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News as of June 27, 2002
  • FIFA World Cup Concert
      Live picture from the World Cup concert, from Aerosmith played today. Today and Friday were put aside as two International Music Days by FIFA as part of the FIFA build up to the World Cup Final in Yokahama. Aerosmith played with B'Z on Thursday at Tokyo Stadium. It was Aerosmith's first outdoor gig in Japan.

      It is rumoured Japanese satellite broadcaster HDK (still to be confirmed) are recording the event to be shown in a condensed format in August (in Japan that is). Likewise it seems Nippon Broadcasting will be broadcasting a condensed 2 hour radio show on June 30 of the 2 days.

      At, where there's also a bunch of live pictures from the concert, the Japanese Aerosmith Head Atsushi Matsutani - AKA "S.O.S.(too bad)" - reported the setlist. It read as follows:

      06/27/2002 Setlist

      Back In The Saddle
      Love In An Elevator
      Just Push Play
      Ohle (ST & Audience sing the chorus: Very Short) / Jaded
      Girls Of Summer
      Stop Messin' Around
      Dream On
      Draw The Line
      Animal Crackers / I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
      Walk This Way
      Uncle Salty / Sweet Emotion

      Spider Man Theme
      What It Takes
      Livin' On The Edge

      Train Kept A Rollin' (with B'z)

      Interesting Notes:
      On Steven's Left Shoulder it was written "Hisshou" and on his Right shoulder "Natsumusume". Hissho = "never give up", Natsumusume = "Girls of Summer" in Japanese.
      Jaded: Tyler drank Water which dropped from the roof
      Stop Messin': ST introduce Joe ,"Jiji!!! Joe!!!". Jiji means "Fuckin' Grand father" : )
      Dream On: Joe sit down & play in the middle of Dream On.
      Spider Man: Boys play "Spider Man Theme" for the first time.
      Train:ST called & inroduced "Koshiiiiii!!".
      And Koshi Inaba & Tak Matsumoto came in on stage.
      Guitarists Brad, Tak & Joe played riffs and enjoy themselves after Train.

  • Other info from Japan
      Also originally posted by "S.O.S.(too bad)" at

      The Bad Boys from Boston arrived in Japan on the afternoon of 06/25/2002, when their plane landed at Narita International Airport.

      The band's arrival at Narita International was show on TV yesterday (26th)! It was on the TV program "Mezamashi TV", Japan's popular morning news program.

      FIFA Official Concerts Digest Program
      On June 30th at 18:00-19:58, TV Asahi will broadcast FIFA Official Concert's Digest. This program will report from both the International Day Concert and the Korea Japan Day Concert.

  • MTV Article on Girls of Summer video
      There's no Alicia Silverstone, but Aerosmith's video for "Girls of Summer" will have all the other fixin's of their classic clips, plus more than 200 female models.

      The multiple MTV Video Music Award winners shot the video earlier this month on South Beach in Miami with director David Meyers (Missy Elliott, Pink).

      "We decided on somewhere where we could get a lot of flesh, a lot of skin," Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler said recently of the shoot.

      The clip follows three girls as they adventure through the city known for its wild parties. Although past Aerosmith videos have featured Silverstone, Tyler's famous daughter Liv and actor Edward Furlong, none of the characters are played by well-known thespians.

      "They're hotties, and guys are always trying to [hit on] them," Tyler said. "At the beginning [the main character] takes a Polaroid of a guy that she spent the night with and shows it to the rest of them. She runs downstairs, they jump in a car and they go downtown. They park and they walk across the street, and a car full of guys almost runs them over. They think that's funny and yell, 'Hey baby show me your ...' And she goes down and kisses the hood, and then she rips the ornament off and throws it at him. It's a lot of good stuff."

      Like past Aerosmith videos, this one has a surprise ending, though Tyler wouldn't reveal the entire story line.

      "Girls of Summer," which is already getting airplay at radio, is one of two new tracks on O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, a double-disc best-of compilation due July 2 (see "Aerosmith Talk 'Girls Of Summer,' Hits Disc, DVD Reissues").

      Aerosmith recorded the summer anthem and four other songs in Maui earlier this year. "[Guitarist] Joe [Perry] was in rare form," Tyler said of the sessions. "Plus, you're in Maui. What can go wrong, right? It was beautiful."

      The legendary Boston rockers will promote the album on the Girls of Summer Tour with Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C. It kicks off August 13 in Holmdel, New Jersey (see "Aerosmith/Kid Rock/Run-D.M.C. Tour Schedule Walks Your Way").

  • Blender Magazine
      In the recent issue of Blender Magazine (with Eminem on the cover):

      p.22 - There is a picture of Joe and Steven playing and a "Dear Blender" from a reader about the "33 Things You Should Know About Aerosmith" article from the June/July issue.
      pp.54-55 - There is that same ad for Dodge/Aerosmith as well as a page titled "Aerosmith's Greatest Road-Trip Songs." On the page is a countdown of 20 songs and they tell the title, album, and each give a description of the song or reason it is great for a road-trip.

  • AOL
      AOL welcome menu on AOL music (behind the worldcom scandal pic and the pledge ruled unconstitutional pic) has a spot to vote whether you like the new song or not. It also has a place to register to win a personal concert with 500 friends.

  • Rolling Stone daily email

      KID ROCK and RUN-D.M.C. will join AEROSMITH for the first month of the band's lengthy summer tour, which kicks off August 13th in Holmdel, New Jersey. The tour comes in support of the July 2nd release of the Boston band's two-CD compilation, "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits." Rock, touring behind "Cocky," and Run-D.M.C. wrap up their opening duties on September 14th."

  • Ultimate postponed?
      It was posted on one of the mailinglists that it "wont be out till the 25th of July." The latest I've heard is July 2nd, and before that it was June 25th. Maybe this was just a mix-up?

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Dio - Killing The Dragon (2002)

News as of June 26, 2002
  • Metal Edge magazine
      The latest issue of Metal Edge (The Summer '02 issue with the 10 posters and summer tour info) has a huge poster of Steven and Joe. There is a small pic of it on the cover and another small photo of it inside. Also, there is a small blurb about Aerosmith touring with Run DMC and Kid Rock.

  • Rolling Stone
      Excerpts from Eminem - the Rolling Stone interview - pages 72 & 75

      "Dream On" was a desperate, hopeful song when Aerosmith wrote it. Is that why you used it?

      Yeah. I was in that shit, and I didn't know what was going to happen to me - I thought I was goin' to jail. But the scariest thing was, "How am I going to tell this to Hailie?" What am I going to say - "Daddy's goin away and he's bad, and you have to come and visit him in jail"? I never told her anything, because if there was a slim chance that I'd get off, then I didn't want to put her through that emotionally - being scared. She hates when I go away, any time. "Sing for the Moment" is that frustration and all that shit. [...]

      Those songs definitely scare the people who love the humor in your big singles

      I was talking to Steven Tyler the other day. He was saying that if he has to make songs that appeal to everybody to get people to listen to his realer songs, that's what he'll do. My theory is the same. [...]

      Also in the "Rolling Stone" magazine issue # 899/900, on page #68 there is a Dodge advertisement showing a picture of Aerosmith.

  • Correio da Manhã
      In the portuguese newspaper "Correio da Manhã" [link], it said that they're going on tour in the US, and that the compilation will be released on July 2nd. It also mentions that "in spite of the exhaustion that a tour causes, a trip to Europe is not excluded, probably next year".

      "Usually the tours on Uncle Sam's land are a good omen to the Old Continent. And it's a fact that the band has as much popularity in Europe as in the US, or even more. We'll see."

      Personally, I believe it when I see it...

      At's Current Rock page, Aerosmith is still at #1. Also, if you go to the page "Rock Report", and then click on the line entitled Rock Report For The Week of June 17-21, you'll find a clip on Tyler appearing on "Lizzie Mcguire"

  • Headline News
      They did a brief thing about the upcoming album and tour this morning on Headline News, they also showed clips of the band talking.

  • Aerosmith on AOL
      Log on to AOL tomorrow, Wed. 6/26 for the AOL First Listen of Aerosmith's "Lay It Down," one of *two* brand new songs from their forthcoming "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" -- the first-ever Aerosmith hits collection to include the absolute best from America's Greatest Rock & Roll Band's Columbia Records and Geffen Records catalogs.

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Evergrey - In Search For Truth (2001)
Only two days left now! Friday at 00.00 (actually.. that makes it Saturday, doesn't it? anyway...) the swedish power-prog metal sensation Evergrey are set to go on stage at Skellefteåfestivalen! Something to look forward to... :) Magnus Uggla and Sator might be fun to watch too... and of course I'll have to support the young Lövånger-based girl band "Helt Sonika" by going to see their performance too...

News as of June 25, 2002
  • Steven Tyler as Santa
      As you probably know from earlier posts, Steven Tyler will be Santa Claus on the Christmas episode of the Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire."

      The picture below is from the July 1 issue of People, with Charlie Sheen & his bride on the cover.

      Steven Tyler dressed as Santa on the Disney Channel's Lizzie McGuire

  • Joe Perry Hot Sauce Collector's Series Coming Soon
      At the Ashleyfood site now:

      Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce Collector's Series Coming Soon


      Each Set Will Include One Signed and Numbered Bottle Of Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce.

      An Extra Bottle To Eat.

      A Clear Plastic Display Case with Black Base To Display Your Bottle In.

  • Joe Perry Hot Sauce Guitar Pick
      A while back I posted that one can get a Guitar Pick for 1 dollar extra, when one orders Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce at

      Below is a picture of both sides of the guitar pick:

      Both side of the Guitar Pick that you can get with Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce

      Pictures taken from The Aero Haven,

  • Steven and Joe Skins for The Sims
      The following info was found at The Aero Haven,

      It possible to download Steven Tyler and Joe Perry heads for the computer game "The Sims." To download, click on the link below:

      The previews on that page make the heads look quite distorted, but when you use them in the game they will look much better. Here are a couple of screen shots of Steven and Joe, taken from The Aero Haven:

      Tyler and Perry from the computer game The Sims

  • more shows added on af1 site
      boston more seats available for second show on sale wed 9pm. hartford on sale thurs day 9pm. bristow va on sale friday at 9pm.

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Rainbow - Richie Blackmore's Rainbow (1975)
Rainbow - Rising (1976)
Bigelf - live at KB, Malmö, Sweden 2000-12-07

News as of June 24, 2002
  • Rolling Stone magazine
      In issue 899/900 - July 4-11 (with Eminem on the cover), there are a few Aero mentions...

      Page 21, loose talk:

      "Don't forget it's a dream. I pretended I was someone else until that someone became me - that's the beauty of it".
      - Steven Tyler, in his commencement address at Boston's Berklee College of Music

      page 24, Birthdays

      Liv Tyler, 25 (July 1st, 1977)

      page 58, on a large Pink article

      " .... it might be the home of a rock-oriented 22 year old with a thing for Bob Marley, Janis Joplin and Aerosmith, all of whom are well represented by posters and drawings, along with .... "

      page 66 The Money Report

      9 Aerosmith

      touring $20.4 million
      recording $6.8 million
      publishing $3 million

      NET $24.2 million

      Like Sting, Aerosmith tied the fate of their new album to a commercial sponsor by placing "Just Push Play" in a Dodge ad. More than that, however, the band's pact with the truck manufacturer provided cash and a tour sponsor - probably worth about $3 million - and the group is slated to be pictured in upcoming Dodge ads.

  • Tyler and Pink on CNN
      Saturday on CNN's Music Room, there was a short clip of Steven performing "Misery" with Pink at the Wango Tango Festival. It lasted only about 10-15 seconds, but still...

      Also, a couple of people (Jessica Simpson and some other woman) said that he was there, and they were looking forward to see him, or something...

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Camel - Mirage (1974)
Camel was (well, is, they still exist) a great band, and this (their second release) is IMHO the best of their albums that I've heard so far. That Camel never became more successful than they did is a mystery to me. From the slightly harder "Freefall" to the beautiful concluding epic "Lady Fantasy" - symphonic '70's prog at it's best!

News as of June 23, 2002
  • Aerosmith at #44 on Forbes' Celebrity List
      from, June 21:

      "Britney Tops Forbes' Celebrity List

      Using a formula that combines money and fame, Forbes magazine says Britney Spears tops its latest Celebrity 100 list. The 2002 list quantifies celebrity by combining earning power with star power, including press clips, TV and radio mentions, magazine cover stories, and Web site hits.

