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News as of July 30, 2001
  • Adrian Perry's band, 60/40 Breakdown
      Adrian Perry 60/40 Breakdown On the official website of a band called 60/40 breakdown you can find the bio of the songwriter/singer/guitarplayer Adrian Perry. Adrian is Joe Perry's son with Elyssa Jerret and he has previously played in such bands as Dexter and The Feds. No word about Joe in the bio, but in the "the Band" section they say: "Fine music comes naturally after a lifetime of immersion in the music of father and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry." On the site you can also download two audio clips, "Everybody Give it to Me" and "Pit Stop", which are both very good IMHO. Do yourself a favor and check them out!

      The web page address is:


      Adrian Perry :: Vocals/Guitar
      Adrian Perry Adrian Perry was born in Boston, January 25th 1981. It was during the Superbowl, so his grandfather spent most of the time looking for a television in the hospital. Adrian has always loved music. The first Christmas gift he ever asked for was The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour album. He did not take up an instrument until he was fourteen, and he chose bass because he wanted to be like Paul McCartney. He taught himself bass then guitar by playing along to Beatles songs as well as various Jazz tunes his grandfather showed him. His first band (The Feds) was decent enough considering they were in tenth grade. They played their first show at The Troubadour in LA, opening for Warrant ("She's my cherry pie...") The sound was sort of punk/alternative/pop, so needless to say it was pretty wak (gangsta term for mediocre) to any listener who was not one of Adrian's friends. But it was a fun start and the kiddies liked it. His next main band was Dexter, which existed from 11th to 12th grade. This was a good band, well rehearsed, with a sound resembling Adrian's current group, 60/40 Breakdown. The songs had improved vastly, as tends to be the case with Adrian and his policy on improvement. The band set up camp at The Whisky A-Go-Go in Hollywood where they played often to packed crowds of young folks. It was a lot of fun. Adrian has recorded various demos over the years, both in his home and in semi-professional studios. Most of it's pretty cool, if you like good music and all. (just joking around here) Adrian loves: The Beatles, Bowie, Dylan, Zeppelin, Stevie Wonder and all that other good stuff from the days when popular music was good. Beck, Radiohead, and U2 are some of the acts he enjoys that have existed since he was born. He would like to make popular music good again, just like it was in the old days. There is a lot of other stuff about him, but you'll have to wait. Just relax

  • Photo of Jesse Sky Kramer
      I don't know where this photo was taken but according to Claud (who posted this photo on her site) it's Joey's son Jesse Sky Kramer that is featured in this one, along with his father and mother, April Kramer.

      The Kramer family

  • Audio interview w/Steven in Detroit

  • Fly Away From Here in Holland
      In Holland FAFH is already out since a couple of weeks. The video is released too and you can call the music station "the box" to get it on tv. I don't know the telephone number but the code for FAFH is 345...

  • Greatest Hits on Billboard
      Alex Ross just told me that Aerosmith's Greatest Hits is up to number 16 on the Billboard Pop Catalogue charts. Up from 25 making it one of the biggest gainers that week. Also, it's now spent a combined total of nearly 7 years on the billboard charts....

News as of July 27, 2001
  • FAFH release date for Sweden/Europe?
      The on-line store states that, the swedish release date for the CD-single "Fly Away From Here" is 2001-08-06...

      Two versions seems to become available, one for 35 SEK and one for 45 SEK. It was not possible to order it yet though, nor did they list what tracks that will be included.

  • Boston Magazine
      Aerosmith will be on an upcoming cover of Boston Magazine. They have been chosen as best Boston band, I think that is what it is.

  • Tyler disses Staind!
      From Sludge.....

      It seems that Aaron Lewis and Staind have gotten completely full of themselves, and that one of the true greats, Steven Tyler was not only put off by them, but was plenty happy to send a message to these arrogant f*cks.

      Here's the scoop: Staind was playing a show on the 18th as part of the MTV2 Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame Concert Series that they are doing this summer. From the start, the band acted like complete and total d*cks. They informed the people in charge of setting up the festivities that NO ONE WAS ALLOWED TO SPEAK TO THEM - fans, security, Rock Hall employees - NO ONE! Then, they were complete d*ckheads at soundcheck, especially Lewis, who insisted that all the sound be reverted to his vocal tracks. This, of course, completely ruined the sound, both at the Rock Hall and on the radio broadcast, which was set to go off live. Further, they bitched the entire day that an opening act, Bunker Hill from Chicago (I think) was opening, and that this band hadn't earned the right to open for them. By coincidence, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler was spending the afternoon at the Rock Hall (they played down the street at Blossom Music Center the night before).

      Lewis apparently felt that it was OK to speak to one person at the Rock Hall, and told them to "round up" Tyler so he could meet him. Apparently, Tyler was informed about their "don't speak to us" policy and their negative remarks about Bunker Hill, and when approached about meeting Lewis, Tyler responded by saying the following: "No. Let me send a message back to those guys though. Tell them that the band they don't want to play with is in the same place they were two years ago, and is in the same place that they will be two years from now." With that nice slap at Staind, he refused to meet them. Kudos to Tyler for being real and looking at some pompous d*uche bags and reminding them of their place.

  • VH1 rockshow poll
      This weeks VH1 rockshow poll is "Which box set rocks the hardest?" and the choices are:

      Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge
      Alice In Chains - Music Bank
      Iron Maiden - Eddie's Head
      Aerosmith - Pandora's Box
      Led Zeppelin - Box Set

      Aerosmith is currently in last place. Here's the link to where to vote:

      You can vote multiple times too...

News as of July 26, 2001
  • Billboard Update
      Just Push Play drops 7 spots to #85 this week, with roughly 18,000 copies sold. It's been holding pretty steady in the 17,000-19,000 sales range for more than a month now. This week coming up however will be very interesting, as the band is taking a break...

      In singles news....well, there isn't much to say. It's becoming apparent now that "Fly Away From Here" will not duplicate the success of "Jaded". It's total airplay on pop radio nearly fell 40% this week, and it's hard to come back.

      If you would like to see a detailed account of the progress of Just Push Play, log on to and click on "Aero News".

News as of July 25, 2001
  • Aerostuff in today's NY Post
      Two items in today's NY Post (also on There's a picture of Mia with the caption: "Birthday-bash beauties" Models Mia Tyler and Cindy Guyer help Stacia Bowie, the daughter of Angela Bowie, celebrate her 21st birthday the other night at the Carnegie Club in Midtown

      Also, an article in Liz Smith's column about Bebe Buell's book (out Aug. 7th)

      "Hot summer reading"
      JUST WAIT for Aug. 7, when St. Martin's Press releases the Bebe Buell memoir, written with Victor Bockris. Titled "Rebel Heart: An American Rock and Roll Journey," this is the "tell all" book of the year. Bebe, of course, is the mother of actress Liv Tyler (Liv's father is Aerosmith's Steven Tyler). Bebe is a former Ford model, a former Playboy Playmate, a one-time manager to her famous daughter and the perennial darling of the rock 'n' roll crowd. Her book party is set to happen the night of publication at the downtown club Don Hill's.

      You can literally open this book anywhere and find funny and delicious anecdotes never told before. A variety of boldface names are included: Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Mick and/or Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, Todd Rundgren, Elvis Costello, Jimmy Page, Brian Setzer, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, Rod Stewart and naturally, the Aerosmith gang. Last March, director Cameron Crowe told Bebe that he had partially based the character played by Kate Hudson in the movie "Almost Famous" on her.

      Bebe discusses her history in rock music and the Hollywood "Boys Club," where she was often the only female in the group.

      She talks of its double standard. "Men want their women to be good little girls who never do anything while they get to be pirates and do everything. And it never changes."

      Here are just a few excerpts. "Mick Jagger is almost a textbook version of a perfect lover, because you can be pretty much assured that anything anyone would do to you, he's going to try it." . . . Jack Nicholson's first breakup with Anjelica Huston in 1981: "He was so depressed, he would cry all night. It was really bad. He was a mess, truly distraught . . . He loved Anjelica, but she went through periods of having had enough of him." She recalls that Jack let Warren Beatty invite a bevy of starlets over who tried to cheer him up in his Jacuzzi while Buell and Beatty watched them from afar . . . Bebe writes of her friendship with John Lennon during his infamous "lost weekend" in 1974; with "Helen," who was the dwarf mascot of the Sex Pistols . . . She tells of her platonic relationship with David Bowie, who she says was "More interested in putting on makeup."

      Bebe says when she met Steven Tyler, who was then 29, he had a 15-year-old girlfriend. "I was the older woman," writes Bebe "and I was only 23!" The book includes the story of how her daughter Liv Tyler thought, until age 10, that Todd Rundgren was her father. Bebe says that Steven Tyler was addicted to drugs and so she walked out on him before their baby was born. Rundgren offered to step in. The details laid out here, are told with wit and compassion.

      Now this is summer reading to the max!

  • Metal Sludge
      On the Metal Sludge website, they have 20 Questions with Slash's Snakepit guitarist Keri Kelli. In the answer to question #7 Aerosmith is mentioned:

      7. Name the 3 high points and the 3 low points of your music career to date.

      3 high points and 3 low points. Umm, well I think you of the coolest that I can remember off the top of my head is a, when we played last year when we played Madison Square Garden. It was know just the whole thought of it, you know. We took a limo in, it was the same route as like Zeppelin took on the "Song Remains The Same" so that was pretty neat. And we got there and the place was actually really packed for us, it was when we were opening for AC/DC. So it was, a lot of people where there when we were playin', we had a really good show. Uh, the Aerosmith guys where there. We got to hang out with Steven Tyler. He came straight back after the show, so that was really neat. Um, I hung out with him. The Black Crowes were there and a got to hang out with them, after our set which was really neat. Then uh we all went out and watched AC/DC. So that was pretty much one of the highest know.
      Low points. I mean, hell, we have low points all the time. I've have low points in every band or situation, you know. So it's hard to really...I can't think of one specific one.
      We had a low point the other day on this tour, you know, everything can't go great.

  • Aerosmith - busty babes....
      From a columnist in Denver on Aerosmith...

      Aerosmith On The Town

      It was no accident that a bevy of busty babes were in the front rows of the Aerosmith concert at Fiddler's Green Monday night. The band's tour manager toured Denver strip clubs prior to the concert and gave the girls gifts of VIP seating and back stage passes. "It was a sea of strippers," reported one concert goer. "There were bouncing boobs everywhere."

      Everywhere was right. Even attendees sitting in the cheap seats got a cheap thrill from the strippers who flashed the goods for the cameraman shooting scenes shown on the big screens just off stage.

