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News as of August 31, 2002
  • Article from
      This article was written by Greg Kott, the rock music critic for the Chicago Tribune. This is also the same guy who said right after the SuperBowl show that Aerosmith was a washed up, has been group. Now he seems to be singing a different tune!

      Metromix | A Chicago Entertainment And Restaurant Guide - Aerosmith's Old-School Jams

      Aerosmith's old-school jams

      By Greg Kot

      The last of the old-school rock stars? I nominate Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, if only because he's not ashamed to live the role, perhaps the only man on the planet who regards "This Is Spinal Tap!" as homage rather than parody. But who's laughing last? Aerosmith is one of the few bands to bridge the gap between classic-rock radio and MTV's "Total Request Live." Their hits span four decades, concisely covered on the recent 30-song double-CD "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits" (at least the 11th repackaging or reconfiguration of the band's chart successes, including live albums).

      The band's detractors say the Boston quintet sold their hard-rock souls to stay current, writing enough power ballads to make Diane Warren envious while diluting the legacy of undeniable classics such as 1976's "Rocks". Then there are the songs licensed for television commercials, and the Super Bowl halftime appearance with Britney Spears and 'N Sync.

      Is there anything these guys won't do to keep the fame train rolling?

      Not really, says Tyler. "I play the game," he says in an interview. "I've always played the game. To paraphrase Hunter Thompson, the music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free and then die like dogs. But there's also a negative side."

      He cackles, "I don't know why the Rolling Stones can't get on radio anymore, but I don't hear them writing riffs like 'Angie' or 'Satisfaction' anymore either — I don't hear anything that out of the box bites you on the ass. A song has gotta say 'Hello!' in the first few seconds, otherwise it doesn't stand a chance with radio. Radio people are the biggest pimps in the world. And we're the biggest whores on the block. I'm the guy who put out [power ballads] 'Dream On' and 'Angel' for radio, so I could also play [hard-rockers like the Johnny Burnette Trio-via-the-Yardbirds'] 'Train Kept A-Rollin' and 'Young Lust' in front of an audience."

      Not that Tyler is apologizing. He brazenly wants it all: the status that comes with being a classic-rock dinosaur who still cleans up on the arena circuit, and the buzz that comes from shaking a tail feather in front of 15-year-old girls who were conceived with "Sweet Emotion" as the soundtrack.

      "You critics are the guys who saddled us with that 'power ballad' stuff," Tyler scolds. "Just leave it alone. The emotions in those songs are just as important as the ones in the rock songs, it's just a different kind of emotion. Remember, maybe ten out of 100 people think something matters because it's 'cool.' How many people say Elvis shouldn't have done his movies? If he hadn't done them, he wouldn't be 'the King' today, because every kid spent their summers watching him in theaters."

      The need to stay in front of an audience, no matter what the cost, has made Aerosmith one of the most reliable touring bands of its time. Unlike the Stones, who turn their every infrequent tour into a mega-event, Aerosmith is on the road practically year-round, pausing only to record a new album. In the tradition of Grand Funk Railroad, Foghat and countless other journeymen rockers, Aerosmith is a "people's band," immune to trends. And each Aerosmith show swings wildly between the twin poles of raunch 'n' roll and show-biz shtick, equal parts shotgun-blues and purple balladry.

      "It's getting harder and harder to stay relevant and get your [expletive] out there, and it's tougher in a lot of ways to be a band," Tyler says. "The road is strewn with the roadkill of bands who changed their minds in midstream. This band, this is all we wanted to do, all we dreamed of being. We were professional musicians in the sense that our minds were wrapped around our craft and our art 24 hours a day, then we became professional drug addicts, and we were fortunate enough to see that and say, 'Wow, I am now getting really good at killing myself.' And we didn't want to lose this, because in a way, it's all any of us had. I wrote a lot of songs that became hits out of desperation and fear, because I wanted to hold onto this anyway I could."

      He thinks back to touring before the band's 1972 debut album, when Aerosmith was greeted with such indifference it would've killed a less resilient group.

      "We're playing the third of four 45-minute sets and still no one has walked into the bar," he says. "You could hear the crickets chirping outside between songs. That happened a lot of nights. Which is why we are not shoe-gazers now—like Eddie Vedder up there in front of 30,000 people, staring at his shoes. They hate the rock-star thing, right? Look at them all now, they're all driving Ferraris, aren't they? I look at it really simply. We get to throw parties for 30,000 people at a whack, every night. So why not enjoy it?"

  • Boston Globe on Behind The Music

      Boston backdrop missing in VH1's portrayal of Aerosmith
      By Steve Morse, Globe Staff, 8/30/2002

      At last check, Aerosmith was a Boston band. But Boston references are largely absent from VH1's much-hyped ''Behind the Music'' segment on Aerosmith, which launches the show's fifth season Sunday night in a two-hour special, starting at 9 p.m. The VH1 investigators need to polish their research, because they interviewed almost no one in Boston (no one even at WBCN-FM, 104.1, which supported the band for years). There is no footage of Boston gigs (what, they couldn't have found something from the countless New Year's Eve shows at Boston Garden?), and no mention of the band's club, Mama Kin.

      Other than some pictures of Aerosmith's '70s residence at 1325 Commonwealth Avenue and some skyline photos of the Hub early in the show, there's a curious whitewash of the city. Instead, we get a lot of concert footage in San Jose, San Francisco, and Tokyo - good footage, mind you, but nothing to indicate the group's local roots. And while there's an in-depth look at the band's start in Lake Sunapee, N.H. (with cameramen accompanying a latter-day Steven Tyler and Joe Perry to the Barn, where they first played, for some amusing recollections), why couldn't they have done more of that in Boston?

      The Aerosmith ''Behind the Music'' still will appeal to fans - and there are some terrific behind-the-scenes interviews with the band, but there's a disturbing focus on the dark, tabloid side of the group's career.

      Do we really need to know about the tensions and eruptions between some of Aerosmith's wives? Do we need to hear that Perry once used a bedroom as a shooting range? And if Aerosmith feels that its work is ''bliss,'' as one member says, then why let VH1 push them into so much seamy gossip? Yes, Aerosmith had drug problems, but do we need to hear every nuance of the band's heroin intake in the '80s again? The story has been told.

      Most disturbing is that Aerosmith can't seem to let go of its feud with former manager Tim Collins, whom the group fired six years ago. Collins took the high road and declined to be interviewed by VH1 because he sensed he was going to be slammed - and he was correct. Each band member wales on him. ''He screwed with us and with our personal lives in a very deep way,'' says Perry, though Perry adds Collins ''was a brilliant guy at the beginning and he had a vision that no one else had.''

      VH1 even goes to Tyler's wife, Teresa, for a comment about Collins that the latter, in a phone interview this week, said was a misinterpretation. As to the rest of the dirty linen that gets aired, Collins says, ''I'd like to say to the band: Grow up. I prefer to remember the good times, the sweet times. We touched a lot of lives.''

      And there are some touching moments in Sunday's program, such as Tyler's loving interactions with his daughters. But a memo to VH1: Next time you do something on Aerosmith, why not talk to a few people in Boston about them?

  • Boston Herald on Behind The Music

      Walk their way: Boston's Aerosmith opens up for VH1's `Behind the Music'
      by Sarah Rodman
      Friday, August 30, 2002

      "Behind the Music: Aerosmith.'' Sunday at 9 p.m.

      Around my house, we call it the poor sap moment.

      It's the moment, usually near the conclusion of VH1's ``Behind the Music,'' in which the designated has-been - whose wretched rags-to-riches-to-rags life has just been scrutinized in comic and tragic detail - picks up an acoustic guitar to croon either a big hit or some awful new song, hoping to score another few minutes in the fading spotlight. Often, the performer is then squeezed unceremoniously to one side to make room for the rolling credits.

      It's a testament both to Aerosmith's stunning longevity and the producers' willingness to take a different approach that there isn't a poor sap moment in ``Behind the Music: Aerosmith,'' premiering Sunday at 9 p.m.

      Whether the bad boys of Boston insisted or the producers dreamt it up, following the band during its 2001-02 Just Push Play tour was a stroke of genius.

      Almost every segment of this first-ever two-hour ``Behind the Music'' opens with band members either onstage in front of capacity crowds in Japan, playfully bickering or reminiscing, as the special moves from one place to the next.

      All of this motion forces the viewer to recognize that this is not your average ``BTM'' subject: Aerosmith may have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year, but it is still a vital working band making hit records 30-plus years after its inception.

      The other smart move was to have leader Steven Tyler and Joe Perry return to Lake Sunapee, N.H., the scene of that inception. The pair even breaks into a little impromptu blues jam in front of the now-defunct Barn nightclub, where they and bassist Tom Hamilton got their start playing for crowds of summer tourists.

      Of course, there are familiar ``BTM'' signposts in the Aerosmith story, thankfully most of them told by the band, their wives and close associates, with little in the way of third-party talking heads.

      There were the scrappy beginnings when Tyler, Perry, Hamilton guitarist Brad Whitford and drummer Joey Kramer all lived together on Commonwealth Avenue. Hamilton cracks that their experiment with drugs was a success for a while. There was the big break in New York City, at which legendary record mogul Clive Davis recalls, ``I was knocked out by everything about them.''

      The predictable highs of hitting the big time and partying with hot chicks followed, with model Bebe Buell, mother of Liv Tyler, claiming, ``They were wilder than the Stones, they were wilder than Zeppelin.''

      The lows of paralyzing drug addiction, financial mismanagement and band disintegration, at least partially because of those hot chicks, arrive in short order, with Kramer saying of the 1977 sessions for ``Draw the Line,'' ``I don't know if we made any of that record straight.''

      The tale takes a happy turn, however, as the band gets its act together and enjoys a second coming thanks to Run DMC, their willingness to kick drugs and communicate with each other and invite hit songwriters into the fold. That formula works right up to the present day.

      But even diehard fans will probably learn something new in this oft-told tale, including the touching way in which Perry brings his tightknit family on the road and homeschools his children and the revelation that ``Walk This Way'' was inspired by Marty Feldman's famous line as the hunchback in ``Young Frankenstein.''

      Interesting omissions include the band's role in the colossal film flop ``Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,'' history on members other than Tyler and Perry and any insight from former manager Tim Collins, whom the band credits with getting them clean. The band later had a falling out with Collins over rumors he allegedly spread about Tyler relapsing. Collins declined interview requests from ``BTM'' producers.

      Perry succinctly sums up the band's enduring bad boy-pop hero appeal: ``I don't know that there's much that we could do to change the image of this band, to screw it up any worse then we already have. If we can play the Super Bowl with Britney Spears and still get away clean, I think we're kind of bulletproof.''

      And ready for their "BTM'' close-up.

  • Aerosmith/MTV Video Music Awards
      There was a tiny Aerosmith blip/moment at the VMAs. Run DMC came out to introdunce P Ditty and mentioned that they were currently on tour with Kid Rock and Aerosmith. When the crowd didn't cheer or anything one of the guys said something like "come on, that's a big thing for us."

      Also, when they showed a clip of Nelly's video, it was the clip with Joe!!

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Backdraft - Live at Mosebacke, Stockholm, Sweden 2002-06-05

News as of August 30, 2002
  • Guitar World column
      From the October issue of Guitar World. Keith Richards is on the cover. This is on page 127.

      “Walk This Way”
      By Joe Perry and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith

      Getting Your Wings, Part 1:
      Writing Songs, and how to play “same old song and dance”

      Joe Perry: One of the most important things for any musician to become involved in is songwriting. The very first thing we all have to get over is fear: don’t be afraid to try writing your own songs. This is something I learned, along with many other things, from working with Steven (Tyler, Aerosmith singer).

      When Steven and I first met, he was a more experienced musician than I was. He’s a couple of years older than me, and he’d already been in the recording studio and had spent time writing original material. With the formation of Aerosmith, he taught us all about songwriting structure, and basically, the many different aspects of how to write songs. Most significantly, he taught us to not be afraid to dive in.

      Before meeting Steven, Tom (Hamilton, Aerosmith bassist) and I hadn’t yet written any of our own stuff. We were happy to play songs by the Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Zeppelin, Hendrix, etc. There were so many great songs to play, we thought we didn’t need to write any of our own! But once we hooked up with Steven, we could see that this was the only way to go if we really wanted to get anywhere as a band.

      Brad Whitford: I think that the most important thing to remember about being a musician, whatever you aspirations may be, is that you should try to gain something of value, creatively speaking, from the experience. Songwriting affords you the opportunity to learn how to express yourself in different ways, and to express a wide range of emotions. It also helps you to discover things about your own personality. And it’s very rewarding when you feel you’ve written something that can stand on it’s own.

      Perry: Brad and I were both heavily influenced by the playing of the British guitar heros of the Sixites, like Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Peter Green. A large part of Aerosmith, as a band, is a product of those influences. The Sixties recordings of each of those guitar players are incredible: all three played like virtuosos, and the sound of the Les Paul/Marshall combination was, to me, devastating. The guitar tone on the first Jeff Beck album (Truth) and John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton album still sounds unbelievable today. These albums set the standard for tone. Once we heard that sound, we knew we had to get a piece of that.

      Whitford: Beck and Page were pioneers. They had picked on the influence of American blue and turned it into something different and exciting, and it brought the blues back to America in a new form. It was already here in our laps, but they took the influence of southern black music and Chicago blues and turned it on it’s head. And, at that time, there was no doubt in my mind that the Les Paul was the greatest electric guitar in the world. When I first saw Jimmy Page playing a Les Paul through a stack of Marshalls, it thought, Holy shit. My jaw was on the ground. That was it for me. We, as a band, were all inspired by that, and we just carried the flag from there.

      Perry: We were lucky too, because a lot of the original blues guys were still touring when we started out, so we could see them firsthand, too. We’d sit and compare the Rolling Stones’ version of “Carol” with Chuck Berry’s original, and you could see a stylistic progression there. Brad’s right: those guys were visionaries, they got that feeling and inspiration from the blues, and they tried to capture and be it. And that, in turn, fired us up.

      The funny thing is, we’d been writing songs for a few years before I realized that Aerosmith, as a band, had a particular sounds of their own. To me, we were still just trying to do our own version of the music we lovedm as opposed to thinking, This is what Aerosmith should sound like. I didn’t even recognize the band’s identity until I started to listen back to good live recordings. This is when I realized that the rhythm structure of a song like “Same Old Song and Dance” comes straight from the blues, and that’s what I like about the song in the first place.

      Figure 1a illustrates the intro riff to “Same Old Song and Dance”, which is played with a blues boogie-shuffle type feel. You’ll notice that I play the riff primarily down in the second position, moving between E5 and D5 chords. On the last beat of bar 2, I play an E5 barre chord up in the seventh position. That chord was actually played by an overdubbed guitar.

      For the verse section (Figure 1b), the chord movement still sounds like E5-D5-E5, but I play on the D, G, and B strings only. Notice how rhythmically similar this pattern is to the intro riff.

      The chorus (Figure 1c) is made up of a progression of root-fifth power chords, with the exception of the first chord, Gsus2. This chord is basically a G5 power chord with the second, A, added.

      Whitford: If you listen to “One Way Street” from Aerosmith, you’ll see that is hass essentially the same feel as “Same Old Song and Dance”. But both songs have these little dynamic changes in them that we rehearsed the shit out of; these are the things that make “Same Old Song and Dance” more than just a straight I-IV-V (one, four, five) blues thing, even though it still has that same good ol’ blues feeling. And when we play it live, the audience goes nuts.

  • Perry signs the Porch Ghouls to his Roman Records
      Aerosmith's Perry Champions Porch Ghouls, White Stripes Engineer Enlisted
      Thu Aug 29, 4:47 PM ET

      (8/29/02, 10 a.m. ET) -- Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry was in New York to play a few shows at Jones Beach Amphitheater on Wednesday night (August 28) and Friday night (August 30). Perry got into town early to see Porch Ghouls, the first signing to his new record company, Roman Records. The band played the Mercury Lounge in New York City on Tuesday night (August 27).

      Perry told LAUNCH about the Porch Ghouls' sound. "It's got a lot of roots to it. But again, it's like they took a lot of the old standard kind of things that we all heard and grew up listening to and morphed it into their own thing. And it's just like nothing I've ever heard before. And then when we talked about what we liked about music and I found out a little bit about their history and how much...all the dues that they've paid I figured they've got to be good live. They can't talk like that and not have the chops to stand in front of a crowd and not get 'em off."

      Columbia Records Group chairman Don Ienner was also at the gig. Perry is hopeful that Columbia will sign on to distribute the group's album.

      The Porch Ghouls' forthcoming album will be recorded in the band's hometown of Memphis. Stuart Sikes, engineer of the White Stripes' White Blood Cells, has been enlisted for the project. Perry will likely be the executive producer, but the band is still looking for a producer.

      In related news, Perry and the rest of Aerosmith may also appear on the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday (August 29). Negotiations were ongoing at press time.

      -- Darren Davis, New York

  • MTV Video Music Awards
      Aerosmith didn't appear at the MTV Video Music Awards, as opposed to what was written in the above article. Apparently Guns N' Roses did an appearance though, well... Axl with friends that is...

  • The Late Show With David Letterman
      Joe was on Letterman last night, unlike last time where he just didn't show up! They played some Aerosmith tunes, including Dude and Janie's Got A Gun. Janie was after the first commercial break. A chick (don't know her name) was singing it, and it apparently sounded quite non-aero-ish. I've also seen reported that he got to play a little bit of Goin Down by Jeff Beck, which was something Joe used to cover in his Project days.

      I, of course, was unable to see this show myself, but I hear some fans thought mr Letterman came across as a prick...

      On one of the mailing lists it was posted that he... he had what's-his-face introduce Joe, then he held up the 'Oh, Yeah!' CD and was like, "Yeah, this is is..." and kinda just tossed it aside... after Letterman tossed the CD aside, he said "ok, done with that".

      However, I also got an e-mail saying that the person who sent in the email about Joe on Letterman was all wrong. Letterman talked to Joe and about Joe and Aerosmith after every commercial. All night the band also was covering Aerosmith tunes. In fact, Letterman actually was having a really good time talking to Joe after "Dude." As the show was going off he thanked Joe once again and said that he and Aerosmith were welcomed anytime and that they were good friends of the show.

  • Brad Whitford pictures from Kenny Wallace's website

  • VH1 Contest
      There is a new contest at to win a trip to see an Aerosmith concert, and watch it from the stage.

      You can enter daily from today through Sept. 30th.

      "On Stage With Aerosmith!" Flyaway

      One Grand Prize Winner will win a trip for two to see Aerosmith in concert and special passes to view the entire show from the very stage Aerosmith performs on! You will also receive an autographed copy of Aerosmith's latest CD "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits"

      Ten Runner Ups will get an autographed copy of "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

White Lion - The Best Of White Lion (1987-1992)
so-so '80's "hair rock"/"pop metal." Some songs are fairly good but, let's face it, there's not really anything that's particulary exciting here, anything that one hasn't heard done better by others. That said, I think "When The Children Cry" really is one of the best ballads in the genre (with good lyrics too - very, very rare in this genre ;) and their cover of "Radar Love" is kind of fun. Needless to say, it can't hold a candle to the original by Dutch rockers Golden Earring though...

News as of August 29, 2002
  • Guitar World
      The October issue of Guitar World, with Keith Richards on the cover, has an Aerosmith article in it. It looks like it was taken from the interview Joe and Brad did in the last issue. It's part 1, so that should mean there will be more...

  • Info on Dallas HD Gig
      DALLAS, Aug 29, 2002 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- It was a hundred years in the making and we'll never see anything like it in our lifetime again. It's huge (more than 50 acres), it's truly an entertainment extravaganza (with seven popular bands) and it has something for everyone.

      Texas Motor Speedway will host the final U.S. leg of a 10-city worldwide traveling celebration uniting motorcycles, music, history and more October 26 and 27. This is the Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary Open Road Tour, a series of gigantic weekend festivals created to ignite the passion for freedom and celebrate a true American icon.

      But because the world has never seen an event the size or scope of the Open Road Tour it may be easier to look at it this way ...

      -- It's bigger than a concert -- The Open Road Tour stop at the Texas Motor Speedway will feature seven incredible musical acts over two days. Aerosmith, Stone Temple Pilots, the Doobie Brothers and Better Than Ezra are scheduled to perform at the Texas Motor Speedway.
      -- It's cooler than the Guggenheim's "Art of the Motorcycle" -- Elvis and Jon Bon Jovi's Harleys are just a few of the amazing motorcycles that will be on display. Everywhere spectators walk they'll find multi- media exhibits revealing the colorful history of the Motor Company, never-before-seen machines and artifacts from the Harley-Davidson Archives, and even vintage motorcycle toys!
      -- It's no county fair -- How about a 1,000-seat theater showcasing Harley-Davidson's portrayal in the movies over time, or the children's pavilion that has kids' games and other entertainment for children like demo-rides on Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson ride-on motorcycle toys.
      -- It's got entertainment you can't see anywhere else -- There are also theater-style shows including a high energy tap and rhythm spectacular and biker fashion show that can be found only at a Harley-Davidson event.
      -- And it's all for a good cause -- The Harley-Davidson Open Road Tour and other 100th Anniversary events will raise funds to help find a cure for muscular dystrophy and aid research and program services for children and adults with neuromuscular diseases.