      "This year's champ: Britney Spears. She doesn't have Steven Spielberg's pull, but in the last year she arguably had a bigger impact on pop culture," the magazine said in its July 8 issue, on newsstands Monday (June 24).

      The 20-year-old Spears has three multi-platinum albums to her credit. She recently branched out into film, with a starring role in "Crossroads" behind her and a NASCAR-themed film in development. Her new restaurant, an American bistro dubbed Nyla, recently opened in a New York's Dylan Hotel.

      Other music acts in the top-10 of the list are Madonna (No. 4), U2 (No. 5), 'N Sync (No. 6), and Mariah Carey (No. 7). Jennifer Lopez ranked No. 12 on the tally, while the Backstreet Boys were listed at No. 19, Dave Matthews Band at No. 24, and Elton John at No. 25. Boston-based rock outfit Aerosmith pulled in at No. 44, one slot ahead of radio personality Howard Stern.

      Eric Clapton made the list at No. 52, while Ozzy Osbourne's clan ranked at No. 85. The only other artists to make the list were popster Mandy Moore (No. 86) and teenage rapper Bow Wow (No. 92).

      Tom Cruise, last year's No. 1, didn't make the new list, although his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, did -- at No. 27. The rest of the top-10 is rounded out by golfer Tiger Woods (No. 2), Steven Spielberg (No. 3), Oprah Winfrey (No. 8), Michael Jordan (No. 9), and Tom Hanks (No. 10).

      The full list is also available on the Forbes Web site, where it is broken down by rank, money, Web hits, and various press impressions."

  • Aerosmith topping's Top 50 of The Internet's Most Requested Concert Tours

  • VH1 News Flash
      Steven Tyler was seen on a VH1 news flash. He talked about Run DMC and Kid Rock... He seemed to really really like the idea... Afterwards, the girl said you should go to vh1 news to get more info...

This day on the NPWIPP:
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The Rolling Stones - Singles Collection: The London Years [CD2] (1965-1968)
Fleetwood Mac - The Pious Bird Of Good Omen (1967-1968)

News as of June 22, 2002
  • Steven Tyler w/ the Blues Brothers at Mohegan Sun!
      At 11:16 last night a fan in CT, posted on one of the mailing list, that she got a phone call from a person at the Mohegan Sun, saying that "Steven is on stage now with the Blues Brothers and others singing"!!

      It was first reported the day before yesterday that Tyler had signed on for this weekend's star-studded Mohegan Sun hotel grand opening in Connecticut.

  • Tyler on MTV
      Tyler will be on a show called "ET on MTV" this weekend. He was on a commercial with Pink, asking her what she was wearing, to which she replied, "Clothes."

      Sat 06/22
      10:00 AM
      7:00 PM

      Sun 06/23
      11:00 AM
      5:30 PM

  • Tyler, Hamilton, Douglas video clips
      There are two video clips at the MTV website- one of Steven talking about Girls Of Summer, and one of Tom talking about going on tour with Run DMC and Kid Rock... and Jack "Mr. Q&A" Douglas is sitting in-between them...

      Steven Tyler on recording "Girls of Summer"

      "Since '71 it's been my dream to take the guys to some house somewhere and write a record," Tyler said. "And nothing's changed, so we decided to land in Maui, Joe and I and Marti Frederiksen, and we rented a beach house and we used ProTools and we just stared flailing and, of course, what vibe would come out?"

      Tom Hamilton on touring with Run-D.M.C. and Kid Rock

      There's a lot of people who have not seen Run-D.M.C. play, because it's really been a long time since they've really been out there. So you have kids like 16 that have thought of them as these legends and never thought they would hear them live, but now they'll come and see them. And Kid Rock, he's like a classic character that there's always somebody like in different eras, but the difference with him is he's just a little smarter.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Kharma Cosmic MP3 feast!
Kharma Cosmic - "Andromeda Speaks" (2002)
Kharma Cosmic - "The Meeting Ground" (2002)
Kharma Cosmic - "Left Without A Word" (2001)
Kharma Cosmic - "Moment Of Clarity" (2001)
Kharma Cosmic - "Fallen From Grace" (2001)
Kharma Cosmic is a great progressive metal band from the city Skellefteå, up here in the north of Sweden. They are not yet signed to a label, which I find quite odd as I'm certain many fans of progressive rock and metal would appreciate their music, and buy their album if they just got the chance to release one. Now, they are obviously influenced by Dream Theater (but then, aren't nearly all prog metal bands?) but unlike so many others, these guys have got something that makes them much more than just a DT copycat. Aside from being very talented instrumentalists (like, I guess, all good prog bands), and having a good singer, they've got great songwriting talent too, gosh, do they have...

Anyway, the latter three tracks has been up at (a site where you can download MP3s for free legally, it's usually the bands/artists themselves that put up the songs, to spread the word...) for quite a while (though it seem they've decided not to feature "Fallen From Grace" as a download anymore?) but it was only a few days back that the lengthy (hey, we're talking prog music here after all!) tracks "Andromeda Speaks" (10:54 in length) and "The Meeting Ground" (12:45) was put up for download. I'm personally not totally unfamiliar with the songs though, as I've heard the band play them live on a few occasions before. These songs demands to be heard! You can download them all at

On a side-note, Kharma Cosmic is another act set to play at this year's edition of the Trästock festival in Skellefteå. I was told by their drummer that they will also be selling their new demo at Trästock. If you're planning to go to this free festival, make sure to catch their gig (they're quite good live too) and buy their demo! I will. :)

Until then, I think I'm going to burn these MP3s down on a CD. Together those five songs make for nearly 45 minutes of music, that's the length of a full album (well, it used to be anyway, back in the days of vinyl...). Well, OK, now I'm off to put this CD together... Will kick ass... :)

News as of June 21, 2002
  • Happy Birthday Joey!!
      It's Joey Kramer's 52nd birthday today! Happy Birthday Joey!

  • Tyler and Hamilton on MTV News
      At the end of MTV news there was Steven, Tom and "some guy" (most likely Jack Douglas - see the news post from the day before yesterday) sitting on a couch between them...

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Roger Waters - Amused To Death (1992)
Kanske inte den mest upplyftande plattan att börja en så trevlig dag som midsommaraftonen med, men bra är den, jävligt bra. Vill i övrigt bara passa på att önska en trevlig midsommar till alla svenska fans! Ja, och alla andra också för den delen! :) Synd på det tråkiga vädret bara, alldeles grått när man tittar ut genom fönstret... :( Får hoppas att det blir bättre senare under dagen. Nej, nu ska datorn få vila, snart kommer stora tjocka släkten...

(for all of you who don't understand a word of swedish, sorry! eeh...perhaps I should apologize even more to those who do understand swedish, why the hell would you want to read about the above? Oh well.. it won't happen again.. not for a while at least.. ;)

News as of June 20, 2002
  • Hot Sauce + Guitar Pick
      For $1.00 more than just the bottle, they are now offering a bottle and a Joe Perry Guitar Pick!

      Ashley Food Company, Inc. Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM

      Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce Joe Perry's Rock Your World TM Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce With Guitar Pick

      Joe Perry's new hot sauce will rock your world with its incredible flavor and taste. Made with the finest fresh red Habanero peppers, fresh garlic, fresh onions, fresh squeezed limejuice, fresh red bell peppers, Chipotle peppers and salt. Plus you get a real Joe Perry Guitar Pick with your bottle. This is a great collectable!

      Price: $8.99

      They still aren't offering the limited edition "comes in a case numbered and signed for something like $100 version" though...

  • Steven in CT this weekend
      Here's a blurb from the Boston Herald:

      Speaking of celebs, lots more have signed on for this weekend's star-studded Mohegan Sun hotel grand opening in Connecticut. Talk show diva Oprah Winfrey will be joined by a parade of pop stars including Marc Anthony, Patti LaBelle, 'N Syncer Chris Kirkpatrick, Wyclef Jean, Nils Lofgren, Tony Orlando (sans Dawn) Tico Torres of Bon Jovi fame and Aerosmith main man Steven Tyler. Other new names on the guest list include Robin Leach who knows a few things about the Rich & Famous; director Spike Lee; ``Law & Order: S.V.U.'s'' Mariska Hargitay; Victoria's Secret model Ines Rivera; TV talker Rikki Lake; and Tony Soprano's shrink, Lorraine Bracco, who can compare Mafia movie roles with Tony LoBianco.

  • Tyler interview on NYC's Q104.3
      Steven was interviewed (via telephone) by the Radio Chick on NYC's Q104.3. They were talking about BTM and Chick saying how WTW (the book) was not self-serving by the band nor a bashing by the people who had something against them, it just "was".

      Chick asked Steven if the rumours about him fooling around with Pink are true and she said that Teresa is 10 times hotter than Pink. He denied it and said just because he did a duet w/ Pink, the media turned it into something it wasn't. He said it's always "a moment" when he performs with Pink and that she's a great singer and very spiritual. He also hoped that Misery would be her next single.

      She told Steven that Billy Joel checked into rehab and he hadn't heard about it. He said "it's better to check in than to check out". He said that when he was in rehab, someone told him that his best thinking got him in there. She said "it was your best idea".

      She asked if it was true that he was responsible for the twitch in Joey's eye and that Joey had credited Steven for that. He said he thought someone else was responsible but he'll take the blame.

      He sang a verse from GOS (the pussywillow one…which we all know is his favorite) but when he got to the "girls of summer" part, he kinda faded and said that it was too early in the morning. Chick said when the band was in town in August, he and Joe should stop by "to get that threesome going". In typical Steven style he was like "ooooh yeahhhh".

  • Little Aero-mention on The Beat, and it's not the first time...
      Steve Harvey is on the air in the morning on 100.3 The Beat in L.A., and every day he has a game for callers called "The Pyramid Game" (the caller that gets the most correct answers in the least amount of time wins $100 and other stuff). The questions are usually a list of things and people have to guess what they are. Today, for the third time, they started going, "The Rolling Stones. Aerosmith..." and, of course, the lady caller yelled, "Rock bands!"

  • Arrow 93.1
      On Arrow 93.1, one of Los Angeles local rock radio stations web site's on the Arrow Grapevine page there is an article that talks about Steven Tyler playing Santa on "Lizzie Mcguire".

      Steven Tyler Takes Unusual TV Role

      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler will be Santa Claus on the Christmas episode of the Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire." Why did Tyler agree to the role? His kids, Taj and Chelsea, are big fans of the show.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Billy Joel - live at the BBC Theatre, London, England 1978
A concert shown on national swedish television tonight! I've never really heard much by Billy Joel before, I'm surprised to find that some of the stuff he plays here is actually quite good... Not all, but some... :)

News as of June 19, 2002
  • Rolling Stone pic
      The picture below is from Rolling Stone magazine. It features Steven with Slash, and was taken at the "Randy Castillo Memorial Benefit Concert" at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA on the 29th of April.

      Steven Tyler and Slash at the Randy Castillo Memorial Benefit Concert at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA on the 29th of April

  • MTV News Article
      Rock and Roll Mathematics 101: Aerosmith's Greatest Hits + Big Ones = O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

      "Instead of having the Geffen part and the Columbia part separately, it's got the whole thing," Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton boasted of his band's new compilation. "I don't know how our manager did it, but the record companies got together on this one."

      "It's called money, Tom," answered singer Steven Tyler.

      The genial singer may have the key factor to the equation, but the band's friend and frequent producer, Jack Douglas, knows where else to apply it.

      "Getting Columbia and Geffen together should be a good example for India and Pakistan, because if they can do it, anyone can," Douglas joked.

      Whatever the war waged to get Aerosmith's entire legendary catalog together, it is over. O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits is due July 2 and will bring together early classics like "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion" with more recent favorites like "Janie's Got a Gun" and "Livin' on the Edge." And unlike their previous best-of collections, O, Yeah! will feature the band's singles in chronological order, from "Mama Kin" to "Just Push Play."

      "It's really great that somebody who wants to know about our music will be able to go and buy one thing," Hamilton said, sharing a couch last week with Tyler and Douglas at West Hollywood's luxurious Sunset Marquis. "And, if I do say so myself, there's great songs on there."

      As an added bonus, O, Yeah! — which will sport one of four different 3D covers — also features Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry's landmark "Walk This Way" collaboration with Run-D.M.C. and two new tracks, "Lay It Down" and "Girls of Summer."

