can go to the British Telecom Web site and download their avatars. About 20,000 have signed up to have their avatars appear when they play online computer games such as the ultra-violent Quake III Arena and The Sims, a popular game that simulates everyday life. British Telecom also is testing such products as avatar e-mail, or software that makes the sender's face appear and speak the message aloud.

      3-D rules at Web sites using avatars, such as this one for the rock singer David Bowie "It could be that in 12 months we turn around and say avatars were just a fad," says Matthew Lawson, head of a British Telecom research lab that has been working on avatars. "But my gut feeling is that we can make a lot of money."

      British Telecom and the other companies banking on avatars still have a long way to go. The 3-D images are still far from realistic. Though the virtual beings generally can raise their arms and move their legs as if they are walking, other levels of detail vary from company to company. Conversation between avatars is usually carried on in text that users type into a box located at the bottom center of the screen. Maneuvering an avatar in cyberspace on a slow Internet connection can be frustrating, too.

      Some Web sites let users personalize the avatar by choosing a hairstyle and outfit from a prepared wardrobe and modifying the body to be thinner or taller. As with television, each user basically has the same view: his or her avatar and the other avatars moving around the site. But unlike television, the viewers are in control -- at least of their own figure on the screen -- a fact that is both a selling point and a potential drawback for the still-developing technology. Whatever you make your avatar do, others see as well.

      Opportunities are ripe for total chaos in the world of avatars. Michael Sivak, director of production at Worlds, recalls a user who hacked into software designed to make avatars and made one that looked like snow; the avatar proceeded to blanket the Web site with whiteness. Worlds says it doesn't object to that extreme customization as long as it doesn't destroy the site. When users make their avatars venture beyond the fenced-in spaces on Worlds' Web site, a floating monster gobbles them up and transports them to an attic on the site. "That prevents them from breaking the rules," says Mr. Sivak.

      It's not only an avatar's behavior that must be kept in line. Costs, too, can be an issue, depending on the realism sought. While the avatars created by British Telecom, which replicate a person's face, clothes and general body shape, cost the company a few dollars to produce, Worlds paid between $30,000 and $50,000 to Atlanta-based Giant Studios Inc. to help make the avatars of Aerosmith's five members.

      Mr. Tyler and his colleagues donned black Lycra bodysuits covered in more than 40 reflective nubs, including one taped to their chins. One by one, the members lip-synched, pretended to play guitar or shook drumsticks as cameras recorded the light reflecting off their bodies and converted the video data into 3-D figures on a computer screen. Those 3-D figures will form the skeleton for the members' avatars. The band members also posed for three pictures taken by a special camera developed by 3DMetrics Inc., Petaluma, Calif., that captured a 3-D view of their faces, for better realism as the avatars turn and move about.

      The cost of producing such avatars is just part of the financial picture. Thom Kidrin, president and chief executive of Worlds, says he budgeted $250,000 to create the Aerosmith virtual world, one of nine his company now operates. The annual costs for maintaining a single site, he says, can range from $100,000 to $200,000 a year, depending on the number of users and features such as online video broadcasts. Aerosmith paid Worlds an undisclosed sum to create the site.

      Worlds' sites generate revenue through advertising and sales of music and other merchandise, bringing in about $1.5 million in 2000. The revenue is shared between Worlds and the site headliners -- mostly rock bands so far. The company also charges users $1.50 a month for a VIP membership. While access to Worlds sites and the use of an avatar shaped as a penguin is free, VIP membership lets users customize a human avatar from a choice of features supplied by Worlds. Worlds says it currently has more than 50,000 users paying for a VIP membership. Mr. Kidrin expects the business will grow as more people become familiar with virtual-reality environments.

      Jester Digital Corp., a West Palm Beach, Fla., company that is building a 3-D Web site with avatars for the heavy-metal band Metallica, rejects the idea of charging users for customizing and owning avatars. "I think that's the same as charging for a mouse cursor," says John Textor, chairman and chief executive of Jester. The Metallica Web site, to be unveiled Feb. 1, copies inch by inch a new music studio the group is building north of San Francisco and will let the group's fans hang out on the site as avatars.

      Mr. Textor says that consumers can get unlimited avatars from a number of Web sites run by companies such as Germany's Blaxxun Interactive Inc. and Virtock Technologies Inc., Loveland, Ohio. Downloading software from these sites for as little as $20 a pop allows users to create as many individual avatars as they want, Mr. Textor says.

      Jester says it earns revenue by attracting users to its site, which features a virtual skate park, snowboarding slope and virtual rooms where fans of bands including Green Day and the Hippos can hang out. Compact disks, snowboards and other accessories aimed at the Gen-Y crowd are sold as well. Jester, which is closely held, says the online sales make up less than half of the $4.3 million in revenue it expects to record in 2000; the rest comes from technology licenses and services and catalog sales.

  • From Entertainment Weekly (Super Bowl)
      Field Goals
      'N Sync, Britney, and Aerosmith will rock the Super Bowl. previews unday's MTV produced extravaganza

      ROCK & JOCK 'N Sync is playing the Super Bowl halftime show
      by Lori Reese
      Forget head butting men in tights; the most memorable clashes of Super Bowl XXXV may involve the entertainment. CBS has hired the Backstreet Boys to croon the National Anthem and -- in a savvy display of corporate synergy -- they've got MTV, another Viacom owned company, producing the Jan. 28 halftime show featuring the boy band's rivals 'N Sync, as well as Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige, and Aerosmith. MTV's done its share of megaconcert broadcasts (like Woodstock '99 and Live Aid) but it has never before been involved in the globally hyped sporting event. However, the music network plans to put its stamp on the annual football championship, which will be held at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium and is likely to be watched by some 750 million people worldwide. ''I don't think [last year's halftime creator] Disney would have been knocking down Steve Tyler's door,'' Alex Coletti, a producer for MTV, tells ''The show totally is about who we are.'' Unlike previous halftime organizers, MTV has opted not to give the 11 minute entertainment break a specific theme. (Perhaps they learned a lesson from six time producer Disney, whose 2000 ''Tapestry of Nations'' extravaganza suffered much post game heckling from critics.) Instead, the network is hiring local extras to pose as fans to create the look of a genuine rock show on the football field. ''In years past, you always get cheerleaders and marching bands, and we're more of a mosh pit kind of place,'' says Coletti. ''The whole thing we want to do, in the flick of a switch, is turn that sporting event into a rock and roll concert.'' Coordinating the mini rockathon will be tricky, though. The bands have three days of studio rehearsal time this week -- but they have a scant six hours to practice assembling the show on the actual football field. ''It's nerve racking,'' says Coletti, ''especially for my staging guys. There's going to be a game going on. The stage is in pieces, and it's got to fit through the stadium tunnels, which aren't huge. It's got to go together in the time of a commercial break. It's a real science.'' Even the set list is uncertain, he says. Each group has ideas about which song they will perform, but ''when we finally get the two bands together, I'm sure we'll have to start all over again.'' Coletti brags that the network's rock show know how helped convince 'N Sync and Aerosmith to participate. ''Joe Perry told me, 'When we got the phone call we said no way.' But after they heard it was us producing, they had a band meeting and said, 'Sure we'll do it,''' says Coletti. Of course, the chance to promote their first album in nearly four years, ''Just Push Play'' [due this spring], probably also appealed to Tyler and co. Don't be surprised if they choose to perform their first single, ''Jaded.'' ''What's better than showing [a new song] to the world during the Super Bowl?'' says Coletti. Likewise, the show's combination of hard rock and teen pop is a potential bonus for CBS and the National Football League. Ad buyers are predicting a 4 percent decline in ratings for the game (compared to last year's), but Paul Schulman of Schulman/ AdvanswersNY thinks this halftime show could help reduce that slide. While Aerosmith grabs the attention of the NFL's beer swilling core audience, 'N Sync and Spears may tease hefty numbers out of the far more fickle teen crowd. ''The toughest audience in the world is between ages 12 and 24,'' says Schulman. ''The only way to keep them lassoed to the screen is to offer the biggest acts for their age group.'' Sorry, BBMak.

