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News as of November 27, 2003
  • Boston Herald November 27,2003
      Aerosmith rewarded 3,000 loyal - and giving - fans yesterday with a private soundcheck party at the FleetCenter. The band called on their public to pony up at least $100 worth of chow or cash for the Greater Boston Food Bank.

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} Fleet Soundcheck
      Fleet Center SOUNDCHECK....

      Big Ten Inch Record
      Movin' Out
      Walkin' The Dog
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Chip Away The Stone
      Nobody's Fault
      Rattlesnake Shake

      Fuckin' A!

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Boston, Mass
      Wednesday, November 26 2003
      Boston, MASS.

      Make It -At the end of the song, Steven asked "Did you like that one?" Reply was overwelming sceaming approval.
      Love in an Elevator
      Toys in the Attic
      Livin on the Edge - Substituted "Monkey"
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Let The Music Do The Talking -Substituted "One Way Street"
      Cryin -(Screwed up intro, Steven said "Stop Mr Kramer", and they restarted song again, correctly.)
      Walk This Way -Steven grabbed a noose-like rope and swung over floor seats hanging from his feet.

      Short intro**
      Sweet Emotion

      This was a great indoor arena show, which I prefer over outdoor venues!!

      -Unfortunately the sound check was just a tease!

      ** Short Intro(sample) of "Take It Easy", a partially produced Aero track, which I'm pretty sure comes from the Permanent Vacation or Pump sessions that never made it to the album - Still trying to find the bootleg track I have ......I'll update info when I find it.

      - "Make It" opens the show again! -First time I'd ever heard it live after attending Aero concerts beginning in 1975!!!

      Thanks for indulging! and Happy Thanksgiving to all,

      Rob DeCarlo

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at Boston Garden

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Detroit MI at Joe Louis Arena

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Cincinnati OH at Riverfront Coliseum (Dokken opens)

      1991 MTV's 10th Anniversary airs

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Rockford IL at the Metro Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in tampa FL at Ice Palace Arena

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ARK - Burn The Sun (2001)

News as of November 26, 2003
  • Boston Herald (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith to rock Super Bowl pregame
      By Inside Track
      Tuesday, November 25, 2003

      Aerosmith axman Joe Perry was riveted to the New England Patriots-Houston Texans action in Reliant Stadium Sunday, but it wasn't just to see the hometown boys score another W.

      No, the Bad Boys have been drafted to take part in Super Bowl XXXVIII's pregame show saluting the city of Houston, its sports heroes and the space program.

      ``It's a milestone year for the space program, so they're going to celebrate that and have a memorial for the astronauts who've died,'' said Perry, who became starry-eyed about NASA during the band's ``Armageddon'' period.

      But don't expect Joe & Company to belt out Diane Warren's Oscar-nominated theme from the flick. The boys Don't Want To Miss the opportunity to plug new stuff from their blues album, which hits stores in March, Perry said.

      The Houston hootenanny on Feb. 1 will be the band's second trip to the Big Game, but the first where they'll play live. Apparently, the boys performed to tracks during Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa when they hit the field at half-time with Britney Spears, 'N Sync, Nelly and Mary J. Blige.

      ``The pregame show is going to be a huge, huge production,'' Joe told the Track.

      And Joe's such a rah-rah Pats fan, he said he's confident Aerosmith will play before Tom Brady and his posse take to the turf to try for their second world championship - and bigger bling!

      "They look really good and they're playing great,'' he said. ``I know a lot of times during the (Houston) game, it could have gone either way, but what little I know about football, they look like they're ready to go all the way.''

      File under: Just Push Play.

      Bad Boys hunger to help

      And speaking of other Aerosmith pregame shows, the boys are throwing a sound-check party at the FleetCenter tomorrow night for the first 2,000 fans who show up at the Orpheum with $100 worth of chow for the Greater Boston Food Bank until 3 p.m. tomorrow.

      ``We hope to fill up a few truckloads with food,'' Perry said. ``But, of course, we'll take cash, too.''

      And Joe says he and his boys are so full of the holiday spirit, they'll take requests at the private concert, he said.

      So start filling up that cart at Stop & Shop!


  • Boston Globe (DMAAT)
      Dude would like some gravy
      By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan, Globe Staff, 11/26/2003

      In more than 30 years on the road, Aerosmith has celebrated Thanksgiving in some strange places. (Stuffing just doesn't taste the same at the Holiday Inn in Buffalo.) But this year, for the first time in a while, Steven Tyler and the boys will be at home in Boston with their families. (The band's playing at the FleetCenter tonight with KISS.) We caught up with guitarist Joe Perry this week and talked about some of his holiday traditions.

      Q. What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

      A. When I was a kid, it was seeing rock 'n' roll shows. Once, on Thanksgiving, I saw the Beach Boys with Buffalo Springfield and the Strawberry Alarm Clock. The show was at a place near Symphony Hall that's been torn down. I had to be 14 or 15.

      Q. You're very health conscious. What do you eat on Thanksgiving?

      A. I eat everything that comes my way, just not a lot of it.

      Q. White meat or dark meat?

      A. Dark meat, but this year I'm also cooking a few game birds. I went hunting in Minneapolis recently and got a few pheasants.

      Q. The folks at PETA won't be happy.

      A. No, probably not.

      Q. Do you use your new ``Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce?''

      A. It works on turkey, but it's kind of a stretch. It works better on chicken.

      Q. Your favorite side dish?

      A. My wife, Billie, makes a fantastic oyster casserole with Saltines, cream, and butter, all baked with a bunch of oysters.

      Q. What about pie?

      A. I like sweet potato or pumpkin. My mother makes them.

      Q. So you're glad to be home for the holiday?

      A. Yeah, living here is what's kept us sane all these years. Boston's a world-class city with a small-town feel.


  • New Ross Halfin Pics
      Head on over to to check out some NEW Aerosmith photo's, including one of Steven and Lenny Kravits.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Mendon MA at Lakeview Ballroom with The Joneses

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Inglewood CA at Great Western Forum (Wet Willie opens)

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Pittsburgh PA at Civic Arena

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Indianapolis IN at Market Square Arena (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in London UK at Wembley Arena (Balaam and the Angel opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Oldenberg Germany at Wese-Ems Halle (Mr. Big opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Biloxi MS at Coast Coliseum

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Rush - Fly By Night (1975)

News as of November 25, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Manchester, NH
      Manchester, NH
      Verizon Wireless Arena

      Make It
      Love in an Elevator
      Toys in the Attic
      Monkey on my Back
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Milk Cow Blues
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion

      - Make It opens the show! Killer!
      - Little confusion as to the song after Dream On. Some reports had it as One Way Street, some had it as "I'm Not Talkin'. The song WAS Milk Cow Blues. One Way Street was on the teleprompter and on the stage setlist, but it was nixed at the last minute for Milk Cow...

  • Superbowl Pregame
      Music News
      Aerosmith Doing Super Bowl Pre-show & Collecting Food For The Hungry

      Aerosmith has signed on to make their second Super Bowl appearance in four years. Bassist Tom Hamilton told us that they'll perform just before kickoff at Super Bowl XXXVIII (3 on February 1st at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas. Aerosmith hasn't yet decided what songs they'll play, but at least one will likely come from their upcoming Honkin' On Bobo blues-oriented album that should be out in the spring.

      Aerosmith did the halftime show at Super Bowl XXXV (35) on January 28th, 2001, in Tampa, Florida. They sang "Jaded" and "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," after which they were joined by Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Mary J. Blige, and Nelly for "Walk This Way."

      In other news, Aerosmith has partnered with the World Hunger Year (WHY) organization to help feed people around the country. At all tour stops through the end of the year, the band is asking fans to bring two cans of food, which will be distributed to local groups working with hungry people in their area. According to statistics from the Department Of Agriculture, one in 10 households -- including 13 million children -- deal with a lack of food on a regular basis.

      Lead singer Steven Tyler said, "In a country as rich as ours, the fact that there are so many people living in poverty and children are going hungry every day tells me that our spiritual bank account is way too low. It's just unacceptable. Through the years, our fans have always been willing to help make a difference, so we're asking them again to do what we always do when we are on the road in the holiday season -- help us feed those people in need and our spiritual bank account all at the same time."

      Lead guitarist Joe Perry added, "Anything you can do is greatly appreciated. We live in a great country where nobody should go to bed hungry."

      The Aerosmith/Kiss tour hits the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire, tonight (Monday, November 24th).

  • Brazilian Aerosmith/Kiss Tribute
      December 6th, there will be a concert in Brazil with the Brazil's only Aerosmith tribute band and their best Kiss tribute band...

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Reading MA at Reading High School Cafeteria (with None)

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Las Vegas NV at Aladdin Theatre (Wet Willie opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum; Steven is hit by a bottle and the show stopped

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Chicago IL at Rosemont Horizon

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Toledo OH at the Sports Arena (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith cancels their show in Dublin Ireland at The Point Depot Theatre

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Frankfurt Germany at Festhalle (Mr. Big opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Moline IL at The Mark of the Quad Cities (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Greensboro NC at Greensboro Coliseum Complex

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Mott The Hoople - Greatest Hits (1972-1974)

News as of November 24, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Greensoboro, NC
      Greensboro Coliseum,
      Greensboro, N.C.
      November 22, 2003

      Mama Kin
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo/Sweet Emotion

  • Boston AF1 Soundchecks... (DMAAT)

      Manchester & Boston tickets at Will-Call

      The tickets for the Manchester and Boston shows will be available at the will call window after 5:00PM the day of show. note: shipping costs will be refunded to your credit card An AF1 Membership Fan Pass AND/OR valid ID is required for pick-up (picture not required).There will be an Aero Force One Sound Check at the Boston show for AF1 ticketholders that bring 10 (or more) canned goods to the show. Don't call or email us just yet... details will follow Monday morning (posted here).


  • Billboard review of Aero/Kiss
      Aerosmith, Kiss / Nov. 16, 2003 / New York (Madison Square Garden)

      In what has rightfully been one of the most well-received rock double-bills in years, Aerosmith and Kiss have been criss-crossing the U.S. since the summer, largely purveying songs released decades ago. But the capacity crowd on Nov. 16 at New York's Madison Square Garden didn't seem to care how old the material was, and to both bands' eternal credit, they made it all sound pretty damn fresh.

      As expected, Kiss was a case study in rock showmanship and professionalism, from the first notes of "Detroit Rock City" to the anthemic "Rock and Roll All Nite" exactly 90 minutes later. The quartet of guitarists Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer, bassist Gene Simmons and drummer Peter Criss sounded surprisingly tight and heavy throughout, particularly on the awesome finale of "Let Me Go, Rock'n'Roll."

      Stanley's usually scripted crowd banter got a welcome rest in the group's hometown ("Man, it feels good tonight," he proclaimed at one point). He reminded the audience that "Lick It Up" came out "in 1983 -- the year you were born!" and teased licks from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" and the Rolling Stones' "Angie" before easing into the lighter-waving "Black Diamond."

      In fact, Kiss sounded so good that one wonders why it's been an eternity since the group has written a worthwhile original song. "I Want You" was positively molten, while "100,000 Years" was highlighted by a sizzling solo from Thayer, subbing more than adequately for original axeman Ace Frehley.

      There was also no shortage of cheese, mainly from Stanley, who sang "Love Gun" from his knees, whipped the microphone cord around like a lasso and smashed his guitar at the end of the set. Criss' unavoidable rendition of "Beth" was a low point, with no attempt whatsoever being made to indicate that the accompanying music was being played by a human being. The ladies in the front row may have enjoyed being handed a long-stem rose by the drummer, but when it gets in the way of the rock, what's the point?

      It was more fun to see Simmons rummage through his own bag of tricks, from the pyrotechnics breathing after "Firehouse" to his smoke-enveloped showcase "God of Thunder," during which he "flew" up to a perch on a narrow rig of lights in the rafters. The whole Kiss schtick may have seen better days, but this particular performance made a compelling case for the band's continued existence.

      Aerosmith got off to a white-hot start of its own with the 1-2-3 punch of "Mama Kin," "Love in an Elevator" and the golden oldie "Toys in the Attic." More recent items like "Pink" (dedicated to Lenny Kravitz) and "Jaded" were just OK, a fact clearly acknowledged when frontman Steven Tyler said, "That ain't the sh*t you want to hear. We're talkin' old school tonight!"

      The band proceeded to stomp through a well-selected assortment of favorites, including a sensational rendition of the ultimate power ballad "Dream On," the sing-a-long "Walk This Way" and the groovy "Same Old Song and Dance." Admirably authentic but of less interest to the crowd were two songs from Aerosmith's upcoming blues album, the Joe Perry-sung "Stop Messin' Around" and a cover of Muddy Waters' "Baby Please Don't Go."

      Making full use of an extended stage catwalk on which Kiss was apparently not allowed to frolic, Tyler and Perry strutted, stomped and showered every corner of the arena with a little attention. It was easy to be impressed that the once-dubbed "Toxic Twins" were rocking in fine form, and it was even nicer that schlock such as the 1998 No. 1 hit "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing" was left in the hamper.

      But just as the group seemed to be headed to the proverbial next level with a tricked out version of "Sweet Emotion," replete with confetti being sprayed into the crowd, the set was finished, ending up several minutes shorter than Kiss'. Everyone in the room was primed for more, but after nearly three hours of rock'n'roll in the most classic sense, enough was enough.

      -- Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

  • ESP Magazine (DMAAT)
      Pre last night's show....

      November 19-25, 2003
      Volume 16, Issue 15
      You got the best times two
      By Timothy G. Beeman II

      What happens when you mix two of the flashiest bands in rock and roll history into one volatile, heavy cocktail? Pure chaos to some; wanton lust and euphoric ecstasy to others. When KISS and Aerosmith come to the Greensboro Coliseum this Saturday, November 22, the roof will need to be double braced and someone needs to yell, "Katy bar the door."

      These seasoned powerhouse groups need no real introductions, although in the past it seems there was a lot of reacquainting. Each with "family trees" that branch almost as wide as Adam and Eve's, to say they went through a member or two would be an understatement.


      Steven Tallarico started as the drummer and vocalist for the band Chain Reaction in New Hampshire in the early 1960s. The band was known for their cover tunes, notably from the Beatles and the Yardbirds. Though Chain Reaction was not the band that Steven was craving, it wasn't far away.

      In another part of New Hampshire, also in the early '60s, Tom Hamilton and Joe Perry formed the band Pipe Dream and by 1969 changed to Jam Band, a free-form blues group. Hamilton and Perry, too, needed something more to quench their musical craving.

      In 1969 both bands were performing at The Barn in Sunapee, NH. Tallarico witnessed Jam Band doing their version of Fleetwood Mac's "Rattlesnake Shake" and knew right away that there was something about that band that really made sense to him musically. Melding philosophies and their talents along with drummer Joey Kramer, they formed the force known to the world today as Aerosmith.

      In 1972, Aerosmith landed a (then) lucrative record deal with Columbia Records. Soon after, Steven Tallarico changed his name to Steven Tyler.

      Throughout the 1970s Aerosmith enjoyed a string of hit singles like "Dream On," "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion." The band was riding high in the public's eye but was internally undermining itself with personal issues and drug abuse.

      Joe Perry announced his departure from the band in 1979 and was replaced by Jimmy Crespo. Shortly after Perry's departure, Brad Whitford departed and was replaced by Rick Dufray. The next three years were slow going for the band, to say the least.

      Following a making up session, news traveled fast of an Aerosmith reunion. A new record deal with Geffen followed in 1984 and the second wave of Aerosmith history was ready to be written.

      With 1987's Permanent Vacation, the band showed they were re-focused and over their substance abuse problems, releasing hits like "Dude Looks like a Lady" and "Angel."

      The next few albums yielded several hits and established Aerosmith, not as a bunch of has-beens, but as formidable hit-makers and favorites to not only the faithful followers of yesterday but new and younger fans, as well. Much of that momentous wave is still being felt, with new classics like "Amazing" and "Jaded."


      In the 1950s, a young Jewish boy by the name of Chaim Witz arrived in New York City and learned to speak English from reading comic books and watching cartoons and American horror films. Wanting a more American sounding name, Chaim began calling himself Gene and took his mother's maiden name, Klein.

      After seeing The Beatles on the "Ed Sullivan Show" and noticing that the girls were going insane over them, he knew in his heart what it was he wanted to do. He learned to play bass and started forming bands with friends from school.

      One of his friends, bandmate Steve Coronel, introduced him to a young man named Stanley Eisen. This introduction would prove to be a critical moment in KISStory.

      Klein, Eisen and Coronel formed the band Wicked Lester, a Jethro Tull-esque type band complete with flutes and whispery harmonies. Wicked Lester landed a contract with Epic Records on the condition they lose Coronel.

      It was the first lesson that Gene had to learn about the music industry: there are no friends, only business. Upon disbanding that version of Wicked Lester, Klein and Eisen changed their names to Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, respectively.

      Knowing they still wanted to play music, Simmons and Stanley searched for a drummer in the local adverts and hit pay dirt in the form of Peter Criss, a drummer "willing to do anything to make it." The three decided that the name Wicked Lester had worn out its welcome and the new band needed a name unique to them. After hours of brainstorming, Stanley suggested KISS. They began laughing, but after the joke wore off, they decided it was just the right name for them.

      Needing to add a lead guitar player, the band held open auditions. While talking to a prime candidate after his audition, in walks a slender and lanky young man appearing to be slightly inebriated. He plugs his guitar in, uninvited, and starts wailing away. They knew they had found their man, thus Ace Frehley was the newest member of KISS.

      Glam was just becoming popular and outfits and make-up were all the rage. Each member of KISS wanted a theme and character true to themselves. Drawing inspiration from inner, personal emotions and dreams, they derived four distinct, individual characters that would set them apart from anyone else in rock and roll. So was born a demon, a rock-star type lover, a cat and a spaceman.

      A management agent named Bill Aucoin asked that the band give him two weeks to land them a record deal and they agreed. Aucoin went to Neil Bogart and talked him into letting KISS be the first act signed to his new Casablanca Records label. Their self-titled debut album did close to nothing as did the next two albums, Hotter than Hell and Dressed to Kill.

      KISS hadn't built their reputation as a record band, but as a live band, opening for Bob Seger and Blue Oyster Cult just the year before. The band's live show was such a spectacle that popular demand now had KISS headlining and the bands they opened for were now the warm-up acts.

