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Newer News | FEBRUARY & MARCH 1998 | Older News

News as of March 29, 1998
  • Aerosmith to Europe
      So far are the dates:

      June 30, Oulu, Finland
      July 3, Denmark
      July 5 France
      July 7, Paris
      July 9 Cologne
      July 10 Germany with Deep Purple on the bill
      July 12 Spain
      July 18 Stuttgart, Germany
      July 19 Madgeburg, Germany

      They will also be playing Italy (Rome)
      and 2 shows at Wembley at the end if July.
      As expect a date in Switzerland.

      they will also play 2 dates in Russia. This may be the start of the tour in the last week in June (26th). St Petersburg and Moscow.

      Most are festival gigs.

      ....Nothing in Sweden?...DAMN!

News as of March 29, 1998
  • Live Album News
      Here's a E-Mail from Geffen concerning the comming album.

      "We are currently on planning to release a Double Live CD of Aerosmith in October of '98. This will be their classics from Columbia as well as their classics from Geffen, plus one of two new tracks. It will be very unique and rockin'!"

  • Aerosmith back to Europe
      I Found this on the Aerosmith News group....
      mp "Today a VERY reliable source told me that
      Aerosmith will come to Europe again this summer!!!!!"

      Let's hope this is true and that it includes a visit to Sweden

News as of March 28, 1998
  • Billboard
      Nine Lives down to 95 from 91 after 53 weeks
      and Pink holding fairly steady at 38 from 36 after 6 weeks.

News as of March 26, 1998
  • Steven Turns 50
      Incase you have been able to miss it, Steven Tyler got 50 years old today. can you believe it? i sure can't. Well Happy Birthday Steven.

      from USA Today's Life Section:

      - Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, father of actress Liv Tyler, is following her to Hollywood. He'll make his acting debut in the indie film Good Night Joseph Parker, starring Paul Sorvino as a bar owner in a small New Jersey town. Sorvino suggested Tyler for the role of barfly Sammy after running into the manic rocker at a Tonight Show taping. Tyler, who turns 50 on Thursday, hits the road April 18 in Salt Lake City for the fifth lef of the band's Nine Lives World Tour.

News as of March 23, 1998
  • Billboard
      Nine Lives down 91 from 84.
      PINK down to 36 from 31.

  • Rare items for sale are now taking PreOrders on two new Aerosmith items.

    • The first is the Japanese Version of the Nine Lives Tour Program. The price is 11.99 plus s & h. The release date is April 30th.

    • The second item is the new German CD single for Full Circle. The release date is April 16th. The price is 12.99. If the UK version comes out, they'll ship that instead at 9.99.

News as of March 19, 1998
  • Famous people that liked Nine Lives
      Who listed Nine Lives in their list of the best albums of 1997?
      According to Metal Edge:

      Kirk Hammet from Metallica,
      Bill Leverty from Firehouse,
      Bruce Kulick from Union,
      John Corabi from Union,
      Warren DeMartini from Ratt,
      Lita Ford,
      Bret Michaels from Poison,
      Rikki Rockett from Poison,
      Jack Russell from Great White,
      and Dana Strum, Blas Elias, and Tim Kelley, all from Slaughter.
      There you have some guys with great taste in music

News as of March 16, 1998
  • Brazilian readers Poll
      Aerosmith won 6 1st places in Brazilian most popular pop/rock magazine "Showbizz"'s Readers poll.

      International Category:
      Best band of the year - Aerosmith
      Best album of the year - Nine Lives
      Best song of the year - HIMS
      Best video of the year - HIMS
      Best vocalist of the year - Steven Tyler
      Best instrumentalist of the year - Joe Perry

  • Pink @ Internet Charts Singles

  • Steven likes "Rage Against the Machine"?
      During the Online Chat 3 days ago Steven Stated that ha would like to go on tour with "Rage Against the machine". I just though that was pretty cool since i like 'em to.

