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The Aerosmith Members Recording Appearances Outside Aerosmith

[ Steven Tyler | Joe Perry | Brad Whitford | Tom Hamilton | Joey Kramer ]
[FORMER MEMBERS: | Jimmy Crespo | Rick Dufay | Ray Tabano ]


The Jam Band - "The Jam Band"

    For the first time ever, now shown to the public...

    Click on the picture for a big, 700x694, version!

  • The Jam Band {who's members were Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, and Pudge Scott} made an album. The (as far as I know, self-titled) album, was recorded on August 30th, 1969 with two Shure microphones over an audience at "The Barn" [a club where The Jam Band and The Chain Reaction frequented] and was taped with Pudge Scott's father's Concord two-track reel-to-reel tape recorder. The album was a live album with all cover songs.

    The songs were: "Shapes Of Things", "Let Me Love You Baby", and "Blues Deluxe" all Jeff Beck songs; Jimi Hendrix's "Red House"; The MC5's "Ramblin' Rose"; The Spencer Davis Group's "Gimmie Some Lovin" and Kokomo Arnold's "Milk Cow Blues" (which was later covered by Aerosmith on their album "Draw The Line").

    Now, the album was not ALL recorded in front of an audience! The album's opening track was Jeff Beck's "Rice Pudding" which was taped by Elyssa Jarret [Joe's future ex-wife] during a rehearsal at the band house behind "The Barn." The band had the tape mastered and transferred to Acetate at "AAA Recording" in Boston, Massachusetts. The album had really cool psychedelic cover art {with flames, eyeballs, and acidic whorls} that was drawn one stoned night by Joe Perry.

    They printed out [depended on who's account you believe] three to six copies. But according to Joe, the bad quality of the tape made it wear out after only a few plays. But, Pudge Scott still has his copy, so I guess there might be a possibility that it might be re-mastered and something might be re-released someday. One can always hope...

    Quotes! David "Pudge" Scott:

    "I'd like to introduce myself, I am David Pudge Scott the drummer who played in three different line ups with Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton of Aerosmith, latest one was The Jam Band. The kind of not told story is Joe, Steven, Tom and Ray Tabano and I were the original line up of the pilot run of Aerosmith."

    "After we were in the Jam Band, Steven, Joe, Tom and Ray and I went to Boston it was in 1970 and it was very short lived that I was in the band. Officially I suppose once Joey came into the band is when the name came into existence."

    "We only made 3 copies of the Jam Band Album, One for me, One for Tom, and One for Joe. We did not make any other Albums together."

    "The Jam Band Album is in original acid tac format at my house. (Not for sale to anyone of course). I have created a Jam Band CD but my friend who made it only has made several copies. I hate to be so direct but the quality is pretty crude with scratches etc.."

    "See below for a site that will get you the article about me, the Jam Band album cover; and a picture of me and Joe Perry." - - "that's the black and white picture on the Album Cover, you are right, it is not the actual cover. Sorry about that."

    "Your information about the Jam Band is perfect. You must of read about the Concord recorder and shure mics somewhere."

    "I have been contacted by E Television to be involved in a special they were doing on Aerosmith but that never transpired. I am still very good friends with the band and have been for over 30 years since leaving Aerosmith to complete high school as the story goes."

    "The recent Behind the music the band included a picture of the Jam Band album cover but for some reason did not include my name or a little something about me on the special. Unfortunatly that has been the story of my life but I am mentioned in their audiobiography book called of all things WALK THIS WAY. "

    "I am now involved in music with my son Drew Scott who is 15 years old and is a singer songwriter guitar player"

    All quotes above are taken from a number of e-mails sent to me, the webmaster of this site, from a person who claims to be David Pudge Scott. I don't see any reason to doubt this as the truth, though it may be hard to know such things for sure..

    Originally he agreed to send me a CD-R copy of the Jam Band album, for my listening pleasure. I did get a color copy of the Jam Band album cover, a promotional picture of him, and his recent CD called "Legends In The Making" featuring music written by his son Drew Scott, but not the music of The Jam Band.

    I scanned the artwork I was sent, and this is now presented on this page. Thus, I believe, making Rock This Way the first site on the internet to feature this artwork! I may be wrong, but I think this might even the first place ever where it has been shown to the public!!?

    Unfortunately I was not given a copy of the Jam Band's music. David explained to me that the reason was that he "had to speak with the boys about making copies of the Jam Band CD. We decided that we could not give you a musical copy of the CD as we'd like to keep the music as a collectors item for us." I felt it seemed a bit too good to be true, so I wasn't really surprised that it turned out the way it did. Besides, as Scott wrote me, "Matter of fact the copy of that cover is not in the hands of many people. I hope you will be able to use the photos on your web site featuring David Pudge Scott the drummer of the Jam Band and orgininal drummer for the first line up of Aerosmith. "


    When I showed it to him, "Pudge" also confirmed that the following info was correct. All of the below is from the fantastic Fuzz Acid & Flowers website!

