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News as of September 30, 2003
  • RICK DUFAY GIG THIS SAT (10-4) at McRed's 9:30pm!
      (formerly of Blue By Nature and Aerosmith)
      with his new band

      Rick is doing another gig at McRed's in Van Nuys this coming Saturday night! Come on out and join us for one heck of a rock-n-blues party! Gonna be some old friends coming out for this gig and a host of new friends as well! A small flyer is inserted here with all of the info you need!

      Once again, Rick will rock your socks off as only the Doof can do while keeping true to a lot of his heavy blues influences so prevalent in Blue By Nature! Dave Boyle will be joining the guys on 2nd guitar for this gig. Dave has known Dan Rothchild (bass player) for many years and they've played in several bands together. Cary Beare (guitar Gig 1) and Yogi (guitar Gigs 2 & 3) both had prior commitments. Rumor has it Rick's good friend (infamous rock producer) Jack Douglas will be at this gig and maybe even one of the guys who played on the Written In Stone material up on Rick's MP3 site too! (

      From left to right in the flyer above: Steve Wilkins (Bad Dog No Biscuit/Steely Fan Band) on keyboards, Dan Potruch (yep, THE DAN from Blue By Nature) on drums, Rick (aka DOOF) on lead vocals/lead guitar and Dan Rothchild (son of Doors producer Paul - Shakira/Sheryl Crow/Stevie Nicks) on bass! Be ready once again for an incredible show of REAL rock and blues and the luxury of seeing so many great players of this caliber in a small intimate club setting!

      For additional information, email me at or at Sure hope a lot of you who live here locally will be able to make it out! Feel free to forward this email on to fellow rock/blues fans! Be sure to come up and say hi and let me know you got there via this email. I'll be the short blonde sitting front/center of course! I've done my best to hang onto email addresses over the years but so many have changed. If you are in touch with anyone from the Blue By Nature fan base and/or Rick's solo days in the late 80's/early 90's, be sure to pass this info on to them! And to anyone that digs REAL rock-n-blues! See ya there! Terry aka TED in CA

  • ALL 15 Shows - AF1 Sale Times/Dates Summary (DMAAT)
      Here is the complete list of new dates (15) including the ones that go on sale (AF1) TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY both as well as the ones on sale already....

      On sale TUESDAY evening SEPT. 30, 2003

      At 7PM ET - Boston, MA Nov. 26, 2003 FLEET CENTER
      At 8PM ET - Grand Rapids, MI Nov. 12, 2003 VAN ANDEL ARENA and
      At 8PM ET - Louisville, KY Dec. 08, 2003 FREEDOM HALL
      At 9PM ET - New York, NY Nov. 16, 2003 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

      On sale WEDNESDAY evening OCT. 1, 2003

      At 7PM ET: - Moline, IL Nov. 14, 2003 MARK of the QUAD and
      At 7PM ET: - Manchester, NH Nov. 24, 2003 VERIZON WIRELESS ARENA
      At 8PM ET - Albany, NY Nov. 28, 2003 PEPSI CENTER and
      At 8PM ET - Tampa, FL Dec. 03, 2003 ST. PETE TIMES FORUM
      At 9PM ET - Jacksonville, FL Dec. 05, 2003 JACKSONVILLE NEW ARENA and
      At 9PM ET - Knoxville, TN Dec. 10, 2003 THOMPSON-BOLING ARENA

      - Albuquerque, NM Oct. 20, 2003 JOURNAL PAVILION
      - Salt Lake City, UT Oct. 22, 2003 DELTA CENTER
      - Omaha, NE Nov. 06, 2003 QWEST CENTER
      - Grand Forks, ND Nov. 08, 2003 ALERUS CENTER
      - Minneapolis, MN Nov. 10, 2003 TARGET CENTER


  • More dates !
      11-28-03 Albany, NY: Pepsi Center
      12-05-03 jacksonville, FL: New Arena
      12-10-03 knoxville, TN: Thompson Boiling Arena

      More dates to be added! Including: Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, Wis... Detroit, MI, Cleveland.Oh... 22 dates in all, and the tour will end right before xmas around the 20th of december.


  • Joe talks to Mark Brown Again - Rocky Mountain News (DMAAT)
      Remember..the guy that first "leaked" Jack as producer of this upcoming album! Some not so thrilling quotes from Joe in this one....

      Classic rock reprise
      Aerosmith, Kiss hit the road together, share Fiddler's stage
      By Mark Brown, Rocky Mountain News
      September 30, 2003

      When the joint Aerosmith/Kiss tour was announced earlier this year, most fans probably thought it was a first. After all, had these two paired up in their '70s heyday, it would have been a huge stadium tour.

      In truth, the classic rock giants have shared a stage before - both as openers when they were up-and-coming. Fans back in '74 had no idea they were seeing history before their eyes.

      "I remember playing with them at Meriweather Post (Pavilion) in Washington back in '74. We did a couple of shows together" (including a blowout in Detroit), recalls Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry in a recent phone interview.

      While both bands were starting their string of hit singles, "their rise was meteoric and they became headliners pretty fast" while Aerosmith still struggled, Perry says. "But socially we'd run into them a lot. They're old friends."

      After years of trying to work it out, the double bill came together again, nearly 30 years after the last time they shared a stage. The bands are at Fiddler's Green tonight.

      "Going onstage with Hall of Famers like those guys? I'm in awe of them," Kiss drummer Peter Criss says in a separate interview. "There's not many bands around like us anymore. We're dying out, like every other generation of rockers. Who ever (could imagine) that Led Zeppelin music is now 30 years old? It's hard for me to understand it because I love it so much."

      As for Kiss, Perry says "they've distilled all the things that are the rock 'n' roll clichés and they're the best. It's great touring with them. There's nobody like them."

      And both have tapped into new, younger fan bases. Aerosmith has its classics (Dream On, Sweet Emotion, Back in the Saddle) but also a string of latter-day hits: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing and Jaded. They've also appeared with Britney Spears and other pop stars, to the consternation of some fans.

      "There were a few people before the show who expressed some concern. But it doesn't rub off on you. It's not like cooties or something," Perry says of a Super Bowl halftime appearance with Spears.

      "We're not doing an album with her, but if we did, that wouldn't be a bad thing either, if it was the right kind of music. That's one of the reasons this band is still alive today. We do things like that in spite of what a few fans might think. We got some not-so-positive letters about working with Run-DMC in the day."

      Kiss hasn't had the latter-day hits, but since reuniting the original lineup and putting the face paint back on in 1996, they found a whole new set of fans waiting to hear Rock 'n' Roll All Night, Firehouse, Beth and more.

      Their first public reunion show, in fact, was at alternative-rock station KROQ's Weenie Roast in Southern California, where they made 18,000 twentysomethings lose their minds.

      "At the Weenie Roast, I thought we were the Beatles. My daughter was there. She'd never seen me play (with Kiss). She freaked out," Criss says. "I was feeling so cool. We worked so hard. We worked 24/7 in the gym, out of it, rehearsals, rehearsing the stuff with me and Ace (Frehley) after 17 years. How could you not at least respect us for being right in your face?"

      That's another similarity between the bands; Aerosmith and Kiss both fractured in their prime, in part because of substance abuse. Both bands, however, realized they worked best with the original lineup and went back to it eventually, putting ego aside.

      Temporarily, at least. Guitarist Frehley has left Kiss again.

      "I've got a knot in my gut at times for Gene (Simmons) and Paul (Stanley)," Criss admits. "And I miss Ace. I really do. I wish he was up here. But there are times I want to kill him. It's definitely a love/hate relationship. When we're not on the road we don't even talk to each other. We have nothing in common, really. Yet when the war paint is on and we step on the stage, the magic is there."

      Besides, he adds: "I refuse to do a bad show just because I want to shoot Gene in the back of the head."

      It was decided that Kiss would open the shows and Aerosmith would close them, in part just because of the logistics; Kiss' elaborate stage show takes longer to pack into the 20 semis on the tour, so the crew is loading that stuff as Aerosmith plays.

      And, Aerosmith's shows the past few years have been among their best ever. They're rehearsing harder than ever, Perry says.

      "I still warm up and try to figure it out. I always come out of it playing a little better. I never really felt like much of a guitar player over the years," Perry says. "Obviously I've made enough noise for people to notice, but I've never thought of myself as that good. We always feel like there's another mountain to climb, another challenge. We haven't made our best record yet. That's the kinda of spirit that keeps it going for us."


  • Joe talks to Mark Brown Again - Rocky Mountain News (DMAAT)
      Another short blurb by Mark Brown - Rocky Mountain News

      Blues album unites band in the studio
      By Mark Brown, Rocky Mountain News
      September 30, 2003

      Aerosmith's next album, Honkin' on Bobo, is recorded and is waiting to be mixed for release next year.
      The album of blues covers features the band playing live in the studio.

      "The last couple of records we've put together were real studio records with people overdubbing their parts," says guitarist Joe Perry. "I don't think the band was ever in the studio together all at once for Just Push Play. I missed the energy of everyone in the same room playing live."

      Rather than worry about hit singles or writing songs, they just picked old blues numbers and gave them the Aerosmith treatment.

      Watch for a few to pop up in the concert tonight.


  • STL Today Review (DMAAT)
      By Kevin C. Johnson Post-Dispatch Pop Music Critic

      Anyone who left the Aerosmith/Kiss concert at UMB Bank Pavilion Sunday night with ear drums and eyebrows intact (the noise, the pyro), and eyesight undamaged (the side-butt display from Gene Simmons) got off easy.

      That's the kind of night it was when the two rock heavyweights joined forces for a co-headlining tour that came to town for a sold-out show featuring 20,000-plus fans crammed together to see the bands perform separate, full shows. No amount of firepower, or musical heat, could lift the chill off the air, however, though it mattered none to those there to rock out to the mostly classics-filled sets.

      Kiss' music has always amounted to big, dumb noise, but for what the band offers, few others can do the same, and especially at the level Kiss does. What's most amazing about Kiss is that singer/bassist Simmons, singer/guitarist Paul Stanley and drummer Peter Criss, aided by new guitarist Tommy Thayer replacing Ace Frehley, are still able to bring it the way they do. The Kiss Army doesn't mind that Kiss has practically lifted what looks like a '70s show and transplanted it to present day.

      Kiss' trademark heavy makeup and Halloween-friendly costumes make it difficult to tell how the band has aged, though its shenanigans have certainly grown creaky. Is Simmons' flame-blower trick really that interesting anymore?

      The show kicked off with Simmons, Stanley and Thayer lowered from an overhead platform onto the stage while pyro shot off around them. Mind-numbing bangers such as ``I Love It Loud,'' ``Shout It Out Loud,'' ``I Want You,'' and ``Rock and Roll All Nite'' followed, and served as the soundtrack to a number of Kiss' antics, including the drum kit that takes off like a spaceship, Simmons' flying through the air and blood-gushing mouth stunts, and Stanley's look-how-sexy-I-still-am style of playing.

      Though Kiss' ``you wanted the best, you got the best'' motto remains suspect, there's a certain amount of glee still found in its dated schtick. But how awkward was it to see a toddler on the video screens in one crowd shot, followed by two women doing a Britney/Madonna tongue dance?

      Regal rockers Aerosmith closed out the night with a stronger, more straightforward set that needed none of the flash and fire of Kiss. Aerosmith is an audience favorite that continues to thrill while never seeming past its prime.

      A still spry Steven Tyler, full of his usual cocky, rock star swagger and draped in scarfs and fringes, led the band through expected hits like ``Dream On,'' ``Cryin,'' ``Living on the Edge,'' ``Walk This Way,'' and ``Sweet Emotion,'' and the more recent ``Jaded.'' Guitarist Joe Perry introduced a couple of new songs from a solo CD he said he'd release next year. The bluesy rockers were worthy efforts, but one had to wonder which oldies the band could've thrown in if Perry's songs were omitted.

      Not only did the band utilize a revolving stage for a dual set-ups, but several of these songs were up close and personal, thanks to a lengthy portion of the stage that edged out into the crowd, where the band greeted fans.

      Despite the wear and tear that comes with time, Tyler, Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, etc., managed to keep things fresh. The band's execution felt effortless. At this point, Aerosmith can walk through a performance if it wanted and few would be the wiser. But the band continues to work hard for its fans' dollars.

      The band Saliva opened the concert.



      This article makes reference to songs that Joe Perry will "release on a solo CD". I do know Joe had a ton of blues ideas, but Jack Douglas has confirmed that this reporter simply got his facts wrong. As you may have noticed, there were no quotes from Joe about it either. It's quite possible that Joe will put out a solo album sometime in the future though as he's got his own label now and a lot of material that maybe Aero won't agree to put on the Aero blues album. I also think Joe is the one most rooted in the blues so it would make sense. I just hope they don't hold back any great tunes that he's on from this upcoming release because "Joe is only allowed one song per Aero album". I seem to recall there are at least 3 song that have been recorded with Joe singing. One of course is the already overplayed live song Stop Messin' Around. I sure would be bummed if that is the Joe song they put on the CD. I'd love to hear the one that JD talked about that Joe sang on ... the dark and heavy "spiritual" one.

  • Book on Aerosmith fans..
      Hello my name is Julie Blasé and I am writing a book about Aerosmiths fans. I recently attended a concert being a fan myself and noticed the way the fans dressed themselves up for the occasion. I thought that it would be interesting to write a book about the fans and the way Aerosmith has affected their lives. The way they felt before, during and after the concert. I want to hear your stories..
      Did you make a special T-shirt or die your hair a different color? Did you cry when Steven played your favorite song or scream when Joe touched your hand? Maybe you made a new friend for life. Or went home and built a web page.
      Don't be afraid to share your story and or pictures.
      Please send them to me at just make sure that you include your address or email address so when I get ready to publish the book I can get your written consent to use your material.
      Julie Blase

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Rush - Rush (1974)

News as of September 29, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} 2nd LEG SET LIST REPORTERS!
      The 2nd full leg of Aerosmith and Kiss' "Rocksimus Maximus" tour 2003 will be swining back around this fall/winter. All shows are selling like hotcakes, with the average attedances haven been at 90% capacity.

      I need more reporters for this leg of the tour. If you have been a setlist reporter for me in the past, PLEASE don't hesitate to help again. If you are new but would like to help out, we'd love to have YOU!

      Since March of 2001, Aerosmith has played 165 gigs. And has gotten 165 SETLISTS, for you viewing pleasure. Not too shabby, eh? ;-) However, it is YOU...the concert goer, that makes this work. If it weren't for YOU, we woulden't be able to track the setlists on

      If you plan on going to ANY of the below listed shows, and would like to be a setlist reporter....send me an email at In this email I need your name, the show(s) you will be attending, and your primary email address. The shows known are as follows...

      Mon 10/20/03 Alburqurque, NM Journal Pavilion
      Wed 10/22/03 Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center
      Fri 10/24/03 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Arena
      Sat 10/25/03 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Arena
      Thu 11/6/03 Omaha, NE Qwest Center Omaha
      Sat 11/08/03 Grand Forks, ND Alerus Center
      Mon 11/10/03 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
      Wed 11/12/03 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
      Sun 11/16/03 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
      Mon 11/24/03 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
      Wed 11/26/03 Boston, MA Fleet Center
      Wed 12/03/03 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
      Mon 12/08/03 Louisville, KY Freedom Hall
      Fri 12/12/03 Moline, IL Mark of the Quad Cities

      Once again, the AeroFANatic needs SETLIST REPORTERS for the above shows. Let's keep the online blue army thing working.

      Send me an email at if you want to be a reporter for a show, or have ANY QUESTIONS. Don't sit back and wait for someone else to claim a show. If you all do that, THERE WILL BE NO ONE TO REPORT SETLISTS! So, claim your show today!!!

  • Bringing Aerosmith to India?
      Leo Stage to bring in global rock group Aerosmith

      Purvita Chatterjee

      BRINGING in international rock bands portends big business for Indian entertainment companies. With most agencies floating specialised divisions to cater to this business, the latest player to join the fray is Leo Burnett's division, Leo Stage, which has decided to bring the international rock group, Aerosmith, into the country.

      ``We have yet to sign the deal with the international rock group but intend bringing Aerosmith to India before the year ends. Currently, we are negotiating to get sponsors for the show,'' says Mr Sujit Nair, GM, Leo Stage. Bringing in standards and accountability into the entertainment marketing industry, Leo Stage is also expected to build a system whereby the title and co-sponsors of any event will be able to measure the sales of their brands post the event.

      Mr Nair added, ``We are coming up with a scheme to link the sales of the brand with the show. It is not just about brand saliency but also about bottomline sales for the company. One way of achieving this would be to introduce tickets which can be availed under the condition that the brand sponsoring the event also gains from it." Besides Leo Stage is also extending its services to Nepal where it has tied up with an entertainment company in Nepal - Infinity - to promote their rockstars to the people of Nepal .

      In fact, it is going to be a two-way deal whereby Indian celebrities will be roped in by the agency to perform in Nepal and at the same show, the Nepalese rock stars will get a chance to showcase their talent.

      Leo Stage has already signed on an Indian rock brand - Brahama - to perform in Nepal and there are more Indian celebrities who are likely to be taken to the neighbouring country.

      Adds Mr Nair, ``There are almost 150 rock groups in Nepal and we will give an opportunity to some of these rock groups to perform and try to create some euphoria in Nepal.''

      Explaining the dynamics of the entertainment management business, Mr Nair says, ``The collection on tickets alone cannot sustain the costs in running a show. You need sponsors to cover the cost of hiring the celebrities.'' With clients asking for accountability on their spends, Leo Stage is gearing up to provide a system whereby sponsorship spends can actually get translated to sales.

      ``After all entertainment companies are in existence because of the brands and it is our responsibility to see that the brand benefits from the exercise,'' says Mr Nair.

      Comparing its services to the existing players in the business such as Thompson Connect and Ogilvy Live, Leo Stage likes to describe itself as a stage management division with the job of bringing in entertainment brands into India.

      © 2003 Kasturi & Sons Ltd.


  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Maryland Heights, MO
      Great news, they changed the set up a tad, and dropped a few of the well played hits. Let's dissect the set...

      Maryland Heights, MO
      UMB Bank Pavilion

      Mama Kin
      Toys In The Attic
      Slow Train / Train Kept A Rollin'
      Rag Doll
      Seasons Of Wither
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Nobody's Fault
      Livin' On The Edge
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo / Sweet Emotion

      Interesting Notes:
      - that something I have never heard them do was the slow Train into Train Kept A Rollin'. If you don't know what I mean, listen to Get Your Wings. Train is slow, and then speeds up. The last 20 years or so Aerosmith has been doing Train fast. So tonight, getting the slow "GYW" version is DEFINITLY F*CKING KICK ASS.
      - Elevator and What It Takes rested for Train and Let The Music Do The Talkin. First rest of both songs in 2+ tours I believe. Elevator hasn't been rested in quite some time until tonight.
      - Steven did not one, not two, but THREE handsprings during Walk This Way.
      - Thanks to my "homoerotic boy blue" for reporting the set. Don't ask....LOL

  • Tweeter Center - Tinley Review (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith rocks, Kiss falls flat
      Sunday, September 28, 2003
      By Calvin Scott Assistant Features Editor

      Aerosmith and Kiss - the two biggest acts of 1970s arena rock - brought their co-headlining tour Friday night to the chilly, muddy Tweeter Center in Tinley Park.
      Two things were obvious:

      Aerosmith is living on the edge.

      Kiss is living in the past.

      A blistering 15-song set by Aerosmith was about the only thing that warmed up the crowd at the packed Tweeter Center, especially considering that Kiss went on stage early and at least 1,000 fans missed most of the band's performance while sitting in traffic or spinning their wheels in parking lot mud. Most fans in the parking lot complained; several said after the concert they would not return to the Tweeter Center under any circumstances.

      Although Aerosmith's set was too short - the band had no encore, despite two encores by Kiss - the band gave the crowd a nice musical span of its 30-year history.

      The set began with "Mama Kin," from the 1973 debut album. The song seemed a bit slow, as did follow-up tunes "Toys in the Attic," "Love in an Elevator" and "Rag Doll," but Steven Tyler's harmonica work during "Pink" seemed to get the audience going.

      After nice live versions of recent hit "Jaded" and "What It Takes," Aerosmith gave a two-song preview of its upcoming, untitled blues-roots CD. Guitarist Joe Perry handled the vocals on the first song, and the highlight of the concert was a searing version of Big Joe Williams' 1944 classic "Baby, Please Don't Go," which has been covered by the likes of Muddy Waters, Sonny Terry, Van Morrison, AC/DC and John Mellencamp.

      While Eric Clapton and Mellencamp have tried their hands at covering old blues tunes, Aerosmith might just strike gold - or double platinum - when the album is released, based on the preview Friday night. It allowed Aerosmith to do what it does best: rock.

      The obligatory "Dream On" pumped up the crowd more, followed by another highlight, "Let the Music Do the Talking," recorded by Aerosmith in 1985 after the Joe Perry Project recorded it during Perry's exodus from the band from 1979 to 1984.

      "Living on the Edge" included an appropriate video montage to Tyler's lyrics, "Something's wrong with the world today, I don't know what it is." The images ran the gamut, from Osama bin Laden to the World Trade Center towers, from Richard Nixon to Vietnam.

      "Cryin'" brought out the best in Tyler's vocals, which really got the crowd going for "Walk This Way" and the hard-rocking finale, Tom Hamilton's bass-driven "Sweet Emotion." It was a great set, but 15 songs is too few for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band that was forced to abandon songs such as "Janie's Got a Gun," "Train Kept a Rollin'," "Back in the Saddle" and its only No. 1 song, "Don't Want to Miss a Thing."

      Kiss, apparently on its "Farewell to the Farewell Tour," played many of its usual string of songs from a career that began in 1974. But frankly, singer-guitarist Paul Stanley's banter has gotten to be stale and silly. "We will never, ever, ever forget you, Chicago!" OK, we heard it during the "farewell" tour.

      Move on.

      Kiss has a new CD, "Kiss Alive IV," all old songs recorded in February with a symphony in Australia. Now that's groundbreaking, eh?

      As for the band personnel, Peter Criss has returned on drums, and Ace Frehley is out as lead guitarist, replaced by road tech Tommy Thayer, a guitarist for the defunct metal band Black 'n' Blue. Thayer was fine, and most people probably didn't even notice a difference between Thayer and Frehley, especially because Thayer wore the spaceman makeup.

      Kiss, however, once again is a band in need of a makeover. Bassist-singer Gene Simmons and Stanley have milked this franchise for about all the cash it can conjure. When the four original members reunited in 1996 and put on the makeup again, it was America's guilty pleasure. Now, it's tired. No matter how many records "Beth" sold, it's time to retire this putrid ballad, especially with Criss singing to canned music.

      And audiences are tiring of Stanley, during the finale of "Rock and Roll All Nite," swinging and shattering his guitar with all the ferocity of a 5-year-old's swing in a tee-ball game.

      Aerosmith, proving it's still a vital American band after 30 years, saved the night after an insincere Kiss and dismal weather (the show was postponed from Sept. 5 because of tour rescheduling caused by the August blackout).

      And Tinley Park and the Tweeter Center had better get their act together for next season. Traffic jams, muddy parking and too many closed ticket windows made for one exasperating night.


  • Joe Talks about the Blues/Special (DMAAT)
      this is an article on the specials and quotes Joe on the blues, etc. Read on....

      Bringing back the blues
      John Soeder
      Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic

      Martin Scorsese had a baby - a big baby - and he named it "The Blues."

