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News as of March 31, 2003
  • Yesterday's "First Unconfirmed Dates Released"
      That was NOT anything more official than what I have posted here previously. I've seen it re-posted elsewhere as "official" dates, but that is not the case. I later found out it was actually a post Dino (Alissa854) had sent to Dino also writes: "I talked with a source on friday and the complete tour should be out most likely this week upcoming"

  • Another translation magazine
      This time is "Shut Up And Dance," in the March issue of the magazine called "Letras Traduzidas Premium."

      Scan #1
      Scan #2

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1988 Aerosmith plays in Knoxville TN at Civic Coliseum (White Lion opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Salt Lake City UT at the Salt Palace (Skid Row opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Genesis - Selling England By The Pound (1973)
Possibly the best album ever recorded!

News as of March 30, 2003
  • U.S. Tour: First Unconfirmed Dates Released
      AEROSMITH/KISS U.S. Tour: First Unconfirmed Dates Released - Mar. 28, 2003

      The first rumored/unconfirmed dates for the forthcoming AEROSMITH/KISS U.S. tour have been released. They are as follows:

      Aug. 02 – Hartford, CT @ TBA
      Aug. 04 - Wantaugh, NY @ Jones Beach
      Aug. 06 – Wantaugh, NY @ Jones Beach
      Aug. 11- Homdel, NJ @ PNC Bank Arts Center
      Aug. 15 – Nobelsville, IN @ TBA
      Aug. 21- Burgettstown, PA @ Post-Gazette Pavilion
      Sep. 05 – Tinley Park, IL @ TBA
      Sep. 06 – East Troy, WI @ TBA
      Sep. 23 – Antioch, TN @ TBA
      Oct. 08 – Phoenix, AZ @ TBA

      As previously reported, the trek will last three months and will feature KISS in the opening slot, with the possibility that there a third act will be added. The tour of approximately 40 dates will be produced by Clear Channel Entertainment and is expected to play 90% amphitheaters, with arenas and possibly a couple of stadiums also in the mix. KISS will perform with Tommy Thayer playing Ace Frehley's parts, and AEROSMITH will reportedly be touring in support of a new Columbia blues album.

  • Perry to Meet Fans - In Honor of His Hot Sauce (DMAAT)
      Robert Brustein receives a theatrical salute; Joe Perry gets saucy
      By Carol Beggy & Al Young, Globe Staff, 3/29/2003



      This column's favorite guitar-god-cum-aspiring-chef, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, will celebrate the success of his Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew hot sauce in Newbury Comics at Fresh Pond, Cambridge, on April 10 at 7 p.m. Perry will meet with fans and sign a few autographs.


      This story ran on page E3 of the Boston Globe on 3/29/2003.


  • Article About Tom's Event Next Friday (DMAAT)
      Help prevent violence: Laugh at war skits
      March 28, 2003

      Need something fun to do next Friday? You could do worse than head east for "Banned in Boston," a satirical revue that raises money for Urban Improv, a violence prevention program for young people in Boston.

      Among the skits being planned this year are one in which Colin Powell and President Bush (played by car columnists and broadcasters Click and Clack) do their version of "Who's On First?"

      And Martha Stewart (as played by Aerosmith's Tom Hamilton) reports from the Persian Gulf, where she is trying to turn military rations into "a good thing."

      In that same spirit, leading Beantown chefs will offer recipes for such wartime comfort foods as Valium cake. Looks like the homeland's sense of humor is secure.

      Don't go away mad, just go away

      Or is it? The Nasdaq stock market and the New York Stock Exchange have both told Al-Jazeera to take a hike, after the Arab network's decision to air footage of American prisoners of war and dead in Iraq.

      Nasdaq spokesman Scott Peterson told the Los Angeles Times that ''in light of Al Jazeera's recent conduct during the war, in which they have broadcast footage of U.S. POWs in alleged violation of the Geneva Convention, they are not welcome to broadcast from our facility at this time.''

      Maybe somebody should tell our networks about broadcasting footage of POWs, just in case.

      It's only money

      It was reassuring this week to see the Senate show both common sense and spine when it reduced President Bush's tax-cut plan.

      We have to pay for the war somehow, whether it's in the form of higher taxes, reduced government services or credit (hey, kids and grandkids, this bill's for you).

      And we'll have to pay to fix the stuff we're paying to break, too.

      Contracts are already going out for the reconstruction of Iraq. The first one, to a Washington consulting outfit called International Resources Group, was awarded before the war even started.

      So as you watch your tax dollars literally go up in smoke on the nightly news, be reassured by the thought that soon they'll be going to giant companies like Halliburton--Dick Cheney's old outfit.

      Grad tab grows

      Speaking of cost, it's getting more expensive to get a Harvard degree--at least $151,000 now.

      The cost to attend Harvard is going up next year by 5.5 percent, to $37,928 for tuition, fees and room and board.

      But for that kind of money, maybe your kid will become an economist who can bail us out of our current mess.

      Try not to think of the song

      Elsewhere on the war front, a popular Israeli peanut-buttery snack called "Bamba" has been declared a vital staple food, along with milk, sugar, flour and bread.

      That means the Tel Aviv-area factory that makes Bamba--the description makes it sound like Cheetos, only peanut-butter-flavored--can issue emergency call-up orders for its workers to ensure that production goes on.

      Go Baltic

      Looking for investment opportunities? Try Estonia. Since 2002, prices on the Tallinn Stock Exchange market have soared nearly 50 percent, outperforming most other European exchanges.

      On the other hand, the Tallinn exchange is on the small side: Even though it's owned by Finland's much larger Helsinki exchange, a mere 13 companies are listed.

      The market in neighboring Latvia did OK last year, too: Share prices on the Riga Stock Exchange rose 27 percent.

      Or birdie

      What do Britain's Prince Andrew and Donald Trump have in common?

      Golf paintings.

      Many amateur golfers like Trump and his nibs share an enthusiasm for paintings of golf holes from such courses as Pebble Beach, Augusta National, Royal Troon and Ballybunion.

      The mashie-niblick niche of the commercial art market produces as much as $1.5 million in sales each year.

      Its top artists--such as Linda Hartough of Spring Island, S.C., and Graeme Baxter of Palm Desert, Calif.--target a market of about 25.8 million U.S. golfers. You duffers spend an estimated $23.5 billion a year on equipment, fees, and memorabilia, according to the National Golf Foundation, an industry research group.

      Maybe you should skip Harvard and give your kid a paintbrush.

      ''It's a pretty hot category, and when the artists are good they do well,'' Trump told an interviewer. He said he owns ''a lot'' of golf art.

      Next time you and the Donald do lunch, ask to see his portrait of the 18th hole at the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland.

      Contributing: AP, Bloomberg News


  • Japanese version of Pump released in the US? (DMAAT)
      This little blurb was found at

      Aerosmith "Pump" + 1 Newly re-mastered version of their 1989 classic album includes one bonus track "Ain't Enough". 11 tracks in all including the hit singles, "Water Song/Janie's Got A Gun" & "Going Down/Love In An Elevator". $24.95

  • Elizabeth Franco's Tyler family page

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in New York City NY at Fordham University Gym (with The Kinks)

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Jacksonville FL at Jacksonville Coliseum (Ted Nugent opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Casper WY at the Events Center (Skid Row opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Montrose - Montrose (1973)
Not too exciting, but there's some cool guitar playing here and there...

News as of March 29, 2003
  • Another date! (Alissa854)
      Cleveland, OH - Blossom Music Center - September 1st or 3rd.

      Dates are one or the other and to be confirmed soon. This is straight from the box office staff.

  • Tour rumor
      Rumors floating around says Ted Nugent will also be on stage with Aerosmith and Kiss in Detroit. It was rumored the three will play at Comerica Park according to a local radio station.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays under the pseudonym Dr. J.Jones and the Interns in Boston MA at the Boston Music Hall

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Ft. Myers FL at Lee County Civic Center (Ted Nugent opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Threshold - Hypothetical (2001)

News as of March 28, 2003
  • More dates! (Alissa854)
      September 5th - Tinley park, IL - Tweeter Center.

      The day after, September 6th, as stated a few weeks ago, is East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley Music Theatre

      ... so now there are 10 dates confirmed so far.

      Aerosmith/Kiss: Detroit show in Baseball Stadium: The Detroit show is going to be at Comerica Park, where the Tigers play. It's in August, but a confirmed date is not set yet.

      Keep posted daily because Dino has your up to date Aerosmith/Kiss tour info.

  • Supposed blues album release date...
      Found at

      "Aerosmith's new blues album has had a release date of May 27 set."

      Well, I doubt it...

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith plays in Chicago IL at the Chicago Amphitheater

      1978 Aerosmith plays under the pseudonym Dr. J.Jones and the Interns in Boston MA at the Boston Music Hall

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Hollywood FL at The Sportatorium (Ted Nugent opens)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Savannah GA at the Civic Center (White Lion opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Rapid City SD at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center (Skid Row opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

King Crimson - Larks' Tongues In Aspic (1973)

News as of March 27, 2003
  • AC/DC on Stern (DMAAT)
      Monday's The Howard Stern show on E!, they had an interview with AC/DC. This was before the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame induction. Well, Stern asked who was going to induct them. Brian said "Stevie." Stern didn't know who that was, then Brian said Steven. Stern said oh Steven Tyler from Aerosmith. Brian then said YA LIV TYLERS DAD....LOL

  • I stand corrected...
      I've been told All members of Aerosmith are eligible for AARP membership. It starts at 50, NOT 55.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith play in Claremont NH at Claremont Junior HS

      1978 Aerosmith play under the pseudonym Dr. J. Jones and the Interns (unsure of place)

      1990 Aerosmith play in Billing MT at Metra Park Arena (Skid Row opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Buffalo Springfield - Retrospective: The Best Of Buffalo Springfield (1967-1968)
There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear
There's a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

I think it's time we stop, children, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

There's battle lines being drawn
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
Young people speaking their minds
Getting so much resistance from behind

I think it's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

What a field-day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singing songs and carrying signs
Mostly say, hooray for our side

It's time we stop, hey, what's that sound
Everybody look what's going down

Paranoia strikes deep
Into your life it will creep
It starts when you're always afraid
You step out of line, the man come and take you away

News as of March 26, 2003
  • Happy Birthday, Steven!
      Today the Demon Of Screamin' turns 55! Happy Birthday, Steven!

      On a semi-related note, Rufus Thomas (Walkin' The Dog) was born on 3/26 as well. He died a few years ago, though.

  • 3 more dates confirmed! (Alissa854)
      August 4th & 6th Wantagh, NY: Jones Beach.
      August 11th Homdel, NJ: PNC Arts Center.

      Boston shows will be two dates.

      More to come from dino the insider on dates!

  • Pictures of Tom Hamilton as Martha Stewart!

  • Steven Tyler, the Senior Citizen!?
      This morning on a radio show in the US called The Steve and DC Show, they read off celebrity birthdays. One of them said Steven Tyler of Aerosmith is 55 today and the other guy made a joke and said "AARP for Steven Tyler".

      AARP is American Association for Retired Persons here in the USA and you automatically get on their mailing list when you reach age 55 which is considered the age in the USA that you become a Senior Citizen.

  • Infobeat mentioned Steven's Birthday....
      InfoBeat Entertainment
      Wednesday, March 26, 2003


      Amy Smart (27)
      Catherine Keener (43)
      Jennifer Grey (43)
      Leeza Gibbons (46)
      Martin Short (53)
      Steven Tyler (55)
      Diana Ross (59)
      James Caan (64)

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1948 Steven Victor Tallarico is born in New York City NY

      1978 Aerosmith plays under the pseudonym Dr. J. Jones and the Interns in Philadelphia PA at the Tower Theater

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Lakeland FL at the Civic Center (Ted Nugent opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Roger Waters - Amused To Death (1992)
Hold on hold on soldier
When you add it all up
The tears and marrowbone
There's an ounce of gold
And an ounce of pride in each ledger
And the Germans killed the Jews
And the Jews killed the Arabs
And Arabs killed the hostages
And that is the news
And is it any wonder
That the monkey's confused
He said Mama Mama
The President's a fool
- "Perfect Sense, Part I"

You have a natural tendency
To squeeze off a shot
You're good fun at parties
You wear the right masks
You're old but you still
Like a laugh in the locker room
You can't abide change
You're at home an the range
You opened your suitcase
Behind the old workings
To show off the magnum
You deafened the canyon
A comfort a friend
Only upstaged in the end
By the Uzi machine gun
Does the recoil remind you
Remind you of sex
Old man what the hell you gonna kill next
Old timer who you gonna kill next
I looked over Jordan and what did I see
Saw a U.S. Marine in a pile of debris
Sir turn up the TV sound
The war has started on the ground
Just love those laser guided bombs
They're really great
For righting wrongs
You hit the target
And win the game
From bars 3,000 miles away
3,000 miles away
We play the game
With the bravery of being out of range
We zap and maim
With the bravery of being out of range
We strafe the train
With the bravery of being out of range
We gained terrain
With the bravery of being out of range
We play the game
With the bravery of being out of range
- "The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range"

The kid from Cleveland
In the comfort of routine
Scans his dials and smiles
Secure in the beauty of military life
There is no right or wrong
Only tin cans and cordite and white cliffs
And blue skies and flight flight flight
The beauty of military life
No questions only orders and flight only flight
What a beautiful sight in his wild blue dream
The eternal child leafs through his
War magazine
And his kind Uncle Sam feeds ten trillion in
Change into the total entertainment
Combat video game
But that's okay see the children bleed
It'll look great on the TV
- "Late Home Tonight, Part I"

Tears burn my eyes
What does it means
This tender TV
This tearjerking scene
Beamed into my home
You don't have to be a Jew
To disapprove my murder
Tears burn my eyes
Moslem or Christian Mullah or Pope
Preachers or poet who was it wrote
Give any one species too much rope
And they'll fuck it up
- "Too Much Rope"

And the bullets fly
And the rivers run dry
And the fat girls sigh
And the network anchor persons lie
And the soldier's alone
In the video zone
- "What God Wants, Part III"

She's everybody's sister
She's a symbolic of our failure
She's the one in fifty million
Who can help us to be free
Because she died on TV
And I grieve for my sister
- "Watching TV"

This species has amused itself to death
No tears to cry
No feelings left
This species has amused itself to death
Amused itself to death
- "Amused To Death"

Written by Roger Waters 1992.

