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News as of June 27, 2004
  • The Uncertain Future of Rock This Way?
      There has been some people that has contacted me, asking what will happen, and complained about the fact that I never made a proper "goodbye" or explained what will happen. Well, the truth is that I don't really know that myself...

      Yeah, I know I've handled this badly and should have posted some follow-up when I got back. True. Shame on me, but I really never knew what to say either, as I'm still in the process of trying to sort things out and possibly come up with a solution that makes it possible for the news section of Rock This Way to live on, although run by somebody else. Either that, or find someone dedicated who will do what I've done (to my knowledge, there has been none as dedicated as I've been) on their own webspace, and if so re-direct the loyal RTW-visitors to where you can continue to find Aerosmith news. Anyone out there who can imagine hosting such a page on their webspace, if it would come to that? if so, contact me!

      More detailed info later.

      Rock on!

      // Cristoffer

News as of June 7, 2004
  • SITE INFO: I'm going away / RTW, to be or not to be..?
      Hey, all you crazy Aero-heads in internet land!

      Tomorrow, I (Cristoffer, who created and has always run this site, for those who you don't know) will be starting my long journey through all of Sweden down to the very south, and to the highlight of the year, this year's edition of Sweden Rock Festival (Judas Priest, Montrose, Y&T, UFO, Scorpions, Europe, Hawkwind, Opeth, Ritual, Monster Magnet, Kingdom Come, Axel Rudi Pell, April Wine, Heart, Foghat, U.D.O, etc. etc). I will be away for a week (if all goes according to plan, I'll be back home next tuesday, June 15th), and obviously this site won't be updated during this time.

      I'd like to ask you all, unless it's important, please do not e-mail me during this time (I won't be able to read or reply to them anyway), but wait until I get home, to lessen the risk of exceeding the limitations my e-mail inbox.


      Next, and I'm sure this will upset many of you... I'm thinking of retiring from making this website. Now, please don't send me any e-mails telling me not to stop, how much you love the site, etc, etc.. Trust me, I know all that, I've heard that for years, and that's the sole reason I've kept working on it for so long. Personally, I lost interest years ago and have wanted to stop many times, but in the end somehow always kept on doing it. But as the George Harrison song said, "All Things Must Pass"...

      Now, I think it would be a great shame to see Rock This Way just vanish. After all, it is perhaps the most well-known and popular Aerosmith fan site online (and alot of credit for making the site as great as it is, goes out to all of you, the fans who has sent me info and other material over the years), not to mention something of my "life-work," but it just can't be run by me anymore. I've spent most of my teenage years and now the first year of my twenties serving the Aerosmith fans of the world, but all good things must come to an end. It's too much work, for a person who isn't as into Aerosmith as he used to be.

      I'd love to see someone take over it, but I won't hand it over to just anybody. If it's not to be run properly, I'd rather see it die and go away with grace, stop while at the top.

      Now, as I said, I'd rather not be flooded with mails, but if You're interested in running this site, and think you're fit to do so... Well, from the top of my head, I can actually only think of one person I'm sure to be fit to do so (Yes, Terry, you're a person I think would be great for the job), but maybe that's just because there has been no reason for anyone else to try to do it while I've done it..?

      This site's main purpose has for long been to post (daily, or as often as time permits) all the latest news/ articles/ gossip/ info you get you eyes on, so if You're a truly dedicated fan and interested in taking over the site, I got this idea of how to see if You can handle it...
      I suggest you save this page and then update it daily on your computer for this week, and then e-mail it to me next week. If you can't do that, I guess there's no point in considering you. I get most of my news from the two mailing lists, DontMissAnAeroThing and aerofanatic, join those if you haven't already. Now, I don't really expect anyone to want to take over this site, but if noone else want to, then you can't really expect me to either, can you?

      I hope someone serious will be interested in keeping Rock This Way running as the premiere Aerosmith fan site, and obviously, I'll be more than glad to help an eventual successor get going and answer any questions he or she might have regarding how to run the site.

      If I know myself right, it probably won't be, but I'm hoping this is the last time I ever go about updating this news page in normal fashion. Felt damn good, that, I've wanted to say that for a looong time. With that I leave you for a week, to think this through, is RTW worth saving or not?

      When I get back, I hope I don't have any news sent to me to wallow through, nor too many complaints regarding my above decision... What I do hope for though, is for some mails from people wanting to take over the site, with the above mentioned news page updates, along with some info on who you are and what site(s) you've been involved in previously.

      Cristoffer (who is now getting ready to rock, drink and party for a few days, far from the burden of webpage updating)

      ROCK ON!!!

      I'm good at keeping things short, ain't I? ;-)

  • Birmingham Cancelled (DMAAT/aerofanatic)
      The Birmingham show originally scheduled for June 6th 2004 has regretfully been CANCELLED. No further information is available at this time.

      Please DO NOT CALL.

      As soon as AF1 knows if the show is to be reshceduled or cacelled, we will post that information here and send an email to all AF1 ticketholders.




      Always can get much more info in the press vs AF1..this says illness and does state a tentative "make-up" date of June 30th:

      Posted on Sun, Jun. 06, 2004
      Aerosmith concert in Alabama canceled due to illness
      Associated Press

      PELHAM, Ala. - Aerosmith's "Cheap Trick" concert near Birmingham was canceled within hours of its opening Sunday night because of illness, the promoter said.

      A faxed statement from Clear Channel Entertainment said the concert at the Verizon Wireless Music Center in Oak Mountain State Park has been rescheduled for June 30. No details were released about the illness and the promoter could not be reached by phone for additional comment.

      Pelham Police Sgt. Bobby Sasser said police were notified Sunday of the cancelation. He said the amphitheater holds about 11,000. The number of tickets sold was not immediately available.

      A spokesman for Aerosmith - one of the Top 10 concert tours - was not immediately available for comment. Aerosmith, scheduled for a concert Tuesday in Indianapolis, Ind., is showcased on radio formats ranging from hard-rock oldies to mainstream pop.



      It was announced on the local radio that it was because of Steven's voice. The servers at Applebee's said Steven has larangitis. Steven came into the hotel in houston Friday nite, sweating profusely, and immediately went up to his room. He apparently had a sore throat.

  • HOB Radio Hour... (DMAAT)
      Started a few minutes late... playing Baby Please Don't Go by Muddy Waters to start it off.... Played some cool tracks from HOB including Eyesight and Jesus.. two that don't get much exposure. You Gotta Move, Road Runner, Baby, Please Don't Go and Back Back Train were played. Apparently not I'm Ready, however. They also played the "originals" for several which was REALLY hear the Aero's versions. Also..Never Loved a Girl..original and Aero version...

      Joe was very "shy" about admitting he pushed like hell for this thing but finally he HAD to admit it cuz I think "Elwood" knew LOL. Heard Joe say again that "some" really thought this project would be a total waste of time and a huge step backwards for the band. Screw them LOL. I think it's the best step they've taken in a long long time.

      I hope a lot of folks heard this special but in light of SO MUCH going on tonight..competing with the Sopranos final of the season, Lakers game, Reagan passing, D-Day, etc. I think it was probably a pretty slim audience.

  • Thundertrain Storms New England (DMAAT)
      Thundertrain is preparing to raise hell with our original
      5 man line-up for the first time since 1979. Join us!!
      Lucky Dog Music Hall 21+
      Paradise Rock Club 18+
      The Bomb Shelter 18+
      (to be announced on July 15)
      Doc Ryan's 21+
      VFW Hall - ALL AGES - Weenie Roast!
      Joining Thundertrain at select dates: Kenne
      Highland & His Vatican Sex Kittens, Willie Loco, 
      Classic Ruins, The Paisley Project, Rock Possible, 
      Jon Macey & The Score, Carter Alan, Reddy Teddy, 
      and many more rock'n'roll luminaries! 
      The intense NEW Thundertrain CD
      HELL TONITE! from Gulcher Records
      Is thundering your way....
      Hear THUNDERTRAIN exclusively
      on Gulcher Records. Distributed by
      Midheaven (USA) and Captain Trip (Japan).
      TEENAGE SUICIDE - Available Now
      HELL TONITE! Release date July 13,2004
      Thundertrain - Teenage Suicide
      Gulcher Records
      For those with a penchant for Glam-rock,
      Thundertrain comes highly recommended.
      Late 70s Bostonians with a love for the
      ladies (rough around the edges or not), 
      hard alcohol, and blues based rock, these
      guys tore up the Boston scene for more
      than a fort night.  They played from the 
      same class as Kiss, Van Halen, and Aerosmith,
      but without sounding goofy and whilst 
      still managing to maintain their sleaze.
      Hot tracks on here are "Hot For Teacher",
      "Love the Way", "Frustration", "I Gotta Rock".
      If you're out for a night on the town, chasin' 
      gash, make sure and pop this one in.  I think
      they're still playin' these guys in strip clubs
      through the Mid West. - MG
      Time 2 Rock N Roll (X2RR) - May 2004
      & Coming Soon to a Theater Near You...
      See a clip from the upcoming documentary feature:
      Thundertrain World Headquarters

  • A&E slip up
      Saw the post where someone said Tyler slipped in "fuckin." That part was censored here. However, when Tyler is playing the harmonica during "Stop Messin' Around" at the end of his part he leans back and yells, "HA HA HA HOLY SHIT!" into the mic.

