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News as of September 30, 2001
  • Next Leg Stage Setup
      Chris of reports:

      Looking at some venues' stage setup for the next leg of the tour, it appears as the stage will have a walkway extending about 20 rows into the crowd straight up center.

  • Cheap Trick not to open for Aerosmith in Calgary
      Cheap Trick is no longer opening for Aerosmith, at least not in Calgary. When they play Calgary on Oct 11, The Cult will now be opening for them. This was reported on a local radio station in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

News as of September 29, 2001
  • Fly Away From Here not to be released in the UK
      I was just told that the single 'Fly Away From Here' has been pulled from the british singles release.

News as of September 25, 2001
  • Japanese tour dates...
      Clive Newton just published these Japanese tour dates:

      January 26, 2002 Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan
      January 27, 2002 Osaka Dome, Osaka, Japan
      January 29, 2002 Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka, Japan
      January 31, 2002 Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Japan
      February 2, 2002 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan
      February 3, 2002 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

      Also, I was told that Clive has said that, after Japan, Aerosmith are going to go to Australia! If I'm not mistaken, that would be the 2nd time ever- the only previous visit was the closing leg of the Pump tour at the end of 1990...

News as of September 24, 2001
  • Pictures of Joe Perry at Gibson
      Check out this link for pics of Joe touring the Gibson factory in Nashville last Wednesday: Perry pics at

      It includes loads of pictures. Among them are these four, feauring Joe working on his own guitar, aswell as the new flag-guitar and guitars with his wife Billie on them...

Perry at Gibson in Nashville Perry at Gibson in Nashville Perry at Gibson in Nashville
Perry at Gibson in Nashville

    • More Tourdates (as posted by VH1)
        VH1 is announcing new Aerosmith tour dates on their website - until Jan 2002!

        09/25/2001 Nissan Pavilion at Stone Ridge Bristow, VA
        09/27/2001 Tweeter Center Camden, NJ
        10/09/2001 General Motors Place Vancouver, BC
        10/11/2001 Pengrowth Saddledome Calgary, AB
        10/13/2001 Northlands Park Skyreach Centre Edmonton, AB
        10/15/2001 Target Center Minneapolis, MN
        10/17/2001 Alerus Center Grand Forks, ND
        10/19/2001 Iowa State University - Hilton Coliseum Ames, IA
        10/21/2001 Conseco Fieldhouse Indianapolis, IN
        10/23/2001 Allstate Arena Rosemont, IL
        10/25/2001 Palace of Auburn Hills Auburn Hills, MI
        10/27/2001 Mellon Arena Pittsburgh, PA
        10/31/2001 Molson Centre Montreal, QC
        11/02/2001 Nationwide Arena Columbus, OH
        11/04/2001 FleetCenter Boston, MA
        11/06/2001 Dunkin' Donuts Center Providence, RI
        11/08/2001 First Union Center Philadelphia, PA
        11/10/2001 Rupp Arena Lexington, KY
        11/12/2001 Madison Square Garden New York, NY
        11/15/2001 Continental Airlines Arena East Rutherford, NJ
        11/19/2001 Mohegan Sun Arena Uncasville, CT
        11/21/2001 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, NC
        11/25/2001 Tampa Ice Palace Tampa, FL
        11/27/2001 Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center - Arena Birmingham, AL
        11/29/2001 University of Illinois - Assembly Hall Champaign, IL
        12/01/2001 Alltel Auditorium Little Rock, AR
        12/03/2001 Compaq Center Houston, TX
        12/05/2001 American Airlines Center Dallas, TX
        12/09/2001 Myriad Convention Center Oklahoma City, OK
        12/11/2001 Savvis Center Saint Louis, MO
        12/15/2001 Mark of the Quad Cities Moline, IL
        12/17/2001 Gund Arena Cleveland, OH
        01/05/2002 Pepsi Center Arena Denver, CO
        01/09/2002 Compaq Center at San Jose San Jose, CA
        01/11/2002 Delta Center Salt Lake City, UT
        01/13/2002 Tacoma Dome Tacoma, WA
        01/15/2002 Rose Garden Arena Portland, OR

    News as of September 23, 2001
    • VH1's Top 20 Rock Songs Of All Time countdown
        VH1 Europe recently broadcasted a countdown of the "Top 20 Rock songs of all time", and Aerosmith was #1 with Livin' On The Edge!