Great music, great lyrics, great album!
I just wish it wasn't so easy to relate to the lyrics today... : (

News as of March 25, 2003
  • Portion of Interview with Kramer in Classic Rock (DMAAT)
      Transcribed and posted by Clive on the Aerobuds message board, this was in the News Pages of the new Classic Rock (UK) magazine (out in the UK shops in the next day or so). The headline was "Aerosmith plan new album, and will Tour with Kiss." It started with detailing about signing up Jack Douglas for the producing the followup to JPP, and a summer release is expected. They caught up with Joey Kramer whilst down at his South Florida home, and here's what he said:

      "Every new Aerosmith record is a new challenge because you never know what'll come next. Because we wanted to do something that was back to our roots, we've all agreed to work again in the fashion of our first few records. So many people - like our core fans - have complained about the pop records we've done of late, which were very successful, but we're gonna try to regain some of the integrity by doing a record the way we used to. We'll be writing together and then recording in a small room."

      Kramer was equally candid on the subject of the tour and admitted the pairing - Aerosmith headlining with kiss opening - was an odd one. "If we'd been offered this five years ago I would have said absolutely not. I don't think the integrity of my band could withstand going out with a cartoon/circus act like Kiss. But now in a different place: I can see the entertainment value, especially from a tickeybuyer's viewpoint".

      "The promoters think it's a great thing. Kiss fans think it sucks, and some Aerosmith fans aren't happy with it either. But it might surprise a lot of people. We're each doing short sets of 75 minutes, and if we all get along like good little boys and girls we may even take it indoors... stay on the road for who knows how long".

      The rest of the article was on Kiss and about Frehley and Thayer etc.

  • Tom Hamilton plays Martha Stewart (DMAAT)
      Second acts II: Sing for the jeers

      Once each year, the violence-prevention group Urban Improv gathers local nightlife scions, business leaders, politicos, media moguls, and musical celebs for the purpose of letting them make fools of themselves in public. (We know what you're thinking: " And this differs from the other 364 days of the year how, exactly? " ) The evening, a satirical revue and " madcap musical comedy " titled " Banned in Boston, " benefits Urban Improv's programs to use theatrical improvisation to teach young people not to hit or shoot each other. The 11th annual edition approaches, and among the sketches we're most looking forward to is Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton in the role of Martha Stewart (jeez, one lousy rock star plays the son of God and now they all think they can put on airs) as she attempts to spritz up the field rations of our troops in the Gulf. Also look for Car Talk hosts Click and Clack to take on the roles of Colin Powell and George Bush in the much-forwarded e-mail update of " Who's on First. " That's April 4 at 6 p.m. at Avalon, 15 Lansdowne Street. Tickets are $150, but there's a 50 percent " junior-citizen " discount for those under 40. Call (617) 524-7045.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith opens the Toys in the Attic tour in Fort Wayne IN at Memorial Coliseum

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Atlanta GA at The Omni (Ted Nugent opens)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Charlotte NC at Charlotte Coliseum (White Lion opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Regina Canada at the Centre of the Arts (Skid Row opens)

      2001 Aerosmith appears on a German TV Quiz show in Munich Germany where they play Jaded

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Isolation Years - It's Golden (2003)
My copy of Isolation Years' spankin' new album arrived with the mail today. I'm already in on my third listening by now, and I sure like what I'm hearing! Their 2001 debut, "Inland Traveller," was a wonderful album, and I doubted this one would be able to live up to their first outing... When I first put it into my CD player and the first track started, I was actually even more unsure... but as the album progressed it became quite apparent that this is a great album too... The album grows the more I listen to it, and before I'd listened through the entire album for the second time, I was feeling that this probably is as good as "Inland Traveller," if not better! I'm not quite sure yet, though. "Inland Traveller" has something special, that I'm not sure I'm quite finding in all of the tracks on here, yet anyway. Time shall tell which record that is better, but both a great, and for now I'm definitely totally in love with "It's Golden." Isolation Years will start off their tour at Pinkerton in Skellefteå next friday, April 4th. I've got a feeling it will be a great gig. I've seen them live a couple of times before, and with these new tunes, it will be interesting to see/hear if they can top the previous gigs I've been at. Looking forward to that... :) As for this album, I recommend it warmly. Buy! Listen! Love! =)

News as of March 24, 2003
  • Video of Tyler singing w/ AC/DC for download!
      A video of AC/DC performing the classic track "You Shook Me All Night Long" with AEROSMITH's Steven Tyler at this year's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony can be viewed & downloaded online at

      Last Update 24 March 2003
      New video of the week : "You Shook Me All Night Long" live at the Hall Of Fame. The band jam with Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.

      Video Of The Week 426 downloads | #17

      You Shook Me All Night Long
      Live at the Hall Of Fame ceremony in New York (Waldorf-Astoria Hotel).
      March 10th, 2003.
      Divx - 3min00 - 25.7mo

  • Saliva confirmed

      Hey guys! I was just wondering if this was true...are yall touring with Areosmith and KISS??? A radio station said that and it certainly woke me up! Thanx! -Lace
      asked by Lace on Sunday, March 23

      That is correct. The tour, which is set to start in July, has been confirmed. We are so excited to get to tour with these rock-and-roll legends. We should be getting exact dates very soon.

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }} Tour Confirmed
      Since Saliva's representatives have confirmed the tour, here is what I can say...

      The tour will be THROUGHOUT the USA. Starting in late july/early aug in the East, working their way south thru September and then out west late september/october. There are ROUGHLY 37-40 dates on the tour, and here is how it's looking...

      1st On- Saliva. Set Time 25 minutes.
      2nd On- KISS. Set time 75 minutes.
      Closing- Aerosmith. Set time 75-85 minutes.

      A different opening act will open one other show. More on that in time. Look for Kiss's stage act to be toned down quite a bit, as they will share a stage with Aero that will be for similar interests and functionability.

      Aerosmith will CLOSE all shows. Repeat...Aerosmith will close ALL shows. Their set time is down a bit from previous tours, since this is a "co-headlining" tour.

      Ticket prices look similiar to those of the JPP tour. Not too much more.

      And as for the "blues album", it remains to be seen if it will be out in time for the tour. This tour may be a "one off", and then another tour in earnest to support the "blues album" when it comes out. That remains to be seen...

      That's what I've got. More here when I hear it...


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Columbus OH at Veterans Memorial Auditorium under the pseudonym Dr. J. Jones and the Interns

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Winnipeg, Manitoba at Winnipeg Arena (Skid Row opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays in Munich Germany at Club Babylon

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime (1988)
Got no love for politicians
Or that crazy scene in D.C.
It's just a power mad town
But the time is ripe for changes
There's a growing feeling
That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due

I used to trust the media
To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the payoffs
Everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

I used to think
That only America's way, way was right
But now the holy dollar rules everybody's lives
Gotta make a million doesn't matter who dies

Seven years of power
The corporation claw
The rich control the government, the media the law

No time to rest yet
We've got to stop his game
Before madness has the final laugh
Too much bloodshed
We're being used and fed
Like rats in experiments
No final outcome here
Only pain and fear

News as of March 23, 2003
  • Another crap band added to the bill!?
      On a Memphis radio station (, they are saying that KISS asked Saliva to tour with them... It was announced it was the same tour that Aerosmith will be on.

  • 4th of July rumor
      I heard it through the grapevine that Aerosmith will be playing in San Diego, CA around the 4th of July. It's supposed to be a "clean and sober" celebration.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Chicago IL at the Agora Ballroom under the pseudonym Dr. J.Jones and the Interns

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Richmond VA at Richmond Coliseum (Ted Nugent opens)

      1988 Aerosmith plays in Greensboro NC at Greensboro Coliseum (White Lion opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Christian Kjellvander - Songs From A Two-Room Chapel (2002)

News as of March 22, 2003
  • Kiss/Aerosmith tour ON (DMAAT)
      Clive Newton:

      Eddie Trunk, a NY DJ, and close friend of Ace Frehley said the tour is definitely happening. He detailed the three month tour from August onwards with start on the East Coast, and Kiss will go on before Aerosmith. There is talk of a third band opening up for both bands.

      Starting to look as dates for the Kiss/Aerosmith are starting to pop up now. I noted this one on a board and the source was Clear Channel.¨

      For info etc they list "Coming soon". It's August 21 at Burgettstown, PA at the Post Gazette Pavillion.

  • KISS, AEROSMITH To Launch U.S. Tour In August
      KISS, AEROSMITH To Launch U.S. Tour In August - Mar. 22, 2003

      KISS and AEROSMITH are set to kick off a three-month U.S. tour beginning on the East Coast in August. KISS will reportedly open every show, and there may be a third act added, according to As was the case at the group's most recent Japanese dates, guitarist Tommy Thayer will perform Ace Frehley's parts at the concerts, which will apparently include two dates each at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, New Jersey and in Jones Beach, New York. No officially confirmed dates have yet been announced, although the web site of the Post-Gazette Pavilion in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania is currently listing the AEROSMITH/KISS concert there on August 21. More information will be made available soon.

  • Aerosmith / Kiss rumours so far... (DMAAT)
      Yes, there's only one date listed on, and of course it is a cc venue... It is listed as Aerosmith/Kiss (Aerosmith w/top billing and rumor has it, Aerosmith will NOT be opening any of the shows). Again, no official announcements, but word is they will be playing large arenas and maybe even some stadiums with a third act added to the bill. Starting in August and going at least through October on the West Coast. 40'ish dates I'm assuming as was originally "announced".

      Some UNOFFICIAL date leaks has been compiled and are presented below. Of these, 2 have already changed dates and venues since the initial leaks. Note that these should not be taken as "news," but until I can verify it from an original source...

      Hartford, CT      08/02/03   Meadows Music Theatre
      Nobelsville, IN   08/15/03   Verizon Wireless Music Center 
                                     (on sale April 26th at 10am) 
      Burgettstown, PA  08/21/03   Post Gazette Pavillion
      East Troy, WI     09/06/03   Alpine Valley Music Theatre
      Antioch, TN       09/23/03   AM South Amphitheatre
      Phoenix, AZ       10/08/03   Cricket Pavilion     

      Also some partial info on:

      Clarkston, MI:    August no more info available
      Tinley Park, IL:  09/04/03 Tweeter Center (tentatively)
      West Palm Beach, FL:   Late September   Coral Sky Amphitheatre
                               date to be confirmed next week     

  • Idiotic MTV Europe censorship bans Aerosmith video!
      Here's the article from TV Barn:

      MTV Europe's suggested video hit list

      Excerpt of an MTV Europe memo passed along from an unnamed source...bad news for those of you dying to hear "Love Shack."

      In the light of the outbreak of war in Iraq in the last 12 hours, our recommendations for the scheduling and content of videos and programmes are as follows:

      1. Video recommendations

      Obviously, there will be heightened public sensitivity to representations of war, soldiers, bombing, destruction of buildings and public unrest at home. The ITC Programme Code requires us not to broadcast material which offends against good taste or is offensive to public feeling. We therefore recommend that videos featuring the following are not shown at the moment:

      war planes
      riots and social unrest
      other obviously sensitive material

      Examples include:
      System of a Down "Boom!" - anti-war video containing facts and figures about, amongst other things, the projected casualties in the war in Iraq.
      Aerosmith "Don't want to miss a thing" - contains footage from the film "Armageddon".
      Manic Street Preachers "So Why So Sad" - contains footage of soldiers being killed and man throwing a hand grenade.
      Passengers/U2 "Miss Sarajevo" - contains missiles, guns and buildings being blown up.
      Bon Jovi "This ain't a love song" - contains war scenes and victims in distress.
      Iggy Pop "Corruption" - contains wars, riots, guns and captions "we love guns" and "we love rifles".
      Paul Hardcastle "19" - contains war footage.
      Radiohead "Lucky" - contains war footage including injured children.
      Billy Idol "Hot in the City" - contains an atomic explosion.
      Armand van Helden "Koochy" - contains an atomic explosion and ships being blown up.
      Trick Daddy "Thug Holiday" - contains soldiers being killed at war.

      Furthermore, videos with words such as "bomb", "missile", "war" or other sensitive words in the artist or song title should not be shown at the moment.

      Examples include:
      Outkast "B.O.B (Bombs over Baghdad)" - song title may offend.
      Radiohead "Invasion" - song title may offend.
      Megadeth "Holy Wars" - song title may offend.
      Gavin Friday "You, Me and World War Three" - song title may offend.
      B-52s videos.