      "It's hard to put into words," said Joanne Bischmann, vice president of marketing for Harley-Davidson. "We knew that kicking off Harley-Davidson's next 100 years was going to call for something huge -- an unforgettable Harley-Davidson experience for anyone who participates. We think the Open Road Tour fits the bill."

      Once the Open Road Tour rolls to a stop in the Summer of 2003, enthusiasts can join the Ride Home, organized rides throughout North America heading to Milwaukee for three days of celebrations and special events. The official birthday party will take place in Milwaukee on August 31, 2003, launching Harley-Davidson into the next 100 years.

      Tickets for Open Road Tour stop at the Texas Motor Speedway are on sale now. To purchase tickets for the Open Road Tour, visit , or contact your local Ticketmaster office. Tickets for Open Road Tour event stop at the Texas Motor Speedway are $35.00 per day or $50.00 for a two day ticket. Kids age 13 and under, accompanied by an adult, are free of charge. For additional information on the Open Road Tour or the 100th Anniversary, visit .

      Harley-Davidson, Inc. (NYSE: HDI) is the parent company for the group of companies doing business as Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Buell Motorcycle Company and Harley-Davidson Financial Services. Harley-Davidson Motor Company produces heavyweight street, custom and touring motorcycles and offers a complete line of motorcycle parts, accessories, apparel and general merchandise. Buell Motorcycle Company produces sport motorcycles in addition to motorcycle parts, accessories and apparel. Harley-Davidson Financial Services, Inc. provides wholesale and retail financing and insurance programs to Harley-Davidson/Buell dealers and customers.

      SOURCE Harley-Davidson, Inc.
      CONTACT: Bryan Curran, +1-972-830-2794, or Jerry Gleason, 1-312-988-2277, both for Harley-Davidson, Inc.


      Copyright (C) 2002 PR Newswire. All rights reserved.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side (1995)
Only nine days left now, till I'll see these German metal legends live, on stage in Umeå! Hopefully they'll play many songs from this, their (IMHO) best album...

News as of August 28, 2002
  • People Magazine
      Steven Cojocaru seems to always have a little diddie about Steven Tyler in his column. From the September 2nd issue with Britney Spears on the cover:

      "The sight of rock stars throwing personal items at their screaming fans is nothing new, but Steven Tyler has his limits. At a recent show in Homdel, N.J., Aerosmith's frontman flung his long white parachute jacket into the crowd. He also tossed his high-glam oversize Yves Saint Laurent flash mirror shades- but to a strategically placed assistant."

  • Bebe and Cyrinda Both Get Married...
      Dream On: Steven Tyler's Exes Get Hitched
      Tuesday, August 27, 2002
      By Roger Friedman

      By tomorrow, the mothers of Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler's two eldest children will each have gotten remarried within days.

      The first wedding, which took place Sunday, was a joyous occasion. The other, however, which will happen tomorrow, is more bittersweet.

      On Sunday Bebe Buell, author of the New York Times bestseller Rebel Heart and mother of Liv Tyler, married Jim Wallerstein up in Portland, Maine. Wallerstein is the singer of the hot group Vacationland.

      Liv was at her mother's side for what was only Bebe's second wedding (despite many fabled romances), along with fiancee Royston Langdon, photographer Bob Gruen, publicist Liz Derringer, and a great selection of friends and family including Bebe's mom and cousins.

      "There wasn't a dry eye in the house," said Derringer, who was once married to rocker Rick Derringer and went to high school with Steven Tyler. "It was beautiful."

      But down here in New York, tomorrow will mark a different occasion for the Aerosmith extended family. Cyrinda Foxe, Steven Tyler's first wife and mother of his second child, Mia, will be marrying musician Keith Waa.

      But the situation is quite different. Foxe, once one of the great New York underground hot girls of the '70s, is in the final stages of terminal cancer. Her daughter Mia has been at her bedside around the clock and Tyler has been taking care of all her expenses and medical needs for some time.

      But Waa, whom she's been with since before becoming ill, has also been her steadfast supporter. Their wedding will be a spiritual one, not a legal one, performed by Kathy Freston, wife of MTV head Tom Freston and a mediation counselor. The few guests will include Mia, Liz Derringer, Jane Holzer, Bob Gruen, and possibly actress Patti D'Arbanville -- sort of the last round up of the gang from the old Max's Kansas City.

      Ironically, Aerosmith is featured this Sunday on VH-1's Behind the Music. I don't know if the producers had the time to include all these latest developments.


  • Another short article on Cyrinda
      Wed Aug 28, 3:44 AM ET
      By Richard Johnson

      The ailing ex-wife of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler is getting married today in a private bedside ceremony at the Gramercy Park Hotel. Cyrinda Fox, mother of plus-size model Mia Tyler, exchanges vows with musician Keith Waa in the same hospice-like hotel room where she has battled terminal brain cancer for the past year. "She's very sick, and we wanted to do it before it was too late," says Waa, who added that Steven Tyler has paid all of Cyrinda's medical expenses. "Steven has been very generous and good to us," Waa said. "He's our angel from above. He's totally paid for me to be here with and care for my dear Cyrinda. I feed her and clean her and hug her and kiss her and let her know she's loved." Officiating will be Cyrinda's "meditation counselor" Kathy Freston, wife of MTV president Tom Freston. "Kathy is a spiritual healer," says Waa. "She has led sessions where all of Kathy's friends come and give Cyrinda love." Guests will include Mia Tyler, actress Patti D'Arbanville, rock photog Bob Gruen, Warhol star Jane Holzer and publicist Liz Derringer.

  • Stories and pics from fans who met Joe Perry at Mount Blue
      Lynn now have both Dawn and Vicki's stories and photos up in the "That Special Moment" section of her site. For your convenience, here's a direct link: That Special Moment

  • Buzzine Magazine
      The 2nd issue of Buzzine Magazine will be hitting newstands soon, and it will also be featuring Joe Perry. Check out their website for more info and if you want to subscribe at

  • Jack Douglas/DVD
      Jack is back in NY now. Working on the DVD stuff.

  • VH1's Top 20
      Aerosmith's GOS came in at #7 on VH1's top 20 countdown.

  • Tyler Mention
      Cole says he meant to send this to me, to post about a week ago, but anyway...

      Steven was mentioned on the Open Mike with Mike Bullard show. It's a very unfunny talk show that airs in Canada on the Comedy Network and CTV. Anyway, he does a segment called the Informer and he talked about how Steven wants to go into space and was willing to pay a few million to go up. Bullard said something to the affect of (sorry, it was over a week ago and I'm only doing my best to remember) "Have you seen Steven Tyler's face lately? he should save his money, because the mothership is going to arrive anyday now"

  • Clear Channel / Aerosmith
      As some of you may know, Clear Channel Entertainment has stepped into the concert industry and taken over, creating what some believe is a monopoly. As a result, ticket prices have skyrocketed and we as fan club members have lost the ability to get prime seats for shows. There are a lot of articles on this subject and some have even circulated on this list (see for some interesting reading material). If you are unaware of the role Clear Channel plays in Aerosmith’s recent tours, the best way I can explain it is this: Clear Channel essentially owns the tour. They put up money for the tour’s expenses and receive a return on their investment when the show sells out (it doesn’t even have to sell out for them to make a profit). Clear Channel, as the promoter, has control over the best seats in the house. The idea is that they can use some of those seats to “promote” the show through radio station contests, etc. It is clear that some of the tickets are used for such purposes but where do the rest of the tickets go? Clear Channel has become known for selling the tickets to high priced brokers (you know the ones I mean) and getting kickbacks. Some of the other tickets go to Clear Channel friends and family or other people they are sucking up to. And I have been at shows where entire rows have gone empty, seats that clearly belonged to Clear Channel, and seats that fan club members would have been thrilled to sit in. Instead, we were sitting far behind those seats. The fan club as a result of this monopoly has been unable to attain prime seating for shows. It is interesting to me that they implemented the velvet rope recently. My guess is that this was the result of negotiations with Clear Channel, who is receiving some if not most, of the money for the velvet rope experience. The numbers just don’t add up. But that’s just my guess.

      Contrary to popular belief, the fan club is not responsible for the inability to get good seats. Clear Channel stepped into the picture around 1996. When did your ticket price double? When did you start getting bad seats? Interestingly, the new fan club took over when Clear Channel took over as the promoter for Aerosmith’s tour. Steven said it last year at the sound check in Boston. They didn’t realize what they were getting into, nor did they have much of a choice. Clear Channel also owns over 1,200 radio stations across the country and they have the power to pull an artist’s songs out of rotation if they don’t sign their tours over to them. This kind of stuff really does happen. I will quote Steven, who calls radio “a big, big corporate game. I think it’s time for a change. It needs to be knocked down a couple of pegs. It needs to get back to the people.” So, the reason I am writing all of this is that someone stepped up to the plate and started a class action lawsuit against Clear Channel. It’s an antitrust suit, similar to what Microsoft went through. They are trying to open the market up to smaller promoters and as a result of competition, prices should come down a bit and maybe we’ll get our better seats back. That is if they win. I have been asked by the attorney representing the class to get a list of people who would be interested in joining the class action suit. If you agree to join in, I will be forwarding your information to this attorney (if you want to contact him directly, I will forward you his information). I will need your name, address and email address as well as a phone number if you want to provide one. I would also like to hear about your ticket experiences and anything else you might have that relates to Clear Channel. You do not have to be a fan club member to join this class action; it affects anyone who has purchased concert tickets since Clear Channel stepped in. I should probably also mention that class actions generally don’t produce large rewards for individuals, but the purpose is instead to stop unfair practices.

      Lisa (

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Uriah Heep - Live January 1973 (1973)
"I thought noone could keep us from sharing the rest of our lives. Like a fool I believed you were true and had no disguise. There's a clear blue sky outside and the summer is fine, but with tears in my eyes I'm no longer pretending you're mine. It's the same ugly story of a woman abusing a man. So I have to forget you though I'm not even sure if I can."
Gosh, not only is the wonderful music of Uriah Heep (not to mention this album), for obvious reasons (...well, to me, that is. not to anyone out there who might read this, of course), a reminder of it in itself, they have to bloody sing about it too...?! ;) haha, just found that funny as I was listening to the track "Tears In My Eyes"... :)

News as of August 27, 2002
  • GOS on [V]
      Aerosmith's Girls of Summer video debuts at #20 at the Channel [V] Video Countdown

  • Joe Perry Sitting in w/band on Letterman this Thurs 8/29
      Although the listing at RockOnTV says featured artist "Aerosmith", the detailed notation indicates Joe Perry is sitting in with the band and on Letterman's site, that is all it says...nothing about Aerosmith performing. So I guess we will have to wait and see. Same night as MTV awards show by the way.

      ROCKONTV guide to music on television
      Show: The Late Show With David Letterman
      Episode: 08/29/2002
      Network: (CBS) Columbia Broadcasting Service
      Date: Thursday - August 29, 2002
      Time: 11:35 pm - 12:35 am ET
      Featured Artists
      About: 08/29/2002
      Jake Gyllenhaal (The Good Girl); Joe Perry (sitting in with the band).

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Devin Townsend - Terria (2001)
twisted... madman or genious? I'd say the latter...

News as of August 26, 2002
  • Aerosmith Column
      More info later, but looks like Brad and Joe have a column in Guitar World now.

  • Joe Perry in Boston Globe Magazine yesterday....8/25
      Joe Perry

      Joe Perry, 51, plays guitar with Aerosmith. He lives in Duxbury with his wife, Billie, and their sons, Tony, 15, and Roman, 10.

      How different are the Perrys from the Osbournes?

      Ozzy goes on the road and the kids stay home. We all go. We home-school our kids. My wife and I decided when we got married that if we had kids, the most important thing was our relationship, and part of that is staying together. I didn't fall in love with her to say goodbye every three weeks. In a lot of ways, we're like a normal family. We're just really tight. The big difference is the tour bus rolls up here about a week before the tour starts, and we all start throwing our stuff on, and then we're gone.

      Is it difficult to maintain structure for your children on the road?

      We're kind of particular about where they go, and we keep a tight rein on them. They see how hard I work outside of the band. They know it isn't all gravy.

      Do all the neighbors' kids try to have sleepovers at your house?

      No, but we've had our share of them, believe me. The kids that [Tony's] hanging around with seem to be pretty level.

      Have you made many friends in town?

      Most of my relationships are on the phone. We don't really have that many friends around. Now that the kids are getting out, we're starting to meet more parents locally.

      Lots of people your age wrestle with what to tell their children about past recreational drug use. Your troubled history is in the public domain. Does that make it more difficult?

      It's such ancient history that I don't know if they can relate. It's almost like two different lifetimes. When somebody does die, like Dee Dee [Ramone], with a syringe on the counter, we make a big deal of it, because Steven [Tyler] and I are the worst examples of why not to do drugs. After being on the skids for so long and then to bounce back, there's always the argument: "Well, Dad, you survived it."

      Why do you live in Duxbury?

      We came down to look at some property and fell in love with it because of its proximity to the city and being so close to the ocean. We travel so much that when we come here it's such a great haven.

      Do local folks respect your privacy?

      People don't run up to me all the time to try and get autographs. They're really great. I feel as if I could just be anybody.

      How much of an influence is your wife on musical and business decisions?

      Big. I don't have her instincts. She's great at reading people. I hand a lot of the business to her. I just make the money.

      Do you ever play her songs you're working on?

      All the time.

      Is she diplomatic?

      No, she'll tell me if she doesn't like it. One time she told me, "If you played me this and I didn't know you, I'd never go out with you."


      This story ran in the Boston Globe Magazine on 8/25/2002.

      To see it online along with a pic of Mr. Perry go to

  • Perry at Mount Blue

  • People In The News
      CNN's People In The News didn't feature Steven at all this weekend.

      I guess Rock On TV (which isn't very accurate anymore) had it listed for LAST weekend, then changed it to THIS weekend, and now have it as NEXT weekend.;)

  • Chicago Area: expect Aerosmith to be hanging downtown!
      Next weekend is the windy city Chicago travel pkg. Aerosmith you can expect to be in the down town shopping, maybe at Water Tower or seen in restaurants or even the movie theatres. They usually like to base their midwest dates around Chicago with them having their own charter plane waiting for them at the airport.

  • This Day In Aero History
      26 years ago Aerosmith is featured on the cover of "Rolling Stone." (1976)

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

The CD that comes with "Hela Hjäratat Mitt"
"Hela Hjärtat Mitt" (="All Of My Heart", sort of) is a book that came out earlier this year, about the history of pop/rock music in and around the city of Skellefteå. It has loads of info and pictures of the local bands, studios, concerts and festivals etc, from the mid '60's to present day! My sister brought it home from the library for me today, and having just quickly looked it through I'm definitely considering buying this book. Very nicely done! After doing this news page update I think I'll lay down and start reading... Looking forward to that... :) Anyway, along with the book comes also a CD with music by, of course, local band, sampling the musical "evolution" from the '60's to present day. Some great stuff here aswell! The Spacious Mind even got a song featured, "Learning City People How To Walk In The Woods Quietly" (gotta love song titles like that! :), and another of the many highlights was the band "Fem Älgar I Ett Badkar" (="Five Moose In One Bathtub") - *lol* greatest band name ever! =) Funny names beside the point, both of those were great, and so are many of the others...

News as of August 25, 2002
  • Joe Perry sighting
      Joe Perry was sighted at his part-owned restaurant Mount Blue last night. Word has it he showed up in support of one of his latest band projects - The Porch Ghouls who were playing at the restaurant.

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Opeth - Still Life (1999)

News as of August 24, 2002
  • Joe Interview in NY Post
      There is a full-page interview with Joe in today's NY Post (picture included)




      PHOTO When he's not touring, Joe Perry likes to relax by smoking some . . . ribs, and slathering his own hot sauce on them.
      August 23, 2002 EVEN after a knee operation that laid him up this summer, Aerosmith guitar god Joe Perry is still defying time - playing like a rocker in his prime rather than a hobbled 51-year-old.

      "Yeah, I had my knee reconstructed," he told The Post as casually as if he were discussing getting his teeth cleaned. "I'm treating it like a sports injury."

      He sure didn't let it stop the tour that takes Aerosmith to the Jones Beach Theater on Wednesday.

      "I'm wearing a knee brace, but it's feeling real strong," he says. "When I'm playing, I can't really see myself sitting still."

      That makes sense. Perry, Steven Tyler and the rest of the band haven't stood still for the 30 years they've been making music together. In fact, this has been one of the band's busiest seasons in years.

      They were honored in an "mtvICON" tribute, toured before and after Perry's operation, wrote new tunes and culled the best of their songbook for the "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits."

      They're also the subject of VH1's "Behind The Music," airing Sept. 1.

      Post: Did you ever think it would be your knee that was gonna give out first?

      Perry: I hurt it 15 years ago when I fell off the stage and again last year. When I was starting, I never thought I'd make it this far. I stopped worrying about that a long time ago. The only thing I worry about is . . . I dunno.

      Post: What were you going to say?

      Perry: The only thing I worry about is my hands. I'm a guitar player - I have to worry about my hands. You only have a finite amount of time to use these things. It doesn't keep me up at night. I think about it, and then I say "the hell with it, I'm going to live life. What happens, happens."

      Post: Have you been successful protecting your mitts?

      Perry: Pretty much. A couple of years ago, right before we had to do a few dates in Japan, I hit my left little finger in the gym with a 50-pound weight. It blew up to the size of a plum.

      Post: Ouch.

      Perry: I still played five or six dates with it that size.

      Post: I hear you like working in the kitchen.

      Perry: I used to do it a lot more. When you're on the road, you're subject to everyone else's cuisine. So when we'd get home, I'd want to cook. These days, when I get really ambitious, I go out back and smoke some ribs.

      Post: That way you stay away from knives?

      Perry: You have to be careful, but I don't stay away from knives. I actually collect them - old ones, new ones, the unusual - anything. But in the kitchen, I don't do a lot of chopping.

      Post: Eminem tapped you and Steven to do a remake of "Dream On." Your new guitar solo was used, but he skipped on Steven's vocals. Was Steven mad - did you rib him a little?

      Perry: Not really. The new stuff I played wasn't available on the original track. If I played a bigger guitar solo in the first place, I'm sure that's what Eminem would have used. When Steven re-sang it, it was fine, but on the original he really had the s - - - .

      Post: You got a second chance to make something you played better. Any other second chances?

      Perry: I'm really a big fan of doing it one time, and that's what it is. I read a story about Chuck Berry where someone was giving him grief about him not caring about his playing. He said, "It's cool because I did it." I thought, Yeah, that's pretty arrogant, but there's an artistic side to that, too. As an artist, that's the place where you want to come from.

      Post: No second chances?

      Perry: I'm a fan of letting it rip and it is what it is. But now that we're talking about it, maybe I'd want a second chance at the Led Zeppelin induction speech I made [at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame].

      Post: What happened?

      Perry: I'm not a great public speaker, and I was really nervous. If it was an Aerosmith show, I could have said anything and I wouldn't have had a problem. But that situation terrified me. I'm just not a public speaker. It was such an honor because Jimmy [Page] asked us to do it. I look back at that, and I could have done a better job. Other than that I say let it fly.

      Post: Aerosmith isn't just Steven or you - after years you're all still a band.

      Perry: Definitely . . . and every year it gets more precious. We've been on stage under great circumstances and adverse circumstances; you can't replace that with playing in the basement on your own. We have the vibe, we live and breathe as one. That's the experience.

      Post: The experience has been very lucrative.

      Perry: You can take away all the rest - the videos, the endorsements - and what you have left is five guys who make music together. And every year we get tighter and better.

      Post: Is that why we should still care about bands that have been around forever?

      Perry: For that reason alone. To see a band that has our seasoning is worth it. And it doesn't happen that much. There's no way to age wine except time.

      Post: Do you ever feel the time?

      Perry: Hey, we're all human - we're fragile and stuff breaks down. We're not 22 anymore. We can't go out the night before and get on stage the next day totally hung over and still put out a great show. To be in our 50s and still be able to crank takes effort. We're all finite.

      Post: Is it true you're a hot sauce mogul?

      Perry: Not really a mogul. It's kind of a hobby. I love spicy foods - I have all my life - and I found myself always mixing hot sauce together to get the right blend. I ended up getting the mix, and I'm marketing the stuff. I thought it was going to be easy, but hot sauce took a lot out of me.

      Post: So how is Joe Perry's "Rock Your World" hot sauce?

      Perry: I use it myself. I don't just slap my name on the bottle.

      Post: When you play around the country, will fans get to buy it along with an Aerosmith T-shirt?

      Perry: I hadn't thought about it, but I'm going to run it by the band.

  • Sunshine single
      Laura kindly e-mailed me some info on a Sunshine single she managed to get her hands on...

