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News as of August 31, 2001
  • Joey Kramer in The Patriot Ledger

  • New CDs at CDnow
      The following new CDs are available at CDNow...

      Advance Orders:
      Fly Away From Here (listed "Fly Me Away From Here", which is how it is also misspelled on the sticker of the single)

      Now Shipping:
      Import CD - Janie's Got a Gun: Tribute to Aerosmith

      Also shipping now is the interview CD mentioned earlier.
      Interview 2001

  • New tour date
      The following date has been reported:

      12/15/01 8:00PM - Mark of the Quad Cities, Moline, IL

News as of August 30, 2001
  • Joe Perry in Nelly's new video "Number One"!?!
      According to, Joe Perry flew to Las Vegas on his day off. Not to gamble but to make a cameo in Nelly's new video "Number One". Joe spent Monday in the desert in 110 degree heat. The song is from the new Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke movie "Training Day". Look for the video in the next few weeks. The two struck up a friendship at the Superbowl and Nelly asked him to do it and Joe said "I'm there"

  • Billboard Update (from
      Just Push Play drops 19 spots this week, coming in at #156 with roughly 8,500 copies sold. It has been on the charts for 25 weeks, and to date has sold 1,036,523 copies.

  • Not so flattering Tyler mention in Blender mag
      Blender mag. has a Steven mention:

      "(11) pop stars who think they're sexy but aren't

      5. Steven Tyler : Sure, we hope to look as good as he does at his age. But how many of us will live to be 179?

  • Still no change of musical taste in Israel?
      I was just told Aerosmith's FAFH has now been the no.1 hit on the radio program "formal top 20 of israel" for three weeks in a row!

News as of August 28, 2001
  • Yahoo Awards and TNT's John Lennon Tribute
      From New York Daily News:

      Walk This Way — And That

      Speaking of contradictions, Aerosmith is supposed to perform in New York at the Yahoo! Internet Life magazine's Online Music Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom. It is also been reported that the supergroup will headline TNT's tribute to John Lennon at Radio City Music Hall.

      Problem is, both events are scheduled for the same night, Sept. 20, and not even Steven Tyler can be in two places at once.

      The easiest way out of this mess would be for the band to do neither engagement. And that's what may happen. A rep for the band told me yesterday that Aerosmith has sent its regrets to TNT. "As of now, they're doing Yahoo!" said the rep, who acknowledged that "new issues" have come up that might cause the band to back out of that commitment as well.

  • Upcoming Album Releases
      The Pause and Play website lists some interesting upcoming dates for Aerosmith albums. The aforementioned "Anthology", a 2 CD set is listed as streeting on November 13th.

      Also, the website has a October 2nd street date for "Permanent Vacation", "Pump" and "Get a Grip". Anyone know what this is all about? From the way it is listed my guess is that they will be released on vinyl again. Could this be? :)

      Aerosmith "Permanent Vacation" (1987 LP), "Pump" (1989 LP), "Get a Grip" (1993 LP) (Geffen/UME, Oct. 2)
      Aerosmith "Anthology" (2 CDs) (Geffen/UME, Nov. 13)

  • "Fly Away From Here" - UK Release Date
      According to "Classic Rock" magazine, the UK relase date for "Fly Away From Here" is September 10th

  • Review and pictures from the Phoenix show

  • Italian Web Chart
      During the entire month of July the video for Fly Away From Here was #1 on the Web Chart at the Italian MTV Site. The video is now at #11.

News as of August 27, 2001
  • KLOS interview with Joe Perry
      A KLOS interview with Joe aired right before 5:00 on Friday. Stuff that was said:

      He was asked about all the good looking women at the Aerosmith shows... Joe said he was a one woman man and that the groupie stuff was more of Steven's thing. He was also asked the usual "how do you rock now that you're sober?" question... Perry responded that it wasn't an issue for the band anymore, because it's been so long since they stopped using. He then talked about the Stones and his appearance on Mick's upcomming solo album. He also talked about set lists, that they change things from night to night based on crowd reaction and stuff.

News as of August 24, 2001
  • Type O Negative's Johnny Kelly on Joey Kramer
      In Metal Sludge's latest 20 Questions, with Type O Negative's Johnny Kelly, he says:

      5. Rate the following drummers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being somebody who rules.
      Peter Criss = He's the reason I wanted to play drums. So he gets an honorary 10.
      Rikki Rockett = I like his diary
      Bobby Blotzer = I hear that he's a good golfer
      Vinnie Paul = Fucking Amazing! Definite 10
      Charlie Benante = 9 - Nobody can do blast beats better than Charlie
      John Otto (Limp Bizkit) = 6 - Thanks for pointing out what band he's in. I wouldn't have kown who he was. Not a bad drummer but he just doesn't do anything for me.
      Lars Ulrich = 7 - When I was a teenager, I thought he was great. Very innovative back then. The last time I saw Metallica, he couldn't stay seated for a second.
      Mike Portnoy = 8
      Tommy Lee = 10 - I was 15 when I bought Shout At The Devil. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Besides John Bonham, Tommy Lee is my favorite drummer. I've robbed so many licks from him! When we toured with them in 94, I watched him play every night. It's too bad his personal life gets more attention than his playing & that he wants to be a rapper now.
      Joey Kramer = 8 - Old Aerosmith is incredible. Rocks is probably one of the best records of all time. He is one of the few people that knows where John Bonham is buried. (In case you were interested)

      Obviously this guy wouldn't know true talent if it punched him between his eyes (although, he was right on the Rocks thing :). How anyone can rate drummers like Peter Criss and Tommy Lee 10, while only giving Mike Portnoy and Joey Kramer 8 is way beyond me!

News as of August 23, 2001
  • Cover of SMOKE magazine
      For those having problems finding the "Summer 2001" issue of "Smoke" (info on this magazine was posted on this page on August 13th), this is what the mag you're looking for looks like.

      Tyler and Perry on the cover of Smoke

  • GREAT Interview with Tom Hamilton by Gerri Miller!
      Gerri Miller, who used to fill the pages of Metal Edge magazine with Aerosmith in the past, has made a 4 page online interview with Tom Hamilton. Check it out!

  • Fly Away From Here, still a hit in Israel
      Apparently Aerosmith's FAFH has now been the no.1 hit on the radio program "formal top 20 of israel" for two weeks in a row!

      The weekly top 20 hits (aka "Formal top 20") is a joint campaign of Israel's most successful radio station ("Galgalatz") and Israel's biggest daily newspaper ("Yediot Aharonot"). The listeners/readers call in every week to vote for the top 20 out of a list of 25 current hits.

  • Billboard Update (from
      Just Push Play drops 11 slots this week, to come in at #137 with just under 10,500 copies sold. Through 24 weeks on the charts, JPP has sold 1,027,833 copies.

  • One more tour date
      here's another date on SFX:

      10/17/2001 - Alerus Center, Grand Forks, ND
      On Sale 8/25/2001

News as of August 22, 2001
  • Aerosmith on the cover of SLAMM
      SLAMM: San Diego's Lifestyle & Music Magazine SLAMM: San Diego's Lifestyle & Music Magazine ( has Aerosmith on the cover of it's latest issue.

      The very interesting article from the magazine can be found at their website! It's a really great read!

      [direct link to the article]

      For this article, "Still Crazy After All These Years Aerosmith Ignore the Critics and Just Push Play" by John Colling, it seems they got to interview mr Whitford, which should be done way more often than it is! (Why does everyone only seem to care what Joe and Steven has to say?). This lead to some very good and honest answers. Here's a few excerpts from the article...

      On the subject of the Super Bowl XXXV halftime show:

      "We work for Satan, and he wanted their souls," said Tom Hamilton, famous for his dry wit.
      "It was a roll of the dice at best, but it worked out fine," Joe Perry told the Boston Globe.
      "To have a negative opinion about [the Super Bowl show] is so myopic, so easy, so musically correct," the typically outspoken Steven Tyler said in a recent Rolling Stone interview.
      So, how does guitarist Brad Whitford feel about all the fuss?
      “Well, we pretty much have the same viewpoint that you do,” he says by telephone, on his way to a Washington, D.C.-area stop on Aerosmith's current U.S. tour. “We spent a couple of days rehearsing with N*Sync and made new friends out of it, really. “It's funny, because music's become so pigeonholed in this country," he adds, “but those guys in N*Sync are really no different than us, in the sense that we all started out playing air guitar in our bedrooms, wanting to be in a good band. It’s how it goes -- they ended up in that band and we ended up in this band.”

      ... and on Tim Collins, and the power of money:

      "It was a horrible situation, really," Whitford says of the events that led to Collins' dimissal. " He was very much a 'divide and conquer' kind of guy, and he did some very 'not nice' things. I think with the power and the money that he had by being Aerosmith's manager, all of his worst traits, all of the worst things about him came to the surface. And he wasn't able to control himself." Now handled by Howard Kaufman, one of the most repected managers in the music business, Aerosmith, by their own account, remain proudly clean and sober.
      Today, disagreements still arise that have to be worked out, but the points of contention are more practical.
      "Now it's really about big business matters,” Whitford says. “And unfortunately, that has consquences. What is the old saying... 'power corrupts.' I certainly have more lawyers workin' for me than I would like. I guess (the relationships within the band) are pretty much status quo, like they've been all along. We don't spend much time together, other than when we're travelling and performing. When you get a little bit of free time, you're off seeing your old friends, and making new friends. That doesn't change."

      ... and on the Hall Of Fame induction:

      “I usually don't get nervous, but I got really nervous getting up on that stage,” Whitford says of the ceremony, at which the band received a glowing induction speech from long-time fan, Kid Rock.
      “There were all these luminaries in the audience. . . everybody from Keith Richards to, well, just everybody."

