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News as of November 30, 2001
  • New look to the AeroForceOne website
      According to VH1, Aerosmith's radio play has increased by a whopping 350% over the last 3 months...why? Well, supposed the Dodge commercials and their appearance at the Freedom Concert had a lot to do with it.. The Dodge commercial Featuring Aerosmith will debut next for it!

  • New look to the AeroForceOne website

  • Translation of the lyrics to Alejandra Guzmán's "Soy tu lluvia"
      I was sent this translation of the song "Soy tu lluvia," written by Tyler/Perry/Child (as mentioned here yesterday). The translation was done with help of, and was then cleaned up a bit, making it more grammatically understandable. It's still not a perfect translation, but I'd say it's enough to see that it's got some nice lyrics...

      I Am Your Rain

      When you have clouds in the soul
      And find yourself in the eye of a cyclone
      And your nights are used to being the darkest
      I am the cause and the cure

      There's nobody born in this world that wants you
      With the strength of a tiger without control
      And there's nobody that as a wild animal will defend you
      Defend you as I will

      I am your rain and each of your tears
      The storm that is sinking your mind
      And in your desert without water I give you drink
      I am your rain

      You have what doesn't seem strange to me
      Your indifference does not deceive me
      I am the blood of your veins
      My body is the addiction that condemns you

      With me you live in heaven and hell
      Of which you cannot escape
      I give you my love as tender as an angel
      But the devil is going to punish you

      I am your rain and each of your tears
      The storm that is sinking your mind
      And in your desert without water I give you drink
      I am your rain

      I make you laugh, I make you cry
      You're going to die
      In order to be resurrected...

News as of November 29, 2001
  • Alejandra Guzmán's Tyler/Perry penned tune
      Do you remember a post here (September 19, 2001) about a mexican singer having a Tyler song in her record? Well, apparently the album, "Soy", is now released and the song in question is said to be a ballad. The album, which features Joe Satriani on one song, was produced by Desmond Child.

      The name of the song is "Soy tu lluvia" ("I'm your rain" in english) and it's written by Desmond Child, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. On Alejandra Guzmán's website you can find the spanish lyrics to the song.

  • Young Lust on Billboard
      It was a heavy selling week on Billboard this week with the top 23 scoring 100K+. Require almost 200K to even get into the top 10. Despite the Geffen period being a massive selling period in the Aerosmith timeline selling 35 million between 1987-1996, there wasn't too many takers for this 2 CD collection.

      With next to no promotion the new Aerosmith compilation album, "Young Lust" debuts this week at #191 on the Billboard Charts, selling just over 11,200.

  • Tour dates with Cheap Trick
      Note this is the info on the Cheap Trick site:

      01/09/02 San Jose, CA Compaq Center Open for Aerosmith on @ 7:30 pm
      01/11/02 Las Vegas, NV The Joint/Hard Rock Open for Aerosmith on @ 7:30 pm
      01/13/02 Los Angeles, CA The Forum Open for Aerosmith on @ 7:30 pm

  • More details on Young Lust
      There's a little booklet with an essay by Gerri Miller and photos from the Geffen "years"... Most of them has been seen before - mostly shots from the previous albums. No recent photos though since, as we know now, the guys were not consulted about the project.

  • Autographed Guitar at VH1 'Save The Music' Holiday Auction


      The Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Rzeznik's 1967 Pontiac GTO, dinner with MC Hammer, and a harmonica from Mick Jagger are among the items being put on the block for the VH1 Save The Music Holiday Auction at and eBay. The auction kicks off this Sunday -- the same day that "My VH1 Music Awards '01" airs live on VH1 from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles (at 9 p.m. ET/PT) -- and will conclude Dec. 17. All proceeds will benefit the VH1 Save The Music Foundation. Items from the "My VH1 Music Awards" include a limited-edition poster autographed by the show's performers, a limited edition drum head again autographed by the performers, an actual "My VH1 Music Awards" award, Sting's Fender bass guitar, and a limited edition hand-painted Fender Custom Shop American Flag Stratocaster signed by all performers. Other items include a Lenny Kravitz Coffee Table Book to be personalized for the winning bidder; guitars autographed by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, The Who, Aerosmith and Sugar Ray; an Everclear logo and autographed snow board; Kid Rock's platinum album; Shania Twain's dress from her CBS-TV special; an Entertainment Weekly magazine cover featuring Christina Aguilera, mounted, framed and autographed; and a Metallica autographed Remo drum head.

News as of November 28, 2001
  • Just Push Play video
      Apparently VH1 is already showing the video for Just Push Play. Yesterday morning in the 3 - 5 am video block on VH1 the new JPP video was shown... As I posted earlier, it's simply the performance from the "United We Stand" concert.

  • Perry on Young Lust
      A person from Kansas reports that she heard Joe Perry on a radio interview, saying the band is not happy about the Young Lust CD, as they were not consulted about it all.

      Not surprising as you sort of get that view being the booklet notes were done by Gerri Miller and not by the band etc or no references that the band would like to thanks etc. Not exactly anything the band can do as its official material produced during the Geffen contract. Sometimes not consulted means someone close by forgot to mention to them...

  • VH1
      According to rockontv, Aerosmith is supposed to be on a VH1 news special on Thursday.. or really it describes an interview with some folks, one being our very own Steven Tyler.

  • Billboard Article

      Edited by Jonathan Cohen / November 27, 2001, 4:15 PM

      Dodge Ad Boosts New Aerosmith Single

      With an endless stream of car commercials hocking vehicles via classic rock anthems such as Ozzy Osbourne's "Crazy Train" and the Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again," little notice was taken when Dodge trucks began running an ad with the title track from Aerosmith's multi-platinum Columbia set "Just Push Play." But unlike its predecessors, this song wasn't a hit, or, at the time, even a single. What resulted for the Boston-based rock veterans was pure Madison Avenue genius.

      "The commercial is what is selling that song right now," Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer tells "We have so many requests for it at radio, via the commercial, that we ended up releasing it as a single."

      Indeed, although "Just Push Play" spent 15 weeks on Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks chart this summer, peaking at No. 10, it was never sent to other formats. It is now enjoying new life at mainstream top-40 stations, where it was among the top-5 most added tracks this week, with total spins up 350% over the previous week.

      Up until last week, Columbia was planning on taking album track "Sunshine," instead of "Just Push Play," beyond rock formats. But the unforeseen support from the commercial made "Just Push Play" the natural choice.

      Considering Dodge Motors is also sponsoring the Just Push Play tour, the commercial has exceeded expectations, leaving the band smiling. "It doesn't get any better than that, right?," Kramer says. Beginning next week, a different Dodge commercial using the same track will be airing with Aerosmith appearing on camera.

      The group hits Tampa, Fla., tonight (Nov. 27) and wraps its North American dates Jan. 9 in San Jose, Calif. From there, six Japanese shows are on the schedule, after which Aerosmith plans to take a few months off and eventually get back into the studio to begin work on its next release, for which it has no timetable.