      The single was only realeased as a promo for record company people. It includes the original version, a radio version, and one other slightly different version. All versions of the Sunshine track, no other songs or anything. The cover is yellow with kind of a cloud formation with a picture of the band inside the cloud and Sunshine and Aerosmith are printed in bubbly letters.

  • Top 100 Music Videos
      Aerosmith's Girls of Summer video debuts at #97 at the Top 100 Music Videos at

  • Charts in Finland
      In Finland, Aerosmith´s O'Yeah was number 15 in the fifth week but climbed in it's sixth week on the charts to #9.

      First week #39, second week #19, third week #9, fourth week #9, fifth week #15 and sixth week #9.

  • Stone Temple Pilots opening for one more show
      It appears that STP will be opening for Aerosmith in Bossier City.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Landberk "1st Of May"
Paatos "Timeloss"

Recorded the special about Stefan Dimle, his band Paatos and Mellotronen Records, that was a part of the radio show P3 Rock on thursday night. '70's prog, great stuff!
The Corrs - Live at Globen, Stockholm, Sweden 2000-11-18

News as of August 23, 2002
  • Steven/Joey in Mens Journal
      In the magazine, they have a large feature on the greatest cars of all-time. They ask a few people what their list of dream cars were, and Steven listed the following:

      1. Lotus Super 7
      2. 1998 Panoz Roadster
      3. 1935 Dusenberg SSJ
      4. 1999 Volkswagen New Beetle
      5. NY City Checker Cab

      Also, on the same page there is a quote from Joey about the 2001 Ferrari 360 Spider:

      "The 360 Is the best-handling and accelerating Ferrari ever. Nothing sounds like a 360."-Joey Kramer, drummer Aerosmith

  • 6 Minute BTM Clip up on VH1
      VH1 has posted a 6 minute video clip of Behind the Scenes from the filming of the upcoming Behind the Music special. Some things included in this clip...Steven and Joe "arguing" a bit, Joe and Billie in the bathtub and in bed, Brad trying to play pool LOL, Joey/April in their boat, Steven eating cream puffs, Tom in Japan w/fans, Steven getting a shot in the butt, Steven with a pussy, etc.

      I'm gonna post two different URLS. The video is set to launch via java scripting and a lot of people have had some problems getting it to play - specifically if you are an AOL user or have a brand new XP computer and WMPlayer 8.0. On dial-up it's likely you'll have some problems no matter which link you try.

      The first link which should open the player for you and begin the video: [click here]

      If that one does not work, freezes on your computer OR you get audio only, no video, try the following. Open your Windows Media player first then do the "File" "Open URL" thing and enter:

      You can also visit the Aerosmith page on VH1

      Good luck!

  • Aerosmith Opening Night Video Clip
      From - two "speed" choices, 256 K or 56 K

  • Aerosmith To Dig Into 'Roots' For Next Album
      Aerosmith To Dig Into 'Roots' For Next Album
      August 23, 6 a.m. ET, Launch

      There's been no shortage of new music from Aerosmith recently. The Boston group released its latest studio effort, Just Push Play, in the spring of 2001, while this summer saw the release of two new songs on the O Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits collection.

      But even as the group continues to tour--this time with Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C.--bassist Tom Hamilton tells LAUNCH the group is starting to think about its next album, which might take a different path. "We're exploring doing a record that's sort of about our roots, and whether that's a blues record or something like that, we're really not sure. We're talking about it kind of in general terms right now. But we feel like the moment is perfect for us to go and start looking at things and doing things the way we did when we first started."

      Hamilton adds that it's too early to tell just what form the album will take, but he expects it will involve some original compositions. "I don't know if we would go in and actually do something that would just be a blues cover album, or whether we'd get three songs into it and all of a sudden, you know, all these new ideas for new songs would pop out and we'd do that. I think that's probably what would happen," he says.

      Aerosmith kicked off a three-night homestand on Thursday (August 22) at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts.

      -- Gary Graff, Detroit

  • Review of Tweeter Center Show - Boston Herald
      Aerosmith steams up rainy night at Tweeter
      by Sarah Rodman
      Friday, August 23, 2002

      Aerosmith, with Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C, at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, last night. Additional shows tomorrow and Monday.

      Steven Tyler promised Aerosmith would flame the hometown crowd and last night he and his cohorts in creative cacophony made good on that promise with a scorching set that nicely kicked off their three-night stand at the Tweeter Center.

      The quintet kicked things off smartly with the spring-loaded tension guitars and screaming release of ``Back in the Saddle'' and didn't let up until almost two hours later with a jubilant gang-shouted version of ``Walk This Way'' featuring openers Run-DMC and Kid Rock.

      In between they packed in a healthy dose of the songs that everyone from bikers to schoolgirls have come to love from their recently released compilation ``O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits.''

      The boys in the band played with a jubilant feistiness that had everyone in the sold-out crowd on their feet dancing to the dirty boogie of ``Same Old Song and Dance,'' bopping to the hard-rock candy sweetness of ``Jaded,'' banging their heads to ``Train Kept A Rollin'' and holding their lighters aloft and their honeys close for power ballad ``I Don't Want to Miss a Thing,'' which may be maudlin pap, but damn if Tyler doesn't sell that song.

      As they did last year the guys made their way through the crowd to a satellite stage up by the lawn that was being drenched with rain and did a three-song set of '70s classics, including the harmonica-stoked blues rave-up ``Big Ten Inch Record'' and everybody's favorite power ballad ``Dream On.''

      Tyler's voice was right on for most of the night, hitting those shredding high notes in ``Dream On,'' conjuring up that smoky old school growl for ``Mama Kin'' and joining his voice with indispensable backing from vocalist-keyboardist Russ Irwin for the warped harmonies of ``Pink'' and ``Dude (Looks Like a Lady).''

      Guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford were equally hot burning up their guitars throughout the night on everything from the thunderous ``Sweet Emotion'' to a stinging ``Walk This Way.'' Perry was also firing on all cylinders for his solo spot on the swaggering blues of ``Stop Messin Round.''

      The rock-solid rhythm section of bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer put the tiger in the tank all night.

      Kid Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker Band performed their hip-hop-country rock in an intermittently entertaining, but incredibly energetic and tautly played middle slot that featured most of the Detroit rap-rockers hits and a bunch of covers.

  • Another Tweeter Center Review - Boston Globe
      Aerosmith struts its usual party stuff
      By Steve Morse, Globe Staff, 8/23/2002

      MANSFIELD - Thirty years after the band started on the streets of Boston, Aerosmith is bigger than ever. The Boston homeboys had never sold out three nights at the Tweeter Center before, yet they did it comfortably this week. That's nearly 60,000 tickets for three shows - and local promoter Don Law himself visited them last night, to say it was the top-grossing engagement of the group's career in Boston.

      Aerosmith has become money in the bank to promoters - and to fans who can't get enough of the raw, rude-boy rock, even if it's cut these days with some schmaltzy, MTV-oriented ballads.

      Fans may argue about which they prefer - the blues rock or the pop ballads - but the net result is a bit of everything, plus a guaranteed party that might have you calling in sick the next day.

      Aerosmith again pulled out all the stops. They rocked from the main stage (with a monstrously large video screen behind them). And they rocked from a second stage near the lawn. There they played for a rain-drenched crowd that heard them up close on ''Big Ten Inch Record,'' ''Dream On,'' and ''Mama Kin,'' with the sound belting through special speakers in the upper pavilion.

      (And, no, Aerosmith was not on the lawn itself. They were just under the roof, otherwise they might have been electrocuted, because the rain was really pouring.) ''It's great to be home again, but we didn't plan on the rain,'' guitarist Joe Perry told a from-granny-to-grandson audience that screamed and gyrated despite it.

      Perry had a particularly hot night, but so did the entire band. Steven Tyler was on fire early with the first three tunes, ''Back in the Saddle'' (Aerosmith seems to do best when it opens with this), the Southern-flavored ''Rag Doll'' (with Perry on pedal steel guitar) and ''Same Old Song and Dance.''

      Tyler swung his scarf-draped microphone stand like a baseball bat and ran around as though he'd just had a thermos of coffee. Various children of the band were at the side of the stage; he serenaded them as well.

      The band whipped through the new, Tom Petty-like ''Girls of Summer'' before scorching through the twisted ''Dude (Looks Like a Lady),'' with Perry and guitarist Brad Whitford in full sail, along with bassist Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer.

      Then came the walk to the lawn (''No grabbing!'' Tyler yelled, though he was safely enveloped by security). After that coup came the night's only letdown, when the band returned to the main stage for the icky, Diane Warren-penned ''I Don't Want to Miss a Thing,'' with a couple of other less-than-classic Aerosmith tunes, ''Jaded'' and ''Pink.'' But Perry righted the ship with a knockout version of the bluesy Peter Green tune, ''Stop Messin','' leading to some Tyler-driven highlights on ''Love in an Elevator,'' ''Draw the Line,'' and a climax of ''Walk This Way'' with openers Run DMC and Kid Rock joining in. By that time, Aerosmith had gone beyond the Tweeter Center's curfew, but it wasn't the first time for the Boston bad boys.

      Run DMC's opening rap set was well-received if short, then Kid Rock kick-started things with his crude but explosively entertaining set. The Kid bashed through some classic rock (Lynyrd Skynyrd's ''Sweet Home Alabama'' and snatches of ''Free Bird,'' plus riffs from AC/DC, Deep Purple and ZZ Top), while women danced in go-go cages flanked by a huge American flag. Call it patriotic hedonism - and it intensified when Kid Rock rapped about running for president and, if elected, smoking a joint on Air Force One. It was the perfect table-setter on this party-at-all-costs night.

      With: Kid Rock and Run DMC
      At: the Tweeter Center last night and Saturday and Monday

  • Kid Rock Comments About Tour
      It's About the Music for Kid Rock
      Thu Aug 22,11:39 AM ET

      HOLMDEL, N.J. (AP) - Kid Rock is hoping you'll walk away from his shows with Aerosmith and Run-DMC with memories that last decades.

      He says he wants fans 20 years from now to think, "I was at that show." It's coming at some personal expense, though. Rock admits his family has to make a sacrifice to let him be away from home for so long.

      Rock says the appeal of this tour is the sheer magnitude of music.

      "Maybe right now we don't all have hits on the charts," Rock said in an interview. "We still got the power of the realness of the music, and that's what the people come out to see. And that's bigger than any company, any attorney, anything you want to put down on paper."

      Rock says he doesn't concentrate on creating an image as much as just being himself.

      "I mean I just kind of put it all on the table for who I am," he said. "I try not to be something I'm not. I try to go where my heart takes me. I guess my image is a lot of things. Somebody that likes to have a good time. When it comes time to party, hey, I'm the first one there. But when it's time to go home and take care of the family, I'm the first one there too.

      "I'd like to think I have a balance in life, the same balance than anybody has in their life too."

      Rock says his touring has its impact on his family life.

      "It's a sacrifice that I have to make as a father and my son has to make," he said. "Hopefully, for all that time being there, that it's OK to do this now for a month or so. To go out and make something memorable. Because hopefully my family is stable, and in place. And at the end of the day, when all this is over and done, and my times been had, if so be it, that I can walk away to something that's really real, which is my family."

      What about his hoped-to-be new family, with actress Pamela Anderson — have they set a date for their wedding?

      "That's none of your damn business. I'd care if you'd stay out of my personal affairs," he said with a laugh.

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Dimmu Borgir - Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia (2001)

News as of August 22, 2002
  • Hill DID Want Tyler!
      Looks like the little "RUMOR" I posted had some basis...

      NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Faith Hill's song "Cry" would have had Aerosmith's Steven Tyler on it, if Hill had had her way.

      Hill co-produced her current song and wanted the bad boy rocker to sing on the track. Tyler is a huge country music fan, but they couldn't work it out for him to do the vocal. Hill had invited pop producer Marti Frederiksen to co-produce, and eventually asked him to sing on it.

      The household of the country-star, husband-wife team of Tim McGraw and Hill will be busy between now and the end of the year. Hill's new album, entitled "Cry!", comes out on Oct. 15, and her NBC special is set to air around Thanksgiving. McGraw's TV special, also on NBC and called "Sing Me Home," will be taped after Labor Day.

      It's set to air on Nov. 26 — the same day his new book and disc will hit stores.


  • Behind The Music Preview!
      At the VH1 website you can see a 6 minute trailer...

      Aerosmith: Behind The Scenes
      Behind The Music presents intimate footage of America's greatest band! Watch Joe taking a bath, Steven devouring cream puffs, Brad shooting pool, Tom running into giggling fans, and Joey cruising on his boat. Plus, Steven gets a pre-show shot in the ass!


      Some various info on the trailer and comments on the above comment posted at, as posted on various mailing lists...

      Joe to Steven: Yeah well, YOU try doing the show without the teleprompters!
      Tom to some girl: I like your bittons girl: giggle giggle
      Tom: What we have here is a failure to communicate.

      As I remember, Steven gets a shot of vitamin B12 in the butt before a show

      Billie is in the tub with Joe (and they also show them smooching in bed).
      the argument... Apparently that's Joe's comeback after Steven complains that he doesn't know the chords for a song.
      They also show Steven rubbing noses with a mountain lion, as well as checking out the breakfast room service first thing in the morning, and freaking out about something before a show


      By the way...if you go to:
      They now have 12 different airtimes for the BTM listed

      Aerosmith Behind the Music air times per as of today (8/22)

      Sun 9/1 11:00 AM
      Sun 9/1 9:00 PM
      Mon 9/2 5:00 PM
      Tue 9/3 10:00 PM
      Wed 9/4 12:00 PM
      Thu 9/5 1:00 AM
      Thu 9/5 8:00 PM
      Fri 9/6 4:00 PM
      Fri 9/6 9:00 PM
      Sat 9/7 2:00 PM
      Sun 9/8 12:00 AM
      Sat 9/14 4:00 PM

  • Ultimate Hits in Super Audio CD Format
      Apparently Ultimate Hits will be released as a SACD later this month.

  • Boston Herald Article
      Hit parade: Aerosmith marches out its greatest tunes for concert tour

      by Sarah Rodman
      Wednesday, August 21, 2002

      If you're attending any of the Aerosmith shows at the Tweeter Center this week, you might want to bring some sunscreen, or possibly barbecue sauce. ``We're going to just flambe people for the first hour,'' promises lead singer Steven Tyler. ``We're not going to hold back, we're just going to come out of the gate running with a lot of songs that we didn't play on the last tour.''

      Buoyed by the strong showing of the just-released ``O Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits,'' Boston's favorite purveyors of bone-crunching, finger-snapping, grin-inducing, pop-laced hard rock are excited to be hitting the stage again, this time in a slightly stripped-down (for them) format.

      ``There were things about the last tour that I think were a little bit of overkill,'' says guitarist Joe Perry of last year's elaborately spectacular in-your-face outing. This year's model will include the popular satellite stage on the lawn, but fewer visual bells and whistles. ``So I think in the end this show's really going to top the last one. It's going to have more dynamics.''

      It's certainly going to have a whole lot of songs, as the boys in the band try to pack in all the hits and a few obscurities - plus an encore of ``Walk This Way,'' featuring openers Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C. - into two hours.``With a catalog like ours, it was really tough putting the set list together,'' Perry says. He's calling from the Worcester Centrum, where he, Tyler, drummer Joey Kramer, bassist Tom Hamilton and guitarist Brad Whitford are rehearsing for the four-month U.S. tour that includes stops at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield tomorrow, Saturday and Monday.

      The track listing for the 30-song double disc ``O Yeah,'' which debuted at No. 4 on the pop charts, served as a handy guide. Says Perry, ``It's like if we had three hours to play, it would make a great live set. It's a good cross section of what we are.''Indeed, ``O Yeah'' is the first Aerosmith compilation to encompass both of the band's record labels and feature all of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers' '70s AOR classics, including ``Mama Kin,'' ``Dream On'' and ``Sweet Emotion,'' alongside latter-day Top 40 aces such as ``Janie's Got a Gun'' and ``I Don't Want to Miss a Thing.''

      Although Aerosmith has issued other retrospectives, Perry says, ``This was the first greatest-hits record that we really put together.'' A couple of the previous hits albums were cobbled together by record company executives and, says Perry of at least one of them, ``I didn't even see that until I signed it, you know what I mean?''

      Nefarious music industry tactics like that will undoubtedly be just one of a plethora of issues examined in the band's mammoth ``Behind the Music'' program, set to air on VH1 Sept. 1 at 9 p.m. VH1 is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its belovedly sordid rockumentary series, and who better to pop a cork with than a band whose guitarist and singer were once dubbed the Toxic Twins? There was so much material, in fact, that Aerosmith has the, um, distinction of being the first group to warrant two full hours for its tale of debauchery and redemption.

      The band has yet to see a finished version of the program, but Perry says, ``I think it's going to be a lot different from what `Behind The Music' has turned into. The whole thing was, we didn't want to do it like everyone else's, where we're all sitting on couches and just talking about what happened 20 years ago. This is going to be more like behind the scenes of what's going on daily for us, with glimpses of what the background was.''

      Scenes on a teaser reel include snippets of band fights, era-appropriate hedonism, Tyler and actress daughter Liv discussing their discovery of one another and backstage footage. Among the latter is a funny bit where Perry challenges Tyler to get through a show without a TelePrompTer.

      ``That's the comic relief part of what we do,'' says Perry with a laugh. He admits he sometimes uses the prompter to ``help find where I am, too.''``You never know when these guys are going to sneak in a song that I really, really, really don't know,'' says Tyler of the onstage assist. ``There's a lot of stuff that goes on in the front row and I don't know where I am half the time. I've often said, of all the things I've ever lost, I miss my mind the most.``It's no secret that the '70s were good to me, and I'll be right in the middle of `Walk This Way' and its either `seesaw swingin' ' or `schoolgirl Sadie' and depending on which girl is lifting up her shirt, I can't remember the lyric,'' Tyler concludes with a laugh.

      Aerosmith plays the Tweeter Center with Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C. tomorrow, Saturday and Monday. The first two shows are sold out. Tickets for Monday's show are $36.50-$69.50. Call 617-931-2000.

  • Aerosmith and Cars again...

      Walk This Way to Norwalk! Louie Allison and Jack Ostrander Top Fuel Dragsters to Feature Aerosmith Logo at Sunoco World Nationals
      August 19, 2002

      Norwalk, Ohio – Legendary rock band Aerosmith and IHRA/Clear Channel Entertainment - Motorsports will help promote the band's upcoming Columbus concert by emblazoning the Aerosmith logo on Louie Allison and Jack Ostrander's Top Fuel dragsters at the Sunoco World Nationals, presented by Ethanol Performs at Norwalk Raceway Park, August 22-25, 2002.

      "Aerosmith and IHRA have the same 'in your face' rock and roll attitude," stated IHRA Vice President of Marketing Aaron Polburn. "Aerosmith is America's premier rock band and their swagger and showmanship mirrors the IHRA. What could be better than bring them together to create a 310 mile-per-hour Aerosmith billboard!"

      "I'd like to thank Aaron, IHRA and Clear Channel Entertainment – Motorsports for the opportunity to promote Aerosmith and their tour with IHRA," said driver Allison. "We're going to show the 'Bad Boys from Boston' we can help them to sell tickets and that IHRA Top Fuel rocks."

      Aerosmith brings their "Just Push Play Tour" to Polaris Amphitheatre in Columbus, September 16. For ticket information log onto


      Aerosmith Tribute Band "Draw the Line" Signs with Hoosier Thunder Motorsports
      August 20, 2002

      Elkhart, Ind. - Hoosier Thunder Motorsports and Draw the Line have reached an agreement for the Norwalk and Epping race. Draw The Line is an exact rendition, both musically and visually, of an Aerosmith show. Their rousing performance takes the audience on a high-energy journey that spans more than two and a half decades of Aerosmith music. From the standard early years such as Dream On, Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion, to the contemporary hits like the number one single I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing, Pink, Love In An Elevator and Jaded.

      Neil Barns, lead vocalist of Draw The Line, is an exact replication of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, who are also best of friends.

      "This is some majestically spooky stuff, "stated Terry McMillen, driver of the Amalie Oil, Monaco Coach, Vintage Trailers and Integraf Motorsports Funny Car. "Hoosier Thunder Motorsports is on the cutting edge to bring unique marketing partners into Hooters IHRA Drag Racing. The relationship we have established with Draw The Line is a perfect fit when you look at the demographics of IHRA’s audience. What greater statement than IHRA Drag Racing and Rock and Roll!"

      "We are really excited with the new opportunities that Terry and Rhonda have created. They always find away to take the Amalie oil name to a new level," stated Andrew Bornstein, Business Development Manager for Amalie Oil.

      The bright yellow Dodge Funny Car will feature the Aerosmith trademark wings replicated by Draw The Line. To find out more about Draw The Line visit their web site at

      PS - There may be a special appearance on Sunday at the Amalie North American Nationals! Continue to watch for more details.

      You can see the car up close and personnel at Thunder in the Streets in Norwalk.

  • Evansville, Indiana : show is December 2nd!
      According to the box office today, Aerosmith is booked for a show at Roberts Stadium. When the ticket goes on sale is T.B.A. More to come on other cities for that leg of tour.

