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News as of February 26, 2000
  • New Things At
      At Rick Dufay's Official Website there is poll where you can vote for a picture you'd like to see as the cover of Rick Dufay's new album tentatively titled "CMON"!

      They have also put up two more clips of songs which I suppose will be included on the album that tentatively is titled "C'MON". The songs are titled "C'MON" and "Bitch & Moan", which both sounds very good. Especially "C'Mon" which is a slower tune... Check these out!

  • The Lyrics to Rick Dufay's 'Wild As I Am'
      As posted at

      WILD AS I AM

      Hold on the simple things get you by
      Look too hard and the little things make you cry
      I beleive that seeing you gets me by
      So wild the animal you pass me by - yeah

      As wild as I am I need a home
      As rich as I am I need a loan
      As wild as I am I need a love to keep the wolf from the door

      As wild as I am Im not alone
      Oh the little things pass you by
      Dont let the little things pass you by

      Cause I aint one of those kind of guys
      who can take money fake a claim
      Im not one of those kind of fellas who can
      Stop the pain control my brain
      Dont you know I aint the fool who can
      make you beleive he can change his color
      I hope to God I keep it clear then you
      know Ill have it all

      Cause as wild as I am I need a home
      As wild as I am I dont take nobody
      for a fool
      As wild as I am you aint gonna
      take me for your prisoner


News as of February 24, 2000
  • Aerosmith sighting at the Staples Center...
      There was an Aerosmith sighting at the Staples Center by a local L.A. television station... Steven Tyler did a Grammy's plug for channel 2.

  • Liv Tyler in B Magazine
      The latest issue of 'B' magazine has Liv Tyler on the front. There is an article and some pics in it, including a small one with Steven. In the interview it says 'she strides into . . . wearing jeans and an Aerosmith T-shirt that features her father, Steven Tyler, in all his shaggy glory. In a side panel it also has her saying 'I don't think he's ever really been a father figure to me. I think he's a wonderful friend who I love dearly'.

News as of February 23, 2000
  • Happy Birthday Brad!
      It's our favorite guiatrist Mr. Brad "Last Child" Whitford's 48th Birthday today! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

  • Urban Beat Magazine on 'Rocks, Roots Reggae'
      In Urban Beat Magazine they covered the Bob Marley tribute album that featured Steven and Joe...heres what it had to say...

      It mentioned that the track "Roots, Rock, Reggae" was recorded at Joe's studio, The Boneyard.

      "We had the idea for 'Roots, Rock, Reggae' and then somebody suggested Steven Tyler and Ziggy said, ' yeah, man, him bad '. Steve and Joe have vibes. Working with them was a great experience."

      The portion in the middle of the track with the womans voice is Bob Marley talking to a fan on the phone.

      This is the magazines "interpretation" of the song

      featuring Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith
      "Play I on the R&B, I want all my people to see" sang Bob on Roots, Rock Reggae, his crossover intentions clearly declared. The songs R&B and rock influences are accentuated by Steve Tylers scat, improvisational vocals, and Joe Perrys scoarching lead guitar, supporting Bob "bubblin on the top 100" of the rock and reggae charts. "The version that you hear is not what they did in the studio," explains Stephen. "We took Steves vocals and Joes guitar and built an alternate version; what we wanted wasn't Steven singing on a reggae track, we wanted Steves audience, those people that he influences to say yo, its Bob Marley and yeah, he's hip, 'cause Steve is singing with him".

News as of February 22, 2000
  • Was asked to put this up...
      In the Spanish aero-web-page ( we are doing an we need your vote! Choose your 10 favorite songs of Aerosmith and go to... this page. Fill in the blanks and then click in the box "Enviar". If when you do this you get a message of error then you must send your votes in a normal e-mail to: I´ll notice here when I know the address of the will see them monthly. Thanks and rock the vote!!!!

News as of February 20, 2000
  • Jack Douglas interviews
      Jack Douglas There are alot of downloadable videos of interviews with Jack Douglas available at
      He talks about recording with Aerosmith in some of the videos. Pretty interesting.

      Just search for "Jack Douglas" and you'll get alot of hits.

  • Top Ten of Stadium Rock
      They showed concert footage, and told the Aerosmith tale from 1970 to present day. It included exclusive interviews with Bebe Buell and Cyrinda Foxe Tyler as well as comments from rock critics.