      WEBMASTER'S COMMENT: I despise all types of censorship, but this one really pisses me off! Surely the act itself is far more "offensive" than any music video can be. The only thing this would possibly do is to make the public not think of the war, so they don't stop and reflect over things, and start thinking for themselves... A coincidence that such an American thing as MTV choose to not show videos that are negative towards the ways of the US government (two thumbs up for System of a Down!), I think not. Actually, in times like these, videos like the ones mentioned in the article ought to rather be shown more....

      On the mention of System of a Down, Serj Tarkanian (their vocalist) made the following comments right after 9/11/01. They provide an incredible amount of insight, and while I'm sure nearly no Aerosmith fans will care or bother to read it (OFF-TOPIC WARNING, obviously), I thought I'd re-post them here for everyone to ponder...


      The brutal attacks/bombings this week in New York, and Washington D.C., along with threats of attacks there and elsewhere in the country have changed our times forever. While the mass media concentrates on the details of the destruction, and the blanketed words of politicians, I will attempt to understand and explain the events from the fence. BOMBING AND BEING BOMBED ARE THE SAME THINGS ON DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE FENCE.

      Terror is not a spontaneous human action without credence. People just dont hijack planes and commit harikari (suicide) without any weight of thought to the action. No one in the media seems to ask WHY DID THESE PEOPLE DO THIS HORRIFIC ACT OF VIOLENCE AND DESTRUCTION?

      To be able to understand the answer to this, we must first look at our U.S. Mideast Policy. During most of the 20th century, U.S. businesses have worked on attaining oil rights and concessions from countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. After WWI, secret back door deals by our State Dept. yielded oil rights from then defeated Turkey to fields in what is now Iraq and Saudi Arabia, in return for looking the other way at a crime against humanity, the Genocide of the Armenians by the Turks. Oil profits have been the motivating factors behind many attempts at counterinsurgency of democratic regimes by the CIA and the U.S in the Middle East (such as Iran in the 1950s, where the Shah replaced the Prime Minister who refused to give up oil rights to the U.S., and since the people couldnt deal with the Shah, an extremist government headed by the Ayatollah Khomeini ultimately prevailed). During the Iran-Iraq war, America supplied both sides with weapons and advice. These are not the actions of a rich superpower wanting peace.

      Lets not forget that Saddam Hussein, before being Americas vision of the Anti-Christ, was a close ally of the U.S., and the CIA. So what was the firm belief system of consecutive American administrations that caused all this to occur ? PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST WILL LEAD TO HIGHER OIL AND GASOLINE PRICES.

      Lets not also forget the power of the Arms industry, disguised as defense, that still sells billions of dollars of weapons to the area. Therefore it has not been in the short-term economic interest of the U.S. to foster Peace in the Middle East. Using the above reasoning, the U.S. has encouraged extremist governments, toppled democracies, as in the case of Iran to replace it with a monarchy, rigged elections, and many more unspeakable political crimes for U.S. businesses abroad.

      Lets not also forget the Red Scare. During the war between the then Soviet Union and Afghanistan, the U.S. armed and supported the Taliban, a fundamentalist Muslim organization, and allowed them to export opium and heroin out of their country to pay for those weapons. Therefore the Taliban rose to power and control with the help of the U.S.A.

      Today, the bombing of Iraq still continues, no longer covered by the media, the economic embargo still remains, killing millions of children, and recently, while the world and the U.N. General Assembly have cried out to bring in peacekeeping forces into Israel and Palestine, to end the escalated war and recent assassinations, the U.S. has vetoed the rest of the Security Council and has halted the possibility of peace, there, in the most volatile place in the world.

      People in Serbia, Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, and Afghanistan to name a few have seen bombs fall, not always at military targets and kill innocent civilians, as the scene in New York city yesterday. The wars waged by our government in our names has landed smack in the middle of our living room. The half hour of destruction closed down all world financial markets, struck the central headquarters of our military, and had our leaders running into bunkers, and our citizens into fear and frenzy. What scares me more than what has occurred is what our reactions to the occurrences may cause. President Bush belongs to a long generation of Republican Presidents who love war economies. The media has only concentrated on the bombings, if you will, and what type of retaliations are looming for the perpetrators. What everyone fails to realize is that the bombings are a reaction to existing injustices around the world, generally unseen to most Americans. To react to a reaction would be to further sponsor the reaction. In other words, my belief is that the terror will multiply if concrete steps are not taken to sponsor peace in the middle east, NOW. This does not mean that we should not find the guilty party(s), Bin Laden, or whoever they may be, and not try them. Put simply, as long as a major injustice remains, violence precipitates to the surface of life.

      Native American folklore, the Bible, Nostradamus, and many other major religious beliefs point to this era with the visuals of yesterdays disasters, and conditions of ecological disasters we experience daily in our lives today. War, rumors of war, famine, long burning fires, etc., are at our doorstep. We can prevail over this possible vision with the power of the human spirit, understanding, compassion, and peace. ITS TIME TO PUT OUR NEEDS FOR SECURITY AND SURVIVAL, ACHIEVED ONLY THROUGH PEACE, ABOVE AND BEYOND PROFITS, ESPECIALLY IN THESE TIMES.


      The U.S. should stop sidestepping the U.N. Security Council, and allow U.N. Peacekeeping troops and missions to the Middle East. Stop the violence first.

      Stop the bombing and patrol of Iraq.

      With todays gains in the use of alternative fuels, develop them to full usage with autos and other utilities, to make the country less dependant on an already depleting natural reserve, oil.

      By initiating peace, we would have already shaken the foundations of support for Bin Laden, and/or all those that sponsor activities like those we saw yesterday, and break the stronghold of extremists on the world of Islam. On the other hand, if we carry out bombings on Afghanistan or elsewhere to appease public demand, and very likely kill innocent civilians along the way, wed be creating many more martyrs going to their deaths in retaliation against the retaliation. As shown from yesterdays events, you cannot stop a person whos ready to die.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1986 Aerosmith plays in Norfolk VA at The Scope (Ted Nugent opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Saskatchewan Canada at Saskatchewan Palace (Skid Row opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Panama City FL at Panama City Beach for MTV Spring Break; they play Nine Lives, Falling in Love, Walk This Way, and Hole in My Soul

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Satyricon - live at Klubben, Stockholm, Sweden 2002-10-15
Queen - Queen (1973)
Yes - 90125 (1983)

News as of March 21, 2003
  • Another tour date (Alissa854)
      Phoenix, AZ - Cricket Pavilion - October 8th. California dates look to be late September or early October.

  • Downloads at Gonzaloc's site...
      Gonzaloc has uploaded some mp3's to his page. This including Misery live at the Fashion Awards, with the Receivement Speach for best rock style, an interview with Steven and Joe in the studio recording Roots, Rock, Reggae, one more mp3 of the Fifa show, a reggae vercion of Kiss Your Past Good Bye, and more covers. All this at:

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1988 Aerosmith starts the third leg of the Permanent Vacation tour in Roanoke VA at the Civic Center (White Lion opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Nevermore - Dead Heart In A Dead World (2000)
The world's such an ugly place
It seems useless sometimes trying
Will you watch the hate machine spin evil
Or will you look away and plead apathy again

I uncreate, I desecrate
I spit the truth into the engines of hate

We sing into the sky on the production line
We are the holy swine,impurity defined
You can't ignore us anymore
You cannot judge us anymore

The sheep are made to follow
Choke back the puke and swallow
The sheep are told to divide
The engines of hate still grind

News as of March 20, 2003
  • Tour date (Alissa854)
      Antioch, TN. Amsouth Ampitheatre - September 23rd - on sale mid April

  • Tour info, as according to Alissa854..
      AF1 Changes For Tour This Summer

      The ticketing ordering for this summer's Aerosmith/Kiss tour is different than ever before. No more phone ordering with continous busy signals. Ordering will now be online thru the AF1 website. Their will be a Velvet Rope still for this tour too. However, no Kiss makeup will be allowed at all during Velvet Rope or any type of Meet And Greet. Some dates are flying around out there, but AF1 will make an official annoucement about the tour in April. The new blues album will be out in July sometime, then rehearsals before the tour will begin. Stay tuned.

  • Guitar Class, and Nine Lives
      Last month's (February) issue of the Brazilian magazine "Guitar Class" had Joe Perry was cover and has a lot of guitar tabs, information about Aerosmith and Joe, and Joe Perry's poster. You can find all scans at (the news section)

      On a side-note, did you know that one image from the Nine Lives booklet comes from a portuguese book called "Os Lusíadas"? The part with "Falling In Love" lyrics. You can find the original image at the same site (last news part)

  • Amercian Idol
      When 'Jaded Judge' talked in relation to the 'I Dont Want To Miss A Thing' performance, he apparently did little else than diss Armageddon and most of all, Steven. See below:

      It's Josh's turn, and he's going to sing a song from the sensibly-plotted and well-written Armageddon. Let me ask you something. How could two pods crash on the moon hundreds of miles apart and then find each other? Do you think if I plopped you and a friend down in Arizona 300 miles apart, you could happen upon each other? And gosh, what a surprise that Bruce Willis doesn't like Ben Affleck because he's just like Bruce was as a younger oil jock. And how come.ah, forget it. The movie made $9000 million, and that's all that matters these days. Josh's song tonight is from the Aerosmith era known as "Sucky Love Ballads That All Sound the Same." And how is it that the older he gets, the more Steven Tyler looks like a teenage girl? Isn't anybody else terrified by a 50-year old man wearing makeup and singing sappy ballads about love lost to high school chicks?

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at Paul's Mall; broadcast live on WBCN

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Pittsburgh PA at the Civic Arena (Ted Nugent opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Calgary Canada at the Olympic Saddledome (Skid Row opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Pain of Salvation - Entropia (1997)
Watch fathers and sons pale cling to their guns.
Marching line by line leaving reason behind.
Their eyes now tensed with fear; enemies are near.
But all armies are only fathers and sons...

On this very sad day in the history of human kind, my admiration for Pain of Salvation's Daniel Gildenlöw (if possible) grows even bigger. While many artists tries to avoid making statements on the subject out of fear of loss of popularity (in the case of Dream Theater's Mike Portnoy, that would probably have been a good move), the current opening page of their official website,, now hosts a strong and moving statement. It's disturbing to try to read it, but then.. so is war... :(

News as of March 19, 2003
  • 1st confirmed show on sale announced! (Alissa854)
      Nobelsville, IN at the Verizon Wireless Music Center on August 15th.. It goes on sale April 26th at 10am.

  • American Idol
      On "American Idol" the guy who's the Marine sang "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" kind of 'country-fied'.

  • Steven's Shirt at Induction
      Paul wrote:

      In your news section, you commented that it was hard to read Steven's shirt as he inducted AC/DC. Well...I know what he was wearin and it is very cool. Tyler wore a "Day in the Green" shirt (from 1978 I believe). I live in San Francisco, and the promoter Bill Graham used to stage a Day on the Gren concert every summer from the 70's to the late 80's. It was always at the Oakland Coliseum (where the Radiers and A's play) and would draw 50-60,000 people for each show.

      So, Steven's shirt says "Day on the Green" on top...then listed the bands playing with Aerosmith headlining the event. Also on the bill were Foreigner, (maybe Pat Benetar) and the first two bands of the day...both up and comming at that time Van Halen and AC/DC. Very cool of Steven to wear that.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at Paul's Mall; broadcast live on WBCN

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Syracuse NY at War Memorial Arena (Ted Nugent opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Edmonton Canada at Northlands Arena (Skid Row opens)

      2001 Aerosmith is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in NYC

      2001 Aerosmith appears on the Today Show and the CBS Early Show

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Circle - Fraten (1997)

News as of March 18, 2003
  • Aerosmith in Anger Managment
      Brad T writes:

      I went to a sneak showing of the new Adam Sandler/ Jack Nicholson film "Anger Managment." About halfway into the film, they play the harmonica intro to "Pink" a couple of times. It's in a scene where Jack and Adam are riding in a car.

      I'm not sure if the song is on the soundtrack, but I thought it was cool the song was in the movie. Adam Sandler was at the screening and I believe he is a huge Aerosmith fan. The movie was great and look for it in theatres April 11!

  • Godsmack mentioning Aerosmith
      Here's an excerpt from another article about Godsmack mentioning Aerosmith. It's the Lead singer (Sully Erna) saying as to why Godsmack doesn't intend to write radio-friendly songs.


      Godsmack singer Sully Erna says the band doesn't try to make radio-friendly music, it just happens, because of who they are and who influenced them growing up.

      SULLY: "In the history of this band I don't think we've ever written... intending for it to be a radio hit. You know, we just write what's in our heart and what's in our souls. And I think because most of us have such a heavy background being raised on bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, that what's inside of us is a little bit more aggressive. So when better hooks or melodies come, it's a blessing. I think it's a mixture for us you know. We love bands like Pantera and Metallica, but we also love bands like Aerosmith and stuff like that, which are a bit more melodic. So maybe it's just a combination of everything."


  • Steven's Shirt at Induction
      A fan wrote to me, saying his shirt, the red and black one on the top of the logo said "DAY ON THE GREEN" and underneath the logo.. "Foriegner" (top) and "Pot Trainer" (bottom) I'm not sure about the trainer part..but I think that's what it says....

      Much more likely is that Steven's shirt was in reference to a concert on July 23, 1978 in Oakland (Day on The Green Festival) The performers were AC/DC, Aerosmith, Foreigner, Van Halen and Pat Travers. :)

  • New pic of Joe's tattoo
      At, enter the site and go to the celebrity section through the left menu. Joe and Billie's picture is about the 7th picture in the gallery.

