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Let The Music Do The Talking
 Let The Music Do The Talking

I've Got The Rock 'n' Rolls Again
 I've Got The Rock 'n' Rolls Again

Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker
 Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker

The Best Of The Joe Perry Project - The Music STILL Does The Talking
 The Best Of The Joe Perry Project -
 The Music STILL Does The Talking


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In the spring of 1979 Aerosmith had started work on "Night In The Ruts." They had all the songs done in a very short time, but they had no lyrics, so the album was delayed. Joe had also an other problem. David Krebs {Aerosmith's manager at the time} told Joe that he owed $80,000 in room service. Joe asked what he could do about it, and David said "well, you could make a solo record, get an advance and everything will be fine." Joe said "O.K., that's a good idea." Still, at that point Joe had no intention of leaving Aerosmith.

In April Of 1979, Aerosmith played at the Florida World Music Festival." Backstage, Joe met Ralph Mormon, who asked Joe, "do you know anyone who's looking for a lead singer?" and Joe replied "Yeah, Me."

In May of 1979, Night In The Ruts was supposed to come out but David Krebs only took out 3 months worth of studio time, and had booked 25 festivals, and they couldn't cancel them. It was the worst frustration for the band ever, to go out on the road before the album was finished. when someone said that Ralph Mormon was available, Joe contacted him and started to work on the first project album.

At this time Joe was still in Aerosmith but that changed on July 28, 1979 when Tom Hamilton's wife Terry said something to Joe's wife Elyssa which lead to that Elyssa threw a glass of milk at Terry and they then started to figh. This lead to the infamous fight between Joe and Steven. Joe Said "Maybe i should leave the band." Steven said, "Yeah maybe you F*cking Should." "Oh, Yeah?" Joe screams as he gets up. and Steven screams "F*CK YOU THEN! GET THE F*CK OUT OUTTA HERE!!!"

On October 10, 1979, Leber-Krebs issued a Press Release: where they said that Joe had depart the group to pursue a solo career. "Night In The Ruts" was released in November of 1979, Joe played on five tracks on the album while Jimmy Crespo (Joe's replacement), Neil Thompson, and Richie Supa contributed with the missing guitar parts.

The Joe Perry Project was put together over the summer of 1979. The band played all summer and fall in Joe's basement. The Project's first gig was the Rathskeller--In Reality, a Cafeteria at Boston College--On November 17, 1979. The Project then did about 10 gigs before they signed an album deal with Columbia Records.

They worked on the album that winter with Jack Douglas at the Hit Factory in New York. They cut 5 Basic Tracks in 5 days, finished the album in Six weeks, and came under Budget.

The album, entitled "Let The Music Do The Talking", came out on Columbia Records in March of 1980. The reviewers were kind, but it didn't get a lot of air play. The album reached #47 on the charts and sold over 250 000 copies.

Joe had to take the band on the road, so he rented a tour bus for the project that was his dream since he never had been on a tour bus before but since Joe knew that he would be away for 6 months, so he bought 6000 Dollars Worth Of Heroin (!!!!) The Project sold out almost every place they played. Joe said that "they were some of the best moments of my career."

The only thing Joe missed now was Brad Whitford, his consummate string- bending comrade-in-arms. They had built a certain chemistry that couldn't be replaced. Joe felt naked, he had to change his playing from long runs of notes to a more simultaneous Lead/Rhythm Style. They finished the first project tour in the late spring of 1980 and the band was getting better every night.

In the spring of 1981, The Project started working at Joe's House on the new record. then they moved back to the Wherehouse. In June Of 1981 they had recorded the songs and Columbia Released the album as "I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again". The album only got up to #100 on the charts. To pay the bills, they went out on the road.

By 1983, all the bandmembers had feft the band. and the last version of the Project was totally insane, and so was the year they spent together on the road. Joe said "It was just fun, a good-time band, no illusions about the group going strait to the top. they were young guys who didn't give a sh*t, like wild men, fu*kin' pirates. just get in the van and go."

By this time Tim Collins was their manager, Joe and his wife were split, and his son was two years old. Joe was free, single for the first time. He Went out on the road and went berserk for the first time in his life. Wine, women, and song. exotic dancers, a playboy bunny, he had never done that stuff before.

As an example of that insane last year, this story serves it's purpose:
One night on the road, the band was driving from New Orleans to Florida in this beautiful air-conditioned van and had stopped for the night at a holiday inn family resort. Since Joe was wasted in the back of the van, they wrapped him in a blanket, carried up to his room, and put him into bed. The band and their road sluts went swimming in the hotel pool, drunk out of their minds. These crazy roadies started to moon the tourist moms and dads, who supplied them with the horrified reaction they needed. Then this lunatic roadie got on the diving board, and people started to stampede on out of there as he pissed in the pool. Mach Bell was parading around nude and out of control. The police arrived, arrested Mach Bell and the roadie, and threw the band out of the hotel. Joe was comatose, so the roadies wrapped him back up in his sheets and carried him across the street--asleep--to another motel, where he wakes up, not realizing he had been moved. Mach Bell called Tim Collins up from jail saying "Tim, what do I do?" Tim freaked out, "What the fu*k am i doing with my life?" Tim called Joe, who was completely wasted & slurring his words. He told Tim, "Tim, take it easy. What are you yelling about? Everything's fine. We're in the holiday inn." Tim says, "Joe, look at the phone." "That's weird, It says Ramada Inn." "How did i get here?" Tim just hung up and called another road manager, Earthquake {Greg Mortin}, who flew down, got them out of jail so they could finish their tour dates, and come home.

Tim Collins got a record deal for The Project with MCA, and in the spring of 1983 they had made their third and final album "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker". It was released in september of 1983 and went unpromoted and unheard. Although it did manage to sell forty thousand copies.

By October of 1983, everyone knew that "Once A Rocker" had bombed and that Joe's solo career was going down the tubes. Brad Whitford came and worked a bunch of shows with The Project, which contributed an amazing burst of energy, but it was getting harder to book The Project without any record company support. It was a low period.

Tim Collins was trying to get Aerosmith back together. One day when Joe went back to his apartment Tim had rented while he was dealing with MCA. Joe didn't look happy. "Tim," he whispered, "throw everybody out. I'm bummed. We've gotta talk." And he just opened up: the pain, the separation from his family, the fighting, the drugs. He just broke down. Nobody had ever seen that before from Joe. Tim told him to call Steven Tyler, and he did.

Joe went to see Aerosmith in February of 1984 and they talked about getting back together. The press picked up the story and the rumor mill was started. By this time Tim Collins got a call from Alice Cooper, who wanted Joe to help him write some songs for his next album. This really freaked Steven Tyler, who said "how can you be fu*kin' be working with Alice? you need to be here!" Joe agreed and re-joined Aerosmith. After this The Project still toured in May of 1984, but everyone knew the it was over.

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(Lead Guitar, Vocals)
1980- 1983

Ralph Morman
1980 - 1981

Charlie Farren
(Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)
1981- 1983

David Hull
(Bass, Vocals)
1980 - 1983

Ronnie Stewart
(Drums, Percussion)
1980 - 1983

Cowboy Mach Bell
(Vocals, Percussion)

Danny Hargrove
(Bass, bgr Vocals)

Joe Pet
(Drums, bgr Vocals)
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