      The director is executive producer of a seven-part series of blues films airing this week on PBS stations nationwide, including WVIZ Channel 25 and WEAO Channel 49.

      And the television programs (also available in DVD and VHS formats) are only part of a multimedia blues blitz.

      Clearly, someone struck a deal at the cross-marketing crossroads. "The Blues" also encompasses 20 albums, a five-CD boxed set and an upcoming feature-length concert film, among other spinoffs.

      It's enough to make you wonder: How long before the Big Bill Broonzy and Gertrude "Ma" Rainey action figures hit store shelves?

      "The idea is to get the music out there and to let people decide for themselves," said Robert Santelli, director and CEO of the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle, a partner in "The Blues."

      Scorsese directed "Feel Like Going Home," tonight's episode of the PBS package. The film focuses on the blues of the Mississippi Delta, with Lead Belly, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and other blues legends sharing screen time with latter-day bluesmen Corey Harris and Keb' Mo'.

      In subsequent installments, six other directors offer their takes on superstars and unsung heroes alike who fashioned greatness from three chords.

      Wim Wenders pays tribute to Skip James, Blind Willie Johnson and J. B. Lenoir. Richard Pearce sets his sights on B.B. King and the Memphis scene.

      The tension between gospel music and the blues, aka the devil's music, informs Charles Burnett's made-for-TV movie. Marc Levin documents Chicago blues and connects the dots between the blues and hip-hop. Mike Figgis interviews Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and John Mayall for perspectives on the '60s blues revival in England. The final episode, "Piano Blues," was directed by Clint Eastwood and features performances by Pinetop Perkins, Ray Charles and Dave Brubeck.

      "These are innovative, impressionistic pieces," Santelli said. "You're not going to get a pedantic history of the blues. . . . Every aspect of The Blues' takes an unconventional approach."

      A companion book, "Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey," was co-edited by Santelli. In an introductory chapter, he describes the blues as "the oldest and most resilient of all American roots music forms."

      He was back in Cleveland earlier this month to deliver a blues lecture at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, where he previously served as vice president of education and public programs.

      "The Blues" is "the best thing ever to happen for the blues," said Bobby Rush. The veteran bluesman, a chitlin circuit favorite, is a scene-stealer in Pearce's documentary, "The Road to Memphis."

      "The blues seemed to be on the way out," Rush said. "Now, after 51 years in this business, I see it surging again. This is going to bring a lot of people back to the blues.

      "For the past few years, if you went to blues festivals, you would only see white folks. I think my involvement in this is going to bring black people back to the blues, especially young people. They're going to realize if Bobby Rush can do this, they can, too."

      There is no denying the "primal" appeal of the blues, said guitarist Joe Perry of the hard-rock group Aerosmith.

      "You can trace the roots of almost all contemporary pop music back to the blues," he said. "Even jazz had its roots in the blues. Then it folded itself back in on a lot of R&B. But it all goes back to those blues guys . . . entertaining people with a guitar and telling a story."

      Aerosmith's next album, set for release early next year, is a collection of blues covers and blues-tinged originals. Band members performed alongside numerous blues luminaries in February during the "Salute to the Blues" concert at New York City's Radio City Music Hall. The event was filmed as part of "The Blues."

      "It was an incredible experience," Perry said. "Just hearing Honeyboy Edwards brought tears to my eyes. . . . I sat around with B.B. King and Buddy Guy in the dressing room and just let it all rub off."

      Also on the bill were Bonnie Raitt, Shemekia Copeland and Cleveland blues hero Robert Lockwood Jr. (stepson of blues pioneer Robert Johnson), among others. A feature film of concert highlights should arrive in theaters by early next year, according to Santelli. (In the meantime, you can catch Lockwood on the season premiere of WVIZ's "Applause" series, airing at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.)

      Coinciding with "The Blues," Congress officially has proclaimed 2003 as "The Year of the Blues," thanks to a lobbying effort led by EMP and the Memphis-based Blues Foundation. The commemoration marks the 100th anniversary of blues-championing bandleader W.C. Handy's fateful encounter at a Mississippi train station with a bluesman who played, in Handy's words, "the weirdest music I ever heard."

      Underwritten with a multimillion-dollar sponsorship from Volkswagen of America, "The Blues" also has spawned a 13-part radio series, broadcast locally last week on WCPN FM/90.3. And an EMP exhibit devoted to Chicago blues. And an educational outreach program with blues lesson plans for teachers. And an extensive Web site,

      And . . . is "The Blues" throwing too much at us?

      "I don't think so," Santelli said.

      The all-out campaign is "putting the blues in areas where the music has been hit or miss," he said. "It never has been this prominent on public television or on public radio. Because the potential audience is so large, our hope is we'll hit everybody, depending on which vehicle we're using."

      Fast on the heels of the official tie-ins, others are flooding the market unofficially with anything blues.

      Rounder Records has released "Box of the Blues," a four-disc set. Two compilations of blues classics by various artists, "Everyday I Have the Blues" and "Worried Life Blues," have been issued by BMG Heritage. "Blues Story," a documentary unrelated to Scorsese's extravaganza, airs at 10:30 tonight on WVIZ; Shout! Factory has released a "Blues Story" DVD and two-CD set, too.

      Michael Miller, owner of the Cleveland blues club Wilbert's, hopes all this buzz about the blues will trickle down to his establishment. It reopened in May in the Gateway District, nearly four years after the club's previous location in the Warehouse District closed. Rush, Perkins, Copeland and other musicians showcased in "The Blues" played there in the '90s.

      Since the move, however, concert attendance at Wilbert's has declined 25 percent.

      Miller attributes the smaller crowds at least in part to an ebb in interest in the blues. "I've been booking blues acts for 20 years," he said. "Business is down now. Maybe [The Blues'] will help bring it up again."

      Chris Thomas King has mixed feelings about "The Blues" - and he's part of it. The singer-guitarist portrays Blind Willie Johnson in the Wenders film, "The Soul of a Man."

      On one hand, King isn't sure we need a raft of "Martin Scorsese Presents" CDs with reissued material by Waters, Smith, Robert Johnson and other blues greats.

      "It might look exploitative," King said. He released an album, "Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues," last year on his own 21st Century Blues Records label.

      "Record labels got the music for nothing years ago, so it's nothing for them to repackage it and to sell it again," he said. "But are these labels investing in the genre by giving young artists a chance?

      "They should point the way to the fresh faces of the blues today."

      On the other hand, King said he's "guardedly optimistic" about "The Blues" fostering a deeper appreciation for its subject matter.

      "If it shatters the stereotypical caricature of a black man on a porch . . . and puts the blues in context, then I see a reason to be excited," he said. "People need to get the deeper meaning of the blues. It's a cultural music. It came over on slave ships from Africa and spread around the world.

      "And it's still morphing, developing and changing."


  • Entertaining Comparison (DMAAT)
      Don't get nuts about's just one publication's comparison LOL....

      Battle of the (super) bands
      KISS defeats Aerosmith for rock supremacy

      Two of hard rock's most storied bands are coming together Tuesday night on the Fiddler's Green stage.

      To the dismay of the KISS Army, Aerosmith is the closing act onthis tour, relegating KISS to opening-band status for the first time since Ford was in the White House.

      "I know both bands have said there is no rivalry," writes webmaster "John B." on, "but it seems like the 'Bad Boys from Beantown' have added a little extra cayenne pepper to the chili."

      Some reviewers say there's no competition on this tour. "KISS was just good enough to be Aerosmith's warm-up," wrote Sean Piccoli of the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

      But who wants to live in the now when we can dote on rock history?

      Here's a breakdown of KISS and Aerosmith in seven rockin' categories:

      1. Tongues.

      This comes down to a mano a mano battle between KISS' Gene Simmons and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Tyler possesses a remarkable (and somewhat frightening) pair of lips, and he's well-endowed in the tongue department.

      But Simmons, with his snake-like tongue muscle dripping with fake blood, simply cannot be beaten.

      Winner: KISS

      2. Fashion Sense.

      Again, Aerosmith puts up a valiant fight.

      Tyler's trademark scarves around the mic stand are cool, and the band members' ability to wear leather pants into their 50s is admirable.

      But how can anyone top the violent drag-queen look that KISS perfected in the '70s heyday of glitter rock? The long hair, the black-and-white makeup, the armor and the firebreathing stage personas are the ultimate in hard-rock kitsch and probably make KISS the most visually imitated band on the planet . . . even if Paul Stanley kinda looks like the pretty daughter of Gene Simmons.

      Winner: KISS

      3. Merchandising:

      No contest. The KISS Army is made up of suckers for KISS stuff, and Simmons is a merchandising genius. KISS figurines grace mantles across the nation, and the KISS logo has been plastered on nearly every product imaginable. You can even celebrate the circle of life with KISS condoms and a "KISS Kasket" - for when that rockin' and rollin' all night finally catches up with you.

      Winner: KISS

      4. Best song:

      In one corner is "Rock and Roll All Nite," not only one of rock's enduring classics, but the definition of a lifestyle and the genesis of a great catch phrase. In the other corner is "Walk This Way." It was a kickin' party tune when it came out in 1976, but when Aerosmith revamped the song with Run-D.M.C. it marked the beginning of raprock fusion.

      Winner: tie

      5. Best catalog of songs:

      Besides "Rock and Roll All Nite," KISS sang the stirring ballad "Beth" and a whole string of thudding hard rockers ("Shout it Out Loud," "I Was Made for Lovin' You," "Detroit Rock City," "Calling Dr. Love," "Rocket Ride," "Psycho Circus.")

      But Aerosmith has 'em beat with a list of memorable songs that goes on and on: "Sweet Emotion," "Dream On," "Toys in the Attic," "Back in the Saddle," "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," "Angel," "Rag Doll," "Love in an Elevator," "Janie's Got a Gun," "Cryin'," "Amazing," "Crazy," "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing." You get the picture.

      Winner: Aerosmith

      6. Rockitude:

      Aerosmith is cool, but there always was something a little bit wussy about them. At first, they were dubbed Rolling Stones imitators. Later, they seemed a bit too perfect for the power ballad radio of the late '80s. KISS, on the other hand, always seemed to be the bad-asses of arena rock (even if Simmons was born Chaim Witz and claims to have never used drugs or alcohol or smoked).

      Sure, they haven't aged well, but the pyro and blood and makeup appeal to the wild little boy (or girl) in all of us. The music is always heavy, even when it isn't good. Simmons, Stanley, Ace Frehley (who is being replaced by Tommy Thayer on this tour) and Peter Criss are completely over the top, and that's why we love them so. As Chuck Klosterman writes, "KISS made a few million kids want to pick up guitars and pretend to be someone they're not. And that is rock 'n' roll, 99 percent of the time."

      Winner: KISS

      7. Career longevity:

      Aerosmith and KISS both broke it big in 1975. Both bands did well in the 1970s - though, it must be said, KISS absolutely owned the '70s. And both bands had it rough in the early '80s. Aerosmith dropped off into drug abuse, and KISS' albums didn't even go gold.

      Then both bands were saved by the revival of big rock. KISS' album sales never have fully recovered, but their tours have been huge. KISS, however, also suffered several embarrassments on the level of Spinal Tap's Stonehenge fiasco. Only KISS Army sycophants can see the band as anything other than camp in 2003.

      Aerosmith, on the other hand, keeps turning out hit singles, keeps selling tons of records, and seems to be getting cooler with age. The band plans to release an all-blues album in 2004, which is the classiest way for a blues-rock band to age.

      There's a reason Aerosmith is headlining this show.

      Winner: Aerosmith

      Overall score:

      KISS takes it, 4-2-1


  • Reminder - Scorecese's Blues Special all this week (DMAAT)
      Just a reminder, beginning last night at 9pm on KCET (check local station listings for exact local time and station), Martin Scorsese's blues special will air every night through next Saturday - a 7-part series. Though you initial motivation may be to try and find out which show Aero is on if any, I would encourage folks to watch a lot of it regardless as it promises to be very informative and entertaining and a lot of knowledge about the blues and the influence the all-time greats of the first generation blues artists had on virtually all music that came after. Since Aero is paying tribute to many of these all-time greats and covering their songs, might be cool to actually learn a bit more about them.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aeromsith plays in Swanzey NH at the Cheshire County Fairgrounds

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Cincinnati OH at Riverfront Coliseum (Henry Gross opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Detroit MI at Cobo Arena (AC/DC open)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Adelaide Australia at Memorial Drive

      1993 Aeromsith plays in Hampton VA at the Coliseum (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Lafayette LA at the Cajundome (Marry Me Jane opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Antioch TN at Starwood Amphitheater

      2002 Steven Tyler sings the National Anthem at the Celebrity Hat Trick Hockey Game

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
Life - Life (1971)

News as of September 28, 2003
  • Steven Tyler on Jonny Lang album
      I just found out that Steven doesn't sing, but he plays harmonica on one of the tracks. Long Time Coming is out Oct 14.

  • Aero on TV tonight
      Marin Scorcese's Blues show is on tonight, Sunday PBS 9pm EST. It is the show that Steven and Joe participated in, in February. It is a 7 night series so I am not quite sure when Steven and Joe are on it. But, it starts tonight.

  • 2nd leg dates!
      Here are the dates for the 2nd leg of the tour. There are 14 listed, and I think there will be one or two more announced...

      Mon 10/20/03 Alburqurque, NM Journal Pavilion
      Wed 10/22/03 Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center
      Fri 10/24/03 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Arena
      Sat 10/25/03 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Arena
      Thu 11/6/03 Omaha, NE Qwest Center Omaha
      Sat 11/08/03 Grand Forks, ND Alerus Center
      Mon 11/10/03 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
      Wed 11/12/03 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
      Sun 11/16/03 New York, NY Madison Square Garden
      Mon 11/24/03 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena
      Wed 11/26/03 Boston, MA Fleet Center
      Wed 12/03/03 Tampa, FL St. Pete Times Forum
      Mon 12/08/03 Louisville, KY Freedom Hall
      Fri 12/12/03 Moline, IL Mark of the Quad Cities

  • AF1: Aerosmith Tour News: Fifteen New Shows (DMAAT)
      In a message dated 9/27/2003 1:26:19 PM Central Daylight Time, writes:

      15 NEW SHOWS! 2nd LEG of TOUR BEGINS!
      GET IN on AEROSMITH tickets BEFORE the general public with membership in Aero Force One

      Legendary rockers, Aerosmith RIPPED the covers off a much anticipated SECOND LEG of their North American tour today with the news of 10 additional shows . On top of 5 recently announced shows, fans will now have at least 15 more opportunities to catch America's Greatest Rock Band in action, with co-headliners KISS before the end of the year. Details are still coming in from management. What we can tell you about right now are the following show dates and presales events:

      on sale TUESDAY evening SEPT. 30, 2003:

      at 7PM ET
      - Boston, MA Nov. 26, 2003 FLEET CENTER

      at 8PM ET
      - Grand Rapids, MI Nov. 12, 2003 VAN ANDEL ARENA
      - Louisville, KY Dec. 08, 2003 FREEDOM HALL

      at 9PM ET
      - New York, NY Nov. 16, 2003 MADISON SQUARE GARDEN

      on sale NOW

      - Albuquerque, NM Oct. 20, 2003 JOURNAL PAVILION
      - Salt Lake City, UT Oct. 22, 2003 DELTA CENTER
      - Omaha, NE Nov. 06, 2003 9/09/03 QWEST CENTER
      - Grand Forks, ND Nov. 08, 2003 ALERUS CENTER
      - Minneapolis, MN Nov. 10, 2003 TARGET CENTER

      For more information on AEROSMITH / KISS PRESALES Hit the TOUR page. Check back often AND keep an eye on your email cause the shows are gonna keep on coming over the next few days!

  • Joe talks to Chicago Sun-Times (DMAAT)
      Speaking with ... Joe Perry
      September 26, 2003

      Somehow, you don't imagine rock guitar god Joe Perry tanning on a beach. But on this afternoon, that's exactly what the Aerosmith guitarist is doing three hours before a Florida concert. Taking a breather from tanning, he phoned to let us know why Chicago stores love him, his mixed feelings about downloading music and why his kids made him change his bathing suit.


      Starting out: When we were coming up, there didn't seem to be much future in rock 'n' roll. It was like live for today and die with a good-looking corpse.

      Your motto: There was a line in "Frida" -- something like if you're a painter, you're gonna paint no matter what. That's basically what being in Aerosmith is like. We're driven to do it, and that's it.

      Favorite movie: "Frida." Salma Hayek was great in it. I was disgusted "Chicago" won the Oscar over it. It wasn't that good.

      What you'd like people to know: That we're still a vital band that isn't afraid to go down in the basement and make some new music.

      How you embarrass your kids: By wearing those smaller European trunks on the beach. My kids made me promise not to wear them today, so I have these long trunks on. They get really upset at me if I wear the smaller ones.

      On being recognized: No one notices me here. We live in an area in Florida where there's literally nobody except at Easter and Christmas. We can come down here for a week and not say hi to anybody. It's great.

      On loving Chicago: We like taking a pilgrimage up and down Rush Street. There are a couple of good restaurants we like in that area. We love Chicago and spend a lot of time there.

      Favorite shops: The Diesel store is a big hit 'cause it's one of the biggest around. The one in Boston is about the size of a closet compared to the Chicago store.

      Why shop owners love you: I've done an awful lot of Christmas shopping in Chicago. The stores kind of know us.

      The state of the music biz today: I was really happy when Napster came out, except for the part that we weren't getting paid for it. But the music industry should've changed with the times. They should've dropped their prices 10 f------ years ago and gone with the flow.

      Oldies but goodies: Our older songs are the bedrock of why and what we are. But we like playing the new stuff, too. Some fans like the new songs and others just tolerate them. We're working with a multi-layered audience that goes from 7 to 67.

      Your favorite guitar: I had one custom made with my wife's picture painted on it. I have four guitars on the bus with me at all times, which is another reason I like traveling on the bus. I always have at least one in each room of my house, too.

      Your raison d'etre: Music. It gets me off. That hasn't changed.

      Your secret to staying young at heart: I'm pretty happy with who I am.

      On aging: I'm just trying to make 53 look good.

      On the public's perception of you: I definitely live the life you imagine. Every fantasy you might think of, we've hit on in some form or another.


  • And Another Joe Interview (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith/KISS bill is still 'battle of the bands'
      By ALAN SCULLEY Last Word Features
      September 27, 2003

      The tour that pairs Aerosmith and KISS is already being touted as the biggest double bill of late summer/early fall. A show on the this scale, though, is a far cry from the setting Aerosmith and KISS shared the last time they performed on the same bill. Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry said the two bands did a few shows around 1974 or 1975.

      Back then, both bands were trying to establish themselves. Aerosmith's breakthrough came months after the 1975 release of its third album, "Toys in the Attic." That same year, KISS blasted to the forefront of rock with the release of a live version of the song "Rock and Roll All Night" from the "KISS Alive" album.

      Perry remembered how desperate bands were to outshine each other onstage those days. "I think there was a time back in the day when you were only as good as your live show," he said. You can put out records, but the thing is, it was really about playing live, how you got the audience off and what's the guy going onstage before you and are you going to get upstaged and who's louder and getting all the lights. It was a lot more cutthroat and a lot more sense of competition for winning people over. That was where we came from."

      These days, Aerosmith and KISS are so well-established that neither has to worry about winning an audience from night to night on tour. Still, Perry expects a little professional pride to filter into the festivities as Aerosmith and KISS share concert stages.

      "I think at this point, each band knows pretty much what they're capable of," Perry said. "We know what a KISS show looks like. And I know what we can do. "But I think there's always that twinge of the unknown that we're both counting on pushing the other guys to do. ... I think certainly the competition will be a lot friendlier, but it will still be there."

      That's not to say Perry has any worries about show closers Aerosmith being upstaged by the fully costumed KISS members and their special effects-filled concert spectacle or by Ted Nugent and his full-throttle assault of R&B tinged hard rock. "I've never been afraid of following anybody. That's just my own natural arrogance. I don't know if it's justified or not," Perry said. KISS is touring behind a new live CD, "KISS Symphony: Alive IV," on which the group joins forces with Australia's Melbourne Symphony Orchestra on orchestral versions of KISS hits.

      Aerosmith will use the dates with KISS to give fans a first taste of the blues CD the band plans to release in January. Perry didn't let out many secrets about exactly how the blues album will sound, but he did offer some hints. At this point, 16 tracks are being considered, a handful of them Aerosmith originals. Covers of tunes by Muddy Waters ("I'm Ready"), Blind Willie McTell ("Broke Down Engine"), Little Walter ("Tempearture") and Otis Rush ("All Your Lovin'") have been mentioned.

      "We took influences from these songs, and not only from the classic blues guys, but some of it was from the English (rock) interpretations of some of the blues songs," Perry said, noting that the approach of British guitar greats Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmie Page filters into some of the playing on the CD.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in Dudley MA at Nichols College

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Lexington KY at Rupp Arena (Henry Gross opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Roanoke VA at the Civic Center Coliseum (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Bonner Springs KS at Sandstone Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Maryland Heights MO at UMB Bank Pavilion (Kiss and Saliva open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)
Chicago - Chicago Transit Authority (1969)
Goddamn cool record!

News as of September 27, 2003
  • TOM News From The Road 9/26! (DMAAT)
      9/26/03 - Tom Hamilton from the Road

      ROAD RUFFAGE We're down here in Florida waiting to see what happens with this friggin' hurricane. Hopefully by the time you read this it will have passed by and nobody will have gotten hurt. Unfortunately, it already lost us a gig up in Virginia Beach. I hate the feeling of losing a gig. This is the second one. The first was due to the blackout.
      We've been out since August 2nd which most of you probably already know. I'm running it all through my head right now so forgive me if I am stating the obvious.

      Playing with KISS has been a great time. Those guys are in a genre of their own - and they've perfected it. It's funny how our styles are completely different but we kind of came from the same place. We all grew up during a time when Rock music, or whatever you want to call it, was going through a revolution that was mesmerizing. Britain was shipping over massive amounts of startling, cool music. So was the West Coast. Even Boston was throwing it's log on the fire. We all soaked it up and came out of it with a compulsive desire to throw it back out there. We may have shoes that go in different directions musically but we're still trying to do the same thing.

      We've really settled into a rhythm now. Night after night the show seems to gel a little more. We're playing songs from the blues album we've been working on and that feels better all the time. We started out wondering if people would rather hear new songs or the classics. Hopefully they're digging the new stuff because we are. It's a weird thing but even though we worked hard in the studio getting them ready to record, they're really taking on a new life. It's like we never stopped the process of working them out. We're just doing it in front of an audience every night.

      So anyway, the blackout thing was kind of a suckfest. A few of us were at the mall when it happened the day before a big stadium show in Detroit. The lights didn't just go out. They flicked on and off a bunch of times - which seemed like someone fooling around with the switch. Bit by bit we realized that it wasn't just the store or the Mall or the city or even the state but the whole Northeast. After a while we figured the power wasn't coming on any time soon so we decided to leave. That's when we remembered we had taken a cab to get there and wouldn't be able to get it back because the phones weren't working. See? We should conform to our Rock image and have limos waiting for us. All other modes of transport should be strictly forbidden from now on. Our quick-thinking security guy went right back into a store where we had been gettin' some stuff and asked one of the employees if they would take us back to the hotel. Before you could say "chaotic rush hour" the guy said yes. A few minutes later we were crammed into his medium sized car listening to the radio. Nobody knew what was going on at the moment so the radio was full of guessing and rumoring.