      ... and on the new album and "Selling Out":

      Taking matters into their own hands after years of come-and-go producers, this time Tyler and Perry twiddled the knobs and sliders themselves in Perry’s basement studio. "It's really about artistic freedom," Whitford says of the decision to self-produce the new CD. "We found that we were constantly 'duking it out,' fighting with whoever would come in as our producer. It was a lot looser this way, and I think (Tyler and Perry) could explore some of the stuff they weren't able to do in the past.
      “Plus, we're at the point, as musicians, where you just have to kinda let us go. I mean, we're all good players...let's just turn the tape on, ya know? It's like, you don't stop Joe Perry in the middle of a guitar solo and say, 'hey, that wasn't quite right.' You just don't do that."

      Of course, there are still some negative notices from pundits who've never gotten over the fact that the post-recovery Aerosmith is a whole lot more "pop oriented" than its rougher, pre-rehab self. By now it's a familiar criticism, one which rightfully frustrates Whitford and his bandmates.
      “What gets me about that is that I think it’s an ignorant viewpoint to complain about our music and say, ‘Oh, they're still doing corporate rock,’” he says. "I mean, we've been around for thirty years now -- we truly are a corporation. We're a gigantic musical entity.
      "I mean, what the fuck do they expect us to do? Are we supposed to do an album of really shitty songs to make them feel good?” he asks. “Sure, we go out of our way to try and do stuff that’ll be on the radio. But we do a little stuff for our own heads, too. [This album] is a good representation of Aerosmith. And that's the truth, because Aerosmith does write commercial pop and rock music. That's a fact -- big deal! We're in the business, and we're trying to be the best we can.”
      Whether Aerosmith, as a group, is at its best in the year 2001 is, of course, a matter of opinion. That Whitford and his bandmates can still connect with their concert audiences as efficiently as any act out there is, however, without question. “We were playing "Fly Away From Here" (the latest single from Just Push Play) night before last in Hershey, Pennsylvania," the guitarist recalls, “and got all the lighters in the place goin’. That's something you never get tired of.”

      Great article!! What are you waiting for? Head over to SLAMM's website and read the entire article!

  • VH1 top 20 countdown
      According to rockontv Aero will be on VH1 top 20 countdown(not on the countdown itself) but they always do things for tours and show bits of songs and interview the band.

  • Cheap Trick will only open 3 shows for Aerosmith
      Taken from the message board at :

      Contrary to what is circulating online, we are not going on "tour" with Aerosmith. We are only playing 3 dates with them and they are:
      10/9 - Vancouver,
      10/11 - Calgary,
      10/13 - Edmonton.
      We do not have venue information at this time. I just wanted to set the record straight since people are going online stating that we are on the whole tour in the fall and that is NOT TRUE.

  • Irvine show on TV
      The local channel 9 was at the show last night. They just showed a report from the concert on the 12 pm news, and showed parts of "Beyond Beautiful" and "Love In An Elevator". After the report, the female anchor said about Steven "He doesn't age, does he?"

News as of August 21, 2001
  • Aerosmith up for Visionary Video Award!
      The Visionary Video Award is presented at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. You can vote for Aerosmith's video (Jaded) at: Six other videos are up for the award.

      "As masters of technology and fashion create images that make our jaws drop and our heads spin, the video as art form keeps reaching new heights. The artists nominated for this year's award have consistently worked with directors who not only push, but explode that proverbial envelope. In the following Visionary Videos our favorite musicians defy space and time, face off with a jet plane, show us what a real party looks like, and flaunt some pretty bad-ass outfits."

  • Joey Kramer sighting / Joey to release a CD!!?
      A music student/Aerosmith fan in Hollywood California, Mike, was at a music store there called Guitar Center when he ran into the man who is the reason he play the drums...JOEY!!!! Mike was walking down the stairs from the drum dept. and Mr. Kramer was coming up. He was very cool and talked to him for a moment. His friend he was with told Mike that Joey has a CD of samples coming out at the end of the year. Cool! Joey was there buying a new snare drum....

  • News on the upcoming tour, according to
      Thus far, it looks like 2 of the openers for the next leg of the tour are Cheap Trick and the Cult.

      New tour dates are rolling in.

      10/9/01- Vancouver, BC---General Motors Place
      10/11/01- Calgary, AB---Pengrowth Saddledome
      10/13/01- Edmonton, ALB---Skyreach Centre
      10/15/01- Minneapolis, MN---Target Center

  • New "Aerosmith: Anthology" release!?
      Joe, who work at a record store in America, just told me that he was looking over the updated release sheet for the week and it said 10/23 "Aerosmith: Anthology." If anyone know what this release is, please do let me know! Thanks!

  • Aerosmith's Greatest Hits on VH1 Europe
      Yesterday night VH1 Europe aired "Aerosmith's Greatest Hits", and they showed these videos!

      Sweet Emotion 91'
      Livin' On The Edge
      Love In An Elevator
      Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
      Janie's Got a Gun

News as of August 20, 2001
  • Fly Away From Here, a no. 1 hit on radio in Israel!?
      Last week Fly Away From Here was number 1 on the "Formal Top 20 in Israel"

News as of August 19, 2001
  • Cheap Trick to open for Aerosmith!!?
      Seems like long-time Aerosmith friends will join Aerosmith on the road. Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick announced at their show in Chicago last night that they are touring with Aerosmith in the fall. Rick joked that Aerosmith would be the warm up band. He said that they had planned to get off the road in a few weeks but Aerosmith gave them an offer they couldn't refuse.

News as of August 18, 2001
  • Billboard Music Awards
      I was just told that "Jaded" has been nominated for Best Hard Rock Video at the Billboard Music Awards!

  • Bebe Buell article
      This was found at The New York Times' website:

      August 12, 2001

      Bebe Buell: Her Backstage Passes

      By LINDA LEE

      SHE'S a legend in her own book. That Abba musical "Mama Mia," about a girl with three potential dads, due to open in October? Bebe Buell already lived it, in 1977, when she had a baby girl with three potential dads: Todd Rundgren, the rocker she was living with; Steven Tyler, one of the rockers she had slept with; and Mick Jagger, who had not bedded her around the time she got pregnant but who teased her about being the real father.

      The baby grew up as Liv Rundgren but changed that to Liv Tyler on learning her true paternity and is now, of course, a movie star of 24.

      But this book, "Rebel Heart: An American Rock 'n' Roll Journey" (St. Martin's Press), is about Bebe.

      "The only thing I was certain about was that I could lure any man I wanted into my bed," she writes. "But I could not lure any man I wanted into a stable relationship."

      She tells of how Eileen Ford saw a test shot of her in 1972 and of how in quick order she became a model, a rock "muse," Miss November 1974 in Playboy, a mother, a punk rocker and finally Liv's manager.

      But mostly Ms. Buell's book is about the many liaisons she recalls with rock and movie stars, including David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Rod Stewart, Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty, and is loaded with pictures to prove it. Ms. Buell asserts that she was not a groupie. Rather, she calls herself a connoisseur of rock music, an inspiration for lyrics, a companion, someone who might accidentally snort heroin when she thought it was only cocaine but who kept her feet on the ground; except, that is, when she was in bed.

      On a blazing Tuesday night, Ms. Buell arrived for her publication party at Don Hill's, a SoHo rock club she says in her book is "the only place in New York I knew of that upheld some of the spirit of fabulousness" of Max's Kansas City.

      First out of her town car was her shaggy-haired fiancé, Jim Wallerstein, a guitarist in the Bebe Buell Band, followed by a huge bodyguard, then Ms. Buell, 48, who was dressed in an off-the-substantial-shoulder black gown by Ghost, strappy sandals and a necklace she hopes you think is made of diamonds.

      A camera team from "20/20" was waiting, along with assorted paparazzi, but the night became a gathering of old friends from the rock world like Hilly Kristal, founder of CBGB, the photographer Marcia Resnick ("I'm in the index," she said) and new friends from publishing.

      "I'm going to mingle-ingle," Ms. Buell announced.

      As the sound system played "Spill the wine and take that pearl," a fan handed her a huge box of Bazooka bubble gum. (After years of indulgence, she found the one drug she really needed, Zoloft, and gave up everything except Champagne.)

      "I'm going to get out of this dress soon, and get into multiple personalities," Ms. Buell promised a friend.

      She circled the room several times, asking Don Hill himself where the cool spots were. Literally. "I'm on a perpetual quest for air-conditioning," she said. Women of a certain age can sympathize.

      Jill Brooke, the editor of Avenue magazine, said, "You almost expect Cameron Crowe to be here." Twice. (His movie "Almost Famous," about a rock groupie, er, muse, is inspired in part by Ms. Buell.)

      Off Ms. Buell went to shuck her gown and put on tight black pants, a leopard thong and a long-sleeved black crop top, "so I can go crazy onstage," she said. She grabbed the mike stand, and Mr. Wallerstein adopted the perfect question mark pose with his guitar.

      "I knew she could rock," said one publishing executive, "but I didn't know she could rock." Well, yes, if your idea of a rock band is Stephen King and Amy Tan, then Bebe Buell rocks. Onstage, she suggests a mix of Debbie Harry and Mae West. She's a competent musician, competent in everything she has done.

      "Bring it down, boys," she said to her band, and then straddled the microphone stand and tore through her numbers, like "Normal Girl," "Cool" and "Money Machine," a song she dedicated to her publishers.

      Later, under the dripping pipes in the basement, she assessed her performance: "I think you get better at everything as you get older."

  • Check this...

News as of August 17, 2001
      MTV 20 - UNCENSORED is a book that is on shelves now. It sells for 40 bucks (hardly worth it) and has a bunch of Aerosmith pics. Next to Madonna, I think they are the most mentioned. Highlight: Former MTV reporter Tabitha Sorren talks about when she asked Steven if he was doing drugs in 1996. (Why does this keep comming up?) He offered to do a pee test right in front of her...