      An idea was brought in to record a live album and though the record company was skeptical and on the brink of bankruptcy, they were willing to give it a try. KISS Alive! hit the charts with the live rendition of "Rock and Roll All Nite." People everywhere flocked to get their own copy. KISS was now the crème de la crème of rock.

      From that point the group's first three albums started selling and Casablanca Records had a moneymaker in the stable. Three years and four more gold and platinum albums later, personal demons started making things a bit shaky within the band. Peter wanted to leave to pursue a solo career, but was talked into staying and each member released his own solo album.

      In 1979, Disco fever hit KISS and they released Dynasty with the hit single, "I Was Made for Lovin' You." Unmasked was released in 1980 with no fanfare in the US. Officially Peter Criss was still in the band, but the truth was, he didn't play on either album, except the one song on Dynasty that he sang, "Dirty Livin'." It was announced that Peter had left the band in late '80.

      Eric Carr was introduced as the new KISS drummer, and in 1981 began working on a new album. The concept album, Music from the Elder, was released and was both a critical and sales flop. KISS seemed to sort the true fans from the average listeners at this time. Album sales had dropped dramatically.

      In 1982, Creatures of the Night was released and although critics gave it thumbs up, the general public was not buying in. Frehley too had left the band. He was replaced by the live wire Vinnie Vincent. The tour for Creatures went broke and was cancelled only halfway through.

      Knowing a change had to be made in order to move forward, KISS decided to take off the make-up and flashy outfits to fit more into the '80s style. MTV showed the first public display of them unmasked in 1983. Shortly after, Lick It Up was released and sold well.

      In 1984, the hot-head Vincent was relieved from his duties and was replaced by Mark St. John who was subsequently replaced by Bruce Kulick. Several more non-make-up albums were released over the next few years with some charting hits.

      In 1991, Eric Carr died of cancer. Needing a replacement, the band nabbed Eric Singer (Alice Cooper and Badlands) as the new stickman. Revenge was released in 1992 and was considered by many to be the best album since 1976's Destroyer which included the smash, "Beth."

      During an "MTV Unplugged" session, the two eras of KISStory collided and KISS fans saw the original members on stage for the first time in 15 years. An anticipated event, it was announced that the original members would reunite and tour in full make-up and costumes. In 1998, Psycho Circus was released and did fairly well in the charts.

      A Farewell Tour was announced in 2000. To date the tour hasn't officially ended. It is part of the colossal KISS/ Aerosmith tour, now on its second leg. Since the tour was announced earlier this year, this show has been THE event of the concert season.

      Fans will notice is that Ace Frehley will not be with KISS. The Spaceman will be performed by Tommy Thayer, the ex-Black 'N' Blue guitarist and recent tour manager for KISS.

      Tickets for the Aerosmith/ KISS concert are $75 and $115 and may be purchased at the Coliseum Advance Box Office, all participating Triad Lowes Foods locations, on-line at and by calling toll free (888) 397-3100. l


  • May 6th concert date in Iowa! (DMAAT)
      This is from the Sioux City Journal:

      Aerosmith will play the venue on May 6, a Thursday. He said the band is the number two highest grossing act in America today, and its stop here should put to rest any doubt that Sioux City now has a world- class events center. He called it "a real coup in our inaugural season. It's an exclusive area date. They will not be playing Omaha or Sioux Falls or any markets around." Tickets could go on sale in January and will start at $25.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in New York City at Madison Square Garden

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Chicago IL at Rosemont Horizon

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Belfast Ireland at the Antrim Forum (Balaam and the Angel open)

      1989 Janie's Got A Gun debuts on the Billboard charts

      1993 Amazing debuts on the Billboard charts

      1994 Aerosmith appear at the MTV European Music Awards in Berlin Germany

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Tampa FL at the Ice Palace

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Dream Theater - Train Of Thought (2003)

News as of November 23, 2003
  • Greenwich Village (follow-up to last week's Steven sighting)
      A little late maybe, but I've got an answer to the fan who wrote about seeing Steven on the NYC subway after the Garden show. He was heading to the Village, where I was lucky enough to be eating in Pizzeria Mercato when he walked in with a few friends. Shortly after he made an appearance at the Bottom Line, a small comedy club on Mercer St. down in the Village near NYU, where I go to school. Also appearing on state that night was Olivia Newton John. =) It was quite a nice surprise! Just thought I'd share an interesting night of Steven with you all.


  • Rolling Stone (500 Greatest Albums of all Time)
      They made another bullshit list. Aerosmith's "Rocks" came in at #176 and "Toys In The Attic" came in at #228. This list is such crap. They have no albums by greats like Alice in Chains or Bon Jovi, but the list is loaded up with albums by Madonna, B.I.G. and newer unproven bands like The Strokes and White Stripes.

      --AeroForce Michael


      Also, the magazine comes with sampler cd of 9 songs, and Sweet Emotion is one of the songs.

  • Blender (DMAAT)
      Just thought I would let you know that Aerosmith is in Blender, I want to to say the Dec issue, but I can't be sure, but it is the one with Christina Aguilera on the cover looking freaky, as usual. They are under the "best songs ever" section, and has dream on as the best song ever for this month. It also has a small article and a picture or two.


  • New Aerosmith Tour Date
      My little town of Sioux City, IA is remodeling and adding on to its auditorium. This has been an ongoing project for about a year now. It's pretty close to being finished, and it's going to be pretty huge. The city was hoping to snag acts that often perform in Omaha, NE and Sioux Falls, we are right smack in between those cities.

      Today's paper confirms that the first big act booked for the new events center is none other than the boys....the concert is slated for May 6th.

      Just thought I'd let you know!


  • Christmas Toys in the Sun Run - Steven Grand Marshall (DMAAT)
      November 21, 2003 12:03 PM US Eastern Timezone
      Rick Case Honda Presents The World's Largest Motorcycle Ride - 30,000 Cycles

      FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 21, 2003--Rick Case Honda Powerhouse and motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country are gearing up for The World's Largest Motorcycle Ride - South Florida President's Council's (SFPC) 16th Annual Toys in the Sun Run, presented by Rick Case Honda Powerhouse to be held on Sunday, December 7.

      Rick Case explains, "When we realized the huge potential to benefit Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation and so many children within the community, we agreed to present 'Christmas Toys in the Sun Run'. Another reason for our involvement is my long-term relationship with Dave Ross, Regional Vice President of Clear Channel Worldwide, and his passion for this event and the charity it benefits. The official sponsor is Rick Case Honda Powerhouse, a full line Honda dealer, which includes the sales and service of Honda motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft and more."

      Grand Marshalls Steven Tyler from Aerosmith and BSO Sheriff Ken Jenne will lead the World's Largest Motorcycle motorcade, along with an escort of over 250 police officers from the tri-county area. An estimated 30,000 motorcyclists will begin lining up at Pompano Park Harness Track at 7:00 a.m. The 3-hour motorcade will depart Pompano Park at 10 a.m. and travel I-95 South of Atlantic, along I-595 West to 136th Avenue, into Markham Park, where an additional 40,000 concertgoers will meet for live performances by Foghat and The Smithereens. Participants visiting the Rick Case Honda Powerhouse motorcycle display at Pompano Park or Rick Case Village at Markham Park can pick up a bag of goodies.

      See celebrities Paul Sr., Paul Jr. and Mikey of Orange County Choppers, Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycle Designs, Dave Perowitz of Perowitz Cycle Fabrication and Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. In addition to the impressive Rick Case displays, there will also be an incredible custom motorcycle show, over 100 vendors, an international food court, exhibits and more.

      The cost is only $10.00, plus 1 unwrapped toy per person. For those interested in being a VIP for the day, contact Gino Pulido of BIG 106 FM at 954-862-3280. Christmas Toys in the Sun Run VIPs will ride at the front of the motorcade, enjoy breakfast, lunch and special Toy Run goodies. Single riders are $200 and couples are $250.

      Proceeds from the event will benefit Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation. Bob Amchir, SFPC President and Chief Director of the Toy Run states, "Since the first 'Toys in the Sun Run' 15 years ago, bikers and supporters have raised in excess of $4,000,000.00 of which is used for the cancer treatments of kids, as well as feeding thousands of needy families during the holidays. Presenting Sponsor Rick Case Honda has committed to help raise over $500,000 for 2003 and hopes to raise over $1 million within the next 5 years. Last year's event raised over $418,000 and over 30,000 toys were collected and distributed to local children in the tri-county area. The goal this year is to raise no less than $500,000 and a collection of 40,000 toys."

      Part of Rick Case Honda's fundraising efforts, along with strategic partners City Furniture and J.R. Dunn Jewelers, include an outstanding $5 raffle drawing. First Prize is a choice of a 2004 Honda Goldwing, 2004 Honda Element or $15,000 Cash from Rick Case Honda. Second Prize is a choice of either a $5,000 gift certificate from City Furniture or J.R. Dunn Jewelers and Third Prize is the remaining $5,000 gift certificate. The drawing will be held at Rick Case Honda Powerhouse on Sunday, December 14 at 5:00 p.m. and the winner need not be present. To purchase raffle tickets, go by Rick Case Honda, located at I-75 at Griffin Road in Davie or stop by the Rick Case cycle displays at Pompano Park Harness Track and Markham Park.

      For Joe DiMaggio Raffle ticket information or to volunteer selling raffle tickets, contact Angela Pecorino at 954-377-7419.

  • Adrian Perry's 60/40 Breakdown
      Just wanted to let you know, 60/40 Breakdown is no more :(

      Adrian is now in New York @ SNL and is starting a new band - although I don't know the name of it.


  • Dick Brave's Walk This Way for download!
      You can download Dick Brave's video "Walk this way" from Kuba's downloads.

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Washington, DC
      Washington, DC
      MCI Center

      Mama Kin
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Get The Lead Out
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Lord of The Thighs
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo/Sweet Emotion

  • Portland Review (DMAAT)
      Along with a couple of reader reviews at the bottom.....

      Thursday, November 20, 2003
      Crowd swoons to resilient rock legends
      By AIMSEL L. PONTI, Special to Portland Press Herald

      You may have to speak a little louder to anyone who went to Tuesday's show at the Civic Center featuring the one-two punch of Kiss and Aerosmith. With enough speakers to stretch halfway up the turnpike, these rock bands blew at least some of the roof off the building.

      Kiss - Gene Simmons, Peter Criss, Paul Stanley and Tommy Thayer (replacing Ace Frehley) - started its set at 7:45 with "Detroit Rock City," accompanied by some seriously loud rib-rattling booms and fiery explosions from the slick pyrotechnics system.

      Simmons' tongue is as long as ever, and Stanley still can shout it, shout it out loud. The makeup and outrageous clothing remain both a novelty and a rock institution.

      They've never been first-rate musicians, but they can certainly hold their own. Their longevity is testament to that. Among the chronologically diverse audience, ranging in age from 6 to 60, there were few from the Kiss Army wearing makeup, but there were plenty of T-shirts, including one that read "Simmons for President."

      "Tonight this ain't a big city, but it's one of the loudest," said Stanley, who really knew how to work the crowd.

      The fireworks and fire bursts raged throughout the set, and it smelled like the Fourth of July. Hydraulics platforms lifted the musicians high in the air. Speaking of platforms, these aging rockers still wear 9-inch heels and can run around the stage like madmen.

      It wouldn't have been a Kiss show without two things: a burst of blood from Simmons and a rendition of "Beth," sung by Criss.

      Simmons delivered. Fake blood gushed from his mouth; he and his bass guitar were covered with it. It was both gross and amusing, and you can tell Simmons still gets a kick out of playing the role of fierce rock god.

      Criss fell short when it came to his trademark ballad. He took a seat alone on stage and from somewhere piano music was piped in, but he was bit off-key. The studio version remains untouchable.

      Soon, as "Mama Kin" boomed out from the stage at 9:45, it became evident that Aerosmith was the reason most people had come to the show.

      The near sellout crowd went crazy when the band - made up of singer Steven Tyler, guitarist Joe Perry, guitarist Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton on bass and Joey Kramer on drums - hit the stage. There were no fireworks and really only minimal sets, but these five guys took the Civic Center by storm. A long, narrow stage extension cut through the floor seating area and was used frequently to allow fans closer looks at Tyler and company.

      Dressed in a long black leather coat, studded black pants and a Rikers Island T-shirt, Tyler moved his hips like he was 25 years old. During "Love in an Elevator," a bra was thrown on stage and he picked it up and twirled it around.

      At 55, Tyler is a hard-working musician and knows how to put on a good show. And he plays a mean harmonica. A mix of classics and a few new songs made up the 80-minute set, including "Walk This Way," "Pink" and "Toys in the Attic."

      Perry and Whitford traded impressive guitar licks, and then Perry made what seemed to be a critical mistake before singing lead on a new song. He referred to Portland as Providence. There were a few boos, but the audience quickly forgave.

      The stage had revolved by this point, and the backdrop became several retro-looking blinking neon lights that gave the room a roadhouse feel. Then came perhaps the most salient moment of the evening. Before singing "Dream On" Tyler dedicated it to someone named Adriano, a boy who was there with his family. Apparently the Make-a-Wish Foundation played a hand in making this dream come true for Adriano Paratore.

      Hamilton's bass playing was on the money. His lengthy, satisfying solo gave way to a short version of the song "Take it Easy." The bass lines were soon unmistakably the first few notes of "Sweet Emotion," an Aerosmith classic.

      During this one, confetti cannons were used, and you've never seen ticker tape like this before. It could have been shoveled by the time it was over. With ringing in their ears, fans will be finding confetti in their coats for weeks to come.

      Aimsel L. Ponti is a free-lance writer from Portland. Her column, "The Night Is Young," appears weekly in Go.

      Reader Reviews
      Did you attend the Kiss/Aerosmith show at the Civic Center on Tuesday night? Tell us what you thought of the show.

      Reviewed by Harry
      Nov 20, 2003 1:46 PM
      The Kiss Army and the Aeroforce were definitely satisfied Tuesday night. Performances by both groups were very good. Kiss had the audience hooked throughout most of their set. Watching the audience, I detected a lack of emotion during a few of the Aerosmith numbers. Kiss' stage setup was much more elaborate than Aerosmith's, but each setup suited the groups, Kiss with a show that helps cover their sometimes lacking vocals and Aerosmith with a show that did not detract from theirs.

      Reviewed by Karen
      Nov 20, 2003 8:56 AM
      I thought that Aerosmith rocked the house. Kiss, well, I think it is time for a new stage show. How many times do you need to see Gene's tongue?? I have seen Aerosmith many many times, and as with wine, they just keep getting better and better. They know how to work the crowd and get them involved. Kiss did not walk one giant foot on onto the runway portion of the stage. Not sure why. Aerosmith loves and appreciates their fans and that showed. Although they did not have any spectacular stage show, the show rocked. It was simple, all about the music, not a side show. I had great seats, row 8, in the fan club section, right beside the runway. To see Aerosmith up close and personal like that, is a great experience. I was able to get a hand slap from Steven, and a close up of Joe wailing on his guitar. Great show!

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1977 Aerosmith plays in San Diego CA at the Sports Arena (Wet Willie opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Pittsburgh PA at the Civic Arena (Dokken opens)

      1993 Deuces are Wild is released as a single

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Dortmund Germany at Westfalenhalle (Mr. Big opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Ft. Wayne, IN at Ft. Wayne Coliseum (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2001 Brad is the Grand Marshall for the New Hampshire 300 NASCAR race

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Rage - Soundchaser (2003)

News as of November 22, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at the Capital Center (Golden Earring opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at the Capital Center (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Livingstone Scotland at The Forum (Little Angels open)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Stuttgart Germany at H.M. Schleyer-Halle (Mr. Big opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Jacksonville FL at Jacksonville Coliseum

News as of November 21, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in New York City at the Felt Forum (Focus and the Spencer Davis Group open)

      1976 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at the Capital Center (Golden Earring opens)

      1978 Aerosmith cancels their show in Syracuse NY when their plane makes an emergency landing back into Boston; the show is rescheduled at a later date

      1986 "Aerosmith" is certified double platinum

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Newcastle UK at City Hall (Little Angels open)

      1991 The Simpsons "Flaming Moe's" episode debuts featuring Aerosmith

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Evansville IN at Roberts Stadium (Seven Mary Three opens)

News as of November 20, 2003
  • Steven Tyler - Florida Bike Run
      16th Annual Toys in the Sun Run

      BIG 106 and Rick Case Honda are proud to present the 16th Annual Toys in the Sun Run on Sunday, December 7, 2003. Please join BIG 106 on this charitable ride behind this years Grand Marshals, Steven Tyler and BSO Sheriff Ken Jenne. Then party with us as it proves each year to not only be great for the kids at the Children’s Treatment Center at the Joe DiMaggio children’s Hospital, but also a great time for all involved.

      The motorcycle parade begins at Pompano Harness Track in Pompano Beach, Florida and ends with a party at Markham Park in Sunrise, Florida with live music, lots of vendors, an international food court and plenty of cold beer and soda. Event cost is $10 and one unwrapped toy per person.

      Pompano Harness Track is located on Powerline Rd between Atlantic Blvd. and Cypress Creek Rd. The parade starts lining up at the racetrack at 7am. The bikes will begin pulling out at 10am. The parade will proceed to Atlantic Blvd. East to I-95 South to I-595 West. Exit at 136th & SR84 - proceed to park. These roads will be shut down during the parade. If you do not want to participate in the motorcycle parade, or are coming by vehicle, you must get to the park before 10am. The roads will be closed for the parade from 10am until approximately 1pm. The park opens at 8am and the live entertainment begins at noon. Again, event cost is $10 and one unwrapped toy per person.

      VIP Rider info:
      VIP Rider's will ride in the front of the motorcycle parade. You also receive a Toy Run VIP Rider souvenir skull cap, breakfast at Pompano Harness Track, a Prime Rib lunch at Markham Park and other goodies.

      VIP tickets are $200 per person and $250 for two people on one bike. If you would like to purchase tickets to ride in the Toy Run as a VIP Rider, contact Geno Pulido at BIG 106 Clear Channel at 954.862.3280. Or E-Mail him your address at to have a registration sent to you. Don't wait, checks will only be accepted if they are received by Friday, November 28th!