    The Jam Band

    TOM HAMILTON bs, vcls
    JOE PERRY gtr, vcls
    JOHN McGUIRE hrmnca, vcls

    1 THE JAM BAND (private pressing) 1969

    NB: (1) Just four copies are thought to exist.

    Joe Perry a native of Hopedale, Massachusetts was the fiery guitarist of this group and had played in local groups The Chimes Of Freedom (1964-65), Just Us (1965-66), The Flash (1967) and Pipe Dream in 1967 with Tom Hamilton (bass), David 'Pudge' Scott (drums), Kathy Lowe (vocals) and Perry on lead guitar. They worked the Boston and New Hampshire band circuit, but didn't gain any decent support gigs, which was considered the 'making' of a local act. Hamilton, Scott and particularly Perry were heavily influenced by British act The Yardbirds and the new spin-off of that group, The Jeff Beck Group. They split Pipe Dream to form Plastic Glass in mid 1967 with John McGuire (harmonica, vocals) which followed the heavy psych blues style laid out by the Jeff Beck Group and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, before splitting in late 1968.

    In early 1969 Hamilton, McGuire and Scott formed a power outfit with Guy Williams on lead guitar, but before long Joe Perry worked his way into the group and they became known as The Jam Band and worked the New Hampshire scene in a heavy blues vein. Their further influences included the MC5 and another British act, Fleetwood Mac; the latter group's Rattlesnake Shake was the Jam Band's showstopper. John McGuire couldn't committ to the group full time and eventually left. The remaining trio of Hamilton, Perry and Scott recorded one of their rehearsals via two microphones into a two track reel to reel recorder on August 30th, 1969.

    The resulting tape was privately pressed as four albums in individual sleeve designs, apparently the three members got a copy, while the fourth was supposedly given to Elyssa Jerrett who recorded the set for the band. The resulting LP featured the group's version of Jeff Beck's Shapes Of Things, Let Me Love You Baby, Blues Deluxe and Rice Pudding, as well as takes on Red House, Ramblin' Rose, Milk Cow Blues and Gimme Some Lovin' in a heavy psych blues style.

    In 1970 the group was in the position to back a Boston based singer Steve Tallarcio on a demo as an audition for the Jeff Beck Group. Tallarcio like the members of the Jam Band was a veteran of the Boston band scene, but with far greater credentials as he had played drums and sung with a variety of groups starting with The Mancis in 1963, and alternating between The Strangers and The Dantes in 1964.

    The Rolling Stones influenced Strangers became a professional group in late 1964 and changed their name to The Stranguers, signing with CBS in 1966 and recording as the Chain Reaction for CBS subsiduary Date Records with little success, although they became regulars on the New York circuit and opened for the Yardbirds. The Chain Reaction folded in June 1967, Tallarcio then worked in the studio with the last version of The Left Banke before working the New York club scene with Chain in 1967-1968, then back to Boston where that group split in 1969. He then worked with Fox Chase (1969) and William Proud (1970) before trying out for the reforming Jeff Beck Group.

    Tallarcio was teamed with The Jam Band by Henry Smith, a roadie and gofer not only for The Stranguers, but also the Yardbirds, The Jeff Beck Group and even Led Zeppelin. The resulting recordings did nothing towards the Beck venture, although Tallarcio was convinced that he should continue to work with the group which was on the verge of splitting with 'Pudge' Scott leaving. In September 1970 Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton joined Tallarcio in Boston and they rounded out the group with rhythm guitarist Ray Tabano, a childhood friend of Tallarcio's who had been in William Proud and had jammed with The Jam Band in 1969. In October 1970 the group was complete with drummer Joey Kramer and they named themselves Aerosmith.

    In 1971 Tabano was replaced by Brad Whitford, and in 1972 this version of Aerosmith signed to Columbia Records; at this point Steve Tallarcio changed his last name to Tyler. They recorded their debut album in Boston in October 1972 and it was issued in 1973. Despite various line-ups through the years and the subsequent reformation of the 1971-79 version, Aerosmith are still active today and remain a chart band.

    (Jason Odd)

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

David Johansen - "David Johansen"

    Album Cover
  • This album was originally released on "Blue Sky" Records in May of 1978, it was re-released on "Razor and Tie" records in 1992. It includes Joe Perry playing rhythm guitar on the song "Not That Much" and lead guitar on "Cool Metro.".

