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News as of June 30, 1998
  • Live Album
      the latest that has been reported is that the new Geffen double live album will be released on Tuesday, October 6th, 1998!!!

  • E!'s Armageddon Premiere show
      If you missed E!'s Armageddon Premiere show, it will be repeated on the following days/times this week (all Eastern/Pacific):

      Tuesday, June 30, 7 - 8 am, 1 - 2 pm
      Friday, July 3, 10 - 11 am
      Sunday, July 5, 11 am - 12 pm

      Also Check out the Pics from the Armageddon Release Party

News as of June 27, 1998
  • Billboard
      Ringo Starr's album "Vertical Man" (With Steven on some songs) debuted this week on the Billboard charts at #61. Aerosmith's "Nine Lives" album is at #172 for the second week in a row!...that's up from #177 two weeks ago. Lets look for a pretty big debut spot for the new soundtrack album next week!

  • Led Zeppelin
      According to,this Sunday at 1:00 p.m. est VH1 is airing the legends show about the Zep hosted by Steven Tyler again.

  • "Armageddon" Premiere Party
      On Monday, June 29, the E! Channel will be broadcasting the "Armageddon" Premiere Party. The broadcast is scheduled for 7 pm Eastern (check your TV listings for the time in your area)...and I'm sure it will be repeated, as E! usually does repeat movie premiere party broadcasts

News as of June 26, 1998
  • Vertical Man
      The reason Steven Tyler's guest vocals on the track "Drift Away" on Ringo Starr's just-released album, "Vertical Man," were erased were that Aerosmith's label decided they didn't want to the song competing with the two Aerosmith songs included on the "Armageddon" soundtrack.

News as of June 25, 1998
  • Live Album
      Info from Metal Edge's September Issue
      Aerosmith's old label, Geffen Records, plans to release a double live CD of Aeromaterial in October with a bonus track or two.

      Steven said that it consists of some new stuff (Nine Lives) and some stuff from past tours (Pump, GAG).

  • BIOrhythm
      Steven Tyler's "BIOrhythm" a soundtrack to the life of interesting people, will debut on MTV Tuesday, july 7th @10:30pm. Eastern and Pacific.

News as of June 24, 1998
  • Armageddon premiere
      According to E! News Daily, the Armageddon Premiere party will be broadcast at 7:00 pm (est and pst) on Monday, 6/29, Live.

  • Jesse Camp
      On the MTV Vj Jesse Camp show this afternoon He was wearing a Aerosmith shirt! Also one time Jesse was singing Dream on with some girl on MTV live and he once put Toys in the Attic as one of his 3 favorite albums. Maybe finally there's a MTV Vj that actually has a little good taste in music : )

News as of June 23, 1998
  • I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Single
      According to Sony Music The new single WILL be released afterall. It should be out on Tuesday, July 14th, 1998!

  • Armageddon Soundtrack
      Today is the official release date for the Armageddon Soundtrack so hurry to your closest CD store and get a copy. Now!!

  • Def Leppard
      On VH1's "Behind the Music" on Def Leppard Sunday night. While reflecting on the length of the band's career, and what the future may hold, Def Leppard's lead singer said "When I look at bands like Aerosmith or the Rolling Stones, these guys are in their fifties, and we're only in our thirties..." The implication was that he thinks Def Leppard has a lot of work to do, and he was admiring Aerosmith and the Stones for their longevity and ability to keep rockin. Earlier in the show, there was also a less flattering comparison of the Toxic Twins to Def Leppard's "Terror Twins." One thing was clear: Def Leppard aspires to be as cool as our boyz.

News as of June 22, 1998
  • BIOrhythm
      Here's the latest write-up on this show from the RockOnTv site...

      MTV lets the music tell the story in a whole new take on the biography genre; with no narration, BIOrhythm lets the images and the music speak for themselves; debut episode will feature Tupac Shakur (06/23; 10:30 pm ET/PT); future episodes will feature Madonna, Princess Di, Steven Tyler, Martin Luther King Jr., Queen Latifah, Michael Jackson, Puff Daddy and Sublime's Brad Nowell.

News as of June 21, 1998
  • Happy Birthday Joey!!
      Today the best drummer that's ever been born, Joey Kramer turns 48. Happy Birthday Joey!!