  • Follow-up to yesterday's post about the JPP left-overs...
      I've now been told that the interview mentioned was found at, and apparently it was originally from the April issue of the magazine "Rock Hard". The website is in Spanish but I've had it translated for me...

      The question is asked after Tom says that Just Push Play has been done with an incredibly big power of creativity, because after having changed their manager and record company, the boys creativity has been not so interrupted by the constant concerts they previously had to perform in. So, the result is that they made 18 GOOD songs for Just Push Play, and had to choose 12 of them. Then, the journalist asks to Tom what's up with those 6 songs left:

      "What happened with the other 6 which are not on the CD?

      We have already started to think about the next album, perhaps these songs will be the basis of our next work. Between the last two records alot of time passed, the next will come out alot sooner."

News as of August 16, 2001
  • Just Push Play left-overs to make it to the next album?
      I just got an e-mail from a person who told me that he read in an interview with Tom Hamilton that, there are 6 songs left from Just Push Play, so that "they won't make us wait so long for the release of the Next Album!

  • Sugababes influenced by Aerosmith?
      In this month's Sain magazine (Australian mag?) there is an interview with the British girl band 'Sugababes'. They were asked about their musical influences and they said that one of them is Aerosmith....

  • Billboard Update (from
      Just Push Play dropped 9 spots this week, coming in at #126 with just under 11,500 copies sold. After 23 weeks on the charts, JPP has sold 1,017,575 copies.

News as of August 15, 2001
  • Aerosmith in Metal Edge magazine!
      I was just told Aerosmith are featured on page 46 and 47 in the Metal Edge October 2001 issue. It's a really flattering two page review of the Hartford show with some cool pics. The author so eloquently calls the boys "the undisputed epitome of genuine American Rock 'N Roll". The issue has Powerman 5000 on the front.

  • Bid for front row tickets at / Video Countdown
      Aerosmith has donated 2 pairs of front row tickets to every show to VH1 for the Save The Music Foundation. You can goto the Fanclub For Aerosmith and bid on the tickets. Also Fly Away From Here is number 19 on the VH1 Video Countdown.

  • Article on Cyrinda...

      Steven Tyler's Ex Seriously Ill

      (08/06/01) -- Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler, Steven Tyler's first wife and mother of 22-year old daughter Mia Tyler, is seriously ill. Last March, she had a stroke and soon after was diagnosed with brain cancer.

      In 1997, she wrote a tell-all book about her life with Tyler titled, Dream On. Tyler was very unhappy about her book and even threatened to sue her when she planned to publish nude pictures of him when the book was going to be released.

      When Steven heard that his ex-wife was suffering, he was urged by his two daughters, Mia and Liv, to get in touch. "We had brunch at Balthazar (a New York restaurant), walked around SoHo, and did the usual Sunday stuff. It was a lot of fun with a lot of healing, " Cyrinda said. Tyler is now paying Cyrinda's medical bills and has her staying at an expensive New York hotel near the hospital where she is being treated.

      She has already had one operation, but the doctors have given Cyrinda a 50/50 chance of survival after she finishes chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

      Steven's ex had this to say about their reunion, "All I can say is thank you, but I don't recommend that people wait 20 years to make amends."

      In other related news, Aerosmith has cancelled their August 22nd show at the Verizon Ampitheater in Irvine, to shoot a new music video. The band will perform there as scheduled on August 20th, then at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion in San Bernardino on August 24th.

  • One date for the next leg of the tour!
      Some local paper has written that Aerosmith will be at the Mohegan Sun Casino on November 19th. The Mohegan Sun is located in a town called Uncasville, about 45 minutes from Hartford. They are building an arena for entertainment as well as sports and it will be finished soon. Aerosmith will probably be the performers for the "grand opening" for this arena. AF1 had nothing on this (is anyone surprised?), but it was in the paper.

      The Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut's pr department released show dates for their soon to be opening concert can look it up on their site to confirm. It was also printed in some Mass newspapers. 11/19/01 show is to be held there. Tickets on sale 09/22 through

      from the official site of Mohegan Sun casino:

      "Already one of the world's most amazing destinations, on September 25th, the first part of Mohegan Sun's one-billion-dollar expansion will be unveiled. ... Mohegan Sun's entertainment experience will become even more legendary with the new, 10,000-seat Mohegan Sun Arena, a 300-seat Cabaret, and the one of a kind, three-story, onyx and alabaster mountain, Wombi Rock, which will rise from the center of the Casino of the Sky and will literally light up the night with an array of special effects that will be seen throughout the casino.

      November 9th through the 11th, the stars twinkle above the Casino of the Sky from the world's largest planetarium while an array of world renowned musical stars will take center stage at the Cabaret and the Mohegan Sun Arena - and the existing Wolf Den.

      An equally impressive lineup from sporting events to comedians to musicians are scheduled through December including [...] and Aerosmith [...] in the Mohegan Sun Arena. "

News as of August 14, 2001
  • Teen Choice Awards
      Steven and Joe were at the Teen Choice 2001 Awards August 12, 2001 in Los Angeles. Aerosmith won Choice Rock Track for "Jaded." I guess they taped the show yesterday afternoon, and then they flew up to the concert. The awards show will be telecast on the FOX television network August 20.

      Pictures taken from

      Steven Tyler (L) and Joe Perry of the rock group Aerosmith pose as they arrive at the Teen Choice 2001 Awards August 12, 2001 in Los Angeles. The awards show will be telecast on the FOX television network August 20. REUTERS/Rose Prouser Steven Tyler (L) and Joe Perry of the rock group Aerosmith pose as they arrive at the Teen Choice 2001 Awards August 12, 2001 in Los Angeles. The awards show will be telecast on the FOX television network August 20. REUTERS/Rose Prouser

      Members of rock group 'Aerosmith' Steve Tyler, left, and Joe Perry arrive at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 in Universal City, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001. The group won Choice Rock Track for ''Jaded.'' (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson) Members of rock group 'Aerosmith' Steve Tyler, left, and Joe Perry arrive at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 in Universal City, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001. The group won Choice Rock Track for "Jaded." (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson)

      Singer Britney Spears, right, reaches to kiss Joe Perry of the rock group 'Aerosmith,' as lead singer Steven Tyler, left, looks on, at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 in Los Angeles, Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001. Aerosmith won Choice Rock Track for ''Jaded.'' (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson) Singer Britney Spears, right, reaches to kiss Joe Perry of the rock group 'Aerosmith,' as lead singer Steven Tyler, left, looks on, at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 in Los Angeles, Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001. Aerosmith won Choice Rock Track for "Jaded." (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson)

      Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 in Universal City, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001. (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson) Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler arrives at the Teen Choice Awards 2001 in Universal City, Calif., Sunday, Aug. 12, 2001. (AP Photo/Lucy Nicholson)

      Pictures taken from

      Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Steven Tyler and Joe Perry Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith with 3LW Steven Tyler


      Complete list of the Teen Choice Awards 2001 winners:

      CHOICE FEMALE ARTIST: Britney Spears
      CHOICE MALE ARTIST: Aaron Carter
      CHOICE ROCK GROUP: Blink 182
      CHOICE POP GROUP: Destiny's Child
      CHOICE R&B/ HIP HOP TRACK: "Let Me Blow Ya Mind" by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani
      CHOICE DANCE TRACK: "Play" by Jennifer Lopez
      CHOICE ROCK TRACK: "Jaded" by Aerosmith
      CHOICE LOVE SONG: "Angel" by Shaggy
      CHOICE ALBUM: Celebrity by NSYNC
      CHOICE SONG OF THE SUMMER: "Lady Marmalade" by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink
      CHOICE TV ACTRESS: Jessica Alba (Dark Angel)
      CHOICE TV REALITY SHOW: Total Request Live
      CHOICE TV DRAMA: 7th Heaven
      CHOICE LATE NIGHT SHOW: Saturday Night Live
      CHOICE TV ACTOR: Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek)
      CHOICE TV COMEDY: Friends
      CHOICE TV SIDEKICK: Sean Hayes (Will & Grace)
      CHOICE MOVIE COMEDY: Miss Congeniality
      CHOICE MOVIE DRAMA: Pearl Harbor
      CHOICE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER: Legally Blonde
      CHOICE MOVIE ACTOR: Ben Affleck (Pearl Harbor)
      CHOICE MOVIE ACTRESS: Julia Stiles (Save The Last Dance)
      CHOICE BREAKOUT PERFORMANCE: Kerry Washington (Save The Last Dance)
      CHOICE SLEAZEBAG: The Rock (The Mummy Returns)
      CHOICE FIGHT SCENE: Julia Stiles &; Bianca Lawson (Save The Last Dance)
      CHOICE WIPEOUTS: Sandra Bullock (Miss Congeniality)
      CHOICE CHEMISTRY: Tom Hanks & Wilson (Cast Away)
      CHOICE HISSY FIT: Jim Carrey (The Grinch Who Stole Christmas)
      Movie 2
      CHOICE FEMALE HOTTIE: Jennifer Lopez
      CHOICE MALE HOTTIE: Justin Timberlake
      CHOICE COMEDIAN: Adam Sandler
      CHOICE MODEL: Tyrese
      CHOICE MALE ATHLETE: Shaquille O'Neal

      -- Jason Gelman, New York and Sofia Fernandez, Los Angeles

  • Aerosmith to get a Behind The Music special on VH1! reports that VH1 has finally scheduled in the Aerosmith "Behind The Music" episode that we all have been waiting for.

      It is now slated to premiere Sunday night, November 25th.