    The New York Dolls ex-vocalist put out this solo debut album in 1978 after that the 'Dolls had disbanded in late 1976. Joe's 16-track home studio was used during recording sessions for this album and Doll's fan, Joe Perry, originally also wanted to co-produce this album but didn't because of the troubles with Aerosmith at the time and his up-and-coming solo career.

    The engineer of this album is none other than Dave Thoener, who produced "Sweet Emotion '91" from the Aerosmith single of the same name. In 1977, David Johansen (a.k.a. Buster Poindexter} co-wrote the Aerosmith song "Sight For Sore Eyes" with with Perry, Tyler and Douglas. David's wife Cyrinda Foxe eventually went off with Steven Tyler in 1978.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Gene Simmons (Kiss) - "Gene Simmons"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Casablanca Records on September 18th, 1978, re-released on Polygram Records in April of 1988, and re-re-released on Mercury Records on Tuesday, September 16th, 1997. This album includes Joe Perry playing guitar on the songs "Radioactive" and "Tunnel Of Love".

    "Radioactive" was released as a single and had minor success reaching No.41 in the UK.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

The Joe Perry Project - "Let The Music Do The Talking"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Columbia Records in March of 1980 and was the first solo album by Joe Perry. Now, Joe Perry plays guitar, percussion, bass synthesizer (on the song "Let The Music Do The Talking"), and sings lead vocals on four songs ["Conflict Of Interest", "Shooting Star", "The Mist Is Rising", and "Life At A Glance".]. Most of the tracks were penned by Perry with band members chipping in on a few others. Joe co-produced this album with Jack Douglas.

    Now, to get ALL the details on this album...go to the following page:

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

The Joe Perry Project - "I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Columbia Records in June of 1981 and was the second solo album by Joe Perry. Now, Joe Perry plays lead guitar but he cut back on vocal duties, only singing on the 2 tracks he wrote by himself ["Soldier Of Fortune" & "South Station Blues"].

    Songwriting contributions came from across the band, with Joe only writing 2 solo compositions and writing 4 other songs with Farren. Both Farren and Hull came up with solo contributions.

    Now, to get ALL the details on this album...go to the following page:

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

The Joe Perry Project - "Once A Rocker, Always A Rocker"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on MCA Records in September of 1983 and was the third and final solo album by Joe Perry. This album includes Joe playing electric, acoustic, and lap steel guitar and also includes a six string bass solo on the song "King Of The Kings." Joe does not sing lead on any of the songs but he produced this album himself. Perry and, ex-Thundertrain vocalist, Cowboy Mach Bell virtually co-wrote all the tunes, with Black Velvet Pants being Perry's only solo composition.

    Now, to get ALL the details on this album...go to the following page:

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

The Lines - "Dirty Water"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Sideman Records (Sideman 15002B, USA LP) in 1984 and includes an appearence by Joe Perry on the opening title track of the album, "Dirty Water". The album was recorded in Janaury, 1984, whilst Joe was in his Project days.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Unavailable

Run-D.M.C.- "Raising Hell"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Profile Records in November of 1986 and includes a cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way". The song includes Joe Perry playing guitar along with Run-D.M.C. {Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell}. It also features Steven Tyler on vocals on the song.

    The song was a big hit for both bands and went to #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, and helped re-launch Aerosmith's career. It also opened the door to many Rock & Rap Collaborations in years to come.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Alice Cooper - "Trash"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Epic Records on Tuesday, July 25th, 1989 and includes Joe Perry playing guitar on the song "House Of Fire."
    Album also features: Steven Tyler, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Chicago - "Night And Day: Big Band"

    Album Cover
  • This album, produced by Bruce Fairbairn, was released on Giant Records on Tuesday, May 23rd, 1995 and includes Joe Perry playing guitar on the song "Blues In The Night", a Johnny Mercer track.

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas"

    Album Cover
  • This album was released on Epic Records on Tuesday, October 14th, 1997 and includes "Blue Christmas" by Joe Perry. Now, Joe performs 2 different versions of the song on this album, a slow version and a "Joe" version [faster version].

    By the way, this was the first solo Joe Perry song that had been released in 14 years! During the Christmas period of 1997 on the Nine Lives tour, Joe worked "Blue Christmas" into the backend of "Sweet Emotion".

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

The Joe Perry Project - "The Best Of The Joe Perry Project: The Music STILL Does The Talking "

    Album Cover
  • This compilation album was released on Raven Records on Tuesday, September 14th, 1999 and includes 20 tracks from all three albums that Joe Perry's solo band released between 1980 and '83 aswell as a never-before-released on CD instrumental Joe Perry Project version of the Aerosmith classic "Bone To Bone."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Ringo Starr - "I Wanna Be Santa Claus"

  • This christmas album was released on Mercury Records on Tuesday, October 19th, 1999 and includes the songs "Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)" which features Joe Perry on Electric Guitar and "Christmas Time Is Here Again" on which Joe does the guitar solo!