      The latter, the band's new single, is a summer anthem Douglas described as George Harrison meets the Beach Boys. Tyler, Perry and Marti Frederiksen, who co-produced and co-wrote 2001's Just Push Play, co-wrote the tune after they decided to stop in Hawaii on a flight back from a Japanese tour earlier this year.

      "Since '71 it's been my dream to take the guys to some house somewhere and write a record," Tyler said. "And nothing's changed, so we decided to land in Maui, Joe and I and Marti, and we rented a beach house and we used ProTools and we just stared flailing and, of course, what vibe would come out?"

      Along with the beach party "Girls of Summer," the Maui sessions yielded four other tracks, including "Lay It Down," which was originally titled "Bad Enough" and intended for the "Spider-Man" soundtrack (which instead features Aerosmith covering the "Spider-Man Theme").

      "We submitted that, and they thought it was a great song but not a hit single Aerosmith song, so we pulled it out and redid the verses and put a different chorus on, and it came out 'Lay It Down,' " Tyler explained. "It's just a good, easy listening song. I love it. It's real R&B."

      The other three new tracks will turn up on the band's next album, which Aerosmith will begin recording later in the year. First, though, they'll head out on the Girls of Summer Tour with two of their favorite artists, Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C.

      "There's a lot of people who have not seen Run-D.M.C. play, because it's really been a long time since they've really been out there," Hamilton said. "So you have kids like 16 that have thought of them as these legends and never thought they would hear them live, but now they'll come and see them. And Kid Rock, he's like a classic character that there's always somebody like in different eras, but the difference with him is he's just a little smarter. He's got the obnoxiousness, but he's also got the finesse. It's gonna be a challenge for us every night to go on and top those guys."

      While Aerosmith are on the road, Douglas will be in the studio remixing Aerosmith's early albums in 5.1 surround sound for release in the DVD audio format. He will also coordinate commentary tracks that will feature him and the band talking about the recording sessions. "I mean, if we can remember," he joked.

      "I cant wait for that, 'cause when I grew up, my idea of listening to music was to get exactly between the speakers, get just the right volume and like completely go into a trance," Hamilton said. "So now it's gonna be coming from behind you and all over the place."

      Tyler, always the jokester, chimed in: "Yeah the only 5.1 we had back in the '70s was your mom yelling, 'Turn that sh-- down!' and then we turned around."

      Before Aerosmith take the road, the band, which also includes guitarist Brad Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer, will perform at the World Cup in Japan on June 27.

      Coinciding with O, Yeah! and the 30th anniversary of Aerosmith's signing with Columbia, VH1 will premiere a special two-hour "Behind the Music" episode on July 5.

  • Tyler on eXtra
      Monday 6/17, on the show "eXtra", they did a piece on Wango Tango and showed Steven Tyler on stage with Pink several times singing "Misery" and also showed a clip of him saying something along the lines of "80,000 people! Where else would I be?!"

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Various MP3s. Nevermore, Nightwish, Nile, Nocturnal Rites, Opeth...

News as of June 18, 2002
  • AF1 / Just Push Play tour CD
      The 2002 renewal kit comes in a CD box. It has the ID card, pin and a CD-Rom of pictures and other stuff. Tour photos and onstage video by: Tony Perry!

      From what I hear, the CD is pretty cool. There are 15 shows, still shots and video clips. Some shows (like the Camden show) don't have video clips though. Some shows have more than one video clip. I think all have still shots. Apparently there's also some cool bit behind the main menu, when you left click on the center main menu... (??)

      "Then there is a video of them jamming to Big Ten Inch in the studio...with a really funny 'incident' happening in the middle of the tune."

      Here are the shows:

      St. Louis
      New Orleans
      Palm Beach

      This is the 2002 renewal kit, so if you renewed in late April, you should be receiving one. I believe they say on the AF1 site that if you don't receive it by July 1 to e-mail them at If you haven't renewed for 2002, then of course you won't receive the kit until you do.

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      In Rolling Stone there's a pic of Steven with Slash, taken at the "Randy Castillo Memorial Benefit Concert" at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA on the 29th of April. In a longer article on copy-protected CDs, there's also mention of Aerosmith, but just in a sentence...

      At, there's a new sale ad banner. It has Steven on it again! :)

  • Aerosmith at KLOS website
      On KLOS, Los Angeles local rock station there's a list of current rock. The list contains a top eight list of new song by popular rock acts. As of June 11, 2002 Aerosmith's "Girls of Summer" is at number one on the list. There is also a picture of the guys on the same page as the list.

      You can find this at Click on the current rock page. You might also check out the Rock Report there was some news on Aerosmith in there to.

  • Pink/Tyler Mention in the L.A. Times
      This is from a review of Wango Tango:

      Pink has the kind of fondness for glitz and flash that gets her admitted to Top 40 land, but in her late-afternoon appearance, the singer brought a sense of inner tension to her rock-edged material. She swaggered with a rock star's authority, but there was an undercurrent of vulnerability in the roughness of her voice, and the spontaneity in her phrasing suggested that even she wasn't entirely sure what emotion might erupt next. There was also an unforced joy in her spirit, and her closing duet with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on her corporate-rock soul ballad "Misery" was a highlight of the day.


      On a side-note, thus far, E!, ET, and Extra have all showed clips from the concert...

  • Shows that goes on sale this week
      Five shows go on sale this week
      Each sale starts at 9:00PM ET

      On sale Wed., June 19:
      Pittsburgh and Hershey, PA

      On sale Thurs., June 20:
      Camden, NJ and Scranton, PA

      On sale Fri., June 21:
      Boston/Mansfield Aug. 26 show

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (1973)
This is one of the really great classic albums of british progressive rock. Those of you who have only heard the things Genesis put out after Peter Gabriel left the band (and thus left Phil Collins at the helm), have no idea what Genesis was really about!

News as of June 17, 2002
  • FIFA World Cup gig
      Info from one of our Japanese friends...

      Start 5:00 pm

      Anastasia...and Kodo?
      B'z (80min)
      Aerosmith (80min)
      Aero & B'z (1 Led Zeppelin Song)

  • Hayseed Dixie cover "Walk This Way"
      Hayseed Dixie has apparently recorded a cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" for an album called "A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love."

      I don't know to make of this, but judging from the track list (see below) they also cover acts such as Bad Company, Queen and Ted Nugent on the same album.

      Information from

      Hayseed Dixie
      A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love

      Hayseed Dixie - A Hillbilly Tribute To Mountain Love album cover For a limited time get a free autographed booklet when you order on-line, just follow the Purchase link above.

      With the popularity of organic forms of mountain music in the wake of the success of O' Brother's mondo-million selling soundtrack, Dualtone Records has opted to go a little further back into the holler-and they have returned with the second album from the much talked about boozegrassers Hayseed Dixie, whose A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC brought the members of AC/DC to their knees.

      1. My Best Friend's Girl
      2. Centerfold
      3. Walk This Way
      4. Feel Like Making Love
      5. The Perfect Woman
      6. I Love Rock & Roll
      7. Fat Bottom Girls
      8. Big Bottom
      9. Cat Scratch Fever
      10. I'm Keeping Your Poop

  • Infobeat News, Friday, June 14, 2002

      Rock'$ Top Act$
      NY Post--Bono and his band, U2, blew away the competition at the bank - earning a whopping $61.9 million to become the top-earning music act of 2001. The Irish quartet - whose hits include "With or Without You" and "Beautiful Day" - led the pack of Rolling Stone magazine's 50 biggest moneymakers of last year. U2 was one of several aging rock acts on the Top 10 - the long-defunct Beatles came in at No. 3 with $47.9 million, Santana at No. 7 with $32.7 million, and Aerosmith at No. 9 with $24.2 million.

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      In the Rolling Stone issue with Eminem on the cover, there is a quote from Steven, a little write-up about the band being #9 in earnings in 2001 and Eminem talks about sampling Dream On for his latest album.

  • Oh Yeah, it's an Aerosmith commercial. Free key chain offer!
      There's a commercial for the new Aerosmith CD on TV these days. You can order it by phone for $24.99. Apparently you can pick the cd cover you want and if you order by credit card, you get an Aerosmith key chain!

      Don't know what company it is, but the number is apparently 1-800-678-6090. From what I hear, they also offer an all four deal for like 72 dollars!

  • Aerosmith at Tweeter Center 8/14/01 Philly?
      It was said on the radio that Aerosmith will be at the tweeter center August 14th. It was reported on 94wysp.

  • Aero-mention in article on CD copy-prevention technology
      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The five major record companies have been hit with a class-action lawsuit charging that a new breed of CDs designed to thwart Napster-style piracy is defective and should either be barred from sale or carry warning labels.

      The suit, was brought this week in Los Angeles Superior Court by class-action specialists at the law firm Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes & Lerach, on behalf of two Southern California consumers.

      It marks the first legal challenge of CD copy-prevention technology to "tackle the issue on an industry-wide basis," Alan Mansfield, an attorney representing the two named plaintiffs in the complaint, told Reuters on Friday.

      It also follows criticism from some members of Congress and from Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips, co-creator of the compact disc, that the anti-piracy CDs are technically flawed and could impinge on consumers' rights to copy music for their own use.

      The suit names all five of the major record companies -- Vivendi Universal's Universal Music Group, Bertelsmann AG's [BERT.UL] BMG Entertainment, EMI Group Plc, Sony Corp.'s Sony Music Entertainment and AOL Time Warner Inc.'s Warner Music.

      Cary Sherman, president of the Recording Industry Association of America, issued a statement calling the lawsuit "frivolous" and defending the labels' recent efforts to deter digital piracy.

      "Music creators have the right to protect their property from theft, just like owners of any other property," Sherman said. "Motion picture studios and software and video game publishers have protected their works for years, and no one has even through to claim that doing so was inappropriate, let alone unlawful."


      The recording industry has recently introduced CDs with hidden electronic locks to prevent personal computers from copying the disc and in some cases, even playing it. These measures are intended to stem widespread swapping of music over the Internet and the production of unlimited copies, which the industry says has severely dented sales.

      But the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday under California's consumer protection statutes, says the copy-protected discs are "defective" products that are sold alongside conventional CDs with no distinction made between the two.

      "Some versions of the Aerosmith greatest-hits CD have the copy-protection technology and some don't," Mansfield said. "Because it's not in all CDs, it's like Russian roulette."

      Besides being deliberately designed to prevent the copying of music on personal computers, the anti-piracy technology often prevents playback altogether on PCs, and even on some CD players, Mansfield said. In Macintosh computers, the discs often jam in the CD trays.

      Even when the discs can be played, their sound quality is inferior to standard CDs, and the discs often skip or fail to play all the tracks, he said.

      These problems, the suit says, "interfere with customers' legal rights to back up, play or transfer their own music for personal, non-commercial use to other playback mediums."

      The suit seeks a court order to either force the copy-protected discs off the market or to carry warning labels differentiating them from standard CDs. It also seeks to compensate consumers for the cost of repairing computers allegedly damaged by the discs.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Deep Purple - Mk III live 1975
The Soundtrack Of Our Lives - live at Kåren, Gothenburg, Sweden 2001-02-10
Bigelf - live at Hultsfredsfestivalen, Hultsfred, Sweden 2001-06-14
One band recorded in the '70's, and two that sound like they could have been... :)

News as of June 16, 2002
  • Tyler joins Pink at Wango Tango!
      Steven Tyler made an appearance on stage with Pink at the the All American Wango Tango 2002 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California yesterday. (June 15th)

      12 Steven/Pink pictures can be found on the page to which the following link leads. 1 more can be found after hitting "next page": eventID=2977 at

      Steven Tyler and Pink on stage at the All American Wango Tango 2002 on June 15th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California

      4 pics of Steven backstage at Wango Tango:
      eventID=2978 at

      At you can buy a Greatest Hits CD of Aerosmith for 34,99 pounds. It says that the released date is June 26, 2002 and that it's a Japanese 2CD set (SICP-170/1) including Bonus Track.

      AEROSMITH Greatest Hits
      2CD Set (SICP-170/1) Inc Bonus Track - Rel: 26 Jun 2002
      CD ALBUM
      £ 34.99

      Most likely they mean O Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, but it might be another release of Greatest Hits? It must be something special for 34,99 pounds ($50,84), right?

      Thanks to Sander @ for this info!

