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Whitford/St. Holmes

.::  The History of Whitford / St. Holmes  ::.
In 1980 Brad Whitford left Aerosmith to team up with Derek St. Holmes, who had previously played with Ted Nugent. The two started the band "Whitford/St. Holmes" together with Dave Hewitt and Steve Pace. In '81 they recorded their self-titled first and only album. The album was followed by a tour but neither the album nor the tour was any big success. In '83 Whitford reunited with Joe Perry to play live at several shows with his band The Joe Perry Project. In 1984 both guitarists finally once again returned to Aerosmith to record "Done With Mirrors", released in 1985 on Geffen Records.

Label: Sony Records
Released: August 1981
Produced by: Tom Allom
Engineer: George Pappas
Recorded At: Axis Studios in Atlanta

Band Members:
Brad Whitford - Lead Guitar
Derek St. Holmes - Guitar, Vocals
Dave Hewitt - Bass
Steve Pace - Drums

The Album Cover
Tracks / Lyrics:
Written by:
 1. I Need Love
3:18 Derek St. Holmes
 2. Whiskey Woman
3:51 Derek St. Holmes
 3. Hold On
2:59 Derek St. Holmes, Brad Whitford
 4. Sharpshooter
5:30 Derek St. Holmes, Brad Whitford
 5. Every Morning
4:39 Derek St. Holmes
 6. Action
3:45 Derek St. Holmes
 7. Shy Away
4:12 Derek St. Holmes
 8. Does It Really Matter?
4:26 Derek St. Holmes
 9. Spanish Boy
4:09 Derek St. Holmes, Brad Whitford
 10. Mystery Girl
3:22 Derek St. Holmes, Brad Whitford

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