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Newer News | DECEMBER 1997 - FEBRUARY 1998 | The Newest News

News as of February 3, 1998
  • 3 Generations of cool rockers

    Ringo Starr, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and rockin' angry babe Alanis Morissette are doing a trio on a cover of the Dobie Gray hit Drift Away for Ringo's new album.

    "Kind of like three generations of rock," producer Mark Hudson of Hudson Brothers fame tells Beatlefan magazine.... "You hear Ringo do the first verse, Steven the second and Alanis the third. It was magical. . . . She showed up, everybody hugged and kissed, lit some incense, and boom."

  • Keep voting
    Nine Lives has gone from about 650 votes behind U2's Pop to about 100 .
    but thats not enough.. Aerosmith should win... now it's time to make the real push and put Aerosmith in front! Go vote now and OFTEN so we can put the boys in front for good!!! Nine Lives---the best Rock Album of 1997.

  • A-Z Aerosmith on 94.9 KGGO in central Iowa!
    Matt "Last Child" Keller reports

    I have to tell you that I was in Aerosmith heaven yesterday. I was in the shower around 2:00 in the afternoon, and I turned on the local classic rock radio station. They were playing Blind Man. I thought, "Hmm..strange...not really classic rock, and not that big of a hit." This station would normally stick to the "Walk This Way"s and "Sweet Emotions". But, I didn't think anything of it. Then, Bolivian Ragamuffin starts....I was shocked...I had never heard this on the radio! I thought it must be some sort of contest... Then, as I was shaving, Bone to Bone came on, followed by Bright Light Fright! Finally, I heard the promo. They did an A to Z Aerosmith! It took nearly 12 hours to play EVERY song in the Aerosmith library! They even played B-sides like Fall Together. It was incredible.

    I only heard a couple of mistakes:
    -they played "Combination" when they meant to play "Rats in the Cellar" (programming error? The girl DJing wouldn't have known the difference I'm sure)t -they played Sharpshooter off of Pandora's Box, surely thinking it was an Aero tune -they played "When I Needed You", probably also thinking it was an Aero tune -they also played several strange the "Let it Slide" clip from Pandora's Box that was actually a prepubescent version of Cheesecake.

    But, they get an A+ for effort! Everybody thank 94.9 KGGO in central Iowa!

News as of February 2, 1998
  • "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on VH-1
    VH-1 Will Be Broadcasting The 1978 Movie "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"...Which Of Course Stars Aerosmith As The "Future Villain Band" Preforming "Come Together" ...The Broadcast WILL Occur On Friday, February 6, 1998 @ A Time That I Do Not Know For Sure Yet.... There is also a "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" Web Site!!!...You Can Find It Here:

  • Go vote for Aerosmith
    Here's two places you can (And should) go and vote for Aerosmith...

News as of January 31, 1998
  • Festivals in Europe
    Aerosmith will be playing festivals in Europe this summer, as well as some US dates.

    This weekLast weekTitle/Artist
    11Given to Fly. Pearl Jam
    22My Own Prison. Creed
    33Wash It Away. Black Lab
    45The Unforgiven II. Metallica
    54Taste of India. Aerosmith
    67Sex and Candy. Marcy Playground
    76Time of Your Life. Green Day
    812 Shelf in the Room. Days of the New
    911The Oaf. Big Wreck
    109Touch, Peel, and Stand.
    Its too bad that Aerosmith is losing one number.
    But atleast its a good group that is taking there place in Metallica

This week Last week Title/Artist
113am. Matchbox 20
24Been Around the World. Puff Daddy & the Family
Featuring Notorious B.I.G. & Mase
37As Long as You Love Me. Backstreet Boys
43The Memory Remains. Metallica
56Together Again. Janet Jackson
10Time of Your Life (Good Riddance).Green Day
712Gettin' Jiggy Wit It. Will Smith
82Tubthumping. Chumbawamba
911Pink. Aerosmith
105It's All About the Benjamins (Rock Remix)
.Puff Daddy & the Family
Yes!! Aerosmith is moving towards the top

News as of January 30, 1998
  • Billboard
    Nine Lives, 65 and still moving in the right direction.

  • Top 100 videos of 1997 (Latin mtv)

    51. Hole in my soul
    6. Fallin in love (is hard on the knees)

  • Rock Stars To Pick Songs on Radio

    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) - Joe Perry and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith will turn the tables on a pair of radio disc jockeys.