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Träd, Gräs och Stenar - Träd, Gräs och Stenar (1969)
What is good is very good, but what is bad (such as "All Makt Åt Folket) on this, the TG&S debut album, is on the other hand among the most annoying "music" I've ever heard in my life. It bothers me that they had to put pieces like that on this album that otherwise could have been enjoyable throughout. I'm considering obtaining their latest album "Ajn schvajn draj" before the Trästock festival, where these old men (all probably around 60 y/o now) are set to perform, but I'm not sure if I'm really willing to spend the money of a full-price CD for it...
Iced Earth - Burnt Offerings (1995)
Simply one awesome thrash-influenced heavy metal platter! Definitely one of the greatest metal albums released during the first half of the '90's! From the beautiful piano intro of the introducing title track to the concluding epic masterpiece "Dante's Inferno" (clocking in at over 16 min!), this album simply slays! :)

News as of June 15, 2002
  • Tyler, Hamilton and Perry on Mark And Brian
      Steven and Tom spent a little less than an hour on KLOS/Mark & Brian radio show yesterday morning...

      They talked about everything from drugs to The Making Of Pump (Mark had them spending a lot of time talking about "The Making Of Pump") to Behind The Music to World Cup Soccer to Just Push Play to Ultimate...

      Steven mentioned a lot of foreign press so those outside of the U.S. be on the lookout for interviews and what not.

      Joe Perry called in and talked for a minute or two as well. Joe said his knee is coming along, but it's not going to stop him from rocking come August! :)

      They sounded upbeat, fine... Steven was his usual "wicked" self. Didn't make it possible hear any of the rumored tiredness or "conflict".

      Remember how we were wondering what happened to the third Maui track, "Bad Enough"? Well, on the show Steven mentioned that "Bad Enough" was the working title for "Lay It Down." So that's where it ended up...

      Just before the boys were on KLOS, KLOS said the July air date for "Behind The Music," but the guys never got to confirm or deny really. Though when asked if they had seen the finished product yet, the kinda laughed and said...we haven't seen ANY of it yet.

  • R&R Convention Report
      By Lynn:

      This is basically what I just wrote up for the AF1 board. I left some things out, because I don't desire to start any great debates, but I'll go over my notes tomorrow and maybe add some more things here.:)

      it's a good thing I don't live too far away because traffic was a major nightmare and a lot of people got there quite late. By 4:30 they were checking us in and we went into a "holding" room which adjoined to the hall that the interview was going to take place, to wait. Brilliant planning on the part of the hotel...when they first started letting us into the "holding" room, they only had two rows of chairs set up. Thankfully they added more.

      Around 5, they opened the adjoining door and "escorted" us into the hall that the "interview" was to take place. As I had suspected, they had a special seating area for the AF1 members which was off to the left side of the main floor. Luckily they set up the chairs for Steven, Tom, and the Rolling Stone guy (I don't have his name handy.)so that Steven and Tom were to our far left, so I think most everyone in the section had a good view. If not, we were right in front of the video screen, and they were running cameras for close-ups for the whole "interview".

      The good thing for those who got there late was that the "interview" was supposed to start around 5, but didn't really start until closer to 5:25 or so. The bad thing was they finished it pretty close to on-time, so it ended up being shorter than the 90 minutes we had been told, ending about 6:35 pm.

      They started the program by showing the band intro film that they used for the R&R Hall Of Fame. Then the moderator (The Rolling Stone guy) came out and introduced Steven and Tom who got a standing ovation...and of course the AF1 section off to the side was the loudest.;) The guys looked great.:) Fashion report: Steven was in a black tank top with a white suit over it, black tennis shoes with no socks. Tom wore black pants and a brown shirt. End of fashion report.

      They started things off with radio oriented questions. I didn't write all of the questions/answers down as I don't do shorthand, but took some notes of interest. I'm sure others reporting will fill in the content.

      They played GOS...and it was kind of neat watching the guys listening to the song.;)

      They were asked if they would do the next album in a studio, or Joe's "bathroom". Steven was kind of noncommittal, but it sounded like he wasn't keen on the idea of being locked into a studio when he didn't have to be.

      One thing Steven likes about Sony is their distribution...the record can be in Boston stores, and overseas quickly.

      Steven was asked what each band member brought to the band, and he said that they all had something to bring, that they all still enjoyed being a band and performing together.

      Apparently Pink's song "Misery" was originally considered for an Aerosmith song, and was voted down. I think that's a pity, because I know a lot of fans don't want to hear ballads, but that one is definitely a hard core blues ballad, and since the band has a blues/rock history, it would have been a better choice than some of the other ballads they have done recently.

      One person asked "What is the meaning behind 'Pink' (the song). Steven's reply: "You're sitting on it baby."

      A radio programmer thanked the guys for the way they conduct their M&G's as he said a lot of bands say "You have 5 minutes, no signatures, in and out." and he said the band always takes more time, talks to the fans, signs things, and he thought they were very nice for doing that. Tom said he now thinks of the M&G's as part of the ritual of going onstage. He says during the M&G's the band gets hit with the enthusiasm for rock & roll.

      They were asked, since they've done the superbowl, and a few other things I didn't hear because the guy asking the question didn't wait for the mike to get to him, what the next big thing they wanted to do was. Tom said he wanted to play Moscow, and tour South America again. The moderator asked them when they were going to be in our area again...Steven and Tom didn't really know...the AF1 section shouted out "November!" and Tom made a comment about how we had the schedule before he did.;)

      The last question was how they felt about the conflict between the record companies and downloading. Tom said he felt more bands would have to rely on touring now if they wanted to make money, and he said this would probably make more bands better at their live performances.

      Steven said it was a touchy subject. Of course the older catalogues aren't worth much anymore as they can be easily downloaded, and this was bad for older artists who no longer were active but were still trying to make a living from their catalogues. On the other hand, he said the fact that kids could download was good in that they were being exposed to songs they might not otherwise be exposed to, and bands that might not otherwise be heard were finding an audience on-line. Tom concluded that more bands will have to come out with albums that have a lot of great songs so people will feel that they are getting more value and not just buying an album for two songs, and he is also in favor of adding things to the album package, such as booklets and extras.

      They didn't take questions from the AF1 section, but that's okay with me actually, because we really were guests and the interview was really put together for the convention goers.

      They ended by playing "Lay It Down".

      All in all, it was a fun experience, and I would like to thank AF1 for giving us the opportunity to attend.:)


  • Download Eminem's "Sing For The Moment"

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Isolation Years - live at Underbar, Skellefteå, Sweden 2002-02-08
Dynamo Chapel - live at E, Skellefteå, Sweden 2002-02-08
The (International) Noice Conspiracy - live at Underbar, Skellefteå, Sweden 2002-02-08
Listening to one of the tapes I recorded from the national radio station P3, when they aired live from Skellefteå during the "PopStad" weekend in February this year...
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - live at Bommens Salonger, Gothenburg, Sweden 2001-12-12
Another concert recorded from P3, by another good band set to perform at this year's Trästock festival!

News as of June 14, 2002
  • Steven Tyler on stage with The Calling!?
      On a NYC radio station (WPLJ 95.5), they said Steven joined The Calling onstage and sang with them. Apparently it was their lead singer's birthday.

  • Hamilton speaks about Ultimate's Lenticular images
      Words from none other than Mr Tom Hamilton himself have it this way...

      "... what we are doing is we are using these things called Lenticular images. Everyone's had those little things where you turn it one way and there's one picture and you turn it another way and there's another picture. That's what we are using for the cover for the first 500,000 copies and there will be 4 different ones. Unlike the old ones like the ones we had as toys, these are very sharp and clear. It's really amazing when you move them with your hand or even just walk past them, the graphics just change. The graphics on these will be different versions of the logo and it just starts to explode with all this different cool movement. They're really neat! Like everything else in the world this has improved over the years."

      Tom went on to say that every outlet should have some of each cover so if you are the collector type and want a set you should be OK!

  • Aerosmith trivia on the Beat The Geeks game show
      On a show called "Beat The Geeks" they had an 2 Aerosmith questions, which were both visuals. The contestant had to name the lead singer, and the geek had to name all the other members of the band, which he did by last name only.

  • Milk ad in Teen People
      The new issue of Teen People, the music issue, has a two page fold-out of Steven's milk ad with an ad on both sides. It's like a small poster.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Phenomena - Phenomena (1985)
Can a "supergroup" with Glenn Hughes on vocals be anything less than awesome?
If it can, one sure can't tell from listening to this album. One very good record!
Bigelf - Money Machine (2000)
This great band from the US (signed to the swedish label "Record Heaven") plays classic hard rock with prog influences, often finding themselves sounding even more '70's-like than some bands actually around back then (while still sounding fresh and original among all the retro-vibes). This is one great album, in which one can spot influences from such acts as early Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, King Crimson, Deep Purple and The Beatles! No shabby influences if you ask me.. :)

What's even better is that this power trio is also set to perform at this year's Trästock festival, set to take place on July 18-20 at Nordanå in my hometown Skellefteå, Sweden. Trästock is an annual free(!) music festival in Skellefteå, and this year they have managed to put together a very strong line-up. The acts I'm mainly looking forward to, in addition to Bigelf, includes The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Träd Gräs och Stenar (who have released their first studio album in thirty[!] or so years this year), Sagor & Swing, The Spacious Mind, The Gypsy Sons of Magic, Kharma Cosmic and Nocturnal Rites. Some of the other acts worth a mention includes, among others, Kristoffer Åström & Hidden Truck, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Questionmarket, Confusion Junkies, Dynamo Chapel, The Bear Quartet, Starlin, Totalt Jävla Mörker and Darcy. A full(?) list of bands can be found at
Hope to say you all there!! ...eeh...? I guess that not very likely as most of you are from the US, and there's probably not even a soul from up around here that ever visit this site, but whatever! Get your asses up here then! lol

News as of June 13, 2002
  • Behind The Music delayed?
      Sources tell me the folks at VH1 thinks it will be hard to keep the previously reported July 7th as the premiere date for Aerosmith's two hour-special "Behind The Music". Instead it looks like we may be looking at September 1st or so... Apparently the reason for the possible delay is that it's taking longer than originally planned to get all of the interviews done...

  • Lucky Magazine / Rolling Stone magazine
      This months issue of Lucky Magazine (a fashion type magazine) features an ad for the Aerosmith Dodge Concert Giveaway. The ad is located right behind Lucky's "YES!" and "Maybe?" Sticker page.

      The ad is also in the latest Rolling Stone with Eminem on the cover.

  • AOL Music: Who's Your Daddy

Screenshot from the AOL page

  • Press release?
      Aerosmith And Kid Rock Tour
      Updated 15:07 PDT Tue, Jun 11 2002

      After much speculation, Aerosmith and Kid Rock have confirmed plans for a summer shed tour. Old school rappers Run-D.M.C. are along as the tour's special guests.
      Tickets go on sale June 1.
      "I can't wait to get back on the road!," said singer Steven Tyler. "Loud guitars, screaming girls, diesel fuel and room service! Forget about it! What's not to love about that?!"
      The tour heads out August 13 in New Jersey, which should allow ample time for guitarist Joe Perry to heal from his recent operation. Perry underwent arthroscopic knee surgery last month to repair torn ligaments and cartilage in his right knee. He's expected to wear a knee brace for the first part of the tour, which should limit the jumping about onstage his fans are accustomed to.
      Perry had first injured his knee 15 years ago while jumping off a speaker. Then, during last year's Just Push Play outing, he re-injured it and suffered through the rest of the tour before undergoing surgery.
      Aerosmith have been touring regularly since last June. A new album, O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, is due out sometime around the end of this month or beginning of July. The release is a double-disc career retrospective and features some of their top hits such as "Walk This Way," "Sweet Emotion," and "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)."
      Kid Rock will perform with his Twisted Brown Trucker Band, which features Uncle Kracker. He's currently headlining a national tour in support of his latest album, Cocky.
      Soccer fans can catch Aerosmith when they play in Tokyo as part of the FIFA World Cup fun on June 27.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Blue Öyster Cult - Agents Of Fortune (1976)

News as of June 12, 2002
  • LA Area AF1 Members!

      AF1 has secured 100 tickets to an exclusive music industry event this Friday June 14th in LA. The first 100 AF1 members to respond by sending an email to: will receive an invitation to this special event.

      What?: Steven and Tom will be interviewed for 90 minutes
      by David Wild of Rolling Stone Magazine. It's gonna be a blast!