      This was the lineup
      10. Kiss
      9. Heart
      8. Poison
      7. ZZ Top
      6. Motley Crue
      5. Bon Jovi
      4. Van Halen
      3. Guns N' Roses
      2. Metallica
      1. Aerosmith

      Here is some of the narrative from the UK Channel 4 programme of which the last 10 minutes and the No 1 slot was dedicated to Aerosmith.

      Typical of Cyrinda she has nothing nice to say...

      Bebe Buell - "I have never been so frightened by such a group of people before", "there was a complete obsession with getting high"

      Cyrinda - "Absolute decadence... and vulgarity"
      "His teeth were green and he had crap in his pants"
      "He was an addict more than he was a musician"

      Cyrinda recounts a time when a police officer came to her and said he'd found somone lying in the street with a couple of hookers. He had been saddened to realise it was actually Steven.

      Cyrinda finishes off by saying that in the end they made it but that it must have been due to a pact with the devil

      Noddy Holder (Slade) recounts a time when they had done their set and Aerosmith were about to come on but they had been given lemon towels and they refused to come on until they had white ones. There was 1and 1/2 hour delay while the promoter had to go out at 10 O'clock at night in the middle of Kansas City to find 20 White towels otherwise they would not play.

      Kerrang contributors summed it up however, by saying that they were the ones who gave a new meaning to Stadium Rock, becoming the best Stadium Rock Act and probably the best Rock band in the USA. They had adapted to the MTV generation and become more popular than ever before.

News as of February 19, 2000
News as of February 17, 2000
  • Rick Dufay working on a new solo album
      Rick Dufay, the former Aerosmith guitarist, is in the studio. Rick is putting the finishing touches on what he promises to be an exciting solo album.

  • The Next Album - Rolling Stone
      From's News page

      After AEROSMITH wound up their Japanese tour on Jan. 7, they began seriously thinking about their new album. Once they finished penning half the songs for the follow-up to 1997's Grammy-nominated Nine Lives, the Boston-based bruisers decided it was about time to hire a producer. According to a label rep, the band has selected knob-turner Mark Serletic, who produced MATCHBOX 20's Yourself or Someone Like You. He also produced "Smooth," the track Matchbox singer ROB THOMAS recorded for SANTANA's platinum-chart topper Supernatural. Sony is giving Aerosmith a wide-berth, and don't even have the record penciled in for this year. Our best advice, look for it in early 2001

News as of February 16, 2000
  • Aerosmith Contributes To 'Gone In 60 Seconds' Soundtrack
      According to a new, still-undetermined Aerosmith song will be included on the soundtrack for the upcoming film "Gone In 60 Seconds", due out June 9, on Capitol Records.

      Aerosmith, Possibly Springsteen Contribute To `Gone In 60 Seconds'
      (2/15/00, 4 p.m. ET) - The soundtrack for the upcoming film Gone In 60 Seconds could be packed with a diverse array of music, including Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen, Rob Zombie, and more. The upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer-produced remake of the 1974 B-movie car-chase thriller is due out June 9, and the Capitol Records soundtrack will definitely include a new, still-undetermined Aerosmith song, according to a source at Touchstone Pictures. Calls to Capitol Records for comment were not returned by press time.
      Although the Touchstone source could not confirm any artists other than Aerosmith, the film soundtrack will also reportedly include several Springsteen songs. It might also include material from more cutting edge acts like Zombie, Buckcherry, Godsmack, Staind, Slipknot, Powerman 5000 , and rappers the Wu-Tang Clan, according to the film-gossip site, Dark Horizons (

      Gone In 60 Seconds stars Nicolas Cage as a car thief who, in order to save his brother's life, agrees to lead his gang in stealing fifty cars in one night before retiring. The film also stars Robert Duvall ( The Apostle), Giovanni Ribisi ( Saving Private Ryan, Boiler Room), Angelina Jolie ( Girl, Interrupted), and Timothy Olyphant (Go, Scream 2).

      -- Barry Jeckell, New York

News as of February 15, 2000
  • The New Album... from

      Aerosmith Readying New Album
      (2/14/00, 7 a.m. ET) - While they may be taking their time, Aerosmith is hard at work on their next album. There's no name or release date for the project yet; in fact, the band hasn't even settled on a producer. What is known is that the group has already written a bunch of songs, and they're expecting to come up with a few more before they enter the studio for more serious work later this year.
      LAUNCH spoke to songwriter and lead singer Steven Tyler, and we asked him how Aerosmith decides which songs make the final cut when they're recording a new album. He said it's a very simple process. "The songs we pick out of the 20 or 30 songs we write for an album, we pick because I look at Joe [Perry] and say, 'Hey, man, could you play that to the audience?' 'No.' 'Well, then let's not put it on the record.' You know, it's about what gets us off, and what we think we would get major boners from playing to an audience in Barcelona."

