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News as of March 30, 2000
  • Aerosmith working with Diane Warren again : (
      Aerosmith has once again teamed up with songwriter Diane Warren, who helped them reach #1 for the first time with "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from Armageddon . This time, they've collaborated on a song for the movie Gone in Sixty Seconds , a car heist flick starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie, due out June 9.

  • Aerosmith got a preview of 'Gone In Sixty Seconds'
      This was in today's Boston Herald Inside Track:

      The Aerosmith boys got a sneak preview of Disney's big summer action flick, ``Gone In Sixty Seconds,'' at the Showcase Cinema in Randolph yesterday. The Bad Boys From Boston and their rock babes got to see an incomplete cut of the new thriller written by Needham homeboy Scott Rosenberg of ``Con Air'' fame. That's because one of the band's songs is on the soundtrack in a scene featuring the ever-so-hot Best Supporting Actress Angelina Jolie. You can bet they Don't Want To Miss A Thing there!

  • Jack Douglas working with Rick Dufay!

  • Guitar magazine
      "Guitar" Mag. announced new album! The German version of the guitarists and bassists magazine "Guitar" announced in the March edition that Aerosmith is already working on a new album. The article also said that the new album should be realesed in middle of this year.

News as of March 27, 2000
  • Joe Perry recording with the local band the 'Sound Kings'
      This was in the Boston Herald Inside Track today:

      Finally, Aerosmith axman Joe Perry provided the guitar licks on ``Invisible,'' one of three cuts on a new CD by local band Sound Kings (formerly Jack Baywatch and the Sound Kings). ``They've got that something... and a sense of humor,'' said Perry's pal, lead singer Steven Tyler. ``It's really great.'' The Kings' first promotional CD is called ``Growing Up With an Invisible Friend.''

News as of March 26, 2000
  • Happy Birthday Steven!!!
      It's the Demon Of Screamin's 52nd birthday today! Happy Birthday Steven!

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      There is a Steven Tyler Birthday mention in the new Rolling Stone. It's on page 20 under Birthdays with a small picture of Steven. It is the April 13 issue.

  • Jimmy Crespo in the studio
      Jimmy is currently in the studio with Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot) recording their new album "Sneak Preview". From all reports the album is gonna be a killer, a return for both to some great hard rocking stuff.

      For more on this visit Jamie Anderson's website Riff & Roll, Jimmy Crespo's website where you can read some about the album in the news section. Shortly he'll be adding a heap of pics of the two playing aswell as add a pic of them with Jack Douglas from the recent NAMM convention in LA.

News as of March 24, 2000
  • Two New Rick Dufay songs on!!!
      Two brand spankin new songs called "Bitch N Moan" and a song no one has ever heard called "Temptation" are now avilable as singles 5.99 a piece! At you can download samples of the songs.

      Also, for those who did NOT get the "Wild As I am" single, they have decided to help you out. To help out those who have been reluctant to purchase the "Wild As I am" single alone for 7.99, not only have they lowered the price to 5.99 (cheapest on BUT they have also made a compilation CD with ALL THREE SONGS on it. Now you can have "Wild As I Am", "Bitch N Moan" AND the newest "Temptation" All on one CD for the low price of 10.99 via!!

  • New Rick Dufay club at Excite

  • Heard on the Radio...
      The DJ's said the Bad Boys of Boston are currantly recording demos is Boston this week. Then they said at the official Aerosmith website, there will be a link soon to click on, of Steven saying limericks. Since "Steven loves limericks like I once know a man in Nantucket." and there will be a new limerick every month or something like that...

  • A little Aerosmith mention on Dharma and Greg
      On Tuesday night on the show "Dharma and Greg" they were talking with some friends of theirs at dinner and it came up that Dharma and Greg and the couple they were eating with were both at the same Aerosmith concert together. Their guy friend say something like "I can't believe you were there too and we didn't know it, all I remember was some woman yelling 'It's too loud!!'."

News as of March 22, 2000
  • New Rick Dufay single?
      Rumor has it that there will be a new Rick Dufay single available at this Friday.

  • Tom Hamilton Report, from aerosmithdirect newsletter
      Hey Aerosmith fanatics...Tom Hamilton has sent us a report from the Aerosmith camp. Read on...

      After the second show in Tokyo we were done with our quick soiree in Japan. We've actually been back for awhile and sometimes I have to stop and think: Wow, we've already been to Japan and back? It went by so fast it doesn't seem real.