  • AF1 members, visit this site!

  • The Yahoo Awards
      Pete, Aerosmith to Yahoo!
      August 14, 10 a.m. ET,

      Pete Townshend, Aerosmith, Widespread Panic and American Hi-Fi will perform at this year's Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards. The fourth-annual event will take place at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom on September 20th, where Townshend will contribute a rare solo performance as well as take home the Online Pioneer of the Year Award. The honor is given to an individual who has been at the "forefront of the music world's Internet Revolution."
      Townshend was an obvious choice for the award after releasing his six-album box set The Lifehouse Chronicles through his official e-commerce Web site,, last February. Previous Pioneer winners include David Bowie and Chuck D.

      The ceremony will also feature awards in categories including "Best Official Site," "Best Overall Music Site" and "Best Album First Released Online." Nominees in all categories have yet to be finalized but will be featured in Yahoo! Internet Life magazine's October issue.

  • E! News Daily
      E! news Daily featured Steven and Joe at the Teen Choice Awards, and they showed Steven and Joe for a few seconds, and Steven commented on Liv being engaged.

  • Access Hollywood
      They showed a clip of Steven responding to the Jennifer Aniston "item". They do repeat Access Hollywood in some areas, so it's worth a check.

News as of August 13, 2001
  • Article from SMOKE magazine
      Smoke Magazine features Steven and Joe (after the filming of FAFH) on the cover of their summer 2001 issue. It is a magazine all about cigars basically, and the article is called "Blowing Smoke with Aerosmith". Most of it is about Steven's and Joe's cigar preferences, but there is a bit about their recent successes. The article is 6 pages long and there are a couple of nice pics.

      Blowing Smoke

      by Gene Santoro
      Rock & Roll's reigning duo reveals the intimacies of their love affair with cigars.

      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler can't stand what most people do with cigars. "I watch people smoke - people that buy the best Cuban cigars - and they take in the smoke and blow it out of their mouths," says the irrepressible, quick-talking 53-year-old singer and songwriter, who chewed Red Man and smoked corn silk as a teen. "I'm a different kind of smoker. I take the smoke in my mouth and blow it out my nose. That way I eat the cigar, I taste the cigar. 'Know what I mean? If you ate dinner and plugged your nose up, what would you be tasting? That beautiful flavor is missing. I like to become the cigar. It's like the circular breathing that horn players do, without the smoke going into your lungs."

      Nor is it gonna shock anyone who knows Aerosmith's history to find out that for both Tyler and Joe Perry, the band's 50-year-old guitarist and songwriter, the Lars Tetens torpedo known as Grass is a favorite smoke. "It' s amazing how much it smells like the real thing," says Perry, the other half of the former "Toxic Twins," as he and Tyler were dubbed when their group was deep into a years-long rampage of substance abuse. "But that," quips Tyler, "was the '70s. Enough about that."

      Lars Tetens and Steven Tyler
      In the summer of 1970, Tyler was hanging at a New Hampshire resort his family owned, and Perry was working in an ice cream parlor in nearby Sunapee. The two Italian-American kids hooked up in a Cream-type power trio, which grew into Aerosmith. (They decided, says Tyler, not to call themselves The Hookers.) After wowing Boston teens, they played Max's Kansas City in New York, where legendary label head Clive Davis signed them to Columbia in 1972. Their first record didn't make much of a splash - critics usually compared them, unfavorably, to the Rolling Stones, partly because Tyler's big-lipped onstage prancing and shtick with Perry reminded them of Jagger-Richards. So the quintet hit the road hard, playing little towns and dives to build a cult via by their stage show; three years after they released it, "Dream On" hit the top 10. By the time they did Toys In The Attic in 1976, featuring their original proto-rap-metal take of "Walk This Way," they were stars.

      They were also riding a self-destructive spiral of drug and alcohol consumption that nearly ended both Aerosmith and their lives. By 1980, Perry split; he spent the next few years living off his girlfriend's largesse while trying to make his own mark. Tyler got an allowance of $20 a day from his manager as he descended further into cocaine and drunken binges with an increasingly muddled, personnel-churning band. As they fell in and out of rehab, banks repo-ed their homes, drug dealers threatened them, the IRS dug into them.

      Enter Tim Collins and Rick Rubin. Collins, who took over their management in the early 1980s, extricated the band from a mountain of legal and personal hassles and got them a deal with Geffen Records. Rubin, a record producer hip to the way New York rap DJs were mixing old Aerosmith discs, convinced the Toxic Twins to cut "Walk This Way" again with his clients, Run-DMC in 1986. "That," says Tyler, "was crucial for the rebirth of the band, the very tail-end of getting high." By then, he was an alcoholic addicted to cocaine, Valium, methadone, and Xanax. Collins and his now-detoxified bandmates confronted him; after 45 days of rehab, he came out clean. Aerosmith shifted into high commercial gear; to date, they've sold 100 million albums worldwide.

      Fast forward to 2001, where Aerosmith started the year with a triple play. First, the band copped the International Artist Award at the American Music Awards in early January-an award given only five times in 28 years. Next was the Super Bowl, where 80-plus million viewers saw their halftime medley of "Jaded" and "Walk This Way" (as well as Britney Spears wearing an Aerosmith T-shirt). March brought induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

      Now it's May, and this "dinosaur" band is gearing up for a world tour behind their latest best-selling album, Just Push Play, with the hit single "Jaded." Says Tyler, "Last week, we were launching the tour, designing the stage, deciding whether or not to buy these giant screens for arenas, figuring out whether we want to sing 'America the Beautiful' at the Indy 500 - we do more per day now than any one of us did in a year for most of the 70s."

      And cigars are always with them. During the first days of tour rehearsals, Perry gripes good-naturedly, "Everybody smoked my Cubans, and emptied my stash three times." It's actually been over the last decade, according to Perry, that he and Tyler have gotten into cigars. Good Cubans, starting with Macanudos. Whenever he lit one, Perry says, he remembered how his grandmother threw his grandfather out of the house to smoke his White Owls-" back when they were Cuban." Like countless other kids, he used to wear the cigar bands his grandfather gave him as rings....

      Want more? For the remainder of this article, including more pictures and an in-depth interview, subscribe now - or pick up a copy of SMOKE Magazine at a Tobacconist near you!

News as of August 12, 2001
  • Article from
      From the Sunday Times Magazine...

      It's only rock'n'roll, but Dorinda McCann likes it after her encounter with Steven Tyler and Aerosmith, the veteran American hell-raisers who turned excess into success
      Photographs by George Lange



      I had never been to a rock concert. There was little danger that the Beatles would be booked into Pentre-cwrt's village hall, a corrugated-iron affair whose only famous visitor was Santa once a year, when he gave us a Bunty annual and an orange. The nearest I got to any 'famous' band was when I was 14 and a lad called Gareth asked me to a dance 20 miles away, to see Mike Sheridan and the Night Riders. I didn't fancy Gareth overmuch, as he had a face full of spots, although he did have really pointy winkle-pickers. I asked my father if I could go but he refused, saying that if I dared he'd 'Mike Sheridan' me. Because I was motherless, my father was overprotective and was always warning me that if I wasn't careful I'd end up in News of the World, and not for my writing ability.

      Dare I did, though. Telling Dad I was going to the pictures, off I sped in Gareth's dad's A30, racing along at 25 miles an hour on the road to hell and New Quay. The band were dressed like the Dave Clark Five and sang Gladys All Over, which I found screamingly funny, and I came away with an autographed photo that I hid under my pillow. That was the last I heard of them, and the last I saw of Gareth, who turned into an octopus on the way home.

      Thirty-six years later, I went off to the United States to meet Aerosmith, the American equivalent to our Rolling Stones, who have been together for 31 years. I was apprehensive: I'm very much a Classic FM fan, and all I had read about the band, nearly all in their 50s, focused on their earlier booze and drug abuse. The lead singer, Steven Tyler, and the lead guitarist, Joe Perry, were called the Toxic Twins: both former addicts, they had even snorted cocaine on stage.

      The lead singer, Steven Tyler, and the lead guitarist, Joe Perry, were called the Toxic Twins
      I travelled to Boston, the band's home town, where they were playing two concerts of their 48-city summer tour at the Tweeter Center, an open-air venue for 20,000 people. Backstage the scene was amazing. A building the size of a small aeroplane hangar housed the huge amplifiers and everything needed for the show. Dozens of people swarmed around, pushing trolleys laden with food and drink, and a chef stood at a barbecue cooking hundreds of steaks. The security was at least equal to a royal tour. I was given a laminated tag to hang around my neck, which was constantly checked by different people.

      Behind a guarded fence was a wooden pavilion where only the band and their families were allowed. Beautiful women and children of all ages started to arrive, kissing and hugging each other with genuine affection, no pretentious air kisses. It seemed one big, extended family. There was an old man too, dressed incongruously in a white shirt and beige slacks, who I learnt was Steven Tyler's father. Tyler's arrival caused a big stir. Although 53, he looked young and energetic as he joined Perry, rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford, bass guitarist Tom Hamilton and the drummer Joey Kramer in the car park to sign autographs and have photos taken with 100 or so rapturous fans who had won a contest. One young woman was even crying. They filed up, a little overawed, teenagers and middle-aged. I got talking to a huge man who said he'd been to 35 Aerosmith concerts. Now 41, he had followed them since he was a child. 'As a kid,' he said, 'my parents split and this group held me together, they were the only constant in my life, I could rely on them to be there, you know?'His eyes filled with tears, as did mine, for the pain he clearly still felt. Another man from Florida had spent almost $1,000 to get here and buy tickets for both shows. Rolling up his sleeve, he showed me his Aerosmith tattoo. Dedication indeed.