        Quite unexpected I must say, but I guess it's because of the terror attack in the USA... or maybe VH1 just finally realised that Aerosmith ARE the greatest band of all time? :)

    • The re-recording of We Are Family
        PageSix NY Post 9/22/01
        JOAN Rivers is boycotting the all-star re-recording of "We Are Family" today after finding out that the profits of the project won't go to the victims of the World Trade Center terror attacks. Instead, legendary music producer Nile Rodgers, who wrote the song for Sister Sledge 20 years ago, has earmarked the proceeds to educate Americans about racial intolerance. "I'm just in shock. It's a bait and switch, and no one knows it," Rivers told PAGE SIX yesterday. Rivers - one of the first to join Diana Ross, Andre Agassi and Sheryl Crow in supporting the effort - said she found out the WTC victims would get nothing yesterday when she was about to plug the event on the E! channel and asked organizers for specifics. She received a press release which stated: " 'We Are Family' is, in part, a response to the recent outbreak of racial attcks and intolerance towards Arabs and Muslims . . . We know that the Islamic faith is not the enemy. We are all brothers and sisters. We are all family." "I'm not intolerant toward Arabs or Muslims," Rivers said. "But now is not the time for that. I'm boycotting." Rivers will not be joining Dionne Warwick, John McEnroe, Charlotte Church, Montel Williams, Cyndi Lauper, Eartha Kitt and dozens of other artists who will be singing the anthem at the Hit Factory today. The release also states: "Funds will be earmarked to non-profit organizations working in three key areas: defending minorities from racial attacks; media and educational programs promoting tolerance; and initiatives offering diverse information about the crisis." Other deep-pocketed New Yorkers were disturbed last week - as they wrote out checks to help the families of World Trade Center victims - when they received a fax from the Rev. Al Sharpton soliciting donations for his 47th birthday celebration. The letter - dated Sept. 10, the day before the terror attacks - went on at length about Sharpton's activities for the past 12 months, which culminated with a 90-day stretch in jail for his trespasses in Vieques. But Sharpton assures PAGE SIX the invite wasn't back-dated, simply refaxed. Sharpton has had 12-year-old Travis Boyd living with him since his mother, who worked on the 82nd floor of the north tower, was listed among the missing. He says all the cash raised at his fund-raiser will go to "victims services."

    News as of September 22, 2001
    • Rock This Way - 4 Years Online Today!!!
        Can you believe it?! This website has actually been up for exactly four years today!

        Another awesome thing is that RTW keep getting more visitors for each year (I don't have a number of actual visitors, but the number on the counter of the index page said 336468 when I checked a minute ago). During the first year online I had a total of 25000 visitors, the second year 75000, last year 100000 and now about 140000 hits!!! That's really fun to see... So thanks to all of you people who has been visiting the site during these years and I hope you will keep coming back for as long as I keep this site up. :)

    • The Dodge commercials w/ Just Push Play...
        According to, make sure to be tuned in to ABC's Monday Night Football on Sept 24th. 2 Aerosmith/ Dodge 30 Second commercials will air during the game's telecast. Both feature the track "Just Push Play"

    News as of September 21, 2001
    • Tyler to take part in song in remembrance of the tragedy?
        According to some local radio station, in remembrance of and to raise money for the "Attack on America" tragedy, a bunch of artists are doing a tribute song.
        Among those mentioned to participate in this, a cover of Sister Sledge's "We are Family", was Steven Tyler. He's one of a long list, but still.