      Here are Aerosmith's tour dates:

      Nov. 27: Tampa, Fla. (Ice Palace Arena)
      Nov. 29: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (National Car Rental Center)
      Dec. 1: Birmingham, Ala. (Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center-Arena)
      Dec. 3: Champaign, Ill. (Assembly Hall)
      Dec. 7: Little Rock, Ark. (Alltel Arena)
      Dec. 9: Oklahoma City (Myriad Convention Center)
      Dec. 11: St. Louis (Savvis Center)
      Dec. 13: Kansas City, Mo. (Kemper Arena)
      Dec. 15: Moline, Ill. (Mark of the Quad Cities)
      Dec. 17: Cleveland (Gund Arena)
      Jan. 5: Denver (Pepsi Coliseum)
      Jan. 7: Salt Lake City (Delta Center)
      Jan. 9: San Jose, Calif. (Compaq Center)
      Jan. 25, 27: Osaka, Japan (Osaka Dome)
      Jan. 29: Fukuoka, Japan (Fukuoka Dome)
      Jan. 31: Nagoya, Japan (Nagoya Dome)
      Feb. 2-3: Tokyo (Tokyo Dome)

      -- John Benson, Cleveland

News as of November 27, 2001
  • Just Push Play video
      Chris at says he has been hearing rumblings about a Just Push Play video...

      Seems as if the video will be the live performance from the "United We Stand" concert at RFK Stadium.

      If you haven't seen it yet, a good place to start watching is VH1's "Insomniac Theatre" overnights. VH1 seems to have the new Aero vids before anyone...

  • European tour?
      According to the German Aerosmith site [], Aerosmith will be touring Japan and Europe this spring (no announced dates yet). They also write that they will tour for some time!

      Europa-Tour im Frühjahr?

      In großem Stil tourten AEROSMITH 2001 durch Nordamerika (USA + Kanada). Ab Frühjahr werden sich Steven Tyler & Co. für längere Zeit nach Europa und Japan bewegen. Noch stehen leider keine Daten fest. Sobald wir sie wissen, könnt ihr sie hier finden.

  • Young Lust
      Apparently the length of Can't Stop Messin is 4:33 on the new compilation, unlike the old version (Available on the International version of Get A Grip and the Livin On The Edge single) which was 3:31. Also, they apparently covered up the "fuck" in Hole In My Soul, but they still left in the "fuck" for Falling In Love. Why bother?

  • VH1 2001 Year In Music
      VH1 2001 Year In Music was aired last night, and it had some Aerosmith content. They didn't show anything new, really. Just clips from the United performance, the Superbowl, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction, and the Opening Night performance. They did show some footage of Joe being interviewed after one of the performances. It was fairly short, however.

      VH1 was discussing the JPP tour as one of the biggest of 2001 and they mentioned the lawn stage setup. Clips show scenes from the opening night in Hartford and also at a meet & greet, as they show Tom signing things and Steven posing for pictures and smooching with fans.

      In one clip, standing next to Tom, Joe says: "We've seen, you know, other bands do it and we felt that... again, the strength is the band playing together, the five of us. And we thought we'd bring a little bit of that out to the grass."

      The next air dates for the show are:
      Wednesday, 11/28, 11:30 am (Eastern/Pacific)
      Saturday, 12/1, 1 pm (Eastern/Pacific)

News as of November 26, 2001
  • Vote for Aerosmith to perform at Peer Music Awards
      Aerosmith is one of the entertainers vying to perform at the Peer Music Awards in New York City. The awards are for aspiring singer/songwriters, who are judged by a panel of artists, producers and other music business people. You can visit the website at to submit your vote!

  • Not Another Teen Movie
      In a commerical for Not Another Teen Movie (movie similar to Scary Movie), they show a spoof off of 10 Things I Hate About You when the kid sings to the girl. Some girl suggests him to sing a song w/ her name in. So he sings Janies Got A Gun w/ the full mic/stand/scarves... and all the kids in her class scream Oh my God janies got a gun and run the other way...

News as of November 23, 2001
  • Europe?
      A post on the AF1 messageboard from a fan from Austria says that the local press announced that Aerosmith will play there on March 26th.

      This has NOT been confirmed anywhere official though, so don't get your hopes up too much just yet...

  • Brad at New Hampshire 300
      Brad Whitford was seen on the TV, on NBC when they aired the New Hampshire 300 Winston Cup Racing thing. Brad was the Grand Marshall and did the gentlemen start your engines thing.

  • Brad Whitford Interview from

      Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford: Not Yet Jaded

      by Adam St. James

      Part 1: Ballads vs. Rockers / Keeping Your Identity

      There is no more successful American rock band than Aerosmith. They are everywhere, and have been for most of the past 30 years – even despite the excesses that resulted in a few members taking a “leave of absence” during the early-’80s. Just Push Play, the band’s most recent release and another in a long line of multimillion sellers, sees Aerosmith again mixing the past with the present, as guitarist Brad Whitford describes it.
      Whitford, with the band since it’s inception in a New Hampshire resort town in the late ’60s, has often been overlooked both as a player and for his insight into the machinery that moves this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act. But has long known that all five members – collectively known as the “Bad Boys from Boston” and including Whitford, drummer Joey Kramer, bassist Tom Hamilton, and of course guitarist Joe Perry and beyond-cool frontman Steven Tyler – have played extremely important roles in Aerosmith’s unending success.
      Brad recently spoke with about Aerosmith’s decision-making process regarding placing radio-friendly ballads alongside more rocking tracks (his favorites), and the long-term value of touring – once lost on a lot of bands after MTV came along and made couch potatoes out all the young spuds (but now thankfully back in vogue). He even analyzes how many home studios you can fit into one affluent neighborhood in the Boston suburbs. Enjoy. Over the course of the past few albums, you guys have done a lot of really lush arrangements. Is that something that is just a learned trait – that you learned how to put these things together and build these immense tracks?

      Whitford: Well, I think it’s come along with some of these producers that we’ve worked with, anybody from Jack Douglas to Bruce Fairbairn. Some of the last people we worked with and, of course, some of these ballads we end up doing, these very commercial type of recordings – with a lot of them you’re just really aiming for the radio. So a lot of times it’s like, ‘What are we gonna do here? Is it going to be strings or is it going to be orchestra?’ Sometimes you end up with a 31-piece orchestra creating a kind of specific sound for a movie soundtrack, or you’re really trying to make a Top 40-friendly type of song and there’s definitely some formula to it, you know. I mean you can hear it and when you’re building it and making a certain song, you say, ‘Well, this is obviously gonna be another Aerosmith ballad.’ Is there ever any dissension among the members of the band over how many ballads you’re going to put on a given album?

      Whitford: Oh, I would say we have a lot of discussion about how much of that we do. I still think that we struggle with the identity in the band, even though I think this album clearly shows what Aerosmith is – it’s a little bit of everything: some of the heavy rock, some of the mainstream radio, and some contemporary sounds. I think what Aerosmith is doing these days is trying to hold on to some of our early roots and trying to do stuff that’s using some of the stuff that we’re hearing on the radio today, the radio-heavy stuff. And Just Push Play is probably a good representation of Aerosmith. When you say struggling to hold on to your identity, do you mean between the five of you?

      Whitford: Yeah. I think everybody – each guy in the band has sort of a slightly different view of what Aerosmith is supposed to be. It’s totally natural. What is your view?

      Whitford: Well, I would say that this record really puts it pretty clearly as I described. You know we made a conscious decision at one point to get on the radio, so we became that sort of heavy garage band and became a pop band at the same time, and that’s what we still try and do. It always bothers me when a band puts out album after album and the one or two songs that get played off the album are ballads, and then they go play arenas and so many people out there don’t know that they’re really a pretty rocking band

      Whitford: Well, probably one of the most – who was it? It was Extreme – that’s what happened to them. I mean they were just totally out and out sort of a combination of Queen and Van Halen and they made it big with those two ballads. And that really messed them up. It happens to a lot of bands. Yeah, it does. It hasn’t happened to you though. Why do you think not?

      Whitford: I don’t know, maybe it was “Dream On,” ’cause “Dream On” was a little bit – it had some heavier touches to it, you know. And some of the other songs that became radio-friendly weren’t just strictly ballads in the beginning. True.

