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News as of October 31, 2002
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  • Sad news, slightly Aerosmith related
      Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC was shot and killed at a recording studio in Queens yesterday night. Several articles about this can be read below.

      At last night's Aerosmith concert, Steven asked for a moment of silence and announced that Jam Master Jay had passed away. After Draw The Line had been played Steven left the stage for a sec. He said they needed a moment of silence because "we've had a death in the family." He said he just learned that Jam Master J had been killed and gave a little tribute. Then the lights went out, but some disrespectful idiots in the audience kept screaming. Steven then dedicated Mother Popcorn and Walk This Way to J.


      NEWS - Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay Killed In Shooting

      (10/31/02, 12 a.m. ET) -- Jam Master Jay, a member of the pioneering rap trio Run-DMC was shot and killed at a recording studio on Merrick Boulevard in the Jamaica section of Queens on Wedensday night (October 30). He was 37. The DJ, whose real name is Jason Mizell, was shot in the head, and a person with him was shot in the ankle and taken to a local hospital, according to police.

      New York television stations were reporting that some Run-DMC fans, already in tears, started gathering near the area of the shooting immediately after the news broke. There were no suspects, no arrests, and no motive for the shooting as of press time.

      Run-DMC's self-titled debut was released in 1983. Joseph "Run" Simmons and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, along with Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell were the first rap act to score a gold (Run-DMC, 1983), platinum (King Of Rock, 1985) and multi-platinum (Raising Hell, 1986) album.

      Run-DMC's best-selling album, Raising Hell features a remake of the classic Aerosmith hit "Walk This Way." The track, a collaboration between the rap trio and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, became a top 10 hit and spawned the rap-rock hybrid that is still popular today.

      Mizell also founded Scratch Media Productions with partners Rob Principe and Reg E. Gaines, author of Bring In Da Noise, Bring In Da Funk. The organization's mission statement includes "educating amateur DJs through traveling symposiums, staged theater productions, and consumer and educational publishing."

      -- Jason Gelman, New York


      Oct. 31 — Jam Master Jay, a member of the groundbreaking and Grammy-winning rap trio Run-DMC, was shot and killed in a recording studio in the New York borough of Queens on Wednesday evening, as violence struck again at the heart of rap stardom. The 37-year-old rapper, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was pronounced dead at the scene.

      POLICE CONFIRMED to MSNBC that Mizell was one of two men shot inside the studio at 90-10 Merrick Blvd., Queens, at about 7:30 p.m. ET. Mizell was shot in the head, police said. The assailant remained at large and police had no information on a motive, said Detective Robert Price, a department spokesman.

      Police said two suspects were buzzed in through the front door of the building. One of the suspects was armed with a .45-caliber weapon, they said. Two shots were fired in the second floor of the recording studio waiting room, one striking Mizell, according to police. A second man, identified by police as 25-year-old Urieco Rincon, was shot in the leg and was taken to Mary Immaculate Hospital. Mizell is the latest of hip-hop’s top stars to die in violence. Tupac Shakur was gunned down in September 1996 in Las Vegas, and The Notorious BIG (Christoper Wallace), was shot and killed in Los Angeles in March 1997.

      A decade earlier, in 1986, Run DMC’s members said they were outraged by the rise of fatal gang violence in the Los Angeles area. They called for a day of peace between warring street gangs.

      “This is the first town where you feel the gangs from the minute you step into town to the time you leave,” Mizell said at the time. Run-DMC — made up of Mizell, Run (Joseph Simmons, brother of rap entrepreneur and Def Jam founder Russell Simmons), and DMC (Darryl McDaniels) — recently finished touring with Kid Rock and Aerosmith, and the group was scheduled to perform Thursday in half-time festivities at a Washington Wizards basketball home game, according to MTV.

      “If you love this hip-hop thing like I love this hip-hop thing, it’s a sad day,” quoted rap DJ, Mr. Cee, as saying on Funk Master Flex’s hip-hop radio show Wednesday. “This has to stop, not just in hip-hop, but all over. This violence is just crazy. It’s unreal.” The group’s official Web site, Run’s House, is running a banner across the home page saying, “Whose House? Jay’s House. Rest in Peace Jam Master.”

      Run DMC is credited with setting the sound and style of rap and with helping bring hip-hop into music’s mainstream. The group enjoyed a smash collaboration with Aerosmith on the 1980s standard “Walk This Way,” which reached No. 4 on the Billboard charts. At the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, the rappers joined Aerosmith and Kid Rock for a performance of the song.

      The trio, from Hollis, Queens, began performing together in the early 1980s as Orange Crush, but in 1982 changed their name to Run-DMC and became one of the pioneers of rap music. After signing with the Profile Records label for a meager advance of $2,500, the trio — scored an underground hit in 1983 with “It’s Like That.” The B-side track, “Sucker MCs,” is considered the first hard-core rap hit — was tougher and more menacing than its predecessors.

      The group, which performed in the track suits and Adidas that would come to typify the “B-boy” fashion, is also credited with moving rap from a singles-and-filler genre to full-fledged albums. In 1984, the trio, it had the first rap album to go gold.

      The group enjoyed a whole series of firsts: it had the first rap video shown on MTV, it was the first rap group on “American Bandstand” (in August 1985) and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” (in October 1986). It was also the first rap group to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone. According to the band’s Web site, the group has sold more than 25 million records worldwide.


      In February, the group was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “We always knew rap was for everyone,” Mizell said in a 2001 interview with MTV. “Anyone could rap over all kinds of music.”

      “It wasn’t the soulful R&B of the ’70s and ’80s,” he said of the group’s early work. “So we didn’t want to be like the soft R&B. We wanted to go hardcore, so we put the rock-and-roll on our rap.”

      In 1985, the group made the film “Krush Groove,” starring rap contemporaries the Fat Boys, LL Cool J, Kurtis Blow, and the Beastie Boys; and “Tougher Than Leather,” released in 1988.

      Mizell was married and had three children. “He was a great producer, a hard worker. He’s a family man,” said Tracy Miller, the group’s publicist.

      Dozens of fans gathered on the outskirts of the crime scene in Queens, the New York City borough where the group members grew up and attended St. Pascal’s Catholic School.

      “They’re the best. They’re the pioneers in hip-hop,” said one fan, Arlene Clark, 39.

      Another fan who lives nearby, Leslie Bell, 33, said the members of Run-DMC often let local musicians record for free at their studio. “That was their decision, to stay here and give back to the community,” Bell said. “He is one great man. The good always die young. He’s the good guy.”

      The trio released a greatest-hits album earlier this year, and in 2001 produced “Crown Royal,” breaking an eight-year silence. A new DVD was also in the works.

      MSNBC’s Javier Morgado contributed to this report.The Associated Press contributed to this report


      Rapper Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC Killed in N.Y.

      By Patrick Rizzo NEW YORK (Reuters) - DJ Jam Master Jay, a member of the groundbreaking hip-hop group Run-DMC, was shot and killed in a recording studio in the New York borough of Queens on Wednesday, a spokesman for the group said, as violence struck again at the heart of rap stardom.

      DJ Jam Master Jay, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was one of two men gunned down inside the studio at 7:30 p.m. EST, group representative Dave Goodsen said in a statement posted on Run-DMC's official Web site.

      A New York City Police Department report said that Mizell, 37, died of a gunshot wound to the head. It said that he died on the scene and that another man, Urieco Rincon, 25, was shot in the leg and taken to Mary Immaculate Hospital in Queens.

      Police said no arrests had been made and that authorities were investigating the shooting.

      A spokeswoman for Mary Immaculate Hospital said one man had been brought in as a result of the incident, but that it was not Mizell. She had no further information.

      Mizell, along with Run (Joseph Simmons), and D.M.C. (Darryl McDaniels), was part of the pioneering hip-hop group Run-DMC, credited with being the first rap artists to cross into mainstream popularity and the first hip hop group to have a gold (1984's Run-DMC), platinum (1985's King of Rock), and multi-platinum (1986's Raising Hell) album.

      The group's popularity had been waning in recent years but retained a place in the pantheon of rap music with a number of other milestones like the first hip-hop group with a Rolling Stone Magazine cover and the first to have a video played on MTV.

      Mizell is the latest of hip-hop's top stars to die in violence, after Tupac Shakur, who was gunned down in September 1996 in Las Vegas, and The Notorious BIG (Christoper Wallace), who was shot and killed in Los Angeles in March 1997.

      "If you love this hip-hop thing like I love this hip-hop thing, it's a sad day," quoted rap DJ, Mr. Cee, as saying on Funk Master Flex's hip-hop radio show on Wednesday. "This has to stop, not just in hip-hop, but all over. This violence is just crazy. It's unreal." MTV said Run-DMC recently finished touring with Kid Rock and Aerosmith, and were scheduled to perform on Oct. 31 in half-time festivities at a Washington Wizards basketball home game.

      According to their official Web site, which is running a banner across the home page saying, "Whose House? Jay's House. Rest in Peace Jam Master," Mizell, Simmons and McDaniels grew up in solid, middle-class families in Hollis, Queens.

      They began performing together in the early 1980s as Orange Crush, but in 1982 changed their name to Run-DMC. Their first national hit came in 1983, when they released the single "It's Like That" whose flip side, the minimalist beat "Sucker MC's," is considered by many to be the first hard-core rap song.

      Under the tutelage of Simmons' older brother, rap impresario Russell Simmons of Def Jam records, the group, dressed in their signature unlaced Adidas sneakers and baggy black jeans, broke into mainstream popularity. Their garb swiftly became the uniform of urban kids around the country.

      In 1986, Run-DMC became a household name in the United States with their video cover of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" that some say helped revive the rock group's flagging career. Run-DMC's 1988 "Tougher than Leather" and 1990's "Back from Hell" did not enjoy the commercial success of their earlier albums, however. They released "Down with the King" in 1993 and "Crown Royal" in 2001.


      Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay Shot Dead

      Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay (real name: Jason Mizell) was shot dead in the Jamaica section of Queens, N.Y., tonight (Oct. 30), according to local news reports. Two suspects were reportedly buzzed into Mizell's area recording studio, where the rap pioneer was in a waiting room. With what police say was a .45 caliber weapon, the suspects fired two shots -- one hit Mizell, 37, in the head and killed him; the second shot struck an unidentified 25-year-old man in the leg. He was taken to an area hospital for treatment.

      The Queens-bred Run-DMC, which also features Joseph "Run" Simmons and Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, became the first superstar rap group in the mid-'80s on the strength of such hits as "It's Tricky" and "Sucker M.C.'s (Krush-Groove 1)" Run-DMC brought rap into the mainstream for good after a 1986 teaming with Aerosmith for a remake of the latter's "Walk This Way." The cut reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100.

      BMG Heritage released a Run-DMC "Greatest Hits" set in September. The group toured with Aerosmith throughout the summer and fall; that pairing had two concerts scheduled for early December in Ft. Wayne, Ind., and Valley Center, Kan.


      Jam Master Jay Shot Dead

      by Marcus Errico Oct 30, 2002, 9:55 PM PT

      Jam Master Jay, the turntable wizard behind iconic hip-hopsters Run-D.M.C., was gunned down in his New York recording studio Wednesday night, according to the trio's Website.

      The deejay, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was laying down tracks in his studio in the Jamaica section of Queens when two men buzzed in about 7:30 p.m. Upon entering, they opened fire on Mizell, hitting him in the head. A second shot struck an unidentified man who was with Mizell.

      Both Mizell, 37, and his 25-year-old companion were rushed to a nearby hospital, where the rapper was pronounced dead. The other man was being treated as of press time.

      The shooter and his accomplice remain at large, according to police. No word on motive.

      Founded in Hollis, Queens, in 1982 by Mizell and his two rapping buddies, Joseph "Run" Simmons (the brother of Def Jam mogul Russell) and Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels, Run-D.M.C. became arguably the most influential hip-hop outfit of the 1980s.

      The group made rap mainstream, registering hip-hop's first gold record, first platinum album and first Top 10 single. The costarred in the seminal rap movie Krush Groove. They were the only rap act invited to play Live Aid. And they were also the first rappers to make MTV, thanks to the megaselling Aerosmith revamp, "Walk This Way," which fused the seemingly incompatible rap and rock genres and made Run-D.M.C. a household name in both urban and suburban homes.

      Mizell manned the turntable, scratching tunes behind the raps of Simmons and McDaniels. Aside from "Walk This Way," the trio's top hits included "You Be Illin,' " "It's Tricky," "My Adidas," "King of Rock" and "Sucker M.C.'s."

      "People that put rap down ain't listening to what we're talkin' about," Mizell once said of their critics. "They think we're just ghetto kids braggin', but we're handin' out a lot of information on what the world is like."

      After a run of platinum-selling albums--Run-D.M.C., King of Rock, Raising Hell and Tougher than Leather--the group struggled with personal issues. Simmons was accused of rape and McDaniels battled alcoholism. The rape charges were eventually dropped and McDaniels got sober, but Run-D.M.C.'s 1990 release, Back from Hell, failed to match their earlier success.

      After finding God, Run-D.M.C. came back with the all-star collaboration Down with the King in '93. But then they went into hibernation for the rest of '90s, occasionally popping up to decry the growing violence in hip-hop.

      They re-emerged in 2001 with Crown Royal, and earlier this year released Greatest Hits. The also toured with Aerosmith over the summer and early fall (segueing between sets with "Walk This Way"). The two acts were set to play two dates together next month, in Indiana and Kansas.

      Run-D.M.C. publicist Tracy Miller tells the Associated Press that Mizell had performed on Tuesday in Alabama, and the trio was slated to perform in Washington, D.C., on Thursday at the Washington Wizards game.

      "He was a great producer, a hard worker," Miller tells the AP. "He's a family man."

      Mizell was married and had three children.


      Jam Master Jay, Part of Run DMC, Killed in Shooting

      Thursday, October 31, 2002

      NEW YORK — Legendary hip-hop DJ Jam Master Jay, one of the founding members of Run DMC, was shot and killed Wednesday, according to live reports by WNYW.

      Publicist Tracy Miller confirmed the death of the 37-year-old rapper, whose real name was Jason Mizell.

      The shooting happened at a recording studio on Merrick Boulevard in the Jamaica section of Queens, a law enforcement source side on condition of anonymity.

      Run DMC fans gathered at the scene, some hugging each other and crying.

      Mizell was shot once in the head and was dead at the scene, said Detective Robert Price, a police spokesman. He said the shooter remained at large and said police had no information on a motive.

      A second man, identified by police as 25-year-old Urieco Rincon, was shot in the leg and was taken to Mary Immaculate Hospital. The hospital did not immediately return a call.

      "Initially when I heard the news I was devastated, but not as shocked as I expected I'd be," Angela Young, A&R coordinator at J Records, told Fox News.

      "My response was a strong indication that hip-hop culture has been desensitized to senseless death," she said.

      Mizell served as the group's disc jockey, providing background for singers Joseph Simmons, better known as DJ Run, and Darryl McDaniels, better known as DMC.

      Miller said Mizell and McDaniels had planned to perform in Washington, D.C., on Thursday at a Washington Wizards basketball game. Mizell had performed on Tuesday in Alabama, she said.

      Mizell was married and had three children, she said.

      "He was a great producer, a hard worker," Miller said. "He's a family man."

      "He's one of the rap pioneers; there are only a couple of others, such as LL Cool J, who have maintained career longevity in this game like Run DMC has," Young said.

      Another fallen angel. When will we start to realize is violence is not the way?" she said.

      Dozens of fans gathered on the outskirts of the crime scene in Queens, including many people from the Hollis section of the borough, where the members of Run DMC grew up.

      "They're the best. They're the pioneers in hip-hop," said fan Arlene Clark, 39, of Hollis.

      Another fan who lives nearby, Leslie Bell, 33, said the members of Run DMC often let local musicians record for free at the studio.

      "That was their decision, to stay here and give back to the community," Bell said. "He is one great man. The good always die young. He's the good guy."

      Run DMC is widely credited with helping bring hip-hop into music's mainstream, including the group's smash collaboration with Aerosmith on the 1980s standard "Walk This Way."

      "We always knew rap was for everyone," Mizell said in a 2001 interview with MTV. "Anyone could rap over all kinds of music."

      "It wasn't the soulful R&B of the '70s and '80s," he said of the group's early work. "So we didn't want to be like the soft R&B. We wanted to go hardcore, so we put the rock-and-roll on our rap."

      The trio released a greatest-hits album earlier this year. In 2001, the rappers produced Crown Royal, breaking an eight-year silence.

      In 1986, the trio said they were outraged by the rise of fatal gang violence in the Los Angeles area. They called for a day of peace between warring street gangs.

      "This is the first town where you feel the gangs from the minute you step into town to the time you leave," Mizell said at the time.

      Fox News' Garett R. Nadrich and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


      Run-DMC's Jam Master Jay shot dead
      By AMY WESTFELDT -- Associated Press

      NEW YORK -- Jam Master Jay, a founding member of the pioneering rap trio Run DMC, was shot and killed at his recording studio near the New York neighborhood where he grew up, police said.

      Two men were buzzed into the second-floor studio shortly before shots were fired inside its lounge at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, police said. As of Thursday morning, police had made no arrests.

      The 37-year-old disc jockey, whose real name was Jason Mizell, was shot once in the head in the studio's lounge and died at the scene, said Detective Robert Price, a police spokesman.

      Urieco Rincon, 25, who was not a member of Run DMC, was shot in the leg, police said. About five other people in the studio at the time were not hurt.

      "Rest In Peace Jam Master," Run DMC's official Web site read early Thursday, underneath a picture of Mizell.

      At the scene Thursday, fans placed flowers, candles and remembrance messages next to a fence. Someone placed an Adidas sneaker -- a reference to the group's hit song "My Adidas" -- with "R.I.P JMJ" handwritten in marker.

      Mizell served as the platinum-selling group's disc jockey, providing background for singers Joseph Simmons, better known as Run, and Darryl McDaniels, better known as DMC.

      The group is widely credited with helping bring hip-hop into music's mainstream, including the group's smash collaboration with Aerosmith on the 1980s standard "Walk This Way" and hits like "Peter Piper" and "It's Tricky."

      "We always knew rap was for everyone," Mizell said in a 2001 interview with MTV. "Anyone could rap over all kinds of music."

      Mizell is the latest in a line of hip-hop artists to fall victim to violence. Rappers Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur were murdered within seven months of each other in 1996 and 1997 -- crimes that some believe were the result of an East Coast-West Coast rap war.

      But Run DMC and their songs were never about violence. The group promoted education and unity. In "It's Tricky," they sang: "We are not thugs (we don't use drugs) but you assume (on your own); They offer coke (and lots of dope) but we just leave it alone."

      In 1986, the trio said they were outraged by the rise of fatal gang violence in the Los Angeles area. They called for a day of peace between warring street gangs.

      "This is the first town where you feel the gangs from the minute you step into town to the time you leave," Mizell said at the time.

      Mizell's friends and fans gathered near the studio, located above a restaurant and a check-cashing business. The crowd included many people from the Hollis section of Queens, where the members of Run DMC grew up.

      "They're the best. They're the pioneers in hip hop," said Arlene Clark, 39, who grew up in the same neighborhood. "They took it to the highest level it could go."

      Chuck D, the founder of the hip-hop group Public Enemy, blamed record companies and the advertising for perpetuating "a climate of violence" in the rap industry. "When it comes to us, we're disposable commodities," he said.

      Doctor Dre, a New York radio station DJ who had been friends with Mizell since the mid-1980s, said, "This is not a person who went out looking for trouble. ... He's known as a person that builds, that creates and is trying to make the right things happen."

      Leslie Bell, 33, said the band members often let local musicians record for free at the studio, and had remained in Queens to give back to the community.

      "He is one great man," said Bell. "As they say, the good always die young."

      Publicist Tracy Miller said Mizell and McDaniels had planned to perform in Washington, D.C., on Thursday at a Washington Wizards basketball game. Mizell had performed on Tuesday in Alabama, she said.

      Mizell was married and had three children, she said.

      Run DMC released a greatest-hits album earlier this year. In 2001, the rappers produced "Crown Royal," breaking an eight-year silence.

      Rappers who have been killed:

      Oct. 30, 2002 -- Jam Master Jay, 37, of Run DMC, shot at recording studio in New York's Queens borough.

      March 28, 1999 -- Freaky Tah, 27, of Lost Boyz, shot as he leaves a party in Queens.

      April 5, 1997 -- Albert Thomas, 22, of U.N.L.V., found shot in a car in New Orleans.

      March 9, 1997 -- The Notorious B.I.G., 24, shot while sitting in his car outside party celebrating the Soul Train Music Awards in Los Angeles.

      Sept. 13, 1996 -- Tupac Shakur, 25, dies nearly a week after a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He had been riding with a record company executive down the casino Strip.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Indianapolis IN at Circle Theater
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center (Dokken opens)
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Brussels Belgium at Foret Nationale (Mr. Big opens)
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Montreal, QE Canada at the Molson Centre

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Mats/Morgan - Live (2001)
Live album recorded in 1999 with this Swedish progressive jazz-fusion duo from the city Umeå. This band features some of the most impressive musicians I've ever seen (dom var grymma på Piteå Dansar och Ler i somras), and they sure let it show on here too. This album is a true instrumental tour de force. The two key members, Mats Öberg (keyboards) and Morgan Ågren (drums), are both great Frank Zappa fans, and have even had the honor to perform with Zappa himself. I believe I'm hearing hints of Zappa in their own music too. They seem to have got a similiar good sense of humour too (bland låttitlarna finner man "En Schizofrens Dagbok," "Ta ned trasan," "Min häst," och min personliga titelfavorit, "Paltsug"!), and they also make me think of Samla Mammas Manna a bit... Composing skills? Well, maybe that's not their strongest side (and I personally tend to get kind of bored if I hear too many Mats/Morgan songs in a row), but it's the impressive playing that makes these guys interesting anyway... :)

News as of October 30, 2002
  • Quotes from Tom Morello and others...
      Tom Morello, the guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, was in a recent interview asked what he thought of several guitarists. Here's what he said about Joe Perry: "I love that dude. I give him 9." In comparison, he gave Metallica's Kirk Hammett a 7 and Eddie Van Halen a 10!

      There is also an interview with a guy called Iann Robinson, who is an MTV VJ and he wasnt too nice about Aerosmith:

      What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?
      There's so many, but I guess if we're talking about an old school band that should give it up entirely because it's embrassing, it would be Metallica. It would either be them or Aerosmith because it's just sad. As for new jack bands, I could live with all this Nu Metal shit if Limp Bizkit broke up and Fred Durst vanished forever. I could also use the untimely demise of Crazy Town, Our Lady Peace, Linkin Park and The Strokes.

      Matthew Nelson, from the 80s band Nelson (i think), also had to rate guitarists and the only one to get a 10 was Joe Perry! They were all pretty much 80s guitarists bar Joe though...

  • Liv news
      Liv is on the cover of 'Sky Magazine,' the November 2002 issue. Interesting interview in which Liv talks about her dads and a possible singing career. An excerpt:

      You and Steve seem to have formed a tight bond?
      In so many ways. I just love him so much, and it's been so amazing to get to know him as an adult. We have such a beautiful friendship and it's really amazing to be going through all of this together right now. I think that there's a reason for that, and we're learning from each other in a lot of ways.

      On her famous parent "I have really cool times with my dad. We have, like, these slumber parties where he'll advise me on what face creams to buy. He's really clued up about that stuff"

      In other Liv news... The final theatrical poster of Lord Of The Rings - The Two Towers can be seen at

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Hanover NH at Dartmouth College with Sigma Theta Epsilon
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Zurich Switzerland at Volkhaus (Phoenix opens)
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Los Angeles CA at The Starwood Club (Golden Earring opens)
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center (Dokken opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Wurzburg West Germany at Carl Diem Halle
      2002 Aerosmith plays in Houston TX at The Woodlands (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Doris - Did You Give The World Some Love Today Baby (1970)
[Expanded Version, with 10 bonus tracks] (1966-1970)

News as of October 29, 2002
  • John B. - News from the Road, Part III - 10/28/02
      Hi Everyone,

      I guess people dig this stuff I'm writing so here goes

      Tonight, we just finished the Dallas show at the Motor Speedway - but more about that later.

      As I told you last week, Joe went by the place that makes his hot sauce. First off, let me tell you that when we were in Maui, Joe was getting tons of recipes sent over there to try. He would constantly change the ingredients until he thought it was perfect. "Add more peppers or add more lemon juice," I would hear him say into the phone. Finally, we got to meet the makers that flipped the switch. It 's in a kind of a deserted area in West Palm Beach, Florida - about 15 minutes from the gig the band just played there. I want you all to know that this isn't some kind of factory that bangs out 100 bottles a second. It's a small mom and pop type place that makes a small amount of this smokey, delicious stuff per day. Joe brought his son Tony with him and they had a ball. He left with a couple of cases and made our bus driver, Mark, stop at PA BBQ to sample some ribs (more ribs) lathered with his hot sauce for the ride to the venue.

      The show was great. Before the show the guys met with all the fans on the travel package. I'll tell you, the guys do the Sony meet and greet almost every night but they really do get excited when I tell them that tonight it's the fan club. They know you guys give them special stuff from your collection to sign and they really do appreciate it. All went well and everyone seemed to have a good time. See you in Denver!