      Twenty minutes later we had gone about one block. The guy's car wasn't that small but I kind of had my knees in my face. Luckily, his AC worked great because it was broiling out. And the radio - I'll never take a radio for granted again. We became ravenous for news. All we wanted to know was what the freakin' freak was going on.

      Finally, about an hour later we got back to the hotel. Along the way, people had just gotten out of their cars and started directing traffic. The lights didn't work so people just couldn't resist their urge to wave at cars. The thing that pleasantly shocked me was that all the other drivers were obeying them. I figured people would just drive by waving with one finger. I thought, maybe everybody thinks they're off duty policeman or something. I finally let myself come to the conclusion that people were just being co-operative and acting smart and doing the right thing. It restored my faith. At least in traffic behavior - for that day.

      As we got out of the car we remembered that we were supposed to have dinner with KISS that night. We heard a British accent coming from above us and realized it was our tour manager calling down from his balcony. He said the kitchen was closed and so dinner would be called off. He also told us that the stupid electronic key system was down so we wouldn't be able to get into our rooms. I have honestly never been in a situation like that so I must have stared up into the air for quite a while as the ramifications of no power sank in. But if we can't get into our rooms …??? - A list of cascading consequences flowed through my mind like a stinking river. That sucks, I thought. Judging by the fact that everybody was still staring blankly up at our tour manager the same thing must have been happening in other peoples' heads too. It actually took me a while to believe it. How could they have an electronic key system and not have a backup? It didn't seem possible. I've always been suspicious of those things but I've always gotten myself to believe that no place would have them without a flawless spare system. An hour later I was still in the lobby with that thought banging rudely against the inside of my skull. I looked up and there was Gene Simmons with a look on his face that mirrored mine, well, to an extent. Then one by one everybody in both bands along with wives, girlfriends and management started showing up. There was a rumor about people getting ladders to climb up to the balconies but that idea was cut short by the realization that balcony sliders would be locked from the inside. Hope faded. Eyes became drawn with despair. Then someone said they were serving cold cuts in the next room. Five minutes later we were all in line to make a ham sandwich. This was thirty minutes after canceling dinner. The next thing we knew we were all sitting around literally chewin' the fat. For a while you think the lights are going to come on any minute. It's a strange transformation going from that to realizing you may never see your toothbrush again. After a while we just gave in to what was happening and had a good time. There was a cool vibe like we were all on the Titanic together but without quite the commitment.

      It started to suck again when the long light of the summer started to fade like a two-faced friend. Next came darkness hungrily trying to consume the flickering candles on the folding tables that were set up around the lobby. The 'disbelief' look started returning to the faces circling the tables. We were about an hour into this when word got around that the engineers had figured out a way to take a battery, some wires and a special key and hold it all in a certain position to get the doors open. Unfortunately, only one door at a time. I heard a rumor about flashlights and snuck off to see if it was true. I managed to get one and spent the night holding it close while others around me hinted that they wouldn't mind borrowing it for a while.

      Finally, it was my turn to go up the back stairs to have my room opened. It was pretty suspenseful. The guy was kneeling down in front of the door sweating for quite a while as I held the flashlight on his hands. Steady... steady… and then it clicked and I was in. Talk about the simple pleasures. I was in the room in the dark with my flashlight when I realized there wasn't much I could do anyway. The first thing I did was go over and unlock the slider in case the ladder idea surfaced again later. Beyond that I was kind of stumped. I looked around to make sure everything was intact which didn't take long as I came to the conclusion that no-one could have snuck into my room to mess with anything anyway. I headed over to the door and jammed the do not disturb sign so the door couldn't lock and headed back downstairs. Tonight the whole place was on the honor system as everyone else did pretty much the same thing.

      The darkness wasn't bad. The sweat from no air conditioning wasn't bad. What bothered everybody was the creeping realization that we would probably lose the show the next day. The crews and all the other people involved in getting the venue ready were already there. They were setting up the show and ready to go but if Mr.Electricity didn't make his stage call real soon the show would have to be called off. Too many things have to be set the day before a gig for it to happen the next day.

      A few hours later everybody started disappearing from the lobby and going up to crash. I lay in bed straining to read by the light of tiny candles that someone had given me. I optimistically expected to wake up in the middle of the night with the lights on and the AC blasting. The flashlight was on the table, shut off. I couldn't get myself to use the batteries. What if I needed it tomorrow? What if I need it in a week?!! After a few minutes I decided to just go to sleep. Absent mindedly, I reached over and clicked the switch on the lamp. I was actually surprised for a second when the candles didn't go out.

      The next day we found out for sure that the gig was cancelled. Man, that sucks about as much as sucking can suck and you know what? - it kept on sucking until a couple of weeks later when we came back and played the show. By that time the electricity was flowing in Detroit and I mean FLOWING. I hope we were part of it. The crowd sure was.



  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Tinley Park, IL
      Tinley Park, IL
      Tweeter Center

      Mama Kin
      Toys In The Attic
      Love In An Elevator
      Rag Doll
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      Livin' On The Edge
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion

      Interesting Notes:
      -Steven put his arms around Joe And Brad during Dream On
      -Thanks to TeDogg (Marty) for hookin up the set.

  • 2 more dates!!
      11-12-03 Grand Rapids, MI: Vanandel Arena.
      12-08-03 Louisville, KY: Freedom Hall.

      Also, rumor has it that Chicago; IL: United Center show could happen 12-10-03.

      Stay tuned! dino/alissa854.

  • Jean's WPB VR story
      First, I have to thank Bobbie, aka, aerofangranny, aka aerorockgirl, granny-baby!! I live in New York, and the show we attended was the WPB Velvet Rope. She invited me to stay with her. And, may I say, the "limo" ride was wonderful, LOL!!! Super nice people, Bobbie and her husband Gary, and I thank them both very much for making the trip great!!

      OK. Bobbie and I got to the venue way before 4PM sharp. This was Bobbie's first VR, btw. We meet up with Noah (oh my) and Kelly. They gave us our passes, on a really cool Aerosmith lanyard. Take us back to the Tent, HOT AS ALL GET OUT!! Man it was HOT!! Didn't stick around for long. Took us for the backstage tour. Starting at the "Hostility Room". Jamie, the chef, talking about Steven's "need" for sugar, LOL!! He was holding a shirt that Joe would be wearing that night, "Tonight" I asked? Yep. I put both my hands on the shirt and rubbed baby rubbed!! Each night Joe wears a different shirt that he rips down the front as the show goes on, and later throws into the crowd.

      So, off we go, for the rest of the tour. Pass by "Captain Tyler's" dressing room. He's into pirates now! Oh, and Noah takes tons of pictures now.

      On the stage, it's cool, although Joey's drums were covered. We're all just looking around, chatting, I see out of the corner of my eye, Paul Stanley. NO make-up, walking by. YO, Hi Paul!! We also spotted Gene, sans make-up.

      Next, we hurry back to the tent, eat, NOT, I didn't anyway LOL. No time!! Bobbie ate though. And this is when you can get to know some really, really nice people. Gotta shout HEY out to Karen, Paul, Gail, Jim, Donna, I can't remember Donna's husbands name, and all the others that I can't remember names. It was so nice to meet everyone!

      Noah and Kelly take us outside for the "drive-by". Waiting in the sun, yep, hot!! The thing is, Noah told us we could talk to the guys, take pictures with them, give them something, but do not ask for autographs. OK. Got it.

      First limo to come by is Brad. His driver didn't even come close to us. He did have his window open and waved and smiled at least = ) Next was Joey. Never did see Joe. Then comes Steven's limo.

      We were single line, btw. Bobbie and I were 5 and 6 in line, to be exact, LMAO!! Bobbie's got the camera, not me = ) I had a letter for Steven = ) Next thing I know there he is, right in front of me. OMG OMG, I have to say, that close to the man's face is an experience in itself. God, what beautiful skin. Anyway, LOL. Bobbie said I kept repeating "Steven, Steven, Steven", (LOL, I don't even remember that part!!) Next thing I know he's got my hand, saying "Yeah, darlin' it's me" Good heaven's I coulda dropped!! OMG!!! I asked him if I could give him the letter and if he'd really read it (LOL, can you believe that!!) He said sure babe, you know I will. Then he took the letter and took both my hands in his hands. OMG, OMG. He yelled to the driver, stop the car, twice, LOL, I even joined in!! Then he asked me if he could give me a kiss. OMG OMG OMG. Are you kidding me!!!! And , yes, we kissed. OMG OMG OMG.

      All I know is after that I was going in circles, OMG OMG OMG. Right Bobbie?!

      Next the show. We had excellent seats. About 6 feet from the stage, 3 feet from the catwalk. Brad and Tom's side. Man oh man. The show KICKED ASS!!

      Bobbie and I had pink boas and blue glow sticks for the blue's part. It was cool to see all the blue glow sticks.

      PINK starts. Steven comes down the catwalk, goes over to Richie Supa, who sings a couple of verses...then..he turns and walks right to ME!! OMG!!! I'm dying!! He took my boa, ever so slow from around my neck, dangled it around me a bit, then played around with it himself. I figured he'd drop it back down at me. NOT. Looking right at me, he takes the pink boa and puts it in the back of his oh so nice spandex!! OMG. YEP, he had a pink tail!! Again, I figured he'd lose it, but guess what??!! He wore it the whole show!! I couldn't believe it. Man oh Man!! What a thrill!!!!!

      Was it worth it?? You bet your Sweet Emotion it was!!

      Bobbie took pictures, they are on Nick's site, and Sweet E, Elaine, also took some shots, of Steven with my pink boa!! Woohoo!! It's just soooo cool!!!

      I swear, I am still on cloud 99!! What a memorable day and night!! Thank you Aerosmith!! Thank you Steven!! AND, Thank you Bobbie!!


      = )

      Growing old is mandatory. Growing up? Definitely optional.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays the first show of the Live Bootleg tour in Buffalo NY

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at Lakewood Amphitheater (Marry Me Jane opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Bonner Springs KS at Sandstone Amphitheater (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Camden NJ at the Tweeter Center at the Waterfront

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Rush - Moving Pictures (1981)

News as of September 26, 2003
  • Two More Dates

      11-24-03 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless Arena.
      11-26-03 Boston, MA: Fleet Center (venue confirmed it from boxoffice today)

      More dates coming soon. / Alissa

  • JB News 9/21 (DMAAT)
      9/21/03 - Rock You Like A Hurricane!
      Isabel did some damage, as you know, the Virginia Beach show was postponed. I'll tell ya this place is snakebit. This is the second time in 3 years that Aerosmith could not play at the beautiful "Verizon Wireless Enormo Dome." Isabel put a stop to this one, and the other was Sept. 11th, 2001. The guys were still in Florida when the show was postponed this time and had to extend their hotel reservations a few more days. Bummer! The crew were all there and ready to load in when they got the call that the show was a no go. A lot of the crew guys hung out with the fans on the travel package at a local watering hole and exchanged war stories.

      Charlotte went off without a hitch and then came Raleigh. Raleigh is a great little town, not that Charlotte isn't great, and these people were up for a night of Rock and Roll. The place was packed and the crowd was rabid. Before the show the guys taped a little message for Denis Leary and his Celebrity Hockey game that is being played on Sat. Sept 28th at the Fleet Center in Boston. Denis had hoped that the guys could make it, but we'll be in St. Louis that night. Last year Steven was the coach of the Celebrity team and sang the National Anthem too. It was a blast!

      Off to Nashville, KC, Chicago and St. Louis - sinking our teeth into the meat and potatoes of America.

      Go Sox!

      See you on the road!
      John B.



  • Aero on I Love The 70's Shows - Replays (DMAAT)

  • VA Show is not CANCELED not POSTPONED! (DMAAT)

      NEW - Posted 9/25/03
      Aerosmith/Kiss concert has been cancelled
      The Aerosmith/KISS concert scheduled for September 17, 2003 has been cancelled. Refunds are available at point of purchase starting this Friday September 26, 2003. Due to scheduling conflicts, the tour is unable to return to the area. The bands both sincerely regret not being able to perform for their fans in the area.


      Another blurb on it from AF1:

      VA Beach CANCELLED due to Hurricane Isabel

      BUMMER!! The Aerosmith / KISS concert scheduled for September 17, 2003 and subsequently postponed due to hurricane Isabel has now been officially cancelled. AF1 will be refunding the face value of your ticket purchases since tickets were already shipped to members. Due to scheduling conflicts, the tour is unable to return to the area. The bands both sincerely regret not being able to perform for their fans in the area.


  • Ticketmaster Post 10/18 Devore Show (DMAAT)
      Just thought I'd summarize the shows currently posted on Ticketmaster after 10/18 Devore show including one in June 2004!? And one of these just shows KISS only. Not all are on AF1 site so may not be confirmed yet. The NY one at MSG is on TM that has been discussed this week. Keep in mind, this is TICKETMASTER information not AF1 on sale dates, etc.

      Mon, 10/20/03
      7:00 pm Aerosmith and Kiss Journal Pavilion
      Albuquerque, NM Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Wed, 10/22/03
      7:00 pm Aerosmith and Kiss Delta Center
      Salt Lake City, UT Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Fri, 10/24/03
      7:30 pm Aerosmith and Kiss MGM Grand Hotel
      Las Vegas, NV Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Sat, 10/25/03
      7:30 pm Aerosmith and Kiss MGM Grand Hotel
      Las Vegas, NV Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Thu, 11/06/03
      7:00 pm Kiss and Aerosmith Qwest Center Omaha
      Omaha, NE Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Sat, 11/08/03
      7:00 pm Aerosmith and Kiss Alerus Center
      Grand Forks, ND Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Mon, 11/10/03
      7:00 pm Aerosmith and Kiss Target Center
      Minneapolis, MN Find Tickets
      on sale now

      Sun, 11/16/03
      7:30 pm Aerosmith/Kiss Madison Square Garden
      New York, NY More Info
      on sale 10/04/2003 9:00 am

      Fri, 12/12/03 KISS ONLY LISTED FOR THIS ONE!
      7:00 pm Kiss Mark of the Quad Cities
      Moline, IL More Info
      on sale 10/04/2003 10:00 am
      Thu, 06/17/04
      7:00 pm Aerosmith and Kiss Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater
      Virginia Beach, VA More Info
      currently not on sale


  • Star-Telegram Article (DMAAT)
      Posted on Fri, Sep. 26, 2003
      Old school
      '70s rock giants Aerosmith and KISS join forces on a new national tour
      By Dave Ferman Star-Telegram Pop Music Critic

      Aerosmith and KISS touring together -- why hadn't anyone thought of this sooner?

      It's not like there hasn't been time: In the '70s, the two became America's most popular bands, each capable of filling arenas and, in some markets, stadiums. If you were a teen-age boy given to wearing a denim jacket, skipping school and drinking apple wine, it was almost a given that you owned the 'smith's Rocks and Toys in the Attic, and KISS' Alive! and Destroyer.

      Aerosmith flourished a greasy blend of Stones-ish anti-charisma and supercharged Stones/Yardbirds riffs and a charismatic front duo (vocalist Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry) that were America's version of Mick and Keith. And man, did they do a lot of drugs.

      KISS, on the other hand, always came off as Alice Cooper's bratty little brothers -- a theatrical, explosions-laden, makeup-smeared version of simple glam-rock -- that was, with all manner of lunchboxes, dolls and much more, marketed to within an inch of its life.

      While the '70s were very, very good to both acts, the '80s were not: Perry left Aerosmith and Tyler shouldered on through overdoses and mediocre records, and KISS found itself playing to far smaller audiences and selling far fewer LPs than younger bands, as Def Leppard and the Scorpions emerged.

      Aerosmith was the first of the two to recharge its batteries, first with 1987's Permanent Vacation and since -- having embraced sobriety -- with a series of increasingly vanilla CDs, all of which contain at least one feather-light hit single. Constant touring hasn't hurt, either.

      KISS' path was a rockier one, strewn with all manner of lame records and declining concert attendance with different lineups -- until the original band members got together for the enormously successful reunion tour of 1996-'97. Since then, the band has released more best-of packages and live recordings, and Ace Frehley and Peter Criss have, again, fallen by the wayside, even as Gene Simmons continues to market the brand name (KISS has a signature line of coffins, for Pete's sake). These days, he doesn't even bother to pretend that the latest roadshow is the band's final tour -- the marketability of that concept has long been over.

      While both bands continue to mine their back catalogs for most of their live shows, Aerosmith, at least, has finally recognized how weak their past, oh, eight singles have been and are making noise about putting a little rock in their roll. The band is currently recording a blues-based record that will apparently include some covers of old chestnuts and some more blues-based originals.

      Saliva, the rap/metal band best known for Always and Your Disease, is opening the show. No, we don't know why, either. Don't ask again.

      Aerosmith and KISS
      with Saliva
      7 p.m. Thursday
      Smirnoff Music Centre
      (972) 647-5700

      AERO PIC
      KISS PIC


  • Possible Jacksonville date?
      With a new arena to be finished and ready sometime in the next month or 2, the rumors have been flying and some seemingly reliable people who claim to be "in the biz" or "in the know" are talking about a possible December date for Aerosmith and Kiss in Jacksonville Florida. I wouldn't take this as fact though, only rumor. If anyone has any additional information or have heard anything, feel free to tell you about it...

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1994 Aerosmith plays in Maryland Heights MO at Riverport Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Tinley Park IL at the Tweeter Center (Kiss and Saliva open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

The Flying Burrito Brothers - The Guilded Palace Of Sin (1968)
The original country rock band! Alla in all, a very nice album. "Sin City," the album's foremost hit, is just beautiful! Those Hot Burritos are tasty too! :)
The Flying Burrito Brothers - Burrito Deluxe (1969)
The Rolling Stones' version of "Wild Horses" isn't even half as good as the version on here, and I really like the Stones version.. :)

News as of September 25, 2003
  • Joe's Interview up on WZLX (DMAAT)
      WZLX finally has the Joe Perry interview up on their site that they did from the Tweeter Center. It is in two parts in MP3 format. The first link is the page you can find both parts on in case you want to "right click and save target as". The next two links are directly to the two parts if you want to stream immediately. If you have trouble with the auto opening of your player/streaming, visit the first page and save to your computer first, then open your player and the files. Thanks Lisa!



  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Bonner Springs, KS
      Bonner Springs, KS
      Sandstone Amphitheatre

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Livin On The Edge
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo/Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      - 1st playing of Edge this tour.
      - only 2 blues songs tonight.
      - The band indeed dropped one song from the set, citing time concerns. Almost all shows from this tour have been going over the time limit, so they have omitted one song as of now. Of course this can change depending on what they are playing night in and night out, but as of now the set sits at 15 songs...with 2 blues numbers being played.


      Mike Tullis recollection of the same

      Bonner Springs, KS - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater 9/24/03 Setlist

      Not exactly sure on if Edge was before or after Dream On, but it was in the set. KISS played a real short set, as it was less that 80 minutes. Steven did and excellent hand-spring during the end of Walk This Way, and rolled and crawled around on the ramp right afterwards. The band was really on and tight tonight, especially Joe. I haven't heard him play so well in years.

      -Mike Tullis
      Kansas City

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} Boxscore Tallies
      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva, Ted Nugent Comerica Park
      Detroit, Mich.
      Sept. 7, 2003
      41,655 /
      1 /
      $150, $65
      Clear Channel Entertainment

      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva Alpine Valley Music Theatre
      East Troy, Wis.
      Sept. 6, 2003
      19,268 /
      1 /
      $125, $45
      Clear Channel Entertainment

      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva, Porch Ghouls Sound Advice Amphitheatre
      West Palm Beach, Fla.
      Sept. 12, 2003
      18,402 /
      1 /
      $137, $45
      Clear Channel Entertainment

      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva HiFi Buys Amphitheatre
      Atlanta, Ga.
      Sept. 14, 2003
      13,038 /
      1 /
      $123 , $115, $53
      House of Blues Concerts

  • Dates...
      Alissa854 writes:

      November 18th: New York, NY: Madison Square Garden
      Decwmber 12th: Moline, IL: The Mark Of The Quadcitys.

      rumored dates are Boston, MA: Fleet Center around Thanksgiving week and New Hampshire that same week.

      Per Aero247, According to Aerosmith/Kiss will be @ MSG Sunday November 16th!

  • Steven and Joe Faught On Stage!?
      Scott Ayotte writes:

      On August 27, at the Tweeter Center Steven and Joe were yelling at each other...ON STAGE!
      Joe went off stage for a moment to get something. Steven asked him something and made a face after the reply. Joe talked back to Steven and Steven Swung his microphone and said something like you wanna sing or you wanna say it to the crowd and Joe pushed the Mic away. A little confrontation. AEROSMITH LIVES ON!

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Raleigh NC at Walnut Creek Amphitheater (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at the Blockbuster Pavilion (Marry Me Jane opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in St. Louis MO at Riverport Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Bristow VA at Nissan Pavilion

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)

News as of September 24, 2003
  • Nashville Review (DMAAT)
      Tuesday 09/23/03
      Aerosmith, Kiss in top classic rockin' form
      By CRAIG HAVIGHURST Staff Writer

      Remember when you were a kid and they'd play cartoons before the feature at the Saturday afternoon movies? That was more or less how Monday night at AmSouth Amphitheatre felt, when legendary rock band Kiss opened for legendary rock band Aerosmith, in a spectacle of mouths, crotches, fireworks, volume and fantastically salacious rock and roll.

      Don't misunderstand. The cartoons were great - an hour or so from a quartet that invented one of the great shticks of music history and then followed through by playing it to the hilt for several generations of hard rock fans. Kiss, with little discernable musical talent save for hooky songwriting and a branding campaign they should teach in business schools, built an army of fans who loved theater but who didn't want to admit it. They didn't do anything surprising this night, but you wouldn't have wanted them to.

      Shout it Out Loud was the clarion call, opening a fast-paced set that included Lick it Up, Firehouse and Black Diamond, many of which date to the band's breakout live album in 1975. That's closing in on 30 years, but freaky bat-man bassist Gene Simmons and lead singer Paul Stanley looked completely possessed by the whole cirque du soufflé nonetheless. Drummer Peter Criss was a disappointment, flopping away on his kit without much muscle (and singing the ballad Beth over a bed of synthesized strings). Ace Frehley guitar stand-in Tommy Thayer had the chops but seemed careful not to upstage the core guys.

      Theatrically, it was all there. Drum risers truly rose on plumes of smoke. Simmons oozed fake blood during a bass ''solo'' that involved sometimes hitting some notes. Flame-pots gave off heat you could feel 50 rows back. Stanley flounced his hair and addressed the crowd repeatedly in a kind of screamy speaking voice: ''PEOPLE! PEOPLE! Nashville rocks like New York City!'' It was simultaneously hard core and hilarious.

      There was nothing to giggle about in Aerosmith's set, except perhaps for lead singer Steven Tyler's lascivious body language. The guy's gyrations added new twists on the Mick Jagger strut and the James Brown twirl, and he sang with a penetrating, rangy powerful voice Paul Stanley must dream of. With a bone-basic stage, clever video and strobe-quick segues between songs, the band careened through a magisterial and musically potent set.

      In the middle, after the scorching Love in an Elevator and the nicely psychedelic Pink, the band steered toward a set of blues covers recorded for its next album, including Baby Please Don't Go and Stop Messing Around, which was sung with Clapton-like density by guitarist Joe Perry.