  • Yet another article... (Super Bowl)
      Britney, Nelly Joining Aerosmith At Super Bowl
      01.24.2001 3:26 PM EST

      Britney Spears, Nelly and Mary J. Blige will walk the way of Run- D.M.C. Sunday when they perform with Aerosmith during the finale of the Super Bowl halftime show.

      The chart-topping pop acts, announced Wednesday as performers, and 'NSYNC will sing and rap along with the rock band to its 1976 hit, "Walk This Way," which was remade as a rap-rock hit with Run- D.M.C. in 1986. The ending number will follow alternating songs by 'NSYNC and Aerosmith, coordinating producer Greg Choa said.

      'NSYNC will perform "Bye Bye Bye" and "It's Gonna Be Me," while Aerosmith will do "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and their upcoming single, "Jaded." The songs are subject to change, Choa added, as rehearsals are just getting under way.

      Past Super Bowl halftime shows have featured a variety of acts from Michael Jackson to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

      A top-notch list of performers that includes Bon Jovi, Sting and the Backstreet Boys is also lined up for the pregame show this year (see "Bon Jovi, Sting, Styx In Super Bowl Pregame Show").

      The Backstreet Boys will sing "The Star-Spangled Banner," and legendary soul singer Ray Charles will sing "America the Beautiful."

      Bon Jovi will perform at a televised tailgate party, and Sting will sing his latest hit, "Desert Rose," and the classic Police tune "Roxanne" during the pregame stadium show, titled "Life's Super in Central Florida."

      Styx will perform "Come Sail Away" as pirates enter the stadium on a mock ship during a portion of the show that won't be televised. Tampa, Florida, pop group PYT also will perform, and Kevin James of "King of Queens" will host.

      The Super Bowl will be held at Tampa, Florida's Raymond James Stadium and will air Sunday on CBS. MTV is producing the halftime show.

      — Corey Moss

News as of January 24, 2001
  • Message From the NFL...
      Britney Spears will be joining Aerosmith and 'N Sync for the Super Bowl halftime show. Two other surprise guests whom MTV will not reveal also will be on the card.

      The halftime performance will last about 11 minutes and the bands actually will sing, rather than lip-synch to a pre-recorded soundtrack.

  • AerosmithWorld Interactive Virtual World

      Aerosmith Chooses to Provide Exclusive 3D Internet Web Site and to Redesign Official '' Site

      OLD GREENWICH, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 24, 2001--

      AerosmithWorld Interactive Virtual World Planned to be Available on New Aerosmith CD 'Just Push Play" to be Released in March (OTC/BB:WDDD) today announced that it has signed a revenue sharing agreement with Aerosmith to develop and host a 3D web site to be called AerosmithWorld, utilizing Worlds' three-dimensional (3D) virtual reality Internet technology.

      Aerosmith has been one of the top selling and highest grossing musical groups for the past three decades, having surpassed 100 million album sales. The group will also appear live on the CBS Television halftime broadcast of this year's Super Bowl on Sunday, January 28. Their performance will include "Jaded," the first track from the group's forthcoming album, JUST PUSH PLAY, due out in March.

      Worlds will also redesign Aerosmith's official web site, currently available at The site will be customized, hosted and maintained by

      The creation, AerosmithWorld, will be available for download from and is planned to be included on the forthcoming Aerosmith CD where the band kick-starts its own engine and "just pushes play."

      Aerosmith World will include 3D environments for Aerosmith fans to enter, explore, meet and greet one another in visually rich 3D environments specially designed for Aerosmith by

      According to Thom Kidrin, president and CEO of Worlds, "For more than 30 years, Aerosmith has been a major international force in music, consistent with and always a part of popular American culture. Our agreement will propel the group to the next level of the Internet with the same creative foresight that the group demonstrated with cutting edge videos for MTV.

      "By continuing to establish the continuity among music, videos and online virtual communities," Kidrin said, "Aerosmith will clearly demonstrate its creativity across multiple media platforms. Fans will be able to step into the world of Aerosmith as if they were stepping into their videos."

      The group, said, "We've always been in our own world. Now, we get to share it with everybody."

      About, the Internet's premier 3D virtual reality entertainment portal, leverages its proprietary technology to offer visitors a network of virtual, multi-user environments that have rich media graphics, text chat, voice-to-voice chat, streaming video and e-commerce. The environments are focused around entertainment interests and targeted communities such as music, sports, and general entertainment environments. In the Worlds' Avatar Gallery, visitors select an avatar (3D character), and customize it into a personal virtual representation of themselves. The avatar is used to travel in and through the various virtual environments and participate in interactive activities involving entertainment, promotions, or e-commerce. Avatars can chat with one another, dance in a nightclub, e-shop, watch video clips and participate in other activities.

      About Aerosmith

      As America's premiere rock 'n roll band of all time, AEROSMITH are truly a unique force in contemporary music. They've already sold over 100 million albums around the world and earned an array of accolades (including Grammys and MTV awards) and still continue to achieve new milestones in their career. In 1998, the band's smash single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" became the group's first-ever #1 Billboard pop hit and landed them an Academy Award nomination. AEROSMITH'S 1997-99 "Nine Lives" tour was the biggest and most successful trek of their career. In the U.S., the band performed a total of 160 shows in front of 3 million fans. Overseas, their trip to the UK and Europe also marked their most successful international tour yet (including a sold-out show at London's Wembley Stadium). Over the course of 20 overseas shows, AEROSMITH -- STEVEN TYLER, JOE PERRY, TOM HAMILTON, BRAD WHITFORD and JOEY KRAMER -- played to 600,000 wildly enthusiastic fans. AEROSMITH -- hailed by USA TODAY'S Edna Gundersen (12/15/00) as the "rare exception in a field of stunted careers" -- will release a new studio album, JUST PUSH PLAY, on Columbia in March 2001. is headquartered in Old Greenwich, CT. For more information on, please contact Gary P. Tobin at 203-409-2107.