      How do I participate?: AF1 must receive an email from you no later than Thursday June 13 at 3pm Eastern. The subject line of your email should say: Rolling Stone Interview be sure to include your AF1 member ID and contact information in the body of the email.

      The Fine Print: For security reasons, the pa~~es are non-transferrable -- you must be able to be in the Beverly Hills area by 4:30pm this Friday June 14th with a valid form of ID. There is no cost. Travel is not included. If you are selected, AF1 will email you the location and details for participation in the event (notifications will be made Thursday night by 6pm Eastern). Multiple entries will not be accepted.

  • Radio station give away lunch with Tyler
      "someone on KIIS FM just won a lunch with Steven"

  • More dates!
      Alot of new Aerosmith tour dates has been at

      Thu 06/27/02 Tokyo, JPN Tokyo Stadium
      Tue 08/13/02 Holmdel, NJ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
      Thu 08/15/02 Burgettstown, PA Post-Gazette Pavilion @Star Lake
      Sat 08/17/02 Hershey, PA Hersheypark Stadium
      Tue 08/20/02 Bristow, VA Nissan Pavilion
      Thu 08/22/02 Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center
      Sat 08/24/02 Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center
      Wed 08/28/02 Wantagh, NY Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Th.
      Fri 08/30/02 Wantagh, NY Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Th.
      Sun 09/01/02 Tinley Park, IL Tweeter Center
      Tue 09/03/02 Toronto, ON Molson Amphitheatre
      Thu 09/05/02 Hartford, CT Meadows Music
      Sat 09/07/02 Camden, NJ Tweeter Center At The Waterfront
      Mon 09/09/02 Scranton, PA Coors Light Amph. @ Montage Mtn.
      Thu 09/12/02 Cuyahoga Falls, OH Blossom Music Center
      Sat 09/14/02 East Troy, WI Alpine Valley Music Theatre
      Mon 09/16/02 Columbus, OH Polaris Amphitheater
      Wed 09/18/02 Clarkston, MI DTE Energy Music Theatre
      Fri 09/20/02 Cincinnati, OH Riverbend Music Center
      Sun 09/22/02 Noblesville, IN Verizon Wireless Music Center
      Wed 10/02/02 Bonner Springs, KS Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
      Fri 10/04/02 Antioch, TN AmSouth Amphitheatre
      Sun 10/06/02 Maryland Heights, MO UMB Bank Pavilion
      Tue 10/08/02 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post
      Thu 10/10/02 Virginia Beach, VA Verizon Wireless Virginia Bch. Amp.
      Thu 10/17/02 Tampa, FL Ice Palace
      Sat 10/19/02 West Palm Beach, FL Mars Music Amphitheatre
      Tue 10/22/02 Atlanta, GA HiFi Buys Amphitheatre
      Thu 10/24/02 New Orleans, LA New Orleans Arena
      Sat 10/26/02 Dallas, TX To Be Announced
      Mon 10/28/02 The Woodlands, TX C.W. Mitchell Pavilion
      Wed 10/30/02 Selma, TX Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
      Fri 11/01/02 Phoenix, AZ Cricket Pavilion
      Sun 11/03/02 Irvine, CA Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
      Tue 11/05/02 Chula Vista, CA Coors Amphitheatre
      Thu 11/07/02 Marysville, CA Autowest Amphitheatre
      Sat 11/09/02 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena
      Tue 11/12/02 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome
      Thu 11/14/02 Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheatre

  • Aerosmith mentioned in Rolling Stone Daily
      Rolling Stone Daily

      Wednesday, June 12, 2002


      . . . AEROSMITH's new two-CD anthology, "O, Yeah," will be released on July 2nd. The album will feature two new tracks, "Girls of Summer" and "Lay It Down" . . .

  • Not sure what source, but this confirms previous info
      AEROSMITH Push Back "Greatest Hits" Release Date - June 12, 2002

      AEROSMITH's upcoming double-disc career retrospective, entitled O, Yeah! — Ultimate AEROSMITH Hits, has had its release date pushed back a week to July 2nd. As previously reported, the set includes all the band's classics as well as two new songs, "Lay It Down" and "Girls of Summer". O, Yeah! will be available with four different 3-D album covers

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Curved Air - The Best Of Curved Air (1970-1973)

News as of June 11, 2002
  • Joe Perry's knee
      Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is laid up at home after a knee operation. Perry is recovering at home after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery last month to repair a torn meniscus and trashed ACL in his right knee. Tour plans are still going ahead.

      To help his knee heal properly, for the first part of the tour, Perry will be wearing a three quarter, carbon fiber knee brace that may limit the amount of running and jumping that fans are accustomed to seeing from him. Aerosmith's tour plans include a trip to Japan at the end of June and a North American Tour commencing August 13th in Holmdel, NJ.

      The injury to Perry's knee first occurred 15 years ago while jumping off of a speaker during a show for the "Permanent Vacation" Tour. The knee was re-injured during last year's "Just Push Play" Tour.

      Perry has finished writing two new tracks for their latest album O Yeah Ultimate Aerosmith Hits.

      Chris @

  • Toys In The Attic 8x Platinum Certification
      AEROSMITH's classic Columbia Records album Toys in the Attic has been certified eight times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Featuring the Boston-based band's immortal tracks "Sweet Emotion" and "Walk This Way", the set has shipped eight million copies to U.S. retailers since its April 1975 release.

      courtesy of

  • Chris reports from the Girls of Summer video shoot
      Well, the Girls Of Summer video shoot has come and gone, and of course the AeroFANatic has the low-down of what transpired...

      Spread out over the last 2 days in South Beach, Miami Florida, Aerosmith shot the 2nd half of the video for the new track "Girls Of Summer" to be on "O Yeah, Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" due in stores June 25th.

      Being so close to the location, I decided to check in on the fun. And man, FUN is an understatement. One phrase accurately describes most of today's action...


      Did I mention the bikini part? As many as 250 extras were invited onto the "set" to shake their money makers. What a site to behold....Ya know the Playboy magazine special "The Girls Of Summer"? Well, no joke, 3/4 of these extras could have been in that magazine. They are THAT NICE...

      Anyways, Steven Tyler was wearing beige and black striped pants, a beige short sleeved shirt unbuttoned, and a straw cowboyish hat. He totally caught the vibe of South Beach. He looked like an italian mobster meets a flamboyant rock and roll singer meets a pimp. If you know what I mean of course...

      Basically, the whole shoot was Steven mingling in and out with the ladies; ya know, the ones in BIKINIS! I didn't stay for too long, but from what I saw...this video has the potential to be #1 with a bullet. Cause Lord knows I wanted to shoot a few bullets of my own! LOL. That's how I rate videos these days. ;-)

      And BTW- it was ONLY Steven Tyler. My understanding is that the clips shot today of him and the girls will be edited together with the "band performance" from the ICONS gig to make the "Girls Of Summer" video clip. THIS is the exact kind of video "Pink" could have been...

      If nothing else, this video is going to make for GREAT EYE CANDY. Look for it to be ready on MTV and VH1 in the next 3 weeks; just in time for VH1's "Aerosmith Weekend" and their 2 hour "Behind The Music" special to debut the first weekend of July...

      If you thought David Lee Roth's "California Girls" video was hot, then this one classifies as "nuclear". ô¿ô

      I'm off like that thong th thong thong thong...

  • Tyler and Hamilton on Los Angeles radio station, KLOS
      On Mark & Brian on KLOS, they have confirmed that Steven and Tom will be there Friday. For those outside of the L.A. area, here are a list of the stations that do syndicate the show.

      KLOS 95.5 FM Los Angeles, CA
      K100 99.7 FM Visalia, CA
      KCLB 93.7 FM Palm Springs, CA
      KGON 92.3 FM Portland, OR
      KHWI 100.3 FM Hilo, HI
      KLUK 97.9 FM Laughlin, NV & Bullhead City, AZ
      KRAB 106.1 FM Bakersfield, CA
      KRWN 92.9 FM Farmington, NM & Cortez-Durango, CO
      KSEG 96.9 FM Sacramento, CA
      KSLY 96.1 FM San Luis Obispo, CA
      KTHU 100.7 FM Chico, CA

      Also, KLOS just mentioned that the GH album release date is now July 2...?

  • Aerosmith not likely to do Europe
      There's an Aero-related article (in Dutch) at the Dutch Sony Music site. The one thing *interesting* in the article is that is says: "Aerosmith is most likely not to perform in Europe this year." (as if we expected anything else)

  • Released Dates For Holland
      O, Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits : July 1
      Girls Of Summer : July 15th

  • Chris reports on O, Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
      "O, Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" is now going to be released on JULY 2nd, 2002. This is a definite date, so mark all of your calanders. It'll be interesting to see how this does considering the market and future airplay of GOS...

      The highest any Aerosmith "Greatest Hits" albums have gone on the Billboard Top 200 is by Big Ones, coming in at #6. Can this one top that? Who the hell knows? Just gotta wait and see...

      Other albums being released on July 2nd of note...
      - Essence Of Soul 2002
      - Green Day "Reprise"
      - Irv Gotti Presents "The Inc"
      - Like Mike Soundtrack
      - Men In Black 2 Soundtrack
      - Oasis

      Greatest Hits albums generally do much better over the long haul as opposed to first few weeks sales. I'll keep ya all monitored....

  • Link to AOL Music: Who's Your Daddy
      Click here to go to the page where you can find the Steven and Taj photo. It's from the MTV Icon thing. Note: This will only work for people with AOL...

  • AF1 show announcement
      AF1 tickets for the Chicago, Milwaukee and Cincinnati shows go on sale this week.

      Chicago, IL *
      Tweeter 9.01.02
      Wednesday June 12th 9:00PM ET
      Wednesday June 12th 9:00PM ET

      Milwaukee, WI *
      Alpine Valley 9.14.02
      Thursday June 13th 9:00PM ET
      Thursday June 13th 9:00PM ET

      Cincinnati, OH
      Riverbend Amphitheatre 9.20.02
      Friday June 14th 9:00PM ET
      Friday June 14th 9:00PM ET

      It appears Kid Rock/RUN DMC won't be at Cincinati.

  • 3 more dates have been added to Pollstar
      Thu 06/27/02 Tokyo, JPN Tokyo Stadium
      Tue 08/13/02 Holmdel, NJ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
      Thu 08/22/02 Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center
      Sat 08/24/02 Mansfield, MA Tweeter Center
      Wed 08/28/02 Wantagh, NY Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Th.
      Sun 09/01/02 Tinley Park, IL Tweeter Center
      Mon 09/09/02 Scranton, PA Coors Light Amph. @ Montage Mtn.
      Sat 09/14/02 East Troy, WI Alpine Valley Music Theatre

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Isolation Years - Inland Traveller (2001)
If descriptions like "pensive psychedelic countryrock" or "music that would take place where american desert meats russian taiga - a harmoniously modern kind of psychedelic pop, which mystifies the listener in a melancholically northern swedish atmosphere" sounds appealing to you, this band from the north of Sweden might be your cup of tea! I, for one, really like this, their debut album....
Janis Joplin - The Ultimate Collection
the greatest female vocalist of all time, hands down. What a voice she had!

News as of June 10, 2002
  • Please help keep Rock This Way going. Financial help needed!
      I'm sorry to be forced to ask this from You, an Aerosmith fan who just likes to visit Rock This Way, but I'm afraid I haven't got much choice....

      To explain the situation briefly (longer version below), I need to renew my purchase of, and add more webspace so to get away from the problems and limitations that comes with having parts of the site at geocities. I've found an offer that will make this possible for 7,49€* / Month.

      I'm not sure exactly how much 7,49 euro is in American Dollars, but I hope that it will be possible to raise the amount needed to purchase it for at least one year (12x7,49=89,88€). As of the present it appear as if 89,88 euro equals about $87.

      I will need help from You to make this possible, if I don't get help with the money for buying the domain/webspace I don't know if I will bother to keep the site running any longer... :(

      You don't have to pay the entire sum on your own (but if you want to, that's would of course be greatly appreciated!), if many people help with a little each, it should eventually add up to something that is enough to cover the costs.

      Please e-mail me ( as soon as you can (it has to be renewed by June 29th!) if you can imagine helping me out with this. If "Rock This Way" is to stay on-line is up to You!

      As there's so little time left, I may have to borrow money to buy this in time (as sending something by mail from the US, where most visitors of this site comes from, will probably take longer than when the money has to be available), but first I need to know that there is an interest for Rock This Way so big that the money will eventually come, so e-mail me if you will...