      If you want to read all that was said on the chat you can check out the transcript of it that i have made.

News as of March 14, 1998
  • Billboard
      Nine Lives down 7 spots to #84 on the album charts this week.
      Pink down 4 to #31 on the Singles charts this week.

News as of March 12, 1998
  • Important Reminder - CHAT
      SonicNet/Yahoo! Chat with AEROSMITH
      Friday, March 13!
      9:30 PM (PST)

      Beware of the witching hour! AEROSMITH, the bad boys of rock,
      will be chatting "live" from Japan, where they are currently
      touring. Chat will take place in the SonicNet/Yahoo! arena at

  • MTVs best "Video albums"
      MTV had a special over the weekend ranking the best "video albums" of all time. That is, the albums that put out the best videos (3 or more). and Aerosmith's "Get a Grip" was in 6th place with all the Alicia Silverstone vids.

  • Steven helping out (again)
      It's been announced that Ringo Starr's new album is coming out the next month. It is titled "Vertical Man." and as i have mentioned on this page before Ringo Starr, Steven Tyler and Alanis Morissette is doing a trio on a cover of the Dobie Gray hit "Drift Away" for Ringo's new album. Where you hear Ringo do the first verse, Steven the second and Alanis the third.

  • Kid's Choice Awards
      Aerosmith will be performing on the Kid's Choice Awards on April 4th.

  • Blockbuster Awards
      Aerosmith won a Blockbuster Award. They won Best Classic Rock Group for Nine Lives.

  • Pink @ Internet Charts Singles

  • Metal Edge readers poll
      Here's the results of the Metal Edge readers poll for anyone who missed it.

1) Metallica
2) Aerosmith
3) Motley Crue
4) Kiss
5) Pantera
1) Re-Load - Metallica
2) NINE LIVES - Aerosmith
3) Generation Swine - Motley Crue
4) Cryptic Writings - Megadeth
5) Carnival of Souls - Kiss
1) Jungle - Kiss
2) Afraid - Motley Crue
3) PINK - Aerosmith
4) Trust - Megadeth
5) The Memory Remains - Metallica

Aerosmith also placed twice more with
#6 "Falling In Love"
#8"Hole In My Soul"

1) James Hetfield
2) Steven Tyler
3) Paul Stanley tie with Vince Neil
4) Marilyn Manson
5) Phil Anselmo
1) Ozzy Osbourne
2) Steven Tyler tie with Marilyn Manson
3) James Hetfield
4) Paul Stanley
5) Phil Anselmo
1) Kirk Hammett
2) Joe Perry
3) Dimebag Darell
4) Ace Frehley
5) Mick Mars
1) Jason Newsted
2) Gene Simmons
3) Nikki Sixx
4) Tom Hamilton
5) Twiggy Ramirez & Dave Ellefson (tie)
1) Lars Ulrich
2) Joey Kramer
3) Tommy Lee
4) Vinnie Paul
5) Peter Criss
1) Madonna Wayne Gacy
2) David Bryan
3) Derek Sherinian
4) Josh Silver
5) Trent Reznor
Other mentions Steven Tyler
1) Metallica
2) Kiss
3) Aerosmith
4) Motley Crue
5) Pantera
1) Ozzfest - Ozzy Osbourne
2) Metallica
3) Kiss
4) Aerosmith
5) Motley Crue
1) The Memory Remains - Metallica
2) Afraid - Motley Crue
3) Pink - Aerosmith
4) It's a Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
- M. Manson
5) Falling In Love - Aerosmith

Aerosmith placed a third time with
"Hole In My Soul" at # 8

News as of March 8, 1998
  • Aerosmith Chating again
      The AEROSMITH Yahoo! Chat
      Beware of the witching hour, but the bad boys of rock
      will be chatting live from their current tour in Japan.
      AEROSMITH Yahoo! Chat on Friday, Mar 13 @ 12:30 AM EST
      log on @