  • Newsweek
      In the January 29 issue of Newsweek there's a page about the Superbowl, Aerosmith and N'Sync performing, the behind the scenes thing and other stuff.

      A Rock 'n' Jock Halftime
      Can MTV actually make the Superbowl halftime show interesting? for years, America's been treated to middle-of-the-road performers backed by pyrotechnics spectaculars. But this year, in a bit of a corporate synergy, CBS is letting its hipper little sister (also owned by Viacom) control the show. So pyrotechnics? Check. Even the main musical guests, Aerosmith and 'NSync, are not exactly on the outrageous end of MTV's programming schedule. But the channel that brought us Britney's striptease is sure to shock at some point during it's 11 minutes. Prime offensive time could be the 90 second parody film kicking off the show. Ben stiller and Adam Sandler or rather their '80s inspired alter egos-- are coaches. Their mission: Psyching up the musical acts backstage in "the MTV locker room,' says director McGee, while Chris Rock contributes socio-commentary on how Anglo the room is." (In other words, Rock plays himself.) "Basically this halftime will have fewer giant puppets and batons, more guitars and attitude." Dude, don't forget the beer and the babes.

  • Super Bowl on German TV
      The german chanel SAT 1 will be airing the Super Bowl. It's 4,5 hours so I think they will air the show as well as the game.

News as of January 23, 2001
  • Yet ANOTHER Aerosmith Tribute Album.... has posted information on yet another Aerosmith Tribute album. No, this is not the one Perris Records is releasing called "Aerosmithsonian: Aerosmith Tribute." This one is called "Janie's Got A Gun: A Tribute To Aerosmith"

      Anyway. It's another tribute album of Artists that nobody has ever heard of. It's being released by the UK label "Dressed To Kill Records" on January 30, 2001. Here is the track listing:

      1. Pink - Tom McNally
      2. Walk This Way - The Butchers
      3. Dream On - Kitty Litter
      4. Janie's Got A Gun - Sonia Archer
      5. Sweet Emotion - The Butchers
      6. Fine - Sam Blue
      7. Big Ten Inch Record - Wolfie
      8. Love In An Elevator - The Darlicks
      9. Toys In The Attic - Wolfie
      10. Angel - Kristen De Beauvoir
      11. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Tom McNally
      12. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing - Sonia Archer

  • "Charlie's Angels" director shoots Super Bowl short

      "Charlie's Angels" director shoots Super Bowl short
      By Claude Brodesser

      HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - McG, the director of fall hit "Charlie's Angels," is doing things backwards. Usually, promising young filmmakers make a short, and then land their blockbuster.

      Instead, he has just made "The Super Bowl Halftime Film," a short starring Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler and Chris Rock, which will premiere during CBS' Super Bowl XXXV broadcast on Sunday.

      "It's about someone who offers preposterous advice to people who least need it," explained McG (aka Joseph McGinty Nichol).

      That someone is Tim Swackhammer, a nincompoop halftime coordinator who fancies himself the David O. Selznick of live events.

      Stiller will play Swackhammer, who will interact with both 'N Sync and Aerosmith in the short, while Sandler will play a deejay who provides comic relief. Rock is understood to provide the denouement to the fiasco caused by Swackhammer.

      The project, being produced by MTV, was written by Stiller and scribe Patton Oswalt.


      04:01 01-23-01

News as of January 22, 2001
  • Prince at the Super Bowl? (I doubt this)
      I had doubts about including this as it only seems like some fan of Prince with too much imagination. However, this was found on some Prince news page...

      Still hope for a Prince performance at the Super Bowl?
      In several AP articles this week for Aerosmith, (none of which I can find a link, I read it in the paper) Steven Tyler said they will play for 10 minutes and Nsync will play for 10 minutes at the Super Bowl and they will have special guests perform with them. The key here is this. Steven Tyler was quoted as saying that one of the scheduled special guests will only perform depending on if a certain team makes it into the Super Bowl. He goes on to say that they have never performed with this person before. There are a number of performers they have not played with, but we all know how Prince wanted to play "Purple Rain" WHEN Minnesota wins the Super Bowl.

  • Jaded IS at #5
      Just thought I'd let you know about the Billboard #5 thing. I can confirm that Jaded was #5 in the Rock category.... It's even at

News as of January 21, 2001
  • Super Bowl Commercials
      There is no doubt that the Super Bowl is only a week away! MTV is showing a variety of different Super Bowl commercials:

      1. There's one where there is a football team huddled in the locker room and the announcer is saying you have to be a great team to get into the Super Bowl or a great set of pipes! They pan over to the whole band and steven w/ his mouth wide open!

      2. Another one w/ Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler...Pregame mini-movie seems those 2 are acting as teachers on how to put on a great performance....They are teaching the boys and N'Sync.

      You should be able to download these at:

News as of January 20, 2001
  • Just Push Play in Japan... (from
      Aerosmith have completed recording their new studio album and are currently mixing it with John Kalodner in New York. The album is due for release in march, with Japan already nominating the 14th as their release date. The Japanese version gets a bonus track and sticker in the first pressings of the new CD. A few titles to be included on the album are: Jaded, Angel's Eyes, Beyond Beautiful, Under The Skin & Avant Garden.

  • Jaded or Angel's Eye #5 on Billboard??
      I've been told that some local paper, in a section they call Billboard's Hot Hits, says: Weekly charts for the nation's best selling recorded music as they appear in next week's issue of Billboard magazine. Listed at #5 under Mainstream Rock Tracks is Jaded

      This doesn't sound very likely to me though, and I think that it should probably say Angel's Eye. On this page, with the top 10 mainstream rock tracks, Angel´s eye is on #5. It's been on top 10 since October 28.

  • Jaded Radio Airplay
      Rock and Roll Online ( is a good place for radio airplay charts. They just put up a little blurb about Aerosmith. They had 255 radio stations add the song to their playlists and it had the most increased number of plays form the previous week (+1,338) Its at #8 on the Rock charts (with Angel's Eye at #9), It wasn't even on the chart the week before. And it shows it at #26 on the Active Rock charts which is pretty good considering those stations don't usually consider Aerosmith as part of their format. These charts use Soundscan like Billboard so they are usually pretty close to each other. This song will definately be a HUGE hit!

