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    10/6/99 Show

    Reviewed by Cristoffer Eriksson

    Yes I'm back from Stockholm and my first ever Aerosmith concert!!!!
    It was an Amazing show!! That day will forever be in my menory as one of the best days of my life! God! Aerosmith are so Great!!!!

    Here's the Setlist:

    Toys In The Attic
    Same Old Song And Dance
    Love In An Elevator
    Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
    Rag Doll
    Dream On
    Janie's Got A Gun
    Livin' On The Edge
    Lord Of The Thighs
    Full Circle
    Draw The Line
    Stop Messin' Around
    Mother Popcorn / Walk This Way
    I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
    Dude (Looks Like A Lady)

    What It Takes
    Sweet Emotion / Heartbreaker

    And now something of a Review of the show.....

    I'm finally back home again after going by car for 10 hours today and A total time of about 20 hours sitting in the car driving to Stockholm and then back home again. That wasn't very fun but it was worth it 'cause the show was great!!

    I arrived to Globen ("Globe Arena") very late since the traffic was terrible when we came to Stockholm and we got stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour.
    Anyway, I arrived to Globen at 19.45 and by then the Black Crowes had already started playing. They played 'Sting me' when I came in to look for my seat, I don't know if they had played anything else before that

    The Black Crowes were pretty good and they played until 20.30.
    Then they stopped playing, the lights came on again and people started to remove their stuff from the stage because Aerosmith, ofcourse, gets to use the whole stage.

    At 21.05 the place went dark again, the curtains came down and some weird music (kind of similar to Taste of India) started and you could see the guys silhouettes behind it.
    After a while the curtains dropped and there they were!!

    The first song was Toys In The Attic and after that they kept playing their wonderful songs for about 2 hours for the 9000 people attending (According to a Review in a newspaper the day after)


    I had pretty bad seats. Seat 4 on Row 13 "Around 9 o´clock", do you understand if i explain it like that? on Tom and Brad's side. Ok, so I saw the whole stage but not all that good. I will never sit down at a Rock concert again. It wasn't that fun and during the whole concert I wished I was down on the floor with all the real fans jumping around head-banging but atleast now I know that until the next time


    I couldn't see very good from where I saw sitting but I can tell you what they were wearing as far as I could see:

    Joe was wearing something Red (the thing he wore at the Oscars I think) and a Black Coat or something over it. He removed the Black Coat before he stepped out to play Slide Guitar on Rag Doll.

    Tom was wearing all Black and Brad had a white shirt and Black pants.
    I couldn't see much of Joey, with his new blond hair, but he wore something Black without sleeves.

    Steven wore something purple at the beginning of the show (I think, but his clothes are so weird so it's hard to describe). He removed that during Falling in Love (I think) and under it he had a black shirt without sleeves (I think) he also changed sometime later during the show if I remember correctly.


    On each of the ramps on the right and left side of the stage (On which Steven and Joe ran out on quite often) there was a snake and a red cat at the end. There was also sort of a ramp (is that what it's called?) behind the stage so that Steven could run behind Joey and come out on the other side of the stage.
    During Dude (?) 3 gigant cobras appeared behind the stage.
    But nothing else really.

    There was also alot of Fire, Smoke and a cool light show and stuff during the concert. During Dream On there was alot of fire sort of "falling" behind Joey but I don't remember what happened on all the other songs.


    Before Love In An Elevator or sometime around that Steven thanked the Black Crowes.

    Before Tom started playing the Bass solo to Sweet Emotion he was playing something else or just improvising (It wasn't Sweet Emotion anyway) and Steven sing/said some words, I did not know what it was.
    I've been told that it might have been "Oh Well" by Fleetwood Mac.

    And during the middle of Sweet Emotion before they started playing Heartbreaker (Which I by the way absolutely Loved) Joe was standing with his Guitar at the side of the stage with a spotlight on him and no light on the rest of the stage. Unfortunately I couldn't see what he did very good here either but it looked like he had only one hand on the guitar and the other on some amp or something (probably not an amp but some speacial thing) and making some weird sounds (which was really cool) with the guitar.

    Steven also said some words in Swedish during the concert but as soon as he did the audience went crazy and started to scream so you had no chance of hearing what he said but I still thought it was cool that he bothered learning some words.


    I loved it all but the 5 Best songs of the show if you ask me were:
    (In No Particular Order)
    1. Lord Of The Thighs
    2. Draw The Line
    3. Stop Messin' Around
    4. Dream On
    5. Sweet Emotion / Heartbreaker.


    I don't really like Pink and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Even though it was better Live than the Original) so I would rather have seen them play something else instead of those even though those were the songs that the rest of the audience seemed to like the most.

    Nothing to do with Aerosmith's performance but....
    As if not having bad seats was bad enough the people who sat behind me were real jerks. I would say that they were only there to drink and make trouble (they can't have been real fans) they were screaming in my ears aswell as imitating Steven and laughing at him and stuff so that was kind of bad. Then there was also alot of people who just sat there with their arms crossed not looking very excited about Aerosmith playing at all. guess it... I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.... Then they screamed and the applause for that song were longer than for any other song. And after they had played it I heard many people saying stuff like "Wow, they are great". I mean they had heard stuff like Toys, SOSAD, Elevator, Thighs, Dream on, DTL, WTW etc and didn't even bother move. Well, I think that's really sad and to be honest it pissed me off a bit.

    Ofcourse there was alot of us real fans there too but as I said, there was alot of IDWTMAT-"fans"

    There was so many things that happened during the show that I was going to tell you about but now I can't remember any of them but it was an Amazing show and I sure hope it won't be 5 years until they come here next time (like it's been since the last time they played in Sweden)

    To those of you who are going to see them in the next few weeks I have to say that I'm really jealous of you. I promise you It will be an experince you will never forget, I know I wont.

    AEROSMITH 4-EVER!!!!!!!!

    - Cristoffer Eriksson

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