      AeroForce Michael


      Yes, I heard that. But it sounded like Steven said Funky. I thought it was pretty pothetic that A&E bleeped the word A**.

  • News from Japan

  • Contest is open!
      Hey everyone - we're sorry if you were unable to get through to enter our Aerosmith/A&E "Win A Trip To Japan" contest after the airing of the A&E Special "Aerosmith: You Gotta Move" this past Friday, June 4. However, the contest is now up and running, so if you watched the special and know the answers, please try again!

      Click on the link below to enter:

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1980 Aerosmith plays in Lowell MA at Mr. C's Rock Palace (Mystery Club Tour)

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Sioux Falls SD at the Pump Room (unannounced show)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Toulouse France at Palais des Sports (Extreme opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Lyon France at Halle Tony Garnier

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Junipher Greene - Friendship (1971)
Ryan Adams - Gold (2001)

News as of June 6, 2004
  • Pepsi Smash Now June 17th?? HOUSTON show will be used (DMAAT)
      Well we HAD a date of July 1st for Pepsi Smash but right now shows the date as June 17th so who knows and indeed it is the HOUSTON show listed as the show that footage will be used from - not "live" on the show like the others. Might want to check out both dates just to be sure.

      ROCKONTV guide to music on television

      Show: Pepsi Smash
      Episode: (#204)
      Network: (WB) The Warner Brothers Television Network
      Date: Thursday - June 17, 2004
      Time: 09:00 pm - 10:00 pm ET
      Featured Artists
      Aerosmith, Alicia Keys, Christina Milian, Sugarcult, Switchfoot, Kanye West

      Performances by Alicia Keys, Sugarcult, Kanye West, Switchfoot and Christina Milian. Also, Aerosmith from Cynthia Woods Pavilion in Houston.

      One-hour show featuring live musical performances from some of the hottest acts in pop music today. PEPSI SMASH offers the excitement of one-of-a-kind, live performances -- there will be no lip-syncing or singing to track, a true rarity for musical acts on television. Each week, PEPSI SMASH will deliver these artists in a format featuring a permanent host along with a variety of guest hosts and a few surprise visitors along the way. As many as five groups or artists will perform on each show, and viewers will have the opportunity to see up-close and personal segments with artists backstage as well as behind-the-scenes footage of artists on tour in the U.S. and around the world.

      (WB) The Warner Brothers Television Network Website



  • New JB News From The Road (DMAAT)
      6/4/04 - Happy Birthday Joey!

      PIC 1: Tyler auditions to sit in for Bun E. Carlos (Kramer got the job)

      PIC 2: Tyler and Perry with "Dino" at Drumheller

      PIC 3: Happy Birthday Joey "KRAMEDOG" Kramer (June 21)

      Well, I should start off with the last show of the leg, Boise. We learned early that day that Cheap Trick drummer, Bun E. Carlos was not going to make the show that night. The band had a gig in Seattle on our "non show day," so they booked a gig of their own.

      On the way to Boise the Bunster was experiencing a little heart trouble so the crew took him to an area hospital. Upon his release he headed straight home. The Trickster's then flew in from Chicago guitarist's Rick Nielsen's son Daxx to fill in on the traps. He has played with the guys in the past and the show went off without a hitch.

      To top the night off Joey sat in for "Goodnight" with 3 fifths of his band watching in the wings. While back home, Bun E. went in for an examination with his primary care physician and had some x-rays done. It seems one of Rick's guitar picks from the 1982 One on One tour was lodged in Bun E's large aorta. The surgery went off without a hitch and he was back on his stool in time for the band's first show back with Aerosmith in Dallas. On a side note Bun E. sold the pick on ebay and took in over $600.00 dollars.

      The guys spent a good chunk of the break doing press for the A&E "You Gotta Move" special that airs tomorrow. The show looks great and it shows how tight this band really is. There are no overdubs on this thing. It's the whole ball of wax, warts and all.

      The set has been changing a little bit. What it Takes has been getting some time in instead of I Don't Want To Miss A. Thing. It's funny! How many bands can stop playing a song in their repertoire that was Number 1 on the Billboard charts? I know, I know, you guys are sick of it. Nuff said.

      Anyway this Japanese fan doing the Velvet Rope asks Steven if they can play "SOS Too Bad" tonight and Steven said yeah sure. The guys have played this song like 5 times the past 20 years and nailed it. So my advice to you is, it never hurts too ask, they just might do it.

      In Houston the band will tape the show for an upcoming TV special called "Pepsi Smash." They will air 2 songs for the special. Not sure of the airdate but I will keep you posted. 311 and Lost Lonely Boys (whoever they are) are also on the show. They will also interview Steven and Joe before hand.

      Ross Halfin is back shooting. If you have never seen Ross he's the English guy with the too short shorts and white ankle socks sans pom poms. If you have seen Aerosmith in magazine lately the picture was most likely taken by him.

      At the Dallas show a girl in the front row had a sign that read "Ross Halfin" I am a fan! I almost died. After I pointed it out to him he wouldn't leave the poor girl alone the rest of the night.

      I'm thinking of making a sign that reads "Hey Ross! Get off the F'n stage, I can't see!".

      Have you seen Joe Perry on Emeril. It aired last week and will air again on Sunday, June27th at 3PM EST/PST and Sunday, August 8th at 8PM EST/PST.

      Joey Kramer's birthday is June 21st. How can this man keep bashing like he does? The guy is a machine. Watching Joey and then watching some of the other drummers we have toured with recently is like watching Tommy John play drums the day after he got out of the Hospital. Happy Birthday Kramedog! Your da man!!

      On a side note, go see the movie Super Size Me. You will never look at fast food the same way again.

      See you all on the Road!

      John B.


  • Aerosmith dives into the blues; Cheap Trick rocks (DMAAT)
      Note the mention that THIS show was also filmed for an unspecified purpose! And they did LOTT!

      June 4, 2004, 11:30PM

      Aerosmith dives into the blues; Cheap Trick rocks
      Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

      For the past couple of years Aerosmith has come to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion as a rock band. On Friday they returned as a blues band.

      The 90-minute show (filmed for an as-yet-unspecified purpose) was an opportunity for Steven Tyler to blow his jukejoint harmonica and Joe Perry to break out his slide guitar with reckless blues abandon on reconditioned rock-oriented versions of Road Runner and Mississippi Fred McDowell's You Gotta Move. Before they could get the sweaty blues boogie going, however, they had to warm up the packed crowd with a little rock.

      For the past 17 years the Boston-born rockers have worked diligently to recast themselves as top 40 hitmakers. Hits like Janie's Got a Gun and Cryin' have helped these American icons sell the bulk of their 100 million albums in the second half of their career.

      For the first time since the band's 1987 resurgence, however, they have chosen a different path. New album Honkin' On Bobo is a tribute to the blues legends that inspired Tyler and Perry to form Aerosmith in the first place.

      Led onstage by an umbrella-toting character that was a cross between Mardi Gras voodoo priest and Cirque De Soleil performance artist, the group bypassed the main stage for a cozy platform, midway down the reserved seating. Tyler sashayed down the catwalk, with Perry following, strumming the opening chords to Toys in the Attic.

      The five band members moved around each other on a stage little bigger than a walk-in closet for Love In An Elevator, but Tyler -- in fine falsetto screech -- still found room to move through his lead singer aerobics and flirt with a topless woman near the edge of the stage. Perry played the main riff with a bit of AC/DC-like reverb, a pre-cursor to the metallic-tasting rock the band was preparing to mix with its blues.

      Back on the main stage, Aerosmith mixed '70s favorite Back in the Saddle with more recent chart candy The Other Side and Jaded before finally diving into the Honkin' on Bobo tracks. When bursting through the opening bars of Road Runner, Aerosmith, Perry in particular, sounded rejuvenated.