      Whitford: So it gave us a lot of leeway I think. Plus, after the hundreds and hundreds of live shows you played, people knew what to expect.

      Whitford: Well, yeah. We came up in an era where you really had to perform live – you had to tour. It’s not done the same way anymore. So we have that following, we have that group of people that say, ‘Hey I saw them back when,’ you know, and it’s this sort of legendary thing that goes along with it at the same time, just because of the fact that we’ve been around so long. The Before MTV Generation. Things changed a lot when MTV came around, especially in the touring business, but it seems to me that it’s gone back, at least to some degree, to the way it used to be. Bands realize that you have to tour, and certainly you guys are a good case study of what constant touring does for you, on the positive side. How do you feel about touring today?

      Whitford: Well, you know what can I say: Touring is touring. How important is it for a band to tour?

      Whitford: Well, I think, in terms of longevity, you’ve gotta have that. You’ve gotta have a good, live following. You’ve gotta be able to sell concert tickets. A lot of these groups kind of seem like – you know they come and go so quickly they don’t get a chance to get a following. It seems like we’re in a stage like that right now where there’s just a lot of people writing songs. It’s kind of like the late ’50’s-early ’60’s, you know: songwriters, bands, a lot of one-hit wonders. And then there’s groups that aren’t necessarily huge on the radio, but they sell lots of tickets live. What advice do you have for young bands out there that are getting together with their friends, and putting it together, and hoping to go all the way with it? How do you pick your band members? How do you pick the right people?

      Whitford: I don’t think you can tell. I think it’s just a process. If it works, it works and if it doesn’t, you know you gotta keep moving. So it’s just kind of an audition sort of process. You know: Don’t beat a dead horse. You gotta kind of know what you want to do and then try and find like-minded people that are ready to be at the same level of commitment that you’re at, whatever that is. You know everybody has to kind of be in the same place as far as commitment. That’s a difficult one though…

      Whitford: Yes it is because, you know, what does that mean? Does that mean full-time, no outside jobs? Just how do you do it? Where do you get the money? How do you live? You know as a band starting out, where can you play enough live shows to support yourself? Right. A lot of times I think that in the time period that you started, there were fewer people chasing after that dream. I could be completely wrong Brad – but it seems that there were fewer people chasing after the dream of rock stardom and that, therefore, the ones who were pretty serious were more obvious or found each other easier. Am I wrong about that?

      Whitford: No, no I think that’s true. It just wasn’t as big then. It’s grown so much. Now, everybody and their brother has got a guitar. You see everybody from football players to baseball players to racecar drivers – they all have their little bands. Everybody wants to play rock ’n’ roll. I think back then it just wasn’t as proliferated or whatever. It was still a handful. It wasn’t a majority. It seems like everybody can at least play an A chord or something. To me that seems to hurt people’s chances. For one because it’s harder to find the truly serious people, but also because there are just so many bands out there. Also as far as the way the record companies handle things – it almost seems that the whole one-hit wonder thing is rampant right now and I sometimes wonder if it’s not because it’s in their financial best interest to keep it that way.

      Whitford: Well, certainly there’s some validity to that. They need to have their successes and losses. And I think it’s certainly not in the best interest of some of these groups that sign record contracts. It’s kind of like a death warrant. It’s like guaranteed that you’re gonna go into debt ’cause so few people make it. But you go make an album, and they have you make a couple of videos, and the next thing you know they’re handing you a bill. And you might collect 10 years down the road, after they’ve sold however many records. But you also may not still be a band, at that point.

      Whitford: Exactly. You’ll be working in some shoe store. Also in those days that we discussed – the ’60s, the ’70s – a lot of the people that were running labels were musicians or songwriters. It just isn’t that way anymore. And I think it has really affected music overall, in a negative sense. I wonder how you feel about that.

      Whitford: Oh, definitely, yeah, it used to be fans. I think the majority of them now are not even owned by Americans. I was just reading an article about Steve Lukather and Larry Carlton. I went to see them play in Japan and they were saying what a treat it was to sign with Steve Vai’s label, and talk to a president of a label who knew what you were talking about and understood what you wanted to do. And that’s the way the big companies used to be. [Editor’s Note: Find out more about Steve Vai and his label Favored Nations on ] And their decision-makers and the people who were looking for talent…

      Whitford: Yeah. They were players. We’re actually working pretty closely with Steve and his label. We’re doing a lot of promotions with a lot of those people. In fact, I just interviewed a Favored Nations guitarist named Johnny A., from the Boston area, are you familiar with him?

      Whitford: Oh, sure. Yeah, he’s a good friend of mine. Yeah.

      Whitford: Terrific album. Yeah, it is. It’s really cool stuff.

      Whitford: Really cool album. Is that kind of similar to what you were talking about maybe wanting to do someday?

      Whitford: Yeah. I love his album, you know. I like that kind of thing. Yeah, stuff like that. You know I don’t know if I’ll ever get to do it, but you know, maybe. Do you have your own studio at home?

      Whitford: No, not really. I don’t. I mean I have some little stuff I play with, but like most of us live within about 10 miles of each other and almost all the other guys have Pro Tools setups, so... And then we have a separate one that we have, a travel studio, so I have access to it if I want to use it. I didn’t see the point in throwing another studio in, with two literally within a mile of my house. Do you get over there often, when you’re not on the road?

      Whitford: It depends on what we’re doing or how long we’ve been off the road and all that. Right. Which in the last few years hasn’t been that much.

      Whitford: No. Obviously, you’re very comfortable with Pro Tools. What do you think about the whole digital recording revolution?

      Whitford: Well, I don’t know shit about it, but I certainly like the results. I don’t know a thing about operating it. It’s very impressive. It’s certainly fun to work with because you can keep up with your train of thought, really. The machinery will stay there with you. You don’t have to say, ‘OK wait, we’ve gotta stop and tape this together, and do this, and do that.’ I mean you can just kind of go, ‘All right, let’s do it.’
      I think that part of it is great. The spontaneity of it is really helpful. Yeah. So are you saying that everybody else in the band has a Pro Tools studio?

      Whitford: I think everybody else does, yeah. So why are you the one guy that doesn’t? For obvious reasons – they’ve all got one you don’t need one – but I mean is there something more than that? Is it because you’re having fun with your go-cart track? [Editor’s Note: Whitford is a part owner of a seriously cool indoor go-cart racetrack in Boston, Massachuesetts. Check it out at ]

      Whitford: Well, I like my home to be my home. I don’t really want to bring the music business too much into where I live. In the past few years I just don’t do that much recording at home

News as of November 22, 2001
  • Aerosmith/Nascar News
      Here's a few Aero-related tidbits from a Nascar list...

      Mayfield and Aerosmith? hearing that Jeremy Mayfield will have an Aerosmith (rock group) paint job on the #19 Dodge at Las Vegas in 2002.

      NHIS Grand Marshal: Brad Whitford, rhythm guitarist for the rock band Aerosmith, has been named Grand Marshal for the New Hampshire 300. Whitford will issue the command to start engines to the NASCAR Winston Cup Series drivers just prior to the noon start of the New Hampshire 300. "As a New England native, it's great to have a major league facility such as New Hampshire International Speedway in our area and to have the opportunity of seeing the world' s best racers here," Whitford said. "I can't wait to see the action at NHIS on Friday."(NHIS PR)( )

      For anyone who is interested, the New Hampshire 300 will air on NBC this Friday (November 23rd) starting at 12:00 noon ET. (I've heard that the West Coast will be seeing the race tape-delayed one hour.) If they show the usual pre-race coverage, then Brad should be giving the command to start engines approximately 35-40 minutes into the coverage.