  • TRL Italy

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38 Special - Anthology [CD2] (1977-1999)
Real rockin' redneck southern rock! While not nearly as good as big brother Ronnie's Lynyrd Skynyrd, middle-brother Van Zant's band of "Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" isn't too shabby either... :)

News as of August 21, 2002
  • Sunshine CD Single??
      At they list an Aerosmith "Sunshine" CD single. The site being in a foreign language, I couldn't really understand anything but... well, they didn't seem to have much info on it, no tracklist or cover picture... Perhaps it doesn't exist anyway? Anyone know?

  • More dates it looks like! Tour continues in December...
      According to an Indiana News article on concerts up an coming, Aerosmith are set to play at the Roberts Stadium in Evansville, Indiana in December! Stay tuned for the official date of this show.

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Dreadnaught - The American Standard (2001)

News as of August 20, 2002
  • News from
      08.19.02 On The Road Again!

      Aerosmith is back on the road. The first week has seen some dramatic changes in the set and we are told there is more to come until the dust settles a little. Great shows in Holmdel, Pittsburgh and Hershey. In Hershey it was just the boys and Run DMC so they combined the shows and Aerosmith came on at the end of the Run DMC set and jammed on Walk this Way which went right into Saddle and they were off and running.

      Joe has been quite busy on his off days getting to spend some time with all 3 of his sons on the road. Last Wednesday he took his 2 oldest boys out to see The White Stripes and The Strokes at Irving Plaza in NYC. Joining him in the VIP section was Gwyneth Paltrow, Rolling Stone head honcho Jann Wenner and Cars frontman Ric Ocasek. Joe gave a quote of the show to Spin Magazine and he had high praise for the White Stripes. Meanwhile Steven was running around the city hangin' with wife Teresa and movie mob guys Vincent Pastore and Good Fella Frank Vincent.

      Hershey brought the Perry clan to the Chocolate Plant where everyone sampled candy straight from the conveyer belts. Then, it is was off to the amusement park to check out the rollercoasters and hopefully not leave any samples in the coaster.

      In Washington, Joe Perry took in a tour of the White House. As you may remember the last time the band was at the White House President Clinton was in the process of getting impeached, although Sunday was a little quieter. That night he took in the Beck show (Hansen not Jeff) with son Adrian at the Lincoln Theatre

      With the 2 days off Steven took the time to spend at his house in NH with son Taj and tour manager Jimmy Eyers. It just might be the last time the guys get to spend some time off at home before heading out to the midwest after the Boston and New York shows.

      Tom also took some time at his vacation home in Cape Cod. As you all know, all but his guest house was leveled to the grown earlier this summer and there is still no news on the cause of the fire but an investigation is going on we are told.

      Next stop Washington.



      This week the boys are in the rehearsal studio getting ready for their upcoming US tour. As of now they plan on going out until November 17th, but those plans could change. Yesterday at rehearsals they went over a bunch of songs, some that haven't been played live in over a decade. There will be a whole new look to the stage as well as a few surprises. Those of you wondering about a B stage buy your lawn tickets now, because the guys plan to make it bigger & better out there!

      Looks like VH1's Aerosmith Behind the Music is finally etched in stone. Now we know the date for airing has been changed many times but this one looks like it's really going to stick. You can catch it Sunday September 1st at 11:00 AM EST or at 9:00 PM EST as well as on Monday September 2nd at 12:00 AM EST.

      What's the rumor of the week? We've heard that Cheap Trick will be taking the place of Kid Rock at the shows that Kid Rock isn't appearing at. This will most likely be in the Ohio and Detroit area.

  • ARIA charts
      'O yeah' came out in Australia last week. Looking at the latest ARIA chart (Australia's equivalent of the Billboard charts), it wasn't in the Top 40. Apparently it debuted at number 82.

  • Girls Of Summer week of Aug 19
      On the VH1 Rock Across America, Girls of Summer moves up to number 8.

  • Liv Tyler invited to surprise club show of The Rolling Stones
      The Rolling Stones performed a surprise club show Friday night in Toronto in preparation for their upcoming Licks world tour, which kicks off Sept. 3 in Boston. Approximately 700 invited guests, including actresses Liv Tyler and Sharon Stone, and 300 paying fans witnessed the legendary rock band perform a 15 song, 80-minute set at the Palais Royale, a historic lakeshore dancehall where Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington once played.

  • Last Man Standing - gig off
      Earlier this month I posted about Last Man Standing playing a free concert at Hyanis Green this Saturday afternoon. Some fans might have decided to check them out before the Aerosmith concert at Mansfield. According to ex-Joe Perry Project vocalist Mach Bell, the local town fathers yanked Last Man Standing when they found out how much sound equipment they traveled with.

      Hey guys-
      I just got word from the town of Hyannis that the plug has been yanked on the Last Man Standing concert scheduled for this Saturday on Hyannis Green. The town fathers flipped out when they found out just how much sound gear we travel with. I’m just glad we found out the score before everybody traveled all the way down there for the show. Many thanks to all of you who planned to attend the event. I’m sure we’ll have something else cooking up real soon.
      Always a Rocker,
      Mach Bell

      BTW, according to Clive Newton... " It's certainly worth a listen - the debut LMS album - if you like your guitars raw like a chainsaw. I think it was Bell's best work to date as some great lyrics on interesting things (such as doctors mistakes killing people("Doctor Doctor") and the fighting in the world in "Twilight's Last gleaming"). Zolla's guitar work in very impressive."

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Rush - 2112 (1976)

News as of August 19, 2002
  • Planet Music magazine
      Glenn E. Soriente a.k.a. aeroges reports:

      Aerosmith appeared on the cover of the music magazine in the Philippines called Planet Music, with a cover article titled "Greatest Rock N Roll Heroes Are Back". Also the magazine features 13 songs by Aerosmith with chords, mostly from the JPP album. The magazine also features an article about Aerosmith's participation in the Spiderman soundtrack.

  • UK Charts
      O Yeah is at 17 on the UK Charts, dropping down from 15. Its four weeks on the chart go #6, #14, #15, #17.

      That's actually very good and has done much better than Young Lust Anthology and JPP! However, it has not yet been certified for anything, not even silver, where you only need 60,000 sales (even though it will have shipped double that).

  • Train doing Dream On at their own shows
      Last night at a Sheryl Crow concert with Train opening, Train did Dream On at the end of their set. This was apparently not the first time they did it, as I've heard they also covered it at a concert on July 3rd, so it's probably in their regular set list!

  • Aerosmith Review from Hershey


      Monday, August 19, 2002

      Of The Patriot-News

      It would be hard to imagine a more satisfying rock concert experience than the one Aerosmith gave Saturday night at Hersheypark Stadium. Obviously these guys have perfected the art of grabbing and shaking tens of thousands of people simultaneously.

      Aerosmith stuck to the songs that make up its recently released greatest hits album, songs so deeply-entrenched in our culture even people who aren't serious fans seem to know them by instinct.

      It would have been impossible for Aerosmith to have played every hit. But in spite of the overwhelming volume, necessary to reach every corner of a packed stadium, it wasn't hard to tell that all of the music was there.

      One could hear each and every guitar riff produced by Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. Or those pounding bass lines from Tom Hamilton.

      The band didn't skimp on the songs, either. Aerosmith's set list of nearly 20 songs was full, including intense versions of "Back in the Saddle," "What it Takes," "Jaded," "Dude Looks Like a Lady," and "Sweet Emotion," with a solo for drummer Joey Kramer.

      Time will tell whether the band's new song, "Girls of Summer," which it performed Saturday, deserves to be on a greatest hits album. But each was as well-performed and utterly thrilling as the next.

      Lead singer Steven Tyler hit every note right on, even those stratospheric screams that defy understanding. That he is able to screech like that night after night, and so accurately, is nothing short of a phenomenon. He held fans sitting close in something like a trance with "Dream On," one of the band's first and most memorable hits.

      Of course, Tyler was his usual charismatic self on stage. Once he got going, he and his trademark huge mouth were in frantic motion the rest of the night, racing back and forth, spinning, and reaching out with creepy hand gestures. The microphone stand saw not a moment's rest as he kicked or whirled it in the air like a baton.

      Perry, too, was wild, a solid musical and theatrical presence. At one point, he relegated Tyler to the harmonica and took over the stage with a rocking blues song. By the end of the night, which ended in a falling ocean of confetti, he had ripped off his shirt and used it to punch out chords on his guitar.

      Rappers Run DMC opened the concert, pumping up the audience with a thankfully brief handful of songs and an act that mostly highlighted the group's groundbreaking achievements in rap. They crafted an ideal introduction for Aerosmith, though, as they introduced the band and launched together into "Walk This Way."

      Aerosmith breeds a rare degree of devotion. Tattoos of the band's trademark insignia were everywhere Saturday night. A few pairs of panties and one pink boa made their way on stage. How many failed throws there were, one can't be sure.

      One fan held a sign touting the fact that its holder has attended 49 Aerosmith concerts. Another sign read: "We met and are getting married because of Aerosmith. Thank you!" The tale behind that must be fascinating.


  • Fast CD Ripper
      In the computer program ‘Fast CD Ripper’, of which you can download a trial version from, the album ‘Pump’ is being used as an example of how to use the program in the Help-file. I thought that was kind of funny.

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Blackmore's Night - Fires At Midnight (2001)

News as of August 17, 2002
  • The Complete R&R Convention Transcript
      I originally posted Brad Thelen's transcript of the Steven & Tom interview, June 14 at R&R on July 8.

      His original transcript (from audiotape) left out a lot of good material though. Now, however, he's sent me the complete transcript. Thanks Brad!

      Now, in Brad's own words: Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Aerosmith Interview

      R&R Convention

      June 14, 2002

      Transcribed by Brad Thelen

      Tony: Hello, good evening. Thank you very, very much for being here. My name is Tony Novia and I am the Contemporary Hit Radio Editor for Radio and Records Newspaper here in Los Angeles. We'd like to thank all of you for coming again this year, supporting us day in and day out, week in and week out. They don't say thank you enough in this business so from me to you, thank you very much. We appreciate it. What can I say? We have two band members from one of the greatest rock 'n roll bands of all time. T hey are as pumped up as you are. What we're going to do right now is throw you to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. These guys came all the way, across the United States from Boston, to be here with you specifically. So please check this out. Aerosmith's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…give you a little taste…

      (Video Rolling) (Crowd going psycho)

      Voice: Aerosmith are the perennial bad boys of Rock and Roll. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton, and Joey Kramer put their own stamp on their own stamp on hard rock, adding a little funk and raunchy sense of humor. Aerosmith took off from Boston in the 1970s. Though they'd become known as wild rockers, they first made their mark with a power ballad. During the 70s, Aerosmith cut through the sounds of disco and mellow funk, and kept hard rock alive. Success was intense, perhaps too in tense. By the early eighties, Perry and Whiford left the band, but a few years later all five realized they chemistry they had together and reunited. In 1986, Tyler and Perry teamed with Run DMC for a remake of "Walk This Way" igniting the fusion of rap and rock that flourishes to this day. Platinum albums followed, as the second flight of Aerosmith surpassed the first. They were now clean and sober, but more upbeat than never before. Aerosmith made the ultimate rock and roll comeback, and, thirty years i n their career, they show no signs of slowing down.

      Tony: Incredible! I hope you're feeling it like I am. I need to thank all the people at Columbia Records, who worked for months putting this together, incredible record label and they really stepped up big. And I want to thank them very much. We had to pick a moderator for this session, this guy's really cool. You've seem him on BRAVO's Musicians on Television, he hosts that program. And he's the contributing editor to Rolling Stone Magazine, please give it up for David Wild!

      David: Thank You. Welcome to the Tyler-Hamilton barmitzfah. I'm Rabbi Wild, I'll be officiating. When they asked me about doing this, I said yes right away. First of all, b/c I think Aerosmith is the greatest band in the history of rock and roll. (applause) Oh, I see you're not just here for me. But I also said yes because, as far as I know, Steven Tyler has only been asked one question in his life and I knew it would be easy work for me. Joe Perry said "how you doing?" in 1969, and they've been speaki ng ever since. We're going to talk a lot about their new collection. O, Yeah! Have you heard it? The Ultimate Aerosmith Hits, so lets bring out the guys.

      ("I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" plays, Steven & Tom emerge)

      Steven: Oh, for the love of a few good songs……huh? And the people who play them!

      David: Congratulations, I think you've brought Steven out of his shell. We're making great progress……Steven, as you know we have a lot of obviously…people in radio here. Tom, the both of you should know……. What was the first time you heard yourselves on the radio?

      Tom: Me first?

      Steven: You first.

      Tom: Obviously, it was when we first put our first album out. But actually I remember, when the album first came out, we started reading the reports coming back from radio all around the country, and it was generally, 'not seeing any use for this at this time/ not playing it/ don't want it.' And then I was just driving in my car one day, I heard it on the radio. The first time I've ever heard anything by Aerosmith on the radio was on the car radio. And it was amazing b/c you know the compression, the e ffect it has on the radio…….I loved that. And it was amazing, I couldn't believe it was coming out. It was the biggest thrill really. And that's the thing that tells ya if you've done something good….is when you're on the radio.

      David: Steven?

      Steven: I think it was 1010 winds, New York City, 1960s…….1967.

      Tom: You're admitting to AM radio?

      Steven: Murray the K, Seymour Stine, Richard Donner were signed to the band. And it was the song called "The Sun" and I remember hearing my voice and going 'oh my god'! Because it goes like (soft voice) "It comes out once a day."

      Tom: Good song!

      Steven: So if you listen to the first Aerosmith album it goes (deep voice) "It all like this…….is how I'm singing"………..I hated my voice!

      David: And how important is, Tom, how important is radio to the Aerosmith story. How important of a role did radio play in making Aerosmith happen?

      Tom: I mean it's just one of the pillars in making it in rock and roll obviously, everybody knows that. But we went out and had to build the fire live. But the thing is, I think what that did is lead to radio kicking in. It still is, you gotta go through that radio filter.

      David: Steven, how about you, how important role do you think radio played in the story of Aerosmith.

      Steven: Well as Tom said, the two ways to people is to play, and play clubs until your throat falls out of your ass. And believe me it's four sets a night, whether there's people there or not, and you hope you've lit the fuse enough where you get played on the radio. It's one of the only ways…….I think to myself, 'what was the first hit single?' I think it went like this uh uh uh uh! (sex noises) Some 20,000 years ago. And they figured out someway to get it on tape. And then it went from town criers ri ght? Before radios, it was the guy that was on the highest fence that was around the compound. So nothing has really changed. Radio, it was always the biggest thrill. If you heard yourself on the radio, it's like you made it. So my hat's off to everybody who's still playing Aerosmith, that takes a chance, that you hear something that you love. Because God knows we've written a bunch of songs that suck. And the beautiful thing is…..I don't sit here a minute and think my band is the top band in the world.

      Audience: You are!!!!!!!!!

      Steven: Really…….it's all about good song. And one of the thing that's kept Aerosmith along for as long as we are, is the difference between "Angel" and "Train Kept A Rollin'" and all those differences inside. And we just love that. So thank you everybody out there who's taken a chance, played us, and made us who we are today. (applause)

      David: Talking about radio, and Aerosmith, and great songs…….you guys have a great one out "Girls of Summer". Steven?

      Tom: Thanks!

      Steven: (holding up CD) By the way, this cover is my love to all the radio programmers in the world. Because they're the only one's who are gonna see this. But yeah………..

      David: Now Don Henley of course had "Boys of Summer", but you decided to go in a more heterosexual route with "Girls of Summer".(laughter)

      Steven: Yes, yes I did. I couldn't figure out how the video would go with boys of summer (gay voice, waves hand) 'excuse me!" So all you gotta do is……….

      Tom: On an episode of "Six Feet Under."

      Steven: We had a long term goal and short term goal, which is kind of the life and breath of this band. You know the tour's coming to an end what are we gonna do? We gotta have a bridge track to the next album. And so we were hoping on "Spiderman". So on the way back from Japan which ended this Just Push Play tour, we thought about writing a couple of songs for whatever it would be that Sony was going to release and for the "Spiderman" soundtrack, so we managed to get four songs. We stopped in Maui. Th ere's the beach, the parrots, the girls and we're on this…we rented this beautiful house from the guy who came up with blue blocker glasses in 1970. So this guy's a billionaire and he bought a bunch of parcels of land on the main beach in Hawaii, on Maui. So we rented one of the houses, threw all the stuff out of the living room, set up Pro Tools, and we brought in Marti Frederikson who's here somewhere…(applause)

      Steven: Yeah! And Joe Perry and myself just set up, and we set out to write four/ five songs for the up-and-coming whatever. One day I opened up the slider, Pro Tools, everything was set up, I had a cup of tea with Marti and this girl walked by on the beach with no top on……..Bada-bing! Girls of Summer! No brainer!

      Tom: It reminds me of when…… know I'm like this country boy, who used to live up in New Hampshire in the mountains. But there was a lake there, and every summer, all the summer kids used to come up from New York and Boston. And the girls……it was really the girls of summer for me, dressed in whatever the cool thing to be wearing at the time. I used to love it, what a memory……….

      Steven: Yeah……….

      David: Can we hear this song? I believe we can. In case you haven't heard it, if you're the two or three people who haven't heard it……let's hear it now, one more time…

      ("Girls of Summer" played, applause)

      Steven: Thank you…………

      David: Not only is that a great song, I think it's the greatest song ever to use the words "pussy willow."

      Steven: Yes, the pussy willow up your tree, to the boy who climbs, there'll always be the girl…….that's the lyric.

      David: Now, to show how timeless………….

      Tom: I'm sensing a recurring theme.

      David: "Horticulture" is a recurring theme. He's really into horticulture.

      Tom: You can bring whore to culture, but you can't get her to think.

      David: Now that song, that goes………..

      Steven: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't bring a whore to culture.

      Tom: No, you can lead a whore to culture, but you can't make her think. Get it? Rhymes with drink……….my father told me that joke. (laughter)

      David: We want to bring out the crowd, you're a big part of this, so let's hear some questions for the guys. And let me call on a few of you.

      Tom: Class?

      David: Alright, don't be shy……..the gentlemen right down there.

      Audience: Once you got the song laid down, how long did it take you to lay down the track "Girls of Summer"?

      Steven: Marti? (calling for Marti) Where's Marti? Marti--about two days?

      Marti: Yeah!

      Steven: Pro tools, God bless 'em. The ideas come off the top of your head so fast, that you can lay it down and play it back, and go "nah" or "yeah!" And then it makes up the chorus, we had like five different choruses. The B section was like, (singing) "Oooooooh, all I wanna do, is touch you here." Donny went……Donny Einer went "I don't like that bridge!" But the good news is, it'll be on something that's previously unreleased later on. But it took about two days, C12 in the closet, and we're off and r unning. So………

      David: Next question, please. Over there!

      Audience: The next time you do a record, not a greatest hits record, but a regular record; are you going to do it in the studio or back in Joe Perry's bathroom?

      Steven: You can do the vocals in Joe Perry's bathroom! (laughter)

      Audience: Not a problem!

      Steven: Well, no, ah…we all have these Pro Tools systems in our houses and you go in the chamber to sing in and …..I don't know if we're going to go back into a studio, it's so much more fun. The last time we did a record, we did it ourselves, and we took great pride in doing our own demos. And why keep changing it, and changing it? You're not being true to yourself………Who knows? So I think we're just going to keep it…it depends, we may do a couple songs in Brazil, maybe a song here, or maybe do the who le thing in our basements. It's hard to say.

      David: Let me ask a question now……….I had an experience the other day. I have a 2 and a half years old son who was playing the Spiderman soundtrack. And he actually turned to me when he heard you guys do the theme song and said, "wow this is cool!" That's the exact same thing I said 20 or 30 years ago when I heard "Get Your Wings" for the first time. That is what I jumped on. What's the secret to being eternally cool? Most things are cool for an hour-tops. Do you think there is a secret to being eterna lly, relevant and cool?

      Steven: Well, I think…

      Tom: Your kid was listening, right? As opposed to watching? It still is all about the beat and the song and the beat has so much to do with whatever……..the attitude of whatever song you're doing. But it's always about the song. You gotta have image, and tour, and everything, but it all boils down to that one thing: if it feels good to sing along to it. You know, I drive my kids up to school. And when we get in the car, it's always radio Disney going. You'll be listening to radio and I see my kid, this first grader in the backseat, getting off on music the same way I have all my life. It made me realize that there's no such thing as it not being for kids………. I remember when the Beatles first came out. I was like 9, I shouldn't admit that I guess, but we had these 2 little Motorola transistor radios, they were the first type transistor radios. And I found that by turning them both on, and aiming it so the sound crossed, I got this like surround sound effect, and all of a sudden music got really wide and flipped out. What comes in through the ears, has so much to do with sensuality………

      Steven: And you also lay your own thoughts down, so all of a sudden the music owns the song. I'm going to kill the next person who asks me what "Dream on" is about. I mean common' man, it's self-explanatory. And that's the beauty of music. You take it in, your own experiences, you hear the same line and same lyrics and you can relate it to whatever you've experienced in life and you own a piece of it. That's the beauty of it all.