      Mr and Mrs Perry

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays at Cal Jam II at the Ontario Speedway

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Providence RI at the Civic Center (Ted Nugent opens)

      1997 Aerosmith releases "Nine Lives"

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Paatos - Live at The Shrine, Kolingsborg, Stockholm, Sweden 2002-09-27

News as of March 17, 2003
  • Matrix 2 soundtrack
      Sander van Dalen told me that he saw a track list for the Matrix 2 soundtrack, with "Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)" as track 1.

      Apparently it's not official, but you see this tracklist in several places:

      Aerosmith - Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
      Fatboy Slim - Badder Badder Schwing
      Filter & The Crystal Method - (Can't you) Trip Like I Do
      Guns N' Roses - Down On The Farm
      Korn - Freak On A Leash
      Limp Bizkit - Nookie
      Machine Head - From This Day
      Marilyn Manson - The Dope Show
      Metallica - Die, Die My Darling
      Ministry - Step
      Prodigy & Tom Morello - One Man Army
      Propellerheads - Crash!
      Rammstein - Stripped
      Red Hot Chili Peppers - Around The World
      Skunk Anansie - Lately
      The Chemical Brothers - Let Forever Be
      The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright
      Tiamat - Brighter Then The Sun


  • People Magazine
      In this week's issue of People Magazine, on one of the first few pages there is a picture of Steven and Gwen from the Hall Of Fame!

  • 20/20 (DMAAT)
      On 20/20 Friday night, they did a segment on the outrageous ticket prices of concerts. Showed about a nanosecond of Aerosmith on stage. The main band they reported on was The Stones, along with Paul McCartney and The Who.

  • Hall Of Fame induction on TV...
      Of course it was aired how Steven inducted AC/DC into the Hall Of Fame, and also when he came out and sang with AC/DC! Brian Johnson even let Steven sing the whole second verse by himself! He's like "Alright Stevie" and then Steven started singing.

      For the women, Tyler wore the white shirt unbuttoned while he was singing. On some of the mailinglists, people have been discussing what Steven's shirt said when he was inducting AC/DC. Apparently hard to read, the only word people seem to have been able to read was "Pork", which was under what looked like the Aerosmith logo....

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1990 Aerosmith plays in Vancouver Canada at Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum (Skid Row opens)

      2001 Aerosmith plays Jaded and Big Ten Inch on Saturday Night Live in New York City

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Ragnarök - Fjärilar i Magen (1979)

News as of March 16, 2003
  • Rolling Stone magazine
      In the latest Rolling Stone (50cent on the cover), Aerosmith is in an article about the 50 richest rockers. They are #18...

  • MTV2 22 Greatest Voices
      If you missed it the first time and plan to catch a repeat of it (see listings below), Steven is #16 and his segment comes on about 25-30 minutes into the show.
      MTV2 & Blender Present: 22 Greatest Voices
      date           time (Eastern)
      Sat 3/15          2:00 PM 
      Sun 3/16          9:00 AM
      Sun 3/16          7:00 PM   
      Mon 3/17         11:00 PM
      Tue 3/18          7:00 PM
      Fri 3/21          3:00 PM
      Tue 3/25         12:00 PM      

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1986 Aerosmith plays in Springfield MA at the Civic Center (Ted Nugent opens)

      2001 Aerosmith does the Virgin Megastore Records signing in Times Square, New York City NY

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Fem Älgar i Ett Badkar - Tågen Från Bastuträsk EP (1980)
Mountain - Flowers of Evil (1971)

News as of March 15, 2003
  • More about "One Time Too Many" w/ Willie Nelson (DMAAT)
      Willie, Aerosmith Song Found
      Lost track to appear on "Essential" collection

      A lost collaboration between Willie Nelson and Aerosmith will surface on The Essential Willie Nelson, due April 1st on Columbia/Legacy. The song, "One Time Too Many," was written by Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and was recorded in Vancouver in 1987.

      "Willie Nelson's image and persona are only overshadowed by the character of his guitar," Tyler said in the liner notes for the album. "To some, his imperfections and outlaw image ruffle feathers, to the rest of us it only raises the old question: Why fuck with perfection? He's the elder statesman of cool and the ambassador of good will and high times."

      The Essential Willie Nelson is part of an extensive series of reissues marking the Red Headed Stranger's seventieth birthday (April 30th). The two-CD set will span Nelson's career, from a 1961 recording of "Nightlife" to his Liberty and RCA recordings from the Sixties, through his groundbreaking Seventies concept albums and into the Eighties, Nineties and 2001's The Great Divide. As Nelson has been wont to do, Essential will feature plenty of duets, both obvious and odd, including the singer-songwriter's pairings with Waylon Jennings ("Good Hearted Woman," "Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys"), Ray Price ("Faded Love"), Leon Russell ("Heartbreak Hotel"), Ray Charles ("Seven Spanish Angels"), Julio Iglesias ("To All the Girls I've Loved Before"), Emmylou Harris ("Everywhere I Go"), Merle Haggard ("Pancho and Lefty") and Lee Ann Womack ("Mendocino County Line"). The set will also feature the rarity "Slow Dancing," his collaboration with U2, issued as a b-side on the band's 1997 single for "If God Will Send His Angels."

      This May, four Nelson albums -- Willie and Family Live (1978), San Antonio Rose (with Ray Price, 1980), Always on My Mind (1982) and Pancho and Lefty (with Merle Haggard, 1983) will be reissued with bonus tracks. In the summer, four more titles -- To Lefty From Willie (1977), the soundtrack to Honeysuckle Rose (1980), Greatest Hits (and Some That Will Be) (1981) and Tougher Than Leather (1983) -- will also be reissued.

      Track listing for The Essential Willie Nelson:

      Disc one:

      Night Life
      Hello Walls
      Funny How Time Slips Away
      I Never Cared for You
      The Party's Over
      Good Times
      Me and Paul
      Shotgun Willie
      Bloody Mary Morning
      Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
      Good Hearted Woman
      If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time)
      Uncloudy Day
      Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys
      Georgia on My Mind
      Blue Skies
      All of Me
      Heartbreak Hotel
      Help Me Make It Through the Night
      Whiskey River
      Stay a Little Longer

      Disc two:

      My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys Faded Love
      On the Road Again
      Angel Flying too Close to the Ground
      Always on My Mind
      Last Thing I Needed First Thing This Morning
      Pancho and Lefty
      To All the Girls I've Loved Before
      City of New Orleans
      Seven Spanish Angels
      Forgiving You Was Easy
      Living in the Promiseland
      Nothing I Can Do About It Now
      Everywhere I Go
      Slow Dancing
      Mendocino County Line
      One Time Too Many



  • Hall Of Fame (DMAAT)

      Select first flipbook on this page that says SHOW PHOTOS...about 15 or 16 into it begin some pics of Steven - 7 total in the group.

      Don't forget, the show airs Sunday night, March 16th at 9pm on VH1. And according to VH1 as of today, reruns of the show are scheduled for:

      Sun     3/16/03   11:00 PM 
      Mon     3/17/03    7:00 PM 
      Tue     3/18/03    1:00 PM 
      Tue     3/18/03   11:00 PM 

  • From an e-mail sent out by VH1...
      2003 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

      Tune in to VH1

      Sun. Mar. 16 9/8c

      Once a year, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony celebrates the artistry of pop’s greatest talents. This year’s affair tips the hat to a handful of musicians who have earned the respect and admiration of music fans worldwide. It is an event you cannot miss!

      Tune in to VH1, Mar. 16th at 9/8c as:

      · Gwen Stefani presents The Police
      · Steven Tyler presents AC/DC
      · U2 presents The Clash
      · Elton John presents Elvis Costello
      · Billy Joel presents The Righteous Brothers

      For more information about the inductees, as well as flipbooks, videos, and games, log on to at:

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Seattle WA at Center Coliseum (Frank Morino and Mahogany Rush open)

      1986 Aerosmith plays in New Haven CT at Veterans Memorial Coliseum (Ted Nugent opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

The Perishers - From Nothing To One (2002)
Ozric Tentacles - Erpland (1990)

News as of March 14, 2003
  • Top 25 Video Artists Of All Time
      MTV is having a contest on the Top 25 Video Artists Of All Time, and guess who's included among the best of the best? Yep, you got it! Go to to vote!

  • Video Clips on VH1 of the Show (DMAAT)

      But the short clip of the Police EBYT does not include Gwen/Steven that I saw..and of course the AC/DC clip is of the OTHER song they did...without no Steven clips that I could see.....thought I'd post anyway in case more are added or you guys find one I missed LOL.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1978 Aerosmith plays in Seattle WA at the Center Coliseum (Frank Morino and Mahogany Rush open)

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Salisbury MD at the Civic Center (Ted Nugent opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Tacoma WA at the Tacoma Dome (Skid Row opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Yokohama Japan at the Yokohama Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love - Green Morning Baby (2000)
Not for the faint-hearted! This music is just so way out there! The horrendous album artwork alone should be enough to give most mortal men at least a serious headache. Fortunately, once you've gotten past the disturbingly ugly exterior, one will find some music within that really has some brilliant moments. For the most part, however, this appears not to be as much in my taste as most of the work I've heard by the players on here elsewhere.. A problem with "Green Morning Baby," the way I see it, is that the entire album is just one single long (76 min) track. It would have made for easier listening (but maybe that's what they were trying to avoid?) if they had split it into several tracks. You know, while certainly letting the music (if played from start to finnish) stay in the same long continous jam form. For me, I think the parts I really like begin to emerge around 30-40 minutes into the record so... The first half hour isn't bad, mind you, just not quite as much in my taste... If I for some reason just wants to listen to the stuff towards the end, it's a pain to fast forward to that point. Anyways.... Oh, and yes, this is another record featuring Jens and Arne of the Holy River Family Band/Spacious Mind "fame".

News as of March 13, 2003
  • Draw The Line, the official tribute band, on Cruise in Boston
      March 29, boarding from 10-11PM and cruising out on the Odyssey Cruise Ship from 11PM - 1AM. The ship typically cruises Boston's inner harbor past Castle Island out to Boston Light end and the past Logan Airport, back through Charlestown passing the historic Naval Yard and the U.S.S. Constitution and back to Rowes Wharf along the shores of Boston's North End. Draw the Line will be performing and dinner/cruise are included in the $45 ticket price.

      Tickets can be purchased at Front Row Tickets by calling (603)668-8880.

  • VH1 Radio Ad
      There was an ad for the VH1 Hall Of Fame show on the radio this morning, I read, and they did play a clip of Steven singing "You Shook Me All Night Long" with AC/DC, so hopefully they will include that in their edit this Sunday. :)

  • Mia Tyler to visit Montreal
      Mia will be in Montreal this saturday, for the opening of a new MXM store, clothing for 14+.

      From 1 to 3 pm Mia will be there for autographs and meeting the clients, in the Galeries Taschereau.

  • Aerosmith hands over the ICON torch... (DMAAT)
      No real Aero relation, only the HOPE that THEY will be there in person to hand over the MTV ICON (like Janet was for them).


      Metallica named mtvICON
      March 12th, 2003

      Metallica has just been recognized by MTV as the cable music channel's third mtvICON. Metallica will be honored on May 3rd in Los Angeles, CA as yet-to-be-announced artists will pay musical tribute to the band's career spanning two decades. The actual event, which will later air on MTV on May 6th at 9:00pm EST, will also mark Metallica's debut television performance with newest member bassist Robert Trujillo. Robert is expected to play with Ozzy one last time this Friday in Las Vegas before focusing 100% on Metallica.

      The first two year's of MTV's new "mtvICON" recognition were Janet Jackson and Aerosmith.


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      Aerosmith rested!

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Europe - Europe (1983)
There was alot more to the band Europe than "The Final Countdown." This, their debut, is actually a quite nice album. Personally I think this one, along with their second release "Wings Of Tomorrow," is even better than what followed them, although that one obviously sold alot more... No, the songwriting of Joey Tempest by this point was not quite enough to get the band a major selling hit, but the music is harder and there's no denying the band had something going for them from the very start... and hey, it was released on a good year aswell... ;)

News as of March 12, 2003
  • Couple more excerpts w/new ST HOF comments (DMAAT)
      Steven Tyler of Aerosmith inducted AC/DC. "AC/DC became the litmus test of what rock does," Tyler said. "Does it make you clench your fist when you sing along? Does it scare your parents to hell, and piss of the neighbors? Does it make you dance so close to the fire that you burn your feet--and still don't give a rat's ass? Does it make you want to stand up and scream for something that you're not even sure of yet? Does it make you want to boil your sneakers, and make soup outta your girlfriend's panties? (audience laughter) If it doesn't, then it ain't AC/DC."

      The Police performed their hits "Roxanne," "Message In A Bottle," and "Every Breath You Take." During the last song, they were joined onstage by Steven Tyler, John Mayer, and Gwen Stefani.


  • 3 pics added to Yahoo News of Steven.... (DMAAT)

  • Why no Jam at R&R HOF (DMAAT)
      This article just came up and explains why there was no all star jam at the end this time as opposed to most R&R Hall of Fame ceremonies.


      March 12, 2003
      Toasts but no jam at the Hall of Fame
      The induction ceremony features humor, harmony and antiwar sentiments but not a hoped-for Clash anthem.
      By Geoff Boucher, Times Staff Writer

      NEW YORK -- An eager Tom Morello stood with guitar at the ready as the final minutes ticked down Monday at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 18th annual induction dinner, but the big moment fizzled.