      We got on a jumbo jet for the flight home, but we'd have to wait a month or so for all the gear to get back because it goes by boat. Last year we lost a bunch of equipment when the ship it was on broke in half in a storm. I wouldn't be surprised to hear Joey's drums washed up on the coast of Spain.

      The equipment finally arrived back home in the States. It was that time when everybody goes down to our warehouse and starts going though their stuff. If there's one thing you accumulate a lot of when you tour it's stuff. We have these giant wardrobe cases that for the last two and half years were a mobile home to our clothes and whatever else found its way in there.

      I started by taking all my hanging stuff out. I couldn't believe how many shirts there were that I hardly wore. It's so hard to get rid of stuff. There were at least two shirts in there that I was saving for that "special gig." The only problem is that I wound up saving them for the whole freakin' tour.

      So one by one I took shirts, pants and jackets out and reflected on each piece. It seemed like there was a special vibe or poignant memory for every one. My favorites were the army surplus combat boots that I wore for the whole tour. They were stretched and molded to the shape of my lower legs and feet. The soles were rounded, all the edges mellowed by all those nights on stage. They have zippers on the sides that I used to have to hold up with gaffer's tape. At the top of each one was a telltale rectangle of faded leather where I put the tape on and took it off every night. If I didn't, the zippers would sneak down with all the foot stompin'. Many nights I had to put my foot up on the drum riser and pull the zipper back up. Funny, the little things that make up a night's gig.

      All these things seem too valuable to throw away but not useful enough to keep. I stood there with a huge pile of "stuff" on top of my case, trying to decide what to do with it all. I felt a little guilty as I decided on the fate of these old friends. What if they could pick up my thoughts about throwing them out after so many shows together? I actually felt a little loyalty to a pair of socks. Hmmm. Sounds like sanity has been avoiding me again.

      Well, we're going into the studio this week to try out some new material so I'm pretty excited about that. I've spent the last couple of months woodshedding. That's when a musician goes out to the "woodshed" to work on skills. I'm looking forward to taking all my new wood into the studio to see if it burns.

      Okay, enough out of me,


      Official Store:

News as of March 19, 2000
  • Mia Tyler at Wilhelmina and MODE full-figure model search
      Celebrity plus-model Mia Tyler helped Wilhelmina and MODE magazine celebrate their first full-figure model search final gala. Over $150,000 in model contract money was awarded to nine winners at the Motown Cafe on January 13. Chosen from over 20,000 entries, 30 finalists were flown to New York for a full day of beauty at Vidal Sassoon, a formal Judging Event at the Iroquois Hotel, and a Finals Gala at the Motown Cafe. Mia Tyler welcomed the models by signing autographs and posing for pictures with them.

News as of March 18, 2000
  • Mount Blue Restaurant on the 'Chronicle show'
      the Mount Blue Restaurant on the South Shore of Boston (Norwell) was a featured restaurant on Boston's Channel 5's Chronicle show on Wed eve 3/15/00. Steven and Joe are part owners of this place and the program showed clips of them in concert and gave a great review of the food. They added that the boys have been known to dine there early when in town!!! The food looked great!

  • The Doors Tribute Album put this up yesterday:

      3.17.00 12:00 EST
      Doors Tribute With Manson, STP, More Due In Summer

      It looks like the years-in-the-works Doors tribute album may finally see the light of day this summer, and when it surfaces, Marilyn Manson, Stone Temple Pilots, Creed, and Smash Mouth will be among the artists on board.

      Doors guitarist Robby Krieger, who guests on most of the tracks on the album, told MTV News this week that the long-awaited project will finally arrive this summer.

      Word of the tribute album first surfaced in January of 1998, when Smash Mouth spoke with the MTV Radio Network about reworking the Doors' nugget "Peace Frog" (see "Smash Mouth Does The Lizard King For Tribute Album"). Later that same year, Creed told MTV News that they would be on board as well.

      Now Krieger confirms that contributions from both bands will make the final cut, as well as Marilyn Manson's cover of "Five To One" and Stone Temple Pilots' rendition of "Break On Through." Other confirmed acts include The Cult, Aerosmith, Chrissie Hynde, Oleander, Bo Diddley, and John Lee Hooker with the Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea on "Roadhouse Blues." Iggy Pop is also in talks to appear on the album with a cover of "L.A. Woman."