      Aerosmith Rocks With 255 Adds (from
      The enduring group racks up a combined total of 255 adds at Rock, Active Rock, CHR/Pop and Hot AC this week with "Jaded " (Columbia). The track also earns Most Increased Plays at Rock and Active Rock with +1,338. It is the debut single from Aerosmith's greatly anticipated forthcoming album, which is due out in mid-March. The group was recently acknowledged at the American Music Awards with the International Artist Award.

  • Advance copies of Just Push Play???
      Some local radio station in LA is saying that they are going to give away an advance copy of "Just Push Play". I think this sound weird since it's a tad early to be giving away advance copies... I thought I'd mention it anyway though, since I think there's a big chance that we'll get to hear it before it's released (Napster) if they do...

News as of January 19, 2001
  • Jaded single - to be or not to be...
      I've been informed that a press release from Columbia says that "Just Push Play" will be in stores March 20th, yet there will not be a single released for "Jaded"...

      Now, at Tower Records web site you can now order an advanced copy of the CD single for "Jaded". Release date: 02/26/2001.

      Now I don't know what to think. Oh well, guess we'll have to wait and see.

  • to be or not to be... #2 - MTV's 'Making The Video'
      I've heard that Aerosmith won't be on MTV's 'Making The Video' after all, RockonTV has taken the listing of off the Aerosmith list for some unknown reason.

      However, after 'Making The Video' with Christina Aguilera and Ricky Martin, MTV showed a preview of Aerosmith's "Making The Video." So, I would guess they are gonna be on the show. I don't know what to think...

News as of January 18, 2001
  • Jaded on Billboard Charts
      According to Jaded was the highest debut this week on the Billboars Hot 100 Singles Chart debuting at # 58 (and beating out the new Ricky Martin/Christina Aguilera duet). Thats pretty good considering its not a commerical single yet so lacks points to get that high on the chart. If Jaded was available at retail I'm positive it would have been in the Top 20 at least (which would be higher than any single from Nine Lives).

  • MTV Sweepstakes...
      Enter MTV's sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to the E-Trade Super Bowl Halftime Show and watch live performances from Aerosmith in Florida. Besides attending the show, the winner will receive round-trip airfare and hotel accommodations, a backstage pass to Aerosmith's rehearsal, and $10,000. [Click here to enter]

      Join MTV for our Spectacular Super Bowl Antics!


      * Win a chance to fly out to Super Bowl, and be up
      * close and personal with Aerosmith.
      * Get to see behind the scenes Aerosmith rehearsals
      * before the game
      * Go to MTV's hip Super Bowl party
      * Be a part of the halftime show

      MTV Halftime Goodies

      * Aerosmith performance
      * Flipbooks of Aerosmith
      * Video highlights from all 34 super bowls

      January 28th at 12 noon ET
      Aerosmith joins Carson for the countdown

  • Aerosmith on TRL/Super Bowl Edition
      MTV is having a Super Bowl edition of TRL on January 28th at noon (yes - Super Bowl Sunday). Get your VCR's ready because Aerosmith are going to be interviewed on it! This is going to be on CBS, not MTV

  • Aerosmith To Be "Tooned"!
      The talented artists at are working on their version of Aerosmith! When they are complete, you will be able to buy merchandise with a cartoon version of Aerosmith on it!

News as of January 15, 2001
  • Yet another Aerosmith tribute album...
      Another Tribute album is out at the end of the month called Aerosmithsonian.

      Released: January 30, 2001
      Label: Perris Records (2CD)

      Tracks Vocalists
      Sweet Emotion Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent)
      Last Child Jason McMaster
      Back In The Saddle Ron Keel
      Mama Kin Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent)
      Train Kept A Rollin' Derek Davis (Babylon A.D.)
      Lord of The Thighs Ron Taylot (Lillian Axe)
      Rock In A Hard Place   Paul Shortino (Quiet Riot/Rough Cutt) featuring Jim Crespo
      S.O.S. (Too Bad) Davy Vain (Vain)
      Get The Lead Out Jason McMaster
      Walk This Way Derek St. Holmes/Jason McMaster/Ron Keel/Derek Davis/Ron Taylor

      Carmine Apprice (Rod Stewart/Ozzy/Vanilla Fudge) - drums
      Steve Fister (Lita Ford) - rhythm guitars
      Jason McMaster (Dangerous Toys) - bass.
      Guitar solos on the album by:
      Gilby Clarke (G n R), Keri Kelli (Slash's Snakepit/Ratt), Mar Ferarri (Keel) and Jamie Scot (Vain).

      Two days ago I posted that the 'Jaded' promo had the URL on the back but that it didn't work. If you go there now its the same thing as

  • Australia release date (most likely wrong)
      An Australian paper wrote that the new album is coming out in April and the single in Feb. The paper is prob wrong. I mean, they called the album 'Just Press Play'. Anyway...

News as of January 14, 2001
  • Release dates!
      Confirmed for Japan, Jaded is 28 Feb and Just Push Play is March 14. For Europe, Jaded is out March 5 and the album March 19. As posted earlier, March 20 is the date the album should be released in the US.

  • Release dates!
      On an MTV Show, 'History Of Sex', there's a little segment that talks about Janie's Got A Gun. It show about 5 clips of Steven and Joe talking about the meaning of the song and it also has other people talking about it. It also shows a good portion of the video.

News as of January 13, 2001
  • Jaded (promo) single cover art
      Front cover Back cover
      the tray insert (the plastic that hold the cd is clear) inside of the front cover, nice handwritten lyrics from steven.
      [Click on the pictures to see bigger versions]

      The back cover (among other things) says:

      (Written by Tyler/Frederiksen)
      Produced by The Boneyard Boys*
      Recorded by Richard Chycki & Marti Frederiksen
      Mixed by Mike Shipley & The Boneyard Boys*
      John Kalodner : John Kalodner
      Strings Arranged by David Cambell
      * Tyler, Perry, Frederiksen & Hudson
      Taken from the forthcoming Columbia release
      Album in stores March 20, 2001

      The URL (not com) can also be seen on the back cover. I typed it in, but there's nothing there. Will it be a new site, or is it just a misprint?

  • Liv in People
      Liv Tyler is in this weeks people magazine....She and her new beau Royston Langdon, a Spacehog band member. Its on page 14.

News as of January 12, 2001
  • Jaded! Single cover and songwriters
      I just found a picture of the Jaded single! As you see it features the girl that also can be seen at

      Also, I've heard that the promo CDs credits Steven Tyler and Marti Fredriksen as the songwriters of the song...