      Morello, the former Rage Against the Machine member who joined U2 guitarist the Edge in inducting the Clash, was looking forward to performing "I Fought the Law" in another of the gala's well-known closing jam sessions. The song would have served as a nod to the Clash's version of the tune.

      "Believe me, I know how to play it on guitar," the longtime and dejected Clash fan said. But the spontaneous finale didn't materialize.

      The omission cost the event the opportunity to put Elvis Costello, the Police, Elton John and the Edge on stage at once. It also provided a fitting non-ending to the night for Clash fans.

      An edited version of the ceremony will air at 9 p.m. Sunday on VH1 and although it will have its moments -- the performance of new inductees Elvis Costello and the Attractions and political comments of Neil Young among them -- it will not have the Clash playing.

      The quartet lost its colorful co-founder and chief lyricist Joe Strummer in December to a heart attack at age 50, and on this night Mick Jones and the rest of the band opted not to play without him.

      "He played as if the world could be changed by a three-minute song," said Morello, now guitarist with the band Audioslave. The songbook of the Clash is part political manifesto, which would have added even more to an evening peppered with antiwar statements from the stage, most forcefully by Young, who among other things compared the U.S. government to a careening SUV driven by a drunk driver.

      Several speakers turned to lyrics to announce their sentiments, citing the work of John Lennon, Edwin Starr, Costello and others.

      There was also a now-common haze at the industry event at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel: The business is in a malaise and many executives sitting in the dinner's expensive seats probably breathed a resigned sigh when Costello chided the corporate nature of the day.

      They also heard from new inductee Mo Ostin, the celebrated Warner Bros. Records chief whose group of labels was home to Paul Simon, the Ramones, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, the Kinks and scores more through the years but who was sent packing in the mid-'90s from the label he shaped so profoundly for some three decades. "In the struggle between artist and commerce," Ostin, who was inducted by Young, pointedly told the crowd, "the artist must prevail."

      There was also the grim matter of Phil Spector's absence. The heralded record producer, who was mentioned half a dozen times from the stage, has been a fixture at the event in recent years but was not present this year. He is free on bail after having been arrested in February on a murder charge following the shooting death of an actress at his Alhambra home.

      His long résumé includes shaping the biggest hits of the Righteous Brothers, the blue-eyed duo also inducted Monday, and one of his studio collaborators, the late saxophonist Steve Douglas, was inducted in the sidemen category, along with pianist Floyd Cramer and drummer Benny Benjamin.

      "He is rock 'n' roll, and I wish he could have been here," Bill Medley, one-half of the Righteous Brothers, said of Spector as he left the ballroom for the night.

      The evening was hardly morose throughout, though, and no one was more responsible for that then John. In a rollicking speech that will present TV censors with much bleeping work, John inducted Costello and hailed him as a bold and gifted musical innovator. He also suggested that Costello spent time in the 1970s making porn film music and committed a historic act of hubris by claiming the stage name Elvis.

      John also charmingly quipped that when he was dismissed as boring by Costello's punk-era ilk, they may have had a point. Costello in turn thanked John for his "very eloquent, very complimentary and deeply profane" comments.

      Aerosmith's Steven Tyler gave the induction speech for the hard-rock band AC/DC, which delighted the crowd with its versions of "Highway to Hell" and "You Shook Me All Night Long."

      The program closed with the Police, the trio that rose from London in the 1970s and went on to become one of the biggest bands in the world before splitting in the mid-'80s. The personalities of the group -- their internal acrimony was legend and Sting himself seems now to enjoy his reputation for haughtiness -- was a big part of the night's tribute to them.

      Sting chided drummer Stewart Copeland for resisting the band's plan to perform "Every Breath You Take" because the song didn't have enough drumming highlights. Guitarist Andy Summers, meanwhile, sarcastically told the crowd, "There's absolutely no ego involved in this band."

      The Police played for the first time together since the break and did their first hit, "Roxanne," in an expanded, jazzy version.

      They also performed "Message in a Bottle" before closing with "Every Breath You Take," which had Tyler, No Doubt's Gwen Stefani and John Mayer lending a hand.

      Then, as it became apparent that no Clash song would be sung, the crowd began to filter out toward parties upstairs or the cold Manhattan night.

      Morello lingered long after, talking about the Clash of the past and the antiwar movement of the present. "I sure wish that Joe was here."


  • Infobeat
      On the Infobeat Daily Poll:

      Steve Tyler is the lead singer for what Boston-based band?
      J. Geils
      The Cars
      The Pixies

      Now, see the results:
      RESULTS (OUT OF 1307)
      J. Geils 2% (22)
      The Cars 3% (38)
      Aerosmith 89% (1162)
      Boston 6% (75)
      The Pixies 1% (10)
      Right 89% 1162
      Wrong 11% 145

      Gods. what's wrong with these people!?

      Also on the Entertainment Newsletter was this:

      Leather Liv
      World Entertainment News Network

      Luscious LIV TYLER has signed up to play 1950s icon BETTIE PAGE - and the part requires her to don slinky leather outfits.

      The LORD OF THE RINGS star has been desperate to play bondage-loving Page for nearly four years and has been waiting for the right script to come along.

      Her interest is supported by producer and director MARK MORI - who owns the rights to Page's story, which has previously interested GANGS OF NEW YORK film-maker MARTIN SCORSESE.

      He says, "Liv Tyler is still attached and she's more enthusiastic than ever. When I first met her, Liv told me, 'I was born to play Betty Page'. Right now, we're trying to develop a script. We may have some sort of announcement to make about a script very soon."

      And even Page's official biographer is keen on the curvy Tyler.

      He gushes, "The meaning and importance of Bettie's era doesn't have to be taught and spoon-fed to Liv Tyler - she knows it already."

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1986 Aerosmith plays in Worcester MA at The Centrum (Ted Nugent opens)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Sacramento CA at ARCO Arena (Skid Row opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Yokohama Japan at Yokohama Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Hela Hjärtat Mitt: Musik ur Skellefteås pophistoria (1965-2002)

News as of March 11, 2003
  • The Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony last night
      The 18th Annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
      March 10, 2003 - The Waldorf Astoria
      New York City, New York USA

      After an AC/DC video segment, Steven Tyler comes on and shouts "Thank god for the power chord!" He is on fire, almost yelling out his induction speech. If I've interpreted what I've read correctly, Tyler joined AC/DC for "You Shook Me All Night Long." The Australians, I hear, also did "Highway To Hell," but I have yet to read if Tyler sung with them on that one too, or not. I'm guessing he didn't. Tyler apparently also, along with No Doubt's Gwen Stefani, join in with The Police for the out-choruses of "Every Breath You Take"

  • Pictures of Steven from the HOF... (DMAAT)

  • Excerpts from 2 HOF articles w/ Steven mentions (DMAAT)
      10:55 p.m.
      Beavis and Butthead are, of course, presented in the AC/DC video segment, with their trademark air-guitar. Many good clips--ah, that crazy Angus Young! Now Steven Tyler of Aerosmith comes on and shouts "Thank god for the power chord!" He is on fire, almost yelling out his induction speech. He sings a snatch of "You Shook Me All Night Long." The Clash is coming backstage so I'll have to interrupt the coverage of Steven Tyler.

      11:19 p.m.
      Sting says they're going to keep their speeches short so as to get to their reunion after 18 years. Sting thanks a number of people. Andy Summers is quite articulate and funny. Up now Stewart Copeland, the American of the band. "I was raised to be a jazz musician--that's why I play rock and roll," says Stewart. He is thanking a list of names. Stewart looks like he's wearing Elvis's glasses. "Now we're going to play now!" he says. Sting says they're going to play their first and last hits--do you know what they are? AC/DC is not coming backstage! Sorry, fans of the thundering Aussie headbangers. I remember that one of my first concerts was AC/DC opening for Aerosmith in 1979, one of the ones that Steven Tyler was reminiscing about. I remember that far back, you gosh darned kids!

      11:33 p.m.
      Gwen Stefani and Steven Tyler have joined them for the out-choruses of "Every Breath." Steven Tyler singing a Police song!



      AC/DC, inducted by Steven Tyler, performed You Shook Me All Night Long with the Aerosmith singer, plus Highway to Hell. No Doubt's Gwen Stefani inducted The Police, who reunited to play Roxanne, Message in a Bottle and Every Breath You Take.

  • Aerosmith Frontman Jams With AC/DC
      AEROSMITH Frontman Jams With AC/DC At ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME Induction Ceremony - Mar. 11, 2003

      AEROSMITH frontman Steven Tyler joined Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees AC/DC onstage for a performance of AC/DC's classic hit "You Shook Me All Night Long" at this year's ceremony, which was held at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City on Monday, March 10. For some pictures you can check out;

      An edited version of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony will air March 16 on VH1.

  • HOF news report on MTV
      Aero-Fan, Michael writes:

      I was just watching a News clip from the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame last night on MTV and they showed a little with Steven Tyler. They showed a little of Steven's Speech saying something along the lines of "On the behalf of Aerosmith and every kid who has Rocked, thank you AC/DC."

      It also showed Steven up on stage singing with AC/DC to "Shook me all night long" and also up on stage with a few people like No Doubt's Gwen Stefani, singing with the Police to (I think) "SOS."

  • MTV article on Rock Hall Induction
      From, which also has a few pictures of him....

      Gwen, Steven Tyler Sing With Police; AC/DC Shake The Waldorf: Kurt Loder Reports From The Rock Hall Induction 03.11.2003 11:08 AM EST

      NEW YORK — As Elton John said at one point, it was a very good night to be British.

      The 18th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on Monday night, brought some nonpareil musicians into the pantheon. Among them were the Righteous Brothers, the '60s blue-eyed-soul duo; and such celebrated studio stars as Steve Douglas (a tenor-sax honkmaster who played with everybody from the Beach Boys to Bob Dylan), the influential Nashville pianist Floyd Cramer (who backed Hank Williams and Elvis Presley and scored instrumental pop hits of his own), and groove-king drummer Benny Benjamin, who powered some of the greatest Motown classics of that great label's golden age.

      But, maybe because most of them also performed, the night belonged in large part to the English punk and New Wave class of 1977: the Clash, and Elvis Costello and his band, the Attractions (whose first albums were released that year), and the Police (who got together in '77, and released their debut LP in 1978).

      Costello and the Attractions came out and tore into "Pump It Up" with all the angry-young-men aggression they'd poured into it 25 years earlier. It was pretty thrilling — and, as always, a little strange to see people in tuxedoes boogying down at their expensively reserved tables.

      Elvis and company were inducted into the Hall of Fame by big-time fan Elton John — wearing an especially sassy wig — who saluted Costello's ambitious work over the years in a wide range of musical styles, from country to neo-classical. "He's never chosen the commercial route," Elton noted. "Which is more than can be said of me. But hey, somebody's got to pay for this hair."

      Costello also led the Attractions through a long and clearly heartfelt rendition of "You've Really Got a Hold on Me," the 1962 Motown hit by the Miracles (later covered by the Beatles). And he signed off with "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding," a reverberant song off his 1979 Armed Forces album. It may have been the first anti-war statement of the evening, and it wasn't the last. ("We're havin' a good time tonight," Neil Young said, a little later. "But we're gonna kill a lotta people next week.")

      Audioslave guitarist Tom Morello inducted the Clash. He said the band's pugnacious idealism lived on "wherever people take to the streets to protest an unjust war."

      The Clash didn't perform, of course — their iconic frontman, Joe Strummer, died last December (see "The Clash: Ducking Bottles, Asking Questions, By Kurt Loder"). But most of the surviving members were on hand. (Drummer Topper Headon, who was fired from the group because of his heavy drug problem, was supposed to fly in, but in the end didn't show.) Guitarist Mick Jones made quick mention of a friend "who's in Baghdad at the moment as a human shield," then gave a shout-out to the Sex Pistols, who he hopes will be inducted into the Hall next year.

      And then, all of a sudden, like a truck bomb in a brickyard, AC/DC happened. There they were, with guitarist Angus Young duck-walking across the stage, ripping out the chords to "Highway to Hell," while singer Brian Johnson launched his power-drill shriek up toward the (relatively) cheap seats. Having formed in 1973, AC/DC aren't technically punks, I guess. But any band that still features a guitar player in a short-pants schoolboy suit qualifies in my book.

      There's a tiresome sense of decorum that's built into most award shows, and it tends to mute all things rude and unruly. AC/DC are apparently unaware of this. They may be unaware of anything apart from what Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who inducted them, called "the majesty of the power chord." Tyler ran out to join the unstoppable Aussies for a wall-shuddering run-through of "You Shook Me All Night Long," and you could almost hear brains hemorrhaging around the room. We need to hear this sound more often.

      Gwen Stefani inducted the Police into the Hall of Fame — dunno why, exactly, but hey, why not?

      Grumpy pop scholars sometimes denigrate the Police as a non-stop, money-Hoovering hit machine — "Message in a Bottle," "Don't Stand So Close to Me," "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic." This is true but unfair, not to mention stupid. These guys are electrifying musicians. It would be enough that Sting, with his distinctive, sinuous delivery, is a great singer; or that he is one of the most harmonically sophisticated of all post-Paul McCartney bassists. The fact that he is both of these things at once remains something of a marvel. Guitarist Andy Summers' gorgeous phrasing and inventive use of electronic effects place him pretty much in an instrumental category of his own, at least in a pop context. And Stewart Copeland — I mean, what a drummer. The man plays with unrelenting power and snap, but with deep rhythmic complexity, too. He finds beats in places most other percussionists wouldn't think to look, and he does it about every 30 seconds.

