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Aerosmith Parodies

Many of these are written by "Cheshire Cat", the others have the writings credits attached.

If you've written a parody based on an Aerosmith song and want it published here at Rock This Way, please e-mail it to me!

Parody Title


Original Title

 Alien Encounter
  Livin' On The Edge
 What You've Made
  What It Takes
 Billy Wore a Dress
  Janie's Got A Gun
 Joe's Got Some Gum
  Janie's Got A Gun
 I Don't Want To Miss The Ring
  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
 I Don't Wanna Ditch A Thing
  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
 One Good Band
  Magic Touch
 I Gotta Go Potty
  What Kind of Love Are You On
  No Surprize
 Sing On The Stage
  Walk On Water
 Eat On
  Dream On
 I Canít Hear This Song Anymore...
  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
 The New Stuff
  I Wanna Know Why
  Dream On
 I Don't Want To Hear This Song
  I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
 Fuckin (My Old Lady)
  Dude (Looks like a lady)
 Click On
  Dream On
 The Barn
  The Farm
 Sign up
  Line Up
  Cheese Cake
 Line Drives
  Nine Lives
 Know her Size
  No Surprize
 Big Ten Inch
  Big Ten-Inch Record
 Sweet Steven
  Sweet Emotion
 Living in the borg
  Livin' on the edge
  Young Lust
 Going to School (Is Hard On The Brain)
  Falling In Love
 Joe (Perry)
 Callin' It Up (Is Hard On The Fees)
  Falling in Love
 Getting Old (Is Hard on the Knees)
  Falling In Love
 Fallen Arches
  Fallen Angels
 Back in Seattle
  Back in the Saddle
 Don't Get Brad, Get Steven
  Don't Get Mad, Get Even
 Sings and Preens
  Kings and Queens
 Lovin' a Deli Waiter
  Love in an Elevator
 I Missed Her Space
  My Fist Your Face
  My Girl
 Santa's Got a Gun
  Janie's Got a Gun
 Livin' in the Fridge
  Livin in on the Edge
 Turnin' to a Witch
  Livin' on the Edge
 Fly My Kite
  Bright Light Fright
 Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
  Let the Music Do the Talking
 What Crust?
  Young Lust
 Taste of Joe Perry
  Taste of India
 Farmer's Daughter
  Walk on Water
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