    Now, "Christmas Time Is Here Again" is of course a remake of the Beatles classic with the same name which was first released on a fan club flexi-disc on December 15, 1967 to the U.S. members of The Official Beatles Fan Club. Now, Ringo has remade it with Joe!

    Also, all over this album [just like "Vertical Man"] is Mark Hudson. The album was produced by Mark Hudson and Ringo, and Hudson also wrote various material on the album along with his friend Steve Dudas ("Just Push Play" and "The Farm").

    Included in the "Recorded at" section of the credits is "The Boneyard," Perry's studio. Mark Hudson gives a credit saying thanks to "Joe Perry and his beautiful family".

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Various Artists - "Bob Marley: Chant Down Babylon"

  • This Bob Marley tribute album was released on the following labels: Universal Records, Island Records, Def Jam Records and Tuff Gong Records on Tuesday, November 16th, 1999. The album, produced by Bob Marley's son Stephen Marley, features contemporary artists duet-ing with the original recordings of Marley's vocals. Stephen Marley re-mixed the new vocals with his father's original ones.

    This album includes the track "Roots, Rock, Reggae" featuring Joe Perry on guitar and Steven Tyler singing a duet with & Bob Marley. The track was recorded in Joe Perry's studio [the Boneyard] in Mid-January of 1999.

    "Roots, Rock, Reggae" was originally released on Bob Marley & The Wailers 1976 breakthrough album, "Rastaman Vibration."

    Quotes! Steven Tyler: "When we heard that Stephen (Marley) was doing this album it was like I couldn't have asked, of all the songs on it, which song we would like to mess around with and it was thank you lord! One more gift, one more day of rock!"

    Julian Marley: "The rock and reggae have a relationship which is rebellious. The rebellious side. And, as you can hear in "Roots, Rock, Reggae." That rock guitar surely goes with it. You know what I mean?"

    Joe Perry: "I looked at it more like jamming with them, you know? We had gotten up on stage with them at some point in the seventies. It's probably what it sounded like if the tape was rolling."

    Steven Tyler: "Bob (Marley) will always be here because of his music. He will always be here because of the freedom that his music has given people. And, he will always be in the room, especially when somebody get the rare chance to sing with him on a track and have them bring in, take the tracks out. I close my eyes and he's here."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

Yankee Grey - "Untamed"

  • This country album was released on Sony/Monument on Tuesday, September 21st, 1999 and features Joe Perry playing slide guitar on the last track "Tell Me Something I Didn't Know".

    You can definitely hear Joe's guitar on it. It's just very basic riffs repeated over and over. There are a couple of spots that they let him loose a little bit, and at the very end, you can definitely hear Joe's "voice".

    In the thank you section keyboardist Jerry Hughes thanked "..., Joe and Billy Perry,..."

    Jerry Hughes is Billie's cousin. When they were recording, Joe was in town and agreed to do it!

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available

The Sound Kings - "Growing Up With An Invisible Friend"

  • Joe Perry provided the guitar licks on the track "Invisible", which is one of three cuts on a CD by a Boston area band called The Sound Kings (formerly Jack Baywatch and the Sound Kings). The Sound Kings' first promotional CD, released in March 2000, is called "Growing Up With an Invisible Friend."

    Quotes! "Fun, humerous, these guys got that something going on" - Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

    "They've got that something... and a sense of humor," said Perry's pal, lead singer Steven Tyler. "It's really great."

    The Sound King's web site says the following about "Invisible":
    "Invisible is the first single from our new 3 song promo CD. I have been working with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aeromith for about a year and a half when I decided to ask Joe to jam on the track. He and Steven listened to our original tracks and thought the material was great!"

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available (At

Mick Jagger - "Goddess in the Doorway"

  • This solo album from the Rolling Stones vocalist was released on Virgin Records on November 20th, 2001 and features Joe Perry playing guitar on two songs, "Everybody's Getting High" and "Too Far Gone." Perry was never in the studio with the solo Stone though.

    Also, Aerosmith co-writer/producer Marti Frederiksen [Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals (bckgr), Snare Loop, Producer, String Arrangements] has made contributions to a total of 5 out of the 12 tracks [1,3,6,9,11], including the two on which Joe Perry plays on...

    Other big names found in the credits of the album include Lenny Kravitz, Pete Townshend, Rob Thomas and Wyclef Jean.

    Perry on the recording: "It was an honor to play on the record, I feel like I added something to it. You don't need the people in the room when you do it. It's about the song."
    Jagger on Joe Perry: "And Joe Perry played on a couple of tracks and I think it all helped."

  • CURRENT STATUS: Available
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