    • The Color contest has ended... and I'm a winner! =)
        I just got an e-mail telling me that I'm the 2nd place winner of the Color Webmaster Online Contest. I just want to take the time thank everyone who took the time to click the Color banners. I love you all! :)

        Apparently Claud (of the fantastic Claud's Aerosmith Page, as I'm sure most of you know) was the 3rd place winner. Very well deserved. Congrats, Claud. Anyone know who got the 1st prize? Just curious, you know.

    News as of September 20, 2001
    • Yahoo! Internet Life interview on-line
        As I'm sure most of you know by now, Aerosmith is featured in the current issue of Yahoo! Internet Life. For those of you who can't find a paper copy of the mag, I suggest you check out the interview at

        Here's a few excerpts from the interview:

        Y-Life Does it feel more like writing stories now or songs?

        Tyler Oh, it's completely flipped out. Like Joe said in the beginning, the first record was songs that we'd play in clubs, and we literally played them for a year before. And now they're written right of the griddle right onto the plate. Like "Sunshine:" We never played it. The second time we played it live was last night. So it's like playing this new song that this band wrote, and we also try to—it doesn't always happen—but we try to write songs that kind of feel like a classic.

        Y-Life Does the fact that you were a part of E*Trade's halftime show at the Super Bowl and your tour is sponsored by Dodge mess with your heads? Say you're up there at the Yahoo! Online Music Awards and you're outrageous. Does Dodge have to deal because they theoretically know what they're getting?

        Perry The point about the corporate thing is that you have to be vigilant and you have to retain what you are. As long as they take you for what you are, it's like when we did the Disney thing. I mean, we're thinking, did they read the book [Walk This Way]? Do they know what they're getting? You know, but it was all about Aerosmith being Aerosmith and the band being the band, and we're not going to cut our hair to go to Disney World, and we're not going to put the mouse on our T-shirts. And if they accept that, then it's okay; you can have a partnership. It's like with the Dodge thing. They're taking us for what we are. And they're taking our suggestions, which is really good. Otherwise it can't work.

        Y-Life Long before Napster, bootlegging Aerosmith had been a rock tradition. Did it bother you then, and does it bother you now?

        Tyler Isn't that a primal thirst with all humans, that if you can steal it or smoke it and it's illegal, you're going to do it? It's a lot more fun than grabbing that apple in the hotel lobby. It could be fresh, but who the f--- wants it? I'd rather smoke some pot with the girl next door.

        Y-Life Where does that leave you on Napster?

        Tyler If Napster's a bat smacking the balls of music, who invented the mitt? Sony? The labels? Sony was selling MP3 players anyway. But the labels didn't think of it, ’cause it wasn't a big moneymaking thing. How would America be if on the corner of every street, instead of a bar, there was a free library? Wouldn't kids have a better education if they could walk in and have every book they wanted to have? That's what Napster was, and it's a great thing. Besides, who thought bands got what they should get anyway? We've been getting ripped off for years. We get $2.50 on a $19 CD? Give me a break. Where's the justice there?

        Perry And the industry didn't catch up fast enough. It's just going to have to go back to the way it was in the old days, when singles were the record industry. It used to be that you'd put singles out, and then when you had enough singles, you'd put an album out. But the record companies figured out that they could make money off the albums. So the whole machinery has been geared to that.

        Y-Life So does that make the case for what the Net can do—cut the record companies out of the loop, as Prince is doing?

        Tyler We're next. It's just a matter of time.

        Y-Life Yeah, I read it in Rolling Stone. Do you think about how the Net is changing the sexual charge the fans get?

        Hamilton What's good about it is that it's exposing human nature. Obviously pornography is not just for a few low-life degenerates down there. It's big, a huge industry. Looking at the fact that so many other people go to the Internet for some kind of sexual input, it's a relief: "I'm not the only one." So there's that real community thing. And it's going to change people's attitudes about sex in general. And it's going to be good—because nobody's going to be able to hide the reality. Whatever is really true is going to show up by people alone, clicking on whatever they want to without being afraid.