      New Orleans! Holy sh*t! I'm glad we only stayed there for 2 days this time. I couldn't take much more of this city. It's great, don't get me wrong, but I once spent a week there one Saturday. This trip was no different. Steven spent the night before the show with actor, John Cusak, wandering Bourbon Street and popping into all the local watering holes before ending the evening (or should I say early morning) at an eatery munching on local cuisine.

      At the show, John brought several actors with him including Jennifer (Flashdance) Beals, to the show. John invited Joe and family to the set of the movie he is filming the next day and Joe accepted, to my excitement. Wow! I was going to go to the set of a major motion picture. Hold on - it gets better. While at the set I learned that both Gene Hackman and Dustin Hoffman were in this movie called "Runaway Jury." Well, Gene wasn't on set but Dustin was. John brought us onto to the set that took place in a courtroom. After several takes that reminded me of a music video, the actors broke for lunch. Joe and crew spent the next half hour shooting the poop with Dustin "F**kin' Hoffman in an editing suite. What a great guy! Both John Cusak and Dustin Hoffman were the perfect hosts and we all had the time of our lives.

      Back to Dallas! First off it was at a racetrack! 30,000 screaming, Harley ridin', Aerosmith fanatics roaring from the opening of "Toys" to the closing of "Walk this Way." I thought it was a pretty cool show but to be honest with you I can't wait to go inside next month. It's getting too f*&*in' cold out. Which brings me to another point.

      I think I led you guys on to the wrong opening act. I thought for sure they were going one way and then outta nowhere comes Andrew WK. As you guys already know, he will be the opening act come December. I personally have not seen him perform live and I bet 99% of you who are bashing the guys for picking him haven't either. I can't wait to see him and I think it's going to be interesting, to say the least. It makes me wonder if Black Sabbath fans thought this way when a young band from Boston opened for their favorite band at Madison Square Garden in 1975? Just a thought!

      Next week, I'm gonna nail down Tom Hamilton and ask him how the hell he got to fly with The Blue Angels.

      See you on the road!

      --John B

  • Aerosmith to tour Mexico?
      There is a rumor going on in Mexico, that Aerosmith is coming there for a tour around the country. According to this they will be playing at different stadiums, with the smallest one being for over 50 000 people. This was published on september 5th in one of the country's most important newspapers. The dates are as follows:

      DATE ---- CITY ----- VENUE
      Nov. 17 - Monterrey - El volcán
      Nov. 20 - Guadalajara - Estadio Jalisco
      Nov. 22 - Mexico City - Estadio Azteca
      Nov. 24 - Querétaro - La Corregidora

      All of these dates are possible, as Aerosmith doesn't have anything official announced for these dates. However, nothing has been said about the sale of tickets so far, so I don't know if it will happen. The only time Aerosmith has played down there was in 1994, with 2 great concerts.

  • Post Your Birthday Greetings to Jack Douglas!

      Hey everybody! Jack Douglas has a birthday coming up real soon so I've created a surprise online birthday greeting board for him where everyone can post their birthday wishes (same as I did for Rick Dufay earlier this year). No need to register, simply use the URL link below, press the ADD REPLY button at the top and then type in a name/nickname (MANDATORY) that Jack will recognize you from, a subject (MANDATORY) and your birthday wish text. You can ignore the password field unless you ARE registered with EZboard and wish to use that username of course. Please be sure to fill in name/subject fields or you will get an error and lose whatever you typed in.

      Not only will I pass the link on to Jack on his actual birthday, but I will probably print them all out and make him a birthday booklett for him like I did for Rick. Feel free to pass this email on to anyone else you think might want to sign this virtual birthday card for Jack. Deadline for birthday postings is Monday, November 4, 2002 so don't delay! Be sure to check back frequently after you sign it to read the newer posts as they are added! And if you click on the photo collage at the top, it will take you to our now "infamous" Q&A regarding Aerosmith done this past April in case you missed it the first time.

      Here is the link: Virtual birthday card for Jack Douglas

  • Back Tracks
      Back Tracks
      Aerosmith fans - we want you on camera!

      We are about to produce our first segment for Back Tracks and it is going to feature Aerosmith's "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" or "Walk This Way."

      We need your true stories related to either of these songs. For instance, if you have a great story about something really amazing that happened in your life when either of these songs was playing in the background, or is somehow related to them in a way that you will never forget - we want to hear about it. If we decide to use your story, you're going to be telling it - ON CAMERA!

      We're looking for those really amazing stories. They can be funny, scary, sexy, whatever, just as long as they are really interesting, and are centered around or remind you of either Aerosmith's "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" or "Walk This Way."

      If your story gets chosen, we'll make a mini-movie of it with you right there narrating it on camera!

      So send a brief description of your story today to: And be sure to include your name, age, and hometown.

      Oh and by the way - don't wait too long to send them in - we're picking out stories RIGHT NOW!

      (Hey - if you've already sent in a story about another song or band, don't worry we'll get there, we're just working on these two right now.)

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1972 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at K-K-K-Katy's (Feud opens)
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Austin TX at Armadillo World Headquarters (Golden Earring opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Munich West Germany at the Olympichalle
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Glasgow Scotland at the Scottish Exhibition & Conference Center (Steve Vai opens)
      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Toronto, ON Canada at Air Canada Centre

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Peter Hammill - Chameleon In The Shadow Of The Night (1973)

News as of October 28, 2002
  • Bossier City show
      From the Shreveport Times; a local newspaper who sent a reporter and photographer to the show: review and pictures

  • Dallas Review
      Aerosmith shows off its charm
      By Dave Ferman
      Star-Telegram Pop Music Critic

      JUSTIN - In the end, it's all about charisma.

      Back in the late '60s and early '70s, there were plenty of bands that were influenced by the Yardbirds and the Rolling Stones who set out to conquer the world.

      The members of Aerosmith, which emerged out of the Boston club scene about 30 years ago, were never the best technical players, but the team of hip-swiveling lead singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry had what so many others lacked: charisma, a certain X factor that mixed grit and elan.

      That, even after a series of wimpy power ballads and subpar albums, continues to keep the band eminently attractive to any classic-rock fan. And it's the main reason that thousands of people came to the Texas Motor Speedway last night to see the band headline the first day of the Harley-Davidson Open Road Tour, a bike culture/mainstream rock gathering that concludes today with four bands, including Stone Temple Pilots.

      Aerosmith hit the stage at 9:15 p.m. with Toys in the Attic, then tore into a tight and sure set of old favorites. Tyler spends as much time spinning, dancing and throwing his scarf-decorated mike stand from one hand to the other as he does singing. And Perry -- all leather and dark hair falling in his face -- grinds out the patented solos on a variety of guitars.

      Love in an Elevator was extended to include a long Perry solo, and other oldies like Mama Kin were reliably sharp and full of chugging momentum, with the rhythm section of bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer locked in and kicking hard. Guitarist Brad Whitford, meanwhile, made up for being dressed in a dorky red jacket by firing off concise solos and hammering out fills and rhythm-guitar figures that added necessary kick.

      Aerosmith did its best to give the crowd what it wanted -- a good-natured strut through favorites that plenty of us grew up listening to, probably too loud for our parents' tastes.


  • Liv on singing in Bazaar
      In the magazine Bazaar w/ Liv on the cover, it says she is recording a song for the soundtrack of the second part of the Lord Of The Rings movie triology, "The Two Towers."

      "I'm so thrilled to be doing it, becouse before I started acting, all I ever wanted to do was sing," Liv says

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith opens for James Montgomery in Boston MA at The Box Club, Boston University
      1972 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at K-K-K-Katy's (Feud opens)
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in West Hartford CT at Columbia Music Hall
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Alexandria LA at Rapids Parish Coliseum (Golden Earring opens)
      1994 Classics Live II is certified Gold
      2002 Aerosmith plays in San Antonio TX at Verizon Wireless (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

      ... and as I wasn't at home and able to update this page yesterday, here's yesterday's issue of "Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory":

      1971 Aerosmith opens for James Montgomery in Boston MA at The Box Club, Boston University 1972 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at K-K-K-Katy's (Feud opens)
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Boston MA at the Orpheum Theater
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Little Rock AR at Robinson Memorial Auditorium (Golden Earring opens)
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Portland ME at the Cumberland County Civic Center (Dokken opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Arnhem Holland at Rijnha
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Dublin Ireland at The Point Depot Theatre (Steve Vai opens)
      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Pittsburgh PA at Mellon Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Renaissance - Live At Carnegie Hall (1976)

News as of October 26, 2002
  • Musicians talk about Aerosmith at Metal Sludge
      On the Metal Sludge website they have a section called 20 Questions. The last question asked the guitarist and singer, Jaret Von Erich, from the band 'Bowling For Soup' what he thought of the following bands/people, and here's what he said about Aerosmith

      Aerosmith = Will go down in history as "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band Of All Time." Mark my words. You heard it here first kids!!!


      Metal Sludge has a famous quotes page and here is one that mentions Tyler, it's from the lead singer of Dokken.

      "I went thru my arrogant rock stars days. We all had those issues, but some of us didn't grow out of it. I hate it when I run into rock stars now and there still the same as they were in the '80s. Bobby Blotzer came on tour and walked onto our bus with muddy feet and trampled mud throughout the bus and grabbed all our beers, and was saying 'fuck, fuck, fuck' every other word with my two kids sitting there and I said 'Jesus Christ Bobby! Grow up!' and he was like 'gotta go'. And off he went with his entourage and I was like 'WOW! Was I like that in the '80s?' How embarrassing. I could never be like that now. I've fallen in love with the human race again and with people. I think journalist, rock star, pizza deliverer... no fucking difference and I learned that the hard way. The biggest revelations come from megastars that I've met that are so humble. I met Robert Plant he's the fucking nicest, coolest guy in the world. YOU MEET STEVEN TYLER AND HE'S THE SWEETEST MOST WONDERFUL GUY I'VE EVER MET. Then you meet guys and I'm thinking to myself 'you're not a good singer, I don't think you've got any talent, I don't think you've got anything going for you, you shittin' got lucky, why are you so cocky?' like Stephen Pearcy, but I don't blame Stephen. Stephen can't help it. He's just fucking stupid. That guy's got brain damage. It's just the alcohol. When I'm talking to Stephen, I feel like I'm talking to Beavis and Butthead. He's like 'dude' and 'bro' and I'm like 'do you have any other vocabulary?' That's it! That's his whole fucking vocabulary. Fuckin' A... Great! When I'm around him, I'm like 'be nice to your fans. Remember, they're paying your rent.' - Don Dokken, Brave Words, 5/5/02

      It also has those quotes from Dave Mustain and Nikki Sixx about how Aerosmith used to be great but now they're shit...

      Another quote, this time from Sebastian Bach of Skid Row

      "Skid Row fans are not Poison fans. I didn't see any Poison shirts at Skid Row shows. Like zero, none. It's all Pantera, fuckin' Anthrax you know, Motley Crue, Kiss, AEROSMITH, Guns n' Roses. ANY GOOD ROCK BANDS. You know I think it has more to do with the way I look. I might have the same haircut as some of those guys but so does Gregg Allman & Willie Nelson so.." - Sebastian Bach,, December 1999

  • Liv Tyler, a singer!?
      In September it was reported that Liv Tyler might show off her singing voice in her new movie "Jersey Girl". wrote: "The two stars [Liv and Ben Affleck] were spotted being snuck into the Pennsylvania city's Sigma Sound studios to record something for the movie, but the studio or film producer will not confirm or deny whether the pair will warble on screen."

      Today, LAUNCH reports about another secret recording, this time by Jennifer Lopez, and "by the way", mentions the song Liv and Ben have recorded. Here is the interesting part:

      Affleck, Liv Tyler, and child actress Racquel Castro came in on August 22 to record a song for a scene in the film, with no entourage except Castro's parents. The song, which is being kept a secret at the director's insistence, is described as "very funny."

  • Party Hard w/ Andrew W.K. and Aerosmith in December
      Andrew W.K. is opening for Aerosmith on the December dates. Run DMC is still listed for some shows, but that could change.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1972 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at K-K-K-Katy's (Feud opens)
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Offenbach Germany at Offenbach Stadthalle (Phoenix opens)
      1998 Aerosmith plays in Toledo OH at Toledo Sports Arena (Fuel opens)
      2002 Aerosmith plays in Dallas TX at The Racetrack

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Faith No More - King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime (1995)
Nice varied album. Perhaps not quite as excellent as "Angel Dust," but very good never the less. Several fast songs with alot of (pointless?) screaming going on, but there are some nice slower songs on here too. Nice with some "relax" (hehe ;) music after having been out working, helping my father in the woods all day (jo i hjälpt dell ve å unnerröj nalta, typ.. jo, jag är ännu kassare på att skriva på "bondska" än att prata det, jag vet ;)... I'm tired and my body's aching right now, but it's still nice. For some reason I sort of like working out in the woods, being to some use, working on our domains... Think I'm just gonna lay down in front of the TV and relax after I've finished this update (and replied to all those e-mails that keep coming in, demanding attention) though. Hey, you can't work all the time.. ;) Better get to bed early tonight. Gotta get up really early tomorrow (yes, on a Sunday! Been long since that happened...), as I shall already be on my way to Umeå by seven! Unosson (of the second hand record store Beautiful Lies You Could Live In) called me up last night and asked if I could imagine helping him out at the record fair that takes place in Umeå tomorrow. They open att 11:00, I think, but all the sellers gotta be there earlier than that, of course. I was going there anyway, just to buy records for myself, so why not. I might aswell help Jens out too and be like one of "those on the other side of the table," like one of the sellers for a day. That'll be a change. Could be fun. If you're going there (Skivmarknaden håller till i "Universum" på universitetsområdet, bakom NUS), don't hesitate to stop by and say "hi!" (eller, ja, säga "hej" kanske, om det känns mer naturligt... ;) Now I'm rambling... Sorry! Just... probably gonna be a "long day" tomorrow, so not sure if I'll have the time to do any News Page update after I get home tomorrow night... Hope you'll forgive me. :) Peace and love! / C.E.

News as of October 25, 2002
  • Vanity Fair
      As posted previously, there is a picture of Steven in the November issue of Vanity Fair (the one with Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Sheryl Crow, and Alicia Keys on the cover.) On page 192 there is a picture of Steven at the mic. The caption reads:

      "ZONKED THIS WAY, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler performs at the Reading music festival in Berkshire, England, in 1976, quite possibly under the influence."

  • From : Stay in the Loop
      Stay in the Loop – get down to meet Joey Kramer on Saturday, November 2nd at the Guitar Center, Hollywood. Joey gets there at 4pm so be there early to get your copy of his Loops & Samples package personally autographed. If you don’t already own a copy of this stunning package, no fear, Guitar Center promised us they would have plenty on hand for fans to pick-up.

      Joey’s Loops & Samples package is a great way for you to record or just jam with Aerosmith’s main man at the kit.

      See you on the Strip!

      Date: Saturday, November 2nd, 2002
      Time: 4:00pm
      Where: Guitar Center, Hollywood
      7425 Sunset Blvd.
      Hollywood, CA 90064

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1972 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at K-K-K-Katy's (Feud opens)
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Amsterdam Holland at New Rai (Phoenix opens)
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Glens Falls NY at the Civic Center (Dokken opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Brussels Belgium at Foret Nationale
      1994 Aerosmith plays in Tacoma WA at Tacoma Dome (Collective Soul opens)
      1994 'Blind Man' is released as a single
      1997 Aerosmith plays in Vancouver Canada at Universal Concerts Canada
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Auburn Hills MI at the Palace of Auburn Hills

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Opeth - "Wreath" (2002)
Like last week, yesterday's P3 Rock also aired a pre-listen from the forthcoming Opeth album "Deliverance." This time I got to hear (and tape) the 11 minute track "Wreath." The "Swedish Gods" of "Extreme Progressive Metal" still has it, for sure!
Yes - Close To The Edge (1972)
Essential prog rock classic!
Rarely has any band consisted of all such extremely talanted musicians as those that made up Yes at the time of the recording of this album. Amazing! OK, I've got a hard time appreciating Jon Anderson's high pitched vocals at times, but when the music itself is so convincing, it's hard to fault them too much... Rick Wakeman's "church organ" parts in the title track's "I Get Up I Get Down" section strikes me as as majestic every time I listen to it... Well, I could pick out loads of cool sections, but just listen to it yourself and you're bound to find many personal favs yourself!

News as of October 24, 2002
  • Kramer doing an instore!
      AEROSMITH drummer Joey Kramer will be making an appearance at the Guitar Center in Hollywood, California on Saturday, November 2 at 4:00 p.m.

      Kramer will be signing copies of his "Drum Loops & Samples" collection of "pump & thump" drum loops and samples, which was issued earlier this year.

      Date: Saturday, November 2, 2002
      Time: 4:00 p.m.
      Where: Guitar Center, Hollywood
      7425 Sunset Blvd.
      Hollywood, CA 90064

  • Bossier City Review
      REVIEW: Aerosmith, STP rock CenturyTel
      Tim Greening / The Times
      Posted on October 23, 2002

      Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler gave up the illegal drugs years ago, but he must take Excedrin by the handful.

      In near-constant physical motion throughout the band's two-hour headlining set Tuesday, he put in a workout that would have men half his age in ice-packs and Icy Hot for a week.

      Aerosmith and Stone Temple Pilots - the lineup that arenas were invented for - didn't disappoint the hard-rock crazy crowd at CenturyTel Center in Bossier City Tuesday night.

      The band composed what was truly a generation-spanning crowd. In the corridors before, during and after the concert, mothers with teased-up hair and tight blue jeans were trailed by daughters clad in their junior-high-school boyfriends' letter jackets.

      Elsewhere, shaven-headed young men in Ozzfest concert shirts mingled with mullett-topped middle-aged men in Harley T-shirts in the longest beer lines since the LSU-Michigan State Independence Bowl.

      Despite the age difference, there had to be near-universal agreement that after 30 years, Aerosmith still knows how to get it done.

      There are two types of veteran rock acts; sad has-beens trying in vain to reclaim former glory, and class acts who put their years of experience into the show and only seem to get better with age.

      Aerosmith, in its first concert in the area in 12 years, easily proved to be the latter, keeping the capacity crowd on its feet through a set of some of the best-known, best-loved songs in rock 'n' roll.

      The band certainly knows how to make an entrance. Lights still on, a few bars from the James Bond theme blared over the speakers until the arena went dark. With a cheering crowd looking to the main stage, guitarist Joe Perry tore into the opening riff of Love in an Elevator and spotlights opened up on the middle of the arena floor. Somehow - no doubt through some 007-type trickery - the band was suddenly ready to go at the edge of the catwalk, instruments and all, including a drum kit.

      From there, Aerosmith tore through a blistering three-song combo of Elevator, Back in the Saddle Again and Mama Kin.

      It was nothing but hit after hit from then on.

      In the audience, packs of long-haired young women took their cue from Kate Hudson in Almost Famous, baring midriffs and cleavage and singing along at the top of their lungs to older songs like Dream On and newer ones like Crying.

      The crowd was really treated to two headliners, as Stone Temple Pilots has grown into a really tight, dynamic unit. The band tore through a hard-edged hour-long set, eschewing any ballads for heavy hits like Wicked Garden, Interstate Love Song, Blush and the set-closing Sex Type Thing.

      Lead singer Scott Weiland remains a great rock frontman, whirling, swaying and strutting like a hybrid of Mick Jagger and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

      Must, a Boston-based quintet that was added to the tour recently, turned in a solid, if short, 20-minute set of original songs.

      The band put in a high-energy performance - well, as high-energy as it could on a stage crowded by all the equipment required for a three-band concert.


  • "Oh No!" for O Yeah on the charts...
      O Yeah has dropped out of the top 100 this week!

  • Liv news
      10/23 Liv went to ceremony for naming a street after Kevin Smith [director of her new movie making in these days "Jersey Girl"].

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Providence RI at the Palace Theater
      1974 Aerosmith plays in McKeesport PA
      1983 The Joe Perry Project plays in NYC NY at The Bottom Line
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Rochester NY at the War Memorial Arena (Dokken opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Paris France at Le Zenith
      1992 Brad plays with The Neighborhoods in Boston MA; David Minehan from The Neighborhoods will later fill in for Brad in Japan
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Birmingham UK at the National Exhibition Center (Steve Vai opens)
      1994 Aerosmith plays in Vancouver Canada at the Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum (Collective Soul opens)
      1997 Aerosmith plays in Portland OR at Rose Garden Arena
      1998 Aerosmith plays in Hamilton, Ontario Canada at Copps Coliseum
      1998 "Nine Lives" certified triple platinum
      2002 Aerosmith plays in New Orleans LA at New Orleans Arena (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

      This was a busy day! ...pat...

      Clive Newton: "As I recall it was the Neighborhoods last gig 10 years ago and Brad played on 4 numbers including Adam's Apple and Walkin' The Dog."

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years (1985)
Well, if you ever feel like listening to some simple sleazy rock n' roll, this live album by the Finnish cult band Hanoi Rocks works as good as anything... The band was apparently a big influence on a bunch of American bands in the early '80's too... Not too crazy about them myself to be honest, but they've got attitude... Along with their own material, this album includes covers of "Train kept A Rollin" and Alice Cooper's "Under My Wheels."

News as of October 23, 2002
  • Sales Of O Yeah
      from aerofanatic message boards

      October 2nd

      It slipped about 3000 copies this week (17% drop on previous week) to around 14,250. Billboard charts wise, it was a drop of 22 places to 76.

      2 weeks ago on Oct 9th (week 14), dropped 14 places to 90 with sales of a fraction under 13,000 (a 9% drop).

      Last week (ie current week's chart), it gained 3 to 87 with sales a few hundred less than the previous week.

      total sales around 550,000?

  • New Tour Date Prices
      Ft. Wayne, IN
      Memorial Coliseum 12.02.02

      Memphis, TN
      The Pyramid 12.04.02

      Wichita, KS
      Kansas Coliseum 12.06.02

      Denver, CO
      Pepsi Arena 12.08.02

      Minneapolis, MN
      Target Center 12.10.02
      $76.75 -

      Detroit, MI
      Joe Louis Arena 12.13.02
      $75.00 -

      Grand Rapids, MI
      Van Andel Arena 12.15.02

      Penn State, PA
      Bryce Jordan Center 12.17.02

      Philadelphia, PA
      First Union Center 12.19.02
      $75.00 -

      Washington, DC
      MCI Center 12.21.02

  • Tyler interview for the Herald Teen Page
      Posted on Wed, Oct. 23, 2002

      Teen Page writers, photographer win awards
      Herald Staff Report

      Five writers and a photographer for the Herald Teen Page won awards last weekend in a national contest sponsored by the Youth Editors Association of America.

      -- Shawn O'Neil won first place in the personal opinion column category for “Teen-age confession: We've never had a TV.” O'Neil, 19, is a 2002 graduate of East Grand Forks Senior High School and attends the University of Minnesota-Morris.

      -- Leigh Ann O'Neil won second place for a photograph, “Biology Field Trip,” of Red River High School students swimming in Caribou Creek during a trip along Lake Superior north of Duluth. O'Neil, 19, is a 2002 graduate of Red River High School and attends UND.

      -- Roxie Moen won third place in the first-person feature category for “Teens and diabetes,” her story of learning how to live with diabetes. Moen, 17, is a senior at Red River High School and one of the editors of the school newspaper, the Rider's Digest.

      -- Kara Nesvig and Ali Tweten won honorable mention in the special projects category for “Meeting a rock legend,” an account of how they got an interview with Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, which got them exclusive stories and photographs. Nesvig, 14, is a freshman and Tweten, 15, is a sophomore at Climax-Shelly (Minn.) High School.

      -- Anthony F. Strand won honorable mention in the personal opinion column category for “Dakota moniker won't make our state any cooler.” Strand, 17, is a senior at Hatton (N.D.) High School and writes a column for the Hatton Free Press.

      The Youth Editors Association of America is a nationwide organization for newspapers that publish sections that feature teen writers, photographers and artists. Award winners were announced at its national conference at Santa Fe, N.M.

      The Herald's Teen Page is published on Mondays.


  • About that bust on Kid Rock's bus..
      Wednesday, October 23
      By Thom Smith, Palm Beach Post Staff Columnist

      About that bust on Kid Rock's bus..
      Why was no one surprised when St. Lucie County deputies found drugs on Kid Rock's tour bus Sunday? The big surprise is that the cops used an "anonymous tip" from a motorist. Was Kevin McMahon, the roadie they arrested, hanging out the window with joint in hand? Wonder if the police knew it was Kid Rock's bus? Wonder if they were disappointed he wasn't on it?

      Mr. Rock and his band, who opened Saturday for Aerosmith at Coral Sky Amphitheatre, had already flown to Nashville. The tour resumes Nov. 1 in Phoenix.

      Both bands reportedly camped out at The Four Seasons hotel in Palm Beach, and Friday night members of both, including the Kid but not Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, visited Wildside, a West Palm Beach strip club. The Kid (real name Bob Ritchie) was on his best behavior even though possible bride-to-be Pamela Anderson did not come along. They are supposed to exchange tattoos in Las Vegas during his Nov. 9 show or a day or two after.