      Jaded Single

  • Aerosmith Choreographed? (Yahoo! News)

      Top Music Choreographer Announces Partnership With Frontline Performance to Debut Landon by Frontline Apparel

      "Frontline Performance, Inc., today announced a partnership with award winning choreographer Tina Landon to manufacture ``Landon by Frontline'' activewear. [...]
      Landon is an Emmy nominated choreographer, a five-time MTV Video Music Award nominee, an American Choreography award winner, the recipient of the 1999 MTV Video Music ``Best Dance'' Award for Ricky Martin's ``Livin La Vida Loca,'' the 1995 MTV Video Music ``Best Choreography'' Award for Michael and Janet Jackson's ``Scream,'' Dance Masters of America's 115th Choreographer of the Year Award, special achievements from the National Council of LaRaza (Alma Awards) and the First Annual Hip-Hop Dance Awards. [...]
      Landon recently choreographed Aerosmith at the American Music Awards and is poised to choreograph their half-time appearance at Superbowl XXXV. Other projects recently included Christina Aguilera's World Tour and ``My Reflections'' ABC Special..."

News as of January 11, 2001
  • 3DMetrics Images Aerosmith in 3D
      PETALUMA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 10, 2001--3DMetrics, Inc., a developer of precision 3D digital imaging technology announced today that (OTCBB: WDDD - news), the premier virtual reality entertainment portal on the Internet, has selected 3DMetrics' 3DFlash!(TM) Precision 3D Digital Imaging System to produce 3D images of rock and roll legends Aerosmith in conjunction with a planned interactive virtual reality chat to be hosted on the web site. will use the 3D images to create avatars -- virtual reality models -- of Aerosmith's members.

      ``3DFlash! is ideal for what we do -- making realistic models of real people,'' said Tom Kidron, CEO of ``We expect the 3DMetrics technology to speed the process of creating Aerosmith's avatars and bring a new level of reality to VR.''

      Aerosmith will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame March 19th at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City and will receive a ``star'' on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In addition, the band recently received a lifetime achievement award at the American Music Awards and will perform during halftime at the NFL's Super Bowl XXXV.

      ``We're very pleased that has selected our technology for such a high-profile project,'' said Jack Strange, vice president of marketing and sales at 3DMetrics. ``3DFlash! provides a level of speed and accuracy that is unparalleled in 3D digital imaging -- both qualities that are important to''

  • Aerosmith Appear Anything But 'Jaded' In Performance
      Contrary to the title of their new single, Aerosmith appeared anything but "Jaded" when they debuted the song from the imminent Just Push Play at the American Music Awards on Monday night.

      The jangly number, featuring a sing-along chorus with keyboards and delay-effect guitars, is leaner and more rocking than recent pop forays à la "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing".

      "Hey ... ja-ja-jaded/ You got your mama's style/ But you're yesterday's child to me/ So jaded," Steven Tyler sings in the opening verse.

      As the song dives into the chorus, the flamboyant, 52-year-old singer croons: "My my baby blue/ Yeah I been thinkin' 'bout you/ My my baby blue/ Yeah you're so jaded/ And I'm the one that jaded you."

      Complete with circus acrobats, cigars and snakes, the band's performance commanded one of the few standing ovations of the night.

      At the ceremony, Aerosmith received the pre-announced Award of Achievement, which has been given only three times previously — to Michael Jackson, Prince and Mariah Carey.

      Though it has not been officially released to radio, "Jaded" has already turned up on the airwaves and is available via the file-sharing service Napster. A video for the song will be shot later this week.

      Just Push Play, which follows 1997's Nine Lives, is due in the spring. Tyler and Perry are writing and producing the album with Marti Frederiksen and Mark Hudson, marking the first time members of Aerosmith have taken control as producers.

      Aerosmith will play the halftime show for Super Bowl XXXV on January 28 in Tampa, Florida, sharing the field with 'NSYNC. The 30-year-old band will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, along with Michael Jackson, Queen, Paul Simon and Steely Dan.

      A world tour to promote Just Push Play is expected.

      —Teri vanHorn

News as of January 10, 2001
  • Did You Miss The AMA's? (AF1)
      If you missed the premiere of Aerosmith's live performance of "Jaded," or if you just can't get enough of the snakes, acrobats and of course, the Boston Bad Boys, AF1 is streaming the segment for a limited time!

      Aerosmith TV 56k
      "Jaded" Performance 56K, 128k

  • It's Going To Be Super (AF1)
      Along with their LIVE performance at Super Bowl XXXV, Aerosmith are reportedly filming something special for the most anticipated sports television broadcast!

      While in Los Angeles, the band is filming a "super" surprise at the Sony Pictures lot with two comedic actors (we won't reveal their names as something should be left mum!). Don't forget to tune in to CBS on Super Bowl Sunday, January 28 - kickoff begins @ 6:00 PM.

  • Jaded Video Update (AF1)
      AF1 reported earlier that Aerosmith would begin filming the eye candy for "Jaded" this week in Los Angeles. However, due to the band's busy schedule fine-tuning the premiere of their first single at the AMAs, the video production has not begun. The band has locked down a director for the video and we will keep you updated right here as more details surface.

  • Article on the AMAs
      Taken from

      Paris Explodes for Lopez; Aerosmith Rocks On

      The show, held in the Shrine Auditorium, opened with a rather odd production number from Jennifer Lopez. It seemed to have something to do with Paris, but Paris was exploding. It was also rather obvious that Jennifer was lip-synching.

      The only standout performance of the night was Aerosmith’s scorching version of their new single, “Jaded,” from their forthcoming CD. It kinda looked like Cirque De Soleil gone horribly wrong, complete with a snake lady. But man, does that song kick ass! And how cool was it that bassist Tom Hamilton was playing a vintage violin-shaped Hofner, the same kind Paul McCartney used in the early and late Beatle days.

      Speaking of Aerosmith, lead singer Steven Tyler finally cleared up a recent rumor saying the band didn’t want to receive something called the “Award of Achievement,” and asked Dick Clark to change the name of the award.

      Clark supposedly said no, so the band supposedly said they weren’t going to pick up the award, or perform on the show. The name of the award was then changed to the “International Artist Award,” but Tyler said the name of the award had nothing to do with anything.

      In the retrospective video shown before Aerosmith accepted the award, the band included a clip from their “Living On The Edge” video, which shows Tyler grabbing his crotch. Although the video has been shown hundreds of times on MTV, Clark wanted that specific image taken out. THAT’s what angered the band.

      However, they eventually agreed to change it — inserting in its place a shot of Tyler holding a foot-long hot dog from the famous Pink’s hot dog stand in Los Angeles.

  • New v/a album featuring Joe Perry Project...

      Nostalgic beat rocks Boston CD
      by Dean Johnson
      Tuesday, December 26, 2000

      How do you capture nearly 35 years of local rock 'n' roll history on one CD?

      Well, you can't.