  • I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
      IDWTMAT keeps climbing on the charts.
      On the rock radio charts it's now #1, and it's also rising on the pop chart to number 12

News as of June 20, 1998
  • Steven in USA today
      There is a great article and nice color picture of Steven in the USA Today for Friday, June 19. The title is Armageddon's a family blast for Aerosmith's Tyler. It is in the Weekend, Section E, page 9E.

  • Steven in Rolling Stone
      In the july 9 issue of Rolling Stone there's a section where various musicians talk about their summer memories. on page 81 there's a little paragraph from Steven Tyler about the summer of 1969.

  • Tyler Cleared of 1983 Drug Charge
      A 14-year-old drug conviction has been cleared from Steven Tyler's record.

      Aerosmith's lead singer was arrested in 1983 in Lake Havasu City on charges of possession of cocaine and narcotics paraphernalia. The charges were dropped in exchange for a guilty plea to possessing a dangerous drug, a prescription tranquilizer.

      Tyler received three years probation and was fined $5,000. The state said the offense would be designated a misdemeanor upon completion of probation, but a technicality kept the conviction on Tyler's record all these years.

      ``He paid his fine and did his community service,'' Superior Court Judge Gary Pope said. ``He did everything that he was supposed to, but it was never cleared up.''

      Tyler needed the arrest cleared so he could obtain a passport to tour with his band, said his attorney, Bill Porter.

  • What Kind Of Love Are You On?
      The New song may not be Written By Joey Kramer afterall 'cause the latest i've heard is that the credits on the album state: "Tyler-Perry-Blades-Shaw"

News as of June 19, 1998
  • Led Zeppelin
      I've been informed that Steven Tyler narrated the episode of "Legend" about Lep Zeppelin on VH1... and since i'm a fan of Led Zep myself i just thought that was cool

  • What Kind Of Love Are You On
      The new song "What Kind of love are you on" (Written by Joey Kramer!!) from Armageddon Soundtrack has been heard on some Radio Stations in the US. I haven't heard it myself but those who has says "It really rocks -- has great guitar riffs, heavy drums, and Steven just sings his heart out on it!" and "Its awesome. Its really hard. Its better than IDWTMAT"

      Sounds like a great Song to me

News as of June 17, 1998
  • Vertical Man
      Ringo Starr's new Album "Vertical Man" is Released . It's a typical Ringo album, but very cute none-the-less. Anyway, It has some contributions by Steven Tyler on it.
      Mindfield -Background vocals along with Alanis Morrissette, Scott Weiland, and Mark Hudson
      Love Me Do -Harmonica and Background vocals along with Mark Hudson
      Drift Away -Drums
      I Was Walkin' -Harmonica and background vocals with Paul McCartney, Alanis Morrissette and Mark Hudson
      La De Da -Background vocals along with Sir Paul and Joe Walsh

      I think 5 out of 13 songs is a pretty nice contribution!
      Also there is a very small picture of Ringo and Steven with Steven on the drums!

      I Gotta buy this Album

  • Letterman
      On the Letterman show last night when they went to commercial, Dave's band played "Walk This Way," and they were still playing it when they came back.

News as of June 16, 1998
  • X-Files
      In a Fox Special called "The Making of the X Files Movie". They interviewed various musicians who are fans of the show and one of them was Joe Perry. He was on for a second or so, saying that when he is on tour he has someone send him tapes of the latest episodes. here's a shot....

  • MTV News
      MTV News ran a bit on Aerosmith and the upcoming "Armageddon" soundtrack, featuring a short interview with Steven who spoke about how excited he was after a screening at the placement of "Sweet Emotion" and the overall film. He also spoke about how moved he was at Liv's performance.

  • Steven's feeling better
      There have been a few Internet reports that Boston radio stations have reported "Steven spottings" at a movie theater, and a I guess he's doing well

  • The new Ringo Starr album Reports:
      On to the radio last night they played some songs from the new Ringo album and as i mentioned before Steven was supposed to be on it. They had Ringo on talking about the album and he talked for a while about Steven. Here's what he said:

      "I asked Steven to play drums and, this is not television, but the look on his face when i asked him was, mighty to behold. But he did and he was great... and i didn't want to say give me the beat boys, and it was me, so i said well i'll do this track, but lets have Steve play the drums...I know he is a drummer and he knows he is a drummer but when i asked him he said, well i haven't played in a long time and i said well you know how to ride a bike, get on them."

      Then they played "Beat Boys" and Steven was just rippin' it up on the drums. He also had about a 10 second vocal part and the end of the song, very cool, the perfect way to end a great rock n roll song.