      If Tyler was upset about the bust on the bus, he didn't say so Sunday in the plaza at CityPlace, where he was looking for ice cream, or at Echo, where he dined with eight others and raved about the sushi. Monday, Tyler and an unidentified woman lunched at Toojay's in Lake Worth. He wanted ginger ale, which the deli didn't have, so an employee fetched a bottle from a nearby store. Dream on!

  • Liv on Lord Of The Rings FanClub Magazine
      On Orlando Bloom Multimedia website there are scans of Liv's interview. 10 pages of interview which Liv talk about her LOTR movies experience.

      You can find the scans at

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in North Reading MA
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Stockholm Sweden at the Stockholm Concert Hall (Phoenix opens)
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Birmingham UK at the National Exhibition Center (Steve Vai opens)
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Rosemont IL at Allstate Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Jakob Hellman ...och stora havet (w/ 7 bonus tracks) (1988-1991)
Swedish pop classic! Hellman's sole album release, from 1989, was voted "best Swedish record ever" in some big poll once. I wouldn't agree on that, but there is some very good pop music, and some fine lyrics on it, I'll agree on that... Songs like "Hon Har Ett Sätt" truly belongs on a list of the best Swedish pop songs ever written IMO...

News as of October 22, 2002
  • Pictures of Father and Daughter at the VH1 Fashion Awards!
      Steven and his youngest daughter, Chelsea.

      Tyler x2

      Tyler x2

      She looks older than she is, I think, being only 13. Perhaps she'll become a model just like her older sisters one day?

  • Full Blues Pink/Regular Pink audio for download!
      Download/save target as and rename using extension .wma and you'll be able to hear the version of "Pink" that they're doing on the current tour through Windows Media Player.

      While I like the intro better than the real song (Pink being one of Aerosmith songs I like the least), it's not quite the BLUES sound I was hoping for... would be pretty hard to play that style of music around the song Pink I guess...

      From Karts:
      You'll have to rename it to pinkblues.wma. And yes, share it and give it out, but credit it to my ring piece. Thank you.

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      The issue I mentioned last Friday has Jennifer Love Hewitt on the cover, and it's Rolling Stone 906, Oct 3 2002. It's on page 118.

      Rolling Stone concert review

      It also had a subscription coupon attached, with a pic of the Rolling Stone Rock & Roll Yearbook, which features a small pic of Tyler and Perry on the cover.

  • Tidbit from the Ross Halfin site
      He mentions that when Aerosmith played the Osaka Dome last year, it was sold out and it has a capacity of 45,000!

  • Doubtful rumour regarding new song titles
      I've got yet to be informed what the source for this info is, and I strongly doubt this info to be true. Figured I'd post it anyway, but don't suppose it to be true......

      t.Antti from Finland heard rumours that Aerosmith has done 3 new songs, called: "Mirrorland", "Keep Dreamin'" and "Walls Around The Capital."

  • Vesica Pisces / Jack Douglas
      The new web site for Vesica Pisces is up at The first video they put up is an interview with Jack Douglas.

      As you probably know, Jack produced their new upcoming album. The album is called Halfway To Naked and due out early next year.

      Terry, I hope it was OK that I posted this... ;)

  • Liv Tyler on Teen Hairstyles magazine
      Liv Tyler is on Teen Hairstyles magazine (November 2002). There are two pages dedicate to her with four beautiful big pictures.

  • TV... portuguese times
      Icon is supposed to air again (MTV), on Sunday (27):

      20:00 MTV Icon Aerosmith

      And on VH1...

      Friday, 25
      20:00 Fashion Awards 2002

      Saturday, 26
      11:00 Fashion Awards 2002
      13:00 Top 20 Fashion Disasters
      15:00 Top 10 Best Dressed
      16:00 So 80's
      17:00 Top 10 Fashion Disasters
      18:00 Fashion Awards
      19:00 Fashion Awards 2002
      21:00 Live Music

      Sunday, 27
      11:30 So 80's
      12:00 Top 20 Fashion Disasters
      14:00 VH1 Fashion Awards
      16:00 So 80's
      17:00 Top 10 Best Dressed
      18:00 VH1 Fashion Awards
      20:00 Fashion Awards
      21:00 Live Music

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in North Andover MA at Merrimac College
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Richfield OH at Richfield Coliseum (Golden Earring opens)
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Montreal, Quebec Canada at The Forum (Dokken opens)
      1994 Aerosmith plays in Portland OR at Memorial Coliseum (Collective Soul opens)
      1997 Aerosmith plays in Seattle WA at Key Arena; Jerry Cantrell joins them on Sick as a Dog
      1998 Aerosmith plays in Quebec City, Quebec Canada at Quebec Colisee Arena
      2002 Aerosmith plays in Bossier City LA at CenturyTel Center (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Aerosmith - "Blues Pink / Pink" (2002)
Amon Duul II - "Archangels Thunderbird & The Return of Ruebezahl" (1970)
Amon Duul II - "Toxicological Whispering" (1971)

Mott The Hoople - The Hoople (1974)

News as of October 21, 2002
  • Ross Halfin opens his gallery!

  • John B. - News from the Road, Part II - 10/19/02
      Another week has past.

      After a show in Atlanta, Steven flew to NYC to take part in the Vogue/VH1 Fashion Awards at Radio City on Tuesday, Oct.15. Here is a guy that's staring at 2 days off in Florida and he's on a midnight flight into NYC to prepare for his duet with Pink and accept the Rock Style Award.

      Yesterday afternoon we got to Radio City to rehearse with Pink. They rehearsed the song about 3 times and then Steven went back to the hotel to work on his speech. The show seemed to go off without a hitch. Steven's dressing room was on the 2nd floor next to Jennifer Lopez and Michelle Branch with David Bowie and Carlos Santana as bookends. After the awards he rolled over to the Hudson Hotel for an after-show party with wife Teresa and daughter Chelsea before heading over to his favorite New York Deli for a late night bite with friend Patricia Arquette and family. Next day we jumped on the jet and flew back to Boston to pick up Tom Hamilton. I hadn't been home for 2 weeks and it was good to be there, albeit for about 8 minutes, in a driving rain storm. Tom hopped on and Chelsea and Teresa jumped off. The flight was 3 hours of stomach turning to Tampa - bumpy, to say the least. Not quite as bad as the scene in "Almost Famous" but let's just say the tuna sandwich didn't sit too well.

      Tampa show:

      I don't know what it is about Florida and this band. Everybody comes out for Aerosmith shows here. The Yankees' David Wells, The Big Show, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, A ton of the Lightning and Atlanta Thrashers and super fan, Clive Newton, all the way from England. It was the first show inside with the "new" B-Stage. The guys spent some time on it in the afternoon and decided minutes before they took the stage how they were gonna use it. See, I could tell you right here how it went but I like surprises. But I'm sure there are fans out there in the chat rooms who are going to spoil it for you guys and let the cat out of the bag. Kind of like telling you it was Kevin Spacey all along in "Usual Suspects." Anyway, as you know the guys opened with "Elevator," for the first time, and will most likely continue when they go inside for good in Dec.

      A lot of rumors going around about who the opening act will be in December. Some of the rumors are kind of funny. I asked Joe a couple of days ago about one "artist" that has been popping up in recent weeks and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said they have narrowed it down to 2 bands and that the band they are leaning towards had a ma~~ive hit a few years ago. I'm sure it will be revealed soon, but it's fun to guess.

      Last but not least, if you are going to any shows before Nov. 14, be sure to get there early to see MUST. They are a great band that come from England, Australia and Boston. They have been getting great reviews. Tony Perry's new favorite band!

      Next week, I'll recap Joe's visit to the plant that makes his hot sauce and hopefully snap a few pictures while we are there.

      --John B

  • Hit Parader
      In the December issue of Hit Parader, there's 3 mentions.

      Heavy Metal top 10 CDS
      40. Pump
      7. Rocks

      Heavy Metal top bands
      12. Aerosmith

      Also, there's a nice picture of Steven in the back.

  • Review of WPB Show Saturday
      Aerosmith stays true to form
      By Charles Passy, Palm Beach Post Music Writer
      Monday, October 21, 2002

      There came a moment during Aerosmith's two-hour, sold-out show at Coral Sky Amphitheatre Saturday night when the band seemed ready to break with tradition.

      Vocalist Steven Tyler, he of the oversized lips and personality, launched into a version of Pink that stripped the song of its salacious excessiveness. This was rock as bar-band blues and it was simple, pointed and direct. In other words, everything that Aerosmith is not.

      But just when the audience was about to accept this sudden change, Tyler stopped after a verse and switched back to over-the-top mode. The song ended up emerging unscathed, which is to say it sounded exactly like the recorded version from a few years ago.

      Give Aerosmith credit for being fan-friendly and reliable. But don't give it points for originality.

      Of course, it's hard to argue for a band to tinker with a winning formula. For three decades, Aerosmith has perfected the art of raucous showmanship, becoming the closest equivalent America has known to the Rolling Stones. And band members are as talented as ever. At the age of 54, Tyler struts and sings with the best of the genre's crop of bad boys, including Kid Rock, who opened the show.

      Tyler makes the stage his personal platform, racing around like a man with a few double espressos running through his veins. And his voice is as terrifyingly exact as ever. When he sings the classic Aerosmith ballad Dream On, he finds his way to the vocal stratosphere without the slightest difficulty. His cocky posturing is fully earned.

      The rest of the band follows suit, especially lead guitarist Joe Perry, who makes an Olympic sport out of crunching chords. Throw in some timeless hits (Janie's Got a Gun, Cryin', etc.) and the spectacle of the group switching stages mid-show -- on a specially erected platform in the lawn section -- and you have a pretty fun evening.

      Except, to borrow a title from the band's catalog, it's the same old song and dance. Aerosmith's Coral Sky show hardly deviated from the format of its previous one a year ago. Tyler's excesses have become patented to the point of predictability. Raw talent will get you only so far.

      Which is why the evening's true pleasure turned out to be Kid Rock, the artist who emerged in the late 1990s as one of the first rap-metal superstars. Granted, his recent album went nowhere, but there's something about Kid Rock that stays on the side of joyous unpredictability, whether he's doing a surprisingly decent cover of a Motown hit or playing a drum solo in the middle of a tune. If anything, he seems freed by the fact he's less a household name these days. Now he can just concentrate on the dangerous business of making music.

      One wishes that Aerosmith would remember the pleasures of such recklessness.


  • Drugs Found On Kid Rock's Bus
      I'm posting this though it is NOT DIRECTLY Aerosmith "news" given Kid Rock touring with Aerosmith, his upcoming marriage to Pamela at the show in Vegas, etc.


      Posted on Mon, Oct. 21, 2002 - From the Miami Herald

      Police: Drugs found on Kid Rock's bus

      Kid Rock's tour bus was pulled over and scoured for drugs on Florida's Turnpike just hours after the rap-metal singer performed in suburban West Palm Beach, reports The Palm Beach Post.

      He and his band weren't on board the bus when it was stopped for a top-to-bottom search -- including the ''celebrity bedroom,'' according to a police report. Found: a package of rolling papers, a marijuana joint, $3,717 in cash in a silver metal briefcase and a small amount of cocaine, police said.

      The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office charged Kevin Joseph McMahon, 36, of Lebanon, Tenn., with drug possession. He said that he was Kid Rock's personal assistant.

      He left the St. Lucie County Jail on Sunday on $16,000 bond.

      Kid Rock opened the Aerosmith concert Saturday at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre.

      The bus was pulled over about midnight a few miles south of the St. Lucie-Indian River county line by a sheriff's detective and the Florida Highway Patrol.

      According to a police report, they had been tipped by a motorist who said drugs were aboard.

      The only other person on the bus was the driver, who said the band flew to Nashville after the show.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Greensboro NC at Greensboro Coliseum
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Erlangen Germany at Erlangen Stadthalle (Phoenix opens)
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Louisville KY at Freedom Hall (Golden Earring opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Milan Italy at Palatrussardi
      1993 Aerosmith plays in Sheffield UK at Sheffield Arena (Steve Vai opens)
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Washington, DC at RFK Stadium for the United We Stand benefit concert
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Indianapolis IN at Conseco Fiedlhouse

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Iron Maiden - Brave New World (2000)
The "reunion" album. Not as great as any of the classics they put out in the '80's, but this sure ain't bad either. Bruce Dickinson once again proves that he's still one of the best vocalists in Heavy Metal ever! This one was produced by Kevin "Caveman" Shirley, who as you know also produced "Nine Lives."

News as of October 20, 2002
  • Steven Tyler take home Naked Women from Fashion Awards
      J. Lo, Eve, Steven Tyler Take Home Naked Women From Fashion Awards
      Most people wear boring black, though.
      By Abbey Goodman

      At an awards show where Eve, J. Lo and Steven Tyler were the big winners, the best thing about the night was seeing what all the stars were wearing. That goes without saying, though, since it was the 2002 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards - one has to expect that the artists' duds could very well upstage the artists themselves.

      The problem was that, while everyone had on nice threads, they were, for the most part, black. Sure, that might make everyone look thin and chic, but it can also make for some pretty boring copy.

      The show was held Tuesday night at Radio City Music Hall to celebrate fashion and honor the top designers. And what better way to achieve that than by distributing statuettes depicting a naked woman doing a headstand with her legs splayed?

      Looking fresh-faced and wholesome in an outfit resembling the one seen in the opening sequence of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" - a white button-down shirt under a black short-sleeved sweater, a cream swing skirt, topped off with a white beret (which, unlike Mary's, remained on her head) - Jennifer Lopez went home with the Most Influential Artist of the Year award. "The truest beauty," she said before thanking a long list of designers, hair stylists, makeup artists, and all the other people who assist in creating her look , "is God-given and radiates from the soul."

      Eve accepted the Breakthrough Style award in a tailored black jacket with a black scallop-edged bra underneath, pantaloons with zippers up the legs, and a black fedora. "You create trends," she said, "not follow trends."

      Despite his unforgivable fashion faux pas - the bare-chested, Lycra pants and suspenders ensemble - Steven Tyler won the Rock Style award, summing up his acceptance speech with "three" parting words: "androgynous," "chameleon" and "freak flag."

      Lenny Kravitz, who accepted the award for Red Carpet on Gwyneth Paltrow's behalf, sported a blowout with his black suit, slate gray ascot, and, as was de rigueur for the men of the night, sunglasses.

      P. Diddy presented an award to Ralph Lauren dressed in a stone-colored three-piece suit with a white bud in his lapel, and dark black shades.

      Pink arrived with an escort clearly committed to making a fashion statement (and perhaps doing a dry run before the pressure of Halloween night) by arriving in a black suit, a stovepipe hat and full skeleton face-paint.

      When Pink got onstage to perform the first of two songs, "Family Portrait," the audience pumped their fists while she sang the emotional number in a cropped wife-beater and striped low-rider pants. Back from commercial break and accompanied by Steven Tyler for "Misery," she wore a black jacket-dress with tall black stiletto boots. Her nails were painted black and she had the 21st century version of the nose ring chained to the earring popularized by Jane Child: the ring fingernail chained to the pinky.

      During Carlos Santana and Michelle Branch's duet, "The Game of Love," Santana wore a tie-dyed shirt with a picture of Bob Marley in the center, a black leather cap and glasses, while Branch went a little retro too with a black dress over red bell-bottoms.

      David Bowie sang "Cactus" in a long black suit jacket and pants shortly before the evening was capped off by a performance of "You Can't Stop the Beat" by the cast of the Broadway musical "Hairspray," based on the 1988 John Waters film about music, fashion, and teenagers in the 1960s.

      Alexander McQueen won Revolutionary Designer and Tom Ford for Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche was named Designer of the Year.

      This report is from MTV News

  • Classic Rock magazine (again)
      Classic Rock cover Giuseppe:

      On the last Classic Rock issue (#46, november 2002) there's Steven on the cover (a really weird low definition, almost out of focus, picture, actually...) and also a 12 pages Aerosmith interview (with much better pictures ...). The cover says:

      "I snorted my plane, my Porsche, my house..."
      Steven Tyler and Joe Perry on 30 years of winging it

  • Clarification of the "Aerosales" post from the 18th
      The sales numbers are since 1991, when Soundscan began, a company that checks all sales in the US only. All the albums I mentioned were released after 1991 though, so those were the exact sales on that date.

      They were requested on a website where they show them, Metal Sludge, for just about every Aerosmith 70s album and for Big Ones and Pump. So the 70s albums will only be able to show sales SINCE 1991, which is also a shame. But if you look at the certification before 1991, then add the number sold since then you should come up with a reasonable figure, for instance, Aerosmith's debut was certified for 2 million in 87, say since 1991 it has sold a million, you add the two together and it will have sold a little over 3 million (not even including the gap between 87 and 91).

      I'm not sure how much sense that makes but that's the geist of it!

      Also, I found some old figures for sales of Get A Grip and compared them to sales figures as of 15th sept, and worked out that it sells on average around 400 copies a week. Similar to Nine Lives then.

  • MTV in Brazil
      Marco from Brazil reports: this week Aerosmith was #6 on MTV's week chart.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Charlotte NC at Park Center
      1974 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Koln Germany at Sartory Saele
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Toronto, Ontario Canada at The Maple Leaf Gardens
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Florence Italy at Florence Palasport
      1997 Aerosmith plays in Concord CA at Concord Pavilion
      1998 A Little South of Sanity is released
      1998 Aerosmith plays in Montreal, Quebec Canada at the Molson Centre

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

ELP - Brain Salad Surgery (1973)
Maybe I'm just stupid, but I don't get why this album has such a great reputation. It's OK, I guess, but does it really deserve the high praise it so often gets? Greg Lake, Carl Palmer and especially Keith Emerson are all incredibly talanted musicians for sure, but it takes more than impressive playing to make a great album. Yeah, "Karn Evil 9" is an impressive epic, but what about the rest? ELP's take on the british hymn "Jerusalem" starts off the album, fairly nice but not that special to be honest. "Toccata," a classical piece, is the most distasteful track on the album. Impressive perhaps, and innovative at the time I'm sure, but to my ears it mostly sounds like Emerson is trying to get as many weird sounds out of his Moog as possible, and it's not very pleasant to listen to. The ending is awful. Next comes Lake's composition "Still... You Turn Me On", a ballad type song that really is quite good, but is partly destroyed by one of the most awful lyric lines I've ever heard. "Every day a little sadder, a little madder, someone get me a ladder." I mean, what the hell! *lol* Then, "Benny The Bouncer," an incredibly silly '50's styled song. And not silly in the humorous way, as say Samla Mammas Manna or Frank Zappa, it just feels stupid.. I almost can't stand it. Most of the album is taken up by the 30 min "Karn Evil 9" suite though, and that one does have some really amazingly cool sections, I'll give them that... :)
Faith No More - Angel Dust (1992)
Absolutely excellent! One of the best and most interesting albums from the first half of the '90's! Hadn't it been for "Images and Words" this could have been the best one released in 1992. Mike Patton's vocals are awesome! I can definitely see how this can have been a big influence of Daniel Gildenlöw and his Pain of Salvation!

News as of October 19, 2002
  • Fashion Awards picture

  • Vanity Fair
      In the new vanity fair, Rock issue. There is a picture of Steven on page 192 and some mention on him in the article. There is also some mention of Cyndria and a small picture of her 375.

  • Liv Tyler on the cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine...
      Liv is on the cover of the latest Harper's Bazaar magazine.

      Valentina was kind enough to e-mail me some pictures from the magazine, and there's some very nice ones for sure. Liv looks as gorgeous as ever...

      Here's some down-sized teasers for you... the pic furthest to the left (text: "Shopping with Liv Tyler") is from the front cover.

      Liv x3

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Columbus OH at The Ohio State University
      1973 "Dream On" debuts on Billboard Charts
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Roanoke VA at the Civic Center (Exile opens)
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Syracuse NY at the War Memorial Auditorium (Dokken opens)
      1994 Aerosmith plays in Sacramento CA at the Cal Expo Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Ames IA at the Hilton Coliseum
      2002 Aerosmith plays in West Palm Beach FL at Mars Music Amphitheater (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

"" from The ProgRealAudio HomePage:
Nimoy, Leonard - "War of the Worlds" (1976)
Pink Floyd - "Echoes" (excerpt) (1971)
Alan Parsons - "Total Eclipse" (1977)
Goblin - "Sighs" (1977)
Igor Wakhevitch - "Mineral - Vegetal - Animal" (1970)
Aphrodite's Child - "All the Seats Were Occupied" (excerpt) (1971)
King Crimson - "Devil's Triangle" (1970)
Univers Zero - "La Corne du Bois des Pendus" (1981)
Some scary shit in there... ;)
Jefferson Airplane - Journey: The Very Best Of Jefferson Airplane (1966-1974)
Hardly had a chance to listen to this album before. My sister snatched it just after I got it, and hasn't given it back till now. She's got great taste, that girl. I've thought her well, and now she likes loads of great music. Makes me proud.. :) Only downside, she keeps taking all my CDs... ;) Now, when will I get back my Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd CDs? ;)

News as of October 18, 2002
  • Blues Album Update!
      Before the band said good night at last night's show in Tampa, FL, Steven said that they would bein to work on the blues album in January!

  • Another Aerosmith Mention on Letterman
      On Thursday Letterman's Top ten List was "Top Ten Ways My Life Has Changed Since Winning the Nobel Prize" as presented by the 1999 Nobel Prize Award winner, in what category I don't know,Letterman never said. Anyway #4 was When I call K-Rock to request Aerosmith, they play Aerosmith

  • Rolling Stone magazine
      In Rolling Stone (with a woman in the cover - who?) there is a pic (with Tyler) with a small article.

  • VH1 Fashion Award in Europe
      Apparently VH1 Europe will show the VH1 Fashion Awards on 25th October (21:00 CET), Saturday 26th October (12:00 & 20:00 CET), Sunday 27th October (15:00 & 19:00 CET).

  • Aerosales
      Alex Ross reports:

      as of 15th sept 2002

      Aerosmith "Get A Grip" 4,595,371
      Aerosmith "Nine Lives" 2,086,567
      Aerosmith "A Little South Of Sanity" 677,523
      Aerosmith "Just Push Play"1,234,357
      Aerosmith "O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" 483,276
      Aerosmith "Young Lust Anthology" 104,064

      looking at figures from seven months before that i figured out that nine lives sells about 500 copies a week and just push play sells about 1,400 a week, although that may have slowed down even more now! when aerosmiths new album comes out in late spring next year i expect that o yeah will climb back up the charts, i cant imagine the standard GH and big ones going back up because o yeah covers them both!

      im going to request more aeromsith albums so ill let you know how it goes, you request it at metal sludge website

  • Steven Tyler mentioned in Tony Soprano's divorce papers
      Tony's drug woes
      Thu Oct 17, 7:19 AM ET

      Tony Soprano may pop Prozac, but that's nothing compared with James Gandolfini's real-life drug woes.

      Gandolfini who plays the beleaguered New Jersey mob boss on the hit HBO show "The Sopranos" came clean yesterday and admitted he once battled cocaine and alcohol.

      The tough-guy actor confirmed to the Daily News allegations of substance abuse leveled against him by his wife, Marcy, in their divorce.

      But Gandolfini spokesman Dan Klores stressed it was "a problem that existed in the past.

      "To bring it up now, as an attempt to gain leverage and a better settlement during the divorce, is just reprehensible," Klores said.

      "These types of situations under these circumstances are best resolved with decency, not greed."

      Before Gandolfini began battling the feds as well as rival mobsters on television, a friend said, the burly Emmy winner faced his personal problem and beat it.

      "He was in rehab four years ago. He came out. Occasionally he would go back in. The guy has been drug-free for some time," the friend said.

      Gandolfini, who filed for divorce in March, had hoped to keep his struggle private to "protect" his son, Michael, 3, the friend added.

      "Marcy is making this public, which is hurtful to their child," said the friend.

      Gandolfini's acknowledgment comes as the National Enquirer reports in its latest issue that some of his famous friends have tried to get him off drugs.

      The paper said these included Julia Roberts, his co-star on "The Mexican," and Edie Falco, who plays Gandolfini's wife on "The Sopranos."

      Quoting a source who claims to have seen legal papers in the divorce case, the tabloid alleges:

      Marcy named 52 people who may have known about her husband's drug use, including Roberts, Falco, his "Sopranos" shrink Lorraine Bracco and even Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler.

      Marcy kept a diary that included claims that "Jim would go on a drug binge every 10 to 14 days. ... He [often] woke up somewhere not knowing his whereabouts. [Marcy] later found out he would do drugs with various bimbos and women and have sex with them."

      She also said in her diary that "James would get drunk and make a fist and punch himself repeatedly in the head to see if he could get a reaction from [Marcy] during a quarrel."

      Marcy said her husband bought a gun for protection while traveling to Harlem to buy drugs.
      Gandolfini's spokesman declined comment on the Enquirer report.

      Marcy's lawyer, Norman Sheresky, said the claims were contained in papers not filed in court, but were "attorney-client correspondence that was private."

      "I have no idea how the Enquirer obtained these papers," he said. "I'm extremely annoyed."