      -- Bruce Simon, New York

  • Guitar World
      In the March issue of Guitar World, there is a horoscope. At the end of the Pices reading there is a part that says famous Pices. The famous Pices just happens to be Mr. Brad Whitford.

  • Other Aero-mentions
      In the paper the other day it had Top 10 embarrsing relatives. It had Liv Tyler - Stephen Tyler (yes, with a ph instead of the v) It said something along the lines of "who's emabarrising who here? Collagen lips vs geriatric swivel-hips. If only Bruce Willis had of let the world blow up in Armageddon"

      In the other paper it had a list of the most played songs on radio between mid - 98 and mid - 99. Aerosmith 'I Don't Want To Miss A Thing' was number 16.

  • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Video Stuff
      Found while surfing the net...

      Director: Francis Lawrence

      *** Overall, this is a completely new concept, but some of the basic thoughts behind the last concept are still in here, so some of this revision may sound familiar.

      THE LOOK
      The idea here is to make it seem as if this video could actually be part of the film. Most movie videos tend to have a definitive line between performance and the film footage, I want to get rid of that line in this clip. It should seem as if Aerosmith could actually be playing at some location somewhere in the film and not in some completely separate performance location.

      We will use similar colors and tones as the film footage so that there will be a continuation within all the different footage. I will also shoot this in a theatrical 1:85 aspect ratio to keep the cinematic feel and the framing that the filmmakers intended. If it blends in style-wise and location-wise then we're set. I don't want to just throw the footage on TV screens here, I want to give the video the feel that it is actually part of the film thematically, emotionally and stylistically.

      Heroism...Emotion...Scope and Universal Patriotism... These are the words that best describe this clip.
      There is a scene in Titanic where the band decides to continue playing their music even though they know they are going to die. It's a moving scene because of the band's bravery, courage and pride in the face of death. This is the emotion that I want to capture in this clip...only AEROSMITH will be the band and ARMAGEDDON will be the movie.

      As the first notes of the violins begin to hit us, we fade up to a beautiful space-scape. Bright stars fill the inky black sky, and the almost unreal blue of the distant, large earth glows underneath them. Suddenly a darkness starts to creep over the first it's hard to tell what it is...a shadow...another planet...a spaceship...but it's not any of's the asteroid. The rough and craggy surface fills the frame with tones of copper, brown and black. It completely overshadows the globe as it hurdles closer and closer to the blue planet. (I don't think that the real asteroid should be shown for marketing purposes, but maybe we can just show the shadow or silhouette of it just to set up the story for the video.)

      Suddenly the camera takes a dive for rockets through the stratosphere...into the atmosphere...through clouds and down toward solid ground. Suddenly it lands on a close-up of Steven Tyler. He looks directly into the lens as he begins to sing. The close-up is direct and emotional... His performance engages us...we want to listen.

      Suddenly we cut to a reverse shot to see a camera lens pointed directly at him. The lens slowly rotates, controlled by its automatic servo motors. We see a television monitor. Steven's image appears on the same close-up we saw earlier...again his performance is powerful and engaging...but where are we?
      We start to see a little more. Control panels, mixing boards, more cameras, microphones...we get little hints until we finally realize that he is being taped and broadcast. A crew of people work diligently at the machines. But there is a strange air about them...they seem serious, melancholy and a bit pensive...something is definitely up. But at this point, we still don't know Steven's exact location...we get a feeling that it's a little high-tech...well art

      What I'd like to do here is to start cutting around to the Americana footage that is used during the President's speech. But the trick here is that instead of using the President's speech, we make it seem as if everyone in the world is listening to Aerosmith. They're listening to them on the radios and we see them on the people's TV screens. It's as if Aerosmith's performance is actually a scene from the film.

      Amidst all this film footage, we also start to show the love story between Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck. This footage is key to the emotion that this video has to show from the film...but it also has to remain in the context of the whole story to be effective.