      I think it would be a shame if this site would have to come to an end, don't you? :(



      Last year I found out there are nice fans out there who like this website so much that they were willing to help me with the cost of buying the domain I can't begin to explain how much that meant to me. Thank you!

      However, a year has now soon passed, and thus it's now time to renew the purchase. To be able to keep Rock This Way on-line I feel I will need to get more webspace on a server of my own (i.e. not a free hosting service, like geocities) but this costs money...

      I want to get more own webspace under the domain Currently I have most of the site at geocities, who as you've probably noticed takes the site down every now and then. If I get to buy some webspace for myself I'll move the entire site away from geocities to get away from that problem. I've been wanting to purchase quite alot of space (about 100 MB at least) so that I can also host all the pictures I used to have up, and a good bunch of pictures that weren't up in the past aswell... (I've had many complaints about the pictures section being down). Geocities has also recently taken away the feature of FTP access, which makes the updating process a real pain the ass. If I could have the entire site at it would make everything so much easier, both for me and for you, the visitors.

      This doesn't come for free though, it costs money. I'm hoping that some of you visitors of RTW will be willing to help pitch in with some money for this 'cause. The current geocities situation just doesn't work, and if I don't get help with the money for buying the domain/webspace I don't know if I will bother to keep the site running any longer... :(

      I've found one offer that reads as follows:

      Strato-PowerWeb S
      100 MB Webspace / 100 POP3 Email addys
      3 Domains / 12 GB Traffic (ca 300.000 Demand pagings per month)
      7,49€* / Month

      Personally I wish it would be possible to purchase only exactly what I need, for a lower cost, but it doesn't seem as if that's an option. Thus I guess that's the package that's closest to my need, even though I have no need for 3 domains (only need one) or 100 E-mail adresses (again, only need one, really). I'm not sure how much traffic RTW has every month, but I hope that 12 GB is enough. I think it should be.

      I'm not sure exactly how much 7,49 euro is in American Dollars, but I hope that it will be possible to raise the amount needed to purchase it for at least one year (12x7,49=89,88€).

      Aside from buying the domain/webspace, I of course spend quite a lot of money every month just working on the site! If I'm really lucky I'm hoping it will be possible to raise a little more money than just what is needed for this big sum that will be needed for domain/webspace. It would be nice if I could get back a small part of all the money I've lost in all the past years of working on the site too, but I'm not too optimistic... but one can always hope that some visitors are more willing to give than I'm expecting... :)

  • The Girls Of Summer are Hot! reports:

      "According to a few well placed sources, the Girls Of Summer video is going to be balls to the wall full of hotties. When I say hotties, I do mean HOTTIES! If any of you all have been to my neck of the woods (South Beach, FL), you'll know what I mean. This place was the inspiration for PINK, and I'm sure it's gonna be some GREAT eye candy.

      Not sure on a video storyline yet, but sources indicate it will be FULL of Steven shots with the ladies. "California Girls" by David Lee Roth comes to mind. We shall see...... ( o Y o )"

  • AOL Music: Who's Your Daddy
      AOL members check out the "who's your daddy" site linked on the welcome page. Steven and Taj are included.

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Blackmore's Night - Fires At Midnight (2001)
Richie Blackmore (ex-Deep Purple, ex-Rainbow) and his fiancée, Candice Night, keeps on expressing their love for medieval music on their third, and latest, studio album.

News as of June 9, 2002
  • O, Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits now lists the new compilation album as having the title "O, Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits", so I suppose that confirms it... (As I posted earlier, CDNOW lists it as "O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits")

      You can now pre-order this item from Amazon and save $5.99 (24%)! This item will be released on July 2, 2002. You may order it now and they will ship it to you when it arrives.

      At Amazon, there's also a bigger version of the album cover that was posted here 3 days ago.

  • Bed Boys Of Rock
      This story was in the Tuesday 21 May edition of the English newspaper, "The Sun".

      Bed Boys Of Rock

      Forget record reviews, here are the ratings rock stars really care about – how they perform in bed.

      The website Groupie Central assesses the sex skills of the world’s rockers. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler is at No1 in the top ten poll, with motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx, NSYNCs Joey Fatone and Backstreet Boys’ AJ McClean and Nick Carter close behind. But Noel and Liam Gallagher are bedroom bores.

      Mark Bowness visited to discover the duds. And, yes, Mick Jagger is there.

      Top 10

      1 – Steven Tyler
      2 – Lenny Kravitz
      3 – Nikki Sixx
      4 – Joey Fatone
      5 – AJ McClean
      6 – Nick Carter
      7 – Huey Lewis
      8 – David Cassidy
      9 – Eminem
      10 – Mick Jagger

      Top 10 Flops, The Bottom End!

      1 – Noel Gallagher
      2 – Liam Gallagher
      3 – Tommy Lee
      4 – Marilyn Manson
      5 – Bill Wyman
      6 – Billy Idol
      7 – Ritchie Blackmore
      8 – Jon Bon Jovi
      9 – Alice Cooper
      10 – Lemmy"

  • Rolling Stone
      In Rolling Stone (w/ Natalie Portman on the cover?), there is a little pic of Steven Tyler with Slash on page 20.

  • People
      The issue of People with Carnie Wilson on the cover has the 1st milk ad in it (the close up)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Rush - Chronicles [CD1&2] (1974-1989)

News as of June 8, 2002
  • Newsclip
      AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER Gets Miserable With PINK - June 6, 2002

      AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler joined pop artist PINK on stage at Boston's Orpheum this past weekend for a rendition of the PINK song "Misery". At the end of this week, AEROSMITH will be reportedly headed to a warm climate at an undisclosed location to film the video for the song "Girls of Summer", one of the two new tracks featured on the band's upcoming "greatest hits" collection

  • Joey Kramer spotted at Brookline Car Museum
      "I Went to an Italian sports car day at the Brookline Car museum last Sunday. Joey Kramer showed up in his light blue Ferrari Modena? I knew it was a "Modena" because that was his MA license plate. He walked around, tried on some Ferrari clothes, didn't buy anything. Sat in a few cars on display and screwed outta there. Looked like he was with an accountant or something. A short fellow.."

  • Wango Tango
      from yahoo news...


  • Yahoo IMVironment
      on Yahoo, the Instant Messenger has a new IMVironment for Aerosmith and Dodge

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Pallas - The Sentinel (1984)
very nice scottish neo-prog concept album about
the cold war, with Atlantis used as a metaphor.
"Sunrise in the east / is blinding the west / A fragile peace / held together by youth depressed / We call out a halt / It's the other guy's fault / An old man cries before my eyes..."

News as of June 6, 2002
  • Ultimate Hits info and cover art
      Still not entirely sure what the full title of the album is. Three different on-line stores all list different titles:

      CDNOW: O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits
      Amazon: Ultimate Greatest Hits
      Tower Records: Roximus Maximus: Ultimate Hits [Box]

      Tower also has some new info that makes you wonder (boxed set with 4 peices?), if the info is really correct?

      Release date: 07/02/2002
      Original release year: 2002
      Label: Columbia
      Pieces in Set: 4
      Catalog#: 86700
      Desc: Boxed Set

      Perhaps this is some special alternate release? They also list a later release date than what's been previously reported. CDNOW, on the other hand, lists the Expected Release Date for "O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" as June 25, 2002.

      Along with their info, Tower Records has also posted the album's cover art, as can be seen here below...

      Ultimate cover art, according to Tower records

  • Kid Rock/ Run DMC opening selected Dates

      Kid Rock, Run-D.M.C. Back In The Saddle With Aerosmith
      06.04.2002 7:01 PM EDT

      When Aerosmith tell you which way to walk this summer, they'll be pointing at Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C., who'll join the veteran rockers on select tour dates across the country.

      The collaboration is a reunion of sorts for the three acts, who played a medley of "Walk This Way," "Rock Box" and "King of Rock" at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards.

      The first date of the tour is August 13 in Holmdel, New Jersey, at the PNC Bank Arts Center, and additional shows have been announced for August 22 and 24 in Mansfield, Massachusetts, at the Tweeter Center and on August 28 in Wantagh, New York, at Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater, according to the Web site of Aerosmith's official fan club.

      Additional dates featuring all three bands will be added, and Aerosmith will play other shows by themselves, a spokesperson for the band said. Dates will be announced shortly.

      Aerosmith first hooked up with Run-D.M.C. in 1986 when the rap group scored one of the first mainstream rap hits with a cover of the Boston band's 1975 song "Walk This Way." The song helped trigger Aerosmith's comeback, and singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry appeared in the Run-D.M.C. video, marking the first time Aerosmith performed in a music video.

      Kid Rock, who has cited Aerosmith as his biggest influence, performed 1975's "Sweet Emotion" with the Beantown rockers in 2001 at the induction ceremony for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. In October Kid Rock took the stage with Aerosmith and Ted Nugent in Auburn Hills, Michigan, for a performance of "Walk This Way," and on April 17 Kid Rock played "Mama Kin" and "Last Child" at the tribute show mtvICON.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Roger Waters - Amused To Death (1992)
[Pink Floyd's old mastermind released this, his latest solo album, ten years ago. Musically this may not be as strong as Pink Floyd were at their peak, this one has probably more in common with "The Final Cut" than the albums that preceded it, but I'd say that this one is definitely better than said album. Lyrically and emotionally I'd also say that this one is pretty much in the same league as Pink Floyd at their best (the period "Meddle" - "The Wall") and certainly better than what the Gilmour-lead Pink Floyd has produced since Waters left the band. May take some while to get into, but an album well worth the effort once you do! :) ]

News as of June 5, 2002
  • Tidbit from Aero Force One
      Meanwhile, singer-songwriter Carly Simon reportedly wants to collaborate with Aero frontman Steven Tyler on music for an upcoming Disney flick.

  • Boston Herald article

      Oh, Pooh! Carly Simon's new project is donkey work

      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Friday, May 31, 2002

      It's supposed to be all hush-hush, but we hear Vineyard songbird Carly Simon's latest project is songs for an upcoming Disney flick about Winnie the Pooh's pal, Eeyore.

      Hey, if P-P-Piglet can get his own flick - ``Piglet's BIG Movie,'' due next spring - the gloomy gus donkey will be ever-so depressed if he doesn't get equal time!

      We hear Carly's ringing up rocker pals, like Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, asking them to contribute to Disney's donkey 'do.

      And word is, Boston's Baddest Bad Boy - and father of four - isn't Pooh-Poohing the idea. He's ``definitely interested,'' say his peeps.

      After all, Steven lent his trademark wail (and his own lyrics) to other kiddie projects, like his stirring rendition of Oscar the Grouch's ``I Love Trash'' on the ``Elmopalooza'' CD three years ago. Radio Disney's little listeners couldn't get enough of it!

      As for Carly, it seems she's quite enthralled with Pooh's peeps in the 100 Aker Wood because they're ``so civilized'' and non-violent. Oh, bother. . . .

      Simon did a music video for Disney's special 25th anniversary edition of ``The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh,'' which just came out on VHS and DVD. She also penned tunes for the Piglet project, which the Mouse House reports will hit theaters next March or April.

      Sounds like a real Hunny!

  • Memoirs of a Rock & Roll Masseuse?
      Today I got an e-mail from a man named Mike Halverson, stating he was "Dr. Dot's co-author on the forthcoming Harper-Collins book Butt Naked and Backstage: Memoirs of a Rock & Roll Masseuse, in which we discuss her notorious interaction with Bruce Willis, Eminem, Courtney Love, Lauryn Hill, Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, and many other celebrities."

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Black Sabbath - Live Evil (1982)
"They say that life's a carousel / Spinning fast you've got to ride it well / The world is full of Kings and Queens / Who blind your eyes Then steal your dreams / It's Heaven and Hell"
Black Sabbath featuring Tony Iommi - Seventh Star (1986)
"Cold is the night / lonely till dawn / cry for the light / for the love that won't come..."
Fisher - "I Will Love You" (1999)
Fisher - "The Life" (1999)
Fisher & Scott Meldrum - "So Much" (1999)
Fisher is a female vocalist who appear to be into various sort of music, but mainly do pensive pop/rock. I downloaded a couple of her songs from a few years back and I still like them, so they really do have some lasting qualities. "I Will Love You" is a beautiful piano ballad, while "The Life" is a little darker and harder rock song. Her vocals sound great on both. Finally, "So Much" is another slow ballad, also featuring the vocals of a man named Scott Meldrum. I downloaded this track from All three songs are worth a listen!