      Perry sang vocals John Lee Hooker-style while seated in a chair and took over completely as the stage was illuminated in icehouse neon for Stop Messin' Round. A few standards had to be omitted to make room for Honkin' On Bobo tracks. But the new material fit seamlessly with the group's originals, a tribute to just how close they are to these influences.

      It doesn't seem fair to call 30-year pop veteran Cheap Trick an opening act. Out of respect, it simply will be referred to as the band who played before Aerosmith. With flamboyant guitarist Rick Nielsen in a purple suit and his signature baseball cap and lead singer Robin Zander dapper in a black peacoat and white derby, the group drew on early hits that made the band a radio staple as well as tracks from its most recent album, Special One.

      "I want you ... " screamed Zander to introduce the hit I Want You To Want Me. He didn't make it to the end of the sentence before getting cut off by the screaming crowd at the stage front.

      It's impossible for Cheap Trick to encapsulate three decades in a 45-minute set, but it was a worthy effort.


  • Aerosmith still makes a splash (DMAAT)
      Posted on Thu, Jun. 03, 2004

      PIC: Steven Tyler, left, and Joe Perry of Aerosmith perform in Dallas on Wednesday.

      Aerosmith still makes a splash
      By Stefan Stevenson
      Star-Telegram Staff Writer

      DALLAS - Two different concert experiences happened simultaneously Wednesday night at Aerosmith's concert at Smirnoff Music Centre:

      Some people were dry; others were drenched.

      Thunderstorms created havoc for fans on the lawn, but people under the roof were none the wiser. They experienced the thrill of a real lightning display in the sky -- along with displays onstage -- without the nasty inconvenience of standing on a muddy hill for two hours.

      Most of the 15,300 in the audience probably wouldn't have been fazed by a direct hit of lightning. Aerosmith has been performing live since the early '70s, and a little rain wasn't going to dampen the band's or the fans' rock 'n' roll spirit.

      From the opening licks of Toys in the Attic, which they played after strutting down a catwalk that jutted into the reserved seat section, lead singer Steven Tyler and the band were in constant motion. They played as if it were 1975, and they were the hippest thing in rock music.

      Tyler showed how much the professional rock star he is when a concertgoer doused him with a drink just before the band ripped into S.O.S. (Too Bad), from the band's second album, Get Your Wings. Instead of retaliating, he raised his skimpy shirt to give the culprit a bull's-eye to aim for, and graced him with a smile from those famous lips.

      Although Aerosmith recently released Honkin on Bobo -- an homage to classic blues tunes -- this tour isn't necessarily devoted to showcasing that album. But the new covers, such as Road Runner, Stop Messin Around and Baby, Please Don't Go meshed nicely with the original tunes fans came to hear, such as Back in the Saddle, Sweet Emotion, Cryin' and Going Down/Love in an Elevator.

      A genuine chill-inducing moment came with Dream On, the epic from 1973. Although the song has been played on radio a zillion times, to see and hear Tyler scream the title near the song's end while lightning cracked in the sky and devoted fans sang along was something special.

      Cheap Trick opened the show with a 45 minute set, which was cut short by a power failure, according to Smirnoff reps. It's possible that was a nice way of getting Cheap Trick off the stage early to get Aerosmith going before the skies opened up.

      Cheap Trick hit on all their classics, such as I Want You to Want Me, The Flame and Dream Police, which sounded especially potent.


  • Houston Setlist and Fan Review (aerofanatic/DMAAT)
      Tonight's setlist AND a show/fan review (they got Lord of the Thighs oh yeah I already mentioned that LOL). I really wish A&E had that and/or Rats to REALLY show the boys JAMMIN' capabilities.. maybe this other filming will be for a DVD we can all enjoy while they are on their break...

      June 4th, 2004
      The Woodlands, Texas
      CW Mitchell Pavilion

      Toys In The Attic
      Love In An Elevator
      Back In The Saddle
      The Other Side
      Road Runner
      Last Child
      Back Back Train
      Shame Shame Shame
      Never Loved A Girl
      Lord Of The Thighs
      Stop Messin' Around
      Dream On
      Draw The Line
      Baby, Please Don't Go
      Mother Popcorn
      Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      What It Takes
      Train Kept A Rollin'

      Interesting Notes:
      -Filming for Pepsi Smash tonight
      -Popcorn in full
      -Joe solo after DTL
      -Thighs in for Eat The Rich, Other Side and Child in for Fever and SOS.


      Japanese Aerosmith Fan S.O.S.(too bad) writes:

      I heard from VR joiner of my friend, today VT Joiner can see sound check.

      Sound Check which VR joiner can see:
      1: ?Unknown Song by my friend...
      2: Back Back Train(Joe Only Play)

      Tonight is good show too!


      From as reported by Miss Kravitz…now a show review from Papa Kin also posted on AF1 message board:

      Papa Kin

      Ah! What a show! Had to sacrifice the A&E special tonight, but it was fuckin' worth it! Here's my personal run down of what went down in H-town... for those who give a crap anyways...

      Opening Act: Cheap Trick

      Someone yelled out "Cheap Shit", which (for most of their stage time) it was. They had their moments, but when are we gonna see Velvet Revolver open for Aerosmith, or shit even the Darkness. Compared to Aerosmith's previous opening bands Cheap Trick was mediocre and I'll leave it at that.

      Main Act: Aerosmith

      Coming into the venue, my sister and I were asked to yell our favorite band for a camera crew that was shooting the concert. Immediately flags went off in my head telling me this baby was being filmed for something (later learned it was for Pepsi Smash). Because of the extra attention, the boys were at their best giving 110% (not that they wouldn't anyway ;)

      TOYS - After watching what seemed to be a "tranny" in a gothic circus costume come out and prance about with an umbrella... ???... the boys kicked off at the end of the walkway with an old classic. The crowd enjoyed their presence here, but had there been the traditional curtain opener, there might have been a hell of a lot more energy.

      ELEVATOR - If Toys for whatever didn't wake the crowd up, this one sure as hell did.

      SADDLE - At first I was skeptical most of the audience would prefer the poppy side of the music catalog, but at this point it was clear everyone in attendance wanted their ass kicked! Awesome!

      OTHER SIDE/CRYIN - Oh so glad they keep playing this one this tour. I'm a sucker for anything from Rocks and anything from Pump. Tyler had everyone grabbin' their ankles with this one. Once again nearly removed one of Joey Kramer's eyeballs tossing the harmonica during Cryin'.

      ROADRUNNER - Funny stuff going on before they cracked into this bad boy. Rachel Perry from VH11 was obviously working hard for a promo for the Pepsi Smash thing, and right at the end, just before she was done, Steven comes out and interrupts with "why's it so FUCKING hot in hear?... it must be Joe FUCKING Perry! Ah ha!." thus ruining the promo. The camera crew didn't look too happy when they realized they would have to reshoot.

      JADED - I like this song, but why oh why must they keep playing it live? Average.

      LAST CHILD - Very nice rendition here folks. Very sweet solo's on both ends here, and the guys seemed to jam just a wee bit more than normal.

      BACK BACK TRAIN - Probably the weakest moment for the crowd sadly. The die hard fans were clearly excited, but it seemed most people found it to be "bathroom time." Nonetheless Joe Perry did an IMPRESSIVE job! I love the live version!

      SHAME SHAME SHAME - Crowd was dancing left and right! Felt like I traveled back in time to an old time high school dance.

      NEVER LOVED A GIRL - I'll take this over IDWMAT any day! Steven's vocals were in full force!

      THIGHS - WOW! Bootlegger's dream! The shwag pipes' lit up everywhere!

      STOP MESSIN'/DREAM ON - Both really powerful performances. Kramer added a few extra tid bits in Dream On that really made it stand out from a standard performance.

      DRAW THE LINE/BPDG - Best songs of the evening by far! Joe Perry had the audience by the balls here! Also did a cool "Homer Simpson" like spin on his back going in circles. BPDG was extended as usual for live performances.

      POPCORN/WALK THIS WAY - Dedicated to Jam Master Jay. Of course it was 2 years ago that they learned of his death in the middle of a Houston concert. Tyler had everyone "waving their hands in the air" in memory of him. Cool stuff.

      SWEET EMOTION - Tom took his time with the opening bass solo. Tyler had to remind him they had a clock ticking. Also seemed like the end was sped up a little after the solo. Sounded "sweet" baby.

      WHAT IT TAKES - Some drunk college kid, besides me of course, jumped up on stage during the beginning and TRYED to join Tyler. Security gave him the biggest Rock Bottom I have ever seen on to the concrete floor! He's gonna have one hell of a hang over!

      TRAIN - Great ending!

      Hope this whole show sees the light of day in some sort of bootleg, cause the boys were really at their best tonight. 4th concert for myself, and also my favorite.