      While many of the tracks are new, some (such as Aerosmith's cover of "Love Me Two Times" which appeared on the 1990 soundtrack to "Air America") have turned up elsewhere.

      When the album surfaces this summer, here's what you're likely to find:

      Marilyn Manson - "Five To One"
      Stone Temple Pilots - "Break On Through"
      Creed - "Riders On The Storm"
      Smash Mouth - "Peace Frog"
      John Lee Hooker with Flea - "Roadhouse Blues"
      The Cult - "Wild Child"
      Travis Meeks (of Days Of The New) with The Doors' John Densmore - "The End"
      Bo Diddley - "Love Her Madly"
      Chrissie Hynde - "Touch Me"
      Oleander - "Hello, I Love You"
      Aerosmith - "Love Me Two Times"

News as of March 17, 2000
  • The 'Run DMC-Rumour'
      Nothing new but appearantly the old 'rumor' that Aerosmith will be collaborating on the forthcoming Run DMC album "Crown Royal" is still floating around...

      The following was found at

      Rap pioneers Run-D.M.C. are on tour through May 5, when they'll appear at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis with Sevendust, Medeski Martin & Wood, George Thorogood and Stroke 9. The trio's long-awaited new album, Crown Royal, originally scheduled for an October release, will include collaborations with the Beastie Boys, Sugar Ray, Aerosmith, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Method Man and Nas, to name a few.

News as of March 15, 2000
  • This was in the Boston Globe this morning
      Aerosmith's Joey Kramer was spotted stopping for lunch yesterday at Ed Kane's Fireking Bistro in Hingham.

  • Snippet of Steven Tyler on Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show
      Steven said "Thanks, Clive!" during the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame show on Sunday night. It was during a tribute to Clive Davis. Lots of very quick snippets of various artists who Clive Davis discovered and made into huge stars.

  • Mia Tyler
      Mia Tyler is going to be in a Movie called "A Little Bit Of Lipstick." Here's a link to a page about the movie including some things on Mia.

News as of March 13, 2000
  • JUNO Awards
      Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton were on the Junos. They were taped. They were paying tribute to Bruce Fairbairn, who was inducted in the Canadian Hall of Fame. They also showed a couple of clips of Aerosmith in the studio with Bruce. They had nothing but high praise for him.

  • Tribute to Bruce Fairbairn
      *Featured Article* ~ Tribute to Bruce Fairbairn

      Toronto Sun
      By: Jane Stevenson

      Tribute to Fairbairn

      Over his 20-year-plus career, Vancouver producer Bruce Fairbairn worked with some of the biggest bands in rock -- Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, INXS, KISS, Van Halen, The Cranberries and Yes, along with Canadian acts Loverboy, Prism and Honeymoon Suite.

      That musical legacy has led to Fairbairn's posthumous induction into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame during Sunday night's Juno Awards at SkyDome (CBC-TV, 8 p.m.).

      Fairbairn, who learned to play the trumpet at age five and began his producing duties with '70s band Prism, died suddenly in his sleep last May at the age of 49 while producing the latest Yes album, The Ladder.

      "It's very unusual that we could rally round after that event and say, 'Let's get this album finished and dedicate it to Bruce, because he'd given us so much, you know?'" said Yes singer Jon Anderson in an interview with The Sun in December.

      "He was such a beautiful guy," continued Anderson, who actually discovered Fairbairn's body at Fairbairn's Vancouver home. "It's hard to explain how we felt about him. We had great respect for him."

      The Hall of Fame award will actually be presented to Fairbairn's wife, Julie Glover, and their three sons, Scott, 21, Kevin, 18, and Brent, 14, by the members of Loverboy about halfway through the two-hour Juno broadcast.

      The presentation will be preceded by a three-minute taped tribute to Fairbairn, which will include appearances by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Jon Bon Jovi.

      Coincidentally, members of AC/DC -- lead and rhythm guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young, along with drummer Phil Rudd -- arrive in Toronto over the weekend to promote their latest album, Stiff Upper Lip . But they are scheduled for an hour-long radio interview at Q-107 at 9 p.m. on Sunday.

      People don't know the names of producers, says Michelle Parise, the associate producer of the Hall Of Fame tribute. "And Bruce Fairbairn's responsible for (Bon Jovi's) Slippery When Wet, which sold 13 million copies worldwide. It was the biggest selling album of 1986, so he had a pretty big impact."

      Fairbairn was also responsible for Aerosmith's comeback album, 1987's Permanent Vacation, which produced their first hit in a decade, Angel.