      Sheresky said some of the tabloid's reporting on her allegations "was true. Some parts are not."The lawyer declined to be more specific about what was inaccurate.

      Sheresky also said the couple's claims were "ancient history."

      "A lot of things were said in the heat of the moment," he said. "I guarantee both of them wish they could take back what they said in the past."

  • Classic Rock magazine
      Alex Ross reports:

      i got the classic rock magazine with steve tyler on the cover, its funny that he is such a focus cos he didnt have to do anything, the pictures were taken from an archive, shot for when they were on the cover promoting just push play. it just has an interview with joe perry which is pretty entertaing, but its nothing new, which is annoying because in the last interview with aerosmith classic rock went on about not being afriad to ask interesting and risque questions, such as stuff about sales and ballads etc. the pictures are nice though!

      inside it has the worldwide rock charts, even though its been out a few months o yeah is in its '1st' week on the worldwide charts, debuting at number 10, making it the tenth biggest selling rock album in the world last month.

      it also has a top 100 rock albums of all time on it. while the critics oddly put permanent vacation as aerosmiths best album and the 28th best rock album ever, the public put pump as the best and the 34th best rock album ever. the mini review of it said that it is easily the best of aerosmiths comeback albums, and that janies got a gun is the standout track. funnily enough they put that it came out in 1981!

  • Complex Magazine
      Steven is on the cover of "Complex" magazine. He is actually on the back cover upside down, cause Eve is on the front where it lists issue 3 sept/oct.

      There's a bunch of pictures inside, including one of him holding a hat full of 100, 50, 20 dollar bills and it looks like he is smoking a hundred dollar bill. No repeat pictures, all new... plus a pretty decent article of him and Rob Swift of the x-ecutioners' talking about sex, drugs, rock, and rap. (interview posted here on this page early this month)

  • Review of Florida Show
      Never too soon to see Aerosmith
      By GINA VIVINETTO, Times Pop Music Critic © St. Petersburg Times
      published October 18, 2002

      TAMPA -- Sure, veteran rockers Aerosmith last performed here less than a year ago, but with three decades of hits that include some of rock 'n' roll's most delicious tunes, is it ever too soon to see the band again? That was the sentiment of a sellout crowd of 15,486 Thursday at the St. Pete Times Forum who savored every sassy antic dished out by singer Steven Tyler and his guitar-slinging sidekick Joe Perry.

      From the bombastic opener Love In An Elevator, which the band performed on a catwalk in the middle of the arena, Aerosmith had the audience on its feet and shouting along. That song's sauciness sums up what Aerosmith is about: wild times, debauchery, and risk-taking. Tyler looked fit and funky in a sleeveless black shirt as he worked every inch of that catwalk. A video screen provided footage of Tyler's shenanigans and his famously large and lascivious lips. Tyler goes down in rock history, along with Mick Jagger, as a frontman who holds crowds spellbound. (Is it something in the lips?) Tyler's swagger, and his still capable vocal chops -- hear those high notes on Dream On? -- prove that the truly great rockers age as well as wine.

      Aerosmith again treated fans to hot renditions of vintage tunes such as Back In the Saddle. Perry shredded sound from his guitar on Same Old Song and Dance. Fans howled when they heard the funky, rumbling opening of Sweet Emotion, performed now on the Times Forum's proper stage, where the band remained. Tyler sang a cappella at first on What It Takes in a bluesy wail that hovered in the air. Janie's Got a Gun's harmonies sounded sublime and spooky.

      The hits continued, old favorites -- and some not so old -- sounding fresh, delivered by a band that hasn't lost an iota of oomph.

      Rap-rock superstar Kid Rock opened the show with hits from his breakthrough Devil Without a Cause and Cocky. Kid Rock's sound, which he calls "hick-rock," is a zany mix of bravado rapping, crunchy guitar riffs and warbly country crooning that would make his idol Waylon Jennings proud.

      Thursday's set had all the trappings of a Kid Rock show including nearly naked go-go dancers in cages and big-time pyrotechnics. Kid Rock's flashy red duds and bowler hat added to the party atmosphere created by his Twisted Brown Trucker Band.

      For all his naughtiness and bravado, Kid Rock is a talented guy who likes to dabble in every genre. The rapper performed the hits Bawitdaba, Cowboy and God Know Why. He also treated fans to revamped versions of classic rock numbers by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin, sat on a stool to sing a tender ballad, and later jumped behind the turntables to do a little vinyl scratching. Fans sang along as Kid Rock briefly segued -- during Cowboy -- into the bad-boy theme from The Dukes of Hazzard, made famous by Jennings.


  • Just some reviews from the Metal Sludge arhcives
      AEROSMITH "Just Push Play"
      by Ozzy Stillbourne

      Cover: 3 Autograph Covers out of 10.
      Aerosmith's past drug use is very evident with this cover because it's obvious that some brain cells have been destroyed along the way. This fucking cover has basically been done before by Autograph! We even did a post about it which can be found at The album is called "Just Push Play" so I don't really get what the lame robot chick is about. It's pretty uncreative and half assed.

      Booklet: 7 Rag Dolls out of 10.
      This is Aerosmith, so obviously they have the cash to put out a booklet that is good. The only gay thing about it is the centerfold in the middle which is exactly the same as Autograph's cover. Otherwise, this has all the lyrics, pictures, and shit like that.

      Songs: 6 Rag Dolls out of 10.
      I dig the first song "Beyond Beautiful" and "Light Inside" is also cool. The rest of the album is a mixed bag. Nothing really sucks and the production is great, but nothing makes my balls go up and down like a yo-yo. "Fly Away From Here" is your typical Aerosmith ballad, and "Luv Lies" sounds like a ballad that would have been on "Eat The Rich." I'm over the Aerosmith ballad thing. "Just Push Play" has some weird rap/Jamaican elements to it, but Aerosmith has always fucked around with that shit, so I'm not bothered by that. The songs are mostly middle of the road songs. Not too heavy, not too light. And they're catchy, but after a few listens I was somewhat bored with it. Joe Perry sings one song called "Drop Dead Gorgeous" which is probably the weakest song on the album. Unlike some singers half his age, Tyler still sounds as good as ever. The Best Buy version of this CD contains a song called "Face" which is basically a throw away track.

      Comments: I don't like this CD as much as their last one, "Nine Lives," but it ain't bad. It's definitely not a classic, but better than some of the shit that's out today.

      AEROSMITH TRIBUTE ALBUM - "Not The Same Old Song And Dance"
      by Ozzy Stillbourne

      Cover: 6 Cows out of 10.
      Has a picture of some cows with nose rings. Even the cows of today are following the trends. Very "Get A Grip" era Aerosmith. But there are no "Get A Grip" songs on this CD. Guess they couldn't think of anything else to put on the cover.

      Booklet: 4 Cows out of 10.
      The booklet is very basic, just listing all the credit, who wasted their time and played on what song, etc.

      Songs: 5 Cows out of 10.
      None of these songs suck, but none of them are really great. Just straight covers, and none of them are as good as the originals. The album has Mark Slaughter (who let him in the studio), Ted Nugent, Vince Neil, Mickey Thomas (who the fuck is that?), Jack Blades/Tommy Shaw (I think these 2 are married to each other), Ronnie James Dio (he must have stood on some phone books to reach the mics), Fee Waybill (who the fuck is this?), Jeff Keith, Jack Russell, Jani Lane, and Stephen Pearcy (who invited him?) singing the songs. Wow, Mark Slaughter, Vince Neil, and Stephen Pearcy all on one CD. How lucky can you get? Actually, everyone basically does a good job at singing these songs, but no track really stands out above the others. I think "Rag Doll" sung by Nugent is one of the weaker tracks on the CD. Jeff Keith does a pretty good at "Draw The Line", and I hate to say it, but I like Vince singing "Chip Away The Stone." I must be losing it.

      Comments: This is just another Cleopatra CD that is just trying to fucking cash in on some old songs.

      AEROSMITHSONIAN "A Tribute To Aerosmith"
      by bastard boy floyd

      This CD is released by Perris Records

      Cover: 6 Perris Samplers out of 10.
      This cover isn't bad because it shows a chick's cleavage with Aerosmith written between them. Not bad for a tribute CD, but unfortunately this is the best thing about the entire CD.

      Booket: 0 Perris Samplers out of 10.
      This is without a doubt the worst layout and booklet I've ever seen. It's an assault on the ocular senses! This makes the booklets that Eric Turner and Jerry Dixon put together for their CDs look like a Backstreet Boys release. In fact the words in my booklet are cutoff! They run right off the page. If you think the Perris Records ads in Metal Edge sucked, wait till you see this. Even the CD itself is just black with writing on it. It looks like a friggin bootleg!

      Songs: 5 Perris Samplers out of 20.
      Weaker than a punch from Emmanuel Lewis (you know, the kid who played Webster). 10 songs in all with very little production. There is really no reason to buy this because it all straight covers that totally fail in compared to the originals. I think the production of the original songs are even better than this and they were recorded back in the 70s.

      Comments: This is almost as much of a joke as the Britney Spears Tribute Album I bought last month (which I bought as a joke, I'll have you know). In fact I'd rather be reviewing that than this CD. Why do I always buy CDs that suck? I'm a glutton for punishment.
      Is it really necessary for Perris Records to put out a tribute album to Aerosmith when there are already a few on the market? The answer to that question is no. The whole tribute CD thing is already played out and I don't appreciate Perris getting into the mix. If you see this CD in stores, cover your eyes and run the other direction.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Pittsburgh PA at the Syria Mosque
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Huntington WV at the Civic Center (Exile opens)
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Koln West Germany at Sartory Saele
      1997 Aerosmith plays in Devore CA at Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

songs I taped from yesterday's P3 Rock (radio show):
Opeth - "Deliverance"
a pre-listen of the long (well, had they not been a prog band) title track from Opeth's forthcoming album. Sounds like (un)usual, so the album probably won't disappoint...
Aufgehoben No Process vs Gary Smith - "Grosse Module"
Penthouse - "Hungry Hollow"
Black Heart Procession - "Tropics Of Love"
a mp3 I downloaded from :
Änglagård - "Jordrök"
Awesome! I urge you to give this a listen! An 11+ min long instrumental track from Änglagård's sought after debut album, "Hybris" from 1992. These Swedish prog rockers released two highly acclaimed studio albums in the early '90's, "Hybris" (92) and "Epilog" (95). Sounding very '70's (think King Crimson) with vintage instrumentation, they still brought in something new. Änglagård is considered something of the best thing that happened to prog rock in the '90's, if I've understood things correctly. These two albums are now quite hard to find, but I've heard that they're supposed to be re-released in the fall/winter of 2002. If that's true, they should be out soon. I hope so, I need to get these albums... If "Jordrök" is an accurate presentation of the band, I'm gonna love their albums more than most that's in my collection!! ...I think I'll have to listen to it once again now...
songs out of "" downloaded from The ProgRealAudio HomePage:
In the Labyrinth - "Trans Turkish Express"
Landberk - "The Tree"
Ensemble Nimbus - "Skrapan"
Anekdoten - "Rubankh"
Sinkadus - "Positivhalaren"
Pär Lindh & Björn Johansson - "The Battle of the Five Armies"

News as of October 17, 2002
  • John B's road report 10/16/02
      10/16/02 John B's Report - Ribs, the USS Truman & More! From AF1 As expected Joe made a visit to LC's BBQ on Blue Parkway in Kansas City on Monday. I got to say we are pretty "Ribbed Out." Sunday at the show our production manager, Charlie Hernandez, got racks of ribs from four different places but it didn't satisfy Joe so we ended up at LC's again.

      Tuesday in Charlotte might as well have been a NASCAR race because there must have been ten drivers and their crew there. Being from Boston I haven't really gotten to appreciate NASCAR until the last few years and I gotta say - I'm getting hooked. Hanging around Brad Whitford for about ten minutes will do it to ya. Some of the names I recognized there were Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Michael Waltrip and Kenny Wallace. It looked like everyone had a good time. The show was good and tight. "Rats" was in and that always makes for a good jam. Have you guys notice how f#*~%n' good Brad Whitford is? Just listen to "Last Child," "Rats" and "Thighs" live and you'll see. I forgot who's reading this. Of course, you guys know.

      Virginia Beach up next:

      I dreaded coming here. It has nothing to do with the fine people of the city or the hotel staff. Last year we came here on September 10 and I remember it was Joe's birthday. He spent the day with his family at a nearby fish restaurant call Lynnhaven Fish House. The rest of the guys hung out that night across the street from the hotel at a place called "Hot Tuna."

      Needless to say the next morning, 9/11, we were all awakened by phone calls and blaring TV sets from rooms up and down the floor. I will never forget the scene in the road manager's (Jimmy Eyers) room. Everyone from the lead singer to bus drivers were cramped into his space watching CNN and wondering what the hell is going on in the world.

      This time the feeling is a little eerie being here - and a little sad. Did I say a little?

      Last week Jimmy asked the guys if they would like to tour an aircraft carrier on the off day. Everyone was really excited - like kids on a field trip. Brad couldn't make it having stayed in Charlotte to hang out with his racing buddies. We all got in an eighteen passenger van and headed to America's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Harry S. Truman. The guys were real troopers spending more than 3 hours with the crew and staff of this huge city on the sea. It has everything in it, just like a traveling city. The guys posed for picture after picture and signed autograph after autograph. There was a mini press conference and the guys told the press they were there to lend some support to the troops and make sure morale was high. Everyone had a ball. The guys invited a bunch of the sailors to the show.

      Next up: Virginia Beach show, Raleigh and Atlanta

  • Concert stats for Antioch show
      Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots
      AmSouth Amphitheatre
      Antioch, Tenn.
      Oct. 4, 2002
      16,332 / 17,523
      1 / 0
      $75, $35
      Clear Channel Entertainment

  • Billboard
      On the Billboard chart, O Yeah rose 3 places to 87 this week, in its 15th week on the charts.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Buffalo NY at Kleinhans Music Hall
      1976 Aerosmith plays in London UK at the Hammersmith Odeon (Phoenix opens)
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Buffalo NY at Memorial Coliseum (Dokken opens)
      1994 Aerosmith plays in Mountain View CA at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Collective Soul opens)
      1998 Aerosmith plays in Holmdel NJ at the PNC Bank Arts Center (Fuel opens); this show is broadcast on the internet
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Grand Forks ND at the Alerus Center
      2002 Aerosmith plays in Tampa FL at the Ice Palace Arena (Kid Rock/Run DMC opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Dreadnaught - The American Standard (2001)
Totally twisted... Now, this album title is very misleading, as these guys don't follow any standard! I believe I've seen their style called "Progabilly," mixing progressive rock, hard rock, jazz, blues, rock n' roll, avante garde stuff and even quite a bit of country! (like a redneck version of Red era King Crimson, perhaps?) Believe it or not, it actually sounds good! It's not easy listening, and I probably wouldn't have paid full price for it (I won my copy), but it's charming. Good fun and a nice listen! Cool record!
Thin Lizzy - "Sarah"
Fleetwood Mac - "Need Your Love So Bad"

News as of October 16, 2002
  • Tyler on the VH1 Fashion Awards
      Steven Tyler was live on stage last night, at the 2002 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards! Steven Tyler and Pink did their duet song, "Misery," together!

      It's the 2nd Pink song. It's after a commerical. Steven apparently messed up a lot of the words, but nearly all comments I've seen says the performance was still great. One post I've seen stated that "though the music intro (w/orchestra) vitually destroyed a very good song and Steven flubbed the lyrics 3-4 times, I personally loved the performance"

      That's not all, he won the Rockstyle fashion award! Steven on stage with his daughter Chelsea! Haven't seen any transcript of what was said, but from what I hear Tyler said something funny about Joe, aswell as a funny comment about having children... "having children is like being pecked to death by chickens."

      Joe had told everyone at the Atlanta show that they should watch VH1 last night...

  • Pictures from the VH1 Fashion Awards
    Tyler and Pink
    Tyler and Pink

    Tyler with Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks
    Tyler (... the lucky bastard... ;) with Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks

    Tyler with Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks
    Tyler with Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks again


    • VH1 Fashion Awards
        from Billboard.Com

        Finally, an awards show where it's all about the red carpet. At last night's (Oct. 15) VH1-Vogue Fashion Awards in New York, actors, models, and musicians-turned-designers were feted for their penchant for looking absolutely fabulous.

        "I think the most important thing about style is the smile you put on other people's faces -- or the look of absolute terror," quipped Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler as he picked up the Rockstyle award. Tyler also performed with pop star Pink.

        Platinum-blond rapper Eve was given the breakthrough style award; she thanked her nail stylist, among many others. Singer/actress-turned-designer Jennifer Lopez was named the most influential star of the year. But anyone hoping that she might wear some of the sexy, jaw-dropping fashions of previous awards shows were likely disappointed; she was demurely dressed, like a schoolgirl, wearing a white tam, a white shirt covered by a black sweater, a flared white miniskirt, and stiletto heels.

        Hosted by "Will & Grace" star Debra Messing, the affair mixed music with fashion. Performers such as David Bowie sang in between tributes to designers such as Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen, as well as mini-fashion shows. Celebrities paid homage to designers, and vice versa: Donatella Versace gave Lopez her award, while Sean "P. Diddy" Combs paid tribute to Lauren, and John Travolta presented Tom Ford with the designer of the year trophy.

        Venus and Serena Williams, Claire Danes, LL Cool J, Naomi Campbell, Cate Blanchett, and Naomi Watts were among the other celebrities who took part in the two-hour show, which aired live on VH1.

    • Aerosmith Mention on Letterman
        Faith Hill was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night and during the desk interview she told Dave about how her 5 year old loves Steven. She explained that on the way home from Italy her daughter was looking thru a newspaper and it had a picture of Aerosmith in it. Her daughter made Faith Hill rip the picture out and her daughter carried it around with her everywhere for months. Eventually Faith and her husband Tim McGraw took her to see Aerosmith. She got to meet Steven after the show and after leaving wanted to back to talk to Steven again. Letterman on his part was quite surprized and asked Faith Hill "you're saying this like it's normal for a 5 year old." and "all the 5 year olds love Aerosmith". As the show went to commericial they brought up an old picture of Steven with his mouth open and a black tear painted under his eye and sort type of Whoopi Goldberg style hair on.

    • Back Tracks, an e-mail from VH1
        Hi There,

        My name is Cori and I work in the Original Programming department at VH1. We are about to produce our first segment for a new show called "Back Tracks" and it is going to feature Aerosmith's - Don't Want To Miss A Thing, or Walk This Way.

        Do you have any good stories about these songs? We need your true stories related to either of these songs. For instance, if you have a great story about something really amazing that happened in your life when either of these songs was playing in the background, or is in somehow related to them in a way that you will never forget - we want to hear about it.

        If your story gets chosen, we'll make a mini-movie of it with you right there narrating it on camera!

        So send a brief description of your story today to:
        And be sure to include your name, age, and hometown.


    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1971 Aerosmith plays in Littleton NH at The Galleon
        1976 Aerosmith plays in Birmingham UK at the Birmingham Odeon (Phoenix opens)
        1986 Anthony Joseph Perry III born
        1987 Aerosmith starts their Permanent Vacation tour in Binghampton NY at the Broome County Arena (Dokken opens)
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Mountain View CA at the Shoreline Amphitheatre (Johnny Lang opens)
        1998 Joe Perry makes his acting debut on NBC TV Series "Homicide"

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Europe - Out Of This World (1988)
    Fleetwood Mac - "Sara"
    Fisher - "I Will Love You"
    Focus - Moving Waves (1971)
    Savage Grace - Savage Grace 2 (1971)

    News as of October 15, 2002
    • VH1 Fashion Awards
        Just a quick reminder to all...

        Steven Tyler will be "live on stage" tonight at the 2002 VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards at 9pm, then again at 11:30pm. For all of those who like to TAPE these events, DEFINITLY have your tape ready.

    • New Bern Sun Journal article
        Run Date: 10/15/2002
        Local boy enjoys 'Livin' on the Edge'
        By Penny Round/Sun Journal Staff

        Submitted photo (see URL at end to view picture at site)
        Christopher Miranda, 9, is pictured on the big screen at the Aerosmith concert in Raleigh. Sings with Steven Tyler at concert

        Christopher Miranda never thought he'd be singing with Steven Tyler, but that's exactly what happened to the 9-year-old during an Aerosmith concert Saturday.

        The rock idol spotted the youngster in the front row, perched high on his dad's shoulders, a bandana on his head and black teardrops painted on his cheek.

        "He turned the microphone to me and I sang with him. We did 'Livin' on the Edge' and 'Dude Looks Like a Lady,'" said Miranda, who attends J.T. Barber Middle School -- when he's not attending Aerosmith concerts with his entire family.

        Last week was Aerosmith week for the Mirandas, who attended three concerts -- Charlotte on Tuesday, Virginia Beach on Thursday and Raleigh on Saturday.

        "We had front row seats for every show. It was a real once-in-a-lifetime thing," said the middle schooler's dad, Chris Miranda, 37.

        "In Raleigh, I had him on my shoulders. Steven Tyler noticed him and started singing to him, then he turned the microphone on him. He was on the big screen and everything," the elder Miranda said.

        "I've been following Aerosmith for 27 years and I never got to sing with Steven Tyler. It was pretty cool," he said.

        "It was just an amazing thing for Steven Tyler to come up to my son and look in his eyes," said Christopher's mom, Dina Metts, also in the front row Saturday with her husband, Sid.

        "People kept coming up to us saying, 'There's the little man who stole the show,' because he'd been on the big screen. It was really great," Metts said.

        Christopher Miranda grew up listening to Aerosmith.

        "My son has been an Aerosmith fan since he was 2," Chris Miranda said. "He started listening to them at 6 months -- not really by choice -- but he just grew to love the band."

        In addition to dozens of photos snapped by his enthusiastic parents, Christopher Miranda, who wants to be a drummer, left the concert with a harmonica given him by the band and plenty of memories to fuel his dreams.


    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1971 Aerosmith plays at The Barn in North Andover MA for $175
        1975 Aerosmith plays in Lakeland FL at the Civic Center (one of the old venues that is still in use today....Aerosmith rehearsed for the Superbowl halftime show at the Lakeland Civic Center)
        1978 Aerosmith plays in Madison WI at the Dane County Coliseum (Exile opens)
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Perth Australia at the Perth Entertainment Center; since it is the last show of the Pump tour they play the entire Pump album
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Devore CA at Blockbuster Pavilion (Collective Soul opens)
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Wantaugh NY at Jones Beach Amphitheater (Fuel opens)
        2001 Aerosmith plays in Minneapolis MN at the Target Center

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Ragnarök - Fjärilar i Magen (1979)
    Starship - "Sara"
    Cheap Trick - "I Want You To Want Me"

    News as of October 14, 2002
    • Boston Magazine
        In the last issue of Boston Magazine, there's an article that shows Tom Hamilton house, also has a Draw The Line little article...

    • Cosmopolitan
        In the last issue of Cosmopolitan, the one with Katie Holmes on the cover.. there's a full page with Mia Tyler in special adversiment for JCPENNEY....

    • Chicago show may not fit in on the last leg!
        Alissa854 reports:

        The Chicago show, from what 97.9 the loop radio station said, might not even happen at all now. The show was suppose to be at the Allstate Arena at the end of November. The radio station was passed up on by the band to sponser the show. But pollstar as most of us know will have all the dates up when they are confirmed, it's taking a while for them to put up those dates!

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Toronto Ontario Canada at Massey Hall
        1976 Aerosmith plays in Glasgow Scotland at the Apollo Theatre (Phoenix opens)
        1978 Aerosmith plays in St. Paul MN at the Civic Center (Exile opens)
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Phoenix AZ at the Desert Sky Pavilion (Collective Soul opens)
        1997 "Merry Axemas: A Guitar Christmas" is released featuring track by Joe Perry
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at HiFi Buys Amphitheatre (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (1977)

    News as of October 13, 2002
    • SNL Transcripts
        There's a site that has transcripts for a lot of the SNL skits at Do a search on Aerosmith and transcripts to some of their skits will come up.

    • Virginia Beach show
        The local newspaper Virginian-Pilot printed a brief review of the show that seemed to me to be off. They stated in the article that the show was a sell out of 20,000 but Mike tells me he has been to shows there that sold out and he doesn't think that is was, but probably close to it. Maybe 18,000 or 19,000. The paper also said that Aerosmith put on a good show but that it "lacked energy". Then they gave Kid Rock a glowing review in the same article...

    • Aerosmith radio promo
        On KLOS the DJ said "and up next we have a block of Aerosmith". They played SOSAD, Come Together, and Back In The Saddle. Then they aired a short Steven Tyler/Tom Hamilton promo... something like ST saying "This is Steven Tyler" and TH saying "and Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith. You're listening to 95.5 KLOS, Classic Rock that REALLY ROCKS."