        Hamilton People are seeking each other out. The Internet is showing this compulsion to join up with each other. So we're losing a certain amount of community in terms of people walking down the street, but in a virtual way you find out people's fantasies—what they really love to see happen.

    • Ticket sales info, from the AeroForceOne website
        On sale through AF1 Thursday, Sept. 20, 10 pm eastern, 7 pm pacific:

        10/29 Toronto
        11/2 Columbus, OH
        11/4 Boston, MA
        11/27 Tampa, FL
        12/3 Champaign, IL
        12/9 Oklahoma City, OK
        12/17 Cleveland, OH

        On sale through AF1 Friday, Sept 21 (same time as above):

        11/8 Philadelphia, PA
        11/17 Manchester, NH

        On sale through AF1 Tuesday, Sept 25 (same time as above):

        12/1 Birmingham, AL
        11/29 West Palm Beach/Ft. Lauderdale
        11/25 Greensboro, AL
        10/31 Montreal

        They are also offering a new travel package for the Boston, Providence, Philly shows to include ground transportation, a party at the Boston Hard Rock, a bus tour of Boston, and of course a M&G.....BUT the cost (cough, cough) is $1,950 per person, double occupancy.

        Ticket phone number is 800-616-8666.

    News as of September 19, 2001
    • Alejandra Guzmán recording song written by Steven Tyler!!?
        I was just told some very interesting things about a mexican rock singer named Alejandra Guzmán, and her new album, "Soy", which is going to be released soon.

        The album, which features Joe Satriani on one song, was produced by Desmond Child, and in a recent interview she said that this is her best album ever and that it has the best songs, including one that Steven Tyler wrote!

        The interviewer was like, Steven Tyler??? She then said the song is named "Soy tu lluvia" ("I'm your rain" in english). She did not say if they had worked together, or if she just got the song through Desmond Child though.

        Also, when the interviewer asked her if she was dating someone she said she wasn't, and when she was asked if she was dating Steven, she answered, "I wish".

        You can find some info on her at

    • Joe Perry in Nelly's #1 video
        I reported earlier that BET was going to air behind the scenes footage of Nelly shooting his video, "#1", on Sept. 18th. Well, they did, and as previously reported Joe Perry is indeed featured in the video.

        The current Access Granted episode features Nelly making his new vid with Joe in the desert. There are shots of Joe and family and a short interview with Joe. At the end it featured the world premiere of it. Joe is in quite a bit of the video...

    News as of September 17, 2001
    • MTV Asia
        Fly Away From Here is still climbing on asian MTV, it's now #4.

    News as of September 15, 2001
    • CALL FOR PEACE & JUSTICE! (non-Aerosmith related)
        Please help by signing this petition. It takes 30 seconds and will hopefully help. Please follow this link:

        Target: George W. Bush President of the United States The US Government

        URGENT! In the aftermath of the ruthless attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, we implore the leaders of the United States to ensure that justice be served by protecting the innocent citizens of all nations.

        We demand that the President maintain the civil liberties of all U.S. residents, protect the human rights of all people at home and abroad, and guarantee that this attempted attack on the principles and freedoms of the United States will not succeed.

        We plead for a thorough investigation of the terrorist events before any retaliation.

        We call for PEACE and JUSTICE, not revenge.

        Please pass this on to as many people as possible!

    • Aerosmith Song Become Radio Memorial
        According to, a tribute version of Livin' On the Edge has popped up on radio stations across the US due to Tuesday's horrible tragedy. They also mention that Aerosmith has postponed a few shows.