      Press Release


  • Liv Tyler @ Halloween (Toonses88)

  • Possible Aerosmith on TV alert..?
      Andy Sneed writes:

      Just a quick note. At the ‘smith show in Nashville earlier this year, the guys filmed an NFL commercial (the girls that me and my buddies were with, got pulled out of the crowd to be in the commercial). Anyway, being that during the concert Steven mentioned that they had been hanging out with the Tennessee Titans all day, I would expect that the commercial they were shooting would have something to do with the Titans. Well, being that Aerosmith has had spots on Monday night Football at times this year, it would seem to me that we could expect to see that commercial December 1st, being that this is the only time all year that the Titans are on MNF. I could be wrong, but I will definitely be watching extra closely.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1970 Aerosmith plays in Upton MA

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Denver CO at McNichols Arena (Wet Willie opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Bethlehem PA at Stabler Arena (Dokken opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Metz France at Le Galaxie (Mr. Big opens)

      2001 Young Lust: An Aerosmith Anthology released

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Jethro Tull - live at Sweden Rock Festival 7/6/03

News as of November 19, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Portland, ME
      As reported by Darryl (Aerometis) on Aerobuds message board:

      Portland, ME
      Mama Kin
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Get the Lead Out
      What it Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Lord Of The Thighs
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion

      - Still only 14 songs so I guess that's it for indoor shows.

  • RIP Michael Kamen (DMAAT)
      Grammy-Winning Composer Kamen Dies

      LOS ANGELES (AP) - Michael Kamen, the Grammy-winning and Oscar-nominated composer who fused hard-rock riffs with classical styling in albums for Pink Floyd and provided music for the "Lethal Weapon" and "Die Hard" movies," has died at age 55.

      Kamen collapsed in his London home Tuesday from an apparent heart attack, according to his Los Angeles-based publicist, Jeff Sanderson.

      Kamen collaborated with a wide range of artists, from the London Philharmonic to Aerosmith, Metallica and jazz saxophonist David Sanborn.

      Although Kamen was classically trained and studied oboe at New York's Julliard School, the composer's distinctive long, curly hair and beard made him look more like a heavy-metal guitarist than a classical conductor.

      He was known for combining those two sensibilities. Among his most famous collaborations was on the orchestral arrangements in Pink Floyd's 1979 album "The Wall." He also worked with the band on the albums "The Final Cut" and "The Division Bell."

      Kamen's most recent Grammy win came in 2001, when he shared the award for best rock instrumental performance with Metallica for conducting the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in the metal-rock band's song "The Call of Ktulu."

      He also won a Grammy in 1996 for best instrumental arrangement with "An American Symphony," which he derived from his work on the Richard Dreyfuss musical drama "Mr. Holland's Opus."

      His first Grammy was in 1992 for best pop instrumental performance for the theme music to "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves."

      In "Mr. Holland's Opus," Dreyfuss portrayed a passionate teacher who sacrificed his own ambitions to engage the imagination of his students through music. Inspired by the movie, Kamen established the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation in 1997 to raise money to make musical instruments available to the nation's children.

      Kamen worked with singer Bryan Adams to help craft the movie theme songs "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" from "Robin Hood" and "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman" from "Don Juan DeMarco." He received Oscar nominations for co-writing those songs.

      Kamen also collaborated with such pop, jazz and rock stars as Sting, Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Eric Clapton.

      Kamen was born in New York City in 1948. He started learning to play the piano at age 2 and later added the guitar, clarinet and oboe. Among his parents' friends were the musicians Huddie Ledbetter and Pete Seeger, and he grew up listening to recordings of music by Bach and Gilbert and Sullivan. Kamen played folk-blues in a jug band while simultaneously studying oboe at Julliard, and later experimented with techno, disco and rock while writing pure classical music for ballet performances.

      Kamen is survived by his wife, two daughters, his father and three brothers

  • Another article on Kamen (DMAAT)
      Composer Who Worked With Metallica, Aerosmith Dead At 55
      11.18.2003 8:45 PM EST

      Composer, conductor and arranger Michael Kamen, who led the San Francisco Symphony in its collaboration with Metallica for the band's 1999 S&M album, died at home in London of an apparent heart attack Tuesday (November 18), according to his publicist. He was 55.

      Known for being something of a rock and roll classicist, in 1974 Kamen served as musical director for David Bowie's Diamond Dogs tour, and he's worked on orchestrations for Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Queen, Pink Floyd and Bob Dylan. In 1991 he arranged an orchestral version of Aerosmith's "Dream On" for MTV's 10th anniversary celebration, but it was S&M that truly introduced him to the consciousness of today's young rock fans.

      The album, whose title is short for Symphony & Metallica, was the culmination of two shows the seemingly opposing forces staged in Berkeley, California, in April 1999. Kamen, Metallica and the orchestra even took their show on the road, performing in New York and Berlin as well as at the Billboard Music Awards. The album sold more than 2.6 million copies and earned Kamen a Best Rock Instrumental Performance Grammy for "The Call of Ktulu."

      Kamen was also known for his scores and soundtracks, including music for the sci-fi comedy "Brazil," "Lethal Weapon" (for which he collaborated with Clapton), "Die Hard," "Road House," James Bond's "Licensed to Kill," "Mr. Holland's Opus," "X-Men" and other films.

      Working with Bryan Adams and producer Robert John "Mutt" Lang (Def Leppard, Shania Twain), Kamen earned his first Academy Award nomination, as well as another Grammy, for "(Everything I Do) I Do It for You," from the 1991 film "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves." The soundtrack also won a Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance. His second Oscar nod came for the score of 1995's "Don Juan DeMarco," which also won a Grammy for Best Instrumental Arrangement.

      Kamen was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis six years ago but only went public with his illness in September, when he was honored by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society at a gala dinner. In one of his last interviews, with trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter, he said he never let the disease control his life.

      "People in general ask me, 'Are you all right? Are you in pain?' " he told the magazine. "There really is no pain. There is some discomfort, and my walking isn't as good as it used to be, but I'm still able to conduct; I'm still able to get onstage and offstage; I'm still playing the keyboard and playing the oboe and singing. I'm writing music, and that hasn't slowed down. They talk about [MS patients] being overwhelmed by fatigue, but I think my life is so filled with stimulating things to do that fatigue just doesn't enter the equation."

      Most recently, Kamen directed the music for the 2002 Winter Olympics and scored Kevin Costner's film "Open Range." He was working on stage adaptations of "Mr. Holland's Opus" and "Don Juan DeMarco" at the time of his death.

      Kamen is survived by his wife, Sandra Keenan-Kamen, daughters Sasha Kamen and Zoe Kamen, father Saul Kamen, and brothers Jon Kamen, Len Kamen and Paul Kamen.

      —Joe D'Angelo

  • Steven sighting
      This is a little late in the news progression, I suppose... but a friend of mine was in the NYC subway (the N/R heading downtown, for you city folk) and SAW Steven Tyler!! He was with some guy with a colored beard... so she went up to him and said, "You're Steven Tyler, right?" and he says, "Yep!" and she asked him if she could shake his hand for a friend of hers (yes, that'd be me), and she did! Steven Tyler -- riding the SUBWAY! It made sense he was in the city, as it was the day after the Madison Square Garden show... but where was he heading?!?!!!


      -Sarah Royal

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Mansfield CT at the University of CT

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Portland ME at Cumberland County Civic Center

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at the Capital Center (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Birmingham UK at the National Exhibition Center (Thunder opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Buenos Aires Argentina at Velez-Sarsfield Athletic Center (Gilby Clarke opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Peoria IL at the Peoria Civic Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Uncasville CT at Mohegan Sun Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Dream Theater - Train Of Thought (2003)

News as of November 18, 2003
  • Review of last show by Tony (DMAAT)
      Well, the Garden was shaking last evening, as Aerosmith performed another electrified show. They seemed to have gone into a higher gear these last two shows... We are all leaving the shows feeling very satisfied with what we've seen...

      Last night's set list varied only slightly from the previous show in Bridgeport... They opened with Mama Kin, as opposed to Back In The Saddle... We were also treated to the traditional version of Train Kept A Rollin', with the slow beginning, and rave up at the end... It's always so nice to hear that song played the way it was recorded...

      In addition, NYC was treated to a 15th song, which is one more than they had been playing at the indoor venues... Before playing Dream On, Aerosmith brou ght back, I Never Loved A Woman (the way I loved you)... This particular blues song had been dropped from the set for a period of time, but they dusted it off, and did a fine job on it as well...

      For a brief moment, we all thought we were going to get a 16th song, but the band teased us with an abbreviated version of Take It Easy....

      Besides the performance, one of the highlights of the night was Steven's introduction of Lenny Kravitz (who did not perform, but was watching the show from the fenced in soundboard area). Steven introduced Lenny right before breaking into Pink... I was seated fairly close to the soundboard, and had a chance to say hello to Lenny, get a handshake, and a quick autograph. I had no intention of putting a cramp in his style, so I wasn't overly chatty, and tried not to be a nuisance... Lenny was very cool about it... No one else really bothered him the entire time he was watching the show... Lenny cut out at some point between Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion...

      The other highlight was watching Steven swing out over the crowd on the trapeze rope, hooking his legs, and hanging upside down with no hands... It's actually pretty cool to see this... When I see him do this, I get a mental picture of him as a kid, doing this crazy stuff in the woods (as he describes in "Walk This Way")....

      For anyone that has tickets in the reserved sections to the immediate left or right of the stage, the seats are fantastic... These tickets are priced at $89.00. The side ramps extend all the way out to the crowd, and Steven and Joe make a few trips during the show... The trapeze rope is situated to the right of the stage (when facing it) and is literally tied off on the railing. A real treat for any fans seated in this area....

      The complete set list is as follows:

      Mama Kin
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Pink (with Lenny Kravitz introduction)
      Train Kept A Rollin (traditional / recorded version)
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin'
      Baby Please Don't Go
      I Never Loved A Woman
      Dream On
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Walk This Way
      (bass solo / abbreviated version of Take It Easy)
      Sweet Emotion....

      Well, after a little break for me, it's off to the Fleet Center on November 26th...for my next show... I'll talk to you all then....

      Tony - MPC1

  • Actress Liv Tyler Given Strict Ultimatum (DMAAT)
      Liv Tyler, who played the heroine Arwen in "The Lord of the Rings," has been told in no uncertain terms she must lose weight or risk losing top roles in movies. Click to watch the preview of "Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King," the final movie in the triology. The Washington Post reports that the 26-year-old actress, whose father is Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, dropped to a skinny 125 pounds for her role in the "Rings" trilogy, but as soon as shooting wrapped on the three movies, she gained 28 pounds. Here's a dirty little secret most of us harbor about our friends who are overweight. Click to find out what it is. But Liv has a some words for those Hollywood suits. She says she's happy with her weight, thank you very much, and has no intention of dieting. "I've been told that if I lose weight I'd have more work, but to the rest of the world I am slim and I like the way I am," she said. Is that cheering we hear coming from women everywhere?

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Mansfield CT at the Univ. of CT

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Passaic NJ at Capitol Theater (Climax Blues Band opens)

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Wichita KS at the Henry Leavitt Arena (Wet Willie opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in New Haven CT at Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Flint opens)

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Hartford CT at the Civic Center

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Birmingham UK at the National Exhibition Center (Thunder opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Milan Italy at Palatrussardi (Mr. Big opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Buenos Aires Argentina at Velez-Sarsfield Athletic Center (Gilby Clarke opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Focus - Hamburger Concerto (1974)

News as of November 17, 2003
  • Joe Perry Project on VH1!
      The (rarely seen) JPP video "Black Velvet Pants" was on VH1 Classics' Rock Fest today about 25 min. into the show. It immediately follows a Roger Daltry video. It is channel 337 on DirectTV and comes on again tonight at 10:00 E/9:00 C. I don't know if it will be the same one, but if it is, the very first video of the hour is Eric Clapton then followed by the Rolling Stones "Angie".

  • Aerosmith Blues Album Inspired By Bike Crashes And Funny Phrases
      Aerosmith Blues Album Inspired By Bike Crashes And Funny Phrases

      Group has pushed album release date back from January to March.

      by Jon Wiederhorn

      Instead of holing themselves up in a studio as they have for past records, the members of Aerosmith chose to record their upcoming blues album at guitarist Joe Perry's ranch near Boston. In addition to providing a relaxing creative atmosphere, the location offered a wide range of diversions including horses, a pool and various toys for when the group didn't feel like working.

      "I have a lot of motorized vehicles and plenty of firearms," Perry said. "It was a good time."

      Fortunately no one in the band was mistaken for a deer and accidentally shot during a nature walk in the woods. But there was one mishap that could have jeopardized Aerosmith's recording plans and current tour with Kiss.

      "We were riding around on dirtbikes and somebody forgot that I have a swimming pool," Perry said, refusing to name the scatterbrained individual. "They came up over the hill and slammed the brakes on really hard, and we got to see just how many times a dirtbike can go end over end. Fortunately there were no broken bones."

      Even without any serious injuries to delay them, Aerosmith have bumped their record, tentatively called Honking on Bobo, from January to March in order to finish tweaking a few tracks. The disc will feature classic blues songs by Muddy Waters, Fisher/Hopkins, Blind Willie McTell and others done Aerosmith-style, and a few originals including "Into the Grind" (see "Aerosmith Get The Blues On New Album").

      "It's kind of a response to what a lot of fans have been asking for," Perry said. "If I hear it once, I hear it a hundred times. People come up and say, 'Wow, I like your new stuff, but when are you gonna make a record that's really raw, and that sounds like the old Aerosmith?' With this one, we tried to keep the songs more immediate and not really think about what's on the charts. It was very reminiscent of the Rocks era."

      The recordings were produced by Jack Douglas, who worked with the band from 1974 to 1979, and listening back to the songs, Perry is pleased with the spontaneity the band was able to capture in the studio. He's especially fond of versions of Mississippi Fred McDowell's "Back Back Train" and Aretha Franklin's "I Never Loved a Man," which Aerosmith reworked as "Never Loved a Woman." Perry also loves their take on Muddy Waters' "Baby Please Don't Go," but one reason the record has been delayed is because the band can't decide whether to go with a studio or live version of the song.

      "We learned it and recorded it in the studio and it sounded great because it had a very spontaneous and unaffected air to it," Perry said. "But since we've been playing it live every night, it's started to take on this whole other vibe. We've been recording the shows every night, and one of those performances may be the one that ends up on the record because when you have 20,000 people cheering, that adds an extra level of intensity."

      Singer Steven Tyler came up with the title Honking on Bobo, which everyone in the band seems happy with. But Perry admits that the name might not play so well from a marketing standpoint, and could be changed. "We like it because it's funny," he said. "It's one of those phrases that Steven said, and I don't know where he heard it from, but when he mentioned it, we all started laughing."

      Laughter was an important part of the creative process for Honking on Bobo. Aerosmith didn't sweat out the songs. They didn't pull out their hair. They took their time, played only when they were in a good mood and gained inspiration by having fun and striving to be original.

      "We wanted to do something we haven't done before and that excites us," Perry said. "That's what makes us want to do another record. Otherwise, we'd say, 'OK, we've done everything we can do, so why bother even going in again?’ "

      Aerosmith will tour with Kiss through December 20 in Fresno, California, and will head out again to promote their blues album early next year.

      This report is provided by MTV News

  • Article in Sunday Paper
      The following article was in a local (NH) Sunday newspaper. Nice to see Tom interviewed along with Steven and Joe.


      Sunday, November 16, 2003 E-mail This Article
      Aerosmith’s Tyler, Perry and Hamilton reflect on 30 years in the biz

      Sunday Citizen Correspondent

      BACK IN THE SADDLE — With 30 years of experience, seasoned rockers Joe Perry, lead guitarist, left, and Steven Tyler, vocalist, along with the balance of Aerosmith have weathered the storms and moved beyond the excesses. These days, it's all about the music. (Courtesy photo)

      Aerosmith: They are, for all intents and purposes, America’s Rolling Stones.

      Through the decades, their story has been told in many ways. Now, three of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers from Aerosmith, taking a break from recording a blues-based album to forge a unique double bill concert tour with Kiss, offer a career retrospective via a phone interview in advance of a Monday, Nov. 24, show at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester.

      In the beginning: The early ’70s

      "We noticed people really digging our music. That was a major step in our heads," recalls Steven Tyler, the "voice" (and lips) of Aerosmith, who got a start with his first serious band, The Stangeurs, in Sunapee in 1964.

      Interestingly, he was the drummer in that band. He later would join Chain Reaction, then merge with the Jam Band to form Aerosmith in 1970.

      "We came right out of the (New England) clubs and college frat houses and the party scene, where we weren’t trying to sell anything. We were just there having a good time ourselves."

      Then came the realization they were reaching people.

      "It was, ‘Wow, they like it!’" recalls Tyler, whose given name was Steven Tallarico. He changed it to Tyler in 1972.

      "It wasn’t, ‘Let’s sell our product,’ like the record companies were doing. It was never something where we thought, ‘We’ve intentionally got to make them love us,’" he says.

      "It was not until the second or third album where we said, ‘We’d love it if they love this album.’ It was always we just put our stuff down and they liked it."

      Still, success didn’t come without effort for Aerosmith, even after releasing their self-titled 1973 debut album on Columbia Records.

      "It’s always been an uphill battle," says lead guitarist Joe Perry. "In the ’70s it was trying to break out of Boston. We’re one of the few bands that was playing rock in the disco years and putting out rock during the alternative years."

      But they remained true to rock, he says. "We’re trying to carry on the tradition of straight rock ’n’ roll, staying within our own framework while the rest of the world does what it wants to do."

      It seems to be working. After 30 years of rocking, Aerosmith’s "O, Yeah!" debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Top 200, selling 136,879 records in the first week in July 2002.

      Defining the sound

      Defining Aerosmith’s sound is easy, suggests Perry.

      "When you hear Steven’s voice and the band playing, I think it’s pretty distinctive. I think there is an Aerosmith sound," he said.

      And it’s true. The bluesy-rock, metal-riff sounds and songs — ranging from the early "Dream On," to 1976’s "Back in the Saddle," 1993’s "Livin’ on the Edge" and beyond — have grown so familiar over the decades that the name "Aerosmith" has become a sort of adjective itself — a way to describe other band’s sounds, but hardly requiring description itself.

      But bassist Tom Hamilton believes the sound is definable, if only in the vaguest terms. He hears it as a combination of energy and melody.

      "A lot of times those things are thought of as being mutually exclusive. You either rock or do melodic songs."

      Not Aerosmith. They do both. At the same time.

      Senior citizens of rock?

      Age is not about chronology, band members say, but about spirit and a person’s approach to life.

      As to continuing to play regardless of age, Hamilton says it’s a no-brainer: If you love the music as much as you did when you started, there’s no reason to stop.