  • Various fan opinions on The A&E Special (DMAAT/aerofanatic)
      I don't mind most of the Geffen years stuff. (Steven was talking about Angel...does he think that was that a good song to have done? Is that him? Some days yes, some days no. That was funny.

      I could have done without Jaded and DWTMAT...I am very tired of those! The interviews have been great and the stuff recorded in the Boneyard is so cool (to see the guys working together and having fun with this album). I like to watch the video "The Making of Pump" for that reason too. (GEFFEN!)

      Back to HOB...One Way Street was mentioned, that would be a great bluesy song to add to the setlist! I'd like to hear Fever live too.

      Well, show's over now...the credits are running so fast I think I might have a seizure if I watch them! Haha! Goodnight all!


      Freakin Fantastic! They even showed the holy of holies - THE BONEYARD! O M G! Steven on the trapeze...Joe Perry rockin out laying on the floor on the runway - Aerosmith as usual totally kicked ass.


      Hey..when they had the coversation about taking out RATS from the setlist...I think they said it was a disaster the one night they did it??? Or that it made someone's wrist too sore LOL? Mistakes or not, I've NEVER been disappointed with Rats live - even the performances with mistakes...were incredible IMO. I loved when Joe asked why aren't they doing Lord of the Thighs too. I wish RATS would be a "constant" though....the jams on that one are incredible. Just a side thought here folks.


      Yes to both. John walks around, evidently LOL, and asks each what they want to change. Interesting way to change the set list. And, explains why only one or two are changed.


      Just finished here on the West Coast. Great show. What's funny...look how quickly this was put together and "out there" compared to past Aerosmith projects and it was incredible. Hard to believe it is the same guy who did the video huh? This is for sure his specialty.


      There are always a couple of things one notices...I wish Draw The Line had been shown in full with no talkover. And the is the case these days with music videos in some places was just too darn busy...trying to focus on the band was really hard at times and they showed the same people too many times...though if that was any of you I'm sure you dug it LOL. Overall it was great and I really hope (and asked) it will become a DVD w/extras. Bout friggin' time we got a live performance show huh?


      In chatting with a friend right now...he helped me realize what it was I was trying to say about the crowd shots - the ones that bugged me a bit. I LOVED the ones where people were shot rocking out and had NO IDEA there was a camera on them. I did not like the "staged" ones where everyone in front of them is cleared away and it's as if they are "dancing" to a queue "hey the camera is on me now so look sexy LOL". I am more about spontaneity and capturing the live moment raw not staged. So thanks "anonymous friend" for helping me figure out what bugged me about some of the crowd shots...and that those staged ones seemed to be a lot of the same people over and over again too.


      And did everyone catch the "boo boo" in editing...I thought I imagined it but my anonymous friend also caught it though we both can't remember which song it was on..perhaps a HOB one...Steven is in two different places at the same time LOL. Obviously used footage from more than one venue for that song LOL. Will have to watch a few times to catch it all but hey they did say warts and all LOL. Guess they just picked the wrong place to edit in the other show's part LOL. Or maybe they couldn't match up his position at the two shows but needed the audio from the other one. I'm not tearing it apart..I find this stuff interesting is all.


      Watching it a second why didn't we get Thighs OR Rats on this thing after all of that discussion LOL! Two of my favorites live tracks...both kick ass with lots of "work" by the band...especially the guitars. I think the Steven location thing was Road Runner..and the vocal changed ever so slightly at the same time. I know most people would never even notice or think about stuff like this and it could be my old age imagination but...I don't note these things to rip on it but because it is so fascinating to me how they do all of this stuff - a lot goes into it. I'm kinda glad it was "warts and all". Somehow that fits with HOB and the feel of that overall. As I watch it the second time..the crowd shot differences are more obvious. Why not just capture all of the "real" ones without people looking at and dancing for the camera? I dig seeing the length of the catwalk..everyone rocking to the band all at once - some of those shots were really great IMO. So much more real to me. I'm sure those in it from here and elsewhere online dug being in it even if "posed" LOL.

      I think there are actually a couple of those rough edit spots now watching it the second time. Must be hard...better audio from one show needed and trying to match them up. The audience shots are from different shows and expected. I still remember Bruce's story about how he was shown in the Texxas Jam (?) video but it was from another show all together LOL. Considering the time they put this together, it's a great product and I hope to see it with extras on DVD soon. And it's so funny..took them DECADES to do a live show and then put it together in 2 months LOL. We need something to tide us all over during their LONG break. I am glad they included a lot of the discussion about the "conflict/doubt" that arose about doing this album even if just lightly. If ever given the opportunity to speak to Joe Perry again, that will be the first thing I say to him..THANK YOU for making sure HOB a reality and fighting for it.


      They were going back and forth from the Orlando and Ft Lauderdale shows....and my husband and I are so thrilled.....we were on the special!!! WE CAN"T BELIEVE IT!!! I was worried that they were just going to use the Orlando footage, as some people had guessed, but it was blended together with the footage from the Ft Laud show we attended. Since they taped several shows....there were possibly even more shows in the special than even just those 2.

      They even showed me taking a picture of Steven's butt, and theyn turning to my husband and laughing. My husband nudged me when he saw Steven crouch down, revealing a lovely full view of his turquoise blue leopard thong. I snapped a photo immediately. But have no idea how I didn't spot it first!!!! Hee!

      I was wearing a huge pink velvet hat with pink faux fur trim, and there was another girl shown at the beginning wearing a smaller pink fur hat. Well of course everyone thought that was me..... But my hat was twice as big, and I am so glad I wore it because it was an easy way for my husband and I to spot ourselves in the crowd.

      Does anything think this will be available on DVD??


      Maybe it was me, but didnt they keep "fuck" in? I thought he said "fuckin ass"...and they bleeped out

      Also where was this? Cause maybe I am wrong but this looked like 2 different concerts...or was it at one show? Just some of the editing made it look like 2 different shows.


      Ok I was not seeing things..I replied to one of the emails about the show..if it was one concert or 2. Cause there were scenes where Steven was on the side catwalk, then in front of Joey, then side way someone can move that


      It was Orlando with parts from at least Sunrise and maybe one other show..those of you at those shows can tell what was what I'm sure. I have heard Steven sing "funky ass" in place of f'ing ass when need be and I think he may have in that part..maybe listen again. But you're right it sure SOUNDS like f'ing.

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1992 Steven and Joe play with Guns N'Roses in Paris France at Hippodrome de Vincennes

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Omaha NE at Omaha Civic Auditorium (Jackyl opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Paris France at Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy (Extreme opens)

      2001 Opening night of the Just Push Play tour in Hartford CT at Meadows Music Centre (Fuel opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Y&T - Earthshaker (1981)
Ian Gillan - Naked Thunder (1990)

News as of June 5, 2004
  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1997 Aerosmith plays in London UK at Wembley Arena (Shed Seven opens)

News as of June 4, 2004
  • Joe Perry on House of Blues Radio Hour Sunday (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith On "The House Of Blues Radio Hour" On Z1023

      This weekend, Elwood Blues, on "The House Of Blues Radio Hour" features Aerosmith! Joe Perry will be on hand to talk about, Honkin on Bobo.

      "The House of Blues Radio Hour", Sunday nights at 8, on Erie's Classic Rock, Z1023!



      List of Stations that carry House of Blues Radio Hour

      House of Blues Radio Hour with Elwood Blues
      Produced by Ben Manilla Productions and distributed by United Stations Radio Networks, the House of Blues Radio Hour is a weekly syndicated radio show hosted by Elwood Blues (a.k.a. Dan Aykroyd).

      The radio hour is available in over 180 markets.

      Dothan WESP - FM
      Mobile WZEW - FM
      Montgomery WXFX - FM
      Tuscaloosa WRTR - FM

      Flagstaff KFLX - FM
      Phoenix KAZL - FM
      Oro Valley KCMT - FM

      Batesville KZLE - FM
      El Dorado KAGL - FM
      Fayetteville KKEG - FM
      Hot Springs KLXQ - FM
      Little Rock KKPT - FM
      Van Buren KLSZ - FM

      Fort Bragg KOZT - FM
      Lompoc KWSZ - FM
      Modesto KHKK - FM
      Mt. Shasta KZRO - FM
      Redding KRRX - FM
      Sacramento KSEG-FM
      San Diego KPRI - FM
      San Francisco KFOG - FM

      Aspen KSPN - FM
      Steamboat Springs KFMU - FM
      Vail KTUN - FM

      Middletown WMRD - FM
      Old Saybrook WLIS - AM

      Selbyville WOCM - FM

      Daytona Beach WHOG - FM
      Ft. Walton Beach WKSM - FM
      Melbourne WBVD - FM
      Miami WAIL - FM
      Miami WBGG - FM
      Palm Beach WKGR - FM W.