    • Rescheduled dates
        According to the following dates have been rescheduled:

        09/25/01 Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion
        09/27/01 Camden, NJ Tweeter Center At The Waterfront

    • Story, including info told by one of Aerosmith's roadies 9/11
        My friend and I went down from the D.C. area to go to the show in VA Beach. We were actually sort of set up to do a story on Fuel and the concert in general for the Washington Times. Since we are 17 and 18 year old college students, it's pretty hard to find an "in" for that kind of stuff. We are huge Aerosmith and Fuel fans, and I think we spent the whole morning trying to figure out where Aerosmith was staying. We kept switching the radio in the car from news channel to news channel between Aerosmith albums. (hoping that Steven would be around to hear "No Surprise" or something) We were gearing up for interviews as we heard that the concert was postponed around 2:30pm. As we are going down the road, I spotted a gold painted bus at a Crown gas station. My friend pulled a U turn as we headed toward the bus. We went up to this guy pumping gas into this huge bus as we notice a skull and cross bones on the front license plate. We asked if it was for Fuel or Aerosmith, and he said "yeah, Aerosmith." Turns out he was their driver! We got a picture with the guy and gave him a note for the band telling our sadness of not getting a story because of the cancelled concert. Even remembered to wish Joe a happy belated b-day. The driver was really nice and told us that he WOULD give it to the band as he shoved it into his tightish black jeans.
            Several hours later we followed a caravan of these buses to a Double Tree hotel. It was all Roadies, Crew, and Fuel. They really couldn't give us information and we left after about 1/2 an hour.
            Later during the evening we recognized one of the roadies and he was walking in the middle of nowhere. We turned around and asked "Since you don't have a car, do you need a ride somewhere?" He was really happy and jumped in the back of the car. We learned a lot from the guy. -including the driver's name who we talked to before, his name is "Bones."

            Here is everything I remember him saying relating to Aerosmith (in our 45 minute drive):

        *The last show was in Charlotte, NC and Aerosmith had flown back to Boston and were leaving to get to VA Beach the day of the show. He said that they do that a lot between shows instead of staying with the rest of the crew on the road.

        *Fuel always rides on a bus and stays in the same hotel as the crew. Aerosmith always stays in a hotel by themselves- like the Ritz or Four Seasons. (except for when they are not touring the states, out of the country they usually stay with the crew)

        *we asked because of this is they were snobby and the Roadie said "OH NO, NOT AT ALL, they are totally great, they are really laid back guys" *They plan to stay in VA Beach at least until Thursday

        *The rest of the shows on this leg of the tour most likely will be cancelled.

        *we asked what they do during the time when they aren't performing- " I don't really know, because their time off and my time off are completely different. I know they golf a lot. They are totally clean now and don't really do much partying. Just think of stuff your grandparents would do..." he said

    • JPP tour venue reports (
        Here are some more JPP tour venue reports for your AeroFANatic viewing pleasure...

        Aerosmith w/Fuel
        Molson Amphitheatre
        Toronto, CAN
        15,113 tix sold
        15,113 capacity

        Aerosmith w/Fuel
        Blossom Music Center
        Cuyahoga Falls, OH
        17,906 tix sold
        17,906 capacity

        Aerosmith w/Fuel
        Mountain View,CA
        Shoreline Amphitheatre
        16,534 tix sold
        22,000 capactiy

        Aerosmith w/Fuel
        Irvine, CA
        Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
        14,158 tix sold
        16,202 capacity

        Aerosmith w/Fuel
        New Orleans Arena
        New Orleans, LA
        14,983 tix sold
        16,434 capacity

        Aerosmith w/Fuel
        The Pyramid
        Memphis, TN
        13,045 tix sold
        17,334 capacity

    News as of September 13, 2001
    • Tour dates announced!!
        Many new dates for the next leg of the tour has been made official. Check the "Current Tour Dates" page in the "Live In Concert" section!

    • Billboard Update (from
        Just Push Play climbs 12 spots to #179. But it falls another 8.73% in sales as it sells roughly 6,500 copies this past week.

    • Postponed shows
        Both the Camden, and Nissan shows are postponed.

        In light of yesterday's tragedies, this week's Aerosmith shows in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. have been postponed. Rescheduled dates will be announced shortly.

        The decision to postpone was made in conjunction with the artist. In addition to Clear Channel Entertainment's respect for the victims of this nationwide and local tragedy, we have also taken into consideration the logistical details of putting on these shows, including artist travel and local authority concerns...