      Beyond that, Dream On (after a nice Tyler invocation of Johnny Cash) sent shivers with its interlaced guitar lines and unreachable vocal heights. Walk This Way featured the most famous of the band's many stinging and memorable riffs. Set closers Sweet Emotion and Toys in the Attic exploded into a shower of gold confetti and cathartic sound.

      With a bright red Mars hanging over the amphitheatre all night, one could imagine these bands playing for the God of War. He would have laughed heartily at Kiss and bought them a round. He would have put Aerosmith up at Valhalla for as long as they wanted to stay.


  • Dashboard Confessional (DMAAT)
      At a Dashboard Confessional concert Austin, about two songs into the show the lead singer starts talking to the crowd and tells them that they are one of the best crowds he has had, then he goes on to say how cool it is that all the people are singing along with him, that they make him feel like Aerosmith.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at Charlotte Coliseum (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Auburn Hills MI at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Collective Soul opens)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Bonner Springs KS at Sandstone Amphitheater (Kiss and Saliva open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Garmarna - live at Roskildefestivalen, Roskilde, Denmark 2001-06-30
I'll be seeing this great rockin' folk music band live in Skellefteå tonight...

News as of September 23, 2003
  • Simpsons DVD
      Season 3 of the Simpsons was released on DVD last month, and season 3 contained the episode in which Aerosmith appeared. The director commentary on the episode had some great info on the boys.

      -The writers had heard Aerosmith wanted to the show and wrote a part for them. They then contacted Aerosmith about doing the show and Aerosmith said, "What do you mean, we didn't want to do the show"

      -They were the first rock band to appear on the show

      -Steven arrived for the recording in scarves (they said his driving scraf) and a car shaped like a shoe

      - They said Steven's line, "Helllllooooo St. Loooouuuuis!" was excellent because Aerosmith often actually forgets what city they are in

      - They said Tom Hamilton was excellent and did lots of accents and wished he had more than one line in the show. They also said he should be a voice actor

      - They were just finishing up rehab during the recording and when they met the writers and producers spent about 6 hours pouring their hearts out to them, letting them know about all the things they had done in the past. The writers thought it was weird, but understood it was part of the recovery.

      - They said it was an "Aerosmith demand" that John Kalonder was aminated in the show, Matt Groening said it was more like a John Kalonder demand and they spent a lot of time making fun of Kalonder during the commentaries.

      - When Aerosmith went on stage the line Moe used to get them to appear on stage was, "Come on guys, free pickled eggs!" The original line was "free beer", but Aerosmith didn't want that line, so it was changed.

      - Aerosmith re-record Young Lust for the closing credits of the show. It was the first time, besides the "spooky Hallo'ween" music, that the normal closing credit music was not used.

      All in all a very entertaining commentary, that had some cool info on the guys.

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} Possible News?
      Nothing really new going on. The band just shot a commercial for the NFL; expect to see that soon. And maybe I am just speculating here, but the NFL last year had Bon Jovi play both the kickoff special...and the end of the year bonaza..the pregame superbowl show. Could we see Aerosmith do this also? I say yes. And for publicity reasons.

      The Superbowl this year is to be held on Feb 1st. What better way to promote a new single (new blues single will be out mid january) then the pregame superbowl show? All makes sense to me. Let's see if it happens...

  • Dixie Chicks
      On VH1, All Access Spotlight on the Dixie Chicks. They were talking about when they tour and why they insist on taking all of their own furniture with them. This was one of their comments: "besides it's economical, if you rent from a venue, you might get a sofa that Eminem has been on or Steven Tyler has been on and who knows what's been going on on those sofas!" *lol*

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} Antioch SET LIST
      Antioch, TN
      AmSouth Amphitheatre

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      I Never Loved A Woman Like I Love You
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Back In the Saddle
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      a few notes-
      Not all the house lights where out before the band started but soon as the curtain open they all were off- No big deal. The sound was great- alot better than lasts years show in nashville for sure

      Joe said before he sang "in rock n' roll you gotta have two things good guitars and good tour bus' and Nashville is the home of two good companys Gibson (and whatever tour bus they use he said) people cheered of course--

      Before hand, and all day NFL crews were in nashville with AEROSMITH filiming a nfl commercial and all of the velvet ropers and about 70 extra people who arrived early where asked to go back stage and be filmed as steven ran by and HIGH FIVED and LOW FIVED everyone- it was very exciting and took about 5 mins every acting normal and steven was beyon kind- I even shook hands with him. and through out the show the same nfl crew was filming bits of the concert- before walk this way the band got together and made big "football like huddle" and the camera guy was in the middle but they never said to the crowed what it was.

  • Joey Telephone Interview w/Charlotte Observer (DMAAT)
      Monday, Sep 22, 2003
      Posted on Fri, Sep. 19, 2003
      Arena rockers keep marching on
      Aerosmith, Kiss share the bill in concert tonight at Verizon
      COURTNEY DEVORES Special to The Observer

      "Who had more good albums: Aerosmith or Kiss?"

      Jeff Clayton, vocalist for Charlotte punk rockers Antiseen, posed the question to his bandmates Doug Canipe and Barry Hannibal. Avid Kiss fans, the two also play in a Kiss cover band called Klown. In August, the band performed in its trademark clown costumes at the Charlotte Kiss Expo.

      Aerosmith and Kiss, two monster rock bands that have crossed paths many times since the early '70s and share many of the same fans, play together tonight at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Having added five more cities to the tour, the double bill has been one of the summer's most successful music events.

      "Love of what we do is the common denominator that we all share," said Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer in a recent phone interview from the road.

      In a time when most classic-rock survivors are relegated to reunion package tours, Kiss and Aerosmith have sustained their popularity. Kiss has created a mythology and brand franchise that will likely outlive the band. Aerosmith's successful comeback of the '80s shows no signs of letting up. The band has churned out hit after hit, from "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," in 1987, to "Pink" and "Jaded" in the early 2000s.

      Kramer attributes Aerosmith's longevity to plain old hard work.

      "There was a period of four or five years (in the early '80s) we didn't do very much," he said. "(But) since we came back, we've been very busy. We never stop or take time off or take vacations."

      Kiss' career has come in three phases -- makeup on, makeup off, and makeup on again.

      In 1979, Canipe saw Kiss in its original makeup at the Charlotte Coliseum. He was in fifth grade.

      "My mom and I stood in line for six hours," he said.

      When the doors finally opened Canipe was swept up in the swarm of fans pushing to get up front. "I could hear my mom yelling, `Stop pushing. There are children in here.' "

      Aerosmith's Kramer was initially skeptical of his band's painted-up rivals.

      "I thought it was kind of silly at the time," he said of Kiss' shtick. "But it worked out for them. They've carved a niche for themselves. There is nobody else that does what they do."

      The two groups toured together for a short time in the '70s, but in the era of rock excess the alliance fell apart prematurely. "It didn't go well at all," Kramer recalled. "It ended fairly quickly."

      Tonight's show should be interesting. Aerosmith's 55-year-old singer, Steven Tyler, is a tireless if not ageless performer whose stage antics rival those of the even-older Mick Jagger. And Kiss, because of the band's makeup, costumes and pyrotechnics, will always appear the same onstage.

      "The sound and theatrics are probably better now, but the energy isn't there," said Antiseen's Hannibal, who will not be at the show tonight. Still, he added, "I've been a Kiss fan since 1976 and I probably always will be."

      Canipe, a self-proclaimed Kiss nerd who will be on the Verizon lawn, has seen the group numerous times. "I went to Tiger Stadium in Detroit when they first put the makeup back on," he said. "I saw them everywhere. I went to seven or eight shows."

      Jeff Clayton isn't as loyal. In 1977, he chose to see a Kiss concert on the same night punk pioneers the Sex Pistols played their U.S. debut in Atlanta. In San Francisco, the mythic band flamed out, never to return again in its original incarnation.

      "If I knew then what I know now," Clayton said, ending the debate he started. "I would have gone to see the Sex Pistols." PREVIEW


  • More about Steven and the birds LOL (DMAAT)
      Walk this way

      Check out the picture of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler with Hobbit, the parrot mascot of a Boston-area bird sanctuary, at

      Marc Johnson, director of Foster Parrots, has been pecking at Tyler, who lives in nearby Mansfield, Mass., for more than a year asking for support.

      Tyler eventually replied with a flurry of tickets for a concert in Mansfield, where said photo was flashed on a 50-foot screen behind the rockers urging fans to support homeless parrots.

      Tyler owns a parrot, a cockatiel, turkeys and chickens, according to the story in Parrot Chonicles.

      ``If I wasn't doing this `band thing,' I'd be doing what you are doing, I would be surrounded by rescued animals,'' Tyler told Johnson.


  • AF1 Alerts (DMAAT)
      Here is everything currently posted on the "alerts" page at the AF1 site:

      Nashville, Kansas City & Chicago Tix @ Will-call

      The tickets for the Nashville, Kansas City and Chicago shows will be available at will call after 5:00PM the day of show. Additional details will be posted here as available.
      note: shipping costs will be refunded to your credit card A valid ID is required for pick-up (picture not required).


      Due to the great blackout of 2003, the show in Detroit has officially been rescheduled to Sept. 7th (hang on to your tickets!).

      ALSO rescheduled are:
      NASHVILLE (was 9-23, now 9-22);
      KANSAS CITY (was 9-25, now 9-24);
      CHICAGO (was 9-5, now 9-26) and
      ST. LOUIS (was 9-27, now 9-28).

      VA Beach Postponed due to Hurricane Isabel

      Due to Hurricane Isabel, the threat of severe weather, and the bands' concerns for their fans well-being, the Virginia Beach show has been postponed. Members are encouraged to hold on to their tickets and check back here for a rescheduled date or additional information. AF1 will post updates to this alert the moment they are known.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith plays in Pittsburgh PA at the Civic Arena

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Noblesville IN at Deer Creek Music Center (Collective Soul opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Raleigh NC at Walnut Creek Amphitheater (Marry Me Jane opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Columbus OH at Polaris Amphitheater (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in West Palm Beach FL at Mars Music Amphitheater

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Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force- Marching Out (1985)

News as of September 22, 2003
  • 6(66), the number of the site!
      Damn, this is getting scary! I ve thought about taking this site down so many times, but somehow it has always survived in the end... As of today, this website has actually been up for a full 6 years! I never thought I'd go on working on this site for so long when I first started it back in '97...

      Thanks to all of you people who has been visiting the site throughout these years, and thanks for all the kind, helpful and supportive e-mails. They mean alot, even if I don't always find the time to write something meaningful back.

      Peace and love!

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Raleigh, NC
      Raleigh, NC
      Alltell Pavilion

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      I Never Loved A Woman Like I Love You
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Last Child
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1974 Aerosmith plays in Hollywood FL at The Sprotatorium

      1985 Aerosmith plays in Honolulu HI (with REO Speedwagon and Cheap Trick)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Tokyo Japan at Nihon Budokan Hall

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum (4 Non-Blondes open)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Noblesville IN at Verizon Wireless

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Antioch TN at AmSouth Amphitheater (Kiss and Saliva open)

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Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer (1992)

News as of September 21, 2003
  • Super Audio CD
      Toys in the Attic [SACD] will be released Sept. 30, 2003.

  • Joe Talks to The Tennessean (DMAAT)
      Rediscovering Aerosmith
      Friday, 09/19/03

      THE GUYS OF AEROSMITH - Brad Whitford, left, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer, Joe Perry and Tom Hamilton - are still rocking decades later. The band checks into AmSouth Monday night.

      By KEITH RYAN CARTWRIGHT For The Tennessean

      Guitarist's ear for new talent leads band back to the days of live music

      Through the years, Aerosmith's Joe Perry and his bandmates have encountered numerous solicitations - from overtly aggressive women, songwriters trying to pitch their tunes and musicians looking to become rock stars.

      Typically nothing really ever comes of it. But there was something unique about Eldorado Del Rey, who Boston-based Perry had a chance encounter with last summer when he was in Memphis with his sons. Del Rey guided the Perrys through the infamous Sun Studios.

      ''He looked kind of like a rockabilly, skateboard guy,'' Perry said.

      ''We talked music for a long a while and then he said, 'Hey, by the way, this is my band the Porch Ghouls. Take a listen.'

      ''My sons liked them and everybody was diggin' the CD,'' Perry recalled. ''Then a couple of months later, my son Tony said, 'Dad, these guys are not on a label. You should get them a record deal.' ''

      Within weeks, Perry launched Roman Records, an imprint label distributed through Sony, with the intent to sign the Porch Ghouls and ''bust them out of Memphis.'' Without so much as even seeing them perform live, he signed them to his label and released Bluff City Ruckus in April.

      Perry has long since caught the band's ''unpretentious'' live act numerous times. Nashvillians will get a chance, too, when the Porch Ghouls venture into town as part of the Aerosmith tour - they'll be performing on a side stage as fans make their way into AmSouth Monday.

      ''(The Ghouls) are doing it with the old tools,'' Perry explained, ''but they're making new music. Their songs are really coherent and that's one of the things I really loved about them.''

      That honest approach led Perry to reevaluate the recording process of his own band. Aerosmith had recorded an entire album, Just Push Play, without ever having to be in a room together, much less the same city.

      ''We were making the record on ProTools and massaging everything, polishing everything up . . . . I couldn't make another record like that and call it an Aerosmith record,'' he said.

      Currently recording a cover album of old blues tunes, the band brought in Jack Douglas to produce the project.

      This time, the entire album was recorded ''elbow to elbow'' in a 12-by-12-foot room in Perry's basement.

      ''I don't see Aersomith making anymore records where we're just coming in and doing bits and pieces.'' Perry said. ''We have to play live. That's what a band is by my definition.''

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in Nantasket MA at The Surf (with Mystic River Gang)

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Orlando FL at Orange County Civic Center

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Amherst MA at Mullins Center (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Columbus OH at Polaris Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Noblesville IN at Deer Creek Music Center (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aeromsith plays in Raleigh NC at ALLTEL Pavilion at Walnut Creek

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Kultivator - "Barndomens Stigar" (1981)
Great stuff!

News as of September 20, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Charlotte, NC
      Charlotte, NC
      Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      I Never Loved A Woman Like I Love You
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Last Child
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      Interesting Notes:
      - Same set as West Palm, except Stop Messin' moved up to the 1st of the "blues songs". The band likes the way these songs are sounding live, they may re-cut them on the album to reflect the way they like it live.
      - Band had minimal talking. Tried to squeeze in as many songs as possible.
      - Thanks to Pete, Dori, and their 2 kids.

  • VH1's 50 Greatest Album Covers
      Saturday (today) Aerosmith is on the VH1 show "50 Greatest Album Covers". They're at no. 41 with Get A Grip.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1974 Aerosmith plays in Tampa FL at Tampa Expo Hall

      1975 Aerosmith plays in Columbus OH at the Ohio Center

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Tokyo Japan at Nihon Budokan Hall

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Cincinnati OH at Riverbend Music Center (Cheap Trick and Run DMC open)

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The Grateful Dead - Wake Of The Flood (1973)

News as of September 19, 2003
  • National Anthem at Celeb Hockey game
      Scott Ayotte writes:

      Aerosmith to sing National Anthem at Celeb Hockey game September 28, 2003. May be on tv.

  • Tom Interview Fayetteville Online - Walnut Creek (DMAAT)
      Published on: 2003-09-19
      Aerosmith, KISS to play Walnut Creek
      By Jim Washington
      Staff writer

      When Aerosmith bass player Tom Hamilton gets bored on this tour, he walks out and watches KISS for a while. "I'll go watch Gene spit blood,'' he said. "Those guys are unique.''

      The two bands are on tour together this summer, with metal band Saliva opening up. The tour comes to Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh Saturday night.

      Hamilton, who spoke by phone from a tour stop in West Palm Beach, said he was never a big fan of KISS, but respects what they do and knows fans enjoy both bands.

      "I know a lot of Aerosmith fans are being entertained by KISS and a lot of KISS fans are being entertained by Aerosmith.''

      Aerosmith has been entertaining hard rock fans for over 30 years. Singer Steven Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry and Hamilton formed a trio in 1970, soon adding guitarist Brad Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer.

      The bluesy, hard rock Boston band built a following by nonstop touring, and worked it's way up the charts with early hits "Dream On,'' "Sweet Emotion'' and "Walk This Way.''

      They became one of the biggest bands of the '70s, but despite that success endured setbacks. Joe Perry and Brad Whitford both left to form other bands. Tyler, Perry and other members struggled with drug problems. The band continued to record, without as much success.

      In 1986 Aerosmith gained renewed visibility thanks to Run-DMC's cover of "Walk This Way.'' The revitalized band, with Perry and Whitford back in the fold, returned in 1987 with "Permanent Vacation.'' That album started a huge string of success which continues today, including the hits "(Dude) Looks Like a Lady,'' "Rag Doll,'' "Love In An Elevator,'' "Cryin','' "Janie's Got A Gun,'' "Livin' On the Edge,'' "Crazy,'' "Pink,'' "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing'' and "Jaded.''

      Aerosmith has become one of the most visible bands in America, performing at the Super Bowl, MTV award shows and most recently at the kickoff of the NFL season in Washington D.C.

      "Yeah, we like the spectacular stuff,'' Hamilton said. "It's a risk, because some people will say you're getting too show biz. That's not the way we look at it. To us it's like the NFL is this legit corporation that never would have used our music. This is our chance to infiltrate our exquisitely pleasurable infection into their thing.''

      And how does he feel about sharing the stage with such musical luminaries as Britney Spears, who would lock lips with Madonna just a few days later?

      "If we knew what Madonna could get away with, we all would have jumped her.''

      The band has been touring for several months now. Hamilton said he's getting used to being a "road orphan'' again.

      "I just try to chill out on the road,'' he said. "Find some nice restaurants and clubs. We've got so much going on at home, the road is the only place I can chill.''

      One of those things is a new album of blues and other covers, with an Aerosmith twist.

      The band has all the material recorded, but mixing will have to wait until they get home. They're playing some of the new songs on the road.

      For two years the band has taken a day off on Sept. 11.

      On Sept. 21, 2001, Aerosmith played Walnut Creek to an emotional crowd sorely in need of a break from news of the terrorist attacks.

      "I remember that well,'' Hamilton said. "It happened on a Tuesday or Wednesday, I think, and the following Monday we were playing shows. Here it was just a few days after this horrible thing happened, and we didn't know what else these people were capable of, but we all decided to gather together in a crowd to do something we loved. It was a very brave thing to do.''

      For the immediate future Hamilton and Aerosmith plan to spend as much time as possible doing what they love - playing live rock and roll.

      "I'm proud that we're known for that,'' Hamilton said. "That's where the rubber meets the road. When you're up on stage there's no overdubbing, no ProTools, no parachute. You have to play good or else, and we get off on that.''


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith plays in Chicago IL at the International Amphitheater

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Tokyo Japan at Nihon Budokan Hall

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Richmond VA at Classic Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Tinley Park IL at World Music Theatre (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Antioch TN at AmSouth Amphitheater

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Pallas - The Sentinel (1984)

News as of September 18, 2003
  • Danny P - Jack and Aero (DMAAT)
      Posted on Wed, Sep. 17, 2003

      From limelight to cell's confines
      Danny Provenzano, whose criminal exploits were in a film he made, gets 10 years for racketeering.
      By George Anastasia Inquirer Staff Writer

      HACKENSACK, N.J. - He said he would do his time "like a man."

      He said he would miss his friends and relatives - dozens of whom turned up for his sentencing hearing yesterday - but that it would be his time away from his wife and two young children that would bother him the most.

      He said that he regretted what he had done; that he had made some bad decisions. But, he added, "you live, you learn."

      Danny Provenzano, the racketeer-turned-actor/director whose real-life criminal problems turned up in a movie that he wrote, directed and starred in, was sentenced to 10 years in prison yesterday on racketeering and tax-evasion charges.

      Provenzano, 39, was led off in handcuffs following a two-hour hearing that sentencing Judge William C. Meehan quipped would probably be the basis for a future movie script. Nodding his head in agreement, Provenzano - whose great-uncle was the late New Jersey mob leader Anthony "Tony Pro" Provenzano - smiled at the judge's comment.

      The sentencing hearing in State Superior Court capped six years of legal wrangling that included a 41-count racketeering indictment, guilty pleas from five other defendants, and a feature film - This Thing of Ours - that included several scenes lifted right from the indictment. The movie debuted at film festivals in 2002 and was released in various cities this summer to mixed reviews.

      Before Meehan imposed sentence, however, several character witnesses, including actor Frank Vincent, who starred with Provenzano in the film, rose to sing his praises as a budding movie star and director.

      "He's not really what people think he is in terms of his legal problems," said Vincent, a New Jersey-based character actor whose film credits include Goodfellas, Casino and Raging Bull.

      Others described Provenzano as a man who had truly turned his life around, as a "gifted and talented actor" and as "America's next great filmmaker."

      Among other things, said composer John Douglas, the rock group Aerosmith wanted Provenzano to direct its next music video. Unfortunately, Douglas said, Provenzano's jail sentence would make that impossible.

      Not all of Provenzano's reviews were as positive, however.

      "This is somebody who took his criminality and decided to put it in a film," said Deputy Attorney General Robert Codey, the prosecutor in the case, who chided Provenzano for his lack of remorse and for using the case's notoriety to promote his movie and film career.

      Codey played a videotape of a July interview from ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Provenzano discussed his legal problems and his film. On the show, Provenzano joked about the indictment and his pending sentencing and said he had no remorse for what he had done.

      "This sickening display was seen throughout the country," Codey said in a sentencing memo that was filed during yesterday's hearing.

      In the memo, Codey referred to the Kimmel show appearance and to other media interviews Provenzano gave as he traveled around the country touting his movie this summer as the "No Remorse, No Sorrow Tour."

      In the racketeering indictment, Provenzano was charged with beating up a businessman in a dispute over a $182,000 debt and ordering associates to use a hammer to break the thumb of an employee suspected of stealing $7,000 from him. Provenzano, of Upper Saddle River, owned a printing company at the time.

      In This Thing of Ours, there is a scene in which a man's thumb is crushed with a hammer by angry mobsters and another in which a businessman is harassed and beaten over a $182,000 debt he owes to a mob-backed printing company.

      Before imposing sentence yesterday, Meehan described Provenzano as "very intelligent, at times even brilliant," but also as a man "missing a moral compass as to what is right and wrong."

      Provenzano had pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge that included the two assaults and also to failing to file state tax returns in 1996 on income of $820,190. He was sentenced to 18 months for the tax-evasion charge - which will run concurrently with the 10-year racketeering term - and to pay $111,488 in back taxes.

      Provenzano will be eligible for parole in about two years. He said before yesterday's hearing that his goal was to do his time, then return to his family and his film career.

      "I reacted the wrong way to a hostile situation," he said in explaining the assaults. One victim owed him money, the other had robbed him, he said.

      "You live, you learn."

      And then, as Judge Meehan pointed out, you write about it.


  • Listen to a message Steven left for... (DMAAT)

  • Yes, VA Beach Show Postponed! (DMAAT)
      VA Beach Postponed due to Hurricane Isabel

      Due to Hurricane Isabel, the threat of severe weather, and the bands’ concerns for their fans well-being, the Virginia Beach show scheduled for tonight has been postponed. Members are encouraged to hold on to their tickets and check back here for a rescheduled date or additional information. AF1 will post updates to this alert the moment they are known. Be safe out there! From:

  • AF1 News/Items (DMAAT)
      From the AF1 site:

      Charlotte, Raleigh & Nashville Tix @ Will-call
      The tickets for the Charlotte, Raleigh & Nashville shows will be available at will call after 5:00PM the day of show. Additional details will be posted here as available.note: shipping costs will be refunded to your credit card A valid ID is required for pick-up (picture not required).