      "There seems to be a feeling out there with this kind of music that the more experience you get with it, the more you should think about not doing it — as opposed to any other profession where the more you do it, the better you get at it. It’s a strange thing," he says.

      "People also ask, ‘How can you speak for youth or represent the priorities of youth?’ We represent our own priorities and frustrations. (We sing about) what we’re feeling. It happens to be stuff people feel no matter what age they are, so it connects there."

      Besides, says Tyler, "I come from a place of understanding. I know about kids. I’m still one and I will never grow out of it.

      "There are a lot of adults walking around with a kid inside of them screaming to get out and they never let them out."

      And, says Perry, "The music we are playing now could have worked very well when we were 18. We have this thing where we always reached for, hopefully, an unattainable goal — to make music as good as what our heroes made."

      On battling demons

      "I can’t tell kids, ‘Don’t do drugs,’" says Tyler, who has been clean for some time now.

      "I know they won’t listen. I can just give them examples of what I went through. My idols and role models were people using heroin and getting messed up in the big time, and they died. And I didn’t see it until I was dying myself," he says.

      Getting clean has allowed him to take stock of himself, he says.

      "I love to rock ’n’ roll. I was a druggie dabbling in music, instead of a musician dabbling in drugs. Drugs were fun for me in the beginning. But I did so much of them.

      "Your body is only flesh and your poor heart can only take so much."

      Hamilton is happy that the substance abuse seems long ago and far away.

      "It makes us realize how much we love what we are doing and how much we love the band and the importance of communication, rather than isolation, which was the problem before," he explains.

      "Aerosmith doesn’t want to preach about it, but we get a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that we are in a business that most people associate with wretched excess and people can see we are having a good time without it."

      Re-dedicating himself to career growth was vital in turning himself away from drug use, Perry says.

      "First it was identifying what it is I loved so much. For a long while I didn’t grow as a musician and performer," he recalls.

      "When we first stopped using drugs and alcohol, there was such a bad rap on the band. Promoters and record labels didn’t want us. We had to make some kind of public statement that we would try and change."

      As for trying to preach to others, Perry isn’t up for it either.

      "When I was using and abusing, nobody could tell me anything," he says.

      But if anybody is in the throes of heroin addiction and feels like he or she can’t get out, he says there are places to look to see it’s possible.

      "Look at the odds of a band like ours, that we are together, and the fact we are making music that’s different than we’ve ever made before."

      Lessons from the band

      Success is about keeping priorities straight, Hamilton says.

      "What happened to us in the late ’70s, you can see what happens when a band goes from being in a quest for making the best music it can make to being on a quest to squeeze the lifestyle out of it," he says.

      The work grew to be more about the rewards of making money than it was about making great music.

      "It’s almost an impossible thing for someone to learn the first time around. It’s a very human thing to get swamped when the fruits of your labor start coming at you head-on," Hamilton says.

      So the first lesson, according to Hamilton, is not to get corrupted by the material rewards of your efforts. The next lesson, though, is that if success does become fleeting, you can get it back.

      "You can make a hard decision and go through the obstacles you need to go through to put it back together," he assures.

      Perry would like Aerosmith to provide hope for other musicians.

      "For one thing, they can learn from us that you can have a career in this business. It just doesn’t have to end after the first or second record.

      "The whole system is set up to chew ’em up and spit ’em out. As soon as the newest, greatest thing falls down, they can drop you and they do. It almost happened to us. This perception that if someone sells 35 million records and the next album they sell 20 million, that it’s a failure, that’s b.s. That’s not what it is from an artistic point of view."

      Their contributions

      "I think Aerosmith has captured a new world of music through our feelings," says Tyler, speaking to the big picture of what the band has contributed to the music industry.

      "A lot of bands out there have said Aerosmith was their favorite band and what inspired them to become who they are. I know Aerosmith opened up a major can of worms in the ’70s."

      Aerosmith carried the rock ’n’ roll standard, especially when it wasn’t convenient or hip, Perry adds.

      "There’s nothing like American rock ’n’ roll around the world. You hear bands from other countries try to do it, but it just isn’t the same," he says.

      Aerosmith’s body of work — more than 20 albums — represents itself well, says Hamilton.

      "I think we’ve kept it pretty much down to the basics and we’ve contributed some good songs. That’s the bottom line of what we should be doing," he says.

      "I can’t say we brought on any massive cultural changes or revolutionary new ways of thinking or new political movements, just maybe that we’ve contributed the idea you can do it as long as you want and there is a little bit of a rebellion in that."

      Tickets for Aerosmith and Kiss at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester on Monday, Nov. 24, are $86 to $136, and available through Ticketmaster, 868-7300, or online at Additional information is available at the venue, 644-5000, or online at The show begins at 7 p.m


  • Excerpts from a post made by Aeroluvr on DMAAT
      If you haven't heard by now, is permanently closing down it's site on December 2nd and all content, URLs, CDs, artist sites, charts, images, links, etc. will just disappear. While there are several other music hosting sites out there, none have the CD program like had.

      As most of you know, back in 2000 I created an MP3 site for former Aerosmith guitar player (and my friend) Rick Dufay I made a CD out of his London recordings that were done in the late 80's after he left Aerosmith. The title track is "Written In Stone" which, of course as Aero fans, you guys know saw its beginnings during Aerosmith post-RIAHP rehearsal/recording sessions though the song never got completed. It was often referred to as the "On The Bus" song as Jack, Tom and Rick worked on it "on the bus" a lot. Rick vowed to write lyrics and record it one day and that he did.

      Because of the exposure via the MP3 site, that song was used in Danny Provenzano's movie, "This Thing Of Ours" as you might recall me posting about.

      After the Aero Behind the Music aired, it was AMAZING how many Aero fans, groupies, former employees, friends and even family found Rick via that MP3 site. I've learned a lot (too much? LOL) about the old daze of Aero via folks who have emailed Rick via thet site.

      The CDs that we sold on the site will become instant collectibles because after today (Monday) at noon there will be no way to purchase one. I bought myself a couple of extras tonight just to have them. Several of the fans that have purchased one have got it signed by Rick, which is cool. Chris Slade (of AC/DC, etc.) played drums on the CD and he was just here in town for one of Rick's gigs a while back - reconnected with Rick via the site as did everyone else involved in the project.

      There is another track on the CD that is VERY Aero related - a very powerful (and only) rock ballad loosely based on what Rick went through after the Aero stint was over. "Didn't I". You might recall that he is the one that actually encouraged the band to get back together, in fact PUSHED everyone involved to "make it happen" even knowing it would mean he was out of a job.

      Those of you on Rick's list know about his past and present relationship with the guys - in fact I just posted a pic of Rick and Brad I took at that gig a few weeks ago. Yeah, the "Aero job sharers" LOL.

      So, if you were ever curious about that WIS song (talked about in the Aerosmith book by Mark Putterford - THE FALL AND RISE OF AEROSMITH) you can listen to and download it until December 2nd. You can listen to ALL TEN songs by the way (though not download the other 9). If you read this before noon on Monday, you can even hurry and buy a CD but MP3 is cutting off CD sales as of Monday, November 17th at NOON Pacific Time.

      If you're interested in learning more about the Aero ties/influence in the songs, etc. you might want to visit the site..while it's still there. There's a few pics of him in Aero..including some from the infamous Hawaii gig...the one he tried to jump out of the plane on the way to LOL.

      By the way, as many of you know and have done, if you ever have any AEROSMITH and/or RICK DUFAY item you would like Rick to sign, simply email me ( and I'll get it done for you. Same with anyone who would like to meet up with him while they are in the L.A. area.

      Feel free to email me DIRECTLY (off-list) if you would like any additional information. SURE to let any of your friends who have MP3 sites know t he site is gonna be HISTORY. They did not even send EMAILS to let us know..just a single post on what's left of their message board...that's it. It's a sad day indeed. Aeroluvr

  • SET LIST: New York, NY (DMAAT)
      From as reported by Tony (MPC1), Nick ( and Mike:

      New York, NY
      Madison Square Garden

      Mama Kin
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Train Kept A Rollin' (GYW version)
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      I Never Loved A Girl Like I Love You
      Dream On
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo / Take It Easy / Sweet Emotion

      Interesting Notes:
      - Lenny Kravitz in attendance. Hung by soundboard.
      - Never Loved popping in for the NYCittay audience.
      - Little surprised Rats wasn't played; seems like they always do that here. Time contraints? ;-)

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Roanoke VA at the Civic Center (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in London UK at Wembley Arena (The Quireboys open)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Zurich Switzerland at Hallenstadion (Mr. Big opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Sioux Falls SD at Sioux Falls Arena (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Manchester NH at Manchester Verizon Wireless Arena (The Cult opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Van Der Graaf Generator - Godbluff (1975)
Awesome! I pity those of you have never heard VDGG!
Van Der Graaf generator - The Box (1968-1978)

News as of November 16, 2003
  • Fan pics from Mia's concert wedding
      Brad saw Aerosmith in Vega$ twice last month and took some pictures of Mia's wedding. While not the best photo quality, I thought you'd enjoy them.

  • German band takes on Walk This Way
      Here are some news from Germany:

      A band called "Dick Brave and the Backbeats" has done their take on "Walk This Way". On their new album "Dick this", the band plays covers of various hits (see tracklist below), all in fifties-rock-n-roll-style with a little Elvis-twist. As far as I know, "Walk This Way" is planned to be released a single in Germany. I've already seen a tidbit of the video. It shows people breaking a wall, just like in the Aerosmith/Run DMC video from the eighties.

      1.Get The Party Started
      2.Walk This Way - Album Version
      3.She's The Most
      4.Take Good Care
      5.Be The One For Me
      6.Twenty Flight Rock
      7.Slippin' 'n' Slidin'
      9.Buona Sera
      10.Teenager In Love
      11.Black Or White
      12.Hallelujah I Love Her So
      13.Here I Go (I'm A Hobo)
      14.Smokey Joe's Café
      16.Give It Away
      17.They Remind Me Too Much Of You


      Album Info at

      Sound samples available through the link above! I listened to some of them. Sounded pretty good actually. Not something I'd want to listen to more than once, and I wouldn't buy it, but fun for what it is... :)

  • SET LIST: Bridgeport. CT
      As reported on AF1 message board and by Tony (motherpopcorn1):

      Bridgeport, CT Arena at Harbor Yard

      Back In The Saddle
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Train Kept A Rollin'
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion

      Interesting Notes:
      - First time playing this arena. Small intimate venue; holds 9,000. REAL LOUD. REAL LOUD.
      - During What It Takes, Steven took Tony's cell phone and sang a bit into it. Very cool for who else was on the other line

  • Canadian Football League East division finals
      Pascal writes:

      I was watching tv last Sunday and guess what? In Montreal, Quebec, Canada, actress-singer Caroline Néron sung a great version of Walk to way at the halftime show of the Canadian Football League East division finals between the Montreal Alouettes & the Toronto Argonauts. Montreal won 36-30.

  • Steven Tyler's Most Valued Award (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler now can add an especially personal award to his collection - a gold medallion recognizing 17 years of sobriety. "Addiction wore me down," the 55-year-old rocker and honoree shared at the Musicians Assistance Program Awards in Beverly Hills. "It took my children from me. It broke the band up. It made me broke. So when someone turned me on to sobriety, they said, 'Look where you are, man. Your best thinking got you in a locked ward.' And it's amazing. In the blink of an eye, you finally see the light." Tyler, currently touring on a double bill with KISS, is also beaming about the recent marriages of daughters Liv and Mia. So what does he think about the idea of becoming a rock and roll grandpa? "I love it. I've been a mother all my life. It's time to be a daddy."

  • Aerosmith Featured on Access-Top 10 Videos of All Time
      Walk this Way with Run D.M.C was number 9#
      Access Hollywood had WTW on about 5 minutes in to the show. Steven was featured and said that they broke the barriers from rock and rap and black and white. He also said that the black rappers are the rockstars of today.

  • Number 2 for Kiss/Aerosmith (DMAAT)
      From the November 10th issue of Pollstar...

      The Aerosmith/KISS tour comes in at number two, up from number three last week. Tours are ranked by average boxoffice gross.

      The top five:

      Bruce Springsteen
      Dave Matthews Band
      Dixie Chicks

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center (Golden Earring opens)

      1979 The first Joe Perry Project show is played in Newton MA at the Rathskellar at Boston College

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Worcester MA at the Centrum; Steeven passes out right before Toys and the next day the papers report that he had 'food poisoning'

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Hampton City VA at the Hampton Roads Coliseum (Dokken opens)

      1993 Amazing is released as a single

      1994 Aerosmith plays in COrdoba Argentina at Carreras Stadium (Gilby Clarke opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

The Flower Kings - Stardust We Are (1997)

News as of November 15, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1976 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at Boston Garden (Rick Derringer opens)

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Tulsa OK at the Assembly Center (Wet Willie opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Springfield MA at the Civic Center (Golden Earring opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in London UK at Hammersmith Odeon (The Quireboys open); David Coverdale joins them on I'm Down

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Munich Germany at Olympiahalle (Mr. Big opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in LaCrosse WI at LaCrosse Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in East Rutherford NJ at the Continental Arena

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Marysville CA at Autowest Amphitheatre (Kid Rock opens); show rescheduled from 11/7/02

News as of November 14, 2003
  • Grand Rapids Press Article
      Plenty of air left beneath Aerosmith's wings

      Sunday, November 09, 2003

      By John Sinkevics
      The Grand Rapids Press

      If there's a formula for Aerosmith's staggering longevity, Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and company might consider bottling it and hawking it to lesser rock bands.

      Actually, the venerable rock stars' patent for 33 years of success includes a simple, common ingredient.

      "Everybody's got different tastes, but the band is at the top of the list in terms of priorities," Perry said in a recent interview from a Las Vegas tour stop.

      "There's that guilty pleasure of listening to music, and we've never lost that.

      "Then there's that unique skill of getting along with somebody. It's one thing to be around guys when you're 20 years old, and then you grow up to be men, and your tastes diverge.

      "It's hard to put your finger on any one thing that keeps this band together. But I have to say we've always been fans of the music first, and we just have this unique feeling about keeping the band together."

      So, Perry, Tyler, Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford -- whose 2003 tour with Kiss has entered its fourth month with a stop Wednesday at Grand Rapids' Van Andel Arena -- just keep on keeping on, touring incessantly and churning out yet another new studio album, set for release in February or March.

      Classic in the making

      The latest recording project promises to be one of the group's most highly anticipated albums ever, featuring Aerosmith's unique take on classic old blues tunes band members long have adored.

      "It's probably 80 percent covers," Perry said of the 15 tracks Aerosmith has recorded, including "some very obscure blues songs" the guys sat around and experimented with.

      "It was kind of an exploration of our roots. Some of the things we took direct reference from the first time we heard it ... It sounds like an Aerosmith record. It's definitely the record people have been waiting for, especially our fans."

      The band already has started playing some of the songs live, including Big Joe Williams' "Baby Please Don't Go" and Little Walter's "Temperature."

      "As far as blues, so much of it just adapts to the kind of music that we like," said Perry, who counts Mississippi Fred McDowell, Otis Rush, Freddy King and Buddy Guy among his blues-guitar heroes.

      "It was a pretty long list of songs on our wish list ... There were a bunch of things that I had for different reasons, whether it was a cool rhythm that I could get behind or a melody that I could hear us doing.

      "There were a lot of songs that were almost swing or big band that all fall into the blues thing. We're doing an Aretha Franklin song that was recorded in 1964."

      While Aerosmith has wrapped up recording sessions for the bulk of the album, the guitarist said the band may "cut one more song if something comes up" as it applies final touches early next year.

      The group started it all off by absorbing, one by one, the selections from a list of old blues standards.

      "We'd go down to the studio around 1 or 2 (p.m.), and spend a little time listening to a song that we felt inspired by and work it up. And by that night, we'd have a song," Perry said, adding the band has enjoyed testing that "new" material on concert audiences.

      "These new songs ... kind of turn out different every night, just by the nature of them. When we really hammer them, the audience really responds. That's what keeps it fresh. That's leading the way for the next studio album; the experience of doing this blues record was really good for pushing the reset button."

      That reset button has gotten pushed plenty of times over the past three decades, allowing the band to survive its drug-and-party days to sell more than 100 million albums, win induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and keep its music relevant and popular with young audiences as well as seasoned fans.

      Paying the freight

      Some of the devoted haven't hesitated to pay the $85 and $125 ticket prices for the Aerosmith/Kiss double bill. Others, however, have balked: Plenty of prime seats still were available at midweek for the upcoming Van Andel Arena concert.

      "It's not about limos and fast cars and fast women. That's nice, but that won't sustain you," said Perry, 53. "That's not the reason to get into it, because you might not ever have that.

      "If you want to play and you want to perform and you have to do it, then those are the right reasons to get into it."

      That driving force helped the band overcome the turmoil of the late 1970s, when Perry -- and later Whitford -- left the group, only to rejoin Aerosmith in early 1984.

      "It was more tenuous in the '70s. Breaking up seemed more like an option, and we did. Bands were breaking up and supergroups were forming and people were dying and things were a lot more volatile then," Perry recalls.

      "But we've gotten this far, and the energy is still there," he said.

      "There's nothing that can replace the experience of 30 years of playing together. That alone is something worth keeping going."

  • Parade - Boston Sunday Globe insert (Toonses88)
      November 8,2003
      This was a small mention in the magazine that comes with the Sunday papers:

      click here for pic

  • Masters of Metal and Hard Rock (Toonses88)

  • Run-DMC: 20 Years Later, It's Still 'Like That' At New Photo Exhibit (Toonses88)
      For anyone in New York.....


      Run-DMC: 20 Years Later, It's Still 'Like That' At New Photo Exhibit

      Exhibit, housed in New York's Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery, runs through January. by Shaheem Reid

      NEW YORK — With this past October marking the one-year anniversary of the death of Jam Master Jay, much of the talk about the legendary trio of late has been solemn. Apparently the news of Jay's early demise and the subsequent hunt for his killers has managed to overshadow the fact that this year marks the group's 20th anniversary.

      Leave it to their old friend and former publicist Bill Adler to remind us. Adler's Eyejammie Fine Arts Gallery in New York is currently running an exhibit entitled "It's Like That: 20 Years of Run-DMC-JMJ."

      "There's no erasing what these guys did in their prime," Adler said while sitting at his desk in the gallery last week. "A show like this helps focus on their various achievements. People, think back and get happy ... it's no different than going back and listening to Run-DMC's records again. You go back and listen and the stuff has not aged. They still sound crisp, vital, entertaining. People will see them more and more as the Beatles of rap."