      But MarketVision, a Boston-based Internet marketing firm, has taken a reasonable shot at it on the ``City Rocks Boston'' CD, and the results make for some amusing listening, especially for former, homesick Hubsters.

      The 15-track disc, available online at and at Best Buy and Borders stores, is a necessarily schizophrenic effort. Along with the obvious suspects (Boston's ``More Than a Feeling,'' the Cars' ``Just What I Needed,'' the J. Geils Band's ``Centerfold'' and 'Til Tuesday's ``Voices Carry''), there are some important nonhits (Jonathan Richman's ``Roadrunner,'' Mission of Burma's ``That's When I Reach For My Revolver'' and ``10-9-8'' by Face to Face) and a few cult favorites (Juliana Hatfield's ``My Sister,'' Morphine's ``Buena'' and Joe Perry's ``Let the Music Do the Talking'').

      Collections like this can jump-start more arguments than the next bad Red Sox trade. There's no music from Aerosmith (licensing problems) or Boston's first major label rock band, the Remains. The Standells' '60s hit about Boston, ``Dirty Water,'' is included, even though the band hailed from the West Coast. Onetime Bay Stater Norman Greenbaum's hippy-trippy ``Spirit in the Sky'' is also part of the package, though he has never been considered a part of the local music scene.

      But it's a better-than-average attempt at sampling Boston's rich rock history and superior to similar efforts by the same firm for Canada and New York City.

      MarketVision had successfully aired a number of television infomercials for the likes of the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers, Diana Ross and Itzhak Perlman before developing the ``City Rocks'' series of compilation CDs that celebrate the music scene in a variety of cities and regions.

      Scott Savitt, president of, the MarketVision subsidiary that assembled the disc, said there was a simple reason the Newbury Street company was able to come up with such a hip, eclectic CD for Boston.

      ``We're all sort of Bostonians here,'' said Savitt, 29. ``Boston is our home base, and we all grew up with these bands. Plus, we wanted to have the staples but also sprinkle in some songs from interesting bands people have almost forgotten about or that spark nostalgic feelings. Groups like Mission of Burma and Face to Face, for example, were just incredible bands.''

      The tricky part of the album was negotiating with major record labels for the rights to local acts. ``Boston is such a strong market,'' he said, ``and there are so many bands from here, it was difficult to choose which ones to include on the album.''

      Aerosmith, for example, turned the company down flat. So Savitt included the original (and superior) version of ``Let the Music Do the Talking'' by the Aerosmith splinter group The Joe Perry Project just to have some version of the band included in the package.

      ``You work with the major labels and try to pick all your favorites,'' he explained. ``Our original list exceeded 25-30 songs. Then we went back and forth between the labels to get approval rights. I'd say we got about 80 percent of what we really wanted from them.''

      Which, of course, leaves more than enough local rock for a Volume II, something Savitt hopes to put out by the end of next year . . . after his company does a few more initial compilations for such backwater towns as London, Tokyo and Detroit.


  • Jaded live on Napster
      The live version of Jaded' from The American Music Awards is already on Napster

  • No single release???
      A rumour I just heard says there will be no CD Single for Jaded. I don't know if this is true though...

  • Hollywood Walk Of Fame
      Last month AF1 reported that Aerosmith would recieve their star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame on January 9th. Well, they didn't. Not entirely sure what happened there but as far as I know no date have been scheduled although the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has said it will be sometime this year.

News as of January 9, 2001
  • Release dates!!
      From the Rolling Stone Aerosmith message board:

      "Jaded" will be released as a single on January 16th and the album "Just Push Play" will come out on March 20th with a release party scheduled for New York City on March 18th.

  • Aerosmith's AMA Performance (AF1)
      "WOW!" - seems to be the reaction of many fans after seeing Aerosmith perform their new single, "Jaded," at the 28th annual American Music Awards. Aerosmith, recipient of the International Artist Award and introduced by friend, Vincent Pastore and Laura Prepon (That 70's Show), stormed the stage in rock 'n' roll glory complete with circus acrobats, snakes and cigars! Steven, in a white suit, serenaded the acrobats before tossing his jacket to reveal a starry shirt. Serenading turned into screaming and the world heard the band's first single from Just Push Play, "Jaded." Joe crunched the guitar sporting black sunglasses, Tom (with new facial hair), Brad (with short hair and sideburns) and Joey donned themselves in black attire. In just over three minutes, Aerosmith brought the crowd to their feet and received one of the few standing ovations of the night.

      Before Aerosmith hit the stage, a video montage from the Boneyard, live performances, videos and interviews depicted the band's international presence and history for the prestigious honor that has been awarded only four times (Led Zeppelin, Michael Jackson, Bee Gees, Rod Stewart).

      For those of us outside the viewing area, the performace has been converted into a real media file. If you want to check it out it's at Renata's page

  • R-R-Rehearsing J-J-Jaded! (AF1)
      Oh, to see them on stage! Check out these exclusive photos of Aerosmith rehearsing "Jaded" at the 28th annual American Music Awards stage on January 7, 2001!

      Aerosmith rehearsing Jaded at the 28th annual American Music Awards, from AF1's website Aerosmith rehearsing Jaded at the 28th annual American Music Awards, from AF1's website Aerosmith rehearsing Jaded at the 28th annual American Music Awards, from AF1's website Aerosmith rehearsing Jaded at the 28th annual American Music Awards, from AF1's website
      These pictures were taken from Aeroforce One's website

  • Aerosmith vs. Dick Clark article

      Aerosmith vs. Dick Clark
      Another innovation by Dick Clark, the Award Of Merit, is given to that performer who went the extra mile in their career. The very first winner was Bing Crosby, back on the debut AMA telecast in 1974, and past winners have included Paul McCartney and Frank Sinatra. This year is no different. The 2001 Award Of Merit will be given to Janet Jackson for her many contributions to music, dance, video and nasty boys.

      Then there’s an interesting situation involving Aerosmith. The band was originally slated to receive something called the “Award Of Achievement” at this year’s AMAs for their “rare and distinguished accomplishments.” Three weeks ago, word came down that Aerosmith didn’t like the name of the award and asked Dick Clark to change it. Dick said no, so the band threatened to not do the show at all.

      In addition to getting the award in question, Aerosmith was also scheduled to perform their new single, “Jaded” on the show. Reportedly, Dick Clark told anyone who would listen that Aerosmith was off the show because it’s his show and no one can tell him what to do, or what to call an award.

      A visit to the official Dick Clark Production Web site reveals that Aerosmith is now getting something called the “International Artist Award,” and they will be performing their new single on the live telecast. Perhaps you can tell Dick Clark what to do … if you’re Aerosmith.

News as of January 8, 2001
  • Aerosmith in TV Guide
      TV Guide has a small pic of Steven on pg. 111 and a small pic of Aerosmith on pg. 112 in the ads for the American Music Awards. Also on pg. 50 it talks about the award they will receive.

