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News as of August 31, 1998
  • Joe Perry - Homicide
      This morning on WFNX Boston they said that the character Joe will be playing on the 10/16 "Homicide" is named Joe Landresky, and that he might be an recurring character on the show. (!!!!)

  • The Movie "54"
      If you go to see the movie "54" stay through the credits 'cause then they show pictures from the real Studio 54 and there you can see Steven Tyler!!!!

  • Upcoming Joe Perry Radio appearance
      At "" the following blurb about an upcoming
      Joe Perry radio appearence could be found:

      MOONLIGHTING: Actor Kevin Bacon to host The Guitar Show, a music-themed radio show, debuting Labor Day weekend. First guest: Aerosmith's Joe Perry.

      Good Choice! No word on what stations this show will appear on
      or which exact day this will air?

  • UK IDWTMAT Single
      The single for IDWTMAT is out in UK. The three versions,
      2 CD's and 7" Picture vinyl contain the following:

      CD Cat No 666408 2
      1. I Don't Want To Miss a Thing (Rock Mix)
      2. Taste Of India (Rock Remix)
      3. Animal Crackers.

      CD Cat No 666408 5
      1. I Don't Want To Miss a Thing
      2. Pink (Live) - Howard Stern version
      3. Crash.

      7" Picture Disc, Limited Edition, Numbered, Cat No 666408 7
      Side A I Don't Want To Miss a Thing (Rock Mix)
      Side B. Taste Of India (Rock Remix).

News as of August 29, 1998
  • Steven Tyler - the Actor
      Steven Tyler's upcoming movie appearence in "Goodnight Joseph Parker" is not his only one. He is also in the upcoming Glen Ballard produced film "Clubland."

      From what I hear it is a pretty short cameo with Steven playing Record Producer David Foster. I also hear that when Steven shot the movie...he had just gotten his yellow streak in his hair.

  • Billboard
      Here's where Aerosmith stand on next week's
      U.S. Billboard top 250 album & "Hot 100 Singles" charts:

      The "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" single debuted in the #1
      position on the U.S. Billboard "Hot 100 Singles" charts!

      The "Armageddon" soundtrack fell 2 points from last week
      to end up @ the #4 position...Now, in it's 9th week of release!
      {Selling another 154,000 copies in the process!}

      "Big Ones" climbed 3 points from last week
      to end up at #206 in it's 9th week back on the charts!

      "Nine Lives" fell another 12 points this week
      to end up at #232 in it's 75th week of release!

  • Aerosmith Mention
      This clip is from my weekly Lycos newsletter. I read it and thought, how cool now Lycos staffers are into Aerosmith.

      When my collection of cassette tapes started to overflow the milk crate in my closet, I knew it was time to upgrade to CD technology. But how could I decide which Aerosmith tape to replace first? Lucky for me, CDnow has just announced its Greatest Hits CD special -- dozens of choices for $9.99 or less! Now I can hear all those classics by Poison and Night Ranger in clear digital sound without blowing my whole paycheck.

News as of August 28, 1998
  • MTV Video Music Awards
      Steven and Joe is gonna be at the MTV Video Music Awards
      On Sept. 10th - Joe Perry's birthday!!!

News as of August 27, 1998
  • Billboard Hot 100 Singles
      Aerosmith debut, for the first time in history, at No. 1
      on the US. Billboard Hot 100 with the Single for
      "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" this week

News as of August 26, 1998
  • Rolling Stone
      Pic of Joe Perry from Rolling Stone
      There is a picture of Joe Perry from the Homicide period
      in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone ( Sept 17).

  • Voxpop - Swedish Fans
      "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" came in at #3 on todays "Voxpop"
      (a Swedish music video program) with 11,2% of the votes
      (Too bad Backyard babies didn't make it)

News as of August 25, 1998
  • Little South of Sanity
      Geffen Records has released the track listing for the upcoming "A Little South Of Sanity" double live album due to drop on Tuesday, October 20th, 1998!

      Disc One:
      1} "Eat the Rich"
      2} "Love in an Elevator"
      3} "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)"
      4} "Same Old Song and Dance"
      5} "Hole in My Soul"
      6} "Monkey on My Back"
      7} "Livin' on the Edge"
      8} "Cryin'"
      9} "Rag Doll"
      10} "Angel"
      11} "Janie's Got a Gun"
      12} "Amazing"

      Disc Two:
      13} "Back in the Saddle"
      14} "Last Child"
      15} "The Other Side"
      16} "Walk on Down"
      17} "Dream On"
      18} "Crazy"
      19} "Mama Kin"
      20} "Walk This Way"
      21} "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"
      22} "What it Takes"
      23} "Sweet Emotion"

News as of August 24, 1998
  • American top 40
      IDWTMAT is now number one on the American top 40...

      Casey Kasem said "Aerosmith broke the record held by Yes..."
      It was 25 years from the first time they hit the charts to their first number one.... With Yes it was about 14 years or something..."