      Adler, who worked as the group's publicist from 1984 to 1990, called upon some of the photographers he'd developed relationships with over the years to donate pictures they'd shot of the rap triumvirate.

      "I wanted to show the span of what they'd done," Adler said about his game plan. "I knew a lot of photographers — I'd hired them back in the day. The actual process of putting the show together was not difficult. You talk to the photographers and work with them to choose the best images. The question of what's the best is kind of a tricky thing. There's no formula. It's just a feeling."

      Adler amassed 52 photos taken from 1983 to 2002 by such esteemed photographers as Glen E. Friedman, Ernie Paniccioli, Al Pereira and Ronnie Wright. A standout in the exhibit includes a 1994 photo taken by Pereira at Madison Square Garden's Paramount Theater. In it DMC is at the front of the stage and Tupac Shakur is looking up at him from the front row of the audience.

      "You see, Tupac was not just a practitioner of hip-hop — he was a fan of hip-hop," Adler said of the photo. "If you're a fan of hip-hop, you're gonna do that. You're gonna get at DMC's feet [at a show] and look up at him because he's a damn god and you're just gonna be happy. D came to the [photo] show and he stood there looking at [the picture,] and he was in shock. First of all, he didn't remember when it happened. Second of all, he'd never seen that photo before. He was delighted."

      Other stills include one of Jam Master Jay striking a triumphant pose atop his newly purchased jeep in the fall of 1986; one of Run and DMC the night of their first-ever performance at the Bronx nightclub Disco Fever in 1983; and a 1986 photo of the "Walk This Way" recording session at Magic Ventura Studio in New York.

      "There wasn't a place in this small complex of rooms where Rick [Rubin] didn't have the music playing at earsplitting volume," said Adler of the studio, looking at a photo of himself, Rubin, Aerosmith and Russell Simmons. "It was impossible to talk. I had to get up and shout in your ear just so you could hear whatever I had to say. I remember getting up and asking Rick if he could turn it down please, and he screamed at me and said, 'No.' It was a fine atmosphere for him to do his work in. Run-DMC were so unfamiliar with Aerosmith [at the time that] they thought the name of the group was [their 1975 album] Toys in the Attic."

      "It's Like That: 20 Years of Run-DMC-JMJ" is free to the public. It opened on October 17 and will run through January. You can check out to see thumbnail pictures of the gallery's display and purchase photos at prices ranging from $195 to $1,500, but know that your experience won't be complete until you visit the collection in person.

      "Everybody was so delighted with the exhibition itself," Adler said about the response he's been getting. "It's just a reflection of everybody's enduring love for Run-DMC. They represented what's come to be recognized as b-boy culture. They sold it to the world as nobody had before them."

      This report is provided by MTV News

  • Aero-Auction (Toonses88)
      While listening to the radio on the way home last night (Nov 12), I heard of a charity auction.

      I missed the front piece of it, but the DJ mentioned Aerosmith items would be up for auction, along with other music items (I am going to guess it was a charity to donate food to a local food bank since all the stations are doing this at this time of year).

      They mentioned a MnG with the band to an upcoming show (could be the NH or MA show, not sure) and a few autographed items from the band.

      The info on this auction should be up in the next few days on:

      ...should anyone be inclined to give it a look/bid


    WOK THIS WAY 13NOV2003 (Toonses88)

      Not sure why this little blurb was in the paper today, seeing as though the sauce has been out a while now.....


      Boston Globe - November 13,2002
      WOK THIS WAY Aerosmith axman Joe Perry has teamed with Dedham-based Ashley Food Co. to make and market the new (and unappetizingly named) Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce. Perry's the second rocker to enlist the services of Ashley's chief alchemist, David Ashley. Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead is working on a line of wok sauces.

  • Tyler lends a sober hand 06NOV2003 (Toonses88)
      Little Late...


      Boston Herald November 6,2003
      Tyler lends a sober hand

      Thinking of getting high? Who ya gonna call? Steven Tyler!

      The Aerosmith frontman tells the Hollywood Reporter he ``cherishes'' getting late-night phone calls from musicians on the verge - because it beats the alternative!

      ``In the old days, (the calls were) `Hey Steven, Joe died,' '' he said.

      Tyler is part of the Musicians Assistance Program, a network of sober musicians who help others get through rough patches in rehab and recovery.

      So when MAP founder Buddy Arnold called Tyler at 3 a.m. after a recent Madison Square Garden gig and asked him to call an up-and-coming musician who was struggling to stay sober, Steven was happy to oblige.

      ``Hi, it's Steven Tyler,'' he told the musician who freaked out in disbelief. ``Yeah, dude, someone said you were thinking about getting high. Tell me about it, because I think about it all day long, and I've got 17 years sober.''

      After the pep talk, the musician decided not to go off the wagon that night.

      ``People like us need a place to go to as soon as we start using again,'' said Tyler, who epitomized the drug-fueled rock 'n' roll lifestyle until it cost him his band, his money and nearly his life.

      So, for Steven, helping others stay on the straight and narrow is a Sweet Emotion!

  • Aero Tid Bits For November (Toonses88)
      I think I need to get out more....

      1995, Marilyn Manson plays Mama Kins Music Hall

      1997, According to Bill Board, Nine Lives is at position 90 on the charts. At that point in time, the album has been on the charts 77 weeks.

      2002, Aerosmith w/ Kid Rock and Must, Gross sales of $754,943 selling 17,740 tickets at the Cricket Pavilion in Phoenix Arizona

      1985, The re-formed Aerosmith releases Done With Mirrors, the first of four studio albums for their new label, Geffen Records.

      1995, No Doubt plays Mama Kin's Music Hall

      2002, Aerosmith w/ Kid Rock and Must, Gross sales of $655,001 selling 10,915 tickets at the Coors Amphitheatre in Chula Vista California

      1970, Aerosmith performed for the first time live at the Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, MA

      1995, Aerosmith performed under the name "The G Spots" at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA

      1995 Aerosmith played a special club gig at the Middle East in Cambridge MA to rehearse material for their "Nine Lives" album.

      2002, Aerosmith plays the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada

      1980, Aerosmith's Greatest Hits is released.

      1987, "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" becomes Aerosmith's first Top Forty hit in nine years. Two more singles from 'Permanent Vacation,' the group's first album since getting clean and sober, race up the charts: "Angel" (#3) and "Rag Doll" (#17)

      2002, Aerosmith w/ Kid Rock, Gross sales of $859,110 selling 14,172 tickets at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington

      1976, Aerosmith play The Boston Garden with Rick Derringer (Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo).

      1989, Aerosmith appeared at London's Hammersmith Odeon Theatre where Deep Purple's David Coverdale joined them on stage for "I'm Down" -the show was a start of a European tour, the first in 12 years.

      1976 Aerosmith played at the Boston Garden

      1978 The Bee Gees, Peter Frampton and Billy Preston make their acting debuts as the movie version of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" opens. Aerosmith have a cameo in the movie as the FVB (Future Villain Band) and sing a cover of the Beatles Come Together.

      1979, Joe Perry Project plays their first ever gig at a the cafeteria at Boston College.

      2001, Pink releases M!ssundaztood. Steven Tyler duets on a track called Misery

      1986, Get Your Wings is certified Double Platinum

      1991, The rock group Aerosmith makes a guest appearance on an episode (310 from the third season) of the Fox TV animated comedy series "The Simpson's" titled "Flaming Moe's."

      1977, Aerosmith plays the Aladdin in Las Vegas, Nevada

      1978, Aerosmith played the Boston Garden

  • Grand Rapids Setlist - LOL Here We Go Again (DMAAT)
      Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI 11/12/03

      Back In the Saddle
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Train Kept A Rollin'
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo/Sweet Emotion

  • Some more rumors going around... (DMAAT)
      Vball writes:

      I heard some more rumors next weeks show (MSG) or the NH show, STEVEN yes steven AND JOE..will be teaming up with kiss. Now these are STRICKLY rumors..and NOTHING has been confirmed, but the sorce is pretty ligit. So when I get more follow up on this I will inform everyone!!

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Richmond VA at Richmond Coliseum (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in London UK at Hammersmith Odeon (The Quireboys open)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Vienna Austria at the Stadthalle (Mr. Big opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Mountain View CA at Shoreline Amphitheatre (Kid Rock opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Birthcontrol - The Very Best Of Birthcontrol (1972-1975)

News as of November 13, 2003
  • Good Day Live
      On the TV talk show "Good Day Live" they were interviewing the young Country star LeAnn Rimes about her new "Greatest Hit" album and they were talking about how she is only 21 and already has a greatest hits album coming out and the host said "it took Aerosmith 30 years into their career before they could release a greatest hits." I'm guessing they were talking about "Oh Yeah" from last year but obviously they forgot about about "Greatest Hits," "Pandora's Box," "Big Ones" and the countless others.

      AeroForce Michael

  • Tyler Teen Interview (DMAAT)
      Posted on Wed, Nov. 12, 2003

      TEEN PAGE EXTRA: Sweet emotion revisited
      Tyler tells Minnesota teens about his daughter's impromptu wedding
      By Kara Nesvig and Ali Tweten
      Special to the Herald

      The world of Steven Tyler of Aerosmith was a psychedelic, eclectic paradise Saturday, and, once again, for a brief moment, we were part of it.

      Multicolored strips of silk fluttered in the doorway of the room where Tyler waited to go on stage in the Alerus Center. Celestial banners hung on the walls, sandalwood candles burned, and relaxing music played.

      The speakers from his gigantic stereo sat on either side of an overstuffed loveseat that was covered in intricately designed velvet throw pillows. Scarves and other clothing hung in the wardrobe, itself a piece of art, covered in stickers and pictures of scantily clad women.

      "So, where's mom?" Tyler asked us, settling himself on the loveseat. We were shocked that he had remembered us when we requested the interview. He still remembered Kara's mom, too?

      "She's in one of the rooms," Kara answered. "We didn't bring her this time."

      "Good. We don't need Mom this time," Tyler quipped, and we nodded in agreement.

      As thrilled as we were to have a 15-minute interview with Tyler before the Aerosmith-Kiss concert Saturday, it wasn't our first meeting with the rock superstar. Two years ago Aerosmith played its first concert in the Alerus, and as reporters for the Herald Teen Page we requested and were granted an interview. Our story and photos with Tyler were published in the Herald on Oct. 21, 2001.

      This time, Kara began by thanking Tyler for meeting with us again. Here's the rest of our conversation, which has been edited for length:

      Kara: "So, how have things changed in the past couple of years since we saw you?"

      Tyler: "Oh, gosh. What were we doing the last time? We were on an album run. This time we're in the middle of an album, a blues album thing, and we're on tour with Kiss. All the shows are sold out, and everything's beautiful. Nothing's really changed except small little things like my daughter getting married on stage." (Tyler's daughter, model Mia Tyler, married Papa Roach drummer David Bruckner Oct. 26 during an Aerosmith concert in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.)

      Ali and Kara: "What was that like?"

      Tyler: "Incredible. She came to the gig with her boyfriend, and you know, she looked at him, and he looked at her, and they said, 'You know what Las Vegas is for.' And I said, 'Yeah, but you're not going to do that until January, right?' (Laughing) I said, 'Wait a minute, you're going to get married, aren't you?' And Mia said, 'Well, you know.' I said, 'Why don't you just get married on

      stage and get it over with?' So, I got my road manager and had him talk to the manager of MGM Grand, and he got me a judge, which I just got the bill for. And the judge came down, so he married them between 'Walk This Way' and 'Cryin'. So, it was beautiful. Kind of sad.

      "I wish she'd have waited, but I got that feeling, you know. That look in her eyes that she wasn't thinking of waiting. Plus, what a great thing. I got on stage in front of 20,000 people. I walked out and said, 'Look, I need a favor. I don't ask you a lot, right? Just this one time.' They were looking at me like, what? I said, 'My daughter wants to get married tonight, but I've got a problem. I need a witness. Can I get a witness?' And they roared and I brought her out and the place went crazy."

      Ali and Kara: "What do you think of having both your daughters (Mia and actress Liv Tyler) married to musicians?"

      Tyler: "Well, what are you going to do, right? I asked both, 'Are you in love with my daughter?' And they both said yes. In fact, Liv's husband (Royston Langdon, lead singer and bass player of the rock band SpaceHog) called me up and said, 'Can I have your daughter's hand in marriage?' It was really sweet. All you can really do is look the kids in the eye and say, 'Do you really love him? Do you think you're doing the right thing?' Make eye contact. It's really important. Other than that, you can be a stupid parent and sit on the porch with the shotgun. That stuff doesn't work. I was just getting drunk every night at their age, so far be it that they're getting married and that's it, and they're sober and happy."

      Ali and Kara: "We're wondering what kind of music you're into right now."

      Tyler: "Avalon. I'm into Black Rebel Motorcycle. You know the band? They're so good. I'm into R.L. Burnside. It's old blues done on pro tools with loops, it's just so outrageous. It's so good. We were doing this traditional blues stuff for our record, and we sat back and listened, and we thought, 'You know what? Everybody's done this. What we've got to do is take it up a notch, and do it more like Aerosmith music.'"

      Then, Tyler told us Gene Simmons of Kiss had flown into Grand Forks with them that day.

      Tyler: "He's a genius. Yeah, he's really something else. He's also that (making the classic Gene Simmons face, tongue sticking out) guy, but it's like hanging out with comic book characters. As soon as you close the cover, they turn into a real person, and you walk away with them, and you go, 'Wow, you're really Spiderman?' He's really Gene Simmons. He's really 'the Demon!'"

      He also talked about his life as a rock star.

      Tyler: "Fans don't really let you be real because when they see you it's like, 'Oh, my God!' (mimicking a starstruck fan.) I wake up in the morning, and I haven't had my coffee and get in the elevator to go down to the gym, and I'm in the Four Seasons or some hotel, and I'm like, 'Please, I'm not ready for this.' They're like, 'Oh. My. God.' (making yet another dead-on fan impression, which made both of us laugh) 'I can't believe I saw you.' 'You know I heard your music back when I was married!' AHHHHH!"

      It was time for our last question. Kara asked: "What would you have done had you not been a rock star?"

      Tyler (after thinking long and hard): "I wanted to be a forest ranger. I remember sending away to the Northeastern School of Conservation. I wanted to do that, I wanted to be a game warden or something like that because I loved hanging out in the woods as a kid."

      Before we left, Tyler autographed a CD for our English teacher, Devery Feickert. Then, we gave him a T-shirt from our hometown of Climax, Minn., the one with the logo: "Climax More than just a feeling." Tyler got a kick out of that.

      "Climax. That's hilarious," he said.

      We get that a lot.

      Nesvig, 15, is a sophomore, and Tweten, 16, is a junior at Climax-Shelly (Minn.) High School.


  • About the young interviewers (DMAAT)
      Posted on Wed, Nov. 12, 2003

      Girls skip school's state volleyball bash to interview Aerosmith icon Steven Tyler again
      By Paulette Tobin
      Herald Staff Writer

      Persistence and luck both were factors in what Kara Nesvig called an amazing chain of events that led her and friend Ali Tweten to their second interview with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

      Nesvig was just 13 and Tweten had just turned 14 in October 2001 when they scored their first interview with Tyler during Aerosmith's first concert in the Alerus Center. Their story and photos of Tyler were front-page news in the Herald, and the girls - who attend Climax-Shelly High School, the smallest K-12 school in Minnesota - enjoyed their own 15 minutes of fame.

      "Things faded back to normal, though we did often wonder if he remembered us," Nesvig said.

      As it turns out, he did. When Nesvig and Tweten, both contributors to the Herald Teen Page, heard Aerosmith was returning to Grand Forks on tour with Kiss, they requested interviews with both bands. The girls stayed home from the Minnesota state volleyball tournament, where their school's team played in the championship, to await word. In the end, Kiss declined, but Tyler agreed. Their English teacher, Devery Feickert, accompanied them, but only they were allowed in to the interview.

      The best part, the teens said, was that Tyler had remembered them.

      "Wow, you've gotten older," Tyler said when he saw them.

      "I laughed softly, but inside, I was screaming," Tweten said. "We could have talked with him for hours and hours. He is, in truth, one of the nicest people I have ever met. He has the greatest personality and, on top of that, he's a rock star."


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1970 Aerosmith plays in Hopedale MA at the Town Hall Auditorium

      1971 Aerosmith plays in Reading MA at the YMCA

      1976 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at the Boston Garden (Rick Derringer opens)

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Omaha NE at the Omaha Civic Auditorium (Nazareth opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in East Rutherford NJ at Brendan Byrne Arena (Dokken opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Santiago Chile at Pista Atletica Stadium (Gilby Clarke opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Duluth MN at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

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Crosby, Stills & Nash - Crosby, Stills & Nash (1969)

News as of November 12, 2003
  • Ratt vocalist thinking a bit too highly of himself?
      Metal Sludge interviewing Stephen Pearcy of Ratt...

      Q: Speaking of rate a singer, this is how your contemporaries rated you in their Metal Sludge 20 Questions. What do you think about these ratings and do you have any responses to any of these guys?

      A: I always considered my contemporaries David Lee Roth, Steven Tyler, Eric Bloom, Rob Halford.


      Don't know if I'd call them contemporaries, more like influences! :)

  • Spanish mag
      In this month's issue of the Spanish magazine Popular Rock 1, there's an article about the Aerosmith/Kiss tour. There are two photos of Aerosmith (one of Steven, the other feat. Joe and Steven) and about five of Kiss...

  • Tyler mention on the Sharon Osbourne show
      On the Sharon Osbourne show, she had a co-host, Jamie-Lynn DiScala, the young lady from the Sapranos. Well, anyways, Sharon talked about the MAP event the other day. They showed a clip, and the last clip was of Steven doing a little interview with someone. When they came back Sharon mention how much she loves Steven, and how good looking he is, (bla bla and the young co-host said the same thing (bla bla And as the crowd was clapping, I think I heard Sharon say something about she wants him on the show. It was hard to hear because of the clapping. Jamie-Lynn DiScala said she went to an Aerosmith concert a few weeks ago and said they were fantastic.

  • Tyler in the thanks list of Pink's latest
      On the new Pink CD, out today, "Try This," she thanks Steven in the back...