      Other notable albums were 1997's Elegantly Wasted, the last album by INXS before singer Michael Hutchence committed suicide, and 1998's Psycho Circus, the first KISS studio album in nearly 20 years.

      "He used to come and see Yes play because he did like the band, which helps a heck of a lot," said Anderson. "The guy who's going to produce you, understands who you are and what you're trying to achieve musically."

      The Bruce Fairbairn Discography

      Here's a select discography of Vancouver producer Bruce Fairbairn, who will be posthumously inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame during Sunday night's Juno Awards:

      Aerosmith: Permanent Vacation (1987), Pump (1989), Get A Grip (1992)
      AC/DC: The Razor's Edge (1990), Live (1992)
      Bon Jovi: Slippery When Wet (1986), New Jersey (1988)
      Chicago: Night & Day (1995)
      The Cranberries: To The Faithful Departed (1996)
      Honeymoon Suite: The Big Prize (1985)
      INXS: Elegantly Wasted (1997)
      KISS: Psycho Circus (1998)
      Loverboy: Loverboy (1980), Get Lucky (1981), Keep It Up (1983), Wildside (1987)
      Poison: Flesh & Blood (1990)
      Prism: Prism (1977), See Forever Eyes (1978), Armageddon (1979) Young & Restless (1980)
      Van Halen: Balance (1995)
      Yes: The Ladder (1999)

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  • Billie Perry
      Claudia was surfing the net and found a page on Willie "Loco" Alexander who was married to Joe's wife Billie. If you go here and then click on discography, you'll see her name is mentioned a few times... Now, as I understand she did some back up vocals for him... did anyone know that?

      She found this among his discography:

      Willie duets on "Sticking With You", the Lou Reed song from his Velvets days (Moe solos), and Willie sings back-up (with the dreaded Billie Montgomery Perry) on "Foggy Notion" (1977)

      (released in France in 1979 as "I'm A Star", Flamingo/Carrere label. Willie and Billie with Jon Macey & Mike Roy of Fox Pass singing background on first mix of Foggy Notion.) "

      Willie & Billie on backing vocals Willie duet with The Count on "All The Way To The Left" (Rock On The Tom Lane Show."

      Also, they say that Joe Pet from the Joe Perry Project played with him back in 1986

      A double lp compilation by New Rose artists singing other New Rose artist's tunes... The Count singing "Radio Heart" produced by Jimmy Miller, Joe Petruzelli (Joe Pet of the Joe Perry project), with Lord Manuel and Brian Bradley. The only time a Willie song was produced by Jimmy Miller.

      Anyway, just thought I'd share that...

  • Steven Tyler sighting story
      Hi everyone. I'm not sure if you all recall me email awhile back about receiving an email from Steven about seeing him at Mt Sunapee ski area in March for their Aerosmith Tribute Day and Snow Sculpture contest...well, Me and my four friends went this Saturday and guess who showed up!!!!Mr. Steven Tyler!!! I couldn't believe it. We were having lunch in the pub and we asked the waitress if Aerosmith was going to show up and she said "They didn't say no!" Later, we asked some people that work at the mountain when the judging for the snow sculptures was and who was doing the judging. They said 2:00 and they don't know who is judging!!!Well, we thought this was odd, since the judging was in 15 minutes! So, we took one more run and came down by the sculpture that was being judged first and there was a group of people....and one of them was Steven! At first I wasn't positive it was him and I didn't want to look again because if it wasn't, I would be sooooo bummmed, but it was! He looked great...Bue jeans, sneakers (in the snow - burrrr!) Long black raincoat, black fleece hat with ear flaps, cool sunglasses. He was with Mark Hammond (Is that his name, the song collaborating guy?) and his son, Taj. He was extremely protective of his son, arm around him as much as possible, in between signing autographs (I had him sign my jacket. He spent almost an hour walking around looking at the snow sculptures and judging them, and being so nice to everyone that came up to him to sign or take pictures. I had printed out the email he sent and asked him if he sent it. He took the paper from me, read it and then jokingly said with that twinkle in his eye, "Oh, yeah, of course I sent this to you...It was pretty funny. Then he even took a group picture with me and my friends and one just with me. I have to say, all of those who have seen him and said that he puts you right at ease and has the kindest eyes, you are right!!!!I always thought if I met him I would turn into a blabbering idiot but I didn't (well, maybe a little) Anyway they took him away into them lodge. He did come up to the par to announce the winners of the contest and he was really into that. Unfortunately, even though he had the microphone, he didn't sing a note. But, what a great time. I have pictures...if Lynn can tell me how to get them on the site, I will!!!!And for those who have yet to meet him...I am forty years old and have (or now I should Say Had) what my friends called a Steven Tyler free zone around me...everyone I know had seen him and people who just would tell me they saw him knew it was almost funny how living in New Hampshire for 15 years and I never saw him....DON'T GIVE UP! IT CAN HAPPEN!