      This the first Aerosmith single to hit #1 on the American Top 40.
      The closest they have come before was #3 with "Angel"

  • VCR Alert!
      Here's a list of upcoming Aerosmith related T.V. appearences:

      Wednesday, August 26th, 1998
      12:30 A.M.
      "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
      {Features Aerosmith performing "Come Together"}

      Thursday, August 27th, 1998
      9:00 P.M.
      "The 1997 Billboard Awards"
      {Features the pool-side performance of "Pink" by Aerosmith}
      (Re-Run; Does not air on Much-Music USA)

      Thursday, August 27th, 1998
      12:00 A.M.
      "The 1997 Billboard Awards"
      {AS ABOVE)

      Friday, August 28th, 1998
      8:00 A.M.
      "The 1997 Billboard Awards"
      {AS ABOVE)

      Friday, August 28th, 1998
      10:00 P.M.
      "Video Music Awards Nomination Special"
      {MTV takes a look at the 1998 VMA nominees,
      which includes Aerosmith and others.}

      Thursday, September 10th, 1998
      8:00 P.M.
      MTV Video Music Awards
      {Aerosmith is nominated for 4 awards}

      Friday, October 16th, 1998
      10:00 P.M.
      "Homicide: Life On The Street"
      {Features the acting debut of Mr. Joe Perry!}

News as of August 23, 1998
  • USA Weekend
      In the USA Weekend Newspaper insert today, there is a question in the "Who's News" section that mentions Steven Tyler...

      Q: Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between Ally McBeal chantreuse Vonda Shepard and Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler?

      A: No; she hears that a lot- and loves it. "He's so much fun," Shepard tells us. "I'd love to be him for a month or something. There's a part of me that dreamed of being a rocker like that, especially when I've been sitting at the piano writing." Shepard, 34, is having plenty of fun herself right now. The success of Ally has given her a much wider audience. She's touring and plans a new release for March.

  • Mia Tyler in People
      In the next issue of People Magazine (with Princess Diana & her kids on the cover) there is a 2 page story on Mia Tyler. Page 81.

  • Metal Hammer
      Found this at the Aerosmith Newsgroup
      In an interview Steven Tyler did for Metal Hammer magazine (September '98 issue) in the UK (regards Armageddon stuff, naturally), he is quoted as saying:

      "We start writing the new album on Monday. Joe has a beautiful studio in the basement of his house, he's got a great set of drums and we'll sit down and start jamming away 'til we're done."

      I Don't know what he ment with this since the next album is gonna be a live one, maybe they're working on a new studio album or maybe they will recorded some new songs for the Live one?

News as of August 22, 1998
  • Billboard
      Here's where our boyz stand on next
      week's Billboard U.S. top 250 album charts:

      The "Armageddon" soundtrack is STILL holding the #2 position
      for the 5th week in a row! {Now in it's 8th week of release}

      "Big Ones" fell 7 points from last week to end up @ #209
      in it's 8th week back on the charts!

      "Nine Lives" fell another 13 points this week to end up @ #220
      in it's 74th week of release!

  • Total Request Fri. August 21
      Yesterday IDWTMAT with Aerosmith came in at #1 (again!)
      on MTV's Total Request

  • VH1 Countdown
      IDWTMAT also came in as number one on VH1's Countdown :)

News as of August 21, 1998
  • Steven and Liv pic in the new "In Style"
      The new In Style magazine has 2 small but awesome pictures of Liv. One is Liv on stage with Steven during the Armageddon Post Show Concert. And the other is a pic of her, Ben Affleck and G. Paltrow.

News as of August 20, 1998
  • Armageddon
      "Armageddon" launched into the record books over the weekend as Buena Vista's top-grossing live-action film with a 47-day total of $180 million

  • Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks
      Mainstream Rock Tracks:

      1. "The Down Town", Days Of The New
      2. "It's Alright", Candlebox
      3. "What's This Life For", Creed.
      4. "Space Lord", Monster Magnet.
      5. "Somehow, Somewhere, Someway", Kenny Wayne Shepherd
      6. "My Song", Jerry Cantrell.
      7. "What Kind Of Love Are You On", Aerosmith.
      8. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", Aerosmith.
      9. "Over Your Shoulder", Seven Mary Three.
      10. "Iris", Goo Goo Dolls.

  • Aerosmith at Wal-mart
      Merry ( Reports:
      I went to Wal-mart today, and while I was there We suddenly heard "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" over the loud speakers. And to top it off, I heard the guy say something about it being the #1 on the Wal-mart radio station.

News as of August 19, 1998
  • Cyrindas Book....
      Yesterday i posted here that the Paperback version of "Dream On" (written by Steven's Ex) might feature pornographic pictures of her and Steven.

      Now i've found some Articles about this:

      Rolling Stone Magazine: "You Wont Want to Miss a Thing":

      Since quite a few folks (to put it mildly) have expressed interest in seeing Liv Tyler in the buff, a few denizens of the literary world think that there might also be some interest in snapshots of papa Steven Tyler au naturel.

      Yes, we're pretty skeptical about the notion too, but the literary agent for the Aerosmith leader's ex-wife Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler (the two were married from '78-'87), is reportedly peddling a new improved edition of Dream On, which Cyrinda wrote about her hubby's debauched heyday.

      The hard-cover version of the soft-core tome, originally published in '96, has already faded from bookstore shelves in the wake of the original publishing company's demise. But having regained rights to the manuscript, Cyrinda is now promising a paperback version replete with some even seedier tales and a passel of photos that -- according to a source close to the project -- "leave nothing to the imagination."

      While we hate to spend too long thinking about the spectacle -- lunch being right around the corner and all -- we can imagine getting some use out of the photographs, if only to get Steve's tips on some new uses for all those scarves.

      (August 18, 1998)

      New York Post: "TYLER: Baring all":

      NEWLY discovered pornographic pix are expected to embellish the paperback edition of "Dream On," Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler's sensational sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll memoir. The snaps are of Cyrinda and her ex-hubby, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. "Some rock mavens say that this is the nastiest, juciest and most in-your-face chronicle of that world yet," said one Cyrinda fan. The hardback was published by the now defunct Dove but Cyrinda recently regained the paperback rights and is waiting for publishers to bid for the A-list saga that includes everybody from emaciated pal Andy Warhol to not-so-emaciated model daughter Mia Tyler.

