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Honkin' On Bobo

Album Title: Honkin' On Bobo
Album Type: Studio Album

Label: Sony Records
Released: March 2004
Produced by: Tyler, Perry and Douglas / Tyler, Perry and Frederiksen* / The Boneyard Boys**
Recorded at: The Boneyard, The Bryer Patch, Pandora's Box
Rehersed and arranged at: The Boneyard except "Jesus Is On The Main Line" at The Bryer Patch, "Baby Please Don't Go" and "Stop Messin' Around" in every city in the U.S., and "The Grind" arranged in Maui

The Album Cover
 Tracks / Lyrics:
Written by:
 1. Road Runner
3:45 Ellas McDaniel
 2. Shame Shame Shame
2:14 R. Fisher & K. Hopkins
 3. Eyesight To The Blind
3:10 Sonny Boy Williamson
 4. Baby Please Don't Go*
3:23 J.L. Williams
 5. Never Loved A Girl
3:12 R. Shannon
 6. Back Back Train
4:23 Fred McDowell
 7. You Gotta Move
5:30 Rev. G. Davis & Fred McDowell
 8. The Grind
3:46 S. Tyler / J. Perry / M. Frederiksen
 9. I'm Ready
4:15 Willie Dixon
 10. Temperature
2:51 J.M. Cohen & W. Jacobs
 11. Stop Messin' Around*
4:32 C. Adams & P.A. Green
 12. Jesus Is On The Main Line
2:50 Traditional - Arranged by Fred McDowell
 12. Jaded** (Japan)
3:43 S. Tyler & M. Frederiksen
 Aerosmith Personnel:
 Steven Tyler : Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Harmonica,
   Piano on "The Grind" & "Never Loved A Girl"
 Joe Perry : Guitar,
   Lead Vocals on "Stop Messin' Around" & "Back Back Train",
   Background Vocals on "Road Runner",
   Hurdy Gurdy & Dobro on "Back Back Train",
   Slide Guitar on "Jesus Is On The Main Line"
 Brad Whitford : Guitar
 Tom Hamilton : Bass, Acoustic guitar on "Jesus Is On The Main Line"
 Joey Kramer : Drums
 Additional Musicians:
 Johnnie Johnson : Piano on "Shame Shame Shame" & "Tempature"
 Paul Santo : Piano on "Eyesight To The Blind"
   Wurlitzer Electric Piano on "Never Loved A Girl"
   Hammond Organ on "The Grind"
   Pump Organ on "Jesus Is On The Main Line"
 Tracy Bonham : Background Vocals on "Back Back Train",
   Additional Vocals on "Jesus Is On The Main Line"
 The Memphis Horns : Brass parts on "Never Loved A Girl"
 Background Vocals on "Jesus Is On The Main Line":
 Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, Chelsea Tyler, & Leila El-Amine
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