      "It was just like an old time rock 'n' roll concert," said concert promoter Barry Fey, head of House of Blues. "It was the way it was supposed to be. That's Aerosmith. They put it all out there."

      And the flashing females paid no mind to the old saying, "Keep your hands to yourself." They freely fondled each other while the crowd roared. "Their mothers would be so proud," said my spy.

      REUNION WITH ROCKERS: The last time Aerosmith played the Mile High city, it was 10 days after the tragedy at Columbine High School. Band members caught wind that Lance Kirklin, one of the shooting victims, was a fierce fan of the band. So lead singer Steven Tyler and his troupe paid Kirklin a visit in the hospital.

      On Monday night, Kirklin reunited with the rock 'n' rollers during a private meeting back stage. Kirklin and his pals were treated to tickets by the band. "The band just wanted to do a nice thing," said a House of Blues spokeswoman. "It was friends meeting with a friend."

      THE SEEN: A dead ringer for actress Kate Hudson dancing with Aerosmith singer Tyler on stage during the concert Monday night; Stanley Cup star Stephane Yelle at the Aerosmith concert.

      EAVESDROPPING at the Aerosmith concert: "I can't believe all these middle-aged people are here."

  • Just Push Foreplay?
      The upcoming VH1 special From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music explores the sometimes scandalous connection between sex and rock & roll. The five-part series features interviews with some experts on the subject, including Ted Nugent, Sammy Hagar, Stevie Nicks and Aerosmith. The show will air nightly at 10 p.m. EDT Aug. 6-10.

News as of July 24, 2001
  • MTV Awards
      This year Aerosmith are nominated for the following awards at the MTV VMA..

      Best Rock Video
      Aerosmith, Jaded.
      Limp Bizkit, Rollin'.
      Weezer, Hashpipe
      Linkin Park, Crawling.
      Staind, It's Been A While.

      Best art direction
      Aerosmith, Jaded.
      Fatboy Slim, Weapon Of Choice.
      Gorillaz, Clint Eastwood.
      Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink, Lady marmalade.

      Best Cinematography
      Fatboy Slim, Weapon of Choice.
      Aerosmith, Jaded.
      Eminem f/ Dido, Stan.
      Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott Get Ur Freak On.

  • Another way to get "Over My Head"
      If you are looking to pick up the song "Over My Head" from Lit that Steven Tyler sang background vocals for... here is another place for it...

      News from Allstar:
      As Lit preps to enter the mastering stage for its upcoming follow-up to 1999's multi-platinum breakthrough, Place in the Sun, a few of the foggier details of the album have become more clear.

      The album has a 90 percent chance of being titled Payola Amigos, according to singer A. Jay Popoff. And, it will likely include the following tracks: the harder-edged "Last Time Again," "Lipstick and Brusies," "Cool Again," "Drop-D," "She Comes," and "Addicted" (all first single candidates); the acoustic "Happy in the Meantime" (the band's first unplugged tune), a cover of Aretha Franklin's "Chain of Fools," as well as "Something to Someone," "Slip," "Live for This," "Sunny Weather," and the band's collaboration with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, "Over My Head" (from the Titan A.E. soundtrack).

News as of July 23, 2001
  • Tyler singing in church
      As I posted on July 17, Steven went to The Church of Today while in Michigan last Sunday. Now, I've been informed that the service is broadcasted the following Sunday on local TV. Apparently it was really good. He sang "Lean on Me" and "Amazing Grace" and throughout different parts of the sermon Marianne Williamson referred to him and Aerosmith. He talked a little bit about how she has helped him with his sobriety, etc.

  • Nsync On Aerosmith
      MTV had some little thing on Nsync and their top 10 moments on tv and they mention the Superbowl. So, Joey (a memeber of Nsync) said it was his birthday on the day of the show and Joe Perry gave him an autographed guitar with everyone in the bands autograph on it. He thought it was really cool.

      Then Justin(another Nsync member) was like "I sound like Steven, don't I?!" and the other guys just laughed in his face and were like "not quite dude!"

      Then, and I think this one was kinda funny, JC was like "YOU wouldn't BELIEVE the lyrics! you hear them and its TOTALLY different when you have to read them off the monotar!" lol

  • Aerosmith question on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
      On Sunday's "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Nick Lachey of the boy band 98 Degrees was asked the question, "What rock group performed with NSync and Britney Spears at the 2001 Super Bowl?" The answer choices included The Rolling Stones and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the correct was, of course, Aerosmith. Nick also said, before giving the correct answer, "I know this because I was jealous of them when I heard."

News as of July 21, 2001
  • Article from
      sound check

      Aerosmith proves band still has it

      By G. Brown
      Denver Post Popular Music Writer

      Friday, July 20, 2001 - They wrote the story line for every episode of "Behind The Music" - fame and fortune, drugs, profligacy ...

      But the members of Aerosmith added resurgence to the tale. After 30 years, the band continues to reign as one of the world's biggest concert attractions. This year, the elder statesmen of American rock have performed brief sets everywhere from the Super Bowl, teaming with 'N Sync and Britney Spears, to an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

      Now Aerosmith has kicked off the three-month U.S. leg of the "Just Push Play" world tour, including a visit Monday to Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre.

      Does any of it daunt 50-year-old guitarist Joe Perry and his middle-aged bandmates - singer Steven Tyler, bassist Tom Hamilton, drummer Joey Kramer and guitarist Brad Whitford?

      "Nah - I'm sitting in my tour bus, eating ribs with my wife, listening to Elvis records," Perry said recently.

      "I look back and a lot of people, unfortunately, have had really high points in their career and haven't been able to sustain it. Obviously, I love the Rolling Stones and how they've plotted their last 10 years. Artistically, there are a lot of bands I admire.

      "But as far as doing what we're doing? There aren't any that I can name, frankly, that are operating on the level we're running. A lot of the excitement of being in the band is seeing how far we can take it. When I'm standing out on the stage and there's 100 15-year-old girls on the shoulders of their boyfriends, I just go, "Man, what are we doing?'"

      Aerosmith has taken a massive production on the road. The band plays in front of a large screen displaying videos and other visual elements. And during a portion of the set, the guys rock on a ministage near the back of the venue.

      "It's literally 16 by 16 (feet), which isn't a lot of room for drums and amps - a powerful bit of rock 'n' roll comes off that stage," Perry said. "We're playing "Dream On' the way we played it in 1972, tight and small with little amps aimed at each other ...

      "Technically, it's hard to do. I've seen U2 and the Stones do it in arenas, and it sounded like a good idea to do out in the sheds, to get right out there on the lawn with the people having a picnic. But in arenas, it's easy to control the sound, and they have a walkway out there. For every shed, our road crew has to adapt the staging and sound. And we walk right up the middle through the crowd, and that's an event in itself. We get to slap hands - and Steven gets his clothes ripped off."

      Boston's baddest boys - er, men - are selecting gems from their three decades' legacy.

      "We've been throwing in the old ones - "Chip Away The Stone,' "Draw The Line,' even "Movin' Out,'" Perry said.

      Plus they'll offer a couple of songs from the new album "Just Push Play." Fans have enjoyed the signature sound of "Jaded," but some didn't expect a couple of hip-hop influenced tracks on an Aero-smith record. A scratching credit?

      "We look at making records as a totally different art form than our live stuff," Perry said.

      "We'd always get the whole band playing live in the studio, and we'd end up re-doing everything - it's linear; one thing follows the next and each dot has to connect as you do it. This time, the sound of the demos was so good that Steven and I thought we'd build on them (and) bring in the other guys as it became time. Everybody had more of a fleshed-out song to play to. When you're working digitally, you look at things in three dimensions. It opens a lot of things up.

      "We're not the new young thing on the block, and we haven't been for 25 years. But a good song is still a good song."

      Aerosmith with Fuel: 7 p.m. Monday, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, $70 reserved, $35 lawn, Ticketmaster

  • Fundraiser for Cyrinda in People
      Liv Tyler came all the way from New Zealand after finishing up work on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy to attend a fundraiser in NYC for former model Cyrinda Foxe, the ex-wife of Liv's father, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. (Liv's mom is rock singer and ex-model Bebe Buell.) Well-wishers helped raise $20,000 for Foxe, who was diagnosed in May with brain cancer. Liv contributed a Rings press kit signed by the cast. Although foxe aired some dirty laundry in her 1997 tell-all Dream On: Livin' On the Edge w/ Steven Tyler & Aerosmith, the rocker came through for her. Tyler, who has paid some of Foxe's expenses, donated an electric guitar signed by Aerosmith, which went for $5,000.

  • This was found on the BBB site about FansRule!
      Date of Report: 7/20/2001

      General Information:

      Also Known As:
      Aeroforce One
      Fan Emporium

      Company Address: View Location Map 40 No. East Industrial Road
      Branford, CT 06405

      Original Business Start Date: 1/1/1985

      Local Business Start Date: 4/4/1994

      Business Classification: Shopping Services- Buying Clubs/ Group Purchasing Org.

      Telephone #: (203) 483-2843

      Company Management:

      Name Title
      Joyce Logan V.P. Fan Services
      Janet Schupp V. President

      Fans Rule
      40 No. East Industrial Road
      Branford, CT 06405

      Original Business Start Date: 01/01/85
      Local Start Date: 04/04/94
      Principal: Joyce Logan
      Phone Number: 203-483-2843
      Type of Business Code: 5202 Shopping Services- Buying

      The information in this report has either been provided by the company, or has been compiled by the Bureau from other sources.


      This company offers Celebrity Fan Club Services.

      Customer Experience

      Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to an unresolved complaint.


      This company also does business as Aeroforce One and Fan Emporium.


      Additional addresses for this company include P.O. Box 679, Branford, CT 06405.

      REPORT DATE: 07/17/2001

      COPYRIGHT DATE: 2001 The Better Business Bureau, Inc.


      As a matter of policy, the Better Business Bureau does not endorse any product, service, or company. BBB reports generally cover a three- year reporting period, and are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information contained in this report is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy. Reports are subject to change at any time.

      The Better Business Bureau reports on members and non-members. Membership in the BBB is voluntary. Members must meet and maintain BBB standards. If a company is a member of the BBB, it is stated in this report.

News as of July 20, 2001
  • Walk This Way taped for MTV 20 last night!
      At last night's show in St. Louis the Walk This Way performance was taped and a mini commercial was shot for the upcoming MTV 20 "Live And Almost Legal" show to be aired on MTV Wed, Aug 1st.
      Steven told the audience to be quiet (right) and they hid behind a backdrop. He said happy 20th to MTV, they dropped the backdrop, and they all screamed their lungs out. He said it'll air in 3 weeks, on the birthday show.