    The rockers are scheduled to trade places with announcers for WLAV-FM, picking songs and talking with about 150 audience members at a club, the station said Wednesday.

    There's a bonus for listeners next Tuesday: Perry and Tyler will give away two pairs of tickets for their Feb. 4 concert at VanAndel Arena. Aerosmith's hits include ``Walk This Way,'' ``Sweet Emotion'' and ``Back in the Saddle.''

    AP-NY-01-29-98 0729EST

  • MissJen18 reports (on a Joe Perry interview)

    I'm reminded why I love 101.1 WRIF (Detroit) so much,
    Joe Perry is being interviewed on the radio!

    He's talking about how back in the day, they messed up so many hotel rooms that he himself should own his own hotel:) LOL and how they'd make sure that all the things they broke HAD to fit through the TV screen (LOL!)...

    Ohh this is so fascinating! :listening: SET LISTS!!!!!!! They changed the set around too?? *GASP* Toys.. Seasons... OHHH:) They keep copies of the songs that they play in each city, and when they come back through that city, they change it to fit what the audience wants to hear, what has been requested.

    ANGEL!!! He's talking about angel!! He's mentioning how they played it a few nights ago.... but he doesnt think it's gonna stay on the set list. Aw:( Oh what's this! He's saying why he doesnt like it... He doesnt like to play it because "It's SO 1986.. I mean.... I can see us playing crazy for the next, like, 20 years and it won't sound dated or anything, you know?"

    Hmm... its sounding like this might not be in the set list for the 2/10 show.. damn!! Oh my god:) :) AHH This is soo neat though!! I dont care if they play it or not (Though it would be nice)... This band is the BEST!!

    Ohh he's off the air now! They're talking about how nice (and CLEAN they< added) he was! They're just complimenting him and everything!! Ohh how wonderful!! Yay! :) I just wanna give all the people on WRIF a HUGE hug right now:)

News as of January 28, 1998
  • Sweet Taste of Monica
    On 93 Rock in Sacramento the morning DJ's are playing a song about the latest Bill Clinton scandal that goes to the tune of Sweet Taste of India. It was a pretty decent song and pretty funny!

  • Steven Tyler & Mick Jagger looks the same ... Get real!0
    This week's People magazine features a nice shot of Steven and Mick Jagger (Well, it's a nice shot of Steven, I've seen better of Mick....). For those of you who don't have access to People, here it is.....

    Photo by Kevin Mazur, People Magazine

    The picture caption reads: "Putting to rest a rock rumor - that Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler never appear together because they actually share one pair of lips - the two posed after a Rolling Stones show in Manhattan."

News as of January 25, 1998
  • There is a promotional cd single out there of Taste of India that went to radio stations or something. it has a few remixs of India on it but nothing new.

News as of January 24, 1998
  • Taste of India is now #3 on rock radio charts.

  • Taste Of India will be released on feb 3rd in the US with 2 remixes of Pink.

  • The rerelease of Nine Lives from Japan comes with a bonus Five track CD
    that was first available with the Box Of Fire.
    The release date is February 16th. The price is 39.99
    For more information, you can go to
    and go to the Upcoming Release Section.

  • Soundscan Album Charts (the same as billboard)

This week
Last week
two weeks ago
Nine Lives
Big Ones
Greatest hits
weeks on chart

News as of January 23, 1998
  • Nine Lives keeps climbing on Billboard, up 5 to 69.

  • Top 10 North American Concert Grosses

    this is from the yahoo billboard charts

    1. Backstreet Boys. $1,496,897. Montreal. Dec. 30-Jan. 1, 5-6.
    2. Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Faith Hill. $1,484,695. Nashville. Dec. 3-4.
    3. Aerosmith. $1,101,860. Boston. Dec. 30-31.
    4. Barry Manilow. $1,024,596. Universal City, Calif. Dec. 26-28, 31.
    5. Jackie Chan. $887,901. Las Vegas. Dec. 25.
    6. The Artist, Larry Graham. $721,003. Atlanta. Jan. 8-10.
    7. Alejandro Fernandez. $557,903. Universal City, Calif. Dec. 12-13.
    8. Barenaked Ladies, Devlins. $445,325. Auburn Hills, Mich. Dec. 31.
    9. Aerosmith. $321,295. Pittsburgh. Jan. 9.
    10. Tim McGraw, Martina McBride. $265,356. Nashville. Dec. 31.