      Everyone was buzzing. I had no idea what to expect but it was nice to just drink in the atmosphere. Then the excitement became palpable. All went black, there was a deafening cheer, and lights flashed red, pink, orange and purple, revealing Tyler twirling the mike like a baton. His voice is amazing, hitting notes that I thought would have taxed Maria Callas. Joe Perry, sexy in a shiny, unbuttoned black jacket, held the guitar with such grace that it seemed part of him. His playing could sound as sweet as a choirboy, then as grating as fingernails on a blackboard. The music was vibrant, almost tribal, and I cried like a teenager. I couldn't help but feel I had missed out on a lot when I was young. At 17, when I should have been going to concerts, I was married with a baby, thanks to a belief that you had to have sex loads before you got pregnant.

      Aerosmith played and moved with boundless energy for almost two hours. I wondered how they did it, as I was exhausted just watching. Tyler even swung out on a rope into the crowd at one point. Their new single, Fly Away from Here, out here next month, is a powerful melody that I loved. I came away from my first rock gig blissfully happy but totally deaf, as my ears had never heard such noise, not even from my son's bedroom. Walking out into the warm night, I thought that I should have been more tolerant of his music and tried to understand it instead of dismissing it.

      Next morning the circus was in full swing, with busy people getting ready to do the show all over again, while the band gave an impromptu concert for some fans they had heard were unhappy with the new Aerosmith fan club. 'We f***ed up,' said Tyler over the mike, and that was the only swear word I heard any of them use, which surprised me as every interview has each sentence peppered with language strong enough to burn the varnish off a pew. One woman, in a skintight, silver-sequinned affair more suited to clubbing in Ibiza than an afternoon in Boston, stood at the front of the crowd, flicking her hair and adjusting her top every few seconds, obviously worried in case her cleavage had slipped half an inch from her earlobes.

      After hanging around for a couple of hours with just the occasional glimpse of a band member, I finally spoke to Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry at lunch. Hamilton is boyish, with blond hair falling into his eyes, and looks 10 years younger than he is. When I asked what kept his feet on the ground in the midst of all the fame and adoration, he didn't hesitate. 'My wife. We've been together since the beginning, and she's not taken in by the fluffy, shallow ego gratification. I'm used to room service and eating and just getting up and leaving - I can't get away with that at home.' She was impressed by none of it, so was 'a constant reality check'. Originally he'd applied to go to acting college. 'Then again, I've been in another sort of drama for 30 years. It occurred to me that when the band was honoured in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently that in hundreds of years' time, Aerosmith will still be there.' So will that be immortality for him? 'Only if I'm alive to see it.'

      Perry is as dark as Hamilton is fair. Jet-black hair, shirt open to the waist, deeply tanned, toned chest covered in necklaces and chains, one bearing a gold signet ring with a huge red stone. He is a strikingly handsome man of about my age, but also looks years younger, which I felt was slightly unfair, as unless you count an aspirin in a glass of cola I've been drug-free all my life. I asked when he realised that he was really famous. 'It was a gradual thing, but when we made our first record, and the manager came in with a wad of dollars, that was pretty exciting, because after years of work it had finally paid off.' With their first No 1 hit in 1998, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing, off the soundtrack to the film Armageddon, the fame reached a higher level and now, whether or not people liked their music, everyone knew who they were.How awful that must be. I couldn't think of anything worse than going around Tesco's with people pointing and looking in my trolley to see what I'd bought.

      I sat on the grass in the sweltering heat, waiting to meet Steven Tyler, smoking endless cigarettes and listening to Mike, the limo driver, talk about his marital problems. He at least was enjoying the day. Another band was practising, and a jay in a nearby tree was trying unsuccessfully to compete. I was struck by the absurdity of it all: dozens of people wandering around looking terribly important, all that security and enough food to feed a small Third World country. Finally the call came. I was so fed up by now that any nervousness I had felt earlier had completely disappeared. To use one of their hits, Jaded about summed me up after hanging around for so many hours. Tyler shook my hand firmly (a good start, I hate a hand that feels like a limp lettuce) and sat next to me. In jeans and T-shirt, tanned and unlined, he is very charismatic, with the body of a teenager and that indefinable quality that makes a star out of a celebrity. He is not conventionally handsome, but attractive because of his animation. His eyes seemed thoughtful and honest, though I would have been happier if he hadn't worn shades. I would hate to look at the world through tinted glass all the time: like looking through coloured sweet papers as a child.

      "Everything you see with pot, you hear in Debussy sober"
      His father, Victor, studied piano at the prestigious Juillard School and met Steven's mother when he was a band leader during the war. Steven and his sister, Lynda, now a teacher, were brought up listening to classical music, so he 'heard beautiful chords that I didn't know what to do with' until he got together with Aerosmith. His parents didn't discourage his music, although they wanted him to have some education to fall back on. He's very interested in conservation, and likes animals. 'I have nine chickens and a turkey back home. Eight chickens,' he corrected himself. 'A fox got one the other day.'

      He and his second wife, Teresa, have a young daughter and son, Chelsea and Tai, and he has two adult daughters: Mia, 21, a model, and of course, the actress Liv Tyler, 24. Though Liv didn't know he was her father until she was 11, they are very close now, and there is no denying the likeness. Tyler grew up in New York City's Bronx, but spent summer in New Hampshire with the Italian side of his family, who bought 300 acres there during the 1940s. It was this mix of city and country that gave him his balance. I've always wondered where I get my imbalance from. It must be from being purely country. He is a spiritual person, which may shock some of his hardcore, hard-living fans. 'I meditate every morning; Ôbreathing' does wonders,' he said. 'When you don't think there is anything because you've been fooled by this or that belief system, you just have to listen to the voice inside you, or the wind in the trees. We have this thing inside us that separates us from the animals, the ability to reason - what a gift.'

      Expecting his musical heroes to be the Beatles or the Stones, I was surprised when he named Debussy, and hummed a few bars of Claire de Lune. 'When I started smoking pot, I realised that everything you see with pot you can hear in Debussy sober, and everything you experience on an acid trip, I can hear in Joe's guitar when he plays the end of Sweet Emotion [one of their biggest hits]. You know, sometimes people reflect who I am because of a song that got inside them and changed something for them. I don't care if it's some soppy-assed ballad, I'm a sucker for a good melody.'

      He smiles a lot, with a mouth even bigger than Mick Jagger's. Someone had been doing research on me too. 'Someone said you used to be a chambermaid, right?'he asked. 'I had a job from 16 until I was 22 scrubbing pans. My parents had some cabins so I would make beds and sweep floors and change towels. I've seen that side of life.' Time was running out, so I asked how this man famed for excess would like to be remembered. 'Mercy me,' he said thoughtfully, twisting a diamond bracelet that could have paid off my mortgage. 'For my unbridled enthusiasm for things, the way I've come through the addiction of booze and drugs in the old days and the way I juggle family and the band. I'd like to be remembered as someone who burnt the candle at both ends, held it until the stub burnt his fingers, dropped it but picked it up again and somehow, it's still burning. And as someone who lived for a good song.'

      Steven Tyler asked my name again, kissed me on the cheek, and left. I realised I'd left my autographed photos in his dressing room and turned to go back in. I was stopped by a huge, miserable man with all the charm of a lump hammer. I explained what had happened. He got on his radio and called for someone, who called for someone else, who in turn... I was just feet away from the dressing room and there were loads of minions walking in and out, so why one of them couldn't just pick them up from the sofa I do not know. I stood for 15 minutes getting crosser and crosser: it was just so over the top and childish.

      In interviews, Aerosmith had sounded foul-mouthed, hard-as-nails hell-raisers who didn't give a damn about anything except rock'n'roll and sex. I don't know if that is the image they wished to create or whether over the years it's been done for them. I found them intelligent, ordinary people who, in spite of or because of their past, are deep-thinking individuals - but then again, most people are by their age if they were given anything to think with in the first place. Tyler and Perry endorsed my belief that regardless of your status in life, if you are genuine to begin with it doesn't matter how many years you spend distorting reality with drugs, booze or money, the real you will eventually shine through. It's what they are, not who they are, that impresses me and whether or not, you like Aerosmith's music, their talent is undeniable.

      I'm sold on this band. I may be more of a rock broiler than rock chick, but when they tour Britain in spring, I hope to be there, in my Aerosmith T-shirt. I may be too old to get a tattoo but you're never too old to try something new, and if you can go from chambermaid to journalist, the rest is easy. Debussy to Aerosmith? Why not? They tell me you're never too old to rock'n'roll.

News as of August 10, 2001
  • Scenes From The Road
      There are new pics in the Scenes From the Road section of the official Aerosmith Website, from a tour at Dodge and the 7/13 show from Detroit, MI. The pictures features...

      ..Steven and Tom check out concept cars at Dodge
      ..Joe on the Dodge tour
      ..Tom and Joey look at a Viper
      ..Kid Rock, Steven, and Pamela Anderson backstage
      ..Steven and Kid Rock on stage
      ..Steven and Kid Rock

News as of August 9, 2001
  • 2001 Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards
      Aerosmith, the Who's Pete Townshend, American Hi-Fi, and Widespread Panic are confirmed to perform at the 2001 Yahoo! Internet Life Online Music Awards, set for Sept. 20 at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom

  • Walk This Way in top 100 guitar solos... (name of the mag)
      The other day when I posted about the guitar solos thing, I hadn't been told the name of the guitar mag. Well, here it is.

      Guitar World has out a collectors edition called "Guitar Legends." and as I already reported Joe got number 72 with "Walk this Way."

  • AeroFANatic Billboard Update
      Just Push Play tumbles down 23 slots this week to come in at #117 with just over 12,500 copies sold.