      David: My next question Steven…what is "dream on" about??


      Steven: Wait…Dave, you bleeding, puss-ridden, hosebag!(laughter)

      David: And he's not even the first person to call me that day, tragically. Someone else…yes?

      Audience: I was coached not to ask this question, but my husband loves me regardless. I have a two and a five year old………I'm glad you brought up the children subject…….I told my husband and my son that I was coming here tonight. And he knows that there's no one I love better than Aerosmith and Steven Tyler. If I would leave my husband, it would be for Steven Tyler. And my husband is okay with that. This is what happens when you turn 40, you just say it how it is. But anyway, I told my son who's five, I 'm going to see Steven and I said, "If I do talk to him, what do you want me to say to him." And my son said, "just let him know I love him probably more than you do." And speaking of children feeling the music, as you were speaking when your toddler was in the car, my two-year-old kicked off her shoes and sings "Sweet Emotion" probably as loud as I can. And I just wanted to relay that to you, not that it means anything…okay I'll pass the mic.

      Steven: Thanks a lot. Thank you…

      Tom: So when people ask us how long are we going to do this, we have to say when your two year old grows up and gets sick of us.

      David: Who knew that that'd be a problem, is that they've reached too young an audience! Yes sir…

      Tom: Us and Rugrats.

      Audience (ME!): Steven Tyler-isms, we all know 'em, we all love em. I was just wondering how you came up with lyrics like "e-rot-tickle cool" and "cha-ah!" and the moves….. (laughter) Because you are just cool as hell! (applause) And I was wondering what your thought process was in coming up with them?

      Tom: You'd me amazed what sounds come out of his body! (laughter)

      Steven: It's just uh…… you know, um…………(pause) When we first started the band…..I had some classical in me….. a lot of classical that I got from my father because I grew up listening to his piano, he's a Julliard pianist. So I had a lot of notes in my head. The first record came out we put "Dream On" and a bunch of things and you start digging around for other things to do. And I kind of lost it….the first record, second, but then we started getting high. And I found the notes, and through the notes ca me the drugs. And then we got sober and I found out that if I just went inside my own imagination, I could get back to where I was when we first started this band. And……you get into a sandbox of sorts inside your own mind. And I'm really 20 years old with thirty years of experience. I love that, I love that. I can…I've been wanting to call a record "does the noise in my head bother you?" because in creativity you really go to a place where people can tell what you're really thinking, and they even think y ou're out of your mind and send you to rehab, which happened. (laughter) But, you just gotta go to some place and just let it fly and put it down on paper. "E-rot-tickle cool", I don't know where I got it from either, I had this little Samsung pen and come up with something… like the buzz which you be getting 'From the crack don't last I'd rather be' on the crack of her ass (Fever) (laughter) And I go, "quick!" I gotta write it down…And he writes something like (rapping noises) and just add it to i t. So it's all about freedom and a fear of not you know………..and I love rhyme schemes, you know, I look for that and if there isn't one I'll make it up. And that's the shit for me, you know, (singing) Hey Jaded, hey j-j-jaded, we laughed for twenty minutes with that one. It's just allowing yourself to be free with it, and not caring. But believe me, I care, and "Dude Looks Like A Lady", at first I looked at Joe and thought: "Oh shit! How could I sing that?" First it was "cruisin' for the ladies"… That suck ed. (laughter) And then it was "Dude Looks Like A Lady" because Eddie Murphy and "you look pretty cute in them jeans boy." But what it really is, a series of events and you just gotta let it fly, you know. You gotta not be afraid.

      David: By the way, on behalf of Radio and Records, I'd like to apologize. We had no idea Steven and Tom had ever done drugs. And we'd never have done this interview if we would have known. (laughter)

      Tom: Hate to be a bad influence…

      David: Steven and Tom, the history of Aerosmith. I don’t want to rehash it, but I've rehashed it myself recently working with you on the Icon Show. Over the years, I figure there's one song that tells story really well. Can you give us a little rapper version of "no surprise" that tells your story well?

      Steven: Well, first of all, we're a Clive Davis band--he signed us. (applause) Clive Davis! That's such an honor, I heard he spoke this morning. The man knows a good song…and we were playing at Max's Kansas City and this is back when we're playing bars and stuff, doing our own music. And no one would come…I mean NO ONE. We'd be on the stage playing and not a soul would walk in. And I'd say to the owner: "Can we leave now?" And he'd say "no, you got to play it out." But we were fortunate enough to get o n the bill at the Academy of Country Music with…

      Tom: Edgar Winter and Humble Pie.

      Steven: Edgar Winter and Humble Pie. And there was this place, this bar in New York we used to hang out called Max's Kansas City. And we'd set up on play. It was called a paper house when all the corporates came, and so we were doing that one night. We'd set up our bar set of songs that we did, and the dressing room was the bathroom. And I remember, we were getting ready to go on, and I looked out the window and there was a couple of limousines parked out front. I thought oh my god, John Lennon's here. It was the limousines back then. I was scared to death and one thing lead to another, we played, and for the very last song our managed leaned in and said…We walked off but they wanted an encore. We said, "Well we'll see you all we'll be back in 20 minutes. Silly thing, but…" Our manager came up, Frank Connoly, said: "Tell them the name of the song is…..we don't wanna fuck you lady, we just want to eat your sandwiches." And for some reason they freaked out, they could not believe it, they laughed…and so after the show we were backstage and Clive comes up and says…….it was storybook……..'You're gonna be a big star…'

      Tom: Yeah, what he said was right out of something you'd want him to say. He said something like, "Ya know, I think we can work with you boys!" Were just like…….

      Steven: So about six years later Joe Perry came up with this lick. Ba-da-ba-da-dow-dow (noises). Until a month going (singing to the beat) "I milked the family cow! I fucked a girl today! And about a month passed and I realized once the lick happened, answer it. (noises) "1971, we all heard the starter's gun" (weird noise comes over speakers) Wow! We all heard the starter's gun. Haha! (laughter)

      Tom: I love helium.

      Steven: Don't you love it when that happens? "New York was such a pity, but at Max's Kansas City we won. We all shot the shit at the bar with Johnny O'Toole, who was our road manager at the time, and his scar, and 'ol Clive Davis said he's surely gonna make us a star. I'm gonna make you a star, just the way you are. But with all our style, he could see in our eyes that we were going on trial, and it was no surprise." And the rest history… it really…(applause)

      David: That was actually the beginning of your relationship with Columbia Records. The new album, in a way, brings everything full circle. All the songs from all the eras are now on one collection. All the best of… what's your relationship like with Columbia Records? What does it mean to you to come full circle with that company?

      Steven: I can honestly say that, right now, my head is so far up the corporate ass. I'm starting to see thing's like Donny's way. And I hate that about me. The one thing that we've learned all these years is that working hand in hand is not selling out. It's trying to make sense of something you believe in. And if someone else doesn't, then it's worth a fight. And I live to prove people wrong. And not that everyone thinks we don't b/c ppl. are always going to jump on the bandwagon which you are anyway. You know Alanis Morisette, they say "we always loved her." But do you know how many people in the industry passed up that record? Wow! It proves that none of us really know what the hell's going on. Really. But, it's an honor to be with a company like that. Distribution is from hell, but that's always been it for me. You can release something out today, and it'll be in Boston tomorrow. Same record, same quality.

      Tom: And we've never forgotten that we're a rock band. Our natural…when gravity pulls us to the ground, that's what we are…..a rock band! (applause) It would have been easy for a record company to say: 'okay we've figured out a way to have a hit single with these guys. Let's just make them a hit single pump. Which actually I'd love to be………Sometimes I'm surprised with the stuff they come out with just to say: 'we support you guys as a rock band.'

      David: Let's here from the audience again.

      Tony: I have a question here. Going back…looking at bands today… have been a band that's been able to hit the 70s, recreate the 80s, recreate the 90s, today. Where generations of kids are growing up with nameless, faceless bands. How do you it? How can you constantly comeback and recreate? With Run DMC, and so on and so forth? What's the formula and how does it happen?

      Tom: You can feel the vibe of people out there that want to see you play. Even when you're at home or off the road. There's a lot of people. out there that want a tour, they want to hear you, they want to hear your music. You can feel it. That's pretty much the engine I think. Other than that we're compulsive about having attention stick to us.

      Steven: And the Run DMC thing, it's no secret that we got so caught up in drugs. And it stole our families and music out of us. And then when we got sober…what's his name? Def Jam…

      Tom: Rick Rubin.

      Steven: Rick Rubin called up and said "Run DMC wants to do a song…" We were coming out of the ashes at the time. I'd love to say it was us, but it wasn't. It was John Small…came up with the video…..breaking down the walls, breaking down the black and white. And mixing the two songs. You know it was just for the love of a good song. We use some loops now because I'm a drummer at heart, I love it. I think loops are great. And I love techno. When you're using it (loops) for a song, its not like we're stea ling anything from another era. It's a tip of the hat. Like the middle part of this jig "don't you know it…". It's just a beautiful loop. (starts doing Jamaican patois) You know that piece from "Just Push Play". It's just using your resources and keep them fresh, and painting outside the lines. Every album we put out, I'm scared to death. I'm not sure about it. But what you do know is that it comes from here. (points to heart) I like to think I know when something's radio friendly and it might get played. So we call it "four deep." … But you never really do know it's a crapshoot. But we just love being in the game so much…it's a thrill.

      David: And one thing that's interesting if you get the new collection, listen to "Mama Kin", which is the first track on it, and then it goes into the two new songs "Girls of Summer"……. "Lay It Down"…which is an incredibly gorgeous ballad that will be #1 later this year.

      Steven: That's right.

      David: But you actually hear a growth. Steven, as much as I love "Mama Kin", you're a much better singer today, and a much more expressive singer than back then. Tom--the playing musically, the foundation of the band, keeps growing and has stayed fresh where most bands get frozen in time.

      Tom: I was actually really reflecting on that a lot when we were making the "Just Push Play" album. The way the song writing was going meant that everybody had to step up another notch, and really step up to the plate. And I think we all got better on our instruments and then we went out on the road. I could feel that working for us. Being on the road, we took it up another notch there too, as far as each person's ability to play good on stage. It's really satisfying…that we can still learn and get bet ter. And there's still a way to go…

      David: Steven, talk about what every player in the band brings to the party, and start with this man right over here (points to Tom). What has Tom meant to Aerosmith?

      Steven: O boy…..ummmmmm…….for a lot of the songs to jam together, play together. Everybody's got something inside that they'd played at home the night before. For the first album we rehearsed at West Campus One--BU the guy let us rehearse there. And it kind of…….everybody brings something--Joey Kramer brought R&B. And if there was one thing that we didn't know what we were all about--that might have been the best part of it. We are a true band, we wrote all our songs together, in the room together, and everybody had a voice of their own. Tom brought du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du, du (bass noises) "Sweet Emotion"!

      Tom: I brought the pizza! (laughter)

      Steven: The pizza? And everybody's got something, ya know. And I think the joy of it is that we're still a band, we love being a band, we're still the same guys in a band. And at heart we just a bunch of guys who like to get out, kiss ass, and rock and roll live. (applause) It really is……..I could get heady about it but……..

      David: When will you guys be kicking ass next at a venue near us?

      Tom: August 12…near who? Out here?

      (Confusion as to when they start. Then audience yells out right dates.)

      Steven: Thank you!

      Tom: You know I haven't even got the facts yet. (laughter) Yeah, we're starting in August and will probably be out until the end of November. Unless the phone keeps ringing, then we'll be out longer.

      Audience: You brought up a couple interesting points about having a string of hit singles, and being contemporary in the roots, and things like that. Taking a bigger picture view of radio over the years, I see the guys who were there at the beginning for you who are now nearing your age, or perhaps beyond that, still love the old stuff, but perhaps aren't so into the more recent things. It seems like the guys that are in their twenties have not a lot of interest in Aerosmith music or at least in terms of the way it pertains to radio. And I'm curious if there's a conscious effort, when you're making these albums you said a string of hit singles, it seems the success of "Jaded" from the last album, perhaps "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing", and maybe even this new song. It seems to be more pop radio than rock radio. Is that the nature of where it is today? Is there a conscious effort in your mind that you're appealing to the younger crowd 'cause they're buy your records? Just a chance…….

      Steven: I think melodic sensibility rears it's ugly or beautiful head, however way you choose to look at it. In a sense that I'm a melody freak, I love the chorus line. Sometimes we'll start with that. What you wind up with is…"When winter hearts turn summer pink, in half the time it takes to blink, but it all depends on what you think." (singing) It's just a beautiful thing, and if it comes out more pop, then you guys are gonna play it and our tour will sell. I don't think we do it consciously. But it works out like that. We wished for years and when we came out. There wasn't CHR rock radio…album. A O…

      Tom: AOR

      Steven: AOR was the thing man--that was the shit. They played you know, "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" by…

      David: Marvin Gaye…

      Steven: No, no, no, not Marvin Gaye.

      David: The Gladys Knight version?

      (audience yelling)

      Steven: Creedence Clearwater. And you know that took twelve minutes and were all sitting at home going (inhales). (laughter) That was the norm back then…That was the norm back then. And then we started playing what our true heart was, but we noticed nobody was buying the records. The "Train Kept A Rollin's'" and "Let the Music do the Talking"…they wanted "Dream On" on there. So there's a little bit of forethought…

      Tom: People use rock music in commercials now. The music you hear in advertising is just amazingly creative. When we came out there was no way of saying, "Oh man, maybe if we write a really good song, Dodge will want to use it someday! And sell trucks……." (applause) I mean rock music has just become much more universal and mainstream. It used to be if you listened to it, you were a freak and not to be trusted, and part of the underground. Now, we've all grown up with it, and we all want it as much as w e can, and we like to hear it all around us. When you're writing I don't know if you to sit down to right a hit, that's kind of the secret dream of every musician. But when you're jamming and you're just doing that musical daydreaming it's just a river of things flowing, and ideas for songs really are about seeing that idea flowing by and grabbing it before it floats away. You want to write something that's more of a melodic sense and has a certain texture to it. You'll just be watching out for that littl e bit that flows by and then you'll just expand on it.………..

      Audience: Steven, you mentioned techno, and I know that you did a song with Pink on her album. I was wondering if you guys….any of you ever thought of collaborating with or doing a song with any other artists for a new Aerosmith record. Or maybe some techno re-mixes of some of your songs. And get a different spin.

      Steven: All the above. I'm hoping for it all. That song that was on Pink's record was written by Richie Supra. We've co-written…I wrote "Pink" with him, the song "Pink", and "Chip Away the Stone". (applause) Yeah! Yeah! That song was a contender for an Aerosmith album but it was voted down. She heard it and loved it, I think it's a great song. We're open to write with lots of people. That's how you keep it fresh and I love it. It's a form of communication-- sit in a room (noises) and that's how you get a song…Or you don't. (laughter) It's a great thrill to sit in a room and write with somebody else. Eric Clapton…or whoever, I'm looking forward to that. Techno…I love it. Crystal Method…

      David: The woman right over there--is that a feather boa? Or is that a pussy willow?

      Audience: First off, I want to say I was lucky enough to see you twice in concert in the last year and it was unbelievable. I got to stand at the catwalk and Tom, you stood right in front of me. I thought I was going to die, but I survived. I’m standing here today. This is unbelievable. I've listened to you for a long time and you guys are always getting better all the time. When you said techno, my daughter will love you forever. She's fifteen and she thinks you guys are great--which is good because t hen I can have my CDs in the car. First off, I want what it's like, or how is it, for you guys to be so well known by everybody in the world for your private life. Even though we see you all over, we know your records, we know what you look like, how is it like for you guys?

      David: It hasn't been a problem for me at all! (laughter)

      Tom: People mistake me for him!

      Audience: And the second question, what's the meaning behind "Pink"?

      Steven: What's the…what?

      Audience: The meaning behind the song "Pink"?

      Steven: You're sitting on it, baby! (laughter) It took me a month to try to figure out how I could hide that in the words. My favorite crayon…When we first………I went and saw Janis Joplin and I couldn't believe the crowds she drew and the songs (sings) "Give me another piece of your heart now….." The way the band played and the guitar player, with the guitar feedback! And I always wanted to be that. Mick Jagger…I always wanted to be famous. I always wanted to be like them. I used to hang out in Greenwich Village at Bloom's Shoe Gallery waiting for Bob Dylan to walk by. Fake it, until you make it. Try to be like somebody else, until that somebody else becomes you. All those things came. Stick around in a band long enough, and your dreams will come true. Sometimes it sucks sticking around a mall longer than 10-15 minutes because people get on a cell phone and they call their friends up. Before you know it, there's a cluster F…but I love it. I just love that I can sing a song somewhere with these guys, that I can play somewhere with these guys. That we can play somewhere and people come and love it. They know the song and sing it, and they get off as much as I do. I can't believe it, I still haven't woken up from the dream yet…and there's a lot of stress in the business. But this kind of stress is different, though. In the old days you'd wake up from a nightmare all sweaty and screaming. Today, you wake up from a nightmare screaming and realize you'd never fallen asleep. (laughter) It's crazy, but it's beau tiful……and it really is a beautiful thing. I get a little worried when people say: "How's your Sue and Vic and your cat Pooker?"…And you're in Taiwan…"Steven Tyra!" (laughter) It's beautiful, it's insane, it's crazy…

      David: We have another question…yes…gentlemen right there!

      Audience: Thank you. Hey guys! Honored to be in the same room with you, my wife is on the cell phone, can you take a minute Steven?

      Steven: Yeah!

      Audience: Just kidding. She's love you, she hates me for being here with you. You're multi-generational, kids love you, adults love you, how did you hook up with Disney World and establish the Rock 'n Roller Coaster? That's awesome.

      Tom: I'm sure when them facts came in we said: "Yeah, it's like anyone would want to do a roller coaster!" I don't remember exactly how it started, but it made perfect sense actually when it started out. I remember going to Disney World, they had the "Tower of Terror" and I remember thinking they needed something a little more harrier, something a little more extreme. And I swear it was within the next year they were coming out showing us pictures of this huge building they were building…and they were already working on it. And they hadn't even talked to us about it. So that's pretty positive thinking on their part. It was just a blast working with their music people who really encouraged us to come up with ideas…and we saw the effort going behind it. When that entity wants something to be done, it gets done.

      David: MTV officially declared you guys officially as Icons. Is it more meaningful now that you guys are official recognized as Icons? Considering when you guys got started, it wasn't like the press or anything was jumping on the bandwagon. You were dismissed my many people early on as Stones repeated. What does it mean to you now to overcome any sort of second-guessing that way?

      Tom: I'm an icon, click on me! (laughter) I'm still waiting for it to happen.

      Steven: It's been hard, for years we got, "You look like Mick Jagger!" Joe was Keith. And the interview was always about how we looked the same, and I was the lead singer and all that. And that hurt. For years, I didn't admit that Mick Jagger was the baddest boy on the block and I did emulate him because he danced his ass off. But you know sitting there, it kind of puts a… We're still a rockin' band, we're still out there touring, we're still on the radio, we're still out there working. It's like the t ail of a comet, and it gave us a chance to talk, to sit down and really just be in the moment with the fact that it's been 30 years. I don't know if we think of that, you know. Sometimes in the summer, I'd sit there and get out "Rocks" and listen to it, with headphones, by the pool or something and it takes me so back. But the fact that our peers played our songs…There's a great album out there called "Blues on Fire" (applause) Have you heard it? Johnny Johnson, all these black artists, sang their asses o ff! That made me cry. That was just……that was a moment I was really proud to have written those songs and to have other people…….. And it's really been incredible--in the last year with the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, and the Icons. It's just good. It's good to have everybody get together and tip their hat…it feels really good…

      Tom: It's funny you know when sometimes when people ask me that question, I feel a little self-conscious. I want to just point them toward the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix…….the bands that I worshipped when I was growing up. But then I think…"Wow! Thirty years!" You know…..I guess it's kind of natural. At that point, you're gonna get to experience just about everything. So you learn to just kind of relax and enjoy it………

      David: One of the secrets I think for those of us who've seen them live, is that I saw you the first time on the Draw the Line tour at Madison Square Garden, I think, with Derringer opening up. And the fact of the matter is, you're a much better live band now, than you were then. I don't know what chemical factors may have contributed to that. But I know I slept through part of it, and you were (points at Steven) sleeping through part of it during "Kings and Queens". (laughter) But today it's incredibl e---absolutely incredible. Do you feel like the shows have gotten better over the years?

      Steven: Yeah, I think we embrace more now what we stand for. And even that's a trip, trying to figure out what we stand for because if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. (looks a Tom) Did I just say that? (laughter)

      Tom: Very good!

      Steven: God knows we've fallen for a lot of things. What do you got?