      The New York Post

  • Aero-reference
      on the Miss Teen USA Pagent they made a not so good reference to our beloved band leader Steven Tyler. They had this thing on antiques and they had a pop up on the screen that read:
      "Antiques. You mean like Liv Tyler's Dad".

  • Metal Edge
      This was found on the "Metal Edge" magazine web site:

      Q: What's you guilty pleasure?

      A: "Getting Godiva chocolate on my king size Chinchilla bedspread while we're naked" --STEVEN TYLER, Aerosmith

      Also... in the newest Metal Edge's "Metal Wire" section there are three different pics with the boyz from the Armageddon premire. One with Steven and Liv Hugging, One with Joe and that Steve Buchemie, and another of the whole band!

  • Armageddon - The Score
      On columbia records web site, at, This was found:

      "Armageddon - The Score - Coming This Fall"

      Movie's usually release two albums...A soundtrack album and a score album. The soundtrack has artists on it and the score has usually instrumentals (orchestral arrangements).

  • Total Request 8/18
      Aerosmith's IDWTMAT was at #1 for the second day in a row.
      #2 was Aalyiah, and #3 was the Back street boys.

  • IDWTMAT Single
      Yesterday the single for IDWTMAT was released in the US.

      One CD single found at a record chain called "The Wall."
      Has the following track listing:

      1. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (Album Version)
      2. "Animal Crackers"
      3. "Taste Of India" {Rock Re-Mix}

      Another Version is the IDWTMAT cassette single
      That could be found on "Sam Goody" in NYC:

      Side 1
      1. IDWTMAT
      2. Animal Crackers

      Side 2
      1. Taste of India - Rock Remix

News as of August 18, 1998
  • People - Pic
      The current (August 24) issue of "People"
      includes a few shots from Mia's Lane Bryant show.

      Liv, Chelsea, Steven, Teresa, Taj.... photo by Jim Spellman from "People"

  • Homicide: Life on the Streets
      Here's scan from "The Boston Herald" on August 7, 1998.
      The shot was taken during a break in the "Homicide..." shooting.

  • Walk This Way - in Paperback
      In an e-mail from "Avon Books" [The publisher of "Walk This Way:
      The Autobiography Of Aeromith"] They wrote:

      "WALK THIS WAY will be released in paperback
      in February of 1999."

  • Total Request 8/17
      Aerosmith came in at #1 with IDWTMAT,
      beating the back street boys, and aalyiah at #2 and 3.

  • Made In America
      For anyone who needs the "Made In America" CD
      (previously only availble @ Walmart)
      "Sam Goody" now has them to ($3.99).

  • Cyrinda's Book "Dream on"
      The NY Post's Page Six sports a picture of Steven and a story about how the paperback version of Cyrinda's book will have pornographic pictures of her and Steven.

      How low will she go to get her fuckin' book to sell?
      On the same note, let's not say horrible things about Cyrinda
      --out of respect for, and only for the fact that she is Mia's mother.

  • VCR Alert!
      Aero-related upcoming TV appearences
      from the "Rockontv" web site:

      Monday, August 17th, 1998
      10:00 P.M.
      VH-1 Legends
      {Profile of Led Zeppelin...Hosted by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith}

      Tuesday, August 18th, 1998
      10:30 P.M.
      {The life of Steven Tyler told with images and music.}

      Wednesday, August 19th, 1998
      9:00 P.M.
      MTV Video Music Awards Nomination Special
      {MTV takes a look at the 1998 Video Music Awards nominees,
      which includes Aerosmith and others.}

      Thursday, August 20th, 1998
      3:00 P.M.
      Comedy Central
      Saturday Night Live
      Musical Guest: Aerosmith

      Sunday, August 23rd 1998
      11:00 A.M.
      MTV Video Music Awards Nomination Special
      {MTV takes a look at the 1998 Video Music Awards nominees,
      which includes Aerosmith and others.}

      Thursday, September 10th, 1998
      8:00 P.M.
      MTV Video Music Awards
      {Aerosmith is nominated for 4 awards}

  • WKOLAYO? on the Radio
      On 94.1 WHJY in boston
      they were playing a block of aerosmith (4 songs). they decided to play WKOLAYO twice in a row because "THAT SONG ROCKS!!!" they were discussing how sony was STUPID to cut that song from "Nine Lives." they also said that the song has the BEST SCREAMIN' steven has ever done in his 50 years of living!!

      on WPYX 106.5 in Albany, NY
      the DJs absloutely love the song. They play it all the time. The first time they played it they said, "This is Aerosmith rockin' like they did in the 70s!!" Another DJ yesterday said it is his favorite song!!

      and on 94 HJY.
      once the DJ's were about to switch shifts to other dj's and they had to play "IDWMAT" and the next dj's were gonna play WKOLAYO. but the original dj's wanted to play WKOLAYO. they were arguing for about 5 minutes who got to play it cause they really like that song.

News as of August 16, 1998
  • People Magazine
      The Aug. 25th edition of People Magazine has a picture of Steven and his family in NYC with a short story on page 20.

  • Amazing Guy Dead
      Jerry Loftis, 29, of Modesto, known worldwide for his sky surfing exploits, was killed Friday when he fell to his death when his parachute failed to open properly while participating at the World Free Fall Convention at Baldwin Field, outside Quincy.

      ...Loftis was considered an expert sky surfer, a sport that involves jumping out of an airplane from an altitude of two miles and then doing flips and twists on a 5-pound, 55-inch sky-board.

      Loftis, has appeared on national television shows,commercials And Aerosmith's music video for "Amazing".