      The off week killed sales. This mid tour break was supposed to come at a perfect time; Fly Away From Here peaking on the charts and selling many copies of JPP. But unfortunately that didn't happen and this break really hurt album sales this week and past week. On the positive side, JPP cracked the million mark in actual sales this week. So far thru 22 weeks, JPP has sold 1,006,321 copies. Roughly half of what Nine Lives has 4 years.

  • Bebe Buell on Howard Stern
      For those who missed it, Howard basically threw questions at her faster than she could answer them, but the gist of the "Steven" content is she thinks he is an incredibly sweet, well endowed (of course Howard went down the list of guys she'd been with asking who was large and who wasn't.) "Italian" (somehow Howard didn't know that Steven is Italian.) who is still one of her biggest supporters. And, she said she thought Teresa is a "goddess" for being able to put up with him. ;) She also said that Steven has a "big, Asian-sized ego".

      For those in the NYC area, she's doing a book signing tonight at Barnes & Noble in Chelsea (22nd & 6th)

News as of August 8, 2001
  • Sunshine? Wasn't the next video supposed to be...?
      It is known that the band planned to release Just Push Play as the 3rd single. Steven even talked in the Detroit interview about the video. So why did Yahoo news write: "...allow the band to shoot a video for its next single, believed to be Sunshine..."? Clive Newton, who all should know by now is an expert when it comes to all things Aerosmith, has said:

      "There was a change of plans with FAFH flopping. JPP they planned to release maybe in Dec 2001 but that was the plans back in March and JPP track didn't do a great deal on the airplay charts. Sunshine will be the next single according to people who spoke with the band during the last few dates in the 1st leg. Expect it sometime in Sept if shooting a video in LA in late Aug."

  • Tour and Video News, as first posted at has posted that Aerosmith will make a second run thru the USA from October to December playing indoor venues, then off to Japan in January. Also, the next video from JPP, Sunshine, will be shot on August 22nd in CA, and will make it's debut sometime in late Sept, early Oct.

  • Aerosmith to appear at the Teen Choice Awards
      Not sure if this show is live or taped but the band is playing Irvine that night...

      Teen Choice Awards on Fox Monday, August 20th 8:00pm ET
      Pop superstars and brothers Nick and Aaron Carter will perform together. Other performers include Usher, Shaggy and Eve, featuring Gwen Stefani. Other musical artists scheduled to appear include Blink 182, Aerosmith, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Destiny's Child, Sisqo, Pink, Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, Dream, Eden's Crush, Tyrese, Lil' Bow Wow and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez.

  • People Extra
      In this weeks edition of "People Extra" there was a full page picture of Steven and Joe. The entire mag was showing celebs from MTV's first twenty years. I believe the pic was from when they performed Love in an Elevator live at the VMAs.

  • Walk This Way in top 100 guitar solos...
      Also, in a guitar magazine (the person who told me about this forgot the name), it had a list of the top 100 guitar solos ever. The cover has Jimmy Page on it. Joe got number 72 with "Walk This Way."

  • Bebe Buell song available for download at!

  • Newsweek
      There's an article on Bebe Buell's new book in this week's issue of Newsweek with a small pic of Buell and Steven.

  • The Church of Today tape
      Steven's appearance at the Church of Today on July 15th is apparently possible to get on tape. The church taped the service and sells them at:

      a girl who bought a tape of it says that Steven's renditions of "Lean on Me" and "Amazing Grace" were beyond incredible! The soul and spirit he put into these songs were like nothing she has ever seen him do and she has seen Aerosmith live 13 times. "Amazing Grace" in particular gave her cold chills, it was so well done. She says this tape is Priceless

News as of August 7, 2001
  • Aerosmith Cancels Show To Shoot New Video
      From Yahoo News:

      Aerosmith Cancels Show To Shoot New Video
      (8/7/01, 1 p.m. ET) -- Aerosmith has canceled one of two shows set for later this month at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in Irvine, California. The August 22 date was set aside to allow the band to shoot a video for its next single, believed to be "Sunshine," while in the Los Angeles vicinity. The other L.A.-area shows--August 20 in Irvine, and August 24 in Devore at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion--will go as scheduled.
      Aerosmith has shown the ability to connect with many generations of music fans. Guitarist Joe Perry told LAUNCH that videos are a large part of the group's mass appeal. "We've been fortunate enough to have some really good video directors around us, I think. They call it the MTV generation. Because of the MTV mentality of the visuals, and being able to embrace that instead of reject it, has been a real strength for us," he said. "I think to be able to come out with some of these videos, and have just been lucky to have them work and have some good songs, we've been able to bring in another generation."

      -- Darren Davis and Bruce Simon, New York

  • It seems to be official - the 22nd show is cancelled
      This comes from Fans Rule:

      The Aerosmith Show on August 22 (Irvine, CA (Verizon)) has been cancelled. Please contact me at your earliest convenience to reassign your tickets for either the 8/20 show (Irvine) or the 8/24 show (San Bernardino). You can contact me at (978)453-4603 x. 13. If you do not reach me please leave a phone number where I can reach you.

News as of August 6, 2001
  • Aerosmith to take part in John Lennon tribute!?

      According to gossip columnist Mitchell Fink, an all-star line-up is forming for TNT's "All-Star Tribute to John Lennon," which is scheduled for taping on Sept. 20 at Radio City Music Hall. Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono, is working with producer Ken Ehrlich to firm up the talent roster, but Fink said he's been told that Aerosmith will be on the bill. Ono spokesman Elliott Mintz didn't confirm any names but said the concert will bring together "the newer and younger artists who can best contemporize John's music." Part of the proceeds from the event will be donated to various gun-control organizations.

  • Bebe's book, and pic in US magazine
      Rebel Heart : An American Rock 'N' Roll Journey You can now get your copy of Bebe Buell's book, "Rebel Heart : An American Rock 'N' Roll Journey", from Amazon.

      [Click here to get Rebel Heart at Amazon!]

      And for those of you interested, there is a picture of Steven and Liv with an inset of BeBe's book cover in this week's US magazine.

      Here's some info on the book from Amazon:

      Rebel Heart : An American Rock 'N' Roll Journey
      by Bebe Buell, Victor Bockris (Contributor)

      List Price: $24.95
      Our Price: $17.46
      You Save: $7.49 (30%)

      Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

      Hardcover - 320 pages 1st edition (August 2001)
      St Martins Pr (Trade); ISBN: 0312266944 ;
      Dimensions (in inches): 1.28 x 9.59 x 6.43

      Editorial Reviews
      From Library Journal

      When rock took its first giant steps in the mid-1960s, there was Pamela Des Barres (I'm with the Band: Confessions of a Groupie. o.p.); when it blew its wad in the late 1970s, there was Bebe Buell, ex-Ford model and Playboy centerfold. The former proudly calls herself a groupie, the latter insists on muse. Buell's garrulous account/defense of her rock'n'roll lifestyle, which produced actress Liv Tyler (her illegitimate daughter by Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler), lacks a sense of humor; looking back on that much excess has to be somewhat funny. Charges of pretentiousness are beside the point, though. One must judge a memoir of this type by its juiciness, and this rates an eight. Todd Rundgren, Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, David Bowie, and Jimmy Page aside, Buell dishes on the great unrequited love of her life, Elvis Costello, who was married to his first wife when Buell conceived a child (she later aborted it and regrets it to this day). Writes Buell, "I can very proudly say that when I was involved with Elvis, he made some of the greatest records of his career." Recommended for celebrity sickos, 1970s rock fans, and larger public library music collections. (Photographs not seen.) Heather McCormack, "Library Journal"

  • Joe Perry interview
      Interesting interview with Joe Perry from the S.F. Chronicle:

      POP QUIZ
      Joe Perry
      Aerosmith guitarist is a superstitious guy

      Aidin Vaziri, Special to The Chronicle Sunday, August 5, 2001

      One would think that appearing alongside teen-pop idols Britney Spears and 'N Sync at the Super Bowl this year would indicate that the guys in Aerosmith were finally ready to give up their louche ways. Not so. Just a few months after the tidy halftime soiree the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band from Boston is taking its platinum "Just Push Play" LP and a bevy of scantily clad robot ladies out on a huge North American tour, which plays Wednesday at Shoreline Amphitheatre and Aug. 14 at the Chronicle Pavilion. We caught up with guitarist Joe Perry at a Pittsburgh airport between tour stops.

      Q: When was the last time you had to ride a bus?

      A: Oh, we haven't taken buses for a long time. We took one two summers ago when we were in Europe, which was fun.

      Q: Don't you miss having to sleep on top of Steven Tyler?

      A: Believe me, we see plenty of each other. You know, we went right from station wagons to hiring our own planes. We never did the bus thing. That was back in the day when you could get a flight from Pittsburgh to Cleveland at 2 in the morning. That was before deregulation, when you had a lot more freedom to fly around. I really miss that, for sure.

      Q: How do you stay so thin?

      A: Well, the hardest thing is getting enough sleep. I stay up really late and end up waking up late, and then the day is gone. We work out a couple of hours here and there, but that hour onstage is so aerobic. My problem is keeping the weight on because I end up losing it all on the road. This time we have a cook that we're traveling with. So he keeps the food good backstage.

      Q: What do you do when you stay up late?

      A: I hang out with whoever's up. Just watch TV and listen to music.

      Q: Is there a routine you do every day?

      A: I have to go through certain meditations to make sure stuff keeps putting forth the kind of vibe I want.

      Q: Wow, you totally sound superstitious.

      A: Yeah, there are a few things. If we have a good show, I have to wear something from that show at the next show. Like, I'll have a good luck shirt that I carry over to the next show. I'm really superstitious that way, especially with all this flying around that we do. I'm really into mojo and all my trinkets. Everything has a certain amount of energy to it and can be a receptacle for energy.