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1970 The Boston Free Press runs an article on new bands with a photo of Aerosmith
        1973 Aerosmith plays in Cleveland OH at Carroll Univ
        1976 Aerosmith plays in Liverpool UK at the Liverpool Empire Phoenix
        1991 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at the Wang Center where they film Dream On with the Boston Pops, filming MTV 10th Anniversary show
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Phoenix AZ at the Desert Sky Pavilion
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Wantaugh NY at the Jones Beach Amphitheater (Fuel opens)
        2001 Aerosmith plays in Edmonton, AB Canada at the Skyreach Centre

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Faith No More - The Real Thing (1989)

    News as of October 12, 2002
    • Cryin' played on Letterman
        On "The Late Show with David Letterman" tonight (Fri 10/11) the band (Paul Schaffer and the CBS Orchestra) played "Cyin'" during a commercial break.

    • AF1/eBay
        At eBay they even have a banner to announce their rip offs...

    • Casting Call

        Participate In Our New Shows!

        Back Tracks

        Aerosmith fans - we want you on camera!

        We are about to produce our first segment for Back Tracks and it is going to feature Aerosmith's "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" or "Walk This Way."

        We need your true stories related to either of these songs. For instance, if you have a great story about something really amazing that happened in your life when either of these songs was playing in the background, or is somehow related to them in a way that you will never forget - we want to hear about it. If we decide to use your story, you're going to be telling it - ON CAMERA!

        We're looking for those really amazing stories. They can be funny, scary, sexy, whatever, just as long as they are really interesting, and are centered around or remind you of either Aerosmith's "Don't Want To Miss A Thing" or "Walk This Way."

        If your story gets chosen, we'll make a mini-movie of it with you right there narrating it on camera!

        So send a brief description of your story today to: And be sure to include your name, age, and hometown.

        Oh and by the way - don't wait too long to send them in - we're picking out stories RIGHT NOW!

        (Hey - if you've already sent in a story about another song or band, don't worry we'll get there, we're just working on these two right now.)

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1970 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at the Student Union Bldg, Boston Univ
        1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Detroit MI at the Masonic Temple
        1978 Aerosmith plays in Oklahoma City OK at The Myriad (Exile opens)
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Las Vegas NV at the Thomas & Mack Arena, UNLV Campus (Collective Soul opens)
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Raleigh NC at the Alltel Pavilion (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    The Cranberries live at Arenan, Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden 2002-02-19

    News as of October 11, 2002
    • Mexico show appears confirmed
        Today's newspaper El Financiero says...

        El 22 de noviembre en el Estadio Azteca a las 20:00 horas. Boletos en taquilla y en el sistema Ticketmaster.

    • Walk This Way on classicrock
        On the site, you can see the Top 10 Rock N Roll Biographies and Autobiographies. Aerosmith's book "Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith" is at #8.

    • Fans doesn't rule Fansrule... More VR at eBay...
        FansRule (AF1) has put more Velvet Rope packages for sale on ebay. Visit this web site to see:

        Guess what?! Two more are available for Las Vegas, while the packages for this show are still listed as "sold out" on

    • Aerosmith mentions on TV
        Two minor mentions of Aerosmith on TV last evening and this morning.

        Last evening the qualifying for this Sunday's Nascar race in Concord, NC, was on TV. One of the drivers (Michael Waltrip) was singing Happy Birthday to Dale Earnhardt Jr. and mentioned he was into music having just seen Kid Rock and Aerosmith in Charlotte.

        Also, this morning, Tony Perkins (the weather guy) on Good Morning America was broadcasting from Mt. Sunapee in Newbury, NH and he pulled a young girl up who had an Aerosmith sweatshirt on and he said he didn't know that some of the members lived near there and that he was a big fan. Said for "Steve" to come on over if he was in the area

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1978 Aerosmith plays in Pine Bluff AR at the Convention Center (Exile opens)
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Sydney Australia at the Sydney Entertainment Center
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Houston TX at The Summit
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Hartford CT at The Meadows (Fuel opens)
        2001 Aerosmith plays in Calgary, AB Canada at the Pengrowth Saddledome

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975)
    The Doors - "The End"
    Black Heart Procession - "The Visitor"
    Caesar Romeo - "The Getaway"

    News as of October 10, 2002
    • New December Tour Dates on AF1 Now
        AF1 has just confirmed a 3rd leg up untill Dec 21st!

        12/02/02 Ft. Wayne, IN Memorial Coliseum
        12/04/02 Memphis, TN The Pyramid
        12/06/02 Wichita, KS Kansas Coliseum
        12/08/02 Denver, CO Pepsi Arena
        12/10/02 Minneapolis, MN Target Center
        12/13/02 Detroit, MI Joe Louis Arena
        12/15/02 Grand Rapids, MI Van Andel Arena
        12/17/02 Penn State, PA Bryce Jordan Center
        12/19/02 Philadelphia, PA First Union Arena
        12/21/02 Washington, DC MCI Center

        AF1 has posted it says that the Dec 19th show is in Philly, PA at the First Union Arena. This info is incorrect. After an e-mail to the First Union Arena (who are located over an hour away from Philly) it was said that Aero will be performing at First Union Center IN Philly. First Union Arena is out in East-Bumble closer to Scranton then Phily.

        According to Alissa854, Chicago is still a tenative show they could add in november on the 29th or 30th, either at the United Center or at Allstate Arena.

    • Classic Rock magazine
        Classic Rock cover Aerosmith are in the November issue of Classic Rock... Steven is on the cover and there's about 10 pages, an interview with Joe Perry, and extracts from Walk This Way...

    • Kerrang
        Kerrang picture There is an Aerosmith mention in this weeks Kerrnag magazine, along with a picture of Steven and Joe, the mention is about the Pink Cadillac that they are standing infront of..

    • Celebrity Hat trick Pictures

    • Aerosmith visits the carrier Truman w/4 pics
        Visit for the photos!

        Photos: Aerosmith visits the carrier Truman
        The Virginian-Pilot October 10, 2002

        NORFOLK - Members of the rock group Aerosmith took a tour of the carrier Harry S. Truman on Wednesday at the Norfolk Naval Station.

        The ageless group is in town for a performance Thursday at the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheater.

        The group's front man, Steven Tyler, posed for pictures and signed autographs throughout the ship tour and invited the crew to the concert.

        PIC 1
        Truman Executive Officer Ted Carter, left, poses with lead singer Steven Tyler on the flight deck Wednesday afternoon. Photos by L. Todd Spencer / The Virginian-Pilot.

        PIC 2
        Second from left, bassist Tom Hamilton, guitarist Joe Perry, singer Steven Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer listen as they are given a tour of the Truman's flight deck.

        PIC 3
        Steven Tyler poses with Truman sailor Jason Toth. PIC 4
        Tyler waves to some of the crew from the flight deck.

    • Article on Elvis tribute #1
        I don't see where it's "Britney's" tribute... it is a NBC tribute, she is just one of the participants. Perhaps the radio just saw an opportunity for a good "dig"?

        NBC Celebrates 'Elvis'
        Tue, Oct 8, 2002 06:24 PM PDT
        LOS ANGELES ( - Not even death can stop Elvis.

        Presley's most recent album debuted at No. 1 in 18 territories around the world, just after the 25th anniversary of his death. NBC and RCA are celebrating his lasting popularity with "Elvis Lives," a collection of stories, observations and opinions about Presley's importance.

        The hour-long special will honor his enduring legacy with commentary and performances by today's top musical acts, including Bono, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, No Doubt, Dave Matthews and Britney Spears. Other celebrities expected to make an appearance on the program are Dennis Hopper ("24"), Denis Leary ("The Job") and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler.

        "NBC hit gold with Presley's 1968 'Comeback Special' and our recent broadcast of 'Loving You' on the anniversary of his passing," says Jeff Gaspin, EVP of Alternative Series, Longform and Program Strategy for NBC. "We look forward to celebrating his legacy with a new generation of fans who are now discovering his music."

        "We are thrilled to join forces with NBC to make Elvis' incredible legacy come alive for TV viewers and for the music fans who have made 'Elvis 30 No. 1 Hits' a No. 1 album," says Bob Jamieson, chairman of RCA Music Group. "The caliber of the artists and celebrities who have signed on to this project speaks volumes about Elvis' tremendous influence."

        "Elvis Lives" is expected to air in late November or December on NBC.


    • Article on Elvis tribute #2
        NEWS - U2's Bono, Petty, Crow, No Doubt, & Spears To Prove 'Elvis Lives'

        (10/9/02, 5 p.m. ET) -- U2 frontman Bono, Tom Petty, Sheryl Crow, Dave Matthews, No Doubt, and Britney Spears are among the music superstars that will pay tribute to Elvis Presley during an NBC prime-time television special titled Elvis Lives, which will air in late November or early December. The concert special is a collaboration between NBC and BMG's RCA Records.

        The hour-long special will honor the enduring musical legacy of "The King" as well as celebrate the immensely successful worldwide debut of the definitive Presley collection, Elvis 30 #1 Hits, on RCA Records. The show will also be interspersed with stories, opinions, and observations from renowned individuals about Presley's importance. Historic footage of Presley's performances and interviews, as well as recent footage of the worldwide events marking the 25th anniversary of his death, will also be included. In addition, the special will feature contemporary artists' performances of four tracks culled from Elvis 30 #1 Hits.

        "We are thrilled to join forces with NBC to make Elvis's incredible legacy come alive for TV viewers and for the music fans who have made Elvis 30 #1 Hits a Number One album," said Bob Jamieson, the chairman of RCA Music Group. "The caliber of the artists and celebrities who have signed on to this project speaks volumes about Elvis's tremendous influence."

        This special is a tremendously important part of BMG/RCA's ongoing campaign to introduce Elvis to a new generation," explained Joe DiMuro, the senior VP of strategic marketing for BMG. "Based on the incredible response to Elvis 30 #1 Hits among consumers of all ages, we're confident that Elvis Lives will be a huge success for NBC.

        Other celebrities including rapper Chuck D, Denis Leary, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, and Dennis Hopper have also signed on for Elvis Lives. More stars participating in the special will be announced shortly, according to NBC.

        Elvis recently set a new record when Elvis 30 #1 Hits debuted at Number One in 17 territories in its first week, including the U.S., the U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Chile, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, and the United Arab Emirates. The set, which was released on September 24, is the first Elvis album ever to debut at the top of the U.S. album chart.

        -- Jason Gelman, New York


    • Billboard Charts
        O Yeah is down to 90 on the Billboard charts from 76 last week. It's in it's 14th week in the charts.

    • John B's Road Report
        This was posted on AF1 news pages today.

        10/09/02 John B's Report - On the road with Aerosmith

        I've got to say this was one of the best technically played shows of the tour. First off it's Music City right? You can't suck! But song after song I couldn't believe how good it sounded in my headset I think playing to such virtuoso's such as Phil Everly of the Everly brothers (Bye Bye Love, Wake Up Little Susie and Cathy's Clown) and Wynona Judd might have a little to do with it. The day started with Joe Perry going to see one of the most famous clothes designers in the world "Manuel" at his shop in downtown Nashville. Manuel has made clothes from everyone from Elvis to John Lennon to name a few. He started out by giving Joe a pair of boots that he made for Conway Twitty some 25 years ago. These boots are falling apart and I asked Joe if he was going to get them repaired and he said "No Way." After getting fitted for some clothes we went over to a video studio to check out an "EPK" which stands for Electronic Press Kit for the first band signed to Joe's label "Roman Records" called The Porch Ghouls. They remind me of The Yardbyrds meet the White Stripes. You should check them out. Then it was off to the show.

        It was great seeing Steven, Joe and Brad gushing over Duane Eddy and Phil Everly before the show. These guys are a little part or maybe a big part on how Aerosmith got to be who they are. In fact these guys are a big reason rock evolved in those early years. Steven had Joe's son Tony video tape the meeting so maybe you guys will see it one day. Steven is really good at capturing some really great moments and he shared a sliver of them on the Behind the Music. Well, it's 4:52 AM. and I'm gonna hit the hay. Next stop Kansas City and I'm sure we will visit LC's BBQ on the Parkway.

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Cincinnati OH at the Music Hall
        1977 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum; Styx opens, during the show, Steven & Joe are hit with a firecracker onstage
        1979 Joe Perry forms the Joe Perry Project
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Sydney Australia at the Sydney Entertainment Center
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Reno NV at the Lawlor Events Center (Collective Soul opens)
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Virginia Beach VA at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre (Kid Rock/Run DMC open)

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    November - En Ny Tid Är Här...(1971)
    En Ny Tid Är Här ("A New Time Is Here") is a great album from a band often considered Sweden's first true hard rock band. Every song on this album is really great, mixing heavy blues rock with early metal and prog influences. Names like Jimi Hendrix, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and Black Sabbath come to mind when I listen to this album, as does Jethro Tull (mainly because of the great flute parts that appear here and there) and other greats. Great song writing, great instrumental performances (bands sure knew how drums and guitars should be played in the early '70's) and impeccable vocals, all in Swedish. I need to get this album (and all the other albums November released) on CD though, as this LP has alot of scratches. When the music is as good as it is here, the surface noises is bareable though. It's so great that you can look past that... Songs like "Mount Everest," "Lek Att Du Är Barn Igen," "Sekunder (Förvandlas Till År)," "Åttonde" and "Ta Ett Steg In I Sagans Land" all makes this album an essential purchase. Then keep in mind that I've only mentioned half of the songs, there is yet another five equally as good... Truly an essential part of Swedish rock history!
    Faith No More - The Real Thing (1989)

    News as of October 9, 2002
    • Tyler to take part in Britney's tribute to Presley
        On the radio this morning, they said Steven will take part in the Britney Spears tribute to Elvis. He will not be performing, only speaking. Performers included Bono, No Doubt and others.

        Does anyone else wonder WHY Britney is doing a tribute to Elvis? The idea disgusts me personally... The King will be rolling in his grave, I'm sure.

    • New Scenes From the Road
        New pics on the Scenes From the Road page at official site, taken by Tony Perry.

        8 of them with and Jamming with Phil Everly, Duane Eddy, Ronnie and Lonnie Brooks.
        8 Behind the Scenes shots from the making of Girls of Summer Video

        Anyon else bothered by the fact that we only get these tiny 150x200 pictures? You can hardly see them these days...

    • 17 video clips back up at the official site...
        This is really nothing new, as these were all originally available on the Nine Lives version of They were taken off the site for a while, but now they're back...

        The URL is:

        Here's the list of what's there:

        Steven on Drums 1883K
        Half A Grammy 3008K
        Chip Away At Mama Kin 3701K
        Mama Kin at Mama Kin 3712K
        Eat The Rich '93 1980K
        Joe Says No 1408K
        Home Movies 2649K
        Flaming Moe's 2857K
        RunDMC 2730K
        Wayne's World Theme 3053K
        Woodstock '94 2495K
        Rolling Stone 2297K
        Sweet Emotion '83 3906K
        Joe Perry Project 2421K
        Dream On '91 2362K
        Steven On Piano 2986K
        Steven With Lipstick 702K

        They are in .mov format so you will probably need QuickTime to play them...

        P.S. Has anyone ever figured out the name of the song included in the Steven On Piano clip? That question keeps coming up every once in a while. Personally I think it sounds like an awesome song, like the kind of ballad that Aerosmith SHOULD be doing, IMHO. It's a shame Aerosmith hasn't made a full version (if a such exists) available in some form... Many of us, the fans, have been craving to hear it for years...

    • The latest tour info, as per Alissa854
        According to the marketing staff, Aerosmith has a date set for December 10th at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. There is also a show possibly close to that date, that is in Fargo, ND. Dates will all be released at any time.

    • Review in Yesterday's Tennessean from Friday Night
        Monday, 10/07/02
        Review: Aerosmith, fans relive rock 'n' roll glories
        By PETER COOPER Staff Writer

        Scene from a Friday night in Antioch:

        So, there's a bare-chested, 52-year-old man up on stage at AmSouth Auditorium, and his name is Joe Perry.

        He's standing over his electric guitar - the same guitar that he's just used to brilliantly execute the snarling slide riffs on Aerosmith classic Draw The Line - raising his pink shirt over his head and then whipping it against the instrument, which rests on the stage with volume knobs maxed out.

        By all rights, the moment should have been ridiculous: Half-naked, more-than-middle-aged guy relives past rock 'n' roll glories while audience members pretend not to notice that a whole lot has changed since 1977.

        But, even looking back on Aerosmith's show from a quiet, clear and blue Saturday morning perspective, the band's throttling, vibrant power is undenia ble. As for things changing since 1977, a large portion of the AmSouth audience couldn't bear witness to the alterations: The shed and lawn were filled with young folks who started the day in chemistry classes or study halls. Didn't anyone make it to a Friday night football game?

        The kids may have been drawn in by comparatively recent, pop-perfection radio singles Jaded and Pink, but they also received an education in old-school rock 'n' roll. Aerosmith has somehow stretched in sound and grown in relevance yet not lost the intensity of its early years.

        Of course, there were missteps. Ballad I Don't Want To Miss A Thing remains icky and schlocky and all that, and the band's fondness for jamming can sometimes lead things astray. But with no album of new material to push, Aerosmith concentrated on the best stuff from more than three decades of music making. The set list was filled with ringers, and a few turns toward Chicago-style blues (previews of the next album) provided more reasons to cheer.

        Lead singer Steven Tyler remains convincing in his role as shrieking, strutting, depraved mentor, and his rangy voice is as stunning and searing as ever. Just try to sing along with him on Back In The Saddle, Dream On, Cryin' or Livin' On The Edge: If you don't sound like an idiot, you should seriously consider a career in music.

        Burdened by ''second-rate Rolling Stones'' charges for years, the group is innocent on all such counts. Comparisons to other acts are meaningless in the face of Tom Hamilton's virtuoso bass intro to Sweet Emotion or Perry's unruly guitar on Same Old Song and Dance or the rhythm section's insta-swing transformation on Big Ten Inch Record.

        The guys do all of this without a trace of camp. They aren't kidding around up there, just drawing the line between past and present with riffs, chops and rock songs. Bless 'em twice, and tell them to come back soon.


    • Review in yesterday's Kansas City Star of Sunday's Show
        Posted on Tue, Oct. 08, 2002

        Concert review: Aerosmith and Kid Rock rock this way
        By TIMOTHY FINN The Kansas City Star
        Reviewed: Oct. 6 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

        Audience: 18,000 (sold out)

        This match was made neither in heaven nor hell. It was made a few years ago on an MTV awards show, when Kid Rock danced and guest-rapped during a Run-D.M.C./Aerosmith performance of "Walk This Way."

        Kid had already gone platinum by then, but he has since become the Will Rogers of rock ambassadors: a guy who hasn't met a genre of music that he doesn't like or won't incorporate into his live shows. Sunday night he humbly opened a sold-out show for Aerosmith, and during his 80-minute set he showcased more than just his eclectic taste in working-class music.

        After opening with a revamped version of Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll," Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker Band tore into nearly a dozen songs from his two full-length studio albums. As usual, Kid's show reflected his rebel, stoned-pimp stage personae: lots of flash, fire, soft-core debauchery plus ample doses of the Stars and Stripes and blond, buxom, barely clad go-go dancers. (A big Confederate flag also was displayed during one song.)

        The highlights of his set were the hits off "Devil Without a Cause," including the title track, "Cowboy," "God Knows Why" and a hellacious version of "Bawitdaba," which closed the show. Before that, he and his brawny band performed a convincing medley that honored artists from their native Michigan: Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock 'n' Roll," Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever," the Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go," Grand Funk Railroad's "We're an American Band," MC5's "Kick Out the Jams" and Eminem's "My Name Is..."

        Kid's fondness for old-time rock is one of his more genuine virtues -- he somehow bridges the continental gap between the Beastie Boys and Molly Hatchet -- and it showed up throughout this show. In several of his own material, he dropped references to Hank Williams Jr., ZZ Top, AC/DC, Deep Purple, the Allman Brothers and, one of his favorite bands, Lynyrd Skynyrd, whose "Free Bird" is sampled heavily on "You Never Met a (Bleep) Like Me," a cut from his "Cocky" album.

        He did that number (that's when the Confederate flag showed up), plus the lovesick ballad "Picture" with drummer Stefanie Eulinberg singing the Sheryl Crow part.

        All that was a setup for the big, raucous encore, which put Aerosmith in a tight spot: How does anyone follow an act as flamboyant as Kid Rock? With more classic rock.

        Aerosmith is from around Boston, the other side of the Civil War, but its hard-rock attack dovetailed perfectly with Kid Rock's rap-infested version of neo-Dixie rock.

        During its two-hour, 20-song show, Aerosmith pulled material from all over its 30-year career. It opened with "Toys in the Attic" and then "Back in the Saddle," -- fitting overtures for a band that has survived near-death brushes with hard-drug addictions and irrelevance.

        There were plenty of bright highlights: "Sweet Emotion," the best song bassist Tom Hamilton ever wrote; "Big Ten-Inch Record" and "Dream On," which the band performed on the satellite stage behind the reserved seats, facing the huge throng on the lawn; rip-snorting versions of "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" and "Love in an Elevator"; plus several of their more recent Top 40/MTV power-rock ballads: "Jaded," "Pink" and "Don't Wanna Miss a Thing."

        Lead guitarist Joe Perry did just fine during his token vocal lead on the straight-up 12-bar blues number "Stop Messin' Around," but his best moments came during the encores: during "Draw the Line," when he beat some noise out of his guitar with his shirt, and during his solos on "Walk This Way," a song first recorded 27 years ago.

        Back then, Kid Rock was 4-year-old Bobby Ritchie, and the members of Aerosmith were living like hell-bent 20-something rock stars. Though at first it seemed like a stunt, their convergence this chilly, autumn evening was ultimately a statement about the skill of true showmen and the endurance of classic rock 'n' roll.


    • VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards
        A commercial for the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards confirms that Steven Tyler will be on it. It is on next Tuesday night 9 pacific time 8 central.

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1977 Draw the Line debuts on the Billboard charts
        1977 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum
        1993 Aerosmith film Saturday Night Live in the NBC Studios in NYC; they perform Cryin' and Sweet Emotion
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Dallas TX at the Coca-Cola Starplex Amphitheater (Marry Me Jane opens)
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Bristow VA at the Nissan Pavilion
        2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Vancouver, BC Canada at General Motors Place

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive! (1976) [side 3 and 4]
    I'm starting to understand why this album has the status that it has. There's some pretty nice things going on throughout it. The second side of the second piece of vinyl is my definite favorite though. Yeah, I'm a sucker for lengthy live jams...
    Queen - A Night At The Opera (1975)
    A classic, in the truest sense of the word. Pretty diverse too. There's no question who was the major song writer talent is the group though, nearly all the really good songs are credited to Mercury. Truth to be told, I don't think all the material here is that great, but most still is... Besides, Freddie Mercury's fantastic vocals and May's classy guitar playing makes up for the sometimes questionable writing of the other three members... Not as good on a whole as say side 2 of the "Queen II" LP (which is all Mercury compositions, and some of his very best at that), but they still had it at this point in the career, that's for sure. Heck, had they released this album and only included one song, "Bohemian Rhapsody," this would still be one of the greatest albums of all time... =)

    News as of October 8, 2002
    • Perry interview about his Hot Sauce
        There's an interview with Joe Perry about his hot sauce at He says they might be following it up with some BBQ Sauce....

        Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Spills His Hot Sauce Secrets

        Joe Perry Joe Perry, lead guitarist of the rock group Aerosmith, has joined the ranks of other celebrities who have decided to market their own brand of hot sauce. His sauce has one of the longest names in the industry: Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce, but it’s also long on flavor. Recently your editor interviewed Joe to find out why he added hot sauce to his repertoire.

        DD: What inspired you to create and market your own hot sauce?

        JP: I’ve been a fan of spicy food since I was a kid. My grandfather turned me on to ground chile peppers and I like a wide variety of spiced-up things. Over the years, hot sauce has been one more thing to make life more exciting.

        DD: How did you formulate the recipe?

        JP: I teamed up with David Ashley of the Ashley Food Company and we started out by modifying some of his sauce recipes until we came up with something unique that I really liked. It was like collaborating on making a song.

        DD: What do the other band members think of the sauce?

        JP: They love it and we always have some available backstage in the hospitality room.

        DD: Who is the biggest chilehead in the band?

        JP: That would be me. Next in line is Steven Tyler.

        DD: Do your associates bug you for free samples?

           "Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce." label

        JP: Not that much, really. We’ve started selling the sauce at the concerts, but only after they’re over. We don’t want glass bottles landing on the stage. We might pack some of the sauce in plastic bottles, though.

        DD: Do you have plans for other products?

        JP: We’re going to come out with a hotter version of this sauce and then explore some other types of food like barbecue sauce.

        DD: How does this sauce help you and the band?

        JP: It gives people another reason to talk about Aerosmith–it’s a promotional tool, like a lot of other things we do.

        DD: And how can our viewers order Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce?