      Full Story:

      Skydiver Killed at Ill. Meet
      .c The Associated Press

      QUINCY, Ill. (AP) -- A California man who helped pioneer sky surfing fell to his death when his parachute failed to open properly during a skydiving convention.

      Jerry Loftis, 29, of Modesto, known worldwide for his sky surfing exploits, was killed Friday while participating at the World Free Fall Convention at Baldwin Field, outside Quincy.

      He was completing a sky-surfing maneuver during a free fall from about 16,000 feet when his parachute failed to deploy, said Adams County coroner Gary Hamilton.

      Loftis did cut away the main parachute, but he was unable to get his reserve chute out in time. He landed on the airport's runway, Hamilton said.

      Approximately 3,000 skydivers are participating in the two-week free-fall convention in Quincy, a Mississippi River town.

      ...Loftis was considered an expert sky surfer, a sport that involves jumping out of an airplane from an altitude of two miles and then doing flips and twists on a 5-pound, 55-inch sky-board. Sky surfers use their board as a platform to manipulate wind currents, which allows them to perform aerial acrobatics while hurtling toward the ground.

      Loftis, who began skydiving nine years ago in Lodi, Calif., appeared on national television shows such as Regis and Kathy Lee, and in commercials for Mountain Dew, Sun Tiger sunglasses and the HBO cable television network. He also appeared in the Aerosmith music video ``Amazing.''

      Loftis is survived by his wife, Quetta, and two daughters, Kristen, 6, and Sarah, 4, all of Modesto.

News as of August 15, 1998
  • Steven Tyler Story
      Read on if you want to read a story that shows that Steven Tyler really do have a heart of gold, from a local Mass. newspaper

      By Mia Taylor
      The Patriot Ledger

      BRAINTREE -- Cristyn Alfano's spirits passed cloud nine weeks ago. Tuesday, the 12-year-old said she was on ``cloud 60.'' It's been a magical summer for Cristyn, who suffers from chronic renal failure, is legally blind and soon must undergo two operations, one to install a catheter in her abdomen, the other to transplant her two failing kidneys.

      The telephone doesn't often ring for Cristyn because children her age tend to shy away. Cristyn has only peripheral vision and must walk with a long red, white and blue cane leading the way.

      But recently, the phone in family's Cleveland Avenue apartment began ringing off the hook. First it was Aerosmith's lead singer, Stephen Tyler.

      Then came the news about the shopping spree. Not many 12-year-olds go on daylong shopping excursions with a chauffeur in tow. But Tuesday, as the saying goes, Cristyn shopped until she dropped. ``This is better than Christmas,'' Cristyn announced Tuesday afternoon, as she sat surveying items from Filene's, Bath and Body Works, JC Penny and Claire's, that were spread across the living room floor.

      Her new bird, Taj, named after one of Stephen Tyler's daughters, squawked in the background. It was a long day for Cristyn, who began shopping shortly after 9 a.m., paused around noon for pizza-making at Al's Pizza in Plymouth, and then continued long into the evening. In fact, it's been a whirlwind month for Cristyn --that began with a phone call from Tyler.

      Cristyn said she grew up listening to Aerosmith with her mother, Caryn, and older brother, Michael. Because her vision has declined since she was 4 years old, music was one of the few things the family could share. A framed picture of Tyler is on a shelf behind the head of her bed. She knows the band's songs by heart.

      The VCR in the living room sits ready with a recording of Aerosmith's latest video, ``I Don't Want to Miss a Thing'' from the movie ``Armageddon.'' Cristyn wanted Tyler to sing for her on her birthday, which was June 21. Caryn Alfano, a single mother, contacted Tyler on a whim, not knowing what to expect.

      On June 22, he called. ``My mom was like, `Hello,' and he said, `This is Stephen Tyler. Is Cristyn there?' '' Cristyn recalled. ``So, I said hello and he's like, `Happy birthday!' '' After a 10-minute conversation, Tyler, who lives in Marshfield, told Cristyn his limousine was headed for the Hilltop Restaurant in Braintree, just a few blocks from her apartment.

      Tyler asked Cristyn to meet him there. The meeting lasted about an hour. Tyler gave Cristyn three of the bracelets he wore in the ``Armageddon'' video and talked to her about a recent leg injury he suffered. The dream-come-true ended with a hug. ``He hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe for a minute,'' Cristyn said. ``Then I ran home and turned on MTV so I could see his new video.''

      Cristyn often replays the video, pausing it during the close-ups so she can see Tyler wearing the bracelets he gave her. The meeting, Cristyn admitted shyly, made her feel truly special. Her good fortune didn't end there.

      Because of Cristyn's medical condition, Caryn needs to stay home full time during the summer to take care of her daughter. Money is sometimes short, which means Caryn often has to buy clothing on sale, which is not always what appeals to Cristyn. Around the same time Tyler called, the Make-A-Wish Foundation called to tell Cristyn they would grant a wish of hers.

      The foundation is dedicated to granting the wishes of children between 2 and 18 who have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. The goal is to help children forget about their illnesses, at least for a short time, Make-A-Wish spokeswoman Amy Haelsen said. ``We laid in bed at night for days going through everything we could request,'' Caryn said. ``We lived out all her fantasies.''

      Cristyn's wish list included a trip to the Bahamas or New York City and a pool table for the apartment. She also considered a week in the mountains of Lincoln, N.H., a place she, her mother and brother used to visit. ``Finally, I told her, whatever you wish, make it something you'll always have and something we couldn't do ourselves,'' Caryn said. So, a shopping spree it was.