  • People Special MTV 20
      Inside the People Special Edition MTV 20 there are two Aerosmith Pics. One of Steven and Joe with Run DMC and one of Steven and Joe from the 1988 MTV Awards (nothing you haven't seen everywhere)... Also, they had a Lane Bryant ad with Mia...."Hipsters Walk This Way Mia Tyler Rocks in our Low slung Jeans. Jeni have uploaded the Mia pic to my Tyler Family Section Page 4 at (click on Aero Families...)

News as of July 19, 2001
  • New CD?
      Someone who went to Best Buy yesterday came across something called "Maximum Aerosmith". It says it's the "unauthorised biography of Aerosmith". It is a spoken word CD. But the date on is 2001 by Chrome Dreams, of the U.K. It also comes with a mini poster inside. Total run time is 60 minutes...

  • Liv and Mia in People
      This weeks edition of People magazine features family/baby pictures of celebrities in the back. There is a small picture of Liv and Mia at their tender ages the year they first met on page 109. "Liv was in the 7th grade, I was in the 6th, and we're both growing out our perms. We put on this frosty pink lipstick. We thought we were so cool!" Mia Tyler says about the picture. - People 7/23/01 (VANISHED - missing people/top story on the cover) - $2.99

  • Billboard Update
      This week's Billboard Chart looks almost identical to last weeks. Just Push Play drops one spot to #78 this week, with roughly 19,500 copies sold. This week's sales figures are the highest the album has been in a month. As for the history of JPP, in 19 weeks on the charts, Just Push Play has sold roughly 960,000 copies.

      As for singles, Fly Away From Here is up two spots to 24th most played POP song acording to Radio and Records last week. And Just Push Play is down 2 spots to 11th most played ROCK song last week. Once again, neither of these songs are yet on the Billboard charts as they do not have enough radio "adds" and/or single sales.

  • Article on Aerosmith Tattoos

  • Article on the Fly Away from here video
      Aerosmith Make Preparations To Fly Away
      Saturday June 30, 2001
      By: Aaron Brophy

      Now that "Jaded" is firmly etched in the public consciousness, it's almost time for veteran rockers Aerosmith to unleash their next video on the masses. With two days of shooting in Boston, MA under their wing and some extensive post-production underway, the veteran rockers should be delivering "Fly Away From Here" to a video station near you very shortly.

      Directed by Joseph Kahn, the man behind Brandy & Monica's hair-pulling opus "The Boy Is Mine," U2's "Elevation" and Britney Spears' chair-friendly "Stronger," "Fly Away From Here" should prove to be an interesting video. It's been promised to include many futuristic special effects, including a reportedly cool blending effect involving Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and their respective children, Chelsea and Roman. And as if that weren't exciting enough, the video will also feature pin-up girl and disgraced 7th Heaven star Jessica Biel.

      With all of the post-production involved in such a spectacle, "Fly Away From Here" may not be out for a while yet, but there are some behind the scenes clip up at that should sate even the strongest Aerosmith appetites.

  • Tom on the July 9th show...
      On 94.7 WFBQ FM Indianapolis on the "Bob and Tom Show", Tom Hamilton said that the July 9th Indianapolis show was the best one yet.

  • Instructions to find The Boneyard in Aerosmith World...
      Aerosmith World - the 3-D interactive chatroom (go to to download it)

      Make sure you have the most current version of A.W. otherwise you will not see the door. (To do this, go to the menu, select OPTIONS - scroll and select UPGRADE NOW - ... it will search for latest upgrades and prompt if needed)

      Once you are all upgraded, go to the "home" go to the back of the room, zoom down the side (doesnt matter which side they both take you down to the "catherdal") there's the rooms in the middle of the catherdal - go thru that, the colors change to some trippy bright India colors... keep on going thru until you have exited.. now you will be infront of 5 doors... go straight - this is the middle of the five rooms...
      In this room you will see floating cds at the top - and straight ahead you will see a door saying "The BoneYard"
      Go into this door - it will prompt to download... once downloaded restart the program - and go back to the same door so you can enter The BoneYard --

      ** Note : this is probably not EXCATLY 'THE BONEYARD' just a virtual reality stimulatan for us fans. So I doubt that the bathroom is really whats in Joe's place. Never the less - enjoy!

      There are about 5 pictures of Billie in this area. The most are found in one certian room. She's wearing a red dress and looks very fab!

      For all of you who can't find those pics of Billie from AW - Julie Hogan have put them onto her site under the "The Perry Family" section page 6...

News as of July 18, 2001
  • Joe Perry sighting
      Yesterday, when a fan went to Cleveland to the Hall Of Fame before the show, a guy working there told her to go into one room and there was Joe Perry and his wife, watching the induction on the tv! She was standing right next to him and was going to ask for an autograph but his body guard leaned over and said "hey his is enjoying the day with his family"... Then she was told by another guide that he was going up to the 4th floor so they went up and he was with his family looking at all the pics and stuff...

  • Scott Weiland quote
      I was sent this quote from Scott Weiland, which is in the current issue of Rolling Stone. Not sure exactly who he's referring to, but I think I have a pretty good idea...

      "I'll tell you this, though: For the sake of success, never, ever will we entertain the idea of having somebody write for us. That's a sellout. I'd sell one of my songs for any car commercial in the world that paid enough money - it doesn't change what I created. But to stay in the Top Ten for weeks on end when I'm in my forties, and to do that by letting Glen Ballard write songs for me? Fuck that. I don't want any part of that."

News as of July 17, 2001
  • Walk This Way... to Church?
      Short takes

      * Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler surprised the congregation at the Church of Today in Warren on Sunday when he dropped in to sing his rendition of Amazing Grace. Tyler said he overcame a troubled period in his life by listening to inspirational tapes by church minister Marianne Williamson, whom he invited to an Aerosmith concert while he was in town. She returned the favor by inviting him to church.

  • Wayne's World 1 & 2 Now Available on DVD!
      Not Worthy!
      Wayne and Garth are Schwinging Again
      With the Arrival on DVD of

      Featuring New Interviews and Commentaries
      And "Cable Access TV" Menu Options

      Hollywood, CA - July, 2000 - Wayne and Garth (Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) party on when WAYNE'S WORLD and WAYNE'S WORLD 2 premiere on DVD on July 10 from Paramount Home Entertainment. Available individually ($24.99 S.R.P.) and as a two-pack boxed set (WAYNE'S WORLD - THE COMPLETE EPIC, $49.98 S.R.P.), the films also feature Rob Lowe, Tia Carrere, Lara Flynn Boyle, Christopher Walken, Kim Basinger, and Heather Locklear.

      An outrageous comedy inspired by hilarious dialogue and witty sight gags, WAYNE'S WORLD (1992) stars twenty-something best friends Wayne Campbell (Myers) and Garth Algar (Carvey) who live in their respective parents' homes in Aurora, Illinois and tape their own cable access show "Wayne's World" from Wayne's basement. The two pals interview strange guests, drool over supermodels and talk about anything they deem worthy. Life is going just fine until television producer Ben Oliver (Lowe) approaches them with a deal and becomes fascinated with Cassandra (Carrere), the heavy metal singer with whom Wayne is infatuated.

      WAYNE'S WORLD 2 is a sidesplitting continuation of the adventures of Wayne and Garth. The boys are now living and doing their cable access show in a babe-a-licious abandoned doll warehouse, with Wayne still dating Cassandra, and Garth finding his match in blond bombshell, Honey Hornee (Basinger). Trouble arises when slick record producer Bobby Cahn (Walken) begins pursuing Cassandra, and Wayne believes he must organize a massive outdoor rock festival in Aurora to save the day. The boys encounter a series of laugh-out-loud hurdles as they attempt to create their dream, "Waynestock."

      WAYNE'S WORLD and WAYNE'S WORLD 2 are rated PG-13 and PG-13 for ribald humor in the U.S. and each has a running time of 94 minutes. Visit to learn more about Paramount Home Entertainment's new releases, as well as other classic Hollywood Films, television program, animated titles and family and special interest programming.

  • Rick Dufay and Blue By Nature news...
      To the BBN fans, Karen Lawrence was featured on Local Licks on KLOS 95.5 last night and has some gigs with another band, The Mama's Boys coming up - one showcase gig at the Whisky on August 9th in fact. For those of you new to Rick's music career, he was in Blue By Nature with Karen Lawrence until around 1998.

      Rick is still doing rehearsals with Dan and Charlie and working on the setlist. He's also been keeping in touch with a member of another band touring right now..that he used to be in...

      Check out:

  • Darien Lake Show 7/15 Review
      This was taken out of yesterday's issue of the Buffalo News!

      Aerosmith rocks the park

      News Contributing Reviewer

      Clad in skin-tight Roy Lichtenstein pop-art pants, Steven Tyler led Aerosmith through a 21/2-hour set of hard rock in a packed Darien Lake Performing Arts Center Sunday. The only thing louder than the band was the adoring crowd response at the end of each song. On a state-of-the-art video screen mounted 20 feet above the stage, Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry cut a mean silhouette to kick off a show that included FM radio staples like "Love in an Elevator" and "Jaded," from the band's current CD "Just Push Play." As a beach ball bounced through the sold-out crowd, Tyler sang through a megaphone before whipping out a harmonica for the band's classic cover of "Big Ten Inch." Aerosmith's female fans were sent into paroxysms of delight as he tossed his harp into the crowd.

      At dusk, as the band cruised into the power ballad "Fly Away From Here," cigarette lighters started sparking through the crowd like fireflies.

      Midway through the set, the band made its way to a second stage located at the foot of the lawn seats for a mini-set kicked off by the instantly recognizable melody of "Dream On," with Tyler on keyboards, and featuring dreamy guitar work by Perry and rhythm-guitarist Brad Whitford. All the old-timers felt a part of the show as the band offered up "Same Old Song and Dance."

      Then it was time for more big hits like "Don't Want to Miss a Thing," which caused the crowd to ignite lighters again, burning enough butane to cause a mild ecological hazard.

      A wild, scat blues intro paved the way for the band's crossover Run-DMC remake of "Walk This Way," which featured frenetic breakdance footage on the big screen.

      A psychedelic oil-light backdrop set the mood for Tom Hamilton's cool bass lines as he and drummer Joey Kramer brought the band into the anthemic "Sweet Emotion." Joe Perry, every inch the rock star with cigarette in mouth, thrust his Les Paul against the Marshall stack coaxing chaotic feedback from the speakers.