      Audience: By the way, "Sweet Emotion" is probably one of the greatest rock songs ever written and recorded. I have more of a comment than a question, but I want you guys to know this: being in radio, I have been to so many Meet and Greets where the band doesn't sign anything, they don't take pictures, don't talk to them--you have five seconds. And that's it. But, the meet and greet I went to with you guys. You came out, talked to people, signed things, you took pictures with them. And I just really, as a radio programmer, wanna thank you guys for that (applause) because it does make a difference not only to us radio people, but to our winners, and the people that you meet and greet. And it's just an incredible experience, and I hope you guys continue to do that and, like I said, I just want to thank you guys for doing it. It's very much appreciated.

      Steven: Thank you!

      Tom: We like to think of it as a ritual of getting ready to go on stage. People always ask that: "do you have these special rituals you do to get ready?" And, of course, especially the last hour before we go on, it's just a series of frantic rituals. But doing the meet and greets you, all of a sudden, are getting a hit of the raw enthusiasm for rock and roll because that's what it's about. So that's what it's about. We're all in the room agreeing that we all like raw rock and roll. So….it kind of just starts the process of getting ready to go out and be with the audience.

      David: And to show you what generous guys they are, in the old days, not only would they meet and greet, they'd also frequently sleep with people who came backstage! That's the kind of generosity I like to see in rock and roll. To show you how times have changed, when I was backstage on the Pump Tour. I remember, it was in Toronto, and afterwards there was the best chef in Toronto was backstage preparing you anything you'd guys wanted to order. And I remember Steven, you turned to me and said: "In the old days, we did this with heroin. Now it's pasta." Which, I think, says something about how times have changed. Yes………..

      Audience: You've done everything from the Super Bowl to rollercoasters these days. Can you give us any previews of what you might have in store or what you want to do in the future? Basically, I'm asking what your next big thing is, and can I be a part of it? (laughter)

      Tom: I don't know our next big grand design…….but, I'd like to play in Moscow. We've never done that. I'd love to go back and tour South America some more. And there, there's plenty of places that we've never been to, so we can always have that as a goal.

      Audience: When you're making an album, how do you decide which ones make the cut? How do you do that? Are you surrounded by very opinionated people to get feedback? How do you stick to your instincts?

      David: If I can answer that for one second for them, I believe we have the ultimate opinionated person--John Kolodner is here.

      Voice: John, where are you?

      Tom: Like when Luke Skywalker wanted to learn how to fight, he went and found Yoda. And when we got back together after……….in the early 80s and did a record called "Done With Mirrors." Which was a decent record for what we were doing at the time, but when we came out we felt a lot better. Getting the band back together meant we had to say goodbye to a lot of ways that we did things. And a lot of those things involved ego. We were really ready to find our mentors and find people that could give us an ou tside view ourselves to give us a better understanding of what we're all about. It's not that we asked other people to tell us what we are, but we lost our own way for a long time. It's part of the getting back to it process. So…….it's just something that has worked really well for us.

      Audience: Hello Steven, right back here in the center of the room. Hi, I'm from Boston actually, and I remember when Aerosmith first kicked off along with The Cars in Boston. I was going to Berklee College of Music. And I lived next door to a guy named Mark Perena who was playing you on the radio. And I think at that time, Aerosmith wasn't a big as Aerosmith is today. And I wonder what advice you have for program directors at this event, for the artists who are not signed yet, or merging artists that w ould be played on their stations. I'm sure everybody would clamor to play the new Aerosmith record, but what about the new folks?

      Steven: I would love to know and hear that there is room for anybody in this room, if they pick up a CD that they'd heard that weekend like Black Rebel Motorcycle, and you could have the freedom to play that because you just loved it. And I think that's what's needed. Play lists are restricted to the big stars. In Boston, there's a lot of shows like Nocturnal Emissions that sometimes do get to it. But what I hope is that some guy will represent what he feels honestly in his heart, to be able to play th at. I'd love to hear the program directors open up to that. That's a beautiful thing you know. We get hit all the time by: "why don't you have people on tour?" "why don't you do it?" "why don't you open the door for people?" In a sense, you want the new bands to bang the door down themselves, because those are the ones that win in the end. And there's a lot of bands out there doing that. And if you like any bands that you hear, I would love to say please get on it, play them. Play that one track that you hear……….your ears are better than anyone else's, you're playing all the hits all day long. You know something's that got a couple branches on the way down that you can grab onto.

      Tom: I don't know what the statistics are, or whether the radio business is expanding or what--I'm sure it is. But I know one thing, that is there are so many more kids that want to try making a living playing music than ever before. When I was in high school up in the country, I was one kid out of 70 that had the audacity to say, "look, I'm gonna go try this." In that same class, today, there might be 5 or 6. So the pool of potential great music is just gigantic. But at the same time, it's laws of sup ply and demand. There are so many good musicians now. With pro tools, for instance, a lot of people are creative, but marginal music wise, can suddenly bubble up to be recording artists. I don't know how they're all gonna get their stuff heard. You guys have a big job. That's all I can say

      Audience: I have a question. Before I ask it, I just want to tell you that, Steven and Tom that my parents got together at one of your gigs so, thank you. So you're part of the reason why I'm here.

      Steven: Do you know what song? And the chorus? Or…………….

      Audience: I gotta ask them that!

      David: "Lord of the Thighs"!

      Audience: But seriously, just looking to the future of music, the biggest issue in our history right now is the problem with downloading off the Internet, people not buying CDs, and artists and record companies going bankrupt. As an artist, how do you feel about this, and do you see any solutions in the future?

      Tom: I think the thing of going out and touring, that's sort of a retro way of looking at things, but it's going to be more important than ever for people who want to make a living. And I just think that there's something good about that. Obviously, I don't love the idea of the record business shrinking because of downloading, but I like the idea that a lot of bands putting out their first album, will really go through and do what it takes to be good live. Because a lot of them……. They're great musicia ns, and their enthusiasm is way up there, and they're dying to do it, but they don't let themselves go through that wall of learning how to play live. And I think it's just going to be more and more important to bands.

      Steven: That's a really touchy subject to me because…………The Aerosmith catalog used to be worth millions of dollars, and now I think I can trade it in and get a couple wheels on my skateboard. Um……..people can download all the old stuff. It's a two-headed snake, in a sense that, some people who think: well you guys have got enough money. But there's a lot of artists out there, that are still in the business and touring, that are losing a lot of money. And there's a lot of kids at home that are do wnloading music that they would have never heard. Right next to the Aerosmith song on Napster, is the one with Blood, Wind, & Pink (?). And hearing stuff that they would never have heard. So in a sense, they're getting a really rich history of music. And then you got the new bands who will never be heard unless they can download their own stuff from each other. Personally, I'm extremely angry at Sony, and a bunch of other companies, for sitting around fifteen, eighteen years ago with this little devic e going: "Oh, it's an MP3 player. It's going to digitally, take anything you want and you can have all your CDs in here, and making that be okay and not thinking about the artists. Not thinking about any of the artists on the label that has that catalog and going for selling this MP3 hype. You know you can point your fingers, and blame a lot…….something needs to be done. I don't know what it is, but that's what I can tell you right now. That's where my thoughts are going. And then I meet some kid backstag e who can't get gigs, and his stuff is on his web site…….that I downloaded. So…….. Something needs done, I don't know what it is, but I do know that it's going down like this. (makes downward motion) Something has to happen.

      Tom: The only records that should come out are records that have all quality songs. They don't all have to be hits or commercial---or whatever. But they need to be all good songs. So that situation of a consumer buying a record and hearing one and two good songs and being disappointed in the rest, isn't such an established, accepted paradigm right now. (applause) I hate to say something about how to restrict people but…..Certain people think, "what are we going to do?" The genie's out of the bottle. I think once you get it to the point where it's taken for granted, by the public, that when they buy a record based on a song they like, they're going to get more of that when they open it…….let's say that's a given. The other way is just to find new way to add value to that thing that you buy. It could mean……I remember when CDs first came out they were those long, cardboard things. The thing is, most of that was thrown away. Maybe now, that's a great way to enhance value is come out with packages except it 's a booklet. And it's got something else in it that gives them so much more perceived value so people feel they not only want the music, but they want all the other artistic, creative stuff that goes along with it.

      Audience: What advice would you have for someone like me, to have someone read my lyrics and actually take them seriously?

      Steven: (confused) What advice would I have for what?

      Audience: For me, as a writer, to have someone actually read my lyrics and take them very seriously?

      Steven: Um…………….what?

      Tom. Publicity stunt. Literally, there is so much creative, quality stuff coming out right now, that you have to do something outlandish. Lucky for us, we can go out on tour, that's established……...but I don't know how the new ones do it.

      David: I think that they would suggest play the Super Bowl Halftime with Britney Spears That helps…..(laughter)

      Steven: Do you ever go out to clubs and hear favorite bands that you like?

      Audience: No.

      Steven: I was going to say, go find some band you like and have them read your lyrics and see if they like it.

      Audience: It's not a very big town, so there's not much going on. I came from Northern California to attend this.

      Tony: David, Steven and Tom, on behalf of Radio and Records, we're getting to closing time here. We know that you took time out of your schedule, to fly across the United States, from Boston, to be at with this Convention and these radio program directors. And, on behalf of everyone here, we would like to thank you very much, not only for all your music, for all you continue to do in this industry (applause) And also for the wonderful people that you are. So thank you very, very, very much for being he re and being a part of this.

      Steven and Tom: Thank you!

      David: And play "Girls of Summer" right away!

      (Applause, "Lay It Down" plays, mob at the front of stage) (Steven and Tom exit)

  • AF1 9 More Shows On Sale Next Week!
      The AF1 site has announced 9 more shows to go on sale next week!

      On Sale

      San Diego November 5th at Coors
      will be on sale Thursday August 15th at 9:00 PM ET

      Virginia Beach October 10th at Verizon Wireless
      will be on sale Thursday August 15th at 9:00 PM ET

      Nashville Amsouth Amphitheater October 4th
      will be on sale Monday, August 19th at 9:00 PM ET

      West Palm Oct. 19, San Antonio Oct 28 and Las Vegas Nov 9
      will be on sale Wednesday, August 21st at 9:00 PM ET

      Houston Oct 30, Tampa Oct 17 and Raleigh Oct 12
      will be on sale Thursday , August 22nd at 9:00 PM ET

      Phoenix Nov 1 and Charlotte Oct 8
      will be on sale Friday , August 23rd at 9:00 PM ET

      Dallas- AF1 will not be selling tickets for Dallas October 26th. This show is at the Harley Open Road Tour at Texas Motor Speedway. All seating is General Admission.

  • Santi asks for your help...
      We, the spanish fans of Aerosmith, are a bit worried about that the sales of Ultimate Aerosmith Hits are not going very well in Spain. If finally they come to Europe on tour next year, we hope they don't forget Spain. So we ask for your help. We are voting for "Girls of summer" in the spanish radio channel "Los 40" (The top 40) for that they get the number 1, and that means that it will be listened more in radio and tv, more promotion for the album (because Sony/Columbia just doesn't make any kinda promotion of Aerosmith in Spain).
      You just have to click here:

      And in the list, look for Aerosmith - Girls in summer, and click where it says "VOTA" (vote). And that's all :D If you can vote more than a time, you help us more ;)
      THANK YOU!!!!!


This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Savage Grace - Savage Grace 2 (1971)
This is a really, really nice early heavy rock album!! I find it strange that this band is totally unknown these days.. well, you know, at least I hadn't heard of them until Unosson (the owner of "Beautiful Lies You Could Live In", Skellefteå's local second-hand record store - aswell as songwriter and keyboard player in several space/psych acts, such as The Spacious Mind, The Holy River Family Band and Cauldron, all highly recommended!) picked it out and suggested that I should give it a listen. Didn't take many minutes of listening in the store before I knew I had to buy this fine piece of vinyl. Great stuff! I checked with after getting it and if I remember correctly these guys were from Detroit and released only two albums during their existence. I'd really like to get my hands on their first aswell. (anyone know if their albums are available on CD? It would be nice to have this with really good sound quality too...) As I said, I find it strange that this band hasn't been given the recognition they deserve. OK, they may not have been overly original, but it sure sounds good in my ears, never the less. I got this album back in May and I still haven't "shelved it away", for it to stand with the rest of my precious LPs. :) It's still standing next to my stereo and gets played every once in a while. That's really saying something, 'cause that doesn't exactly happen with all records I buy.
Mycken tack ska du ha, Jens!

News as of August 16, 2002
  • Clive Newton informs about Sales and RIAA Certifications
      Toys went 8 million a few months back but taken RIAA a while to update their online database. Not sure when it went through the 7 million mark - just to show you Columbia are a bit slow in doing the processing and passing it on. RIAA data is shipped quantity minus shop returns.

      O Yeah was shown last week by Billboard as a Platinium seller. As Darryl detailed its another quirk in the US system of accounting as not used by most other International nations (ie a release is a unit, whether double or treble so be wary on comparing sales across countries and also awards are given at different ratings as Platinium can mean 100,000 copies in other countries and is based on real sales). RIAA only apply the 2X factor for double CDs > 100 mins of music (although real O Yeah sales are just over 350,000 curerntly).

      The Young Lust Anthology basically did nothing in the USA and maybe it will be awarded Gold Status in the next 10 years. It was only on the US charts for a week at 191 with 12,000 sales. I expect it scrapped up 50,000+ sales during the Xmas run in.

  • Dallas show: the venue is on race track!
      From what I hear, the Aerosmith show on 10/26/2002 is at Dallas TX. Raceway. They are performing for the special Harley Davidson Bike Fest. The seats are bench grand stands. General admission and track seats are standing.

      AF1 is not apart of this Dallas .TX show at the Texas Motor Speedway. General admission seats only for this event thru Harley Davidson.

  • Velvet Rope in Burgettstown, PA got M&G!
      The Velvet Ropers on the 15th got a Meet & Greet with the band. From what I hear, only 11 people were there for this unique "Velvet Rope experience"...

      Not sure what to think of this, these people got their money's worth, but as M&G isn't guaranteed, who know if this will also happen at other shows? I'm sure this is going to sell the rest of the Velvet Rope packages. I know they say it's not a guarantee, but I'm sure many fans are going to read these posts, pay their money, and expect the same experience, and if Management isn't ready to make sure everyone does...

  • Meet and Greets for this tour: nothing is in stone yet.
      With the Velvet Rope getting in the middle of things, Meet And Greets might not be at every show this tour. As of right now no passes have been issued yet to anyone for sure. Things are up in the are according to the bands mgt.

  • Aerosmith spottings at Alice Cooper's restaurant in Cleveland
      Coopers'town in Cleveland, Alice Cooper's new restaurant, has a guitar signed by Aerosmith, and a collection of guitar pics (had to be over 100 in this case) which included one from Aerosmith as well. Above the door was a boar's head and a zebra striped bow and arrow with a notation "Compliments of Ted Nugent". On the menu, there was a burger called "Dude" and desserts called "Sweet Emotions". So even Aerosmith got a mention in his menu!

  • German Maxim
      Pinkangel reports:

      Yes for sure it's one full page interview with Steven. It's on page 175 of the September 2002 issue.

      I try to tell you what it says, sorry for my bad english.

      Aerosmith-singer Steven Tyler about Sex, drugs and daughter Liv.

      the internet site says about you you were the sex stallion under the rocksarts.
      Tyler: I think, that is because I have such a great sexy charisma on stage. I have everytime lust for it. That is the reason I didn`t make only excessiv music in the past, I do excessiv drugs, too. At both things the only reason is, to have fun.

      In earlier times you should had a lot of groupies. Do the girls still stand in snake for you???
      Oh yeah, but only that my SNAKE doesn`t crawl in all the holes anymore! The audience is everytime like a girl for me, but I do only a flirt with it, not more. That knows my wife ,too.

      Aerosmith -Guitarist Joe Perry and you was well-known as the toxic twins. How toxic had it been?
      I was often drunken at our shows , so heavy that I wasn`t able to stand or sing. Often I had black-outs. One time I played I would faint and they carried me off stage to backstage. In reality I was only to blue to perform and the only thing I wanted was ,to get backstage. So had it been in the seventies.Only if you tried every available drug and you was still able to stand on your own feet, you was called to be cool. The Grateful Dead have said at that time over us, the drugs made us insane. He of all people the Grateful Dead!!!! One donkey calls another one a dog-ear....

      What do you think about , if you see your daughter Live in a movie doing sex scenes?
      That is completely normal. Liv is human , and what we did in earlier times as we had been young, do the kids today. You can explain your kids only that they have to pay attention about all. I talk with my daughters and I talk with them very open. But I don`t do boring , endless talks, you know? I only show them where the problem could be.

      Do you feel yourself in some moments old?
      No, old I only feel myself, if I humple in the morning to the bathroom to pee, cause I did over 13 kilometer running on stage the night before. But one of the secrets to stay young , is movement. If we are only 2 weeks on tour, I feel like I would be 12 years old. It`s amazing how fast you have again this feeling. And I only loose hair, if I jump into the audience and the girls grab into my hair.

      Now is the AEROSMITH GREATIST HITS CD O; YEAH released. What is the difference to all the other Greatest Hits?
      It contains 2 new songs. You have to know, record companies are blood sucker. You have a contract with them and you notice later that you have promised to make 4 cd`s and you didn`t notice that you have to do a lot of kinds of GREATEST HITS Records, too, Live Classics or Outtakes. If a band is up to day ,a record company publish all . (Tyler laughing). Yeah, and we are unhappily, still up to day.

      I hope you can understand, but I tried my best to translate for you the article

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

The Rolling Stones - Singles Collection [CD2]

News as of August 15, 2002
  • RIAA
      According to the RIAA Certifications website, as of 8.7.2002:

      Toys In The Attic (Multi-Platinum 8.0 on 6.4.2002)
      O, Yeah (Platinum 1.0 on 8.7.2002)

  • German Maxim magazine
      There's a big picture of Tyler in the September issue of the German magazine Maxim

  • MTV report from tour premiere
      This report is from MTV News

      Crazy Cryin' Cocky Cowboys: Aerosmith, Kid Rock, Run-DMC Rock Jersey

      Mics passed, butts flashed during rap-rock triple bill.

      By Jennifer Schonborn

      HOLMDEL, New Jersey — It all made perfect sense.

      In a nutshell: In 1986, fading rockers Aerosmith hooked up with Run-DMC to make an updated version of the band's "Walk This Way," Aerosmith's career was instantly revived, rap busted into the mainstream, and a teenage boy by the name of Bob Ritchie was paying close attention. Sixteen years later, the men who inspired a thousand rap-rockers have joined together for a tour, and brought along one of their disciples — that'd be Bob, a.k.a. Kid Rock — for the ride

      Run-DMC started things off in the 99-degree heat Tuesday at the PNC Bank Arts Center with a quick set that encompassed (at least portions of) their classic tracks, including "Mary, Mary" and "Jam-Master Jay." Kid Rock rolled out onstage to perform "King of Rock" with the rappers, and then they all passed the mic around for Rock's own "Bawitdaba."

      The Hollis, Queens, MCs bid the crowd farewell as four stars-and-stripes-bikini-clad go-go-girls emerged and a shirtless and gleaming Kid Rock commenced with his own set. A backdrop unfurled showing a painting of Rock and his Twisted Brown Trucker Band, including his late hypeman Joe C. gripping a Coors 40. Joe made an audio appearance as well during the night: His rap on "Devil Without a Cause" blared out the speakers during Rock's rendition of that track, accompanied by a giant backdrop of the three-foot-nine MC flipping the bird.

      The pimp of the nation put his love of Southern rock and fellow Detroit rockers on full display — he performed a snippet of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" as a Confederate flag unrolled behind him, then he launched into Bob Seger's "The Fire Down Below."

      Referencing the shorter-than-usual set time for him, Rock told the crowd he'd be doing a medley of sorts to pack in some of the material he wanted to showcase, which included the Sheryl Crow duet "Picture" (sans Crow), "Forever," "Cocky" and "Wasting Time."

      As he is wont to do when performing live, Rock made the rounds and played everyone else's instruments for a bit. He nudged Uncle Kracker away to do some deft scratching, churned out Deep Purple and ZZ Top riffs on Kenny Olson's guitar while Olson was still strapped to his instrument, and pounded out some beats on Stefanie Eulinberg's drumkit.

      A guy who looked like one of the Blues Brothers then emerged onstage with a white fur. Rock crouched down and the guy tossed the fur on him, looking like he was trying to smother a fire. Rock held this position for a few moments, then tossed off the coat James Brown-style and continued parading around. Then he'd crouch again and the whole process repeated itself several times until Rock went into "Only God Knows Why." He finished up with "Cowboy," which included a piece of "The Dukes of Hazzard" theme.

      Aerosmith were first visible in silhouette behind a white sheet. Quick drumbeats filled the venue, but the shadow of Joey Kramer could be seen faking, just robotically lifting an arm up and down, obviously not the purveyor of these rhythms. The curtain dropped and was carted off by several strong young men, revealing the band. Tyler sported a suspiciously disposable-looking white parachute jacket over his black clothes, and, sure enough, by the time the group finished its opening number, the ripping leadoff cut from 1989's Pump, "Young Lust," Tyler tossed the garment out into the crowd. And not long after, he thrust his crotch at the crowd for the first of many times that night.