  • Billboard
      Nine Lives down 5 to #77
      Pink up 2 to #27

      Nine Lives has been on the charts 1 week shy of a year now.
      Here's a blow by blow rundown of how the album has done....
      March 18th, 1997# 1
      April 23, 1997 # 14
      May 21, 1997 # 46
      June 18, 1997 # 28
      July 30, 1997 # 35
      August 27, 1997 # 57
      September 24, 1997# 73
      October 22, 1997 # 88
      November 19, 1997 # 130
      TOTO November 26th, 1997 # 136
      December 17, 1997 # 80
      January 14th, 1998# 72
      February 21, 1998 # 69
      March 14, 1998 # 77

  • The Elmopalooza CD
      Steven Tyler is singing on the song "I love trash" on a this new childrens album. here is the track listing:

        1. Mambo I, I I
        2. I Want A Monster To Be My Friend
        3. Zig Zag Dance
        4. Nearly Missed
        5. Just Happy To Be Me
        6. I Don't Want To Live On The Moon
        7. I Love Trash (With Steven Tyler on Vocals)
        8. Caribbean Amphibian
        9. Happy To Meet You
        10. One Small Voice
        11. Songs

      For some small samples from "i love trash" go to

  • Aerosmith photos by Joe and Brads Wives
      finally The Aerosmith guitarists wives Billie Perry & Karen Whitford's exhibition, "Being There: an Aerosmith Family Album", (Photographs by Billie Perry & Karen Whitford) is online. The exhibition was presented at the Photographic Resource Center in Boston last year. The address is:

News as of March 2, 1998
  • Live album news
      The live album will include 90% Geffen songs, 2 or 3 tunes from early Columbia years and possibly 1 or 2 songs from Nine Lives.

  • Pink @ Internet Charts Singles

  • New pics

News as of February 28, 1998
  • Japan pics
      The Band has arrived safely to Japan....
      And after 19 hours of planes trains and automobiles Tom Hamilton still stayed up to e-mail back some pics from the trip to Japan. You can find the pics on the Scenes from the Road section of the Official Aerosmith site ( They will be updating that section often now since they will send us scenes from the Japan tour.

  • Jack Douglas
      someone who talked to Jack Douglas on the phone yesterday has said that he is supposed to be working with our boyz on their next release - slated for September (?)

  • Taste of india
      The top 10 mainstream rock tracks
      1. Without You Van Halen
      2. Given To Fly Pearl Jam
      3. The Unforgiven II Metallica
      4. Sex And Candy Marcy Playground
      5. Blue On Black The a Kenny Wayne Shephard
      6. My Own Prison Creed
      7. 3 AM Matchbox 20
      8. Shelf In The Room Days Of The New
      9. Touch, Peel and Stand Days of the New n
      10. Taste of India Aerosmith

  • Radio funnies
      picsLast night a DJ on the radio introduced Pink by saying
      "here's one from the band from Boston that all the drugs in the world couldn't kill..."
      And in honor of Brad's birthday, they played later last night,
      all of Toys in the attic and all of Nine Lives.

  • Total Guitar magazine
      The latest Total Guitar magazine (April 98) has Aerosmith on the front cover of its CD which accompanies the mag, It has Walk This Way with full backing track on it. The mag carries the Tab. Also in the mag is a feature with pictures & extracts from the biography. Although this is a UK magazine It has been seen in the USA.

  • Hanson
      Incase anyone gives a shit.....Yes it was a Joe Perry signature. the signature was there, you could see it pretty clearly at some points.

News as of February 26, 1998
  • Billboard
      Nine Lives down 10 to #72
      Pink up 7 to #29.

  • Grammy
      Aerosmith didn't win :(
      The Wallflowers won for Best Rock Performance by a Duo Or Group
      and John Fogerty won for Best Rock Album.

