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The Method To The Madness

Where do lyric sheets come from?
From the artists, the songwriters, or the record company?

My theory is that they are transcribed by an employee at the record company, and do not come from the artists or the songwriters.

The defense of my theory is this: If the writers write the songs, and the artists sing them, and if the writers/artists produce the lyric sheet, wouldn't the sheet always be complete and accurate?

In light of my theory, couldn't a dedicated fan, come up with better, more accurate, and more complete lyrics, than a record company employee? And if so, then those lyrics would not be the same as the album's lyric sheet, but this in itself wouldn't necessarily make them wrong.

Makes you wonder huh?

Cris and I are sure there will be some debate as to the validity of some of these lyrics. Due to the quantity of material, and Steven Tyler's singing style, there is plenty of room for discussion on what is or isn't being sung. Debate is fully expected and welcome.

Before going any further I should point out that I did try to transcribe ALL the lyrics. This includes the standard vocals plus all the background vocals and any/all other audible vocals as well. Some very faint background vocals, which were too unclear, were left out.

As for my method:

* All main lyric/front vocals are in capital letters.

* All main lyric/back vocals are indented and are in lower case letters, with the first letter in the line in caps.

* All the secondary/back lyrics, asides, faints and bullshitting around, are indented or double indented and are all lower case. This also indicates where the crowd sings on the live versions. Where there are two or more people talking, or back lyrics too mixed with the other lyrics, they are in parentheses.

This was the only way to separate everything. Also with the main lyrics in caps, there is no worry about which words need capital letters, and which don't.

Choruses are not noted, as they usually vary throughout the song.

With the exception of apostrophes, all types of punctuation have been omitted, except where someone is actually talking vice singing.

It all becomes clearer once you listen to a song and read the lyrics together.

All errors and omissions contained within the Lyrics Pages are my own, and I welcome any comments, corrections, suggestions, and/or criticism.

- Fred Kruse (

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