  • Sunshine
      On top 20 songs on MTV in Brazil Sunshine is #2, in Argentina #10, and in others countries in Latin America it's started climbing on charts.

      Also, on Monday MTV in France in Selection show showed Sunshine video...

News as of November 21, 2001
  • Jagger/Perry Single and Video might not be released?
      As the albums sales of Mick Jagger's new album have been to low, due to little promotion by the record company... The album has been in the shop since November the 20th... This also means that other tracks tracks of Jagger and Perry that were supposed to be used as B.sides for upcoming singles might never see the light of day...

      Anyone know what's wrong with Virgin these days?

  • The making on Goddess in the Doorway on TV tomorrow
      Tomorrow on ABC (America) and Channal 4 (UK) Mick Jagger special: "Being Mick" on the making on Goddess in the Doorway...

  • Lengthy Brad Whitford interview

News as of November 20, 2001
  • Aerosmith and Cheap Trick in LA!
      KLOS just announced the January 11 Forum show - Aerosmith and Cheap Trick

  • Boston Globe concert review
      Here's a review of the Manchester show from the Boston Globe

      Aerosmith rocks the Granite State

      By Tom Kielty, Globe Correspondent, 11/19/2001

      MANCHESTER, N.H. -

      Retracing its deepest roots, Aerosmith returned to New Hampshire Saturday night for its first show there in nearly 16 years and christened the new Verizon Wireless Arena with a scorching two-hour set.

      In black wraparound sunglasses, a white denim jacket, and suitably retro patchwork pants, lead singer Steven Tyler began the homecoming by making sure the capacity crowd of just over 11,000 knew the band's true beginnings.

      ''People think we're from Boston,'' the remarkably limber frontman said before asking, ''But where are we from?''

      ''New Hampsha!'' came the overwhelming response. Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry, and bassist Tom Hamilton played in their first serious bands in Sunapee in the 1960s.

      And the band seemed delighted to be back in the state. A VH1 camera crew was in tiwn to document the proceedings and the show took on the air of a genuine Granite State happening. Despite recent cancellations in Boston and Providence (neither of which is likely to be rescheduled until early next year), Aerosmith looked enthused and invigorated.

      Digging into ''Big Ten Inch Record,'' which Tyler dedicated to his father, the band was unrelenting in flexing the muscle that helped it make its musical mark. Perry attacked favorites such as ''Mama Kin'' and the powerhouse ''Draw the Line'' with dexterity and strength, often sandwiching ringing solos between bluesy power chords.

      Tyler, meanwhile, remains one of the rock 'n' roll court's most enjoyable jesters. Working the crowd on various runways and a stage extension that stretched midway across the arena's floor, he seemed determined to connect with as many in attendance as possible. (Also, the arena's excellent sight lines, combined with well-placed video monitors, ensured that most fans had excellent views.) Imploring the crowd to raise the volume higher, he made reference to his early stomping grounds.

      ''You gotta make sure they hear that in Sunapee,'' he said with a devilish grin.

      Easing confidently into chugging rhythms, bassist Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer provided a solid beat for Perry and guitarist Brad Whitford to swagger upon.

      The band perfectly captured the moody drama of ''Dream On,'' and a driving rendition of ''Toys in the Attic'' brought the show to a midset peak, with Tyler venturing into the crowd for fan help on the chorus.

      Even on the more recent material, including the power ballads ''Cryin''' and ''Don't Want to Miss a Thing,'' the live setting afforded the band room for additional might, which it provided in ample doses. It was on the classics, though, that the band seemed to be most inspired, and the enthusiasm was contagious among the partisan crowd.

      Tyler speed-scatted through a workout of ''Mother Popcorn'' that segued splendidly into the brawn of ''Walk This Way,'' during which Perry entertained from a perch in the middle of the floor. The fan favorite ''Uncle Salty'' then served as an introduction for the set-ending ''Sweet Emotion,'' with Tyler's vocals remaining remarkably faithful to the original despite the 26 years that have passed since the song's release.

      The early encore selections of ''Livin' on the Edge'' and ''What It Takes'' lagged a bit, but the band's cover of ''Train Kept a-Rollin''' was the evening's climax. With Perry inserting a riff from ''The Star Spangled Banner'' served Jimi Hendrix-style and played on a guitar adorned with stars and stripes, and Tyler seemingly trying to reach every outstretched hand, it was the perfect end of a warm homecoming.

      In the Cult's opening set, the band's goth metal leanings seemed remarkably aged in a post-Marilyn Manson world. Those who had found their seats responded heartily to the hit ''She Sells Sanctuary,'' but the majority of the set seemed to serve as the soundtrack for finding the nearest concession stand.

News as of November 17, 2001
  • Article from

      NEWS - Aerosmith Scheduling 2002 Tour Dates

      (11/16/01, 12 p.m. ET) -- Aerosmith has booked dates for the new year starting in Denver on January 5. Shows in Salt Lake City on January 7 and San Jose on January 9 have also been announced.

      In addition, the band plans to reschedule postponed shows in Boston; Providence, Rhode Island; Pittsburgh; and Toronto, but the make-up dates hadn't been announced at press time.

      Aerosmith has also cancelled its November 25 show in Greensboro, North Carolina. The band has postponed several other shows due to an illness suffered by singer Steven Tyler.

      The band has a knack of fashioning its setlists to please Aerosmith fans of all generations. Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton discussed with LAUNCH the dilemma of making the set list.

      "Yeah we're really being missionaries about Just Push Play. Now we'll sit there and say, 'Well I guess we should play some old songs,' which we think of as being 'Dream On' from the '70s and then all of the sudden we realize, 'My God, people who are into Pump and Get A Grip, those are like old songs now. They're not like, recent. Yeah, we definitely have to figure it out. I think we managed to do it pretty well. Whenever Steven asks the crowd if they want hear old stuff or new stuff they of course say old stuff."

      Aerosmith is scheduled to play Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday night (November 17).

      -- Darren Davis, New York

  • Steven and Joe on Z100 for download
      Want to hear Steven/Joe Live on the radio? Want to hear the radio version of Just Push Play. Then this download is for you! It's 17 minutes long and its not the whole interview, it cuts in where Steven & Joe are talking to the DJ's mom.

      Anyway, AeroCanal has uploaded 3 MP3s of the Tyler/Perry appearance Z100, at

      It's seperated into 3 parts:
      - Interview
      - JPP (NEW REMIX!)
      - Interview 2

      You can also download them at Make sure you have Winzip/Something to play .ram files(Real Player/Windows Media)

News as of November 16, 2001
  • Steven and Joe on Z100
      They played the new JPP remix... Instead of the F'NA it was Right Away! All the Way! And Yoodle eh! They also put in "Hey DJ, play it anyway!" Cubby(the DJ) asked Steven to sing The Other Side, and he did...

      Steven got all his get wells from the fanclub and is doing something w/ them. I dunno what. Steven talked to Cubbys mom. There will be a picture of Steven/Joe/Cubby on the website.

  • Pictures from Aerosmith show at Cheap Trick's website
      There are 8 pics at, from when Cheap Trick's Rick Nielson jammed with Aerosmith on October 23rd. All taken by Mike Graham. Look for "Rick Jams With Pals Aerosmith - October 23, 2001."

  • Greensboro Reason?
      According to Chris of AeroFANatic, the event staffers at the Greensboro Coleseium booked 2 EVENTS for the 25th. One of the events is called "A Women's Revenge". The other was the Aerosmith show. Since "The Woman's Revenge" was booked first....Aero was Shit Out Of Luck.