  • Minneapolis, MN Setlist (DMAAT)
      As posted by "aerostout" on AeroFANatic message board - only lists 14 songs. If anyone else was at this show, feel free to mail me any corrections if necessary:

      Minneapolis, MN TARGET CENTER

      Let The Music
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin
      Baby Please
      Dream On
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion

      - Steven interacted a lot with the crowd, but no trapeze or rope swinging.
      - No Joe in KISS makeup

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1977 Aerosmith plays in St. Paul MN at St. Paul Civic Center (Nazareth opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Uniondale NY at Nassau Coliseum (Golden Earring opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Dublin Ireland at the Point Depot Theatre

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Fargo ND at the Fargo Dome (Seven Mary Three open)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in New York City at Madison Square Garden

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Tacoma WA at the Tacoma Dome (Kid Rock opens)

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The Grateful Dead - Aoxomoxoa (1969)

News as of November 11, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} Minneapolis setlist
      Back In the Saddle
      Love In An Elevator
      Toys In The Attic
      Let The Music Do The Talking
      What It Takes
      Stop Messin' Around
      Baby Please Don't Go
      Dream On
      Rag Doll
      Walk This Way
      (short Tom and Joey jam)
      Sweet Emotion

      *Joe mentioned that the Blues songs were being recorded tonight
      *Ross Haflin was following Tyler around snapping pics during Saddle...even out to the tip of the walkway
      *Steven announced that Baby Please Don't Go is going to be aired on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show so he mentioned happy New Year at the end of the song and Confetti came down from the rafters just like the end of the show...pretty cool

  • JB News from the Road Update (DMAAT)
      11.10.03 - John B's Report from the Road "SOS Too Bad"

      You could say that there was a 10 day break! It didn't feel like that though. After the 2nd Vegas show, Joe jumped on his bus with Billie and younger son Roman and drove back to Boston. I flew out with Tony Perry and the rest of the band the next day.

      Tony wanted to get home because he had a photo shoot with "Teen Vogue" the following Thursday and he wanted to get ready for it. (meaning he was going to break out the Tony Atlas weight set that has been under his bed the last 3 years) I met up with the Perry's on Wednesday night in NYC. Thursday morning we went to a cool warehouse in the Village for the photo shoot. The shoot was focusing on teen kids of rock stars. Ron Wood's kid was there along with Dickie Betts from the Allman Bros. Band and also Lenny Kravitz's cousin. Go figure! Look for Tony in the February issue.

      After the shoot we went over to the NBC Studios @ Rockefeller Plaza. Joe's oldest son Adrian has just started working on SNL and has a job helping with those funny commercials they show. Adrian took us on a tour of the set. The cast was rehearsing a skit with host, Kelly Ripa. Now there's a gal I wouldn't throw out of bed if she was eating crackers. That's for sure! Our SNL tour ended with a little chat with Lorne Michaels in his office. Lorne was a great guy and spent about 45 minutes talking with Joe, Billie and the boys.

      The next day Joe and Billie did a photo shoot with their horses at their suburban Boston home. The shoot was for a coffee table book that will be coming out Christmas 2004. The book is the brainchild of "Today" show entertainment gal "Jill Rappaport." Her sister Linda Solomon was the photographer. Dennis Quaid, Paul Newman and Robert Redford have also been photographed with their horses for the book. I'm sure it will make a great stocking stuffer.

      Steven was also busy - with the MAP Awards. It's great to see fellow musicians give Steven a tip of the hat for all his accomplishments. This guy has been through the mill and, with his 4 other brothers, has come out on top. Congrats Steven! At the dinner were fellow Rock Gods, Gene Simmons, Anthony Kiedis and Slash to name a few. The next day Steven along with Tour Manager Jimmy Eyers and Russ Irwin caught a ride on the KISS jet while the rest of us flew to Omaha from Boston.

      Backstage in Omaha, Steven and Joe were thinking of fast songs to play instead of some of the ones they have been playing to liven things up a little. They put a short list together. The set didn't change that night but it did the following night in Grand Forks, North Dakota with "SOS Too Bad" taking "Mama Kin's" place at the very last minute. I'm talking 'curtain ready to open' and Joe just launched into it.

      After the show we headed for Minneapolis. Minneapolis is a great city. Cool music scene, hockey team and a kick ass Mall. Problem is the downtown is virtually all connected indoors because it's Too F'n Cold!!! Joe went skeet shooting the day before and Steven got to take part in his favorite pastime along the same lines. Joey went to see "Kill Bill" with Tom and Brad, well I'm not quite sure what Brad did. One time in Japan we went to an indoor arcade at about 10 in the morning. Brad found one of those car racing games where you crawl in and play against other cars next to you. I swear the guy was there until 8 at night kicking the local's asses. Yes, folks he really is that good!

      Looking forward to going back east and hitting Madison Square Garden and the Fleet Center. Then looking ahead to Florida in December, sounds pretty good to me. Heard a rumor the guys may take part in Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve doing something from the new album. Shit! Ross Halfin is coming back out to shoot some shows. Better get my anti-asshole repellent out......

      See You on the Road!

      John B


  • Target Center Review (DMAAT)
      Concert review: Kiss and Aerosmith together at Target Center
      Jon Bream and Chris Riemenschneider, Star Tribune
      Published November 11, 2003 KISS11

      Gene Simmons still has that wagging tongue and Steven Tyler still has those pouting lips. But do their respective aging bands -- Kiss and Aerosmith -- still have it?

      The two '70s rock heavyweights are sharing their first major tour together, so we decided to share critics' duties. We joined 11,000 fans Monday night at Target Center for the nostalgic/historic pairing. The bands wheeled out abbreviated sets filled with old favorites, each benefiting from the brevity and delighting fans from both camps.

      Though we sat next to each other, we ended up on opposite sides of the aisle when all was said and done (and wagged and pouted).

      C.R.: Kiss' hi-fi, low-brow stage production demanded that it go on first, but everyone knew who the bigger act was. As nostalgia acts go, there's nothing like the face-painted foursome.

      Where most bands can only take fans back through their music, Kiss can do it through its forever-juvenile costumes and stage show.

      The moment the curtain dropped -- to fiery explosions, a descending platform carrying the musicians and the rev-'em-up riffs of "Detroit Rock City" -- there was no mistaking whose show it was.

      J.B.: Kiss was just the same old song and prance with, as always, new and improved pyrotechnics. These guys play the same blocky, basic, ear-shattering rock; their rudimentary musical skills have not progressed one iota in -- what? -- 30 years. Paul Stanley's chalk-on-a-blackboard voice grates like Gloria of "All in the Family" at 110 decibels.

      Their ballad "I Want You" sounded like Kiss gone corporate rock (of course, they've always been about the money). It could be the worst power ballad ever released as a single.

      C.R.: As if Aerosmith's latter-day hits such as "Love in an Elevator" showed real musical evolution. Kiss' members have always stuck to the formula and songs that made them famous in the first place. If that means encore with "Rock and Roll All Nite" for the 22,673rd time, so be it.

      What has progressed is the show. Technological advances in indoor fireworks, video screens and, yes, fake blood are a far better improvement in Kiss' modern concerts than, say, "Cryin' " is for Aerosmith.

      J.B.: At least, Joe Perry's guitar solo during "Love in the Elevator" elevated the song. The solos by Kiss' guitarist du tour , Tommy Thayer, did nothing to advance any songs. The Kiss guitar highlights were when Stanley ad libbed the intro to "Stairway to Heaven" and then started doing the Stones' "Angie" all by himself.

      In all fairness, Kiss rocked out near the end of its 85 minutes with "Black Diamond," "Love Gun" and "Rock and Roll All Nite." That was fun rock 'n' roll, but the rest of their stuff was thud rock that didn't roll.

      C.R: So, Kiss couldn't muster up its four original members for this tour. So what? Because Thayer still wore original guitarist Ace Frehley's spaceman makeup -- and because Frehley was always a space cadet, anyway -- most fans couldn 't even tell the difference. At least they weren't distracted by the tread marks on the musicians' faces, as with Aerosmith. J.B.: Tread marks? At least the boys from Boston don't have to hide behind makeup. Without the help of their "stylists," superheroes Simmons and Stanley might look like a taller, darker version of Simon and Garfunkel. And Aerosmith didn't need to rely on production gimmicks to provide the energy like Kiss did. Tyler, 55, demonstrated more energy in one song than Stanley did all night.

      I'll give Stanley props for being in better shape than he was last time around on the Farewell Tour three years ago; it is remarkable how he can run, jump and walk that way while wearing those big 10-inch platform shoes.

      C.R.: Granted, Tyler and the boys had the muscle it took to raise "Toys in the Attic" at the start of their set and "Sweet Emotion" at the end. They even sounded convincingly bluesy on a cover of "Baby, Please Don't Go." But when it came to each band's show-stopping, Bic-lighter-in-the-air moments, Aerosmith can "Dream On" all it wants. Nothing is more quintessentially '70s and charmingly showy than Kiss' "Beth."

      J.B.: One ballad does not redeem Kiss' dated, undaring and hopelessly repetitious cartoon show-biz spectacle. Aerosmith had the sweet emotion, the sly humor, the exhilarating urgency and the unbridled energy that is rock 'n' roll. At the beginning of the night, a Kiss announcer howled: You wanted the best, you got the best. We did -- Aerosmith, the best over-50 rock band.

      C.R: Kiss this!


  • Jimmy Kimmel Live
      Monday November 10, on ABC's Late Night "Jimmy Kimmel Live":
      Kelly Clarkson (American Idol) was a guest. When Jimmy asked her, out of the people she has met, who was her favorite? She answered "Steven Tyler, definately". Apparently, they were both at the RMAs in Vegas. She said that "He gave [her] a shoutout from the stage" and had asked to meet with her backstage. There, she said she was greeted with 2 kisses on the left cheek and 1 on the right. Jimmy said something like "That's all you got [from him]?"
      She also said that Steven and his (unnamed) daughter (Mia?) had voted for her. She went on about how 'ommigawd' he is, and Jimmy asked her if Steven would be the kind that she would date. Kelly kind of nodded and blushed and said "Is that gross?!". Jimmy replied, explaining, "Well, he is like 70 years older than [you]."
      Then they both went on about how "Steven Tyler is Hot". I didn't watch the rest of the show.
      ~Veronica Beverly-San Diego, California

  • Joe in Kiss make-up? (DMAAT)
      Joe did NOT perform with KISS in Minneapolis!

  • Buddy Arnold (MAP) Died (DMAAT)
      Must have been a SECOND heart surgery because according to the articles that came out after MAP which was NOT a week ago but only 5 days ago, he had just had heart surgery the week before the awards's an excerpt...

      Tyler also took a moment to recognize MAP's founder, jazz musician Buddy Arnold, who was unable to attend the event; Arnold remains hospitalized after undergoing heart surgery last week. "It's all about Buddy Arnold tonight," Tyler said.

  • Rolling Stone (DMAAT)
      There is a little blurb and picture of Mia getting married in the new Rolling Stone. Shows Joe in the background.

  • Regarding Grand Forks setlist (DMAAT)
      Some quotes:

      "FYI...seems the person who initially reported SOSAD has removed their post from that thread on Aerobuds..."

      "Whoa- ummm Same Old Song was NOT a part of the Show. "

      "According to very good reliable sources, SOSAD was in it's usual position after Dream On at the Grand Fork's show. "

      "OK..I found the post again that SOSAD was IN for that show AND since JB mentions the only change being SOS Too Bad in place of Mama Kin..and I'm a gambling kind of woman..I'm betting it WAS played in it's usual spot after Dream On..any takers LOL?"

      Else I think we're (fan buying public are being extremely short changed). It wasn't evident the show ran into time issues/curfew. It seemed over the tour that the set time was being monitored very closely so played as close as they could to this 75-80 mins. "Omaha was a subset of an earlier show at Auburn although it (Auburn) was longer by 4 mins with the inclusion of Train. With them opting to play SOS for Mama Kin is about like for like (although SOS is shorter). They apparently put the Frankin song back in which is very short. If SOSAD had been dropped, we are talking of the set dropping 8-9 mins since the start of this leg - significant in a 75 min set. They have been rotating 70s numbers in the spot after Dream On since the tour began and not obvious why they would change this since nothing radically changed elsewhere."

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1982 Aerosmith plays in Worcester MA at The Centrum (Rose Tattoo and Pat Travers open)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum (Dokken opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in West Berlin Germany at Deutschlandhalle

      1995 Aerosmith play under the pseudonym The G-Spots in Boston MA at Mama Kin's (Machinery Hall opens)

      1998 Aerosmith postpones their show in Fargo ND at the Fargo Dome due to weather

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Garmarna - Vedergällningen (1999)

News as of November 10, 2003
  • New Ross Halfin photos (DMAAT)

  • Polish TV show "Idol"
      In the Polish edition of "Idol", one of the participant sang Aerosmith's "Cryin." He didn't quite know the lyrics, which he admitted in the end, however his version was rather interesting... You can download a video from this program from Kuba's downloads -

  • Tyler spotting?
      Steven Tyler was spotted on his custom bike with a few friends last weekend Hingham Square (Mass). A friend was with her 5 year old son walking. Her son spotted the cool bikes and stopped to look at them. Steven reportedly took off his helmet and bent down to the the kids level and sang/said DUDE LOOOKS LIKE A LADY and smiled at the kid!

      ~ Eye on Tyler Chiq ~

  • Joe Perry on the cover of Fiery foods and BBQ (DMAAT)
      Hello Food Lovers:

      Aerosmith's Joe Perry will be on the cover of our January/February issue, our first issue with national newsstand distribution. The story of how this happened, "Diary of a Rock Star Cover Photo Shoot," is posted here:

      Diary of a Rock Star Cover Photo Shoot

      To insure that you don't miss this collectible issue, subscribe here

  • Review from ND show (DMAAT)
      Posted on Sun, Nov. 09, 2003

      ALERUS CENTER: Legendary
      KISS, Aerosmith treat fans to night of rock
      By David Dodds Herald Staff Writer

      Paul Stanley, lead singer of KISS, raises his hand in the air in front of a shower of sparks during Saturday's concert in the Alerus Center.

      The bands used to battle it out on the Top 40 charts in the 1970s.

      But Saturday night in the Alerus Center, KISS and Aerosmith teamed up for a show that was nothing short of legendary.

      Nearly 13,000 fans, spanning the ages - from 7 to 70 - filled the Grand Forks events center for a history lesson in hard rock music.

      There was no headliner, even though KISS played first; both bands shared the top spot on the marquee.

      There also was no consensus from the fans about who most came to see.

      "It's definitely Aerosmith," said R.J. (Robert James) Reynolds, Crookston, "I saw them in the 70s, in the 80s, in the 90s and now - this is a big deal for me, I'm just stoked."


      But Reynolds wife, Sheri, thought the combined talents of both bands is what brought about the great turnout.

      "In the 1970s, they were rivals," she said. "It's just so awesome to see them together."

      The Reynolds wore matching Aerosmith hockey jerseys at the show. R.J. said he'd been a fan of the band since he was 12 years old.

      "And now, I'm well into my 40s," he said.

      KISS fans were well represented, too.

      Dave Kays, Minneapolis, a lifelong fan of KISS, brought his 17-year-old nephew, John, from Thief River Falls, to the concert. John said his uncle turned him on to the famous make-up laden rockers when he was in sixth grade.

      The two fans were among many at the concert who were imitating their musical idols, wearing the face paint design of the their favorite band members.

      Equal status

      Even though he's a hardcore KISS fan, Dave said he didn't think one band has more followers than the other at the show.

      "It's a little bit of both, I think," he said. "That's quite a double bill."

      Another audience member was as much a spectacle as the musical acts, with his exact replica costume of KISS bassist Gene Simmons, complete with makeup, 6-inch platform shoes and spiked body armor. He easily stood 7 feet tall.

      Even Grand Forks Mayor Mike Brown claimed to be a member of the KISS Army, and floated the idea of showing up at a City Council dressed up as one of the band.

      "It would definitely boost our ratings," he joked, after watching the band play.

      After warm-up act Automatic Black left the stage, Kiss started the show in earnest with its hit "Detroit Rock City. It closed their performance with "Rock n' Roll All Night (And Party Every Day)."

      Aerosmith re-ignited the crowd later in the night, especially with its second song "Love in an Elevator."

      Terry Winslow said he made the trip to Grand Forks all the way from Dickinson, N.D., to see bands play.

      "If you haven't seen KISS and Aerosmith play before you die," he said, "then you haven't really lived."


  • Well-written Grand Forks Fan Review by Eric Schwarzrock
      A couple thoughts on grand forks. First off, I just about shit myself when they opened with SOS. Wow, didn't see that one coming. I'm pretty sure I can die happy now. I've heard Nobody's Fault in NY live, now SOS in ND.

      Anyway, on to the show. Like i said, the opener was great. I know there were a lot of people there who didn't know what the hell they were hearing, but I'm ok with that. They just need to do a little more homework is all.

      But let me tell ya- 2 seconds of elevator had everyone in the place singing along. And things didn't slow down from there.

      Toys was not as tight as it could have been. I'm not sure how many people there could understand the lyrics, unless they aleady know the song. But the energy more than made up for it.

      It was great to hear Let the Music Do the Talkin. I don't think I could ever get sick of the song live. And they sounded perfect.

      I don't care what any body says- Pink should forever and always be a mainstay in the Aerosmith set list. The crowd was crazy during this song. And the harmonica was so crisp. It was a beautiful thing. And I get chills everytime they hit "Pink when the lights go out." and the darkness falls. MMMM damn i can't wait for monday night.

      Jaded was sharp. I know there were a few people near me who were happy to hear a "newer" song. And I don't think there was a person in hte stands who wasn't singing along.

      I've never been a huge fan of What it Takes. I like the tune, but its not at the top of my list. but I forgot how good it sounds when you've got 18,000 fans singing along. And Steven really worked the crowd during the intro.

      I actually missed the part where Joe said they were recording live. before stop messing around. I was busy explaining the stripped down set to a girl next to me. And I explained that the next few songs were off a new album. Poor thing- she's 20 and this was her first concert ever. Anyway, Stop Messin' was probably the cleanest song of the night.

      The Blues set was great. But I noticed a lot of people who took a chair during that part. I don't get it. they've got the whole ride home to sit down. GET UP DAMNIT!

      I'm loving that new Blues sound too. Its not a traditional Blues- its a cool thing. I think maybe we need a new word or sometihng. to describe it.

      Baby Please Dont Go has got such a groove to it. Its a really briliant tune And I think had people been familiar with it b4 showing up last night it could have been the highlight of the evening.