      As the first hook slams in, the location lights up revealing a dramatic space and the rest of the guys of Aerosmith. I'm taking my inspiration for this location from a location in the film. I believe there was a large room at NASA where the drilling machine was located. The room was a large hangar, but was completely covered by large foam spikes. It has to be one of the coolest looking spaces that I've ever seen. Behind the band are huge hanging flags with the film's "MISSION PATCH" logo on them. A worldwide, universal logo. But the cool thing about this place is that instead of being just a NASA hangar, it could also pass for some completely tricked out recording studio or performance setting...but still, there is more to be revealed...

      We now see the entire band performing and being taped and broadcast for the entire world to see. Again, this has to seem universal in its scope. I want to use all the footage of people listening, watching and waiting that I can. Especially if Michael and Jerry travel around the world capturing cool stuff in France, Istanbul and/or India. This has to seem huge!

      The idea here is to also let the video build and give the video a visual and emotional arc to go along with the film footage. So, as the next hook kicks in, we get a little bigger. The giant flags with the mission patch insignias drop, revealing a giant orchestra just as a squadron of international jets soar over head. We should get some international insignias to put on some of the planes to give the feeling that different countries are all involved together. The engineers and workers behind the console even stop to watch...the moment is too amazing even for them. We now also see that this location is not entirely inside...but that it is, in fact, a large structure somewhere outside.

      There is also something different about this has to be the most immense one ever seen. Imagine if everyone in the world has stopped what they are doing to watch or listen to an event like would be massive. In fact, so massive that it would move even the most stone cold person.

      During this part of the video, I think we should start intercutting the astronauts getting ready for flight. We have already seen some of their training and camaraderie...but now it's time for action...

      At this point, I was also thinking that we could even put some of the Aerosmith footage on the screen in NASA. Even the NASA guys could be watching...remember, this footage will have to feel like the film to make this work. It all has to work together as one unit.

      The countdown has begun for the space shuttle to launch... The pacing of the song is rising...the rockets flare...the smoke plumes and then we get our real surprise...

      The smoke...the light and the fire...all start to simultaneously appear at Aerosmith's location. Just as they're busing out the song with all they've got, the elements start to kick in as we realize that they are performing at the base of the shuttle launch...this is what everybody has been glued's been the final moments leading up to the launch of this worldwide mission to space.

      We then start to see some of the cool space/action footage intercut with Joe Perry and the guys as the guitar solo rings out. Here, the energy of both the guys in the band and the film footage is high. This is the climax of the clip as we watch our fate, right along with the rest of the world.

      The ending of this clip is going to be tricky because I don't want to give anything away from the movie... I think it might actually be more powerful to end on a really cool, but somewhat ambiguous action shot in in particular is the shot of Ben in his astronaut gear with the sparks flying by the glass visor of his helmet in slow motion. It is dynamic, visually engaging and it looks like he is in trouble...what will happen next? The audience will have to see the movie to find out.

      We end on a final shot of a television screen as the lights in the giant performance space dim down, leaving only Steven in a close-up, just as we started. We hold for a quick moment as he gazes right at us and, zap...just like static on a TV, the image disappears.

      I want to tell the story of the film with the footage used in this clip. I don't want to blow any of the story here, and you can see that I have actually left the ending very open.

      The idea here is to introduce the characters and the the relationships that everyone has, especially the romance between Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck. This song is a romantic song and it should focus on their relationship during this disaster.

      But as the tension builds so should the tension in the footage. As the clip proceeds and the timer is counting down, the footage should become more action-packed and exciting.

      Again, I want to use the same color palettes that the movie uses so that it will all feel as one unit. But we will give the performance a real photographic/music video edge. Something that I feel would be really cool is to shoot the guys in mostly lock-offs. The performance, the location and the soul in this clip will overpower any kind of fast camera action or crane moves that would be put in. The key here is give it that somewhat cool, abstract and graphic quality that will keep it updated while still matching the look of the film.

      This concept is great for both the film and Aerosmith. Because the video is made to work for the movie, all the greatest moments and footage from the film can be utilized. But because the location is so cool, Aerosmith can remain themselves and not be forced into something that they are not. We can get into some cool styling here and the look will be bold, graphic and visually stunning.