      100 tour photos to view (if you are a member) taken by Noah Crescimanno here

      If not a member only 9 photos can be viewed here

      Video Gallery here


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith plays in St. Louis, MO at Kiel Auditorium

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Albany NY at Knickerbocker Arena (4 Non-Blondes opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Clarkston MI at DTE Energy Music Theatre (Cheap Trick/Run DMC open)

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Fates Warning - Perfect Symmetry (1989)

News as of September 17, 2003
  • 09.16: JB News From The Road
      9/16/03 Soul'ed Out in DC!

      I know it's been a while since the last report. A lot has happened. With the Great Blackout the tour has been rearranged a little. The Boston shows were great. There is nothing like a little home cookin' to really turn up the heat a little. I know both bands have said there is no rivalry but it seems like the bad boys from beantown have added a little extra cayenne pepper to the chili. It seems like the set is pretty set with Adam's Apple and Nobody's Fault revolving with Last Child, Monkey and Let The Music Do the Talkin.' It's a well balanced set. The blues tunes seem to be getting rave reviews.

      The guys blew into Cleveland on the 3rd, played the show and headed right to DC for the NFL shindig. On the morning of the 4th they went down to do a soundcheck on the Mall in front of the Capital. They were given a police escort to the mall. You would have thought President Bush was in the motorcade. After the soundcheck the guys met with the press for about an hour, then back to the hotel for a change of clothes and a bite to eat. Everybody was at the hotel. The Jets were there as well as all the performers. Then it was showtime! Another escort to the gig and some more schmoozing.

      As you know the band took the stage right after Britney and just blew the doors off the place. They shortened Walk This Way and Saddle so they could play 3 songs. Dream On was awesome! I have heard that song live about 300 times and I swear this time was the best.

      O.K enough cheerleading here. I've got to say Brad had a spark and a half that night and it really shows how fuckin' good that guy is. If Joe is the cool then Brad is the glue. He showed it that night. As the guys were leaving the stage they past right by Aretha Franklin. I saw them go right past her, they didn't even see her really because she was kinda in the corner but Joe saw her and walked right up to her and introduced himself. She seemed just as excited to meet and say hello to him as he was to her. Maybe she heard that they are covering a song of hers on the next album. We got right in the cars and headed for the airport to go to Chicago. It was funny because Tom turned on the TV and they were showing Dream On. It was time delayed about 10 minutes.

      The NFL Kickoff event in DC was a burn, but at the same time a lot of fun. After playing at Alpine Valley we headed to Detroit to play the make up show. Holy shit that place is big! 40,000 fans strong. Paul Stanley mentioned that the tour will be back to Detroit in November. Looks like we are headed in-doors and should be out on the road until Christmas.

      Since Joey and Joe have houses in Florida they hopped on Kiss's plane to West Palm while the rest of us flew home to beantown. Joe sat with Gene for most of the ride and got an education on how not to have any free time.

      West Palm is like Boston with nice weather. Everybody comes down to the show and has a great time. Steven gave Richie Supa a tip of the hat during Pink and let him sing back ups without the use of a monitor. Hey Richie next time stick a finger in your ear, buddy! As you know Richie goes way back with the boys writing or co- writing great tunes such as Chip Away, Lightning Strikes, Amazing and of course Pink. He's a class act and a hellava song writer.

      In Atlanta they guys saw Derek St. Holmes at the show. Derek was the driving force behind Ted Nugent in the 70's and formed Whitford St. Holmes with Brad. They released a great underrated album in the early 80's then Brad came back to the family after a brief stint with Joe in "the Project."

      Well, if all goes well and Isabel heads out to sea we will see everybody in Virginia Beach, Charlotte and Raleigh this week before heading over to Music City.

      Last note: I thought it was cool that Joe dedicated "Dream On" to Johnny Cash in West Palm. Johnny along with Elvis, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis helped form Rock and Roll and Joe was didn't let that moment pass without acknowledging it.

      See ya next week I promise.

      John B.


  • Blues track leaked to Argentina??
      Doesn't seem likely that this could actually be one of the new songs, but...

      Damian Vega, an Aerosmith fan from Argentina, e-mailed me telling me that on Saturday night, a new Aerosmith song was aired in fm rock and pop. Kinda bluesy, recorded in a studio. No song title mentioned.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1988 Aerosmith plays in Tempe AZ at Compton Terrace (Guns N'Roses open)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Tokyo Japan at Nihon Budokan Hall

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at Blockbuster Pavilion (Collective Soul opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Cincinnati OH at Riverbend Amphitheater (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheater

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Magnum - Chase The Dragon (1982)
Bob Catley, what a singer! ..oh! and Tony Clarkin doesn't exactly suck as a songwriter either.. "The Spirit," 'nuff said!

News as of September 16, 2003
  • Shows Off!
      The Virginia Beach, Charlotte, and Raleigh shows look as if they will be postponed due to Hurricane Isabel.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith plays in Normal IL at the Noble Center

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Yokohama Japan at Yokohama Arena

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Raleigh NC at Walnut Creek Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Columbus OH at Polaris Amphitheater

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Déjà Vu (1970)

News as of September 15, 2003
  • Blender Magazine - Joe Perry
      Joe Perry is in the new issue of Blender magazine (October 2003) issue. He is in the "Greatest Songs to Download" article. In it he lists his Top 25 song picks.

      1) AC/DC "Highway to Hell"
      "For my money, after recording 'Highway to Hell', AC/DC could have rested on their laurels," Perry says.

      2) Audioslave "Show Me How To Live"
      "it's great to hear Tom Morello having fun."

      3) The Beatles "Tomorrow Never Knows"
      "Put the headphones on, turn it up and I'll see you next week."

      4) Jeff Beck, "I Ain't Superstitious"
      "I don't think Les Paul ever envisioned the beating that Jeff would give the guitar with this performance."

      5) Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone"
      "One of the first songs that moved us from AM to FM. I can't say enough about Dylan's influence on me and my generation."

      6) Fleetwood Mac, "Oh Well"
      Stunning progressive blues by the Mac's pre-Rumours incarnation, featuring mercurial guitarist Peter Green. "Remember, this is not your mother's Fleetwood Mac."

      7) Jimi Hendrix "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"

      8) Jimi Hendrix, " Are You Experienced"
      'He was playing on Jupiter while the rest of us just dreamed it."

      9) Robert Johnson, "Crossroads Blues"
      "The devil's chasin' me, too."

      10) Led Zepplin, "Communication Breakdown"
      "Holy shit - these guys really are better than Iron Butterfly and Grand Funk Railroad!"

      11) Gram Parsons, "Hickory Wind"
      "I have a real soft spot for all that California country-rock."

      12) Porch Ghouls, "A Knife to Cut the Cornbread."
      Cacophonous blues from Memphis band signed to Perry's label.

      13) Queens of the Stone Age, "Go With the Flow"
      "Rock is dead? Bullshit! It's alive and well, and this song proves it."

      14) Radiohead, "The National Anthem"
      "You can always count on Radiohead to do something screwy and great."

      15) Keith Richards, "Take It So Hard"
      "Growly, riff-driven treat from his debut solo album, Talk is Cheap. "Whenever I get into an arguement, I turn this song up louder than the shouting, and it seems to all go away."

      16) The Rolling Stones, "Honky Tonk Woman"
      "A turning point for the Stones' sound. Here, they went from being pop-music bad boys to a real rock band - and became worse men."

      17) Sly & The Family Stone, "I Want to Take You Higher"
      Frenzied beyond belief, and one of the highlights of the Woodstock movie.

      18) The Soggy Bottom Boys, "Man of Constant Sorrow"
      Inescapeable hit from the O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack. "I have to hear this song at least once a week. It always presses my reset button."

      19) Stone Temple Pilots, as yet unrecorded new single
      "These guys need to get back together!" You heard him, Scott.

      20) The Temptations, "Ball of Confusion (That's What the World is Today)"
      Fired-up politically conscious Motown classic.

      21) U2, "Kite"
      Bono & Co. in typically expansive form. "Whenever I want to stop time, I put this song on."

      22) Muddy Waters "Mannish Boy"
      A stirring rendition, abetted by guitarist Johnny Winter. "One of the top five blues songs ever written, from one of the best bluesmen who ever lived."

      23) The White Stripes, "Fell In Love With A Girl"
      Some advice from one guitar god to another: "Jack be careful in that Porche. They're fun, but they're fast!"

      24) Johnny Winter, "Highway 61 Revisited"
      Explosive Dylan cover by stick-thin, albino Texas blues hero.

      25) The Yardbirds, "Stroll On"
      "One of the few performances with Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page together. It's from the soundtrack to the movie Blow Up, in which there's a clip of their performance, a very rare piece."

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Atlanta, GA
      Atlanta, GA
      HiFi Buys Amphitheatre

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song and Dance
      Love in an Elevator
      What it Takes
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Last Child
      Monkey On My Back
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      - 1st playing of Monkey this tour.

  • Lyrics for possible Honkin' On Bobo songs has put up lyrics (original english lyrics, along with portuguese translations) of the tracks that have been said to possibly end up on "Honkin' On Bobo":

      * All Your Lovin'
      * Baby Please Don't Go
      * Back Back Train (cover de Mississippi Fred McDowell)
      * Broke Down Engine
      * Eyesight For The Blind
      * I'm Ready
      * I Never Loved A Girl The Way Like I Love You
      * Into The Grind (nova)
      * Killing Floor
      * Shame, Shame, Shame (On You Miss Roxy)
      * Stop Messin' Around
      * Roadrunner
      * Temperature
      * The House Of The Rising Sun
      * You Gotta Move

  • Testament's cover of "Nobody's Fault" on VH1 (DMAAT)
      "Metal Mania" on VH1 Classic aired the Testament video for "Nobody's Fault." The show (they repeat them often) is the one that starts off with Warrant's "Heaven"...

  • WPB Review - Sun-Sentinel (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith trumps Kiss in a battle of '70s bands
      By Sean Piccoli Pop Music Writer
      Posted September 15 2003

      "Nothing is left for the years," goes a line in Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic that might need revising. Aerosmith and Kiss, rock bands formed in the 1970s, both had something saved up for a boisterous double bill on Friday night at Sound Advice Amphitheatre west of West Palm Beach.

      The anti-aging potions reserved to rock stars appear to be working better, on balance, for Aerosmith than for Kiss. But then, Kiss -- with its B-movie cos tumes, makeup and controlled explosions -- always was a large, tottering Rube Goldberg assembly even at its most, uh, composed. Original members Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss had the hooks, the shtick and the crudely ingenious bombast to cover for their shortcomings as players.

      The absence of lead guitarist Frehley -- replaced on this tour by one Tommy Thayer -- was a blow to old-time's-sake sentiment, at most. It is likely that someday Simmons, Stanley and the oft-replaced Criss will step aside permanently for understudies, and wave as the machine grinds on.

      But not just yet. Kiss opened, thankfully. Had that band followed Aerosmith's taut, energized show, the Kiss rock circus might have looked more comical than intended. As is, Kiss was just good enough to be Aerosmith's warmup.

      The old theater of concussion held together well enough: Simmons, Stanley and Thayer roamed along tiered stacks of lighting and speakers, with Criss on drums installed like a roof ornament, up and toward the back. Fire billowed, sparks flew, stage blood dribbled from Simmons' mouth. The band played a few of its crunchiest songs, including Shout It Out Loud, Do You Love Me and Firehouse. Kiss was at its best on Friday doing pure re-enactment.

      What hurt the display was singer-guitarist Stanley, in particular, trying for rock spontaniety. After lumbering through I Want You, for example, he amused only himself with a long solo voice recital. The rock yodeling was typical of the unwanted interludes, and indicative of Kiss at age 31 failing to recognize its value. This is not so much a band anymore as a running attraction. The original members would be wisest to behave as cast members in a scripted production since, in a way, they always were.

      Aerosmith came with the same five guys who first jammed together in 1970, plus one helper on keyboards and backing vocals. A continuity battle-tested by egotism and drugs explains some of the band's vigor. A faith in the music, and not just Aerosmith's, also plays a part. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer were as zealous covering Big Joe Williams' blues standard, Baby Please Don't Go, as they were playing hard rock originals anchored in blues: Mama Kin, Last Child, Pink, Jaded, Walk This Way, Sweet Emotion and Toys in the Attic as an apt finale.

      A dedication of Dream On to the late Johnny Cash felt right. Tyler's stringy eroticism and elastic voice, coupled with Perry's attacking guitar, are glitzier than the Americana of Cash, but Aerosmith's ability to adapt and thrive beyond all expectations is just as commendable.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1970 Boston MA: Steven, Tom, Joe and their manager Mark Lehman move into 1325 Commonwealth Ave.

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Indianpolis IN at Indianapolis Arena (Hawkwind opens)

      1975 Aerosmith plays in Des Moines IA at Veterans Memorial Auditorium

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Costa Mesa CA at Pacific Coast Amphitheater

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Clarkston MI at Pine Knob Music Theater (Monster Magnet opens); Ted Nugent joins them on Train Kept a Rollin' and It's All Over Now

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Bristow VA at Nissan Pavilion

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (1974)
While Peter Gabriel was in the band, Genesis created some of the finest music ever made!

News as of September 14, 2003
  • West Palm Beach Show Review-Vballchic
      Hey everyone, I just got back from the west palm beach show. And I will have to say, this is one of the best shows I have seen so far. Started out with Ma Kin, Captain Tyler (steven) wore the same as NFL, the guy had sooo much energy it was UNBELIEVABLE!! Captain tyler, if anyone went backstage they know what im talking about. But anyways, the show went on and then the blues section came up! The blues were amazing, im craving for some more. I nevah loved a girl..was awsome steven totally whalled on that one, then joe took over and did Stop Messing Around, that was reaaallyyy goood. Joe did awsome, then Baby Please dont go, was great! Harmonica rocked on this one. Crowd loved it execpt for they sat down! I was like WHAT IS THIS! I was like a lightning rod out of a city when they were playing the blues. My whole section was sitting down but I refused to. I was jamming man! But anyways, show continued, and they went into a long guitar solo I cant remember which one it was, but as im watching steven, he goes to the back of the stage and recieves either a direct line of speed or direct line of oxygen because it was so hot in there. After that I believe was walk this way, and he did the trapese thing UPSIDE DOWN. Knocked a kid out that was on someones shoulders..that was kinda humorous. Did some more songs, including Let the music do the talking which completely BLEW me away. Was great, and it seemed that the band was together completely, more cat walk usage from all band members..brad had more solos (he reaallyy rocked tonight), tom started sweet emo at end of cat walk, and joe sang a song. They ended with Toys which was really cool, that blew me away to, to hear all the old school played live again. But over all Aerosmith blew kiss completely out of the water. Kiss was a joke and I dont mean to put any offense to any fans of kiss but they completely were. First 2 songs were entertaining i was into it and then after like the 5 song of the same beat its like ok, ths is getting old. BUT aerosmith ROCKED the house last night...WAS GREAT! ANNNDD If anybody is in the fanclub and brought the blue glow sticks I saw you guys and I had mine! TO anyone who hasn't seen them, go and rock your a$$ off! -Vball

  • Article on (DMAAT)
      There is an article on today featuring Ten Songs for Job Seekers. One is Permanent Vacation of all things! Cool list.

      Ten Songs for Job Seekers
      by Ben Murray

      A lot of songs out there are often associated with certain groups of people. Teenagers will forever have “My Heart Will Go On” as their weepy romance standard, “Stayin' Alive” will never grow old for discophiles, and the Deadheads will eternally get down -- in a groovy, mellow sort of way, of course -- to “Truckin'.”

      But what about job seekers? What do the people who are writing resumes and doing keyword searches have as their anthem? Where is their fight song, their inspirational Top 40 tune? The Who's “The Seeker”? U2's “Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For”? Hardly.

      We've come to the rescue with this list of songs that, whether by title, lyric, attitude or theme, not only apply pretty well to the realities and sentiments of looking for a job, but may also aid you in your search for employment. Perhaps you'll find inspiration in the lyrics of wisdom from people working in a notoriously competitive field: The music industry.

      “Livin' on a Prayer”

      The title may say it all for some job seekers. This heroic (We consider the lyrics “Woah-ho!” heroic.) ballad by Bon Jovi recounts the story of Tommy, who used to work on the docks before the union went on strike, and Gina, who works at the diner all day, in their struggle to “make it.” I swear. Too bad love doesn't pay.

      “Workin' at the Carwash Blues”

      Story-telling folk singer Jim Croce (He sang “Time in a Bottle.”) sympathizes with all those people getting by in crummy jobs while searching for an “executive position” in this tale of undiscovered genius. In the meantime, though, he's got “them steadily depressin', low-down, mind-messin', workin'-at-the-car-wash blues.”

      “Paperback Writer”

      Claiming he needs a job and a break, the aspiring writer in this Beatles tune has turned to that potential windfall for down-and-out scribes: Penning trashy novels. A plea from a desperate artist, this one is not only a classic, but a tutorial on how to pitch your first book to a publisher -- write a bestselling song about it.

      “Taking Care of Business”

      Bachman Turner Overdrive takes a jab at everyone stuck slaving away at a 9-to-5 while they lie in the sun, basking in unemployment. An optimistic turn on being self-employed in the business of doing nothing, it can also serve to prove that you don't have to return to the rat race to be successful (as long as you're a popular musician).

      “9 to 5”

      What a way to make a living. Featured as the title track for her 1980 comic film with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in which the three assistants teach their jerky boss a lesson, this Dolly Parton ditty tells you not to forget that the daily grind can suck. Be careful what you wish for.

      “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”

      The notorious home remedy for the down-and-out bluesman who can't pay the rent because he can't find no job, this song was famously covered by George Thorogood, who, ironically, also wrote the antireal-job rock tune, “Get a Haircut (and get a real job).” However, the only people working in this song are the bartender and the landlady.

      “Money for Nothing”

      The unofficial theme song for those collecting unemployment benefits, this '80s Dire Straits single should remind you that work can still be found installing microwave ovens and moving refrigerators and color TVs. Unemployment does not, however, guarantee you "chicks for free."

      “Permanent Vacation”

      Aerosmith had something a little different in mind as far as how they would spend their unlimited time off (They don't seem to mention sending out resumes in this one.), but even job hunters -- maybe especially job hunters -- can sympathize with the desire to drop everything and head to the beach. Dream on?

      “She Works Hard for the Money”

      Focused on the struggles of a bathroom attendant named Onetta who singer Donna Summer once met (really -- check the lyrics), this is the rah-rah demand for respect deserved by all the hard-working women out there. Lesson for those grinding out a lousy job: You just never know when a disco superstar will notice you and rocket you into fame with your very own song. Keep your chin up.

      “Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades”

      Come on, it's not all doom and gloom, so why not end on a happy note? Maybe you've got a job and you're just looking for a better one. This song from the alternative '80s husband-and-wife duo Timbuk3 is about a nuclear science student about to get his first job. It should remind you of a time when work was plentiful and the economy was up -- those times will come again.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at The Box Club at Boston University with Ready Teddy

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Evansville IN at Roberts Municipal Stadium

      1985 Aerosmith plays in Lynn MA at the Manning Bowl (Fahrenheit opens); a part of "The Movie" is played

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Costa Mesa CA at Pacific Coast Amphitheater (Guns N'Roses opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Nagoya Japan at Aichi Taiikukan

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Clarkston MI at Pine Knob Music Theater (they record I Don't Want to Miss a Thing for BBC Top of the Pops)

      1999 "The Best of Joe Perry Project" is released

      2002 Aerosmith plays in East Troy WI at Alpine Valley Music Theatre (Kid Rock, Run DMC open)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at HiFi Buys Amphitheatre (Kiss and Saliva open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Captain Beefheart - Safe As Milk (1967)

News as of September 13, 2003
  • Aerosmith/Kiss May Take Tour To Europe?
      Per Classic Rock Magazine:

      "It looks increasingly as though AEROSMITH and KISS will bring their co-headlining tour to the UK". "We're talking about Australia and Europe next summer, but we've got to do this summer in America first," said Kiss manager Doc McGhee. "If everyone gets along and has fun, I'm sure the tour will continue".


  • Krebs article...
      Former Aerosmith Manager Sues Band Over VH1's 'Behind The Music' Show

      Aerosmith, currently on the road with Kiss, are completing work on an as-yet-untitled blues-inspired album slated for release in January.

      by Gil Kaufman

      Aerosmith's former manager has filed a libel suit against the band for allegations the classic rockers made during their "Behind the Music" special. David Krebs, who managed the band from 1972 to 1984, filed suit in New York on Friday alleging that comments the band made on last year’s VH1 special suggested that he and his business partner stole or otherwise hid money from the band.

      Krebs said the allegations have tarnished his reputation and in a formal complaint his attorneys are preparing to file within the next two weeks, he plans to ask the band to issue a public apology and to make unspecified monetary reparations. Aerosmith had no comment on the suit, according to the band's spokesperson.

      Krebs did not sue VH1, which aired the program last year, but he did impugn their journalistic methods and suggested that they re-edit the show. "I had [VH1] give me a full copy of my interview so I could see how they would mis-edit it," said Krebs, laughing. VH1 had no comment for this story.

      The animosity between Krebs and Aerosmith dates back decades, with the New York Daily News reporting that the source of the problem might be linked to some deals Krebs and partner Steve Leber crafted in the early '70s, giving the pair a large stake in the band's publishing rights. Those types of arrangements were typical of the era, according to Krebs. Bandleaders Steven Tyler and Joe Perry complain in the episode about being broke in the early '80s, implying that Krebs and partner Steve Leber were the source of their financial woes.

      "They're referring to the fact that they didn't have enough money [at the time], but they won't acknowledge that it went up their noses," Krebs said, referring to the band's well-documented struggles with drugs in the '70s and early '80s .

      Asked if VH1 confronted him over the allegations made by the bandmembers in the special prior to the show's airing, Krebs said he could not recall.

      According to a transcript Krebs provided to the Daily News, when asked if he and Leber ever mishandled the band's money, Krebs told VH1, "Did we steal from them? No." (VH1 could not provide a transcript of the show by press time.)

      Krebs said he filed the suit after his daughter and several friends confronted him about the allegations in the program. "When the band's new management took over, they looked at our books with a fine-toothed comb and they said they couldn't find anything," said Krebs, who also used to manage Def Leppard, AC/DC and Ted Nugent. Krebs said he has tried for a year to reach Tyler prior to filing suit, but has not been able to speak to him about the issue since the show first ran.

      "After many months of trying to speak to and meet with Steven Tyler to settle this amicably, I had to file suit," Krebs said. "We ran one of the most honest management companies of the '70s and '80s and built this band up block-by-block. The monetary part [of the suit] is a small part. It's about the retraction, apologies and setting the record straight."

      Aerosmith, currently on the road with Kiss, are completing work on an as-yet-untitled blues-inspired album slated for release in January (see "Aerosmith Get The Blues On New Album").

      This report is from MTV News.


  • Liv Tyler on US magazine
      The new Liv Tyler perfume ad is on the back of this weeks US magazine.

  • A bit about the "spirituals" Jack mentioned in his interview Monday.... (DMAAT)
      A tiny tidbit from JD re: the spiritual tracks he mentioned in his interview on Monday. Sure hope that Part 2 comes around soon - he said it was in the works...