      The Police broke up 18 years ago — they apparently didn't like each other all that much — but they immediately re-gelled for this occasion. You might think that "Roxanne," their 1979 hit, could never be brought back from the Valley of Overplayed Singles. But they kicked it to life as if they'd just thought it up the week before. And their 1983 über-smash, "Every Breath You Take" — later a big hit with Puffy Combs' name somehow attached to it — was an equally neat feat of exhumation. The Police really were — still are — a uniquely impressive band.

      Toward the end of "Every Breath You Take," Steven Tyler and Gwen Stefani jumped up and joined in. So did, uh, John Mayer. Then, before Dick Cheney and the L.A. Lakers could prance out to take part, the song crested and came to an end.

      Word had it that the show was supposed to conclude with an "all-star jam" on the Clash's 1979 cover of the old Bobby Fuller Four hit, "I Fought the Law." This didn't happen, and probably just as well. These "jams" — intended as a display of heart-warming pop-star commonality — are most often a mess. Spared such a sodden wrap-up, this Hall of Fame show — spirited in its performances, generally sleek in its pacing — seemed otherwise unimprovable.

      —Kurt Loder

  • Clip from the Today Show (DMAAT)
      They did a story about the HOF induction on the Today Show. Renata recorded the clip, and turned Steven's part into a real media file. It's very short, but those who want to view it can do so at . It won't be up there for long though.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1986 Aerosmith plays in Worcester MA at The Centrum (Ted Nugent opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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The Band - The Band (1969)
Ryan Adams - live at Konserthuset, Malmö, Sweden 2002-11-18

News as of March 10, 2003
  • Article about Steven in Sunday Parade Supplement (DMAAT)
      As mentioned yesterday, there was a nice article with several pics with Steven in yesterday's edition of the Parade supplement that comes with certain US Sunday newspapers. It talked a lot about Tyler the stage performer vs the family man, etc. There are some great pics, though mostly small and black and white.

      NJRagdoll typed out the text portion at the AF1 message boards, at: She went through alot of work to type all of that text, so an enormous thanks to her for sharing it with those of us who don't get the mag!


      With his alcohol- and - drug addled past behind him, Steven Tyler still rocks audiences as the front man for the legendary band Aerosmith. Today, at 54, he says he has new priorities.

      "Look What I've Got Now"
      by Gerri Hershey

      Most people have a preconceived idea of what this rock star Steven Tyler is like. Every time I meet somebody, they say, 'I didn't think you'd be like this. That Tyler guy on TV is always 'yaaaaaaaaa!'" says the lead singer of Aerosmith, letting out his trademark scream.

      Who can blame them? During the 1970's and '80's, Steven Tyler did almost everything to excess. He and guitarist Joe Perry ingested enough drugs and alcohol to be called the "Toxic Twins of Rock 'n' Roll". Now, at age 54 and 17 years sober, Tyler says he still digs his day job but also has embraced a more serene life-style. "I love that I can be this 9-to-5 guy in Dockers at home". he says.

      Tyler is telling me how he found peace with his once-arring roles of rock star and family man. Backstage in San Antonio on the band's recent North American tour, Tyler's huge wardrobe trunk is plastered with photos of the two beautiful daughters he nearly lost through neglect. Actress Live Tyler, 25, and model Mia Tyler, 24, were fathered during his weldest days in the 1970's. "I abandoned them," Tyler admits. More photos show his second family: his wife Teresa; daughter Chelsea, 14; and son Taj, 11. A drawing by Chelsea reminds him in crayon": "I Love You Dad." "But I love the fact that I'm also this Tyler guy," he says. "Is there anything so bad about this whirling-dervish Tyler?"

      I wondered: How far back does Tyler trace the beginings of his persona as rock's scarf-snapping bad boy?

      "I started getting into trouble before I could walk," says Tyler, who was born in New York City to Victor Tallarico, a high school music teacher, and his wife Susan, a secretary. (A penny Steven swallowed at 9 months is pasted in his baby album.) The only time he stayed still was when his father- a Juilliard-trained musician who once played with society orchestras - practiced piano. "I'd sit under his big Steinway," Tyler recalls. "So I was totally immersed in Debussy, Chopin, LIszt. That's where I got this emotional thing I have with mucic."

      When Tyler was 7, the family moved to Yonders, N.Y. He sang in the church choir, and performed songs and skits for family and guests in the recreation barn at Trow-Rico, the family-owned resort in New Hampshire. Even then, there were two Stevens: the sweet-faced choir boy and the problem child. 'I was always criticized as a child for being hyperactive,' he says. "I was put on drugs for it for about a year. I was just a whirling dervish then - but perfect as the front man for this band."

      By his teens, Tyler was already a rock 'n' roll delinquent whose "bad attitude" alienated his teachers. After a marijuana arrest in June 1966, he was told not to return to high school in the fall. As the drummer in a band called the Strangeurs, he played at clubs, colleges, and debutante parties.

      Then he met Joe Perry, a guitarist working as a short-order cook in New Hampshire. They hit it off, musically and otherwise. In 1970, their new band Aerosmith, played its first date at Nipmuc Regional High School in Mendon, Mass.

      In 1973, the Boston-based group broke onto the charts with their now-classic hit single "Dream On," from their self-titled first album. With a third album, Toys in the Attic, and a manic tour schedule came global recognition - and some unhealthy side effects of rock wealth and fame. Drug and alcohol abuse led to a series of breakups, artistic bombs, bad management, bear bankruptcy, and failed rehab attempts. Tyler's lowest point? "I was in a locked ward, and a doctor whispered to me, "Your best thoughts got you here.' I went back to my room and cried."

      In 1982 Tyler met Teresa Barrick, a waitress and aspiring costume designer from Tulsa, Okla., at a recording studio in Manhattan. "I fell in love with him so deeply and so quickly," Teresa recalls. Unfortunately, she also loved drugs, and soon their days bounced between idyll and nightmare. "He took me up to his house in New Hampshire," she says. "We went canoeing. The country boy in him came out, and I related to that, being from Oklahoma."

      But once the band went on tour, Teresa says, Tyler turned into a spoiled star: "He would get crazed. When he would throw things, tip over tables of room service, I knew it was the drugs."

      The other band members and thier management forced Tyler back into rehab in 1986 at the Caron Foundation's Chit Chat Farms in Pennsylvania. Teresa went as well. "I was so tired of living that kind of life," she says. "I saw what it was doing to Steven and me, and I wanted to get married and have kids." They entered separate men's and women's facilities and met once a week at church. Back home, they continued therapy and AA meetings. "It worked because we were both ready," Teresa says. To honor their new life, the couple wed in 1988. "As soon as I married Teresa," says Tyler, "I sidestepped off the tail of thatcomet I so loved to live on. We moved right to the country. Bought 3 acres outside Boston with a view of the ocean. We wanted kids, and they came."

      Aerosmith's musical rehab also took place in 1986, when they remade one of thier early hits with the rap trio Run-D.M.C. The release of "Walk This Way" - now hailed as a groundbreaking fusion of rock and rap - also marked the band's first appearance on MTV. It was a smash, as was their 13th album, Permanent Vacation. And the band has never looked back.

      "Today, I so totally get it," says Tyler. "The gifts I got came back tenfold. I remember clearly seeing myself laugh again, calling my mother, sending the guys birthday cards, changing diapers. When you're addicted, you just stop doing all that stuff. Look what I've got now. I love my kids. I watch them grow up and it's tangible. There's something there." Tyler says that last summer, spent totally at home, was his best: "Woke up with the kids. Had a bowl of Trix." Or he'd cook eggs from his peahens, Harley and Davidson. He wrote songs and tinkered. "We redid our backyard. Taj and I practically live in the woods. We trail-ride on little bikes and four-wheelers."

      "Steven is getting to be a better father," says Teresa. "He's stepping up to the plate. He had a lot of guilt over leaving his first wife and not being there for Liv."

      Tyler says he has strengthened ties with his older daughters. Liv was raised by her mother Bebe Buell, who, along with Tyler, kept his paternity from her until Liv figured it out herself at age 11. Mia was just a toddler when Tyler split with her mother, the late Cyrinda Foxe, his first wife. Even though Tyler provided a house and money for her schooling, he says, "I was high, not caring about myself, let alone her."

      "I spent 20 years with secrets," adds Tyler. "The gist of it is: I left Mia, and I left Liv. How we've worked it out, how we still do that daily, is between us. Liv never brings it up, and I could cry about that. She's just the sweetest most unpretentious person." Today, he says, the blended Tyler clan gets together whenever Liv's and Mia's showbiz schedules permit. And to all four Tyler children, he is just "Daddy" - in sequins or Dockers.

      "Certain people try to separate the me's," says Tyler. "I'm really both people. But when people see me now as this sober individual who thinks about family first, they can't imagine it."

      Even since Aerosmith's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001, the wiry 140-pound Tyler shows no signs of slowing down: The band's latest CD, O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmmith Hits, has gone multiplatinum; their tour is sold out to a fan base expanded two generations beyond the "Blue Army" of thew '70's; and they earned yet another Grammy nomination in 2003. After three decades of rock aerobics, Tyler says, "I've found the secret: Movement keeps you young. The muscles are getting stronger, and I'm having a great time."

      The hardest part now is being away so much. "I call home every day," Tyler says. He relies on Teresa for news of report cards, Halloween parties, and the family's menagerie of dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles.

      Tyler starts singing a few lines from Aerosmith's first No. 1 single, a 1998 ballad from the soundtrack of Armageddon, starring Liv Tyler. "That song says it all for me right now - hut the title." And he signs it: "I don't want to miss a thing."

  • John B's Road Report 03.10.03
      News From Arlington...

      On February 27th Steven took part in a show to benefit the Middlesex Services Agency. The MHSA supports the quality of life for a wide variety of individuals through community based social service programs. Steven's good friend Bob Herne helped put the benefit together in Arlington Ma. at the Regent Theatre. The event started out with a very patriotic rendition of our National Anthem sung by trooper "Dan" Clark. Also on the bill was Tracie Hunter who's father, Ian Hunter, fronted the band Mott the Hoople who toured with Aerosmith in the mid 70's. Next up was Boston legend James Montgomery who rocked the house with good time rockin' blues the way it was meant to be played. However, there was no hiding the fact that the sellout crowd of about 500 people where there to see the "Demon of Screamin," Steven Tyler. Steven joined James' band and proceeded to bring down the house with an arsenal of tunes straight off the Aerosmith set list. "Big 10 Inch," "Walkin' the Dog" and "Walk This Way" were basted and seasoned to near perfection. I say near because, folks, the only way I could give a "10" across the board is if Steven was up there with his four brothers. But because they were scattered across this great country of ours that was going to be impossible. After the reunion of The Neighborhoods, (Boston band Brad produced in the early 90's) most of the people involved got up on stage and signed autographs for the people who purchased $150. golden circle tickets with all the proceeds going to the charity. After everyone got there autograph and a few precious moments with their idol, Steven, with his pretzel like right hand chatted with his fans who stayed and hung out in front of the stage the whole time he was there. A great time was had by all including your faithful story teller. As of this writing Steven has been busy writing his speech for AC/DC's induction into The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, which will be held Monday, March 10th in NYC. It's such a great fit too because if your within earshot of his dressing room on tour you will at some point in the night hear "Highway to Hell" blasting out of his stereo and filling the hallways of venues across the country and the world.

      Every year in Boston the sports writers comment how spring is just around the corner because the Red Sox tractor trailer left the icy confines of Fenway Park and headed down south to Fort Meyers Florida for yet another year of Spring Training - and the beginning of an exciting baseball season. Well, people, you know a new Aerosmith release can be heard in the distance because "the Kramedog" has loaded up his drum kits and sticks and is moving up from his winter home in Florida to the frigid temps of Beantown to begin work with his rhythmic partner and master of the big bottom, Tom Hamilton.

      I'll keep you posted on the progress of the album and also confirm or squash those rumors you have been making up, I mean hearing about this summers tour.

      -John B


  • Metal Massacre - Letras Traduzidas
      The Brazilian magazine "Metal Massacre - Letras Traduzidas" has some pictures of Steven, along with translations to portuguese of the lyrics to "Jaded" and "Girls Of Summer."


  • New Aerosmith Items at Disney
      In conjunction with the Rock N Roller Coaster, they are apparently now heavily promoting the band with the merchandise. In the past it used to be like 3 t-shirts, and a pen that said Aerosmith. But now they are selling pictures, GOLD RECORDS ($160), t-shirts, tank tops, posters and such. All the stuff is new and a guy in the store apparently said they are now going to be promoting the band more with the ride.

  • Aerofest update
      I just read on the AF1 boards that rooms are going fast at the Holiday Inn for Aerofest on March 22. Also, the deadline for reservations for the fest has been moved from March 10 to March 17, so for those of you who are going and haven't signed up, git yer ass movin!!!

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1990 Aerosmith plays in San Francisco CA at The Cow Palace (Skid Row opens)

      2003 Steven Tyler inducts AC/DC into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

November - En Ny Tid Är Här… (1970)
Motörhead - Snake Bite Love (1998)
Take the Blame
(Kilmister - Campbell - Dee)

You can see the way we do it here
You will be alright if you can change
You can be a rich man, you can start to climb.
Get into the rhythm, step into the line.