      Then Ringo says:
      "Once he (Steven) got there you can't keep him off, thank god, he's just enthusiastic and he's great and when i decided to do "Love Me Do" , of course there is that great harmonica part, he is just a great player and he eats that harmonica really, half of the time he's playing and half of the time he's screaming through it and it's fabulous."

      Then they played "Love Me Do," and great Beatles song, and Steven was just kickin' some ass with his harmonica. And then they played the rest of the album.

      Earlier i said that Steven was going to sing on a few song too But somebody said that it was changed (and the vocals would get replaced by Tom Petty's) because the record company wouldn't let Steven do it. But if he is playing drums and harmonica maybe he is singing after all. Let's hope so.

News as of June 13, 1998
  • Metal Edge
      The new Issue of Metal Edge has a 6 page interview with Steven plus a pin up.

  • Steven in Betsey Johnson's fall collection
      At first I thought Steven was wearing a monkey coat in the I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Video but in Cindy Adam's column in the NY Post there's a picture of Steven with a one liner: For his new video, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler prances about in a Betsey Johnson hair coat from her fall collection.

  • BioRhythm
      on MTV commercial for a new show called BioRhythm, which is some new type of biography show featuring music and info about music stars. In the flashing pix of everyone that would be featured was Steven Tyler. The first episode is on June 23th. But i don't know when Steven will be yet. But Keep an eye out.

News as of June 11, 1998
  • Liv Tyler's new look - Not Aerorelated
      Those who saw "Entertainment Tonight" saw that Liv Tyler (Steven's beutiful acting daughter) has cut her hair. She did it for a roll in the movie "Cookie's Fortune" at the request of director Robert Altman. If you didn't see it here is a shot:

      I think she looked better in long hair but she still looks great

News as of June 8, 1998
  • Aerosmith still the Biggest rock band (in Boston)
      WZLX, a Boston classic Rock station, recently had a marathon of their top 1000 songs. Number 1 was "Dream On".

  • Hard Rock Stars
      In the latest Hit Parader had Steven Tyler as #3 and Joe Perry as #12 (?) in the 100 greatest hard rock stars of all time. Steven was third after #2 Marilyn Manson (What the fu*k?) and #1 Ozzy Osbourne.

  • Meet and interview Aerosmith
      MTV Is working with Aerosmith on a new show called "FANatic", Where devoted fans get the opportunety to meet and interview their favourite celebrities. they are searching for Aerosmith's #1 FAN, who also feels that they have inspired him to meet and interview them on a MTV Broadcast. Devoted fans may call the producer, Bobby at the New York office @ 212-654-6032.You have to be at least 18 years old to do this.

      For more info go to, Click on the "Casting call" link.

  • Joe in a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert
      The guys have been keeping a fairly low profile this week , although Joe Perry did crop up in a most unlikely place when he was spotted at a Boston Symphony Orchestra concert conducted by his friend Keith Lockhart. Not the kind of concert one normally associates with the legendary axeman, but, no-one was more surprised than Joe when he discovered a copy of "Get A Grip" lying on the piano!, Whatever the reason, Joe signed it for him and the evening passed

News as of June 6, 1998
      "Nine Lives" has been officially certified Double Platinum
      by the RIAA as of June 5, 1998.

News as of June 5, 1998
  • Armageddon in UK
      The Armageddon Soundtrack will be released in UK on 29th June.

  • Armageddon in US
      The release date for the soundtrack in the US is changed to June 23

  • MTV's Top 20
      The video for "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing"
      debuted at #20 on MTV's top 20 this week.

News as of June 2, 1998
  • Star-Filled Armageddon World Premiere
      The world premiere screening of "Armageddon," will take place at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Monday June 29th where Touchstone Pictures has invited 500 VIP guests. The evening will conclude with an exclusive appearance by Aerosmith during which the band will perform "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," for the very first time. Among the other celebrities the actors from the movie will be there including Liv Tyler

      For more Information go to my "Armageddon" page

  • Draw The Line Cruise - (Not Aero related)
      The 3rd annual Draw The Line (Aerosmith Cover Band) Schmooze Cruise will take place on July 18th, and Raymond Tabanos (Former Aero member) band Crazy Raymond and the Watchdogs will be playing the same night at Mama Kins. The cruise will be over at 11:00pm and Ray goes on at Midnight. So that will give everyone enough time to get from Hingham to Mama Kins.

      More Information should be on the DTL hotline 718-749-2522 or check out this web page for more details.
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