      "Living on the Edge," a more recent hit, followed, bridging the generation gap for the many families who attended the show, as fireworks went off within the amusement park behind the giant Ferris wheel.

      Gone are the days of the notorious Toxic Twins (Tyler and Perry), so named for their legendary substance abuse. The sober Aerosmith proved it's not about the drugs, it's about the music and the communal fun of a great outdoor concert. This was one rock 'n' roll show worthy of the steep ticket price.

News as of July 16, 2001
  • Please, help me out! (everyone can help. It will only take you a few seconds and it won't cost you a thing...)
      Rock This Way has been on-line for about four years now. Throughout these years I have put alot of time and money into bringing you the latest news, and just about everything else on the Boston Bad Boys. Now, I hope that you will take a few seconds of your time to help me out by clicking one of the banners for the new band COLOR once.

      Melisma Records, a rock n' roll division of Arista Records, has organized a promotion contest for the band Color for approximately twenty invited webmasters. As you've probably guessed by now, I am one of those.
      Now, the three webmasters who send the most unique visitors (individual IP addresses) from their websites to the Color website from 7/16/01 to 9/11/01 will win (1st prize is $500, 2nd prize is $300 and 3rd prize is $200). A unique visitor is considered someone new who has not visited the Color site before from a Color link on the webmaster's site. A unique visitor will only be counted if they visit the Color site from a custom Color link (provided) on the webmaster's site. They will count all unique visitors once during the life of the promotion.

      As you may understand, winning $500 could help me recover some of the maintaining costs of my website, and to help keep the site going for quite a while. In order to win this contest I will obviously need as much help as I can get and this is where I need Your help!

      Now, if you really like this site and want to help me keep it going, please also ask your friends, family, class mates, co-workers, pen pals... well, just anybody you can think of, to visit Rock This Way and click the COLOR banner! Every such potential click is important!

      Thanks for your time!

      - Cristoffer Eriksson
      (webmaster of

  • Cyrinda fund raiser at CBGB
      This is from Liz Smith's column in today's NY Post (there's a pic of Cyrinda on

      RAN INTO the ubiquitous Fox guy Roger Friedman, who is out every night everywhere. He told me that at the East Village club CBGB's, there was an extraordinary celebration of Cyrinda Foxe, the one-time model who is the mother of Mia Tyler. (Yes, she's the ex of Aerosmith's Steve Tyler.) Cyrinda is battling brain cancer and a silent auction was put together by publicist Liz Derringer to raise money for her medical needs. A guitar signed by Aerosmith fetched $5,000.

      The touching knockout moment of the night was the dazzling Bebe Buell's performance in Cyrinda's honor. These women were once at one another's throats. But no more. In the audience also was Bebe's daughter Liv Tyler with her fiancé, Royston Langdon. Show biz "do" get complicated. Just like life.

  • Joe Perry at U2 concert
      According to MTV, Joe went to an U2 concert (in New Jersey?) and went backstage to congratulate the band because he enjoyed it very much. He even said in an interview that he is a U2 fan...

  • Joe Perry's Boneyard in the Aerosmith Worlds chat
      I've been told that they just added The Boneyard recording studio on Aerosmith world. In the main Aerosmith world go to the BIG room where you can get into 5 rooms....Go into the middle room(Joe's room) It has flying CD's in it. Walk straight in all the way and u will see: "The Boneyard" walk to it and a thing will pop-up saying you need to download it...

News as of July 15, 2001
  • Mia Tyler Information
      For those who are interested, Mia Tyler is prominently featured on Lane Bryant's new Fall 2001 "Denim Revolution" clothing line. The homepage reads, "Walk This Way. Mia Tyler Rocks in Our Hipster Jean," as the model is seen strutting her stuff for the clothing company. The site also has a video (to the music of the Run DMC version of WTW) with scenes of photo shoot for their new Fall clothing line starring Ms. Tyler at

  • Aerosmith included on VH1 Special "From the Waist Down"
      PR Newswire
      July 12, 2001, Thursday



      LENGTH: 701 words

      HEADLINE: VH1 Special 'From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music,' Five-Part, Five-Hour Series Chronicling Pop Music's Influence on the Sexual Revolution, To Debut Monday-Friday, August 6-10, at 10:00 P.M. (ET/PT)

      DATELINE: PASADENA, Calif., July 12


      From Elvis, "Sweet Little Sixteen" and The Twist through "Sticky Fingers," groupies and "I Touch Myself," pop music has consistently sent one unmistakable message: It's about S-E-X.

      In popular culture, music sets the trends while the rest follow. And nowhere is this fact more evident than in the sexual revolution. "From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music" traces the sexual saturation of contemporary culture in the past five decades -- and takes the provocative premise that music has been responsible for it all -- in this five-hour, five-part special, debuting Monday-Friday, August 6-10, at 10:00 p.m. (ET/PT) each night.

      A series of five themed, non-chronological hours, "From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music" looks at how music and sexual attitudes have been profoundly connected, beginning with the genesis of rock in the '50s, straight through to the porn metal rap of today:

      * Hour 1 -- Dance to the Music: Ever since the days of Elvis and "American Bandstand," dancing has served as music's direct physical connection to sex, channeled through the Watusi and The Twist, "Footloose" and "Private Dancer," booty call and Kid Rock.

      * Hour 2 -- Whole Lotta Love: In the animal world, it's the male of the species that enjoys all the feathered finery. It's no different in rock, where hair, makeup, strutting -- and the ultimate six-string electric phallic symbol -- have long been the domain of guys.

      * Hour 3 -- Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Complex and not always subtle, female sexuality in rock has evolved from object of male desire, to riot girl, midriff lolita and other self-commodifying, self-exploiting objects.

      * Hour 4 -- Are You a Boy or a Girl?: Music is the medium that explores every imaginable permutation of sexuality -- including the twilight zone of cross-gender. Flowering broadly in the '70s with glam rock, Bowie, Disco, the New Romantics, gay "Pink Rock" and more, gender-bending continues today dressed up as shock-rocker Marilyn Manson.

      * Hour 5 -- I Fought the Law: The battle between stripping off and covering up: cultural outrage and government regulation fight a rearguard action against increasing permissiveness advocated by marketers and artists, from Madonna to 2 Live Crew to Alanis, D'Angelo, Red Hot Chili Peppers and beyond.

      "From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music" features new interviews with Adam Ant, The Bangles, The Go-Gos' Belinda Carlisle and Jane Weidlin, Boy George, CC DeVille, Chris Isaak, Chuck D, Cyndi Lauper, Dave Navarro, Destiny's Child, The B-52s' Fred Schneider, Gary Numan, Janet Jackson, Jerry Harrison, Jimmy Jam, Duran Duran's John Taylor, John Waters, k.d. lang, Melissa Etheridge, Rick James, Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas, Sammy Hagar, Sebastian Bach, Garbage's Shirley Manson, Slash, Spinderella, Stevie Nicks, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, TLC's Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, Tommy Lee, and Uncle Kracker.

      "From the Waist Down: Men, Women & Music" is a production of World of Wonder. Lauren Zalaznick, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato are Executive Producers.

      VH1 produces and programs a wide variety of music-based series, specials, live events and acquisition-based programming that keep viewers in touch with the music they love. VH1 is a registered trademark of MTV Networks, a unit of Viacom Inc. MTV Networks owns and operates the cable television programming services MTV: Music Television, MTV 2: Music Television, Nickelodeon/Nick at Nite, TV Land and VH1 as well as The Suite from MTV Networks, a package of ten digital services, all of which are trademarks of MTV Networks. MTV Networks also has joint ventures, licensing agreements and syndication deals whereby its programming can be seen worldwide.


      SOURCE VH1

      CONTACT: Toni Herron of VH1, 212-846-7528; or Lisa Williams of MTVN,


      LOAD-DATE: July 13, 2001

  • Another shot of Jessica Biel from the shooting of FAFH
      Yes, I know I've posted one before but when I found this one (on Claud's page) I felt that I didn't have the heart not to share it with you guys ;)

      Jessica Biel during the making of the Fly Away From Here video

      sorry girls, but us male fans gotta get something nice to look at here once in a while too, don't ya think? hehe. There's more than enough of photos of the band on the site, don't you think? (ok, so you probably don't but...)

  • Concert Review at
      Tony Bonyata ( - editor) wants you all to know that they have a review of Aerosmith's July 7th, 2001 show at Alpine Valley in East Troy, Wisconsin featuring exclusive photos. The address to their site is:

      They also have previous reviews from their past tours with exclusive live photos on the site, as well.

  • Negative comments on Aerosmith from Sixx and Mustaine..
      For those who are interested, this is how Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crue) and Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) feels about the Aerosmith of today...

      This is from an old interview from Nikki Sixx back in 1997 when Generation Swine was coming out...

      SR (interviewer): You have to get along when you're working so closely. Did you guys write any new rules?

      NS: Communicate. That's what I was saying about nobody I grew up on is doing anything that's blowing my mind. A band like Aerosmith, one of my all-time favorite bands, they just made an album worse than Foreigner. Come on guys, you're f**kin' Aerosmith. You guys have got the balls to do. f**kin' make a record that'll blow everyone's mind. Take a chance. Get rid of these bubblegum songwriters. The guys who wrote "Walk This Way" and "Dream On" do not need songwriters.

      SR (interviewer): That kills me too.

      NS: It breaks my heart to hear a song like their first single "Falling Down Is Hard On Your Knees" or whatever it's called ("Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees"). I just go 'Nooooo, man. Come on guys, you're f**kin' Aerosmith. You're the bad ass motherf**kers! You hear the song they did for that "Seargeant Peppers" movie and the music they're doing now and you just have to hang your head. I'm not going to be that band. We're going to keep pushin' and pushin'. We may lose some people. They may say 'Well, I wish they sounded just like "Girls Girls Girls". When we did that song people's eyebrows were all crunchy. They didn't know what the f**k we were doing at that point? What's all this crazy groove shit with all these gospel singers and street f**kin' things? We came out with Theatre Of Pain and it was about mainlining cocaine and we were on a hallucinogenic trip from hell. Somewhere along the way people thought we were a glam band. We were f**kin' high. We were a f**kin' dope band. We were The Dolls, man, on more drugs. Confusion.

      Another old interview with Dave Mustaine said this...

      Dave Mustaine of Megadeth said "Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have completely turned their backs on their songwriting abilities" "He went on to say that "I can't believe these are the same guys who wrote Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion".