Politicians eat your words
Prohibition that's a joke
Exhibition of the criminally insane
You can take the money,
but can you take the blame
You can take the money,
but can you take the blame

You can be the new arising star
You can be the super new-wave boy
You can be a tyrant, you can rule by fear
That's the way they like it, stick it in their ear

Politicians eat your words
Prohibition that's a joke
Put your own children in Jail with a shame
You can take the money,
but can you take the blame
You can take the money,
but can you take the blame

Politician swine, you make me wanna puke
Waste my money, waste my time.
going by the book
Education fails no need to teach the poor
They just get in the way, until we have a war.
until we have a war...

You will never sorrow for your friends
You will never miss them for a day
You will be a hero, you will be a king
Get into the money, get into the swing

Politicians eat your words
Prohibition that's a joke
You can't fool everybody, you should be ashamed
You can take the money,
but can you take the blame
You can take the money,
but can you take the blame

See you on TV, you talk and talk and talk
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
Liars, thieves and dorks
You may be in control,
so how come you're so scared
Is it because you feel, the hatred everywhere,
the hatred everywhere.
King Crimson - Red (1974)

News as of March 9, 2003
  • Steven Tyler Jumps On Religion Wagon
      From the March 18th, 2003 issue of STAR rag mag


      Rocker STEVEN TYLER chose to explore his spiritual side while out in New York - by chatting with a rabbi in a mobile synagogue.

      The ample-lipped AEROSMITH frontman visited a caravan transformed into a place of prayer in Manhattan, where he engaged in a philosophical conversation - but RABBI LEVI BAUMGARTEN, who spoke to Tyler, didn't even know who he was.

      Baumgarten explains, "He just said he was a singer. I didn't make much of it. We just talked about the state of the world, Israel and Iraq, Judaism and religion. He is very open to learning things, very smart."

      A faithful follower who was praying in the vehicle, known as the MITZVAH TANK, recognised Tyler and tipped off the rabbi.

      Baumgarten continues, "When I heard he was famous, I told him he should use his power to influence the public and ask people to be kinder and gentler to each other.

      "I think he accepted the challenge. But I still don't know what an Aerosmith is." (RGS/TS/BRC)

  • Sing For The Moment released as single in the UK
      Eminem's Sing For The Moment was released this week in the UK and contains an instrumental version on the 3 track single.

  • Parade Magazine
      For those of you who receive this as a Sunday supplement with your newspaper, there's a really nice three page article about Steven in today's edition.

  • Barely Aerosmith Related
      I was told Steven Adler's new band is going to named Suki Jones. Adler was, of course, the original drummer in Guns N' Roses.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1974 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at the Orpheum Theater with Blue Oyster Cult

      1990 Aerosmith plays in San Francisco CA at The Cow Palace (Skid Row opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Tokyo Japan at the Tokyo Dome

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Banco del Mutuo Soccorso - Darwin! (1972)
Paatos - Timeloss (2002)

News as of March 8, 2003
  • Tiny blurb VH1 - Presenter Steven Tyler (DMAAT)
      The Hall of Fame ceremony is a great chance for rock's biggest fans to pay respect to the music's legends. Here's a list of famed presenters and their honored inductees.

      Steven Tyler Presents AC/DC
      It takes a rocker to know a rocker. Aerosmith's lead singer respects the power of a great growl and an angry riff. He offers his appreciation of Angus and company.


  • One more about Alison/Steven Event... (DMAAT)
      March 08, 2003
      Alison Krauss' Doctors Order Vocal Rest
      By The Associated Press

      Doctors have recommended vocal rest for bluegrass artist Alison Krauss, causing her to postpone next week's taping with Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler for the cable TV show "Crossroads."

      Krauss had been ill with coldlike symptoms and is having a difficult time singing, her manager, Denise Stiff, said Thursday.

      Doctors will re-evaluate her condition next week.

      Krauss and Union Station are scheduled to perform March 19 for the National Association of Record Merchandisers in Orlando, Fla. The concert has not been canceled.

      Krauss' March 13 taping with Tyler will be rescheduled as soon as possible, Stiff said.

      "Crossroads," which airs monthly on the Country Music Television station, pairs country artists with those from other musical genres. Past shows have featured the Dixie Chicks with James Taylor, Hank Williams Jr. with Kid Rock and Travis Tritt with Ray Charles.


  • Sim City 4
      At there's a terrain you can download for Sim City 4. It's called Amazing and it's some sort of labyrint of land and water based on the cover of the Amazing single.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1980 Aerosmith plays in New York City NY on the radio show America Alive

      1986 Aerosmith plays in Philadelphia PA at The Spectrum (Ted Nugent opens)

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Tokyo Japan at Tokyo Dome

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Colosseum II - Strange New Flesh (1976)
Gary 'got the blues' Moore playing prog/fusion music!? Not what he'd eventually become very famous for and be appreciated for today for sure, and I don't think I've ever heard his guitar sound remotely like this anywhere else. The music is quite good though... They named the opening track "Dark Side Of The Moog," sort of fun... :)

News as of March 7, 2003
  • Chelsea Tyler in Teen Vogue Magazine
      The new Teen Vogue has a little article about Chelsea(!) on pages 68 and 69. There are also some photos of Taj, Liv and Steven etc. Cool!

      The article is a little interview with her and how she wants to be famous. She wants to act and sing and is starting to take piano lessons. She says she know almost all the Aerosmith songs by ear. She also says she toured with Aerosmith from 3 months 'till 3rd grade, but she and her mom dont like it. It's not very long, maybe 200 words. The pictures (as you can see below) include Chelsea (in her aunt's backyard) modelling some clothes and a pic of her and Taj sitting on a moterbike.

      a scan of the article and pictures

  • Malcolm Young: Why We Picked Steven Tyler To Induct Us
      AC/DC's MALCOLM YOUNG: Why We Picked STEVEN TYLER To Induct Us - Mar. 6, 2003

      AC/DC specifically asked for AEROSMITH's Steven Tyler to induct them into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame on Monday (March 10) because he and AEROSMITH were instrumental in helping AC/DC to break into the United States in the mid-'70s.

      "When we thought back about when we, we first came to the, the States, it, it sort of just sprung to mind straightaway — 'Well, Steven Tyler...' — because I think we were doing, sort of doing club dates and things like that in the States, and they heard we were in the country and they got us put on as support act for 'em," AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young recalled. "And when he would do interviews, inevitably he would talk about us guys, too. When we looked back, we thought, 'He's the man that really helped the band,' you know, so we're grateful for that.

      "What really sealed it was when we did a gig with...remember that band FOREIGNER, who had had the big hit record, and we were put on that show? And it was great for us--it was a big stadium. AEROSMITH were on, too. FOREIGNER didn't want us on there for one reason or another, and it was Steven Tyler that said, 'Well, if you're gonna drop them, we're not playing either,' and I thought that was brilliant."

      The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony takes place at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. In addition, AC/DC will play a free show in the city on Tuesday (March 11) at the Roseland Ballroom.

      An edited version of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony will air March 16 on VH1.

  • AC/DC mentions Steven Tyler on Stern this morning
      Aero-Fan, Michael writes:

      Hey, I was just listening to Howard Stern and AC/DC were guest on the show. It was the basic Howard show with lots of goofing around and AC/DC sounded as if they didn't care about the "Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame" and didn't even know who was really being inducted. When Howard finally asked them who was inducting them they joked at first and Said "Sting" that got a good laugh out of everyone. They finally told Howard "Stevie Tyler." Howard said "WHO" and when they said "Tyler" he said "Oh, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith." Then he asked if they knew Steven and were friends they said they have met him a few times and "He's a Good Lad." LoL

  • {{ ^A^eroFANatic }}
      "As for a Kiss tour, look for the official annoucement soon. Looks as if the tour will kick off in Hartfod, CT on Aug 2nd. "

  • More Aerosmith/Kiss tour dates, per Alissa854
      Tinley Park, IL - Tweeter Center - Sept. date t.b.a next week

      Burgettstown, PA - Post Gazette Pavillion - Aug. 21

  • Just a cool Tyler picture I was e-mailed...
      This is from the 2/27/03 Benefit for a Homeless Shelter outside of Boston. Taken by Nutsforaero.

      Tyler at the 2/27/03 Benefit for a Homeless Shelter outside of Boston. Taken by Nutsforaero.

  • Alison Krauss/Steven Tyler Taping Delayed (DMAAT)
      News In Brief : Friday, March 7, 2003

      Krauss Crossroads Postponed
      Due to unforeseen illness, the taping of CMT Crossroads starring Alison Krauss & Union Station and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, originally scheduled for March 13, will be rescheduled. After a medical evaluation Thursday (March 6), doctors at the Vanderbilt Voice Center have recommended vocal rest for Krauss for an undetermined amount of time. CMT will announce the new tape date for CMT Crossroads as soon as it has been determined. 03/06/03


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1986 Aerosmith plays in Largo MD at the Capital Center (Ted Nugent opens)

      1998 Brad and Joe do a Gibson Guitar Clinic in Tokyo Japan

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Änglagård - "Jordrök" (1992)
Black Sabbath - Sabotage (1975)
I've watched the dogs of war enjoying their feast
I've seen the western world go down in the east
The food of love became the greed of our time
But now I'm living on the profits of pride
- "Hole In The Sky"

A poisoned father who has poisoned his son, that's you - Yeah that's you
I beg you please don't let it get any worse
The anger I once had has turned to a curse on you - Yeah curse you
All of the promises that never came true
You're gonna get what is coming to you, that's true - Ah, that's true
Are you Satan, are you man?
You've changed in life since it began
- "The Writ"

News as of March 6, 2003
  • Crossroads
      From AF1:

      Steven Tyler will be joining Alison Krauss to film CMT Crossroads on March 13th. CMT CROSSROADS teams-up country music stars with music stars from other genres - pop, rock, R & B - to play together, swap stories, and share their common love of music. Previous show pairings have included Kid Rock and Hank Williams Jr. and Sheryl Crow with Willie Nelson. Radney Foster will be hosting this unique musical pairing. The show will air on March 13, please check local listings for air times or visit

  • Tour dates, per Alissa854
      Aerosmith/Kiss tour dates so far:

      Friday, August 15th
      Nobelsville, IN - Verizon Wireless Music Center.

      Saturday, September 6th
      East Troy, WI - Alpine Valley Music Theatre.

      More to be confirmed soon thru clear channel.

  • Happy Birthday, Chelsea!
      Steven Tyler's youngest daughter, Chelsea Anna turns 14 today. Happy Birthday!

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in Newport RI at Newport High School

      1989 Chelsea Anna Tyler is born

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Inglewood CA at The Great Western Forum (Skid Row opens)

      1990 Aerosmith is inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk in Hollywood CA

      2001 "Just Push Play" is released

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Black Sabbath - Paranoid (1971)
Generals gathered in their masses,
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction,
Sorcerer of death's construction
In the fields the bodies burning,
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind,
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh Lord Yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave thier role to the poor, yeah

Time will tell on their power minds,
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess,
Wait 'till their judgement day comes, yeah

Now in darkness world stops turning,
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more War Pigs have the power,
And as God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pigs crawling,
Begging mercies for their sins
Satan, laughing, spreads his wings
Oh Lord Yeah!

News as of March 5, 2003
  • Indiana Show in August? date T.B.A.
      Alissa854 writes:

      The Verizon Wireless Music Center in Indiana has the band playing in August. The date they would not tell me, but April 1st is when the 2003 summer schedule will be released. By that time the date is official. Stay tuned to

  • Punk Rockers from Holland with song called "Liv Tyler"
      A Dutch punk rock band that go by the name "Travoltas" have apparently written a song about Liv Tyler. Truth to be told, the song was crap though. (IMHO that is LOL)

      If anyone would like to hear some half-assed "punk" with lyrics from a lovesick Liv Tyler fan, it can be downloaded from the Dutch web site: At that link you'll also find this info and the lyrics to the said song:


      Liv Tyler's official song. You know you love her too.

      CD Endless Summer
      Label Fastmusic Label
      Credits 2002 Fastmusic

      Het verhaal achter de Song
      This song is about Liv Tyler

      Teksten (lyrics)
      I saw you in a movie on TV.
      You probably forgot but you were smiling at me
      I was wondering what are you doing Friday night
      We can make out under the stars and see them shine

      'Cause I'm sure you are the one
      So please listen to this song
      Hey Liv Tyler do you wanna go out with me?
      'Cause I can't stop thinking about you
      Can't you see?
      And I want you to know I'm not like those stupid movie stars you're used to.
      'Cause I really would be true to you.
      Only you.

      We can hang out at the beach and I'll sing you a song.
      We'll go see a rockshow and your dad can come along.
      Get eachother's names tatooed on our arms
      We'll drive up to Vegas, right there we'll prove our love


      Livvvy Liv Liv Liv Liv Ahhhh!