News as of March 12, 2000
  • Boston Herald Inside Track
      This was in the Inside Track this morning:

      Meanwhile, Steven Tyler and his lovely wife, Teresa, chowed on roasted butternut squash soup and club sandwiches at 29 Newbury the other day. They liked the soup so much they took two home!

  • Mia Tyler at
      There is an article on Mia at

      Mia Tyler: Model Role
      This young model/actress comes of age on the screen and in real life.

      Mia Tyler is just about to shed the qualifier, "daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler, half-sister of Liv Tyler." She's starring in a film of her own.

      Tyler plays Laura, the lead role in the indie film, A Little Bit of Lipstick, now in production. It's a coming-of-age story about a full-figure teen who doesn't need a body makeover to be beautiful. All her character needs is self-expression and a touch of the cosmetic enhancement suggested by the title.

      "I love the idea of independent films," says Tyler. "Maybe it's my age, I'm 21, but I want to go against the norm. Independents aren't the same old boring stuff by big-name directors.

      "With a long tousled mane, pierced nose and tongue, and three tattoos- one in the shape of a dragon that nearly covers her back-Tyler is one young woman who is not shy about going against the norm. A self-proclaimed wild child in her "earlier years," she saw the inside Studio 54 when she was five. "I made friends with the office workers there," she says. "I photocopied my hands and feet and gave copies to KISS and Michael Jackson on the dance floor before being dragged home at 11:00 PM.

      "Tyler received lots of attention at home, too. "As soon as I could walk, I performed shows for my mom. I played radio talk show host and taped my voice." I called it the Me-Show."

      The Me-Show, it turns out, was good training for a career in the public eye. In May 1998, a friend recommended the self-possessed Tyler for a Lane Bryant runway show. From there, Wilhelmina Models offered her a contract. Now she's one of three plus-size models ever to appear in a mainstream magazine. The newly launched Jump UK placed her on its fourth cover. In a first, Seventeen featured her on editorial pages next to her less abundant counterparts. Jane magazine readers voted her "Gutsiest Fashionista," and Steven Meisel captured her for Italian Vogue. She's now earning one of the highest day rates of any plus-size model. Following sibling Liv's path, Tyler's acting career took off from the runway. "Modeling has definitely helped get my foot in the door of the acting world. There is one plump girl for every 1000 skinny actors, so the plump ones stand out. I have to work really hard, but I know it will pay off."

  • Aerosmith at (not 'news')

News as of March 10, 2000
  • JUNO Awards
      As reported earlier, Aerosmith wanted to add a little spice to this year's Juno Awards on March 12! Although the Boston Boys will not appear at the actual ceremony, a source close to AF1 stated that Steven and Tom taped a segment that will air during the awards ceremony. On behalf of Aerosmith, Steven and Tom will participate in the induction of friend and late producer, Bruce Fairbairn into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Be sure to check out the JUNO Awards on March 12!

  • AeroWeekend (from Aeroforceone)
      Some of our Boston Bad Boys had a very busy weekend as some were spotted rockin' around town and basking in the Sunshine State! Buckle up your AeroBelts and come along for the re-cap of Aerosmith's fab weekend!

      Invited by Daryl Johnston of the Dallas Cowboys, Joey Kramer had a lively 'ol time at The Rack in Boston to take part in the NFL star-studded benefit for the Joshua Frase Foundation. The Joshua Frase Foundation, founded by NFL player Paul Frase and wife Alison created the Foundation for son Joshua who has a muscle disorder called Myotubular Myopathy.

      Meanwhile, our Demon of Screamin' and longtime friend Mark Hudson were grubbing out in a restaurant near Steven's home when two girls approached them. "Hey, did you know that Draw The Line are playing across the street?!?" Being the trooper that we all admire and love, Steven trekked on over to check out the Aerosmith tribute band. Although he did not join Draw The Line onstage, Steven was gracious enough to stay for the entire set.