      This is what the Coleseium themselves has said, so I'd bet it is close to the truth....

  • Joe Perry on Letterman?
      No, as those of you who watched noticed, Joe was not there. They didn't even mention that he was supose to be there.

News as of November 15, 2001
  • Steven has room named in his honor!
      Victory Programs has longtime been supported by Aerosmith. They now have added a room in Steven Tyler's Honor! The building is located at 965 Mass Ave.

      Per the Boston Globe.Com
      "The building's rehabilitation was paid for by public and private funds - including donations from the rock band Aerosmith. Its lead singer, Steven Tyler, a recovering drug addict and longtime Victory supporter, has a wing named in his honor."

  • Date for LA show
      Now the AF1 pop up says...

      Los Angeles, CA -at The Forum on January, 11, 2002

      Is it the 8th or the 11th?

News as of November 14, 2001
  • News from AF1
      Marti Frederiksen was in Boston over the weekend working on a new mix with Steven and Joe for Just Push Play.

  • Tour dates - more shows cancelled, and new dates added...
      Per the popup window at the AF1 website:

      3rd Leg Show Updates:

      A show for Los Angeles, CA -at The Forum on January, 8, 2002 has been added. Purchasing details will be available soon.

      Postponed Shows:

      The show originally scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2001 in Lexington, KY (Rupp Arena) has been postponed. At this time, we have no further information about the rescheduling of this show. Additional information will be posted as soon as it is available.

      The show originally scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2001 in Providence, RI (Duncan Donuts Center) has been postponed. At this time, we have no further information about the rescheduling of this show. Additional information will be posted as soon as it is available.

      Cancelled Shows:

      In the event of a cancelled show, it is not necessary for AF1 ticket holders to return the tickets to AeroForceOne.
      If you purchased tickets through AF1 you will automatically receive a refund in the amount of the cost of the tickets you purchased.

      The show originally scheduled for Saturday, October 27, 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena) has been officially cancelled.

      The show originally scheduled for Monday, October 29, 2001 in Toronto, CANADA (Air Canada Centre) has been officially cancelled.

      The show originally scheduled for Friday, November 2, 2001 in Dayton, OH (Nutter Center) has been officially cancelled.

      The show originally scheduled for Sunday, November 4, 2001 in Boston, MA (Fleet Center) has been officially cancelled.

      The show originally scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2001 in Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center) has been officially cancelled.

      The show originally scheduled for Sunday, November 25, 2001 in Greensboro, NC has been officially cancelled.

  • Tyler mention in Faith Hill interview
      There is a Steven Tyler mention in an interview with Faith Hill in the new Redbook magazine, a mention of her daughter liking him. It's on page 109 of the December 2001 redbook mag.

      RB: Would you encourage your girls along the same path?

      FH: [big sigh] I don’t know if I would or not. I guess Tim and I do encourage Gracie to some extent, because we say, “Hey, honey, sing that Aerosmith song again” and cheer her on when she performs for us. She really happens to be crazy for Steven Tyler.

      RB: Steven Tyler? Has Gracie met him or something?

      FH: No, she just digs the heck out of his music. She was attracted to that song “Jaded” before it was ever a big single. Kids just know; that’s your test. When I’m trying to find great material, I play it for the girls

News as of November 13, 2001
  • Just Push Play to be next single
      Aerosmith Truck Commercials Are Paying Off

      The first wave of Dodge Ram truck commercials featuring the Aerosmith song "Just Push Play" have been on TV for several weeks, and it's paying off. Due to fan request at radio stations for the song, the band's label, Columbia Records, is releasing "Just Push Play" as an official single. Sales of Aerosmith's latest album, also titled Just Push Play, are also up since the commercials hit the airwaves

  • Joe Perry not to appear on Letterman?
      Joe Perry was said to be sitting in with the band on tonight's the Late Show with David Letterman. Now, however, the guestlist on his webpage doesn't list Joe's name anymore.

  • New tour dates
      The following dates are now on the SFX site - sales date is the SFX sales date NOT AF1 (nothing on the AF1 site yet):

      1/5 Denver, on-sale 11/17
      1/7 Salt Lake City, on-sale 11/17
      1/9 San Jose, on-sale 11/18

  • Aerosmith Marathon on VH1
      I don't know the exact date, but the VH1 site mentions that they will be showing what they are calling an "Aerosmith Marathon" sometime in December. No further details were posted.

  • Why wasn't Sunshine performed at last night's concert?
      At last night's concert at MSG the band's latest single, Sunshine, wasn't even played. This surprised many of us, but our Aero-expert from the UK, Clive Newton, has an idea which seems quite likely:

      "This has a lot to do with it. Sunshine was dying on its feet. After 4 weeks of being released to radio, it still wasn't getting as much airplay on the radio as Jaded still is getting now. It's still only getting about 15% of the airplay FAFH did at its peak (and that went nowhere either - ie didn't make the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay charts).

      Billboard Hot 100 single data is made up of 80% airplay data and only 20% sales (if the single is released to the public).

      It dried up on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Charts as well recording 31, 24, 24, and last week 23."

  • Aerosmith on TRL
      Aerosmith were on TRL yesterday. No Aerosmith video though, not even a mention of the Sunshine video...

      Three fans participated in a contest to win a pair of tickets to MSG. The contest was who could do Tyler's trademark scream the best. Before the fans did their thing, Carson asked Steven to demonstrate.

      Steven stroked his throat and lifted the mic to his mouth...
      Joe: "All right, c'mon. Let's see if you can do this one, man."
      Steven: "Ya know, well actually I can't scream unless you play guitar, man. That's what gets me off. Give me a strum. A hum and a strum."
      Joe: "All right, how 'bout I play air cane? (since he had his cane with him, not a guitar) I'll play air cane for ya, all right? What do ya wanna hear?"
      *Joey cracks up*
      Steven: "Just strum it, baby."
      Joe: "Dude Looks Like A Lady or what?"
      *Joe plays air cane*
      Steven: *sings* "Bye bye baby blue..." *screams a nice high one!*

      The girl that won the tix did an impersonation for Baaaaaaaack in the saddle again.

      Steven also sang a bit of Misery on TRL as well!

News as of November 12, 2001
  • Aerosmith on TV

      Tune into TRL on Monday 3:30 - 5:00 PM to catch the band live. The band is also set to appear on the Carson Daly Radio Countdown show on Wednesday, 11/14 at 11:00 AM.

  • Tour to resume at MSG
      Per AF1 website the tour will resume at MSG. Someone from the AF1 boards met Joey tonight and he said yea they are starting up again at MSG

  • 2 Concert Grosses
      From Sludge....

      Aerosmith w/The Cult
      10/23/01 Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL
      12,036 people
      16,995 capacity
      70% full
      $716,725 gross

      Aerosmith w/The Cult
      10/25/01 Palace Of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, MI
      16,309 people
      16,309 capacity
      100% full
      $855,069 gross

News as of November 10, 2001
  • Joe Perry on Letterman
      Joe Perry will be sitting in with David Letterman's band on November 13th, on the Late Show with David Letterman.

  • Tyler with Pink on MTV
      On MTV's the Diary of Pink, Steven shows up a couple of times in the last 5 minutes of the show. When Pink goes to the benefit show, Tyler kisses her hello. Then a minute or so later you see them hugging and Pink introduces him to her parents. They show her father and the father says "We're her parents." Steven says "Wow the father and mother of Alicia," or whatever her real name is.

News as of November 9, 2001
  • Lexington postponed
      Per the AF1 site, the 11/10 show in Lexington has now been postponed. Look for the tour to resume the 12th at Madison Square Garden in NY...