  • American Music Awards tonight
      Faith Hill leads the way with four nominations going into the 28th American Music Awards, which will be presented Monday night during a three-hour telecast from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. The winners are chosen by the public, based on a national survey of approximately 20,000 people. Britney Spears and LL Cool J will co-host the show, which will air on ABC-TV (8-11 p.m ET). Performers will include Spears, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and country artists Martina McBride and SHeDAISY. Aerosmith will be honored with the AMA's special Award of Merit.

News as of January 7, 2001
  • Steven on E!
      Steven Tyler at the VMAs I've been told E! Fashion Reviews 2000 has Steven as the worst dressed

News as of January 6, 2001
  • Jaded!!! and Steven and Joe on the radio...
      Okay, so now the new Aerosmith single is here!! It's being played on a bunch of radio stations all over the US and I heard it yesterday by listening to "Z100" (Listen)

      Well after "Jaded", the DJ, Cubby, had Steven and Joe on the line!

      Cubby: On the phone, from Aerosmith, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler!
      Steven: Cubby!
      Cubby: What's up Steven!
      Steven: Yo Yo Yo!!!
      Cubby: And Joe's on the phone too?
      Joe: Yup
      Cubby: It's like a party line, like $2.99 a minute for this.
      Steven: You got everybody, is your mom there?
      Cubby: No my mom's not here today!
      Steven: Aww did she get the check?
      Cubby: (Laughing) But you know what, ever since that whole event happened in 1997, when my mom was in the studio, we played "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" and you talked to her, she has never ever forgotten that!
      Steven: You played the song so much I got sick of it, we had to change the title to "I Don't Want To Kiss Your Thing"!
      Cubby: (Laughing) Well man congrats, it's nice to have you guys back on the map!
      Steven: Hey thank you.
      Cubby: Man, "Jaded" just got World Premiered here at Z100, tell me about the song!
      Steven: Well it depicts our life does it not?
      Cubby: Yeah totally!
      Joe: We didn't want to be too literal here but you know, I mean you can get out of it what you want.
      Cubby: You know what, I'll tell you what, you guys I heard had fun when you recorded this. Joe didn't you guys record this on a farm or somewhere?
      Joe: Well we did the drums on a place in New England at a farm but most of it was recorded at our houses. It's truly a basement tape record.
      Cubby: Now Steven, tell me something., half time at the superbowl, what's the deal with this?
      Steven: Ahhh it's just a beautiful thing are you kidding, I mean what chance to be in front of 800 million people.
      Joe: It's about the biggest gig you could have man!
      Cubby: Now are you going to do "Jaded" at the superbowl?
      Steven: Yeah we are, we're gonna premiere it there as well.
      Cubby: And your also gonna play it at the AMA's I believe.
      Steven: You got it!
      Cubby: That is awesome! Now, who is the lady, or the "chick" can I say, on the CD single. I'm looking at a woman on the CD single for "Jaded".
      Steven: You know, we're out here in LA right now working up the album and the AMA's and all that and I've been asking for 3 days for her phone number but I can't have it.
      Joe: We're still looking for her out here, you know?
      Steven: But some one threw me the apple core that she ate when she was done.
      Cubby: Now is that gonna be, now see people don't know what I'm talking about because it's not out yet. Steven: No because we did that cover special for you guys!
      Cubby: Oh it's a special Z100 cover?
      Steven: That's right!
      Joe: Well if we get enough votes, we'll put it on the one that people can buy!
      Cubby: Yeah, do you have any idea like what the CD's gonna be named yet?
      Joe: The CD is gonna be named, the record, the record is called "Just Push Play".
      Cubby: "Just Push Play" is the name of the album coming out, and when is it gonna be available for people to buy?
      Joe: Ahh sometime in March I think.
      Cubby: March, and until then we get to hear "Jaded" every hour on the hour!
      Joe: Well that'd be great!
      Cubby: (Laughing) Hey Steven and Joe, when are you gonna get the whole group and come hang with us in New York?
      Steven: The first free minute we got, maybe sometime in April, ok?
      Cubby: Come on man, your due for a Z100 radio show!
      Steven: We'll launch the tour from there.
      Cubby: Yeah, do it please, I'm gonna hold you to that, I got you on tape now!
      Steven: Oh jeez!
      Joe: There ya go!
      Steven: From my lips to your mom's ears!
      Cubby: Steven, Joe, Aerosmith, you know you guys are legends but you still haven't forgotten us little radio people and I appreciate that.
      Steven: Hey listen, we appreciate it too, play the hell out of it!
      Cubby: Well I just played it, what do you say we play it again?
      Steven: One more time! Ladies and Genitals...
      Joe: Here it comes!
      Steven: Haha, your listening to "Jaded" on Z100, my God he's doing it again!
      Joe: Have a good time!

      That's it! Then they actually played the song AGAIN!

      So how does it sound? Well, Jaded is not a ballad but it's certainly not a rocker either. I think it could be a hit though. I think it sounds good but when you compare it to other Aerosmith songs I must confess that I'm not too crazy about it. It's too much 'pop' for my taste. I want more loud guitars and this one hasn't even got a real guitar solo (Joe, What the f**k are you doing?!). This isn't the Aerosmith I know and love. Hadn't it been for Steven's vocals I wouldn't have thought this was an Aerosmith song. As I said, it's a little too radio oriented for my taste...

      But I'm still hoping that the album will be really good. I hope that this is not the band's decision and that the record company is to blame. Record companies usually release the wrong singles, instead of releasing the singles that Aerosmith fans (or rock fans in general) will like, they release the singles that people who don't care about good music (ie, "pop" fans) will buy.

      With that said I must say that I'm happy to hear some new material and it's not all bad, it's certainly better than most music made these days...

  • The Lyrics to Jaded (as transcribed by Travis Lawrence)

      Aerosmith - Jaded

      You've got your mama's style but your yesterday's child to me
      So Jaded
      You think that's where it's at but is that where it's supposed to be?
      You're gettin' it all over me

      My, my, baby blue
      (Yeah I'm thinkin' 'bout you)
      My, my, baby blue
      Yeah, you're so Jaded
      And I'm the one that Jaded you

      In all its misery it will always be what I love and hated
      And maybe take a ride to the other side we're thinkin' of
      We'll slip into the velvet glove
      And be Jaded

      (w/) Yeah, I'm so Jaded
      And baby I'm afraid of you

      You're thinkin' so complicated
      I've had it all up to here
      But it's so overrated
      Love and hate it
      Wouldn't trade it
      Love Me Jaded


      There ain't no "baby please" when I'm shootin' the breeze with her
      When everything you see is a blur
      And extacy's what you prefer

      (w/) (Blue, blue, blue, Yeah)
      (I'm talkin' 'bout you)
      (Blue, blue, blue, blue Yeah)
      (Yeah, been thinkin' 'bout you)
      My, my, baby blue

      Yeah, you're so Jaded (Baby)
      Jaded (Baby)
      You're so Jaded
      'Cause I'm the one that Jaded you

  • Jaded on MP3!
      Until the single/album is released we of course need to listen to it in some other way, doesn't we? Of course Jaded is already on Napster. You should be aware that there are alot of bad versions of it on there though, and some aren't even the Aerosmith song.