      "One of the spiritual Aerosmith tracks - Tom, Brad and Joey sing their asses off! You won't believe it. Tracy Bonham plays fiddle and sings a verse, Steven takes a verse then steps back into the group. It was all done live and was not planned. It is very cool. The other is dark and heavy and Joe sings it. But he is perfect for it. It is very moody".

      He also mentioned the following speaking of books, Lennon, etc. LOL: "Pick up a book called " Liverpool Fantasy " by Larry Kirwin. It is really good plus I wrote the forward LOL."

  • Jack Douglas WFMU Interview Online Archive! (DMAAT)
      Anyone that missed Jack's interview on WFMU this past Monday that wants to hear it can listen to it online on WFMU's recent archives page. They usually keep them up for a week or so I think so try and get to it soon just in case. For this particular show, the only format they offer is Real Player - worked fine for me.

      Here is the direct URL that should open Real Player and start loading right away:

      Here is the URL to the archive page for the past week or so.

      It is listed under Monday, Jonesville Station 4 days ago: Real

      There is a Part 2 in the works. Not too much Aero but he does mention those spiritual tracks they recorded....

  • Short Joe Interview (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith's Perry happy to be singing the blues
      By CHARLES PASSY / Cox News Service

      WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. -- We caught up with Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry to get his thoughts on the band's tour with Kiss and on what he and the band have been up to lately.

      Q: Why team up with Kiss?

      A: We had so much fun with Kid Rock (who Aerosmith toured with in 2002). We wanted to up the ante, so we thought Kiss would be great. They are really strong headliners, and if following them had any influence, it was, "How are we going to keep the energy going that they get?" You've got to take it higher, or else you're not doing your job.

      Q: Because there are two big headliners on this tour, you're doing a slightly short set list. With all the hits you've had, is that a problem?

      A: We have not had any complaints about leaving anything out. We try and address the different factions of our audience. There are fans who think "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is our first hit. You have those, and then you work your way back to the people who heard us in '75. Plus we've managed to carve out space in the middle (of the show) and tell people we're playing songs we never did before.

      Q: You're talking about the stuff on your soon-to-be-released blues album. What inspired you to make the record?

      A: The idea was to do something that paid homage to our roots, which is all of pop music's roots. ... There's something about hearing Robert Johnson that makes the hair on the back of my neck stick up. It just seemed kind of natural to do it. (But) it's a delicate thing. I have too much reverence for those early records to think I can do it any better.

      Q: You've got your own brand of hot sauce: Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew. What inspired you to make it?

      A: It's in my blood. My grandfather was into chili peppers. I remember the doctors would tell him he couldn't eat that anymore, but he would still have a stash. Over the last 10 years, the market has been flooded with hot sauces, but I would get frustrated because I wasn't finding the right combination of flavors. I was mixing sauces together, so instead I decided I wanted to make a great hot sauce. We use a fair amount of habanero. The other main ingredient is red-bell peppers -- more for color and texture. It's a real natural-tasting sauce. Steven (Tyler) is addicted to it.


  • AF1 Email - Grand Forks MD and Minneapolis MN shows on sale Tue 9/16 (DMAAT)
      Reminders of the three new shows that went on sale this week already (Albuquerque, NM; Salt Lake City, UT and Omaha, NE) and two new shows going on sale next week (Grand Forks, MD and Minneapolis MN) as well as clips from NFL concert you can watch via the site:

      GET IN on AEROSMITH tickets BEFORE the general public with membership in Aero Force One

      Membership in Aero Force One gets you access to some of the best tickets available BEFORE the general public. Members also have access to exclusive BACKSTAGE experiences, parties, travel, opportunities to meet the band and discounts on Aerosmith gear. Don't miss out!

      Hit the Aero Force One TOUR page NOW to purchase the following shows:

      Oct. 20 Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion
      Oct. 22 Salt Lake City, UT - Delta Center
      Nov. 06 Omaha, NE - Qwest

      On Sale Tue Sept. 16 at 8:30 ET (7:30 central):
      Nov. 08 Grand Forks, ND - Alerus Center
      Nov. 10 Minneapolis, MN - Target Center

      NOT A MEMBER YET? Find out how to JOIN.
      Check-out the all-NEW Aero Force One web site for the latest Aerosmith news, tour updates, alerts, 100+ new 2003 tour pictures, tour video, exclusive contests, great deals on Aerosmith gear AND the inside scoop on everything Aerosmith. JOIN now and receive a special collectors edition 2002 Year in Review CDROM with tons of pic's and video.

      NFL and the Nation got R-O-C-K'd by Aerosmith
      Aerosmith ROCKED-IN the NFL 2003 season on Thursday September 4th at the NFL Kickoff LIVE event. This is what Steven and Joe had to say about their involvement with the NFL:

      "I make noise for a living. I mean, I'm an expert and what I love about football is the way it sounds - skin on skin - slamming and grunting and the cheering afterwards," said Steven Tyler. Now that's music to my ears - that's livin' on the edge - that's Rock N Roll and that's why this Aerosmith NFL thing is perfect."

      "Troubadours and gladiators -- we're proud to be part of this historical event," said Aerosmith's Joe Perry. "Rock n' roll and football, two uniquely American forms of entertainment teamed up make for one hell of a blockbuster event. We're honored to represent the troubadour half."

      Check out this never before seen video courtesy of the NFL and Aerosmith
      LOW bandwidth
      HIGH bandwidth

      From: - email to members

  • AeroFanatic West Palm Beach, FL 9/12 Set List
      West Palm Beach, FL
      Sound Advice Amphitheatre

      MaMa Kin
      Same Old Song and Dance
      Love in an Elevator
      What it Takes
      Never loved a girl
      Stop Messin Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream on
      Last Child
      Let music do the talking
      Walk this Way Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      Interesting Notes:
      -Start of show steven came out with same shirt he had on for NFL kickoff.
      -Start of PINK end of catwalk Richie Suppa in crowd sang 2 verses
      -Steven & Joe end of catwalk for Dream on.
      -Joe dedicated Dream On to Johnny Cash
      -End of Cryin' No Harmonica
      -End of Walk This Way Trappeze Feet First!

      This set list brought to you by the one and only...the AeroFANatic.

  • Patricia Schenck's these days in AeroHistory
      Sept. 11 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1975 "Aerosmith" goes Gold

      1976 Aerosmith plays in San Diego CA at the Sports Arena (with Jeff Beck, Rick Derringer, and Starz)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Los Angeles CA at Universal Amphitheatre

      1993 Aerosmith plays in East Rutherford NJ at Brendan Byrne Arena (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Camden NJ at Blockbuster-Sony Entertainment Pavilion (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Virginia Beach VA at Verizon Wireless VA Beach Amphitheater


      Sept. 12 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1975 Aerosmith plays in Minneapolis MN at the Target Center

      1976 Aerosmith plays in Anaheim CA at Angels Stadium (with Jeff Beck, Rick Derringer, and Starz)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Concord CA at Concord Pavilion (Guns N'Roses open)

      1989 Boston MA officially declares this day "Aerosmith Day"

      1989 "Pump" is released

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Osaka Japan at Castle Hall

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Cuyahoga Falls OH at Blossom Music Center (Kid Rock and Run DMC open)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in West Palm Beach FL at Sound Advice Amphitheatre (Kiss and Saliva open)


      Sept. 13 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Detroit MI at Cobo Hall

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Clarkston MI at Pine Knob Music Theater (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Camden NJ

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Extreme - The Best Of Extreme (1989-1995)
Aside from "More Than Words," this band doesn't do much for me. Boring and/or even irritating, mostly. Way overrated.

News as of September 10, 2003
  • Happy birthday, Joe!
      As of today, our very own guitar god, Mr. Perry is 53 y/o. Happy birthday, Joe!

  • Aerosmith Mention in Cosmo Girl
      In the October issue of CosmoGirl Magazine on page 52, there is a brief interview with Hilary Duff, one section reads:

      aerogirl: "At the MTV Icon show for Aerosmith, Steven Tyler was like, 'Hilary, dude, I'm so excited you're here- I love you!' I thought it was weird, but then someone asked me, 'You didn't know you were Steven's special guest?"

  • Metal Sludge
      The Metal Sludge website is complaining about the Rolling Stone 100 Best Guitarists Ever, and mentions Joe Perry:

      "And it's hip to like Sonic Youth, so we'll put them way above Joe Perry and Les Paul, who basically started the whole thing."


      Another rant about lists on Metal Sludge, is about the top 22 bands who had their biggest commercial success since MTV started. Here are the Aerosmith mentions:

      Linkin Park over Aerosmith? Phish over Van Halen? Not even on a weekend binge of smoking crack could make most people ever think that way

      Tell me, who's influenced more bands, Van Halen and Aerosmith or Linkin Park? Exactly. MTV should be embarrassed to even have this on their channel with results like this


  • Date
      Aerosmith is coming to Salt Lake on wed october 22nd, at the Delta Center, tickets go on sale Saturday September 13th at 9 am

  • 43 photos at
      There's a photo feature on called Alive and Kicking: Walk this way to Aerosmith and Kiss.

      The pics are mostly Steven, though there's a few of Joe, Gene, Paul, and the lead singer of Saliva in there too.

  • Re: Interview by Gater 98.7 FM in WPB, FL
      I've been informed those "interviews" on the Gater radio site are cut/pasted from Click on THE BAND then on each band member's pic and you'll see it LOL. Gater does say "Photos copyright" but kinda forgot to say that all of the Q&A is from the official site as well LOL.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1950 Anthony Joseph Perry is born in Lawrence MA

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Battle Creek MI at the Kellogg Arena (Kansas opens)

      1976 Aerosmith plays in Anaheim CA at Angels Stadium

      1988 Mountain View CA at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Guns N'Roses opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at US Air Arena (4 Non-Blondes open)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Scranton PA at Montage Mountain (Kid Rock and Run DMC open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

UFO - Strangers In The Night (1979)

News as of September 9, 2003
  • Steven Tyler interview in ESPN The Magazine
      The Sept 15th issue of ESPN The Magazine has an interview with Dan Patrick and Steven Tyler (Amateurs Borrow and Pros Steal) on page 160. The magazine dedicated a whole page to the interview. They have a few photos of Steven, and one with Joe, on page 160. There is also a photo of Steven on page 14.

  • MP3's of 3 Blues Songs - (DMAAT)
      I believe (from the file names) these are from the Hartford opening show which based on fan reviews posted here and elsewhere was not the best of shows sound wise, etc. BUT....we're very happy and grateful to the folks at for hosting these. I need to do some research so I can also thank whoever actually recorded and provided them to the site too..unless they did it themselves? They are in ZIP format to save their bandwidth (VERY understandable) so what you need to do is click on and download each of the first three files listed at:

      Which are:

      Baby Please Don't Go
      I Ain't Never Loved a Woman

      then extract the MP3 files from the zip files using Winzip or a compatible program then play in whatever player you use for MP3's.


  • Alpine Review (DMAAT)
      Bands a little too old to rock all night
      But KISS looks more worn than Aerosmith
      Last Updated: Sept. 7, 2003

      East Troy - "How y'all doing tonight?" bellowed KISS singer-guitarist Paul Stanley from the stage at Alpine Valley Music Theatre Saturday night. "Everybody having a good time?" he asked.

      What seemed likea long second elapsed between the question and the roaring, affirmative response from the 30,000-plus crowd there to see the co-headliners KISS and Aerosmith.

      It's possible the delay was because each individual's real answer likely would depend on what point in the evening the question applied to. The two bands, representing a significant slice of '70s-era album-rock, were about as opposite a classic-rock match as you could imagine.

      Aerosmith, formed in the early '70s when rock was less than 20 years old, is among the top acts to build upon rock's blues and R&B roots. KISS, the band that merged the shock-rock of Alice Cooper with an Americanized form of the schlock-rock emerging from British glam bands around the same time, is Aerosmith's antithesis.

      Bias alert: This reviewer should start by admitting that he's never been enlisted in the KISS army. Forget about global warming and escalating religious wars, the sight of a crowd with members older than 15 spellbound and mouthing along to hoary rock anthems such as "Beth" and "Rock and Roll All Nite," is more telling a sign that the end is near.

      Objectivity you ask for? OK. The band - Stanley and fellow original members Gene Simmons (bass) and Peter Criss (drums) beside guest guitarist Tommy Thayer (replacing Ace Frehley) - competently worked their way through the three-chord-and-a-cloud-of-dust wonders comprising the cream of the KISS catalog. Also, there were many excellent flash pod explosions, fire-breathing displays and reflective mist-machine moments, too.

      But why anyone of legal driving age or older would pay $125 to see a bunch of geezers robotically thump their way through faded hits, with drops from the grease paint smeared across their faces dripping onto graying and billowing chest Afros, is beyond me.

      Granted, Paul Stanley still has the pipes to hit those requisite "Rocky the Squirrel" falsettos, and the physique of a Brooklyn bodybuilding champ, and Simmons can still gurgle and spit out mock blood with the best of 'em - although, in full get-up, he resembles more a geriatric Klingon than a veteran rock superstar.

      That said, the aforementioned reviewer should also note that he's well aware of the fact that KISS made in excess of $60 million during its 2000-'01 "Farewell Tour."

      Promises, promises.

      Saving the evening for at least one in attendance was the solid if unsurprising set by Aerosmith. With a few exceptions, its performance Saturday night followed the script of their previous summer stops at Alpine Valley in 2001 and 2002.

      The only thing substantially different this time through was a three-song segment that had the band, led by singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry, working through revised blues and soul covers that'll appear on the group's forthcoming album, tentatively titled "Honkin' on Bobo."

      This portion included nice takes of the Aretha Franklin hit, "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You," the old blues standard "Stop Messing 'Round" with Perry on vocals, and Muddy Waters' "Baby Please Don't Go."

      Earlier came a few Aerosmith staples: "Same Old Song and Dance" and "Love in an Elevator," with some blistering guitar solos traded between Perry and second guitarist Brad Whitford.

      The pace slowed a bit for the later-era, country-blues-rock ballads, "Pink" and "What It Takes," but regained steam on "Jaded," one of the band's lesser singles of recent years. "Crazy" had the band returning to ballad mode and slowing the pace down again.

      The Don Kirshner-era nostalgia moment of the evening had Tyler and Perry walking to the end of a runway protruding from the stage and into the first dozen or so rows and dramatically breaking into the guitar intro and vocals to "Dream On."


  • Interview by Gater 98.7 FM in WPB, FL (DMAAT)
      From the Gater radio site. Only Steven's interview here. They have all the guys comments over at

      A little about Steven Tyler

      March 26.


      One sister, Lynda.

      Curators at the Tyler Zoo.

      At a Presbyterian church in the Bronx, where, for 6 years I sang in the choir.

      That's what the choir was all about. Other than that no, but I did learn how to warm up the old 'chords from a vocal coach, and that's stood me in pretty good stead.

      Keyboards, harmonica, and guitar, and drums and percussion.

      I've been doing the band thing since I was 15, but the main ones were The Strangeurs, Chain Reaction, The Chain, and William Proud.

      William Proud was playing in a club in South Hampton doing a summer gig and I realized it was going nowhere fast, so I hitch hiked to New Hampshire and saw Joe Perry playing with The Jam Band and I knew at that point we would play together.

      1968 with Chain Reaction, titled "The Sun" on MGM.

      It was with The Byrds when I played with Chain Reaction.

      Nipmuc Regional High School.

      There are probably only five things left and I'm keeping those to myself!

      On top of Mount Halliahkala in Maui where I can watch the sunrise.


      My Lotus Super 7.

      "No Surprize."

      I like to watch Southpark.

      Everything from AC/DC to Debussey.

      "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

      "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Unrelated Stories" by Tim Burton.

      My hand made Damascus switchblade- affectionately known as 'The Big Ten Inch'.

      An astronaut.

      Doing the horizontal mambo!


      A panther.

  • JACK DOUGLAS Monday 7-8pm WFMU 91.1/90.1/ONLINE (DMAAT)
      Sorry for being too late with this headsup. Jack was on WFMU 91.1 (NYC/NJ), 90.1 (Hudson Valley/Western NJ) and streamed live over the internet at last night (Monday, September 8th) on the Jonesville Station hour with Glen Jones aka Jonesey which airs from 7pm - 8pm EDT.

      A brief summary from the site:
      Record Producer Jack Douglas
      Monday, September 8th, 7pm - 8pm on Jonesville Station
      Record Producer Jack Douglas joins Jonesey for an hour of conversation and music. Among others, Douglas has produced Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Alice Cooper, The Knack, The New York Dolls, Patti Smith, as well as John Lennon's "Imagine" and "Double Fantasy" LPs. 7 PM - 8 PM Jonesville Station (Send e-mail) An hour of life with Glen Jones. Talk about things that need talking about. Rants about things that could use a good rant. Conversation with folks worth conversing with.


      Gotta love Jack...yes to free form radio, screw manufactured pop that sounds all alike and all of the corporations that own/make it. I love it..he opens the interview speaking nothing but THE TRUTH about the f'd up state of the industry..then says..when the guy says PRODUCER Jack, he says..maybe after this interview EX PRODUCER...but that's what I love about him..never let the industry change him or his views. It's NOT about the money, it's about the ART. I hope a lot of people HEARD THAT including 'that band' he's working with LMAO!

  • MTV News (sorta Aero related)
      Chad Kroeger Turns To Metallica, Motley Crue For Help With Nickelback LP

      Rocker recently purchased studio board used to record classic albums such as Pump, Dr. Feelgood.

      by Jon Wiederhorn

      Chad Kroeger can't take all the credit for the songs on Nickelback's new album, The Long Road. He had some help from Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

      No, James Hetfield, Vince Neil and Steven Tyler didn't actually show up in Vancouver at Little Mountain studio. Nor did they send Kroeger music or vocal parts. But their presence was clearly felt through the studio board, which played host to rock legends through the '80s and '90s.

      "Mötley Crüe's Dr. Feelgood was recorded on it," said Kroeger, "and Aerosmith did a couple records on it including Pump. And Bon Jovi did Slippery When Wet on that board. So it's got a lot of history and you can get that vibe and that magic when you're using it."

      Nickelback's frontman felt so productive when he worked on the equipment that he purchased the board from Little Mountain and had it installed in his home studio in a giant barn behind his Vancouver home.

      "Every time I sit in front of that board, the creativity just comes," he gushed. "I've been to a few studios where there is no inspiration. You sit in front of the board and try to think of a line and you can't think of anything. You just don't feel it. And you gotta feel it. So that's why I bought the board."

      Having the historic equipment on which Metallica recorded part of their "Black Album" makes Kroeger almost giddy. Every time he walks from his front door to the barn to work on new material, he thinks of producers Bob Rock and Bruce Fairbairn sitting down at the controls, and he can't wait to start recording.

      "What a feeling, man," he said. "It makes me think of one of the songs on the album, 'Feeling Way Too Damn Good.' In the song I say, 'Something's gotta go wrong 'cause I'm feeling way too damn good' (see "Upcoming Nickelback LP Seems Aimed At Shedding Pop Image"). I almost feel that way. Everything's going great and I'm just waiting for lightning to strike. I'm waiting for somebody to fall down the stairs and break their neck and sue me for every penny that I've got, and then I'll be right back to step one."

      The Long Road comes out on September 23. The first single, "Someday," is currently at rock radio (see "First Song From Nickelback's Long Road Paved With Apologies").

      This report is provided by MTV News

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1988 Aerosmith plays in Sacramento CA at California Exposition Amphitheatre (Guns N'Roses open)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Scranton PA at Montage Mountain Amphitheater (Monster Magnet opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Charlotte

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

David Sandström - Om Det Inte Händer Nåt Innan Imorgon Så Kommer Jag (2001)

News as of September 8, 2003
  • BURRN! (Japanese HR/HM Magazine)
      Cool Japanese Magazine Released! Steven Tyler is one the cover of "BURRN!"(Oct Issue).

      1: Rocksimus Maximus Tour Interview.
      2: Steven said, "I want to have Blues Show around US University, I want to record for NBC Special at House Of Blues"
      3: Steven said, "I want to have show of playing only ROCK tracks and TOYS tracks in near feture."

      I don't know whether this is true or not... but this was written in BURRN!.

  • Steven Tyler guests on Jonny Lang's new album (DMAAT)
      According to an interview Jonny Lang just did with a Minnesota radio station, Jonny's new album features Steven Tyler on at least one song. I have no idea what he's doing on the album (singing, blowing harp, or...?), but I'll post more info when I find out.

      The album, Long Time Coming, will be released in the US on October 14.

      I don't have an "official" source for this. I'm only passing on what I heard it from two different people on a Jonny Lang Yahoo Groups mailing list.

  • Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (DMAAT)
      In the new David Spade Movie, "Dickie Roberts..." at the end there's a musical montage of Dickie's return to stardom and one clip is of him on stage with Aerosmith! Steven & Joe look pretty cool!

  • CNN interview
      One of the news anchors asked Steven and Joe how they met. Steven told her the french fry story and Joe acted like he never even knew about it. Was he lying or just being sarcastic? You be the judge.

      TYLER: The truth of the matter, I'm from New York and I have had french fries from Nathan's all the way back. And I just had these french fries. And I said, who made these? I want to meet the guy. And there he was in the back wearing glasses -- had tape in the middle.
      PERRY: You never told me that.
      TYLER: Because you made the best -- I loved your French fries.
      PERRY: Really? That's great?

  • David Krebs sues Aerosmith
      from the New York Daily News:

      Aerosmith hit with libel suit
      Ex-manger rips VH1 show


      The former manager of legendary rock band Aerosmith has slapped the band with a libel lawsuit over a VH1 "Behind the Music" special. David Krebs, who managed the fabled rockers from 1972 through 1984, claims Aerosmith defamed his name and reputation in the show by suggesting that he stole from them through unfair transactions.

      "This is not about money, it's about principle and truth," Krebs told the Daily News. "They accuse me of stealing."

      The band and its reps could not be reached for comment. They were traveling after headlining the NFL kickoff concert in Washington, D.C., last week.

      While Krebs has not sued VH1, he blames the Viacom-owned network which aired the Aerosmith program a year ago.

      "They promote themselves as 'Music First,' they should be called 'Music Last,' " Krebs said.

      VH1 declined to comment.

      Krebs was interviewed by the show's producers and his comments are included in the program.

      "Did we steal from them? No," he says on the show, according to a transcript provided by Krebs.

      The manager and Aerosmith have a long history of bad blood, music sources said. The band members are said to be bitter over deals Krebs and his partner Steve Leber crafted back in the early 1970s that gave the handlers a big stake in the band's music publishing rights.

      In the program, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and band member Joe Perry moan about their money woes in the early '80s, and according to Krebs they suggest that he and his partner are to blame.

      Krebs said he tried to call Tyler after the program aired last year but got no response.

      Back in the '70s and '80s, Krebs and Leber were among rock's premier managers, handling such superstars as AC/DC, Ted Nugent and Def Leppard. After scoring millions, in the early '90s Krebs left the rock world to launch a magazine called National Times.

      He has now returned to the rock scene in a low profile role, handling a music venture called Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

      Originally published on September 8, 2003


  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: East Troy, WI
      East Troy, WI
      Alpine Valley Music Center

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Adam's Apple
      Nobody's Fault
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      Interesting Notes:
      -Same set for 3 shows in a row...Apple still in with Fault. Very cool!
      -Thanks to Marty, Mike, and Brian for the hookups...

