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The Aerosmith News Page

At the bottom of this page, you will find links to the most detailed Aerosmith news archives on the internet filed by year/month/day. Click on a month and see all of the news by day on a single page!

If you are a regular visitor to Rock This Way, you probably already know I have decided to no longer update the news portion of this site. I know it has been a great resource for many of you and I've taken great pride in providing this service for Aerosmith fans all around the world for almost seven years now. But the time has come to move on. My detailed "goodbye" post can be found in the June archives below.

The good news is I've decided to keep the site online "as is" in order to preserve the plethora of valuable Aerosmith information contained here. If you've ever used internet search engines such as Google to look up Aerosmith information, you've probably noticed that Rock This Way is often among the first hits displayed. That is one reason I've decided to keep the site up.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Effective June 2004, for current Aerosmith news please join the Don't Miss An Aero Thing (DMAAT) Aerosmith News Yahoo Group/Mailing List which has been the #1 source of verified news for this site for quite some time now. It is a mailing list but you have several choices regarding message delivery, including: 1) Individual messages to your chosen email account; 2) Daily Digests where messages are consolidated into one or two total emails per day, also delivered to the email address of your choice; 3) No Mail which allows you to read message from the group's home page using various message board formats such as "threaded" or "expanded".

Once you request membership, Terry will send a short email acknowledging your request and she'll say she looks forward to hearing back from you. She will send that email twice before denying your membership request if no response is sent back to her. This helps eliminate spam posters, hackers, advertisers, etc. from the site..a good be sure to reply to her email so you "Don't Miss An Aero Thing".

What made the news portion of this site unique from other sites was both the content and frequency of the updates. Only a small portion of the news posted on Rock This Way could be found via the typical internet news search engines. Some examples of non-wire news items and posted here include:

  • Radio interviews coming up and/or archived interviews or repeats
  • Live radio surprise call ins by the band reported by fans all over the US
  • Appearances/articles in magazines including text and pics
  • Appearances on TV coming up soon and/or repeats
  • Things that happen during shows
  • Band member sightings and related fan experiences
  • Fan reviews of albums/songs/lyrics, etc.
  • Band events "on the side" for each member or as a group
  • Actual concert info including setlists, fan reviews, funny stories, fan gatherings, etc.
  • Up to the minute critical updates re: tour problems including canceled and rescheduled tour dates updates/news from AF1
  • News from over 150 other sites/message boards usually confirmed first by Aeroluvr
  • Problems related to the fan club and what to do about them
  • Critical alerts from the fan club
  • Ticket sale info both in general and fan club related
  • Travel package info, experiences, rules, etc.
  • Velvet rope info, experiences, etc.
In a nutshell, real time reporting of all Aerosmith related news & information seasoned with the occasional scoop via sources close to the band as well.

All of the above can be found on DMAAT since the news page of Rock This Way is not being updated right now. The only thing you may not find on DMAAT that I used to post here are items only loosely related to Aerosmith (references to the band vs. news about them) and fan "hearsay" about the band that could be more rumor based than news.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I used to post news that was emailed directly to me from fans/sources from all over the world. Since at this time, I do not have a solid agreement in place for anyone to take over updating the news page, I'd like to ask those sources to email their news items to Terry at, the owner of DMAAT and/or join her group. She will make sure your news gets posted. Please include your name and the original source for your news (if from the internet, include the full direct link/URL.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I'm still willing to entertain the idea of someone taking over the daily update of the news page for this site. I would prefer to set it up where the person would update the news page daily and "host" it on their own server which would have to be reliable and responsive enough to handle the volume. You do not have to have webspace however. One person has offered to help out with the hosting of the daily news page if needed. I would then add a transparent "redirect" from this page to that page. At the end of each month, I'd have them email me the entire month to archive on the Rock This Way server with the rest of the news archives. I am unable to password protect a single folder/area of my site the way it is set up and therefore would not feel comfortable having someone else have total access to my entire site, which is why this arrangement is necessary.

As much as I'd love to see someone take over the daily news page updates, I am not willing to hand over that responsibility unless I am sure the person is capable and willing to do it with the same commitment, dedication and ability to uphold the same format, quality and reliable sources that I did.

If you are dedicated fan and interested in taking over the news updates, join DMAAT if you are not already a member since so much of the news came from there. You might also want to join Aerofanatic's message board and/or mailing list since some Rock This Way news came from there as well as the concert setlists. I'd suggest you compare the groups' archives against the Rock This Way archives for a prior month such as May to see what I picked up, what I didn't, how I formatted things, how I posted some things anonymously or as combined posts such as fan comments on a particular item. Once you become familiar with that process, open up the June page from the archives here and save it to your computer. I updated only a few days in June before I left on vacation. Using the Yahoo groups archives and any other sources available to you, create a "test page" for the entire month of June and then email it to me. If it sounds like too much work, taking over the news page is probably not for you LOL. While it's true that Aerosmith news is expected to slow down considerably while they take their planned break for at least a year beginning August 2004, I want to make sure that whoever takes it over can handle it during a peak news period.

Please include some information about yourself as well. Who you are, what site(s) you've previously been involved with, your html skill level, your available "free time" to work on this, etc. I know this probably sounds like a some pretty harsh job interview requirements for a voluntary position but to be honest, I'd rather see the updates stop all together than risk the incredible reputation Rock This Way has as a result of the many years of blood, sweat and tears I have put into this thing.

Special thanks to Terry for.. well, you know what I'm thanking you for! =)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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