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Video Babes...

Aerosmith has often used good-looking girls in their videos...

Aerosmith Video

The girl's name

Blind Man Pamela Anderson
Legendary Child Alexa Vega
Janie's Got a Gun Kristin Dattilo confirmed
Girls Of Summer Jaime Pressley (the blonde)
Kim Smith (the brunette) confirmed
Fly Away From Here Jessica Biel
Fly Away From Here Chelsea Anna Tyler (Steven morphs
into this kid, his youngest daughter)
Jaded Mila Kunis
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Liv Tyler
Hole In My Soul Alexandra Holden
Eva Mendes (the one cloned first, w/ brown hair, USA flag bikini and red boots)
Crazy Alicia Silverstone (blonde) &
Liv Tyler (brunette)
Amazing Alicia Silverstone
Cryin Alicia Silverstone
Love In An Elevator (Elevator Operator) Brandi Brandt (Nikki Sixx's ex-wife)
Love In An Elevator (w/ Joe in the Elevator) Billie Perry (Joe's wife)
Love In An Elevator Teresa Tyler (Steven's wife) &
Lisa Barrick (her sister)
Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
(Blonde in the beginning of the video)
Teresa Tyler (Steven's wife)
Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (playing sax) Billie Perry
Rag Doll Teresa Tyler(?)
Black Velvet Pants (Joe Perry Project) Billie Perry (Joe's wife)
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