News as of February 14, 2000
  • Jimmy Crespo
      PAUL SHORTINO and his band THE RHYTHM JUNKIES performed at the Wilshire Grand Hotel in Los Angeles during the Gemini Sound Products private party celebration at the NAMM 2000 Expo & Convention. The Rhythm Junkies, which features guitar extraoidinaire Jimmy Crespo, keyboard player JT Garrett, bassist Earl Miles and drummer Alex Davis, played a 40 minute set that treated a near packed house to a set list that drew from Shortino's career. Songs featured included: 'Change Your Heart', 'This Must Be Love', 'I Can Feel The Rain', 'There Goes Another Love' (with special guest vocalist Paul Shortino Jr), 'I Believe In Love', 'Dressed To Kill'. On Sunday afternoon at NAMM, showcasing an unplugged set at the Taylor Guitars booth (this time with Davis also playing guitar), The Rhythm Junkies played renditions of Rough Cutt and solo material ('This Must Be Love', 'I Can Feel The Rain', 'I Believe in Love' and 'Dreamin Again'). "We have a lot of fun when we play together", says Shortino. "I feel that we were able to portray that in our music this weekend. This band has a very special kind of magic, one that is very hard to come by".

  • Guitar One Magazine
      In the March issue of Guitar One mag (Matchbox 20 on the cover) there is a little pic of Steven & Joe, some information on how to play the bass riff to Sweet Emotion and a pick of Joe and Brad from 1976.

  • Top Ten of Stadium Rock
      For those in the UK look out for an appearance by Aerosmith and other rock greats on Top Ten of Stadium Rock, a one and a half Hour long programme on Channel 4 next Saturday at 9.00 pm.

      This week's Top Ten is a celebration of hard boys (and girls) with big hair and make-up - the Top Ten of US Rock bands. Presenter ALICE COOPER counts down the chart and reveals legendary tales of bad behaviour from the masters of the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Stadium Rock is the soundtrack to decadence.

      In the mid to late '70s, tyre fitters and pipe welders from Birmingham took rock 'n' roll, the blues, Led Zeppelin and glam rock and invented the hairy-arsed beast that was British heavy metal. In the States, groups with a similar sound, took it one step further. They sharpened the image, created the merchandise, stole the Grateful Dead's idea of arena gigs and set the foundation for a newer and bigger type of rock.

      Each of the ten bands featured in the programme fought their way to the front of the stage through talent, verve or just sheer audacity. The show celebrates their success and tells their tales of decadence, cocaine, groupies, money, egos, private jets and spandex...

      KISS turned the band into a corporate concept - and seemingly sold more merchandise than records. TONY WILSON, who interviewed KISS in the '70s, said that between the glories of Zeppelin and the years of punk there was a difference between the UK and the US: "America seems to be able to have larger than life bands... we had the Bay City Rollers."

      The female Led Zeppelin, HEART, blew away most of the male rockers during the '70s. However, they didn't escape the sexism and misogyny of the rock world - their first record company hinted that the sisters might be incestuous lesbian lovers in the publicity material.

      GUNS 'N' ROSES are arguably the band who had the biggest rise and fall in rock. Guitarist SLASH admits: "We were out of control."

      Top Ten salutes the titans of stadium rock. They never really went away - perhaps just into rehab.

      The top ten (in no particular order) are: MOTLEY CRUE, ZZ TOP, KISS, GUNS 'N' ROSES, HEART, AEROSMITH, POISON, BON JOVI, METALLICA and VAN HALEN.

News as of February 13, 2000
  • Draw The Line on MTV
      Draw The Line only has a few short clips with Steven mixed in too, they don't perform on the Battle of the Cover Bands show, they are on about half way through in a tribute band section of the show. Steven and Joe are shown in the beginning talking about Run DMC's cover of "Walk This Way"

  • People Magazine
      The new issue of People magazine with Ben Affleck on the cover (Feb. 21) includes this little tidbit regarding Steven (with a small head shot photo) page 86

      "If you see Aerosmith's Steven Tyler stepping out with ink stains on his pants, don't think the rocker had an accident with a fountain pen. The outrageous trousers are the brainchild of L.A. designer Henry Duarte, who spent 30 hours doodling on the $3,200 Vanilla Leather Pants."

News as of February 12, 2000
  • Mia on E! Sunday
      Mia Tyler (and others) will give an exclusive interview to Leeza Gibbons on Assignment E! The show is about the pressure in Hollywood to stay thin. It's supposed to air at 10:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 13th.

