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Steven and Joe Were
So Messed Up On Drugs They....

  • Joe gave himself a shot of codeine and woke up hours later in a doorway with the needle still in his arm.

  • Steven would ask Joe for dope, but Joe wouldn't give it to him. Steven pushed Joe while he was playing, Joe hit Steven with his guitar and a string went through Steven's lip. Steven proceeded to spit the blood on Joe.

  • Aerosmith demanded turkey on the bone while on tour in Japan. They wouldn't accept turkey OFF the bone. This incident kept them from playing in Japan for a few years.

  • Joe would write songs and put them on a tape to take to the studio. When he got there, he couldn't find the tape or remember what the songs went like - but he had his drugs with him!

  • In Anaheim, CA, four songs through the concert, Steven stopped singing, sat down on the stage and started telling jokes. Joey tried to start another song, but Steven told him to stop. He wanted to tell jokes!

  • Steven would fill his scarves with drugs and touch them during concerts. He also smuggled them by sewing them in hems of T-shirts and special pockets in his scarves.

  • Steven went driving through the woods in his jeep, had a seizure, slammed his foot down on the gas and crashed into a tree.

  • Steven fell off of the stage, broke his ankle, got up and didn't feel a thing.

  • Steven literally had to be carried on stage - but he didn't want his fans to see him like that, so he pretended "piggyback" was a game. He literally couldn't walk, but, somehow, once he was on stage, he'd go on "automatic" and be OK.

  • Joe's guitar was out of tune while he was recording Chiquita, he tuned it four or five times to no avail. He got so angry he threw it across the control room. After he calmed down, he picked it up and it was tuned!

  • Joe left becasue his wife, Elissa, poured a glass of milk over Terry Hamilton and all hell broke loose. Steven later said, "The drugs won. We split up over a glass of spilt milk - can you believe it?"

  • A story contributed by Barry:It was a show at the Capitol Center in D.C.(about 1976 or so) "Golden Earing" opened (not bad), then Aerosmith came on without Steven. When he did come out (bottle of Jack in hand) he could hardly stay upright. He kept falling down, barely got thru maybe the first two songs (missing most of the lyrics) The audience was getting a little nasty (booing and throwing things) Steven's feeling's were hurt and he didn't mind telling us aboout it, mostly by gesturing with his middle finger. And then he left the stage never to return. The band played another song without him and that was the end of that.

This was taken from Nicole's Aerosmith Tribute Page.
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