      Clearly having "rediscovered" Pump, the band immediately followed with the next cut off that album, "F.I.N.E.," and later played other Pump rockers "Monkey on My Back" and "The Other Side." In contrast, they played nothing from Nine Lives, their studio album before Just Push Play, and nothing from Rocks, considered to be one of the seminal albums of the band's 30-year career.

      They did, however, play plenty of ballads (though not "Dream On"), including "Crazy," which incited a nine- or 10-year-old boy — who stood on an armrest while being supported by his dad — to passionately scream along while making grand, sweeping arm gestures in the air, much to the delight of those around him. The band also performed the "Armageddon" soundtrack cut "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" after screening the trailer for the flick in its entirety on the video screen, complete with Liv Tyler's animal cracker scene.

      There was an explanation for the trailer, though: During its airing, the band was making its return from a second stage set up by the cheap seats on the lawn. The guys had trekked out there to perform several cuts, including "Rag Doll" and "Mama Kin," and while they were there, a caveman-quality black-and-white video of their performance showed on the main stage's video screen.

      After closing out their main set with "Cryin'," which got some couples in the crowd to cozy up and start dirty dancing, and "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," there was a long wait. Finally the guys returned for an encore — with Kid Rock and Run-DMC in tow — to perform, of course, "Walk This Way." Rock, now wearing a shirt and holding a can of Pabst, shared vocal duties, and DMC sported a "Free Slick Rick" T-shirt for the song (see "Slick Rick Speaks From Prison: Deportation Would Be 'Inhumane' "). Tyler and Run-DMC reprised the dance they did together in the 1986 video for "Walk This Way" at the front of the stage, and the number ended with Run slapping his Stetson godfather hat on Tyler's head.

      After much hugging, Kid Rock and the rappers left the stage, leaving Aerosmith to run through "Love in an Elevator," during which Tyler lifted a cloth flap that had been covering the split-open seat of his pants and showed everyone his crack pretty much in its entirety. They closed things out with "Train Kept a Rollin'," and then silver and white confetti rained down on the crowd.

  • News from Israel
      Aerosmith are again number 1 with Girls Of Summer on the Israeli charts

News as of August 14, 2002
  • Mosaic Buys Early Aerosmith Library
      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Mosaic Music Publishing on Tuesday said it bought a 50 percent stake in a catalog of Aerosmith-composed songs dating from 1973 to 1982 from the rock band's early managers Steve Leber and David Krebs.

      Under the agreement, Aerosmith will continue to own the other 50 percent and Mosaic will be responsible for the administration of the catalog and its assets worldwide.

      The catalog, acquired from Daksel LLC and Seldak LLC, firms operated by Aerosmith's former managers Leber and Krebs, is comprised of seven albums produced from 1973-1982, including "Aerosmith,""Get Your Wings,""Toys in the Attic," and others.

      The albums encompass 53 songs including the hits "Walk This Way," "Back in the Saddle," "Toys in the Attic," "Sweet Emotion," and "Dream On," which rap artist Eminem recently re-mixed and released as "Sing For the Moment," Mosaic said.

      With this most recent acquisition, Mosaic Music Publishing now has a library boasting over 8,000 titles, including the entire ZZ Top Catalog, 40 No. 1 country hits, and the current George Strait single "Living and Living Well."

      Mosaic Music is a joint venture between Mosaic Media Group and CDP Capital Communications.

      Mosaic Media Group was launched in July 1999 as a result of a merger of film and music company Atlas Entertainment and talent management group The Gold/Miller Company.

      08/13/02 19:38 ET

  • Mosaic Buys Early Aerosmith Library
      This article appeared in yesterday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, for Aerosmith will be playing there tomorrow...


      Music Preview: Joe Perry, Aerosmith don't fear the future

      Tuesday, August 13, 2002

      By Ed Masley, Post-Gazette Pop Music Critic

      Last year, his band served notice with a song called "Jaded" that you could, in fact, enjoy a Top 10 single in the year of your induction to the Hall of Fame. Last month, "O, Yeah!," a two-CD collection of the Hall of Famers' biggest hits, band favorites and two new songs, hit the charts at No. 4, a feat that placed two versions of the "Dream On" chorus in the Top 10, one by Aerosmith and one by Eminem.

      On Thursday night, Joe Perry brings a number of the greatest riffs in hard-rock history to the Post-Gazette Pavilion, with the band he founded more than 30 years ago at the helm of what certainly has the appearance of being the most intriguing lineup of the summer -- Aerosmith, Kid Rock and the group from Queens whose hip-hop take on "Walk This Way" (re-recorded with Perry and Steven Tyler) put the Boston bad boys back on track -- commercially, artistically and otherwise -- in 1986, Run-D.M.C.

      "We're really excited about the tour," says Perry, 51, who's speaking by phone while strolling the grounds of his estate. "It reminds me of shows we used to do in the '70s with a bunch of bands that are headliners in their own right -- not that a lot of the opening bands we've toured with through the years haven't gone on to be headliners."

      There is a chance, he says, that they'll be re-creating the excitement of the proto-rap-rock summit that was "Walk This Way" on stage.

      "We've talked about it," Perry says. "And I know we've been thinking about it, obviously, because of our collaborations over the years. We've gone on stage with them before -- at the Video Music Awards one year for MTV. We actually played with Kid Rock and Run-D.M.C. But I don't know. We'll see what happens once we get everybody under the same roof and start throwing some ideas around. I don't want to commit to anything yet, but I would say the odds are pretty good that we're gonna do something."

      As for Kid Rock, Perry says, "I think he's great. His style is so eclectic. I mean, is he a rapper, a rocker or a country singer? I don't know. That's what I like about him. He acknowledges his roots. And he really loves music."

      This last point was driven home the last time Aerosmith was in Detroit.

      "We went back to his house," says Perry. "He's got a studio there, and we jammed till early morning. We had his band in there and guys from Fuel, and we were all jammed in. It's a house, and he's got recording equipment in there. We're all in a little room with guitars and amps. It was a riot. But that's his attitude -- just get in there and play and have a good time. He's the real deal. Lives it. Breathes it."

      Asked if someone thought to hit "record" while they were jamming, Perry laughs and says, "I hope not. We were pretty loose. I haven't seen it on the Internet yet, so I kind of doubt it."

      As for Aerosmith's most recent foray into hip-hop waters, re-recording parts of "Dream On" for "Sing For the Moment," a song on Eminem's new album, Perry says, "I think it's really cool. I love it when bands do that -- take a piece of music from the past and rejuvenate it. You always have the original. It's not like all of the sudden, the slate's wiped clean and you don't have the original."

      The fact that hip-hop artists like to work with Aerosmith makes perfect sense to Perry.

      "I think in spite of our reputation that the media [have] put on us of being, like, a heavy-metal band," he says, "we've always been more about hip-shaking than headbanging. And it's that underlying funk, kind of swing thing that we have that makes it so that it's not so much heavy metal as funky. ... And rap is an offshoot of that kind of funk that we were really inspired by -- you know, James Brown and Sly and the Family Stone and the Meters and those kinds of bands from the '60s."

      And the fact that Aerosmith, at this late date, would still be "honored" to record with Eminem (or share a stage with Britney Spears, 'N Sync and Nelly at the Super Bowl) has much to do with why the band is still a presence on the pop charts, while the Stones, for instance, haven't had a major hit in decades.

      As Perry explains it, "I think we're always still reaching. I think we're still feeling like we haven't written our best song yet. ... And I think a big thing that we do is we always listen to what everybody else is doing. We're listening to what the new bands are doing, from 'N Sync to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. And I think it's reflected in the music. Sometimes it takes hearing rock 'n' roll through the ears of this generation of rockers to go back again."

      "I still love music, man," he says. "I love it. All of it. That's why it wasn't such a stretch for us to do that gig with Britney and 'N Sync and Nelly. ... Britney wouldn't be there if millions of fans didn't love her. It's not like she's being foisted on people. Everybody has this attitude that that kind of music is some kind of new thing or 'Look where music's gone.' It's always been pop music that's driven the whole thing. It was pop music back in 1956, in 1963, in 1978, that really drove it, you know? It was always flavor of the month. There's nothing different. There were boy bands back then. And there were hot girls. It was the Supremes. It was Tina Turner. Maybe the music is coming from different places, but it's still that. You don't find us wringing our hands going, 'Oh God, things are so bad now.' It's the future, you know?"

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (1988)
Iron Maiden - Live After Death (1985)

News as of August 13, 2002
  • Article in the Calendar section of the LA Times
      August 12, 2002
      Aerosmith Has Power to Stay Current

      Aerosmith, once the '70s rock band considered most likely to vaporize, keeps finding new ways to extend its musical life and its lock on the public's affection. The Boston-based quartet is as hot as ever as it prepares to start its latest U.S. tour on Tuesday in Holmdel, N.J., with a Los Angeles stop expected in early November.

      It's one of the rare veteran rock acts that not only has held on to much of its old audience, but also has continually attracted new fans, partly because of its appeal with succeeding generations of musicians.

      The latest newcomers to pledge their allegiance to Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and company include rapper Eminem and pop-punk bad girl Pink.

      Eminem sampled Aerosmith's hit "Dream On" in "Sing for the Moment" on his new album, "The Eminem Show." He made his pitch to use Aerosmith's anthem directly to the band backstage after a concert he attended. The same song has turned up on Bay Area rock band Train's set list lately.

      The band has also racked up points with teenage fans for Tyler's duet with Pink on the bluesy "Misery" on her latest album, "Missundaztood." Tyler wrote the song for Aerosmith but the band never recorded it. He also turned up to sing it with her in May when her tour stopped in Boston. They paired up again during Pink's set at Wango Tango in June at the Rose Bowl, where she also sang Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun."

      On the flip side of the pop-culture spectrum, Aerosmith also has a big fan in Hilary Duff, the 14-year-old star of Disney Channel's "Lizzie McGuire." Duff persuaded Tyler to appear on the show with two of his children in a December episode in which the rocker will play Santa."They've somehow managed to stay in the media spotlight, whether it's soundtrack tie-ins or whatever; they've really done a remarkable job," says Gary Bongiovanni, editor of the concert industry tracking publication Pollstar. "They're also one of the few acts that can get their new records played on the air, and in today's radio environment, that isn't easy for an act that's been around as long as they have."

      Bongiovanni noted that the band's 2001 tour grossed $49.3 million, making it the seventh-highest grossing tour of the year, and that Aerosmith was one of only five acts that sold more than 1 million tickets in North America during the year, putting it in a club with U2, the Dave Matthews Band, 'N Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

  • MP3 of Faith Hill's "Cry"

  • Tyler on E!'s Elvis Presley show "Rank"
      "Rank" included alot of people saying a few words regarding his impact on the world. There were MANY people and only 3-6 words each usually. Steven said, "shining, guiding light for all of us. "

  • More from the Philippines...
      Glenn E. Soriente aka aeroges reports:

      103.5 K-Lite, a radio station in the Philippines conducted a survey for the Top 10 Movie Soundtracks of All-Time and Aerosmith's IDWTMAT came in at #2. Bruce Springsteen's Philadelphia topped the list.

  • Chris, the AeroFANatic, didn't get enough help...
      As of today according to, Chris has been eliminated - the first of the nine finalists to go.

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Various Artists - Woodstock 94 [CD1] (1994)

News as of August 12, 2002
  • Reuters article on Aerosmith tour and other news
      Note the mention of the Blues album, and tours of "intimate" US venues AND Europe!!

      Perry said Aerosmith would spend the winter recording a blues album, a concept that has been dear to his heart for years. He hoped to follow that with a tour of intimate U.S. venues and a trek through Europe.

      He is also starting his own record label, tentatively called Boneyard Records. Its first signing will be the Porch Ghouls, a Memphis-based group he described as "a cross between early Led Zeppelin and the (country-themed) 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' record on steroids."

      Full article follows:

      Never Mind Britney, Aerosmith Back on the Road

      Aug. 11

      — By Dean Goodman

      LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - After dismaying some fans by performing with pop princess Britney Spears last year, veteran rock band Aerosmith is hitting the road this week with some more appropriate musical stars in tow.

      The Boston-based combo, famed for a 30-year string of hits including "Dream On" and "Love in an Elevator," will begin a three-month tour on Tuesday in New Jersey. Its support acts include rap trio Run-D.M.C., whose 1986 cover version of "Walk This Way" reinvigorated Aerosmith's career, and Kid Rock, who inducted the band into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last year.

      Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry said he hoped to include the acts in his band's own set, which might help erase fans' memories of Aerosmith performing a family-friendly version of "Walk This Way" at last year's Super Bowl along with Spears, boy-band 'N Sync, rapper Nelly and R&B singer Mary J. Blige. Perry, 51, told Reuters that the widely televised show was "another event in a long line of amazing events ... But it's not like we're out doing records with her (Spears), or I'm playing guitar on ('N Sync star) Justin Timberlake's record or anything like that."

      He recalled that his most recent collaboration was with Mick Jagger on the Rolling Stones frontman's last solo album. "That was an honor that I rank right up there with being able to call (ex-Led Zeppelin guitarist) Jimmy Page by his first name." Aerosmith wrapped its last North American tour earlier this year, and has since released a 2-CD hits package, "O, Yeah!" (Columbia), which has sold more than 350,000 copies in the United States after five weeks. After the tour wraps in northern California, Perry said Aerosmith would spend the winter recording a blues album, a concept that has been dear to his heart for years. He hoped to follow that with a tour of intimate U.S. venues and a trek through Europe. The band's lineup is rounded out by singer Steven Tyler, guitarist Brad Whitford, bass player Tom Hamilton and drummer Joey Kramer.

      Perry has just launched a line of condiments called Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce. He is also starting his own record label, tentatively called Boneyard Records. Its first signing will be the Porch Ghouls, a Memphis-based group he described as "a cross between early Led Zeppelin and the (country-themed) 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?' record on steroids."

  • Tyler on Elvis on E!
      Steven is being shown in a commercial for an E! Elvis show called "Rank", to be aired tonight (Aug 12th). In the commercial there was about one second of Steven saying a word or two about Elvis

  • 14 1/2 minute video of Behind The Scenes Oh Yeah/GOS
      Watch a behind-the-scenes look at how Aerosmith brought O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits to life!

      windows media 56 | 100 | 300
      real media | quicktime

      If you haven't seen this yet, check it out. 14 1/2 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage/comments re: Oh Yeah and Girls of Summer video. This was posted at: on 7/29/02.

      You can either use the appropriate link above to stream play or if the .asx does not automatically start playing on your player, simply right click and save target as to download and save the video to your harddrive.

  • Also from

  • Metal Edge magazine
      The special summer issue of "Metal Edge" has a 2'x3' poster of Steven and Joe in it.

  • O Yeah certified Platinum (
      Congratulations to Aerosmith, whose album "O, Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits " has been certified by Gold and Platinum by the RIAA.

  • Glenn from the Philippines report again...
      * Singer Jennifer Paige was in the Philippines recently, and there she guested on a program by a music channel called MYX. On the show the artist get to choose his/her Top 5 Videos. Jennifer Paige chose Aerosmith's "Crazy" as one of her Top 5 videos. The Crazy vid MYX showed was I think the original or the unedited version of the video as compared to the video shown on MTV.

      * Channel V has the GOS video edited. Scenes deleted were when the black actress is putting her bikini in the change room and the other the one when the guy is running with shorts down.

  • Chris, the AeroFANatic, needs your help...
      Chris asked me to post this...

      As many of you all know, I am involved in MTV's "Last Fan Standing" contest on The 2 winners will be going to the MTV Video Music Awards and will be PRESENTING the Viewer's Choice Award live on air!!

      Well, about a month or so back I requested that you all VOTE for me to represent us at the awards. I thought it was a complete longshot! Well, guess what? Out of approximately 10,000 entries, I have made it to the TOP 9 AND THE SEMI-FINALIST ROUND!!!!! Can u believe that?!!??!

      Thanks to ALL that voted for me! And good thing this contest doesen't count the REJECT votes, because I know how loved I am by certain others here (hahahhaha)

      But, there is MUCH more work to do. The next round is the elimination round! Us 9 semi-finalists will duke it out to see who is the final 4. And here is how it works. Every day from now till Friday, the finalist with the LEAST amount of votes per day will get eliminated. Kind of like Survivor. So, this is what I'm asking ALL of you to do. Here is the link to the MTV "Last Fan Standing" contest...VOTE FOR CHRIS!!!!!

      I'm asking ALL of you to vote for me every day so I am not eliminated. Tell your friends also. The more the merrier. Ya gotta keep voting EVERY day so I am not ever the lowest vote getter. If I make the final 4, I get to go on TRL and represent all of us Aerosmith FANS in the final battle. And If I win that, I get to be on air on the VMA's!!!!! I shall do u proud...

      And hey, if not...oh well. Top 9 out of 10,000 entries is NOTHING to be ashamed about, and I thank everyone who had voted for me! So, once again......go to....VOTE FOR CHRIS!!!




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Black Sabbath - Live Evil (1982)

News as of August 11, 2002
  • Glenn from the Philippines report...
      *Aerosmith's IDWTMAT vid beat Celine Dion's Titanic song in MTV Asia's program MPOP video clash recently as voted by texters from Asia.

      *MTV Icon: Aerosmith has aired several times on MTV Asia and MTV Philippines

      *O, Yeah! is one of the Top25 best-selling CD in Music1 store

      *GOS vid is chosen Video of the Week on Channel V

  • Video Music Brazil 2002 awards
      Aerosmith's Fly Away From Here is nominated for the Best International Video at Video Music Brazil 2002 awards ... There are 10 videos nominated, and to support Aerosmith viewers should vote for FAFH. Last year the song stayed at #1 in Brazil for 2-3 weeks...

  • Another simple site-plug (this has to stop)
      AeroticTickle, Lauren's site, has some nice stuff. The Aerosmith characters for The Sims look pretty cool and the "All I really..." section is good fun... Lots of pictures of the Toxic Twins too...

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue (1959)

News as of August 9, 2002
  • AeroFANatic report: Tyler NOT recording with Faith Hill!
      Sorry, but the Faith Hill song was nothing but false information. It happens sometimes! Oh well....

  • Tour to be extended after November 14th!
      From what I hear, more dates will be added. Minnesota, Colorado etc... Also, the "back on grass" lawn stage will apparently be used on this tour aswell.

  • Perry on the cover of Proview
      There's a magazine called Proview available at music stores. Proview is put out by Korg (the makers of keyboards and pro audio products). It's a one page article called "Just Push Play.....[And Record]. Joe talks about his portable Korg cassette recorder and its convenience. The cover is really nice. Joe is holding his red, white & blue Les Paul. The same picture accompanies the the article, only in b&w.

  • Oh Yeah Sales/Shipped Stats
      5 weeks after its release, "Oh Yeah" has now sold over 350,000 copies. I believe Just Push Play had sold over 600,000 copies over the same time period.

      RIAA certifications (gold, platinum, etc.) are based on SHIPPED units (not sold) and "Oh Yeah" has now qualified for platinum certification according to Soundscan/Billboard. Because the CD is 2 CDs with over 100 minutes of total recording time, each shipped package counts as TWO shipped units for certification. least 500,000 units have been shipped as of this week. The limited collector edition covers were to be on only the first 500,000 shipped so once those are gone, I guess we will see a "normal" cover out there soon. Here are the SALES figures and chart positions for the first five weeks (starting with most recent week).

      8/07/02# 23 39,437
      7/31/02# 19 47,766
      7/24/02# 13 57,646
      7/17/02# 10 71,456
      7/10/02 # 4 136,879
      Total Sold 353,184
      // Terry


      Clive Newton brings in some further info...

      JPP was 601,093 after week 5.

      Total sales of O Yeah is 353, 373. It's OK, your maths was fine for what you detailed. Prior to the release date, albums always manage to sell a small amount (ie pre-release). For O Yeah it was 189.

  • Charts in Finland
      In Finland Aerosmith's O'Yeah: Ultimate Aerosmith Hits album stays at #9 in it's fourth week. First week Aerosmith was #39, second week #19, third week #9.

  • UK Charts
      A newspaper this sunday stated Ultimate Hits had gone into the UK album charts at number 9.

  • Israeli Charts
      Yair from Israel reports that Girls Of Summer has made it to 1st place of their top 20, after 2 weeks on the charts!

  • Behind the Music "Preview" from
      Think that Aerosmith had an easy time climbing to the top of the rock ‘n’ roll mountain? Dream on…

      In a 30-year career, the Boston-based group has hit the highest highs and the lowest lows – and lived to tell it all. VH1’s Behind The Music: Aerosmith profiles the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame rockers in a special two-hour episode.

      Behind The Music: Aerosmith features footage from a trove of several thousand hours of original and archived film and video (much of it never seen before), plus exclusive new interviews with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer, plus actress Liv Tyler and many more. And in this first-ever two-hour BTM episode, complete access on the band’s Just Push Play tour in the US and Japan – with cameras everywhere from backstage, to the hotel suites, to the tour buses and the private planes, and occasionally in the bathroom – lend a voyeuristic present-day perspective rarely seen.