  • Aerosmith on TRL Nov.12th
      "Sunshine" will premier on MTV's TRL at 3:30 on November 12th. As it premiers on Monday its first eligible day will be Tuesday. You can start voting Monday after TRL at

  • SPIN Magazine
      SPIN magazine with Incubus on the cover, there's an article about power ballads. Aerosmith's "Dream on" is mentioned. One pic of Steven(between some plants) and one of Joe(lain on a bed) - both from the old days. Everclear singer tells he got his first blowjob listening to Dream On and he's a big fan.

News as of November 7, 2001
  • Mick Jagger's album feat Joe Perry and Marti Frederiksen
      Mick Jagger's new album, called "Goddess In The Doorway", will be released on the label EMD/VIRGIN. Expected Release Date: November 20, 2001

      Mick Jagger: Goddess In The Doorway

      You can now hear a preview of this album, which as you may know features Joe Perry and Marti Frederiksen, at

      Mick on Joe Perry: "And Joe Perry played on a couple of tracks and I think it all helped."

      Joe's guitar playing is on two songs ("Everybody's Getting High" and "Too Far Gone"), while Marti Frederiksen is plastered on the whole album...

      Here's the track list:

      1. Visions Of Paradise. Produced by Marti Frederiksen and Mick Jagger
      (Rob Thomas - Backing Vocals, Kyle Cook - Guitar, Lenny Castro - Percussion, Matt Clifford - Piano/B3/Backing Vocals, Marti Frrederiksen - Guitar/Snare Loop/Backing Vocals)

      2. Joy. Produced by Matt Clifford and Mick Jagger.
      (Bono - Lead Vocals, Pete Townsend - Guitar, Ruby Turner - Backing Vocals, Matt Clifford - B3/Piano/Synthesizer/Backing Vocals)

      3. Dancing In The Starlight. Produced by Marti Frederiksen and Mick Jagger
      (Matt Clifford - Keyboard bass/B3/Rhodes/Backing Vocals, Marti Frederiksen -Acoustic Guitar/Guitar/Backing Vocals, Lenny Castro - Percussion, Ruby Turner - Backing Vocals)

      4. God Gave Me Everything. Produced by Lenny Kravitz.
      (Lenny Kravitz - Electric Guitars/Bass/Drums/Tambourine/Backing Vocals, Craig Ross - Acoustic 12 String Guitar).

      5. Hideaway. Produced by Wyclef Jean, Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis and Mick Jagger. Original Production - Matt Clifford
      (Wyclef Jean - Electric and Spanish Guitar, Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis - Bass, Ruby Turner - Backing Vocals)

      6. Don't Call Me Up. Produced by Marti Frederiksen and Mick Jagger.
      (Matt Clifford - Piano/B3, Marti Frederiksen - Guitar/Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals, Jim Keltner - Drums, Lenny Castro - Percussion)

      7. Goddess In The Doorway. Produced by Matt Clifford and Mick Jagger.
      (Matt Clifford - Mellotron Strings/Keyboards/Drum Programming).

      8. Lucky Day. Produced by Chris Potter, Mick Jagger and Matt Clifford.
      (Matt Clifford - B3/Mellotron Strings)

      9. Everybody's Getting High. Produced by Marti Frederiksen and Mick Jagger.
      (Matt Clifford - Piano/Keyboard Programming, Joe Perry - Guitar, Marti Frederiksen - Drums/Guitar, Ruby Turner - Backing Vocals, Kenny Aronoff - Indian Drum)

      10. Gun. Produced by Matt Clifford and Mick Jagger.
      (Pete Townsend - Guitar, Matt Clifford - Keyboards/Mellotron/Drum Programming)

      11. Too Far Gone. Produced by Marti Frederiksen and Mick Jagger
      (Matt Clifford - Piano/B3, Joe Perry - Guitar, Marti Frederiksen - Bass/Acoustic Guitar/Backing Vocals, Jim Keltner - Drums, Lenny Castro - Percussion)

      12. Brand New Set Of Rules. Produced by Chris Potter, Mick Jagger and Matt Clifford.
      (Matt Clifford - B3/Mellotron Strings/Backing Vocals, Elizabeth Jagger - Backing Vocals, Georgia May Jagger - Backing Vocals)

  • Philadelphia postponed
      Postponed Shows:

      The show originally scheduled for Thursday, November 8, 2001 in Philadelphia, PA (First Union Center) has been postponed. At this time, we have no further information about the rescheduling of this show.

  • Excerpt from an VH1 article..
      The publicist said there's no reason for undue concern from fans, and called Tyler's decision to stay off the stage for a few days "precautionary." The publicist added that the singer hasn't lost his voice, he simply wants to recharge his batteries so Aerosmith can continue to tour through January. The band currently has dates scheduled through December 17.

      Tyler has expressed some concern that the band's smoke machine, which was made for outdoor stadiums but was being used indoors, might have irritated his throat, the publicist said. Just to be safe, the band has switched to a more arena-friendly smoke device.

News as of November 6, 2001
  • Joe Perry on 94HJY
      Joe Perry did a telephone interview on a local station, 94HJY, with Jeff Charles. Perry said that Steven still is not feeling well with the bronchitis and how they too are disappointed about having to postpone shows. When asked if the smoke machine was the reason for Steven's illness Joe said something like he wasn't sure if that had everything to do with it but was a factor.

      When asked if the show in Providence would be rescheduled, Joe said that they were already working on that, but because this is the time of year for the civic center to have hockey games and some local functions they will most likely be back after the first of the year.

  • Philadelphia concert
      Rumor has it that Philly has also been postponed as well. I haven't seen it confirmed though, so take it for what it is.

News as of November 5, 2001
  • To be or not to be - the Just Push Play tour
      Some US radio stations has been quoted as saying that the entire tour has been cancelled. This is NOT a fact. The tour is still on, as nothing contradictory has been announced from any official sources!

      Several dates have been postponed (rather than cancelled) including the Boston show and the forthcoming Providence one. The support act, The Cult also quoted the tour is still on and waiting for Tyler to get better (they have been fixing up additional club gigs inbetween). It was also their view that they expect the Boston show to be rescheduled and wouldn't surprise me if they squeeze it in just before Xmas. The band are scheduled to be off the road for a couple of weeks over Xmas after the Cleveland gig restarting in Denver on Jan 5. Some lists have reported possible Houston and Las Vegas dates in late Dec which is just fantasy, according to Clive Newton.

  • More concerts not being played...
      Looks like tomorrow's concert in Providence is off, and the band MAY restart the tour on Thursday in Philly or Saturday in Lexington at the latest.

  • VH1 News
      This short article appeared in VH1 News

      Tyler On Tylenol Causes Aerosmith To Scrap Shows

      By Jon Wiederhorn

      Aerosmith, proving they're as much an American institution as Halloween or baseball, only canceled or postponed three shows after the terrorist attacks of September 11 before returning to the rock and roll highway.

      Since then, the band has played more than a dozen scheduled concerts without a hitch. But last weekend, the Aerosmith road machine suffered a temporary breakdown. Tired from touring almost nonstop since June, vocalist Steven Tyler fell ill and had to scrap a show in Pittsburgh at Mellon Arena on Saturday and another in Toronto at the Air Canada Centre on Monday, the band's publicist said. Aerosmith plan to resume the tour on Wednesday (October 31) in Montreal at the Molson Centre.

      Meanwhile, the band's upcoming Friday show has been moved from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, to the Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.

      Aerosmith have tour dates scheduled through December 17 at the Gund Arena in Cleveland, but the band hopes to extend the Just Push Play trek through the end of January, the publicist said.