      While I agree on some of the things they say, I think these guys should keep their mouths shut, the music they make today isn't exactly as good as it used to be either...

News as of July 14, 2001
  • Kid Rock joined Aerosmith last night
      At last night's concert in Detroit (2001-07-13, DTE Energy Music Theatre, Clarkstown, MI) Kid Rock performed with the band. Before Sweet Emotion, Steven announced that Kid Rock was in the house. Kid came on stage, and they essentially re-created the version from the R&R Hall of Fame induction ceremony.. complete with the record scratching by Kid. Joe and Kid Rock traded licks on the guitar and turntables during the feedback part....

  • Aerosmith/Dodge article from Launch
      7/13/01, 3 p.m. ET) -- DaimlerChrysler employees didn't seem all that "jaded" as more than 1,500 turned out to greet Aerosmith Thursday (July 12) when the legendary rock band visited the company's technical center outside of Detroit. The workers stood three- and four-people deep around the railing, lined up on the escalators, and clustered around the closed-circuit television sets as songs from Aerosmith's latest album, Just Push Play, echoed off the ceiling of the gigantic covered plaza in the middle of the sprawling, Pentagon-sized building. The band, just in from a show at the Polaris Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday (July 11), was in Auburn Hills as part of its new partnership with Dodge, which is sponsoring the Just Push Play tour.
      Lead singer Steven Tyler obliged the friendly, curious crowd by posing for pictures and saying he was pleased with the band's new ties with Dodge. Aerosmith even came complete with security and roadies dressed in black T-shirts bearing the legend, "July 12, 2001. Live--Aerosmith does Dodge at DCX [the DaimlerChrysler Technical Center]."
      After the appearance in Tech Plaza, where they put sprawling signatures on the side and hood of an all-black 2001 Dodge Ram pick-up truck, Aerosmith was whisked off in appropriate rock-star style to the small test track behind the technical center, where the group's members had an opportunity to drive Dodge Vipers. The band also got a look a several concept cars and a peek at the 2003 Dodge Viper RT, which is not yet on sale.
      James Schroer, the Chrysler group's executive vice president of global sales and marketing, said the idea of linking Dodge and Aerosmith originated with Fusion One, the Connecticut ad agency DaimlerChrysler recruited last spring. Initially, Fusion One thought Aerosmith might prove too outrageous for DaimlerChrysler's management, said Schroer. As it turned out, everyone in the company actually loved the idea and then Aerosmith, which had been in talks with another car company outside the U.S., signed on with Dodge, according to Schroer. Dodge is now in the process of developing a longer-term relationship with Aerosmith, which will take a variety of forms in the future, DaimlerChrysler officials said.
      Aerosmith's Just Push Play world tour hit the Darien Lake Six Flags Performing Arts Center in Darien Center, New York, last night (July 15). After a day off today (July 16), the band plays the Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, tomorrow (July 17).

      -- LAUNCH Staff, Detroit

  • HTZFM Top 1500...
      About a week ago for 2 weeks, a local radio station in Canada had top 1500 songs of all time. The result of their top 1500 countdown can be seen at the radio station's website, I notice some mistakes, but not mine. One mistake is song number #697 and #1148. And by the way. The voters were the listeners of the station, NOT the station. Anyways, Aerosmith made this list with alot of songs (45 songs, 3% of the entire list ;):

      5 Aerosmith Sweet Emotion
      18 Aerosmith Walk This Way
      59 Aerosmith Train Kept a Rollin'
      67 Aerosmith Dream On
      89 Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
      95 Aerosmith Back in the Saddle
      130 Aerosmith Love In An Elevator
      154 Aerosmith Janie's Got A Gun
      165 Aerosmith Toys in the Attic
      183 Aerosmith Same Old Song and Dance
      223 Aerosmith Rag Doll
      337 Aerosmith Sick As A Dog
      391 Aerosmith No More No More
      412 Aerosmith Amazing
      474 Aerosmith Lick and a Promise
      515 Aerosmith Come Together
      522 Aerosmith The Other Side
      564 Aerosmith Permanent Vacation
      598 Aerosmith Rats in the Cellar
      632 Aerosmith Big Ten Inch Record
      655 Aerosmith Eat the Rich
      658 Aerosmith Young Lust / F.I.N.E
      697 Aerosmith Hangman Jury
      744 Aerosmith What it Takes
      776 Aerosmith Kings and Queens
      838 Aerosmith Angel
      871 Aerosmith Mama Kin
      970 Aerosmith Draw the Line
      985 Aerosmith What it Takes
      1003 Aerosmith Last Child
      1008 Aerosmith Lightning Strikes
      1048 Aerosmith Falling in Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
      1075 Aerosmith Livin' On The Edge
      1109 Aerosmith Cryin'
      1148 Aerosmith Hangman's Jury
      1190 Aerosmith Seasons of Wither
      1264 Aerosmith Rats in the Cellar
      1267 Aerosmith Deuces are Wild
      1286 Aerosmith Crazy
      1358 Aerosmith Pink
      1415 Aerosmith Walkin' The Dog
      1430 Aerosmith Jaded
      1465 Aerosmith Chip Away the Srone
      1486 Aerosmith Uncle Salty

      and in addition to that...

      723 Joe Perry Project Let the Music Do the Talking

      Just thought that was pretty cool....

News as of July 13, 2001
  • Aerosmith and Dodge article
      Aerosmith To Unveil Truck During Visit To Dodge

      (7/12/01, 7 a.m. ET) -- Aerosmith has a day off from its Just Push Play tour today (July 12), but the Boston quintet will still be working--paying the piper, as it were. The group will make an afternoon visit to the headquarters of DaimlerChrysler, whose Dodge brand is the tour sponsor.

      Aerosmith will first visit the company's offices in the Detroit suburb of Auburn Hills, meeting and greeting and, presumably, thanking employees, and also holding a brief press conference. The band will then tour the facilities before being whisked to the DaimlerChrysler Tech Plaza Test Track, where they'll test drive a number of Dodge products, including Ram trucks and Viper sports cars.

      Lead guitarist Joe Perry tells LAUNCH that the band and Dodge officials will also unveil plans for a special Aerosmith edition truck. "I think it's gonna be a pickup," he said. "We'll have some influence over it, some input."

      The group performs Friday (July 13) at the DTE Energy Music Theatre in nearby Clarkston, Michigan.

      -- Gary Graff, Detroit

  • Aerosmith/Dodge photo
      This was the Photo Of The Day at the Canoe (Canada's Entertainment Network) website,, today.

      Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler writes Aerosmith on the hood of a Dodge Ram truck during a stop at Chrysler's World Headquarters Thursday, July 12, 2001, in Auburn Hills, Mich. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)

      The caption reads: "Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler writes "Aerosmith" on the hood of a Dodge Ram truck during a stop at Chrysler's World Headquarters Thursday, July 12, 2001, in Auburn Hills, Mich. (AP Photo/Duane Burleson)"

  • MTV Germany
      On the occasion of MTV's 20th anniversary, MTV GERMANY will be playing the five best songs from every year since 1981. The MTV viewers can decide which songs that will make it into the each Top Five at
      Aerosmith are nominated for "Cryin'" (1993) and "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (1998). Also, Run DMC got a nomination for their cover of "Walk This Way" (1986).

      Secondly, on MTV Select (the German version of TRL) some crazy guy won a signed Aerosmith-poster. He had to sing about 40 minutes on the phone to win (!)

      And finally, "Fly Away From Here" became the most requested video of the day.

  • Germany TV alert
      Tomorrow, June 14th, the channel 3sat will broadcast something called ROCK HEROES: AEROSMITH

  • Janie's Got A Gun Parody

News as of July 12, 2001
  • Aerosmith to perform at MTV20
      The following is from Yahoo! News:

      NEW YORK, July 12 /PRNewswire/ -- MTV: MUSIC TELEVISION announced today that a truly diverse mix of performers and guests from the first 20 years of MTV will take part in the August 1st 20th birthday bash titled, ``MTV20: LIVE AND ALMOST LEGAL.'' Mariah Carey will headline the live party that will include performances by a reunited TLC, Jane's Addiction, Billy Idol, Method Man, Mary J. Blige, SUM-41, RUN-DMC, Busta Rhymes, and The Neptunes, plus performances from some of the hottest tours of the summer including Bon Jovi, Nelly, Depeche Mode, Blink-182, Aerosmith, and Sugar Ray.

      The evening's festivities will include special appearances from various VJs throughout the years, including the five original MTV VJs: Martha Quinn, JJ Jackson, Alan Hunter, Nina Blackwood, and Mark Goodman; plus the return of Beavis & Butt-head, and many more surprises. ``MTV20: LIVE AND ALMOST LEGAL,'' hosted by Carson Daly and all the MTV on-air talent, will air live on MTV and MTV2 from 8 - 11 pm live ET/tape delayed PT on Wednesday, August 1, following a 12 hour block of music videos, promos, and intros from the first 20 years of MTV.

      ``MTV20: LIVE AND ALMOST LEGAL'' will be produced by Patrick Byrnes. Jennifer Demme is coordinating producer and Steve Paley will direct the program. Salli Frattini and Dave Sirulnick are executive producers.

      ``MTV20: LIVE AND ALMOST LEGAL'' is sponsored by Coca-Cola and Volkswagen.

  • Billboard Update from Chris
      Just Push Play rebounds very nicely this week, coming in at #77 with roughly 19,500 copies sold. This is an 18 spot and 14.77% increase from last weeks sales.

      In singles news, Fly Away and JPP are NOT on the Billboard Charts, but they continue to do decent on airplay status alone. According to Radio and Records Online, "Fly Away" is the 26th most played song last week on pop radio, and "Just Push Play" is 9th most played on rock radio last week.

  • Charts reports from Clive..
      Starting to look as if FAFH has bottomed out and going to end up going to end as per the fortunes of Hole In My Soul.

      This week on stalled on the airplay charts at 25 (apart rising 4 the previous week). The major note was that the total number was spins was down for the first time.

      For some reason the Billboard charts appeared early today and the inkling I thought the album might ascend the charts this week even surpassed my thoughts as up 18 to 77.

      From last weeks 16500 sales, I'd put it about up about 4 000 to 20,500. another week of those sales and it will go through the 1 million mark.

      As to concert sales, they basically sold out at Star Lake.

      Aerosmith, Fuel
      Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake Burgettstown, Pa.
      June 30, 2001
      Sales: $851,196
      Attendance: 23,050
      Capacity: 23,188

  • Columbus Dispatch Article
      From the Columbus Dispatch newspaper 7/12/01 (article included a picture of Steven with Brad)

      by Aaron Beck

      Aerosmith laid it all on the line last night in sold-out Polaris Amphitheater.