  • Steven sighting story (as told by DTAERO)
      yesterday in Hanover mass.
      my girl friend is a manager in a temp office, one of the office's is located in Hanover above some shops, there's a small like mall there one of the girls in that office was down stairs and saw Steven Tyler pulling up into the parking lot getting out of a red VW bug there's a salon there that Steven went into, not sure what he was having done one girl says pedicure the other says his hair anyway this one girl Pam that knows my friend Bonnie is so into Aeromsith, calls her to tell her Steven in at this salon, Bonnie is like 15 to 25min away at another office anyway Pam gets the nerve to go right into the salon to talk to him, like everyone else says he was just so nice and funny she told him about bonnie how much she loved him and would he please sign an autograph for her and he did this is what he put To Bonnie I,W,L,Y F, ( i will love you forever) LUV STEVEN TYLER and he added a heart____________- then Pam got a hug and kiss from him. and left, Bonnie never even went to go there to see him for herself, if any of you remember my Joe Perry meeting story Bonnie froze that day to and wouldn't even go near Joe LOLOL, anyway she is sending me a copy of the autograph LOLOL she is like just to see her name that Steven wrote it was enough for her LOLOL so everyone else in the office is looking out the window and watched him as he leave's, his car won't start they said within a few minutes the're were a few guys there helping him a few with Aero logo 's on their jackets the car had to be towed, what an exciting story for them i thought I'd share it with other AERO fans

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1983 Aerosmith plays in South Yarmouth MA at Cape Cod Coliseum (The Enemy, and Gary Shane & Detour open)

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Inglewood CA at The Great Western Forum (Skid Row opens); Axl and Slash of Guns N'Roses join them for the encores

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Fukuoka Japan at Fukuoka Dome

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Arena - Contagion (2003)
Travoltas - "Liv Tyler" (2002)

News as of March 4, 2003
  • Tracks to appear on the blues album?
      Regarding the " AF1 News" (see this site's "news" for February 27, 2003), it appears as if the story on AF1 about the tracks the band are considering for the album is NOT from official sources. Supposedly they are using the rumour grapevine rather than real sources...


      Webmaster comments: In a way I'm sort of glad if this is the case. While I wouldn't be surprised to see the live staple "Stop Messin' Around" end up on the album, why put "All Your Love" and "Rattlesnake Shake" on there? Aerosmith versions of those songs have already been released officially, so why spend potentially interesting minutes of the CD on that...? Personally I'm really hoping for some blues classics we've never heard them do before... We shall see....

  • Guitar Method: In the style of Aerosmith VHS
      Guitar Method: In the style of Aerosmith

      For the guitar-playing Aerosmith fanatic in your household, this video will teach you the guitar styles of both Joe Perry and Brad Whitford!

      Guitar Method: In the style of Aerosmith "Curt Mitchell teaches you the classic guitar style of this legendary band. Learning is made easy with extreme close-ups played at both normal and slow speeds."

      This video includes:

      -Right Hand Techniques-
      -Amp and effect settings-
      -Blues scales-
      -Alternate tunings-
      -Full band and rhythm trax for solo practice-

      Learn Lick & Riff Techniques From:
      Walk This Way
      Dream On
      Sweet Emotion
      Toys In The Attic
      Same Old Song And Dance
      Back In The Saddle

      Running Time: 55 minutes



      However, Brad T. gives a friendly warning to anyone who may be planning to buy this item:

      Although it makes a good memorabilia item, for the person who actually intends to use it, I wouldn't recommend it. If you do you will be victim of false advertising. First of all, he doesn't even use correct notation, instead of showing both guitar parts he tries to combine them into one as if we wouldn't notice. Second of all, he doesn't talk about amp settings, guitar settings or blues scales. He only shows one alternate tuning, but the box makes it sound like many. Coming from one fan to another, it makes a great memorabilia item, but that's all. I wouldn't advise it to anyone who is just interested in learning guitar Methods Of Aerosmith. They should change the name to Curt Mitchell's interpretation of Aerosmith songs. I hope this message will prevent another fan from being disappointed the way I was when I bought it.

  • MTV Europe rock and roll kids
      Last night (march 3), MTV Europe broadcasted ultrasound rock and roll kids. The episode with Steven and Mia and the Perry family. It finally reached Europe.

  • Rolling Stone (DMAAT)
      The latest issue (3-20-03) of Rolling Stone Magazine has a little pic of Tyler and some words about the Aero/Kiss tour under an article entitled "Summer on the Road".

      Aerosmith and Kiss
      Together again after nearly thirty years
      Dates to be announced
      Where: Arenas and stadiums
      Will it work?: "They've consistently headlined on their own," says Pollstar's Gary Bongiovanni. "This is a good way to stand out this summer."

  • OFF-TOPIC! Emergency Petition to the Security Council
      OK, so I suppose it's once again time for me to get my in-box flooded with e-mails flaming me for posting a thing such as this on an "entertainment page"!? Well, in the infamous words of Axl Rose ".. and to all those opposed... hmm... well.."

      Now, from's latest newsletter-type e-mail:


      We've launched an emergency petition from citizens around the world to the U.N. Security Council. We'll be delivering the list of signers and your comments to the 15 member states of the Security Council on THURSDAY, MARCH 6.

      If hundreds of thousands of us sign, it could be an enormously important and powerful message -- people from all over the world joining in a single call for a peaceful solution. But we really need your help, and soon. Please sign and ask your friends and colleagues to sign TODAY at:

      In the next week, the U.N. Security Council will likely meet to decide on authorizing a war against Iraq. If the Council votes to accept a second resolution, it'll be very difficult to avert a war. But if the resolution doesn't get enough votes, it'll be a major setback for the Bush Administration's plans to invade and occupy Iraq.

      In the United States and around the world, millions of us oppose a war against Iraq. We believe that tough inspections can disarm Saddam Hussein without the loss of a single life. This week may represent our last chance to win without war.

      The stakes couldn't really be much higher. A war with Iraq could kill tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians and inflame the Middle East. According to current plans, it would require an American occupation of the country for years to come. And it could escalate in ways that are horrifying to imagine.

      We can stop this tragedy from unfolding. But we need to speak together, and we need to do so now. Let's show the Security Council what world citizens think. You can add your voice at:

      Then please ask your friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances -- anyone you know who shares this concern -- to sign on today. As the New York Times put it, "there may still be two superpowers on the planet: the United States and world public opinion." The Bush Administration's been flexing its muscles. Now let's flex ours.

      Sincerely, --Eli Pariser International Campaigns Director March 3rd, 2003

      P.S. Here's the letter we'll be delivering to the Security Council members along with the petition:

      Dear Member of the U.N. Security Council,

      We are citizens from countries all over the world. We are speaking together because we will all be affected by a decision in which your country has a major part -- the decision of how to disarm Iraq.

      The first reason for its existence listed in the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations is "to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind." If your country supports a Security Council resolution that would authorize a war on Iraq, you will directly contradict that charter. You will be supporting an unnecessary war -- a war which immediately, and in its unknown consequences, could bring "untold sorrow to mankind" once again.

      The U.N. was created to enable peaceful alternatives to conflict. The weapons inspections under way are a perfect example of just such an alternative, and their growing success is a testament to the potential power the U.N. holds. By supporting tough inspections instead of war, you can show the world a real way to resolve conflict without bloodshed. But if you back a war, it will undermine the very premise upon which the U.N. was built.

      President Bush argues that only by endorsing a war on Iraq can the United Nations prove its relevance. We argue the opposite. If the Security Council allows itself to be completely swayed by one member nation, in the face of viable alternatives, common sense and world public opinion, then it will be diminished in its role, effectiveness, and in the opinion of humankind.

      We do not support this war. For billions of citizens in hundreds of countries, and for the future generations whose lives will be shaped by the choice you make, we ask that you stand firm against the pressuring of the Bush Administration, and support tough inspections for Iraq. The eyes of the world are on you.

      [Number] citizens of the world.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      Can you believe it? They've never played a date on March 4!

      ...At least that seems the case of dates post 1974, but tour dates are far from complete for the first 3 or so years. Apparently they played Saturday March 4, 1973, but the person who suggested this didn't clarify where this gig they saw was. Apart from that they were from the Boston area...

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I (1991)

News as of March 3, 2003
  • Boston Herald article on Thursday's Charity Event (DMAAT)
      From the INSIDE TRACK section of the Boston Herald
      by Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Sunday, March 2, 2003

      Wailing for charity
      Middlesex Human Service Agency bigwigs were singing the blues about the lack of green until Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and a pack of his pals stepped up. Clinical director Bob Herne said the $35,000 raised at a recent sold-out show starring Tyler, bluesmen James Montgomery and Weepin' Willy and the Neighborhoods will help with the agency's $200,000 cut in state funding.``The joint was rockin','' Herne, a longtime F.O.S., told the Track. ``When Weepin' Willy joined Steven for `Walking the Dog,' the place went nuts.''Steven also belted out ``The Big 10 Inch,'' ``Walk This Way'' and the ol' James Brown tune, ``I Feel Good.'' But you knew that he would . . .The event, emceed by WZLX-FM morning man Steve Sweeney, also served as a reunion for Dave Minehan and the Neighborhoods.

  • The Kiss/Aerosmith tour. Who wants it?
      My understanding is that Clear Channel want this badly (For obvious reasons. Clear Channel now owns most of the venues around the country, so they would make a fortune), and Perry's acting like he doesn't know ANYTHING about it. This comes from hearing CC Vice President, Jim Koplik on the radio Thursday afternoon.

      A person who listen to Koplik just about every week says that at one point he was excited about the whole thing. The following week, not so much and he changed the subject rather quickly. This past week you could almost tell that he was crossing his fingers while talking through the speakers of the radio. It was like he was hoping. They're holding a date for Meadows Music Theatre in CT of August 2nd, with talks of also reserving a date for the rehearsals the night before. So, was he trying to say they would kick off the tour in CT.? Who knows. Then he said when one of his guys from CC tried talking to Perry, he acted like he never heard of it before. Only, we know that less than a month ago or around then he thought it "sounded like fun."

      I bet that CC want this the most, worse than the members of KISS, as they are trying to promote it.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1973 Aerosmith plays in Boston MA at the Orpheum Theater (Eric Weisberg and Dueling Banjos open)

      1973 Aerosmith plays a benefit for The Warehouse Cooperative School with Doug Sahm and David Bromberg

      1990 Aerosmith plays in Inglewood CA at The Great Western Forum (Skid Row opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays Cryin' on the David Letterman show at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City NY

      1997 Aerosmith plays Falling in Love, Nine Lives, and Walk This Way on TV in Paris France

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Osaka Japan at the Osaka Dome

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

UFO - Strangers In The Night (1979)

News as of March 2, 2003
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1990 Aerosmith plays in San Diego CA at the Sports Arena (Skid Row opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Black Sabbath - Tyr (1990)

News as of March 1, 2003
  • Steven Comments on Nelson in Album Liner Notes (DMAAT)
      2/28/03, 12 p.m. ET) -- Willie Nelson's upcoming album, The Essential Collection, will feature an unreleased duet between Nelson and Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler called "One Time Too Many."

      "To some," writes Tyler in the albums liner notes, "his imperfections and outlaw image ruffle feathers, to the rest of us it only raises the question, 'Why f--k with perfection?' He's the elder statesman of cool and the ambassador of good will and high times. He's 'Crazy,' 'On The Road Again,' and 'Stardust' in our eyes forever."

      Nelson's The Essential Collection, which celebrates his 70th birthday and features 41 songs, will be in stores on April 1.

      -- Nancy Brooks, Nashville


  • Patricia Schenck's this month in AeroHistory
      1974 "Get Your Wings" is released

      1974 "Same Old Song and Dance/Pandora's Box" single is released

      1977 "Back in the Saddle/Nobody's Fault" single is released

      1980 "Let the Music Do The Talking" is released by the Joe Perry Project

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1983 Aerosmith plays in Uniondale NY at Nassau Coliseum

      1994 Aerosmith plays Livin' On the Edge at the Grammy Awards in New York City

      1998 Aerosmith plays in Nagoya Japan at the Nagoya Dome

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The Spacious Mind - Cosmic Minds At Play (1993)
I caught The Spacious Mind's gig at Pinkerton last night, and what a gig it was! By far the best one with them that I've had the pleasure to attend! OK, I've only seen them live three times before (with the first time I heard them, at the Trästock festival in 2001, having made the biggest impression on me), and this one guy I talked with before they went on stage said their "more recent gigs" had been a bit more "lame" than they were a couple of years back... Maybe this gig was more like back then? The band was in full force last night, and their jams even included some sounds I recognized from this album, their debut. They started out the gig with some sounds from the first track on here ("To Earth With Love") and just before they went off stage one could hear a chant in some foreign language, like the one in the last few seconds of this record (the "Utopian Forest" section of "Seashore Trees." One of very few "vocals," almost like the only really audible one on the entire record). In the time between these moments, the audience (embarrassingly small, but on the positive side, many seemed quite dedicated and into it :) were served several very long jams of psychedelic bliss, beautiful hypnotizing soundscapes with otherworldly sounds of inner and outer spacetravels! Or something... ;) Actually, the "space rock" tag may fit, but I personally find their sound very "earthy." It doesn't make me think of "space" nearly as much as that of the beauty of the Swedish nature, the forests, the lakes... Anyway... as for the gig... Truly tasty mind food, and one couldn't help but just sit down on the floor, close one's eyes and drift off... Who the hell needs mind altering substances with music like this around?! :) Another nice surprise was how HEAVY they got at times. The Spacious Mind playing real headbanger-friendly music?! Wow! Awesome! Damn, I need to get my hands on their albums! As nice as their 10" and live release are, I SO want all of their studio releases. In a better world, these guys would be selling a shitload of albums and it would be easy to find their older albums in any store. In reality, not so. *sigh* This one is awesome and I hear their others are great aswell... I gotta ask Unosson how it's going with the attempts he once told me about: to buy the rights to their older albums, so they can re-release them on their own label. If they put out last night's gig as a part of their planned series of archival live recordings, I'd definitely be in queue (as if a such would exist for any of their releases *lol*, people don't have that good a taste..) to get my hands on it too. Thanks guys, for creating such wonderful music!! =)

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