      If you do decide to use Napster I suggest you search for:

      Artist: Aerosmith
      Title: Jaded (NEW 01-05-01)
      (The length is 3:28 and the size about 4 mb - that's the whole song)

      This version has very good sound quality and should do until we can get our hands on the album and/or single...

      An even easier way to get this file is using this link:

News as of January 5, 2001
  • Listen to Jaded online!
      The radio station in New York playing "Jaded" at 5:00 this afternoon has a live feed on the web where we should be able to listen to the new single.

      When you open the page you have to find the radio stations name in the list (WHTZ "Z100" - 100.3 FM New York) and click on the live feed link.

  • TV Alerts!
      According to RockOnTV- the ultimate guide to music on television, Aerosmith will be on MTV's Making The Video on February 6 at 10:30 pm ET.

      More Aerosmith appearances

      on VH1... They are going to be on Rock Show on 1/6 at 12 a.m. ET (which is actually Friday night at midnight)

      on MTV...Aerosmith will be on Ultra Sound on 1/8 at 11 p.m. EST.. (which should be after the AMA Awards)... The show is going to focus on Feuds.. They even mention that the Joe Perry Project will be shown...

      This is from the show's description...

      "In the show's final segment, "Feuds" examines how some classic rockers were able to put their feuding pasts behind them and enjoy successful and profitable reconciliation's. MTV News talks to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Fleetwood Mac, Kiss and The Eagles. "

      The Ultra Sound may be a repeat..we're not sure if it is the old show they've shown in the past or a new one on the same subject.

News as of January 4, 2001
  • Jaded on the radio!
      For all you New Yorkers, (I don't know if they're doing this anywhere else) 100.3 (Z100) are premiering Aerosmith's new song "Jaded" this Friday at 5:00pm sharp!!!

  • Tyler and Perry will NOT appear on Run DMC's new album
      Just wanted to tell everyone that after a year off no official word... Arista Records has finally said that Steven Tyler and Joe Perry will NOT appear on Run DMC's new album "Crown Royal."

      Here is the official track listing:

      1. "It's Over" (featuring Jermaine Dupri)
      2. "Them Girls" (featuring Fred Durst)
      3. "The School Of Old" (featuring Kid Rock)
      4. "Take The Money And Run" (featuring Everlast)
      5. "Rock Show" (featuring Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind)
      6. "Here We Go 2001" (featuring Sugar Ray)
      7. "Run & Rule" (featuring Ja Rule)
      8. "Queens Day" (featuring Nas & Prodigy of Mobb Deep)
      9. "Let's Stay Together (Together Forever)" (featuring Jagged Edge)
      10. "Simmons Incorporated" (featuring Method Man)
      11. "Ahhh"
      12. "Crown Royal"
      (Taken from:

      Originally the album was supposed to be a double album with new material (the above) and a second CD of their greatest hits re-recorded in which "It's Tricky" would be recorded with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Well, apparently that was only a plan which never ended in Steven and Joe in the recording studio. Well, anyway...the only reason I sent out this e-mail is because it has been a year that neither the Run DMC or Aerosmith camps confirmed that this song was either recorded or NOT recorded.

  • Aerosmith Article from LA Life
      Daily News/Wednesday, January 3, 2001/LA LIFE Page 2

      Aerosmith gets 'N Sync for Super Bowl

      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry want you to know their Super Bowl halftime extravaganza ---with 'N Sync as the other headlining act---is going to be "like a great rock show squeezed together into 10 minutes," as Tyler puts it. "'N Sync will do a song. We'll do a song. ...What great opposites, huh?" he adds. "It's a split stage. They'll go from one to another to another --- and then at the end, there's gonna be a few surprise guests." The bad ol' boy giants of stadium rock have been "working on a little arrangement" with America's reigning boy band for the show, and both may wind up performing Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."

      What a year 2001 is stacking up to be for Aerosmith. The group is being honored at the American Music Awards on Monday night and preparing to launch a new album come spring--- with an advance single, "Jaded," on the way. There'll be a tour kicking off in May or June. The band gets a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame around that time. And, oh yes, it's being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

      Aerosmith has been waxing its new album at the home studios of Tyler and Perry in Boston. "The light at the end of the tunnel is very bright," notes Joe. "And we're actually so far along in the process that we know it's not a train," adds Steven. "this is the first time it's really been la cosa nostra --- our thing," says Perry. We're producing the album all by ourselves, nurturing it along, kind of underground. It has a real vibe.

  • Kerrang Magazine
      We've all heard that the title of the new album will be 'Just Push Play' but in the UK magazine Kerrang this week it says that the title is something like 'Am I Too Loud For You'. Kerrang are usually very well informed so this sound a little strange...

  • Aerosmith on VH1?
      I heard that VH1 is in the process of finishing up a piece with Aerosmith that will coincide with the new record. From what I hear it may be a Legends, not a Behind The Music, since Aerosmith is going to the Hall of Fame.

News as of January 3, 2001
  • Jaded Video Shoot!!
      According to AF1 Aerosmith is slated to shoot the video for their new single, "Jaded," next week in Los Angeles!

  • IDWTMAT in Australia
      According to the 'Herald Sun' newspaper the other day, "I Dont Want To Miss A Thing" was in the top 100 of most played songs on Australian radio in the year 2000. It didn't have what number it came in at though. Not bad for a 2 year old song!

  • Aerosmith Laser Show at Museum of Science in Boston
      Boston's Museum of Science has an Aerosmith Laser Show. From what I hear it's pretty awesome. I've been told they have this 'set list':

      Sweet Emotion
      Livin' On the Edge
      Fallin' in Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
      Kings and Queens
      Dream On
      Janie's Got a Gun
      Walk This Way
      Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
      Love in an Elevator
      Train Kept a Rollin'
      Back in the Saddle
      Rats in the Cellar

      The lasers are great.. They start the show with giant Aero wings flying around the ceiling and they have incredible images... song to song you never see the same thing twice...From the dude dressing up like a lady...the explosive lights on Janie, to the spiraling lights of Elevator (going down!!).. If you get the chance you should go check it out.

      Here is the link to the Musuem of Science's web site...they have the schedule up there.. MOS: Laser Shows
      (BTW There are also shows for Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd)

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