News as of June 4, 2002
  • Ultimate Hits European release dates
      AEROSMITH Ultimate Hits in Europe:

      June 24th, 2002 - The Ultimate Hits / COL 508467-9
      July 22nd, 2002 - Girls Of Summer / COL 672771-2

      information taken from

  • Steven on Lizzie Maguire
      From today's NY Post...

      Aerosmith's Steve Tyler is to appear on Disney's "Lizzie Maguire" show. He'll play Santa Claus in a Christmas episode, just to please his own children..

  • From Aero Force One
      Two More Shows have been announced

      Wantagh/Jones Beach (Aug. 28)
      will go on sale
      to AF1 Members
      Wednesday, June 5
      at 9 p.m. ET.

      Holmdel, NJ (Aug. 13) will go on sale
      to AF1 Members
      Thursday, June 6
      at 9 p.m. ET.

      Should a second show be announced for Jones Beach,
      AF1 Member ticket sales
      will open Friday night at 9 p.m. ET

  • Pulled from Clear Channel-More Dates
      8/13/02 PNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
      On Sale 6/7/02

      8/22/02 Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
      Buy tickets

      8/24/02 Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts, Mansfield, MA
      Buy tickets

      8/28/02 Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY
      On Sale 6/7/02

  • Off Topic: Kashmir (no, not the Led Zeppelin classic, stupid!)
      I originally got the information about this petition from the latest "Letter Of Loss." (Pain of Salvation mailinglist)

      Band leader, Mr. Daniel Gildenlöw (intelligent vocalist/song writer/lyricist, with alot of compassion for other people. If more people were like him the world would probably be a better place to live... anyway...) there informed fans about the conflict between India and Pakistan and how there is now a way to protest online - it is quick, painless, and even if it wouldn't make a difference I believe that just taking that step mentally will change the world in the long run.



      I'm really concerned about the situation in Kashmir. Please join me in calling on the leaders of India and Pakistan to cool down.

      The conflict is edging ever closer to a nuclear war. A nuclear exchange between these rival nations could kill 12 million people and spread radioactive fallout around the globe. Through, I'm calling on President Musharraf of Pakistan and Prime Minister Vajpayee of India to step back from the brink of holocaust.

      You can join us and sign a message from concerned citizens of the world at:

      Both leaders are currently banging the drums of war. Recently, Pakistan tested its third missile in as many days, emphasizing its ability to deliver nukes to the large Indian city Delhi in under three minutes. Prime Minister Vajpayee told the 700,000 troops stationed along the border of Pakistan that he was preparing for "a decisive victory."

      While India has stated that it will only use its nuclear bombs in the case of an attack, Pakistan has made clear that it will strike first if threatened. And there's reason to believe that it will follow through on this policy: in 1999, such an attack was narrowly averted, over the protest of then-General Musharraf.

      More worrying still, India and Pakistan have broken many of their diplomatic ties. Unlike the US and the USSR during the Cold War, India and Pakistan have no direct line connecting the leadership of each nation. The possibility exists that nukes could be launched as a result of a mistake, since there's no easy way for the leadership of one nation to verify the intentions of its rival. With millions of lives in the balance and weapons on hair-trigger alert, the lack of communication between the two countries is just plain wrong.

      If India and Pakistan were to go to war, the effects would be felt around the world. The trade winds above the two countries are ideally situated to spread nuclear fallout. Essentially highly radioactive dust, fallout can cause leukemia and many other kinds of cancer, as well as radiation poisoning.

      Assuming either nation survived the attacks, it's unlikely that the conflict would even be resolved. Instead of pushing their countries toward Armageddon, Mr. Vajpayee and Mr. Musharraf must re-establish strong diplomatic ties, disavow the use of nuclear weapons under any circumstances, and work toward a comprehensive agreement on the future of Kashmir.

      Please let them know that you're concerned about the escalating conflict today:

      The lives of millions of Indians and Pakistanis could be at stake.


This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Judas Priest - Painkiller (1990)
[trying to "kill the pain" I get from sitting at home while some of my friends
and many other people at school have fun, going to the prom tonight. No,
not really, of course, but the album's title does sort of fit, ey? ;) Anyway, I
do feel quite pathetic tonight, you know, even more so than usual, that is :( ]
Accept - Russian Roulette (1986)
[No, don't worry, fortunately I'm not quite so down that I would consider
doing anything close to what that album title refers to... ;) *LOL* :) ]
Gypsy Sons Of Magic - "High Fidelity Children" (2002?)
[great local retro-rock band ('70's sound). I wish these guys got to release an
album, so I could get some more of their music in my collection than just this
one song that I have on this little sampler-CD with locals acts. Good thing they
perform live every once in a while then. They're a very enjoyable live act and they,
I've noticed, even manages to attract some cute girls to their audience... :)
"I'm sure that this trip will get you high, above the treetops, up to the sky" hippies! ;) ]

News as of June 3, 2002
  • Kuba Cichocki reports:
      "Sing 4 the moment" (wma song) is available at my site, in the MULTIMEDIA section... United We Stand isn't available yet, 'cause we (me & Tanpit) have a little technical problem...

      In News section you can see a bigger version of the Girls of summer single cover ...

  • Infobeat poll
      The infobeat newsletter had another Aero-related poll...

      Wednesday, May 29, 2002

      Steve Tyler is the lead singer for what Boston-based band?

      J. Geils
      The Cars
      The Pixies

      RESULTS (OUT OF 733)
      J. Geils 2% (16)
      The Cars 3% (25)
      Boston 6% (42)
      Aerosmith 87% (641)
      The Pixies 1% (9)

      Right 87% 641
      Wrong 13% 92

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Magma - Live/Hhai (1975)
King Diamond - Abigail (1987)

News as of June 2, 2002
  • Girls Of Summer single cover artwork!

      Most Added at CHR/Pop
      Girls Of Summer single cover With this week marking the unofficial start of summer, how appropriate that Columbia's Aerosmith grab Most Added honors at CHR/Pop this week with "Girls of Summer." The single comes from their latest project, Ultimate Greatest Hits Collection, containing three new songs, in addition to favorites from the previous three decades. The release date for the new album is July 2. And Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is appearing at R&nvention 2002, just two weeks away!

  • Sing For The Moment / Eminem's album
      As you probably all know by now, Eminem has recorded a song called "Sing For The Moment" that features parts of Aerosmith's "Dream On" in it.

      It apparently also has a pretty nice Joe Perry solo in the end. In the booklet of the album it says "Recording of Joe Perry's Guitar by Marti Frederiksen." It also says: "Guitar Solo by Joe Perry of Aerosmith + Aerosmith appears courtesy of Sony Music"... and "Contains elements of "Dream On" (S. Tyler). Used By Permission." The song is 5:39 minutes long.

      The lyrics, as found at

      "Sing For The Moment"

      [Verse #1]
      These ideas are nightmares for white parents
      Whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings
      Like whatever they say has no bearing
      Its so scary in a house that allows no swearing
      To see him walking around with his headphones blaring
      Alone in his own zone, cold and he dont care
      He's a problem child, what bothers him all comes out
      When he talks about his fuckin' dad walkin out
      Cos he hates him so bad that he blocks him out
      But if he ever saw him again, he'd prolly knock him out
      His thoughts are whacked, he's mad so he's talkin' back
      Talkin black, brainwashed from rock and rap
      He sags his pants, 2 rags and a stocking cap
      His step-father hit him so he socked him back
      And broke his nose, this house is a broken home
      There's no control, he just lets his emotions go
      Come on...

      Sing with me, sing for the year
      Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear
      Sing with me,just for today
      Maybe tomorrow, the good Lord will take you away

      [Verse #2]
      Entertainment is danger, intertwine it with gansters
      In the land of the killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum
      Only you're unholy, only have one homey
      Only this gun, lonely, cuz don't anyone know me
      But everybody just feels like they can relate
      I guess words are a motherfucker, they can be great
      Or they can be great, or even worse, they can teach hate
      Its like kids hang on every single statement we make
      Like they worship us, plus all the stores ship us platinum
      Now how the fuck did this metamorphasis happen?
      From standin' on corners and porches just rappin'
      To havin' a fortune, no more kissin' ass
      But then these critics crucify you, journalists try to burn you
      Fans turn on you, attorney's all gonna turn it to
      To get their hands on every dime you have
      They want you to lose your mind every time you mad
      So they can try to make you out to look like a loose canon
      You need to spew, dont hesitate to produce air-guns
      Thats why these prosecutors wanna convict me
      Swiftly just to get me offa these streets quickly
      But all their kids been listen'n to me religiously
      So i'm signing cds while police fingerprint me
      They're for the judges daughter, but his grudge is against me
      If i'm such a fuckin' menace, this shit doesnt make sense, Pete
      It's all political, if my music is literal and i'm a criminal,
      How the fuck can i raise a little girl?
      I couldn't. i wouldn't be fit to
      You're full of shit too, Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you!


      [Verse #3]
      They say music can alter moods and talk to you
      But can it load a gun for you and cock it too?
      Well if it can, then the next time you assault a dude
      Just tell the judge it was my fault, and i'll get sued
      See what these kids do, is hear about us toting pistols
      And they want to get one, cos they think the shit's cool
      Not knowin' we're really just protectin' ourselves
      We're entertainers, of course this shit's affecting our sales
      You ignoramus. but music is reflection of self
      We just explain it, and then we get our cheques in the mail
      It's fucked up ain't it, how we can come from practically nothin'
      To bein' able to have any fuckin' thing that we wanted
      It's why we sing for these kids that don't have a thing
      Except for a dream and a fucking rap magazine
      Who post pinup pictures on their walls all day long
      Idolise their favourite rappers and know all they songs
      Or for anyone who's ever been through shit in they lives
      So they sit and they cry at night, wishing they die
      Till they throw on a rap record, and they sit and they vibe
      We're nothing to you, but we're the fuckin' shit in their eyes
      That's why we sieze the moment, and try to freeze it and own it
      Squeeze it and hold it, 'cos we consider these minutes golden
      And maybe they'll admit it when we're gone
      Just let our spirits live on, through out lyrics that you hear in our songs
      And we can


      [Chorus Without Beat]


This day on the NPWIPP:
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Y&T - Open Fire (1985)

News as of June 1, 2002
  • Tyler ROCKS the P!nk concert 5/31!
      At the Pink concert at the Orpheum in Boston, Steven came out and sang "Misery" during her encore!!

      The crowd flipped out and the song was barely audible, as people were screaming so loud... :)

  • Tyler to appear at "All American Wango Tango 2002"
      AEROSMITH's STEVEN TYLER To Appear At "All American Wango Tango 2002" - June 1, 2002

      AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler will be making a special appearance along with an all-star line-up of performers, including PINK, ALANIS MORISSETTE, JA RULE w/ASHANTI and many more, at the All American Wango Tango 2002 on June 15th at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California

      courtesy of

  • Steven Tyler Atlanta Radio Interview
      Steven Tyler called into the local Atlanta radio station Star 94.1 FM yesterday morning!

      Among the highlights, he discussed touring (said the tour will begin August 9, and that yes, Kid Rock and Run DMC will be the openers) and a bit about writing the new songs (said there were 5 new ones and that Lay It Down originally was supposed to be for the Spiderman soundtrack, under a different name.)

      What follows is a transcription of the entire thing (big thanks to Lauren Hirtz for transcribing it!):

      Steven Tyler on Atlanta's Star 94.1 FM
      Steve & Vicki Morning Show
      Friday May 31, 2002

      ['Love In An Elevator' begins playing]

      STEVE: 8:18 now, Atlanta's favorite morning show - Steve and Vicki, Star 94. Oww, it's Friday, it's FRIDAY!


      VICKI: And he's on the phone, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler!

      STEVEN TYLER: Vicki and Steve! Yo Yo Yo, Yo, YO! Ahh! [laughter] What's up my brother? It's summer time and the living is easy, the girls are wearing thongs, and my-uh.. okay...

      V: 'Girls Of Summer' - I can just picture the CD. I haven't seen, is it out yet? I know we're playing the song.

      ST: Have you seen, uh, have you seen in uh, in R&R, the artwork for the cover? That you guys got?

      V: Yeah.. where you pull down the bikini and the Aerosmith tattoo's on her butt...