        "Our hearts and prayers go out to the injured and the families of those who perished. This country is all about freedom and we're proud to be an American band," reads a statement from the band.


    News as of September 12, 2001
    • I'm not sure if I ought to post anything on a day like this
        Everone knows of the tragic acts of terror that was unleashed on the USA yesterday, and my thoughts go out to all who has been affected by this in one way or another. I hope we've seen the end of this now, although I'm very afraid that we haven't. It feels sort of wrong to update the website the day after something like this has happened, and most people couldn't care less about Aerosmith today. However, news are coming in and I thought it might be a good idea to keep you up to date anyway... I hope no one takes offence.

    • Fly Away From Here in the UK
        The release date for 'Fly Away From Here' has been pushed back again in the UK. It is now due for release on the 24 september.

    • Aerosmith did the only right thing to do yesterday
        Clear Channel Entertainment has postponed the Aerosmith performance originally scheduled for September 11th at Verizon Amphitheatre in Virginia Beach. This decision was made in conjunction with local authorities and the band out of respect for the victims of the nationwide tragedy taking place.

        Please keep your tickets. Attempts are being made to reschedule, and SFX will provide further information about the new concert date as soon as it is available. Thank you.

        I've also just recently heard that the 9/13 and 9/15 shows have been postponed aswell. I have not seen this confirmed though.

    • Per post on AF1 board, the band is safe
        On the AF1 board someone posted that they contacted John Bionelli and he responded that the guys are safe (and probably watching TV like the rest of us).

    • Yahoo Internet Life, again...
        Yahoo Internet Life magazine Yahoo Internet Life today with Steven Tyler on cover with "Stream On: Aerosmith and the Unstoppable Music Revolution." The article is pages 80-83.

        It includes an interview with ?'s answered by Tyler, Perry and Hamilton. A little box has "Aerosmith, uncut an expanded interview, with sound clips and Tyler's dream of a vibrating anaconda, can be found at"

        Also states that they won Y-Life's award for Best Online Experience. Check out:

    News as of September 11, 2001
    • Aerosmith on the cover of Yahoo Internet Life magazine
        The October issue of Yahoo Internet Life magazine has Steven Tyler on the cover! Also, there is an interesting article with Tom, Steven and Joe.

        It is a headlining story about Aerosmith's involvement in the internet, and how technology has affected the band, as well as what they look toward in the future of technology. They talk about Aerosmith world and Napster... it's not overly long, but there are some pictures, and it is a cool article. There is also an online expanded and uncut interview with sound clips at

    • 2 new dates on SFX
        10/27/2001 - Mellon Arena, Pittsburgh, PA [on sale 9/15/2001]
        11/10/2001 - Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY [on sale 9/15/2001]

    News as of September 10, 2001
    • Happy Birthday, Joe!!
        Yes, that right, as of today our guitar god, Joe "The King Of Cool" Perry, is 51 y/o. Can you believe it? I sure can't. Happy Birthday Joe!

    • Parts of the "Sunshine" video shown at lats night's concert!
        During "Sunshine" at last night's concert in Charlotte, NC sneak peeks of the brand new "Sunshine" video were shown. Apparently it had a definite Alison in Wonderland vibe to it. It has also been reported that it has a similar background forest scene as "Jaded", and that there is a Queen of Hearts in the forest who lifts her dress up and doves came flying out. Steven is dressed in all black with a cape and top hat with very funky looking eyes. Sounds interesting...

    News as of September 9, 2001
    • New dates for Boston
        This was found in the Boston Globe this morning:

        Arenas and theaters: Look for some acts that played the Tweeter Center this summer to swing back into town to play indoors. Among them: Aerosmith at the FleetCenter (Nov. 4) and the Providence Civic Center (Nov. 6);

    News as of September 8, 2001
    • Steven Tyler on new Carole King album
        I just got an e-mail from the webmaster of the unofficial Carole King Website, telling me that Steven Tyler does indeed lend a great vocal on Carole's new CD "Love Makes the World". Album in stores 9/25/01; Rockingale Records.

