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Just Push Play

Album Title: Just Push Play
Album Type: Studio Album
RIAA Certified: Platinum (04/03/2001)

Label: Columbia Records
Released: March 6th, 2001 (US)
Produced by: The Boneyard Boys (Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Mark Hudson, Marti Frederiksen)
Recorded at: The Boneyard and The Bryer Patch, South Shore, MA. Drums recorded at Long View Farms Studio, North Brookfield, MA. Strings recorded at Ocean Way Studios, L.A., CA.

The cover is a slight modification to the Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama's work "Sexy Robot #22".

The Album Cover
 Tracks / Lyrics:
Written by:
 1. Beyond Beautiful
4:45 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen
 2. Just Push Play
3:51 Tyler/Hudson/Steve Dudas
 3. Jaded
3:34 Tyler/Frederiksen
 4. Fly Away From Here
5:01 Frederiksen/Todd Chapman
 5. Trip Hoppin'
4:27 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
 6. Sunshine
3:37 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen
 7. Under My Skin
3:45 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
 8. Luv Lies
4:26 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
 9. Outta Your Head
3:22 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen
 10. Drop Dead Gorgeous
3:42 Tyler/Perry/Hudson
 11. Light Inside
3:34 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen
 12. Avant Garden
4:52 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
 13. Face (International/US Best Buy)   
3:05 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
 13. Won't Let You Down (Japan)
3:36 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
 14. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Jap) 
4:59 Warren
 -. Under My Skin (Reprise)
1:02 Tyler/Perry/Frederiksen/Hudson
The track above is incorporated into the last track on all versions of the album. After the last track there is about 40 seconds of silence before the track starts.
 Aerosmith Personnel:
 Steven Tyler : Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, Harmonica,
  Squeezebox, Piano, Percussion.
   Additional Guitar and Drums on "Just Push Play"
   Congas on "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
 Joe Perry : Guitar, Background Vocals, Hurdy Gurdy,
   Pedal Steel & Slide Guitar
   Lead vocals on "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
 Brad Whitford : Guitar
 Tom Hamilton : Bass, Fretless Bass
 Joey Kramer : Drums
 Additional Musicians:
 Tony Perry : Scratching on "Just Push Play"
 Jim Cox : Piano on "Fly Away From Here"
 Dan Higgins : Clarinet and Saxophone on "Trip Hoppin'"
 Tower Of Power : Horns on "Trip Hoppin'"
 Chelsea "C.A.T" Tyler : Background Vocals on "Under My Skin"
 Paul Caruso : Loop Programming on "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
 Paul Santo : Hammond Organ on "Avant Garden"
  Kurzweil on "Fly Away From Here"
 Liv Tyler : Whispers on "Avant Garden"
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