        JP: Just visit Ashley Food at

    • Aerosmith's Gulfstream Jet

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1971 Aerosmith plays in Mendon MA at the Lakeview Ballroom
        1978 Aerosmith plays in Kalamazoo MI at Wings Stadium (Exile opens)
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Mountain View CA at the Shoreline Amphitheatre (Collective Soul opens)
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at Verizon Wireless

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Italy - volume 20:
    Campo di Marte - "Terzo Tempo" (1973)
    Metamorfosi - "Razzisti / Lucifero (Politicanti)" (1972)
    Devil Doll - "Eliogabalus" (excerpt) (1990)
    H2O - "h2o" (1997)
    Goblin - "Markos" (1977)
    Il Balletto di Bronzo - "Secondo Incontro / Terzo Incontro" (1972)
    The ProgRealAudio HomePage is a great site to sample interesting "obscure" progressive acts. The sound quality isn't perfect (like with a great MP3), but it works as a sample, so that you can get an idea if the album is worth buying or not (that's what downloading music from the net is all about for me anyway). The lack in sound quality does make the files smaller, which is good for those of us who are still on a slow modem. They've got loads of .zips for download, each containing a couple of songs by different acts. Most of the zips are organized by country, and a few by year of release. Gives you a chance to sample bands you probably would have never heard anything by otherwise. There's so much interesting music made that never get the recognition it deserves... Hardly the best "show" I've downloaded so far, this (, but still some highly interesting things to be heard here aswell. Maybe it's just me though, not having fully begun to "understand" the Italian scene. The track by the "famous" (in comparision to the others, that is) band Goblin is almost mainly disturbing (but I've heard other material by Goblin that was much better) and the songs from Il Balletto di Bronzo's album "Ys" (which is generally regarded as an essential Italian prog classic), while certainly nice, didn't impress me as much I had expected. Devil Doll sounded very interesting however. Must be investigated further. Favorite after the first listening, out of the ones in this set, was probably "Terzo Tempo." Then again, what instantly appeals to you tends to get boring quite fast, while the most fantastic things take time to grow on you...

    News as of October 7, 2002
    • Jack Douglas news
        The mastering of Toys In The Attic for the super audio DVD project takes place in Tahoe, at Pink Floyd's studio, which incidentally it sounds like he dug.

        Jack's own words: "Mastered the Aero-T.I.T.A. 5.1 at Pink Floyd's private mastering lab in Lake Tahoe by invitation"

    • GOS on [V]
        Aerosmith's Girls of Summer video is at #4 on the Channel [V] Countdown this week!

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1977 Aerosmith plays in Ft. Wayne IN at Memorial Coliseum (Brownsville Station opens)
        1978 Aerosmith plays in Indianapolis IN at the Market Square Arena (Exile opens)
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Camberra Australia at the Bruce Indoor Stadium
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Sacramento CA at the California Exposition Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Antioch TN at the Starwood Amphitheater (Marry Me Jane opens)
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Virginia Beach VA at the GTE Virginia Beach Amphitheater

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive! (1976)

    News as of October 6, 2002
    • Mexico...
        The tickets should be on sale by now, so it seems unlikely, but in yesterday's newspaper "El Economista", there is a section in which they list the concerts that takes place in the country this and next month, and for the first time it said:

        AEROSMITH. El 22 de noviembre en el Estadio Azteca a las 20:00 horas, fecha tentativa, por confirmar.

        Which means Aerosmith, nov 22, in the Azteca Stadium at 8:00 pm., attempt date, to confirm.

    • Steven at Church in MI in July 2001
        Not News, but I figure some may have missed it when it was first posted...

        Steven went to The Church of Today while in Warren, Michigan on July 15, 2001. The service is broadcasted the following Sunday on local TV. He sang "Lean on Me" and "Amazing Grace" and throughout different parts of the sermon Marianne Williamson referred to him and Aerosmith. He talked a little bit about how she has helped him with his sobriety, etc. Tyler said he overcame a troubled period in his life by listening to inspirational tapes by church minister Marianne Williamson, whom he invited to an Aerosmith concert while he was in town. She returned the favor by inviting him to church.

        Steven sings:
        Lean On Me (w/ the church choir)
        Amazing Grace (w/ Juliette Hamilton)

        Here is the link to order copies of their services:

        Steven attended the July 15, 2001 service, which was broadcast on July 22, 2001. The date on the tape is July 15, 2001 (the actual day that he was there) and it's called Radical Truth Telling.

    • The latest from Cowboy Mach Bell and Last Man Standing
        Hey Everybody,
        LAST MAN STANDING has been added to the All-Star 6th Annual Rock4Xmas Tour. I hope to see you all at the shows! Dates and venues are still being finalized. Check the NEWS PAGE at for the latest info.

        ROCK 4 XMAS TOUR 2002 - ITINERARY/ GIG SHEET as of 10/4/02

        164 Main St. W. Yarmouth (508)-775-2580

        1249 Estero Blvd. - Ft. Myers Beach, Fl 33931 (941) 463-5505

        5425 Airport - Pulling Rd. (239)-591-8422

        TOAD’S PLACE
        400 YORK ST. box office 203-562-5589

        DEC. 7 SAT. N.Y.C.
        239 W.52nd St Manhattan

        Video for STILL DREAMING by Last Man Standing has just been completed. Soon to be featured on the Virtual Radio TV show in the Greater Boston area. The music-vid was directed and produced by Woody Bavota at Escape TV. Virtual Radio is produced by Joe Viglione.

        The THUNDERTRAIN - TEENAGE SUICIDE remastered album is set for an early December release. Featuring extra bonus and never before released material. Also includes a booklet full of photos and the Thundertrain story as told by the 5 band members. The album will be released by the famed renegade indie label GULCHER RECORDS of Bloomington Indiana.

        See you on the road,

    • News from Brazil
        Today Girls Of Summer got to #1 on the week chart (MTV).

        Aerosmith is doing pretty well on the video charts, but they're not happening on the radio parades. The song is not appearing even in the top 10, which is absolutely normal for Aerosmith there

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Jacksonville FL at the Jacksonville Coliseum
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Kansas City KS at the Sandstone Amphitheatre

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Bohuslän Big Band - Porgy and Bess
    A concert that's on TV right now, Bohuslän Big Band performing Gershwin's Porgy and Bess, in Gil Evans original arrangement. Pretty awesome stuff! Miles Davis recorded an album with this title, in like 1958? I suppose that's one I might have to get...

    News as of October 5, 2002
    • More Velvet Rope packages on eBay!
        4 more packages posted on ebay yesterday (October 4th) from AF1. Check it out!

        1 package for Mountain View starting bid: $5.00
        1 package for Los Angeles starting bid: $1.00
        1 package for Los Angeles starting bid: $1000.00
        1 package for New Orleans starting bid: $200.00

        The Mountain View and Los Angeles velvet rope packages are listed as "sold out" on, but the New Orleans package is still "open".

    • MPop
        On the show on MTV Asia called MPop (the interactive text survey show), Aerosmith once again won at the video clash they were holding. Aerosmith's Girls of Summer video beat Diana King's Summer Breezin' (The topic was about daydream)

    • Mexico Rumor
        Amy, an American studying in Mexico this semester e-mailed me, telling me that she has heard the rumor too--however, she contacted Ticketmaster and Estadio Azteca, and they will not confirm nor deny the rumors that Aerosmith will play here. However, she found several non-official websites they say the concert is November 22.

    • John Kalodner Interview at

        A nice John Kalodner interview with a lot of Aerosmith content, including talk about and him getting blamed for their "demise"


        A&R Guru John Kalodner
        Interviewed September 2002 by Andrew J McNeice

        A&R Guru John Kalodner started out in the music business with Atlantic in 1974. He started as photographer and the writer of artist bios and the company newsletter. After moving to His first signing was a then unknown act by the name of Foreigner.

        What does an A&R guy do?

        Over the years John has worked with Atlantic, Geffen and Sony Music. His job as an A&R guy became so blurred, a new title was invented by one of the artists John was working with. John Kalodner's job became being John Kalodner.
        So check the jacket of any artist John has worked with - the credits will read - John Kalodner: John Kalodner
        In the 80's, during his stint with Geffen Records, John is credited with bringing life and record sales back to Cher, Sammy Hagar and of course Aerosmith. He was also behind Whitesnake's big break into the US market in 1987.
        In the 90's he was behind the scenes bringing Journey back to life with Steve Perry back at the helm, and resigned Aerosmtih to his new home (and their old home) at Sony.
        But that's just on the surface - dig a little deeper and read through his extensive resume of artists and you will see a record unparalled by anyone. John has worked with such great melodic rock artists as: Nelson, Tyketto, Survivor, Asia, Genesis, Black & Blue, Blue Murder, Thunder, Coverdale/Page, Cinderella, Damn Yankees, Bon Jovi, Toto, Jackyl and many more.
        Check out John Kalodner's Discography:
        and his website:

        It was a great honor to interview John and is went like this:

        Good afternoon John! How are you?
        I'm very well thank you.

        Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, I really appreciate it.
        I haven't done an interview in a long time.

        That's what I thought. I did some research and the last interview I could come up with was the early 90's.
        I stopped doing it because a lot of times I was misquoted or things weren't put in the context of what I really said so it sort of really pissed me off.

        I can understand that, something I'll try not to do. So hopefully we won't have that problem.
        I mean if there's a comment you should put it in its entirety. A lot of times I'll say something that's a little complicated and people just edit or round out what I have to say.

        It's not what you said then is it?
        No it's not what I said.

        Exactly. The interview I did find had an introduction asking you how you felt being in the industry for 20 years but now it's 30 years. What do you put the longevity down to - obviously some very intelligent moves?
        It's probably what you would think, working with the right artists who have a lot of talent and who are stars. That's probably what the longevity is. I'm not the one who's talented - they are. It's probably being able to pick the people who have a lot of talent, who then become stars.

        Absolutely. I think you're selling yourself a bit short though because I think you've done a lot of great things for a lot of great bands over the years.
        I appreciate it. I think I have too but it essentially stems from their musical ability. I guess that's what I mean.

        I was reading an early bio and it sort of sounded familiar to something that I felt. Being so into the music and wanting to do something. Was there ever a time where you thought you'd play an instrument or actually be in a band yourself?
        No. I'm one of those people who were always an avid listener and I wanted to do that from that point of view - meaning really what my job is, still is, that I'm the fan who gets to hear their music first.

        I get the same buzz from that I must admit.
        I've got so many questions here and if I ask something that you can't say much about please say so and I'll move on.
        Ok. There's certain things I can't and won't say anything about.

        I presumed so. There's some industry stuff I'd like to ask you and also some of the stuff about the bands you've worked with. I'll start with the bands I think. Looking through the resume on your web site is almost looking through my own record collection.
        Looking back on everything that you've worked with is there an immense feeling of pride?
        I'm so proud of all the stuff I've done and I think about it from time to time.
        In fact, I was visiting a couple of my friends in Dallas. It's an interesting story. Two women actually wanted to go to a strip club.
        One woman who was actually a good friend of mine who's very normal and for some reason just wanted to go to a strip club. I went there - which I ordinarily don't frequent because I don't really like that - and they played 11 songs in a row that I had worked on, from the bands Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and Aerosmith.
        I thought wow that's really cool. I'm really proud that kind of music has that kind of life. I'm proud all the time about all the stuff that I've done.

        That's extraordinary.
        Absolutely. I hear that on the radio a lot of times where they play many songs in a row that I've done but it was interesting in such a bizarre place to hear the same thing. That's a comment that no one else would tell you, that they went to a strip club with a girl just for socializing and not to see dancers and they hear their songs in a strip club.

        Pay more attention to the music than the dancers!

        You are very well respected within the industry.
        Yes, that's a great thing; it's what I always wanted.

        Would you prefer a more public recognition of the work you've done? Would you prefer a bigger legacy on that side of things?
        No. I always wanted to have the legacy within the music business. I appreciate it when the public knows I do things, but the public tends to be a little more unreasonable.... meaning that my web site gets a lot of negative mail that I ruined Aerosmith or… I mean Miss Storm [Site web-mistress] gets a lot of negative mail because obviously they can't get to Aerosmith or Steve Perry or Journey.
        They're not available to them so they take their frustrations out on me.
        I'm not sure how much I'd want to be known to the public. I prefer it within the record business. I don't really enjoy a lot of the beating I take from a lot of the public who for instance take out a lot of things on me that aren't necessarily related to me.

        I understand. You're only one person caught in the middle…
        It's not the thing. I mean for instance, I get a lot of negative things about that I ruined Aerosmith. Well if people knew Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, first of all no one tells them what to do. You know they do the music that they want to do. They wanted to make commercial music, their lives have changed since they wrote 'Sweet Emotion' and 'Walk This Way' and that's just sort of how it goes.
        I constantly get hate mail about that and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm supposed to make the best record that Aerosmith can at that particular time. That's all.

        Let's talk about Aerosmith. You brought them back from absolute obscurity didn't you?
        Yes that's right.

        I mean 'Permanent Vacation' was the tip of the iceberg and then 'Pump'…
        We had made a record that wasn't very good 'Done With Mirrors' when I first signed them and I finally figured out the way to deal with them. I had to be very involved. Obviously a great producer like Bruce Fairbairn who I got them to use was significant and I got them to write with different people, which meant a lot. That's what I mean about the talent. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and people like Desmond Child and Taylor Rhodes are where the talent is but I come up with the ideas.

        The direction that they need.
        The direction yes, they're the ones that create the music.

        I know a lot of bands have spent years doing nothing when they really need somebody behind them kicking them in the ass all the time.
        Yes, but bands don't want that and they do resent that. Even the famous bands but you just have to do your best. You're really not the artists' friend; you're their A&R person.

        You had the toughest decision of all with Aerosmith didn't you. You had to tell them to start over at one point didn't you?
        Yes on the 'Get A Grip' record, that is correct.

        How far gone were they with the record?
        It wasn't that far-gone. They had recorded for about three months and I just listened to it and I didn't think it was good enough following 'Pump' which was one of the greatest records ever made. I knew they could do better. I just told them they had to go work on more songs and I didn't think the environment of Los Angeles was correct to record in. They had recorded with Bruce Fairbairn in Vancouver and I felt they had to go back to Vancouver even though they didn't really want to. So yes, it was a very difficult decision and very difficult to do that with anybody let alone superstars like Aerosmith.

        What kind of language did they use at you at the time?!
        Well it's never direct when that happens. Anxiety like that comes out over the weeks and months.

        But 'Get A Grip' was another wonderful record again.
        Yes, it sold 15 million copies.

        Yeah well they've got to be happy with that.
        I don't really know the answer to that you know you'd have to ask them. It was a very good record. It was very artistic and commercial.

        Do you think they've done a record as good as that since?
        No. I think they've done some songs maybe better than that as individual songs, but as a whole album I don't think their albums have been as good as 'Get A Grip' of 'Pump'. 'Jaded' I think is one of the finest songs they've ever written ever.

        Ok. It's a cool song.
        So that's why I mean when I say I don't do interviews. Interviewers will say I don't think they've made as good as record as 'Get A Grip' or 'Pump' but then they'll leave out the things where individual songs I happen to really like on selected albums.
        I really like 'Pink'. I mean some of the songs on 'Nine Lives' and 'Just Push Play' are pretty spectacular.

        Yeah but the thing that makes a great album is the Track 1 to Track 12.
        I'm not sure this is really a true thing and it's an important comment to this. I'm not sure that any band or single artist makes an album like that anymore. I'm not aware of any anyway.
        If you think about it I can't say since 1993 when 'Get A Grip' came out that there's a record except maybe Alanis Morrissette or Hootie and The Blowfish where almost every song is good. Maybe even Matchbox 20. For instance 'Jaded' making my 2nd or 3rd Aerosmith song of all time so there are definitely moments of brilliance no matter what it is.

        Absolutely and I hope they continue to do that.
        When I compiled the greatest hits it just came out when I was listening to all the songs. I have to say that I probably listened to 'Jaded' and 'The Other Side' the most from all the songs.

        'The Other Side' from 'Pump'?

        I think Aerosmith were amazing in that they could tap into the youth, be trendy to the youth…
        Right now they are about to embark on a sold out tour, a bigger tour than ever. That's amazing, because they tapped into an audience from 12 to 50 years old now.

        I think there's only one other band that does that at the moment and I think you're working with them a little bit and that's Bon Jovi.
        I've always A&R'd their records. Yes that's true. This record that's coming up is spectacular.

        I thought 'Crush' was just ok.
        This is a way better record than 'Crush'. It's more like what we were talking about, many good songs on this record.

        I thought 'Crush' was a little bit safe.
        I think the thing is Jon Bon Jovi was very focused on the songs for this record. Jon and Ritchie were very focused on the songs.

        I'm looking forward to hearing it.
        I think you will really like it.

        Great. Another band that you've championed through your career is of course Journey and if there's any band that generates more hate mail I'd like to see it.
        I've never seen such craziness as what goes on with Journey fans.
        The greatest thing to me would be a tour with the original band, with Steve Perry.
        God knows I've tried everything I know for the last 6 or 7 years and I don't know what else I could do. I'm sick of people writing to me about this because there's nobody who want Steve Perry to sing with Journey more than me. So I don't know what else to do.

        Is Steve just not interested in touring?
        I think that's what it is. That's exactly my opinion. He's not interested in touring. Maybe one day he will be.
        Probably one of the greatest singers in history.
        So I talk to him a lot and there's no thing I've said that motivates him. I don't know what else to do about it. I'm sick of these people writing to me.

        I understand. I've had a fair few emails sent to me over the years.
        Well Kevin Shirley had to change his AOL account because he got so much hate mail from those people.

        They're a dedicated bunch aren't they?
        I mean that's great being dedicated to music, you know how I feel about that. That's what makes the music business great is the fans.

        Is Steve working on anything for himself?
        I don't know, I think he is but I don't know if it'll ever get done. I know he looks great.

        As much as I'm a huge Journey/Perry fan, personally I do love Steve Augeri. Was he the best man to fill Steve's shoes?
        I thought so, I thought he was the best man to replace Steve Perry but you know what? He's not Steve Perry.

        Yes absolutely. I think I've heard that on this new EP that they're trying to get away from that a little bit.
        Yes maybe…but I don't care what they do Journey is Journey and so that's it. That's my opinion.

        Yeah I understand.
        I mean the thing is if Steve Perry wasn't going to sing, wasn't going to tour obviously somebody should go and sing the songs because 10,000 people come see them a night want to hear those songs. There's an obvious desire for that. Steve Augeri, I like him and he's one of the nicer guys in the music business, really cool, nice to be around with good vibes and I think the shows are pretty good but he isn't Steve Perry.

        Perry was one in a million.
        One in a million, absolutely.

        Are you sorry to see the band leave Sony?

        Any chance you might draw them back?
        I don't really know. It'll be interesting to see what happens. I can't imagine that they would be brought back with Steve Augeri. That's just a guess.
        The Steve Perry thing, that might be another story. I just don't know.

        What killed 'Arrival' sales wise? Was it the leak to the Internet, file sharing or lack of promotion? It was a great record I thought.
        I don't know the answer to that. I can tell you that file sharing really hurts records. I can guarantee you that.
        There are probably other factors but I don't know them. File sharing is deadly to those kinds of records. Those kinds of records that are right on the edge that sell 250,000 or whatever. This is the one with Augeri right?

        It was right on the edge of doing well and then that 40% or 50% of music that gets stolen by file sharing is a significantly damaging amount. That definitely hurt that record.

        That was out in advance in Japan, which didn't help matters with people getting files. What about the Bon Jovi record, which has a 1-month lead in Japan, isn't that going to hurt or are they that big?
        If that is the truth and I don't know that to be the truth - but if it is the truth that's very damaging. I don't even know what to say about that. If that's the truth that it's coming out, the whole album 1-month before hand it's going to be severely pirated.

        That's what I thought. I even said something to the same effect on my web site on the news. The Jovi web site has September 11th for Japan and 9th October for the USA. [Accurate release dates]
        I don't really know what to say about that.

        It really flies in the face of everything doesn't it?
        Yes. We're having severe problems with that.

        I actually said on my site that I think the date will change. [It hasn't]
        I hope so.

        Another band that I know you've been a long time fan of this guy and I just love him to death and that's Sammy Hagar.
        Love Sammy Hagar.

        He's one of the most charismatic front men.
        He's one of the greatest ever. He's great in his show, that whole tour I've seen it, it's great. Hopefully, I know that he and Dave want to run with Van Halen again with some summer tour so I hope that happens.

        Do you think it's realistic for both of them to do a show?
        I know that it is. I don't think that - it is. They will definitely do it. It's really funny you have an exclusive on that. I spoke to Sammy and Irving Azoff the manager and I think under the right conditions they would definitely do it.

        It's just convincing one Eddie Van Halen?
        Oh I think its convincing Alex Van Halen.

        Oh really?
        I think to some extent. I hope it happens, it would be awesome. Those brothers are awesome. I love them. They are one of the greatest music bands ever. Sammy and Dave would do it.

        What about all this press between Sam & Dave, is it just bullshit to hype up the competition angle?
        Well there is severe competition between the two of them absolutely.

        Sometimes that kind of atmosphere breeds greatness.
        I think so; I think it breeds greatness. There was one leg and now they're doing a second leg right so how bad could it be.

        It can't be that bad. That would be awesome if they did a tour next summer or the one after.

        I'd fly to the States to see that.
        Yes you would definitely want to for that.

        I saw them with Sammy in '93 and I saw them with Gary in '98.
        It's funny Sammy Hagar has told me for many years that he always wanted to do a tour with David Lee Roth. Yes he really did, I have to give him credit. He told me that for 6 or 7 years. Yes that's true he's always wanted to do one tour with Dave.

        What a greatest hit set that would be.
        Yep. I think so. This is what he's always told me but I can't account for how it would happen.

        I think nothing would bring the fans together more than that.
        He's all for it.

        In your opinion do you think they would record an album that way?
        I don't know the answer to that.
        I think a lot of the bands, if the touring is good or if there is an MTV unplugged for VH1. I guess if they enjoy the experience they might do it. The live business is so much more important than the recorded business. I think the tour would be the focus.

        A lot of money to be made there.
        A lot of money.

        Were you involved at all with the band and the pseudo reunion with David a couple of years back that never got off the ground?
        No I wasn't actually and I'm sort of glad I wasn't at the time.
        That was bizarre. No I was not. I mean I love David Lee Roth and I really like the brothers, it's just one of those things I hope it happens. I mean I've only had good experiences with all of them.

        Fantastic. I'm really pleased to hear that.
        Yeah anything I could do I would try to do it.

        The Planet Us project is an interesting angle.
        Yeah I think so, but it's a whole different thing than having David in Van Halen. The Planet Us is a real cool thing. That's a whole different story that's an artistic thing. I'd like to do it, I'm interested in the music but it's just not like having Van Halen.

        It'll just be a project?

        Will they record an album or do a tour?
        I don't know yet. I guess I'll talk to him [Sammy] when he gets off the tour. I hope so.

        Another band that you've had numerous dealings with on and off - and I'm wondering if it's back on – is the awesome David Coverdale?
        Well David and I have been really close all these years. I really haven't had that much of a working relationship with him lately.
        Any time he needed me I would work with him. I love the guy, I loved his music and it was great working with him. When you think about it, it was 11 or 12 years already.
        If he ever wants to do anything, I would.
        He is Whitesnake but I believe there should be a band Whitesnake. I also believe he should work with John Sykes. I've told him this for years.

        I interviewed him and asked him the same thing but he thankfully didn't hang up on me.
        He's so great.

        Yeah once again I think he's one of the greatest vocalists ever.
        Right. He's one of those Top 10 greatest vocalists, along with Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Roger Daltrey and Steve Perry.

        For me Whitesnake '1987' is in my Top 5 favorite albums.
        Yeah that's right, for me too. I'd always work with him.

        Another person who I think is a great singer, an even better songwriter and an all-round good guy is Jack Blades.
        Yes. He's actually a good friend of mine. A great songwriter and a really great singer,
        he really needs to be in a band or should really think about a new band for next year. He should have a brand new band.
        Again I'll talk to him about it.

        I talk to him now and again and he's always saying, “What should he do next?”
        He should have a brand new band with another singer just like Damn Yankees was.

        Just not Damn Yankees?
        No not them but like Damn Yankees was.

        I didn't get into 'Don't Tread' as much but I think the first Damn Yankees record is another in my Top 10 of all time.
        Yeah that's a great record. I don't think 'Don't Tread' was as good.

        You are working with Toto a little bit?
        I don't work with them very much I mostly really pay attention and oversee their catalogue reissues and re-mastering of various formats of their classic records. I don't work with them day to day.
        I just love their music.

        So do I. I must admit I just got an advance copy of their covers album and I wasn't that impressed.
        I didn't do that.

        I heard that Steve Lukather had been producing an album with Jeff Beck?
        He was years ago. I haven't actually stayed in touch with that. Jeff Beck was very frustrating for me to work with so I sort of forgot about it. I would always do anything with Steve Lukather. He's another guy who is supremely talented. He 'd probably know more about that than I do.

        Is there any band that you've worked with before that you'd really like to work with again at the moment?
        That's a really good question.
        I'd still want to work with Cinderella. It just hasn't seemed to work out. I think they're amazing. I'd love to work with the Goo Goo Dolls actually. I'd really like to A&R a Genesis reunion. You get all the exclusives. I love Genesis; I'd love to work with Peter Gabriel, Phil, Mike and Tony. It's on my wish list.

        Is it possible?
        I don't know. I could tell you more when I research it in the next few months.
        There's another artist that I'd really like to make a record with and that's Billy Joel. I love Billy Joel.

        I was really disappointed when he said he wasn't going to write new pop music anymore.
        That may not be true, we'll see. Maybe that's not going to stick.