  • Aerosmith still Number 1!
      At the University of Southern Mississippi the student newspaper "The Student Printz" printed a survey taken from students on campus about the best Valentines Day Love song and "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" came out on top. Here's the list:

      1. Aerosmith "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
      2. Brandy "Have You Ever"
      3. Trisha Yearwood "How DO I Live"
      4. Bryan Adams "(Everything I Do)I Do it for You"
      5. Ozzy Osborne "Close my Eyes Forever"
      6. Extreme "More than Words"
      7. U2 "Sweetest Thing"
      8. N'Sync "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You"
      9. Celine Dion "My Heart Will Go On"
      10. Eagle Eye Cherry "Save Tonight"

News as of February 11, 2000
  • Adrian Perry...
      Claud Seldin found the following searching the the net for stuff on Adrain Perry

      ..."Record Box" by Dexter featuring Adrian Perry, the son of Aerosmith's Joe Perry, is unbelievable! It's a HIT. Produced by Tom Gimbel (sax/guitar of the group Foreigner, he toured with Aerosmith on the "Get A Grip" tour), Janis brought her copy of the three song Dexter CD up to Tufts University radio...Adrian talked on air from Los Angeles and had this to say about "Record Box" when asked how he wrote the tune:

      "I basically, when I come up with the melody for the song I kind of just sang random phrases and that'st how it came out. I liked it and I kept it..."

      Adrian talking to Morgan Huke, assistant music director at WMFO, 91.5 in an interview Saturday, May 15 at 4 PM. This demo is so strong, and it doesn't hurt that his mom is Elissa Perry, first wife of Joe Perry, etching her memoirs into the computer while going for her degree! That tome ought to be HOT...but back to Dexter...

      Adrian's songs are wonderful, "Christmas Song", "Business Card" and "Record Box". DEXTER features Danny Young on bass, and since Danny is going to Boston College we expect the band here in July...Alexi Glickman on guitar, Zach Erlich on drums, and Adrian Perry on guitar, vocals and songs.

      They've been jamming with dudes from GUNS 'n' ROSES, Jeff Baxter of Steely Dan. Steve Tyler and Joe Perry have been showing up at The Whskey to see them PACKING the place on Saturday nights in Los Angeles. Right after the interview we hear Adrian took Jane Curtin's daughter to the Prom last night... "

  • Mia Tyler in Shape and Jane Magazines
      Mia Tyler is in the March 2000 Issue of Shape Magazine with a great message of having self confidence and accepting yourself for who you are:).

      She is also voted by readers in Jane Magazine, the issue with Angela Jolie on cover, as one of the gutsiest women of the year! Go Mia!

News as of February 10, 2000
  • Steven Tyler in Vogue Magazine
      In the American edition of Vogue Magazine there's a pic of Steven and Naomi in the MET, during the Costume Institute Benefit event... It goes like "Naomi Campbell in Tommy Hilfinger was all smiles with rock legend Steven Tyler".

  • Aerosmith on the cover of Metal Massacre
      The latest issue of a Brazilian magazine named Metal Massacre has Aerosmith on the cover and an extensive report including discography, videography and curiosities...

News as of February 9, 2000
  • Dates and times to see Draw The Line on MTV this weekend
      MTV's 2 hour show on "America's best tribute bands" (including "Draw The Line") will air on Saturday, Feb. 12th at 2pm EST. It will also be on again at 9pm that same night and on Sunday (the 13th) at 10am and 5pm EST.

  • Mia Tyler in Heat Magazine
      There is a picture of Mia in this week's Heat magazine (UK mag).

  • Aerosmith on VH1
      Yesterday on a show on VH1 called 'Rock And Roll Records' I believe, they were talking about what had the most this or the biggest that. One of the things was the biggest and smallest guitar. When they were talking about guitars, they showed several Joe and Steven clips -- from Sweet Emotion and Elevator. They were talking about the 'size of the guitarist's equipment' and things like that.

  • The Tylers on E! Style
      Yesterday morning the E! Style show had a segment on Hilfiger's RockStyle book. There was a release party and they showed a couple of clips of Steven with his wife Teresa, Liv and Stella McCartney.

  • Mia on the Tonight Show
      A couple of days ago, they showed this clip of Mia Tyler at the Lane Bryant fashion show on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (the one with Sandra Bullock)...

News as of February 8, 2000
  • Bruce Fairbairn to be Honored
      According to TicketmasterToronto, the Canadian Juno Awards will be held on Sunday, March 12 in Toronto. The late Bruce Fairbairn will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. During his 20-plus-year career, the producer worked with groups such as Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, INXS, KISS, Van Halen, the Cranberries, Chicago, YES, and more.