      Augusta WEKL - FM
      Douglas WDMG - FM
      Jacksonville WWRR - FM
      Savannah WIXV - FM
      Valdosta WWRQ - FM

      Hilo KHWI - FM
      Kalaheo KTOH - FM
      Lanai City KONI - FM

      Ketchum KECH - FM
      Pocatello KMGI - FM
      Sandpoint KPND - FM

      Chicago WCKG - FM
      Danville WRHK - FM
      Moline WXLP - FM
      Mt. Vernon WDML - FM
      Peoria WWCT - FM
      Peoria WZPW - FM
      Springfield WCVS - FM

      Fort Wayne WFWI - FM
      Indianapolis WTTS - FM
      Lafayette WSHO - FM
      Seymoure WJAA - FM
      Terra Haute WWVR - FM

      Des Moines KGGO - FM
      Dubuque KGRR - FM
      Mason City KLKK - FM
      Storm Lake KAYL - FM
      Waterloo KCRR - FM

      Coffeyville KKRK - FM
      Minneapolis KILS - FM
      Plainville KFIX - FM
      Wichita KRZZ - FM

      Frankfort WFKY - AM
      Gowling Green WPTQ - FM
      Harold WXLR - FM
      Prestonburg WXKZ - FM
      Richmond WLRO - FM
      Vine Grove WRZI - FM

      De Ridder KROK - FM
      New Orleans WRNO - FM

      Bangor WKIT - FM
      Brunswick WCLZ - FM
      Portland WBLM - FM
      Portsmouth WSHK - FM

      Greenfield WRSI - FM
      Orleans WKPE - FM

      Baltimore WZBA - FM

      Iron Mountain WIMK - FM
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      Las Vegas KKLZ - FM
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      New Hampshire
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      New Jersey
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      New Mexico
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      New York
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      South Dakota
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      Abilene KEYJ - FM
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      Houston KLOL - FM
      Lubbock KONE - FM
      Nacogdoches KTBQ - FM
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      Addison WXAL - FM
      Brattleboro WKVT - FM
      Danville WDOT - FM
      Montpelier WNCS - FM
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      Blacksburg WBRW - FM
      Farmville WXJK - FM
      Winchester WFQX - FM

      Bellingham KISM - FM
      Richland KEGX - FM
      Wenatchee KZPH - FM

      West Virginia
      Beckley WMTD - FM
      Cumberland WQZK - FM

      Eau Claire WISM - FM
      Greenbay WAPL - FM
      Madison WMMM - FM
      Sturgeon Bay KSRG - FM

      Jackson KMTN - FM
      Lander KDLY - FM
      Worland KKLX - FM

      Brandon, MB CKX - FM
      Fredericton, NB CFXY - FM
      Kingston, ON CIKR - FM
      Ottawa, ON CHEZ - FM
      San Juan WOSO - FM
      Truro, NS CKTO - FM
      Winnipeg, MB CITI - FM


  • Aerosmith special shows Bad Boys at their best (DMAAT)
      Aerosmith special shows Bad Boys at their best
      By Steve Morse, Globe Staff | June 4, 2004

      If you thought you had to go out tonight for some hard rock, think again: You can stay home with Aerosmith. Cable's A&E network offers an event-filled, supersonic two hours, the kind one might expect from Boston's Bad Boys. They're in confessional mode backstage, at rehearsals, and in the studio -- and they're in all-out concert mode during footage from their latest tour. Frankly, no true A-smith fan will want to miss it.

      The special "Aerosmith: You Gotta Move" (debuting at 9 p.m.) captures the mania of the Steven Tyler/Joe Perry partnership and fleshes out the personalities of the band's other members, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer. The show's verdict is that whatever the individual talents involved, these guys have a chemistry that makes them "America's hometown band," as Perry puts it.

      Of course, this particular hometown band travels in a Learjet and in opulent buses that look as if they should be shipped immediately to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. But strip away the accouterments of long-term success and there's a basic nucleus of guys who still enjoy their music as much as any band out there. And the proof is in the many classic hits they perform onstage (the concert footage, astonishingly well done, was directed by Mark Haefeli, who also helmed the two-hour TV special "Paul McCartney Back in the US") and in the vintage blues songs they sizzle through at Perry's Boneyard Studio on the South Shore. These latter cuts were just released on the "Honkin' on Bobo" CD, which marks a return to Aerosmith's bluesy roots in Boston in the '70s.

      The sheer magnitude of the Aerosmith concert express is also delineated. Assistant tour manager John Bionelli notes that the band travels with 60 people and hires another 100 in each city. The tour trucks around 80,000 pounds of equipment. "It's much more than a circus," Bionelli says. "It's a great caravan."

      Within that circus atmosphere, though, there actually are quiet moments. The most sensitive leaves the strutting of Tyler and the manic guitar riffing of Perry far behind. It comes when a young boy with cancer gets to go backstage to meet his idols. Chemotherapy has taken his hair, but his eyes are bright and saucer-sized.

      That's when Aerosmith seems less like a bunch of rock stars and more like America's hometown band.

      Aerosmith: You Gotta Move

      On: A&E

      Time: Friday, 9-11 p.m.



      It also re-airs:
      Sat, June 5 1am-3am
      Sat, June 5 11am-1pm

  • Aerosmith uncovers its influences with blues cover album (DMAAT)
      June 2, 2004, 4:49PM

      Aerosmith uncovers its influences with blues cover album
      Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

      For a band that looked like it had reached the end of its rope waaaaay back in 1977 following the release of the aptly titled Draw the Line, Aerosmith has made more than just "the most" of its second chance. It's made history.

      Aerosmith comes to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Friday as one of the few supergroups to sell more than 100 million albums and stay together (barely, at some points) to make music for 34 years. Lead singer Steven Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry have led the band through two careers: the scratchy vocals and gritty guitar rock of tense early hits like Dream On and Walk This Way and the polished, sober pop of '90s radio favorites like Janie's Got a Gun and Livin' on the Edge. Aerosmith's latest, Honkin' on Bobo, is a blues cover album.

      "It takes luck, talent and being in the right place at the right time," says Perry, 53, about the group's monumental success since its 1987 comeback album, Permanent Vacation. "You have to have the tenacity to eat brown rice and lug your own amps around until you get what you need."

      With a string of four Top 10 albums (a number that would have been five had Permanent Vacation not stopped at No. 11 on the Billboard charts), Aerosmith has more than it needs these days. The group now has the confidence and wiggle room to start on a third stage of its legacy.

      The new Honkin' on Bobo is a blues cover album and a primer for fans who may have wondered what inspired these Boston rockers to combine sex, screeching and slide guitar in the first place.

      Honkin' on Bobo (No. 57 on the Billboard charts after seven weeks) will probably be the least successful Aerosmith album since 1985's Done With Mirrors. On the not-yet-invented "for the love of music" chart, however, this is an Aerosmith contribution that was long overdue.

      "I think that this record has been on the back burner a long time," says Perry, the biggest blues junkie in Aerosmith. "My journey to making this record started 10 years ago. To get a band like Aerosmith to play these songs is a dream come true." EXTRA o Cheap Trick puts critic on the spot

      Unlike Eric Clapton, whose new album, Me and Mr. Johnson, finds the guitar professor remaking work by blues icon Robert Johnson with a scholarly reverence, Aerosmith plays other people's blues the same way it plays its own: loud, proud and with nothing to shroud.

      "We didn't record a blues album; we recorded an Aerosmith album," Tyler says. "Everything Aerosmith has ever done has been influenced by the blues. This time around, we just brought the influence a little closer to the surface."

      Versions of Road Runner, most often associated with Bo Diddley, and Big Joe Williams' Baby, Please Don't Go are imbued with Tyler's choked chortles and Perry's ferocious fretwork. Shame, Shame, Shame reintroduces a Smiley Lewis gu itar line that Tyler told the Boston Globe was passed down to Chuck Berry and the rest of rock 'n' roll.

      The band sounds as comfortable jammin' on Mississippi Fred McDowell's You Gotta Move and Buddy Guy's I'm Ready as it does on Toys in the Attic or Back in the Saddle. Perry and Tyler step outside their band box for the gospel blues of Jesus Is on the Mainline or the brass-embellished Never Loved a Girl, a song that Aretha Franklin made her own under the title I Never Loved a Man (The Way I Love You).

      It is risky to mess with royalty, especially the Queen of Soul.