News as of January 22, 1998
  • PINK is beginning to be a little popular here in Sweden.
    it's getting some playing on the radio and it was number 3 on a music video tv show called "voxpop" and the guy that presents the videos said that it was his favourite

    You probably didn't care about this but i thought it was pretty cool since "FIL" & "HIMS" almost didn't get any attention when they were released

    incase you want to know who they were after, it was the great band "rage against the machine" and the worst band "back street boy" or as i say "back SHIT boys"

  • Listen to "Love in an elevator" (live) in real audio
    Aerosmith did a session for Dutch TV late last year.
    jan.30 1998 they'll show "Love in an Elevator" from that session.
    The song is also audible realaudio at:

  • Aerosmith on Party Of Five
    Anybody who watches the TV show Party Of Five saw Griffin and his buddy trying to ditch their wife/girlfriends by going into a strip club, and when the girls noticed Griffin's motorcycle outside of the strip place, they went inside to find them and when the girls walked into the place, the Permanent Vacaton hit "Rag Doll" was blasting out from all corners of the place!

News as of January 21, 1998
  • According to CDNow, the Pink single is scheduled to be released on Feb. 10, and will have Taste of India as the B-Side.

  • Pink is continuing its slow and steady rise on the Top 20 Countdown on MTV. It is now at 11. It has been on the list for quite awhile now.

News as of January 18, 1998
  • anBoston music awards
    Aerosmith won for Outstanding Rock Band
    and Steven won for Outstanding Male Vocalist.

    Mighty Mighty Bosstones won for outstanding album,
    and Paula Cole won a bunch of other stuff

News as of January 15, 1998
  • Nine Lives jumps back 9 to 74 on Billboard.
    which i think is the highest position it has had since I think early Sept 97.

  • It will be a strong bias on the Geffen material with a few of the old Columbia classics on the New Live Album.

  • Mainstream Rock Tracks

    1. Given To Fly, '' Pearl Jam. Epic.
    2. Touch, Peel And Stand, '' Days Of The New. Outpost.
    3. My Own Prison, '' Creed. Wind-Up.
    4. 3 AM, '' Matchbox 20. Lava.
    5. Back On Earth, '' Ozzy Osbourne. Epic.
    6. Taste Of India, '' Aerosmith. Columbia.
    7. Wash It Away, '' Black Lab. DGC.
    8. The Memory Remains, '' Metallica. Elektra.
    9. The Girl I Love, '' Led Zeppelin. Atlantic.
    10. Everlong, '' Foo Fighters. Roswell.

    Compiled from a national sample of airplay.

    To me it seems like the best groups are the ones that are below Aerosmith
    (then i think of Metallica, Led Zeppelin,the Foo fighters and Ozzy)

  • Aerosmith Stars in Get Shorty Sequel

    Hot off the bestseller lists with its memoir, Walk This Way, Aerosmith is about to appear in another book—this time a novel.

    The Boston bad boys will be the main rock band featured in Be Cool, the sequel to Get Shorty, by author Elmore Leonard, who's currently riding high thanks to Jackie Brown, Quentin Tarantino's adaptation of his book Rum Punch.
    In Be Cool, Chili Palmer—the gangster who made it big as a film producer in Get Shorty and was portrayed in the film by John Travolta—enters the world of rock and roll.

    Leonard has been attending concerts and interviewing rock luminaries as they passed through the Detroit area, where the author lives. He met Aerosmith during a tour stop there last fall; the group members visited his suburban Detroit home, and Leonard even played some tennis with bassist Tom Hamilton.

    There's no firm publication date for Be Cool yet, but it's expected the novel will be turned into a film, and that Aerosmith will provide at least one song for the soundtrack.

News as of January 9, 1998
  • Nine lives is Currently spending 2nd week at 83 at billboard (from 79 2 weeks back).

News as of January 6, 1998
  • Aerosmith has been nominated to two Grammy awards

    Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal:
    Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
    The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)
    Push (Matchbox 20)
    Crash Into Me (Dave Matthews Band)
    One Headlight (Wallflowers)


    Best Rock Album:
    Nine Lives
    Blue Moon Swamp (John Fogerty)
    The Colour And The Shape (Foo Fighters)
    Bridges To Babylon (Rolling Stones)
    Pop (U2)

News as of January 4, 1998
  • I dont know if this is news but...
    all the Joe Perry project and the Whitford/st. holmes albums
    has been/are going to ( i don't know) be remastered and released on cd

News as of December 31, 1997
  • Its Tom Hamilton's birthday today
    (If you listen to the beginning of walk this way on Classics live 2
    you can sing happy birthday for him along with
    Steven and the whole boston audience) high

  • Nothing has been confirmed but there are rumors
    of that the name of the live album will be
    "Big Ones Live", "Live! From The Edge", or "Contract Filler"

News as of December 27, 1997

    Geffen Records will release a Live album sometime In May 1998.