  • Metal Edge
      The new issue of Metal Edge (April 2000...with Korn on the front) has two Aerosmith mentions in the Metal Wire. One is on p. 39 and it mentions Aerosmith winning the Artists Achievement Award at the Billboard awards. The other is on p.43 and it reads "The New York Custom Guitar Show and the World's Greatest Guitar Auction, hosted by Sam Ash, took place Jan.9 at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom. The expo featured custom, vintage and autographed guitars from the likes of Kiss' Paul Stanley & Ace Frehley, Aerosmith, Steve Vai and Moutain's Leslie West.

  • Hollywood Squares
      On Hollywood Squares the host asked Patti Labelle, "Actress Liv Tylers father is the lead singer for which rock and roll group? - The Who, Aerosmith, Van Halen"! Patti was like, "Oh I know this. Aerosmith!" The lady won a $51,000 porsch/sports car.

  • Liv Tyler in Rolling Stone
      There is a small pic of Liv in issue #832 of Rolling Stone Magazine, she is with Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney. (The Backstreet Boys are on the cover)

News as of February 7, 2000
  • People Magazine
      There is a picture of Steven and Liv from last year's Grammy's in the People 2000 magazine that's currently out (it has John F. Kennedy, Jr. on the cover). It's on page 57.

  • "Big Mike"
      In Nagoya, Japan, Steven said Big Mike was fired "because he was doing underhanded stuff". Another rumour I've heard is that he was fired because he was being rude to the fans and selling backstage passes. He is currently working security for the Backstreet Boys!!

      The new guy is Thomas LeBrun, or "Little Tom". He is tough looking, but apparently a sweetheart (so far). About 40ish with a moustache.

News as of February 6, 2000
  • Q Magazine
      Here are the Aerosmith mentions in last months Q magazine:

      In the heavy rotation area, to top the list was ‘Draw The Line’, with the review going ‘Recorded by a band in disarray and fuelled by heart-stopping amounts of cocaine, this 1977 offering remains a criminally overlooked gem in the Aerosmith back catalogue’

      On the last page, there is an interview with Henry Rollins, and a question goes ‘What was the first gig you ever went to’. He said ‘lets see. Aerosmith, with REO Speedwagon opening. It was in Washington DC and I was 15 or 16 years old’

      Also, there is a review of the Best Of Joe Perry Project album. It got 2 out of 5 stars for it, and basically the paragraph long review explains how he broke up with the band and that the album starts good and ends like shit. The review ends with ‘not even Perry himself could have mourned their passing’

News as of February 5, 2000
  • Mia Tyler in Jump Magazine / Album News
      Just a snippit from a interview with Mia Tyler from Issue 4 of Jump UK magazine (On which she is on the front cover):

      She was asked if she liked his (Her Dad's) music and said some of it was OK. When asked whether she would like to get into music she replied "I am doing a bit on my Dad's next album."

News as of February 4, 2000
  • Mia Tyler on the Internet

  • Mia Tyler in Shape Magazine
      There is a picture of her this month in Shape magazine. The picture is about the size of an 8x10.

News as of February 3, 2000
  • Mia Tyler on TV
      Mia Tyler at Lane Bryant's first Plus size Lingerie fashion show Mia was on "Extra" tonight... taking another stroll down the catwalk on Monday, February 1, as a model in Lane Bryant's first Plus size Lingerie fashion show. No, Steven didn't attend - Mia said she didn't tell him about the show (they asked her what he thought about her revealing job).

  • Aerosmith on VH1's The List
      On VH1's The List they were doing guilty pleasure songs and suddenly Steven, Joe, Joey and Tom was on. Steven said that "It's something by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and it goes like this" and he and Joey started singing something. Joe kinda smiled & Tom looked at them like they were crazy. Then Joey sang louder & he changed the words or something because Steven elbowed Joey upside the head & smiled at him, Joey started laughing.

News as of February 2, 2000
  • Steven Tyler's New Years Eve Prayer
      Steven Tyler on New Years Eve Steven Tyler said the following on NYE, just after midnight and before "Full Circle".

      It was also translated into Japanese, a girl on stage read it to the audience.

      Oh great spirit manifested in all things
      As infinite intelligence of the universe
      The one God of all religions called by many names
      Bring our hearts together in peace
      So we may realize that all things are connected through you
      Remove all our fear
      So we may see the true meaning and purpose of our existence
      Fill our souls with your spirit
      So we may join together will all loving beings
      To bring peace and joy to all the world
      According to your plan
      So thy will be done
      And peace forever.