      "We took a shot, but we didn't know how it was going to work out," Perry admits about trying to do Franklin justice. "I think we covered it in a way that's respectable, and that Steven was able to deliver it vocally. I think he did a great job."

      Honkin' on Bobo fits well into Aerosmith's set list because the band attacks all of its songs with equal passion. Those who attended Aerosmith's tour last year with KISS have already seen Perry get primal, during an improvisation on Stop Messin' Around. That song, originally by the pre-Nicks-Buckingham blues-based Fleetwood Mac, now turns up on Honkin' on Bobo.

      "Rather than try and pigeonhole or categorize the album, we'd just like to think of it as the new Aerosmith album," Perry says. "Our fans have always said, `We love your new music, but when are you going to make a record that sounds like your old stuff?' In order to do that, we figured the blues was the best place to start, as it has always been a major influence on us. However, we can't play the blues without rockin', so turn it up!"

      Aerosmith, with Cheap Trick, 8 p.m. Friday at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, 2005 Lake Robbins. Tickets $49.50-$129.50.


  • Steven Tyler's got the blues (but in a good way) (DMAAT)
      pop music preview
      Steven Tyler's got the blues (but in a good way)

      Steven Tyler
      o Age: 56.
      o Greatest hits: Aerosmith has placed eight singles in Billboard magazine's Top 10 -- "Dream On," "Walk This Way," "Angel," "Love in an Elevator," "Janie's Got a Gun," "What It Takes," "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" and "Jaded."
      o You might also like: For fans of the band's new blues-rock album, "Honkin' on Bobo," Tyler recommends "Hard Again," a Muddy Waters-Johnny Winter collaboration from 1977, and R.L. Burnside's "Come On In" (1998).
      o What's next: Tyler has a cameo in the upcoming film "Be Cool." The sequel to "Get Shorty" stars John Travolta and Uma Thurman, plus musicians Andre 3000 of Outkast and Christina Milian.
      o About the anthem: At the 2001 edition of the Indianapolis 500, Tyler sang an improvised ending to "The Star-Spangled Banner." He subbed "home of the Indianapolis 500" for "home of the brave." That wouldn't happen today, he says. "Traditionalists got bummed out and everyone else who was there thought it was fun," he says. "I'm not full of off-the-cuff moments. That was one that worked. But, no, I would never do that now because I'm too smart about that. We're in the middle of a war and people are dying."

      By David Lindquist
      June 4, 2004

      Aerosmith's new album of blues covers pays larger tribute to the 1960s British Invasion than to the Americans who wrote the songs decades before.

      Steven Tyler didn't discover "Baby Please Don't Go" through Big Joe Williams, the Mississippi musician who recorded the tune in 1935.

      Tyler knew "Baby Please Don't Go" -- Aerosmith's current single and video -- because of Them, a 1960s band led by Van Morrison.

      Teen-aged Tyler found Them's rapid-fire rendition at a New York City record store where he also studied the underground careers of the Rats and Pretty Things.

      These U.K. groups were the ones who idolized and then reflected new attention toward veteran bluesmen such as Howlin' Wolf and John Lee Hooker. The Rolling Stones and Animals spearheaded the movement.

      "Those were the songs that changed my life," Tyler says in a telephone interview. "I heard them and said, 'What is that?' They were so unlike anything classical my father had played, anything I heard on the radio and anything that America was doing."

      When Tyler met Joe Perry in 1969, they were in different bands but exploring the same blues-rock blueprint of swaggering vocals and lengthy guitar excursions.

      Tyler's group, the Chain Reaction, performed "Train Kept A-Rollin'," a song the Yardbirds adopted from swing band leader Tiny Bradshaw. Perry's group, the Jam Band, impressed Tyler with its version of Fleetwood Mac's "Rattlesnake Shake.

      "That's where Aerosmith comes from," Tyler says. "We loved the jams. It was music taken to the height of what I used to think it was there for. If you could play that in your band, well, you were better than any other band."

      And of all the instrumental segments in Aerosmith's 31-year recording career, Tyler says one of his favorites is performed during "Baby Please Don't Go."

      "We do a thing in the middle where (bass player) Tom Hamilton goes into a rave-up," Tyler says. "I call it 'feathering the prop.' You stay on the octave above, take your time getting there, stay there for 30 seconds or a minute and the place is going insane.

      The new album, titled "Honkin' on Bobo," also features stylistic standards "Eyesight to the Blind" (Rice "Sonny Boy Williamson" Miller by way of the Who) and "You Gotta Move" (Mississippi Fred McDowell by way of the Stones).

      On Tuesday, Aerosmith will headline a concert at Verizon Wireless Music Center for the fourth time in as many summers. Tyler says "Honkin' on Bobo" -- which includes one original composition among 12 tracks -- helped the band determine its next move.

      "It lit the fuse of, 'We have to write some songs like that ourselves,' " he says. "Instead of focusing too much on the chorus, zero in on the feeling."

      Regardless of what follows, the Boston-based band already can claim the most monumental comeback in rock history.

      Aerosmith stumbled to has-been status during the early 1980s, when substance abuse drained the band's creativity and Perry and fellow guitarist Brad Whitford broke away from the lineup. But by decade's end, the famed fivesome of Tyler, Perry, Hamilton, Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer were reunited and sober.

      In 1998, power ballad "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" gave the group its first No. 1 single. Aerosmith is showcased on radio formats ranging from hard-rock oldies to mainstream pop, and the NFL doesn't seem to stage a major event without inviting the band to play a song or two.

      At this point, Tyler finds both humor and frustration when his work is described in shorthand. The singer jokingly quotes references to "the 50-plus Tyler and the Keith Richards-esque Perry."

      Personally, he finds satisfaction in a still-rigorous touring schedule. It's a thrill, he says, to perform part of each concert on a satellite stage in the middle of an arena (or on the lawn, in the case of Verizon Wireless Music Center).

      "We're smelling the sweat and the pot and seeing people crying and throwing up," Tyler says. "Most people get a gold watch at the end of 30 years. "We get it night after night after night."


  • Aerosmith fizzles for 4th
      Aerosmith fizzles for 4th
      By Carol Beggy & Mark Shanahan
      Boston Globe
      June 4, 2004

      DON'T WALK THIS WAY If the Esplanade's rockin' on Independence Day, it won't be because of Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. Organizers of the annual Fourth of July extravaganza confirmed yesterday Aerosmith will not be joining the Boston Pops at the Hatch Shell after all. "The Pops and Aerosmith have been unable to resolve logistical issues in the period between [the band's] North American tour and their Japanese tour," said David Mugar, the event's executive producer. (Aerosmith, which is on the road promoting its latest CD, "Honkin' on Bobo," wraps its North American tour June 28 and opens in Sapporo, Japan, July 10.) Pops conductor Keith Lockhart said yesterday it "just didn't come together, but Steve Tyler and I were talking, and we want to make it happen at some point." There's no word on who will perform this year.



      Boston Herald
      By Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa
      Friday, June 4, 2004

      No July 4 Aerosmith

      Aerosmith won't be singing the red, white and blues at the Hatch Shell July 4 with the Boston Pops, maestro Keith Lockhart said yesterday.

      ``We were talking with them and they're unavailable,'' said the Pops poobah. ``I got a personal call from Steve Tyler talking about how upset he was that we just couldn't make the drop.''

      Steven & Co. - who have been on tour promoting their new blues album, ``Honkin' On Bobo'' - will be home for the July 4 fireworks and won't bid Boston sayonara for their Japan tour until July 7.

      But the rockers' road crew is scheduled to ship out - literally - with the equipment a week earlier, we hear.

      File Under: Stars & Gripes?


  • Australian Radio Competition
      TheWingman writes:

      Just wanted to tell you the premiere rock station in sydney, Triple M( has been having a 'battle of the bands' competition where listeners ring up and vote after songs are played for two bands. Here are the results: A lot of people rang up for Aerosmith (and said Aerosmith was the best), but there was also online voting, so the Green Day fans must've taken the back door.