      Cristyn spent all day Tuesday at Independence Mall. She was driven around in a limousine donated by Kerri Limousine of Quincy, and in the evening, after stopping home for dinner, Cristyn headed back to the mall to use more of the gift certificates supplied by Make-A-Wish. The biggest surprise of the day was a stop at Cheryl's Parrot Place in Plymouth, where Cristyn was allowed to pick out a bird to take home. Tuesday night, Cristyn told her mother she had the best day of her life. And, this summer has been the best summer of Cristyn's life, Caryn said.

      Copyright 1998 Patriot Ledger8/12/98 4:41 PM

  • Tour Dates and More
      If you want to read some news on the upcoming Tour,
      the new Live Album and more from AOL, see below:

      Aerosmith Reschedule Upcoming North American Tour Dates From September 9, 1998 December 15, 1998

      NEW YORK, Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- After a 4-1/2 month break from touring, Aerosmith today announced details of 46 US shows that they intend to play between September 9, 1998 and the end of the year.

      These will include all 18 of the shows that had to be postponed because of singer Steven Tyler's knee injury at the end of April, together with the 12 dates that had to be rescheduled when drummer Joey Kramer was badly burnt in a freak gas station fire last month.

      With all five band members now back in top form, Aerosmith's upcoming 14 week run of dates will include 20 outdoor concerts, followed by a further 7 weeks of indoor shows. Taking in 44 cities, across 22 of the country's MidWest, Eastern and Southern states, together with three stops in Canada, this latest leg of the 'Nine Lives' World Tour will coincide with the release of a double live album from the band (scheduled to hit stores October 20, on Geffen Records) entitled "A Little South of Sanity."

      Kicking off at Montage Mountain Amphitheater in Scranton, PA and finishing up almost four months later in Cleveland, OH, the band's already-year-long tour (which was launched last May in support of their multi-platinum album "Nine Lives" -- Columbia Records), has been hailed by critics across the country as their best ever.

      With their hit single "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" (from the blockbuster Touchstone Pictures' movie "Armageddon"), now riding high on the charts (#1 at Top 40), the 47 new dates will take the band's audience figures for the "Nine Lives" world tour to well over 2.5 million, at 169 shows across three continents. Highlights of this spectacular run include headline slots at a series of prestigious festivals in Europe, two capacity New Year's Eve shows in their home-town of Boston, a special anniversary concert celebrating 20 years of sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden and a record- breaking stadium tour of Japan, which marked the first time that an international act has ever been able to complete a sold out dome tour of the country.

      On stage for more than two hours each night, the five original band members (Steven Tyler -- vocals, Joe Perry -- guitars, Tom Hamilton -- bass, Brad Whitford -- guitars, Joey Kramer -- Drums) are performing better than ever before, playing songs that span their rich and controversial career.

      With support confirmed for September 9 - October 3 as Monster Magnet and October 5 - October 26 as Fuel, Aerosmith are promising a highly charged, no- nonsense show.

      What the papers are saying:

      "With a band like Aerosmith everybody is able to enjoy the show -- it is an experience that empowers the soul." (Moscow Pullman Daily News; Idaho)

      "After twenty years, the band's got 'What It Takes.' Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer showed up to play -- and by the time their two-hour show came to a close, they had pretty much blown the roof off the joint." (Muskegon Chronicle; MI)

      "Nothing had prepared me for the adrenaline-pumping rock and roll bomb blast that I witnessed in Charleston Friday night. The roar of the crowd and the excitement raged on for over two hours as Aerosmith rocked the city." (Webster Echo; Webster Springs, WV)

      "Led by the forever young Steven Tyler, the crowd was treated to more than two hours of Aerosmith, complete with over-the-top staging, high drama and high jinks." (Kalamazoo Gazette; MI)

      "Perry's riffs were as smooth and well-rehearsed as if crunching from the album, yet his years of experience made it look as easy as walking a dog." (Daily Cardinal, Madison, WI)

      Tickets already purchased for shows that have been rescheduled will be honored at the new dates.

      Rescheduled dates are:

      9/9 Montage Mountain Amphitheater Scranton, PA
      9/11 Sony Blockbuster Camden, NJ
      9/13 Pine Knob Clarkston, MI
      9/15 Pine Knob Clarkston, MI
      9/17 Riverbend Music Center Cincinnati, OH
      9/19 World Music Theater Tinley Park, IL
      9/21 Deer Creek Music Center Noblesville, IN
      9/23 Polaris Amphitheater Columbus, OH
      9/25 Riverport Amphitheater Maryland Heights, MO
      9/27 Sandstone Amphitheater Bonner Springs, KS
      9/29 Stanwood Amphitheater Antioch, TN
      10/1 Walnut Creek Amphitheater Raleigh, NC
      10/3 Lakewood Amphitheater Atlanta, GA
      10/5 Blockbuster Amphitheater Charlotte, NC
      10/7 GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheater Virginia Beach, VA
      10/9 Nissan Pavillion Bristow, VA
      10/11 Meadows Music Theater Hartford, CT
      10/13 Jones Beach Theater Wantagh, NY
      10/15 Jones Beach Theater Wantagh, NY
      10/17 PNC Bank Arts Center Holmdel, NJ
      10/20 Centre Molson Montreal, Quebec
      10/22 Quebec Colisee Quebec City, Quebec
      10/24 Copps Coliseum Hamilton, Ontario
      10/26 Toledo Sports Arena Toledo, OH
      11/3 Bradley Center Milwaukee, WI
      11/5 Target Center Minneapolis, MN
      11/7 Mankato Civic Center Mankato, MN
      11/9 Omaha Civic Auditorium Omaha, NE
      11/11 Fargo Dome Fargo, ND
      11/13 Duluth Enter. Convention Center Duluth, MN
      11/15 La Crosse Center La Crosse, WI
      11/17 tba
      11/19 Peoria Civic Center Arena Peoria, IL
      11/21 Roberts Stadium Evansville, IN
      11/23 Ft. Wayne Coliseum Ft. Wayne, IN
      11/25 The Mark of Quad Cities Moline, IL
      11/27 Metro Center Rockford, IL
      11/29 tba 12/1 Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, MI
      12/3 Nutter Center Dayton, OH
      12/5 tba
      12/7 Thompson Boling Center Knoxville, TN
      12/9 Freedom Hall Louisville, KY
      12/11 Assembly Center Champaign, IL
      12/13 Civic Arena Huntington, WVA
      12/15 Gund Arena Cleveland, OH

      More dates to follow through the end of the year.