      Having screeched and sung Beyond Beautiful (a new, rollicking, Led Zeppelinlike behemoth), the first song of the evening and the first track on Just Push Play (the 31-year old Boston band's new album), lead singer Steven Tyler said, "All right. This is how it's going to be. We're going to rock your world for two-plus hours." And the band did.

      Aerosmith compelled anyone who pictures the band in a rock 'n' roll retirement home to do some rethinking. Tyler, 53, and guitarist Joe Perry, 50, substance abusers turned gym rats, look like 21-year-old mountain climbers. Guitarist Brad Whitford, drummer Joey Kramer and bassist Tom Hamilton -- the stationary men of the band -- even looked fresh-faced and ready for action.

      The band was in full stride from beginning to end. Big Ten Inch Record, Pink, Mama Kin -- all of 'em were swaggering, hard-rockin', oxygen-rich rhythm and blues.

      The power ballads sounded as good as they're ever going to get. The radio-, MTV- and soundtrack friendly weepers, which might account for the number of audience members last night born long after the band's own birth and sometime before its rebirth, pay the band's house payments these days. If the hits satisfy the people, why wouldn't the band continue to mix love letters with lead-booted hard rock? Aerosmith, after all, has the right. The band did write the prototype Dream On.

      Last night, Aerosmith, having made its way to the "B stage" in the lawn, gave the cheap-seat holders front row seats for the FM staple, and for runs through Toys in the Attic and Same Old Song and Dance. Grainy black and white video projected the action back on the main stage screens. The band plowed through its classics with emotion, energy, and grit and for once, lawn dwellers didn't get tossed a "How's everybody doin' on the lawn tonight?" doggy biscuit.

      Aerosmith really shouldn't be doing what its doing: selling out 20,000-seat venues across the country. Most bands of 50-something men are playing fairs. Aerosmith sounds better today than the band probably did when it was to be at its peak -- when its members were stoned at 25. It was invigorating to spend part of one's life with a band that continues to write songs that stand tall against the songs that made the band its name.

  • Joe On Gretsch Guitars
      For all those out there, players or not, there's a mention of Joe and his new guitar fetish, Gretsch, on their site: . It mentions the 3 guitars that have we have been seeing Joe use a lot, The Classic Black Hollow body, the White Falcon, and The Bo Diddley (the red rectangle one).

      Direct from the Gretsch House Telegram


      Did you happen to catch Saturday Night Live this past weekend? If you did, you got to witness Aerosmith with Joe Perry playing his big, classic Gretsch Hollowbody, the same one he uses in the new video "Jaded."

      What a band! What a guitar!

      How about that killer appearance at the Super Bowl XXXV half-time show? If you missed that, ...well, too bad! Aerosmith rocked out with NSYNC, Britney Spears and Mary J Blige, what a show! Joe was totally awesome brandishing that beautiful White Falcon that shined so bright on stage!

      Don't forget to watch VH-1 this Wed, March 21st at 9pm to see Aerosmith be inducted into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame! They will be performing during the ceremony and if we're lucky, we might get to see Joe play the square Bo Diddley Gretsch he just got from us.

      Also, check their website for cool wallpaper for your desktop (with Joe & his Gretsch)!!

      It's so awesome to see Gretsch in the hands of such a great guitarist and musician!

News as of July 11, 2001
  • There will be a fund raiser today at CBGB for Cyrinda...
      From yesterday's NY Post....

      AEROSMITH'S Steven Tyler patched things up with ex-wife Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler after she came down with brain cancer. Now, Bebe Buell - who replaced Cyrinda in Tyler's affections and bore his daughter, Liv Tyler - has reconciled with Cyrinda too. Bebe and her band will perform at a fund-raiser at CBGB's tomorrow to help cover Cyrinda's medical expenses. Liv has donated a book signed by the cast of "Lord of the Rings." Patrick McMullan, Peter Max, and others donated artwork, and Cyrinda's model daughter, Mia, 22, is offering a lunch date to the highest bidder.

  • Corrected info on the Japanese FAFH single (Thanks Akira!)
      Japanese maxi single : released JUNE 6th 2001.

      1. Fly Away From Here (Radio Remix Edit)*
      2. Fly Away From Here (Album Version)
      3. Fly Away From Here (Rock Remix)
      4. Face
      5. Fly Away From Here (Orchestral Mix)
      6. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Live)**

      * Remixed by Mike Shipley.
      ** Recorded Cape Canaveral, FL on June 29, 1998.
           (not live in Japan, as I posted earlier)

      Front cover of the Japanese Fly Away From Here single Back cover of the Japanese Fly Away From Here single

      images are the front and back covers (with OBI strip)

  • VH1's What's My 20
      On the new VH1 show 'What's My 20". Aerosmith has already made three appearances.

      Top 20 Gods of Thunder (metal acts) they were number 4.
      Top 20 Power Ballads Dream On was number 1.
      Top 20 Live Acts they were number 1.

      The show has 2 parts. First they countdown the top 20 in an hour and show about a minutes's worth of interview and video clips. After that they countdown the top 20 again by showing whole entire videos. For the live acts show they played the live symphonic version of Dream On and for the gods of thunder they played Falling In Love (Is hard On The Knees).
      You can still go online and vote for Aerosmith in 2 more categories before they air.

      Best frontman, Steven Tyler
      Best Song from a movie, I Dont Want To Miss A Thing

  • Concert Review from yesterday's Indianapolis Star
      Here is the Indy review by the Indianapolis Star. They gave the boys a 3 1/2 out of 4 stars.

      Band proves it hasn't lost a step with show

      By David Lindquist
      Indianapolis Star
      July 10, 2001

      The members of Aerosmith called one of their recent albums Nine Lives, but that title doesn't do justice to the ageless rock band. How improbable is it that both dinosaur Q95 and the teething Radio Now would broadcast live from the same concert at Verizon Wireless Music Center? It happened Monday night, when Aerosmith played to a sold-out house of 25,000 -- the most across-the-board enthusiastic audience of the summer. Frontman Steven Tyler matched the crowd's intensity with stunt gymnastics and a Tarzan rope swing. Not bad for a 53-year-old. More importantly, he aced the vocals on every song. The last time Aerosmith came to town, the band's in-the-shadows keyboard player seemed to carry Tyler. This time, Tyler sang lead and the hired gun backed him up. Guitarist Joe Perry rocketed through the two-hour performance with his muscular blues style. While his tone isn't "trademark" distinctive, there aren't any liabilities to his playing. The set list offered a winning mix of classics, obscurities and material from current album Just Push Play. Recent single Jaded soared as a classy, hip effort that pulls in teen-agers without embarrassing the baby boomers. And vice versa. The post-modern shuck-and-jive of the title track from Just Push errs on the side of being too adventurous -- but at least it's not a power ballad. Thankfully, Aerosmith is learning not to lean too heavily on the sweet and dramatic stuff -- the band's late-era meal ticket -- in concert. Instead, fans get treated to a three-song interlude performed on the lawn. I've seen "satellite stages" used by U2 and the Rolling Stones at Soldier Field, DC Talk at old Market Square Arena and Jane's Addiction at a general-admission theater, but none equaled the fan-friendly Tyler, Perry and Co. And no other act graced the cheap seats with a tune as weighty as Dream On. With about 20 minutes to go in the show, I had to leave to make deadline. At that point, Tyler had not mentioned his feather-ruffling rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner at May's 500-Mile Race. There would be, after all, no need to apologize to this far-reaching constituency. Aerosmith's old-school/new-school appeal must be the envy of every heritage rock band that drags its catalog from amphitheater to amphitheater each summer. Even the Stones -- long considered the blueprint for Aerosmith -- have to be a little jealous.

  • Tell Aerosmith Your Story reminder
      Only 6 days left to 'tell Aerosmith your story'! We have recieved 4 concert reviews, 5 humor break, 9 poems, 20 stories, 1 prayer. More stories are on the way! Hope yours is one of them!

      Remember to check the webiste for more information.

      We would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to contribute to this project. I'm sure the guys will love it all. What started out as a small idea has escallated at turned into something huge. Thank you all.

      Tom's Angel, joe'sdarlin, DreaminRagDoll, AeroLuvr4Life

News as of July 10, 2001
  • Soundscan reports
      Chris (MrSteveTy5) of AeroFANatic has obtained an ACTUAL Soundscan report for the 17 weeks Just Push Play has been on the Billboard Charts. These are the actual sales figures. This is not a rough estimate. This is the ACTUAL EXACT sales numbers that soundscan has for the album. It is interesting to see the numbers and how it fluctuates. Also thanks to Clive for all his help on the numbers and interpreting the data.

      Soundscan's Just Push Play sales thru 7/05/01- 937,654



      Sales {% change}

      March 15th, 2001

      # 2


      March 22nd, 2001

      # 3

      126,430 {-47.43%}

      March 29th, 2001

      # 5

      102,375 {-19.03%}

      April 5th, 2001

      # 9

      76,979 {-24.81%}

      April 12th, 2001

      # 22

      54,589 {-29.09%}

      April 19th, 2001

      # 19

      59,703 {+9.37%}

      April 26th, 2001

      # 34

      42,500 {-28.81%}

      May 3rd, 2001

      # 42

      35,477 {-16.52%}

      May 10th, 2001

      # 51

      30,672 {-13.54%}

      May 17th, 2001

      # 50

      27,955 {-8.86%}

      May 24th, 2001

      # 68

      21,291 {-23.84%}

      May 31st, 2001

      # 75

      20,437 {-4.01%}

      June 7th, 2001

      # 84

      18,783 {-8.09%}

      June 14th, 2001

      # 70

      20,456 {+8.91%}

      June 21st, 2001

      # 63

      24,462 {+19.58%}

      June 28th, 2001

      # 92

      18,356 {-24.96%}

      July 5th, 2001

      # 95

      16,469 {-10.28%}

      In the coming weeks more will be added, so if this info interests you, log on to AeroFANatic and click on "Aero News". You'll see the Billboard Chart button there...

  • Unofficial Aerosmith Convention
      Ellen (TylersRagDollJust) asked me to spread the word that she is in the process of putting together an annual event for Aerosmith Fans to meet and have a great time. It would be held in Las Vegas every year.