        There are a lot of records for a hundred different reasons that have never been released. The public knows of some of it but how much stuff is sitting in record company vaults around the world?
        I don't really know the answer to that. Some records don't get released for various reasons.

        The last Damn Yankees album didn't get released.
        I didn't think it was quite good enough and at the time with 80's style rock you'd have to come up with something pretty spectacular. I was disappointed in the record mostly because of Tommy Shaw's non-participation. I say that was probably the greatest problem. Tommy was totally an integral part of it. He was busy with Styx and it was sort of my mistake because I just couldn't control him. It's one of those projects that I failed on.

        It's interesting to hear you say that.
        I mean the buck stops here. It lacked the input of Tommy Shaw.

        Would you consider any other of the projects you've worked on as a failure?
        I mean you've had so many hits it's just incredible.
        So many hits. Let's see. I can't think off hand but that's one of them, a real good example. I was focused on that record and I love the band and it shows you that an A&R person can't do everything. The lack of one of the stars of the band was the undoing of that record. That's a prefect example. No one has ever asked me that before. You can fail. Sometimes you just can't get it right.

        Well that's perfectly reasonable if you look at your catalogue of records and releases.
        That's true. I couldn't substitute Tommy Shaw.

        Any other records that you've worked on that haven't been released?
        Not really, very unusual for me. I don't hide many of them. I didn't get a chance to make a Cinderella album. I think there are a few in the 80's when I was at Geffen. I think there were a few mis-starts that I had. I'd really have to search my memory for what they are.

        Do you consider your Geffen years a highlight, the best part?
        Absolutely, without question.

        That was a big era for rock 'n roll wasn't it?
        Also the way the time was in the 80s working for David Geffen who let me do exactly what I wanted. Yes that was the highlight of my career.

        You may not be able to go here but what's happening with Portrait in the future?
        Really nothing's happening with Portrait. I mean they'll be some bands on it like Union Underground and I'll be making a record with them. It's totally owned by the Sony Corporation and its part of Columbia Records. I don't really have to worry what's happening with Portrait. Iron Maiden will be on Portrait.
        It's sort of a simple but true answer. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to do as many 80's records as possible because most of the major companies, including Sony didn't really want to be in that business. It's just that simple. I don't think there's anything more complicated than that. I don't think they wanted to be in that business of selling 50,000 or 100,000 records.

        It's a shame because I think some of the smaller labels if you told them a record would sell 100,000 records they would be spectacularly happy.
        I agree. On the other hand they [Sony] are very interested in Iron Maiden and Union Underground.

        That's positive. I'll ask you a couple of industry type questions now.
        First off - on the label thing have you ever considered your own label?
        No never, I never would. Not interested.

        Too much grief?
        Too much everything. I make records I don't run companies.

        So we talked about file sharing being a problem on the Internet but are their good things on the Internet? Do record companies understand the promotional capabilities?
        I have no idea. In my opinion there's no good thing about the Internet.

        Really? Just a bunch of pirates?
        I don't know. You notice I have a web site. I don't rely on that for my income. If I did I would be poor.
        I'm sorry the Internet ever came along. It's important for you to say that I have a web site and it's important to me, I pay attention to it and I spend a lot of time with Miss Storm on it but if I could turn back time I wouldn't want the Internet.
        I don't think it's a positive thing for creative people especially musicians and possibly movies. I don't think it's going to have a positive effect on music.

        Well at least it has certainly complicated things hasn't it?
        Yes it's certainly complicated and it's going to be very negative for the record companies and the artists.

        What about bigger issues such as Payola and Pay for Play on radio?
        Luckily I know nothing about that, thank God.

        Do you think labels abandon bands too early these days and they don't let them grow over 2 or 3 records and hope that say their 4th is a hit record?
        Sometimes. I'm not really going to get into that, it's open too much for interpretation and dangerous to comment on.

        What young bands out there at the moment do you think are going to be around in 10 years?
        Nickelback with that guy Chad Kroeger. Creed probably. They'd be the two off the top of my head.

        I think the Goo Goo Dolls.
        I think they'll be around. I think they're super talented.

        I think the bass player Robbie has to stop singing.
        Yes. Well I'll tell them when I see them next.

        I think Johnny's got such a great voice.
        Yes. I think he's the one who should sing all the time.

        Do you ever get sent some of these records made by some of the smaller European melodic labels?
        Sometimes I listen to those things. It's just that a lot of times the music is very orientated towards the 80's and there's really nothing I can do. If I couldn't do anything about Cinderella, what could I do with some of these other things? I listen to a lot of the European stuff only because it tends to be better than so much other stuff I listen to. In terms of signing new bands I have to tell you that younger bands really have the edge over anybody else now. I'm sorry to say but it's true.

        A couple of these labels have released stuff by artists that have been wise enough to have their own home studios and it's major label quality, some of the CDs.
        I'm wondering if you've heard of a band called 'Harem Scarem'?
        I'll try to check it out. Definitely the way to go. For younger bands especially if they want to play melodic rock is to do it in their home studio. The more control the better for the band. I would encourage that really.
        I hope that music is being made that was similar to music being made in the 80's but by bands that are 19.

        I think bands like SR-71 have that sort of edge.
        I think so too. I saw them open for Bon Jovi. Really on the other hand it's all about the songs. If you listen to 'Hero' by Chad Kroeger, Jon Bon Jovi could have sung that song.
        The talent of the songwriter with a good voice is still the thing that's most important.

        And that that.

    • Lima vs Smith
        Marco sent me a bunch of texts to back up his standpoint...

        **A fase é colorida para Adriana Li ma -e ela começa a trabalhar em vídeo. Introduzida pelo namorado Lenny Kravitz nos bastidores do cenário musical internacional, Adriana conheceu Steven Tyler que achou-a diva e convidou-a para protagonizar o próximo clipe do Aerosmith. **

        THIS IS A LITTLE NOTE FROM "ESTADÃO", THE GREATEST JOURNAL OF THE COUNTRY...´the last part says that she met steven tyler who thought her beaultiful and invited her to protagonize aerosmith´s next video...

        Clipe novo do Aerosmith já está na Internet
        Tem novidade do Aerosmith na Internet. O primeiro single da coletânea O Yeah Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, lançado no começo de julho, é “Girls of Summer”. E o clipe desta música já está na rede. O vídeo foi gravado em Miami no maior clima de verão, e conta com mais de 250 modelos - entre elas, a brasileira Adriana Lima, namorada do Lenny Kravitz. Para assistir ao clipe de "Girls of Summer", clique aqui.

        this one is from one of the most important music radio´s web site... talks bout oh-yeah release and the first single, which will have tons of models, including adriana lima and bla bla bla...

        Quer mais. "Adoraria ser atriz", diz ela, que no ano passado contracenou com o ex-galã Mickey Rourke em um filmete para a campanha de um carro, está apalavrada para um novo clipe da banda Aerosmith e foi sondada pelo diretor americano Michael Bay (de Pearl Harbor) para participar de seu próximo filme. Animada, convocou um professor particular para tomar aulas de interpretação. Até agora, não conseguiu comparecer a nenhuma. Faltou tempo.

        and this is the end of a 2 pages mattery about her, published by "VEJA", the greatest magazine all over the country... basically says that she loves acting and that already she played in a movie,and...badaboom! she´s said to be one of the girls in the video...

        oh,and,i guess i don´t have to say that every single MTV(brazilian) presenter from times to times talks about the video and that she´s one of the girls and...

        and i also guess it´s not necessary to tell that every aero web site wich is in portuguese haves a lot of stuff like that too...


        Carlos, however, also e-mailed me, saying the following:

        I´m from Brazil, and I can tell you...that girl in GOS is NOT Adriana Lima. It´s very simple. Just go to and you´ll see...that girl was on GOS video. There´s a magazine here in Brazil called VEJA, and there was an issue that talked that Adriana Lima, Lenny Kravitz´s girlfriend was invited by Steven Tyler to be acting in some Aerosmith video. There´s an agreement. Adriana Lima will appear on some Aerosmith video. But this video is not Girls Of Summer...


        This just never stops does it.... Personally I've never seen the GoS video, more than a small video of fairly bad quality that I downloaded. Thus it's fairly hard for me personally to see which of the girls that it is... I wish we could see pictures from the shooting of the video or some statement on either of these models official sites, so I could know for sure.

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1977 Aerosmith plays in Milwaukee WI at The Mecca Arena Brownsville Station
        1978 Aerosmith plays in Cincinnati OH at Riverfront Coliseum
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Brisbane Australia at the Boondal Entertainment System
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Denver CO at McNichols Sports Arena (Collective Soul opens)
        1997 Aerosmith plays in West Palm Beach FL at the Coral Sky Amphitheater (Marry Me Jane opens)
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at Blockbuster Pavilion

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Hela Hjärtat Mitt: Musik ur Skellefteås pophistoria (1965-2002)
    It's amazing how much great music that has come out of the city of Skellefteå. Pretty much all the music on this compilation CD, which presents some samples from the history of popular music in this northern Swedish city, holds very high class (OK, perhaps not the earliest cuts from the '60's but...). Personally I think some of the very best on it are songs from the '70's: Alfa Laval's "Mitt minne smeker solen" (1971), which makes me think of Träd, Gräs & Stenar, the beautiful melancholic acoustic pop of "Där blåser en vind" (1979) by Måns Mossa, and the excellent "Det är du som tittar på" (1979) by Arne Jonasson's band Fem Älgar i Ett Badkar. However, the '70's is far from the only decade when great music was produced. From the '80's we've got just as great stuff, including Namløz' "Månen" (1981), which has some great horns and cool sounds, "Kalla Vindar" (1985) by Kurres Kapell, and of course the breakthrough from the most famous band from Skellefteå, The Wannadies' "The Beast Cures The Lover" (1989). The Wannadies were followed by alot of pop bands, so much that in the early '90's one could talk about a "Skellefteå scene" of pop bands. The local record label "A West Side Febrication" which was started around this time, and got these bands released, has to be given alot of credit here. From this period there's also great cuts featured, including "Tatuera mig" (1991) by Mindre Modiga Män, This Perfect Day's "Postcard Summers" (1991), and the song that gave the title to the book that this CD came with, "Hela Hjärtat Mitt" (1994) by Hardy Nilsson. A rather silly sounding song, that somehow still sounds great. More fine songs follow, from acts like the pop/rock bands Carpe Wade ("Elvis", 1997) and The Drowners ("Summer Break My Fall", 1997), and the all-female bands Sahara Hotnights ("Quite A Feeling", 2000) and Soak The Sin ("Stone Cold", 2001). The CD is finally rounded of by The Spacious Mind ("Learning City People How To Walk In The Woods Quietly", 2001) and Dynamo Chapel ("You'd Only Tear Us Apart", 2002). All in all, a nice collection of Skellefteå-music. Personally I miss some harder music, but there's only so much space on a CD, and it does state that it's "pop." Some of the acts I'd like to have seen featured, like The Gypsy Sons Of Magic and Kharma Cosmic, still hasn't been signed to a label, and hasn't put any "real" release out yet, so that could be an excuse too. A guy like "Vintersorg" should have been featured though, there's no excuse for him to be excluded. I once read that he's even the person from the Skellefteå area who has sold the most records in total, counting all bands he's been a member of (Vintersorg, Otyg, Borknagar etc). Other than that, two thumbs up!

    News as of October 4, 2002
    • Tyler interview in today's Tennessean
        Aerosmith still rocking our world

        Aerosmith, if not the greatest American band then at least among the longest-lived, includes the original lineup: Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, Steven Tyler, Joey Kramer and Joe Perry.

        By PETER COOPER Staff Writer

        It's early afternoon, newspaper deadline is an hour away, the remnants of Hurricane Lili are heading for Nashville and Steven Tyler is on the other end of the telephone line.

        ''We got in so late it's insane,'' says Tyler, who was, is and perhaps ever shall be known as the bionic-voiced lead singer of legendary rock 'n' roll band Aerosmith.

        He and band mates Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Joey Kramer and Tom Hamilton have been rocking, recording and road-dogging for three decades. Fatigue is a near-constant, but these days Tyler's wakings aren't accompanied by substance-induced, sledgehammer headaches.

        The singer's initial sleepiness gives way quickly to his trademark, rapid-fire delivery. As a kid, he must have been a fidgety little nuisance. As an adult, he's a much beloved dignitary of American popular music and an interesting dude to talk with:

        Steven, the last time you played in Nashville it was just a week after the Sept. 11 attacks. I remember walking into that show in a kind of daze, and then being pretty much swept away by the music. Was it tough at that time for you to be back up there on stage?

        We were caught between saying something and paying homage to the insanity or just letting everybody change their own channel for a few minutes and just be free. Rock 'n' roll can set you free. That's absolutely true. Thank God, you can close your eyes but you can't close your ears. It just permeates your soul, music.

        Believe me, the last thing I thought I wanted to do after Sept. 11 was to get up and play. I was so scarred, but we listened to our consciences, which said, 'Play, and it'll bring people's spirits up.' It felt weird at first, but once the music started, I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to get lost in it.

        You have a B-stage at your shows, where you walk up through the crowd and perform directly in front of the lawn. Were you worried about walking up an aisle, right past so many people, with the whole world in disarray like that?

        If you look at the sociological pattern of what they did with the planes, I thought a rock show would have been next. But the people in the audience were the least of my worries. Now, they'll grab your earrings . . . and they'll shake your hand and then try to take the ring off your finger, but they won't try to kill you. I can't tell you how many times I've pulled back my hand and my ring was gone.

        Yeah, I've been meaning to apologize to you about that.

        That was you? You've got my ring?

        From the stage that night, you talked about being honored that (Nashville-based singer and fiddler) Alison Krauss was in the audience. I don't think most people would immediately peg you as an Alison Krauss fan.

        Oh, please. She's my favorite. Her and Alan Jackson (here, Tyler sings a snippet of Jackson's single, Mercury Blues). If you look at my CD collection, you'll see John Coltrane and the White Stripes and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, but the first CD at the top of the stack will be Alison Krauss.

        As far as I'm concerned, her Forget About It album is brilliant. She's got the voice of an angel, and that album . . . song for song, it's incredible. I can't believe somebody can sing like that.

        There was a time I couldn't listen to it without tearing up and crying, partly because of certain things that were going on in my life: Being on the road and lonely, and you probably know that my ex-wife just passed away. I've told Alison that there is more emotion in that one album than in any album I've ever listened to. For me, that's the definitive emotional album.

        A lot of folks think that Aerosmith is the definitive live American rock 'n' roll band. Is there ever a night when you finish a show and think, 'Man, we stunk the joint up?'

        No, not anymore. In the old days, I'm sure there were nights. But it's such an honor to be in this band. I look over and see Tom go into Sweet Emotion and 25,000 people in the audience just lose it. Or Joe playing Milk Cow Blues, or Brad going into Last Child. Rock 'n' roll sucks you in, and it's all about a good song.

        I've heard the next album may be a blues album. Do you allow for the possibility that you might fail?

        What does 'fail' mean? The blues album is going to tap into the same feeling that's in a lot of our songs (here, Tyler sings 'Get yourself a cooler/ Lay yourself low,' from Same Old Song and Dance). So does it fail if it doesn't have a hit radio single? Who (cares)? We could never put out another record and, based on our past, as scarred and wonderful as it was, people would still come out to our shows. And I want to get out there and play for people. We'll get to the show and I'll wreck my throat arguing with the guys about the set list. Hey, indecision is the key to flexibility.

        Getting there

        Aerosmith and Stone Temple Pilots perform today at AmSouth Amphitheatre. Show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets: $35-$75, available through Ticketmaster (255-9600) or the box office.


    • Nikki Sixx talks about Aerosmith
        Soundcheckin' On The Strip With Nikki Sixx (

        Nikki Sixx, bassist and founder of Mötley Crüe, was not privy to their selections beforehand, they asked him to identify the artist and song if he could, then give his impressions about the music and what impact it had (or still has) on him.

        ALICE COOPER: "I'm Eighteen," from Love It to Death (1971)
        MC5: "Kick Out the Jams," from Kick Out the Jams (1969)
        AEROSMITH: "Back in the Saddle," from Rocks (1976)
        HUMBLE PIE: "30 Days in the Hole," from Smokin' (1972)
        SWEET: "Set Me Free," from Desolation Boulevard (1975)
        DEEP PURPLE, "Space Truckin'," from Machine Head (1972)
        THE STROKES: "Last Night," from Is This It? (2001)
        TED NUGENT, "Stranglehold," from Ted Nugent (1975)
        MOTT THE HOOPLE: "Ballad of Mott the Hoople," from Mott (1973)

        AEROSMITH: "Back in the Saddle," from Rocks (Columbia, 1976)

        NIKKI: Aerosmith. Awesome. I'm still a huge fan of the old Aerosmith.
        METTLER: This whole album has such a great groove.
        NIKKI: Great layering on this album. It was actually pretty mind-blowing to me when I first got this record because there's a depth to the audio that I hadn't heard in any of the [other] rock bands I was listening to. I know it's not necessarily cutting edge, but the way it was produced, there's a lot going on in the music.
        METTLER: Jack Douglas was the producer, I think.
        NIKKI: Jack Douglas, yeah. Sure was. Again, there was a band I knew everything about, top to bottom. Everything. I would HUNT for pictures of this band in Hit Parader and Creem. I wanted to know what it was like to be them. I wanted to know what that lifestyle was about.
        METTLER: I wonder if it's because you can almost get all of that information nowadays that people take it more for granted. Like in '75, there's only Creem and Rolling Stone to get info from. . .
        NIKKI: . . .and a minimum of 2 weeks between issues. Now you go on a website and there's Nikki Sixx telling you something, and you're like, "So what?"
        METTLER: I look at my Rolling Stone Daily update online every day.
        NIKKI: Well, it's never going back, so maybe we got to enjoy something then that no one else ever will.

        Aerosmith are also mentioned in two of the others...

        HUMBLE PIE: "30 Days in the Hole," from Smokin' (A&M, 1972)

        NIKKI: Is this the live version, or the rehearsal version? (Sings) "Another dead rock star." [Nikki is referring to the late Humble Pie singer Steve Marriott; it's also the title to one of Nikki's songs —MM] Great band. It's funny. Humble Pie, Zeppelin — I knew I could never play that good myself. Because I'm not a soulful player, I'm a straight-ahead player. Those kind of basslines, John Entwistle's style, for me, was unreachable. So I leaned more toward the straighter stuff, like Aerosmith, and the harder, edgier stuff like Sabbath, early Kiss, and Deep Purple. In retrospect, you can really appreciate the R&B influences in Humble Pie.
        METTLER: Most of the '60s British bands went directly back to R&B and the blues.
        NIKKI: There was a whole era of singers like Steven Tyler. But a lot of these singers were jammers, [Ian Gillan of] Deep Purple especially. I think there came a time when pop and metal merged and the jamming stopped. It got really hard and straight-ahead. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, 'cause that's where we're from. There are very few bands out there like that now. Very few rock'n'roll bands.

        TED NUGENT, "Stranglehold," from Ted Nugent (Epic, 1975)

        NIKKI: Nugent. I LOVE Nugent, for the simplicity. When I first started writing songs, a lot of the chords I used were from AC/DC and Nugent, a lot of straight barre chordings. You throw in Kiss, you throw in pop, the Slade, the Sweet, it's all mixed in. I think Nugent was sort of — he was right on brink of doing something original, musically. But he never really got there. You can hear it, almost like AC/DC. He kinda went poppy, but he needed to get more rhythm, more of this kind of stuff. I saw him live opening for Aerosmith, Aerosmith being my all-time favorite band when I was growing up. He just ANNIHILATED them onstage.

    • AF1's Velvet Rope - an update, from Kevin Spray
        I check everyday hoping that the velvet rope packages would become available for the Las Vegas show, but I never had any luck. But, as I told you in my last email, I saw 2 packages on ebay. The auction ended yesterday Oct. 3rd. Today Oct. 4th I checked and they do have the velvet rope package listed for Las Vegas, but the packages are listed as "sold out". There is a note listed on the web page about the price of the show. Below is the note copied from

        * Note: Due to substantially increased ticket price for the Las Vegas show, Velvet Rope Experience participation for that show will be $520 each.

        Can you explain how two packages for the Vegas show sold on ebay the day before for $1675 and $1825, and now AF1 is listing the packages on their web site for $520, but all the packages are "sold out"?

        For die hard fans, this is disappointing. AF1 has the right to do whatever they want....I understand this.

        I think AF1 should post the starting sale date for the Velvet rope packages, as they do the gold circle tickets for the fan club members. That way everybody would be aware of when they go on sale. This would seem more fair to me.

        Anyway, sorry to ramble on, but I am a little ticked off. I sent an email to AF1 questioning this. I will let you know if they respond back.

        Keep me informed if you hear anything.
        Kevin J. Spray
        San Juan, Puerto Rico


        Visit these two web pages to view the details about the closed auctions for the Vegas show: (1) (2)

    • Lima or Smith? The Never Ending Story...
        Marco from Brazil GUARANTEE that girl INDEED IS BRAZILIAN...

        Ana Beatriz Ponce on the other hand, tells me:
        I'm pretty sure it's Kim because when I saw the video I recognized her as the girl in the N'sync videos, so when I searched in the web there was no info about the GOS video but I'm sure the girl is Kim. Just look at the skin color, the girl in the video is very white as Kim, and Adriana has tan skin. Well, it's just my opinion, but I'm not the only one that thinks that.

        Isn't there anyone out there who has something to back up their opinions with? It's very hard to know what to think when everyone seems to be so sure who it is, but all have different opinions...

    • Possible show in Mexico?
        There's a rumour that apparently originally comes from a member of AF1 in Mexico. From what I've been told, it's supposed to be a secret, but that it has been confirmed. According to this, they are supposed to perform in the "Estadio Azteca," where Lenny Kravitz had a concert a month ago. This is only an "a friend of a friend heard..." kind of deal, but word has it that a lady who works there mentioned at the time of Lenny's concert that they had the Aerosmith show scheduled...

    • Review in St. Louis Today Post-Dispatch
        Aerosmith: The Hit Machine Retains Its Magic

        By Brian Q. Newcomb Special to the Post-Dispatch 10/03/2002 01:54 PM Aerosmith closed out the 2002 summer season at the UMB Bank Pavilion Wednesday night with a hit-packed show, super-charged from start to finish with smart visuals and the well-timed effects.

        This band has not only survived but they have thrived with each successive decade since forming in 1970 - still with the five original members - and only nominal suggestions of the possibility of plastic surgery. With not one, but two recent double-disc "Best Of's" available, the trouble for these rehabed and retro-fitted rockers must be deciding what not to play.

        Although the rain drenched the lawn, preventing the band from playing a brief set from a satellite stage designed to create intimacy with fans in the cheaper seats on this amphitheatre tour, it failed to put a damper on this last blast of summer. "Toys in the Attic" and "Back in the Saddle" started things off in raw form.

        Nearly remarkable, was that by now this band of seasoned professionals - Joe Perry, Steve Tyler, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and guest keyboardist Russ Irwin - could easily sleepwalk through these tried and true favorites. That they didn't just hit their marks but invested their performance with a sense of pleasure and artistic satisfaction gave the evening an authentic and exuberant vibe.

        Although the stock references to frozen custard and Chuck Berry's hometown seemed forced, singer Tyler was more convincing in celebrating St. Louis' 'corn-fed' beauties. "Big 10 Inch Record" added some bluesy harp from Tyler to make up for what it lacks in subtlety, and the band tried a similar treatment with less success in "Pink." You can "Dream On," but why hint around, when you've got a classic like "Love in An Elevator."

        Mixing rockers with power ballads, keeping the visuals fresh, the band could do no wrong. Tyler even made the too-sweet "Don't Want Miss a Thing" work, while "Last Child" funked things up a bit. "Janie Got a Gun," the sensational "Jaded," Perry's solo turn on the bluesy "Can't Stop Messin'," "Cryin'," and "Dude Looks Like a Lady," kept the energy high. Perry sported a wondrous array of vintage guitars to the stage and played with gritty soul throughout. Succinct encores of "Draw the Line" and "Walk This Way" capped the evening.

        Stone Temple Pilots have been resurrected, and deservedly so based on a stunning opening set. Scott Weiland may be sober, but he's still creepy, and this band's catalog is brimming with vital rock, which they delivered with brutal precision. "Wicked Garden," "Big Bang Baby," "Vasoline" "Sex Type Thing," and "Interstate Love Song," rekindled a hope that this band too can more than merely survive.


    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1966 Chain Reaction (with Steven Tyler) records "Whan I Needed You"
        1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in Atlanta GA at the Municipal Auditorium
        1975 Aerosmith plays in Greensboro NC at the Greensboro Coliseum (with REO Speedwagon and Ted Nugent)
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Antioch TN at the AmSouth Amphitheater

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    The Firm - Mean Business (1986)
    Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds, Coverdale/Page, Page/Plant etc) and Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, solo) together may - while it may look like an unbeatable team on paper - not necessarily mean great music. This album goes to prove this point. Great guitarist, awesome vocalist but yet there's something lacking... Too bad. The self titled "The Firm" album is better, but not great either... Everything with Rodgers' vocals on it is worth hearing at least once though... :)

    News as of October 3, 2002
    • Hockey Game pictures!
        Thanks to Pinkangel for sending me these...