      ST: Steady.. steady...

      S: I did not see the ad, is it that old Coppertone type a thing?

      ST: It's not really that, it's a whole lot different.. C'mon you're gonna get me in trouble.

      S: But the girl's a little bit older than the one in the Coppertone, right?

      ST: Yeah, it's just that it was a scene that I saw actually happen on a beach, this little puppy went up and ripped this girl's... it grabbed the little string, pulled it right down to the sand.

      V: And the puppy's name was Steven Tyler!

      ST: That's right! [pants heavily]

      [laughter, dog bark sound effect]

      ST: Ohh man...

      S: You're a hound dog.

      ST: I'm gonna come see you and Cherry tonight, baby.

      V: Oh yeah?

      ST: Whaddya think?

      V: You big old tease...

      ST: I know.. I heard about On The Bricks and that whole thing and we're going to be doing the video for said song.

      S: Cool, yeah--

      ST: 'Girls Of Summer' and it's all...

      S: We need to, we need to line you up for our On The Bricks thing.

      ST: Yeah, I know.. I got word about that and I so wanna do it. Alanis is playing, right?

      S: Right.

      V: Yeah..

      ST: Ooo... should be great!

      V: And we're also doing a website wedding and we need a wedding singer.

      ST: You do?

      V: Yeah.

      ST: Alright now, what would be the song?

      V: Anything!

      ST: [sings] When the moon in the sky's like a big pizza pie, that's your wedding....

      S: [laughs] We're thinking 'Love In An Elevator' might be good..

      ST: Oh, then we gotta do a little preliminary.. now what building are you doing this in so we can use a, this elevator?

      V: It's at the Grand Hiatt in Buckhead.

      ST: Oh yeah - Buckhead? [chuckles]

      V: Yeah..

      ST: You Buckhead!


      V: Steven!

      ST: I love it.. are we, are you really, are we on live or are you gonna do this, or what?

      S: No, we're doing it.

      V: Yeah, we're doing it now!

      ST: Yeah!

      V: Yeah!


      S: How would Steven Tyler do with 'Wind Beneath My Wings'?

      ST: Oh man, I don't know about that song...

      V: I think it's on the Ultimate Greatest Hits CD.

      ST: It is, Ultimate - Ultimate. No, I've got one for ya, it's called 'Lay It Down.'

      S: Yeah?

      ST: It's really a song that we actually did for the Spiderman movie but when we finished this tour about, about four months ago, we went to Japan. And while I was there, I'm thinking, boy it'd be great to have something in the Spiderman movie soundtrack. So Joe and I got to thinking and on the way back we stopped in Maui, we rented a house for two weeks and.. And set up ProTools and we came up with a bunch of songs. One of them was 'Lay It Down' now, but that's not what it was called then. And we submitted it to the movie people, they said forget about it. They did not like it. So we wound up doing at the last minute, the Spiderman soundtrack song - you know which one, right?

      S: Mm hmm.

      ST: [sings] Spiderman, spiderman, [unclear] but he's got radio-active blood - look out! Here come the spiderman... So, so we did that anyway, and so we turned that into 'Lay It Down' and of course 'Girls of Summer' and voila you got it!

      S: I just liked hearing you in the beginning of this say that you cranked up in Hawaii in this house for two weeks ProTools.. talking that computer talk. Remember when ProTools was something you guys did after the show in a backroom behind the Roxy?

      ST: [laughs] Absolutely, absolutely. And now I've got a laptop Titanium..

      S: There you go...

      ST: It's got like, it's got a, 84 tracks - it's just outrageous. We pushed all the furniture aside and we layed down the ProTools and all the outboard gear and the keyboard and Joe had an amp.. And within 6 days we had 5 songs, or reasonable shells there of, you know?

      S: Have you even seen Spiderman, Steven?

      ST: Oh yeah, I went to the big premiere in L.A.

      S: Very cool.

      ST: I had such a good time. You know, it's strange because when I was a kid Spiderman was a man, now he's a 15 year old kid that never, never got any.


      ST: So I'm watching this going alright, Kiki Dunst!

      S: [laughs] So are you still 'livng on the edge' or are you a bit quieter, are you a bit neutered these days?

      ST: You know, we changed that lyric to 'picking out a wedge.' Okay, so.. No, of course, you know I don't know how not to. You know, that's the beautiful part of my life. I love.. like two years ago, I think the last time we spoke, I just had gotten my pilot's license. I was looking in the back of a magazine and it had a motorized parasail and I went and bought one and you know, I just.. You know, when you live on the tail of a comet, it's hard to sit home and roast marshmallows.

      V: Right..

      ST: Even though I did that last night and had a great time...

      S: Yeah, did you? [laughs]

      V: Now didn't you get into some kinda trouble with, was it Nascar? You sang the National Anthem or something?

      ST: You know I sang, I sang, [sings] 'O'er the land of the free, and the home of the... Indianapolis 500' And they got pissed off, but you know what? It's a new age, and I meant no disrespect.

      S: That's right.

      ST: We're all here because they fought.

      S: Yeah.

      ST: And we're also all here because we're not all there. But, but it was a very beautiful - I meant nothing by it - thing. And as you know, in this sick world, it just got nothing but good publicity to me. I got a chance to tell everybody I did not mean it like that, I meant it because at the last lick of the phrase, I looked around and I saw 6-- uh, 400 thousand people, you know all cheering and flipping out because you know, we were up there singing this song. And um, we had a Nascar.. we had an Aerosmith car, and so the whole thing was beautiful. And plus, I was standing next to Gomer Pyle.


      ST: So you imagine, here's the life: you know, I got a daughter who's in, you know in the movies and I'm standing next to Gomer Pyle. Something I've always wanted to do. [laughs] That's exactly what he's saying..

      S: Yeah, too much..

      ST: Oh, it was absolutely flipped out. In fact, he left me a little note to leave on your machine which I never did, it goes like this. [sound effect: aaa-eeeee!] I'm having entirely too much fun, I should be arrested for this.

      S: You should!

      V: Now, the CD's gonna come out later this month?

      ST: Yeah..

      V: And are you gonna tour again? You coming back to town?

      ST: We're hitting big August 9th. We go back out again for about, you know what? It's kinda like surfing - if you get a wave, you go all the way to the shore if you can ride that sucker, so.. A tour is all about, as you guys know - and by the way, thanks for playing the record. I really appreciate that.

      S: Sure.

      ST: But um, it's all about a couple of good songs, it's all about Joe Perry's smirk, it's all about maybe getting Run DMC and Kid Rock on your bill, baby! And it's all about playing the outdoor sheds with the b-stage, going out to the people and laying it down. That's what it is. [sound effect: weird laugh]

      V: What are you playing with?

      ST: Oh God, I'm just, I got all these toys.. [sound effect: spring boing]


      ST: And you can relate to that, right Steve?

      S: Oh yeah, man.

      ST: Oh God...

      V: [laughs] You are a crazy man, you're crazy!

      ST: It's a beautiful thing.

      S: So what are you doing June the 13th? Anything?

      ST: Umm..

      S: It's a Thursday..

      ST: In June... That is the weekend of the video shoot.

      S: Is it?

      ST: That's why I said, now this is what you're talking about - the um..

      V: The wedding..

      ST: Ahh, the wedding.

      S: If we could get you to be the wedding singer, that would be--

      V: Did you watch Survivor? If you watched Survivor, Pascal English who is a judge, we got him to officiate the ceremony.

      ST: Yeah but, what are you gonna do? Are you gonna run through a wall a fire or a gauntlet of young female nubians err..

      S: Well I was hoping you'd bring them.. They seem to hang with you.

      ST: I can do that.

      S: Okay.

      ST: We're working on that right now for this video shoot. Let's see who we got in the wings here.. Hey, why don't we just film the video there at your wedding?

      V: Yeah!

      S: See, that'd be cool.

      V: Let's do it.

      ST: Ya think?

      V: Yeah, we could change it to 'Bride of Summer.'

      ST: [chuckles]

      S: Oh well, we'd love to have you if we could work out details. It'd be too cool to have Steven Tyler singing at our wedding but..

      ST: Wouldn't that be something.

      S: You ever gonna get married again?

      ST: You're gonna hold it against me forever too, aren't you?

      S: No!

      ST: You know what I did, I did get married again. I um, brought the kids and my wife to Maui and we found a secluded beach. And we got um, a local Hawaiian priest and priestess. And the flowers and the whole ukulale trip and all the religious thing via the Hawaiian religion. And we said our vows again in the sand, as the sun came up. I kissed my wife, and the sun was coming up over the top of Mount Holiakala.

      S: Wow.

      ST: It was the sweetest thing. It was a very, very sweet, beautiful thing. [sighs] There, I've said it again.

      V: [sniffs] I, I'm tearing up...

      ST: Oh God, no.. it really wasn't...

      S: Steven, you can always make us cry!

      ST: [laughs]

      V: Well, it was great talking to you!

      ST: Yes, and it was good talking to y'all too.

      V: And if you come to Atlanta you better come and see us live and in person.

      ST: I will do that. I will so do that.

      S: That'd be great.

      ST: Yeah, yeah.

      S: That'd be great, great to have you up early one morning.

      ST: Okay.

      S: Alright, man.

      V: You wanna introduce it while we play it? While we say good-bye?

      ['Girls Of Summer' begins playing]

      ST: This is "Girls Of Summer" on Star 94.

      S: Thanks, man.

      ST: You're very welcome.

      S: You're a consummate pro.

      ST: Hey, man, I'll see you later...

      S: Love ya.

      ST: Alright, bye-bye..

      ['Girls Of Summer' continues playing. Ends.]

      S: Star 94! There it is, Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. Joe Perry and the guys.. 'Girls Of Summer.'

      V: The CD, the Ultimate Greatest Hits CD, is due to hit stores June 25th.

      S: Yeah, if you love Aerosmith, that's definitely gotta be added to your collection then, cause...

      V: I love that song!

      S: Yeah, and they are, you know that's a group that if you go to their concert you're just, it's almost, you're gonna be guaranteed a great time. Don't ya think?

      V: And I have seen them so many times in concert.. The first time I ever interviewed them, years and years and years ago, was backstage. This was when we had the Omni. Remember the old Omni?

      S: Yeah, yeah..

      V: And we're going backstage and I was supposed to take some listeners backstage, so my husband who likes to eat, kinda like Tom Sullivan, and I were in this room and the food is fabulous! And I'm kinda checking my notes or something and I look up and I see Joe Perry, and I see Steven Tyler. And I'm like, whoa - and all of a sudden this big, burly guy comes up to me and says, 'Excuse me, who are you?' and I said who I was, he says, 'You're in that room over there. This is exclusively for the band.' But they were so nice! They're like, we don't care. So my husband said, okay and he piled a plate full of food and then left...

      S: [laughs] Mind if I take a plate with me?


  • AF1 2nd Boston show announcement
      !! IMPORTANT !! !! IMPORTANT !!

      If a SECOND Boston show were to be announced (August 24th at the Tweeter Center), AF1 would put those tickets on-sale Sunday, June 2nd at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

      Our ticket order line is: 800 616-8666

      Continue checking back right here for the latest information

      AF1 Member Tickets for the August 22 show at Boston's Tweeter Center Have Sold Out

      General public tickets are on sale through Ticketmaster
      June 1st, 10:00 am

  • Second Boston Show
      Through Ticketmaster the second show is now on sale too

  • Follow-up to yesterday's "United We Stand..."-post
      I've been told the origin for the download is really Kuba Cichocki's friend Tanpit's website over at The video can be found there in the section "Stuff."

      There was a problem yesterday with downloading UWS (someone had deleted the video from the server, due to too many people wanting to download it?) but Tanpit tells me the UWS.mpg will put it up on the server again soon...

  • Ultimate Hits
      The new greatest hits album can now be ordered at

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Uriah Heep - Travellers In Time: Anthology vol. 1 [CD1] (1970-1972)
Aerosmith - Night In The Ruts (1979)
Evergrey - live at Kåren, Göteborg, Sweden 2001-02-08
Halford - "Screaming In The Dark" (2001?)

Roger Waters - Amused To Death (1992)
Stonehenge w/ Daniel Gildenlöw - "Unity"
[Though not quite as awesome as Gildenlöw's own band (Pain Of Salvation),
this love song that features his fantastic vocals is truly really beautiful.
It can be downloaded from the hungarian band Stonehenge's website at]

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