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Detroit, MI
      Detroit, MI
      Comerica Park

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Adam's Apple
      Nobody's Fault
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      Interesting Notes:
      - Nugent opened but no additional rumored special guest (thought to be Kid Rock) joined the lineup...
      - Same set as last 4 shows. NO SPECIAL GUESTS at all.

  • Aerosmith Tribute Band In Franklin, MA
      Come and catch DRAW THE LINE
      an Aerosmith Tribute Band on
      Friday, September 12 at 9 p.m.
      in Franklin, MA at:
      Cole's Tavern
      553 Washington St
      Franklin, MA 02038
      (508) 520-1040

      Tickets are still available and can also be purchased at the door.

  • Bruce, Aerosmith Taking Off 9-11 (DMAAT)
      Out of respect for the victims and survivors of the 9-11 terrorist attacks two year ago, major touring acts like Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Cher, Steely Dan, Fleetwood Mac and the Aerosmith (news - web sites)-KISS combo, have opted not to schedule shows on the two-year anniversary, according to

      "It's going to be a while before we see [all] artists have events on that day," Larry Vallon, senior VP at House of Blues Concerts, tells Billboard.

      Vallon foresees most tours skipping 9-11 altogether, at least in his lifetime. Of the 31 House of Blues venues, he notes that not one has been booked for a concert.

      But honoring the victims and their families isn't the only reason musicians are skipping the date. Some music-biz types believe fans would shy away from events on what many view as a somber day, while other industry observers say a massive concert could be considered an attractive terrorist target.

      "I think it's probably a situation where if the tour routing would allow it, they'd probably be off that day if only because there's a certain element of risk with that date," says Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of concert industry trade Pollstar "It's hard to read the mood of the country as to whether people are going to want to go out and party on that day."

      However, the concert industry isn't shutting down entirely.

      R.E.M (news - web sites). is going ahead with a gig scheduled for Las Vegas' Thomas & Mack Center, while Willie Nelson (news) is set to take the stage at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, West Virginia.

      "Personally, being a Vietnam veteran, I think it's totally important to forge ahead and not succumb to the pressure of terrorists," Buck Williams, R.E.M.'s booking agent at Progressive Global Agency, says in Billboard.

      Some lesser known acts have taken those words to heart, especially country musician and multi-instrumentalist John McEuen. During last year's anniversary, the acoustic auteur played a show in Bemidji, Minnesota, to benefit 911 Emergency Medical Services. According to Bongiovanni, artists like McEuen feel performing can have a healing effect.

      "McEuen came to [the Billboard Music Awards] show back in February and told the audience that playing [on 9-11] was a great way for people to remember what happened and do something positive for the world," says Bongiovanni. "He encourages other artists to do the same."

      While musicians grapple with how to handle the date, the anniverary will pass largely unremarked on TV.

      Unlike last year, tube coverage of memorial ceremonies will be sparser this year. While all broadcast and cable news networks will have live coverage of special ceremonies at Ground Zero, prime time will be a little more business as usual on CBS, which plans to air its twin hits CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (news - Y! TV) and Without a Trace in their regular time slots, and NBC, which is moving forward with its "Must See" lineup of Friends, Scrubs and ER.

      ABC, meanwhile, is running with a two-hour block of Extreme Makeover followed by Primetime Live.

      By Josh Grossberg, Yahoo! News


  • 13 direct links - Yahoo Photos from NFL Kickoff (DMAAT)

  • Rock Fan Dies Trying To Sneak Into KISS/AEROSMITH Concert
      Rock Fan Dies Trying To Sneak Into KISS/AEROSMITH Concert - Sep. 5, 2003

      Andale Gross of Cleveland, Ohio's The Beacon Journal reports that a rock music fan collapsed and died Wednesday night (September 5) as he climbed a steep embankment to sneak into the AEROSMITH and KISS concert.

      David A. Hitsman, 29, of Cleveland could not be revived after being rescued from the embankment near Blossom Music Center.

      Hitsman and two other men were trying to enter the concert without paying. The tickets ranged from $50 to $125.

      Sheriff's Capt. Larry Momchilov said the three friends walked through woods near Blossom about 8 p.m. and eventually arrived at a steep embankment. The men planned to climb the embankment to reach a fenced area that would lead them into the concert.

      "(Hitsman) started up and ran out of breath," Momchilov said. "He couldn't do it. He was starting to complain about chest pains and leg pains."

      The other climbers went for help. An emergency crew rushed to the scene and rescued the man from the embankment, but he had stopped breathing.

      It is not clear whether Hitsman had a medical condition or was taking medication.

      The Summit County Medical Examiner's Office has not ruled on the cause of death.

      The incident remains under investigation.

      "We're obviously deeply saddened for the loss to the family," said Blossom general manager David Carlucci. "We don't have all of the information at this point. Our staff is cooperating with everyone to complete the investigation."

      The area where Hitsman and his friends were is undeveloped Blossom property that is not open to the public.

  • Aerosmith in Albuquerque New Mexico
      There is an Aerosmith show in Albuquerque New Mexico on October 20. Casey heard about it on the radio, thought she misheard at first but then looked on the ticketmaster website and they were listed. Tickets go on sale September 13.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Tempe AZ at Sun Devil Stadium (Rick Derringer and Starz open)

      1987 Dude is released as a single

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Concord CA at Concord Pavilion (Guns N'Roses open)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Las Vegas NV at the Hard Rock Cafe

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Darien Lake NY at Darien Lake PAC (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1994 Aerosmith appears at the MTV Music Awards in Los Angeles CA at Universal Amphitheatre; they win Viewer's Choice for Livin' on the Edge, and Best Video and Best Group Video for Cryin'

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Soundgarden - Down On The Upside (1996)
Not bad, but it ain't no "Superunknown"...

News as of September 7, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Keene NH at Keene State College

      1974 Aerosmith plays in New York City NY at Woolman Rink in Central Park (Rory Gallagher opens)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Los Angeles CA at Universal Amphitheatre

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Binghamton NY at Broome County Arena (4 Non-Blondes open)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Cincinnati OH at Riverbend Music Center

      2002 Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler loses her battle with brain cancer

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Camden NJ at Tweeter Center at the Waterfront (Kid Rock and Run DMC open)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Detroit MI at Comerica Park (Ted Nugent, Kiss, and Saliva open) (Rescheduled from 8/15/03)

News as of September 6, 2003
  • Classic Rock Magazine
      The October issue is also out now, and has a picture of Steven from a recent concert and a brief mention underneath about the possibility of the Aerosmith/kiss tour coming to the UK next summer.

  • new date per Alissa854
      grandforks.nd: aleruscenter 11/08/03

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1990 MTV Awards Ceremony in Los Angeles CA; Aerosmith win Best Hard Rock video and Viewers Choice for Janie's Got a Gun

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Foxboro MA at Foxboro Stadium for the Walden Woods benefit

      2003 Aerosmith plays in East Troy WI at Alpine Valley Music Theatre (Kiss and Saliva open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Uriah Heep - Wonderworld (1974)

News as of September (1-)5, 2003
  • Brad on Discovery's Great Biker Build off
      Brad was on a Discovery channel show Monday night called "Great Biker Build off." He was there to support Dave Perowitz in the competition. Dave is a bike builder who lives in the Northeast (Mass) and does Brad's custom bike work. As well as other Aero members. Dave's working on an Aerosmith bike now.

  • CNN Interview Transcript from Interview w/Joe & Steven (DMAAT)
      LIVE FROM...

      Interview With Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

      Aired September 4, 2003 - 14:11 ET


      KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Tonight, the band is going to lay it down for the NFL kickoff concert tonight in Washington. Aerosmith. Taking us back, Miles.

      MILES O'BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: It's been a good day.

      PHILLIPS: Is headlining a show on the National Mall that includes Britney Spears and Aretha Franklin and, of course...

      O'BRIEN: It is with sweet, sweet emotion that I introduce to you from the Mall for a preview of the concert and a little chat, Aerosmith lead singer, Steven Tyler, and lead guitarist, Joe Perry.

      Gentlemen, great to see you guys.

      STEVEN TYLER, AEROSMITH: Kyra, is that you?

      PHILLIPS: Yes. Baby, you're looking sexy.

      TYLER: Oh, yes. Miles, how you doing, man?

      O'BRIEN: I'm good. I'm good. It's good to talk to you guys, the pride of Boston. One of the best things that ever came out of Boston was you guys.


      O'BRIEN: And I'm curious. What do you have planned for tonight? Are you going to kiss Britney Spears? What's on the docket?

      TYLER: You left out Aretha Franklin singing the "oh, say, can you see?"

      O'BRIEN: Oh. Well, that will be worth the price of admission right there.

      TYLER: Oh, yes.

      PHILLIPS: I want to see you kiss Aretha Franklin.

      TYLER: Oh, I'm gonna.

      PHILLIPS: Yes.

      O'BRIEN: Are you guys big football fans?

      TYLER: Are we what?

      O'BRIEN: Big football fans, football fans.

      JOE PERRY, AEROSMITH: Well, kind of medium. We like to follow the Patriots, because they are the home team for us. But on the road, it's really tough for us to follow that stuff.

      O'BRIEN: Yes.


      TYLER: One of our mottoes in the early days was drop kick me, sweet Jesus through the goal post of Sony. And they finally bought and we're on it. So that's about -- we follow it. I'm a major CNN freak.

      PHILLIPS: Oh.

      PERRY: We love the whole aspect of the NFL thing. And it's just such a great spectacle. Football is great.

      O'BRIEN: So you got a dish on the bus there? Do you watch us?

      PERRY: Oh, yes.

      O'BRIEN: Oh, that's great. Glad to hear that.

      PHILLIPS: Nice.

      All right, Steven, Joe, you guys have got to take us back and tell us about how you two met in an ice cream parlor. I remember this story, but you've got to bring us back, if you can remember that far back now.

      PERRY: That's like about 100 years ago, I think, isn't it, 120 years ago or something?

      TYLER: We both had summer homes up in New Hampshire. And I was up there with one of my bands from New York. And he was with a jam band. And on the side, he was a fry cook?

      PERRY: Well, I kind of did a little of everything. It was a really small place. So we used to cater to all the kids that hang out in there. So Steven and his band came in. And I had to clean up after him. We're still doing that.

      TYLER: The truth of the matter, I'm from New York and I have had french fries from Nathan's all the way back. And I just had these french fries. And I said, who made these? I want to meet the guy. And there he was in the back wearing glasses -- had tape in the middle.

      PERRY: You never told me that.


      TYLER: Because you made the best -- I loved your French fries.

      PERRY: Really? That's great?

      O'BRIEN: Hey, guys, I got to tell you. Now, we did the mathematics. And you guys have been a sensation for so long and you look so good. What's your secret? Clean living, right?

      TYLER: You know what? I keep my face in a jar by the door. I put a little bit of attitude in there, a little bit of sugar, a little bit of NFL and Aerosmith together, a little bit of KISS tour, a little bit of thinking about what the next album is going to be. And I shake it all up in the morning. I put it back on.


      O'BRIEN: You missed it. Wait a minute. Hey, do it one more time because we were on the


      PHILLIPS: Give us that smile.

      O'BRIEN: Give us that smile you just did.


      TYLER: I look like my daughter Chelsea.


      PERRY: We have to be sensational.

      O'BRIEN: Yes. Yes. Well, you guys are it. You guys are the bomb.

      PHILLIPS: I got to tell you what, guys. You look pretty sensational with -- look at that, their shirts buttoned down to their navel.

      O'BRIEN: I am feeling like such a square here.

      PHILLIPS: Look at that.

      O'BRIEN: That's -- not much I can do about that.

      TYLER: Keep going. Keep going.

      O'BRIEN: Steven Tyler...

      TYLER: Enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me?


      PHILLIPS: We're going to keep buying the music, I'll tell you that. Just keep watching us on CNN, all right? We will have a mutual fan club. PERRY: We do. We do.

      TYLER: We'll be watching.

      PHILLIPS: All right, love you guys.


      O'BRIEN: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, all right.



  • Time's been kinder to Aerosmith boys
      Philadelphia Inquirer | 09/01/2003 | Time's been kinder to Aerosmith boys

      Time's been kinder to Aerosmith boysKiss and Aerosmith toured together nearly 30 years ago, but they made strange bedfellows Friday at the Tweeter Center. Though fans in the Kiss Army (some with painted faces) and the Aero Force mingled harmoniously, the evening felt like a smackdown between bubblegum heavy metal and bluesy hard rock.

      The full article will be available on the Web for a limited time:

  • Rick Dufay Gig THIS SAT 9-6 9pm! (DMAAT)
      Yogi from Buckcherry/Wallflowers will also be a part of this gig as he was on 8/21. I am going to see HIS new solo band Sugarglider on Friday night in L.A. then making the trip back to L.A. on Saturday to see Rick's gig with Yogi playing along!

      Yes, RICK DUFAY (formerly of Aerosmith and Blue By Nature) is playing gigs with his new band tentatively named WOODFINN SWEETS!

      After 2 warm-up gigs at this same club, Rick is ready for folks to come out and check out his new band and material this coming Saturday, September 6th at 9:00pm! We hope to get two sets in this time! Now if only the monitor system will cooperate. Rick has his own sound guy and for these smaller clubs where you are using their PA…a must! He invited some people he met at a party at Yogi's house a couple of weeks ago and I gotta tell ya…what a varied bunch that was so I'm told!

      A flyer with all of the gig info can be viewed here

      or under the FILES section of DMAAT's home page - 1st file listed.

      I was at both warm-up gigs and all I can say is WOW! He will rock your socks off as only the Doof can do while keeping true to a lot of his heavy blues influences so prevalent in during his time in Blue By Nature! If you're a fan of HARD GUITAR ROCK and ROCKING HARD BLUES, you'll be a fan of Rick's. So many times, Aerosmith fans pigeon him into what he played/did during Aerosmith and while some of us dug it, his solo material is much harder with a helluva lot more guitar to it which is more up my alley! Rumor has it some of the guys in Aero have heard some of the new material (over the phone) and love it! Jack is pissed he can't be here for this gig! Who knows, there might even be a few collaborations someday. Still waiting to hear if Joe Perry ends up putting the soundtrack for TTOO on his label. Though WIS is somewhat dated compared to this new material..wouldn't it be funny and a bit ironic if that song ended up on Joe's label?

      From left to right in the picture on the flyer, Yogi (Wallflowers/Buckcherry) on 2nd guitar, Steve Wilkins (Bad Dog No Biscuit/Steely Fan Band) on keyboards, Dan Potruch (yep, THE DAN from Blue By Nature/Bennett Cale Project) on drums, Rick on lead vocals/lead guitar and Dan Rothchild (son of Doors producer Paul - Shakira/Sheryl Crow/Stevie Nicks) on bass! Yogi just joined up for the 2nd warm-up gig on 8/21 and even with only one rehearsal, it was amazing! Be ready for dueling guitar solos and the luxury of seeing so many great players of this caliber in a small intimate club setting!

      Cary Beare (Garrison Starr/Riverdogs/BCP) played 2nd guitar at the 1st gig at McRed's and will likely play some future gigs as well - just depends on his and Yogi's availability at this point.

      For additional information or if you would like to be added to the gig announcement mailing list email me at or at As many of you know I also run Rick's Official Yahoo Fan Group (much more than the announcement list) at:

      Sure hope a lot of you who live here locally (SO CA) can make it out to this gig since it is on a Saturday this time! To those of you who do, be sure to come up and say hi and let me know you got there via DMAAT. I'll be sitting front/center of course! Folks who are not local can TRY the web cam thing again at but I've about given up on the guy getting it to work right and the quality is complete shit anyway. Does not compare to being there live though! Sadly, at one time due to AF1's f'up I had a huge mailing list of all L.A. area AF1 fans (they didn't use BCC when they had to reach us about our tickets one time) but lost it during one of my many computer crashes. If anyone on here recalls that and kept it (Lynn?), let me know

      Though I hardly ever relate to Rick as "that guy who used to play with Aero", I still think Aero fans should be grateful to him AND Crespo for helping keep Aerosmith alive and Rick for ultimately suggesting that Joe/Brad come back "home to Aero". It was pretty cool that Joe finally acknowledged that on the Behind the Music which I watched again not too long ago. Geez, there were some cases that without a Rick we might not have a Steven…period. Drugs.

      As Clive and a few others know…some fans are really coming out of the woodwork re: the tours from those years ever since BTM aired. Some great stories have been shared and eventually we may just get RIAHP tour dates complete on Clive's site if it keeps up. Always has been somewhat of a hazy period history wise so if any of you went to Aero shows in the 70's and/or very early 80's, and kept your stubs, be sure to compare what you have to the dates on Clive's site and see if he has your date(s) listed. It's the most thorough list out there that I've found anyway!

      From: &

  • Classic Rock magazine
      Aerosmith is in the Classic Rock magazine, the september issue. Steven & Theresa are on page 9, it's about the blues album (delayed to january) and on page 41 there's pics of Steven with AC/DC. Front page has "the most dangerous bands," then underneath an old pic of Steven, smoking with "toxic" underneath that picture...

  • NFL kickoff concert
      Aerosmith stole the show with a great live performance at the NFL kickoff concert doing their medley of 70's rock classics. They came out playing Walk This Way (shortened version) then went into a full Dream on version and closed with Back in The Saddle.

      During Dream on, the whole crowd had glowstix or something and were waving them, all together.

  • Steven and the Parrot Rescue
      Rescue 'N Rock 'N Roll

      Aerosmith lends a helping hand to Boston-area bird sanctuary

      HOBBIT the Senegal has gone from hard times at Petco to hanging out with rock stars.

      Hobbit and Foster Parrots, a Boston-area bird sanctuary that cares for him, got a public relations boost from Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler when the band came to town this summer.

      Marc Johnson, director of the sanctuary, had been trying to get Tyler, who lives in nearby Marshfield, Mass., to visit Foster Parrots for over a year in hopes of receiving support from the famous rocker.

      "He reaches a much wider audience that does not read the parrot magazines," said Johnson.

      In late August Tyler left a message on Johnson's answering machine inviting the Foster Parrots staff to an Aerosmith concert in Mansfield.

      "He said he had just seen a segment on Foster Parrots on Animal Planet's 'Wild Rescues,' and I guess he thought, 'Maybe I better contact this guy,'" says Johnson.

      During the concert, a photo of Tyler with several Foster Parrots birds was projected on a 50-foot screen behind the stage along with the sanctuary's Web site address and a message urging the crowd to support parrot rescue.

      Afterward, the Foster Parrots staff went backstage to meet the band and spent 45 minutes chatting with Tyler about the plight of homeless parrots.

      Tyler has one parrot, a cockatiel, said Johnson. "He also has turkeys and chickens. He's an animal-sympathetic person."

      Tyler met several Foster Parrots birds brought backstage, including Hobbit, purchased ill from a Petco store last year, and Lola, a greenwing macaw and poster bird for "The Lola Project," a campaign to help raise funds for a new facility.

      All the birds warmed immediately to Tyler, said Johnson, probably because he seemed to genuinely enjoy them.

      The singer soon will take three days off from his national concert tour to visit Foster Parrots headquarters personally, said Johnson.

      "We don't know where all this will lead," he said, "but we're excited."

      Another "Pet Story"
      Foster Parrots is not the only bird shelter to get media attention this summer. Angel, a displaced umbrella cockatoo from the Midwest Avian Adoption & Rescue Services in Stillwater, Minn., made her television debut on Animal Planet's "Pet Story" in July.

      The episode, still being shown, tells the story of how Angel came to MAARS after her aggressive mate ripped off the upper portion of her beak, or maxilla. Through fundraising and a donation of time and materials by a generous Minneapolis prosthodontist, Dr. Kenneth Meyer, Angel now has a prosthetic maxilla and has been placed in a new home.

      Fifteen more cockatoos await adoption or are in permanent sanctuary at MAARs' St. Louis Park facility, said executive director and CEO Eileen McCarthy.

      The problem of homeless parrots, including cockatoos such as Angel who suffer mate aggression in captivity, continues to grow, she said.

      "First and foremost, people need to do a lot of research before taking on the responsibility of caring for a parrot," said McCarthy. "And if they do decide they are ready to take on that responsibility, they should contact MAARS or another bird rescue organization to adopt rather than buy from a breeder or store."


      Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler hangs out with new pal Hobbit, a mascot of Boston-area bird sanctuary Foster Parrots.

      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith charms Cuddly Boy, a hybrid macaw not always fond of strangers.

      Steven Tyler (center) meets the Foster Parrots staff (from left), Marc Johnson holding Lola, a greenwing macaw; Tami Myers with Hobbit, a Senegal; Mary Margison holding Cuddly Boy, a hybrid macaw; and Karen Lee with a yellow-nape Amazon.

  • Review (DMAAT)
      Veteran rock groups ignite crowd
      John Soeder Plain Dealer Pop Music Critic

      So . . . Aerosmith or Kiss? Sorry. It was impossible to take sides Wednesday night at Blossom Music Center, where 15,000 concert-goers were treated to intense 80-minute sets by both bands.

      With tickets ranging from $50 to $125, you expected nothing less than bloodshed from these hard-rock veterans. You got it, too, thanks to Kiss singer-bassist Gene Simmons, whose gift for regurgitating crimson goo has yet to lose its appeal. Ditto his fire-breathing shtick.

      After a serviceable warm-up by alt-metal quintet Saliva, Kiss roared to life with "Detroit Rock City." It was slightly disconcerting seeing these makeup-sporting creatures of the night before darkness fell. But it didn't stop Simmons, singer-guitarist Paul Stanley, guitarist Tommy Thayer (who capably replaced Ace Frehley) and drummer Peter Criss from giving an over-the-top performance, sparing no pyrotechnic expense.

      Criss botched a few bars of "Beth" because of a technical glitch. Kiss hit the mark, however, with "Shout It Out Loud," "Love Gun," "Rock and Roll All Nite" and other crowd-pleasing anthems.

      Not to be outdone, Aerosmith came out swinging with "Mama Kin." High-octane renditions of "What It Takes," "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion" upped the ante.

      Singer Steven Tyler, guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford, bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer also previewed selections from their upcoming blues album, including a rambunctious "Baby Please Don't Go."

      Despite a confetti-flying finale of "Toys in the Attic," Aerosmith couldn't match Kiss in the spectacle department. But there was no denying the thrills of Perry's visceral riffs or Tyler's vocal pyrotechnics, especially during "Dream On."

      Aerosmith or Kiss? If you're lucky, both.


  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Hershey, PA
      Hershey, PA
      Hershey Park Stadium

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevator
      What It Takes
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Adam's Apple
      Nobody's Fault
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      Interesting Notes:
      - Started to rain during Stop Messin', and Steven and Joe finished Toys in the pouring rain on the end of the catwalk.
      - Adam's Apple again! Too f*cking cool! Dream, Apple, and Fault in a row! Where da f*ck were you in '76?
      - Thanks to John, Tony, and the spacetrace

  • Boston Music Awards (DMAAT)
      Guess they once again had to be "no shows" though nominated....

      Boston Skyline Studios Sponsors 16th Annual Boston Music Awards and NEMO Music Conference
      Wednesday September 3, 9:04 am ET
      - Boston's biggest annual music event with more than 100 acts competing in over 30 different categories -

      BOSTON, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Boston Skyline Studios (TM) said today that it is sponsoring the 16th Annual Boston Music Awards (BMAs) and the NEMO Music Conference, its associated industry conference. Boston Skyline Studios is Boston's newest, and most advanced, recording studio.