      Q: I was going to ask you about that because you wear all these necklaces and things.

      A: Well, the Buddhist beads my sister brought back from Thailand. She travels all over the world into these places I wouldn't go on a bet. So I figure if it's safe for her, it's going to carry some good luck for me. The gold chain I have has my father's class ring on it. He died about 20 years ago, and I keep that with me all the time. The other chain I have, my cousin is a sculptor and he makes these amazing little sculptures for necklaces. It's got skulls and sea life and crickets. Lots of cool things.

      Q: It must be hell going through metal detectors.

      A: Yeah. It's funny. Sometimes it picks stuff up and sometimes it doesn't.

      Q: And then you've got all those bracelets.

      A: Yeah. Usually I keep something around my wrist that my wife gave me. This eye ring is matched up with her eye color, so when we're on the road she's always got her eye on me. And she has one that matches my eyes, so we have that thing going on. I also have this Peruvian woven cloth thing on that my son gave me. Once you tie those on they have to stay on until they rot off. It's going on two years.

      Q: Since you don't really buy most of your jewelry, what do you spend all your money on?

      A: I collect guns and guitars.

      Q: What kind of guns?

      A: Antique guns. I like the really old stuff.

      Q: And why do you need more guitars?

      A: It's just hard for me to pass up old guitars. Recently I bought a '56 Les Paul Jr. that's the exact same one we played when we were working on songs like "Mama Kin" and "Dream On." I've been slowly collecting all the guitars that I foolishly sold off in my early days.

      Q: Does that mean Aerosmith is going to turn back into a hard-rock band?

      A: You know, it's hard to say. I would like to see it go that way. We loved what we did with this record with the experimenting and everything. It would be fun to keep trying to go back. But I can't tell what sounds like our old stuff and what sounds like our new stuff. We're still in the middle of doing this career that we have.

      Q: Are you guys indestructible?

      A: I don't know. Sometimes after a show like the one we played in Boston the other night, I don't feel so indestructible the next day.

      Q: You've survived much worse.

      A: You got that right.

  • Yankee magazine
      There is a magazine called "yankee" in New England that has a special music section this month. They have an article on Aerosmith, no recent interviews though. They have a couple of pictures, including one really good promo picture from jpp.

  • TV Guide Article/Interview and pictures!

      Wild Things

      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and R&B bad girl Pink are a match made in rock-star heaven


      Picture of Tyler and Pink from the TV Guide Pink is Steven Tyler's favorite color. And he has a thing for feisty female singers. So it's no wonder that his favorite young artist right now is Pink--R&B's most florid bad girl. "My daughter Chelsea turned me on to her first record," says Tyler, 53. The two first met at a Zootopia concert in Uniondale, New York. "I was walking toward the stage, and Pink had just played," he says. "And she comes running over and said, 'I'm a fan.' I was so taken with her." So he went out and bought pink boots.

      Tyler's got a lifetime of music experience on Pink, 21. The band Aerosmith was formed in 1970; Pink released her debut album, Can't Take Me Home, in 2000. Over the last three decades, Tyler has seen his band enter rock's vanguard, bow out in a drug haze and subsequently make a triumphant comeback ("Walk This Way," in 1986, with Run-D.M.C.). In January, Pink hit the Top 40--for the third time--with "You Make Me Sick." Aerosmith have skillfully plied their rock-star angst and excess in 30 videos, five of which have won MTV Video Music Awards. Pink has yet to win a moon man, though she has been nominated once (for Best New Artist).

      But the pair; who are currently curled up together on a couch in Chicago's Ritz-Carlton, have plenty in common. Both have suffused their videos with unambiguous sex appeal (Pink's latest is "Lady Marmalade," with Christina Aguilera, Mya and Lil' Kim in slinky lingerie; Aerosmith's is "Fly Away From Here"). And both are first-class flirts. TV GUIDE: Pink, do you remember watching Aerosmith on MTV as a kid?
      PINK: Oh yeah. "Walk This Way." I thought "I'll be sharing a stage with him one day."
      STEVEN TYLER: You make me blush.
      TVG: You both have that effect on people. Is sex appeal an integral factor in your video making?
      PINK: I didn't think so until I did "Lady Marmalade." It took two days for them to talk me into that outfit. I was ready to tell them to get another girl, but we had already done the track.
      TYLER: But look how good you look in it.
      PINK: I'm glad I did it. Believe it or not, I'm shy about my body. I'm very muscular. All the other girls are skinny and pretty and feminine, and I'm, like, spiked hair and combat boots. So it took me awhile.
      TVG: What makes a video cool?
      PINK: I like videos that have to do with what you're talking about. I hate when I see somebody talking about heartbreak and they're on a, like, carousel. It doesn't work for me. I'm not feeling your pain.
      TYLER: Yes, music is visual. I used to get pissed off at this format where you had to put a picture to your song. Now, when I think of "Livin' on the Edge," I always think of that visual in the beginning with those girls skating down the street with hockey sticks, smashing windows.
      PINK: God, that was my favorite video. The makeup you had on! Oh, my God.
      TYLER: Demi Moore, when she was pregnant, had her body painted, naked, for the cover of Vanity Fair. And I got the artist, Joanne Gair, to paint me. Got naked and held myself in.
      TVG: How long did it take to apply the makeup?
      Tyler: About five hours. It was fun.
      TVG: How many people were in the room?
      TYLER: Just three. I had them close it down. People are always going to take that one shot of your [private parts], and they're going to use it in something. Plus I was embarrassed to hell.
      TVG: Rock stars get embarrassed?
      TYLER: Yeah, sure. Of course.
      PINK: I like embarrassing people like that. Every time I have a new makeup artist working for me, I have to break them in. I take all my clothes off and just sit in the chair. "I'm ready."
      TVG: When you do wear clothes, they're distinctive. Do the clothes make the rock star or does the rock star make the clothes?
      PINK: What you wear is who you are.
      Tyler: It always comes down to how you are in them. I got to look like a peacock!
      TVG: You are both featured on MTV a great deal. How important is it to your career?
      PINK: I loved MTV growing up. I got grounded for watching. It was too suggestive. But it was everything I knew one day I would be.
      TYLER: Hallelujah!

Picture of Tyler and Pink from the TV Guide

    • Aerosmith mention in Dream Theater video clip
        This isn't really newsworthy as it's extremely little Aerosmith-related, but as I'm also a huge fan of Dream Theater I found this little mention cool as it came as a surprise when I first saw it... Anyways, on prog metal band Dream Theater's site (The Official Dream Theater Website) one can download a lengthy real video clip from the Bear Tracks studio, where DT have been recording their albums...

        Now, the Aerosmith related thing about this comes about 7:52 into the video clip. Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater drummer), who holds the video camera, zooms onto a poster featuring Tyler and Perry together with Britney Spears, that is on the wall of the studio, and says:

        "... and of course this session would not be possible without the aid of... and I'm not talking about Steve and Joe, I'm talking about Britney, and her lovely navel..."

        Yes, I know, this really wasn't worth mentioning but what the hell...

    • Tyler sighting
        A girl who lives in Marshfield mass./ Brankrock says she saw him when he was having dinner last night at a local restaurant called the Lobster Tail.

        A couple who lives next door to her were told by some friends who had been eating at the lobster tail that they just had dinner with Steven Tyler and family. The couple went in to see if it was true, saw them dinning and then left to get the girl, who they knew is a BIG fan, and dragged her out of the house so she could get to see Steven Tyler.
        She stayed in the car to watch for him to come out. Sure enough 15 min later he comes out.. well, his wife first and then he came out with the kids and another couple. A guy yells Hey Steven!! and Steven yells back to him- YO... Then they got into a jeep, the couple who were with them drove while Steven and family got into the back seat, and then they drove off. FYI Steven was wearing orange sneakers black Capri's, black tee shirt...

    News as of August 5, 2001
    • Aerosmith concert in November??
        After a gig with Ringo Starr the other night in CT, at the Mohegan Sun Casino, it was announced that Aerosmith would be playing there sometime in November. I've been told that this was also heard on one of the local radio station. They have a lot of concerts there but they only hold like five thousands people at the most. I really find it hard to believe that they would play there for such a small amount of people, but then I've also heard that they're going to build a new place there that will hold more people so...

    • Not that I personally give a shit but...
        As to continue on the subject that's been dominating the posts on this page during the last few days, there's a poll up on Rolling Stone's website asking fans to rate the sexiest musicians. Steven Tyler is one of the options.

        The poll can be found at:

    News as of August 4, 2001
    • Paul McCartney likes Aerosmith??
        Julia from Russia just e-mailed me to tell me that she saw some music news (on a channel similar to MTV in Russia), where they showed Paul McCartney. Under his jacket he was wearing a bright pink T-shirt with a Marylin-robot, like the Just Push Play cover...

    • August 22 show cancelled / New video to be shot?
        This has not been verified this yet but this was just posted on the AF1 board...

        "I just heard an announcement on the radio that the August 22nd show at Irvine (Verizon) has been cancelled. The reason given is that Aerosmith has the opportunity to shoot another video while in L.A. The August 20 and 24 shows are still on."

    • Aniston/Tyler makes headlines
        The thing Jeniffer Aniston said about Steven Tyler's seems to be getting a little bigger than expected. Apparently she talked about Steven in the same interview she revealed that she's not pregnat so, of course, the headline has to be... "Aniston Not Pregnant, Has Crush on Aerosmith Singer" *lol* You just have to love the way the press handles these things...

        The interview is from the September issue of ELLE magazine, and Yahoo! News had her exact words:

        "Aniston stars in the upcoming movie ``Rock Star'' playing the girlfriend of a 1980s heavy metal band rocker, and admits to disappointment when a cameo role for Aerosmith frontman Tyler fell through.