      For over 30 years, Aerosmith has been a rock tour de force. Spanning several generations, their appeal is just as strong today as it was during their mammoth initial success in the 1970s. Through their very own brand of raunchy blues swagger, arena rock anthems and gutsy power ballads, the Bad Boys from Boston have become a worldwide phenomenon.

      But along the way Aerosmith had to survive every rock ‘n’ roll test imaginable. Years of drug and alcohol addictions, financial woes, fading record sales, sour times with ex-managers, friction with ex-wives, near-death car crashes, on-stage collapse and mental breakdowns are just some of the hurdles they miraculously overcame. But perhaps the biggest obstacle they overcame was each other: Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer have co-existed as “brothers of choice” for the greater part of their lives. And like any family unit, it hasn’t always been easy.

      Aerosmith discuss in bone-chilling detail their struggles with drugs, detail the ego battles and personal disputes among the band members and their wives that led to their nasty breakup in 1979, and speak out bitterly about their former managers and how financial mismanagement and drug binges left them in the poorhouse -- until their massive comeback in the late ‘80s:

      Lambasting former manager Tim Collins, Aerosmith relate how he moved them towards life-saving sobriety, only to attempt to take them down once again through power-hungry manipulation.

      Steven responds angrily to well-publicized rumors that he had a drug relapse in the late ‘90s.

      For the first time on television, Steven Tyler and actress Liv Tyler discuss the discovery of their father/daughter relationship after eight years of separation.

  • Rock on TV - listings for August - CNN Tyler special now 8/24?
      As of today....the CNN special with Steven which first was listed to air on 8/17 is now listed to air the first time on 8/24. Behind the scenes look at the veteran rocker, coupled with a look at other aging rockers who still endure.

      From RockOnTV - the ultimate guide to music on television. for more information regarding these listings


      08/06/02 01:00 pm ET VH1 Top 20 Countdown of the Week
      Aerosmith, Vanessa Carlton, Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Eat World, Norah Jones, Our Lady Peace, Pink, Shakira, Weezer

      08/07/02 03:00 am ET VH1 Top 20 Countdown of the Week (see above)

      08/09/02 10:00 am ET VH1 Top 20 Countdown of the Week (see above)

      08/09/02 04:00 pm ET VH1 Saturday Night Live 25: The Music
      Aerosmith, The Beatles, Blind Melon, Aretha Franklin, Billy Joel, Lenny Kravitz, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Nirvana, R.E.M., Adam Sandler, Bruce Springsteen

      08/10/02 02:00 am ET VH1100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock
      AC/DC, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, The Clash, Alice Cooper, Cream, Guns N' Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Nirvana, Nirvana (USA), Ozzy Osbourne, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, Soundgarden, Van Halen, The Who

      08/12/02 05:00 pm ET VH1 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock (see above)

      08/12/02 10:00 pm ET ETV Rank
      Aerosmith, Meat Loaf, Eddie Murphy, Sam Phillips, Elvis Presley, Wynonna

      08/13/02 11:00 am ET ETV Rank (see above)

      08/14/02 02:00 pm ET ETV Rank (see above)

      08/15/02 11:45 pm ET TRUE Movie My Generation (2000)
      Aerosmith, Allman Brothers Band, Blues Traveler, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Cypress Hill, Melissa Etheridge, Green Day, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Porno For Pyros, Primus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Henry Rollins, Salt 'N Pepa, Santana, The Who, Youssou N'Dour Info

      08/16/02 07:30 am ET ETV Rank (see above)

      08/16/02 12:30 pm ET ETV Rank (see above)

      08/16/02 05:30 pm ET ETV Rank (see above)

      08/17/02 11:00 am ET ETV Rank (see above)

      08/19/02 09:40 pm ET TRUE Movie My Generation (2000) (see above)

      08/20/02 05:00 pm ET COM Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central Aerosmith

      08/23/02 08:00 pm ET TRUE Movie My Generation (2000) (see above)

      08/24/02 11:00 am ET COM Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central (see above)

      08/24/02 11:00 am ET CNN People In The News Steven Tyler

      08/24/02 03:00 pm ET CNN People In The News Steven Tyler

      08/25/02 01:00 am ET CNN People In The News Steven Tyler

      08/25/02 08:00 pm ET CNN People In The News Steven Tyler

      08/26/02 01:00 am ET CNN People In The News Steven Tyler

      08/27/02 08:00 pm ET TRUE Movie My Generation (2000) (see above)

      08/29/02 02:00 am ET COM Saturday Night Live on Comedy Central (see above)

      And then OF COURSE Aerosmith is VH1's artist of the month for August AND the Behind the Music premiere FINALLY coming up on 9/1.

  • Was asked to plug another site too... (non-news)
      (don't start taking this for granted, webmasters!)

      Emily has a wonderful Aerosmith site specialised in graphics and such over at

      She has almost 200 AIM buddy icons AND pictures of Joe's childhood home and stuff.. She need hits, she says. :) If you like Badass Buddy Icons, I'm sure you'll like her buddy icons too. She has like 150 of Joe Perry and more of the other band members, and she's working on about 200 Steven Icons and about 50 each of the other guys too, but they won't be up for awhile. I agree with her on that the AIM icons aren't the best aspect of the site... but perhaps it's worth mentioning... if you want to change you buddy icon, you should go to her site too...

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Testament - Signs Of Chaos: The Best Of Testament
compilation of some of the best by this legendary thrash metal band, the one that came close but never quite made "the big four" into "the big five." Also featured on this disc are two "previously unreleased" covers: the '70's classic "Sails Of Charon" by The Scorpions (penned by Uli Roth - for me, the Scorpions lost alot when Roth left the band) and "Draw The Line", by a band I'm fairly sure you're all quite familiar with... :)

News as of August 7, 2002
  • Aerosmith on DVD!
      On the Rock Across America Top 20 Countdown on VH1, they said that Aerosmith is planning to re-release some of their old stuff in DVD format, in Surrond Sound. The DVD will feature commentaries by the band for each song.

      After the Girls Of Summer video, the VJ said something about an Aerosmith audio DVD of their first few albums... complete with commentary from the band members.

      From what I hear, Jack Douglas and Jay Messina plan to begin work on this very project on 8/26. They are doing the Toys album first.

  • Robert Plant: "Aerosmith is a pop group"
      This is from the latest Spin.

      Going through the contents I noted that it goes "Robert Plant....mouths off on grunge, Aerosmith and the metric system."

      Then into the magazine, on the right of a pic of Plant, it goes "Aerosmith? NO"

      And here is the part:

      "...Led Zeppelin sort of invented the sound and image for groups like GNR and Aerosmith. Do you disagree with that?

      Well, I think the guitarist in Aerosmith makes no attempt to hide his admiration for Jimmy Page, and that's inherent in a lot of their tracks. Aerosmith are basically a pop group. They write pop songs, and they're aiming for the charts and Top 40 television. And when you think of the treachery of hard rock..." He rambles on about Bon Jovi and how they suck.

      Funny part later on in the interview:

      "Actually, that reminds me of something: On " Whole Lotta Love" you say that you're going to give some girl "every inch" of your love. But you're British. Why don't you use the metric system?

      That would change the whole tone of the thing! I suppose today it would have to be , "I'll give you several centimeters of bliss." But people of my generation know nothing about the metric system. I'm fortunate to say I still use inches - or at least that's what my girlfriend says, and she's 29."

      Other mentions in the magazine:

      No. 18 for best metal album (Rocks): "Eventually they got their own roller coaster (at the Disney-MGM Studios theme park). Here, these Beantown malcontents are their own roller coaster. While his loose-limbed band boils Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the New York Dolls in dirty Charles River water, Steven Tyler sings and wriggles like the Stones' logo come to lustful life."

      No. 2 album was ZOSA. It got an extremely detailed part for being the most influential album ever, etc. Anyway, on Rock N Roll: "Initially conceived by Page as a boogie-bang tribute to the "roots" of rock, it's the only track on "Zoso" that sounds like prototypical blues-based pop metal, which is to say that it sounds like Aerosmith (or all the '80s glutter-glam bands who aspired to be Aerosmith)."

      No. 1 was Appetite For Destruction.

  • Aerosmith show in St Louis, MO: Stone Temple Pilots opening!
      listed on clear channel and umb bank pavilion venue

  • Buddy Icons for AIM

  • Just a little link (as I'm too kind to say no :)

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Bo Hansson - Magician's Hat / Ur Trollkarlens Hatt (1972)

News as of August 6, 2002
  • AeroFANatic report: Tyler recording with Faith Hill!
      Chris posted the following on his mailinglist as "EXCLUSIVE info ONLY for you", but as I'm an evil bastard I'll post it here anyway. (I hope you don't mind, Chris. You didn't honestly expect it to stay "exclusive" for long anyway, right?... :)


      Faith Hill has re-recorded a song writen by Angie Aparo called "Cry", slated to be the 1st single released off her new album. "Cry" is due to hit radio on Aug 12th. BUT, here is the catch...

      I have heard that our guy, Steven Tyler, has dueted with her on this track! Not exaclty sure on the exact specfics of this, but it was a widely kept secret in Nashville for a few months now. Well, AeroFANatic has uncovered it for ya...

      Angie Aparo originally wrote the song for his album called "The American".
      The track is roughly 4 minutes long. Here are the lyrics....

      If I had just one tear running down your cheek
      Maybe I could cope maybe I'd get some sleep
      If I had just one moment at your expense
      Maybe all my misery would be well spent
      Could you cry a little
      Lie just a little
      Pretend that you're feeling a little more pain
      I gave now I'm wanting
      Something in return
      So cry just a little for me
      If your love could be caged, honey, I would hold the key
      And conceal it underneath that pile of lies you handed me
      And you'd hunt and those lies
      They'd be all you'd ever find
      And that'd be all you'd have to know
      For me to be fine
      And you'd cry a little
      You'd die just a little
      And baby I would feel just a little less pain
      I gave now I'm wanting
      Something in return
      So cry just a little for me
      Give it up baby
      A whimper would be fine
      Some kind of clue that
      You're doing time
      Some kind of heartache
      Honey give it a try
      I don't want pity
      I just want what is mine

      Angie Aparo's version of this song can be heard here....
      Angie Aparo - click on this, go to "songs" and scroll down to "Cry"

      So you it really THAT far fetched to see Tyler collaborate with Hill? Not really. See, Angie Aparo's main musical guru and producer is Matt Serletic. Serletic, as MANY of you know, produced I Dont Want To Miss A Thing and What Kind Of Love Are You On for Aerosmith. That's one connection. Another connection is that Hill and her hubby Tim McGraw are HUGE Aerosmith fans, as witnessed them backstage in Nashville on the JPP tour.

      Listening to Angie Aparo's original version of the song, I can TOTALLY hear it being done by Hill and Tyler.

      Maybe I'm jumping ahead of myself here, but another note of consideration. Faith Hill is scheduled to be on Saturday Night Live on Oct 5th, debuting "Cry". Coincidentially enough, Tyler has the night of Oct 5th off....HMMM.....Could we see a possible duet on SNL? ô¿ô

      In conclusion, take EVERYTHING above with a grain of salt. The music BIZ is a strange one, and NOTHING is final until its on the radio. Tyler has recorded MANY tracks, most of wish never saw the light of day due to Sony and/or other reasons....So, if it's sure to sound great. If it DONT happen, just remember that it was PLANNED to happen, and AeroFANatic brought you the news we ALWAYS do!

      More on my site as I hear it....

  • US Weekly
      In this week's US Weekly, August 12 issue, (J. Lo & Ben Affleck on the cover), there is a picture of Steven on page 18 with a celebrity look-alike.

  • Behind The Music
      The VH1 website says the Behind The Music is going to be on Sept. 1...

      Sun 9.1
      11:00 AM
      Behind The Music: Aerosmith

      Sun 9.1
      9:00 PM
      Behind The Music: Aerosmith

      Mon 9.2
      12:00 AM
      Behind The Music: Aerosmith

  • Videos for download

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Hansson & Karlsson - Hansson & Karlsson (1967-1969)
Jazzy psych-prog from the prog rock act with perhaps the most minimalistic setting ever. The Swedish duo Hansson & Karlsson's aresenal consisted of solely drums and organs. Great instrumental music! As thought Jimi Hendrix...

News as of August 5, 2002
  • It was 30 years ago today, Sgt. Davis signed the band to...
      Today, August 5th, marks the 30th Anniversary that Clive Davis signed Aerosmith to Columbia Records. 3 decades of R n R.

News as of August 4, 2002
  • The Smoking Gun
      (I think I may have posted about this before, but whatever...)

      Over the past couple of years, The Smoking Gun has published excerpts from the backstage riders of a few dozen performers. But that assemblage has not been extensive enough for demanding TSG visitors, so we've gone out and obtained loads of new riders. So many, in fact, that our backstage collection now covers a whopping 134 acts

      The contract rider includes specifications on stage design, sound systems, lighting rigs, as well as an artist's wish list--from transportation and billing to dressing room accommodations and meals. In some cases, a promoter will refuse a demand (crossing out the request on the document), though stars usually get what they want

      Aerosmith at

  • 20/20 Article from ABC website

      Keeping Them Happy
      Web Site Posts Stars’ Backstage Demands Aug. 2 — Singing for thousands of cheering fans, earning up to $1 million for a night's work — you'd think it would be enough to keep today's music stars happy.

      But musicians routinely demand more, often attaching detailed lists to their performance contracts for extras like a full-time masseuse, $200 bottles of champagne and tofu hot dogs.
      Mariah Carey likes to have a tea service for eight people available in her dressing room — and insists that only Poland Springs water be used for the tea. But for drinking water, she likes another brand: "Please note that 16-oz. plastic bottles of Evian are the only acceptable bottles of water for the dressing rooms," reads the backstage rider to one of her tour contracts.

      Oher requests range from the bizarre — Barry Manilow's contract stipulates that members of his fan club will show up at 11 a.m. to decorate his dressing room — to concerns about space. Whitney Houston's contract warns, "This show carries a large entourage. ... We will need all available rooms in the building."

      The band ZZ Top, whose members are known for their abundant facial hair, cuts straight to the chase by making it clear the group expects to be treated as a "worldwide superstar artist."

      The Smoking Gun, a Web site that posts original documents on the Internet, has obtained backstage riders for more than 100 musical acts, from tours over the last decade, and put them on the Web for all to see.

      "Everything in the entertainment industry is controlled to the nth degree. ... I think people like to take a peek behind the manufactured façade," says Andrew Goldberg, one of the reporters who digs up the documents for the site.

      Soy Milk and Flintstones Vitamins

      The riders are often highly specific about the type of refreshments that should be served backstage. For her 2000 tour, Christina Aguilera's contract required organic milk, Flintstones vitamins and malt-flavored Carnation Instant Breakfast. The singer also asked that no Styrofoam be used, "due to the state of our environment."

      The Dixie Chicks, who recently played to 60,000 fans at the Houston Astrodome for a cool $1 million, have relatively tame demands: fresh flowers, breakfast cereals and mineral water. The group's three members decided to take care of luxury items themselves, buying their own dressing room furniture, for instance, rather than relying on what the venues would provide.

      They say it worked out to be cheaper, since the venues would charge rent for the furniture. And, as group member Natalie Maines points out, referring to the lead singer of Aerosmith, "You don't know what Steven Tyler's done on that couch, so you want your own."

      Maines admits it seems extravagant to travel with all their own creature comforts. "It's only because it's very difficult to be on the road for six months," she says. "You're in a different place every day, and they're quite dirty and ugly in a lot of ways."

      As for Aerosmith, their 1997 rider calls for two large communal dressing rooms that must be secluded from each other. The dressing rooms must be "carpeted and dressed in such a fashion as to conceal the industrial locker room nature of the environment." The band also requires an artist hospitality room for 12 people, a VIP guest room for 50, and a meet-and-greet room for 70.

      Some of the clauses are so peculiar that they hint at dark incidents from the past. Country rockers Alabama will not perform if there are live animals backstage. "If there is an animal backstage, Alabama will not perform," their rider states. The Smoking Gun was unable to find an explanation.

      The No-Nos

      Stars often specify at least one thing that will absolutely not, under any circumstances, be permitted. Aerosmith demands no Wonder Bread, and Cher specifies that wines by Kendall Jackson do not meet her standard for "fine wine." The Beach Boys ban the world "oldies" from all promotional materials.

      Van Halen once famously demanded that promoters provide a bowl of M&Ms — with the brown ones removed. The band said that was a trick to make sure promoters read the contract carefully. If they showed up and found brown M&Ms, they would know the promoter might have been sloppy about more important things like sound and lighting.

      But not every artist is on a runaway train of self-indulgence. The rider for country legend Johnny Cash is humility itself: All dressing rooms must have a table and chairs, a clothes rack, hot and cold running water, a toilet, paper towels and soap, and a mirror, "preferably full length."

  • Theories to the reason for dressing rooms being far apart
      In the "Guardian Of The Gods", a former Aerosmith security guard apparebtly mentioned that Steven likes to have alot chaos and noise around him before shows, like blasting loud music, etc. while the other band member prefer to just relax before a show, and he said the other band members keep their distance from him before shows because of this.

      A poster on one of the mailinglists also wrote "Doesn't Steven meditate for an hour before every show? That alone is reason to have a dressing room isolated from the others." Is this really true? I don't believe I've heard this before, and I have a hard time seeing Tyler doing this. Anyway...

This day on the NPWIPP:
(News Page Work In Progress Playlist)

Rainbow - Difficult To Cure (1981)
As much as I love Richie Blackmore as a guitarist, aside from the two neo-classical intrumentals that ended each side of the original LP, this album is throughout pretty bad. Commercial pop/rock with Joe Lynn Turner, a vocalist whose voice I've never cared that much for. I've never understood why he's often viewed as such a great vocalist, nor why "everyone" in Japan loves him so much. Ronnie James Dio he certainly is not, and a "Rainbow Rising" or "Long Live Rock N Roll" this is not...
Weak sound on my CD copy too. :( Great need for remastering. I'm starting to believe the conspiracy theory saying record companies did the early CDs this bad on purpose, with the plan of getting to sell the same album twice to everybody, once they started to remaster old records.

News as of August 3, 2002
  • Behind The Music
      Robert Hughes tells me VH1 is showing a commercial for the "Behind The Music Family"... Its going to be a 7 day broadcast starting the 26th leading up to the premiere of our Boston Boys Behind The Music on September 1st!

  • 20/20
      Steven on 20/20 - From what I've heard, they talked about how dramatic the demands of rock stars are. Apparently they stated that Aerosmith demand that Band Member 1 dressing room shall be nowhere near Band Member 2 dressing room! That worried me a bit...

  • Cape Cod Rocks - with former Joe Perry Project singer
      will headline a six band
      SAT. AUG. 24, 2002
      in the park
      SHOWTIME 11am-5pm
      (LMS goes on at around 4pm)


      Last Man Standing is Cowboy Mach Bell, Dave Zolla, Aart Knyff, Jon Gutlon and Marty Bezema Concert produced by Escape TV

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Barclay James Harvest - Live (1974)

News as of August 1, 2002
  • Video of Tyler at the Randy Castillo Benefit Concert

  • People Magazine
      Steven Tyler is on page 98 of the August 5, 2002 People magazine, about cell phone hands-free accessories.

  • 20/20
      There's a commercial running for tomorrow night's 20/20. Stars and their wims, etc. Our guy Steven is in the commercial.

      So.. it's 20/20 and it's on at 10PM on Friday, East Coast.

  • Def Leppard Influenced By Aerosmith's Approach On 'X'

      Music News
      Def Leppard Influenced By Aerosmith's Approach On 'X'
      July 31, 12 p.m. ET, Launch

      Def Leppard released its tenth album, aptly titled X, on Tuesday (July 30). The first single from the collection is "Now." The band decided to try different producers for this album, after being encouraged by the success of Aerosmith's "Jaded." Guitarist Phil Collen told LAUNCH about how the band took a different approach on X. "Actually the big difference with this album and all the stuff we've done in the '90s, I think we were desperately trying to be accepted. We wanted people to like us during the '90s, and it wasn't a very natural experience, looking back on it. With this one, it was like, 'We know what we want to do. We want to use different producers, get some different kinds of spice in there and stuff,'" he said.

      Collen added, "One of the things that attracted us was 'Jaded' by Aerosmith. It was, like, 'This is great. We've got to get this guy,' and we did. We got Marti Frederiksen. He produced three songs on it, and we co-wrote them with him as well, and just straight off the bat the energy was perfect."

      Def Leppard played an impromptu gig on Monday (July 29) at New York's Irving Plaza, which sold out in less than 10 minutes. On Tuesday, the band appears at Wal-Mart in Saddle Brook, New Jersey, to mark the release of X. The band travels to Fayetteville, North Carolina, for an in-store appearance at Wal-Mart on Wednesday (July 31).

      -- Darren Davis, New York

This day on the NPWIPP:
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Magma - Live (1975)
Weird shit... but is it awesome or what!! French prog. Pure genious.

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