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A Little South Of Sanity

Album Title: A Little South Of Sanity
Album Type: Live Album
RIAA Certified: Platinum (12/03/1998)

Label: Geffen Records
Released: October 20th, 1998
Produced by: Jack Douglas
Recorded at: Various concerts, during the Get A Grip and Nine Lives World Tours (the songs were chosen by the band with the help of Jack Douglas)

The Album Cover
 Tracks / Lyrics:
Written by:
 1. Eat The Rich
5:14 Tyler, Perry, Jim Vallance
 2. Love In An Elevator
5:56 Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
 3. Falling In Love
     (Is Hard On The Knees)

3:20 Tyler, Perry, Glenn Ballard
 4. Same Old Song And Dance
5:58 Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
 5. Hole In My Soul
5:40 Tyler, Perry, Desmond Child
 6. Monkey On My Back
4:08 Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
 7. Livin' On The Edge
5:24 Tyler, Perry, Desmond Child
 8. Cryin'
5:11 Tyler, Perry, Taylor Rhodes
 9. Rag Doll
4:14 Tyler, Perry, Vallance, Holly Knight
 10. Angel
5:35 Steven Tyler & Desmond Child
 11. Janie's Got A Gun
5:07 Steven Tyler & Tom Hamilton
 12. Amazing
5:23 Steven Tyler & Richie Supa
 1. Back In The Saddle
6:11 Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
 2. Last Child
5:05 Steven Tyler & Brad Whitford
 3. The Other Side
4:40 Steven Tyler & Jim Vallance
 4. Walk On Down
3:41 Joe Perry
 5. Dream On
4:51 Steven Tyler
 6. Crazy
5:45 Tyler, Perry, Desmond Child
 7. Mama Kin
4:12 Steven Tyler
 8. Walk This Way
4:08 Steven Tyler & Joe Perry
 9. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
4:22 Tyler, Perry, Desmond Child
 10. What It Takes
5:15 Tyler, Perry, Desmond Child
 11. Sweet Emotion
5:57 Steven Tyler & Tom Hamilton
 Aerosmith Personnel:
 Steven Tyler : Lead Vocals, Percussion, Harmonica
 Joe Perry : Guitars, Lap Steel, Vocals
 Brad Whitford : Guitars
 Tom Hamilton : Electric Bass
 Joey Kramer : Drums
 Additional Musicians:
 Russ Irwin : Keyboards, Background Vocals
 Thom Gimbel : Keyboards, Background Vocals
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