      Never Loved a Girl felt a little more like the traditional blues. It had some real substance to it. Its the kinda song you can taste, its like something you could just sink your teeth into.

      And Dream On- what really needs to be said about Dream On. I think I would have paid my full ticket price just for that one song. There is nothing better than 10,000 bics, and zippos to brighten up your night. By the way- is it possible that there is a better song on the planet for torching your light to? I don't think so myself.

      Cryin sounded great too, but I'm not to fond of its position near the end of the show like that. For that matter I'm not to fond of its position anywhere in the set. I think Edge would have been a perfect replacement.

      Walk this Way was a beautiful, and as crisp as ever. And the crowd ate it up.

      Tom's solo is a nice touch. I was really pleased with that. Maybe the next full Aerosmith tour they caould fing a little time for Tom, Brad, and Joey to get a little solo work in. I think that'd be pretty sweet.

      I was pleased to see Sweet Emotion as the closer. The Jones Beach show i went to they closed with Dude, and that left me really wanting more. It didn't seem right.


      A couple of notes:

      I know a lot of people were displeased at the fact that there was no oncore.

      Aerosmith played a long set. Almost 90 mins. But it still felt like KISS was on longer than Aero.

      The change over between KISS and Aerosmith took like 20 mins. thats pretty amaizing. It was like an hour or so between the two when I went to Jones Beach. So the crew has really got it down to a science back there.

      I've got less than 36 hours before my next encounter. and i'm already getting an accelorated heartbeat.

      it'll be interesting to see if they plan to record the minneapolis set as well. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1987 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Copenhagen Denmark at K.B. Halle

      1989 Rock in a Hard Place is certified Gold

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Nuremburg Germany at Frankenhalle (Mr. Big opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in San Juan Puerto Rico at San Juan National Stadium (Gilby Clarke opens)

      1995 Aerosmith plays under the pseudonym Rayco and the Seatcovers in Cambridge MA at The Middle East (Scatterfield opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays on a TV show on CANAL+ in Paris France at Nulle Part Ailleurs

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Lexington KY at Rupp Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Uriah Heep - Look At Yourself (1971)
Ola Magnell - Nya Perspektiv (1975)
Very good record!
Nice (while fairly simplistic) music, cool vocals and some really good lyrics.

News as of November 9, 2003
  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} SET LIST: Grand Forks, ND
      Grand Forks, ND
      Alerus Center

      S.O.S (Too Bad)
      Love in an Elevator
      Toys in the Attic
      Let the Music do the Talking
      What it Takes
      Stop Messin'
      Baby Please Don't Go
      I Ain't Never Loved A Girl (The Way That I Love You)
      Dream On
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo / Sweet Emotion

      - SOS as opener!?!?!? Very f*cking tight...
      -Aerosmith started at about 9:35 and ended just before 11:00!
      -Before starting out the three new songs from the forthcoming album, Joe announced the album will be out in March, that some of the songs just sound better live and that they were recording the songs live tonight. Joe sounded great singing Stop Messin'
      -No hand springs by Steven but he did do the trapeeze over the audience.
      -The rotating stage before the blues set was a great touch as it gave it more of a Jam session atmosphere. -No encore, they just went straight into Sweet Emotion
      -Joe had a short solo during Sweet Emotion and he started it out with the theme from King of the Hill.
      -Aerosmith put on an awsome show, lots of energy as always and they sounded great. Made KISS look like a tired old band, and the audience was alot more energetic during Aerosmith than for KISS.
      -from Mike Wanner and Daughter Presley (age 12)


      From "sickasadog" on Aerobuds - missing in first report of ND setlist...
      Two things missed:

      1. Same Old Song And Dance was played in addition to the songs posted.

      2. The bass solo before Sweet Emotion included at least 1 minute of their aborted Permanent Vacation-era song "Take It Easy" that can be found on the Rick Rubin session outtakes. Steven sang the first verse and chorus (if you call "ooo-ooo-ooo, ya gotta take it easy" a chorus).

      Also per AeroFANatic, "SOS was completely off the cuff. Saddle was planned to be the opener...but Joe's guitar was not tuned correctly. SO Joe lead them into SOS."

  • Cheap Trick, maybe?
      There's a rumor goin around on the official KISS website (in the message boards) saying that Saliva is no longer the opening act and the better news is that it's rumored that Cheap Trick may be opening one or more of the shows.

  • Joe in Kiss make-up? Minneapolis may never be the same. (DMAAT)
      Thats right..monday night...if anyone is going to the target show venue to see aerosmith and kiss...look for a "5th" member to be up on stage with kiss. Yes our very own Joe Perry, in FULL kiss makeup. As reported in the Minneapolis Star Tribune..

      The Lips meet the Tongue: Aerosmith and Kiss tour together for first time
      Jon Bream, Star Tribune

      Published November 7, 2003 MUS07

      Kiss lead singer Paul Stanley laid down a challenge to Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Even though the two giant rock groups have toured together for more than three months, they have not performed together yet.

      "Tell Joe we spoke, and now it's time to do it," Stanley said in a phone interview the other day.

      The next day Perry called and agreed.

      "I'll let them have their way with the makeup, and I'll slap a guitar on and go out and play," said Perry, whose band will team up with Kiss on Monday at Target Center. "I've always liked 'Strutter.' 'Do You Love Me' is one of my favorite ones that they play live.

      "It will be historic because their whole image is a fantasy thing, and it kind of breaks the fourth wall when someone comes onstage with them."

      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith Even though Perry is itching to jam onstage with Kiss, breaking through that wall isn't easy. Neither was putting this tour together. Aerosmith, which shared stages with Kid Rock last year, has wanted to tour with Kiss for the past four years, Perry said. Back then, of course, Kiss was doing its farewell trek. That rock 'n' roll retirement, of course, was premature.

      "That farewell business," Perry, 53, said, "God is usually the one who says when the last gig is going to be."

      Gene Simmons of "If you want to talk about retirement," said Stanley, 51, "you probably have to ask Michael Jordan or Sugar Ray Leonard or a whole lot of people who retire with the best of intentions and find it's not all it's cracked up to be.

      "The fans never questioned why we came back after the Farewell Tour. During the hiatus, a fan came over to me and said, 'The Farewell Tour was great; when are you doing the 30th-anniversary tour?' At that point, I realized you can always go home."

      Stanley said that touring with Aerosmith is "a natural next step -- you have arguably the two biggest American bands of the last 25 years." (Tell that to the Eagles and Metallica.)

      With two bands with big hits and bigger egos, how did they decide that Kiss goes on first?

      It was a practical decision. Kiss has more production equipment onstage, so the kings of pyrotechnics take longer to pack.

      "When they're finished with their set," Perry said, "the stage is on a turntable so it turns around, and they can tear their stuff down while we're playing."


      Tongue vs. Lips

      Neither Kiss nor Aerosmith sees this tour as a battle of the bands.

      "It's not a foot race," Perry said. "It's about getting the audience off."

      Said Stanley: "It's two bands with a lot of respect for themselves and for the other. Both of us go out each night with a clear mind and determined to show everybody why we've lasted so long."

      If it were a battle of the bands' mouthpieces, Kiss' Gene Simmons and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who would win the debate?

      Stanley: "We'd have to investigate truth over content. There would lie the winner."

      Perry: "I think Steven would. He's like Jimi Hendrix of the mouth. I think Gene is very even, almost analytical, and then he turns into this monster onstage."

      How about a wrestling match between the two?

      Stanley: "Between the Lips and the Tongue, I don't know. I'd like to watch. I'll buy the popcorn."

      Perry: "Gene can breathe fire. But Steven is really fast on his feet and agile. It would be a tough one to call."

      Like a heavyweight championship fight, the Kiss/Aerosmith tour has expensive tickets -- $125 tops, which is about twice the price of a Kiss farewell ticket in 2000 and $50 more than Aerosmith charged here last year.

      "You get two headliners, and it costs a lot to put a show like this up," Perry said, adding that the bands split the ticket revenues equally. "It's a big production."

      With two headliners, Kiss and Aerosmith are limited to about 75 minutes apiece onstage, much shorter than their usual shows. Is that easier or harder?

      "You tend to trim away some of the fat that has become part of arena shows," Stanley said. "It means taking out some of the drum solos, extended guitar solos -- things that are considered the norm but they're filler. There is no time to catch your breath. I like that; it pushes the limits physically and musically."

      Said Perry: "In one sense, it's easier. Physically, you're playing a shorter amount of time, but because of that we're putting more energy into the show. It's like doing a 50-yard sprint as opposed to a 3-mile marathon."

      New Kiss guitarist

      Stanley wasn't sure Kiss would be on tour if it wasn't with Aerosmith. The band has a new album, "Kiss Symphony: Alive IV," the quartet's classics recorded live with a 70-piece orchestra in Australia, in full makeup with pyrotechnics (there's a live DVD as well). And there's a new book, "Kiss: Behind the Mask -- The Official Authorized Biography."

      The group is touring with a new guitarist, Tommy Thayer, who used to be the band's road manager.

      Stanley was vague when asked about original guitarist Ace Frehley, who has battled chemical demons. When approached last year about returning to the road with Kiss, Frehley preferred a solo career, Stanley said, "so we decided at that point, once and for all, that we'd close the door [for Frehley] and move on."

      For Kiss' 1996 reunion tour, Thayer had helped Frehley re-learn his guitar parts. "Tommy's written with us, been in the studio with us," Stanley said. "The band is more consistent night to night; we're in better form than in longer than I can remember."

      Stanley, who is working on a solo album, is confident that Kiss will press on in concert, but he's not sure if there's a new album in the future.

      Aerosmith is finishing a blues record, tentatively titled "Honkin' on Bobo," due in March. It will feature interpretations of songs by Muddy Waters, Little Walter and others, plus some originals in the blues-rock vein. Expect to hear two or three of these numbers at Target Center.

      But if you expect Kiss -- with or without makeup -- to sit in with Aerosmith, dream on.

      IF YOU GO

      Kiss & Aerosmith

      When: 7 p.m. Mon.

      Where: Target Center, 600 1st Av. N., Mpls. Tickets: $45-$125, plus fees; 651-989-5151.

      Jon Bream is at 612-673-1719 or


  • Review of Omaha show (DMAAT)
      November 7, 2003
      Review: Kiss shows its glitz, but Aerosmith really rocks

      Kiss had flashy lights and pyrotechnics, but it was Aerosmith that delivered the truly mesmerizing performance at Thursday's pairing of the classic-rock superstars at the Omaha Arena.

      Peter Criss of Kiss hands out roses after singing the ballad "Beth" at Thursday's concert at the Omaha Arena.

      Anchored by Steven Tyler's vocals and Joe Perry's guitar riffs, the bad boys from Boston wowed the crowd with a collection of hits spanning three decades.

      Tickets ran between $50 and $125, but judging by the audience - many of whom spent the whole night on their feet - most found it worth the price.

      Box office officials declined to disclose attendance figures, but the 14,000 or so seats that were roped off for the concert were near, if not full, to capacity.

      Kiss took the stage in the usual getup: makeup, platform shoes and black spandex. The band opened with "Detroit Rock City," with Tommy Thayer filling in for guitarist Ace Frehley.

      Surrounded by smoke, flames and explosions, the band delivered a 75-minute set of classic Kiss hits, including "Beth," "Firehouse" and "Rock and Roll All Nite." An elevated platform lifted Gene Simmons to the top of the set, where the bassist-vocalist delivered a rousing performance of "God of Thunder," with blood gushing from his long tongue.

      The Kiss Army showed up in droves, with many in the audience sporting their own long tongues and Kabuki-style makeup.

      Aerosmith couldn't quite compete with the Kiss theatrics, though Tyler did some spewing of his own when he confiscated a fan's water bottle. (The fans who got hit seemed to think it was like getting doused with consecrated water.)

      But it didn't really matter because Aerosmith was musically the better band.

      The group delivered on all fronts, with stand-out performances from Perry, whose lightning fingers added depth to "Walk This Way" and "Love in an Elevator," among others.

      The group played some ballads like "Cryin'," but stepped it up a notch with two songs from its coming album, tentatively titled "Honkin' on Bobo," due out in March. Perry, who sings on the bluesy "Stop Messin' Round," delivered fiery guitar melodies on the songs. Tyler tore it up with a harmonica solo on "Baby Please Don't Go."

      The group performed the tunes against a backdrop of neon.

      Even though the bands differed in performance style, fans of each seemed to enjoy the other. It's no wonder the Rocksimus Maximus tour was ranked No. 7 on Pollstar's Top 50 tours list this week.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at the Capital Center (Golden Earring opens)

      1982 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center

      1995 Aerosmith plays a 15 song set at The Middle East, a small club in Cambridge MA

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Omaha NE at the Civic Auditorium (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Las Vegas NV at MGM Grand Garden Arena (Kid Rock opens); Kid Rock marries Pamela Lee Anderson during the show

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Vanilla Fudge - Vanilla Fudge (1967)

News as of November 8, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Richmond VA at Richmond Coliseum (Golden Earring opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Uniondale NY at Nassau County Coliseum (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Mannheim West Germany at Mainmarketgelande

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Paris France at Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy (Mr. Big opens)

      1997 Aerosmith appear on a TV show on ZDF in Leipzig Germany

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Philadephia PA at the First Union Center

News as of November 7, 2003
  • SET LIST: Omaha, NE
      Omaha, NE
      Quest Center

      Mama Kin
      Love in the Elevator
      Toys in the Attic
      Let the Music do the Talking
      (Draw the Line Riff)
      What it Takes
      Stop Messin' Round
      Baby Please don't Go
      Dream On
      Same Old Song and Dance
      Walk This Way
      Bass Solo/Sweet Emotion

      - A Philly band called AutoMaticBlack opened rather than Saliva.

      - Steven did the trapeze, but no flips.

      -Steven jumped out upside down into the crowd on a swing during WTW...a crew member had to grab him on his swing back in...he almost didn't make it!

      -10 days of rest must have really refreshed the band....they were on FIRE tonight! What It Takes, Dream On and especially Song And Dance were the best versions I've ever heard (and I've heard them all about a half dozen times)

      -I actually enjoyed KISS....though not as much as Aero, of course

      -Down to 14 songs....I'm a bit disappointed that they cut it so short....and it seemed KISS was on much longer

  • Steven Tyler Gets MAP Honor (DMAAT)
      And yep...he did end up doing Pink along with Amazing...not sure what the other song was..I don't think it says....

      Steven Tyler Gets MAP Honor
      Festivities cap tough year for addiction program

      Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has won many awards in his career, but few meant as much to him as the honor bestowed on him at the fourth annual MAP (Musician's Assistance Program) Awards dinner/performance, hosted by Sharon Osbourne, in Los Angeles last night.

      Before an audience that included Jerry Cantrell, Slash, Anthony Kiedis and Gene Simmons, Tyler, who's been sober for seventeen years, was presented the Stevie Ray Vaughan Award for his contributions to advocating sobriety through MAP. "To receive an honor named after Stevie for his commitment to sobriety is a great honor," Tyler said upon picking up his award. "Stevie continues to be an inspiration in so many ways."

      Tyler also took a moment to recognize MAP's founder, jazz musician Buddy Arnold, who was unable to attend the event; Arnold remains hospitalized after undergoing heart surgery last week. "It's all about Buddy Arnold tonight," Tyler said.

      Following Tyler's moving speech, during which he spoke about his sobriety, he led the house band through a three-song set that included recent Aerosmith hits "Amazing" and "Pink."

      Making the night even more poignant was that Vaughan's brother Jimmie Vaughan, a longtime contributor to MAP, was on hand to receive the organization's Buddy Award, named for Arnold.

      Vaughan and jazz legend Diane Schurr also performed during the ceremony, which capped a tumultuous year for MAP, which, like most of the music industry, has been hit by hard times financially. Arnold's wife and co-founder, Carole Fields, spoke openly about the tough times during her introductory remarks. "There were moments of doubt and concern. Would we actually make it to our awards this year?"

      Prior to the evening's festivities, Tyler spoke about the need to support MAP, its services and its message. "I think it's real important," he said. The strongest part of AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] or any twelve-step program, is the message and being a powerful example."

      (November 6, 2003)


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1982 Aerosmith plays their first show with Rick Dufay in Bethlehem PA at Stabler Arena

      1985 Aerosmith shoots their video for LTMDTT in Boston MA at the Orpheum Theater

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Lake Placid NY at the Olympic Center (Dokken opens)

      1989 Janie's Got a Gun is released as a single

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Stuttgart West Germany at Boeblingen Sporthalle

      1997 Aerosmith plays 8 songs in a converted church in Amsterdam Netherlands at Paradiso

      1997 Get a Grip is certified 7 times platinum

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Mankato MN at the Civic Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2002 Aerosmith postpones their show in Marysville CA at Autowest Amphitheatre due to weather

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Blue Öyster Cult - Secret Treaties (1974)

News as of November 6, 2003
  • Steven on Lang Album (DMAAT)
      Album Review: Jonny Lang, 'Long Time Coming'
      Tue Nov 4, 5:26 PM ET
      By Philip Booth

      LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Jonny Lang, the most commercially viable of the kid blues-guitar slingers to emerge during the 1990s (Derek Trucks remains the most artistically successful of the bunch), was last heard from with 1998's middling "Wander This World." That disc, his second for a major label, was released when the Midwestern prodigy was all of 17.

      "Long Time Coming," co-produced by Lang, Marti Frederickson (Aerosmith (news - web sites), Faith Hill (news)) and Ron Fair, is an apropos title for Lang's overdue latest disc. Five years, a lifetime in terms of the recording industry, is long enough for his young fans to have moved on to other allegiances, and for older, blues-loving listeners to have written him off as a passing fad.

      Lang, to his credit, seems to go out of his way to avoid catering to any particular segment of his audience, downplaying six-string bravado in favor of an emphasis on songwriting. The results are radio-ready and solid, if derivative and hardly startling.

      Still, the disc goes down easy, starting with opener "Give Me Up Again," a slab of blue-eyed R&B with verses referencing "People Get Ready." Sweet soul is at the center of "The One I Got," a tremendously appealing love song, and a moody-to-blistering version of Stevie Wonder (news)'s "Livin' for the City," recorded two years ago at the City of Hope concert in Los Angeles.

      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler shows up to contribute a bit of wheezy harmonica to "Happiness and Misery," one of several blues-edged modern rockers. The title track, which opens with Lang alone and acoustic, has the guitarist getting loose and declaring, "Time has made me strong." So was it worth the wait? Maybe.