      9AM - GREEN DAY 64% (AEROSMITH 36%)

      9AM - METALLICA 75% (INXS 25%)
      12N - HUNTERS 56% (LIMP 44%)
      1PM - U2 78% (PUDDLE 22%)
      2PM - NICKELBACK 69% (SFK 31%)

      9AM - SILVERCHAIR 91% (NO DOUBT 9%)
      12N - EVANESCENCE 76% (VAN HALEN 24%)
      2PM - NIRVANA 92% (TALKING HEADS 8%)

      9AM - ACDC 89% (OASIS 11%)
      12N - MATCHBOX 20 52% (ANGELS 48%)
      1PM - OFFSPRING 78% (COLDPLAY 22%)
      2PM - ROLLING STONES 54% (28 DAYS 46%)

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1971 Aerosmith plays in North Sutton NH at Kearsarge Regional HS

      1993 Aerosmith plays in Oklahoma City OK at Myriad Convention Center (Jackyl opens)

      1994 Aerosmith plays in Donnington UK at Castle Donnington (Extreme opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in London UK at Wembley Arena (Shed Seven opens)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Uriah Heep - Return To Fantasy (1975)

News as of June 3, 2004
  • HOB - 9 Weeks of Sales (DMAAT)
      Seems the sales for this past week somewhat stabilized... which is good news.. and the A&E special will hopefully help some. They had better PROMOTE it via the special!

      Date......Pos......Sales.....% diff

      03/31/04...(--).... 385....[---- ]
      04/07/04..(05)....160,582....[---- ]
      04/14/04..(11).... 79,690....[-50.4%]
      04/21/04..(18).... 40,247....[-49.5%]
      04/28/04..(27).... 33,769....[-16.1%]
      05/05/04..(37).... 27,610....[-18.2%]
      05/12/04..(49).... 22,876....[-17.1%]
      05/19/04..(57).... 16,591....[-27.5%]
      05/26/04..(73).... 13,875....[-16.4%]
      06/02/04..(81).... 13,575....[-02.2%]

      Total Sales: 408,815

      From as posted by Soldatti


      Clive writes:

      Eventually there was going to reach a point where sales would not decrease by the 20+ plus as expected the touring pre- and after-sales would help (probably worth 5000 a week). It's surprisingly better than expected since they were off the road a lot of the last week. It's going to be a hard slog once the tour ends this month in the USA to maintain good sales. It was though a good week for record sales being I assume holiday/sales week in the USA (Memorial Day) as total chart sales were up close to 10% on the previous week.

      Hopefully the A&E special will help with curious buyers although depends on how many HoB tracks they play. With a 2 hour program, I assume you'll loose 30 mins in adverts and with the interviews, backstage stuff etc, it will be I expect very much an edited set.

  • Moving on with Aerosmith (DMAAT)
      Funny this article and others don't really mention he directed the recent video for BPDG for them...

      Moving on with Aerosmith
      Wednesday, June 02, 2004

      Music, film and video industry veteran Mark Haefeli is at it again.

      Haefeli, a Montclair resident, recently produced and directed a two-hour television special, "Paul McCartney Back in the U.S." and "Paul McCartney in Red Square," which was shown on the A&E Network. Now A&E Network will show Haefeli's latest musical documentary, a two-hour special, "Aerosmith: You Gotta Move," tonight, Thursday, June 3, at 9 p.m.

      Haefeli has been after Aerosmith, their record company and their management for a while about the possibility of doing a television special, but the timing wasn't appropriate because Haefeli was busy working on the Paul McCartney specials.

      He eventually got around to doing some promotional work with Aerosmith last summer when they were on tour with Kiss. Haefeli said, "I started conversations with their organization. They were in the studio recording a new record, 'Honk'n on Bobo.' It's a blues roots record. They finally figured this was the time to do the documentary. By the time I was done with Paul, Aerosmith was just going into the studio. I worked with The Rolling Stones in Europe in between these projects."

      Haefeli said it was a very exciting opportunity to film Aerosmith in the recording studio and ultimately build a television show around the evolutionary process: the early stages of recording, rehearsals of the songs and capturing Aerosmith live in concert.

      "Aerosmith: You Gotta Move" features four new songs, plus a lot of Aerosmith classics such as, "Walk This Way," "Dream On," "Back in the Saddle," "Toys in the Attic" and "Sweet Emotion."

      Haefeli said, "If you're an Aerosmith fan, you will definitely get your kicks watching this show." Haefeli always considered Aerosmith to be America's greatest rock 'n' roll band. He said, "I've been a fan since the very first album. I've always wanted to work with this band. I think they're the most exciting rock 'n' roll band ever! Steven Tyler is the best rock 'n' roll front person. His groove is magical. Joe Perry is one of the top guitar players who ever stepped on stage. They are America's most successful songwriters, second only to The Beatles in hit songs in rock 'n' roll history. I truly hold them in the highest regard in authentic rock 'n' roll bands. They are rock 'n' roll!"

      According to Haefeli, Aerosmith has never done a television special before. He said, "They've been on television a lot, but they have never done a complete television special. It's taken them 30 years. This special is capturing the band at the peak of their career, where they are as a band on and off the stage. We have a lot of documentary footage in between the songs - how it takes a lot to put on a show like this every night and how they travel across the country. They're like rock 'n' roll gypsies. We get an inside look on their private plane. Joe Perry travels by bus. We're on the bus with him and his family. It's an intimate profile of this very large entity which we call Aerosmith."

      While on tour with the band making the documentary, Haefeli spent a lot of time with them and developed not only a professional bond, but a personal one as well. Haefeli and Tyler went shopping for gifts for their wives one afternoon. He spent time with Perry and his children. Haefeli said, "I've never had the opportunity to do this with other artists I've worked with. This was a unique and close experience for me. They are clean-living guys with prin-ciples and commitment to themselves first, and to their art second. It was refreshing and very inspiring to be a part of it."

      Other artists Haefeli has worked with include U-2, Faith Hill and Elton John. Haefeli said, "One of the things I pride myself on is the ability to be trusted by a lot of these artists with their music - to provide intimacy for an audi-ence that only sees these artists in an arena or a football stadium, and to share the intimacy that I've experienced."

      Although Haefeli's love for music brought him to where he is today, the most important thing in his life is his family. He said, "The support I get from my wife and the love of my children is what inspires me to do what I do. Without my wife in my life and my children, none of this would be what it is today."

      The two-hour special, "Aerosmith: You Gotta Move" can be seen tonight, Thursday, June 3, at 9 p.m. on the A&E Network.


  • VH1 100 Most Metal Moments
      Steven Tyler has 3 moments on this countdown.

      On last nights episode 80 - 61

      #74, Steven gets arrested in Memphis in 1974 for swearing on stage, and I believe they charged him with trying to start a riot. It was talked about in the book. They hit the lights and Steven tried to run off stage and the cops were waiting for him.

      Steven talked a little about it and it was outtakes from "Behind The Music." Showed they had to edit a lot out of that show. He said "fuck you, shut up," and flipped the camera off. Then said something like "that's what I think of that."

      Vince Neil, Darkness and others comment on it. No one said anything negative. All defended him. Vince, I think, said it was '74 and those rednecks probably never saw a skinny little white boy with long hair like that before.

      #65, Steven cast his daughter Liv as a stripper in "Crazy" video.

      Vince Neil, Darkness, I think Tesla and Dokken all comment. Again, nothing negative. Vince said for all we know Daddy's little girl through a fit and demanded to be in the video. "PUT ME IN YOUR VIDEO, DADDY!"

      Someone, I think one of the guys from Dokken, said "If she was my daughter, I'd put her in my video too."

      Then on Thursdays (tomorrow night) episode 40 - 21

      #30, Steven Tyler becomes guardian of his 14 year old girlfriend in the 70's.

      AeroForce Michael

  • Billboard Bobo Numbers (aerofanatic)
      Thanks to Soldatti on the Message Boards.

      This week's Bobo's numbers...

      The Billboard 200 (Week ending June 12, 2004)
      81. Aerosmith - Honkin' On Bobo: 13,575 (408,815)

      Complete chart history and %'s at Message Boards.

      The AeroFANatic

  • [ set list ] Dallas, Tx (aerofanatic)
      June 2nd, 2004
      Dallas, Texas
      Smirnoff Music Center

      Toys In The Attic
      Love In An Elevator
      Back In The Saddle
      Back Back Train
      S.O.S. (Too Bad)
      Shame Shame Shame
      Never Loved A Girl
      Eat The Rich
      Stop Messin' Around
      Dream On
      Draw The Line
      Baby, Please Don't Go
      Mother Popcorn / Walk This Way
      Sweet Emotion
      What It Takes
      Train Kept A Rollin'

      Interesting Notes:
      -SOS! Kick ass! Last played in Nov 2003, this song has only been played 2x since 2000! Gotta love it!
      -SOS in for Mama Kin, Never Loved in for Other Side, and moved down in the set.
      -Steven scatted few bars before What It Takes
      -Major energy.
      -Little freestyle jamming between Popcorn and WTW
      -Thanks to Tylerfreak

      - The Japanese fan who use the nick "S.O.S.(too bad)," and who attended the VR at this show, asked Steven, "Please play S.O.S.(too bad)."
      - Steven said "What's ?"
      - "S.O.S.(too bad) from Get Your Wings, 2nd Album"
      - Steven said "OK!!!"