  • Guitar zine poll
      In one of the following (Don't know wich) Guitar Player, Guitar World, or Guitar they had a Reader's Poll thing for best album of the year, Nine Lives was rated second to Aerosmith's former support act, Kenny Wayne Shepperd.

  • Hanson
      There were some rumors that the oldest Hanson brother was playing a Joe Perry signature Les Paul on the Grammy awards. but i have now been informed that it was just a regular studio Les Paul. But it is the same guitar that was used in Livin On The Edge Video!

      But i have also been told that the guys has rated Nine Lives as their favorite album of the year and that the youngest Hanson brother has Pink as his favourite song and they even mentioned Aerosmith on Swedish TV without any reason so i supose they are pretty big fans of our bad boyz

News as of February 25, 1998
  • Pink on MTV
      Pink dropped 11 places to 18 on the MTV top 20 countdown. =(

  • Joe waterskiing

  • Grammy News
      According to the L.A. Times, the Rock awards that the guys are nominated for aren't even going to be on the broadcast. =(

  • Pictures

News as of February 23, 1998
  • Happy birthday Brad
      It's Brad Whitfords birthday to day, he turns 46.
      Check the New Poem to him written by Tom and Roz

  • Walk this way in the UK
      They Seem to have released the Walk This Way book in the UK. I believe it had a 1997 publishing date so maybe it's been out a few months but its published by Virgin and RRP is 16.99.

      f4Maybe it will come to Sweden soon then, atleast i can hope

  • Pink @ the internet singles charts

News as of February 22, 1998
  • Live album
      According to rumors, Joe Perry has said
      "the show was being taped and
      There should be a live album out by December".
      (The show = Auburn Hills Mich. show Feb 10th 1998)

  • Aerosmith on Jeopardy
      Aerosmith was metioned on Jeopardy
      the subject was something like "things that inspire dreaming".
      the answer given and it was

      Wow thats a tough one LOL

News as of February 20, 1998
  • Steven has recovered
      Thought you would all be happy to know that Steven has recovered. someone who went to see Dwight Yokum at the House Of Blues on the Sunset Strip a few nights ago got to see Steven get up on stage and sing.

      I knew this yesterday to but i forgot to put it up

News as of February 19, 1998
  • Pink on Billboard's hot 100 singles
      mmy Pink debuts at #36 on Billboardīs Hot 100 singles

  • Nine Lives on Billboard
      Nine Lives keeps climbing, up 2 to 62
      (it is now 48 weeks since it debuted on the charts)

  • Pink video on MTV
      The Pink video is continuing its slow and steady climb up the MTV charts. It is now #7.

  • VCR Alert
      For those of you who missed it the first few times it played, the MTV Grammy Special with Matt Pinfield, Steven Tyler, and Joe Perry will be airing again Fri. 2/20 at 2 PM EST and on Sat. 2/21 at 12:30 PM. It lasts one hour and is very cool!

  • Aerosmith in Brazil
      the Uncensored Version of Pink Is airing frequently on MTV Brazil And it's currently on #8 On Top 20 Brazil and Nine Lives Is currently in # 78 in Top 100 album Chart

  • Steven Story (He is just SO cool)
      Found this on the net:

      I was at an Aerosmith concert a few weeks ago in New Haven, CT, and some guy had a laser pointer, and kept shining it on Steven Tyler, so after about the 3rd song, the guy did it again to Steven, and Steven says looking up in the seats at the guy,"Hey Mr. Laser Pointer up there, do me a favor, bend over and shove that thing up your ass.!!"..The place went nuts, and he never shined it for the rest of the night.!

  • I Love Trash reports
      After listening to Radio Disney FOREVER (or it seemed like it anyway), I finally heard Steven's version of "I Love Trash" this morning...and I gotta say that song NEVER sounded like that! Wow! The Demon was screamin'! It sounded like he had SOOOOO much fun doing it! I KNOW I had fun listening to it!