  • No Aero-Euro Tour?
      Jimmy posted this on this site's messageboard 11/5/2003, 7:47 pm

      I've just got the new Classic Rock issue (#59) over here in the UK, which I think you US guys will get in a couple of months time. Last issue, Classic Rock reported the "likelihood" that the Aero/Kiss show would be crossing the Atlantic in 2004, and that some UK shows were on the cards.

      This month, the magazine suggests there will be no Europe tour, but the band will be playing with Kiss "throughout Australia, South America and Japan". Yet again, this means we in Europe miss out!!!

      We got no European tour after 9/11 for 'Just Push Play', even though it is well known that Europe would have followed Japan. What resulted then was a "World Tour" of US cities, Osaka and Tokyo! Some world tour, bit like the World Series in the States!

  • Steven/MAP (DMAAT)
      This ran the day before yesterday..probably due to the MAP Award Charity event last night....remember Steven was getting an award at it and performing too.


      Aerosmith's Tyler Helps Musicians Get a Grip
      Tue Nov 4, 8:37 PM ET Add Entertainment - Reuters to My Yahoo!
      By Tamara Conniff

      LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Steven Tyler has just finished an Aerosmith (news - web sites) show at Madison Square Garden when his cell phone rings. It's about 3 a.m.

      "Steven, (a newcomer) is in trouble again; can you give him a call?" Buddy Arnold asks. Tyler smiles and says, "Sure thing."

      Tyler is convinced that Arnold, founder of the Musicians' Assistance Program treating drug and alcohol abuse, never sleeps. "Buddy is on call 24 hours a day," he says.

      Tyler calls the newcomer. "Hi, it's Steven Tyler." The newcomer freaks out in disbelief. Tyler assures him that it is indeed him, and then he goes to work.

      "Yeah, dude, someone said you were thinking about getting high, tell me about it. Because I think about it all day long, and I've got 17 years sober." The two converse a bit more and, ultimately, the newcomer decides not to get high that night.

      "I love and cherish getting those phone calls in the middle of the night," Tyler says. "In the old days (the calls were), 'Hey Steven, Joe died."'

      Tyler is part of a MAP network of sober musicians who stand ready to help others get through rough patches in rehab and recovery.

      Although Tyler got sober prior to MAP's existence, he says Arnold and MAP help keep him that way.

      "People like us need a place to go to as soon as we start using again," Tyler says. "It's not about that I've got 17 years (clean); that's got nothing to do with it. It has everything to do that I have friend like Buddy Arnold. Remember, euphoric recall is your best friend and your worst enemy. It reminds you of how it was at one time with your girlfriend, drinking a bottle of wine or something. But people like us that put fantastic things into songs can't afford to play with these fantastic drugs anymore."

      Tyler epitomized the hard-living rock 'n' roll lifestyle into the 1980s, and he says it almost killed him. He abandoned his family and broke up the band for a time. It took him three tries at various rehabs to get completely clean.

      "We were musicians first and we dabbled in drugs, and then we become drug addicts dabbling in music," Tyler says. "We would feed our heads with drugs instead of with experience, (but) there's only three things you can get out of the drug scenario: jail, death or insanity."

      Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


  • More MAP (DMAAT)
      Musicians' Rehab Center in L.A. Suffers Funding Woes
      Tue Nov 4, 8:33 PM ET
      By Tamara Conniff

      LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Buddy Arnold's career in jazz was bright. The Bronx-born saxophonist played with the Tommy Dorsey band, the Buddy Rich band, the Glenn Miller band and the Stan Kenton (news) band.

      Gradually, however, his primary occupation changed from being a musician to being a heroin addict. His first two marriages fell apart, and he was in and out of prison for violating drug laws.

      By 1981, the law caught up with Arnold once again for impersonating a doctor and prescribing thousands of Dilaudid pills (an addictive, narcotic painkiller) to nonexistent patients. In prison, determined to get sober, he entered a rehab program that finally worked.

      After 31 years as an addict, Arnold had found a new calling: helping other musicians avoid making the same mistakes he did. Around the same time, Arnold met his future wife, Carole Fields, who was then a top Hollywood talent agent.

      The Musicians' Assistance Program was born in their living room and went on to become an official nonprofit treatment center in 1992. To date, MAP has helped more than 1,500 musicians get sober and countless others stay sober. But MAP's future is hanging on a thread for lack of funding.

      The organization's annual awards dinner Wednesday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel -- honoring Aerosmith (news - web sites) frontman Steven Tyler, guitarist Jimmie Vaughan and attorney John Branca -- is projected to be MAP's most successful fund-raiser to date, bringing in about $300,000. But that won't be enough to sustain MAP.

      The program's future has been in limbo for about a year. Fields and Arnold have been in talks with the Recording Academy's MusiCares Foundation to bring MAP under their umbrella since last year, when Neil Portnow was named president of the academy. While both sides are optimistic about finding a way to make it work, no agreement has been reached.

      "It's frustrating," Arnold says. "We've had meetings, but nothing's happened yet."

      Arnold spends most of his mornings at MAP's Hollywood headquarters finding musicians free beds in rehab hospitals, checking on the status of some of his patients and trying to raise funds for the organization.

      MAP's annual operating budget is $1.3 million, and more than 82% of that money goes straight to helping uninsured musicians and music industry professionals through rehab. More than 60% of the people who have been through MAP's program are still clean -- a success rate higher than the national average, Arnold says. All music industry professionals and musicians who have been in the business for more than five years qualify for the program -- even if they don't have insurance and are flat broke.

      MusiCares and MAP have an informal working relationship when it comes to substance-abuse patients. Because of MAP's expertise and Arnold's skill at reaching out to musicians stuck in the vortex of addiction, many of MusiCares' patients fall under Arnold's care.

      MAP specializes in dealing directly with substance-abuse issues, while MusiCares offers a variety of assistance programs with a focus on emergency financial assistance for general medical expenses incurred from major illness such as HIV (news - web sites)/AIDS (news - web sites), Parkinson's or Alzheimer's. MAP's best hope for survival seems to be a more formal alliance with MusiCares, which would allow MAP to share some back-office services and financially bring them under Recording Academy protection. Fields says that after all the turmoil MAP went through with former Recording Academy president Michael Greene, who had tried to cut their funding from the major labels, cutting a deal under Portnow's new administration would be "healing."

      "I am in the process of developing a personal relationship with Buddy and Carole and MAP, and vice versa," Portnow says. "I think it's important in the development of our mutual missions and goals. There are business arrangements and synergies that we can achieve working together in whatever capacities make sense. We are pursuing those discussions."

      Dr. Drew Pinsky, a MAP board member who heads the rehab program at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, notes that MAP is viewed within the industry as a "safe place" for addicts because it's run out of small offices in Hollywood as opposed to MusiCares, which is housed in the Recording Academy building in Santa Monica and has a more corporate feel. Arnold, being a musician and having been an addict, knows what it takes to reach out to fellow musicians in dire straits, Pinsky adds.

      The big obstacle to a formal combination of MAP and MusiCares comes down to money. All nonprofits, including MusiCares, need to balance their contributions and income vis-a-vis money spent on services and overhead. Therefore, the argument is that if MusiCares were to add MAP into the mix, MAP must come with enough funding to cover the additional overhead costs.

      "This isn't a lot of money we're talking about," MAP attorney Branca says of the organization's annual budget. "The music business is going through some challenges right now, but when you go through times like this, it's great to know that an organization like MAP is there. It's a spiritually based organization that reminds us all that there's more to the music business than sex, drugs and profits."

      The major label groups -- Sony Music, BMG, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI -- all agreed this week to earmark 25% of the profits from the annual Grammy nominees CD for MAP for the next three to five years. The rest goes to the Grammy foundations, including MusiCares.

      Thanks to its annual fund-raiser, grants, the Grammy nominees CD (sales of which vary from year to year) and private contributions from friends and artists, MAP could bring in enough money annually to support itself under MusiCares, Branca says. However, these fund-raising efforts vary from year to year, and there are no guarantees that the $1.3 million needed for MAP's annual operating budget will be met.

      "Whatever else MusiCares does, that's all fine," says musician Steve Earle (news), a MAP board member who has been sober for nine years. "There is only so much money out there, and in life-or-death situations I think it's really important that it go where it's going to do the most good. . . . MAP wins hands down."

      MAP has seen better days in terms of contributions and industry support. The organization received its first big infusion of money in the mid-1990s, when the recording industry was hit with a number of drug-related deaths, including Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon (news), Sublime's Brad Nowell and Smashing Pumpkins touring keyboardist Jonathan Melvoin. Drug use also likely played a part in the 1994 suicide of Nirvana leader Kurt Cobain.

      After a public outcry, the major record labels -- led by such top executives as Michele Anthony, Danny Goldberg and Gary Gersh -- took action and through the RIAA (news - web sites) granted MAP $2 million in funding over three years.

      "In terms of the music industry, it's the most successful program out there," says Anthony, executive vp Sony Music and a MAP board member. "It's about Buddy and MAP's follow-up and their commitment to really working, one on one, with people who are recovering."

      All five major labels support MAP's annual fund-raising awards dinner and give additional money when they can. However, the big music companies are hesitant to once again grant a fixed sum of money to MAP. The labels are tightening their budgets given the difficult times that the music business is facing, and some argue that dedicating a fixed amount of money could cost jobs at the labels.

      "If we don't support our own people, it's a slap in the face," says legendary piano man Dr. John, a recovering heroin addict and MAP board member. "What they don't understand is if they got (artists) off of drugs and alcohol, they could function better."

      Arnold, who is currently in the hospital recovering from heart surgery, and Fields remain optimistic that a deal with MusiCares can be reached.

      "We just want to be able to keep helping as many people as we can for as long as we can," Fields says. "MAP is our life's work; I can't imagine doing anything else."

      Reuters/Hollywood Reporter


  • Pics of Steven at MAP Awards (DMAAT)

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1970 Aerosmith plays in Mendon MA at Nipmuc Regional HS

      1971 Aerosmith plays in Reading MA at Reading HS

      1977 Aerosmith plays in Evansville IN at Roberts Municipal Stadium (UFO opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Knoxville TN at Knoxville Coliseum (Golden Earring opens)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in San Sebastian Spain at the Velodromo de Anoeta (Mr. Big opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays at the MTV European Music Awards in Rotterdam Netherlands at Ahoy Stadium

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Providence RI at Dunkin Donuts Center

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Ted Nugent - Cat Scratch Fever (1977)

News as of November 5, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Evansville IN at Roberts Municipal Stadium (Golden Earring opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Hershey PA at Hersheypark Arena (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Frankfurt West Germany at the Festhalle

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Minneapolis MN at the Target Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Chula Vista CA at Coors Amphitheatre (Kid Rock opens)

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Akasha - Akasha (1977)

News as of November 4, 2003
  • Follow-up to yesterday's doubtful Honkin' on Bobo-rumour..
      The same person further writes:

      I'm pretty sure it's true. I myself have heard some of the new song. I liked it alot. I heard the end of the song. Mostly the last 30 seconds. At the end the guy said "And that's a new song from the upcoming Aerosmith Record. It will be released sometime in Feb."

  • Happy birthday!
      I've been told, today is Teresa Tyler and Lisa Barrick's 47th birthdays. If so, Happy birthday!

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1989 Aerosmith plays in Honnover West Germany at Eilenreiderhalle

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Barcelona Spain at Palacio De Los Seportes (Mr. Big opens)

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Boston MA at the Fleet Center

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Saga - In Transit (1979)

News as of November 3, 2003
  • Brief Aero Mention On Metal Sludge!
      PAPA ROACH drummer Dave Buckner married Mia Tyler, Steven Tyler's second eldest child (daughter of the late Cyrinda Foxe), Saturday night (October 25) during AEROSMITH's show in Las Vegas.
      Steven reportedly told the audience at the MGM Grand: "Hey Vegas, I need a favor, my daughter wants to get married tonight. Can I get a witness? Can I get a witness?"
      Mia is a year-and-a-half younger than her sister, Liv, the "Lord of the Rings" actress whose mother is Bebe Buell. Buckner and Tyler share a home in Sacramento.

      JBN: I guess we can all look forward to Papa Roach touring with Aerosmith in the future

      the JBN is Jani Bon Neil, one of the guys on metal sludge

  • The latest from Mach Bell...
      The Harley Davidson of Rock & Roll
      has moved to a posh new address:
      Come up and see us sometime.

      "This is definitely one of my top live shows of the year."
      Laura Markley THE NOISE November 2003

      HARD ROCK CAFE - 418 N. Peters St.
      THU NOV 13 2003
      "...I am blown away. I was expecting cheesy hair metal
      but these guys are the real thing, 100% unadulterated
      rock and roll, playing with the energy and conviction of

  • Classic Rock Magazine
      Honkin' from England reports

      The new CLASSIC ROCK magazine is definetly worth a look. A quite noticible front cover with Steven Tyler and Gene Simmons on the front with 'AEROSMITH Vs KISS': On the road with America's LOUDEST survivors in large lettering. Kiss has got six pages with Aerosmith only having five with a page of some good Ross Halfin Photo's.

      KISS: ON THE ROAD AGAIN- Despite the absense of original guitarist Ace Freshly, KISS fans coughed up $1, 000 for a front-row seat on the band's US tour with Aerosmith. The franchise nurtured by Simmons and stanley rolls on- but will there come a point when it won't really matter who's in the band any more? Love 'em and Leave 'em:
      Interestin notes:
      At the start of the interview, KISS talk about the black out and being with Aerosmith through it.

      Not that Aerosmith have room for any horseplay when they're on the road with their arch rivals KISS. "There's always the X-factor of kicking it a little harder" gutarist Joe Perry growls. And with a back-to-basics blues-oriented album planned for early '04, the Boston Boys are more determined than ever to let the music do the talking.
      Intersting notes:
      KISS and Aerosmith has been on the cards for about three years before it happened.
      It talks alot about how the JPP album was produced and Aerosmiths other producers.
      The new 'Honkin' On Bobo' album is getting mixed by co-producer Jack Douglas during the North American portion of Aerosmith's tour with KISS.
      Perry talks about how the 'Rolling Stones' when making a new album go back to thier last few and see what they left out and see if they can work them into the new album. "I definitely see us doing more of that from here on out"

  • New JB News From The Road (DMAAT)
      10/31/03 - Its truly "Rocksimus Maximus!"

      Well, we are in the middle of 10 days off and then set to begin the final leg of this Aero Kiss extravaganza. Its truly "Rocksimus Maximus!"
      The LA show was not anywhere near LA. It's about 60 miles away from Hollyweird - as the crow flies. Unfortunately the crows don't take I15, and we did. 2 1/2 hours later we got to the gig. Paul Stanley gave Joe one of his signature model guitars backstage which I thought was a cool gesture.

      On Tuesday Oct. 21st, Steven and Joe spent the day in a film studio doing a few commercials for the NFL. One of them aired this past Monday and one of the other commercials, a version of the old Troggs song, "Wild Thing," will air sometime soon.

      In Albuquerque Joe shot the cover of a Magazine called "Fiery Foods." Look for it at finer newsstands in the next month or so. There is also a great interview in there, too. On a side note, Joe's guest spot on "Food Finds" is set for January on the Food Network. Set those Tivo's and VCR's now.

      Rock Royalty photographer, Ross Halfin, was out in Sacramento shooting both Aerosmith and Kiss. He managed to have both bands squeeze into a small corridor for a quick photo session. No word yet if he managed to insult anybody at the venue.

      VEGAS! Whoever decided to book Vegas at the end of the leg is a genius. I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep and can vouch for half the crew and a few Porch Ghouls.

      It was pretty wild. Elvis impersonators, women body builders and even an on stage wedding! I'm not sure if the people coming into the MGM Grand Gardens that night knew what was going on when the ushers asked them, "Bride or groom?" but I bet they had an idea when they checked the back of their ticket stub and it said "Chicken or Fish"?

      Steven's daughter, Mia, tied the knot with Papa Roach skin beater, Dave Buckner, right before the band played Walk this Way and it was a perfect ending to a Vegas Vacation.

      On a sad note: I feel really bad that the Yankees lost to Florida in 6 games. The Yankees gave it their all and deserved to win their 98th World Series in the past 100 years. Better luck next year guys.

      Hello Omaha!!!!!!

      John. B


  • Rumour: Honkin' on Bobo song Leaked in the U.S???
      Having not heard of this from anywhere/anyone else than "Scott," I have a hard time believing there is any truth to this... Just so you know. Take it for what it is!


      Aerosmith Leaked.......Again

      Looks like radio stations have caught a new Aerosmith song and they are putting it on the air. Radio stations such as WZLX Bostons Classic Rock and Kiss 108 have caught a dose of Aerosmith Blues. Many people I know have heard a new Recorded Bluesy Aerosmith song. Possibly the single that will drive the record. I have no clue what the song is. I heard a little bit of the new song but they never announced the name of the single. Stop Messin' Around and Into the Grind have the most possibility of being on the Radio.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in St. Louis MO at the American Theater

      1974 Aerosmith plays in Springfield MA at the Civic Center (Blue Oyster Cult opens)

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Dayton OH at the University of Dayton Auditorium (Golden Earring opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in New Haven CT at Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in West Berlin West Germany at Deutschlandhalle

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Milwaukee WI at the Bradley Center (Seven Mary Three opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Los Angeles CA at the Hollywood Bowl (Kid Rock opens)

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Njutånger - Bitterljuv (1983)

News as of November 2, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1974 Aerosmith plays in New York City NY at the Academy of Music with James Montgomery and Mahogany Rush

      1978 Aerosmith plays in Pittsburgh PA at the Civic Arena (Golden Earring opens)

      1979 Aerosmith plays their first show with Jimmy Crespo in Lynn MA at Main Act

      1989 Aerosmith plays in Muenster West Germany at Muensterland Halle

      2001 Aerosmith cancels their show in Dayton OH at the EJ Nutter Center

News as of November 1, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith opens for Mott the Hoople in St. Paul MN at the Civic Center

      1976 Aerosmith plays in Paris France at the Pavillon de Paris (Phoenix opens)

      1987 Aerosmith plays in Springfield MA at the Civic Center (Dokken opens)

      1989 Aerosmith plays in West Berlin West Germany at Deutschlandhalle

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Rotterdam Netherlands at Ahoy Stadium (Mr. Big opens)

      2002 Aerosmith plays in Phoenix AZ at Cricket Pavilion (Kid Rock opens)

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