      Basically right now she is just need some feedback to see how many of you would be seriously interested in attending this event. There would be a fee to pay for the costs only, no profit would be made. If you are interested, or would like to help her with preparations, throw ideas at her, etc. please e-mail me at

      She will post more information as she has it at

News as of July 9, 2001
  • Hanoi Rocks to open for Aerosmith!?
      Harri Hälikkä from Finland just informed that a Finnish evening paper, "Iltalehti", had a very interesting Aero-related article in it a few days ago... It said that the legendary Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks has discussed the possibility to perform as an opening act on the Just Push Play tour (the European concerts?). The paper said that nothing is decided, but that there has apparently been some "preliminary" conversations.

      Harri said that the newspaper, in which he read this article, is quite reliable. Well, at least on this kind of matters.

      For those who don't remember, Hanoi Rocks were quite popular in the late '70's/early 80's, and had quite some influence of the LA hair rock scene back then I believe. Their drummer, Razzle, then died in an infamous car accident when he was in the car when his friend, Mötley Crue vocalist Vince Neil, was driving drunk. This led to that the band broke up. After that the vocalist Mike Monroe and the guitarist Andy McCoy has had their solo-careers, but now there has been lots of talk about the comeback of Hanoi Rocks. Since they haven't played together for a long time they want to see if they really "can be a band again" first, so the Hanoi Rocks are going to play a couple of gigs together and then make the decision if they are able to kick ass with the Bad Boys Of Boston...

  • Unexpected Aerosmith fan
      The other night Larry King intervied Janet Jackson. The question was "who has influenced you musically and who do you listen to?" . After she mentioned people like, Sly & the Family Stone, her brothers and some others, she goes on to say she's a huge fan of AEROSMITH & also Led Zep.

  • Liv Tyler story
      Liv Tyler was on Conan friday night, repeat. She was promoting One Night At McCools. She said her 1st movie some critic said she looked like a "Horse eating from a troth." She said she was crying and she called Dad and she said Steven told her "Don't worry hunny we are horse people"

  • Perry family rumor which is NOT true
      There's a rumor out there that's sick and completely untrue. Not so long ago an Aerosmith fan found an article called "Aero-Offspring Tumbles To The Top", supposedly written by Gerri Miller for Metal Edge. This article talks about a girl who claims to be Joe Perry's daughter and even has a website at
      Now, Claudia (of Claud's Aerosmith Page) spoke to Gerri Miller and she told me that SHE DID NOT WRITE THAT ARTICLE AND THAT THIS GIRL IS A FAKE. So, just to clear it out: Joe Perry DOES NOT have a daughter!! She even has an articles section at her website full of wrong information on the band and Joe's family.

  • Tyler and Pink
      Speaking of rumors... Sounds like Steven Tyler and Pink are doing a collaboration for Pink's next album. There's been a rumor out there that they might be dating and there was even an eye witness that met both Steven and Pink - together on their way to dinner. Now, I DO NOT believe this rumor. Steven is a happily married man and I think they are probably just discussing his appearance on her album!

  • Aerosmith in People Crossword
      The guys have hit the crossword puzzle in this weeks people (Julia Roberts cover)

      "Sick ___ Dog" (Aerosmith tune, 2 words)

  • A reply to yesterdays Venue Reports, by Clive Newton...
      Strange as articles I saw mentioned that all the early dates were sell outs although I'd seen other data such as Holmdel detailing a similar 90% figure. I assume though the capacity figures are maximum capacity possible and dependent on concert/stage setups as expect 2nd stage reduces capacity (although doubt 9% difference).

      The PNC data was:

      June 10/12, 2001
      $1,599,348 Gross Sales
      29,727 attendance from 33,665 capacity (88.3%)

News as of July 8, 2001
  • Just Push Play Venue Reports
      Well, this is some pretty interesting data here. Chris (MrSteveTy5) has run across some data for the first few dates of the Just Push Play tour. This data includes tickets sold, the capacity of the venue, and the % full. It also lists the "gross" for each show...but I'm not going to post that info as it is kind of "personal". Anyway, take a peek at how the tour has been performing in a few select cities....

      Date City Tix Sold Capacity % full
      6/6 Hartford, CT 22,276 24,262 91%
      6/8 Saratoga, NY 17,026 25,406 67%
      6/22 Hershey, PA 28,871 28,871 100%
      6/24 Bristow, VA 20,723 22,528 91%

      Generally, the shows have been running at a 90%-100% capacity. Not bad. Actually, very good. Shows on the Nine Lives tour, pre IDWTMAT, weren't all as strong.

      Anyways, I thought this info was interesting and hopefully you all will too!

  • Quotes from Izzy Stradlin interview in Classic Rock June issue
      In the June edition of Classic Rock (the one with ST on the cover) there is also an inerview with Izzy Stradlin which talks about Aerosmith.

      Izzy : «I was addicted to eveything [...] I was in trouble until someone pointed it out to me...» That someone happened to be Aerosmith Steven Tyler, whose own exploits in the field of «advanced chemistry» were, at what point, better known even that Izzy's. They had met when they opened for aerosmith in 1988 and had stayed in contact ever since. «I remember we were talking on the phone and I said , Steven, I,ve got this hole that goes through the middle of my sinuses. I've got like one nostril now. He goes, «'oh yeah - deviated septum».He knew all the terminology.

      Izzy also talked about how aerosmith influenced him. «Then we toured with aerosmith and it was like, thank God we got to met some people that weren't fucked up!

      Izzy: «I had a lot of conversations with Steven. Mainly he would tell me really fucking scary drug stories - shit like locking himself in the bathroom and filling in all the tile cracks with toothpaste. And seeing worms..I thought, whoa, I'll never get that bad!

      Classic Rock june 2001 p.51
      «You can't keep on producing these big bullshits ballads all the ####ing time!» roars Tyler as he reenters the fray. «I mean, I like singing 'em because I like singing a good tune, but sooner or later you kinda go ' is that all?!

News as of July 7, 2001
  • Fly Away From Here single released in Japan
      I'm not sure when it was released but it seem the single for Fly Away From Here is already out in Japan. It can be found on ebay and it's got four tracks:

      1. Fly Away From Here (Radio Remix Edit)
      2. Fly Away From Here (Rock Remix Edit)
      3. Fly Away From Here (Orchestral Remix Edit)
      4. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (live, in Japan I think)

      The cover is the picture of the boys standing, w/ Steven sitting grabbing Joe's leg.

  • TV Guide
      To honor MTV's 20th anniversary, TV Guide is going to have three covers - a pop, rock and urban. I've been informed that the rock one will feature Steven and Pink . . .

      They're shooting the cover this week and it will be on stands the first week of August (MTV's anniv is on Aug. 1st).

  • Chicago reviews
      Saturday's Chicago Tribune had a postive review of the Tinley Park show, while the Saturday Chicago Sun Times had one not so good (as usual).

      Here's the one from the Chicago Tribune

      Rock isn't a hard place for Aerosmith

      By Robert K. Elder

      Aerosmith is a live — and lively — animal. Even when the Boston quintet's albums have been sub-par, a testosterone-laden, hit-driven live show could re-align your spine—and your loyalties back to the band.

      Thursday night at the Tweeter Center in Tinley Park, the Bad Boys from Boston played an inspired, diverse set of 20 songs to a capacity crowd of more than 28,000. More: they did it with class, showmanship and ambition not shown by bands half their age.

      Opening with "Beyond Beautiful" from their latest record "Just Push Play," the band was top-heavy with new songs, save "Love in an Elevator" (the second song in their set). "Jaded" and "Just Push Play's" title track followed as frontman Steven Tyler prowled the hi-tech stage, dragging his trademark scarf-draped mikestand.

      Complete with three gigantic video screens, Aerosmith has embraced the new millennium with a multimedia show incorporating audio, video, animation, computer graphics, live camera work and a second, stripped-down stage for the cheap seats.

      Surviving three solid decades of changing musical tastes, Aerosmith has adjusted to the times, although not always to the delight of devoted fans. Some die-hards from the '70s scoffed at the band's '80s offerings from "Permanent Vacation" and "Pump."

      And despite critical disfavor, Aerosmith's '90s catalogue was widely successful and perhaps their most accessible to pop tastes. They had to be respected for cultivating new fans, most younger than their own children.

      After a bluesy harmonica intro by Tyler, Aerosmith paraded its history proudly during "Big Ten Inch Record." The video screens flashed album covers from the band's past—an overwhelming montage and dizzying display behind dueling guitar solos by Joe Perry and Brad Whitford.

      The transition to "Fly Away From Here," was strange—a leap forward 25 years from "Toys in the Attic" to their new H.R. Giger-meets-"Blade Runner" CGI video, which played overhead. Still, incense burned on the top of Gibson speaker stacks in the middle of it all, a reminder of their '70s roots.

      After a blistering rendition of "Mama Kin," Tyler announced, "We're coming out!" Flanked by dozens of security guards, they walked a hundred yards out to the middle of the crowd and, on the small stage, powered through "Same Old Song and Dance," "Dream On" and "Toys in the Attic."

      Tyler cooed and cajoled, and fans responded accordingly. Not only did Aerosmith prove that they were still the kind of band that women would throw their underwear on stage for, they showed they were still the kind of band that would pick the garments up. With Aeromsith, "rock" can still be used as a verb, fans can brandish cigarette lighters in the air during power puff ballads without irony, and thousands will sing every word, from "Walk This Way" to an encore of "What It Takes."

      ... and here's the article from the Sun Times:

      Aerosmith at the Tweeter Center
      July 7, 2001

      As is their norm these days, two versions of Aerosmith showed up onstage Thursday night.

      There was the '70s Bad Boy Rockers Aerosmith, the bluesy bar band that knows how to work both a groove and a double-entendre, still revisiting the glory days of ''Train Kept A Rollin','' ''Big Ten-Inch Record'' and ''Mama Kin.''

      But they fought for stage time with Schmaltzy Diane Warren Ballad Aerosmith, the aged gentlemen who played this year's Super Bowl halftime show with Britney and 'N Sync and are to be held responsible for each of the band's 493 most recent power ballads.

      Sadly, the two incarnations do not get along well. And when they took the stage Thursday before a packed house, the task of pleasing fans of both versions resulted in a rusty, off-balance show that, too often, seemed as strangely cold as the night air.

      It was a show that encompassed everything that is the 2001 model of Aerosmith: Finely polished glitz and glamour on the outside, from the huge, video-heavy set to lead singer Steven Tyler's Mandy Moore-perfect skin. But on the inside, it's strictly rock-by-numbers, tempered by the expanding canon of syrupy goop like ''I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.''