      - On stage, the bad boys played S.O.S.!! "S.O.S.(too bad)" was 1st row behind Steven's monitor, Steven pointed, and said, "played for you." They touched hand at the end of the song.

  • Aerosmith- In Concert Reminder (aerofanatic)
      Do NOT FORGET to tune into A&E this Friday night, June 4th, at 9pm EST. "Aerosmith- In Concert" will be one of those shows that every fan will need a copy of. Expect A&E to show 10 or so songs, intercut with band interviews and footage from the making of Bobo and backstage on tour. This is an Aerosmith fans' wet dream. Do NOT miss it...

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1975 Aerosmith plays in Indianapolis IN at Market Square Arena

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Masterplan - Masterplan (2003)

News as of June 2, 2004
  • Summer Music Mania (DMAAT/aerofanatic)
      Last night's spot when they sang "Fever" was taped from the Orlando, FL concert.

      Give me a break. An 11 year old song (not even a single) instead of a new song from the new album? They should have played something off "Honkin' On Bobo," the album needs a push. I don't know if it was the band themselves who picked "Fever" or if FOX screwed up and thought it was one of the newer blues songs. The performance was concert footage so Fox may have had a few songs to pick from and went with "Fever"..?

      It was a mistake on some ones part not to play a song off BOBO...

  • Bass Guitar Magazine (DMAAT)
      There is a good article on Tom Hamilton in this month's Guitar World's Bass Guitar Magazine.

  • NY Daily News Article (DMAAT)
      What IS disappointing is the complete lack of support/marketing for this album by the label, management, PR people, and the band other than Joe. All a "setup" so they can discourage him from ever "trying this again" in my opinion. That article really hurt because they were ALL OVER with JPP the point of it being sickening. Also, the radio comment is crap...saying they did great on it. No other artists that are JUST on that chart are selling a shitload of albums either. Then there is the "different marketing" approach of releasing a video 2 months too late. It seems as though everyone conspired to make sure Joe does NOT get to do another album this way even though it IS the most critically acclaimed effort (per FANS and PRESS) in over a decade. Enjoy the next "JPP" with "hit" singles like Girls of Summer. I'll keep this one as a memory of "what could have been" and wait for Joe to do some more like it on his own LOL. Below is the full text....


      Aerosmith sales are a big 'Honkin' letdown

      "Honkin' on Bobo" has Aerosmith singin' the blues - not only on the album, but over its commercial prospects, as well. The CD, a spirited collection of covers of 12-bar standards, has sunk to No. 73 after just eight weeks, a point at which Aerosmith CDs are usually sitting pretty in the Top 20. Unfortunately, "Bobo" seemed like a commercial boo-boo from the start. Its opening sales of 160,000 represented a 33% drop from those of "Just Push Play," the band's previous record, which started with 240,000 copies in 2001. "Play" went on to move more than 1.2 million platters. So far, "Bobo" has sold 395,000. Aerosmith can't complain about being shut out of radio. Its version of the classic "Baby Please Don't Go" has made major headway on mainstream rock formats, peaking at No. 7. Currently, it's hanging strong at No. 11 after 12 weeks.

      Exposure on rock radio could keep an album high on the charts for a young guitar band, whose credibility might only suffer from a pop crossover. But a long-running act with a general pop audience, like Aerosmith, needs to get on other stations to keep its sales pumping.

      Ironically, the whole point of "Bobo" was to avoid the kind of string-drenched, horn-punctuated sellouts that have given Aerosmith a broad new audience over the past 15 years. "Bobo" returns the band to the slammingly hard sound its original fans cherished in the '70s. It's also one of the best albums in the group's 32-year career.

      In an interview I did with guitarist Joe Perry in April, he said that if this album did well it might encourage the group to return to a more uncompromising sound. Unfortunately, that now looks unlikely.

      Cypress Hill is another group being hurt by the shift in its audience. Over the years, this guitar-friendly rap group lost most of its hip-hop crowd, only to more than make up for it with rock fans. Now the band seems to have taxed the patience of those genre-followers, too.

      Cypress Hill regularly sold in the millions starting in the mid-'90s. Its 2000 release, "Skull & Bones," moved 1.2 million. But the followup, 2001's "Stoned Raiders," only managed sales of 266,000, and the group's latest, "'Til Death Do Us Part," has sold a pooped-out 130,000 copies in nine weeks. This week, the CD is scraping the bottom of Billboard's Top 200.

      One major problem may be the group's overmining of its stoner persona. At this point, that only makes the music itself seem burned out.

      Originally published on May 31, 2004


  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      1993 Aerosmith open the Get A Grip tour in Topeka KS at Landon Arena (Jackyl opens)

      1997 Aerosmith plays in Glasgow Scotland at SE+CC

      2001 Aerosmith plays the 108 KISS Concert 2 in Mansfield MA at the Tweeter Center; Brad is absent and Marti Fredrickson sits in; they play Jaded, Fly Away From Here, Pink, and Walk This Way

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The Grateful Dead - History of the Grateful Dead, Vol. 1 (Bear's Choice) (1973)

News as of June 1, 2004
  • According to JB regarding Summer Music Mania (DMAAT)
      Sounds like Steven and Joe taped a spot AND they will be appearing via satallite but since the thing was pretaped not sure if it was from the show on the 20th (Calgary I believe) or from one since then or "live" which I somehow doubt. We shall see... .excerpt from JB news:

      In Portland, Steven and Joe taped a little spot that will air next week for Summer Music Mania. The show is hosted by Jessica Simpson, and includes performers such as Usher, Black Eyed Peas, 3 Doors Down, Nelly and Ashlee Simpson (note to self, Tivo it and skip the deadwood). The guys are appearing via satellite.

  • "You Gotta Move" on TNT
      Quick Aerosmith related TV item--Lats night, after the Lakers closed out the Minnesota Timberwolves to advance to the NBA Finals, TNT ended their final NBA broadcast of the year with a large montage of basketball clips, played next to the credits for the TNT crew, and "You Gotta Move" off of Honkin On' Bobo played through the entire credits sequence!

  • Pat Benatar mentions Aerosmith in hearing-aid ad?
      Pat Benatar hawks hearing-aid batteries
      Boston Globe
      May 30, 2004

      ST. LOUIS -- Energizer Holdings Inc. is appealing to the rock 'n' roll sensibilities of baby boomers by enlisting 1980s rocker Pat Benatar to boost sales of hearing-aid batteries.

      "Our generation has helped shape American culture, especially since we're the first to be raised on rock 'n' roll," Benatar says in a brochure for Energizer's new marketing campaign, "It's Hip to Hear."

      "From Aerosmith to the Rolling Stones, our music defines us, but all those years of rockin' are beginning to take a toll," she says.

      Mini-batteries used in hearing aids are just 8 percent of Energizer's total sales, but the St. Louis-based company sees a potentially huge growth market, said Ernie Petrus, director of sales and marketing for Energizer Miniature Batteries.

      Benatar, 51, does not need a hearing aid, but Energizer is betting that she will break the stereotype associated with wearing one, Petrus told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in Friday's editions.

      Matt Thornhill, founder of the Boomer Project, a Richmond, Va.-based consulting firm that helps companies reach the over-50 market, said Energizer's choice of Benatar is "fabulous."

      "Boomers buy eyeglasses by the tens of thousands," Thornhill said. "As they start to lose their hearing, I don't think they'll have a reluctance to (buy) hearing aids."

      Benatar is known for such hits as "Love Is a Battlefield," "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" and "Invincible."

  • Thundertrain's Teenage Suicide Reviewed in Time To Rock N' Roll Webzine!
      Thundertrain – Teenage Suicide
      Gulcher Records
      For those with a penchant for Glam-rock, Thundertrain comes highly recommended. Late 70s Bostonians with a love for the ladies (rough around the edges or not), hard alcohol, and blues based rock, these guys tore up the Boston scene for more than a fort night. They played from the same class as Kiss, Van Halen, and Aerosmith, but without sounding goofy and whilst still managing to maintain their sleaze. Hot tracks on here are “Hot For Teacher”, “Love the Way”, “Frustration”, “I Gotta Rock”. If you’re out for a night on the town, chasin’ gash, make sure and pop this one in. I think they’re still playin’ these guys in strip clubs through the Mid West. (Mark Giddens)

  • Patricia Schenck's this day in AeroHistory
      2001 Aerosmith plays in Uniondale NY at Nassau Coliseum

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Y&T - Black Tiger (1982)

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