      SOURCE Kathryn Schenker Associates

      CO: Kathryn Schenker Associates

      ST: New York

      IN: ENT


      08/14/98 18:03 EDT

  • Billboard
      Here's where the Boyz stand on the U.S.
      Billboard top 250 album charts:

      the Armageddon soundtrack is STILL at #2
      on the charts for the 4th week in a row!

      "Big Ones" falls one spot to end up at #202
      in it's 7th week back on the charts!

      "Nine Lives" continues it's fall off of the charts
      {Now, OUT of the top 200} to end up at #207
      In it's 73rd week on the charts.

  • EQ Magazine
      The magazine called EQ (I think) has the headline across the top:
      "Recording Aerosmith Live".

      Inside there is an interview with Jack Douglas regarding how he weant about recording the album. One thing you get to know out of this (besides a lot of technical jargon) was that they are doctoring up the versions. He says there are 27 tracks and two had vocal flubs and they had to be redone he also said that some songs were pieced together from a couple of concerts. He also mentioned two cities one being Little Rock and I can't remember the other.

News as of August 14, 1998
  • Steven mentioned in the Boston Herald
      The Inside Track, The Boston Herald (online), August 13, 1998
      by Gayle Fee/Laura Raposa

      "And finally, thanks to all the in-the-know Aerosmith fans who rang in to tell us that Steven Tyler was at the Lane Bryant fashion show in New York to show some parental support to eldest daughter, Mia. It was her debut as a plus-size model. Mia's mom is Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler.

      - They were wrong. Mia is Stevens 2nd Daughter

  • Liv in todays Kansas City Star

      Bad Hair Day
      [picture of liv looking sad]
      We are quite saddened by the news that movie star Liv Tyler is not at all happy with her pixie haircut for which she recently paid someone good money. "I wish my hair was long again," she exclaimed to fans at a screening for the movie "safe men" a few days ago. "I have an identity crisis now. I go home and put on a wig and read my mail."

  • Total Request 8/13
      Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
      is at #1 up from #3 yesterday

  • Billboard
      Armageddon still holding its own at No2 (with a switch at No1) after selling 203,000 units this week.

      Unsure where the other Aerosmith LPs are this week but last week, NL was at 199 and Big Ones at 201.

News as of August 13, 1998
  • Liv on E!
      LIV: I cannot believe i did that This was found on E! Online:
      The public sees you as a pinnacle of perfection. But how do you see yourself?

      Liv Tyler: I look at the [Aerosmith] video I did, and I cannot believe I did it. I'm so embarrassed that I'm running into a pond and my butt is hanging out of my shorts. And that I stripped. I am so humiliated. I remember doing that and having no idea it was going to come out a couple of weeks later and be huge. Suddenly I was waking up for school every morning, and I'd put on the TV and there my ass would be. I was really unhappy.

      - But we're all happy she did : )

      IDWTMAT is #1 on the MTV top 20 Videos
      And #2 on the VH1 countdown

  • Steven mentioned in the Boston Herald
      Inside Track - Boston Herald, August 12, 1998
      by Gayle Fee/Laura Raposa

      "Can someone please explain why skinny-minny Aerosmith guy Steven Tyler, a fixture at the Big Apple's fashion frivolity, was pictured in this week's New York magazine at the Lane Bryant plus-size show???? Guess there's hope out there, gals!"

  • Billboard Magazine Aug 15 issue
      As i posted before the Billboard Magazine Aug 15 issue has a Aerosmith special. Loads of Pages, Stories, Photos, Interviews and an ad Tribute to the band from industry people Etc.

      All people who has been able to get a copy says it's a must-have for Aerofans.

News as of August 12, 1998
  • Joey Karmer's got a new Car
      This is from the Inside Track section of today's Boston Herald on page 8
      Beach blanket blather:
      Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer, who burned his when his Ferrari exploded a few weeks back, is tooling around town in a new silver Porsche. Guess he's sworn of Ferraris...

  • Steven on the Radio Reports
      Steven called the radio station Z-100 in NYC today at around 5:45 PM. Here is what I remember:

      Steven said he was driving to VT or NH to have dinner with his sister. He pulled in to a gas station. The DJ made reference to when Steven called in May and he was pissed cause the station played IDWTMAT before he should have. The DJ reminded Steven that he predicted it would be # 1 which it is now. The DJ asked how Stevens knee was Steven said it was coming along well, although he's a little "Stiff" Again. He was a in great mood, laughing, breaking into song. (IDWTMAT) The DJ mentioned that the Boys will be at Jones Beach and PNC in Oct and it may be chilly. Steven said, don't worry he'll get us warm. The DJ made reference to the injuries, -whos' next? Steven mentioned Joe water skiing on one leg. Liv and the Movie was mentioned briefly.