        I first posted about this February 11, 2001. It was then reported that Steven Tyler did vocals with Carole King on the song "Monday Without You," written by King, Mark Hudson, and Paul Brady. The recording appearently took place in August last year in NYC. It was reported that one morning Steven Tyler came into the studio and gave a cameo performance singing a counter melody to Carole...

    • Joe Perry on BET!?
        Network: (BET) Black Entertainment Television
        Date: Tuesday - September 18, 2001
        Time: 07:30 pm - 08:00 pm ET

        We take you behind the scenes in sunny Las Vegas where rap superstar Nelly shoots his video, "#1". The song, "#1" is the first video from the "Training Day" soundtrack. The movie stars, Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke; the video is based on scenes from the movie. Directed by Steve Carr (director of Next Friday & Dr. Doolittle 2), Nelly plays a dual role - good Nelly and bad Nelly; both are cops. The video features cameos from Farrah (former Destiny's Child member), Poster Boy (BET's 106 & Park retired Freestyle Friday Champion) and Aerosmith's, Joe Perry.

    News as of September 7, 2001
    • No awards to Aerosmith at the MTV VMA
        -BEST ROCK VIDEO: Limp Bizkit "Rollin"
        -BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice"
        -BEST ART DIRECTION: Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice"

    • Aerosmith in a Dodge Ram commercial!
        Actually, it's not that special. It just showes a Dodge truck driving under an airplane and next to a "tour truck" with the wings on the side, playing Just Push Play.. doesn't even show aerosmith..

    • Fly Away From Here on MTV in Brazil and Asia
        Fly Away From Here is climbing up on charts of Brazilian MTV, it is now at #2. Also, it's at nine on asian MTV.

    • Correction on the thing on Tyler's house
        I'm sorry, appearantely the thing I posted yesterday was wrong. I've gotten a couple of e-mails telling me that it is in fact Joey Kramer's house.

        Apparently there was a big article about it in The Patriot a few days ago, complete with picture.

        August 30, 2001

        Joey Kramer’s mansion off Summer Street in Marshfield Hills

        Want to own this home? ‘Dream on’: Aerosmith drummer asks $3.75M for S. Shore home

        The Patriot Ledger

        MARSHFIELD - How’d you like to live like a rock star? You can - for $3.75 million.

        That’s how much money it will cost to buy Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer’s mansion off Summer Street in Marshfield Hills.

        Kramer has lived in the home since 1993.

        Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler and rhythm guitarist Brad Whitford also live in Marshfield, and guitarist Joe Perry lives in Duxbury.

        Word has it that Kramer and his wife, April, are moving to a new house near their old one.

        Not that their old home is too shabby.

        Realtor Judy O’Geara sold the Kramers their home in 1993. It has undergone extensive renovations since then, she said.

        “They’ve done marvelous things with the property, tasteful and fun at the same time. They built a magnificent studio,” she said.

        The pricey listing had real estate agents throughout the South Shore drooling with envy, but in the end, Home Center Real Estate of Hingham, won the listing.

        Home Center won’t talk about the sale at the request of the Kramers, who want to limit publicity.

        However, it’s hard to ignore when your local rock star puts his mansion on the market.

        In fact, the company’s online description of the home mentions the Aerosmith connection:

        “Luxury Monticello Georgian Colonial estate on over 5 acres with access to the North River and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

        “Electronic gate, formal entrance, professional recording studio, pool with four-room heated cabana/guest house and spa.

        “Garden patios, koi fish pond, rolling lawns, mahogany fireplaced library, solarium, designer living and dining rooms, new granite kitchen and spectacular master bath, 10 bay garages.

        “Retreat estate for the discerning buyer who wants total luxury and privacy. Possible dock/water rights easement. An Aerosmith property!”