  • New (Rap) Version Of Walk This Way
      There is a cover of Walk This Way by DJ Velvet J/Kyumm on a Run DMC tribute album titled "Givin' Up Props", released on Illstyle Records

      Givin' Up Props-A Tribute to Run-D.M.C.
      Date: November 16, 1999
      Record Company: ILLSTYLE RECORDS

      01. Rock Box - Trauma
      02. My Adidas - Moeski/Mr. Legacy/DC Chicks
      03. Beats To The Rhyme - Two Stroke
      04. It's Like That - Wade Ramsey
      05. Dumb Girl - Moeski/Mr. Legacy/R.O.D. The Wax Cutta
      06. Hard Times - Sereal/Ryel From Bzerkos
      07. You Be Illin' - Moeski/R.O.D. The Wax Cuttz
      08. Beats To The Rhyme - Funkee Mouth/Trigga Boo
      09. You're Blind - TVP MCs
      10. Sucker MC - Keydino/Cracker G
      11. Together Forever - Bodybag
      12. You're Blind - T.H.C.
      13. Dumb Girl - Moeski/Mr. Legacy/R.O.D. The Wax Cutta
      14. Walk This Way - DJ Velvet J/Kyumm

  • Quote from Rapper Flavor Flav
      Colorful Public Enemy member Flavor Flav is set to release his first solo CD

      "I think the song I did with Chicago is gonna be one of the biggest crossover records since Run DMC and Aerosmith," promises Flavor Flav. "I'm gonna be blazin'.

News as of February 1, 2000
  • Aerosmith Tribute Album "Right In the Nuts" update

      The Aerosmith "Right In The Nuts" Tribute CD is set for a spring 2000 release on Small Stone Records: Vinyl will be on Tee Pee Records. "Aerosmith has been my favorite rock band since I was a little kid", says Small Stone chief Scott Hamilton, "although, their newer material from 83-present completely stinks. Anyway, I always said I would do an Aerosmith tribute record when I was starting out my label about 5 years ago...and everyone at the time thought it was a stupid idea, but here we are now in early 2000. The same folks in Detroit, still think I'm nuts...I do not give a fuck...I just want to put records worth owning in my eclectic record collection and for other people to dig on'."

      "So anyway, we just put the word that we were going to finally put this comp together and response has been overwhelming. Through the network of musicians/bands/friends/other labels/on-line stores, magazines, & info sites, the "Right In The Nuts" comp literally fell into place in a few short weeks. We are hoping to have all of the bands songs by the end of February, assemble and master in March, Do the artwork & manufacturing in April and have it out to the world in May-June. This is going to be a very limited run cd, no more then 5000 copies total - double cd. (the first 2500 copies are for all the bands on it, radio station, press and all of that other promotional propaganda)."

      Line-up & selected tunes:

      1. Atomic Bitchwax - "Combination"
      2. Roadsaw - "Toys In The Attic"
      3. Half Man (Sweden)- "Round & Round"
      4. Solace - "Nobody's Fault"
      5. Fireball Ministry - "Movin Out"
      6. Five Horse Johnson - "Bright Light Fright"
      7. Disengage - "Back in The Saddle"
      8. Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned - "Chip Away At The Stone"
      9. Raging Slab - "Bone To Bone"
      10. Soul Clique - "Last Child"
      11. Nova Driver - "Seasons of Wither"
      12. Red Giant - "Lord Of The Thighs"
      13. Iron Boss - "Train Kept A..."
      14. Electric Frankenstein - "Sick As A Dog"
      15. Speedball - "Rats in The Cellar"
      16. Honky - "Adam's Apple"
      17. Alabama Thunderpussy - "Sweet Emotion"
      18. NATAS - (Argentina) - tba
      19. Methwish - "Draw The Line"
      20. Supersuckers - "Get The Lead Out"
      21. Zeke - tba
      22. The Men Of Porn - "Lightning Strikes"
      23. Puny Human - "Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)"

      Other bands that Small Stone are trying to get a hold of/or are on the fence: Beaver, 7 ZUMA 7, The Heads and Nebula. Song wish list: (of tunes that have not yet been spoken for): "Three Mile Smile", "Woman Of The World", "Lick And A Promise", "Critical Mass", "One Way Street", "Make It" and "Let The Music Do The Talking"
      Contact Small Stone:

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