    The Album Will Include Two New Studio Tracks...
    One Of Them Being "Bacon Biscuit Blues"

    and the other may be What Kind Of Love Are You One?"...
    A Song That Was Left Off Of "Nine Lives".....
    But Was Already Recorded For Nine Lives.....
    Rumors said that Joey Kramer Wrote That One Himself!
    And It Is A "Rocker".

    Don't Know If It Will Be A Double Or Single Album Yet...
    But, There Have Been Rumors Of Both

    There Have Been Rumors That The Title Will Be "Classics Live 3"
    Or "Live! Bootleg 2" But, Again Columbia Owns The Rights To
    Those Titles So it will probably be something else

  • Aerosmith continued it's climb on the charts...
    up 4 places to #79 after 40 weeks on Billboard

  • The Associated Press has reported the top concert draws of 1997:
    The top acts on the concert circuit in 1997,
    with their estimated total gross in concert tickets, according to the industry trade publication Pollstar.

    1. Rolling Stones - $89.3 million.
    2. U2 - $79.1 million.
    3. Fleetwood Mac - $36.3 million.
    4. Metallica - $34.1 million.
    5. Brooks & Dunn/Reba McEntire - $33.5 million.
    6. Garth Brooks - $25 million.
    7. Tina Turner - $24.8 million.
    8. The Artist - $24.6 million. high
    9. Jimmy Buffett - $24.4 million.
    10. Aerosmith - $22.3 million.
    11. Phish - $21.3 million.
    12. Phil Collins - $17.6 million.
    13. Alan Jackson - $16.6 million.
    14. ZZ Top - $16.5 million.
    15. Bush - $16.5 million.
    16. Lilith Fair - $16.4 million.
    17. Barry Manilow - $16.1 million.
    18. Kenny G/Toni Braxton - $15.8 million.
    19. Puff Daddy - $14.7 million.
    20. Vince Gill - $14.2 million

News as of December 1, 1997

  • Concert News: Lauren reports: In Tampa the boys DID NOT open with 9 Lives. . . They opened with TRAIN KEPT A ROLLING!!! It was INCREDIBLE!!

  • tells us that the bad boys are rocking at Z-100's JINGLE BALL 97. (Z-100, is a radio station in New York.) It's December 9th......and they are the headliners!!! Be on the look out...Z100 is always giving away free tickets.

  • The Boston Herald: November 23, 1997 Aero flight hits minor turbulence

    Talk about a turbulent flight! Aerosmith main man Steven Tyler and the band's deposed manager, Tim Collins, found themselves on the same American Airlines jet from Los Angeles to Boston the other day.

    But even though the two split ugly - with Tyler accusing Collins of being a sobriety Nazi and Collins accusing Tyler of slipping back into his old druggie ways - our spies report that no blows were exchanged.

    "They shook hands and everything," said Someone Who Was There.

    Collins hasn't spoken to Tyler in more than a year, not since the day he was called to the Four Seasons and summarily dismissed after 12 years of service.

    But the ex-manager, who's now riding rubyhorse, said the encounter was not unpleasant and it was "bound to happen" sooner or later.

    "It was great to see him," Collins said. "Although our conversation was incredibly short. I still think he's the greatest frontman who ever lived."

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    For more information, contact:
    Ed Manley

  • Here's a story from Anne-Lise:
    Over the weekend, I saw a TV documentary called "Rock Stars' Wives". I thought I'd give it a go to see if they mentioned any of Aerosmith. Bebe Buell came on and started talking about her time with Tod Rungren and how eventually she started an affair with her daughter's father, Steven Tyler! She talked about how she had made a conscious decision to be with Steven, but couldn't go through with it, because there was too much cocaine all the time, and as she was expecting Liv, she couldn't stay in that environment. It was just really interesting to hear it in her own words. I've never seen her talk before and she seems very down to earth with a good sense of humour. Another thing that interested me, was seeing how big she was compared with Steven. She towered over him and was a much bigger build (as in body frame) than him...
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