        ``Steven Tyler, I have to say -- I don't know how old the man is, but he's phenomenal, that energy. He is the one person that Brad said I can have if the opportunity presents itself. He said 'You can have that one.','' she said.

        Steven Tyler is 53."

    • Mia Tyler's messages
        There's a website for Mia Tyler's latest movie "A Little Bit Of Lipstick" at (that we all already knew)

        The new thing is that the guestbook is filled with posts by Mia herself. So, for those of you who have some obsession with Aerosmith family members, check it out. She doesn't necessarily sign her name, so you might have to take a look at all messages there. Seems to me like it's really her. There are lots of posts there from people who met her and she replied to those...

    • Article on the Perry/Jagger collaboration from

        Bono, Wyclef, Joe Perry Lend Hands To Mick Jagger Solo Album
        By Jon Wiederhorn

        With his much-anticipated fourth solo album due in November, Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger continues to add to his celebrity guest list as he puts the finishing touches on the LP.

        Among the latest stars to step into the recording booth with the Jagger-meister are U2's Bono, who provides additional vocals on one song; Aerosmith's Joe Perry, who plays guitar on various tracks; and Wyclef Jean, who produced one cut, Jagger's publicist said.

        Also on the still-untitled record are Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, who sang and co-wrote several songs, as well as Lenny Kravitz and Pete Townshend. Marti Frederiksen, who produced and co-wrote Aerosmith's Just Push Play, will also receive co-writing credit on the Jagger disc.

        Rapper/producer Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott won't be on the album, though she did meet with Jagger last month to discuss the project, the publicist said.

        Next year, the Rolling Stones will celebrate their 40th anniversary. While both Jagger and drummer Charlie Watts have said they're interested in a world tour, no dates have been scheduled. The Rolling Stones also have no immediate plans to record a follow-up to 1997's Bridges to Babylon.

    News as of August 3, 2001
    • Joe Perry and Frederiksen to work with Mick Jagger!
        Jagger to Release Solo Album
        Mick Jagger will take a brief break from the Rolling Stones (who celebrate their fortieth anniversary next year) to release his fourth solo album this fall.
        Slated for a November release, the record will be Jagger's first solo effort since 1993's Rick Rubin-produced Wandering Spirit, and will feature guest appearances by Lenny Kravitz, Joe Perry with whom he might record a version of "Red House", Bono, Wyclef Jean , Pete Townshend and Matchbox Twenty 's Rob Thomas. Five of the tracks on the album were produced by the singer and he plans to team up with Marti Frederiksen, who produced and co-wrote Aerosmith's Just Push Play, according to publicists for Elliott and Jagger. He recently attended an Aerosmith to discuss more plans with band members Perry and singer Steve Tyler.

        Jagger previously released She's the Boss (1985) and Primative Cool (1987) without his fellow Stones. As for the band, there is no official word on their follow-up to 1999's Bridges to Babylon.

    • USA Today Gossip
        In the August 2nd LIFE section of USA Today, in Jeannie Williams column, there's the following:

        Fast Talk: If Jennifer Aniston ever wants to stray, Steven Tyler would be OK by her hubby, Brad Pitt.

        "He is the one person that Brad says I can have if the opportunity presents itself", Aniston Tells the September Elle.

        She was deeply disappointed when the Aerosmith screamer's cameo fell through for her fall movie, Rock Star (with Mark Wahlberg). "I don't know how old the man is, but he's phenomenal, that energy".

        Would Pitt also get a "love freebie"? That never comes up, says Aniston, 32. "Steven Tyler has just been our joke for a long time". For the record, he's 53; daughter Liv Tyler, 23, is nine years younger than Aniston.

    • and that was also mentioned on Entertainment Tonight...
        On ET last night they were talking about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Well, out of the blue the guy says that "Jennifer Aniston says that if she could have any man for one night it would be Steven Tyler"

    • and while on the subject...
        From Yahoo News:

        "In the past decade, the definition of sexy evolved with stars like shy and volatile Kurt Cobain. Kid Rock revels in sexuality, crushing political correctness in his controversial alliance with porn stars. And sex appeal has also been redefined as some rockers get older -- but better -- like Steve Tyler. Says Sheila E., ``I really wasn't into rock & roll a lot, except for Aerosmith. I think Steve Tyler is sexy, he's got a great mouth.''

        (this came from VH1's 'From The Waist Down: Men, Women & Music,' Five-Part, Five-Hour Special Chronicling Pop Music's Influence on the Sexual Revolution, Debuts Part Two, 'Whole Lotta Love,' on Tuesday, August 7 at 10:00 P.M. (ET/PT).

    News as of August 2, 2001
    • Aerosmith on MTV 20
        During MTV's "MTV 20: Live And Almost Legal" show (first aired last night, Wednesday, August 1st, 2001), Aerosmith were featured. They aired a live performance of "Walk This Way", which was taped earlier during the July 9th Aerosmith concert in St. Louis. In typical MTV fashion they didn't air the entire song though, halfway through WTW they cut them off to go to a commercial.

        For those who didn't catch it the first time, I've been told that it came on between 8:30 and 8:45, about 45 minutes into the show....

    • MTV 20 on MTV Europe
        The MTV 20th anniversay with Aerosmith will be broadcasted on Saturday, August 4th, 2001 on MTV Europe.

    • TV Guide
        The TV Guide with Steven and Pink is out - but its ONLY ON the ULTIMATE CABLE GUIDE. You can find a smaller copy with That 70s Show on the cover, and the article and inside contents pic of Steven and Pink - both are priced at $1.99 -- but the ultimate cable guide also has extra pictures (well one extra of steven and one extra of pink)

    • Boston Magazine
        The Magazine Boston has a great picture of Aerosmith on the cover as well as one inside. They were asked about living there and where they eat, where they shop, etc..

        Here are a few things the boys had to say for those of us who can't get a copy..

        JP-- I live right near the ocean, and i have a boat, so I'll go out to Farnum's light, which is about three buoys out, and no one recognizes me there.
        ST-- I sneak off to Nantucket. I find special places to run off to. Like the white mountains. And I walk the beaches all the time..

        JK-- I go to Alan Bilzerian, Diesel.
        JP-- I shop mostly at Alan Bilzerian, we've been buying clothes from him ever since he had his place out in Worcester. I used to get some stuff at Hubba Hubba.

        TH-- The food's pretty good. (LAUGHS) traveling is easier.
        JP-- I still get to play rock'n'roll and crank my guitar up really loud and do what I love to do, to still have that, it's an adventure. We never thought we'd get this far. No one even thought rock'n'roll would get this far. It was this underground thing you did if you were mad at your mother.
        ST--That we've grown into something that's clearly our own. Were selling out like crazy, and I don't know whether it's "JADED," or our own talent--that's a joke-- or being around forever. It's hard to say. It's too much fun to stop and think about it.

    • Billboard Update
        Just Push Play drops 9 spots this week, coming in at #94 with a little more than 15,500 copies sold. After 21 weeks on the charts, Just Push Play has sold 993,616 copies.

    News as of August 1, 2001
    • The Tyler interview that I posted about two days ago...
        I didn't listen to it myself until now, but after doing so I strongly suggest that you all check it out. It's a really great interview.

        Some of the things in the interview:

        - The interviewer says that he's seen a sample of the video for Just Push Play(!?!), and that Dodge is in the forefront in the video...

        - They mention that Steven has been recording at Eminem's house(!?!) and when asking Tyler about it, he doesn't want to say anything about it. His only response is "Dream on..."

        - They also talk about the singer Pink. "She's hot, Pink, I love her", says Tyler. They also mention that she is writing with long-time Aero-friend Richie Supa.

        - Steven then says that he thinks Pink is like Janis Joplin reincarnated, and starts singing "Mercedes Benz" with a voice like Janis Joplin. This one sounds great (!!!) and is something you all gotta hear. Man, has Steven got a great voice or what!

        - They also talk about Kid Rock. Steven says "He's a monster I love him, he's coming tonight over with Pamela." He also says that Eminem's gonna be there...

        - They mention that they visit Kid Rock when in Detroit. Tyler says that they used to hang out with Ted Nugent but that he's never around anymore...

        - The star sprangled banner at the Indy 500 is also mentioned. Tyler says that it's a crock of shit, that he meant no disrespect, that his father and uncle was in the war and that he think's people should lighten up...

        He also sing a few lines of Mighty Quinn and some other song...

        OK, then. What are you waiting for? Listen to this fantastic interview at:

    • Maximum Aerosmith
        As posted earlier, Chrome Dreams [] has put out a new CD called "Maximum Aerosmith: The UnAuthorised Biography of Aerosmith." It runs for 60 minutes and comes with a small pull out Mini Poster...

        Maximum Aerosmith: The UnAuthorised Biography of Aerosmith

        Now, I haven't heard it myself but I thought I'd tell you that most fans seem to think it's a waste of money... I guess it's basically just the same old song and dance, told by an English woman. It said there were interviews, but there are really only like 5 seconds of each of them talking. And, there is a very MINI poster (4x the size of a CD).

        A short real audio sample of it can be found at

    • Steven Tyler in Teen people w/pink and 3LW
        There is a picture of Steven Tyler w/Pink and the girls from 3LW in the September flip issue of Teen people

    • TV Guide
        Check out next week's issue of TV Guide. It has a cool picture of Pink and Steven on the contents page and an interview in conjunction with the upcoming MTV celebration.

    • VH1's What's My 20
        On VH1's "What's My 20" a few nights back they had "the best tear-jerkers". I Don't Want To Miss A Thing came in at #2, second only to Eric Clapton's "Tears In Heaven."

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