News as of August 11, 1998
  • Total Request
      Aerosmith's IDWTMAT came in at #1
      in Yesterday's (8/10) Total Request

  • VCR Alert!
      Here's the upcoming Aerosmith related T.V.
      appearences from "Rockontv":

      Sunday, August 20th, 1998
      Comedy Central
      Saturday Night Live
      Musical Guest: Aerosmith

      Thursday, September 10th, 1998
      8:00 P.M.
      MTV Video Music Awards
      {Aerosmith is nominated for 4 awards}

  • Joey on the Radio
      "Unicorn" Reports:
      As I was doing my normal sucko drive into downtown Charlotte to start off my miserable week at work I was surprised to hear that my morning DJ guys were talking to none other that Joey Kramer! He said he was healing nicely and that he would be able to go and practice real soon. He also said that they definatly take the time out for the fans. be it 2 minutes or 2 hours. and he is thankful for all the well wishes and prayers.

News as of August 10, 1998
  • Billboard
      Here's where the Boyz stand on next weeks U.S. Billboard charts:

      The Armageddon Soundtrack is at #2
      for the third week in a row!

      "Nine Lives" is at it's lowest position ever!
      Landing 9 points down from last week to end up at #199
      in it's 72nd week on the charts

      "Big Ones" is Down 8 spots from last week at #201
      in it's 6th week back on the charts

  • Ringo Starr's "Vertical Man"
      Here's a picture found on the web that was taken during Ringo Starr's "Vertical Man" recording sessions! It is a picture of Ringo Starr, Steven Tyler And a guy named Dean Grakal.

      Use the links below If you want to hear Steven play drums
      on the Track "Drift Away" from Ringo's new album

      "Drift Away" Wav Sample
      "Drift Away" Real Audio Sample

      And try these links if you want to listen to Steven's Backgound
      vocals (with 46 other people) on the Ringo song "La De Da"

      "La De Da" Wav Sample
      "La De Da" Real Audio Sample

News as of August 9, 1998
  • New Live Album!!!
      per Geffen, the album is tentatively titled "A Little South of Sanity." (not "shop") Double CD, 25 tracks. Scheduled release date is now October 20.

  • Steven & Joe's Shark Tank escapades
      There was a story about Steven & Joe and their Shark Tank escapades on "E" show Gossip. it was around 4 PM NY time yesterday (Saturday). This show is usually repeated a number of times

  • American Top 40
      I Don't Want To Miss A Thing is at #2 on the American Top 40 this week.

  • 25 years of Aerosmith
      Billboard has done an interview with the band to celebrate the 25 years. Billboard will release it on August 15th.

News as of August 8, 1998
  • Tom Hamilton about the New Live Album!!!
      Tom Hamilton had a nice chat with the DJ on 98Rock Baltimore today at around 6 PM. Tom mentioned the live album and said that it would be titled "LITTLE SHOP OF SANITY" and that the Double-CD album would be released in October. He said that most of the recordings are from the NL tour and a few from GAG, with a few special surprises mixed in.

  • Boston Herald Article
      Yesterday The Boston Herald
      had a Article about Joe's Acting part.

      Boston Herald, Friday August 7, 1998
      Inside Track - Section
      By Gayle Fee/Laura Raposa

      Joe Perry cops a tough role on 'Homicide'

      Aerosmith hunk Joe Perry, right, went from rocking a beat to walking a beat earlier this week when he flew on down to Baltimore to finish shooting his role as a D. C. narcotics cop on 'Homicide: Life on the Street.' The Boston Bad Boy, shown here flashing a badge with series regulars Callie Thorne of Lincoln and Providence homey Peter Gerety, was awakened at 5 a.m. to patrol Baltimore in his TV cop car. 'Talk about not working my usual hours,' Perry told the Track. 'For me, that was the biggest stretch, forget the acting. Though it was pretty hard driving around, trying to remember my lines and interact with the characters at the same time.' Well, no one said it was easy, Joe. The 'Homicide' episode is expected to air Oct. 16 on NBC. The Track's VCR is already set.

      (Large photo of Gerety, Thorne and Perry accompany article. Joe, whose shoulder length hair is straight, is smiling and flashing a badge. He is wearing a black shirt and black leather blazer style jacket.)

News as of August 7, 1998
  • Brazilian MTV
      Aerosmith is the "Artist of the Month" on brazilian MTV!

  • Boston Area - VCR alert!
      Saturday night Aug. 8th, midnight
      WAAF - Real Rock TV, WUNI channel 27
      Part of this half hour show will feature an interview with Steven Tyler & Joe Perry at the Mount Blue Restaurant one year anniversary.

News as of August 6, 1998
  • IDWTMAT single - Australia
      The single for "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
      was released in Australia today.

      Track Listing:

      1. IDWTMAT
      2. IDWTMAT (rock mix)
      3. Taste of India (rock remix)
      4. Animal Crackers

  • IDWTMAT single - Sweden
      I have also heard that the single has been released here in Sweden. but i haven't been able buy a copy myself yet : (

      Track Listing:

      1. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
      2. Taste of India
      3. Crash
      4. Animal Crackers

  • Mia Tyler
      Chris Dunkle Reports:
      I was sitting here sorta studying and I heard "It's Mia Tyler!" (Steven's second Daughter) come from the living room in my apartment. I ran out there and the news or something was talking about how Mia is going into modeling or something, and how she is similar to average people in America when it comes to physical size and stuff. Pretty interesting. They showed a few things with Steven and he said a couple words.

      Per a post in AOL, this segment was on the NBC show "Extra". Check your local listings, because this is a syndicated show, and I know that it repeats tomorrow in the Los Angeles area (10 am)

News as of August 5, 1998
  • Total Request 8/4
      Yesterday The boys came in at # ONE!!!
      Carson also said that aerosmith was the only ones to have a song that was on total request at #1 for 3 days! he said thats a record!