      Saturday night, Tom and wife Terry enjoyed an evening with the Pretenders at the Avalon Club in Boston. Accompanying the couple was New England Patriot's owner, Bob Kraft!

      Brad spent most of the weekend basking in the Sunshine State checking out his love of auto racing at Daytona 500!

News as of March 9, 2000
  • Steven Tyler and Draw The Line
      There is a picture of Steven and Neill from this past Friday night on the Draw The Line website.

      Steven and Neill (click for a bigger version) Weymouth's Alternate Route night club shut down with nothing less than a bang on Friday night as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith materialized in the club's main room not to perform, but to dance to his own material as performed by Draw The Line, the Official Aerosmith Tribute Band. Tyler showed up in support of the band, including Neill Byrnes of Hingham, lead singer and personal friend of Tyler's. The Aerosmith rocker appeared in his yellow Dodge Viper with his current producer and engineer, straight from the studio where they are in the process of recording Aerosmith's forthcoming album.

      Byrnes was quoted as saying "I feel honored to be able to perform for him, and that he enjoys it!" Draw The Line's show at the Alternate Route in Weymouth (their home based club) marked the final show before the club is officially closed for good on Monday. Though the thought of the clubs' end was saddening, Draw The Line and all of their fans were excited to have Steven Tyler at this memorable show. After hanging out for over three hours, Tyler slipped out the side door, but not before leaving a lasting message for the South Shore based Tribute Band, "You guys f*ckin rock!" Draw The Line performs again next weekend at The Plantation Club in Worcester on Friday the 10th and at Marshfield's Ranch House on Saturday the 11th.

  • Rick Dufay store
      OFFICIAL RICK DUFAY STUFF! Check out Rick's merchandise and order online. Following is what they offer:

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News as of March 8, 2000
  • Boston Herald - Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame
      The Boston Herald
      Inside Track
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Wednesday, March 8, 2000

      An Aero-ing snub
      WZLX-FM afternoon ace Chuck Nowlin, fresh from the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame gig, reports that Aerosmith, the Bad Boys of Boston who were SNUBBED by the Hall honchos this year, are shoo-ins next year.

      ``I asked Robbie Robertson of The Band, who is on the committee, about Aerosmith, who were dissed this year, their first year of eligibility,'' said Nowlin. ``He assured me they would be members of the Class of 2001.''

      Well, we're going to hold him to it!

  • The Rock Show
      The Rock show last night played "Dude (Looks Like A Lady" and it was the hairband section of the show. Cane said Steven had this hair thing going! He also mentioned the sountrack for "Gone in 60 sec." which comes out on June 8th. The soundtrack will be out before that however he said!

  • VH1 The_Daily_One
      The VH1 show "The_Daily_One" had a poll, the question was "Who do you think should be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame that hasn't been yet?"...well our boyz won with 32%!!!! Clive Davis was also on the show and when asked who he signed throughout his career he mentioned Aerosmith first ;-)

News as of March 7, 2000
  • JUNO Awards (from Aeroforceone)
      Though not confirmed, there's a buzz stirring that Aerosmith will take part in this year's JUNO Awards. A source close to AF1 states that the fearsome fivesome will not appear at the actual ceremony, but may add something special to the show! The JUNO Awards takes place on March 12 honoring Canada's finest musicians.

  • Steven's Friday night appearance at the Draw the Line show
      Both Boston papers have tidbits about Steven's Friday night appearance at the Draw the Line show.

      Here's the Boston Herald's Inside Track:

      Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler popped into the Alternate Route in Weymouth the other night to check out Draw The Line, the official Aerotribute band. The South Shore club closed for good yesterday so at least the rockin' Route regulars were treated to a fond farewell.

      And here's the Boston Globe:

      Dude looks like a rock star
      Crowds at the Alternate Route nightclub in Weymouth may have thought they were seeing double Friday night. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler showed up to hear the Aerosmith tribute group Draw the Line play its last show at the South Shore venue, which closed Saturday to make way for a new CVS. Tyler pulled up in a yellow Dodge Viper with his engineer and producer after a day in the studio working on Aerosmith's latest album. When he walked through the crowd, fans mistook him for Draw the Line's frontman, Tyler look-alike Neill Byrnes. ... Also in the audience was Duxbury's Ted Stamos, president of the film production company Trick Entertainment, who may be branching out into acting. He tells us he got a call back after auditioning for a role in the HBO series ''The Sopranos.''