  • Sunshine in Latin America
      Sunshine has started climbing on charts in Latin America. For example, it is #15 in Brazil and #17 in Argentina....

News as of November 4, 2001
  • Scenes From The Road

  • Rock and Roll Jeopardy
      In Rock and Roll Jeopardy on VH1, Aerosmith had their own category. They even had a daily double question!

  • Misery
      As a final note for the day I can mention that I've now gotten to hear the song "Misery" from Pink's new album. As you may know this track features Steven Tyler, and I can now assure everyone that what has been reported is true. It really is very much in the vein of Janis Joplin, and.. it sounds great!

      This is a ballad that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a Janis Joplin- or a Blue By Nature album (to name a band with a connection to Aerosmith). Tyler does a good job on the parts where he sings too. I highly reccomend everyone to check out this tune! I never thought I'd get to say that about a song by Pink...

News as of November 3, 2001
  • Los Angeles in January?
      KLOS announced during their "Rock Report" today:

      "Aerosmith is making plans to play Los Angeles in January."

  • Todays Boston Herald

      Aerosmith postpones Hub concert
      by Sarah Rodman

      Saturday, November 3, 2001

      Tomorrow's Aerosmith concert at the FleetCenter has been postponed.This is the third postponement this week - following Pittsburgh and Toronto - due to lead singer Steven Tyler's feeling under the weather, according to band publicist Dan Forman. Aerosmith has also canceled outright its show tonight in Dayton, Ohio.Forman said he expects the Boston show will be rescheduled, saying that a hometown appearance is a big priority for band members.Forman said Tyler's illness has not been fully diagnosed. Aerosmith's lead singer suspects the onstage smoke machines are to blame.Forman called the postponement precautionary, so Tyler could get well for the band's lengthy tour.Aerosmith has been pushing itself of late. Band members recently performed in Indiana the same day they participated in the United We Stand benefit concert in Washington, D.C., and they have been shooting commercials for Dodge to help boost the profile of the latest album, ``Just Push Play.''A spokesperson for the show's promoter, Clear Channel Communications, said the date is likely to be rescheduled and Sunday's tickets will probably be honored at the new date, which has yet to be determined.

News as of November 2, 2001
  • United We Stand on ABC
      ABC aired the full Aerosmith 4-song set! They come on at about 45 minutes into the show, and didn't stop until about 20-25 minutes later...

  • AF1 announcement on postponed and cancelled shows
      Seems the show in Dayton, OH scheduled for today has been cancelled and the show scheduled for November 4 in Boston, MA has been postponed. The following comes from the AF1 website:

      Postponed Shows:

      The show originally scheduled for Sunday, November 4, 2001 in Boston, MA (Fleet Center) has been postponed. At this time, we have no further information about the rescheduling of this show. Additional information will be posted as soon as it is available.

      Cancelled Shows:

      The show originally scheduled for Saturday, October 27, 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA (Mellon Arena) has been officially cancelled. If you purchased your tickets through AF1 you will receive a refund.

      The show originally scheduled for Monday, October 29, 2001 in Toronto, CANADA (Air Canada Centre) has been officially cancelled. If you purchased your tickets through AF1 you will receive a refund.

      The show originally scheduled for Friday, November 2, 2001 in Dayton, OH (Nutter Center) has been officially cancelled. If you purchased your tickets through AF1 you will receive a refund.

  • Boston Globe
      This story ran on page D1 of the Boston Globe on 11/1/2001. It explains how poor Steven got sick...

      The mouth still roars

      By Alex Beam, Globe Staff, 11/1/2001

      The Big Event in the Beam household occurred at 5:05 p.m. on Tuesday. The phone rang.

      ''Is Jacob there?''

      It was my close personal friend Steven Tyler calling.

      I'll forgive Tyler for calling me by my rarely used first name, just as I am sure he forgave me for telling his PR rep, ''I've never heard of Joe Perry.'' If Steven Tyler, heart and soul of the ur-Boston rock band Aerosmith, is God, Joe Perry, lead guitarist and cocreator of some of the band's most famous songs, is the archangel Michael.

      But I know who Joe Perry is now. Thanks to some carefully selected briefing materials provided by my 14-year-old son, the Rolling Stone cover story, the greatest-hits CD, the live-in-concert double CD, and the underperforming new album ''Just Push Play,'' I felt totally prepared to speak with Steven.

      So prepared that when he talked about revisiting the Honolulu concert hall, where Perry first picked out the lead riff to ''Walk This Way'' during a 1975 sound check, I could answer: ''Yeah.''

      If there was big news in Tyler's life, it would be headlined ''Smoke Gets in Your Lungs.'' Aerosmith had to cancel its two most recent concerts because Tyler developed bronchitis late last week in Detroit. ''We were using the same smoke machine indoors as we were outdoors to get the beams of light to look like laser beams,'' he explains. ''I wasn't thinking about what I've been breathing in for two hours. I went to the doctor, and he said, `Where are you working, in the coal mines?'

      ''I got a list of the chemicals that were in the smoke, and it's nothing but a giant disclaimer. At the end of 16 pages of chemical analysis, I read: `Old people, young people shouldn't breathe this for an extended period of time.' It was all vague, legal schmegal.''

      Yes, he has heard about the workers' compensation claims at the San Francisco Opera over the use of smoke machines. Yes, he is seeing a pulmonary specialist. Yes, he is drinking tea (an occasion for a good off-color joke about a TWA flight attendant serving tea). Yes, he is using his inhalers. And, yes, he and the band plan to be in top shape for Sunday's concert at the FleetCenter. ''You go out on tour, you get so [expletive] worldly, you forget how great it is to come home and play.''

      Aerosmith is halfway through an 18-month tour to promote ''Just Push Play.'' What's the vibe like out there, post-Sept. 11? (Yes, I actually asked this question.) ''Seventy percent of the people still want to rock, and 30 percent are afraid and don't come out. It's cut down on business. We were sold out all summer. Now, in front of an audience, I just congratulate them for getting out of the house.

      ''I try to keep the concerts positive. You have to stand at ground zero to experience the magnitude of the hot heaping helpings of hate that people have. I visited the ground zero at the Pentagon. It's humongous: the giant hole, the devastation. It's just terrible. They rocked America's world.''

      No au courant rock star lacks a World View, and Tyler has one, too. But to be fair to him, he unpacks his geopolitical bags only when asked, and he leavens his comments with a healthy portion of wry.

      ''After the Cold War, we could have had Genesis in Afghanistan. It was a perfect time to start over. We could have given them some schools. We could have fed them for a couple of years until they were back on their feet. Instead, we pulled out, and Russia came in and blew them apart. Bin Laden comes in and feeds them, and gives them a couple of roads - it's like feeding heroin to pigeons. They always come back to you.''

      Any other news? The band just finished shooting some Dodge commercials, which should start airing this month. Bassist Tom Hamilton remarks on the Aerosmith Web site that it is ''interesting having this giant corporate entity wanting to use deep rockers from the new album.'' Without apparent irony, Tyler - a foot soldier for Sony Music Entertainment - parrots this anti establishment line. ''We didn't want the ads to be too corporate. It's not about letting the conglomerate run your life.'' Then what is it about? ''It's about a Ram truck. An acronym would be `Ready, Aim, Meet me in the back seat.''' Do they say that on the ad? Uh, no.

      Tyler understands that the band will be dumped on for selling out to Dodge, just as they are being dumped on for the (comparatively) slow sales of ''Just Push Play.'' ''The record is what it is,'' he says. ''If I could go back, I would have written a couple of more songs like [the hit single] `Jaded.' All Sony was saying was, `Hey, give us the first single.' It's all a crapshoot. I love the album. What did Hunter Thompson say about the music business? `It is a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free.' That's my mantra.''