  • WKOLAYO? doing well to
      "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" isn't the only song that is on the top of the charts anymore, Tonight on some local rock station's "Six-pack at 6:00" (the top six requested songs of the day) What Kind of Love Are You On? came in at #1!!!

News as of August 4, 1998
  • Boston Herald Article
      Yesterday The Boston Herald had a little Article about the boys.

      The Boston Herald Aug. 3, 1998
      INSIDE TRACK - Section
      By Gayle Fee/Laura Raposa


      Aerosmith's main men, Joe Perry and
      Steven Tyler, went swimmin' wid da fishes
      the other night and lived to tell about it.

      The Boston Bad Boys, who are known for
      Living on the Edge, donned their scuba
      gear and spent 45 minutes hanging out
      with the sharks in the big tank at the New
      England Aquarium!

      "I spend a lot of time with lawyers, so the
      shark tank was no big deal," Perry told the
      Track. "Actually, the fish are so used to
      having people in there all the time; they
      were pretty cool about it."

      Not so cool were his kids, Tony and
      Roman, and Steven's Chelsea and Taj,
      who were freaked out seeing their dads
      jammed up with "Jaws."

      "I think they were afraid for them," said
      Joe's wife, Billie. "When they came out,
      the kids were screaming 'Daddy! Daddy!'
      like they hadn't seen them in a year."

      The daddys were hooked up at the
      aquarium by Fin Feather & Fur owner John
      Blackadar, who asked his celebrity
      aquarium owners to the private party
      thrown by Tetra, the tank titans.

      In fact, Perry said he's more in awe of his
      buddy, Blackadar -- head of the Quincy
      Underwater Recovery Team -- than his
      new finned friends in the shark tank.

      "All these scuba divers volunteer to find
      bodies in the Quincy quarry," said the
      rocker. "They're the real heroes."

      File under: Dive Jive.

  • VCR Alert!
      Here's a list of upcoming Aerosmith related TV appearences
      from the "Rockontv" web site:

      Monday, August 3rd 1998
      2:00 P.M.
      FANatic: Steven Tyler

      Friday, August 7th 1998
      ABC In Concert
      [Air date & time may vary; check local listings!]
      Episode originally aired on Friday, February 13th, 1998}

      Sunday, August 9th, 1998
      10:30 A.M.
      {The life of Steven Tyler told with images and music}

      Sunday, August 20th, 1998
      Comedy Central
      Saturday Night Live
      Musical Guest: Aerosmith

      Thursday, September 10th, 1998
      8:00 P.M.
      MTV Video Music Awards
      {Aerosmith is nominated for 4 awards}

News as of August 1, 1998
  • Live Album
      "Jam!-Music" has just posted on their web site that the new Aerosmith live album will be released on Tuesday, October 20th, 1998 on Geffen Records! It says the album is titled simply "Live." But I doubt I will be named that. Although Tom Hamilton might have just been being sarcastic when he stated that Steven had come up with a great title? Well...we will all see in October

  • Interview with Joe Perry about his Acting part
      Interview with Joe Perry
      From the Boston Herald 07/31/98 :

      Aerosmith axman learns about Life on the Street
      The Boston Herald 07/31/98

      Aerosmith hunk Joe Perry, who has proven that he's had Nine Lives, wants to come back as an actor in Life No. 10.

      Perry told the Track he'll "never diss actors again" after spending a few days down in Baltimore on the "Homicide: Life on the Street" set playing a disgruntled D.C. narcotics cop.

      "It's hard work," said the ex-druggie, who is getting a real kick out of playing a soldier in the nation's drug war. "There were a lot of lines to learn and I'm not even finished yet, but I liked it a lot."

      Joe, who returned yesterday from Charm City, scored the gig through a woman in his New York office who knows "Homicide" honcho Tom Fontana.

      "I had been asking around about roles for awhile," he said. "I mean, Steven (Tyler) did that part in a movie earlier this year and I figured why should he have all the fun?"

      Tyler appears in "Goodnight, Joseph Parker" with Paul Sorvino and Debi Mazar, which may surface at the Toronto Film Festival.)

      The plot of Joe's show, which NBC has slated to air on Oct. 16, is based on a true story: Two kids drive to D.C. to cop some coke and one of them gets shot. So instead of getting help at a hospital in Washington, they drive back to Baltimore and the kid bleeds to death in the car.

      Enter Crimefighter Joe, who drives over the border to Baltimore to work the case with the local blue crew -- detectives Laura Ballard and Stuart Gharty, played by Lincoln homegal Callie Thorne and Providence homey Peter Gerety. And, of course, trade a few harsh words with Lt. Al Giardello.

      "I really don't want the case because the kid really died in Baltimore and we get into it," he said. "It's a great part -- not a walk-on, not a cameo."

      It's Must See TV!

      Perry, who admits he's only seen "Homicide" a couple of times, heads back down south next week to shoot a few more scenes in the squad room and on the Street.

      In the meantime, Joe said he's "bummed out" about the cancelled Aerosmith show at Great Woods in August. But the band, which had to postpone their next leg of the "Nine Lives" tour for a few weeks while drummer Joey Kramer's burned arms healed, has reserved the FleetCenter for a special New Year's Eve show.

      Joe will probably be a "Homicide" regular by then . .

  • Billboard
      Nines Lives is at its lowest to date after 71 weeks at #190.
      Doesn't look as if it'll be on the 200 much longer.

      It almost isn't the highest Aerosmith LP as Big Ones is at 193.

  • Total Request
      The boys came in at #1 for the 3rd day in a row!!!!
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