        The home has 15 rooms, seven bedrooms, 5 1/2 baths and five fireplaces, according to the online listing.

        And who’s going to be in the market for the magnificent mansion?

        “I bet it will be a cash buyer,” said Marshfield Realtor Betsy Hines. “Last year a lot of people were taking money out of dot-coms, and homes listed for a million and above were going for cash,”

        She predicted the home will sell quickly.

        “It’s probably a very reasonable price because the South Shore hasn’t caught up with some of the areas where prices are outlandish, or what you’d spend down at Cape Cod,” she said.

        Another Marshfield Realtor, Judy O’Heara, isn’t so confident.

        “It’s high - kind of a Cohasset price,” she said.

        “There’s been an incredible slowdown in property over $600,000. Up to $400,000 or $500,000, we can’t list them fast enough. When we get up to between $600,000 to $800,000, it’s difficult.”

    News as of September 6, 2001
    • Tyler's house for sale??
        A person claims to know where all the guys live says this is Steven's house. (Note that I do not know if this is true)

        Marshfield Lux 15 RM Monticello Georgian mansion on 5+ acres w/access to N. River and overlooking ocean. Elec. gate, prof recrding studio, pool w/4 RM cabana & spa. Gardn patios, fish pond, solarium, new granite kit. & spec. mstr. BA 10 bay gar. For discerning buyer who wants tot. lux. & priv. $3,750,000

    • Still digging Fly Away From Here in Israel?!
        Fly Away From Here has now been the no.1 hit on the radio program "formal top 20 of israel" for four weeks in a row!

    News as of September 1, 2001
    • Tour dates
        AF1 has phoned their members and given out info on upcoming tour dates....

        On sale through AF1 on Tuesday, Sept 4 at 7pm Pacific Time:

        10/19 - Ames, Iowa
        10/21 - Indianapolis, IN
        10/23 - Chicago, IL

        On sale through AF1 on Wednesday, Sept 5, 7 pm Pacific:

        10/15 - Minneapolis
        11/16 - Providence, RI

        On sale through AF1 on Thurday, Sept. 6, 7 pm Pacific:

        10/23 - Grand Forks, ND
        12/5 - Moline, IL

        So, they have them playing in Chicago, IL and Grand Forks, ND on the same day per the phone message.

        However, some other member got another message, reporting different dates for two of the shows...

        Providence - Nov 6
        Grand Forks - Oct 17

        When I last checked these were the only new dates posted at as of yet:

        10/11/2001 Pengrowth Saddledome - Calgary, AB
        10/13/2001 Skyreach Centre - Edmonton, ALB
        10/15/2001 Target Center - Minneapolis, MN | on sale 9/8/2001
        10/17/2001 Alerus Center - Grand Forks, ND | on sale 9/8/2001
        12/15/2001 Mark Of The Quad Cities - Moline, IL | on sale 9/8/2001

        We can only hope that they will put together a complete list of correct dates soon...

    • Las Vegas show photos/video
        I was just informed about an online photo album from a radio station in Des Moines, IA (95 KGGO) containing pictures from their trip to Las Vegas. There are pictures from the Aerosmith concert that the morning show gave away tickets for. There is a one minute video of the opening of the concert, where Michael Buffer introduced the band. The quality is not the greatest, but you get the general idea of the opening. There are also a few pictures of the actual concert. Most of the photo album is various shots from the rest of the trip.

        Here are the pictures from the concert in the album:

        1. Steven mid-ballad
        2. Michael Buffer video... "Let's get ready to rumble!!"
        56. Crowd shot
        57. Some woman on stage??
        58. Steven playing Tarzan!!!!!!
        59. Steven on the bullhorn (which he threw into the audience after the song) during Just Push Play.
        60. Joe F*ckin' Perry plays in front of the gigantic lead singer
        61. Mr. Perry during the beginning of "Beyond Beautiful", just seconds after the Buffer intro
        62. Another shot of Steven on the screen
        63. Basically same picture as #62
        65. Another audience photo
        67. Fuel

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