      Blatantly angling for good tickets, I mention that the only seats my son and I could score on the Ticketmaster Web site were behind the stage. Great! Tyler told me: ''You'll be closer than anybody else. Joe and I spend so much time up on the back ramps, we'll be right in front of you. We're going to swap spit.''

      I can hardly wait.

  • Today's Boston Herald

      Thinking globally, rockin' locally: Aerosmith's Perry says the guitar is a symbol of freedom
      by Dean Johnson

      Friday, November 2, 2001

      The rebel image has always been linked to rock 'n' roll. But since Sept. 11, Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry has been pleased to be a different kind of outlaw.``Once in a while we get the Herald on the road,'' said Perry, 51. ``So we read the recent Herald article that said the Taliban has banned all music, even the ethnic music of Afghanistan. The electric guitar must be a symbol of everything they hate. I'm proud to be playing it.''He'll be playing it for the band's shows with the Cult at the FleetCenter Sunday and the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence Tuesday.``Keith Richards once said the electric guitar tore down the Berlin Wall,'' he said. ``I see it even one step further. I see it as one of the most American icons to come out of the 20th century.``It has been the instrument of choice for troubadours and rebels this century. It symbolizes a lot of what we're about. . . . Woody (Guthrie), Willie (Nelson), Dylan, Slash . . . So now when we play, it becomes a celebration of what America is about.''Aerosmith has a ride at Disney World, has performed at halftime for the Super Bowland provided the soundtrack for the new Dodge truck TV campaign. Can a rock band be more mainstream - and American?That's Perry's intent, especially after Sept. 11. ``When we did our Washington, D.C., gig about 10 days after that,'' he said, ``I was fortunate enough to visit Ground Zero at the Pentagon with my family. I felt it was really important for us to see that and reinforce to us that it was all real and not just another event on TV.``We were shaking hands with dog handlers, firemen, policemen, everyone who was doing this heroic, horrendous work there. It was really moving for us.``It moved me to another place, not just as a citizen but as a performer,'' he said, ``that we are filling a need out there.''Part of that need will be Sunday's FleetCenter show. All proceeds will be donated to a to-be-determined charity to benefit children orphaned by the Sept. 11 events.``It just felt like a really good way to get our town to lend a helping hand,'' he said. ``This way, the fans can feel a part of it rather than just have us do something like write a check.'' He also expects Aerosmith to be part of a future USO tour. ``We've always had a standing offer to do that,'' Perry said. ``It goes back to gigs we did in Germany in the '70s when 80 percent of the audience were U.S. soldiers. Right now, we're just feeling out what's going on, but once they get a schedule, we'll be there.''The Pentagon visit was especially powerful for Perry because his family accompanied him. ``To actually be there and walk around and smell those smells and see it, I just thought it was something my kids,'' - Tony, 15, and Roman, 10 - ``could carry with them forever, and that's important.''Family and rock 'n' roll are two concepts that usually fit together like juggling and fine china. But Perry, with the inevitable mellowing that comes with age, has taken steps to make the two a more comfortable fit, and the Pentagon visit was a part of that.``We started home-schooling our kids last spring,'' Perry said. ``My wife, Billie, and I just got tired of saying goodbye every time September rolled around. We're just not cut out for that kind of life. She's an artist, and I didn't get into the business to be a suburban rock and roller. We just don't like living that way.``We decided that to keep the family together, home-schooling was the way to go. The kids' tutor travels with us. The kids get to see things they'd never see. Every day is Saturday.``It isn't for everybody,'' he admitted. ``And I understand my kids have to distance themselves from us at one level. They have to, it's the natural thing. But they love the life and they love the music . . . even if they wish we sounded more like Limp Bizkit.''Perry recently added fancy guitar licks to Mick Jagger's upcoming solo disc, a thrill for Perry even though he was never in the studio with the solo Stone.``It was an honor to play on the record,'' he said. ``I feel like I added something to it. You don't need the people in the room when you do it. It's about the song.''Perry doesn't have the same itch as Jagger to head out on his own or pursue a pipe-dream project. He said, ``I went through a period about 10 years ago where I felt, `God, am I missing out on something being on the road or in the studio all the time? I never learned to fly or . . .'``But after all is said and done, I really love this music and this business and just staying in it. I've come full circle now, and I don't feel like I'm missing anything. I don't have a driving need to go off and start a new career doing something else.''After nearly 30 years in the same band, Perry has learned the value of staying power.``It's become hip for young bands to like Aerosmith even if they don't sound like us at all, because we've shown them you can have a career,'' he said.``When we were coming up, after a few years bands broke up, their members died or they became horse farmers. But we've proven that if you love what you do, there's no reason why you can't keep making music.''

News as of November 1, 2001
  • Rolling Stone
      Aerosmith has a couple mentions in the new Rolling Stone this month. They are mentioned in an article about the increased security that's being used since the events of Sept. 11th. Steven is also mentioned in a section of the new releases-there is also a small picture of Steven with Pink in the studio.

  • Boston Herald
      This was in the Inside Track today:

      Patriotic Joe takes to the road
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa

      Thursday, November 1, 2001

      Aerosmith main man Steven Tyler may have been the one strutting around the stage with Old Glory on his coat but post-9/11, it's his best buddy, Joe Perry, who is out there waving the flag.

      ``It's a whole new world we're living in,'' said the awesome axman, who spent his entire professional life Livin' on the Edge. ``I mean, if on Sept. 11 an earthquake hit here, we'd know how to deal with it emotionally and spiritually. But this was an act of war. It hit home for all of us.''

      So a few days after the terrorist attacks, Perry and bandmate Brad Whitford, whose Just Push Play tour was slated to play near a Virginia Beach naval base on Sept. 11, packed up the families and instead headed to the Pentagon.

      ``We shook hands all day and watched this incredibly heroic work going on in the rubble,'' he said. ``The attacks hit home for all of us and I wanted my kids to see it.''

      But while the horrifying events of last month have sent Americans into ``nesting'' mode, Joe says he's been glad to be out on the road.

      ``Luckily, my family's been traveling with me and we've gotten to see a lot of America, which we think is important right now,'' he said.

      ``But I can see where people want to stay in one place to see familiar faces. I am looking forward to playing the Garden, sorry, the FleetCenter (on Sunday), Providence and New Hampshire, where I think we haven't played in 10 years.''

      In the meantime, fans can check out the band tonight when ABC airs a two-hour concert special ``United We Stand: What More Can I Give?'' taped at RFK Stadium Oct. 21.

      Aerosmith performed along with Michael Jackson, 'N Sync, the Backstreet Boys, Destiny's Child and Mariah Carey.

      Then there's the new Dodge commercial - actually a 30-second music video - that features the band and a truck.

      And we knew it was just a matter of time before VH1 tapped the Bad Boys for a ``Behind the Music'' episode. Which, if you ask us, will make Motley Crue's Motley saga look like a walk down Sesame Street!

      Check out local listings this spring. . . .

      And finally, Joe himself pops up in Nelly's ``No. 1'' rap video airing now on MTV.

      ``They called me up when we were in L.A. and asked if I could meet Nelly in the desert outside Vegas,'' said Joe. ``So I got myself to the desert.''

      Where Sunshine is always the order of the day!

  • Toronto cancelled
      Just a follow up to the Toronto Aerosmith show of Monday, October 29. According to

      The show originally schedule for Monday, October 29, 2001 in Toronto, CANADA (Air Canada Centre) has been officially canceled.

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