      Did a little web searching and found that the Elmopalooza album is scheduled for release on February 24 (next Tuesday). It's a Sony release (Guess that at least partially explains Steven's participation), and the Sony Catalog # (per the Music Blvd site) is 63433.

      It's too bad that Steven did't participate in the upcoming TV special....this would have made one WILD video!

News as of February 17, 1998
  • Uncensored Pink video
      There is an uncensored version of the Pink video which has been seen in Italy. They show the tatoo lady dancing around topless and the girl in the tight blue dress walks toward the camera and her breast falls out. She laughs and turns around.
      Thats something we all would like to see, right. he he

  • Taste of India is #2
      Taste of India is now #2 on rock radio charts.

  • CNN Grammy Poll
      CNN has a grammy poll in which you can vote for Aerosmith in BOTH the Best Rock Album Category AND The Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group.

      it looks pretty good right now Aerosmith is in front in each nomination, and U2 is pretty far after wich i think is pretty strange since they were in front of Aerosmith pretty long in the USA today poll

  • Aerosmith Pictures
      go check out under the peep shows section for some pictures of our boys. They're not that great, but I doubt you've seen them before.

News as of February 15, 1998
  • Taste of india remix
      It was on 98 Rock Baltimore and the person that heard it actually liked it a lot. The song is basically the same, except the bass and drums are kicked up and the guitars don't dominate the song.

  • AF1 members

  • Sesame Street (with Steven ?)
      On Feb 20 ABC will air a Sesame Street 30th anniversary special. There is a soundtrack that will also be out featuring a song by Steven Tyler "I Love Trash". No mention if the song will be heard on this special.. but it may.

  • AC/DC
      Steven says the "well well well" on Nine Lives was inspired by AC/DC. when they were in Florida... and in an interview with Joe Perry on Rock Brigade (october/97), he mentions that too... he says he'd love to have a concert only with songs like the ones AC/DC plays

  • Olympic games in Nagano music
      While CBS was getting ready to a commercial break at the Olympics, none other than Love is an Elevator was played as an intro to men's speedskating!
      They also played Angel a few nights ago right before they went to a commercial.

  • Tyler is sick article (Cyber Sleaze)

      LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR rockers AEROSMITH have ended their American tour with a fizzle instead of a bang - by canceling their final show on short notice. Thousands of fans were turned away Wednesday night from the group's last show on this leg of the tour, in Dayton, Ohio. The show was canceled at the last minute due to an "unspecified ailment" affecting singer STEVEN TYLER. Hmmm - sounds a bit suspicious, don't ya think?? The group will now be starting their break a day earlier than planned. They head to Japan for a two week tour starting March 1st andthen will try and make up the missed date when they return to their home country.

  • Tyler is sick Article (from a Dayton newspaper)
      Here is an article from a Dayton newspaper giving additional information that you did not in your Aerosmith item in the Thursday, February 12 edition of Cyber Sleaze...

      Aerosmith: No Voice, No Show Steven Tyler's illness forces the band to cancel Wednesday's concert at the Nutter Center.
      By Carol Simmons

      You don't feel well, you call in sick. No big deal. Well, not if you're rock star Steven Tyler, lead singer of the veteran band, Aerosmith, which was scheduled to perform a near sell-out show Wednesday night at the Ervin J. Nutter Center at Wright State University. Tyler, reportedly diagnosed with viral laryngitis, called in sick Wednesday, and it was a very big deal for the concert's more than 9,500 ticket-holders. Some didn't know the performance had been called off until they arrived at the arena for the 8 p.m. curtain. The Nutter Center posted plastic signs along roads leading to the Center and lit up the venue's large marquee to notify people that the concert had been "postponed". But some still ventured up to the box office to confirm. Three 19-year old friends - Heidi Joseph, Carrie Lieb, and Laura Smith - had left work early to drive down from Lima. "We saw the sign and said "NO!" said Joseph. Other friends were also planning to make the trip, she said. Nutter Center management, which notified television and radio stations of the cancellation after they learned of Tyler's illness Wednesday afternoon, hopes to reschedule the concert in April, according to arena spokeswoman Laura Januzzi. Tickets for Wednesday night's show which cost $36.50, will be honored at the rescheduled date, she said. Refunds were not available Wednesday evening.