      The parts are all still in place. Tyler's voice retains its unearthly wail as well as ever, Joe Perry remains a killer guitar player, and a 12-minute ''Rattlesnake Shake'' proved there still could be some rock left in these guys' old bones. But for most of the hits-heavy set, the band seemed to just be going through the Aero-motions.

      This is not to begrudge the boys for reaching back into its glory days of ''Rocks,'' or, heck, even ''Pump.'' Like many bands of its tenure, Aerosmith would be well-advised to stick to the greatest hits thing. Thursday saw perfectly capable (if unspectacular) versions of ''Same Old Song and Dance,'' ''Dream On'' and ''Toys in the Attic,'' all performed, in a crowd-pleasing gesture, on a small makeshift stage up on the lawn. And there were rollicking revisitations of ''Walk This Way'' and ''Sweet Emotion.'' But the stuff off the recent ''Just Push Play'' vanished into the depths of the Tweeter, and '90s hits such as ''Livin' on the Edge'' were uncharacteristically lumbering.

      There was also another factor at work--a serious over-reliance on the band's big, flashy video. Sure, huge screens are nothing new at rock shows, and Aerosmith's cinematic clips have been more memorable than its music for years. But where, say, the explosion of images on U2's Zoo TV and PopMart tours came built into the show, Aerosmith seemed to be rolling out their MTV clips in self-congratulatory fashion. The ''Phantom Menace''-y video for the latest ballad ''Fly Away From Here'' was presented almost in its entirety, as was the mid-90s morph-fest ''Pink.'' There was even a pre-recorded sketch about the band's walk back to the main stage that played like one of those pre-commercial skits on ''WWF Smackdown!''

      Still, as long as they keep churning out ballads and trendy MTV clips, Aerosmith, in true rock fashion, will probably just ignore Father Time and keep pressing on. The question is how long it takes before it's better to stay home and watch the videos.

      Jeff Vrabel

News as of July 6, 2001
  • The return of!!
      Yes, it's true! As of today the domain is finally once again in my possession. A huge thanks to Chris from Germany who went through alot or work and ordered it for me! I truly appreciate that alot, man.

      This of course mean that you can once again enter Rock This Way through the URLs and

News as of July 5, 2001
  • Billboard Update
      Just Push Play is hovering dangerously at the bottom of the chart. It drops 3 spots this week, coming in at #95 with roughly 13,000 copies sold.

      According to Radio and Records airplay charts, last week on Pop radio....Fly Away From Here was #26.....down one. And on the Rock Charts, the song Just Push Play was #5....same as the previous week.

      Neither of these songs are on the Billboard Charts neither have enough "radio airplay" to warrant a high position....


      On Gavin Airplay charts, after 2 weeks at 29, FAFH moved 4 to 25. JPP sales were just over 15,000.

  • Send letters to Aerosmith at!
      Brian from e-mailed me the following info:

      We just launched a service where you can send a letter to Aerosmith. Fans can request autographs or just tell them how big of a fan they are. [Link]

  • Samples from the Blues tribute CD at!
      I got an e-mail from Syd from Evolution Promotion yesterday where he told me the following....

      You've never heard Aerosmith this way before! Pure blues, pure roots, and a pure love for music bring together some of the best and brightest stars in blues music like Otis Clay and Gerald McClendon to pay tribute to Boston's Bad Boys on Sweet Emotion-Songs of Aerosmith (part of the Blues on Fire Series)
      As Steven Tyler says, "The blues are our f*ckin' roots. A lot of other bands dress up like I used to dress, but there's no f*ckin' middle to what they play. No soul. There's no main vein runnin' down the middle of it" This record taps right into the main vein of Aerosmith-The Blues.
      From Pinetop Perkins roots blues cover of "Walk This Way" to Otis Clay's rockin' interpetation of "Cryin'" this CD is crawling with the blues, but steeped in rock and roll.
      You get a chance to hear 4 tracks from this album at
      Check it out yourself-see why these songs are heating up the charts at in the top 25.

      I've listened to the 4 tracks and they sound really great. Give them a listen! You won't be sorry you did...

  • Review of the Blues tribute CD from NY Rock
      NY Rock recently reviewed this Aerosmith Tribute CD, "Sweet Emotion: Songs of Aerosmith."

      Various Artists, Sweet Emotion: Songs of Aerosmith (Heavy Hip Mama)

      Old-school Aerosmith aficionados at last have reason to rejoice. The once mighty toxic team from Beantown is finally "back in the saddle." Well, at least their rhythm-and-blues inspired tunes are. The tribute compilation CD, Sweet Emotion, presents a tasty and talented collection of blues artists of real (Pinetop Perkins) and imagined (Marshall Crenshaw) repute reprising the raunchiest riffs and greasiest hits of Aerosmith's quarter-century catalogue. The collection, like Aerosmith themselves, is at its best with older numbers like "Big Ten Inch" and "One Way Street," while the dullest cut comes courtesy of Otis Clay's take on "Cryin'". But don't blame Clay, 'cause not even Otis Redding could redeem the worst of Aerosmith's biggest hits.

      Since the "tribute" genre erupted in the early '90s, honoring everyone from Kiss to the Carpenters, few compilations have been worthy of more than novelty value. Really, how many times can you listen to Pat Boone singing Alice Cooper before the joke gets a little long in the fang? But if audio-homage things are here to stay, at least Sweet Emotion is one of the best. It offers some smoky, sultry musical suggestions to all-time Aero favorites like "Walk This Way," "Dream On" and the sticky-fingered title track, "Sweet Emotion," that do more than remind the listener how much better the original versions were. And since the tempos tend to be a step slower than the first versions, you can finally decipher the words to "Draw the Line" and many of Tyler's other long lost and lusty lyrics.

      Sweet Emotion also works because it strips away the overproduction, outside songwriters and superstar-daughter-studded videos that have bogged down Aerosmith lately – well, the last ten years, actually. It swings lowdown and dirty with double entendres aplenty, the way real rock 'n' roll is supposed to. Steven Tyler and company could learn a lesson or three from the lesser-known players on Sweet Emotion. True, Sugar Blue and Kim McFarland won't be playing the Super Bowl halftime show, or see the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame as anything but paying visitors, but their work on Sweet Emotion is much tastier than anything on Aerosmith's latest product, Just Push Play. And not only is that a sweet emotion, it's a spoonful of sweet revenge on behalf of Aero fans everywhere, who remember when the music, not the marketing, did the talking.

      I should get a copy of this album myself in a few weeks and then I'll write a review of it, from an Aerosmith fan's perspective...

News as of July 4, 2001
  • Rock This Way - New Design/300 000 hits!!
      As you've probably noticed I have redesigned the whole site today. I've spent alot of time on this and I hope you will all like it (please, feel free to e-mail me and tell me what you think). With a huge update like this there is of course always a risk that one forget something though, so if you find that something doesn't look right, please let me know so that I can fix it.

      Another cool thing is that the counter on the main page has just in the last few days reached #300000! (300783 when I write this). During the first year online I had a total of 25000 visitors, the second year I had 75000 and last year 100000. I hit 200000 in September 2000 and this year it has had another 100000 hits, but 2 months earlier than last year. This of course means that this year will also bring a new "record" when it comes to hits/year... I'm very happy to see that. Thanks to all of you people who has been visiting the site during these years! I hope you will keep coming back... : )

      OK, back to Aerosmith then...

  • MTV Article
      Aerosmith Perform Special Show For Irate Fans

      For years, Aerosmith were the bane of critics, but the fans always stood by their band. So the Boston rockers were quick to pitch in last week when fans complained about being left in the lurch after buying tickets online.

      Aerosmith's relationship with their fans was put to the test in April when the group hired the organization Fans Rule to sell its concert tickets online. According to a spokesperson for the band, hordes of hometown fans were left with seats in the upper decks for last week's shows at the Tweeter Center in Boston after being promised primo tickets.

      When many protested the unfair treatment, griping that the band they once loved had become, well, jaded, Aerosmith instructed Fans Rule to contact nearly 1,000 disgruntled fans and invite them to a private soundcheck performance on June 28 before the group's regularly scheduled show.

      Those invited to the pre-show event got a 15-minute mini-set that included the early Aerosmith gems "One Way Street" and "Movin' Out" as well as a preview of the band's new video, "Fly Away From Here." Later that night during the concert, a member of the band's crew visited the fan club section, and escorted the fans to better seats, leaving longtime followers and newfound aficionados with sweet emotions all around.

      For its part in the saga, Fans Rule says it tried to distribute tickets to the best of its ability, and willingly complied when the band requested the special show for dissatisfied fans.

      —Jon Wiederhorn

  • Message from Tom in UK / Classic Rock
      After last months Classic Rock a few letters all in support of Aerosmith came out. Here's the Letter of the month in this months copy.
      Drop Dead fucking gorgeous, Bad Guys often beget good girls, and I am a good girl, virginesque of nature, But Steven Tyler and Joe Perry really had me yearning for all sorts.

      I've had crushes before. Johnny Depp, even Brad Pitt, but they need another 20 years on them to even remotely touch the funky, existentially sexy essence of these two emotionally scarred, sexually charged and deep thinking legends of rock. Would they give me a second look? No, of course not. I'm an interior artist to the self-contained, self-pigeon-holed, properly behaved, well spoken, wealthy people of Kensington and the like...

      ... My other kicks involve the pleasure of being covered in silky, fluid, sensually textured paint. But I digress...

      Steven, Joe, just keep on doing what you are doing and in the process keep enveloping this woman in sweet emotion, My sincerest affection to you both.
      Lorraine, Plymouth

      Also a bit of news, Black Crowes could be opening for Aerosmith again, expect it will be on some of the next leg overseas tour.

News as of July 1, 2001
  • Slash joined Aerosmith last night!
      At last night's show (2001-06-30) at the Post Gazette Pavilion, Pittsburgh, PA the audience got a real treat when Slash made an appearance! Steven go "Slash is in the house!" and then they started in on Train Kept a Rollin.

      He was there the night before and I guess stayed over to see Aerosmith. Then on the very last song, Train Kept a Rollin, he came out and played!

  • Happy Birthday Liv!
      Liv Tyler turns 24 today. Happy Birthday!

  • English GQ Magazine
      The July issue of GQ magazine has an article about axemen and about what they wear. It includes a big picture of Joe...

Joe Perry, from the July issue of GQ

  • Picture from Thursday's soundcheck...
      Daniel has put up a bunch of pictures from Thursday's soundcheck at the Tweeter Center on his website, The Aero Haven. Look in the "JPP Tour" section.

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