      "Boston Skyline Studios' is proud to support music in Boston and the Boston Music Awards and NEMO (New England Music Organization) conference highlight not only the quality of music coming from Boston, and all of New England, but the wide-ranging diversity of that music. Awards categories range from punk to country, rap to rock. Plus, there are both major-label awards. as well as independent awards. Boston Skyline Studios is pleased to sponsor the BMAs and NEMO," said Todd Harris, president of Boston Skyline Studios.

      The 16th Annual Boston Music Awards will be held Thursday, September 4th at the Wang Theatre in Boston. The show begins at 8:00 PM. Tickets are available at the Wang Theatre box office or at TeleCharge (800-447-7400). The NEMO conference runs Friday and Saturday from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM at the Hyatt Boston - Financial District in Boston's Downtown Crossing area. The NEMO Music Showcase will be held at over 20 Boston-area clubs Friday and Saturday night and will feature over 200 bands. For complete Music Showcase schedules and venues, visit the NEMO web site at

      "Boston Skyline Studios has been great to work with and its' commitment to the New England music scene is evidenced by its strong support of NEMO and the Boston Music Awards," said Chip Rives, president and chief executive of the Boston Music Awards.

      2003 BMA nominees include Aerosmith, John Mayer, Jo Dee Messina, Aimee Mann, Krumb Snatcha, EDO G, James Taylor, Kate Taylor, Ben Taylor, Dresden Dolls, Johnny A, Waltham, Godsmack, Staind, Peter Wolf, Chick Corea Pat Metheny, Powerman 5000, Rubyhorse, Mighy, Mighty Bosstones, Boston, Cave In, Dropkick Murphys, Susan Tedeschi, Ronnie Earl and any others.

      The Boston Music Awards is the most prestigious annual music event in Boston, paying tribute to the Boston area's finest musicians. Now in its 16th year, the star-studded show at the Wang Center combines live performances and award presentations by some of the major artists from the Boston music scene. The awards have included performances and/or appearances by Aerosmith, Bobby Brown, Boston, The Cars, Paula Cole, Extreme, Godsmack, Pat Metheny, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Morphine, New Edition, New Kids On The Block, Phish, Carly Simon, Donna Summer, and James Taylor. This year the event takes place on September 4th and kicks off the NEMO Music Conference festivities.

      The mission of the Boston Music Awards is to celebrate the wonderful music that is produced by artists with strong ties to the Boston-area. The event encompasses most genres of music, highlighting the diversity and the quality of the music from the area. A Board of Advisors consisting of community and music industry leaders assist in the creative direction of the conference. The Co-Chairs for the 2003 event are Don Law and Joe Spaulding.

      About Boston Skyline Studios, LLC

      Boston Skyline Studios(TM) is New England's world-class recording facility. Located in Boston's historic Back Bay neighborhood, Boston Skyline Studios has returned large-format recording capabilities to New England. With acoustics designed by Munro Acoustics, Boston Skyline Studios offers its customers one of America's finest acoustic facilities. Owned and operated by leading engineers (and musicians), Boston Skyline Studios offers digital and analog recording capabilities, mixing and mastering services and a wide range of customer-focused services. BSS allows artists - in every musical genre - to explore their artistic and creative freedom in a comfortable, relaxed, yet professional environment with all of the amenities of a world-class city outside its doors.


  • Beacon Journal Show Review (DMAAT)
      Posted on Thu, Sep. 04, 2003

      Aerosmith, KISS aging with grace
      Some fans not so lucky at Blossom concert
      Mary Ethridge Beacon Journal

      If Blossom Music Center officials were really smart, they'd have posted this sign outside the KISS and Aerosmith concert Wednesday night:

      No one over 35 wearing spandex and tube tops allowed.

      It would have saved everyone a lot of unpleasantness.

      Yes, the young and the past-their-prime came to Cuyahoga Falls ready to rock Wednesday night to two bands whose popularity has spanned four decades and a couple of generations.

      Michelle Braniger, 49, of Chesterland brought her daughter Katie, 16.

      ``We both love Aerosmith,'' said Braniger. ``They transcend age.''

      Saliva, a rough-edged band from the monster-truck school of singing, warmed up the crowd with a slick half-hour set timed to the second.

      By the time KISS took the stage 25 minutes later, fans were already out of their seats.

      Dan Foley, 40, a police officer from Detroit, did his head-banging in 7-inch platform boots. He was dressed in full KISS regalia, including the Kabuki-inspired face paint for which the band is famous. Foley was such a dead ringer as Gene Simmons (he of the well-examined tongue and legendary libido), that fans asked for his autograph before the show. Foley has been attending KISS concerts since the band formed in the mid-1970s.

      And KISS gave a 1970s-style concert Wednesday night, complete with ear-boxing guitar riffs, pyrotechnics, vulgar gestures and spurting blood. They worked their way energetically and smoothly through a collection of hits, including Shout It Out Loud, Do You Love Me? and Beth. They wrapped it up with the party anthem I Want to Rock and Roll All Night.

      Aerosmith fans weren't quite as visible as the KISS army, but their fans were plenty vocal. Before Aerosmith even took the stage, the crowd was singing Walk This Way. That song, first popular in the 1970s, rocketed Aerosmith back to fame 10 years later when the band performed it with rap group Run-DMC.

      Aerosmith hasn't stopped since. Wednesday night, it performed a mix of old favorites, including Pink and Love in an Elevator, and mixed them with songs from its blues-inspired CD slated for release next year.

      Although Aerosmith didn't perform with quite the zeal of KISS, lead singer Steven Tyler still weakens female knees.

      It's amazing that these guys, now in their 50s, know how to please fans of all ages with their classic style of cool. How many guys can do the same job day after day for 30 years and still do it with passion?

      So, KISS and Aerosmith prove it is possible to age gracefully, even in rock 'n' roll. But aging fans need to leave the stretch fabrics at home.


  • Thousands Jam Mall for NFL Kickoff Concert (DMAAT)
      By Karlyn Barker and Katherine Shaver Washington Post Staff Writers
      Thursday, September 4, 2003; 8:32 PM

      Tens of thousands of people crowded the Mall tonight for a free concert meant to hype the National Football League's new season, braving traffic jams and rainy weather to listen to acts such as Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Mary J. Blige and Aretha Franklin.

      Good Charlotte, a band with local roots, opened the three-hour show at 6 p.m.

      The concert was a prelude to the league's opening game at FedEx Field, eight miles away, between the Washington Redskins and New York Jets. It was part of the NFL's heavily promoted "NFL Kickoff Live," a festival that began on the Mall on Monday that included exhibits, autograph signings and other activities. ABC-TV is broadcasting the last hour of the show, which winds up with Aretha Franklin singing the National Anthem.

      Last year, the NFL drew an estimated 500,000 people to Times Square for a similar concert just before the opening game. Officials had said that they were prepared for up to 300,000 people on the Mall tonight, but the wet weather seemed to keep many away.

      It rained on and off in the Washington area today, and National Weather Service forecasters said they were watching a line of storms expected to reach downtown and the close-in suburbs by 8 or 9 p.m. and last for about half an hour. By 7:30 p.m., they said that the threat of heavy rainfall had passed and isolated showers or thunderstorms were more likely.

      The good news is that once those storms pass through, "that will be it" for the night, forecaster Richard Hitchens said. After that, the forecast calls for dry and mostly sunny weather for at least several days.

      Throughout the week, officials had warned about potential traffic gridlock in the afternoon rush hour because of the crush of concert-goers and various street closings.

      But at 5:30 p.m., Bill Rice, spokesman for the D.C. Department of Transportation, said downtown traffic looked "slightly better" than a typical evening rush hour, especially one with rain. He attributed the easy flow to people heeding the warnings and taking leave or working from home.

      D.C. Police Cmdr. Cathy Lanier said she suspected the light traffic was due to ominous weather forecasts, adding, "I don't see traffic anywhere."

      Virginia traffic officials said traffic looked like a typical evening rush, except that it started at 1 p.m. compared to the usual 3 p.m. start.

      Metro ridership at 5 p.m. was up slightly from a normal Thursday in September, said Metro spokesman Steven Taubenkibel. He said the number of riders was 482,922 compared to 448,300 last year for the Thursday after Labor Day. Metro officials also decided shortly after 7 p.m. to end their extended rush hour service, which they had been planning to keep until 10 p.m., and switch to a regular evening operation because the ridership numbers did not justify the extra trains.

      Crowds began showing up at the Mall in the early afternoon, well before the 3:30 p.m. opening of checkpoint stations where bags were searched. More than 1,000 law enforcement officers from 35 agencies were on the Mall to provide security and scores of D.C. police worked the outskirts of the Mall on traffic and other details.

      U.S. Park Police, who are overseeing security at the show, divided spectator sections nearest the Fourth Street NW stage with fences, with the areas holding up to 9,000 people each. The idea was to prevent huge crowds of people from being able to press against the stage, officials said.

      At the Mall, many spectators seemed undaunted by overcast skies and a slight drizzle that at times turned into a downpour.

      Members of the military were promised priority viewing spots near the stage if they showed up in uniform, so Marine Staff Sgt. Kim Ralich, 32, had hers on as she stood in line with her daughter, 8, a huge Britney Spears fan. A paralegal at the Pentagon, she left her husband home in Waldorf with their two-year-old.

      "We're crossing our fingers, hoping for good seating and maybe an autograph," she said.

      As it turned out, there were more seats than soldiers, and officials opened up part of the reserved seating to the general public just before showtime.

      Navy Capt. John Johnson, coordinator for the Operation Tribute to Freedom salute, said about 27,000 service members and their families and guests had registered on-line to attend the concert. He said there was good representation from the five military branches.

      At 12th Street NW, where two lines stretched single file along Constitution Avenue, waiting to be admitted to the Mall, those who showed up around 1:30 p.m. found themselves at the head of the pack.

      "I'm all set," boasted Victoria Donnellan, 50, a Potomac homemaker, who was at the front of one line. She had a backrest and toted a duffel bag with umbrella, portable TV, water, a change of clothes and a rubber suit "in case it gets really wet."

      The mother of five, she said she had one son, 24, serving in Iraq, and was expecting to meet another son, 16, on the Mall when he got out of school.

      How was she going to find him in the crowd? "I have a phone and he has a phone," she said. She too was eager to see Franklin perform as well as Aerosmith. "And I want to see Britney Spears to see what that's all about," she said.

      Some of the fans were geared for music, but not necessarily football.

      Alexa Schwartzman, Jamie Smith, Jessica Turner, 15-year-old friends from Gaithersburg, said they were on the Mall for Aerosmith. "Is there actually football?" Turner asked. Schwartzman said, "We just heard Aerosmith were here." Turner said, "They're hot."

      The NFL began working with the Park Service, Interior Department and Pentagon early this summer to plan the $10 million football-themed spectacle, with backing from an array of corporate sponsors.

      The idea was to give the opening day of the season the sizzle traditionally reserved for the Super Bowl.

      Washington area officials, especially Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D), rallied around the event. Despite the logistical challenges of staging the pre-game concert on a weekday, during rush-hour traffic, the city was anxious to impress the NFL -- and hopefully lure it back for the 2008 Super Bowl, the first time the Washington area would host it.

      Williams (D) welcomed the crowd from the stage tonight, urging everyone to have a good time and quipping that they should get "plenty of parking tickets."

      The NFL is paying for public safety and Mall cleanup. It has said that it expects to spend more in police overtime for this event than the $800,000 it shelled out last year for a similar season opening concert in New York's Times Square. It already has posted a $250,000 bond to the Park Service to cover damage and cleanup costs.

      The NFL events on the Mall pleased pop music lovers and football fans. But several groups were chagrined as huge commercial signs for Pepsi Vanilla, Coors beer and other sponsor products began sprouting on the nation's core promenade.

      Staff writers D'Vera Cohn, Petula Dvorak, David A. Fahrenthold, Arthur Santana, Simone Weichselbaum and Clarence Williams contributed to this report.


  • Pictures from Football thing

  • Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time List
      The cover of the latest issue of RS says "The 100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time". Joe Perry comes in at a disappointing 48.

      Top 5:
      #5 Robert Johnson
      #4 Eric Clapton
      #3 B.B. King
      #2 Duane Allman
      #1 (as usual) Jimi Hendrix.

      The list seems to be pretty varied with guys like John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and even Jack White (White Stripes).

      See the full list at

  • Aero on infobeat
      Infobeat Entertainment Newsletter, Aug 29

      What was the first major label-signed band to release a free, full audio track on the internet (via Compuserve) in 1994?

      The answer is: Aerosmith!

      Aerosmith 159
      R.E.M. 143
      The B-52's 46
      Metallica 100
      Van Halen 42

      Right 159
      Wrong 331

  • Aerosmith on ESPN Radio
      Eric Schwarzrock writes:

      I was listening to ESPN radio today. A habbit I am just getting into. Anyway. I was listening to the Tony Kornheiser and a lot was made of the NFL Kick-off show.

      First, for those of you who do not know who Tony is, he is an out spoken man in his early 50's who often spends time yapping about pop culture, something he is way out of touch with. Then spends the rest of the time on sports, something is knows quite well.

      Anyway, I'll get to the point here. I was listening to him today, and he bagan to talk about the NFL concert tonight involving Aeosmith. He first was talking about how the network was promoting the concert as the primary attraction, not the game itself. He then went on to talk a little bit about the performers. I don't remember what was said about the others but he said and I quote: "We all know its over for Aerosmith". Yeah, thats right. Like I said, he's a little out of touch with reality.

      Anyway, I immediatly emailed his show to speak my mind. Something I think we should all do. But i'll get to that in a moment.

      Later on in the show, Tony had Dan Patrick (Sports Center anchor) on the radio. And the two talked about the concert more. This time they went into more detail about each of the performers. Some of the comments Tony made about Aerosmith are as follows:

      "Lets face it, they are NOT the greatest American rock band." Then made refrences to Jethro Tull, and Grand Funk Railroad.

      "There not the American Rolling Stones."

      "There not as great as The Who."

      "There not The Beatles."

      "Steven looks like Carly Simon"

      He also said something about Steven dressing like a woman.

      But he also at one point addressed him as Steven Tallarico, from Yonkers, NY. Which I found interesting, because he must have either a press kit, or had done some research. In which case his comments are most certainly out of ignorance.

      But after Tony had made such comments, and began to bash the other performers, Dan Patrick jumped in, and argued each of Tony's points about Aerosmith.

      Dan made comments such as:

      "Who lasts in todays pop culture? These guys have lasted more than 30 years."

      "They still make music that is on the radio."

      "When is the last time the Stones have had a hit?"

      "Joe Perry is one of the great guitar players in Rock and Roll."

      He also said a few other things, but I didn't get it all written down. But as soon as Dan said his peace, Tony said.

      "I take it all back. But don't you think Steven looks like Carly Simon? Dan, did you ever look in the mirror and try to get that look on your face?"

      Dan: "No, you can only get that look with a face made of plato. But it say that he's a better looking Carly Simon.

      After that they went on to talk about Britney Spears, and what a Tool she is. They called her an Assembly-Line-Created star. A Debbie Gibson wainting to happen. Which was nice to hear.

      But anyway, I email Tony once, before the second part of the show aired. And right after this I'm going back to make myself heard again. If anyone else is interested in letting him know how you feel I'll leave a link to the web site below. Also i'll leave a link to the show itself, you can listen to a recording of the show, the comments came about 2:15 or so into the show.

      The Shows email is:

      The shows web site is:

  • This Weeks Boxscore
      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva at Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville, Ind. on Aug. 17, 2003:
      With tickets ranging in prices from $45 - $127 and 21,544 of 24,093 attending, the show comes in 7th grossing $1,310,731.

      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva at Post-Gazette Pavilion at Star Lake in Burgettstown, Pa. on Aug. 21, 2003:
      With tickets ranging in price from $45 - $127 and 20,344 of 22,880 attending, the show comes in 8th grossing $1,217,673

      Aerosmith & KISS, Saliva at Germain Amphitheater in Columbus, Ohio on Aug. 19, 2003:
      With tickets ranging in price from 14.85 - $127 and 18,883 of 20,000 attending, the show comes in 10th grossing $1,141,390

      None of the shows are considered 'Sold Out'

  • SET LIST: Cuyahoga Falls, OH
      Cuyahoga Falls, OH
      Blossom Music Center

      Mama Kin
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Love In An Elevtator
      What It Takes
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Adam's Apple
      Nobody's Fault
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic

      Thanks to Howard and Aero-ON-THE-ROCKS for the hookups. They said the band was tight as all hell, and it sounded like a killer night.

  • New tour dates target center 11/10/03

      10/20 Albqurque NM
      10/22 Salt Lake City
      11/6 Omaha NE


      3 more dates added! AF1 Presale Tuesday, September 9th!

      Received via email from AF1 (reposted in plain text format a few typos corrected and no links):

      DON'T GET STUCK IN THE RAFTERS! GET IN on AEROSMITH tickets BEFORE the general public with membership in Aero Force One

      Membership in Aero Force One gets you access to some of the best tickets available BEFORE the general public. Members also have access to exclusive BACKSTAGE experiences, parties, travel, opportunities to meet the band and discounts on Aerosmith gear. Don't miss out!

      Hit the TOUR page TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th at 9:30PM ET
      (8:30CT / 7:30MT) when the following NEW shows go on sale:

      Oct. 20 Albuquerque, NM - Journal Pavilion
      Oct. 22 Salt Lake City, UT - Delta Center
      Nov. 06 Omaha, NE - Mecca

      Note: due to promoter restrictions, these dates will not be posted on AF1's web site until Friday Sept. 5.

      CURRENTLY ON SALE: Oct. 24 & Oct. 25 Las Vegas, NV - MGM Grand Arena

      NOT A MEMBER YET? Find out how to JOIN.

      Check-out the all-NEW Aero Force One web site for the latest Aerosmith news, tour updates, alerts, 100+ new 2003 tour pictures, tour video, exclusive contests, great deals on Aerosmith gear AND the inside scoop on everything Aerosmith.

      America's Band--Aerosmith to headline the 2003 NFL Kickoff. The celebration planned for Thursday, September 4, 2003 at the National Mall in Washington D.C. is a shout-out to each of America's servicemen and woman, police officers, firefighters and emergency services personnel. Joining Aerosmith on the bill are Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears and Aretha Franklin.

      To catch the action live, tune-in to ABC from 8-9PM (ET). For more information about the event, visit the NFL website.

  • Concert review (DMAAT)
      KISS dominates performance

      Heavy bass, rain dampen Aerosmith

      Tuesday, September 02, 2003

      Of The Patriot-News

      KISS's music may be simple on paper, but performing it the way they do is an art no one else has mastered.

      Smoke, bright lights, explosions, fire, dripping blood, levitating platforms -- these are still a few of KISS's favorite things, even after 30 years. And they were all part of the band's thrilling performance Sunday night at Hersheypark Stadium.

      The nearly sold-out concert, a double bill with Aerosmith, was one stop on KISS's farewell tour this summer.

      It was impossible to tell who was the main attraction. There were fans of both bands in equal numbers.

      But in terms of performance, the night clearly belonged to KISS. Aerosmith's half, exciting as it was, was hampered by a disproportionately heavy bass sound that tended to drown out the vocals, and later by rain.

      KISS ran through most of its biggest hits, from "Love Gun" to "Shout it Out Loud," and spared no pyrotechnics. The guitar lines in "I Want You" rang out as thrashing shots from a machine gun, surpassed only by lead singer Paul Stanley wailing like an animal on each syllable of the phrase.

      The only way to top this? With bursts of flame, of course. As Stanley had told the audience earlier, "The wilder you get, the wilder we will get. You get the idea."

      And wild it was. Bass player Gene Simmons, dressed like a giant bat, did his trademark vampire routine, letting fake blood drip down his chin. This came after showing footage of the band's early days, which reminded everyone how truly shocking these stunts once were.

      Near the end, drummer Peter Criss sang an emotional solo and tossed roses into the adoring crowd. But the band couldn't leave until singing the one KISS song everyone everywhere knows, an extended version of "Rock and Roll All Nite."

      After a lengthy set change, Aerosmith burst onstage and down a long platform into the crowd with "Mama Kin," singer Steven Tyler in a white suit and Panama hat, guitarist Joe Perry in an orange robe.

      First, they ran straight through a handful of classics, including "Same Old Song and Dance," "Love in an Elevator" and "Jaded."

      Tyler, somewhat hard to hear in a blur of bass, was his usual dynamic, slithery self, accepting a pink boa from someone and pausing for effect before hitting the high note in "What it Takes."

      Perry later introduced a trio of songs from the band's upcoming album, "Honkin' on Bobo." These blues-inspired and predominantly instrumental numbers came with a strong, hard-rock edge.

      Following some less-familiar songs from their early album, "Toys in the Attic," the rain grew steadier and the audience began to disperse as Aerosmith wrapped it up with a few more eternal hits, "Dream On," "Walk This Way," and "Sweet Emotion."

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      Sept. 1 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1974 Aerosmith plays in West Yarmouth MA at Cape Cod Coliseum (Blue Oyster Cult opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Mannheim Germany at Mainmarketgelande

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Dallas TX at Smirnoff Music Center

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Tinley Park IL at the Tweeter Center (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)


      Sept. 2 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1971 Aerosmith plays in Sunapee NH at lake Sunapee Yacht Club with Gunnison Brook

      1973 Aerosmith plays in West Yarmouth MA at Cape Cod Coliseum

      1974 Aerosmith plays in West Yarmouth MA at Cape Cod Coliseum (Blue Oyster Cult opens)

      1985 Aerosmith plays in Phoenix AZ at Compton Terrace (Scorpions open)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Nashville TN at Starwood Amphitheater (Guns N'Roses open)

      1989 Love in an Elevator debuts on Billboard Top 100

      1993 Aerosmith appear in Los Angeles LA at Universal Amphitheatre for the MTV Music Awards; they win Viewer's Choice for Livin' On the Edge

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at Lakewood Amphitheatre (Collective Soul opens)


      Sept. 3 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1973 Aerosmith plays in Portland ME at Cumberland City Civic Center

      1976 Aerosmith plays in Seattle WA at The Kingdome (Jeff Beck, Rick Derringer open)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in St. Louis MO at St. Louis Arena (Guns N'Roses open)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Paris France at Hippodrome de Vincennes

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Nashville TN at Starwoor Amphitheatre (Collective Soul opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in New Orleans LA at New Orleans Arena

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Toronto Ontario Canada at Molson Amphitheatre (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

      2003 Aerosmith plays in Cuyahoga Falls OH at Blossom Music Center (Kiss and Saliva open)


      Sept. 4 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1971 Aerosmith plays in Montpelier VT at Vermont Technical College

      1976 "Rocks" is certified Gold

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Wantaugh NY at Jones Beach Amphitheatre (4 Non-Blondes open)

      2003 Aerosmith plays for the NFL Kickoff show in Washington DC on The Mall ------

      Sept. 5 On this day in AeroHistory:

      1993 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles CA at Universal Amphitheatre; they win Best hard Rock video for The Other Side

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Wantaugh NY at Jones Beach Amphitheatre (4 Non-Blondes open)

      1997 "Big Ones" is certified quadruple platinum

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Memphis TN at Pyramid Arena

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Hartford CT at The Meadow (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

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Paul Rodgers - Muddy Water Blues (1993)
One of the greatest singers of all time, backed by some of the finest guitarists of all time, singing some of the best blues songs of all time. Is it any good? Are you kidding?! This is awesome! If Aerosmith's blues CD will be half as good as this, I'll be a happy fan! =)

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