News as of February 13, 1998
  • Billboard
    Nine Lives is still at #64

  • Toms E-mail
    Someone has asked Tom about his prodigy account. And He said he was having software problems with prodigy. wich means that he probably can't recieve any mails at the time

  • The top 10 mainstream rock tracks
    based on Billboard's survey of broadcast play:

    (In my opinion #3,2 and even #8 rulez)

    1. Given To FlyPearl Jam
    2. The Unforgiven II Metallica
    3. Taste of IndiaAerosmith
    4. 3 AM Matchbox 20
    5. My Own Prison Creed
    6. Touch, Peel and StandDays of the New
    7. Sex And Candy Marcy Playground
    8. Time of Your Life (Good riddance) Green Day
    9. Blue On BlackKenny Wayne Shephard
    10. The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted)Big Wreck

  • Get the PINK single cheap
    A tip to those people looking for the single to "Pink". If you jump over to The Onion at, you will find tons of ads for CDNow. If you click through one of those ads, you get $3 off your next CDNow purchase. I think they are selling the single for like $1.99. You could really get a deal on a single this way!

    Here's what it adds up to:

    $ 2.49 Subtotal (1 items)
    $ 2.99 Shipping & Handling

    $ 0.00 Tax
    $ -3.00 $3 Discount
    $ 2.48 TOTAL

  • News from MTV

    Aerosmith U.S. Tour Ends On Off Note

    Aerosmith has ended their current North American tour with a fizzle instead of a bang.

    Ticketmaster reports that the band's last show on this leg of the tour, scheduled for Dayton, Ohio, Wednesday night was cancelled at the last minute due to an unspecified ailment affecting singer Steven Tyler.

    The band will now be starting their break a day earlier than planned. They head to Japan for a two week tour starting March 1. According to Ticketmaster, the group will try and make up the missed date when they return from overseas.

    Meanwhile, the band's show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 5, saw rocker Ted Nugent sit in for a rendition of "Walk The Dog." According to the Aerosmith website, Tyler and Joe Perry were planning on spending time at Nugent's Michigan home studio jamming and possibly doing a little hunting in his private game reserve.

    No word on whether the trio actually managed to get out and bag any Bambi's.

News as of February 11, 1998
  • Pink single
    The PINK single was released in the us yesterday...

    Here's the track listing:
      1. Pink (South Beach Mix)
      2. Pink (Album version)
      3. Taste Of India (Album version)

    Does this mean that "India" wont be released as a single?....

  • Steven a "Wu Tang fan" ???
    I was just told that Steven has said that he likes hip hop and "Wu tang clan" and that he has even been to one of their concerts

  • The wizard of oz
    The sounds in the beginning of "the farm" is some lines from the wizard of oz wich i've been told is Stevens favourite movie

    The whole band played Walk This Way up to the singing part on a video on their Live Shit : Binge and Purge boxset.

    I've been told that the song will be possible to download as an .MP3 pretty soon
    at this adress

News as of February 9, 1998
  • Taste of India #1
    Taste of india is now #1 at the rock charts
    (When are they going to release it as single?)

    This seems pretty strange to me since Pink hasn't been released as a single yet

  • Pink single
    Pink is going to be released as a U.S. single tomorrow (Feb 10).
    it will be available on cassette for .99 and on CD-single for 1.99.

  • Nick Carter in BSB is an Aerosmith fan!!?
    This is translated from dutch, so itīs not literary.

    The BSB were happy(?) when they met Steven Tyler. Nick was most happy. He even got a blush when facing the ferocious(?) singer. Heīs a big Aerosmith fan and heīs got all their albums. Which is pretty strange, considering that ST couldīve been his father. (In age that is).