  • Rodney Jerkins wants to work with Aerosmith (from AOL)
      R&B/pop producer Rodney Jerkins - who produced and co-wrote Jennifer Lopez's No. 1 1999 hit "If You Had My Love" - has a lot on his production plate right now. Over the last year he's been working on Michael Jackson's long-anticipated album, which Jerkins says is now slated for release at year's end. "But when it hits," promises Jerkins, "it will make a big impact." Future projects include Britney Spears covering the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction," a Whitney Houston/George Michael duet, and Spice Girls, whom he wants to "give a tougher, Darkchild [his production company] sound."

      The one act Jerkins still wants to work with: Aerosmith. He'll have to wait his turn, however. Hot producer Matt Serletic is preparing to reunite with the band to begin work on a new album as soon as he puts the finishing touches on matchbox 20's new effort. Serletic produced Aerosmith's smash "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing."

News as of March 6, 2000
  • Tom Hamilton at a Pretenders concert
      According to todays Boston Globe Tom Hamilton attended Saturday's Pretenders concert

  • Bebe Buell writing an Autobiography
      As it turns out, in an AMI Special's Magazine, entitled - Rock : Secrets and Scandals - Bebe Buell, Steven's Ex- Girlfriend is currently writing her Autobiography! The magazine also includes a old pic of Bebe.

  • Aerosmith mention on Jonovision
      On CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company) they have this little half-hour, I guess variety show, called Jonovision. Anyways he was having a pop-culture quiz and one of the questions was

      Q: True or false: Actress Liv Tyler is the daughter of the lead singer of Led Zeppelin

      A: No, actually her dad is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

      He asked the whole audience, more or less, the aud. led cue cards with true or false written on them and whoever got the questions wrong had to sit down, so by the time the Liv Tyler questioned rolled around a good majority of the audience was seated..A lot of people actually got the Liv question wrong..

News as of March 5, 2000
  • Izzy Stradlin
      From the same site as the Jack Douglas interview, a review of Guns N' Roses' Izzy Stradlin’s new album "Ride On".

      Izzy Stradlin Ride On
      [....] The highlight of this self-produced album is the epic "Spazed." This trippy rocker takes it's cue from Get Your Wings -era Aerosmith (in fact, didn't they actually have a song called "Spaced?") with a nod to Ace Frehley's "Ozone." A truly tasty song, indeed. [....]

      For the full review,

News as of March 4, 2000
  • Rocks secrets and scandals
      Aerosmith are on page 72 of the magazine 'Rocks secrets and scandals'. There is a small (average) picture and a small article that talks about the song I Don' Want To Miss A Thing.

  • Aerosmith mention in Australian mag
      There was an Aero mention in the sports pages of the Age newspaper yesterday. There is a competition to give a nickname to the basketballer Jason Smith. He is one of the best players in the country and is known for his high-flying dunks. One of the names in contention is Aerosmith.

News as of March 3, 2000
  • Jack Douglas KNAC Web Interview
      Check out the Jack Douglas KNAC Web Interview from this week. This is a VERY Cool/Revealing interview that talks about the extra guitar players used on Get Your Wings, him turning down producing KISS's Destroyer, Cheap Trick, Slash's new CD, etc. This is a must! Check it out!

      You can read Kickin' Back with Jack Douglas either at's website or here at Rock This Way. Click on the link above to go to or go to the Interviews/Articles page to read it here...

News as of March 2, 2000
  • Live Cyber Chat With Rick Dufay
      Rick's web site is up and running with new additions everyday. One of the planned events coming up soon is a Live Cyber Chat with Rick. They are taking questions send those questions in and reserve your spot to chat with Rick Live! Here is the label's scoop on it:

      We are taking submissions for the Q&A, please forward your questions and I will advise you, if you were selected.. U can then meet us and ask Rick your questions.. LIVE..
      We will debut.. the chat room in Rick's new HOT WEB SITE.. so.. ask away.. folks
      Send your questions to: MCMUSIC2@AOL.COM

  • Rick Dufay Club goes International

  • Aerosmith mention in Boston Herald's Inside Track
      Boston Herald
      Inside Track
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Thursday, March 2, 2000

      Side Tracks
      News you can lose:

      Aerosmith's hot property, Steven Tyler, was soaking up the chipolte peppers in adobo sauce yesterday at Le Saucier in Faneuil Hall [Boston]. Fiery stuff!

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