        Tylers at Celebrity Hat Trick

        Tylers at Celebrity Hat Trick

    • Walk This Way Helps Reduce Injuries in Boston ;)
        Menino in step with pedestrian safety
        by Jules Crittenden
        Wednesday, October 2, 2002

        The number of pedestrians injured by cars in Boston has dropped 13 percent since the city launched its high profile ``Walk This Way'' campaign to discourage jaywalking, officials say.

        Mayor Thomas M. Menino will underscore the progress today on ``National Pedestrian Safety for Kids Day'' with a new push to reduce child injuries. At the O'Donnell School in East Boston, Menino will walk to the school with more than 100 kids. In school zones throughout the city, police, school safety officials, community leaders, parents and children will conduct ``walkability'' checks to identify hazards in street and crosswalk designs. In East Boston, kids will also sit in a FedEx truck to see how hard it can be for drivers to see them.Kim Wolski, director of the childhood injury prevention program, said, ``Boston is known as the walkable city. We want to keep it that way.''Before a citywide program to cut jaywalking began in November 1999, between 1,140 and 1,200 Boston pedestrians were transported to hospitals each year. Since then, the numbers have dropped by about 100 a year, and this year, a record low of 1,015 is predicted for the year ending Oct. 31.The Boston Health Commission project included public service messages on radio and TV encouraging people not to jaywalk, featuring the Aerosmith song ``Walk This Way.'' Signs were posted around the city with messages such as ``I was jaywalking when it hit me.''Observational studies at that time found that only 12 percent of walkers were obeying crossing signals and using crosswalks. New studies are being planned to see if that has changed.Wolski said that as streetwork is done around the city, engineers are looking at ways of improving crosswalk design. In some high foot-traffic areas, they have also increased ``WALK'' periods on the signals.Nationally, the number of children killed by vehicles was cut nearly in half in the 1990s. The National Safe Kids Campaign reported that 475 pedestrians under 15 were killed walking in public roadways in 2000, compared to 861 in 1990. In Boston, figures on deaths and victims' ages were not available.


    • AF1 doesn't put the fans first, the money rules...
        Aeroforceone had 6 Velvet Rope packages up for sale at

        (2) for the San Antonio show, (2) for the Tampa Bay show, and (2) for the Las Vegas show. The starting price was U.S. $995.00. All the auctions ended this morning Oct. 03 between 10:00am and 10:15am eastern standard time (New York time). The (2) packages for the San Antonio show and the (2) packages for the Tampa Bay show didn't even get one bid. The first package for Las Vegas had 7 bids and a price of $1205.00 with about 20 minutes left in the auction. It ended at 10:13am with a final bid of $1675.00. There were a total of 14 bids. The second package for Las Vegas was 2 minutes behind this one. It was about the same price with 20 minutes left, but it ended with a final bid of $1875.00. There were a total of 19 bids. You can check out for more information.

        All of these shows were sold by fansrule (which is the same company who sells the fan club tickets). Tampa Bay and San Antonio do have Velvet rope packages for sale by The Tampa show is sold out, but the San Antonio show is not. I am suprised that there were no bids for the Tampa Show. Las Vegas does not have Velvet rope packages for sale. That is probably why there was so much interest.

        Does anyone know why aeroforceone would offer these shows on ebay and not to the fan club members first? Do you know anything about this? Do you know if aeroforceone is going to put more shows for sale? Please let me know if You hear any information.

    • Lima or Smith, I don't know?
        I've received several e-mails telling me that it is not Adriana Lima in the GOS video, but the model named Kim Smith. The two do look similar.

        See pictures of her at She also had a cameo in Van Wilder, I've been told. Still haven't been able to find any article or such that mentions that Smith is in the video, while I've read articles stating Lima is... Don't know what to think myself...

    • Aerosmith returning to Maryland?
        On a local radio station in Maryland, they said that the band would be coming back that way to Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, Maryland. Does anyone know if that is true? Also, Adam told me about a t-shirt he bought a few weeks ago at a concert, it did list Columbia Maryland between the concert in Maryland Heights, MO and Virginia Beach. Do You have any information about all this?

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1973 Aerosmith starts their first major tour opening for Mott the Hoople in Chattanooga TN at the University of TN Coliseum
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Dallas TX at the Starplex Amphitheater (Collective Soul opens)
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Orlando FL at the Orlando Centroplex (Marry Me Jane opens)
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at the Lakewood Amphitheater

    • OFF TOPIC: Protest against unprovoked war!
        Totally off-topic, just the peace-loving webmaster wanting to spread some "anti-war propaganda."


        President Bush wants another war on Iraq.

        A huge number of Americans are passionately opposed to war, but if Bush can secure other countries' support, he will attack anyway. It's time to make your voice heard.

        More than 200,000 Americans have already joined our online petition opposing a war on Iraq. Now it's crucial for people worldwide to speak up too. We'll take your message to national and world leaders.

        Speak up at:

        Nelson Mandela has called President Bush's attitude "a threat to world peace," and has warned Bush that America risks destroying the United Nations if it attacks Iraq without international support.

        In Mandela's words, the push for war "is motivated by George W. Bush's desire to please the arms and oil industries in the United States."

        Help prevent a war by joining hundreds of thousands of people speaking out, at:

        Your voice will make a difference. Thank you.


        - Eli Pariser
        October 2nd, 2002


        I personally strongly doubt that signing a petition like this will "make a difference" to the strange thinking of mr Bush, but personally I feel it's better to protest in some way than to just sit quietly and only accept things that you feel are wrong...

        Turn on your lovelight, and let it shine!
        / Cristoffer

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    The Grateful Dead - Europe '72 (1972) [CD2]
    When I picked this up, not being familiar with the Dead at all, I was expecting long instrumental workouts of seriously trippy psych music. Was quite chocked then when I came home, popped the first CD in, and found out that most of the music was very strictly song based, "normal length" songs with some major country influences. Didn't dig it at first, but I've grown to really, really like that side of the band too. Now I'm just scared that the Dead will in the long run make me like conventional country too... ;) For me, the best part of this live double (actually, originally a triple LP!) is the end of the second disc (the entire third LP, perhaps?), the last four songs of the album. Here I'm treated with what I was hoping to get out this purchase, my first contact with "the Dead", long dreamy jams of incredible beauty. The fantastic trio of "Truckin'" (13:08), "Epilogue" (4:33) and "Prelude" (8:08) all sort of float into each other, leading up to the album's crowning achievement, a 10:35 version of "(Walk Me Out In The) Morning Dew"! Awesome! I've heard Robert Plant's cover of this song off of his latest album, and while I thought his version was great, the old Zep vocalist can't hold a candle to the Dead's version! Jerry Garcia is awesome, and so is the rest of the band here! I may not be able to call myself a "Dead Head" quite yet, but I'm definitely going to explore more of their music! A little earlier music perhaps, that's when they were at their most psychedelic, right? I can truly see why the band has such a loyal following, and has become such a cult band. Don't see why people has to associate the band with drugs and shit though, their music is awesome enough to speak for itself!

    News as of October 2, 2002
    • Vicious Rumors to open for show in California
        VICIOUS RUMORS To Support AEROSMITH, KID ROCK - Oct. 1, 2002

        Veteran San Francisco Bay Area melodic metallers VICIOUS RUMORS will support AEROSMITH and KID ROCK at Autowest Amphitheater in Marysville, California on Thursday, November 7th.

    • Revolution X Arcade Game For Sale!
        A full size Aerosmith Revolution X ARCADE Game by Midway is now up for sale at eBay! (Minimum bid: US $105.00 )

        Some great photos of the game to see there too, for those interested!

    • Fashion Awards
        Aerosmith (Steven?) are supposedly appearing on the VH1 Vogue Fasion awards october 12th!

    • Rolling Stone
        Couple of Aerosmith mentions in the new Rolling Stone (Oct. 17 issue, with a topless Keith Richards on the cover)

        "In the Studio

        Aerosmith are working on a blues-based album featuring new material and "maybe some [blues] classics," according to Steven Tyler..."

        and there is an obituary for Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler "The ex-wife of both David Johansen and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, rock scenester Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler died on September 7th after a long battle with cancer. She was fifty. Born Kathleen Hetzekian, Foxe-Tyler was a beauty among the rugged rock crowd at New York's legendary Max's Kansas City and CBGB in the Seventies. She was said to be the inspiration for David Bowie's "Jean Genie" and appeared in Andy Warhol's film Bad. Foxe and Tyler married in 1978 and had a daughter, Mia Tyler, that same year. In 1997, Foxe-Tyler published her memoirs, Dream On. by Lindsay Goldenberg

        On a non-Aerosmith note, there is also a short article on the release of the Beatles' Hard Day's Night on DVD (which is REALLY worth buying), and also on the new George Harrison album.

    • Interview with Steven Tyler and Robert Swift (from Complex)

        Aerosmith's STEVEN TYLER & The X-ecutioners' ROB SWIFT

        But 16 years later, when the X-ecutioners and Linkin Park teamed up, the context had completely changed. Hip-hop and rock haven't become interchangeable, but such boundaries seem silly when musical inspiration today is as likely to come from a brand of cognac or a sneaker. We brought Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and the X-ecutioners' Rob Swift together to discuss the state of our complex nation and how we got there.

        COMPLEX: Steven, in 1986, what was your sense of hip-hop?

        STEVEN TYLER: Light sprinklings of the Sugar Hill Gang, not a whole lot. Of course, we were really high--you know, really high, like, professionally ... you always had a gram, just always. We thought that that was the thing to do--which it was. If I had one regret it was that I wasn't high enough when i did the vocal for "Walk This Way," 'cause there would have been just this much less singing (o,) it then. I'm kinda singin' it, kinda sorta, but not speakin' it. I would love to take the credit for, like, I got the rap thing down first, the closest I can say is (does a little beatboxing).

        COMPLEX: Rob, do you remember the first time you heard that song?

        ROB SWIFT: First, i'd like to say that it is an honor sitting next to this man. The first time i heard Aerosmith's "Walk This Way", i was about nine years old and my older brother was a DJ at the time. He was part of that first wave with Sugar hill Gang and Grandmaster Flash. My brother's friends would come over with crates of records, and "Walk this Way" was one my brother would cut just the drum section from, and his friends would rap. So my early memories of learning how to scratch, learning how to catch a beat from the left turntable to the right turntable was with "Walk This Way."

        COMPLEX: What images represent the most iconic clichés of rock 'n' roll and hip-hop as lifestyles?

        TYLER: Working your ass off, getting ripped off, and having things that got in the way of you seeing that--girls, drugs, and just having people steal your energy. Groupies. Bad food. Hotels. Bus life.

        COMPLEX: What's the most extravagant thing you ever did?

        TYLER: I bought an airplane and never used it ... I think I had a seizure in it once. Cars that sat in the driveway 'cause I locked the keys in them, but they were so expensive I didn't want to break the windows. Now, I mean, look at that f**king piece (flashes enormous skull-head ring encrusted with diamonds). But the greatest gift of all was getting sober. It's a gift when you can get knocked to your knees, because if you're lucky, you get a chance to get back up again. I remember this story about a kid that had a million bucks and blew it all. And I remember telling people, "That'll never happen to me." but i did it. I had no band. my family was gone. I had a dealer and i was shootin' coke.

        COMPLEX POP-NALYSIS: We presented Steven and rob with a series of photos and objects to see how they'd react--a live pop-culture remix covering everything from gary Coleman to Adidas shell toes. follow the bouncing ball...

        Tyler: My first thought is, White Stripes--don't know what you got; Rolling Stones--know what you got. And i like the White Stripes. It's good sh*t. I like that they went back to the roots. (Takes the album and examines it) Back when you could chop up the lines and snort it right off the record cover ... and listen to it.

        Swift: Ted nugent--fun. Eminem--stress.
        Tyler: I see, the good--Eminem--the bad and the ugly--Ted Nugent. Em is just, like vomiting his thoughts. I love that about him. Em tried. He tried a little bit too much, but he's f**kin' stressed out, he's pissed off and f**kin' real. We just did a song with him where he sampled "Dream on." In this business, you get ripped off and the blood sucked outta you--our first managers took 50 percent of the publishing, so every chance we get to re-record a song, we do it. When Em said he was gonna do "Dream on," I'm thinking, This guy's gonna sell some records, we'll go in and redo it. We re-sang it and joe (Perry) played some really dope sh*t on it and then Em said, "no, i want to use the original 'cause there's a vibe," so we went with that. He's a man. He says what he means. He's not swayed, doesn't give a sh*t what anyone says. there's something there that's missing in a lot of so)called art.

        Swift: Kelly is the second coming of ozzy, and she knows that, when we become adults, we owe a lot of our parents, wether it's bad or good.

        Swift: Latrell's the thug. Earl The Pearl is traditional.

        Swift: It's funny, Michael should be the bird 'cause he's the one that flies. Larry LOOKS like a bird.

        Swift: Passion for Bruce and stone could deadly fierceness for jet li.

        Tyler: Wow. Ali is roots, tradition, gentleman, sense of humor, had his sh*t down. This motherf**ker (tyson) is bitin' people's ears.
        Swift: Sign of the times.

        Swift: Gary coleman was taken advantage of. Lil' Bow Wow, taken care of.

        Swift: Knoxville is, like, full-speed ahead. Jim carrey is controlled speed: he knows when to execute it.

        Tyler: George bush the father is old-school. The son is fake-it-till-you-make-it.

        Swift and Tyler: (stunned silence)

        Tyler: The flame of shame. I watched that Pamela Anderson video, and halfway through it, i thought, This is f**ked up: I'm watching somebody's stolen private porn, and then i got into it for what it was worth and we were on the plane watching it going, "f**kin'-A!"

        i was on the street the other day in New York and this homeless guy was like, "Excuse me sir, what do you think about the controversy with the "I can Fly" guy?" I was like, "I don't know, but there's a quarter."

        Tyler: When I went to rehab, you know, for the drug addiction, i was fortunate enough to see the sexual problems faced by so-called sex addicts, and there were people in there that were watching their daughters get dressed and get f**ked by their boyfriend. And guys in there that would beat off in the playgrounds, watching little kids. And i thought, You know, you can almost understand, as a man, watching your offspring, 'cause she's grown up. i mean, Liv is gorgeous. You know i could forcefully, as i am today, turn away if she's naked .. but if you think about it, with a little booze she looks like the wife who you don't get along with anymore, and she's gorgeous and you take advantage of that and that's, therefore, hence all the "Janie's Got A Gun"s. And this guy R. Kelly, he just went off on all his emotions. I don't know if he was stoned or whatever, but he let the dark side of him get the best of him. He sings like an angel.

        Tyler: It's the year 2002 and they didn't give O.J. a drug test the f**king minute he walked in there? What is that?! It's bullsh*t. They would have found out that he had what's called toxic psychosis. To be able to slit somebody's neck to the bone .. it's sh*t in you. I talk to a therapist in L.A. that went to the jail with O.J.'s lawyers (and) sat in a cell with him--'cause they were looking for a contingency plan if he DID get busted, then they would be able to plead insanity--and they got a professional drug guy in there and apparently--I wan't there--he told me it was toxic psychosis syndrome.

        Swift: tools that have kept a lot of people out of jail.

        8-TRACKS VS THE I-POD?
        Swift: I look at that picture and i think, wow, how many 8-track tapes would i have to lug when I go on the road? I'd have to have a seperate bus.

        PAC-MAN VS X BOX?
        Swift: We used to get excitement and joy from these dots on a screen, but now Xbox is almost scary for me. it's just becoming realer and realer.

        Tyler: Depends on what you're into.
        Swift: Those hurt, man, don't they?

        Tyler: Lesbo-erotic. I'm way into that. To be in the middle of that sh*t
        Swift: Yo, i'm not large like that, so ... maybe one day i'll be that popular.

        Swift and Tyler: larger sized.

        Tyler: I've never done Ecstasy, but I have done ketamine. it'll take you to your knees. It's a liquid you put in a dish, you heat it, and then you scrape it off and you snort it. And you know, in the old days, when you did drugs, people always referred to it as if it was a one-hit. Coke never was. Ketamine, you do one--tiny, nothing--and you were, like, on the floor. It was, like, it's just so strong it's stupid.

        Tyler: Either way, it will steal your soul. Great goin' in, but death goin' out. there's a reason that priests and popes and f**kin' lawyers and presidents all do that stuff: 'cause it feels good, there's no doubt about it. It's just that then, here comes the devil, you keep doing this thing and it's so good and before you know it, you're dead.

        Tyler: i used to be addicted to that Vicodin, and then i had my ACL reconstruction. I tried doing one and i got so dizzy that i got sick to my stomach and i threw it out. But that's great stuff.
        Swift: I never smoked weet.

        Tyler: You know, i read some of the things that hurt me the most my whole career: someone was writing about Run dMC saying that we never gave them any credit. Working with those guys saved our careers.

        RUN-DMC VS NAS?
        Swift: I see run-DMC and i think, still developing, artwise. I see Nas and i see a clash of art and having to sell a platinum album--feeling the pressure to do that. Run-DMC did the music the way they wanted to. Nas is one of the most talented lyricists, but he might be feeling pressure from people, like, when you gonna sell a platinum album?

        Tyler: Which is the heavier sneaker?
        Swift: When in doubt, stick to the traditional ways.

    • Celebrity Hat Trick Review
        Sunday, September 29, 2002

        It was a great day to drive up to Worcester, MA and for such a great cause. The Centrum wasn't sold out, but there was a decent number of people there for Dennis Leary's 3rd Annual Leary Firefighters Foundation Fund Raiser. They managed to raise $400,000.00 for the Worcester and New York City fire departments.

        The afternoon stared out with a Bag Pipe and Drum procession and there was a special flag raising to remember the 6 Firefighters who died in 1999 in the large warehouse fire in Worcester, MA. Dennis Leary is a Worcester native and also a cousin of one of the firefighters who was killed in that fire.

        The Bruins alumni team was introduced and then the Hollywood team. It was hard to hear the announcer as I had nosebleed seats up in the 300 section of the balcony. Some celebrities included...Dennis Leary, Tim Robbins, Rick Moranis, Sean Penn (who threw out the first puck), John Bionelli (Assistant Aerosmith tour manager), and none other than the Demon' of Screamin'...Steven Tyler!!

        Steven came out on the ice escorted by his son Taj. What a cutie! I think he's going to be a heartbreaker when he grows up, just like his Dad. ;) (All I kept thinking the whole time he was walking on the ice was Steven... please don't fall!) He was wearing a special red, white, and blue Hockey jersey with TYLER on the back..#26. Steven looked great! (Thank God for my binoculars!) His hair is still shoulder length, but it is back to mostly a medium brunette color with slight blonde highlights. He was also wearing dark blue colored flare pants. He is such a tiny man, but in great shape! He also had on a pair of round rimmed, slightly tinted glasses. I'm not sure if they are prescription or not. I'm thinking yes, as he wore them during the whole game. Then again, it could just be that rock star thing! :)

        He sang the National Anthem acapella center ice with his son Taj standing next to him. He had his harmonica to get the first note and he was off...Tyler style! The audience was loving every second of it. I was so glad to be able to hear him sing it LIVE for a change and be part of that moment.

        I have never been to a hockey game before. It wasn't the most exciting game, because these guys were just playing for the fun of it. It was great to watch though and a nice feeling realizing why we were all there. As Steven had said in a related Yahoo News story, "It's really about the firemen, and what true heroes they are ... guys who will go and risk their lives for people they never even met, and anything we can do for the real, true, non-comic book heroes, I'm in." What a sweetie! :) I love this man!

        During the game I spied Mrs. Tyler and Chelsea sitting behind Steven behind the plexi-glass where the teams were sitting. (I never wanted to be able to lip read more in my life than that moment!) LOL! There were also a few people that went over to Steven and were handing him things to autograph over and between the plexi-glass. Of course he was more than happy to oblige in between video taping the game himself. A lot of people took pictures too. I should have brought my camera, but I would have needed a super zoom lens to get a decent picture anyway. (If anyone out there has pictures from this event, please feel free to share.) I had met up with a friend at the break between the 2 periods. They only had 2 25 min. periods. We were able to move down to some empty seats in the 100 section way closer to the ice.

        No, I didn't go over to Steven, because I didn't have a pen (don't leave home without one, particularly a Sharpie) and by the time I realized that people were going over there they had a security guy stand in the way and he wasn't allowing anyone else to be able to get near where Steven was sitting anymore. Oh well...maybe next year, if he attends again and this time I'll try to get seats right behind where he'll be!

        I didn't see any other Aerosmith band members. :( They must all be busy with their own things getting ready for the 2nd leg of the Oh Yeah! Tour.

        The game ended in a tie 11-11. I can't wait to go again next year!


        "It's really about the firemen, and what true heroes they are ... guys who will go and risk their lives for people they never even met"

        They also showed him saying this on "Access Hollywood" last night. Extra also showed a very brief clip of Steven and Taj.

        Yes, the glasses are prescription.

    • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
        1971 Aerosmith plays in Hanover NH at Dartmouth College with Zeta Psi
        1987 "Dude" debuts on Billboard charts
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Melbourne Australia at the National Tennis Center
        1993 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at the Lakewood Amphitheater (4 Non-Blondes open)
        2002 Aerosmith plays in Maryland Heights MD at the UMB Bank Pavilion

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Pain of Salvation & Mike Portnoy - Ashes
    (Major Version! live. Razzmatazz - Barcelona - 02/18/02)

    Very... hmmm... different. Just downloaded this version of Pain of Salvation's "Ashes" featuring Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy. It almost sounds like a totally different song. Almost like a pop song, in major key and everything. I definitely prefer the original, but it's worth a listen, just for the fun of it... The touching lyrics and this "new music" doesn't go together well at all... This version shouldn't be taken seriously.
    Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses (1978)
    Queensryche - Queensryche EP (1983)

    News as of October 1, 2002
    • Mike pointed the following out regarding the Vallance post
        This info just doesn't seem right to me (regarding the Jim Vallance article). Deuces was originally set for the PUMP album (can even see it posted on the wall of song titles in the making of PUMP video). It was not originally intended for the Beavis & Butthead Experience. Which leads me to my second arguement. The song appeared on The Beavis & Butthead Experience, NOT on the Beavis & Butthead Do America soundtrack (these were two totally different albums and which means Vallance's quote about them needing something at the last minute for the movie soundtrack is totally fabricated).


        Yes, that's something I reacted on too, having heard it was originally written for Pump.
        It doesn't make sense with the reference to a "soundtrack", no. It could of course be that Vallance only know they needed it for a Beavis and Butthead CD, and supposed it was a soundtrack album. He also pointed out that he never saw the movie, and thus never had a reason to think otherwise, unless someone pointed out that it's actually on another album. Notice how he says "I think they" when referring to it being needed for a film. Maybe that's wasn't at all the case, he only assumed that's why they needed it fast. Also, (and of course I'm just speculating here, I have no idea what is really the case) regarding it being written for Pump. Maybe they wrote it back then, and Vallance had a recorded demo of it himself. When Aerosmith were asked for a song for the B&B album, they remembered "Deuces" and called Vallance up. Again, the part about it being written "for" that particular album would still be untrue but...

        I didn't even notice the mistake about it not being on a soundtrack album myself (which I guess again just goes to prove that Vallance could easily mistake one B&B album for another, even I did... :)

        Finally, to avoid confusion... It's not from an article. It's from a personal e-mail that another fan (who I will not mention by name, as I don't know if he'd appreciate that) supposedly got from Jim Vallance himself. For granted, the person who e-mailed this person, saying he was Vallance, could easily be anyone else. On the other hand, I don't see why anyone else would go on writing such a thing... What would he/she get out of giving Vallance more credit?

    • This day (and month) in AeroHistory
        Important events in October (don't have the specific dates):

        1977 Draw the Line single is released
        1978 Live Bootleg is released
        1980 Aerosmith's Greatest Hits is released
        1987 Dude/Simoriah single is released
        1990 The Other Side/My Girl single is released

        On Oct. 1:
        1971 Aerosmith plays in North Andover, MA at The Barn
        1990 Aerosmith plays in Melbourne Australia at the National Tennis Center
        1993 Aerosmith plays in Columbia SC at the Carolina Coliseum (4 Non-Blondes open)
        1994 Aerosmith plays in Austin TX at South Park Meadows (Collective Soul opens)
        1997 The book "Walk This Way" is released (hardcover)
        1997 Aerosmith plays in Memphis TN at the Pyramid (Marry Me Jane opens)
        1998 Aerosmith plays in Raleigh NC at the Walnut Creek Amphitheater

    • Some info from Brazil
        Aerosmith has reached #1 on the daily chart and #2 on the week chart (both MTV).

        The third girl in the GOS video, Adriana Lima, is Brazilian. She's a top model, and Lenny Kravitz's current girlfriend. It seems they´re gonna get married. She was invited by Steven to act in the video.

    • MTV Icon
        Saturday night (September 28th) @ 9 (HK time) MTV Icon: Aerosmith was shown simultaneously on both MTV Asia and MTV Philippines.

    This day on the NPWIPP:
    (News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

    Jethro Tull - Heavy Horses (1978)

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