    This is probably the last person i could think of that could be an Aerosmith fan but anyway it's pretty cool that even people that plays the kind of music that BSB plays like 'em

    For more info on what famous people have said about them go to here

News as of February 8, 1998
  • Taste of India
    Taste of India is now #3 on the rock radio lists.
    It is not on Billboard because it is not for sale as a single (yet).

News as of February 7, 1998
  • Pink on MTV
    The Pink video is #8 top video of the week on MTV!!

  • Grammys
    it's rumored that they may present at the Grammy's
    (that's good if they do- maybe that means they're in the bag!)

  • Steven in a movie
    Steven will play a NJ truck driver and is co-starring with Paul Sorvino in a movie called Goodnight Joseph Parker. He comes to L.A. in about a week and will stick around for a while.

  • Steven singing with Oscar of Sesame Street
    he's lending his vocals to the song "I Love Trash"
    Other celebs are on the album as well, among them is Celine Dion.

  • The Japanese Pink maxi-single.

    Pink (LP Version)
    Pink (South Beach Mix)
    Pink (Unplugged on Howard Stern)
    Falling In Love (IHOTK) (Moby Fucked Remix)
    Falling In Love (IHOTK) (Live 3/97)
    Walk This Way (Live 3/97)

    You can get the CD at

    It's about 26 minutes long, total and pretty much kicks ass.

    The lyrics written on the inside to Walk This Way are funny, though:
    Backstroke lover always hidin' 'neath the covers Can I talk to you about a thing Huh? I might share the lead, I'm a real young beat-up All the times I could reminisce I never mixed no way with a dolly who had a favor So I gave her just a little kiss Like this:

News as of February 6, 1998
  • Billboard

    Nine Lives keeps klimbing, up 1 to 64.

  • Aerosmith has a good taste in fashion

    The other day in some local newspaper in the lifestyles section there was an article about fashion and how apparently the color PINK is in this year.

    (Now, how come Aerosmith knew this a year ago when they wrote the song? )LOL. Anyway, THE BOYS got mentioned in the article. . .

      "Heavy Metalists Aerosmith, the kind of guys you'd expect to embrace puce, are percolating over pastel hue. Listen to these lyrics from a new song on their "Nine Lives" album.

      Pink, its my new obsession
      Yeah, pink, its not even a question
      Pink on the lips of your lover
      Cause pink is the love you discover
      Pink is the color of passion
      Cause today it just goes with the fashion

      And the Aerosmith bunch aren't the only ones with a penchant for pink."

News as of February 5, 1998
  • Tom is on the internet often!!
    I found this at the Aerosmith news group

    In Boston i got to go backstage and say hi to the boys after passing out goodie bags and i overheard Tom say to a girl with us, "did you send me an e-mail?" and she said "yes" he then said "did you get my reply?" and she said yes and asked if he is on alot and he said "yes". I heard this from the man him self to a fan,i myself haven't tried yet but i thought you may find this interesting!
    Send an E-mail to Tom Hamilton and tell me if it works

  • The time of The Sgt. Pepper movie airing
    The Sgt. Pepper movie is airing this Friday 2/6 on VH1 at 9PM EST. If you can stomach the first 90 minutes you will get to see Aerosmith play Come Together and you will also get to see Steven kill Peter Frampton. I saw this movie in the theater a long time ago and it was the only time I witnessed the an entire movie audience get up in the middle of a movie for a standing ovation (for Aerosmith).

  • Ask Aerosmith a question
    Visit the official Grammy home page and ask a question to Aerosmith

  • VCR alert
    the MTV Steven & Joe Matt Pinfield Grammy Nomination Special will be airing at the following times:

    • Wed - 2/4/98 @ 9:00m (sorry, i didn't post this as soon as i got it)
    • Sun - 2/8/98 @ 6:00pm & 11:00pm
    • Thursday 2/19/98 @ 10:00pm

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